“Serial Litigant” And Race Fantasist Rachel Dolezal Has A History Of Opportunistic Rape Accusations

Provided you haven’t been living under a proverbial rock, you would know that the farce surrounding compulsive fraud Rachel Dolezal is getting bigger still. News has emerged that she previously accused her now ex-husband of forcing her to participate in a sex tape, a clear euphemism for rape. Far from shockingly, given what we already know about her, Dolezal made the accusation when a court was attempting to determine residency arrangements for their young son Franklin after the couple parted ways.

The judge, perhaps sensing the inherent looseness of her “factual” disposition, found Joshua Moore was a competent father and awarded joint custody. After all, Dolezal makes Native American-channeling Senator Elizabeth Warren look like Honest Abe Lincoln.

This is not the end of the story (and how could it be?). Dolezal’s son (it is ambiguous as to whether this means Franklin or the adoptive brother Isaiah she seems to be raising) made a flagrantly false hate crime allegation to obfuscate his purported involvement in broken wine bottles at a grocery store. Without mitigating what could be significant responsibility on his part, the young relative has clearly learned from a pro, either his biological mother or adoptive sister or mother (don’t worry, I’m confused, too).

The cases may not seem linked, minus the grossly unsubstantiated (and likely contextually false) rape accusations against Moore, but Dolezal joins a menagerie of other female fantasists, Emma Sulkowicz and Jackie Coakley et al, who milk attention for career advancement or social validation and popularity. Their wishes are granted like Aladdin’s Genie, receiving laudatory praise or sympathy along the way from both the media and others allergic to impartial factual analysis and due process.

Dolezal’s bizarre hate crime allegations

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel… for facts I don’t care!”

Thankfully, investigations into “racial” hate crimes alleged by Rachel Dolezal have been suspended as of this week. The most bizarre one that she made herself (presuming the son made his own via her atrocious example and not explicit coaching) involved Dolezal claiming she received threatening hate mail in the Spokane NAACP’s post office box.

The USPS, even after its local employees were grilled by police, maintained that the letter could only really have been placed there by someone with a key to the box. Strangely, there was no date stamp or bar code on the correspondence, a dead giveaway of something profoundly fishy.

Although we can expect SJWs and other do-gooders to call critics “racists” and “victim-blamers” for questioning her accounts of so many “disparate” events, Dolezal has already been outed as a fantasist with her life-in-blackface deception. Moreover, this should be relieving news for the innocent Joshua Moore.

It’s still tragic for him overall, though. Yes, his ex-wife has so many frauds and other deceptions going on which undermine her credibility. But to have his name dragged through the mud, again, is something he deserves substantial compensation for, not that Dolezal will be getting (hopefully) much in the way of a steady job going forward.

She previously sued Howard University for anti-white, gender, and pregnancy bias

Martin Luther King just barfed in his grave because of this woman.

Prior to her Academy Award-worthy turn as Rachel Dolezal: Black Woman, Spokane’s favorite storyteller, then a “non-African-American,” believed her artwork was being taken down to make way for students… because they were black and she was white. It seems that pretty much the only thing Dolezal hasn’t sued for in terms of discrimination or somehow cried an “-ism” about is on the basis of disability (stay tuned on that front!).

Despite the continued, fanatical defense of her by many elements both within the NAACP and followers of the new pseudo-science of “transracialism,” the import of adding the Howard University debacle is evident. Dolezal is putting yet another nail in the coffin for believing women who vacuously advertise themselves front and center when fighting “injustice” they can’t prove.

Dolezal’s conflicting history nevertheless has a common theme: an obsession with imagined victimization and a narcissistic craving for attention and the “admiration” of others. Her being exposed as a white woman didn’t fundamentally alter her belief that she is indeed black.

The “logic” she breathes life into is simple: facts only exist as enunciated and supported by her. White parents equals black girl if Dolezal says it does. When enough people seek to make excuses for these delusions, it only encourages more Rachel Dolezals both publicly and privately.

SJWs are in spectacular crisis

Because of Dolezal’s magical powers for assuming new races, she and Sulkowicz are actually sisters.

Sulkowicz, Coakley, Dolezal, Belle Gibson… in the last twelve months, more has transpired to back up the desperate need for due process around rape accusations, or basic incredulity about fanciful stories (Gibson’s fake cancer), than ever before. And it’s largely because of these fabulists and women like them.

Yet we shouldn’t depend on these preeminent cases. The investigation of allegations, especially amorphous ones that coincide with a woman’s self-promotion, should be stringent and not predicated on a popularity contest, neo-Court of the Star Chamber or political lucky door prize.

In other purposely inflamed events involving crowd behavior, such as during the Ferguson and Baltimore riots, SJWs have been forced to selectively focus on details. And they have had to distinctly and dogmatically ignore others.

Autopsy reports that didn’t contradict and probably supported Officer Darren Wilson’s account were ignored in the social bloodbath that followed the shooting of violent shoplifter Michael Brown. After Freddie Gray died, race-baiters like Al Sharpton deliberately turned the narrative into a white-sponsored anti-black program of hate and persecution, forgetting that three of the six officers, including the police driver allegedly most responsible for Gray’s death in the back of a vehicle, were black.

Joshua Moore doesn’t deserve the lies and other untruths of his vindictive, psychopathic ex-wife. But unlike Emma Sulkowicz’s victim Paul Nungesser, at least far less people are going to ever believe Rachel Dolezal’s kooky defamation of him.

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  1. “Ever make mistakes in life? Let’s make them birds. Yeah, they’re birds now.”

    1. Oh my lord, she’s whiter than Bob Ross.
      I didn’t even know it was possible to be whiter than Bob Ross.

      1. Holy shit, I was laughing at the pictures originally, then when I caught my breath I saw and read the caption – LOL… gold, pure gold

  2. Gentlemen, how we spread our ideology depends not just on writers like me, but especially information consumers like you all.
    Start debates. Share articles on Reddit or elsewhere. Show your friends. Be an agent of change.

      1. Whenever I hear the phrase “agent of chaos”, I think of this scene from The Dark Knight.
        If you became the Joker, it would be cool cause then I would have an excuse to become Batman and we could fight and stuff 😛

        1. A hero is useless in this society, as society expects everything from them, the hero receiving nothing in return. Hero’s are impossible, impractical and support a society that creates the villains.
          That is why I have plans for inexpensive power armour in reserve: when shit hits the fan, I’m going all out.

        2. I suppose Rachel Dolezal is a candidate for the new treasury note considering she is a poster child for the U.S. right now.
          This woman is the embodiment of all things SJW’s represent.

        3. I heard they wanted Margret Sanger since she was pro-abortion and essentially established Planned Parenthood.
          Yet what’s hilarious is these Social Justice Wankers either don’t know or conviently dont care that her big reason for abortion was for eugenic purposes — specifically to rid of blacks.

        4. Aye, I did. It would be quite messy, but the armor would be nearly silent, with a great power-to-weight ratio.
          Of course, that’s because I’d be cheating: no electronics.

        5. Coloured was the preferred term and included all non Whites from pure Africans to mixed race people where there were many in the US.Negro means more of a pure African.Black would never be used because in the past it was offensive and on a par with nigger. In the 60’s some people, and I don’t know if they were white or black, started this Black thing just like rappers call themselves niggers. Maybe they wanted to turn a word with a negative connotation into a word with a good connotation but the whole thing sounds stupid to me because ever since libtards have been changing words as it suits them to mean whatever they want it to mean and if you don’t use their approved word then you’re a racist.It’s really all Marxist PC bullshit.

    1. If I’m able to sell my business next month I will throw ROK some advertising dollars to put on a major site or location for a brief period of time

    2. Don’t waste your time. Libtards and Femtards are so stupid and brainwashed that no amount of facts will convince them of anything. Just mock them and do it in a way you know they can’t stand.

  3. The past couple weeks have REALLY shown the hypocrisy in leftist/SJW thinking. Bruce Jenner reveals his female form and millions of people are rushing to praise him/her and talk about how gender is fluid and the male/female binary doesn’t exist, etc. But then Rachel Dolezal is revealed to be a white woman living as a black woman and suddenly there’s outrage.
    But I’m confused – Don’t leftists believe both gender AND race are social constructs? If Bruce Jenner can become a woman then can’t Rachel Dolezal become black? Why is only one accepted? The bottom line is you can’t re-paint a Ford and call it a Porsche, you are what you are on the inside and no amount of tinkering to the outside can change your core self.

    1. Good.
      I have some questions though. Obama has definitely identified with the black race/culture through his black half (if true, who the fuck knows who his real Dad is). Many who are more white than black through heredity identify with their black side. Does this mean 1/4 black makes you black? Or 1/8? 1/16? 1/32? Under this premise, is this not racial segregation, the opposite of what the civil rights founding fathers of the late 50’s and through the 60’s preached against? And, what does this say about blacks who are mostly white – are they sub-consciously admitting they are tainted whites, much like Rachel Dolezal, except hers is virtual and not real?
      Throwing this out there for you philosophers who can probably enlighten and illuminate!

      1. Libtards are racists who believe in the 1 drop rule.The 1 drop rule originated with slave traders. They were selling White slaves and when people complained they would say the person was really black because they had some African in them whether it was true or not and that 1 drop meant you were black. Of course this is absurd. Even in colonial Virginia a person who was 1/4 African was classified as White.There were both black and white indentured servants.Well an indentured black servant from the West Indies worked his term and was freed.They even gave him some land and when he made some money he got 2 black indentured servants himself.When one had served his term he wanted to leave but the guy wouldn’t let him so the servant sued him in court.The court for some crazy reason ruled in favour of the black master and the servant became a permanent one (slave) Most of the New World slaves were in the West Indies and just sort of trickled up into the colonies. I’m sure that you boys were awake in school (lol) and remember the Triangular Trade.

    2. Actually gender and race aren’t social constructs. I have a feeling that some people are really insecure about their racial and sexual identity to such an extent that they are willing to destruct their real identity in order to join the real privileged group (women and nonwhites) and depart from the supposedly privileged, but really persecuted group (white men).
      These people are mentally ill. They will forego their real identity, for a false one, just so that they can be in the “victim” group and bask in sympathy, and attention.

      1. I agree, but from a Game Theory perspective, her actions (and any White who pretends to be something else [gender’s a bit extreme of a change]) are merely engaging in ‘defection’ and increasing their chances or success. She is a nutjob, but her actions worked–she got well paying, respected jobs/positions, and since she is shameless (like most women), all the increased publicity AFTERWARDS will only serve her ego more (“see, I was right!”). Porn, Reality Show, talk circuit…expect a TED talk next.

        1. So we can expect to see her getting drilled by white men with big cocks, titled, “interracial porn”…

    3. There used to be PSAs all of the time on TV about being “proud of who you are” or “proud of yourself”. We’ve come along way from that shit because here we have two people trying to become other people.

    4. I gave up on trying to understand it. Understanding insanity is only possible if you’re one of the insane. Otherwise it, by it’s very definition, is unable to lend itself to understanding.

  4. And get ready for another round of whitey hatin’ after the SC shooting. Which, BTW, the guy is of central European and Arab descent. But that is about the same as being a “white Hispanic”.

    1. It’s not as if they don’t hate us anyway.
      Heh… whitest Arab I’ve ever seen.

      1. A lot of Arabs appear to be Caucasian. The media will call him “white” though because it fits their narrative.

        1. Eh, Arabs are Semites. Persians are Caucasian that are Muslims. They are misunderstood as being Arabic or Semites but the majority are in fact Caucasian.

        2. so it is the white israeli jews are euro caucasians and the darker jews are semities? whats the story there
          and how come some of the jews are darker yet its not like theyre black like dominicans from african origin?
          im just curious

        3. Although Semites may not be considered white by the Anglo-Aryans, they are as Caucasian as Persians, or Anglo-Aryans for that matter.
          In old money, if you are not Negroid or Mongoloid, you are Caucasian.
          And according to the geneticists even that is wrong. European stock originated to the east, across the Caspian sea, in what is now Kazakhstan.
          Arabs consider themselves Hamites, not Semites. Going back about 4,000 years they share a common ancestry, but have developed a unique ethnicity.
          In the original meaning they would be Semites, because it referred to a language group, not a race. Allah, for instance, is simply a dialect variant of Eloh, the word for Supreme God, common throughout the Middle East.
          Persians are not necessarily Muslim. There are Christians among them, and even Zoroastrians (although these live mostly in India these days).

        4. You’re confused. European type people have lived there since the beginning of time. Their racial cousins who we refer to as Indo European Aryans came from SE Asia and for some reason were a lot more blonde and blue eyed. They mixed 5k years ago and also changed the original Euro languages to Latin type languages. Did the same thing when they went East with Sanskrit which is like a cousin of Latin (Indians of today do not speak this and it only survives in religion of the upper castes)
          The reason that we use the word Caucasian is because that’s where a lot of the racial ancestors of Europeans originated. The northern area of that area of Europe we call Asia Minor.
          And let me also remind you that the world has changed and the original people living in areas has changed.Ice Age Europeans moved into the empty mid East and N Africa.

        5. Sephardic Jews are actually Arabs who follow the Yahweh cult. Probably people left behind after the Romans threw the Jews out and as the area changed from White to Arab over the past 3k years they changed racially too.The White clans that became know as Hebrews were just Euro clans who lived in the south.They were kicked out by the White Assyrians in 600BC and the remains by the Romans 600 years later. Their racial identity never changed to Arab simply because they were not there during the times of change.
          After long periods of time people sort of get used to living where they are and may even forget where they originated. There are some hints in the Bible. Noah’s boat landed in the foothills of Mt Ararat which is in the north and in a White area.And before some of you claim it’s in Asia and the people there today aren’t white remember what I said about original homelands and also about areas changing.

        6. Iranians actually refer to themselves as Aryans. Afghanistan was originally called Aryana etc Iraq etc These were all Aryan at one time before there was Arab invasions and mixing and some areas are still Aryan.

  5. People on the left simply can’t accept any reality that is remotely difficult to accept. We are living in a world full of delusional, insane people.

    1. It is a problem of perception. In the US the left is a political majority. As deluded and insane as they are, they see themselves as “normal.”

  6. SJW International is trying to get major mileage out of the church shooting tragedy. It’s disgusting, but Progressives are totally shameless, as we all know.
    Make sure to remind the world of cases like this one, which did not capture the imagination of the mainstream media, for some reason:
    And don’t forget to mention how twisted and dangerous the liberal message on race has become–when one of these subhuman Carr creatures was given the opportunity to speak at his sentencing, he apologized… to the parents of the thug shot in Ferguson, and then saw fit to lecture the courtroom about the fact that “Black lives matter.”

      1. Heck when a certain agnostic domestic terrorist murdered 168 people in the OKC bombing he was never identified as such. To this day I keep hearing the left identify Timothy McVeigh as a “Christian Conservative Tea Party” type.

        1. The lie circles the globe serveral times before truth even gets out of bed.
          I have made the same point to those that spew the line that McVeigh never had any connection to a religious cause and in fact identified himself as an atheist. Of course this pisses off the atheists. His family was surprised hours before his execution he agreed to see a priest for last rights.
          Leftist have too lie. Their world is constructed on them.

  7. This doesn’t surprise me in the least. To think that even ten years ago she would be thrown in the nut house shows how far we’ve fallen.

  8. I don’t think transracialism is going to catch on within the left leaning community. The reason being, it’s a victim card that can be easily used against them.
    For ex:
    me: I’m a conservative who opposes barack obama.
    liberal: ok good. you’re a racist then.
    me: No i’m not since i’m part black like him.
    liberal: bullshit!
    me: I’m transracial, meaning i identify as whatever race i want to be. I identify as black so there you go.
    liberal: ummm….bullshit!! you’re hispanic not black!
    me: how dare you try to deny my right to identity. You transracialphobe, you need sensitivity classes.
    liberal: grrr you’re bullshitting!
    (repeat that last remark by your typically useful idiot lib ad nauseam)
    While you will always get a fringe segment of liberalism (itself a fringe segment most Americans avoid self identifying as even if they vote according to the philosophy) that is going to defend this conniving racial huckster Dolezal, i’ve noticed an equal (if not greater) backlash against her from the typical members of the liberal community, such as those who support transgender rights and their belief that her claims will hurt the achievement of those.
    At any rate, it’s always a joy to watch these morons cannibalize each other when the design flaws in their apocryphal beliefs start to show:)

    1. Yea. The hypocrisy by the left and LGBT community has been priceless.
      The other night I saw a transgender degenerate proclaim a person can’t change race or be “transracial.”
      Yet a couple weeks ago we had Jenner and were told that even if the penis is still there, the notion he “feels and identifies” as a woman means we have to accept him as female.
      Well here we have a white woman who “feels and identifies” as a black woman. And it’s the LGBT community who is proclaiming one can’t change races. I find it all hysterical. Who is a transgender person to tell a “transracial” they can’t be!?

      1. “Who is a transgender person to tell a “transracial” they can’t be!?”
        These people aren’t fit to travel in the freak shows of the early 50’s…or maybe they are, since some of the acts were fraudulent in nature. They’re all seriously touched in the head.
        You have to wonder at the strength of solipsism involved in someone who believes that something as definitive as gender can be changed but something as difficult to define as race can’t.
        These people are hypocrites of enormous size and batshit crazy to boot.
        Hell, we also have a segment of the population who believe they are better off with amputated limbs. Maybe we should give them special class status too right?

        1. Had it on CNN the other night and this transgender “woman” was going off on how one can’t change races. Besides that, the liberal talking heads who are happy to call anyone “transphobic” for simply asking a question were making fun of and laughing at this broad on TV. I sat there in awe of the blatant hypocrisy.
          Now look at Charleston. I swear if I hear another liberal shout “We need to have a conversation on RACE!” I’m going to lose it. Whenever one tries to have a conversation which also includes black on black murder in cities and states with tough gun laws/ run by Democrats … and black students failing in districts run by all black school board n union members, they have a total fit as the “conversation” they want strictly has to fit into their narrative of America being an inherently racist nation and … “White Privledge!”

        2. Any time I hear the words “we have to have a conversation” I don’t bother.
          For the left, the word “conversation” means a one-sided lecture about how straight white Christian males are responsible for all the evil committed by everyone else in the world.

        3. Excellent comment. As a gun owner ive always heard liberals say we “need a conversion” about guns. Basically the one sided lecture is i can keep mine for now, my kids can use or inherit it, i cant have any more, certain ones must be turned in, some get registered, i pay more taxes, and so forth.
          A conversation is a lecture.

        4. You’re absolutely correct. One sided lecture for sure. We’ve wanted to have a “conversation” which has also entailed black on black violence. The left won’t hear of it. The other night when I heard folks on DR Drew — when flipping threw dial — exclaim, “We need to have a convo on RACE” — I was ready to lose it. The left has found RACISM in everything that when a legit racist goes out n shoots it up, no one wants to hear it anymore.
          Let me also tell you. DR Drew should be a picture into the dregs of Academia. There was some woman on there with “Psychologist” under her name flipping out emotionally and exclaiming a roommate who had nothing to do with this should be an accessory.

  9. I have a little different take on that one photo. you said, “Martin Luther King just barfed in his grave because of this woman.” I would postulate that he figuratively barfed up this problem. From a 1967 lecture:
    “The importance of the hippies is not in their unconventional behavior,
    but in the fact that hundreds of thousands of young people, in turning
    to a flight from reality, are expressing a profoundly discrediting view
    on the society they emerge from.”
    As with many of his radical statements, this was taken to heart by the civil rights movement and it’s next generation of prevaricators.

  10. Problem, SJW’s? I thought race/sex/species/gender was a social construct? Why does it matter if someone has “caucasian” genetics, if they identify as African American?
    I identify as a 1950s brown leather comfy chair, who are you to tell me im not you privileged cis-scum?

    1. Asians outscore everyone on the SAT because of their of their upbringing. Blacks outperforming everyone in basketball is due to genetics.

      1. What’s an ‘Asian’? I don’t think this term should be used because it is too broad. W Asia is one of the Caucasian homelands, East Asia are mostly Han Chinese and the sub continent of India has its own people. You have more than 1/2 of the world’s population in Asia.In the US when you say Asian people think Far East Chinese, Japanese etc while in England Asian usually means Paki, Indian etc

  11. Honestly, this could be a script that was rejected from the “Its a Different World” sitcom.
    Marissa Tomei suddenly decides to fake being black, Kadeem Harrison has to step in and talk her out of it.

  12. She’s a con artist and a scammer. Pure fraud here. She was filing false police reports, claiming that people were persecuting her because of her race. We now know that all of that was total bullshit. She was suing institutions to shake them down for money. She needs to be charged with criminal fraud, or at the very least, civil fraud.
    I don’t care if someone wants to play “make believe” but when you are scamming, lying, and shaking down others for money, then you need to pay the price.

    1. Would this be under the Federal mail and wire fraud? This would apply to Gibson I think.

      1. A white man yes. Look at how long Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have been able to do the same with absolutely no punishment.
        Hell Sharpton doesn’t even pay taxes and he gets a pass for that.

    2. NBC wasted 5 mins interviewing her for their nightly news broadcast this week. It was truly painful to watch as this con artist got on national television and lied about everything she was doing.

      1. You have to remember….the news isn’t about finding out the truth any longer. It’s about getting ratings by any means necessary.

  13. “Martin Luther King just barfed in his grave because of this woman.”
    I doubt it. MLK would be proud because he was a phony as well. He was a plagiarist all throughout his career. Even the “I Have a Dream” speech was plagiarized.

    1. He did a lot of good as well and risked his life. I don’t think anyone really cares where the speech came from, it had a profound impact.
      This chick isn’t even in the same galaxy as MLK.

    2. She has accidentally mocked the entire foundation of Leftism when it comes to Identity politics, and they don’t even see it. 20 years ago this would have been the basis of a movie script…almost like an American playing an Aussie , playing a Black guy (Tropic Thunder)

  14. As MLK preached, I judge not by the skin color, but the content of each individual’s character.
    These women are truly terrible people.

  15. Quite the dilemma these tolerance pushing liberal idiots have, if gender is just a fluid state of mind and Bruce Jenner is a hero shouldn’t this idiot also be a hero for showing that race is not biological and just a state of mind? How can so many people be so fucking dumb.

    1. “Bruce Jenner”
      Gender appropriation!
      “How can so many people be so fucking dumb.”
      The question may contain its own answer. Consider the possibility that once you cull the real idiots from the useful idiots that they cannot be. If they are not so dumb, what are they then?
      I suggest that what they are is liars. They do not actually mean what they say and their motives are not as they present them. Do not listen to what they say, watch what they do, as that is what they really want.
      What do they do?
      Ruin. Fucking. Everything.

    2. Blame decades of leftist indoctrination by the public k12 school system and parents feeding their children Hollywood cultural rotgut.

  16. I havent read the comments yet, but anyone pulling out the tired old “FRAs make it harder for *real* rape victims!” needs a dose of reality. First: there just aren’t that many real rape victims; and second, the primary victims of FRAs are the men they accuse.

  17. This woman is a complete and utter nutjob, she’s just trying to play as many victim cards as she can, rape victim, minority and now a transgender person. This is what happens when mentally Ill people (SJWs) who believe being a victim is a massive achiement in life get given a free reign in society rather than being locked away or treated for their mental illness.

  18. Inspired by Rachel Dolezal I now identify as ‘trans-massively-hung’.
    And I demand the world acknowledge me as such.

    1. I can hardly wait for the next Gooberment job that I apply for. I will be checking off my aboriginal status that I now identify with. I know my French ancestors mixed with the natives. I feel native and I want my goodies.

  19. You know what? Fuck all this shit, I’m now a trans……former. Call me Fataessimus Prime. Any grievances that you have with my newly made up status can be filed between the crack of your ass until further notice.

  20. You can fool all of the libtards all of the time—Auntie Libtard
    This is a hoax but she’s managed to get $40k on fundme from Regressive Libtards. All you need to do is make the hoax in some way related to queers, trannies, negroes, rape or any of the other libtard nonsense and complete gullible libtard strangers will send you money. Can you imagine how stupid you have to be to send money to someone on the Net?

  21. The reason that she got away with this is because Libtards live in such a deluded world where up is down and black is white that they don’t know if they’re coming or going. Things libtards believe today would be laughed at a short time ago and they’d be lucky if they didn’t end up in a mental hospital.Libtards are no different than people who believe Elvis is still alive and even though two autopsies were done and his body was shown at his wake will still believe he’s alive.You can’t reason with the deluded and stupid libtards so any argument you make is wasted and they think you’re the crazy one, just as inmates of asylums think everyone else is crazy.
    So never try to argue logically with a libtard, femtard or just a retard.Mock them.

  22. An Indian and an African walk into the bar…
    And they’re immediately passed because we need more minority lawyers.

  23. I started applying to Boeing as a former army officer with a MS degree. I could not get an interview for anything greater than a “1” level position. I checked the “Spic” box on the application, and, with the same credentials, got hired for a “3” level” position.
    lie you stupid mother fuckers. Crash the system.

  24. Belle Gibson *Shudder* What a despicable woman. And these people are allowed to raise children.

  25. fuck that smoke screen shit ,that shit was put out to take eyes off the redneck cops Jim crow swimming pool bullshit but then the SC church redneck bullshit came out

  26. The “I was raped” lie as a career move was invented by Ntozake Shange and proliferated by Alice Walker and Oprah Winfrey — It has been a mainstay of black (and wannabe black) female opportunists ever since.

  27. No surprise here, anyone who would give up being white to turn black would have to be crazy so this is no surprise. False rape, false race, false everything

  28. I can’t agree with this article because it is clearly racist and the author, David Garrett, is being ignorant and racist and doesn’t have all the facts. I’m not defending Rachel Dolezal for what she did, but Garrett doesn’t know everything about what happened in Dolezal’s personal life and just wants to attack her for wanting to identify as black.
    I also find it funny how Garrett denies racism against blacks and the existence of white supremacy, yet he calls people like Al Sharpton “race-baiters” when you have guys like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity who actually do race-bait on Fox News every night. Has Garrett ever called these guys out? On the Michael Brown shooting, where is the evidence that the autopsy reports done on Brown actually contradicted Darren Wilson’s account and where is the evidence that the autopsy supported Wilson. Brown was not being violent and there was no proof that he shoplifted at the store he was in. If Brown did shoplift, then why didn’t the store clerk call the cops?
    Garrett mentions that three of the officers that killed Freddie Gray were black, but so what? That doesn’t excuse police brutality and he doesn’t understand that a lot of black cops have self-hate issues and have no problem harassing other blacks. Just because somebody shares the same skin color doesn’t mean that person can’t be racially biased. A black person is more than likely to attack another black person before he or she would attack a non-black person.
    Before David Garrett calls others, particularly blacks, “race-baiters”, he should take a look at his other articles that he posts on this site because all I see from what he says in his posts is RACE-BAIT. Garrett comes off to me as flat out racist or just simply ignorant of African-American struggles in society.

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