Material Success In Modern Times Measures Nothing

Many of us have lived our lives under the impressionable belief that success must always be at the hanging end of our every endeavor. Like a child that scurries back home to his mother after a frightful scold by the neighborhood grump, every time we are plunged into the occasionally forced social interaction, our guiding principle of self-worth becomes irreversibly tied into how successful we perceive we are in relation to everyone else around us. And scarcely do we pause to wonder the damned meaning of it all.

In the noted absence of traditional societal norms, it is to no surprise that, where once great meaning and purpose proudly stood at the height of a man’s shoulders, now miserly and exaggerated displays of material and social excess reign supreme: empty valuations for an equally empty people.

Under modernity, collective priorities have completely shifted from the community to the individual. This leaves the question of larger-scale morality abandoned in a marketplace of free ideas, one in which we cannot reasonably expect to overtake the monumental giants of human avarice, selfishness, narcissism, and egotistical idealism.


In the market of morals, money and self-interest will always be the highest royalty.

Faith, we decided, was nothing more than the folly of men for delusion; tradition we concluded, an offender to all that we now call justice. And history? History, a burden on our backs, a guilt to be never forgotten, and a wound to be continuously sprinkled with the salt of our slobbery tongues.

No longer can a man’s silence be taken for wisdom, nor his serenity for prudence; all must dance on this wheeling globe of pretend, spinning endlessly into nowhere, or risk rapidly falling out of relevance and living unremarkably by the standards of our day.

But should we be concerned with the standards that now seem to burden our every aspiration? Should we sweat and worry and toil to meet a manner of living that, prior to the late 20th century, would have been considered decadent by any sufficiently civilized European society? Is it not enough to live comfortably and within our current means and slowly but surely strive for more, but with an air of good sense and grace?

Freedom Without Responsibility Creates A Moral Vacuum


A civil contract is not the only thing torn in a divorce.

The thing about modernity is that with every freedom to man granted, he remains stripped away of his usual duties, many of his roles, and consequently much of his purpose. Suddenly much of what man knew for the entirety of his evolutionary process is simply a “construct,” he is informed. All of the urges he feels, the thoughts he endures, and the way that comes natural to him is alien to what is now “right” and “proper” to civilized society.

Masculinity becomes unsightly, a ghastly little wisp to be quietly tucked in under the sensible man’s buttoned-up dress shirt and brightly-colored khakis, only to be brought out by the wife on command when she tires of the usual, unexciting sexual fare and fantasizes about being ravaged by an eccentric, domineering billionaire with an unapologetic sense of self and an untamed character.

Now with no greater moral north to cling to, success is measured by what you can obtain on the Earth, and who has the most of it. There is little space for abstract virtue and boring modesty, because that’s all relative anyways! And thus we are thrust upon the middle-class olympics, in which we watch (and are encouraged to follow) the overworked suburbanites enslave themselves into perpetual debt to live a lifestyle they can’t afford, with money they can’t pay back, with time they don’t have, and relationships they can’t keep alive.

Not even for the sake of their children, who grow up lacking the most fundamental human affection and approval despite not missing one single plate of food or the latest iPhone device on the market—the very definition of excess for the sake of excess, but in all else: poverty.


We took the simplicity out of living and turned it into a mass-produced, micro-transactional, sugar-saddled machine, complete with all the ills that come accompanied by a meaningless existence based on desperately outcompeting one another: widespread depression, constant high-stress, and an increasingly superficial personality centered on an almost child-like narcissism that could rival the gravitational pull of our great star, the Sun.

All of this further amplified by the constant rush and isolating comfort of technology and infinite media-on-demand that seems to work more to keep us from thinking than helping us think at all. Contemplation has become strange, introspection unglamorous, and all forms of sensible planning have been thrown to the wind in favor of any light gust of emotion that might suggest we need obtain yet another thing to achieve completeness.

And then we let these people define success for us, and we are left at a loss as to why our lives aren’t as successful as we hoped them to be. What’s worse, their success isn’t real, we find out. It is a farce designed to fool everyone but themselves, a curtain they put on when the audience comes to watch but when one peeks behind, the stage is in shambles, the actors are out of character, and the water cooler is full of hot air.

Do not be deceived by the theatrics of these impostors, and seek rather the meaningful and the virtuous, to the extent that you can define your own authentic metric of success that makes headway for the goals you have set for yourself as a man, that is what it means to succeed.

Success Cannot Be Bought At The Store, Nor Can It Be Shipped Off In Lofty White Boxes, It Must Be Endured

All other available measures of success offered to us today are empty, and racing against the limp for a shot at passing human envy and pathetic vainglory is not worth the caloric expenditure or your finite allowance of time on this planet.

Alas, without faith, community, or country to pledge your life to, what remains is what should always have come first for a fully realized individual: yourself. And it is this self, that once cultivated, will make you (with most certainty) the most truly successful person in the modern room.

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157 thoughts on “Material Success In Modern Times Measures Nothing”

  1. You’re right on. The world keeps following the neoliberal ideas which include the destruction of tradition, nationalism, and religion. I know that I am not the only one who, during moments of introspection, has felt that there was just something fundamentally wrong with the way the world was headed. We can only hope that more and more people wake up to this fact and force a change.

  2. Is it not enough to live comfortably and within our current means and slowly but surely strive for more, but with an air of good sense and grace?

    Yes, beyond question it’s enough — but let that not become the justification for condemning him who strives to achieve more, and reaps the material rewards attendant to great achievement.
    It’s just as serious a mistake to despise wealth as it is to worship it. Virtue and masculine pride should be independent of wealth…and a sane people will always regard them so.

    1. “Virtue and masculine pride should be independent of wealth.”
      well said.

      1. How about: Your goals should be independent of wealth?
        I can well accept a wealthy man as virtuous, but if money/wealth is his prime motivator, it leaves a lot to be desired.
        If money/wealth is a byproduct, or just one of the priorities down the list that you managed to also reach – fine.

        1. “if money/wealth is his prime motivator, it leaves a lot to be desired.” and we know who desires it – at least half of it if she can get it.

    2. Of course. There’s no reason to believe that a poor person is more virtuous than a wealthy one.I’m afraid that there’s a lot of sour grapes with many people and they try to rationalise it to make themselves feel better. “Well, I may not be a success but I’m virtuous not like those rich people”.
      You can be just as immoral being a poor bastard as being a rich person.

    3. I look around society and I do not really ever see good sense and grace. I see a very narcissistic culture full of the walking dead.

      1. I see much of the same, Alpha…but I also see courage, justice, charity, fellowship, neighborliness, and humility. The correlation of forces is unclear, and the tactical situation remains fluid. It’s surely too soon to give up hope.
        Be not afraid. We may yet prevail.

  3. Sadly, it means everything when it is time to attract women. To me personally, money does not mean much. I never bothered to get an education, and I rarely do over 40 hours of work per week. I never tried to fight for promotions or kiss ass of rich people in an attempt to receive a job. I earn 20 000 per year and never lack food.
    The problem is, by society standards for a grown man, I am a loser. This is what other people think of me. Every time a woman ask what my occupation is, I lose. It is very hard for me to find a girlfriend. Now I know a lot of men who are poorer than me still have girlfriends, but having money definitely helps.

    1. How about just not telling women your occupation? Tell them you’re a Calvin Klein underwear model. No one needs to know what you do for a living, especially women. I feel like your problem with women might not actually have anything to do with your occupation, but maybe more with either your physical appearance, your game (or lack thereof), your personality, or your defeatist mentality.
      Use your low income to an advantage….women will fuck a poor guy sooner than a rich guy, because she wants the rich guy to think she’s a good girl. She knows the poor guy is not a good provider,but she’ll have short term fun with him. You don’t need a girlfriend so stop thinking about getting just one girl when you could be hooking up with more than one.

      1. Deceit is no way to start a relationship. The problem is that modern women are broken.

        1. Humour is art – completely different to lying. “disposable lighter repairman”, “proof-reader at the m&ms factory”, “calvin klein underwear model”, “rocket scientist”, “santa clause”, etc. All these are basically artistic ways to say “mind your own business”. You’re right though, to have to employ such artistic finesses, in the face of knife-edged materialists is a sure sign that these prostitutified women are broken.

        2. If a man has low income then he shouldn’t be concerned with wanting to get into a relationship, because relationships cost money. Any poor man can get a girl, but it’ll cost you to keep her. Stick to pump&dumps while in the meantime focus on how to make more money.

        3. I have negative respect for pump and dumpers. Not only are they ruining women for the rest of society, they are ruining themselves. It is well known that women suffer psychological problems from riding the cock carousel, but so do men. Just to a lesser degree.

        4. Women created the environment though.
          Men were more than happy courting women.
          Feminism is simply the commercialisation of sex, and women in particular

        5. Women react, they don’t create anything. Current circumstances are a result of too much wealth and peace. People become mentally underdeveloped through lack of adversity. Mental children in adult bodies.

        6. Courting was the male system of dating because it meant men would have mutual respect for each others boundaries and women would therefore retain their value.
          Feminism smashed that and created an open market on sex and turned people into consumer goods.
          The irony is that men were probably better able to adapt biologically whilst women become emotionally damaged

        7. there is plenty of adversity. take up a sport. it takes years to develop skills

        8. That’s not adversity. It’s hobby. Play. Something you do because you happen to feel like it.
          Adversity in this case means “something that threatens your life”. Poverty in non-socialistic countries or barely surviving face to face contact with a wild animal or a car crash.

      2. I had a similar problem when I was a graduate living with parents. You run into problems when girls ask about money. I simply had none, no job, no house, no car in his mid 20’s. You can give funny answers but if you don’t give something that resembles a DHV the relationship won’t last. If you are into pump and dump it isn’t hard to get laid, but if you want to retain access to sex with a woman you have to show stability and some willingness to spend your money on yourself and on her.. It’s also a problem bringing back a girl to your bedroom in your parents’ house
        If you have no material success today you have to lie. You can dress it up in flowery language but it boils down to deceiving women of your true worth. I don’t have any qualms about this since women already do the same to men

        1. But that is nature dude.
          Why having a relationship if you can not or will not have the means to be a provider sooner or later.
          Don’t get me wrong, I’m by far no friend of promoting materialism or the beta role, but this is what human inter gender dynamics always have been.
          What biological sense is there in wanting a LTR when you don’t want to create a materialistic and social stable surrounding to raise your offspring in.
          This is what people do, since the first days. That’s why female hypergamy even exists in the first place.
          Because it proofed to be such a successful model for the survival of our race
          If you don’t have much material resources then search for a girl who has even less

        2. It’s also a problem bringing back a girl to your bedroom in your parents’ house
          It could be worse if you live in the cellar :o)

        3. There’s nothing wrong with lying. Women do it all the time. You just have to make sure that you remember your lies.

        4. A pal of mine has no job, lives at home with his Mum, is 34 years old, and sleeps with a different girl every weekend.
          Reasons – he’s a tremendous liar. And has a disproportionate amount of confidence. More than a 30 year old heart surgeon.
          Don’t underestimate the power of the mind

        5. You talk so easily of ‘the first days’ and ‘nature’ and ‘what human intergender dynamics always have been’ ‘biological sense’ ‘survival of our race’.
          I would like your thoughts on how women being on average about 60-70 pounds heavier than they were 40 years ago fits into your knowledge of how things work.

        6. What do these women look like that is the question ? I had a loser buddy who is still a loser get hot girls wgen younger , for a while that is. Now at 40 fatties only fuck him

        7. One of them 3 weeks ago was a straight up 9
          He also made her take him out for dinner before abandoning her to meet us and get drunk.
          Apparently he’d told her he worked as a talent scout for Manchester United

        8. why bother with less when due to hypergamy they are going to go for a richer model soon. take what you can get and do not have kids.

        9. I find bedding single moms much easier when you lie. A 9? A 9 is almost supermodel material . They usually want some sort of proof you are what you say you are . Man U talent scout , that’s funny . That must have been one dumb broad . Where does he meet them ?

        10. We complain about women who act like men, yet find it perfectly acceptable to act like women? No. Every time you act like a woman you become less of a man.

        11. She was model material
          He suits up and comes into the City. Like I say, he’s a phenomenal liar. Turn your back and he’s stood across the room telling groups of women he’s an actor or something.
          He can pull it off cause he has no shame and can spin convincing detailed stories. He’s also an alcoholic and rarely not jacked on cocaine.
          I’m not in any way advocating his method, but it does work

        12. so you are saying “sociopathy + substance abuse” for the win?

        13. but that’s all he does, my buddy used to spend hours calling up girls to get them to go out with him. he’d skip work and any sports to do so.
          why is he an alcoholic?

        14. First of all, you won’t be taking anything but the bottom feeders and furthermore there is a very limited supply of top men to go around so that no matter how much a female wants one she’s just ain’t getting one.

        15. “… He’s also an alcoholic and rarely not jacked on cocaine…
          I’m not in any way advocating his method, but it does work”
          I knew a former co-worker who was like this and this does put a man in the ‘zone’ greatly helped by the drugs, but indeed I have seen the guy with an energy that enabled him to practically wrote his own ticket.
          I too am not condoning drugs, but it’s interesting to see how bitches behave when a guy like that is doing his spiel on them.

        16. Women are shortsighted and will believe that they are the special snowflake who will get the top ones (at least until 35 approx) but are quite willing to screw around in quiet periods. Most top men will play the game far longer than any of these women can last.

        17. It’s the coke that gets the girls lol
          And since he’s a chum of yours let’s see his pic.

        18. Don’t believe female bullshit. Females pretty much know what class they are in for looks and then everything else they posses.

        19. Yes, if you have an 8-ball in your pocket, the bar skanks will be all over you. I would advise raising your standards though. And drugs will wreck your health and finances in the long term.

        20. Destructive nihilism. Your opinion appears in every generation, yet it lasts only one.
          Evolution will sort you out.

        21. because the world is not stuffed with rich models, last time I checked.
          For a LTR to work you have to bring something to the table, as has your girlfriend as well.
          TRP enables you to understand what these things are, and which things are just a modern illusion. So you can fully focus on selfimprovment instead of wasting time and energy a questionable virtues that in reallity are none.

      3. When I get that question from some broad, I have two answers depending on my mood.. I say: I do nothing. Or, I train hamsters for magic shows.

      4. Agree -poor most of my life. But I have tight game and decent looks and above all confidence in who I am. The result: no problem picking up chicks

        1. Rachet chicks lol And btw, no need to say you’re lower class because 99% here are in the same boat.

        2. if you arent a govt troll, you should seriously consider going on the payroll- not sure if its a salaried position or if its pay per post. You talk down to people on this site as if you are older and wiser, yet you use slang like “rachet”- who are you?

        3. Heard it from Tommy Sotomayer :o)
          And btw, I am older and MUCH wiser.It’s not even close with you boys.

        4. “MarcusBenwayMD” is a bitter, old hag in disguise with ZERO sex market value trying to make everyone as miserable as her.

        5. You’re a kid and apparently have no idea what society was like before the Boomers, outside of what exists in your own imagination and what you’ve seen in some Hollywood fake film.

        6. No. No clue. I am quite the aspiring amateur archaeologist. If you could share some insight into how things were done last century. Maybe you’d consider writing an article? Bet itd be a good read.

    2. ” Now I know a lot of men who are poorer than me”
      They lie and wear a mask. You dont have to be rich or earn a lot – many people who live in big houses and have nice cars are in fact NEGATIVE net value (more debt than asset worth).
      What might help you is; ask yourself if you are a beta or an alpha.
      Be honest.
      If you are an alpha your value lies in your genes.
      Arnold Schwarzenegger is a perfect example of superior genes and he had 2000 women before he even set foot on american soil.
      His uber body was enough.
      Unlike women who eighter hot or not, we as men can hope beyond our bodies. You can be an alpha because of
      your mind too – like a famous actor or musician or CEO of a big
      company. Do something awesome etc.
      Now from your writing I would suspect you are not one of the alpha kind.
      You write like a beta male – beta meaning second class male as in “has poor or average” genes. That is a problem because in the eyes of women:
      Sex equals babies and she wants only the best genes for her eggs. You would then be not on her list.
      If you are a beta you can be a provider -> this is a male who pays for female sex/eggs. He may pay with money honest and straight as in prostitution.
      He may pay with marriage or a promotion at work. You get the idea.
      You seem to lack in this area. So in order to get laid you may have to rely on masking your true self. Learn game, the art of *mimic an alpha*.
      Train your body. Learn to dress. Learn to act. Walk like they do.
      Will get your ONS and short relationships.
      If a LTR is something you want, you may have to improve yourself to the point you bring enough value to the table. This is a long and hard road that will take several years. But it can be done.

      1. Good points… Anyway, I still think money is everything, regardless. Why you may ask? If you have money they, the money make you feel/act/be alpha. I may be wrong donno.

        1. Money is something. Something very important in our modern world.
          If you are a beta, money may be everything. Everything you have to offer. With enough money you can still do well.
          If you are an alpha, money is a nice extra. It damn fucking sux to be poor, even if you are an alpha.
          Also it is next to impossible to live an alpha life if you have to work a 9d5 job and kiss your bosses ass all day.
          Or in other words, the longer you work in such a soul-killing-job, the more beta you will become.
          Like if you are married and both of you work.
          She is used to serving other men all day. How alpha can you be to avoid beeing betaized? Are you more alpha than her boss(es)? See the problem?
          Money is freedom.

      2. Swartnigger never speaks German. I heard him once and now know why. When he speaks German he sounds like a German version of Gomer Pyle lol

    3. It is important for young men to learn a marketable skill where there is a demand for your service. I’ll be blunt, when someone tells me “I cannot” I interpret that as “I WILL not.” Ask yourself where you will likely be 10 to 20 years from now if you don’t improve your situation. Those people who have what you want are not “lucky,” they only have 24 hours a day like you. It’s what you do with that time that’s important. Since you have an internet why not use some of that time to research a field you might enjoy? Do this for yourself, women will come after that because right now, no matter how good a person you are, they are not impressed.

      1. Women are all about status and/or money. It always was it always will be. And it gets even worse. You are happily married, make 180K/year and then you run into issues and you can’t make that kind of money anymore. Laid off/get sick etc., things out of your control… And you are not a loser, you already proved that during a life long. Well, next thing you know, she takes the kids, kicks you out and divorce is next.. This reality will never change. This is why equal pay, equal everything throws a big monkey wrench in the SMP.

        1. Ah yes, what to do now with these women who find you desirable now that you have your act together? That depends on which ROK articles appeal to you regarding this. I agree with avoiding western women like the plague, traveling overseas and in my case, picking a farm girl with family values from a rural area in northeast Thailand. This marriage has been working well for 17 years even though some of my bros here assure me that she will leave after she gets her green card that she got 15 years ago, but then what do I know?

        2. from a rural area in northeast Thailand
          They’re opium growers and probably addicts themselves.

        3. lol..same bro, my wife is from the philippines and i get the exact same BS, despite the fact i asked her to move bck to the UK with me and she said no.

      1. You know, I’ve never had a female even ask any of these things so I have to wonder what sort of females you boys associate with.
        OK maybe they can just sort of tell, females have this sense or radar about men but asking just never happens.

    4. Standards are also relative–especially in these times when a CEO of the next big start-up can easily become the next person collecting unemployment. Look, a girl will look past your paycheck if she sees that you have drive for something in your life whether it be a hobby or an idea. Show her that you have passion–enthusiasm is attractive.
      Start with yourself and find what makes you tick. Once you do, you’ll see a lot girls admire you for pursuing what’s true to you.
      All the best to you, LePatriote1980.

      1. a CEO of the next big start-up can easily become the next person collecting unemployment.
        These ‘start up’ companies that you boys fantasise about starting and getting rich fail 99% of the time. That CEO is just a bum with high hopes.

    5. If you are in a poor area pretend to be rich, if you are in a rich area, pretend to be poor. Girls what whats different nothing else.

    6. You’re a min wage worker and it would be impossible to earn less. You’re probably entitled to some benefits like those Walmart workers get eg food stamps. But if you’re younger there’s no excuse not to improve yourself unless you’re just a lazy guy who doesn’t care but remember that you’ll never get anything like a female etc unless you do. Wishin and hopin is not going to do anything.

  4. RFK gave a speech on the 68 presidential campaign trail regarding his concern about American’s new-found obsession with material items. I wish I could find it via a search engine, but I cant. I can, however, find you a sweet deal on a last second hotel stay in Honolulu. God bless the fully monetized search engine world….

    1. It’s true that an over-materialistic society is a morally bankrupt, shallow society, but why is it, that those who tend to crow the loudest about this problem, tend to be drawn from the privileged class? It’s always someone else’s materialism that’s at fault. Scratch a little, and I think you’ll find most of the concern has it’s roots, not in a sort religious aesthetic philosophy of a modest well-lived life, but in maintaining class distinction for members of the superior class.

      1. You speak more truth than you realize. When America began, there was no formal class distinction like there was in Britain; first, because most of the people who came here were the dregs of society, and second they came here to escape such a class-based society. However, with the advent of the Industrial Revolution, gold mining in California, railroads and the downfall of mercantilism, the focus shifted from finding ways to create wealth to preserving it at all costs. Elite private boarding schools and hereditary fraternal societies didn’t exist in earnest until the turn of the century. All the works of 20th century governments are in some way related to shooing us into our class dungeons; modern governments concern slamming the door shut and pouring concrete on it.

        1. There were always class distinctions no matter where you go on earth including the US colonies.
          And do you think that in the 1600’s Harvard or William and Mary were founded for the proles? And obviously it was the top class who owned slaves and indentured servants.
          Many people who came to the US colonies were not the dregs but just religious separatists or those who got land grants from the King.There probably weren’t many poor people around because there was a shortage of labour and even being a carpenter or blacksmith etc paid fairly well and not much taxation.As you got into the mid 1800’s immigration really picked up and then there was a glut of labour and more poverty from unemployment (sort of like taking 50m people today into the country with illegal immigration)

      2. Maybe because the people with wealth know that it’s not the key to happiness. People from the lower classes are breaking their backs to earn money that they think is going to solve all their problems. I grew up in an upper middle class environment and there were miserable people all around me. All my friends I grew up with are selfish, narcissistic, snobbish, dishonest, disloyal brats, even today as adults. Not a single moral fiber among them. They never had to work for anything and designer clothes and the latest technology controlled their minds.
        I knew from a young age that a big house and fancy cars aren’t going to fulfill me spiritually and emotionally. I meet alot of people that haven’t reached that conclusion and spend all their time and energy trying to compete with other materialistic people.

        1. If that sentiment were widely shared among the upper classes, it would filter back to the others. But, what you described is exactly what prevails among all classes. As a consequence, any calls for a different perspective on life looks shallow at best.
          Most of the people making those calls have noticeably NOT had their actions match their words. If they did, then they would look sincere, but they don’t, so there must be another explanation.

  5. Too many people lack stable moral ground to stand on. The reasons are many and have been fully fleshed out here, but the fact is there is no internal compass for 95% of the people in the West. I have a friend with a birthday today. Instead of this being the day we can celebrate our friend, we end up with a clusterfuck of competing demands about what to do, when it will happen, whether anyone else is doing something more fun, and everyone forgets the reason we’re trying to throw a party in the first place. Me, me, me, me, and not a word about my friend. Simplicity and meaning of life are gone. Honest and manly virtues are gone. All that’s left is narcissism and material wealth, which are fool’s goals and leave a person hollow and empty inside forever.

    1. But you better follow those goals or you’ll go a lifetime without pussy. So spake the almighty fucking Owners.

  6. “And this is one of the great tasks of leadership for us, as individuals
    and citizens this year. But even if we act to erase material poverty,
    there is another greater task, it is to confront the poverty of
    satisfaction – purpose and dignity – that afflicts us all. Too much and
    for too long, we seemed to have surrendered personal excellence and
    community values in the mere accumulation of material things. Our Gross
    National Product, now, is over $800 billion dollars a year, but that
    Gross National Product – if we judge the United States of America by
    that – that Gross National Product counts air pollution and cigarette
    advertising, and ambulances to clear our highways of carnage. It counts
    special locks for our doors and the jails for the people who break
    them. It counts the destruction of the redwood and the loss of our
    natural wonder in chaotic sprawl. It counts napalm and counts nuclear
    warheads and armored cars for the police to fight the riots in our
    cities. It counts Whitman’s rifle and Speck’s knife, and the television
    programs which glorify violence in order to sell toys to our children.
    Yet the gross national product does not allow for the health of our
    children, the quality of their education or the joy of their play. It
    does not include the beauty of our poetry or the strength of our
    marriages, the intelligence of our public debate or the integrity of our
    public officials. It measures neither our wit nor our courage, neither
    our wisdom nor our learning, neither our compassion nor our devotion to
    our country, it measures everything in short, except that which makes
    life worthwhile. And it can tell us everything about America except why
    we are proud that we are Americans.”
    you all should read the entire speech:

  7. Wealth is a means to achieve freedom.
    Freedom from the need to work is the first goal on the road to greatness.
    You can never do soemthing exceptional if you spend most of your time in a cubicle.
    I would never be where I am today if I had accepted a 9 to 5 job.
    This does include top jobs like upper management. These guys are working long hours, often more than 9d5, never forget that.
    You cant be a worker bee 5 days a week and a bee-king on weekends.
    If you believe this you believe in a lie.

    1. Spending half our waking hours working for other people, just to have shelter and food, is unnatural. Those things used to be free.
      In prehistoric times, we hunted and gathered and otherwise rested. It was not work, it was merely living life. That is the natural state of man. We need to return to that, somehow.

      1. We are beeing owned. Born into (invisible) servitude. The interest on the debt we got from birth must be paid. Thats the difference to ancient times – you got to pay for other people (the goverment and the bond holders), not just maintain your own standard of living.

        1. It may be a bit different especially in the last few hundred years but the Kings and governments always collected taxes in ancient times.
          And before power machinery it took a lot of work to support yourself. Unless you had absolutely the best land (people fought over it) it was a life and death struggle. Almost anything could wipe out your crop even on the best land from hail storms to bugs etc You needed good land with water to even herd animals or they’d die.

      2. By all means this is pseudo romantic bullshit.
        In all humanity’s history you would have worked 12/7 to bring just the food on the table for you and your offspring if not born rich
        I gladly accept a 80+yrs life expectancy with 60yrs of 1/3d work than the 30yrs you’re prehistoric lifestyle allows

        1. I remember watching a documentary about an archaeologist who thought he had identified the location of the Garden of Eden. The place is shitty and barren now, but thousands of years ago rivers flowed in the area, which would have made it lush and abundant with plants and game.
          He noted that he had grown up on a farm. He said that any place where you could hunt and gather everything you need, instead of breaking your back all day tending a field, sure sounded like paradise to him.

        2. For most of human history you survived only if the calories you expended in the process of gathering food and other survival activities was less or equal to the number of calories you found in the gathering process.
          Its only in modern times we have this luxury of abundance.

        3. The Sahara was a Savannah even as recently as 6k years ago and just got progressively drier.
          And btw, Adam and Eve didn’t eat meat until after they were kicked out.

        4. yep- the sphinx has erosion markings from water, implying its at least from 6000 BC; one archaeologist thinks it might date to 10,000 BC!

        5. Money is just a more sophisticated and efficient method of doing business than primitive swapping or wampum.

      3. Shelter and food were never free and in the ‘caveman’ days it took quite an effort to even stay alive.And why would you think it was easy to get food? The reason that men had to hunt those large animals is because those really big animals had no predators that could kill them. You would need all the men to hit them with spears so they’d bleed to death and many times to get close enough they’d kill you first. Elephants are pretty fast when they’re threatened. You couldn’t live on smaller animals because other faster predators would kill and eat them before you so it was the large ones or nothing.

        1. But it was not work in the modern sense, it was merely life. Your own boss was yourself and you did it for your own direct benefit. The closest modern analogy would be self-employment in a field that doesn’t demand someones permission or approval to do. The modern wage slave job is called that because, on some level, we feel like slaves doing it.

        2. I’m sure that the leader of the Clan decided who got what even though everyone had to participate in the hunt.

        3. There have always been leaders, the difference is that tribe was family back then. Your leaders today, your boss and whatever you call the head of state, are people you most likely would not want to be around if you could choose.

      4. And you feared every living minute of your life that you would be attacked by a mountain lion or grizzly. Lets not romanticize hunting gathering too much- it wasn’t that great.

        1. Humans, and every living thing for that matter, is at its best when living according to its nature. For millions of years we lived a certain way, out of necessity. Due to evolution this then became a part of what we are and do.
          Why do we hunt and fish even though we have no objective need to? Because that is what humans do. Why do we like sex? Because humans like sex. Why do we go to war? Because that is what humans do. Why does a long walk in the woods revitalize us? Because that is our natural environment and our natural mode of locomotion.
          What humans do not do, until very recently, is work 9-5 jobs. It is not part of our genetic makeup to live like that. And so depression and other mental difficulties are at an all time high and rising.
          We NEED to live a certain way to feel well. Even if it is just a modern emulation, the mainstream way of life is a sick one and makes people insane.

        2. The 9-5 grind is not normal however spending your life doing hard work in the woods is no picnic either. This is an insight built upon personal experience. I’ve worked 17 years in the woods 6 days a week. Romanticism is not reality

        3. Why do we hunt and fish even though we have no objective need to?
          It’s stupid and unnecessary today since we have specialised people to do it for us.
          It would cost me more to buy shotguns, rifles and fishing gear than the game I’d be able to lawfully take.
          I have all of this stuff but it still would not be worth my time to hunt or fish.

        4. You’re talking to boys whose only experience is sitting on their arse and watching this stuff on the boobtube. I’ve done this when young and it may be fun occasionally but it’s not fun when you have to do it to survive or for a living.They talk about farms too but have no idea what life on them is like, and I’m talking about good prosperous farms.Why do you think so many farm boys want to leave? Why do you think that during the industrial revolution working in a factory was preferable and attracted boys from the country? Why do you think rural negroes from the south wanted to work in the Ford factory?

        5. Hes not saying its fun or enjoyable, he’s saying its natural. A guy at a desk might have an easy job but 40 uears of 8 hour days in a room with no windows takes its toll on his psyche. A man working outside might expend more energy but he wont lose his mind from anxiety amd depression.

        6. Agree 100%. Maybe some people are better suited to a 9-5 office job than others, but for some it is a death sentence. Chronic stress kills.

    2. Sure you can, if you save enough so you can retire at 50. There is no way for the average person to become financially independent without working for the man OR starting their own business (which usually requires even more hours and is more risky)

    3. Find a job you enjoy and feel like you make a positive contribution. One needs to do something with their time and idleness only brings about weakness.

    4. You see? You get upvotes by just telling these losers what they want to hear lol They want to believe that they don’t have to work at a steady job and that money is just going to fall into their laps with no effort.Sit at your pc and play kid games, watch porn and perhaps invent some app that makes you a lot of money. Maybe win the lottery too lol
      You’re dealing here, and this will be in our report on the state of the Net, with the lower 10% of the male population.We even have a way of determining the IQ of the person making the comment and your IQ scores will be published.

      1. Marcus you are mistaken.
        “They want to believe that they don’t have to work at a steady job”
        -> The “steady” job is the easy way. The common path that leads to ? Well lets see where it leads. Care to join me on this ride?
        You go to shool, you get good grades, you become a doctor, you work 80hours, you earn money, you pay your taxes – in return you get a loan, a house, a loving wife who adores you, home cooked meals, nice kids who are “little you’s”, social life, your rights, your freedoms, a nice car and happy life.
        Is this true?
        * NO *
        What you get is you waste your youth in expensive education. Then you work like a horse next to your fellow doctor from pakistan or kastachstan or whatever. You sure as hell will pay your taxes. A lot of it.
        You do get a loan and a house and a nice car but it all belongs to your bank. You just dont know it until you get in trouble. Then you realize the difference but then it is too late.
        You get a wife. Most likely not the 18 year old model type you dreamed of during your education years. These types at the time where in bed with alphas. Not with you.
        Now that you are part of the establishment and mid30s – so are they. NOW they look at you. They will settle for you but they will never like you nor find you sexy nor find your offspring good.
        They will get fat fast and most likely fuck with your drug dealing neighbor while you are doing your 80h work shifts. THAT is what you get if you follow this path.
        Look at people who fuck the women you would like to fuck, who live the life you would like to live – then do what they did.

  8. The old lie (no doubt started by those with money) is that ‘love of money is the root of all evil’, I disagree, the existence of a financial system itself is the root of all our modern troubles. Greater men should strive to one day bring our civilisation to a technologically advanced state, one in which the parasitic banking system and the commercial slavery it inflicts on the general population are just a primitive foot note in the history books.

    1. Its actually very easy to reign in the banking system but it will never happen–just require one dollar of capital for each loan dollar.

  9. The calibre of writing in this article is outstanding. The writer is no ‘young lad’.

  10. I kind of disagree about the very final sentence, thought the article was otherwise great.
    We have to understand that survival is a huge part of the “meaning” of life, and by survival, I mean the survival of your genes, as well as yourself. When you put your genetic survival first, and live life with the intention of passing yourself on in the form of kids, THEN and only THEN do you have closure on finding meaning.
    Mexicans do not have the struggles we have. They not only have culture, but a strong will to survive. Whites do not have a will to survive, as we are consumed by white guilt.
    When one properly has a will to survive, one learns to act in the interest of one’s people’s long-term survival. One then creates traditions and breaks into certain subgroups based on shared interests, so that each group can organize effectively and happily to help each other survive. This is the origin of culture, and culture is the ultimate sign of human health.

      1. That is good. Then your life should have purpose from the passing on of your genes, and from the effort to create a happy and secure world for your progeny.

  11. Good piece. It’s not called pa-terialism, it’s ma-terialism. Consumer society, constant social/material envy, corporatism, market economics, the Nanny Fed … all coincident in history with the rise of mass female power. The golden cow worshipping herself.
    Most healthy men live simply, and largely are satisfied with basics and needs. Stuff weighs men down. Females and unhealthy males are product-dependent, and usually ideologically dependent. Always seeking easy approval via purchases. Money-glut makes men weak, and compliant to mass feminine imperatives, as we see everywhere in the u.s.

  12. Pile up your cash, stay single, and don’t get mixed up with expensive cars. I’m just as content with my apartment in Boston as I would be with a mansion. I’m just as happy with my dates as I could ever be with a cunt of a wife nagging me. I’m just as happy with my 2004 Outback as I would be with a Porsche Cheyenne. And, I’m as happy with my Kawasaki Concours14 as I would be with a Ferrari and I’m faster with the Kawasaki. My Seiko keeps better time than a Rolex.
    And always, no matter what, my own cocktails and dinner I feed my women are always better than those from outside. Stack your money, fellas. Stack money. Buy gold, buy a little silver when it’s low, stay out of Wall Street. And spendthrift not.
    Women are for fun, except when they aren’t. Don’t let them wreck you. Do the right thing. The Mad Men days of male superiority-for-the-good of family and country are over and broads wrecked it. The problem isn’t us, it’s them. Most men WANT to do what our fathers did, do the right thing, but it’s been over for thirty years. And now, it’s over. Like Roosh (or one of his crew) said, enjoy the decline. There’s nothing you can do about it except that which is best for you. Don’t fuck up.
    Good Luck, young men, Good Luck.

    1. Yep. I don’t have a TV because I don’t need one. Nice boat you have there.. I chose the blue balls, as a constant reminder that blue pill==blue balls. 🙂

    2. If you could comfortably afford things without going into debt for them or working a 100hrs a week then why would a Porsche be any more expensive than a Hyundai? In fact, I would suspect that people buying the Hyundai have a harder time affording it than the guy with the expensive car. “Stacking” money is fine but what are you saving it for? If you were to get hit by a car tomorrow and die all of that money would likely go to relatives, some of whom don’t even like lol
      “Most men WANT to do what our fathers did…………”
      I don’t and never did even when young. I’m a natural bachelor and even with a perfect wife I never found the idea of living with a female something I desired. Even with a perfect wife and marriage it still seemed tedious to me and no reason to do it. It’s funny but everyone in my family going back generations were married for 50-60 years, or until one of them died, and they appeared contented to me and there was no divorce but the idea of doing what they did just didn’t appeal to me.Women can visit and stay over but just don’t move in.
      There’s no decline, it’s just different for the masses but there are still many people living as they did before and pretty much ignoring most of this pop nonsense.It wasn’t as good as people believe or delude themselves into believing about the past and what they imagine was traditional.There were just as many and perhaps more unhappy people in the past, they were just unhappy about different things.

      1. What are the chances of you dying tomorrow ? Considering 5 billion people are alive , very slim chance . I’m saving my money buddy

        1. Of 7.3 billion , 2 every second that’s really low ! And both those deaths are probably old age .

        2. As a kid you probably think 40 is old age lol About 35k people die just in auto accidents a year in the US(and that’s not counting those severely injured or end up as vegetables) and they are mostly stupid kids and twenty somethings whether driving or just not looking where they’re walking and get hit by cars. Kids are dumb and think they’ll live forever and walk into traffic more. The dummies think they’re invincible lol

      2. “In fact, I would suspect that people buying the Hyundai have a harder time affording it than the guy with the expensive car.”
        Heewwweeee boy. Are you ever wrong on that one. Check out Aaron Clarey’s vids on YT. He has a whole video on that.

        1. They are just losers and suffer from bitter grape syndrome. Look at him, he’s a retard with a computer. He’s a dopey lower class kid and if he really ever did have a job in a bank it was a very low level one or he was the cleanup boy. Listen to the way he speaks and his accent. And btw, he’s talking about the lower classes and dopey minorities who take loans to buy cars. I have never borrowed money in my life, and no one I know has to buy every day items like cars and have bought everything I own CASH.And as I said if you were able to read and understand my comment, buy something you can afford.I wasn’t advising buying a car you can’t afford to impress people or girls in the case of you little sex starved omegas.
          This Cleary dummy also mentioned leasing cars and apparently doesn’t understand that a lot of companies do this because their paper losses make it financially advantageous.

        2. No one you know has ever had to borrow money? Did I read that right?
          Your thoughts on this remind of a beehive. You’re just all over the place and it’s a mess.
          You really buy ‘every day’ items like cars in cash? Cash? So you just bring a suitcase of cash and roll out in your Ferrari or something and then come home to bitch at ‘sex-starved omegas’ on ROK? You’re trying to present yourself like some old money viscount somewhere and I don’t buy it.

        3. It must be exhausting being this Marcus fella. Trying to come up with witty demeaning rebuttals to otherwise very valid observations from our readership.

        4. Every normal person knows that when a person says Cash it doesn’t mean actual currency but something like a cheque.It means that you’re paying for something that you have the actual cash to buy on the spot. What ‘hood or planet are you from son?See? if you read my brilliant comments you learn something while I’ve never learned anything I didn’t already know on here.

        5. Ha ha. This is some top shelf trolling isn’t it? Although I don’t see what your payoff is. What we know about you;
          Buys Ferraris with a check on occasion
          Bangs gorgeous chicks at will
          Spends time on ROK crowing about a sex-filled jet set international elite lifestyle to ‘Gammas’.
          Still don’t buy it. Is this some kind of internet research/troll thing?

        6. Yeah. In addition to how exhausting it must be for him to manage his multi-million dollar empire, buy Maseratis with cash and bang Alpha chicks. Still he has the urge to bash on ROK omegas.

        7. The guy comes across as a fuckwit to be honest and makes a lot of assumptions, but it’s entertainment nonetheless 🙂

        8. For personal minor things like cars. I’m sure that their corps. have borrowed from time to time.

        9. You upset that after you spent money to become a Doctor and you got money maybe. and kids these days dont think thats cool? Being a rich guy these days is a target? Lol that does suck. oh well.

    3. Youre right about new cars. The obscene insurance rates in the NYC area always stopped me from pulling the trigger. Why do I have to pay the same rate as people who drive to work? I take mass transit. If you only drive a car 5 or 6 times a month you should pay less, no?

      1. It has nothing to do about the age of the car because liability is the same and only differs from your insurance zone and how many miles you drive (more exposure depending on how much you drive)
        Comprehensive and fire and theft differs by zone too and if you live in a high crime area or lower class area where people are rather stupid and have a lot of accidents and there is a lot of auto theft the rates are higher than more elite areas. The actual premium too differs depending upon the age (value) of the car because the money the insurance will pay out if it’s stolen etc will be proportionally less and your premium would be less too.
        Are you boys really this ignorant about a simple insurance matter? I can see why you can’t get pussy or even talk to females and why you’re so bitter.

        1. Really? The liability is the same even if I dont drive the much, if at all?
          Why are you on this site man? Im not bitter, most on this site aint bitter, just dealing with how things are these days.
          Most on this site try to help one another, why are you here? You claimed to know William Burroughs a few days ago- how did that relationship go down? A dimebag of H for him in exchange for a blowjob for you? Please, do tell…

        2. You’re an ignorant bitter little boy.
          And yes, if you drive less your rates are lower than someone who drives more.
          Now, I’m not going to waste time teaching you anything but I want you to do this experiment. Go to Geico online or whatever co. you chose and get an online quote.
          Use the zip code where you live and put in a make and model of a new car and the same coverages;then do the same thing from a better area than you live.
          Also, compare that new car with the same mode, make and coverages for a 3 yo model of the same car and you’ll see the lower rates for comp and fire and theft and also the difference from you zip code to a better area.
          When you’re finished report back here. Or is this too difficult for a loser to do?
          I doubt if you’ve ever had insurance in your life.

        3. Have you completed your task? Or is even a simple task too much for a lazy lamebrain loser like you?

      2. What’s worse is you can’t cash in an auto insurance policy if you don’t wreck after 20 years even. A life insurance policy you can cash in if you don’t die and want the money now. So why the no cash-in rule for auto? Because it is the most colossal rip-off racket that the pinstripe suits in the insurance industry can shove down our throats.
        Back during the depression, you couldn’t run a small business or restaurant in a big city like NYC without paying protection money to the local pinstripe suit thug. You paid so NOTHING BAD like a fire would happen to your store. Compulsory auto insurance must be carried so NOTHING BAD happens when you are pulled over without proof of insurance. Even without wrecking and a perfect driving record, the industry WILL MAKE BAD THINGS happen to you if you haven’t coughed up money in advance to them.
        The pinstripe suits were too unregulated during the depression so the government came in and set up state insurance boards to regulate the industry. They’re still basically the same pinstripe suit mobsters running the racket today.
        Today they say in friendly terms ”Get a piece of the rock” but back then it was ”Get a piece of these brass knuckles if you don’t pay us”. Still, they’re the same schuysters running the show.

        1. Are you really this young, stupid and ignorant and have no idea how insurance works? Go take an insurance broker’s course and ask the teacher these questions because I’m tired of trying to explain to kids who know nothing about anything really. Not life,or females.
          And btw, the course will do you good as additional knowledge and something you can work at if you can’t find anything else outside of stocking shelves at Walmart.
          Take the course and the Broker’s license exam. After that take the one for Life and then Health and Annuities.
          I’m not wasting my time but let me just add that insurance is to protect people against you accidentally hitting and injuring them with your car. Broke arse losers like yourselve would never be able to pay for any damage you do with a car so the government has to make insurance compulsory to protect the public.
          If you were to run over say, a 12yo and cripple them for life, you would not have the 7-8 million dollars for their lifetime care (and I’m calculating very low on what a court would award) so we have to force people to have insurance for the general welfare.
          I’ll bet anything that you come from an underclass background and you think the government pays for everything.

        2. heh . . The status quo is certainly the greatest thing since sliced bread – for those whose sustenance is vested in it, that is. I heard a self proclaimed professional ‘bureaucrat’ once defend the IRS by describing it as the ‘heart’ of the entire economy. It ‘pumps’ the money and is vital in the case, he claimed, where there should ever come a day when coincidentally NO ONE EVER BOUGHT ANYTHING. He asserted that then the economy would suffer a permanent and fatal ‘heart attack’.
          I nearly shit myself in laughter at his logic but understood he was a pro P.R. front and a good one. He pulled a fat salary until his colon bypass op where he flatlined and had a vision. He now does motivational coaching or therapy, bless his recovered soul. But still, financial transactions NEVER cease to that degree that an accessory pump and defibrillator event such as a war is necessitated. From 1776 to 1860 was it ever needed? Nope. The tax man, the insurance man . . they’re all protective of their windfall camps.
          Maybe insurance isn’t quite the racket for example that UNICEF is (90% overhead and pork) but if I were to throw a number at it, it would be over 50%.

    4. This. This all day everyday. I figured it out too late, but it gives me hope to see that others have reached the same conclusion. My sons will have the benefit of standing on my shoulders if they so choose and will never be able to say they never heard the truth.

    5. I don’t understand “Buy Gold” advocates. Gold has ups and downs and I sense a lot of people pushing it bet on an economic collapse within our lifetimes. I’m not exactly optimistic about the world economy, but I don’t see a scenario where hoarding gold will result in a good situation for the average investor.
      You’re better off dollar cost averaging into index funds. A mix of stocks and bonds depending on your risk tolerance works for most people.

      1. People who tell you to buy gold are people who desperately want to sell their gold before the price tanks. Think Ron Paul for example (and don’t give me that “swell guy” bullshit). Nobody in the media wants you to get rich. They want to get rich themselves.
        Only losers think they can get rich from something they read in the National Inquirer or on Fox.
        The next big crisis is going to be fresh water. If the wells dry up and there’s no food, you can’t eat gold.

    6. So what you say, just game and bang bitches. I can maybe buy into this… but what is the end game here, what are you doing at 50, 60, 70, 80 if you so live so long? Do you have kids or not?

      1. Smith and Wesson retirement plan at 70 here. 🙂 Gonna drive up into the mountains with seeds in my pockets. Turn into a tree.

    7. Sorry bitch, I can’t hear your bullshit over the sound of my 30% returns on my mutual funds. You want me to pay for what? Want me to marry what? Give up my life and freedom for your worn-out catchers mitt of a vagina?
      Realizing I can work like mad for 5 years, pile up all my cash and put it in investments then live a simple, minimalistic lifestyle fucking nubile young things until I get tired of them and swap out on a tropical island with financial and legal freedom instead a shitty dose of Do The Right Thing™ is the happiest realization I’ve ever had in my goddamned life.
      Women had their liberation, now it’s time for men to have ours.

    8. Where you see nothing but defeat I posess victory. I have all that you imagine that “our Fathers” had. Convert to Christ or live your remaining days going from satisfying one apetite to the next. You call this manliness. I call it the life of a dog.

  13. This lack of moral stability is what happens, or has happened, as the West has been broken away from the force which created it – the Catholic Church and Christendom.
    It is only within the bounds of the Faith that one has the framework to build a personal and societal framework for a successful society. Within the Church there is an order that flows from the divine to the human to the world itself.
    In this regard one should read Rodney Stark’s books on the creation of Christendom and its superiority over all other forms of religion and society for an appreciation of what we were freely bequeathed, and have squandered – or had taken from us by the enemies of the Faith.

    1. But nothing matters except that which YOU do for yourself. We can talk the Catholic Church and Christendom all we want. Society, political correctness, all of it was meant to crush men. But all due respect, it was men that enabled this monstrosity of feminism and the vital 10 or 20% of men that are manosphere can’t stop it. All we can do is protect ourselves as individuals.
      I used to argue against Islamic Terror, the Caliphate and the rest, and feminists called me racist. Well guess who’s first to be beheaded under the Caliphate feminists defend today? Academics. Feminists. Homosexuals. Transsexuals. I wanted to stop Islam and the aforementioned groups call me racist for wanting to crush Islam. Islam, a system *I* might receive more respect from as Islam beheads my present-day opponents. It’s a mad, mad world. So, I don’t argue Islam anymore.
      But none of this matters at the grass roots. Protect yourself, don’t marry, bang, cut off your balls, jack off, anything but marry. And don’t date fatties. Time to shame fat broads. Advice from an old-ass sage.

    2. We’re living in a civilisation created by Romans and Latin Law. Perhaps the Christian philosophy just happens to fit in and appeal to civilised people’s temperaments. The foreign Jews and Arabs don’t accept it. And only a small group of Hebrews became followers of Jesus and his teachings.

  14. This is a good article, thanks!
    “the overworked suburbanites enslave themselves into perpetual debt to live a lifestyle they can’t afford”
    Several years ago I had an hourly branch banking job in a very wealthy neighborhood in Southern California. The clients who came to that branch had multimillion dollar homes, Bentleys and Porches for mom and dad, a Lexus for each kid, but even though I was making an hourly wage nowhere near what these people made, I was actually wealthier than any of those people because all of them were in debt up to their eyeballs. I was debt free, I owned my car free and clear, and no mortgage. Despite their fancy cars and big homes, they really didn’t have a penny to their names because their debt load far overshot what they had saved up. They lived paycheck to paycheck, whereas I could drink good Scotch when I felt like it because I actually had the money to do so; not wasting your money on the latest piece of iCrap, luxury cars, or fancy clothes will put you in that position!
    “Should we sweat and worry and toil to meet a manner of living that, prior to the late 20th century, would have been considered decadent by any sufficiently civilized European society?”
    What do you want out of life? If you want to make $150k a year so you can afford the finer things in life, then you might be able to buy them but you won’t really be able to enjoy them. Whats the point of working 60 hours a week so you can afford a fancy house? You’ll be spending most of your time at the office, so you won’t really be inside that home long enough to enjoy it.
    This kind of gets to the heart of what freaks out not just the SJW, but really anybody in any kind of political power. They’ve realized that if men start
    basing their jobs around what they actually need to survive and be happy, instead of what they need to buy iCrap, then their Ponzi schemes will come crashing down around them because men simply won’t be generating the tax dollars needed to keep those schemes running.

    1. You have no idea what their financial situation is outside of gossip and your own imagination and projections.
      And even IF they are in debt as you imagine just remember that the bank had enough faith in them to loan them the money. How much are you able to borrow?
      Sounds like a lot of sour grapes to me. And btw, no one is living well on $150k and in many places that’s just enough to live decently. Do you actually have any idea about financial matters? As an hourly wage drone I doubt that you do.

      1. “And btw, no one is living well on $150k and in many places that’s just enough to live decently.”
        i agree.150k where i am is minimum. … 250k would have you a little more relaxed..

        1. Most of these boys on here live in daddy’s cellar and play games or watch nasty unnatural porn.They have no idea what it’s like in the real world and if they have a low it’s some low paying one, just enough to buy some game or weed.

      2. “And btw, no one is living well on $150k and in many places that’s just enough to live decently.”
        You urbanites are funny. Visit flyover country some time.

        1. Location is key. I know people in NYC making in the 300s and they’re strapped. Amazing.

        2. I assume you mean couple making 300k, yes? Cant imagine a bachelor pulling 300 and not being on easy street.

        3. Exactly. There are a few places in the US, but not “many.” If you’re pulling in $300k, even per couple, then you’re probably killing yourself to be proud of your zip code and maintain the appearance of wealth. The sin of pride.

        4. The problem with cheap areas is that there is no money to be made, many times not even enough to live at the low level you find there.
          When I was younger I used to go to islands in the West Indies. Many of them were small and I’d have to take a launch from the ship that couldn’t dock there. I’d buy bottles of Barcadi rum for $2 at that time and thought it was great. But then I realised that the local people didn’t even have the 2 bucks to buy anything and that their whole source of income was carving wood statues with big cocks to sell to tourists. You want to live there just because booze and other things were dirt cheap?

        5. Unless you were just born in these areas and living there is as natural as people born and raised in Podunk.
          Your sour grape attitude is showing son. And I doubt that they work any harder than the min wage guy stocking shelves at Walmart.

        6. “Your sour grape attitude is showing son.”
          You’ve made the sour grapes comment a few times on this article, Mr. M.D. Referring to some place as Podunk? Congrats on your fancy education and big city living, but I think you completely missed the point of the article. But don’t let your over-education hold you back, put us plebes in our place. As if nobody could have a contrary opinion without being bitter or stupid. But I’m sure you’re right on one count – insufferable snobs like you generally aren’t welcome in the less vain and materialistic small towns.

        7. Unlike you I can get along with anyone. If I’m with a yokel I have no problem.But the problem is that the yokel couldn’t fit into a higher category while anyone can always go down.
          And btw, you’ve just shown again that sour grapes and petty attitude that 9 out of 10 net boys on here have.

      3. Define living well. 150k is a lot of money. Sure it isn’t going to buy you a mansion or a Ferrari, but you can live very comfortably on that, no problem.

        1. You ever hear of taxes? Also, someone earning $150k is not going to be living in the ‘hood or Podunk but with people in his own class and things are just more expensive in these areas. Stores have to pay high prices for property and taxes too and the customers pay this.
          You may be living in an area where houses are at least $1m which means that at a $150k salary the most a bank will lend you is $400k. So you had better have the other $600k in cash as a down payment.
          Even if you live in a cheaper area where prices are half, say $500k you’ll still need at least $100k+ as a down payment.

      4. 150k/yr is good money in most of the USA (t10%) and you can live pretty decently, esp as a single guy. Sure, in NYC or the like it’s not great but in most of the country as a single guy could easily afford capping out 401k (18k/yr), Roth, live in a 2k+ sq ft place! drive a new car! and go overseas at least once a year and still have a lot left.

    2. I hate the SJWs, but they didn’t cause this, at least not single handedly. Our entire world economy is now based on debt. The third world being indebted to us, our own falsely propped up economies based on governments vastly outspending what they collect in taxes, and average Joe crippling himself with consumer debt.

    3. And that’s exactly what I’m doing 🙂 no more 60-70 hour weeks busting my ass for a house I never get to see. A life I never get time to live. Fuck them and all their theft-by-tax!

  15. The above applies to the latest newest technology: The Apple iWatch.
    “Buy the iWatch. It tells time (sometimes) and can sync via your iphone to create reduntant tasks you dont need either for. $350 dollars please (or in the case of a gold version, $10K for such an insane device)”
    There is so much accomplishment that doesn’t involve the latest crap you “must” buy because its the latest crap.
    Go outside. Take in a hobby that requires physical labor. Travel to fardistant places. Just dont sit on your ass and watch the time go by waiting for the next latestandgreatestitemtoget.

  16. Despising wealth is a form of hamstering due to your own insecurity due to having a bad financial situation.

    1. Buddha had a fantastic financial situation, and he wound up despising wealth. Marcus Aurelius too. I guess they’re just hacks and imbeciles that don’t measure up to your amazing genius.

      1. Marcus Aurelius came from a family of senators and patricians.
        Buddha’s father was some sort of Oligarch and incidentally Buddha was an Aryan Brahman in class.
        It’s very easy to despise wealth when you’ve always had it especially as you get older.

  17. Fantastic writing. The perspective, imagery he paints with and how it’s interwoven with our current state is remarkable.

  18. Excellent article. Especially after the article on Eight traits every successful man has. A lot of commenters thought it was admirable to be a conniving asshole to get ahead. It takes a lot of balls to reject what is considered to be successful nowadays. Lifelong debt, keeping up with the,Joneses, conspicuous consumption. ingrate kids obsessed with ipads, the latest cool car etc.. No thanks.

  19. ‘The man who says nothing knows the most’. I haven’t considered that one for awhile but in light of it now, I would clump it in with the many other BIG LIES foisted upon us like ‘women are all sugar and spice’.
    In this day men must blow their horns and make noise.

    1. ‘The man who says nothing knows the most’
      Or perhaps he just doesn’t know anything.

    1. Just another whore… She should have divorced(I do agree with her divorcing in this case) and had her children.. The fuck is this?…

      1. He should have made it very clear that children were a deal breaker before they got married. She should have made it very clear she had a propensity for being a self absorbed, narcissistic twat. Mistakes were made all around.
        I want a t-shirt that says “my clitoris only deals with truth”.

        1. I’m sure he did make it clear, but women always think they can change a man.
          I’m not sure how or why he stuck around after she mentions an open marriage. Once a woman says that, it’s all over and he should have bailed on her

        2. My comments were said in fun. In reality though, the desire (or lack thereof) to have children is probably the most important issue to have addressed prior to committing to one another. To marry someone in the hopes they will change their mind with respect to this is begging for heartbreak.

    2. “Sleeping with a lot of guys is going to make me feel better on my deathbed. I’m going to feel like I lived”
      Where most people feel they have lived by traveling the world, living among different cultures, going on adventures, sky diving, base jumping, etc etc this chic will be on her deathbed thinking she had a wonderful life just because she was a selfish slut

  20. Living below your means is a man’s best bet, but it can make life difficult with women, especially as you get older and if you are used to sleeping with quality.
    I own my own home, which helps as I’m currently on a mediocre casual wage, but it’s definitely harder to sleep with good looking women as you age and aren’t a high earner.
    At the end of the day, while men are competitive, you aren’t forced to associate with men who earn a lot more than you, so it’s not really a problem. The only problem lies in picking up good looking women as a low or medium income earner, but that’s ok because most of them aren’t worth shit anyway and there is no point fucking bottom feeders if that’s all you can get.
    The women I can attract now are decent, but most of them aren’t really worth the hassle, especially at this point in my life. I’d much rather save money and do my own thing than hook up with a plain Jane who could take my house if we ever split.

    1. it’s definitely harder to sleep with good looking women as you age and aren’t a high earner
      The higher men financially are also the more interesting men to females so it’s sort of a double whammy, more money and just more exciting and interesting compared to the 9-5 drone who goes home and sits in front of the boobtube or plays some kid’s game.

  21. The main issue I have with wealth these days, is that given the redistribution of wealth/consumerist culture lots of people are fairly well off who shouldn’t be, companies are successful who shouldn’t be etc. Taxes, Welfare and redistribution from men to women are a consumerist con. That welfare mum with three kids, who can afford Petrol or an iPhone, guess what? she’s making other men rich with your money. I don’t respect that at all. As well as the fact that it devalues the wealth of lower and middle income men, who now have to be rich to actually provide a better quality of life to a woman than could the gov. And that isn’t even starting on all the public sector, paper pushing largess. Money would be worth respecting if it wasn’t fiat garbage, that’s been recycled through the government/corporations and redistributed like tapwater goes from your bladder to your toilet to your mouth. Free market, no taxes, no welfare, no central banks, end most of the public sector and sick consumerist cultue, and then material success would truly become the preserve of those who build real wealth, improve efficiency and make peoples lives better.
    Then you’ve got corporate welfare, dodgy housing, banking and stock market bubbles that make trying to be “rich” in the material sense of having lots of stuff+assets and growing net worth+income a minefield in certain economies/areas. Remember Rich people get rich by being good at making money, not spending it. During their divorce trial, it came out multi-billionaire Charles Saatchi was spending just £3000 a month….it was his cunt wife who was spending upwards of £60,000. Damn cokehead.

  22. There are lots of mental cases pursuing material success as a way of revenge or vengeance against past sufferings, wrongdoings, offenses etc. It’s like a fire that must keep burning, though it may be too strong and fierce. It seems that only the goal matters, but the means not anymore, even if it means not having the time or the disposition to enjoy the achievement of that goal.
    Striving to live with dignity, honesty and grace is still an option few understand and put into practice everyday. For some it is not enough. More seems to be better. Or not. Change doesn’t care if it’s for the better or for the worse.
    What one can do? Adapt or die. Conform or rebel. No perfect choice. It’s inescapable. One must choose between them, between those restricted choices.

  23. Jim Christian has the right of it. A nice, modest condo. My jacuzzi. A midline motorcycle and car. The ability to come and go as I wish and no big mortgage or debt. That’s what makes me happy and I’m still living better than 95% of the world.

    1. Yep. My husband and I also own a nice modest condo, which of course comes with a very modest mortgage. A twelve year old car that’s still running well. No consumer debt, no designer handbags. The freedom to do as we please, and the (relatively) stress free life that comes from not being saddled with debt.

    2. I’m sure that you’re living better than the characters in Slumdog Millionaire. You must be very proud of your accomplishments especially in a country(US) where money practically falls into your lap with only minimal effort.

  24. Problem is that whether anyone wants to admit it or not, men are judged on the resources they commander. You want a hot chick instead of a gastropod? Better have the resources, but I suppose one could fake it with regards to skanks. But its this competetion that serves as the impetus for any man to get ahead in life. That said, giving the anti-male culture we have evolved to, it’s getting more difficult to give a shit these days.

    1. Gastropod – these great new words need to be highlighted in fluorescent. I almost missed that one skimming through. The volume on here doesn’t do justice to the five munites of shine for the real masterpieces. Too much crunched daily on here like at a mega university where it’s speed learn and regurgitate with no time to reflect.

  25. To paraphrase Julius Evola :
    A society that isn’t oriented upwards and ordered from highest principles will be content to sink to the lowest depths. It will allow for feminine values to become predominant and even considered commonplace and normal.
    We are in such a situation. The world is.
    Materialism, frivolity, money-mindedness, status-mongering, liberalism…..

  26. Money is one measure of success, but not the only one. If people earn a lot of money, but they treat others badly or they don’t have any positive relationships or they aren’t feeling a sense of satisfaction with their work, then I don’t think those people are truly successful. Look at some of today’s superstars. They make tons of money, they don’t need to obtain payday loans UK to make the ends meet, but their lives are an absolute mess. They can’t maintain stable relationships, they have a totally inflated sense of themselves, and they often turn to drugs or alcohol to cope. I don’t consider these people very successful because their lives are falling apart.

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