Bayer Acquires Most Evil Corporation In The World, Now Has Monopoly On Food Market

Bayer, the pharmaceutical giant that rakes in roughly $47 billion dollars a year, recently acquired Monsanto for a whopping $66 billion dollars. My friends, I do not speak frivolously when I say that this could potentially be one of the most devastating acquisitions for human health of this century.

Monsanto is widely known as one of the most evil companies in the world—for reasons which I will soon discuss, however this is not what concerns me. What concerns me is that Monsanto owns a whopping 90% market share on soy and corn, which is used in virtually everything in the US (high fructose corn syrup or soy protein anyone?). Monsanto owns a gigantic 26% share of the seed market as well, which sets them ahead of all other competitors.

Coming in at 19%, Bayer owns the most share of the pesticide market out of anyone. It is not these gigantic market shares, however, that scare me. It is the fact that if one company owns a monopoly in BOTH the seed industry AND the pesticide industry, they could effectively force farmers to grow GMO’s which have been shown to have a plethora of devastating ecological and human health consequences.

Before I delve into the disturbing economic and health-related ramifications of this new acquisition, I would first like to shed some light on the complete lack of ethics that these companies exhibit.

Monsanto: Shadowy Lawsuits Against Small-Time Farmers


Now I’m very aware that a lot of people might think that I’m going on about some sort of hippie bullshit. Believe me, I used to be the same way. If you look at the evidence, however, it is crystal clear that this company has no quandaries about whether or not to financially destroy innocent farmers, ruthlessly pursue unethical legislation, and create ungodly mycotoxins that could potentially serve as the next black plague.

Sound ridiculous? Let me explain.

Monsanto has been genetically engineering crops for decades which, due to their unnatural genes, spread like wildfire. They have an incredible resistance to mold, rain, snow, heat, cold, and… you guessed it, pesticides.

So when you have such a resilient seed, what do you think happens? It naturally spreads all over the place. Whether it’s from animals carrying the seeds on their fur, or through the wind depositing seeds throughout the land, their seeds spread. This is the issue that farmers have with Monsanto.

Ever since Monsanto first created genetically modified organisms in the mid 1900’s, it’s been ruthlessly suing innocent farmers, claiming that they intentionally violate Monsanto patent laws and purposefully plant their GMO seeds for self-gain. Despite these completely unfounded claims, Monsanto has won hundreds of lawsuits against innocent, family owned and operated farms, just in the past decade.

And the worst part? The farmers can’t do anything about it. They don’t even WANT Monsanto’s seeds, but they can’t help it if Monsanto’s GMO seeds get carried from a farm 50 miles away, since they’re practically indestructible. But does Monsanto care? Of course not, it’s a massive multi-billion dollar corporation.

Monsanto has repeatedly ruined farmers financially, destroyed small town communities, and they’ve even stalked and threatened to kill farmers that might speak out.

“Why don’t they get together and sue Monsanto as a whole?” you might ask. Oh, you mean like the four Supreme Court cases that have been filed against Monsanto, by 82, yes, EIGHTY-TWO, separate organizations such as the Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association?

Or maybe the group of Nebraska farmers who were diagnosed with cancer after using Monsanto’s popular pesticide, Round-Up?

Nope, doesn’t matter. Monsanto won every single court case, because they have a platoon of shady lawyers and billions of dollars to spend in court.

Unethical Legislation, Ecological Disaster, and Disastrous Health Consequences

In addition to ruthlessly attacking innocent farmers, Monsanto also has a habit of buying off politicians. Just recently, Obama signed a bill which effectively prevents farmers from choosing whether or not they can plant GMO seeds, despite a petition with over 250,000 signatures pleading with him to repeal the bill. Well, too bad—this is America, where politicians can be bought. If the government wants to force farmers to plant GMO’s, then they now have the right to do this.

In addition to this, it also prevents several states such as Vermont from labeling GMO’s. Do you want to know what it is that you’re buying and eating? Well, too bad. You have to call a 1-800 number, get put on hold for thirty minutes, and tell them the bar-code if you want to know whether or not that apple is GMO.

Don’t have the time? Too bad. This is just another blatant of example of how humongous corporations can bend our laws to their will, simply because they have an endless supply of money. But if you think that Monsanto’s legal actions have been shady, just wait until you hear about the ecological destruction that they’re causing.

Despite an EU document claiming that the chemical glyphosate, a key ingredient in Monsanto’s pesticide Round-Up, could cause severe ecological consequences, the pesticide continues to be legal, nearly two decades after the document was released.

In addition to this, their GMO corn seeds, which, by the way control 88% of the market, have been shown to be detrimental to soil fertility. In other words, in a hundred years or so, we may not even be able to use our soil to grow crops anymore.

Perhaps the worst ecological effect, however, is the creation of mycotoxins. You see, Monsanto’s GMO’s are ridiculously resistant to pesticides, so farmers drench them in Round-Up to kill any potential pests. There’s two problems with this.

Aside from the fact that GMO’s and pesticides have been linked to a swathe of negative health consequences (such as Cancer and Celiac’s Disease), they’ve also been known to create super-resistant fungi, or mycotoxins.

This happens, because Round-Up is great at killing any pests and molds that could ruin a good harvest… well, at least 99.99% of them. That other .01%? Not only does it live, but it has what’s known as “whole chromosome mutation,” turned on.

In other words, rather than single genes mutating (normal evolution), entire chromosomes evolve (think evolution, but around 1,000,000x faster). And what’s more? Fungi can swap genes with one another.

This is what has led to the new emergence of “super-fungi,” or mycotoxins that can literally kill you. Here’s a few of them:

Oh, you don’t want to have the testosterone levels of a little girl? Too bad, Monsanto has a platoon of soulless lawyers ready to destroy any and all opposition.

Things Just Got Worse: Bayer’s Acquisition


As if things couldn’t get bad enough, the pharmaceutical giant Bayer just acquired Monsanto on September 14th. What does this mean? Several things.

First off, it means that now Big-Pharma and Big-Agra are becoming one industry. Phenomenal. Now, rather than having two corporate giants trying to control our health, we’ll just have one monstrosity that will end up raking in over $100 billion dollars a year trying to control us.

But it gets worse. Not only is more power concentrated into a smaller group of executives, but they have even more of a monopolization. Don’t understand? Well let’s review some statistics:

  • Monsanto owns 93% of the corn seed market
  • Monsanto owns roughly 35% of the entire seed industry (depending on which statistic you consult)
  • Monsanto owns 90% of the GMO seed industry
  • Monsanto owns nearly 80% of the canola oil market
  • Monsanto owns 40% of the market for tomatoes and lettuce

I could go on and on, but the point is that Monsanto has a massive monopoly on our food market. This, coupled with Bayer’s chokehold on American pharmaceutical drugs, is a complete recipe for disaster. In essence, what Bayer is aiming to do is to completely monopolize the farming industry, churning out health-destroying GMO’s, while simultaneously patenting new drugs to cure the ailments that they will create.

In other words, they’ll profit off of making you sick with GMO’s, and then profit more off of selling you drugs. They own both ends of the market.

In addition to this, they will be able to slowly stop selling “regular” seeds, forcing all farmers to buy GMO’s, which will in turn force them to buy Round-Up, which will in turn force us to buy more cancer treatment, and so on to infinity.

If you would like to know more about the evils that Monsanto and Bayer have done (and believe me, there’s MANY more), consider watching the following:

Oh, and did I mention that Bayer also owns a large portion of the pesticide industry, and that they’re the culprit behind the droves of bees simply dying off? But hey, who needs bees in a world where farmers only plant GMO seeds that spread themselves.

What You Can Do


If we don’t do anything to stop this ruthless conglomerate, it is only a matter of time before it will control the entire agricultural and pharmaceutical industry. No, I do not say this lightly. There has not been a larger monopoly to set foot on the earth since Andrew Carnegie founded the Carnegie Steel Company.

Mark my words, if we do not stop this company, in several decades we will all be eating GMO’s, dying off from mysterious illnesses, and paying thousands of dollars a year for our healthcare. We must stop this company, there is no other option.

First things first, I urge you to sign this petition. A similar one was made for Kratom, and we were able to reach 100,000 signatures in 30 days, which forces Congress to make an official decision (it’s the official petitioning website for the US government).

Second, we must boycott all Bayer and Monsanto products. Don’t buy into the Big-Pharma bullshit; you don’t need 99% of the medication they try to sell you. Most chronic illnesses and health problems can be avoided or entirely cured by simply living a healthy, active lifestyle.

Find a workout routine that suits your needs, eat a healthy diet, free of GMO’s and high in vegetables and healthy, organic animal proteins. Don’t buy Aspirin, Claritin, Miralax, or One A Day. Don’t buy anything that’s not labeled as organic, and try to buy food from your local farmer’s market.

I realize that this is a lot to take on, but we the people must make change happen; throughout the course of human history there have always been wealthy elites who have tried to control us. But, as history has shown us, with perseverance, the people always come out on top.

Please, I urge you to make the right decision. My health, your health, our grandchildren’s’ health, and our nation’s health depends on it.

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409 thoughts on “Bayer Acquires Most Evil Corporation In The World, Now Has Monopoly On Food Market”

  1. Another good one Jon. Well done and an important topic. When I was a kid in the 1970’s there was like 3 people who had cancer. I mean, you would hear that so and so’s uncle got cancer and it was like huge news. Now we are all sitting around just waiting to find out what fucking brand of cancer we will get and how bad it will be.
    The significant changes from then to now are 1) chemicals and GMO foods and 2) a billion types of psychotropic drugs that everyone is on. Other than that, not much has really changed in our day to day lifestyles and we went from cancer being a tragic and rare disease to a near certainty for all people.

    1. I work with a guy who grew up on a Kansas farm growing that gmo corn and soy and he told years ago it was the glysophate in the pesticide causing all the gut problems people were blaming gluten on. I looked into it and hey said every body of water in America has it in it now including the rain. His brother still farms and has to take classes and put on a full on chemical hazmat suit just to spray that shit on his crops. Most of that product goes to keep the cattle industry sustained now.

      1. fucking crazy. You know, someone who knows about this shit was telling me that since McDonalds is the number one beef consumer in the entire world and since their business thrives on consistency, they basically can regulate the way beef is grown across the board so if you go to a normal grocery store and buy a sirloin steak you shouldn’t think it is any different than the beef you got in your big mac.
        I tend to believe the guy because he is a sharp guy who knows about this shit.

        1. It is true. Americans can eat healthy but it will a) cost more money and b) cut into their general lifestyle of being sedentary fucking cows. I always buy small farmed organic, I eat a super healthy lifestyle with loads of fresh fruit and veggies and count not just my calories by my macronutrient intake…I do not eat any processed food, no sugar and never, ever, ever touch fast food. I also drink a minimum of a gallon of water a day, more often I drink more. People, when they find out my age, are generally shocked. I look far healthier than a lot of people half my age and my diet and refusal to cheap out on food is a big part of that.

        2. I still eat burgers but I go to a local butcher who sells very good quality organic meat, buy a mixture of brisket, short rib and chuck. I have them grind it right there in front of me. Then I go to murray’s cheese and get a homemade cheese. Sometimes I will pick up a few slices of organic bacon and an heirloom tomato from the union square farmers market and then make it in a cast iron skillet with a bun I get fresh made at a local bakery that really cares about its product. Boom, hamburger

        3. Only problem is I cannot stop my monthly attack to pizza, gyro or burger, generally though the difference between greek restaurants who make burgers and mcdonalds is literally two worlds apart, you get the idea that you eat real meat at least.

        4. I have heard the same thing with russet potatoes. Farmer’s literally have to grow potatoes with the correct moisture content for use in McD’s fryers.

        5. Eating real food is sexist, you patriarchal shitlord. Elect Hillary for free coffee shakes and rainbow oreos for everybody!

        6. yeah thanks to TAFTA we’re getting franken beef into our plates, thanks to corrupt Brussels politicians yaaay

        7. I eat that kind of stuff, I just make it at home. I eat out one dinner a week and one brunch. I always order very healthy. It is a balance though. Being a total extremist and never enjoy anything…but if you eat greek food (which I love) find a place that makes very high quality greek food even if it costs a few bucks more ya know. Care about what is in your body and your body will look that way.

        8. Dont you see where this is going? Theres a European version of the TPP in the works. Under the TPP, if one country has restrictions on a product (GMO is currently banned in SE Asia), and, its bad for trade, it will no longer be enforced(sales boon to Monsanto!)
          This is what will happen in Europe- they WILL be selling their seeds to you in a few years

        9. The taste alone is enough to go this route. Fast food isn’t even close, not to mention I made the mistake of actually eating a McWTF once. In the bathroom less than a half hour later and felt awful through the next day.

        10. yes. When I go to loebels and get a pound of beef ground for me split between chuck and brisket and short rib and patty it and fry it up to a bloody medium rare in my cast iron and put it on a fresh baked bun with an heirloom tomato, organic onions, a bit of high end cheddar from a small farm and organic thick cut local bacon you will know you are in fucking burger heaven and never touch anything from a crap hole place again.

        11. I do the same, although the past few years slacked off on the water drinking. Basically they got rid of the water cooler at work and I didn’t adjust and bring my own water. I pass for much younger than my chrono age but have noticed some changes, and really need to force down at least a liter of water a day. I used to drink close to a gallon a day, now it’s probably less than a glass. Drink a shitload of water every day. It’s great for you.

        12. I have a quart container that I carry with me everywhere. I usually drain it once by the time I am finished with my am gym session and then drain it again by lunch. I fight down to drain one last time before leaving work and then in my pm gym session can easily drop it a last time. That is my gallon. Then when I go home I eat dinner and try to have water with that too. On Saturdays it’s funny because I make myself a deal that I can drink once I get my gallon in. So I will go to the gym in the morning and get my quart down and then drink water until it fucking hurts so that by the time evening comes I can have some booze.

        13. When I hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon they gave us a warning that there is such a think as “water poisoning”. This German guy (of course) was so worried about overheating that he drank massive insane amounts of water. He ingested so much water that the water made the cells in his brain swell up and put pressure on his skull and he passed out and I believe died.
          Only a German would drink water to the point of death.

        14. hahaha I have heard about that. I don’t know if it is true or not or just how much water it would take. I know that I spend about 3 hours a day sweating my balls off at a minimum…more when I use my bicycle to get around the city. I honestly believe that 90% of people are dehydrated.

        15. The funny thing is that it really doesn’t cost that much more (and in many cases, it costs less) to eat healthy. Now organic and etc, yeah that’ll cost more.
          Most people aren’t surviving on 30 cent Ramen packs, they’re buying $7 meals from McArby King.

        16. the problem, as mentioned below, is that it doesn’t matter. McArbys is doing the market controls for the beef which means the rib eye you buy at your local megamart is from the same cow that the Quarter McArby with Cheese is from. If I buy pork I get it from Nimen ranch. Yes, more money. Exponentially more money. But I will save elsewise. It is easy for me since I shop for only myself. My dinner is essentially ~.5 lbs protein. 1 cup veggies. Every single freaking night.

        17. Mine’s the same, I usually have a small amount of Carb (depending on the time window, I fast) along with it.

        18. I have been killing my carbs at 4 pm lately. My back has been acting up this summer and my workouts have been less intense than I like. Fucking discs so I have had to modify my diet. As my discs suck back into my spine and get off my fucking nerves and my piriformis syndrome loosens up and I start putting up big numbers and in longer sessions I will raise my carbs (especially post workout)

        19. I’m in general agreement regarding eating habits influencing physical age. It’s easier for me to get access to produce from farmer’s markets & fresh fish & organic poultry in my part of Asia though. I cook most of my food usually as opposed to eating out.
          It’s common for people to guess my age as being 10 years younger than my real age.
          Unfortunately, I’m observing the fast food industry slowly but inexorably making massive gains like a juggernaut in my part of the world.

        20. I understand about the fast food market. It basically owns the fuck out of America. Once it owns your part of the world too just remember that in the end there are values and choices. You can always opt out and eat healthy if you make it a priority. The upside is that as everyone else starts looking fat and older you will start seeming, by comparison, younger and stronger.

        21. Thats absolutely correct. Unless you specifically look for free range, local, or grassfed beef, the grocery store meat is coming from the same jail cells as mcdonalds’ cows. ( I said jail cell, because you cant really call it a farm.)
          Check out the book The Omnivores Dilemma to see how it all fits together with beef and corn etc. Cowspiracy was eye opening too.

        22. That’sounds due to giardia. It’seems an evolutionary leftover that attaches to the intestinal lining and stops your body from digesting fats. Causes diarrhea that quickly leads to severe dehydration.

      2. I know ranchers up in Montana that refuse to eat a bit of meat except what is raised on their farms. It’s the chemical treatment and a bunch of other stuff.
        One of them is married to a grain farmer. He just developed I think lymphoma, some rare cancer. They know 7 other farmers with the same cancer. The guy would come home drenched in the pesticide every day and it’s obvious that is the cause. She made an interesting point (this is a grandmother by the way–a wise woman from another time). The field mice won’t even touch the modern wheat. Why are humans eating it?

        1. It’s the same with margarine you can put it into the forrest and pick it up a week later because there is no animal that touches the shit.

        2. I read margarine was invented to bulk up turkeys before slaughtering but it killed them so they dyed it yellow and sold it as a butter substitute.

        3. I believe it, that same farmer has cattle they raise for slaughter and some they raise for themselves. He told me all kinds of awful stuff about the industry and shortcuts the companies took. He said one thing they did with the sickly dying cows was they just mixed them with better cows and grinded them up so they could give it the A rating of a choice cow, or take excess from cuts and glue them all together with this mixture of pigs blood n something else into a mold then recut it into fillets and sell them at premium price. I’ve learned enough from people who grew up in that industry that I’ve changed my eating habits a lot and I rarely eat red meat unless it’s wild game or I know where it came from. Im splitting a cow with him that his family raised once I buy a big freezer and then I dont have to worry about what I’m eating.

        4. I did a considerable amount of research for a work project a couple years ago and came across all sorts of troubling data on chicken. Mainly the rapid growth caused by unknown feed supply, use of antibiotics and hormones, overcrowding, stress in animals (which translates into bad hormones which we eat), poor air quality, lack of light, lack of skeletal development, death in transportation and numbers of birds with cancerous or other abnormalities.
          A quick search found this document which summarizes a lot of what I found. It’s from the humane society but it reads fairly unbiased and has tons of footnotes. Each of their points is pretty powerful, but just to look at one, up to 0.5% of all chickens die on route to the slaughterhouse. They have never been outside and seen daylight before and the shock can be too great. This translates to 10-39 million chickens dying just on the truck rides. That is not normal. A healthy bird does not just die taking a truck ride.

        5. Yea the chicken industry is bad, I’m from lower Alabama and there’s a ConAgra plant there so there’s a bunch of chicken houses all in the country side and they smell like ass and ammonia, at some of the plants they keep the chickens wired up on some form of speed and they never sleep a day in their short miserable lives, that’s why some southerners call meth “high speed chicken feed”. Also I was hoping a while back to buy land out there but I wanted my own natural chickens but if you live within x amount of distance to a commercial farm you have to inject the same vaccines as they do which is what I don’t want. On a side note most diseases and super bugs come from our ruined farming practices but that’s another topic all together. I’m trying to cut back on eating that stuff as well and even some of the “natural” companies are full of shit really just like when people buy eggs saying “cage free” which just means they’re cramped up in a chicken house stepping in their own shit all day but technically it’s not a cage. Companies are picking up on the growing health/natural business and so they’ll cut corners to get the label while still selling you crap.

        6. I’ve heard of various things claiming to cure cancer.. cannabis oil, an alkaline ph, a pure smoothie diet. I’m also suspicious of some of the modern medicine treatments for cancer (that most cancer doctors admit they would refuse for themselves).
          I don’t doubt some of these work to some degree, while others are likely quackery, but I’m more focused on staying healthy and avoiding cancer, by ingesting as little of the mental and physical garbage that our society produces. Hopefully I will never need to research the cannabis oil further…

      3. They use it (round up) to dry wheat and/or other crops for harvest. The wheat used today isn’t the wheat used before the 20th century. Today’s was bred for machine harvesting and isn’t the same protein wise.

        1. That’s what he said, he said all crops are now designed for weight because that’s what they get paid for. They have no interest in taste or nutritional value just the size of the yield for the most part.

      4. That’sounds a stomach pH issue, the chemical suits are required with every chemical, even starch or hydrocarbon sprays. Glyphs ate inhibits a part of the shikimic acid pathway that humans don’t have because we don’t make all 20 common amino acids (in this case tryptophan).

        1. Makes sense. Back in the 70s, a boatload of chemicals were approved for use in the USA, but the contents were never publicized as the corporations claimed the mixtures were proprietary.

        2. I normally would think it has something to do with record keeping rather than reality, but I know for a fact that when I was young there were only a few instances where people had cancer and now it is literally (hitler) everyone. Christ, I have a few more years before I have to start getting rectally probed every year just to test for that nonsense.

        3. I hold the ‘esoteric’ belief that most if not all illnesses are psychosomatic. I think that if you clear up your mind and soul, you will be fine either way. If anything, the growing amount of cancer can probably be reduced to a severe rise in mental/emotional problems that go unchecked.
          I mean, look at feminism.
          I thought of this analogy: Think of a healthy confident masculine man who is assertive. Now let play your imagination: How much force, cruelty, violence, humiliation would you need to exert on this man to make him into a snivelling submissive beta?
          I think this is often missed because we may assume that ‘some men simply are betas’ or whatever. I think that isn’t true. Look at how submissive and cowardly a man and you see how much he suffers / has suffered.

        4. I see a book in your future Tom, or at least an article: Alpha Away Illness: How Courage and Confidence Can Cure Cancer

        5. I think there’s something divine about every man. To me, everything is sacred in one way or another. And masculinity as a force is definitely “divine”, whatever that means.

        6. The corollary though would be that both the masculine and the feminine were sacred
          Or do you envision the sacred masculine without the sacred feminine?

        7. No, of course not. It’s just that I want to reach a certain kind of audience with it. Men. Calling the masculine divine does not exclude the feminine from being the same.

        8. Besides, I am a man. Who am I to teach about divine femininity? Leave that to the bitches.
          Frankly, the more I think about it, the more ridiculous I find it, for instance, that psychology is not divided into men’s and women’s psychology. What is a man to tell a woman about being a confident woman and vice versa? They are different worlds.

        9. I get you, but if you consider that the feminist critique is precisely that the masculine has been in a sense deified (obviously you can dispute this and presumably would) then to invoke the masculine divine is perhaps to invoke the divine feminine, if you like in the breach. I realise this isn’t where you’re coming from, but those who argue the case for the divine feminine, or sacred feminine, would probably see doing so as repairing the situation. So if you wish to argue the divine masculine the question might arise what desideratum does this address?

        10. There’s certainly a case for that. In reality though male perspectives within psychology (the discipline that is) have largely just been replaced by feminine or rather feminist ones.

        11. Well, precisely, feminism dislikes the idea of anything divine related to the masculine and leaves men in some nihilistic hole where they feel like they have to “oppose the sacred” just to be men.

        12. I think though, this is where philosophy and religion have to be considered in relation to history as well. Not from your point of view necessarily, because your interest is narrow and specific, but to the extent that these issues take place between a wider history of debate on gender and the sacred. Christianity, traditional monotheistic judaism and islam are arguably religions that proceed not so much from the masculine divine as from the abstraction of masculine principles and virtues – they are sky gods if you like. Feminism’s take on the sacred feminine seeks to either abolish that state of affairs or balance it. You can see transgenderism for example as an attempt to balance – as in combine – these two principles of the masculine and feminine. I’m not saying don’t go there by any means, just that it can to some extent be a can of worms

        13. Hm. I am not sure I understand your point, sorry. I am not trying to balance anything. I just want to say: Being an “asshole” and being a spiritual person who is connected to God are not two contradictory things.

        1. Basically you need to know exactly what they meant by what they said. the Clintons were hippies in their youth look what they did. I mean when someone starts saying about egalitarianism and preaches non-stop freedom you really need to know what he means by the latter.
          Think the SJWs if you ask them most will say that they propagate freedom from discrimination.

        2. Well, ‘talking about love and acceptance’ is not the same as practicing it. Most leftists seem to demand it, but are utterly incapable of delivering it themselves. It’s just an ego defense mechanism simply using these ideas for their own power games. But I did meet a guy who did actually pretty much treat everyone with love and ‘the same’. He was awesome. He didn’t seem to ever judge anyone, but not in a supplicating way. Confident dude. From what I saw, he got a lot of attention from girls too!

        3. These people like that awesome guy are quite rare, I can think my Grandma, she is like a soap opera character that treats everyone nice and is so good to the point that she is naive. I would never use her as a general observation, same with that guy.

        4. Well, my grandma is … sacrificing and nice. But (while not knowing your granny) many are so in a supplicating, yes, naive way. This guy wasn’t naive. He had been through a big lot of pain himself and grew out of it more stronger than before.

        5. Again though few people turn their pain to something good, normally they remain bitter. As I understand that person was truly amazing, again follow the rule, amazing people are not the main observation but a part from the marginal ones.

        6. Well, becoming self-sacrificing out of guilt or something isn’t the way to go either.
          Call me idealistic, but I think that in the end, he was simply a confident man. I think everyone “can be” “like him”. Be healthy.

        7. Hippies were against the government, but yet they congregated in totalitarian cult compounds.
          I suppose nothing changes as nowadays they were for Bernie Sanders and were again hornswoggled.

      1. you have to control for people living longer though (if they are) since cancer is often age related …. unless of course old people are just getting cancer because they’ve been ingesting pesticides and other carcinogens for so long

    2. I’m on day 11 of the Whole30 and feel fucking great with no corn, dairy, or soy in my body. It’s ridiculous how many processed foods it is in. It should scare the fuck out of normal people that eating nothing but vegatables, meat, and fruit will give them withdrawal symptoms. I ate pretty clean before and didn’t have any withdrawal symptoms (just the occasional sugar fix and coffee creamer), but I have no desire to go back to any of that shit (and it is shit). Once the full cleanse is done I’ll go back to limited carbs, but only if it is homemade.
      I quit alcohol a year ago and it did wonders. At 37 I am finally getting my diet under control. I have no idea why I waited so long.

        1. It’s crazy. Not to get too TMI, but doing the Whole30 definitely loosens things up in your bowels as you start eating a lot of healthy veges and their fiber. However, that passes and even then you don’t have the pressing, gurgling bathroom emergencies that come with dairy and other processed foods. I’m pretty sure a glass of milk would wreck me right now.

        2. Because they go to the doctor to get pills from Bayer bc the Monsanto food made them sick- this is the gameplan

        3. Just a word of warning, don’t go back. You are correct, it WILL wreck you. I gave up chicken in the US after seeing how it is raised and processed. I’ve eaten it twice, both times gave me explosive diahrea. I can eat it out of the country fine, no problems.
          Anyway I’m not sure whether dairy is inherently bad or just what passes for dairy these days. I can see both sides: on the one hand dairy is incredibly nourishing and satiating. If I eat a fresh baked queishe (can’t spell it but I can make it) I will be full all day. Lots of cheese and half & half fill me up and keep me full of energy. There is a lot of biblical reference to dairy and its nourishment and cultures around the world have used dairy for centuries.
          On the other hand, there’s the argument that cow milk is designed to turn a baby calf into an 800 pound heifer and why would you think it would do any different to a human. I cut back on milk consumption years ago after hearing this guy talk about all the puss and blood and stuff in milk. But I do love me some cheese, and ice cream is pretty great if you live in the humid south. Potatoes taste pretty bland but with butter and sour cream I can make a whole meal out of them. So I consume organic diary products. It may not be ideal, but hell, our air and water are so dirty, I figure one can’t live a truly pure life.

        4. Yeah, not sure the psychological term for this but men are definitely acclimated to living in pain, being overweight, not having regular erections, not knowing what a real feminine woman is like, etc. The Matrix really is the perfect analogy because they really are living on a lower level, never knowing everything they are missing.

        5. Good advice. I assume I will go back to very limited dairy – fancy cheeses for special occasions, maybe some half&half for making chowder, but daily dairy, e.g. milk for coffee, cereal, blocks of cheese, etc. are gone for good.

        6. Yeah, there are some good substitutes. For example, Coconut milk is super rich and creamy. I use it in place of milk in smoothies and it’s delicious. Full of natural healthy fats too. I need to try it in place of dairy in other areas.. ie baking a quiche with coconut milk or something.
          They make coconut creamer for the coffee that tastes the same as half and half to me.

        7. I think there’s a small percent of people with ancestry from somewhere in central Europe that are able to process lactose. And that’s about it.

        8. Goat milk is a lot easier on the stomach and less hormones from my understanding compared to cows and like you said, it’s there to beef a new born up as quickly as possible. It’s a little gamey tho.

        9. I like to make shepherd’s pie, and I’ve been buying ground buffalo / bison instead of ground beef. I don’t know how much better it is overall, but it tastes just as good and when you cook it there is zero fat / grease, whereas you have to drain off several tablespoons of grease from ground beef. Another plus is I figure it isn’t too popular and so they haven’t started factory farming it yet.

        10. EE, Eastward from Caucasus and through Siberia a migration trail of B blood type can be found. Ashki jews have high occurrence of the B blood type and are also known as per the ‘Blood Type Diet’ by D’Adamo as being the most tolerant type to metabolize dairy and cow’s milk. Israel known as the land of ‘Milk and Honey’ from presumably milking cows. It is notably peculiar though that Jewish staple foods include Jewish rye bread. Rye is very bad for the B blood type like Corn is bad for the Germanic ‘O’ types. Perhaps rye quisine dates back to Sephardics or original Israelites.

        11. Japanese can always smell an American. They call the smell ‘milk stink’ from the dairy diet. Japs eat raw fish and little dairy. Still I think curry eating Indians, sweating Mexicans and pork chitterling eating Negroes develop the strongest identifyable odors. The Negro sweat glands are large and secrete a fraction of waste product along with normal perspiration. I can always tell who I’m sitting next to on the bus blindfolded. Douche pail odor I also know well. Eating garlic makes me powerful. People can smell my power.

        12. Absolutely right about the mucous. Try standing outside a Baskin Robbins and watch as the teenagers come out. What’s the first thing they do? They hock up mucous from all the cream in the ice cream. Try eating ice cream and you’ll notice you can make the most awesome loogie projectiles. Your body is hacking up and rejecting the pure mucous you just ingested. I remember I could always shoot a slimy wad of rocky road twenty feet or better. Ice cream is the best hocker producer around. The downside for teenagers is the zits on your back and ass. For the middle aged the downside of dairy consumption is the stiff corpse like phase that extends the wake up period during a normal day and the labored and noxious morning shitting.

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        14. That’s a big factor for sure as currently the market for that stuff is for people in the know. Once it gets big the economies of scale start to kick in and it’s getting killed weeks in advance, water chilled etc etc. it’s also hard as hell to handle a bison rather than beef cattle. As long as they can keep the feed clean which is a big if, it’s a really good way to go. I get a lot of wild turkey and venison.

        15. Crazy coincidence: I just made a bison shepherd’s pie last night. Use sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes, and a layer of ricotta before the oven. It was perfect.
          Bison for the win. Costco sells it for $10/lb.

      1. whole 30 is great. I essentially already do that with the exception that I haven’t given up alcohol.

        1. I just googled whole 30. No milk, no cheese, no oat meal, no lentils? You’re jokin’,right?
          So this is pretty much paleo with another name because its cool to fill new wine in old wineskins.

        2. I never drink milk. I do eat chese, but sparingly. Lentils and legumes are pretty terrible for you. It isn’t as extreme as paleo as it does allow for whole grains I believe. It bans booze…so I am not about to do that but I do recommend not getting blind drunk if possible. I would recommend trying whole 30. I mean, it is only 30 days….you have literally (hitler) nothing to lose. After 30 days see how you feel. If it is the same or worse then call bullshit and proceed as normal. But who knows, it may be better. I didn’t like it. I like my whisky and wine on the weekends and my occasional cheese. But other than that I am pretty in tune with that diet naturally.

        3. 100% agree. I freaking love lentils and oat meal. I went vegan (yeah, I was a SJW in 2014 right before I went the walk of redpill in 2015) so I can stop eating meat or drinking milk but lentils and oat meal are the best thing ever. I mean just look whats in oat meal…vitamins, zinc, iron, fiber, protein, unsaturated fat and so on.
          There is a reason the food replacements are based on oat meal (I am talking about soylent, joylent and twennybars)

        4. What’s wrong with Paleo? The body has no use for carbs and dairy. Meat, vegetables, fruit and good fat is all that is required.

        5. Yeah, if you only eat bread and potatoes and drink vine like many germans do it that’s a fucked up diet but lentils and oatmeal are great.

        6. Really? I would be so bummed out when my Italian granma made lentils and macaroni when I was hoping for a nice lasagna

        7. beans and legumes (lentils included) have a couple of problems. They are rich in Phytic acid which will makes nutrient absorption difficult. But also, they are simply carb heavy, nutrient poor and filling. Take black beans. 1 cup, 230 calories 170 of them from carbohydrates, loaded with phytic acid….Basically, beans and legumes are essentially no different than filling up on bread.

        8. Czechoslovakia’s real problem is that it wasn’t in Manhattan and therefore neither relevant nor important.

        9. Not really sure why they used to say beans and peanutbutter were good sources of protein. Beans are mostly carbs, and Peanutbutter is, at best 50/50 protein/fat, or even higher fat.

        10. I get some fresh ground almond butter every week and have replaced my protein shake with two teaspoons of the almond butter. But yeah, never really understood the beans and PB thing. PB is fine if it is non sugar added, non anything added, peanuts ground up into a butter and eaten in small doses (one or two teaspoons) as part of a diet which is specifically high in fat and very low in carbs (keto) but the way they push it its like people are raiding the store to buy some fucking Skippy and thinking it’s good for them.

        11. Rational men may have their disagreements, but there is just too much gratuitous legume bashing going on around here.

        12. Fun fact is that oatmeal coming out of some areas of California was found to have elevated pesticide levels along with the soils.

        13. The issue I’m having with it is that it doesn’t lend itself to a scientific analysis as it changes too much too rapidly with the diet for the culprits to be identified, I don’t want to “toss the baby out with the bathwater”.
          Also, these fad diets seem to ignore that those on them eat less/watch what they eat & that the placebo effect is at its peak.

        14. I never, ever had lentils, in my life, until yesterday (seriously). Some kind of Greek soup. Tasty but I have no need to have more. I didn’t even know it was a “thing”.

        15. Jars of natural peanut butter would be a good survival storage food that’s available and cheap along with jars of honey. If you can stock up on almond butter, all the better. Honey should be in the dairy section if you think about it. It’s ‘milk’ for the bees. It’s literally a total food. You could almost live off honey. Why they stock it next to jams and jellies I don’t know. It belongs next to the eggs and cottage cheese.
          Honey is an amazing food. The famous (infamous) killers John Mohammed and Johnathan Malvo (DC snipers) both lived in a car for months and ate only honey condiment packs and saltine crackers obtained for free at fast food joints like Roy Rogers and Chick Fila. They grabbed handfulls of the honey packs and had the energy and clarity to elude capture for months. They became very lean and also acutely keen on their surroundings while consuming crackers, honey and regular water. It is possible they underwent a cleansing flush of bodily waste and toxins. It is possible their ‘third eye’ was opened and began functioning. They were malicious yes but they had the ability to percieve their surroundings and thwart the cops who consume mass quantities of Dunkin Donuts and cream lattes.

        16. This is true. Back in grad school I played with periphastic sleeping as well as fasting. My fasts allowed me to drink water with honey and lemon juice 5 times a day. Between that and sleeping 20 minutes every 5 hours I nearly went insane but I was lucid and energetic as fuck

        17. I don’t understand all the hate on whole grain oatmeal…. since when are OATS bad for you?
          Is it the pesticides or something…?
          I like a bowl of plain (no sugar added) whole grain oats cooked in some milk with a bannana thrown in… always thought that was a healthy, protein/fiber rich meal, should I cut back?

        18. Lentils have to be soaked for 24 hours to break down some/ all of the phytic acid. Once its broken down, phytate and other nutrients are available. Unless you have the time to prepare legumes, they’re more harm than good. Its better just to use quinoa or mung beans which have more nutrients and less hassle.

        19. Peanuts are loaded with toxins. Replacing peanuts with seseame seeds or peanut butter with tahini is much better. Ideally with any nut butter its safer making it fresh from seeds as its easier to tell if they have gone rancid than in butter form (if kept long term for prepping purposes).

        20. Prepping food is the only time I would compromise on preservatives. A store brand jar of standard peanut butter has a 2 yr expiration date. During good times eat organic, no artificial preservatives or GMO. Prep food is survival diet only especially when mad mobs of hungry urban zombies are pillaging store shelves. Unless you pay for nitrogen vacuum sealed freeze dried stores, a quick pick in a mad emergency would be a case or two of JIF off the store shelf, honey jars, bags of sugar, salt, dry brown rice, beans, armloads of trail mix with raisins, crandberries, choc chips & mini m&m’s. Quick survival energy and carbs. Also scoop the vitamin aisle, whatever you can get. Then grab a 50 lb bag of science diet puppy chow. Your teeth will be clean and you’ll be able to catch frisbees in your mouth. It’s a last resort that 50 lb bag could extend your life 3+ months in a dugout. Upon checkout, snag the boxes of slim jims and beef jerkey. Throw it all in a plastic rubbermaid 50 gal trash can (also good for water storage) and head for the door. Shit forgot the aluminum foil, matches and briquettes. A ‘sun-cooker’ can be made with alum foil spread out across a kid’s plastic round swimming pool. Place hot dog (or dead frog/squirrel) in the ‘focus’ on a stick and the curvature of the foil acts as a parabolic sun reflector. Very hot.
          In an emergency, keep the store well rounded. In peacetime never eat the processed shit. Eat only the garden freshest foods until shit hits the fan. That’s when you’ll need whatever you can scrounge if your healthy organic plot has to be abandoned.

        1. Sure. I quit for all the reasons – drank too much, drank for the wrong reasons, health, money, etc. Really it wasn’t hard, I basically came off a long bender and went cold turkey. At the same time that I was drinking too much I was still hitting the weights hard and had plateaued in my lifts. I noticed after only a few weeks that I felt a ton better, lost a bunch of fat, and punched through the plateau. Being mid-30’s I felt the health affects greatly outweighed any other factor to starting again.
          Also, I’m married and was never a huge club/bar guy so I didn’t miss the social aspects at all. When I did go to a place with drunk people I realized how goddamn annoying they are and it reinforced not wanting to do that anymore.
          I must admit that I still smoke weed. When I quit booze, I went totally sober and knocked that off for a few months as well just for a full cleanse. However, I’m lucky in that weed acts a bit of a stimulant for me. It also doesn’t make me fat or hungover, at most now I just much a bowl of carrots.

        2. Good on you, man. I drink primarily on the weekends and even then only a couple drinks in the evening. Don’t smoke weed, but I typically have a 2-3 cigarettes in the afternoon/evening to wind down the day.

      2. You’ll come to a point where you’ll end up looking younger as an older healthier person compared to the older looking unhealthy younger person from the past.

        1. Haha, that’s the idea. I’ve already been blessed with good genetics and don’t have a single gray or any baldness at 37 years old. Also managed to stay somewhat fit so I already look younger than 90% of dudes my age.

        2. More importantly, this all spurred from the wife’s idea who wanted to get really healthy and on a sustainable diet before we start having kids. She even wants to be a good incubator for her offspring!

        3. Only 37? You’re still a baby. 😀
          I’ve seen enough 45-50 year olds who’ve kept themselves looking 35+ in my neck of the woods. White guys who cleaned up, got healthy, left stressful jobs in the West.
          You’re a long way from being an old man.

        4. I live in one of those areas as well. But I spent 15 years doing the bi-coastal grind before I moved to the interior and started going barefoot again.
          It is never to late to make the turn. I did it at 35. I always ate fairly well and got regular exercise but didn’t account for the toll that stress was taking on me. I was sick. Like those McApples that are shiny and firm on the outside but full of brown, mealy mush on the inside.
          All my hard work in the gym and in the kitchen was just a push; I was treading water. The stress hormones, lack of sleep, bad city air, lack of time in nature, and negativity from being surrounded by the high-density discontent of my glass-and-steel high-rise corporate grind were eroding my spirit.
          A holistic approach to wellness, i.e. cultivating your health through the lens of the mind-body-spirit connection, is essential.
          You can work on your game till the end of time but if your body is quitting on you or if your spirit is not tended, you’ll just be one more smooth operator slouching toward the grave while suckling the tit of big pharma.
          Small changes. Get outside more. Grow some of your own food. Take walks in nature. Make time to reflect. Find ways to create, express, learn, build skills – however small or seemingly irrelevant. Kill your TV. Kill your Facebook.
          As Socrates was fond of: fall in love with wisdom. Live an examined life.
          Seek out knowledge, practice, and create your wisdom through the experience of living those things. Things as simple as “do you actually know what you are putting in your body?” creates crossroads, opportunities to create real change.
          And when the questions pile up, do as Rilke said to the young poet and “live the questions”.
          I am grateful that I took one big risk that cascaded into many crossroads, many opportunities, but most of all a sense of true well-being that will yield dividends long after my knees go out and my vision blurs.
          I’m also grateful for finding the RP and the many intersecting virtual communities of men seeking Truth and living their own versions of an examined life.
          For those just coming to the horizon or feeling the first choking bitterness of that jagged pill, know that cutting your path is what you were built to do. Be it God or evolution – or both, all the tools you need are already with you. Your awakening is a gift, embrace the opportunity.

      3. I wonder if the Corn and Dairy are just “collateral damage” and that soy is the real culprit as that crap is rife with what amounts to estrogen.

        1. Don’t think so. Corn and dairy nowadays are utter garbage. 90% of corn in the US is GMO, laden with pesticides. Dairy is loaded with rGBH, hormones, and antibiotics. Soy is still garbage, too though.

        2. Its getting hard to trust anything that is factory farmed, unfortunately. I quit the common grains – though I’m not militant about it, and started incorporating some ancient grains like spelt. It takes more work to source and to prepare alternatives, but I enjoy the process.
          One of the silver linings of our decadent times is that the market place is robust. There are always some guys in a barn or garage making something with their own hands.
          Even some of the bigger (of the smaller) ones like Bob’s Red Mill offer an incredibly wide variety. Its a more expensive, of course, but so is grass fed beef.
          In fact, the low cost of those factory foods should be telling – there are always hidden costs and trade-offs. We pay for it eventually. What we save up front gets tolled to the environment – and to our bodies, directly or indirectly.

        3. Is dairy loaded with rGBH? Trying to find milk without a “from cows not treated with rGBH” would be like trying to find an honest politician.

        1. If it’s lean, grass fed, and organic, you can eat more often than that. I usually put away about a pound a week.

      4. You can eat cheese. A high-quality aged Gouda has some great fats and a helluva lot of protein.
        Corn and soy are pretty useless. The only corn worth eating is a corn tortilla for an occasional taco.

        1. I plan on bringing back both cheese and corn, but only high quality food – fancy hand crafted cheeses and heirloom strains of corn. I can’t smoke a brisket and not have skillet corn bread with it!

        1. Porno mostly numbs you and makes you unproductive due to its consumption, it is a litteral drug.
          On the other had emotional porn (the dead syrian child) and revenge porn (most cases in films and series where women take revenge on men, as they take it figuratively to the patriarchy) can be added to this list, as they make people emotionally unstable.

        2. Most of the drivel on TV overstimulates the emotions and makes people less sensitive to real, natural feelings. Even shows like Law and Order that center around rapists and murderers are awful for the psyche. Its best to not watch TV at all

      1. Plenty of plastics in 1973. It’s not good to microwave the shit, but I suspect something else is at play.

    3. You forgot another crucial point: medicine
      In the past a person with cancer would simply die but today they can be in treatment for years until they die or get cured and because of that we have way more cases that before

  2. isnt bayer the company that had medicine here in America for hemophiliacs contaminated with hiv and still decided to sell it. The took it off the shelves here and sold it in second and third world countries knowing it was gonna kill people but they didn’t want to take the loss. After it was discovered they paid out millions in fines but less than the profit they made and of course nobody in the company caught a single charge and went to jail.

    1. Yeah, Bayer is evil as fuck. They love to sell carcinogenic products in south america that are prohibited here in germany.
      We germans are evil as fuck.
      And now – after we got the control of all those muslim refugee zombies we now have control over all the GMO.

  3. Sell artificial “food”, get people sick, sell them medicine for illness they got from eating artificial food. Quite a deal.

    1. lump in the insurance industry and you have quite a trifecta. This is just a new version of the old scam where you sell bandages and sell bullets and push nations into war.

    1. I have been getting into gardening in the past two years. In a 10-gallon cloth pot I harvested 6 lbs of carrots, 6 7-gal pots yielded a bunch of potatoes. Plus I’ve been eating kale, lettuce, peas, beans, and squash and zucchini all summer. I currently have four six foot cannabis plants in bloom right now because screw paying for mind altering substances as well. It’s really not that hard and really fun.

        1. Awesome. That’s sweet if you have the land. My dream home is basically a hobby farm with large garden, chickens and few goats. I’m in a rental right now, but if you have a small rental or apartment, a pot garden is a great way to get started.

        2. Victory gardens! I fucking hate housing associations and stupid zoning laws that basically force people to have useless, wasteful front lawns. I want to see everybody plow up their yards and plant crops!

  4. I don’t know if you knew it but here in germany GMO food is prohibited by law.
    That means Bayer is using their old selling strategy: sell cancerous shit that is forbidden in germany 🙂
    (Same strategy is used by Böhringer Ingelheim, btw).

    1. And your culture will continue to destruct until YOU do something about it, friend. The “but I can’t win!” thing is a European thing. Reject that part of your learning, and recruit other good men and take the shit right back to these flaccid hipsters and fat cow Merkels.

  5. Garden, hunt, forage, ferment, can, and do everything you can to go Galt and get off the food grid. What you can’t grow, buy from local farmers. I’m on my way to becoming self-sufficient but it requires skill and knowledge that I’m still acquiring. Buy some books, plant some window herbs, research your hunting regs, and get started.

        1. Excellent idea, but that would also entail everyone having land to sow the seeds on. Or did you have in mind that they would do something more imaginative with their government issue hoes?

      1. We’d have more of those dopey town fairs where people get blue ribbons for growing the biggest gourd

        1. And find ways to deep fry skittles and beer, those fairs? Ours was last week, not a lot of people, relatively speaking, but just try and squeeze through the crowd, it’s like trying to get past a prize bull in a rodeo chute.

        2. Are you kidding? There wasn’t anything there worth mounting, much less riding. I had to watch where I was stepping the entire time and then go trawling and flirt with a bulimic near a Dollar General just as a balance to the landwhales only to head home with hallucinations of my skin stretching out to strangle me in my sleep. I mean, I couldn’t even look at the stars that night without seeing a creepy cartoon vanilla moonpie singing:

  6. Bayer is a Nazi company still thriving today.
    A Nazi company funded with US capital. Bayer, together with BASF, Hoechst, and other German chemical and pharmaceutical companies were part of IG Farben cartel or Interessengemeinschaft Farben.
    Interessengemeinschaft stands for “Association of Common Interests” and was nothing more than a powerful cartel and the single largest donor to the election campaign of Adolph Hitler. One year before Hitler seized power, IG Farben donated 400,000 marks to Hitler and his Nazi party. Accordingly, after Hitler’s seizure of power, IG Farben was the single largest profiteer of the German conquest of the world, the Second World War.
    IG Farben Headquaters were not bombed by the Allies at the end of WW2.
    Hmm, wonder why … not!

        1. What’s new? You block everybody here. You might be better served if you’re blocked here so you don’t have to deal with any of us, you weak minded little runt.

    1. Why not? Hmm. Not sure, maybe we should get Perry Mason on the case. When General Sherman marched through Atlanta, Georgia, during the Civil War, he torched the suburban town of Marietta. The only building left standing in Marietta? The Masonic Lodge.

  7. Glad to hear that everyone agrees. I’m all for capitalism, but when a global titan profits billions each year off of destroying our health and our planet, something has to be done.

  8. […] I urge you to sign this petition. […] which forces Congress to make an official decision […]
    Not really. That petition thing is solely an Obama White House initiative. And the WH has only said they would “respond” to petitions that reach 100k. Generally this means a brief press statement, and isn’t even promised.
    Nothing about it concerns Congress, force, nor even necessarily that Obama will live up to the stated purpose of a response.

  9. Great article but a small problem is that it mentions that Obama completely ignored a petition with 250,000+ signatures and then it recommends we sign a petition at the end. Petitions don’t work, government officials take one look at them and think, “Awww, isn’t that cute,” and then vote in line with the lobbyist who paid him off.
    I know it’s cynical but in politics only money talks, nothing else does.

    1. Agreed. There was a petition going across stating the US Government label BLM as a terrorist group since they were advocating killing cops and such that got the required number of signatures in a relatively short time. The official response was essentially what you said: “Awww, that’s cute. No.”

      1. How many petitioners does it take to change a light bulb?
        Trick question: Signing petitions doesn’t change anything.

        1. I love them. they have my measurements on file. I have 2 umbrellas from them and when I had my infamous lolknee fuck up I got a custom birch derby cane made and sent to me.

        2. I have 2 umbrellas. I bought them at a tourist trap that some locals had shrewdly set up on the side of a destination that was frequented by people who didn’t realize they’d be spending all day outdoors in the rain. Fortunately, it was a dirt poor country and I only paid about $0.85 a piece for those umbrellas. I think they thought they were taking me for a ride, and I was happy to let them think it.

  10. Great article and a good call to ring the alarm on this issue. One other comment:

    In other words, rather than single genes mutating (normal evolution),
    entire chromosomes evolve (think evolution, but around 1,000,000x

    This is not evolution. It is an intra-species change. In the example of mold that you’ve used, if the mold were to change into say, an insect, it would be evolution. Since the mold is changing, but is still mold, it is not evolution. If the mold did change into something not mold, I would look for a fairy sprinkling magic pixie dust on that mold, because evolution is a complete farce and scientifically impossible. I know it’s been propagandized into the religion of secular humanism with a great deal of success, but actual science has moved well beyond the Darwinism of the 1800s and his hypothesis of evolution in good ole’ 2016.

        1. try holding your brush back and to the left….back and to the left….back……..and to the left

    1. Page returns:
      “Zoinks! you’ve taken a wrong turn…blah, blah.” Surrounded by some freaky anthropomorphized animals.
      So, it’s either Norivlle Rogers or one of those “petting” zoos.

  11. I wrote this a couple years ago and posted it at another forum…
    “Here Comes Monsanto”
    (A musical parody, based on the song, “Here Comes Santa Claus”, by Oakley Haldeman and Gene Autry.)
    Narrator talking, at beginning of song:
    Speakin’ of genocidal spirit,
    Each year, out in St. Louis, Missouri
    They have what they call the Monsanto Parade
    A few years ago, while I was riding in this parade
    I saw lesions on thousands of faces
    Both young and old alike
    As they waited for a glimpse of the most popular GMO foods in the world
    I can hear ’em shoutin’ now
    Here comes Monsanto, Here comes Monsanto, Here comes Monsanto!!!
    (Song begins.)
    Here comes Monsanto
    Here comes Monsanto
    Right down Monsanto Lane
    Massive tumors in your brain, dear
    Un-fucking-godly pain
    Babies cryin’, people dyin’
    All are filled with blight
    Kiss your ass goodbye and say your prayers
    ‘Cause Monsanto comes tonight
    Here comes Monsanto
    Here comes Monsanto
    Right down Monsanto Lane
    They’ve got a bag that’s filled with death
    For boys and girls again
    Hear your DNA jingle-jangle
    Oh what a beautiful sight
    So jump in bed, you’ll soon be dead
    ‘Cause Monsanto comes tonight
    [instrumental interlude]
    Here comes Monsanto
    Here comes Monsanto
    Right down Monsanto Lane
    They come around with gifts of death
    To thin the herd again
    Peace on earth will come to all
    If we give up without a fight
    So let’s give thanks to the Lord above
    ‘Cause Monsanto comes tonight
    Here comes Monsanto
    Here comes Monsanto
    Right down Monsanto Lane
    Massive tumors in your brain, dear
    Un-fucking godly pain
    Babies cryin’, people dyin’
    All are filled with blight
    Kiss your ass goodbye and say your prayers
    ‘Cause Monsanto comes tonight
    [instrumental interlude]
    Peace on earth will come to all
    If we give up without a fight
    So let’s give thanks to the Lord above
    ‘Cause Monsanto comes tonight
    So let’s give thanks to the Lord above
    ‘Cause Monsanto comes tonight

  12. Studies have shown that fish and fruit diets alleviate problems for people with asthma.
    They are rich in protein as well as being high in fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They also make you feel really good (at least in my case). I have asthma and my symptoms are gone since I started on this diet. My head is much clearer and I have a lot of energy all day long, possibly due to the fact I ingest virtually no chemicals or additives of any kind (except on binge days, which are becoming fewer and fewer), many of which can not only make you fat, but make you crave more food – like MSG (monosodium glutamate; this is found in all sorts of food additives like corn oil and others, which they cleverly mask by incorporating high percentages of it in many common additives with benign-sounding names) and high-fructose corn syrup (which wages absolute and total war on a person’s body).

    1. Careful though, with too much fish you will accumulate heavy metals which then become very hard to get rid of. Fruits should be eaten only seasonally.

    2. Anything with a full range of ocean minerals in it does well for you. We came from the ocean, we still need that full range of “stuff”. Buy seaweed fertilizer, use it on your garden regularly, same result. No fish required.

  13. Drinking distilled water is a good idea, too. No fluoride. An interesting correlation here – IG Farben (the founder of what is now Bayer) facilitated the fluoridation of water in German prisoner-of-war camps during WWII, via their brainchild, fluorotyrosine. Just a coincidence, nothing to see here…move along.

    1. I have a mavea water pitcher with a charcoal filter which I use and also have a water purified on my tap. NYC water is excellent, but I am in an older building and the pipes themselves tend to be rusty…plus the issues you mention and the constant worry of mercury.

      1. Smooth move, Kneeman. Tap water is fucked-up beyond all recognition. I did a research paper on the effects of fluoride on the human body for a girlfriend of mine in Canada. It causes brain damage and dental and skeletal fluorosis, among other dastardly things. That’s why so many old people have hip fractures. Due to ingesting high levels of fluoride, they get what is referred to by the serial killers in white lab coats (aka, “M.D.’s”) as “brittle bone disease”…fucks your teeth up, too, making them like chalk. Fish, fruit and distilled water – toss in some lemon juice to maintain proper pH levels in the body. Try that sucker out for about 10 days while taking high doses of Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and magnesium, and a full-spectrum multi-vitamin/multi-mineral supplement, and, like magic, you’ll feel like Einstein and Hercules, all rolled into one…

        1. You are right. We are getting to a point with fish, however, where none of it is without contamination. As much as I want to eat the last fucking morsel of Bluefin I have reduced my fish consumption to twice a week and am thinking about going even down to once.
          People underestimate how good lemon juice is for you. Nice point out. Also, the double filter where the tap water has a filter and the charcoal filter in the pitcher does a secondary job seems to give me very good water. I drink a shit ton of water a day (a gallon minimum) so this is always a huge concern.

        2. I am convinced that the bad-mouthing of seafood is deliberate by the mainstream media – and it’s total misdirection. The sea is the one place the Lords of GMO can’t fuck things up. So they try to convince the sheep that all ocean-harvested seafood is tainted. Via high levels of radiation – Fukushima! I have a buddy in Hawaii and when all that Fukushima crap was going full-throttle, he took radiation readings with a Geiger Counter and was shocked when they came up empty. I had told him that story was bullshit, and suggested he go take some readings…

        3. btw now I am going to make it a point to eat some legit Bluefin this weekend. MMMMM endagerlicious

        4. Fuck yeah, do it, man – I love seafood. It’s the best. I get mine delivered. Fruit and fish both. And it’s actually cheaper than store-bought food – – they bring it right to your door. I like the Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon, Atlantic Cod, and Orange Roughy. Their Golden Fruit and Three-Berry Blend is awesome, too. You can pay cash or use a credit card. I mention this for anybody who doesn’t like going to the grocery store. I hate driving around, and interacting with people so it’s perfect for me.

        5. I take magnesium 500mg and Vitamin D 12000IE everyday and I drink nothing but water. Sometimes I throw in some theanine before I go to sleep. I feel pretty good. Even though I eat lots of burgers from BK.

        6. I am a big fan of orangy roughy. I toss mango, coconut and habanero into a blender and make a little glaze for it. I have a whole foods on my block which does a good job with a lot of stuff and I have one of the best butchers in the world (Loebel’s meat) right around the corner. Always looking to source better fish. I am hit and miss with my local place. I can go to wild edibles but it means taking the subway.

        7. Good call. Linus Pauling (Nobel Prize Winner) found out that Vitamin C cured cancer. There’s tons of data on this on the Net. I take mega-doses of it – chewable. Another good call there…

        8. I haven’t eaten tuna since 2 years or so because back then I heard that there are only 4% of the population left in the mediterranean sea compared to 1950 and I don’t want to be responsible for their extinction.

        9. Schwan’s (weird name, that) has a bonus points system. I get $25 off my next order, for example. Their fruit is cheaper than it is at the store after the smoke clears – frozen, but I don’t care. I’m about saving time. They might use GMO’s I don’t know for sure. All I know is I have been feeling great since I started using them as my supplier, and that’s a good starting point, in any event. A good starting platform…

        10. top of the food chain baby, top of the food chain. I don’t just eat tuna…I straight up devour Bluefin. I am human. That tasty flesh belongs in my belly

        11. If there’s something you eat a lot of, buy it from the distributor. Next to my farmers market are several huge warehouses of fruit and veggie distributors. These guys sell to all the grocery stores as well as many restaurants, but you can also just walk up and pay them cash. I buy a box of 30+ oranges or grapefruits and make fresh juice every morning when it is in season.
          The cost is 1/2 to 1/4 what the grocer charges. I have to throw 3-4 away due to spoilage (I don’t have room to refrigerate the entire box) but I still come out way ahead. If I had a neighbor to split this with it would work even better, and fresher with no spoilage.
          I have their master price list–trying to figure out if I can do the buy anything else in bulk.

        12. I think the MSM tuna stories are just that – stories. That’s a prolific source of protein that can’t be fucked with in a GMO sense. So I think the Big Boys tell tales in the media about the dangers of tuna, and the disintegrating population. But that’s just mathematical inference on my part, along with the fact I’m a cynical prick by nature…

        13. Thanks for this info, nujac. I’ll look around for some of these in my area. I’m in Phoenix/Scottsdale so I don’t know if they have many around, but I will definitely do some research. Any damn thing that gives me an edge, I want to know about it. For sure.

        14. I know that the Bluefin (which can get close to 500 kg!) live a very long time and I think it is over 40 years before they can reproduce. Slow reproduction coupled with the fact that they are just fucking delicious and modern fishing technologies and I believe that their population took a pretty sharp hit in the last 30-50 years. That said, it probably isn’t as bad as the MSM makes it out to be. I don’t really know. What I do know is that it is delicious and I don’t care if I eat the last bite of the last fish on earth….that shit is mine by diving providence.

        15. Yeah fuck it. I have a simple rule. If it’s in Big Media, it’s a fucking lie. Sure, I probably miss the boat sometimes (pun intended). But it’s a good way to interpret the news of the day. For example – “We care about your freedoms. But freedom isn’t free. They hate us for our freedoms…” Translation – “We want you to be enslaved. And that comes at a cost – your blood. We hate you for your freedoms, and we intend to take them away…day by fucking day.” Just reverse the meanings of what they tell you in the MSM – you’ll get a quick handle on what’s going on…

        16. The funny thing is, I actually have more of a “relationship” with the guy I buy from wholesale than any of the minimum wage churn employees at my grocery store. The wholesale guy and I had a good conversation (I speak Spanish and he is Latino–I chatted him up the first time, talked about traveling and how I love Hispanic women and salsa) and now he remembers me and we always smile and joke around a bit.
          He will tell me when the superior Texas grapefruits will be coming in, or that maybe I should buy the oranges instead this week because they’re fresher. Which is more than the grocer would know (they would have to call and ask my buddy the distributor). Usually knocks a couple of bucks off the order too when it comes time to pay. And I don’t think I ever pay tax.

        17. Have you ever seen that sushi documentary about the supposed best sushi restaurant in Japan? They only charge a fixed price per head of like $200 or something. Not anywhere I would dine but I really enjoyed the film. He sends someone to the fishing docks every day and inspects the fish thoroughly before choosing and buying one.

        18. Fuckin’ sweet, man. I will look into this. I fucking hate grocery stores. That fluorescent lighting, all those fat chicks in sweat pants, SJW’s milling around, middleaged women on Prozac. It’s a depressing, human shit-fest. Give me another good option, I will attack it.

        19. Like Paracelsus said: Dosis facit venenum.

          Where I live there are places with high amount of radioactive radon in the rocks and people are chilling around there to cure chronic diseases.
          Just like mild forms of stress are beneficial to your performance (No pressure, no diamonds).
          The concept of vaccination is the same.
          Pretty much hormesis = antifragility.

        20. Isn’t this a macro theory for America? We are facing no real pressure (well, tons of artificial stupid shit like worrying about your mortgage or what some cunty slut thinks about you but no REAL fear or challenges in our life) which is why we are no longer a dominant culture.

        21. When your back is against the wall, you bring out your best – or else. If we don’t know how to bring out our best, we are going to be fucked, because one day our best effort will be required, and it will be a matter of life and death…

        22. Yeah, the whole western world is just too relaxed.
          Another example: My parents are on vacation and I am playing home alone in their beautiful house since two weeks because I thought that the house and the silence and relaxation that comes with it would make me more productive. Result: I chill around all day, didn’t read one book in two weeks, only painted one picture………’s just not working without the pressure.

        23. Jiro Dreams of Sushi. Not only have I seen the documentary but I was at Sushi Nakazawa when he was there behind the sushi bar. I am a bit of a lunatic about that stuff. The 200 dollar tuna head really isn’t a terrible deal. You can make an appetizer for like 8 people or dinner for 4 out of it.

        24. If it is even true and not bullshit as @bobsmith seems to think then yes, totally depopulating Bluefin will lead to more jelly fish which may or may not lead to more people eating jelly fish….they are tasty….in the end, I don’t really care about all that. This is my world. Those are my resources and even if the most ardent ecologists are right about worst case scenario I will be long dead before any of the bad stuff touches me. Take that next generation!

        25. Mine too. Seems like you are just a nihilist.
          That’s the problem with the western world these days:
          Either they dont give a fuck and eat everything they want – or they go full vegan and brag about it.
          People who take a look at the facts and then make a decision based on these facts are rare.

        26. I’ve looked at facts and I have made decisions. I feel nihilism is an incredibly positive philosophy and it has guided my life well for many years. I feel that people like to latch on to causes for reasons, either good or bad, which are just as selfish and much less honest than the self centered egoism of the nihilist while looking for some kind of attachment to their cause, be it religion or the environment or feminism or conservatism or anything else, because they lack confidence and without the ability to place faith in themselves they need to place it elsewhere.
          This is why it is that so often smart people, good people, find themselves in a position where they need to vociferously advocate for whatever their particular cause is…because they have so much of themselves wrapped around it instead of making themselves the center of their own universe. Nihilism is frightening and does tend to make one feel alone and alienated and meaningless, but you can add your own meaning and not have to give a shit about nonsense like how many tuna are in the Mediterranean. That said, I am sure we have points of intersection more than those of disagreement so well met…look forward to next exchange.

    2. Distilled, Reverse Osmosis, and bone char or active alumina filter are the only ways I know of to remove fluoride. Fluoride was never meant to be ingested–it is for topical use only. I bought a great RO system from this company in Texas. Also very helpful to get rid of all the pharmaceutical drug residue in the water, not to mention the estrogen from birth control and I can only assume this will increase with fags taking pills to shrink their nuts and become wymen.
      My system has 3 filters. The prefilter, which gets rid of visible gunk only, was dark brown after about 3 months of use. All this mud and dirt and whatever else it was would have gone straight inside me, and that’s just the stuff I can *see*. Of course, my water system claims they are one of the top in the nation…

      1. Check out any tube of toothpaste with fluoride in it, and you’ll see the warning – “If ingested, call a physician”, or words to that effect…it’s poison. It’s scraped up off the floor, after the production of aluminum and ceramics…

        1. I use a toothpaste without fluoride and without sodium dodecyl sulfate (that causes aphtha..since I dont use SDS containing toothpaste I dont have aphtha(s?) anymore.
          Wikipedia: “A safety concern has been raised on the basis of several studies regarding the effect of toothpaste SDS on aphthous ulcers, commonly referred to as canker or white sores.”)

        2. Well yeah, but that’s true of anything taken to extremes. The difference between a medicine and a poison is dosage.
          Not pimping for Fluoride, I think it’s basically evil. Just making an observation.

    3. We filter the living shit out of our water. At the source, and at the fridge/tap. Also collect rain water for the plants, and mix in seaweed fertilizer to make the veges freaking POP to life (they do, like amazingly).

  14. Really enjoying your articles, Jon. Important issue and I wasn’t aware of this before reading it here on ROK. These are the kind of articles that set us apart.
    People from the “have 25 kids per family” compound don’t like to admit it, but this is a side effect of overpopulation. Going forward, our foods will be less nutritious, and there will be more factory farming, more GMO, more frankenfoods, and air, water, and food quality will continue to decline as we struggle to feed more mouths (and for less money–capitalism drives everything to always always always be cheaper).
    While we can and should fight it, realize that there is an underlying cause and Monsanto is more than just a worldwide Montgomery Burns–they didn’t just spring up from nothing one day.

  15. Good stuff. A lot of otherwise-enlightened Conservatives and Libertarians I know stick up for Monsanto, assuming criticism of the company is just more Leftist grousing about the successful.
    Self-sufficiency vis-a-vis hobby/family-owned/subsistence farms flies in the face of the Elites’ plans. Unlike on some other fronts(ie, immigration) they’re playing the long game with us. A law against collection rainwater here, a law against backyard crops there.

    1. IMO they’ve been playing the long game with us with immigration too, as they’ve been working towards that for at least 50 years.

  16. USA, at number three, is one of the most depressed countries in the world – most people affected by anxiety, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.
    Which are the first two?

    1. ha! I read that at first as Joe Stalin. Spelling America with a K I see.
      Really good article though.

      1. To be fair, we have a Germanic language, the use of C is unnatural for a hard “K” sound.
        I’m all about making us more Anglish than English speaking. Heh.

    2. Very good article, nicely picked. The saddest part is, it was written in 2003.. how much heavier have the layers of government intrusion become in 13 years, I wonder.
      Best quote: “Often, the greatest escapes occur at the moment the noose is tightest”. If anything describes the desperate crossroads men find ourselves at today, that quote is it.
      On a brighter note.. I wanna live in a yurt made from rabbit skins =)

  17. “Mark my words, if we do not stop this company, in several decades we will all be eating GMO’s, dying off from mysterious illnesses,”
    This would play well for agenda 21 to reduce the world population. Thanks for the insight.

  18. They recently tested the clams and shell fish off the Oregon coast in some areas they had insanely high amounts of pharmaceutical waste chemicals and bpa.
    The people pushing these medicines might mean well in most instances but the damage being done is clear.
    It does seem like a concerted effort to fuck up food chains everywhere possible or maybe humanity is collectively so stupid we just don’t understand or care much about changing the way we conduct business.

    1. Just think about the fact that at some places 40% of sand is not sand but microplastic.
      And now you know why I am studying environmental engineering, kids.

      1. Environmental engineering? That sounds either pointless, as TPTB will forever disregard your input, or like leftist claptrap. Perhaps even both.
        If your classes in it are anything like what is taught in the “Environmental Science” discipline, it’s definitely the latter.

  19. Monsanto is evil but certainly you rarely see them doing truly useful things like modifying Redwood trees to grow in the thawing Alaskan wilderness along with pines that alone would provide industry as well as food.
    Adding an autoflowering gene and cold hardiness genes would do the trick but the worsening air quality and impending chinese nuclear disasters would wipe them shits out so maybe we are all doomed and should just keep chugging along for more money.

  20. How are “local farmer’s markets” nowadays?
    They’ve become trendy, so I’m wondering if they’re now priced out of reach and/or inauthentic.

    1. Most of them in Ohio are very authentic. But we’re all farmland out here, and lots of small farms still, so we’re cool.

  21. Great great great article!
    I was wondering if someone here would discuss this. Its the pesticide that worries me the most. 200 billion gallons per year are dumped on our wonderful country!
    Thats the real issue with GMOs.

  22. (((Monsanto))) has a lot of great (((connections))) that allow them to be virtually immune in any (((court of law))).
    Same old same old. We either retake our country from these jackals and parasites, or we continue dying the slow death.

    1. Pendulum is done with its arch and is about to respond to gravity in the other direction.

  23. Ya’ll need to write an article about bill gates next; the man is a serious threat to the world. The hubris of these assholes sickens me.

  24. I recall reading this stuff in a leftist New Age magazine about 20 years ago. They envisaged a Monsanto-Bayer merger, how devastating that would be to world health and food security, even reaching the same conclusion as this article. Of course it was laughed off as tinfoil conspiracy at the time. Fast forward to 2016..

  25. The way to defeat Monsanto can be found in a book I read titled “Inside Scientology”. There is no way in hell that Scientologists should have IRS tax exempt status, but they do, and this is how they did it. They led a relentless and ruthless campaign against the IRS. They had all of their members filing tons of frivolous and petty lawsuits against not just the IRS, but all of their employees as well. They weren’t meant to win any of them, but rather harass and intimidate the organization. Plus it’s going to cost them a lot, which hurts their bottom line. They had their members following IRS employees everywhere they went, they placed advertisements in newspapers offering cash rewards in exchange for damaging information about their employees. Maybe someone was cheating on their spouse, or not paying their taxes, or has a gambling problem. Anyone who worked for the IRS couldn’t relax for a moment. It caused them massive amounts of stress and they finally had to relent and grant them their tax exempt status.
    Imagine a world where SJWs could use their talents for ruining lives against people who actually deserve it instead of people who told the wrong joke or made some microagression. What if all of us had the ability to affect the lives of everyone at Monsanto from the top board members all the way down to the janitor who cleans the floors, every lawyer who represents them, every judge who rules in their favor. This can all be done with relative ease and with minimal exposure to negative legal repercussions (I’m assuming, I don’t actually know).
    This is how we take down Monsanto. The question is, do we want to?
    Just keep in mind that they bought the mercenary company that used to be Blackwater. They don’t just have a legal army, they have a literal one too.

  26. Control Food. Control medical care. Control everyone. It’s always been the plan but it can only be done with their partner, the state.
    But I am just a konspiracy kook or so I am called when I state the obvious.
    When I point out the weak product safety testing of GMOs I am told I am anti-science. I am engineer. I develop products for a living. I have to make sure they are safe. I know how to do this. Scientists don’t. Peer review and a compliant FDA is not how product safety works for anything from automobiles to medical devices* and anything else. GMOs are products and should be treated as such.
    In any case what sets off the red flag for me is that unlike practically every other scientific food of the past the companies don’t put a giant label on their products that says “NOW WITH GMO!” Fat substitutes, sugar substitutes, vitamin enrichment, and much much more is used for the sales pitch, but not GMO. Even if they later proved harmful they were marketed to get people to buy the product. GMO they want to hide.
    *if you rely on FDA approval for a medical device good luck. Safe medical devices are often taken off or not allowed on the market for paperwork and other compliance issues while unsafe devices are on the market because their paperwork, etc is in order. Eventually the FDA generally catches up to the unsafe ones. Eventually.

  27. I suppose you could buy generic CVS brand (Purdue Pharma) until they’re bought out/off or literally killed by the Bayer gangsters. Funny how a lot of products treat symptoms but do not cure disease.

  28. Try and monopolize THIS Monsanto:
    REAL mama’s tit milk beats out Abbott Labs ‘Similac’ and Mead Johnson’s ‘Enfamil’ hands down. Both use GMO corn sweetner solids. Only posessed SJW heathen would feed their young cretins the GMO forbidden FRUITS OF HELL!! Luckily this young tribesmen’s mama knows better.
    The breakfast of KINGS

  29. They ain’t got shit on me. 40 acres, starting next year I’m growing hard neck garlic (try that, Monsanto) and they can kiss my lilly white ass. And I have a 1 acre yard where I can grow food for private consumption so suck it on lawsuits. And again, my ass, white, lilly, you kiss, Monsanto/Bayer.

    1. Garlic grows like weeds in some spots. I’ve inadvertantly mowed over good garlic while trying to grow it in a squared off plot. I let the whole yard grow for awhile and the garlic wanted to grow in certain spots but not others. One spot had shitloads of tall garlic plants coming up so that’s now where I let it grow. The oil is highly benefecial. If I had a squeezer, I’d squeeze oil. I mostly chew it or cook it up in food.

    2. I don’t think they GMO garlic so you’re safe. Corn and soy are the most GMO crops. Canola (rapeseed) is used in a lot of salad dressings as well as soybean oil. Chances are you will still eat their crops.

  30. What a big load of anti capitalistic anti free enterprise bull wrapped in the cloak of junk facts. The environmental movement is nothing but an attempt to move the control of food resources from private ownership to the government. Here are some facts to consider. Americans spend the smallest percentage of their disposable income on food than any other nation on earth. Americans can afford many things as a result. (Including boob jobs for the women) Life expectancy is going higher in America and is going higher and is nearly double that of third world countries with inadequate food resources. There are more people on the planet every day and the same amount of crop land to feed them. Increased production per acre is vital. Organic farming is strictly a luxury in countries that also embrace advanced technologies and production practices that provide an abundant food supply. GMO’s are researched to death and are safer to eat than driving a car on a daily basis.
    I am disappointed in this whole article because it really lines up with a lot of liberal feminist sensationlist thinking based on very biased facts. Obviously this guy knows nothing about agriculture and has never gone hungry in his life.

  31. I try not to buy corporate products and made the change to organic food years ago. I feel so much better eating organic food and haven’t been sick in over 5 years. I don’t care if it cost me more money, I refuse to give corrupted corporations my money plus it’s worth it cause my energy levels are so much better!

  32. GMOs aside, no sane person should be comfortable with a single
    corporation having a strangle hold over both the primary production and pharmaceutical industries. Doesn’t sound like good capitalism to me.. sounds like a fucking monopoly. And the big losers will be consumers.

  33. I didn’t even read the whole article. If you don’t like Monsanto or Bayer it’s fine with me but you should know that at least the part of the article I read was the biggest load of bullshit I have ever attempted to go through.
    There is nothing “shadowy” about those lawsuits. If you buy Monsanto gm seed you have to sign an agreement not to save seed from that crop to plant the next year as it contains patented intellectual property. You don’t sign, you don’t plant their seed, if you choose to sign and use their seed they can and will come after you for doing it.
    “They have an incredible resistance to mold,rain,heat,snow,cold and pesticides”……I don’t even know where to start with this silly paragraph….I mean..damn, where in the hell did you get the impression that any gm crop is more resistant to snow than any other crop? Or mold? What in the hell does resistant to rain even mean? Round Up
    Resistant crops are resistant to RoundUp HERBICIDE. Herbicide kills weeds not mold or insects or anything else. It’s not some kind of chemical weapon. Stacked gene plants are roundup resistant and contain a gene that produces a compound (BT- bacillius thurengeisis-the spelling may not be dead on I didn’t take time to look it up but that’s close enough) that is toxic to WORMS (corn earworm, fall army worms, boll worms,bud worms etc) that most of you would call caterpillars I suppose. It’s harmless to humans. Did you know that BT is sprayed on those wonderful hippy organic crops for worm control? Look at it like this, chocolate is toxic to dogs but humans can eat it with no problem, it’s the same principle.
    If need be I can go through the above article line by line and blow the whole thing out of the water but at the moment I don’t have time.
    I will say this though I enjoy readingROK and will continue to do so but the above is bullshit of the lowest form. If you would like consultation from someone who actually knows something about agriculture for future articles feel free to contact me. I’m not an expert about much in life but, that I can cover.
    By the way I am not nor have I ever been employed by the above companies. At this time I have not read ONE credible study that proves the evils of GMO crops. The government does not/can not force farmers to grow GMO crops. The farmers who do grow them WANT to, if not there are other alternatives.

    1. I would also like to add that some of Monsanto’s seeds are coming off patent. Farmers are free to do what they want with those strains. Glysophate (Roundup) is also off patent.

      1. They also are not the only company in the game. Others such as Phytogen produce GMO seed and conventional seed is also available. To listen to that kook article one would think the only place to get seed is from Monsanto. And what’s with the “super seeds” thing that “spreads like wildfire”? I’ve seen thousands of acres of that stuff that were replanted due to poor stands. Doesn’t sound like super seed to me. Lol

        1. I have a passing interest in agriculture (hydroponics is a minor hobby of mine), genetic engineering, and I have two family members who have PhDs in food science (specialized organic chemistry). So I tend to follow this stuff.
          I don’t understand where the whole religion of GMO BAD ORGANIC GOOD has become the conventional wisdom of the majority of the population. An example: I have a tenant who’s girlfriend makes him buy nothing but organic (he is routinely horrified by the size of his food bill). He went almost catatonic when I informed him that organic farmers do use pesticides. His GF was making him buy stuff to avoid pesticides. I tried also to tell him caffeine is a pesticide also while he was having his coffee…. not sure if that statement sunk in at all.

        2. I am in the seed, fertilizer and crop protection chemical business(retail sales and fertilizer application).
          I don’t get the organic vs conventional thing either. If that’s what one chooses to do it’s cool with me but, a lot of what encourages people to go organic is based on lies like the above article.
          To give them credit there are some people who have made a killing from selling organic products. Sometimes though I’m just caught completely off guard about how little most people know about food production and how they can be so easily led by foolishness. If it’s on the Internet it has to be true, right?

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  35. Biotechnology can also be used to introduce genes for controlling all of those problems. Genetically engineered crops are a reality, conventional farming can only feed 1/3rd of the planet. I like you Jon, but you are out of your element here.

    1. The chart below says a lot. Genetically engineering crops (first with selective cross breeding and later with direct gene modification) has increased yields in corn by over 600% from what is was when my parents were little kids.
      We would have a lot more than just corn and soy, but the costs to get GMO approved is so much, only large companies engineering mass produced crops can afford the process.
      Smaller crops (say a better strawberry) it is just not cost effective. The funny thing is, the anti GMO and organic people don’t seem to have an issue with radiation mutation breeding. Editing genes is bad. Hitting seeds with gamma or x-rays and developing new plant strains by random mutations is OK.
      So gene editing with a scalpel requires an expensive review process. Using a radioactive sledge hammer? No special approval required.

  36. I came back and tried to read the whole thing again, it’s hard to read while shaking ones head.
    The only true facts I saw-
    Bayer is purchasing Monsanto
    GMO crops are resistant to RoundUp herbicide
    Some of the market share figures COULD be true(I didn’t go to the trouble of looking it up).
    That’s about it. It reads like an article geared toward women and feminine manginas to get them hyped up about GMOs. For all of the talk in the comments section at ROK about critical thinking, one would believe that grown men would know better than believing a bunch of outlandish claims like these.

    1. I was going to try to do a step by step rebuttal, but I am too busy with work. The article was painful to read. I felt like I was reading something from Thinkprogress instead of ROK.

      1. I found it surprising to see something that silly on ROK, I was even more surprised to see how many believed it in the comments section.

    2. I agree. Really doesn’t belong here.
      I especially like the part where he claims gmos cause celiac disease, and links a one paragraph stub article that discusses “gluten sensitivity” (which is pretty much total bullshit) from a “popular” magazine.

  37. Ayo, ayo hol up – what was wrong with kratom? I liked kratom. In fact, it was recommended to me here. Were they spraying it with pesticides or something?

  38. This article is a liberal infection into this site. Mangina at a do you flag an entire article?? This author needs to take some midol or something.

  39. Hippies have been screeching about this stuff for decades. It’s very encouraging to see folks on the “right” becoming aware of it too.
    We need to put aside our differences and unite to save humanity from the corporatocracy. Alt-Right and Alt-Left have much more in common than most people realize.
    It’s no longer left vs. right. It’s the Alt of both vs. the Establishment of both.
    Thanks for this article, Jon.

  40. Too bad the majority of Congress is in Monsanto’s pocket. This is very troubling indeed.
    Luckily, proper food distributor’s are labeling their products as Non-GMO and Organic so we can look in the right direction.

  41. At the end of the movie Food Inc., it show politicians and how they are in the pocket of Monstersanto.
    Unfortunately most people can’t afford organic this and that and others waddle through the grocery aisle with their HFCS garbage.

  42. Ridiculous, while in fact Monsanto is an evil empire the way to stop them is not by shunning its products but by presenting a reasonable competition but guess what? the large amount of hippies pro nature are the ones preventing the rise of any business that could do the job

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