5 Reasons Why Learning Self-Defense Is Non-Negotiable

We live in a violent world. We have always lived in a violent world. We are a violent species. This is not bad or good, it is a fact. Facts, unlike opinions, have consequences when ignored. Like thinking that getting an education will provide you with a stable income or that treating your spouse with respect will keep her attached to you. Facts override opinion, reality overrides delusions and illusions.

Not understanding how to defend yourself in a violent world has consequences. Consequences that can often be far worse than not knowing game or understanding personal finance. Many in the Western world believe that we are headed towards a violence-free world. That human nature can be molded and changed. That our violent past is just that…in the past. Unfortunately this is far from the truth. America is an empire in the state of decline. A shooting star on the descent.

What does this mean for us? That we must prepare for the future. Regardless of whether we seek to rebuild Western civilization from the ashes or to simply “enjoy the decline.” Either way we must be prepared for what is coming.

Learning self-defense was something that humans have had to do since the beginning of time. Something necessary for survival. There was no choice in the matter. Either learn to kill or be killed. That was the rule. We live in a time where we can ignore rules for a limited time. But like stated before reality will reassert itself and often with overwhelming force. Like a dam breaking. Let’s take a look at our future.

1. Increased Racial Tensions

RoK - Black Lives Matter Riot

Humans are a tribal species. People will always trust others who are like them. Whether this is in political or religious beliefs or even more powerfully a person’s ethnic makeup. Despite all the “progress” that has been made between races it has done little to quell the unrest between different races. Now, as individuals we can ignore this and be friends with whomever we want, but on a societal level it doesn’t work this way.

You may not care about what a person’s race is, but that will not stop that other person from judging you by your race, and you may be a target of violence because of it. This is only going to increase in the future. We are headed into an even more marginalized society thanks in large part to the progressive policies of the West.

2. Governmental Oppression

Ruby Ridge

Ruby Ridge

In states of unrest, such as that of a declining empire, the governing authorities often push harder to maintain control. We see this in censorship, “safe spaces,” and other policies designed to subvert dissent.

However, dissent can only be pushed down for so long before it blows over. Right now we are seeing “soft” measures of population control but we will soon see the harder measures coming out. And not only will these measures be used on rioting goons, but also on anyone who doesn’t agree with whatever the puppet master’s current narrative is.

A populace of the American founding fathers, Leonidas’s Spartans, or Alexander’s Greek army would spell death for the power structure of modern day Western society. Force can only be met with force.

3. Empire In Decline

RoK - Collapsing America Ship

America is on its way out with Western society close behind it. The vandals and goths are already among us. The barbarians have already taken the gate and are sacking the city.

The only way to survive in the midst of barbarians is to be a tougher barbarian. The only reason hardened street thugs listen to police officers is because the police officers have more force than then thugs do. Which generally means better weapons, better training, and the law on their side. The law would be meaningless without the batons and firearms.

As a matter of fact the only reason anyone listens to anyone is because of force. Ultimately all control is maintained through force. The only reasons feminists and other crazies can say and do the things they do is because the governing structure that defends them has men with guns who will ultimately uphold its power.

4. Corrupt Justice System

RoK - Cry Rape Get Out of Jail Free Card

There is no such thing as a fair trial. The great thinkers of the West devised a trial system that got us close but now that system has been turned on its head. Example: You are attacked on the street, you press charges, but because of the perp’s background you are painted as the bad guy. You get a slap on the wrist for having the gall to dare demand justice against an “oppressed” class.

You cannot rely on the justice system for justice. Now understand you must still act under the law, but do expect the law to mete out justice. You must take justice into your own hands. This doesn’t mean become a vigilante.

Remember you must operate under the law.

Let’s say you wake up one morning and have to go into work early. You hurry out to your car and as you place your hands on the car door you feel some at the back of your neck. A man orders you to give him the keys. He pulls you back, keeping his knife at your throat.

You have two options.

Option A – Let him get away and hope that the police can locate your car and the man who held a knife to your throat. Then pray that he isn’t a protected class so that justice can be meted out.

Option B – Pull out your Glock, blow him away, and then inform the police. Sleep like a baby that night.

5. Personal Responsibility

RoK - We dont call 911

You are responsible for what happens to you in life. This goes against what we are told day in and day out but it is the truth. You’re a kid who gets bullied. It’s your own fault for not being tougher. You’re a twenty-five year old virgin. It’s your fault for not learning game.

At first this seems cruel and harsh. However it is anything but. You see when it’s your responsibility than you can change it. The ball is in your court, you are now empowered. Self-defense is no different. Now while even the best of us can get caught off guard from time to time. This doesn’t negate the factor that preparation and training can make a world of difference.

I have heard people say that violence is so chaotic that training won’t have much of an effect, and I call bullshit. If it didn’t have much of an effect then why has every military group that has ever existed trained, and continues to do so? Why do the Marines have Parris Island, LEOs the police academy, Spartans the agoge. Don’t listen to these jackasses.

Training can mean the difference between life and death. Between peace of mind and a shattered psyche. Between sleeping in peace or waking up with night terrors. Do yourself a favor and learn how to inflict harm on another human being should the situation call for it. Learn a martial art, learn how to handle a firearm, and most importantly of all learn the correct mindset to be able to do all of these things when the time comes.

The human race hasn’t changed in a very long time and we are not going to. Violence is a fundamental part of our nature. Embrace it, channel it, and be ready to use it on those who wish to use it on you.

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136 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Learning Self-Defense Is Non-Negotiable”

  1. 6. Rape
    No, really. With the US highest-in-the-world incarceration rates, one should be prepared to defend one’s body if he finds himself in lockup.

    1. There are styles for cramped spaces and they work quite well out in more open too.
      Wing chun or however people prefer to write it is one but I remember others, just not the names.

      1. You gotta be fit too. Wing Chun is a great martial art, but it has a small number of techniques. The really good fighters train and train and train in those few techniques so that they won’t fail. Fighting machine in the true sense of the phrase.

        1. Yes indeed, the hours spent punching rice bags for me was never wasted, those few techniques are worth it. 100.000 repetitions doesn’t take that long actually but it will make a world of difference in actual combat.

    2. Depends on who is getting raped.
      I won’t be spending my ammo on trying to protect women from the rape gangs. The ammo will be worth more than the woman and I don’t want to give up my position either.
      Any woman running down a road and not shooting is useless anyway. Maybe I’ll assist the one who is trying to beat them off with an empty battle rifle but only if she looks like she can be of use.
      The fat stupid ones who voted us into this mess will, after living in their Subarus and being forced to eat their dogs, only get a shovel from me. It’ll be convenient that when they do finally lay down and their useless lives are done, the person who comes by will find a shovel right there ready for use in burying them. Gotta keep our post-civilization total Mad Max collapse nice and tidy you know.

      1. What a racist site this is.You should promote peace so we wont have this mindset that everyone is our enemy.

        1. Fun fact not everyone is equal and if you think certain cultures don’t produce more violent individuals despite all evidence pointing to the opposite you are moron.

        2. No one said don’t be peaceful. The message is be prepared. This is a good message for every man, no matter his race. Why are you so stupid that you think that is a racist idea?

        3. Taoists and Tibetan Buddhists are probably the most peaceful people on Earth, but they train in martial arts. The reason being, is that being mentally and physically able to fight is part of human nature and promotes higher intellectual and spiritual growth. Don’t fight if you don’t have to, but training to fight develops synapses and pathways in the brain that enable you to think more objectively and be physically healthy. A person like that is better suited in society than a person with the “roll over and die” complex that our current society fosters.

        4. Well said. We’re NOT all equal. Society is someting of a mish mash where everyone agrees to get along. The fact that all countries produce serial killers means that no society can effectly coddle everyone to where there’s not extreme mental illness.

        5. We look at reality. The only one promoting racism and race wars are the ‘oppressed’ themselves and maybe some elite – minorities and women got everything they could have possibly wanted in the 60s and 70s.

    3. Rape in prisons seems to be a phenomenon that coincided with the rise of feminism post industrial era, post civil war, post ww1, ww2, korea and Viet Nam. In the 70’s ”Scared Straight” sensationalized MALE ON MALE rape in prisons. Specifically BLACK perpetrated rape on weaker men of any race. I never heard of male Confederate prisoners raping their fellow captives or Bonnie nnd Clyde era state inmates exhibit the gay beastiality in prisons. Maybe in Weimar Germany or in declining Rome or Sodom or Babylon I can imagine inmates going bung hole stupid. Guards could throw in sheep and it would suffice for the locked up bung apes. Some men during the Wiemar era had the composure to sit down and write a manifesto while locked up and others went ass hole sniffing. Not all imprisoned men are the same or were created equal.

      1. I don’t get all the prison rape that goes on. They used to say it was because of sex-starved men all put together. (Which I thought was laughable.) But it’s got to be psychosis. Serious rape researches show how real, genuine rape is not really for sexual gratification, but as a mental illness driven power thing. Which blows the SJW’s argument out of the water. But it also indicates the huge amount of mental illness in prisons.

        1. Don’t know about racial stats, but areas that are magnates for gays, SF, central Texas, Toronto, the jails likely have a strong culture of ‘Chichen for the Hardhats’.
          I had the fortune of being in a large county jail holding cell for a weekend back in my 20’s. It was in a large northern union industrial city with a massive inner city black population. I was one of five other whites locked up with over 40 blacks that weekend. On saturday night many blacks were playing cards but something was abuzz. A few blacks headed to their beds to retire kept asking around if anyone had hand cream that they could borrow. Naive me thought, ”hmm, the city water here must be pretty hard. Rough on the hands. Better not drink too much.” A lot of the teeth I saw in there looked like the iron ring deposit on a Toledo commode.
          I picked through a pile of year old magazines and read a National Geographic from cover to cover. Well, the buzz and restlessness with the blacks continued till 2am when we heard jingling and the guards let in two tall black transvestite hookers that were picked up. Their hair and boobs were surprisingly realistic looking. The two hookers entered the cell shouting ”The girls are here”. What surprised me more were the number of blacks who put down their hands of cards and LINED UP as the two trannies pulled their short shorts down and bent over the table, right in front of the ceiling cameras and everything. A few blacks who I noticed had a Christian cross tattoo didn’t participate, but the majority locked up in there were appearantly common bung apes. It’s very odd and ironic how they politely lined up like gentlemen though when usually they fight and aggressively barter for scraps of this and that. Neither myself nor the other four whites participated in the sausage fest either.

      2. Clyde Barrow got fucked up the ass in prison a lot. It affected his relationships for the rest of his life, including giving him impotence issues with Bonnie.

    4. I’ve often thought that. You can be the most law-abiding person in the world and still get caught up in something ridiculous and land in jail.

  2. Reminds me of an incident I had in elementary school in Mexico. I believe I was in first grade. It involved a kid way bigger than me who kept pestering me and the teacher (a woman btw) gave no shits about it. Then he commited the mistake of pouring glue on my head. He got stabbed in the stomach with a pencil. This being Mexico, I got the paddle from the teacher, got send to the principal’s office, got another paddling from the principal, a short man who looked like the bastard gay love child of Chaplin and Hitler, and my mom got notified. When my mom found out, she matter of factly told the staff “Well, she should have stopped the bullying when my son told her to. He’s going to defend himself. And that’s that.” Of course I got suspended. And when we got home, my mom did whip out the belt. After all, I STABBED someone with a pencil. Yet, the way I saw it, my mother had given me her blessings to defend myself when necessary. No stabbings, of course lol. Coming to think about it, I imagine the freakout that would have ensued if this had happened in the States, where kids who point fingers and say bang get suspended.

    1. Good for you!!! I never got the “No matter who started it, you fight back, you get the same punishment” bullshit.

    2. My mother was awesome! “I don’t care what school says, if someone hits you, fucking hit them back”.
      There was a mentally retarded kid, who got away with doing anything to anyone because of his condition… but I knew he was a vindictive little bastard regardless. One day, he came out of nowhere and jammed a sharp stick into my back, as I winced I remembered my wise mothers words and proceeded to knee strike the remaining IQ points out of the stupid mongs ugly fucking Polish skull.
      When my parents were called into school, they never took any shit from the headteacher, and i went home with a nice pizza!

      1. You sir, are friend-worthy ! Give your parents their due respect ! And make sure other kids find that information out for themselves !

      2. My father gave me similar advice growing up. “I don’ t want to hear about you ever starting a fight, but if someone else throws the first punch you damn well should throw the last one.”

    3. i like that your mother both disciplined you and backed you up. It was the right thing to do and gave you the right balance.

    4. Kinda reminds me of my upbringing in Russia, I had to fistfight some kids after classes when challenged, nothing crazy, just a few small bruises, but you knew that there was no one to complain to

    5. Something like that happened to me in 9th grade. Basically my mom called me a chicken shit for not defending myself and I told her to pull the car ove. (Dude was following us on a bicycle.) After the tussle he ran away like a pussy. Even more funny, he confronted me at school the next day saying how I was going around telling everyone I kicked his ass. I had not been doing that, and was hoping that nobody would find out. I was a little embarrassed that I hadn’t technically beat him up. Long story short, I told him I didn’t have to see him after school because 8 had already saw him and I don’t need to see him again. It helped that I told all the congregated students that any one of them could ask my mom or my sisters friend, (who just happened to witness the “fight”,) who ran away like a pussy. The next time I had an issue with a bully I referee them to the public humiliation the first guy recieved.
      I learned that i could and was able to stand up for myself, (not that this was my first fight so much, but i did think he could kick my ass. I had an understanding that i might lose.) And to never underestimate the crowd and perception. It is much nicer that way. And brings a satisfaction subtly different from physical conforntation.

      1. Afterwards, did you tell him to “get the lead out”? Life should be lived like a Schwarzenegger action flick, after all.

    6. You should have done a Joe Pesci on him like in Goodfellas where he stabs a guy in the neck to death over an insult.

    7. “Well, she should have stopped the bullying when my son told her to. He’s going to defend himself. And that’s that.” Of course I got suspended”
      Something similar happened to me in school as well.
      What is also desperately needed in these case scenarios is: once it has been established that the child had defended himself, yet THE SCHOOL ADMINS punished the victim for fighting back instead of the attacker, then a small posse needs to be put together to abduct said admins after hours and beat the fucking daylights outta them – give them a few broken limbs – so they will be less stupid next time around.

  3. Don Corleone said it best: “Lawyers can steal more money with a briefcase than a thousand men with guns and masks.”
    A corporate executive is more likely to hurt you than a street thug. The reason: You know to avoid the thug.

    1. That’s why you make sure to have lawyers on your side too ;-). That shit actually works even when done by average joe if you have the coverage for a big enough lawyer/firm.

  4. On number five, remember that the reason you have a personal responsibility is because no one is coming to help you. When seconds count, the police are only a few minutes away. Rely on the Nanny state to solve your problems at your peril.

  5. I’ll go a step farther. Anyone who hasn’t been through Infantry school ought to learn the basics – cover and concealment, ambush, fire and maneuver, etc…
    This shit isn’t going to get settled with fist fights. Real war is a team sport.

  6. Really? Rising racial tensions? Nothing in there about good ol’ confidence in knowing how to defend yourself? Wow…

    1. what did you read ??? because its seems you missed four out of five points and he mentioned exactly what you said he didnt. Jesus christ man

  7. I went to the Trump Rally in Albany Last night. Great Time. Here is a video I found on youtube of an anti Trump protester spitting in a Trump supporters Face.

    1. these people (the anti-trump people) are the most inferior of the inferior people. They get violent if they can’t win an argument or if they are exposed to the truth too much. They won’t stop, the only way to stop them if they get wipe off from the face of the earth. Oh wait, we don’t need to fire a bullet at all. When society collapses absolutely, these people will be the first to die.

  8. Excellent article Charles and one of pressing importance to the manipulated male living in this piss weak age.
    I’ve got a new article up on how to become extremely dangerous.
    I will be writing in the future about a modern male’s need to achieve mastery in one or preferably several forms of martial discipline in order to survive what is coming.
    The weak will be crushed like insects under the approaching hell storm.
    Despise weakness and spit upon the coddled victims with furious indignation.
    Do not run from conflict but with open arms embrace the blazing fire of battle.
    Show contempt for death. In so many ways all of us in western civilization are already dead.

    1. I read your post and a horned viking helmet appeared on my head. Thanks for the collectible helmet.

        1. I think that there was actually one found (hence where we all get the reference to them), however it’s use was deemed ceremonial by archeologists. Which makes sense, that thing would be really unwieldy in battle.

        2. If I remember well, this misconception of the horned vikings all comes from the Waterloo helmet, and one old norwergian tapestry depicting one in a ceremony.
          Also, the winged helmet thing comes from a mistake of the XIXth century archeologists, who mistook the celtic style cheek guards for wings.
          The ones with badass horned helmets however were the teutonic knights. I like to think that they could afford wearing them in battle despite the obvious impracticality of the thing, since contrary to the vikings, they mostly fought on horse.

        3. That’s basically what I remember as well.
          Beautiful helmets. Sutton Hoo is probably more realistic as to what the (rich) Germanics wore, and if they were poor, they basically went into battle with whatever clothes they had on their back, or a bit of leather.
          Beats how the Gaels fought, which was, generally, naked. Not a lot of protection afforded by such a tactic, but it sure gave them the element of surprise and confusion.
          “I say sir, are those screaming men running towards us all stark naked, or am I seeing things? What in the hell is going on here?”

        4. The shame associated with getting beaten to death by an enemy’s swinging big dick sowed the seeds of psychological warfare development for that period 😀

        5. The Greeks did the same thing, they just looked a whole hell of a lot less manly doing it.
          Imagine some 6+ foot monster bearing down on you, screaming battle cries in what sounds like an alien language, with a bastard sword, a painted face and wearing nothing but what God and providence gave him at birth? Frightening as hell, I’d say.

        6. Especially scary if the Gael (or Gaul ?) in question had time travel abilities, as bastard swords were not around until the XIVth century. Got you, hahaha.

        7. So what you’re telling me here is that all swords prior to the XIV century were in fact legitimate offspring of two married swords? Surely you jest.
          I actually don’t think that Gael and Gaul are related linguistically, they appear instead to be happy accidents. Gaels are not the same Celts as the Welsh (or Breton types). The p/q split only occurred in England I believe. That being said, now I’m curious to investigate the etymology of the word Gaul to see if I’m correct, or just blowing hot air. heh

        8. Heh, it actually reminded me of Madonna’s “torpedo boobs” bras she wore in the 1980’s.

    2. A true rallying cry…. are those quotes/maxims from another source, or are they your own? I’d like to record them somewhere/read further, as a reminder.

      1. They are mine. I’m really dedicating my time now to develop content on my blog and it’s all similar to what I’ve said here.
        Become tribal. Out group yourself from the mainstream death cult and abusively mock it. If they lose control and come at you, fucking crush them.

        1. Working on financial independence as we speak. Starting on saving a years expenses, if ever I get fired I will be able to survive until I find new work, training, or start a business.

    3. Large strong family units with guns whom know how to use them will likely survive, even if untrained in martial arts. All the martial arts in the world will do no good when coming across those armed with guns in groups. Unless your martial art includes gun training.
      Still, the most important thing is to have groups of men you trust and can thus rely on, near where you plan to ride out the collapse, and to have guns, lots of ammo and train on them.
      Anti-biotics, food stashes and first aid kits will be ridiculously important as well. If it ever gets that bad (SHTF) that is.

      1. Agreed. I advocate training in unarmed combat to harden you and acclimate one towards up close and personal combat using your own body because those who do not possess fighting ability can be broken mentally quite easily.
        Also unarmed combat builds respect and brotherhood and allows for settling of disputes that do not end in death(for the most part).
        The competent use of guns, obtaining supplies and coordinating efforts of a large group are obviously more vital in a lights go out scenario. I do not want to neglect any emphasis on that aspect of survival.
        What I aim to do is promote a culture that has a heirarchy based on natural law and holds to values that are long dead in the post modern turd soup of western civilization.
        To build a tribe of complete savages yet also disciplined, intelligent and with the shock of a lightning bolt willing to get extremely violent when it is neccessary.

  9. It amazes me that we as a society we tell ourselves and swallow the lies that we often hear. “don’t judge a book by its cover” COMPLETE BULLSHIT. “Violence is not the solution to all problems ” well depends on the situation but if it is a life threat, then COMPLETE BULLSHIT.
    Many people don’t realize that we do judge other people because that is our nature. We judge a person based on how he/she dress, what music he/she listens to, what topics do she/he mostly talks about, and such little things that take into detail. Based on these things, we make our discerning, a decision, a judgment. However, we manage to tell these lies and contradict them.
    Also under personal responsibilities, why being a virgin at 25 is somehow a failure? If he is a virgin at the age, that is a choice he made, not his fault.

    1. Yeah, I was going to add, with all the false rape allegations going around these days, most young men would rather not take the chance, and maybe fuck once a year at a third-world brothel for a week or so, than deal with special snowflakes, and their bullshit lies.

    2. It’s ok to judge on appearance. If I see a slack jawed twat in baggy clothing wearing bling and making gang signs, it’s perfectly reasonable for me to think of that person as a cunt. I don’t have the time to consider if maybe he’s well read, plays violin or volunteers at the fucking donkey sanctuary, because… you know there’s 7 billion of us and we’re not all wonderful, individual snowflakes as we like to think we are. I even know this about myself. Even though I’m better looking than most people, I’m just a lad from northern england who likes the occasional drink, likes a fuck, likes a scrap, likes the beatles and likes chips

      1. In the Academy, we were taught to profile. It was called something else, but it was profiling. It was also the way to bet when your ass was on the line.

    3. Whenever someone mentions the book idiom, I just say, “One does not invest in books with ratty covers.”

  10. Incoming Gun posts! Remember owning a talking about your gun all the time is almost as good as having a big dick… Almost.

        1. Thanks, but it was a reponse to the tired old Leftist sobriquet that gun owners all have tiny weiners. Stupid Lefties! I own guns because…I want to.
          Simple. As. That.

      1. No, I’m all for guns. I’m all for big dicks as well. But its not something you whip out at every party, Or have to remind every person who you think gives a fuck.

  11. If possible, you should not only learn how to defend yourself but also start talking to like-minded people in your area so that when SHTF, you’ll have a small army to fight back against the SJW mobs or La Raza agitators or whoever wants to kill you. Right now, it would be almost impossible to completely destroy the Marxist/multicultural cancer that is killing the West, at least by peaceful means. I am not saying we should fire the first shot, but as Marxist Rham Emmanuel said, “never let a serious crisis go to waste”. So hopefully, when SHTF, pro-American/Western warlords will be able to take control and then rebuild civilization from the ground up.

    1. Or failing that go grey and blend in until you are pressed. I for one do not trust random people enough to reveal anything about how I can defend my shit and myself.
      Other than some people know that I used to do a lot of martial arts and were in the service nothing is public.
      But then I’m in Europe so my strategy will be different from that of people on the other side of the pond.

      1. Some places are probably much more hospitable environments for nationalist warlords than others. In Los Angeles or London, going dark would probably be safer. But if you’re in Alabama or Poland, you probably could pull it off if you’re careful. If SHTF and nationalists organize and become strong enough, they could try to conquer the parts of their countries that are controlled by the commies.

        1. Eastern Europe is still in a different state and much more armed and willing to use violence than the west where I am is.
          So I’m going to guess that most of the stuff initially happening here will not involve firearms much beyond police use.

        2. I read an article on the worst first-world places to be if it all went to hell, #1 was Israle, #2 was ALL OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, London, NYC and chicago also made that list

  12. Im kinda curious how the SJW crowd will defend itself once all hell breaks loose. That will be quite a show to watch.

      1. That wont be me – any sight of blue hair, piercing, dreadlocks or tattoos – you wont count on my help

        1. Bang, dead on. I’ll watch through the scope as they’re destroyed. Quietly.

    1. I giggle at the idea of sitting on the porch swing in the woods with my tablet and a big bowl of popcorn while watching live streams of the zombie apocalypse from various Walmarts and Welfare offices around the country.

    2. Men. They’ll regress to their default mode of seeking out capable, masculine men. And I’m no oracle of any sort. But some things are as telling as Tuesday following Monday.

  13. Whether they like it or not, blacks will always be useful idiots for the progressives. If we do have a societal breakdown and the welfare spigot dries up expect to have plenty of the brothers paying your home a visit.
    I’m glad I don’t live in the city, but even here we won’t be fully insulated if stuff goes south.

  14. Excellent article, a lack of personal responsibility and a lack of awareness and judgement of threats make up a huge proportion of crime stats, imho. It amazes me just how oblivious to potential threats some people are.

  15. Self-Defense is a Sine Qua Non thing nowadays. However, many ROK users do not have access to firearms. Their only option is even only bare hands, in countries where knives and tools like kubotans are forbidden.
    What are the best options then?

    1. In pretty much everywhere in America, you should have the right to at least possess and carry a long gun within the confines of your home. Unless you live in a shitty liberal city you probably also have the right to carry and possess a handgun within the confines of you home and probably your private property too without a permit. There is little excuse in to why you should not have a firearm in your home for self defense unless you are otherwise a prohibited person, have strong ethical objections, etc.
      Outside the home, in most of the US, outside of shitty liberal states like NY, NJ, and CA you can obtain a permit to carry a firearm. Again, unless you have some valid reason there is little reason why you should not jump through the hoops of acquiring a carry permit for your state.
      If a gun is not an option, I recommend you carry a knife that is legal in your state. Generally any knife under 3″ that does not have offensive characteristics like a hand guard or is spring loaded will be fine. A Swiss Army knife with your standard 2″ blade is going to be legal just about anywhere (and if for some reason it isn’t due to a local law or regulation I highly doubt you will be prosecuted once the case hits the public limelight.)
      You should also possess more defensive tools such as zip ties, handcuffs, etc and learn how to properly restrain another human using these tools. I would not encourage anyone to “play cop” and carry these tools on a day to day basis (other then perhaps having some available in your car), but these are good defensive tools to have on hand in cases where you exercise self defense and incapacitate your attacker. Properly restraining someone can prevent escalation of violence and help defuse situations. It could even prevent you from having to take unnecessary lethal action if say your attacker decides he has “round two” in him and comes at your again.

      1. FYI in several European countries carrying any kind of object on your person that can be deemed as a weapon/offensive object is against the law.
        This includes but is not limited to any kind of puncture tool like a screwdriver, any form of bladed weapon/tool and hitting tools like batons or hammers.
        These can only legally be carried inside a closed bag in a way that they are not readily accessible.
        Know the laws and regulations people, don’t make assumptions on these things.

        1. Which makes me bless my lucky starts that my family left the U.K. and landed on the fertile shores of Ohio.
          I’m assuming that they came via Lake Erie, btw. heh

        2. Thats fucking insane. How about a spork? Can I carry one to defend myself over there?

        3. Believe it or not but its down to the judgement of the LEO in most cases. I’ve heard of people arrested over a maglite and things like a wooden sword. Trying to remember the craziest stuff, but right now the best would probably be a neon yellow super soaker…

        4. yeah, pretty nice with all that liberty, huh ?
          Hey ! Romania is currently in an alliance with the US. Maybe we can borrow some of your gun laws ?
          shit ain’t funny here.

        5. When the law makes it impossible to live freely as a law abiding citizen, one should consider the benefits of becoming an outlaw.

  16. Always be aware of your surrounding.I listen to my gut, warning me, and it spares me a lot of suffering.

  17. I have had people tell me that training makes no difference and it is definitely bull. Usually it is said by people who have no training. The point is, in a stressful situation you will immediately and unthinkingly fall back on your training because it is the the only way your body knows how to react.
    Not only that, training allows you to respond calmly and intelligently, without panicking. This is why I don’t understand people who buy a gun and go to the range once a year and never take any instruction. Complete madness and you will probably do more harm to yourself than an attacker.
    Training allows you to be more confident in dealing with hostile situations. This will transfer to your enemy who will simultaneously lose confidence and back away when he sees your lack of fear. Thus, the Art of Fighting Without Fighting is achieved.
    More to the point, I have real life experiences (both of my own and others) where training carried the day.
    Learn to defend yourself gentlemen. Besides, chicks dig a tough guy.

    1. Exactly. Never understood the delusion behind not training. It’s similar to not committing to revision for an exam.
      You may not be able to recall everything perfectly in both the context of a written exam or combat. But quality & consistent training gives the brain & body enough reference material to solve problems adequately. Running out of immediate reference sources due to zero input from lack of training leads to panic & the amygdala fucking things up by going back to its early factory settings…

    2. Exactly correct. People who say training doesn’t matter have never truly been in a fight (that they won). Your entire body goes into fight or flight mode, your adrenaline pumps up, your mind slows shit down and your micro muscle skills come to a screeching halt. At that point you have either blind pummeling, or you fall back on your training.
      One of the reasons I tell people to constantly practice at the range, for tactical defensive shooting, is that shit will save your life. Just having a gun is no guarantee of safety if you never practice realistic defense drills with it.

    3. yes, this is 100% true.
      I don’t know if you had the same experience boxing as I did, but that first year for me involved a lot of getting hit in the face with my hands behind my back so I would get over the instinct to flinch. There is nothing a calm and skilled opponent will love more than an involuntary flinch.

      1. First year of high school football JV we had a flinch drill where we would keep our eyes open when our face mask was slapped.
        Sounds silly but as conditioning for home defense I walk around the house with a fire arm long gun and hand gun and simulate getting into shooting positions with various scenarios in mind.

        1. doesn’t sound silly. If you are in any situation for the first time you have to figure out how to handle it on the spot. Chances are the person hitting you or breaking in has done this before. If, instead of it being your first time, you have been drilling it over and over for years when it happens you will react exactly in the way you want.
          The only problem is that things are never quite so neat in reality.
          That said, even if things don’t pan out exactly the way you practiced you still will be less skittish and therefore at an advantage.
          I remember being young, before I had ever got into a fight, and the thought of being punched in the face was like the scariest fucking thing on earth to me. I got my ass whopped the first few fights I was in because of it. It was only after learning that it wasn’t the end of the world that I got better. And after a while, as I am sure a lot of people will tell you when they have been involved in boxing or other martial arts, you actually start to enjoy it and draw adrenaline.
          So yeah, not silly at all.

  18. Double Amen. My study of martial arts and weapons since childhood has saved my life more than once. Growing up my heroes were Bruce Lee, Jean Claude Van Damme, Mike Tyson, Hulk Hogan, John Wayne, Rambo and Arnold Schwarzenegger. I sought to emulate these guys so I became a boxer, martial artist and soldier. I learned how to handle firearms from a young age from my dad. What surprises me the most is how shockingly inept at fighting many self styled “tough guys” are. Like my father always said “Empty vessels make the most noise”

  19. When you lift weights and train some form of martial arts, You are doing these things for a number of reasons. You are improving your health. You look better and you get to have some wholesome male bonding.
    And that’s just on the surface. There is no comparison to setting personal goals for yourself (and breaking them) whether it be compete and win at a power lifting meet, or even as simple as bench press 100kg for the first time.
    The confidence you will gain just from doing these activities will benefit you in every aspect of your life. Socially, at work and obviously time with women will all be improved.
    And there is the added benefit that if shit ever goes down you have a “better” chance of getting out of it alive.
    You are prepared for the worst but hope for the best.

  20. “I have heard people say that violence is so chaotic that training won’t have much of an effect, and I call bullshit.”
    Most men are absolute whimps and the thugs know this. You’d be surprised how many (but not all of course) dirtbags will back off if confronted with violent resistance. There is somewhere on youtube of a muzzie groper beng chased away, head being hit several times with a purse by a female. He ran away. Unfortunately things are becoming “kill or be killed” these days.

    1. Then you had better learn how to kill, right? You are correct about the wimps. The movie Fight Club is a good tutorial. Most people will do just about anything to avoid a physical confrontation.

  21. The painting at the top of the article is a 19th century piece by Cole titled ‘The Destruction of an Empire; The Vandal Sacking of Rome’. It is nostalgic to see only visions of what Rome must have looked like when it was intact.
    Savages will always bring down a civilization to their level of culture when they have free reign in the territory. People in general either raise or lower the aesthetic quality and functional infrastructure in their surroundings to suit their natural comfort level and to equalize the workings of the civilization to their own level of understanding and competency.
    Observe these modern day ‘Vandals’ who mill around freely in the buildings and trappings of a civilization that seems to be out of their league in terms of maintenance of the working order and superstructure of the civilization.

    The T levels in these clips are good but make a mockery of any school or library. More evidence that all inclusive multicult coed schooling is a zoo cage without bars. Civilizations and societies must be inclusive to their own builders and architects. We cannot build a civilization to have it become a hive to be taken over by resident alien predators, Mongols or Vandals.

    1. Those black apes are disgusting and should just be deported. Hopefully Mr.Trump will clean up this mess assuming that he gets elected.

  22. Protip: Always ensure you can establish that you acted in self-defence.
    To explain: I often encounter situations where people are in my shop who I don’t want as customers for whatever reason (known thieves are the most common). Nor do I want them hanging around my shop all day; I want them out and somewhere that isn’t on my property ASAP. I tell them to leave, they refuse. So what do I do next? I follow the advice of a friend who used to work as a bouncer at a nightclub.
    They get three warnings: a polite request to leave the premises, a somewhat less polite request coupled with a warning that if they don’t leave of their own free will then I’ll be forced to escort them out, a stern warning that if they’re not gone in 10 seconds then I will be physically removing them from the shop.
    Still there? That’s when I get to physically attack them, thanks to my CCTV system including a microphone which just recorded the warnings I gave. But, as per my bouncer friend’s advice, I use bare hands only; if they’re not armed it will strain my claim of self-defence if I AM armed.
    Now, IANAL etc, but despite having done this many times over the last few years I’m still a free man (well, as free as you can be when you’re a subject of Britain).
    Of course, this all applies when the unwanted customers are just loitering on my property. If they actually start physically attacking me then the warnings go out the window and nearly everything’s fair game.
    Also, this is why you can’t rely on the police. Before taking advice from my bouncer friend I was scared to so much as touch troublemakers – not for fear of being beaten up but for fear of being done for assault. So I called the police to deal with the first lot of troublemakers I encountered and the police turned up 3 HOURS later. That’s a good day, by the way – other shop owners have regaled me with tales of the police turning up DAYS later, or not at all.

  23. Training in fighting is pretty crucial to us as a species. Staying physically fit and fight training changes our neural pathways in ways that allows us to think better and adjust to situations non-emotionally and with better clarity. Taoists trained to fight because it enabled them to develop their spirit and contact with nature and the universe.
    We’re animals, and consider that all animals constantly practice survival skills. Dogs, rabbits, horses, etc. all look like they’re playing to us. But what they’re doing is keeping their bodies, instincts, and brains ready to deal with the ever changing world around them.

  24. “”Let’s say you wake up one morning and have to go into work early. You hurry out to your car and as you place your hands on the car door you feel some at the back of your neck. A man orders you to give him the keys. He pulls you back, keeping his knife at your throat.
    You have two options.
    Option A – Let him get away and hope that the police can locate your car and the man who held a knife to your throat. Then pray that he isn’t a protected class so that justice can be meted out.
    Option B – Pull out your Glock, blow him away, and then inform the police. Sleep like a baby that night.””
    If you let a man with a knife be one foot from you THAT will happen =>

    Self defense is a serious matter. It takes months if you only do that, and years if you do it some hours a weeK.
    If an opponent is THAT close, don’t try to grab your gun. protect yourself (belly, throat), push him away. You’ll probably get cut on your arms BUT then you’ll have a chance to grab your gun and kill him.
    The only person i’ve seen writing sensible informations about SD was Geoff Thompson

  25. Be aware that Self defense is pretty specific.
    It’s obviously different from Sports ‘martial arts’ and it’s quite different from ‘Military’ martial arts, too !
    The only objective of SD is to save your skin (or the as of your lovd ones). Period. Not to ‘win’, not to be ‘better’.
    The main difficulty id to being able to cope the fear/fight hormones that will pulse in your body in a few seconds, and prevent your brain to ‘disconnect’ when the unexpected happens.
    Many good sport fighters, and even many good soldiers can’t do that.
    It’s quite a work to overcome this ‘freezing’ flow.

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