5 Ways The Media Responded With Butthurt To Donald Trump’s Victory

The media doesn’t even try to hide its shameless pro-Socialist bias these days. Since nobody really pays attention to them anymore, you might have missed some of the more entertaining butthurt spouted by shameless propagandists posing as journalists.

Election night coverage on the propaganda news channels is a lesson in hilarity when examining the reaction of lamestream media talking heads. What is most entertaining about Trump’s ascendancy to the Oval Office is that it was totally unexpected, catching cocksure Marxists at CNN and other alphabet channels completely off guard.

Let’s go over some of the more entertaining reactions last Tuesday.

5. Hillary Shill Martha Raddatz Breaks Down In Tears

Over at ABC, the wrinkled old Hillary shill Martha Raddatz was at a loss for words as she attempted to perform an off the cuff hamster rationalization to fellow Clinton operative George Staphylococcus, explaining why The Bitch lost the election.


Raddatz looked like her mother just died as victory turned into defeat for the criminal Hillary Clinton. She’s sure to be moving from a pack of smokes a day to two packs a day as the reality of the election continues to settle into her pea brain over the next 4 years. Her tears say more than her boilerplate language ever could.

4. Bernstein Plays The Race Card

To the mainstream media, white people voting in accordance with their own self-interest is racist. In fact, white people acting in any other manner than total subservience is racist to CNN. Washington Post “journalist” Carl Bernstein even went so far as to say Trump’s election is “tragic and dangerous” as despondent and quite possibly drugged CNN propagandists looked on. Bernstein seemed most upset about Trump’s immigration policy proposals, in which Mexico will no longer be able to flagrantly let its citizens violate U.S. immigration law.

Bernstein completely forgot the racism white people have endured all year long at the hands of Black Lives Matter, La Raza and other black and brown supremacist groups.

3. Chris Matthews Goes Into Hamster Rationalization Mode

Hamster rationalizations are usually reserved for women, but effeminate, low-T manlets like Chris Matthews also have them. His first spin of the hamster wheel makes him say Hillary won the debates. She didn’t. Then he says she had the best ad campaign. Nobody believes advertising or anything you say, anymore Chris. Then Matthews says she had the best ground game. She might have, but she was a terrible candidate. The half-man, half-alligator James Carville looked ready to give Chris a hug as the reality of Hillary’s defeat began to settle in on MSNBC.

2. The Racist Van Jones Whines About White People

Van Jones looked like he needed a change of underwear as he fell back on tired, old leftist talking points from the 1960s about the evil white male—especially white males that haven’t been turned into geldings. He then goes on with an emotional overreaction to say families will be afraid to have breakfast the next day because whitey got back into office. LMFAO. Really, dude?

He then says immigrants are afraid now that Trump is going to be President. No Van, immigrants aren’t afraid. Illegal hordes who figuratively if not literally say “Fuck you!” to U.S. immigration law are afraid, as they should be.

Jones then goes on to make a supremely ironic quote as he talks about a so-called white-lash: He says Trump’s campaign was based on “Throwing away some of us to appeal more deeply to others.” Umm, isn’t that what the entire platform of the Democratic party is, Van? Throwing away, nay, crucifying white men to appeal more deeply to others? Your entire career is based on just that, Mr. Jones.

1. CBS Does A Mea Culpa

CBS published an article admitting how badly the press is biased

CBS published an article admitting how badly the press is biased

CBS was so stunned it did a full mea culpa on the network’s shoddy coverage of the 2016 election. This stunning article entitled “The Unbearable Smugness of the Press” needed to be written 10 years ago. Better late than never. CBS actually echoed what we in the manosphere and alt-right have been saying since day one with the Op-Ed piece.

This is all symptomatic of modern journalism’s great moral and intellectual failing: its unbearable smugness. Had Hillary Clinton won, there’d be a winking “we did it” feeling in the press, a sense that we were brave and called Trump a liar and saved the republic.

The Eyeball network even admitted the contempt the network has for men like us.

So much for that. The audience for our glib analysis and contempt for much of the electorate, it turned out, was rather limited. This was particularly true when it came to voters, the ones who turned out by the millions to deliver not only a rebuke to the political system but also the people who cover it. Trump knew what he was doing when he invited his crowds to jeer and hiss the reporters covering him. They hate us, and have for some time.

And can you blame them? Journalists love mocking Trump supporters. We insult their appearances. We dismiss them as racists and sexists. We emote on Twitter about how this or that comment or policy makes us feel one way or the other, and yet we reject their feelings as invalid.

Damn. At least some people over there know why we hate them. (That includes this former mainstream media news anchor who defected!)

Shameless Activism

Got Marxism? It's the guiding philosophy of the alphabet channels

Got Marxism? It’s the guiding philosophy of the alphabet channels

Anyone who has the capacity to perform an iota of critical thinking knows the mainstream media is NOT on the side of the average American. It hates and seethes at traditionalists and works to tear down every institution of Western civilization while attempting to impale the most hated of creatures on this planet, the Evil White Male.

The rebuke of a sorry candidate like Hillary when the socialist shills thought she was a shoe-in caught the smug son of a bitches off guard. Their reactions are priceless, and need to be documented and remembered. These reactions are undeniable proof that blogs like Return Of Kings and web sites like Breitbart and Drudge are sorely needed, indispensable resources in this day and age.

We have not been getting the truth from media for generations. And now, as alternative voices appear, the rift between the two versions of reality grows wider and deeper. The once mainstream media have become nothing but shameless activists for New World Order socialism. The election night “horror show” only solidifies this point.

We should be proud to be activists pushing our own agenda, if nothing else to balance the scales. The media are NOT friends of the American public. Ultimately, the tired old Socialist media must be dismantled in order for freedom and traditionalism to survive.

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674 thoughts on “5 Ways The Media Responded With Butthurt To Donald Trump’s Victory”

  1. There have been many, many great takedowns of the media since Nov. 8, but this one has been my favorite so far. Could liberals stop taking Oliver and Colbert seriously? Who knows, not likely, but stranger things have happened.

      1. Oh, he’s a comedian still, although not intentionally.

        1. yeah. there was a time when he was genuinely funny. When he did the correspondence dinner for Dubya….that was absolutely hilarious and around that time his show was pretty funny too.

        2. No mate, he’s a fucking JOKE now. : ) sometimes I see a bitch openly looking miserable about the election, bonus if she’s griping with a fellow harpy and I’ll just say you’re welcome, and smile. I spend a considerable part of my daily interactions with strangers smiling now. : )

      1. Yes, every day feels like Christmas. I laughed to the point of nearly crying tears of joy the first time I watched this. I had many rational reasons for voting for Trump, but the emotional one was to see these smug talking heads humiliated, particularly Oliver, Colbert, and of course, Obama himself with that insufferable, arrogant mike drop.
        I’m being gentle and conciliatory towards my many liberal friends, hoping to plant the seeds of conversion and avoid the complete mental breakdown that many of them seem at risk of. I’m seeing some success with some of the guys, whereas the women are for the most part doubling down on witchhunts for racists and sexists and resembling Soviet commissars more and more every day. However, the elitists like those in this video deserve no mercy and should be exposed for the scum they are.

    1. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” ~Gandhi

    2. I like when Ann Coulter says he will win, and they all laughed- guess who looks like the smartest gal in the room now. And being an old guy- I think Ann is just super hot and I want her to have my babies… hey Tony Randall did it why not me….hahaha

      1. I live in one of the bluest parts of the country and almost all my friends are liberals, but I always liked her. It took me a long time to admit it. Same thing with Pat Buchanan (I mean his politics…obviously not as hot as Ann. Heh.)

  2. The race card is my favorite. Yes leftards, the reason Hillary lost is that you just didn’t tell those poor white guys in the rust belt that they’re racist enough times. Say it a few thousand more, but louder and meaner. That’s the path to victory. Haha, with any luck, we may not see another Democrat in office in my lifetime!

    1. My take is that “basket of deplorables” might actually work for them next time, unless Trump and his new Republican party end up being spectacularly successful leaders. However, were I a Democratic strategist, I would focus on policy by trying to sell Sanders-style communism…sorry, “democratic socialism” to the masses. That could work even better than just endlessly calling your opponents racists. Would it be disingenuous, immoral and incredibly dangerous? Sure, but after generations of Marxist domination of academia and media most people just don’t know history well enough and think “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” sounds like a great idea rather than a path to poverty, gulags, and jailing people for listening to the Beatles.

        1. No question in my mind. The country wanted and needed change. Hillary was a shit show and voting for Trump was a fuck you to all of the liberal shill who ignore reality and disavow anything that they don’t understand, or filter through their feelings, as racist, misogynist, homophobic, UN-educated. I would classify as a liberal but how often do you have to vote against your own interests until you’re ‘allowed’ to do what you hope to be best for your future?
          The most entertaining part to this election besides the devastating loss, has been the tear down of everyone within the liberal camp from top to bottom.

        2. Not even vaguely. The man was a walking contradiction and the first line of attack would have been showing his huge hypocrisy of preaching socialism out of one side of his mouth while having all kinds of money that he “selfishly” keeps for himself. Then there’s the whole “He didn’t really have a day job until age 40” thing. And of course, he’s a really nasty looking, hunched, sneering little man, and like it or not, optics matter. His “let’s raid duh capitalists!” spiel is a one trick pony that would have run out of steam about 1/5th of the way into the campaign.

        3. Bernie was major hippie con artist. How can you criticize banks without mentioning the Federal Reserve Bank, the bankers must have been salivating at the thought of having Bernie as president, it was just that Hillary was more of a shill and more malleable

        4. What might really help Democrats, and I’m just giving a bit of free advice here, is if they stop nominating candidates that are not only old, but also ugly, decrepit and who radiate pure evil. I mean Hillary’s cackle and wild crazy eyes, that shit is right out of a Grimm’s Fairy Tale right there. And Bernie looks just like a trollkin who lives under a bridge and jumps out and frightens children for fun. What in the hell is going on in these people’s heads? “OK folks, we lost this election, next time, let’s nominate the Sith Lord from New York, he’s waited patiently long enough…”

        5. Fuck them. They will actually follow that advice, and then they’ll even manage to win.
          There is no speaking to them, everything with those cunts is emotion. OK, that’s it, if I keep writing in this state, I will be cussing too much.

        6. That man cannot keel over forward onto a sidewalk soon enough. The day he goes, I pop open a bottle of champagne and toast to the world becoming a better place.

        7. His first move after losing the nomination was to purchase a luxury vacation home on a lake in New England. Pretty typical of his ilk, socialism for the masses, opulence for the commie elite.

        8. You’ve never struck me as liberal in the least. Libertarian perhaps (and I don’t mean the fruit loops in the LP, but rather little “L” libertarian), but Liberal (as in Leftist)? I just never got that vibe from you.

        9. Ghost, you are blessed to live in red territory, so you don’t understand how loved Bernie was in the blue areas. I live in one of the most leftist parts of the country and it was frightening to see the fanatic devotion to him among the local wealthy white liberals. Ironic too, given the inevitable poverty that socialism causes.

        10. Ghost, most people, especially people of my generation, are idiots. Facts don’t matter to them. You know he was a loser candidate. I know he was a loser candidate. But all millennials care about are “muh feelz” and “muh socialism.” Bernie delivered both.

        11. At first yeah, I’m sure he would have gotten the nomination (had Clinton not sabotaged it via the DNC). I just don’t see “feelz” having that much mileage any longer, and socialism is easily destroyed during debates with a few facts and quips.

        12. I think that the Right was *way* too energized this cycle. I suspect that any candidate that was offered would have been immediately cast as “Obama’s third term” and handily defeated. I have no doubt Bernie inspired some kind of cultish devotion, but this election was not going to the Left in really, as far as I can tell, any fashion. Coal miners out of work and looking at the Left as the cause basically sealed the deal, once you lose both union and blue collar support, you’re finished. This election cycle, the Left had neither of those groups.

        13. And like every other Generation, those between the ages of 18-29 have only about 20% voter turn out. It’s more satisfying to moan on social media or shake your fist yelling absurdities walking down the street “protesting” (with police protection).

        14. He felt like the most genuine candidate in the dem field….which is kind of like being the toughest guy at an Erasure concert

        15. Oh, I’m quite aware that he seemed genuine. Marx was also genuine.

        16. I live in probably one of the top 5 bluest cities in the country and I didn’t see very much Bernie love at all….I mean, yeah, the 18-24 demographic which is like saying “all the black hockey fans loved him”

        17. The dem back bench is thin. Bernie? Fauxahontas? Screaming Howard Dean wants to be the head of the DNC, so that will be a barrel of laughs.

        18. As I’ve stated so very eloquently before:
          “This election was a referendum on the Ruling Class”

        19. This guy is literally(Hitler) the closest personification of evil we’ve seen seen since Stalin

        20. Plus, you hear him speak with that disgusting Northeast accent and youre already securing your wallet etc.

        21. The label that Trump was put in by uneducated working class, rural voters is laughable. As if the single, welfare riding mothers within urban areas should even be allowed to vote. Media touts around the term, “working class” as if the left are all retired millionaires.

        22. I disagree. Bernie had a very strong base, but basically zero appeal to the huge middle. Hillary also had a solid base, and some appeal to the middle due in large part to a year-long propaganda campaign by the media to convince the public that a successful businessman who had been in the spotlight for 40 years without much scandal was suddenly an apocalyptic bigot-Hitler-rapist. Without that, and the Never Trump cuckery, Trump would have won in an epic landslide in the middle. But even with that stuff, you weren’t going to convince people to vote Bernie over Trump.

        23. Yes, exactly. Bernie is to the Dems what Ron Paul was to the GOP. Really devout core of supporters, but no broader appeal to the vast underlying middle.

        24. These wealthy you are noting are only truly concerned with one “ism,” class-ism, all others are a means to an end. They push guys like Bernie because:
          1. The gullible will actually demand to be kept poor in the name of equality, thereby maintaining the master and subservient division and keeping “those” people from dirtying-up the parties.
          2. It allows them to virtue signal and claim moral high-ground, while at the same time assuage any guilt they might have nagging sometime at their conscience.
          If these people were really so concerned with an equal distribution, then they could pick 100 families apiece, become their Patron as it were, and divvy up their earnings to make them all equal without need for any government involvement.
          Put their money where their mouth is, that is, instead they “donate” to Foundation networks, Ponzi schemes, and money laundering. Guys like Bernie are just another opiate/Matrix.

        25. Definitely. I mean, if you look at Canada’s Justin Trudeau he’s just another corporatist, using social issues to win votes but doing business with regimes antithetical to his supposed values like Saudi Arabia. But at least he’s young and charismatic. A good pointman for Canada’s Left.

        26. There’s wicked pissuh etc. however his is the accent of some old, weak scumbag tax collector.

        27. As I read other day, I’m still waiting for “Blacks and Hispanics without a college education” to become an identifiable demographic in mainstream reporting. There are such people right or is it just whites? Oh that’s right, they all reflexively vote Democrat so no need to identify and sneer at them.

        28. “he’s a really nasty looking, hunched, sneering little man, and like it or not, optics matter.”

        29. Bernie is as a relative of mine: started working at 41 living with his parents ’till he was 39, when he married, eating the family’s fortune… Plus his total lack of energy.

        30. Not quite gold by your standards but funny nonetheless. I’m sure there was a bigger fag band than Erasure but I can’t recall one.
          BTW, I’ll reserve gold for lines akin to “the basic necessities life… food, water, shelter and waxed cunt”.

        31. It isn’t that it was the most faggy one, but the most faggy and totally random, though I thank you for the assessment and, yes, you are right though not every speech can be the Great Waxed Cunt Imperative

        32. Yeah, I’ll probably at least throw a barbecue with the wife and kids when that happens, though I’m hoping for a rogue bullet to come his way. Hopefully his sons are too invested in being playboys to care much about ideological battles, once he dies.

        33. I don’t consider 309 electoral votes a “sliver”.

        34. Yes, I think being liberal is very difficult emotionally for anyone who is not extremely poor. You can talk all you want about how you care about inner city blacks, but when you jump into your new Audi afterward you’re well aware that there’s a poor black family somewhere that could get by for a year or more on what you could sell that car for.
          On the other hand, a right-winger, black or white sees what the Democrats have done to black people through their Democratic plantation system and for the most part, we hate it. Yeah, there are some actual “racists” on our side, but I’d argue that if anything we have more people who really care about black Americans and would like to see them succeed on their own.

        35. Right, and it’s not as if a “college education” necessarily indicates intelligence or wisdom anymore. Which is smarter, learning a trade and becoming a plumber or airplane mechanic or something like that, where you can make a decent living, or spending four years accumulating massive debt while being indoctrinated by leftists to then struggle to find work when they’re done with you.

        36. He was the deciding vote in the “audit it for reelz” or
          ‘audit for shits n giggles”…he voted for the latter- never forget that one

        37. With you. Personally, I disdain “college educated” as a handle. Those that have been there realize that for every wise and intelligent college grad there are two college-educated retards that hold up there college education as a statement of self-worth because they have nothing else.

        38. Bernie has been consistent his entire political career. He has a net worth of less than a million dollars. I don’t think there is anything wrong with being a career politician as long as you stay informed, connected to the voter based, and promote good policy. Who cares about his appearance? There was no point in time he said anything even close to raiding capitalists.
          Christ, are you just a troll with your head that far up your ass? Everything you say is a lie. Time to read something from a non alt right website for once.

        39. the establishment selected her and forced her on us. They did everything they could to stack the deck in her favor. Despite being a left leaning independent I never supported her. If you’re going to criticize Bernies appearance, how about Trump? Ugly fat old guy smearing orange bronzer across his face with a white circle around his eyes, and some dead ducks ass hairstyle that is probably a rug. That didn’t stop you from jumping onto his dick like a blind Euro rent-a-wife

        40. You’re talking about the same Bernie Sanders that endorsed Hillary Clinton, correct?

        41. It’s funny how informed people who know about government policy and economics want a person who actually cares about the working man and what he would do for them and changing the system. It’s frightening to me to see all these people tossing around terms they don’t even know the definition of, like socialism, and how gleeful they are about some Trump presidency. I’m not sure what they think is going to happen in these next 4 years, but it won’t.

        42. what a bunch of uninformed nonsense. Opinions and theories are fun, but it would be better if you could say something about reality

        43. They say it’s a movement. It’s not. We are led to believe that movements are something that originates from ‘the people’. In this case, it does not. Its just propaganda.
          If it originated from people who truly believe it, they’d behave waaaay differently.

        44. That’s hilarious. You’re aware Obama had multiple jobs programs blocked by the right wing extremists in congress, aren’t you? Do you know about the policies passed that have improved peoples quality of life, put more money in their pockets that were enacted by ‘liberals’ ? You’d have to venture out of the alt-right bubble to learn about that. There are a lot of glaring omissions in that echo chamber. It’s like they can’t face a reality that contradicts their opinions and beliefs.

        45. it’s like the alt-righters infesting this place are all full of shit and make things up. You should talk to an actual human being with beliefs different from yours, you might learn something.

        46. This election was very close even with Hillary running. If the left had a likable candidate with charm, charisma, people skills, without all the baggage and scandal it could have easily tilted just enough in the other direction. I’ve spoken to a lot of people who would have voted for Bernie if he had been the nominee but instead voted for Trump and his empty grandiose promises that are so far detached from reality as to be laughable.

        47. Didn’t actually know that, but it doesn’t surprise me and I suspect the right was correct, as usual. There’s a big jobs for the homeless program in my city right now. 75% of the funding is going to pay bureaucrats who manage it. Participants are not required to show up sober and can choose to work half days if they choose. Was Obama’s program going to work out better? I know that before LBJ’s war on poverty 7% of black children were raised by single mothers. Now it’s like 10x that amount, to the point that it’s unusual for a black child to have a father at home. Lest you think I’m an idealouge, one of the things I don’t like about Trump is his 600 million-dollar child care initiative, which to me just encourages single motherhood. That’s were the ideological divide between us lies, you reckon more government will solve problems, we don’t.

        48. Hey don’t get me wrong, I hope you’re right and I’m wrong. I’m still very concerned about literal commies getting into power in 2018 and 2020.

        49. Disagree on Trump’s promises being empty but yeah, although you and I seem to be on different sides politically, I see a great chance for Bernie in 2020 if he can avoid obvious senility and Trump is anything less than a spectacular leader.

        50. He’s the least wealthy of all the senators because he didn’t sell out. Can you really begrudge a guy who is 70 buying a home? I think he’s earned it. I’m not sure what this ‘socialism for the masses’ is, sounds like you’re making stuff up that you know nothing about.

        51. after Bernie had the nomination cheated from him, a lot of his supporters wouldn’t vote for Clinton.

        52. He wasn’t promoting socialism. The ignorance on here is mind boggling. He had many well detailed policies outlined very clearly on his website and discussed elsewhere. You guys and your straw men. Right wing ideology is easily destroyed in debates

        53. Is there a significant difference between Bernie’s “democratic socialism” and communism? I figured the difference would be that a democratic socialist renounces violent revolution and favors working through the established political system, but according to wikipedia some democratic socialists advocate violent revolution. Based on that, I concluded that there’s little if any difference and Bernie really is a communist.
          Incidentally, if you’re a Bernie supporter who knows his politics, can you tell me what your side sees as different between Bernie’s democratic socialism and Chavez/Maduro’s Bolivarian socialism? I’ve always wanted a Bernie supporter to explain that to me, but although I live in a solid blue area with mostly upper-middle-class “educated” white people, most seem only vaguely aware of what’s going on in Venezuela right now, if they know anything about it at all.

        54. Nope, he polled very strongly with independents.
          The media was correct in portraying Trump as an idiotic ignoramus with a petty, hateful personality. “Successful businessman” hahaha! Yeah going bankrupt after losing hundreds of billions. Trump University. Taking handouts from the government after his failures. You guys have really magical thinking. He made his fortune from his family and from having other people invest his money.

        55. Well, I spent a few years living in the former USSR, I speak Russian, and I’m obsessed with history. I can’t count how many tales Russians and Ukrainians told me of the opulence in which the communist elite lived while they couldn’t find basic goods and supplies in stores and had to wait in line for hours for them when they were available. One funny story my Russian tutor told me when I was new there was that only the commie elite had access to strippers back then, whereas after the fall of the USSR, the common man could finally go to a strip show.
          And yes, I totally begrudge Bernie his luxury vacation home, his third home, IIRC. It’s tough being a leftist with any money and any kind of a conscience. You tell yourselves you’;re a good person because you vote Democrat, but deep down inside there’s always that nagging doubt, isn’t there?

        56. It occurred to me too that Trump did much better with Latinos and blacks than Romney. It’s not like they all buy the Democratic plantation socialist BS.

        57. What evil lurking socialism is there in the US? Come on now. We’ve got crony capitalism. Socialism for the rich, as MLK rightly pointed out, and rugged individualism for the poor and middle class.
          I have zero doubt in Bernie Sanders being a consistent, honest, well informed person all his political career working for the good of the country and the American citizens. Why would you care if he buys a house? DT buys giant towers over the whole world to compensate with his dads slumlord money.
          I have a lot of doubt in those who support right wing ideologies or corporate control of our country.

        58. they’ve already got the shirts printed. Picture of Bernie and the caption “Hindsight is 2020”
          I’m not sure what the political identity is of the people on here. I’m sensing it’s right leaning independents. Having a hard time figuring out if their comments are intentional jokes or if they actually believe what they are saying.

        59. I know you do. Incidentally, I don’t think anyone here is speaking up for corporate control of the country. Anyway, vote communist next time if you want to. You have a great chance in the coming elections, unfortunately. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” sounds like a great idea to many people nowadays, because they don’t know history.
          Again, can you explain to me specifically why Bernie isn’t a communist, or what difference there is between Chavez/Maduros’ socialism and Bernie’s? Serious question. I don’t think there is much difference, but I could be wrong. Don’t get me wrong, Bernie seems like he’d be a fun old guy to chat up at a dinner party. Some of the old Bolsheviks leave a fairly good impression when you read about them (Trotsky and Bukharin, for example) but their politics still ultimately lead to poverty and oppression.

        60. Any government program can be managed poorly. I think a program proposed by a president is going to have closer oversight and scrutiny than some podunk experiment. Good intentions dont’ always have good results but I’d rather we tried new things and learned from it than not try at all.
          I think a holistic approach is required. You don’t take a homeless, mentally ill person addicted to drugs and alcohol who has been out of work for years and stick them in a work place and all of a sudden everything turns out fine. They need counseling to deal with their issues first or everything is going to fail most likely. Trying to shove them into a job right away is putting the cart in front of the horse.
          I’ve worked with mentally ill people from dysfunctional families who fell into substance abuse. They can and do recover if they make the effort, but it’s a journey and not easy. It’s much easier to throw them out to the fringes of society to suffer and die and say it’s all their fault, to hell with them. They made their own bed, let them lie in it. But I want there to be a pathway back to relevance, health and productivity. Help those who want to help themselves.
          I don’t have a blanket belief that more government is a great idea. Even as a left leaning independent, I’d call myself progressive, I think the government needs to be leaner and more efficient at all levels, that there is enormous waste and fraud. Audit every last program. Do a report. Act on the findings. Both sides of the political spectrum have their sacred cows that have become fat and happy. For the right it’s the MIC, the farm subsidies, big Pharma, fossil fuel industry, big corps. On the left we’ve got various social programs that need to be updated.

        61. I’d describe us as generally right-wing and traditionalist and “out of the Matrix” in the sense that we believe the MSM is not reliable, not that there’s any strict consensus among us. I sometimes butt heads with the white supremacists because my wife isn’t white, for example.
          If you’d like to learn more, check out unz.com or listen to Stefan Molyneux on youtube for more high-brow political analysis than you’ll generally find here. Check out Gavin McInnes on youtube for an Oliver/Colbert substitute who’s at least as funny and far more in touch with reality. Good luck, and give President Trump a chance.

        62. I lean towards capitalism (not the crony one), libertarianism and a bit towards anarchy. Part of it is just idealism and probably not realistic.
          What I like about this site is that you can pretty much say anything (although there seem to be limits) and have someone debate those ideas with you.
          Although right-leaning, I think there is not much of a general consensus about a lot of stuff here, aside from some vague concepts like freedom, masculinity, etc.
          My impression.

        63. See, and I’d lean more towards keeping government out of it and relying on private charities. That’s likely going to mean mainly churches, mosques, and synagogues, but maybe secular leftists can step up and do their part. I’ve heard there’s a totally independently funded program in San Francisco that was started by leftists in the 1960s to provide medical care for the indigent that is still up and running, for example.
          Check out some of the right-wingers I mentioned to you in my other post. You might find yourself agreeing more than you expect. It’s always good to listen to the other side, anyway. For example I often listen to Bill Mahr because although he’s a smug leftist, he’s clever and has some good ideas, and to the Young Turks. Admittedly that last one is mostly because Ana Kasparian is a total smoke show.

        64. Yes. He had his policy proposals clearly outlined in his speeches and on his website. He’s been banging these drums for decades now. No more wars of choice, defense not offense. No more tax breaks for rich folk who don’t need it and don’t spend it to stimulate the economy. No more corporate cronyism. Single payer health care for all, like they have in most other countries. Affordable higher education. Restrictions on how much wall street can gamble. Paid maternity leave and sick leave for all workers. 15 dollar minimum wage. To name a few. If that’s socialism, then call me a socialist I guess. The alternative of the status quo or conservative policy ideas doesn’t sound appealing.
          I’m not familiar with the south American regimes so I’d have to read up on them first before I could make a comparison. I do know that a number of those countries were heavily dependent on their oil income to fund a lot of government programs and with the collapse of oil prices they’ve run into a big problem funding everything. These countries have epidemic levels of corruption so whatever labels you’d put on them, socialist or communist, realize where the problem lies. All the economic eggs in one basket and a crooked self serving government. Doesn’t matter if they are socialist, communist, capitalist, whatever other ist you can name – it’s going to fail under those conditions.
          For America, a departure from crony capitalism/plutocracy would be welcome. We have a balanced economy and a lot of checks and balances.

        65. he would have been black balled by the democratic establishment if he hadn’t. It was a compromise that involved a lot of his progressive policies being adopted in her platform. Can’t get anything done in congress without coalitions.
          Even Ted Cruz bowed down and supported Trump after a while. Along with many others in the right wing establishment who had been against him.

        66. “Doesn’t matter if they are socialist, communist, capitalist, whatever other ist you can name – it’s going to fail under those conditions.”
          No, Venezuela was far better off in the 1970s and 1980s before Chavez came along. Back then Colombia was the wretchedly poor nation. They defeated their various Marxist militias and drug cartels and are doing relatively well now, for Latin America.
          Everything else you listed sounds like something you’d be likely to find in a socialist society. The bizarre idea that increasing minimum wage increases purchasing power, for example. I’m still waiting to hear how we wouldn’t eventually get the same results with Bernie as Venezuela has with Chavez and Maduro. To your credit, you at least admit that you don’t know.

        67. I know in decades past their oil revenues were so high they had charities operating in America to get heating oil to poor American families! Can you believe, the richest nation on Earth accepting charities from a socialistic country.
          Increasing minimum wage directly stimulates the economy. That money gets put right back in and causes growth. How would having more money not increase purchasing power? The corporate spawned myths that the gains are wiped out by increased costs of living are lies. The MW has been raised multiple times and there was never a correlated spike in costs of goods or services. That’s like asking how a CEO who increases his pay from 20 million a year to 40 million a year increases his purchasing power. Because he has more money to spend, that’s why.
          I explained how Bernie Sanders policies are different and how America is different from a 3rd world banana republic in South America. We are not completely dependent on oil revenues for our economy, we have a diversity of natural resources, products and services. And any move towards more socialistic policies would be gradual and under extreme levels of scrutiny.
          Venezuela is held up as some sort of faux example of how socialism doesn’t work. The truth is it’s a mismanaged economy with corrupt government, and it doesn’t have all the financial options a bigger more diverse country like America has to ameliorate it’s mistakes.
          We could go in the opposite direction and try to run America like Sam Brownback does Kansas. That is right wing fiscal policy in full effect and it’s not pretty. Spend like crazy then give massive tax breaks to the rich. Then blame it all on the dems when they retake power. Same as on the national level after the Bush regime and Obama came in. All of a sudden the massive deficit was his fault, somehow.

        68. Private charities don’t even come close to the necessary funding. Instead of wasting trillions on wars of choice and tax breaks for the rich and big corps, I’d rather that money was spent empowering Americans. We deserve a better return on investment for all the tax dollars we pay.
          I do like to hear the opinions of people who believe differently than I do, to see where they are coming from. I was dismayed to see Bill become a condescending Hillary-Bot after years of insightful, witty commentary.
          But there are some woefully ignorant, painfully uninformed people on here and elsewhere spouting the most ridiculous opinions I’ve ever heard in my life. If they really believe what they are saying, they are a lost cause.

        69. I don’t have to give DT anything. He’s made his promises and claims about what he’ll do. Lets see if he comes through on any of it. I won’t hold my breath. Drain that swamp, bring those jobs back, set term limits for senators, set huge tariffs on imports, another round of massive tax breaks for the wealthy. Hehe.

        70. Well, up to you. Read up on socialism and Marxism a bit more, check out some of the sources I gave you, maybe learn some languages and try living overseas a bit. It’s a real eye opener. I’d recommend Spanish and Russian because those are the languages I focused on, but there are lots of other fascinating parts of the world. Good luck.

        71. Our system is capitalist, through and through, with minor elements of socialism woven in. When we bailed out the Wall Street banks who recklessly gambled and lost, that was socialistic. When DT lost most of his money, he got a 10 year tax holiday, that was socialistic. Post office, police, firefighters, electrical grid, plumbing & water systems, national parks, roads and bridges – those are all examples of socialistic programs. Our money is pooled through taxes and used for the benefit of society. It’s how we have such a high standard of living compared to most of the rest of the world.
          Our current system has led to poverty and oppression though. The trade deals, the mass outsourcing of jobs, the stagnant wages for the middle class, the lousy job market.
          Communism, the workers owning the means of production, is a rarity here in America and I’ve never known any politician to advocate for that being widespread. What they have said is that the hoarding of massive amounts of wealth by the few at the expense of everyone else is creating numerous problems for society. And the enormous influence these individuals have over our government and our lives is too great.
          What do you think of when you say “Communism”? Gulags and tyrannical dictators like Stalin and Mao?

        72. Yeah. It’s far more likely then President Trump turning out to be “literally Hitler.” Read up on the Bolsheviks and their techniques. Talk to some Venezuelans if you meet any, they’ll tell you. Check out our university students, how they behave like self-appointed Bolshevik commissars, or the Democrats’ paying the mentally to attack Trump rallies, then using party-controlled media to play the victim when we try to defend ourselves. Marxism is ruthless and always leads to poverty and oppression, and I can’t see where there is any difference significant different between what Bernie wants and what Chavez and Maduro implemented. You certainly haven’t been able to prove that, but at least you admit it, which is admirable.

        73. Your Messiah promised to punish Wall Street, yet caved and endorsed the most pro Wall Street candidate in recent memory. Good job.

        74. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and having a civil discussion with me. But a lot of that sounds like a big straw man. That there is some widespread nefarious communist movement set to take over the country, the world, and destroy us all.
          I keep telling you man, Chavez was a corrupt bastard who mismanaged an economy that was almost entirely reliant on Oil revenues. What’s happened to oil prices since 2012? I was paying over 4 dollars a gallon back then. Now I pay 2. You know what that does to their economy, that drop in price and demand? It’s not about socialism. It’s not about Bernie Sanders. I don’t know how much more simply I can explain it. He was advocating a shift in priorities – to invest our tax dollars in American citizens, in our infrastructure, in getting everyone educated and back to work for better wages, in single payer healthcare.
          They needed to prepare for this possibility. To diversify and save for a rainy day. Have a plan B.

        75. Punish, or regulate? I suppose that looks one and the same to their kind. But Clinton is gone for good, and I’m glad. Bernie can run again in 4 years, and hopefully the DNC asshats will have learned their lesson. Hopefully we all will have.

        76. It’s fascinating to hear people like you who’ve never learned another language or actually lived overseas in countries that have been devastated by socialism tell me how it is going to work out great the next time. But hey, you guys have an excellent chance at getting into power in 2018 and 2020. We may have to see how it goes, unfortunately.

        77. I have learned other languages, I don’t speak them fluently anymore. I haven’t lived in another country though. Here’s the thing – you have dictators, tyrants like they did in Russia – their government has never been answerable to the people, they could do anything they wanted to without checks or balances. Even now elections are a sham in that country and Putin is the new dictator, killing off those who disagree with him or throwing them in prison on bs charges. They have a 24/7 state propaganda channel, sort of like Fox news.
          So is the problem socialistic policies, or is it corruption and failure of leadership? Correlation does not equal causation.
          It’s like when I argue with Clinton supporters who say he was a great president because the economy was good in the late 90s – did he cause the tech boom with any policies or was it just a coincidence that he happened to be president when it occured? People like to make villains or heroes out of others who benefitted or stumbled due to circumstances they did not have a hand in creating. Similar to your demonization of socialism – did any of those countries have a good leader, a champion of the working people, someone who wasn’t corrupt or evil? Did they have multiple parties, a system of checks and balances? Those countries got devastated by the individuals in control, and you blame socialism.
          And as I said in another post above, any socialistic policies for America would be instituted gradually, one by one, and with intense scrutiny by opponents and proponents. And then tweaked or rescinded depending on results. Like the New Deal programs. Some of them got scrapped. Some of them are still with us today, changed a lot but still here. Somehow that socialism didn’t devastate us.
          Do you really want the alternative of continuing status quo or conservative policies?

        78. No, that’s why I voted Trump. Your guy Bernie endorsed Hillary and bought a luxury vacation home immediately after losing. I know, you still see him as an anti-establishment man of the people somehow. If you’re a got-to-get-the-last-word-in kind of guy, I suppose I might let you do that because I don’t think we’re going to agree on much here and I have things to do. As I said, it’s fascinating to hear someone with no experience actually living in a country that’s tried socialism and talking to its victims in their language lecture me on how it would work out fine here, for some reason.

        79. They didn’t try socialism, they had tyranny. Socialism doesn’t have to be an all or nothing approach and it doesn’t have to go hand in hand with dictatorships. Stalin, Lenin, Mao, they were all monsters, mass murderers, madmen. That’s where the problem lies. Same how democracy and capitalism aren’t pure evil just because they’ve become that in America – they are just systems and tools that are corrupted by wicked, greedy, selfish, egotistical men. The failure isn’t the system, the failure is in the leadership, or lack thereof.
          What you’re saying is like me saying “I’ve lived with poor families in devastated regions of America, spoke their language. You really think we should keep trying crony capitalism and democracy? I’ve seen the victims of it. They work hard and barely make any money. 40% of Americans make under 20k a year. Only 30% make 50k a year or more. The middle class is getting further and further out of reach, the job market and wages are stagnant or declining, cost of living keeps going up up up. I think it’s fascinating you’re a fan of this system that screws over so many tens of millions of people and want to make it even worse for them with Donald Trumps repudiated policy proposals.”
          I really fail to see how Bernie spending the money he earned buying a house is a bad thing or relevant to anything in this discussion. He had a tepid endorsement of Hillary since the alternative was Donand Trump. I go by the policies he pushed for and enacted in his political career to judge him, and going by that he is a man of the people. If you were as tough on DT as you are on Bernie you might have voted for somebody else. You’re giving him a huge pass on so many red flags.

        80. If you want an echo chamber there is always Slate, Vox, etc, etc. If you want to argue with a group of people that have a different opinion than you, here is probably a good place. Just not with me, because I don’t care enough to.

        81. “After losing hundreds of billions.” Math is hard. That’s why the policies of the left are shit.

        82. Ha!! A chicken in every pot and pot with every chicken. An old socialist who would have opened the public coffers for every knocked up, drug addicted socialist with a cause.

        83. Georgie boy had too much trouble fending off his Brazilian blower and her lawsuit. Shit dude, just give the hoover the $1.5 million condo and be done with it.

        84. You realize that he did really and actually work for the Nazis during WWII? That he sold his fellow Jews into concentration camps? Yet you are correct that he is the personification of evil. It is merely coincidental that he looks just like the Emperor Palpatine form Star Wars.

        85. The problem for leftist charities is that the leftists don’t contribute to any charity. That might be a little hyperbolic, but the right far out gives to charity compared to the left. The left only contributes to “charities” whose function is to lobby government to take more money from others at gun point and give to causes that they feel signals virtue (for them). They certainly don’t want their money spent on that low class trash.

        86. Jobs programs like Solyndra it would be cheaper to just give every prospective employee $1 million than have it fails so.

        87. Less money will come out of my earnings to be handed to Latrina’s 21 illegitimate crack babies.

        88. What is Bernie going to do when the video of him getting knocked back by 2 black hoes on a state his people said had a crowd of 10,000 becomes a campaign ad?

        89. Superb. Also, did you ever listened or read something like:
          “White Lives Matter” or “Asian Lives Matter” !?
          Or did you ever noticed that how the mainstream media reports incidents:
          “5 Police Officers are killed”
          instead of
          “5 MALE Police Officers are killed” OR
          “5 Police MEN are killed”
          Time has come for these femicunts and the “Group of people or Cult or Sect or Entity” who are trying to control & manipulate the State, Educational system, Media, Entertainment etc. with only ONE aim:
          Humiliate, Insult, Belittle, Shame and Crush MASCULINITY.
          Time has also come to the Pussies who take advantage of the Societal & Legal Double Standards and live like parasites on MEN, leeching out Tax Payers Money and are always: ungrateful, bitchy, arrogant, entitled, whorish, imitating MASCULINITY in every aspect of life.
          Let us not pamper & pedestal them and use them only for what they are good: Banging & Breeding aka B&B !!!

        90. These losers and femicunts can go any longer and can blame anybody to come out of their “butthurt” pain !!
          Honestly, since the very beginning of this Election and since the Democrats & femicunts one-sided comments on Mr. Trump, I could feel the DIVINE power coming to the rescue of Mr. Trump and in essence, the MASCULINITY.

        91. Well said. I hate to listen about “single mothers”. How they became “mothers” in first place !? A pussy takes no-fault divorce eating away half of the Man’s hard earned money/property and voila; Single, Independent, Strong and Empowered mother emerged !!
          What do these fucking femicunts and white-knights mean by saying “uneducated” ? So a uneducated person:
          =doesn’t know what’s good and what’s bad ?
          =can’t make difference between “sadistic/evil face” and “determined & focused face” ?
          =doesn’t have the ability to know about “fabricated” news and real happenings ?
          =can’t decide who is good for their Country, a person who always talks about one gender and a person who always talks about the PEOPLE ?
          By the way, college educated women !? what did they study ? and what they are doing with their education ? and what they have achieved with their education ? Sleeping with a different Man every day ? Demanding to reduce standards so they can get the Jobs they don’t actually deserve ? Walking bare chested in the name of equality ? Slut walks ? Pink saturdays ?

      1. Exactly. Everyone whines about how Trump failed to repudiate the fringe endorsement of the KKK, but did Hillary distance herself from the endorsement by the U.S. Communist party? Unless we can create a positive moderate ideology on the right we cannot defeat the left and we risk the rise of national socialists.

        1. Except he did repudiate it. If everyone’s is talking about how he didn’t, then they clearly don’t actually read or investigate anything.

        2. God dammit that is so true. Why the Hell didn’t anyone realize that sooner?
          Those fucking bastards. I hate those pieces of shit with all my heart.

        3. Exactly. As I’ve been digesting this election cycle and Trump’s victory, it occured to me that just about everything said about Trump by the media and Hitlary was false, or entirely mis-represented. Except for the ‘man talk’ on the bus, there was nothing negative about Trump that couldn’t be immediatly repudiated with 15 mins worth of searching on google or youtube.
          Trump, may in fact, be the only truly “clean” canidate to run for office in 20 years!

        4. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Trump is probably the least racist, least sexist and least bigoted candidate to ever run for president.

        5. “but did Hillary distance herself from the endorsement by the U.S. Communist party?”
          -or the Arabs?
          -or BLM?
          -or Goldman Suchs?
          -or Soros?
          -or Madonna?

        6. Think about it – guy raised in diverse NYC or white girl from whitest Arkansas?
          who’s more likely to call a black man ‘boy’?

        7. Agreed.
          And the violence perpetrated right now by these “terrified” souls lies solely at the feet of media, pundits, and Democrat operatives/activists. They built this from kindling to inferno, they own it from flames to ashes.
          Amazing how if you paint someone/something as the devil incarnate coming to rip and torture long enough and in tandem across the spectrum, some folks actually believe it, especially those who might have shorter attention spans, low comprehension, low interest in getting independently informed, or who don’t speak English very well.
          Amazing too, that the same firebugs behind all this don’t want learning English to be a requisite for naturalization.

        8. Heck, did Hillary ever distance herself from the KKK, those of us familiar with Clinton history in Arkansas have long memories and they’re a major reason the state has morphed from a jackass to an elephant.

        9. all of his policy proposals and campaign promises can be repudiated in a sentence or two. Tax breaks for rich folk, the wall, deporting over 10 million people, starting a trade war with tariffs, some empty promises about bringing the jobs back, bombing terrorists wives and children, giving nukes to more countries – it’s all stupid BS and I hope the people who voted for him realize their mistake as he appoints washington insiders and right wing extremists to every cabinet position.
          Clean? he’s as dirty as the swamp he’s about to plunge into headfirst. Spent his life hanging out with, partying with the clintons and every other dirty politican and oligarch. You bought the con mans con.

        10. Hillary’s from, like, Illinois or something. I only know this because I recently looked it up. I assumed she was from Arkansas too.

        11. She managed to pick up a pretty hick accent, which she has eliminated for election purposes.

        12. Pay attention much? Donald Trump himself admitted to being on the inside and working the system. This is not some ‘gotcha’ epiphany. The fact that he admitted to manipulating the sysytem, so therefore he KNOWS it’s currupt and wrong says far more about Trump than some traditional, professional politician, claiming the system is great, it just needs to be “reformed” bullshit.
          Trump has never denied his past dealings with the political elites and currupt heavy hitters of the system. If you were paying attention, or ever listened to his speeches; that was a core tenant of his campaign. “I manipulated and worked the system to my favor. I KNOW its broken and currupt. It should not be that way and I can tear it down and rebuild it because I know how it works, and have no ties, or masters over me to keep me from doing so”.
          Now we can debate if the system will allow him to do so, or if he will even do as he claims. But to act as if he ran on anything opposite of that is to reveal that you only know Trump through the sound bites the media fed you.

        13. You’ll never change that troll’s (Padge Vounder) mind with facts. Liberals don’t deal in logic and reason. They’re like problem kids or satan…utterly childish. I don’t bother responding anymore.

        14. They weren’t taken out of context, they were manufactured out of context. I was not a Trump supporter in the beginning. I knew Hitlery was a disaster waiting to happen, but I could have ben convinced she was the lesser of two evils, my typical voting choice. But every tempest in a teapot put up by the press was so patently false, and so easy to prove it was false, that I turned for him. When they headlined with some outrageous comment Trump had made I was forced to research it, because they had lied so many times in the past. This exposed me to his actual speeches and rallies in a way I might never have been otherwise. This turned me into a Trump supporter, because what I found was pretty sound values.

        15. I guess it is a good thing that the left seems unable to even consider this as a possibility. As several have noted, their continued beating on the racist and sexist gong is just going to drive more and more normal people against them.

        16. Agree 100%. This is exactly what I’ve said to every black person I’ve spoken to about the presidency. And the look on their face. They look off into the corner of the room with their mouth open and their expression says it all, “well that’s not what CNN said.”

        17. Just think if you didn’t push Trannies in little girls bathrooms during an election year you might have won.

        18. She probably won the old bitter queen vote still. On the show Gaycation Orlando they interviewed a lesbian Hispanic activist who spewed more vitriol at the hospital that saved lives than the Afghani moslem that shot 102 gays.
          Many leftists think the cowardly moslems will fight armed Christians instead of easy targets like gay bar bathrooms. Remember Jenner only had to kill one woman to ID as a woman driver but Matteen was still labeled a NRA AMERICAN even after telling 911 he did it because America attacked his homeland.

        19. Women who grew up in Arkansas in the 50’s and 60’s don’t think, act, or speak like Hillary. The Southern accent she occasionally uses is phony and sounds like what you’d hear from a carpetbagger trying to mimic the local accent.

      2. My Russian homeboy has me increasingly convinced lately that the gulag is a beautiful system. I can think of many fools I’d love to send there. Recent times also show us, sadly, that a little fear of the state or police corruption could reap bounds of public order vs our current state of adult children rioting.

      3. Sadly, the shit eaters that call themselves Americans would have voted in a cunt like bernie, no problem.
        It would have been a stunning landslide. Remember that in four years. Either DT does what he says or we will have another communist piece of shit as president. Again.

        1. Except for this time, and actual communist. That’s what worries me. Possibly the only good thing I can think to say about Hillary Clinton is that she is not literally a communist.

        2. DT has no way of doing what he promised or enacting his stupid joke policies. I can’t believe people actually bought any of it. There will be no wall. No mass deportation of 10 million people. No tariffs and ensuing trade wars. No bringing the jobs back from Asia. No giving nukes to dozens of countries.
          Obama was not communist and neither is Bernie Sanders. FFS learn what that word means.

    2. Particularly when Obama, a black man with a Muslim name, won the last two Presidential elections in landslide fashion. If this country were truly “racist” then he never would have won.

      1. Actually it is racist…
        Mostly the U.S.A. is anti-white, anti-First-World and anti-European, pro-Muslim and pro-Third-world. I am hopeful that this is going to start change with Trump. If you simply try to search the things the U.S.A. allowed to happen (communist China being one of them, by forbiding Chan-Kai-Sek to kill commies when he could) but really I hope this will change with Trump, hence the hysteria against him.

        1. Trump isn’t smart enough to affect anything. His back peddling should be plain enough for all of you who thought the man would do jack shit in office. I can’t stand Hillary and its a blessing to watch the tears of the left stream down their faces, but to think that any of you thought Trump knew what he was doing, thought he would even win, and has a clue what to do going forward is laughable. The lobbying and corporate interests will have the ear of those advising him and it will be business as usual.

        2. Are you fucking serious?! The Media is acting like it’s the end of the world!!! Minorities will be hunted down in the streets. Trump will nuke the planet! Hell disband the EPA, install all KKK members in his cabinet, revoke the freedom of the press, bribe heads of state with hotel stays, make creationism mandatory in all schools, ban trade with everyone under threat of military attack and just for good measure, club baby seals for fun. Sorry pal , you couldn’t be more wrong.

        3. Listing all of the things ways in which you aren’t agreeing with the media doesn’t change the ways in which you do.

      2. Pshhh, don’t shutter their illusions. They truly believe that minorities can have a globally successful movement world-wide against an overwhemlingly racist populace.

    3. ““Throwing away some of us to appeal more deeply to others.””
      YES : The people that don’t want gays and trannys parading about in front of their children, The people that run small businesses and don’t want to be told they have to hire ethnic groups. The men that want to work hard in a masculine team without it turning into a femfest gossip bitch session, and so on and so forth.
      Trump might be nothing more than a bad Reagan, but he stamped out alot of PC correct SJW garbage….. ITS OK TO SAY WHAT YOU THINK PEOPLE… say it out loud.
      People are different they have different takes on life and different attitudes and approaches and ALL OF IT – including a little sexist / racist tint is fine. Men are men, women are women, blacks are blacks. FACT !
      At least if you go to a KKK meeting you know where you stand… with all these armchair socialists you never know where you stand… everything they complain about they are themselves…. selfish, bigoted arrogant, back stabbers that won’t hesitate to look out for their own when necessary and do it using the most underhanded manipulative tactics.
      And worse, when they don’t get their own way, little spoiled children in the school yard they go crying to teacher and try some girly social shaming, fear ridden tactics… it’s basically spoiled children syndrome the whole thing….
      women want to be mothers and wives and professional XYZ and sleep around like teenage men, they want it all, blacks want to be whites, have outstanding careers but also hold onto their cultural roots, gays want to be red blooded married family men, it’s a complete pile of horseshit…
      you can do whatever you want, but it comes at a price and with a label. if you want to rob banks you are a criminal… period…. it’s a choice.

    4. Journalists are instructed in journalism school to be activists. Gone are the breed of reporters who are looking for the unvarnished facts to let the people decide for themselves how they feel about it. Now they must polish the events and place them under a leftist light. I shouldn’t say “now” though, as this has been going on for many decades. The honest reporter is so rare he is nearly a myth. All we are left with are propagandists, and smug, patronizing, condescending, political operatives. There is a reason that journalists are rated down near lawyers, politicians in opinions of their professions.
      On the bright side, exit polling suggests that nearly 80% of the voters say they can’t trust the media.

    5. Such pretty straw men you build.
      The pendulum swings both ways, but after the colossal disappointment of the Trump presidency, you’re going to realize what a Pyrrhic victory it was.

      1. Do you even know what a straw man is? I know its one of libtardemia’s favorite words these days, but you should understand how to use it before you try to.
        And as far as Pyrrhic victories go – yeah, “Hillary first woman who literally sold out her country to the highest bidder” would ring throughout the ages.

    6. Dear Brothers, if any of you remembered, in almost all of my comments well before the elections, I said that “Mr. Donald Trump will be the next President”, and I am Happy that it happened. I am a immigrant and I supported (and will support) Mr. Trump.
      From my first day in this Country, I always wondered why pussies here:
      =are so entitled and demanding ?
      =are bitchy, arrogant, aggressive, cunning, manipulative and selfish
      =are sluts but doesn’t like to be “slut-shamed” !!!
      =are whores but expect to be respected !!!
      =are parasitic and leeching out TAX Payers Money
      =are desperately imitating MASCULINITY and yet expect chivalry
      =walk bare chested in the name of equality and complain that MEN are Objectifying them !!!
      =take every opportunity to humiliate and belittle MASCULINITY
      =deliberately dress in revealing attire and call MEN creepy !!!
      =can get away with any kind of behavior, attitude, abuse and assault on MEN
      =can NEVER match MEN in expertise, skills, experience but demand same salary
      =shamelessly claim equality with MEN even though pussies are inferior
      =never ACCEPT & ACKNOWLEDGE Men’s efforts, contributions, inventions, innovations and sacrifices
      Not only that, the pampering of pussies by the Government, Educational system, Media, Entertainment and Legal System. Fuck the TV Movies and Hollywood to show the otherwise weak and inferior as somehow equal to MEN. Fuck the society to pedestal pussies. It went to the extent that even if a pussy “farts” it’s a great achievement !!!
      We have seen and are seeing how this “Group of People/Cult/Sect/Entity” spewing venom against Mr. Trump (read: against MASCULINITY). In fact, this Country and our President is in danger by a few people of our OWN Country. I am praying my God every moment to Protect Mr. Trump from that “evil” Entity.
      *** I will remember November 8th 2016 till my last breath ***
      My friend/junior told me that majority of the Universities are “creating/fabricating” deliberate situation(s) where Students from other Countries feel “UN-secured” and are holding meetings on how to handle the “situation”. So, suddenly, because Mr. Trump became the President, ALL the “other” people are feeling “vulnerable” !!?? How shameful and pathetic !
      My dear Brothers, I am a Immigrant and Hindu and in the worst case, I would prefer to:
      =get kicked by a KKK activist than to get assaulted by a pussy
      =get mocked by a KKK activist than to face “false harassment and rape” cases by pussies
      =get looted by a KKK activist than to be looted by a pussy
      (pampering, pedestal, costly lunch & dinners and HEFTY Divorce)
      =get killed (I am serious !) by a KKK activist instead of a pussy cutting my genitals while I am asleep !!!
      Let’s be practical. Who ever is feeling “vulnerable” in this Country: GET THE HELL OUT OF THIS COUNTY. I am an Indian and am I safe in India ? Guess No:
      =I could be killed by Naxalites (the rebels) any moment
      =I could be killed by Faction gang any moment because I tried to prevent them occupying my land/property
      =I could get Kidnapped and killed any moment for money
      =I could get killed by my own relatives for money & property
      =I could get killed by police in false Naxals encounter
      =I could get killed by a slutty pussy with the help of her paramour
      =I could be killed in a silly fight with neighbors or in a street fight, apparently for no reason !
      =I could get killed by Radical Islamic Terrorists any moment
      I am also FED UP of listening to “Black lives matter”. So it’s OK for them to call themselves as “Blacks”, instead of “African Americans” ! but they get offended if some other person, especially a White person calls them as “Black” !! OMG !!!
      Doesn’t “White Lives Matter” !?, Doesn’t “Asian Lives Matter” !?. I am not against of any body, I am (and I belive Majority of MEN are) only against of the Cult/Sect/Entity trying to control Media, Educational System, Entertainment and always trying to destroy the GREAT Culture and Efforts of our Founding Fathers.
      Lastly, to all my Brothers, I am not saying that “Browns” are good and/or innocent BUT at least they don’t “loot shops/malls”, they don’t “kill on duty Police Officers (actually, I should say either Police Men or Male Police Officers), they don’t do “mass shootings”, they don’t blasts bombs.
      Lets pray our God to give strength to Mr. Donald Trump; to fight against the Entity trying to destroy our culture and traditional values and to fight the Terrorism.

      1. No worries. Displaying a page of their rhetoric, but something that would not be put into practice.
        I know the correlation is lost on the left, but when the feel unencumbered to talk openly about all those uneducated kulaks in fly-over-country, gun and ammo sales sky rocket.

        1. Hey, as long as people are spending money that is just swell. I am going to have my organic grapefruit now.

        2. works for me. I actually had my first shooting experience last summer upstate with my family. It was pretty stellar.

    1. I thought Count Chocula was created to appeal to Diversity?

  3. This is my favorite. You see the smugness of TFYT slowly be erased to near tears. Get a cup of coffee (or favorite alcoholic beverage, depending on which time you are currently in) and enjoy.

    1. I’m not seeing the correlation between my time zone and Scotch…

        1. I said this on a call with a company from California. I was organizing a time for a conference call and I said 9 am. My counterpart in California said your time or ours. I said “New York time is the only time. Whatever you people are up to in California is fine by me…but when I say 9 am I mean real people time”

    2. “One thing we’re done with today is the era of politeness.” Everyone moans in orgasmic agreement. Fucking animals. The problem is that you weren’t rude enough.

      1. They were done with politeness right around Clinton’s second term, as far as I can recall, and they totally shred any vestiges of civilized discourse after 9/11. I don’t get this double down tactic that they always engage in, it’s really costing them not only votes, but any goodwill people might still attribute them due to their being an old party with some history to it.

        1. Do you recall the day the democrats purged Joe Liebermann out of the party? The hard-core leftists own it now.

        2. Yep. Liebermann seemed a genuinely likeable leftist. The “old” kind of Leftist, before they became raging communist agitators. I don’t think that I agreed with him on much of anything, but always had the impression that he and I could sit down and have a rational discussion and walk away with a handshake.

        3. I think it’s the long con. She will be crying and swearing up and down over hill and dale to all right up until some innocuous Facebook post or text message proves her a liar, then, after she cries her way out of punishment she will be bitter and lash out. Hat how bitches are, we unfortunately know this.

    3. Who the fuck are those idiots, lol. I swear to God every day there’s a new and ever more worthless media organization popping up to let no-talent hacks have their 15 minutes.

    4. @2:20-2:30 “You’re a cuck” –> Cenk commences awkward laughter.
      It just occured to me that the insult “Cuck” might have single-handedly won Trump this whole election.

    5. The best part is around the 13:30 mark where they are crying about how the right hates them, which is then followed by 13 minutes of them calling people idiots, morons, racists, bitches, etc… Yeah, wonder why they hate you? Maybe because you hate them so the feeling is mutual.

    6. Watching that- beautiful, from the early highs to the near crying. Then when the began to call each other out, oh the joy, and laughter. This election may have killed the Dem party for many years- if DT can pass enough of his agenda and if it works.

  4. (((Martha Radditz))) and (((Carl Bernstien)))
    Every. Single. Time!!
    Nothing gave me as much pleasure as watching these media hacks cry on air last week, and that smug Van Jones calling it a whitewash? laughable…How these news corporations are multi-billionaire dollar enterprises? I’ll never know. When the National Enquirer and RT News have have better credibility than all US mainstream news corporations you know something is very wrong.
    I think Hillary Clinton was undeniably more racist towards blacks. Getting Jay-Z and Beyonce to her rallies? that must have been very insulting to enlightened and well-learned blacks but considering only 8% of blacks voted for Trump, there’s alot of work that needs to be done in Black communities…..
    Still surprised how the (((Media))) hasn’t addressed the fact that Trump got 30% of the Latino vote and even the 8% of the black vote is very impressive considering thats higher than the perntages McCain and Romney got combined
    A vote for Trump was vote against PC culture. A vote against Leftist arrogance. A vote against feminists. A vote against Lies and a vote against political corruption.
    Hillary Clinton spent a billion dollars coming from her (((special Interests)))….every mainstream media outlet supporting her….Running against a candidate that shot himself so many times times in the foot he would have resembled a Vietnam War Vet and yet she STILL couldn’t win.
    I’m glad this election exposed all the hacks,shills, cucks, sellouts and ignoramuses

    1. What gets me about the black vote is even at 80%, the response is the few who did vote for Trumps are ‘coons’. 80% is better than any party received for any particular vote. I doubt even the homosexual community turned out to support Hillary in higher numbers. How often do you need to vote against your interests to know the only time you are discussed is when you are needed, election and subjugation time? At times I wonder if I would have been more of a panderer if I were born entrenched in American history.

      1. While I understand it at an intellectual level, given the Democrats open plan to get blacks dependent on the Welfare state such that they’ll vote only for Dem for the next 200 years, I still don’t get how most blacks not only accept this, but defend it. I mean jinkies, the entire welfare state was set up to keep them subservient, you can look up quotes by LBJ to this effect, and they defend it? What in the hell? I was always under the impression that slavery, and indentured servitude, was wrong, but even rich blacks who are not dependent on that system will go to the wall for it. I just don’t get it at a gut level.

        1. I get it on the social scale. There are many instances where the look of a black male will get you put as a second option. It goes even further down the line if you have one of the names where people will label you as ‘hood. These biases, the slavery gospel, the enforced school district aspect, and the media display of police violence, all enforce blacks to continue to vote Democratic.
          I had no illusions that Trump would be of a benefit for all people. However, if there is even an option that his election would force a people to be more self sufficient in a country that may or may not accept them fully, I say people owe it to their children to take that chance. This is someone who disliked his candidacy, but knowing who the Clinton’s are, that scourge could not be allowed back in.

        2. I get it on the social scale. There are many instances where the look of a black male will get you put as a second option. It goes even further down the line if you have one of the names where people will label you as ‘hood. These biases, the slavery gospel, the enforced school istrict
          aspect, and the media display of police violence, all enforce blacks to continue to vote Democratic.

          But thing is, you see it as clear as day. Why don’t more? When I’ve tried to talk to black men back in my college days, on a rational level about this topic they quickly went full emotionally driven crazy on me. I’m not an offensive person, I didn’t talk to them in a patronizing manner, but the very notion of me even broaching the topic put them into full emotional meltdown.
          FWIW, I don’t disagree with you at all, except the “certain name” thing, they own that one. If whites were constantly naming their kids Skeeter, Muss and Jethro, you’re going to start making some assumptions, heh.

        3. “to get blacks dependent on the Welfare state such that they’ll vote only for Dem for the next 200 years, I still don’t get how most blacks not only accept this, but defend it”
          I would reckon that it’s based on the very basic premise that it is easier to collect welfare than it is to work.

        4. But it’s still a form of enslavement. It has literally (Hitler) destroyed the black family in the span of about five decades. Take a walk down a ‘hood and look at the rampant poverty, the “barely able to get by” and the outride shit that they endure. How is “not working” more desirable in that situation? If I found myself living like that, the last thing I’d do would be to support people and issues that caused me to get to that situation.

        5. I used to smoke, I knew it was bad for me. I knew it cost money, I knew that any quality girl was abhorred by it. Still, I liked it for the short term enjoyment. I kept lying to myself, saying “just tonight, then I’m done”. I lied to my parents “It’s campfire smoke you smell”
          Blacks on welfare is the same. They know it is bad, they know they should get off of it. But it is addictive, and to keep the habit, they are willing to lie. Trailer trash welfare communities are the same.

        6. true, I got out of it, but I see many of my old friends, and they are still the same, or worse.

        7. Your’re too far removed Jefferson. As a black man I can tell you, Black American culture is so poisoned and rotten that it doesn’t matter what anyone does, short of a near genocidal reset there is no hope for us in our present form.
          The few of us who are unplugged have at least one of two things in common. We grew up in stable, male-headed households, and were raised or gifted with an ability to think for ourselves.
          Until the former condition becomes the norm, the latter condition is near impossible.

        8. The problem is that it’s a self feeding cycle. Socialism destroys families, but intact families are the only thing that can combat socialism. I know Marx knew this. The question is, how do we break the cycle? As a bleach white, whitey white dude nothing I say to anybody in that circumstance has any impact, in fact, it would have a direct opposite effect. What I don’t get is how blacks who reject the programming aren’t heard. There’s only so much screaming “Uncle Tom!” that would seem to have any impact, at some point the urban (and poverty stricken rural) blacks *have* to notice how much better you’re living your lives, I’d think?

        9. Well said. Grew up an immigrant’s child and my parents going through visa sponsorship to cement citizenship. They lived with family for a time, maybe a year or two, but they worked, sent me to Catholic school, all up until college, and I would have been considered a young genius. Welfare state was not my world because my parents broke their backs to ensure they were self sufficient.
          Even coming to the unemployment aspect, it is very hard to exist even with that. I can’t imagine the destitution needed to stay on welfare. I see the need for the programs, but by in large they benefit people who actively game the system, not the middle class, your typical voters.

        10. Uncle Tom will live on forever and a day in America, as most blacks here do not know there is a wide world out there where people like them, did not experience slavery, nor preach it as an excuse or a doctrine of hatred to their citizens annually. Many of them don’t see past America and are either struggling for inclusion or hanging on a fringe thinking their rights will be lost at any given moment. The media plays into this fear to keep the populace placid.

        11. Church…..that’s the answer. A strong family life is not natural, our natural tendency is to behave like they do on the Discovery channel. In the 1960’s people stopped going to church for the most part, and we coasted for awhile because society does not change overnight. But over time, without the guidance, people started behaving more like animals. Living a moral life, giving more of yourself is difficult on the short term, but easier and more rewarding on the long term. But, it is something that needs to be taught, and continually reinforced. Otherwise, it will be forgotten within a generation. There is much wisdom in the Bible on how to live a happy, productive life. Problem is, the SJW’s and media also know that is the answer and are doing everything they can to destroy it so they can have their communist dream.

        12. But here’s what gets me. Ok, say “Uncle Tom” aka “sellout!” was true. Fine. You sold out. But look at how you’re living. While I fully agree that there is still bias to be seen even in polite society, by and large I suspect that you live a good life on your terms, in relative comfort, and that you’re your own man. You aren’t set upon day after day with people pointing a gun in your face, you don’t have to worry about your kids dying of crack at the age of 12 and you move forward and navigate life on your terms, as best you (or anyone) can. So what do they gain by not “selling out” precisely? What grand principle is so engaging that it overrides the very clear advantages that “selling out” grants you? These aren’t minor advantages either, they’re pretty freaking big. Not having to worry about one’s next meal or being shot in a drive by seem pretty freaking huge to me. So why not “sell out”?

        13. Marx was quite open about this. The funny thing is, most Marxists haven’t cracked one of his books, they’re just in it for the Feelz. Heh.

        14. It is confusing. We are all different. It showed and this election people were confronted with something that made them very uncomfortable. The shift into truth, or rather reality by consensus. They never said that she wasn’t guilty, SHE herself never said that. They said that Trump was worse sure, BUT they NEVER said that she wasn’t guilty. They didn’t say this because they didn’t care. That is a scary corner to turn.

        15. I find it interesting that in the early 1900’s, blacks had stronger families than whites. Although poverty and racism were much worse then, blacks had lower divorce rates. I think the media has been blaming the wrong factors. Welfare is a huge cause, you see that in urban ghettos, and in trailer trash parks. You also see the lack of church attendence being a big factor.

        16. “at some point the urban (and poverty stricken rural) blacks *have* to notice how much better you’re living your lives”
          Oh believe me, they do. And they resent you for it. Thats the whole basis for the classic ” you’re trying to be white”, or the “you think you’re better than us”, and the “coon”, and ” uncle tom” rhetoric. I grew up as a military brat and was well insolated from traditional low income ‘nigga’ mentality. But in my late teen and early adulthood I immersed myself in the culture, feeling I needed to get in touch with my roots.
          That’s when I was exposed to the biggest obstacle limiting many poor blacks in the states. A surprising majority are dumb as f#ck!
          I don’t say that in jest or to make light of my people. But the reality is that years of purely matriarchal breeding practices has resulted in physicaly strong, yet mentally deficiant males and females.
          Combine that with the traditional 80/20 rule of females chasing after the top 20-10% of men, and you also get high rates of inbreeding as well. You can’t have all of the women screwing and getting pregnant by the same men for YEARS, with these guys fathering 3,4,6, and 10 kids with as many different women; and those kids growing up and unwittingly dating and screwing their own half sisters, cousins and etc. That takes a toll on the population.
          There are documented stories of a granddaughter dating and sleeping with their grandfather, and sometimes fathers and not finding out till family reunions or a death in the family. At which time its, ‘oops too late’. And everyone is looking side ways at the kids…

        17. Interesting.
          I guess I’m just looking at it from a perspective of results. As I mentioned to Red Hood’s Assault, if I clearly saw that “selling out” or “acting white” meant that my children could grow up with food in their bellies and that they wouldn’t be dying of crack or in drive by shootings, if I saw that “selling out” or “acting white” meant that I didn’t have to have ten bolts on my door and iron bars on my windows, if I saw that “selling out” or “acting white” put me in charge of my own life and that I could do things undreamed of in my current situation, why wouldn’t I “sell out” or “act white”?
          The “fucking dumb” thing I’ve noticed a lot, but being Whitey McWhitepants, naturally I’m not allowed to say anything about it. Plenty of smart black people, but the ones who revel in their horrible situation like it’s a badge of honor never struck me as particularly gifted.

        18. Selling out is akin to saying you hate your own people, which is why many hate the label. It is correct to hate the label, but it is still incorrect to operate against your own self interest. When you are highly paid, you don’t see the fallout for your choices anyway because you look at your wallet. When you are poor you are blindly hopeful so all social change is blindly assumed to be fiscal as well. And what would a poor person care if they get longer prison terms if someone will still feed them?
          It is the middle that is the biggest issue. Unless reality sets in where a policy voted for turns out to be a net negative, there will not be a change in stance. In a lot of ways it is mock solidarity and willful blindness. It is the same thinking behind a lot of liberal groupings. If you voted Trump you are a sexist, racist and so on. If you are black you vote Democrat. Saying you aren’t a part of the monolith puts you automatically as a traitor even if the monolith is running off of a cliff.

        19. I think the upper echelons of the Marxist party know this and they are badmouthing religion to consolidate their power. You are correct about your rank-and-file SJW’s. They just hear the media mantra about some Catholic priest decades ago, or some racist Southern Baptist, or whatever, and assume all religion is bad.

        20. What’s strange to me is their fixation on pedophile priests. Yes, they exist. Yes, the Catholic church munged up by trying to cover it up. Clearly. No question.
          But as a group, there are less pedophiles there than you’ll find in any other segment of society. It’s as if they have an…agenda…when trying to constantly keep this in focus. An eight year old boy would be safer in the company of priests than he would at a weekend Atheist rally, but you wouldn’t know it based on the huge “thing” that’s been built up around the issue.

        21. Good God!!! I didn’t know this at all!! Damned I am glad to be a first generation American!

        22. Now this is when it gets complicated. Because you and I KNOW better. We have lived it and been exposed to nothing but getting out there and earning our keep. We lived under the success of our parents and their peers and – in following in their footseps – did the same.
          The vast majority in the hood are the product of generational poverty and frankly, a cultural lack of ambition in ALL things. For every kid who peeps the local dope dealer, athlete who made it big, or rapper/singer/entertainer, and says that gonna be me no matter what. There are 10,000 who cant even stir up the ambition to just get off the fucking porch and go to school, never mind get a 9-5.

        23. I am a Scoutmaster, I have to contend with that regularly. Statistically, kids in scouts are much less likely to be abused than a kid on the street. The left whines that gays aren’t allowed in, and then they whine that some gays take advantage of the boys in the troop. Which one is it?

        24. Catholics knew that, but the narrative was set in stone. I notice you can read about a public school teacher getting arrested almost every week in the national media, but the MSM still want to talk about a defocked priest from the 90s.

        25. The big difference is in long term thinking. Some will blame it on white people naturally being better, some will say it is society, some will say timing, blah blah blah. I don’t know what it is nor do I really care.
          What I do know is that for a lot of generations here people like my family (and countless other families) thought about the wellbeing of subsequent generations rather than of the current one. So my great-great grandfather braved a dangerous sea voyage to come to new York and lived pretty much in abject poverty until he worked himself to death. With what money he had left my great grandfather bought a little farm and sent his kids to an actual school, my grandfather, after fighting a war and going to college, send 3 of his 5 kids to college, expanded that farm and worked as a teacher until retirement and then did the taxes for local farmers who weren’t college educated like he was. Of those 5 children, my mother included, everyone was careful to buy property young, educate their kids and now they all have nice, well paying jobs and all of them (except me) have children that they are setting up funds for so that they will, by the time they graduate college, be financially secure. This is pretty much the immigrant story that most people know.
          Now, not to put too fine a point on it but if instead of working himself to death and saving enough money to leave to his children to buy a small farm my great great grandfather didn’t work, was on the gubbbuhment dole and bought hisself some new jordans the chain of events that starts with poverty stricken northern Italian farmer over 100 years ago that ends with me simply can’t happen.
          Why do blacks reject this? I honestly don’t know, but I think about what my grandfather told me about the depression. I once asked him if it was hard times. He said it really wasn’t. They lived on a totally self sufficient farm in a town of totally self sufficient farms. They were poor but so was everyone else they knew so everyone seemed average. Poor blacks living in the ghetto are looking at Kanye Z or whomever driving around in a $300k Bentley. They see what everyone else has and they want some. They don’t want to put the 5 or more generations of work in that it takes to get it, but they want it.

        26. Nobody wants to talk about the issue of dysgenics….After LBJ obliterated the black nuclear family, Black women have consistently reproduced with the dregs of black society. A hoodrat and a hoodlum can never create a Rhodes Scholar, there may be exceptions but thats about an iron rule

        27. like English people who name their kids Jeeves. I mean, what else did they think those kids would grow up to do?

        28. just out of curiosity…how did LBJ obliterate the black nuclear family. I’ve never heard that before (doesn’t mean it isn’t true I don’t really pay attention to such things usually)

        29. How do you respond to it, if you don’t mind my asking?

        30. Heh, exactly.
          “Son, I have fated you to being a butler.”

        31. I usually respond with silence as the ignorance of that statement isn’t even worth a response

        32. As far as I know you don’t have to take the welfare though. Granted if it isn’t there then it isn’t an issue. However, pretty much all my life I have known where to get crack. I have known it would give me a good temporary high and I have known it was bad for me. Yet here I am, mid 40’s, and yet to smoke crack.

        33. see response to Jim Johnson below. I am totally against almost all welfare. That said, like mortgages and college loans, I don’t see that welfare check being delivered by gun point.

        34. Basically the guvment told black women that they can have higher welfare cheques if they were single mothers and that the more children they have, the higher the welfare amount…essentially subsidizing motherhood

        35. yes, this I understand. However, black women have agency. An old junk pusher once told me, be careful whose money you pick up. Yes, the guvment offered welfare checks to single mothers. That wasn’t the whole story. Black women TOOK those checks….that says something both about them and about the black men that were supposed to be keeping them in line.

        36. In one of Donovan Sharpe’s articles he addressed how his mother fell victim to this exact cycle. All while proving to him that all women are like that.

        37. It wasn’t sold at first as insidious, but as “genuine assistance”. This is all a matter of cumulative effect, it’s not some giant program that blacks bought into overnight. It took decades to get where we are today.

        38. There is a time and a place for welfare, but it needs to be handled on as local of a level as possible. Just this weekend, my wife told me about this acquaintance of ours who had their house burn down. They have 16 kids (mostly foster kids). I sent them $500 to help them get back on their feet. Welfare needs to be handled on a personal level. These government programs are unable to discern between those with legitimate need, and users of the system.

        39. THAT is the disconnect! Liberals want to take the naturally occurring instinct to help and make it into a Job, a Chore, a Duty (for someone else ideally) rather than rely on its organic occurrence.
          This is likely the original aim of New Deal thinking – to try to magnify a charitable aim through a larger group.
          The problem is, when you codify a natural impulse it dies and provides an opportunity for corruption and exploitation.

        40. Agreed 100 percent. That said, this isn’t a one way street. One person waves a tempting check and another person takes it. I am not saying the government is blameless, but to deny the culpability to the people who let it happen? That’s like saying only the pitcher, and not the receiver, is the faggot.

        41. Neither were the hundreds of thousands of dollars of college loans or bad mortgage loans that people offered me. I still turned them down because I knew they would be a bad thing in the long run. Even if I hadn’t, after spending a life time of being fucked to death because of that mistake I certainly would advise the next generation not to fall into the same trap.
          I get that there is a lot of blame that ought to go to a lot of people but at least SOME of those people are those who took the money without giving thought fucking one to the consequences.
          I don’t know about you, but there has never been a time in my life where someone has handed me money and I didn’t stop and think about what they wanted for it.

        42. I’m not disagreeing with you. If you see my general conversations on this thread, I’m asking what precisely keeps blacks from walking away from this entire sham of a system. I’ve asked the same thing about Jews during WW2. Why the fuck, except in two instances, didn’t you refuse en masse to get on the trains? Why were you kneeling down in a long, long lines of a hundred people as three guys walked up and shot you each individually in the head? Get some fucking agency, for goodness sake.
          Those conversations never really go well.

        43. Yup, when I see panhandlers and I know they are getting a decent welfare check, I want to vomit. Lazy, selfish, users.

        44. herd mentality is powerful sometimes…….You see it in the dating pool, at one time, I was a loser that couldn’t get a date. Then with some minor changes, the girls were fighting over me. I can’t explain it, only exploit it from time to time.

        45. I am trying to think if I have ever been in a situation like that. I would like to say that I would just have said no, but it is always hard to say what you would do in a situation you have never been in. I guess the closest I came was when, after many years of college, grad school, adjunction, job searches, teaching, writing, conferences, blah blah blah I stood up and said “fuck academia” and walked away. It wasn’t brave the way telling an SS officer in 1944 to go fuck his homo fuhrer would have been or even saying no to money when I am at the point of abject poverty (though not taking college loans or a mortgage when they were handing them out like samples of tide was close).
          As I mentioned above. Crack dealers are absolutely to be blamed for dealing crack. But that doesn’t mean crack buyers are guiltless. I am pretty sure you and I agree here more than almost anywhere else. Personal fucking responsibility.

        46. Well, you have to consider the social stimulus that was occurring at the time. In 65 the civil rights bill was just signed – by a democrat president no less – forever moving black Americans away from a near 90% Republican, conservative voting block, to the liberal 90% Democrat block it is today. You had the many race riots of the late 60s, and civil upheaval of the time, rolling into the economic downturn of the 70s. Then as if to cement the “social experiment” you had the drug epidemic of the 80s and the drug war. By the 90s the black broken family, unemployment, and rampant out of wedlock birth rate was the norm. Socialist dependency on the Democrat party was so entrenched in Black culture that to believe there was any other option was to believe in heresy.

        47. and after all of that blacks haven’t turned around and said “maybe we should do something different?” I mean, everyone fucks up. Loads of people fuck up big. But fucking up big generation after generation? Well, as President Bush 43 said ““There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.”

        48. I get how this works at first. I even get how it works a second time. But at some point, when you are living in a crowded and filthy housing project for a third generation buying food with food stamps and afraid to leave your house at night because the police don’t go where you live, at SOME point wouldn’t like, every single fucking person say, ok, lets join the army, learn a trade, save some money, get out of the army, move far away from everything I fucking know and become a whatever fucking trade you learned in the army and start all over again. That’s what I would do. If my parents were dirt poor ghetto niggers on welfare and their parents were dirt poor ghetto niggers on welfare I would be first in line at the recruiting office saying “someone give me a uniform and teach me how to fix a fucking transmission like yesterday PLEASE” and then you start building. Who knows, in a few generations you might actually have something.

        49. really. I am not even saying that at some point they would off and go to Harvard business school. The military is there. They want you. They will teach you shit so that when you get out you can earn a decent living. Fuck, if you are receptive to it they will even teach you the discipline that your family didn’t. I wouldn’t even have a birthday party. I would be there on my 18th birthday. The sooner the fucking better.

        50. I have 5 12-13 year olds (my oldest son being one of them). I will take them camping monthly, and other activities on Tuesdays. Tonight, I think we are going to cut down and clean up this tree at a local widows house for a service project.
          If handled properly, being a Scoutmaster is one of the tougher callings in our church. A lot goes on behind the scenes that you wouldn’t think of.

        51. Selling out is akin to saying you hate your own people, which is why many hate the label.

          That’s where I don’t get it. Seems to me that embracing a system that openly and even mockingly keeps you poor, in dire straights, miserable and being prone to drive by shootings, is actually an act of hating your own people.

        52. only 5 kids? Good for you. Most would just pack it in.
          My nephew just made Eagle. I dropped out at Second class to be a full-time dikhead. But my troop sucked….
          I am occasionally tempted to help out with a local group.

        53. The problem is that they are unaware that was the cause. They look up to the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons for their information who tells them they are perpetual victims.

        54. I agree 100%, it doesn’t make sense that it continues. And I only have questions.
          But what if there really was a systematic oppression happening?
          What if those folks who fought a war to prevent losing slaves (ie: power) and then passed laws to keep the two separate actually didn’t lose?
          What if the only people who lost were poor Southern whites, the dead, and anyone else not good enough to be part of the master class?
          What if the people in the communities see all this even through a cracked prism, and have activated to fight it as “systemic whatever” but are a wrecking ball aimed at the wrong target?
          What if the people nodding their heads and virtue signaling are actually enforcing bad education despite their whining for better?
          What if they are helping keep the drugs flowing by wanting to legalize everything?
          What if blaming others for your problems only causes more hate and division?
          What if rappers living in gated plantations are like loud speakers in a re-education camp?
          What if community organizers are more like barbed wire fences than shepherds.
          And what if this is actually happening wide-scale only people in lower income circumstances feel it first and feel it harder?
          And what if that started to bleed into the lower middle class?
          How might Trump get elected?
          I don’t have answers, but something tells me whoever does might be labeled as “very dangerous.”

        55. I couldn’t agree with you more on this stance. But it is the monolith’s directive which can’t be disobeyed.
          In regards to your earlier question about being white, when I was growing up I had no answer. Growing up Caribbean in a black community it seemed odd to say because I lived around my own people and was still very removed from the concept of white versus black. It wasn’t really until college that most of this was thrust on me about white versus black and I was forced to choose a side, when a white person thought because I had mostly white friends on a mostly white campus, that I was a ‘token’ the other taboo. By a white person no less.
          It took a while for me to get there is a level of inclusion that most Americans do not get that the rest of the world do about humanity. The token rap forced me into reading about Black American culture and history and cemented some potentially negative but much needed perspective on the racism racket.
          Currently, I view the ‘don’t be white’ or ‘don’t be black’ as a cultural marker of the narcissism of being American. And by in large, both groups are grossly underperforming in a world where foreigners know more about American policies, history, and government, than Americans do. Hell, if I grew up in my place of making I would have known Latin, French, and Spanish as a matter of fact.

        56. I have a problem with this part:
          “your own people.” That isn’t only a defeatist attitude it propagates an us/them mentality and opposed to what then? American? Start there. Crabs are cancer.

        57. all good questions and all questions I am uniquely suited to not be able to answer. In the end, I find that ignoring it and making enough money that it doesn’t matter is the best policy

        58. Mental exercises are engaging, especially where folks on RoK are involved.
          My core independent streak means I wouldn’t engage in other people’s choices (unless they began infringing on mine), but a part of me can’t help analyzing anyway even while knowing there won’t be anything to come of it.
          One man’s hard rocks are another man’s whetstone.

        59. One of the harder things is maintaining the two deep leadership. All activities require two adults at a minimum to keep accusations down. Or, if you have any unique skills, they are always looking for merit badge counselors.
          As far as how to get involved, just talk to a leader that you know. I am sure they would point you in the right direction. My bishop at church asked me to do this.
          There are not many groups out there that teach boys how to be men. Athletics is fine, but there are kids out there who will never be an athlete, nor will try out for a team.

        60. That sucks what a fucking shame. I worked with a really cool guy a few years back who laid out the scene to me the best I could understand about the ghetto scene. He told me the mentality is that if you have something nice everybody will try to steal or wreck it out of envy. He also told me that he is chided by friends and family that he is now white because he left the ghetto and moved to a middle class white neighborhood to raise his family different. He wants to break the cycle. Sad!!

        61. not heard because it doesn’t fit the the SJWs mythos. The shitlords need to keep minorities under their paternal control. In fact they are the real racists.

        62. “Socialist dependency on the Democrat party was so entrenched in Black culture that to believe there was any other option was to believe in heresy.”
          That is the intrinsic part of socialist doctrine to ensure party loyalty. The black community was the canary in the coal mine with the hispanics, whites and rest following right behind. The culture war against family men and religion isn’t an accident.

        63. “I would be there on my 18th birthday. The sooner the fucking better.”
          Guy in my platoon once told me he had the recruiter meet him outside of the gymnasium on the day he got his HS diploma. Recruiter asked why? His alcoholic parents through him out of the house 2 months before he graduated (the army wouldn’t take you without a HS diploma) and he was currently living under a bridge. He missed eating meals and wanted in ASAP. Recruiter took his paperwork and said he ‘de be there.
          That was mild one. I’ve heard worse.

        64. I had it good comparatively but if I was in that situation I’d have done exactly the same thing.

        65. That guy is currently living in the Pacific NW with 2 kids and a wife and doing alright.
          I know the US military isn’t everyones bag, but it really WAS an institution that can turn young mens lives around and give them what the others (family, schools, etc..) failed.

        66. That is a great thing. Like anything you have to have the mindset that you want to do better. I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute to join the military, not one minute if I was in a situation like that. That’s why I never will listen to impoverished blacks who said they have no other choice than to leetch off of welfare state, join gangs, take drugs. They had a choice with Us Mil

        67. interesting revisionist history. You should write a book. “An Alt-Right Dudes Guide To How The World Really Is”
          I’ve never peered inside the echo chamber/bubble before. I feel like Alice in Wonderland going down the rabbit hole

        68. This was done away with in the Clinton years. There are no more ‘welfare checks’ – have you been in a right wing bubble since the days of Reagan and his Cadilac driving welfare queen?
          I’m more upset at the corporate fuckheads who outsource American jobs. That damages our society more than any welfare check ever did.

        69. Actually there are lot of checks and balances, very detailed forms people have to fill out, proofs required such as bank statements and pay stubs ect.
          But it’s fun to bloviate opinions on something you know nothing about. I’ve got my feelings, they are better than facts! Those damn liberals and their welfare! lol

        70. way more people would work if the government discouraged mass outsourcing of jobs instead of encouraging it and turning a blind eye to it. More would be working if the corporate class valued American workers instead of selling them out at every turn.
          But why examine the root cause of issues when you can denigrate groups of people you don’t know like it’s a sport?

        71. One person with a gun can hold off a huge crowd of people. Yeah you can rush them and overpower them, but they’ve got 8 bullets. Who wants to be the first to get shot? Who wants to be a hero?

        72. Bodily autonomy. If a person wants to smoke crack and doesn’t hurt anyone else, it’s their business. Same as you can drink yourself to death, until your liver rots or you die of alcohol poisoning.
          Do you really want a nanny state government, a corrupt DEA enforcing prohibition on adults? It worked so well with booze….

        73. Rudy gulliani proved this to be untrue. By fixing the “quality of life” crimes the overall crime rate, including violent crime rate dropped. Crack headsnsiould be rounded up and shot. Drunks as well. If you can’t handle your booze and are a wino you have no place in society

        74. You want to look at root causes? Government handout jobs have pretty much tanked the world. The “root cause” is that people are fuck ups

        75. ah yes, the pedophile cults. At what decade precisely did the mass-buggery commence? I’ll go ask a talking snake.

        76. who implanted that idea in your head? Handout jobs, wtf is that?
          The root cause is our corrupt government colluding with big business to form a plutocracy that is not answerable to the people.

        77. No. You just left an echo chamber which is why you thought Clinton would be the next POTUS. Your cherry was popped. That’s why you are here now.
          It won’t be long before you validate Godwins law .

        78. You’re wrong. I did not support Clinton and I don’t compare Trump to Hitler. I had no cherry to pop. Despite my concerns about DT I’m glad she lost. I knew either outcome would be horrible

        79. Kk so you are an idealistic zealot with zero conception of how the word works outside of websites you like and the pixie dust in your eyes. I’m going to leave our conversation where it is. It’s been real. Thanks

        80. So you get irrational and triggered when people question your beliefs. That’s too bad. Doesn’t seem like they are based on much substance though. I’ll let you duck out since you can’t really explain yourself in a reasonable way. Off to theory craft opinions about black communities and other fun alt-right activities.

        81. Nah, just got bored. You have me incorrectly pegged btw as I am vocally annoyed with alt-right. So you basically are batting 0 for 6.
          I don’t begrudge you your delusions. They are fun. I assume one day you will either grow out of them or have a very real and rude awakening. My hope is for the former. Peace out Cub Scout

        82. It has been on the agenda for over two thousand years.

          “As soon as the King Messiah
          will declare himself, He will destroy Rome and make a wilderness of it. Thorns
          and weeds will grow in the Pope’s palace. Then He will start a merciless war on
          non-Jews and will overpower them. He will slay them in masses, kill their kings
          and lay waste the whole Roman land. He will say to the Jews: ‘I am the King
          Messiah for whom you have been waiting. Take the silver and gold from the
          goyim.’ ” -Josiah 60, 6. Rabbi Abarbanel to Daniel 7, 13

        83. “If I found myself living like that, the last thing I’d do would be to support people and issues that caused me to get to that situation.”
          The problem though GOJ is that the majority of those in the ghettos do not have that kind of insight.

    2. “I think Hillary Clinton was undeniably more racist towards blacks. Getting Jay-Z and Beyonce to her rallies?”
      Are you kidding? Come on, afterwards she handed out backwoods cigars and some henny. it’s all good.

      1. She can move through the crowd with some bodyguards and a Santa sack. Here’s a pack of kools for you ! Aaaaand some phat shoe laces for you ! Aaaaaaaand a packet of raw (unsweetened, you put the sugar in yourself) cherry drank for you ! Aaaaaaand some jolly ranchers for you ! Here’s some little colourful rubber bands for you to put in your hair, you look so beautiful sweetie ! you look like a queen ! You are a queen ! Here’s some vajasil and a morning after pill for your mom there ! Aaaand for you some “fuk da police” acrylic nails for your public school graduation, aaaaaaand… I was really hoping that bitch would actually get down on the ground and fucking wash some old black ladies feet for fucks sakes. The way that she courted the black vote made me wonder if the country was 40% black or something. I will pay for actual photographs of her tears. I can’t believe that she didn’t get it, she had this thing on rails : )

        1. this was hilarious but ill be damned if I hear anything negative about morning after pills. They should be spoken of with reverence like manna from heaven. Other than that, spot on.

        1. According to some memes I have seen…not sure if you want to take that as proof though.

    3. “I think Hillary Clinton was undeniably more racist towards blacks. Getting Jay-Z and Beyonce to her rallies? ”
      To me it seemed outright embarrassing – with rappers shouting “nigga” this and “nigga” that and “Ho’s” this — all bs ghetto glorification – – for a presidential campaign rally?

      1. Had Trump held a rally with country artists who sang about the glories of the Southern Cross it would have been international news for a solid month.

        1. The news even vilified Trump getting the nod from KKK. Trump didn’t encourage them nor acknowledged it, yet even Obama used that against Trump.
          What if Hillary got support from Kim Jong Un?

        2. Support from the KKK is one of the stuppider non-issues of this whole rodeo….
          I mean, LOTS of assholes vote one way or the other.

      2. It’s funny Obama and the First Man Michelle were offended by Trump’s “grab her by the pussy” remark, yet had rappers over at the White House for dinner. How many times do the words nigger, bitch, and pussy appear on any given rap song?

    4. “Trump got 30% of the Latino vote and even the 8% of the black vote is
      very impressive considering thats higher than the perntages McCain and
      Romney got combined”
      Do you have a source for this? This is incredible!

      1. Look at the after vote tallies. Google should have them up. The vote this year was split and graphed by race, color, and sex.

    5. 8% is just another way of telling you they are a fucking waste at best, and a cannibal army on the brink at the worst.
      Ive been praying for another Carrington Event for a long time.
      Ill see a few of you on the other side.

    6. I’ll take even more pleasure when the alt-right crowd slithers back under the rocks they crawled out from on a slime trail of excuses and attempted justifications after DT fails to deliver on anything he promised.

      1. Nobody voted for his policies… People voted for the fact that he never apologized for being a man and that he challenged the PC culture from the beginning to the end. Thats the natural reaction to 8 years of cultural Marxism

        1. cultural Marxism, lol. Can you give me one example of that?
          Voting for a guy because he never apologizes for anything. that’s great. Glad there are some priorities. Who cares about policy that affects everyones lives? At least a blowhard egotistical shithead never apologized.

  5. Guys, it’s a dangerous situation. The left has totally infected young Americans en mass. By continuing to race bait and goad and shame average white people they are setting a situation not unlike Wiemar Germany. They keep invoking Hitler. And many Jews instead of keeping their head down and working hard like Asians are trying to tell people how to live their lives – haven’t we learned our lesson in Russia and Germany!? If we don’t create a positive moderate traditionalist ideology to counter the leftist narrative and if Trump isn’t successful in letting Americans live free and make money again, we’ll spiral towards dangerous ideological possession on the Right. The left has already succumbed – Yuri Bezhmenov’s prediction has occurred. A provoked race war, gun confiscation. We need a Pinochet not a Trump because a real white supremacist backlash is possible and will destroy whatever shred of liberty remains in the United States.

    1. And deservedly so. Thise are your countrymen and they have a hell of a lot more balls than faggots like you who have taken every opportunity to malign them.
      White people OWN this whole motherfucker. They built it, they maintain it, and can take it all the fucking way back down to zero before ever giving it up.
      Fucking pussy.

  6. That CBS article is amazing. A couple hundred thousand more articles like that and they might actually be getting somewhere!

  7. I hear many say that western civilization is imploding. Could it just be that the left half of Western Civilization is imploding? SJW’s are a loud bunch, but they are not the majority. The more fits they throw, the more they are exposing themselves……uggh

    1. SJW’s are just the drooling brain dead morons of the left the way that the klan is of the right. With any luck we will see the extremes on both sides make themselves irrelevant in our lifetimes and sane people can start going about their business.

      1. I don’t think we will ever be completely devoid of idiots, but there is a good chance that they will become irrelevant again.

      2. Fine by me. I don’t mind a ‘left’ and a ‘right’ in government, it provides a little checks and balances.
        The screamers ans whiners however….maybe if we ignore them hard enough they’ll shrivel up and die.

        1. As @jimjohnson said above…they will always be there but having them become irrelevant would be great.

      1. The left is the flower of the part of humanity that wants to push for more centralization. They want to be taken care of, they are the woman’s party.

    2. The SJWs definitely imploded the Left. They thought the Right had been quashed so they started demanding ideological purity and fighting amongst themselves. IE, gay men are derided as “privileged” compared to transsexuals.

    1. it’s actually neo-marxism that’s responsible for that mess. Even Marx himself admitted he was wrong on many of his early work.

  8. I have to say, risking a lot of flak, that our man Trump is moving dangerously far into Zionist establishment territory.
    Look at the surge in the Dow after Trumps win, and in big banks like Deutsche Bank and Goldman.
    If he Hires Steven Mnuchin as Treasury Sec. im jumping of the Trump train. (Bannon is also someone I question in this regard.)
    PS: Just found that Mnuchin produced feminist films like “Mad Max: Fury road” and “How to be single.”

    1. I have noticed that change. It doesn’t bode well for those who view him as anti-corporate shills.

      1. I was really hoping for Carl Ichan as Treasury Secretary, still hope for the best though.
        Would also like to see Rand Paul as a cabinet member.

    1. Not one bangable broad in the bunch, and the combined testosterone count of the “males” are probably several hundred points lower than my T count. No wonder the Left is always so angry, there’s nobody to have sex with and they have a lot of pent up tension.

  9. It usually upsets people when they realize they have based their lives on a lie, they can no longer sustain the lie, and they see no paths of redemption for themselves.
    Their public panic attacks remind me of the passage in Dante’s Inferno where Dante writes that when the souls of the damned see they face justice without hope or the prospect of mercy, they ardently crave the punishment they fear; they know they had it coming all along.

    1. I guess they should love the alt-right, then, since they’re forever making excuses for terrorists and inviting them over to rape their women.

  10. What we learned in 2016:
    1. ‘Racism’ really means ‘I hate White people’. ‘Racism’ just means you’re anti-White.
    2. Diversity means everyone MUST think alike about ‘diversity’.
    3. Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for Everyone IS White Genocide.
    4. The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of White people’s money.
    5. Polls don’t assess public opinion, BUT rather coerce and direct public opinion.
    6. Virtue signalling is no virtue. It’s theft.

  11. Truly a feminine ideology, the left reeks of solipsism as it projects its behavior onto others.
    The nation is tired of such blatant hypocrisy. They thought whites played along due to unwarranted guilt. Turns out they were simply brainwashed into thinking everyone disagreed with them.
    It only takes a vocal 4% to trick a group into thinking that is what everyone believes. This illusion has been shattered.

    1. hypocritical solipsists are terrible…but what about us genuine solipsists ?

        1. Dude, Mr. Philosophy Professor, dude….I was making a Descartes joke. Geeesh. Heh

        2. I know but I wanted the hansel and Gretel. I am scatological (not in the german sense of the word)

      1. Healthy self-interest is not solipsism. Solipsism requires being completely oblivious to the fact.

        1. I know, I know. Christ on a cracker, the election is over….everyone needs to stop being so serious. 🙂

    1. Highly amusing, and written by a bitter post-wall post-carousel feminist which makes it even funnier…
      Love that we are characterised as mainly young, disaffected, uneducated males. Exactly what they want to think I guess. After all those of us who are successful (in all senses), well educated, in their 40s and 50s, understand economics, run successful companies, and so on would break their wishful thinking models to pieces….
      Oh the cognitive dissonance….

    2. The manosphere gave us Elliot Rodger.

      This informs us of everything we need to know about this race obsessed, bitter OLD feminist.
      Signed a GenX highly educated, degree holding professional (I mention that because she apparently thinks we’re all disaffected uneducated youth for some reason).
      EDIT: Hey, Abi Wilkinson, you said you lurk here. Come on, confront us. Explain your smeers and lies and your need to spread them. You won’t of course, you’ll just snicker from the safety of a Mod team who removes your detractors posts. You’re a base, haggard old coward.

  12. I’m looking forward to the prospect of Keith Ellison becoming DNC chief. 2016 taught us that more white people are waking up and are tired of being blamed for every problem that has happened in the whole universe since the beginning of time.
    Ellison will continue this message, and more and more whites, particularly younger ones, will tune it out.
    Maybe there is hope.

  13. No matter what happens, seeing the left eat its own shit in real-time was completely worth it.

  14. “Half man, half alligator James Carville” LMaOOOOOO
    Great line and as Milo says – humor and facts are the greatest weapons

  15. Gee… you mean media drones trying their damnedest to orbit the black holes (aka: elitists) in hive-like cities who ignore their starving homeless (unless they get too uppity being out in public under those overpasses and all that is) and get into those circles as something other than pawns and jesters didn’t realize that when people are struggling to even put food on the table, the only time their kids are eating any day is in the school cafeteria, and their kid is getting harangued at school (as being stinky or trashy since they can’t afford the water bill or non-Wear&Share clothes anymore since the jobs dried up or became 95% Temp work) by the very kids claiming protected status because they “need safe spaces” and are “genderfad fascists,” these same hacks are the ones who didn’t get that maybe it was a bad idea to start poking and marginalizing the people they were constantly trying to grind under their jackboots, mock outright, and silence?
    The same hacks who wanted to tell us what’s “appropriate” while doing whatever they wanted?
    The same hacks who reveled gleefully in like-minded minions seeking out principled people to target and steal the livelihoods from everyday people under the guise of justice?
    The “let-them-eat-cake-or-we’ll-close-your-bakery” media? The let’s put a token (or baker’s dozen worth of tokens) into every form of entertainment out there so people who were willing to stay asleep so long as they have some escapism will have to bend to our will or be broken media?
    The let’s openly actively engage in social engineering and electioneering and crow about our own propaganda at every opportunity denying any accountability, because we’re “untouchable” and the poor gun and religion clingers in flyover can’t do anything about it?
    These are the folks having trouble?
    Who, oh, who could have predicted this kind of backlash?
    Zero fucks given and if all their outlets rot away into unremembered obscurity it will be better than they deserve.

  16. Just fucking slaughter them like the swine they are. No, seriously. I have had it with these fucking lowlifes and whores for Jewish media overlords whose only marketable “skill” is either being attractive, being Black, or having some sort of really cool accent having these cushy jobs while people with REAL skills and trades continue to suffer as they continuously try to dupe and brainwash the rabble under the most asinine and heinous virute-signaled pretenses.
    Their hands they use to play pseudo-intellectual on Twitter with would make for some mighty fine Christmas tree ornaments!

  17. We may now have a voice in the political realm but the mentally ill left still controls the culture. The public schools and universities are still churning out little Marxists all enforced by the media. That has to be stopped immediately.
    We may only have four years to undo the damage of the last 50 years, a monumental task. You’d better believe the Demon-crats are analyzing the election results to regain the Whitehouse in 2020 by hook or crook. Time is precious.

    1. You’re correct, however, according to my college attending son, the rise of the alt right and manosphere right is now seen as “counter culture, edgy and cool”.

    2. I am as far from an expert on this as is humanly possible however, it seems to me, that a properly raised child in a good home with engaged and intelligent parents will get to a left wing university, see what it is and move on without being droned out. For a kid who has had a good and strong and intelligent upbringing it is a good thing for them to see a little lefty shit in school (as an elective while they are getting a useful degree). It never helps to be in an echo chamber with your ears closed off to dissent.
      So, like inner city gangs, it isn’t the gang recruiting that is the problem it is the family with the missing father and crack whore mother who creates a child who sees no hope other than the gang that is the problem. It isn’t like these inner city blacks are saying “well, I could go to college and get a pre-med degree and then become a podiatrist because everyone has two feet and they will always need a foot doctor orrrrr I can join the bloods”
      Like with the gangs, the youth that elite academics get their hooks into are kids who weren’t raised correctly. Do you really think that the university was any less lefty back in the 1940’s? There was a stronger family unit so children who went to university got a chance to see liberal academics, listen to what they have to say, and move on to their lives. A couple were swayed and they became the next generation of liberal academics. That was perfectly healthy.
      It is easy here to point a finger and blame Marxist media or left wing socialism in academia but do not be so hasty to say “ITS THEM IT IS ALL THEM.” A lot of it has to do with how checked out of the parenting process they actually are. Some people send their kids off to school with a value system and others send theirs off to school searching for a value system. If you are 18 and looking for meaning the university will provide it. But if you already have a sense of self then all the university does is offer you a look at ideas you might not have considered before which is healthy in and for our society.

      1. Well done.
        But permit me this analogy:
        The lefty nonsense in college acts as an inoculation – gets you juuuuuuuuust sick enough to resist it. If you skip the inoculation when you’re young you have a good chance of being killed by the “illness” later in life.

        1. That happens for many. For me, I found it to be a curiosity. Something I hadn’t experienced before and that decent people (and yes, there are some decent people who are lefties) really believed in. I listened to what they had to say, I read their books and moved on. I didn’t read a few chapters in Das Kapital and immediately call for the death of capitalism. The reason? I knew who I was, what I wanted and had a fair sense of what I believed in by that point. Now if you gave a 5 year old over to a university that is one thing. But at 18 you should have been raised in such a way that you can avoid getting hypnotized by a bunch of people making 35k a year and driving broken down Hondas.

        2. I hazard to say your average 18 yo lacks the self-awareness you might have had. Sadly they are perfectly ripe for hypnotism.
          Again, as oft-repeated among our ranks, and confirmed by you, one’s head must be set straight at a young age, by a proper family.

        3. Maybe, but that is, to an extent at least, because they weren’t shown the right way. Michael Jackson, one of the worlds most renowned experts on child rearing (heh) said, “If you can’t feed your baby (Yeah Yeah) Then don’t have a baby (Yeah Yeah)” This goes for emotional and intellectual sustenance as much as nutritional. People having babies who aren’t committed to making raising them properly their absolute top priority are as much or more of a problem than left wind university professors.

      2. I wouldn’t disagree. The bigger problem is the indoctrination occurring at the K-12 level. My wife works at a public middle school out here in flyover country and she sees that 7th and 8th graders are already well-versed in SJW and entitlement mentality.
        Family issues play an important part but we need to act now to ensure that schools are teaching for success and not revolution. Our chance has arrived.

        1. That makes sense to me but I haven’t been K-12 in a very long time and with no kids I haven’t had to deal with it since, well since the end of 12. My experience wasn’t like that but it was also a very long time ago. So I totally buy what you are saying.
          I used to spend a lot of time mocking my colleagues who would spew political shit at their students. I used to tell them that if they could understand their own subject material they wouldn’t have time to be lecturing their students on shit they had no business lecturing them on.
          There have been some really classic lines that I have dropped. In the top 10 would be me walking past a class room just in time to hear a professor who I knew saying “if you open your eyes you will see shit clearly” and I poked my head in and said “only if you have your head as far up your ass as Professor ABC does”
          I strolled away listening to the laughed come from the room behind me. Smug son of a bitch never got over it.

      3. these are good points.
        you mentioned your issues at university.
        Can you explain what happened?
        Were you brigaded on because you would not comply with the leftists, or banging hot chicks like a normal dude…

        1. When I was a student? I got good grades, worked on the school news paper, played baseball, was a boxer, had an off campus apartment that I paid for with a job as a bathroom valet in a titty bar…..I got laid plenty and made fun of everyone.

        2. Nah, I left. To be honest, I just didn’t like it. I despised most of my students, most of my colleagues, the “business of education” and the university system in general. My decision had more to do with my happiness than any kind of PC-ness. I saw it there, but not a ton. For instance, I knew one guy who was an environmental ethics professor who was super left wing. A buddy of mine and I covered his whole shitty car with bush cheeney stickers one night. The overt leftism never really bugged me: maybe because I got out before it got to bad. The truth is, I worked for a very long time to get a job that, in the end, I didn’t much like. Leaving felt like an admission that I had wasted my whole life so I stayed…..and drank. Until one day when I realized that the only thing dumber than wasting all this time on getting a job I didn’t like was wasting more time doing it now that I knew.

        3. hey there is a lot of fires in Georgia on the news. Because I live in NY and assume that LA is about 11 miles west of 10th avenue and have no real conception of what goes on in that 11 miles or where anything is I was wondering if you were all right.
          As for tips, worry not friend. I made so much fucking money I couldn’t count it.

        4. We are good here, the fires are in the mountains in North Georgia, I hail from southwestern part. It’s a little hazy though and you can smell the smoke. It’s about as dry as it’s ever been here in my lifetime. When tropical storm Hermine came through around Labor Day we had a couple of tenths of rainfall and it was already dry before that, since then we have not had a single drop of rain, most of the ponds and creeks are dry and no rain in sight. I’m usually wide open busy this time of year but,now just sitting around waiting on some water. Every dry spell is followed by a wet spell though.

        5. glad to hear it. It is pouring rain here. I was worrying it would last forever. But then I remembered, noting last forever. Not even cold November rain.

        6. To be fair, as I was making my way to work in the pouring rain this morning I actually did think that and snickered to myself.

    3. my kid is in private school, and the sjw-diversa-genders are there. I see and hear the occasional leftist indoctrination spiel.
      And you cannot hear, understand all of it. not possible to shield them.
      However, luckily the baby-mamma voted for Trump…
      And we have made her aware of the bullshit games of advertising from a very young age…will continue to give her tools to help evaluate- its all you can do…

  18. What does everyone make of the polls? Were they blatantly skewed to discourage Trump supporters or was there something else going on? IE, White Democrats sick of overseas adventures and being attacked for their “privilege” secretly switching over.

    1. One of my favorite statistics in the world is that a rise of ice cream sales always corresponds to a rise in urban crime. I mean, dafuq with the ice cream. Why is there so much crime attached to its sugary, dairy goodness.
      The reality of the situation is that inner city areas have higher crime rates when it is very hot out. Ice cream sales area also up. So the statistic can be totally correct (ice cream sales and urban crime rise simultaneously) while being blatantly skewed (presented in a particular context meant to evoke an anti ice cream reaction.
      Any large spread sheet filled with numbers can be presented in a nearly infinite number or ways depending on the presenter.
      As Mel Brooks said….don’t trust the polls….they are stupid and irresponsible people

    2. I’ve chalked it up to sampling bias.
      Leftists are generally more likely to fill out a random form or stay on the phone.
      You know what working class people do when they get home from work? They relax.

      1. For me, it’s their own confirmation bias.
        They weren’t even interested in doing this objectively and letting the chips fall where they may. They wanted to determine the outcome.
        One thing that’ll make me dig my heels in is to tell me what I MUST or have to do. And so, I instead chose to tell them to fuck right off or told them my vote was for adult performer Hillary Scott.
        Mostly to expose them all as valueless.

    1. Oh, I wasn’t aware that he hadn’t been punched to death yet. I just assumed it had happened somewhere around five years ago when he disappeared from the limelight.

    2. I have said this over and over and over again…..stop paying attention to what celebrities have to say. What does Michael Douglas think about NAFTA? Does Russell Brand think NATO is a good idea? How does Uma Thurman feel about a flat rate tax system. These people don’t matter and the only relevance they have is the relevance we give them.

      1. How does Uma Thurman feel

        Actually, I’m kind of interested in how she feels….

        1. about taxes, not at all…..otherwise agreed. We have been agreeing too much on the lately. This fucking supermoon needs to go.

        2. Oh fuck, I just did a quick search of her pictures now.
          Don’t do it. You cannot unsee what I’ve seen, and it will ruin the young hot Uma for you forever. Just walk away.

        3. Yeah, I don’t need to see any recent pics of Uma. She is perfect the way I remember her.

        4. Damn. She had a hand in making The Adventures of Baron Munchausen memorable for me when I saw it as a kid. That version of her. Immortalized 🙂

      2. You’re right. I haven’t even watched the whole video. lol
        It’s just fun to see him trying to rationalize the loss and I’m not even a supporter of Trump.

      3. plus they are actors, and may be working at the time for their Hollywood bosses…
        Who knows what deniro actually thinks?

        1. maybe maybe not. But even assuming the most benign situation…they are a bunch of attractive idiots who we pay to entertain us. What they THINK isn’t relevant.

        2. there is no doubt that there is some talent to it….hell, I couldn’t do it. I tried to be in a play in college. It wasn’t pretty. But that talent doesn’t make it so that I care what these people fucking think about.

        3. they certainly do. I sometimes wonder about what they are paid. I always here oh this athlete or this actor made 100 million dollars. Why do they makemore than a brain surgeon. Well, it is simple, having a certain actor means more money. So, take for instance Leonardo DiCaprio. A quick google search shows he demands 39 million for a movie. For one movie! Does that mean he is more valuable than a cardiologist? Well in terms of what? In terms of fixing hearts, no. But some eggheads have done the money and figured out that Leonardo DiCaprio can fart into a microphone for an hour and a half and they will make a profit despite paying him nearly 40 million to do it.

    3. I thought the whole point of having our own country was the privilege of not giving a fuk what the English think or say.

      1. He ain’t alpha. We need to get that “skinny, clown, faggot acting, can’t-lead-men but can bang a slut or two” thing out of our system. Banging tons of broads is great, but we should demand more of alpha than just that. Otherwise we get craptards like Brand in our camp, and there’s no washing that off.

        1. manosphee and PUA is at least partially responsible for promoting clown game rather than success. I see it less and less now, but the effect was pretty drastic and it is the culture that gave birth to shits like Brand

        2. I totally agree. I want that whole nasty concept flushed down the toilet. Get lots of broads, great, let’s teach men. Telling them to act like strutting little faggot clowns and telling them that this is alpha? No thanks.

        3. I never got it. I kind of found this area of the web while it was already on the decline. I imagine if I would of been here at the height of “act like an absurd faggot clown and get laid” my tenure would not have been very long. There has always been that guy who was a clown and who got laid. Bluto from animal house. He wasn’t meant to be emulated. He was that one guy you knew. You loved him and had fun with him and by the time you are 30 you are telling stories of that guy you used to know. Weaponizing that shit was really fucking harmful.

        4. I do think that Brand is an alpha because he can so easily shake the frame of people that he interacts with.
          Everyone seems to be on his terms, but that might just be because of his erratic behavior, but he is witty.

        5. That man couldn’t alpha his way out of a paper bag. Alpha, in the actual real world, involves more than doing what he does. He doesn’t shake my frame in the least, I despise him and people like him, so when he does his stupid shit, it just confirms that my take on him is correct. In a sane, normal society that man would be utterly incapable of reproduction. The only “alpha” he is assumed to have is because of the rot in our culture celebrating that man-faggot, lispy clown shit. In any other age he would have been taken out behind a barn and had some sense beaten into him at an early age, with multiple re-applications if the first one didn’t take.

        6. To me, Alpha is more about your relationship with women. Being self confident enough to not fold under their shit tests, not being one of their stooge knights in shining armor.
          A beta is a guy who takes on the subservient “yes dear” attitude. Like yesterday with the “man cave” conversation. Who’s house is it?
          I don’t follow media, and I don’t know who he is. But, if his style of game is to suck up to women and say what he thinks they want him to say, he is not Alpha, regardless if he gets laid or not.

        7. Agreed totally and I have kind of abandoned the whole Alpha/Beta distinction. That isn’t really what he is. He is that one guy who is a total fucking clown. The guy you dare to bash his head through a wall. The guy who struts and peacocks and draws attention to himself. I had a friend like that in college. He would strip naked in bars and jump up on a table and dance. He got laid CONSTANTLY. walking over to people taking their shots and doing them. The thing is….there was only one of him and we loved him as the goofball. The problem is, one goofball in a group is one thing. When all of society is a bunch of fucking goofballs it is different.

        8. Ah….clown game…I did that in my younger years, but then I grew up. You eventually come to the conclusion that an act is only an act.

        9. correctamundo. Game itself I find to be a mistake as it is a way to convey some form of excellence without actually having to become excellent and that becoming excellent will also convey excellence but have the added benefit of making you excellent

        10. But…to the credit of the manosphere, it’s not just game advice they give, but also self improvement advice such that eventually you are earning that excellence. Most manosphere sites have drifted away from “PUA Only” conversations into a more holistic outlook of improving men.

        11. agreed and there is much good out there. The “clown game” stuff specifically is where I am pointing to. I would say, however, that (Awareness + Confidence + Excellence) > Game 11 times out of 10

        12. I found this site long after I was interested in being a PUA. What drawn me to this site is that it is a guys forum, that promoted excellence in being a man.
          I started off with this website called “artofmanliness”. It is all well and good with self improvement advice, but in discussing about women, you can tell that much of it is co-written by his wife.
          Women will tell you that they want a knight in shining armor to sweep her off her feet, just as soon as you are done sweeping the floor. It doesn’t work that way. You can’t woo a girl by being their servant.

        13. Yeah, Choreplay is a bullshit concept. It’s a shit test.

        14. I could not agree more. I would crush the miserable little mangina in mere seconds with one icy stare and brutal, clinical logic.

        15. One of my favorite movie quotes is from Ferris Bueller’s day off. It goes something like this:
          “Cameron has never been in love. At least, nobody’s ever been in love
          with him. If things don’t change for him, he’s gonna marry the first
          girl he lays, and she’s gonna treat him like shit, because she will have
          given him what he has built up in his mind as the end-all, be-all of
          human existence. She won’t respect him, ’cause you can’t respect
          somebody who kisses your ass. It just doesn’t work”
          Of course you can and should help out at times, taking the heavy lifting jobs. That doesn’t mean you should do it for her.

    4. The definition of a pseudo-intellectual.
      “I hate capitalism, but these 15 million dollars are mine!”

    5. Isn’t he the overpaid BBC twat who once called a retired actor /grandfather and told him he wants to rape his granddaughter?

  19. Their reactions are Hillarious! Anyway from all these SJW-women the worst is Anna Kasparian of the young Turks. How does an Armenian work under took in a channel known as the young Turks, considering what they real Young Turks of Ataturk did to her people? The question is rhetoric.

      1. Quite accurate! Ataturk also was from Thessaloniki, which was back then a Jewish city, funny thing for pursuing their own agenda the skypes also helped the Germans on the conquest of Greece, but they betrayed the betrayers and from there on… Thessaloniki is just liberal…
        Still, the Turks followed the Donmes, who some cucks here dared to call them as Christians in hiding!

        1. You started only taking in the appetizer! For the main dish our current government is made by an openly leftist party and…
          … a nationalistic one!!! ANEL (Independent Greeks) were once characteristised as a mild nationalist party, in truth they are just stupid right and as long as we can have our biannual marches everything is okay, they also sell themselves as an orthodox party and they HELP a lot with bringing in migrants! They made our army servants to illegals!!!

        2. Yeah! SYRIZA was paid by Soros and even boasted by Obama (he came again to praise us) and the Clintons!
          I believe that when the popular vote here decided in favour of the left, the globalist establishment placed tremendous faith in us. The reason was to showcase to the world a successful leftist government, as with Clinto so it failed. Still the left and Merkel supports this decrepit government. The worst thing is that the people here are not open to any solution! I mean there is only one type of politics that may be run here and that is totally killing the country!
          Really I hope someone enforces us a puppet government that will: close the borders and start deportations (only in places that became full with migrants we see reactions against them), Fix the economy (by axing the public sector, burning most laws on businesses and investments and last but not least FUCKING LIMITING THE STATE, nothing moves or works here anymore!!!).
          Really I wish that Greeks will not want to hear anything left-leaning for the rest of my life, but it would have been a shocking, but pleasant surprise. Unlike with Europe and the U.S.A. the left here managed to redefine our history as us being always progressives and paragons of virtue and freedom who did only defensive wars. So we cannot not see our heritage as leftist (it is not by fact but no one cares for it).

    1. A year after being raped by Laci Green, I can’t come unless I hear her intone that I’m a racist, homophobic, misogynist with just the right lilt…no matter what any other girl does to me I just need to hear Laci say it.

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