Top 5 Must-Read Articles From April 2015

Here are the top 5 from a total of 112 that we published last month:

1. Why Most Women Didn’t Want The Right To Vote

If you look at history, democracy has rarely worked well. It is not rule by the majority but rule by the loudest. And who is louder than a woman? Who is more passionate? And when women follow others like lemmings, we see that women’s suffrage can quickly become destructive.

2. Why Feminists Can’t Escape Motherhood

Feminism itself is an elaborate illusion designed to obscure a woman’s natural ends and replace them with momentary and perishing ones, for meaningful reproduction and graceful flourishing cannot be achieved without a man to whom she must lovingly submit and cling to.

3. UK Feminists Ban Clapping At Conference Because It Triggers Anxiety

At a National Union of Students (NUS) Women’s conference in London this week, delegates were asked to refrain from applauding and use “jazz hands” instead. The request, which appeared on the Twitter feed of the Oxford University Student Union’s Women’s Campaign, was made because clapping was “triggering anxiety” amongst some conference members.

4. 3 Reasons Why Most Female Writers Are Garbage

The atrociousness of contemporary female writing is in part due to the Gawkerfication of the Internet. Much in the same way that the sit-still-and-shut-up style of schooling privileges girls over boys, the click-driven consensus-seeking nature of modern pop writing advantages females—in their navel-gazing and conformity—over men.

5. Why I Am Proud To Be Called A Misogynist

The materialistic and vain pursuit of wealth, status, and celebrity that has overtaken society in the last few decades is a result of the supportive feminine aspect of human existence being completely undermined to the point that it’s almost removed. This symbiotic relationship has been discarded and abandoned in favor only of selfish glory. Me, Me, Me. If the human race was a rock band, the drummer and bass player would be wrestling with their band mates to be lead singer and guitarist, whilst no music is produced whatsoever.

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15 thoughts on “Top 5 Must-Read Articles From April 2015”

    1. It probably goes by hit percentage and typically there aren’t that many comments in the self improvement sections. Not that they aren’t reaching the targeted people or being used.

      1. well, the food articles get as many hits as the red pill/historical ones

        1. Absolutely. Cooking (and especially baking) are a science and an art. Taking Raw ingredients and turning them into something no one has ever eaten before, and delicious, requires every bit as much skill as tuning a fine automobile or coding… if not quite as much time.
          I have often thought of trying to be a pro chef, but I fear it will turn a dedicated hobby and joy into a daily grind. And I wouldn’t make much unless I ran my own restaurant, and while I am doing well working for myself, I am not doing THAT well.

        2. I enjoyed those posts on cooking from a few days ago. Never eat too much wabbit- will make you hurl. I did not know that.

        3. never eat too much rabbit straight. Mixed in a stew, or eaten beside other foods, it is fine.
          Just like eating nothing but fresh caught deer will give you gout.

  1. Why are all the top articles about esoteric subjects? There is a problem if none of the articles are practical to the reader. I as a reader don’t really care about UK feminists.

    1. Well every aspect of feminism in the UK come from or has a lot of connection to US.

    2. Trends of feminists in all Western Countries tend to spread, if feminists push something in The UK bet it will come eventually to The US, Australia etc.

    3. You need to develop the capacity to see not just the trees, but the whole forest. Being myopic on topics due to how they directly impact your “game” (or whatever) will keep you blind to the overall cultural and societal trends that drive not only “game”, but also larger things such as law and punishment.

  2. With all due respect to the writers,the majority of the articles posted in recent times are nothing compared to the old ones.ROK was about self-improvement in every aspect of life,the already brilliant articles were further enhanced by a delightful comments section.Now all we have is stories about random feminists doing random feminist stuff.I never thought I’d say it but ROK has lost its magic,for me at least.

    1. Dude I agree. Improving yourself has now been taken over by “I’m bitter at women and they are stupid, and let’s all complain about how everything sucks.” If you don’t like things they way they are go do something with yourself instead of just whining.

  3. Reasons Why Most Female Writers Are Garbage Humhhh…. Agatha Christie is a very popular writer & a record seller of all her books.
    As to item 5 I answer by saying ” I hate mankind ! But… I love womankind !

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