Social Engineering Was On Display At This Year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show

USA Today said it best when it said the Super Bowl’s ads were depressing and the halftime show was bizarre.  Bizarre indeed.

The Pepsi Cola Halftime Show was a visually stunning spectacle rife with subliminal messages. For those who didn’t see it, it opened with Katy Perry riding on an animatronic tiger. This was followed by androgynous chess pieces that looked like they came straight out of the dystopian film Metropolis. The message was clear: people and nature are becoming unisex machines to be moved around a chessboard by the queen bee.

Following this “Dark Horse” vision, Lenny Kravitz came out for a quick minute and Perry performed a mild mannered mini-twerk. The set then changed to a SpongeBob SquarePants beach scene designed to capture the attention of little kids.  Perry played her schoolgirl shtick in a party dress that did a good enough job of covering up her most precious assets. Girls in 1950s-style bikinis danced along with cartoon sharks, beach balls, and surfboards.

Nothing was really surprising up to this point. It was just interesting just how unsexy Perry’s performance was. Perry was playing a mildly flirty tease, and most parents were probably relieved that their kids weren’t being exposed to anything too racy. Feminists were undoubtedly happy that male viewers didn’t get to see more of Perry’s boobs.

The Bizarre


A masculine Missy Elliot sings “Get Ur Freak On”

Then the bizarre happened. Katy Perry’s girly, PG-rated performance was followed by Missy Elliot coming out dressed in a NASCAR outfit singing about getting your freak on. It would not be surprising if some five-year-old girl turned to her mother at this point and asked, “Mommy, what’s getting your freak on?” And the mother replying, “Why honey, according to UrbanDictionary it means to have sex.”

Thus, the confusing subliminal messages in this year’s PepsiCola Corporatist Halftime Show. What’s a boy to make of this charade? What’s a girl to think? Well the subliminal messages for girls are as follows:

It’s OK to be a tease


Dress up like a man and have sex

Gender Equality Through Masculine Feminism

The truth behind this over-produced charade soon became clear with the first commercial shown after the halftime show:

The explicit message of this commercial is that any criticism of the female sex is wrong. It’s that girls’ athletic abilities are just as good as boys.  And they sure as hell shouldn’t be made fun of if they suck at those pursuits. Like the animals in Animal Farm, girls are equal to boys, but with special privileges.

Notice how this commercial for gender equality doesn’t even hawk a product. It’s actually a Procter and Gamble commercial for menstrual pads of all things, which makes no sense and perfect sense. Advertising has become a way for corporations to sell social messages rather than actual products.

The idea is that by controlling the mindset of your consumer, you control their purchasing power (not only controlling their individual preference to buy your products, but to spread this preference like a virus through hashtags and social media).



I wouldn’t be surprised if Sheryl Sandberg designed this Super Bowl Halftime Spectacle and paid the NFL millions to get it produced. The underlying message seemed to promote her style of masculine feminism that wants to turn women into men. This style of feminism believes that acting feminine and girly is for little kids and is even shameful. That girls need to act masculine in order to have sexual agency and compete in sports and dominate the man’s world when they grow up.

Masculine feminism doesn’t try to feminize men as much as produce beta males as a byproduct. Beta males don’t know how to stand up for themselves and certainly don’t know how to get sex from a tease. Masculine feminism aims to do this by marginalizing men and telling them to shut up (think about how Lenny Kravitz performed for only a minute and didn’t even sing one of his own songs). Because football is no longer a masculine pastime, every other Super Bowl commercial now has a feminist message.

Why Katy Perry?

How did Katy Perry become the face of a halftime show that wants to socially engineer masculine women? Because she’s popular and can be used as a Trojan horse. Katy Perry is first and foremost a sex symbol. That is why she prayed for big breasts when she was a kid. That is why frosting spurts out of her bra in her music videos and her first music video was called “I kissed a girl and I liked it”. She gets attention.

But Katy Perry also embodies an innocent PG-rated image in order to appeal to younger girls. On the one hand she plays the sex pot. On the other hand, she plays the princess in a fairy tale. Is it any wonder that feminists don’t like her, but can see how she appeals to a vast spectrum of the female sex, especially little girls?

Two years ago Katy Perry wanted the public to know that she’s not a feminist, but she believed in the strength of women. The media got mad at her. Angry feminists said a woman’s strength isn’t in her sex appeal. A year later Katy finally issued a mea culpa, typical for celebrities who accidently admit they are not feminists.

“A feminist? Um, yeah, actually,” she responded. “I used to not really understand what that word meant, and now that I do, it just means that I love myself as a female and I also love men.”

Shame on her for also loving men. She clearly has no idea what feminism is about. But that’s OK for the masculine feminists who designed this halftime show. Perry played the role of the queen bee with Missy Elliot as the court jester. Perry was simply used to capture girls’ attention.  Then subliminal messages were used to prime the viewer’s senses for what came next: a commercial telling girls to act like boys and not apologize for it.


The Goal Of Masculine Feminism

Why is Sheryl Sandberg and her corporate ilk in the media trying to produce masculine women? To create more corporate worker bees. By creating a steady supply of unisex machines, corporations can pay these workers less and boss them around. And in the modern age, corporations control the government through lobbying and campaign donations.

Thus, we have a way for government to control people. Sure, a small number of women will succeed by leaning in (acting like men) and climbing to the top of the social hierarchy. The rest will just be machines who fight with the boys for the same lowly wages. For every queen bee like Sheryl Sandberg, there are thousands of worker bees.


Here’s a gender-neutral way to tell females they throw like a girl: just tell them they suck. Then laugh when they get mad and start screaming like a little girl.

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  1. Has anyone else made the jewish connection? Why are many of the writers here afraid to touch on the jewish connection to feminism

      1. Better late than never I suppose.
        Soon enough ROK might actually be a “red pill” site worthy of the moniker, rather than its current confused, half red/half blue incarnation.

        1. ethnic strife has existed amongst all groups and minorities have tended to be on the losing end. Easy to understand except for half-brained morons like yourself

        2. I don’t think anyone should oppose Jews from a “racial perspective”
          But everyone on the planet should at least call out the upper-echelon of their power structure for some very serious corruption, bigotry, deception and overall nastiness that affects the bulk of humanity!
          For the record, I would say that the vast majority of Jews themselves are not part of any conspiracy and are themselves victims of their own elite, in the same way that the goy is a victim.
          The Shoah would not have happened but for the machinations of elite bankers…Nazis were a reaction, not a cause.

      2. You are supposedly a biologist, Roosh, and you claim to follow evidence and logic. If that’s the case, then you should know that Kevin McDonald didn’t do any experiments with jews to prove his assertions; he merely based his conclusions on a narrative that comes from extreme right-wing circles, hearday and anecdotes. That is not objective evidence.
        It is an interesting book but his assertions on the biology of jews would require people of jewish stock being raised unknowingly as non-jews and viceversa to see if his “theories” are valid, and also to see if any correlations seen in the data are observed in DNA. But as a biologist, you know that

      3. I’ve known and worked with many Jewish and Israelis… .generally they are hard working people with a strong family backbone and an urge to be financially successful… this puts them 10+ years ahead of your average whiteboy and thus prone to occupy positions of power….. there maybe some agenda going on, but if the Catholic Church couldn’t conqueror the world with ‘God’ to keep people inline… I seriously doubt there is any real illuminati or conspiracy that lasts over a century…. humans just don’t get along well enough to maintain these kinds of operations…. Lots of short term angling, manipulation, false pretenses, scare tactics, rewriting of history etc…. but nothing specifically colluded long term….

        1. You can doubt it all you want. Yet it exists.
          I’ve also worked with with a lot of American Jews and Israelis. Been to Israel several times for work. I count a number from both camps as personal friends. And yes, many are exactly as you state.
          But the higher up the power structure you go, the more corruption you find (as you would in any power structure). And the big difference between that particular power structure and any other on the planet, is that the capstone of the pyramid is populated by elite banking families – who literally own the world and the consciousness of humanity. They are the elite of the elite and their agenda is, unfortunately one of enslavement, perpetual war, slavery and genocide. The masses, including many of their own brethren, are merely tools in the agenda.

        2. The Catholic Church was *created* to oppose Jewish Power and has been infiltrated starting with the Jesuits and more recently with the Vatican II council. The inquisition was to stop crypto-jews from practicing Judaism when they were sworn to abstain.
          Jewish people are hard-working because they are more incentived than your average White guy due to their support system. If being Jewish can help you get into college, get hired afterward, help you get good loans, get you bailed out if you fail…well then Whitey would work almost as hard as the Jews would.
          Maybe not quite as hard, though, because money isn’t the be-all and end-all of Whitey’s world like it is the Jew’s.
          Of course, this is a picture of your average Jew. Your Talmudic Jew is a Satanist.

        3. Healthy nuclear families for Jews. Broken, degenerate single mommy ghettos for everyone else.
          Either that’s the plan, or things just worked out that way accidentally? Pick one.

        4. Yes comrade Ray.
          Ze goyim must be brought into line wiv our way of thinking. Us chosen ones are humanities gift, ze world would not be as it iz if not for us.
          Ve have givens goyims much freedoms, nice loanz, iz conspiracy zat ve controls bankses, pornses, warses.
          Ze must see dis. Ve do not vans to hav to use more robust methods on goyims like in ze Soviet unions…

        5. sorry, but it’s too easy to blame all the ills of the world on one ‘elite’ unstoppable religious force, and not see that it’s got more to do with the basic human nature inherent in all of us….
          sure some bankers backed the zionist movement, others backed latin american coke barons, others backed russian mafia…
          if it’s convenient and profitable to start a war there will be one and the only blame can be placed with Joe Public, who doesn’t buy himself an AR15 and march on Washington… he’s too busy slurping down some starbucks concoction and guzzling the latest titillating TV crap to give fuck. THATS your problem right there…. the leaders can only mirror the populace…. the people get the leaders they deserve.
          If the people decide they deserve better and resolve to do something about it, all hell will break lose and no zionism, islam, catholics, kings, drones, nukes etc. will be able to stop them.

        6. Why are there so many dual citizens — Israeli/American in the highest offices of our government and financial institutions?
          To which country are they more loyal?
          What are the statistcal odds that 5 Fedreserve chairmen in a row (not counting the brief 18 month term of the last gentile in that office) being Jewish in a country of 315 million people with a 2% Jewish population?
          Astronomical. That is unless there’s something going on in the background we’re not told.
          Bets on how long it takes some shill to call me an anti-semite?
          Not too long I’d wager.

        7. Why hello there, banned user “Jewmosis”/”Reeturn of Pogrom”.
          Still answering to your GCHQ lords, I see.

        8. Fuck England, they are a nation of pussies who gave up their guns. Tim, you are doing their reputation no favors.

      4. Holy smokes Roosh! Now yer playin with fire! Be careful!
        I’ve read that book and many others on the subject. There is no limit to how deep that rabbit hole goes…and most of it all true unfortunately.
        Get ready to have your world view completely turned upside down.
        Also understand that The-Powers-That-Be (TPTB) are pretty good at discrediting, marginalizing, tax-auditing and even incarcerating any resistors who get too public or too powerful. Not trying to scare you but them’s the facts.
        If you ever have the stomach for it, here are some other great Ultra Red Pill Books:
        As ROK slowly evolves from ‘game’ to a mixture of game and red-pill news, maybe aim to make this site like the Huffington Post for Red Pill men? Cover all aspects of news on social engineering, expanding Marxism, the insanity of feminism, exposing war propaganda in the media, etc. But if you name TPTB too directly, this site could become Stormfront-Lite pretty quickly.
        Then again, maybe it’s time to name names. But I dunno. Even Alex Jones doesn’t name ‘you-know-who.’ He knows if he goes there, he:
        (a) loses a good chunk of his mainstream audience of 40 million
        (b) loses support from red pill celebs and politicians (Ron Paul) and
        (c) Get’s put on the official enemies list
        So maybe the best approach is to do something like Alex Jones is doing. Say 90% of the truth, leave some clues to the remaining 10% and just let your audience figure out the rest? At best link to some books and other blogs in a sidebar but don’t talk too directly.
        Just my two cents. Would love to see ROK expand into something greater and would hate to see it go down.

        1. Alex Jones has a Jewish wife. He’s on their side. You don’t hear the Jared Taylors of the world screaming about imaginary “Nazis” while trying to look like Hitler.

        2. ROK has become my news outlet. I think expanding the site as you mentioned will really get the Red Pill message across. We need this.

      5. Actually Roosh, there’s an Extraterrestrial red pill as well, but this is probably something that doesn’t affect you as much on a day to day basis as the Jewish one does – yet.
        Lol, are you still in Ukraine, Roosh? The Maidan coup was Jew-engineered geared at raiding Ukraine’s resources, restricting Russia’s access to the Black Sea, possibly creating a “Khazar Homeland” and potentially starting WWIII.
        I’d stay the fuck out of Ukraine if I were you. Brother Nathanael Kapner is an expert on the Jewkraine situtation.

        1. Get out of here with that extraterrestrial nonsense.
          That is the realm of MI5 disinformation agents like David Icke. Good old David speaks 95% the truth and then pulls “space lizards” out of his hat at the last minute. That is all designed to get the mainstream to then lump everything he says as the domain of nutters.
          Oh – you believe 9/11 was an inside job? You must be one of those guys who believe in space lizards.
          Oh- you believe that banking families rule the planet? You must be one of those UFO nuts too…
          DISINFO BE GONE!!!

        2. No it isn’t. Why do you think ancient cultures with no contact with each other, from around the world, celebrated/feared “imaginary” creatures like dragons, gargoyles, and all-wise and all-powerful snakes and lizards? Lol, why not real threats like bears, tigers, and sharks, etc?
          You think Ufo’s are air balloons and ET’s are a figment of the imagination? Do some research, dude.
          IGNORANCE BE GONE!!!

      6. This is blatant anti-semitism!
        Vee must not tolerate such hate speech!
        Never again must vee allow our greatest blessing chosen ones to be turned into 6 trillions lampshades.
        Say no to lampshadings and soap!

      7. STOP!!!
        Don’t read zis book goy Roosh.
        Agh fabrication of da first order. Lies.
        Iz not za red pill, iz hate pills!
        Hate pills iz not red pills.
        Be good little goyims and stick to sex red pills, much good for you!

      8. Roosh, are you Jewish? I would love to read a thoughtful critique by a red-pill Jew about the role of Judeism (secular and orthodox) in current affairs and in the future of mankind. A perspective from the inside, as it were. One so rarely sees such a thing, as Judeism is one of the many things that has been declared off-limits to criticism or analysis in American life.

      9. Good on ya brah. I -really- hoped you’d come around sooner or later, and why not? Unlike Roissy you are already a -hate site- according to SPLC so may as well go balls out and all the way.
        The worm has already turned in Eastern Europe about -who- the true puppet masters are of this social engineering of Western destruction is. I’m proud of ya!
        <3 <3 -Jay in DC

      10. Good on ya brah. I -really- hoped you’d come around sooner or later, and why not? Unlike Roissy you are already a -hate site- according to SPLC so may as well go balls out and all the way.
        The worm has already turned in Eastern Europe about -who- the true puppet masters are of this social engineering of Western destruction is. I’m proud of ya!
        As has been said here before, it is a -fine line- between rational view of ‘bad actors’ and the low IQ blind unbridled hate of the inbred Stormfront crowd. It appears you are starting to walk this thin beam quite well.
        <3 <3 -Jay in DC

    1. Because it’s ANTI-SEMITIC to blame Jews for anything. I mean can you really blame God’s chosen people?
      But it’s cool to blame whitey.

      1. Or maybe because most jews in the west are liberal and nearly all liberals are feminist? Can you say how many jews that aren’t liberals are feminist? Of course not, you’re too lazy so it’s easier to be *anti-semitic* than to do your homework. AnOther “anonymous coward” as usual

      2. An ethnic group (or religious group. I still don’t know what the fuck they are) that has been kicked out of almost every country they’ve settled in. Either the entire civilized world has irrational, unjustified issues with Jews, or Jews cause fucking problems in host countries. Pick one.

      3. “To know who rules over you, look to those you cannot criticize”
        From where I’m sitting it looks like this:
        Any factual criticism of any of the above results in ostracism and cries of “racist”, “homophobe”, “sexist”, or “white supremacist”/
        Their politically correct bullshit has completely silenced discussion of what’s really wrong with this country. And I don’t mean on the internet, I’m talking about at a coffee shop, or an adult dinner party, or a family gathering.
        You see, bringing up anything that questions the mainstream propaganda narrative makes people either shut down (that’s too negative) or start with the name calling as noted above.

        1. There’s no jewish men? Why are you so concerned with jews then? They should have gone extinct a while ago if that was the case, moron

        2. There may be male jews but there are no jew men. jews are ankle biting snakes in the grass. They are now and always have been nothing more than Bedouin grifters, who never had their own country until the US and UK handed them Palestinian.

      1. They can’t, their religion recognizes a Jew by the mother, and not the father so Jewish women have an artificially inflated demand.
        Hence the term “JAP”. The princess effect isn’t due to having money, it’s due to every Jewish man being pressured to wed a Jewish bride.

        1. Interesting observation.
          Not to mention that every Jewish male is circumcised at birth. I wonder if this has an intentional influence on their men.
          Less driven by sex and moreso driven by the social validation of their mother figures… or wives… Therefore they put more stock into work and money to express their masculinity, since the pleasure of sex as experienced by gentiles is not as much a part of their lives. This way they focus almost entirely on climbing social ladders and hoarding wealth, rather than enjoying some hedonism.
          Perhaps a bit of a stretch but it came to mind.

        2. I believe the Talmud has a ban on masturbation, so I’m not sure about the “less driven by sex” angle. I think it’s more about instilling trauma and degeneracy at birth, and also perpetuating the degeneracy of the Rabbi class.

        3. What is the rationale given?
          Like as a justification for the history of circumcision? The whole “it is medically healthy for you” is what doctors now say, but what is the traditional Jewish explanation?

        4. I’m circumcised and although I don’t know what it’s like to be intact, I can honestly say I’m a horny motherfucker.
          I think being intact actually would’ve delayed my experimentation with masturbation at an early age. That skin would’ve prevented any stimulation unless I was actually purposefully applying pressure.
          Being circumcised leaves you wide open, in a sense.

      2. The ‘nice Jewish boy’ is the epitome of a beta. Funny because Jewish women usually have manly features and an alpha personality to boot.

    2. The only jewish “connection” is that there happens to be jews that are feminists. Judaism isn’t feminist, much less orthodox judaism. On the other hand, the state of Israel suffers the same social ills that have come from feminism. So your little “theory” that jews have an incentive to instigate feminism everywhere while not adopting it on their own “turf” fails miserably when looking at the evidence. Funny how you call others afraid but you have no face or name, just like “Anon” below. But anyway, if you want to explain why many jews appeae to be feminist, ask yourself a broader question: Why do western born high-IQ individuals become liberal? Same reason as for why they become feminist. Idiots like “Anonuser” think jews are the problem, but even in societies with no jews (like norway, iceland, finland and south korea) feminism is a problem. So clearly someone wants to pick a fight with jews for purely emotional reasons.

      1. No. Israel does NOT suffer the same ills of feminism as the west.
        There is no automatic divorce. You need to get the permission of the
        Rabbi. So they still have RELIGIOUS PATRIARCHY in their marriages! This is a huge difference right there. Why didn’t Israeli feminists work over time to dismantle that like they did in the west?
        Israel has one of the highest birth rates in the industrialized world
        and, unlike Europe and the Anglosphere, they are reproducing over the replacement rate.
        Most of their schools and universities are still religious based and do
        not subscribe to the insane gender-morphing nonsense that they push in the west.
        In short Western Feminism is not the same as Israeli Feminism.
        And with most western feminists being Jewish, that does lead one to wonder at the disparity, doesn’t it?

        1. Women are sluttier than they should be, and are the most entrepreneurial in the world (not like that’s a good thing). As for the birth-rate, you’re likely including orthodox jews and arabs into the mix. Orthodox jews have definitely been criticized by feminists and targetted too, they are simply economically powerless and therefore treated as if they’re “poor”. Their birthrate is not a sign of a healthy society either; secular jews in tech should be the ones breeding, not the orthodox ones. This could be the very thing that destroys Israel.
          And their universities religious? really? So weitzmann, Technion, Tel-Aviv, Hebrew U, Negev U and Bar-Ilan are Yeshivas now? Not even Ariel U, a settler university is lol but sure bro

        2. Sure bro.
          Why haven’t Jewish feminists worked for decades, around the clock, to DISMANTLE religious patriarchy in Israel and institute no-fault divorce like they have ALL ACROSS THE WESTERN WORLD?!?!?!
          Not one whisper on the above from any of the leading feminists that I’ve ever read or heard of – the vast majority of whom are Jewish.
          Look bro, or brah or whatever you are. I don’t know if you are a paid troll or just a defensive, paranoid Jew who chooses to live with his head perpetually in the sand. Either way, this attitude does not help you or your peeps. You are way better off just admitting that there are problems with certain elements within your tribe and work to correct those problems. Everyone (Jew and Goy alike) would be much better off and we could finally and slowly step out of the perpetual historical cycle of progroms, war, deception, cultural degeneracy and assorted stupidities.

        3. I didn’t know Lenin spoke yiddish, it doesn’t say on Wikipedia, and I’m not sure choosing mostly jews into his ranks proves his jewishness (could it be that jews were just disproportionately integrated into the communist party, and did so not to harm non-jews but because the Russian monarchs pogromed against them whenever they saw fit?), so I’d like to know your sources.
          Anyway, of course there are problems between jews and non-jews, but just because you assert that some problems exist in the west while they don’t in Israel it doesn’t mean they are non-existent in Israel. For example, you say that Jewish Feminists haven’t tried to dismantle the patriarchy in Israel, but I’m not so sure what you’re talking about. You claim they haven’t tried to institute divorce, but they have tried, and are close to being successful. Both Yair Lapid from Atid, one of the newest and most popular politicians, wants to introduce legal marriage, in order to end the monopoly of orthodox jews; even infamous nationalist Lieberman wants to do this, and I’m sure that if a leftist coallition wins, they’d likely make reform (not like that’s a good thing anywhere but it’s happened more often than not); they’ve even modified access on the wailing wall so that not only there could be “male” and “female” exclusive spaces, but also a space for reform jews; hell, feminists have even made their way to “conservative” judaism, and some orthodox gay jews want to reform orthodoxy (most likely will never happen); but yeah, legal marriage is most likely a matter of when, not if. But regardless, why does that seem so important to blame jews for feminism against non-jews while not being “feminist enough” in Israel? It’s not like it’s true in most aspects anyway, in many ways it’s even worse. Women are very “liberated” in Israel too; didn’t Israel have a female Prime Minister before most of the western world? Israel has a relatively high number of contendents for Prime Minister, including Tzipi Livni, Tzipi Hotovely, and the one that used to lead the Socialist party. And if you go to Israel to “volunteer” for a Kibbutz or whatever, I’m sure you could get laid with plenty of jewish and non-jewish women from all the world, including Israeli ones (you could even bang orthodox ones! they can behave like “angels” in the street, but… hypergamy bro :P). Feminists have even ruined the Israeli Army by heavily integrating women into it (though they’re probably not going to fight Hezbollah unless they want more guaranteed casualities).
          So, From my perspective, feminism is an abherration that has harmed Jews as much if not as much in Israel.Sure, Israel is not as feminist as Iceland or Norway, but how many jews are there in Iceland and Norway so you can “blame the jews”? Is it really the jews’ fault? If Freud hadn’t concocted the sexual revolution, and marx hadn’t published “The Capital” and so forth, are you saying this would have been impossible? I don’t think so, it’s very likely that anyone else would have come up with similar ideas; after all, most ideas come from the combination of previous ideas. Neither Freud nor Marx (nor most “intellectuals”) came up with their ideas in a Vacuum. Even more, I don’t think Freud or Marx came up with their ideas thanks to their belonging to a jewish community, much less because of their ethnic origin; I mean, those claims have to be proven scientifically; like for example, if you’re raised jewish, do you come up with “weird and harmful” ideas? How jewish do you have to be raised for such? Do you have to “read the Talmud”? If so, then I doubt it influenced either Freud or Marx, because they were very secular. If it’s a “race” thing, then the only way to prove it would be to raise non-jews in jewish families and viceversa and see the results (I doubt this will ever happen, and I doubt anyone feels the need to make these experiments). Anyway, let’s say “only jews” promoted feminism, and without them feminism and cultural marxism (and any similar ideologies that could have been invented by any non-jew) would have not penetrated Europe, do the rest of the jews have to pay for it? Maybe if there was a conspiracy, and if these (and most) jews did so with the intention to harm Europe and the west, and only them. But I don’t think they did it. Jews have, for a couple of centuries, disproportionately integrated into many fields, including Academia. Jews also had to, in the west, become “leftist” not to harm their host, but because back then they had no allies in the right, much less in fascism. So rather than harming Europe, jews probably just wanted to not be persecuted for being jewish (as any minority would do). So there was really no “conspiracy” here or intention to harm, there was merely a minority trying to survive as a minority. Jews have adopted marxist and feminist ideas in Israel, and it’s harmed them (political correctness towards arabs, marxist ‘economics’ holding back Israel until entering the free market, and most of the social ills of feminism). Scandinavian countries hardly have any jews in them, in their parliament or otherwise, and they happily adopted feminism and marxism to their own detriment. Shouldn’t they blame themselves rather than scapegoat jews? I don’t expect you to agree, but who knows.
          As for problems between jews and non-jews outside of Israel, I think the problem between jews and non-jews is that jews don’t lead a “normal” life outside of Israel. That is, they are disproportionately integrated into some fields, and perhaps not well integrated into others (though I’m not so sure about the later). That and the “dual-loyalty” thing. I do agree that ultimately this dynamic will likely keep happening if the jews do not assimilate (i.e. integrate not just economically and socially, but also choose mates like the rest of other immigrant populations), or leave to Israel. Other than that, I think some problems with jews are manufactured or not analyzed properly; many problems of who jews vote for are more problems of liberals in general (and many jews became liberal for historical reasons, not because they want to push liberalism without pushing it in Israel; leftist jews criticize Israel as much, or even more, than they criticize any other countries, and are sometimes referred to as self-haters). You can claim “but liberal jews in Israel would vote for Bibi”, which is mostly not true, at least not for the ones in the US; if they then vote for Bibi once they immigrate to Israel and after a few years, then it’s more likely a change of incentives (becoming a majority, being under constant threat, etc) rather than them being sinister enough to plan to vote left everywhere but in Israel. And again, I’d like to see statistics for any claims on this, I?m merely pre-empting any arguments that may be based on false claims.

        1. What part of the red-pill philosophy says that “jews are not allowed in the manosphere”? 🙂 Dumb shaygetz XD

        2. The part that says Jews subverted western society and necessitated the red pill to begin with.


    3. Because since 1948 we’ve been socially conditioned to react with immediate and utter revulsion at the idea that Zionist Jews are guilty of anything. It’s pervaded our society and now it’s virtually against the law to criticize Israel or any Zionist-led group. The term “anti-Semitic” is a made-up word designed to invoke a gut reaction of animosity toward the user that truly embodies the revision of language so common in Communist subversion. The word “Semite” may be used to refer to any member of any of a number of peoples of ancient Middle East including the Akkadians, Assyrians, Arameans, Phoenicians, Hebrews (Jews), Arabs, and their descendants. Jews do not own the word Semitic. It refers to any of the peoples from the Arabian peninsula and surrounding areas, yet we’ve been conditioned for 70 years to think it applies to Jews only. Anti-Semitic is a bullshit word, because its true meaning would imply that one hates ALL of the above mentioned peoples, not just Jews.
      The fact is, the entirety of Communist/Cultural Marxist ideology sprang from the minds of Jewish men, and it’s not “anti-Semitic” to say so, it’s just fact. The father of Communism, Marx, was an Ashkenazi Jew. Lenin was of Jewish descent, as well as Trotsky. The founding fathers of The Frankfurt School (Horkheimer, Marcuse, Benjamin, Fromm, Lowenthal, etc.), the birthplace of Cultural Marxism and the foundation for Bolshevik/Soviet ideological subversion as well as Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, were Jewish too. Now obviously not all Jewish people are Communists or Zionists, but where there’s smoke, there’s typically fire, and the fact that the majority of the architects of Communism are Jewish cannot be coincidence.
      Voltaire said: “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” You can say whatever you want about any group in this country, and while people may find your comments distasteful, your life won’t be destroyed over it. However, the moment you criticize Jews or Israel, character assassinations and witch-hunts are initiated and your livelihood as well as your reputation are placed under attack. Examples include Mel Gibson, Gary Oldman,
      and Michael Scheuer, just to name a few.

      You then must apologize profusely in public to ensure that everyone knows that these are just “false stereotypes” and shouldn’t be entertained. I call it the Oz Complex. In other words “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!!” You hear and see the truth whenever some celebrity gets fed up and goes off-script, but then you’re told you’re a tinfoil hat-wearing conspiracy theorist and you’re crazy or a bigot, so you get back in line and parrot the narrative, even though you know it’s bullshit, because God forbid you can’t be part of the cool kids group anymore. Orwell called it DoubleThink.
      I highly recommend the works of Michael Scheuer, who has written numerous books on the poisonous influence of Israel on America’s foreign policy and has paid dearly for it. You’re not a bigot just because you don’t like a foreign government dictating American policy. Israel made their bed, now they can lie in it. Alone. No one put a gun to their head and made them move to a place where they are surrounded by millions of people who want to wipe them from the face of the Earth. That’s like David Duke moving to Compton and thinking nothing’s going to happen to him.

      1. Can you post a source where it says Marx was “Ashkenazi”, and jewish on both sides, and raised as one? All I knew was that he had “jewish ancestry”, and that it could have been sephardic (spanish jews spread all over after all). I await your sources

        1. “The term “Ashkenaz” became identified primarily with German customs and descendants of German Jews.”

          “Karl Marx was born on 5 May 1818 to Heinrich Marx and Henrietta Pressburg (1788-1863). He was born at 664 Brückergasse in Trier, a town then part of the Kingdom of Prussia’s Province of the Lower Rhine.Ancestrally Jewish, his maternal grandfather was a Dutch rabbi, while his paternal line had supplied Trier’s rabbis since 1723, a role taken by his grandfather Meier Halevi Marx.”

          He was born in Germany and would’ve therefore been considered Ashkenazi. Both his parents descended from lines of Rabbis.

        2. being born in germany doesn’t make him an ashkenazi jew automatically. Most polish jews and russian jews are ashkenazi and yet weren’t born in germany. You need to do your homework nextime. Whether a jew is sephardic or ashkenazic or anything else is usually determined by the father’s bloodline. Clearly you made omission of his maternal line or upbringing, thus it can be inferred, and it is known, that he wasn’t raised jewish nor that he was fully a jew. Furthermore, his maternal grandpa was dutch, meaning it was very likely that he could have descended from portuguese sephardic jews. As for his paternal jewish ancestry, the last name “halevi” is a lot more common among sephardic jews, if not exclusive. Ashkenazi jews with levitic last names tend to be “levinson”, “levinstein” or “Levinski”, for example. Therefore Marx was neither a full jew, biologically or according to the torah, was of partial sephardic jewish stock, wasn’t raised jewish, and actually despised jews. I can see why you wanted to call him ashkenazi though… as with every irrational anti-zionist, demonizing “only” the ashkenazi jews, you somehow pretend not to be labelled anti-semitic, because in arab circles, it’s cool to claim 90% of Israel’s jews are ashkenazi (closer to 50%, not like there’s anything wrong with that), and like a good anti-zionist, you’re just playing your role of slandering anything ashkenazi by associating it with someone who was losely jewish and neither entirely ashkenazi (you don’t even know how being ashkenazi works yet you talk about it a lot, better make your homework next time)
          basically, anything you said about jews or otherwise should be taken with a grain of salt now

        3. Straw man argument. Typical. First of all, I don’t know how to “make” homework, but I do know that your assignment for your next
          comment is to learn proper English. You’re attempting to deflect from the fact he was Jewish, which was my only point, by trying to get into semantics about the differences between Jews and quibbling over one word, Ashkenazi. He was Jewish, period.
          Secondly, how is someone “loosely” (two o’s in loosely, bud) Jewish when both their parents are Jewish? That’s like saying Djimon Hounsou is “loosely” black. By that rationale, I can only assume Benjamin
          Netanyahu is loosely Jewish as well. Marx was Jewish and born in Germany to a family who stretched back in that area for almost 100 years. By all accounts (except yours), that would make him Ashkenazi. Do I know for sure the intrinsic details of his genetic code and lineage? Nope. Then again, neither do you. Let’s not forget, you were the one asking me for info so you had no clue. Google Ashkenazi Jews and many
          different websites list him there.
          Save your response, chief. The only time you show up on here is to blindly
          strike out at anything that even slightly threatens your Master Rac–I mean, “Chosen People” myth. I have better things to do and I’m sure you need to scamper off and masturbate to a picture of Theodor Herzl.

        4. You’ve never heard the phrase “do your homework” before? Maybe it is you who needs to learn english. Interesting that you call me out over a letter I missed (clearly you’ve never typed from a cell phone) when I was calling you out on your ignorance.
          Marx was neither fully jewish by blood, much less fully ashkenazi, nor was his mother jewish, nor was he raised jewish. He merely had “jewish ancestry”. He was not jewish at all, and he despised jews. His connection to jewry was loose. Your mention of his “Ashkenazi” ethnicity was made with a clear typical agenda. At best, he was only partially ashkenazi, on his father’s side. However, his mom was half sephardic, and his mother’s mother was not jewish. His father converted to protestantism. He was not raised jewish. So he wasn’t jewish according to the torah, he was not raised jewish, and he was as ashkenazi as Obama is white.
          “By all accounts (except yours), that would make him Ashkenazi”
          I’m relying on logic and evidence, you’re relying on hearsay.

        5. Here is a source from your own peeps:
          “Karl Marx, the son of Hirschel and Henrietta Marx, was born in Trier, Germany, in 1818. Hirschel Marx was a lawyer and to escape anti-Semitism decided to abandon his Jewish faith when Karl was a child.”

          If YOU are willing to do your homework you will find that Marx’s father only put on his Christian mask in public, to escape the anti-semitism of the day. At home, he remained a Jew until the day he died. His son, Karl Marx was raised a Jew. Lenin had a similar background.
          Marx and Lenin were both Jews, which is one reason why so many Jews picked up the torch of communism in the early 20th century.
          And we all know how well that turned out…

        6. “You need to do your homework nextime.”

        7. Lenin barely had one jewish grandparent and Marx wasn’t raised jewish, nor did he have fully jewish parents, nor his matrilinear line. Just because you post a URL from “my peeps” and claim to have supporting evidence doesn’t mean that you actually do. Do your homework, brah

        8. Don’t call me brah. Okay, brah?
          Lenin was so Jewish that his first recorded speech after the Russian revolution was warning all ‘comrades’ across the nation against the dangers of anti-semitism.
          He then proceeded with a multi-decade effort of burning thousands of Christian churches to the ground, mass-murdering Christian priests, along with virtually the entire Russian intelligentsia.
          And during ALL those purges and killings of millions of Christians – not one single Rabbi was killed and not one single synagogue was harmed – by his explicit orders.
          More than 80% of his Bolshevik lieutenants were Jews – documented fact.
          So I guess Lenin was just some Jewish-looking non-Jew who spoke Yiddish at home and just had this strange fetish of killing millions of Christians, burning thousands of Christian churches all the while preserving every Rabbi and synagogue across the land – AND all the while surrounding himself with a Jewish power structure.
          Yup, definitely must have been a Tamil Vedantic Hindu, right brah?

      2. I find it sad that even the founder of Zionism, Theodore Herzl, sold out the movement to England from the very beginning.
        No wonder Israel’s neighbors are properly paranoid of Israel, because England is using Israel.
        We could all had avoided this, by the way.

    4. If Jews were in favor of feminism, and feminism ruled Israel, Israel would be dead tomorrow.

      1. It’s a double standard that favors them, dumbshit.
        They’re in favor of feminism for everyone else except themselves.
        Here’s a gem from Bart’s disqus feed:
        “Trading peaceful, hardworking Jews who mind their own business for intolerant, violent, animal-like Muslims.”
        Jews are peaceful, hardworking people who mind their own business according to Bart.
        Bart, stop posting here or get a fucking brain. Or are you a Jew yourself?

        1. LOL
          Sure enough, sunshine. You put your tinfoil hat on and wait for Sharia law to take over.
          EDIT TO ADD: I will take a city full of Jews next to me, before I will take a city full of Muslims. No question.

        2. The west murdered the jews by the dozen when there was no feminism or mass immigration, and now that there are 90% less jews in Europe and 1000000% more muslims and feminists, some still blame the jews lol

        3. the term “conspiracy theorist” was coined by Jews to begin with to control dissent.
          Fine, that city of Jews next to you will look fine at first, but in 20 years that city will have ruined the country around it through deception.
          That city of Muslims would be an obvious threat and dealt with quickly, and in 20 years would be no threat whatsoever.
          Jew detected.

        The Jews are afraid of the strong western man. The Jews destabilize western civilization. Did you hear about how George Soros stopped sponsoring femen once they entered Israel…. Of course you didnt because you are a blogger for the kikes.
        Get off my internet you filthy Kike

    5. I’m sad to say Jews have a connection to almost everything bad in the last 200 years. I love history. . As someone who looks at history objectively, there hands have been in everything bad that has happened in the west for the last 200 years.. Hell even Hitler had some of the support of some of the Jews.. History isn’t anti semitic.. I don’t think it’s all Jews but zionist.. They clearly have a dog in the fight and love ass fucking the west..

        1. Other then the fact that there are an overwhelming number of Jews in the Feminist movement, how do you explain that? How about the overwhelming number Jews in the Bolsheviks party, explain that? Or how about the fact that there were an overwhelming number of American mobster that were Jewish.. Explain to me why Zionist were siding with the Nazis? Don’t even get me started with lobbying power they have in America. There are two logical explanations here… Jews are evil and out to get you or it must be a mostly Jewish movement with an agenda.. Since I know alot of Jews and none of them seem to be plotting a global ruse, it seems it must be a Jewish movement with an agenda.. who has a bigger agenda then Zionist movement.. Use the Feminist movement to destroy western culture, use the western military power to back the state of Israel, soon the West falls apart because of Feminism and Israel is the last standing military super power.. The communist movement was nothing more then playing both sides, same with the support for Hitler.. Use Mobster and banker money to fund it all.

    6. Even the Anglosphere media openly serves the Jews like deep-fried red herrings; even then, it’s been been going on for a MILLENNIUM AND COUNTING.
      I’m not even Jewish myself, but I personally talked to Jewish women that privately agreed with me.
      If anything, Anglo feminism is truly about “absolving Gwenhwyfar’s sins and beatifying her into a SAINT!”

        1. Officially, 2013, especially that’s when I learned on my own how long European practitioners of Judaism have been used for the whims of the European royal blood. Even the Rothschild clan got subjected to the same treatment!
          Truthfully, it’s not a Jewish Problem, but the true problem is England’s self-denial how it made a HUGE mistake, making a saint out of Gwenhwyfar.

  2. I’m so glad I only watch sports occasionally. Luckily I was at a table (at the bar) with a bunch of guys who are totally anti-feminasty. We made fun of all of the bullshit in the halftime show and commercials. Surround yourself with dudes who get it and the idiotic world seems a lot more bearable.

    1. Agree. I can’t watch it any longer (didn’t watch the superbowl at all). This bullshit that the NFL keeps showing and supporting (feminist narrative) is something I will not support. I’ll take my time and money, elsewhere. It’s really the only power an average, working man has now a days (time and money).
      Don’t watch, don’t support and don’t buy their products….they’ll get the message (sooner or later).

      1. I haven’t watched it in years. I used to like watching and following sports. It was a guy thing. Whereever you went, or whatever bar you were in, sports was on TV and it was something to talk about.
        I’m glad I quit watching. Pink everything in the NFL for October and halftime shows that are blatant feminism propaganda are just too much.

        1. It’s sad because it’s another “space for men” that has been occupied by women (attention seeking behavior). The social gathering of men was to watch a little of the game but to also discuss different ideas, subjects, life in general….today there is too much PC bullshit with it (I can no longer watch). I’ll gather with buddies for beer and a good discussion…we just leave the women out (at home).

      2. Don’t watch, don’t support and don’t buy their products….they’ll get the message (sooner or later).

        Exactly. The typical thing about women is that they complain a lot about how products should be, but don’t actually buy the changed products.

      3. Yup. Time to drop football. I have been a crazed fan who treated it like a religion, lost all interest, and then back again. During the best time of my life in South America, I looked back amazed by how I ever cared about a bunch of young brothers running around in the grass. I just couldn’t believe that I ever could be rapid about such nonsense. Came back home and it got fun again. It’s ‘droppable’ and I think it’s time. Spend those Sundays in the woods.

  3. I kissed a girl should not be sung by a woman in a super bowl halftime show. This is blatant social engineering and the NFL should be ashamed for promoting lesbianism to the masses.

    1. I was asked recently what my view of lesbian relationships was, apparently “in HD” is not the right answer.

    2. it’s not lesbianism that’s the problem, it’s the bisexual agenda that lets women be anything they want to be…. if men jump the fence they become gay, but it’s generally abhorrent to most males… they are either gay or straight…. women can and will float in the middle with even a small amount of persuasion…. I kissed a girl and I liked it, openly encourages women to get down and dirty with each other… it’s not the same as men turning gay…. it’s far more messy….
      this makes them hyper sexualized sluts, both with each other and with men…. it shuts men out from innocent dating and stable relationships and by the time a girl is in her early 20s, she already has a closet full of sex toys and carnal knowledge of 10+ BFFs…. and a bunch of men too…… any young man trying to compete with that is automatically a beta (or a full blown gangster pimp)….
      you end up with a ghetto attitude towards sex, where it’s only about hedonistic fucking and pleasure, something Dante talks about in his trip through hell….

      1. Every girl I’ve been with who has told me she’s gone with girls loves when I tell her that I think its not right (despite shit test surprise). These chicks are literally directionless… fuck me right?
        Edit: also, girls who have been “total lesbians” thank me for giving them the D because it “fills a void”. Jesus please save us.

        1. I like telling them that lesbianism simply doesn’t work because two women can’t fuck. there is no penetration without an object that is shaped like a penis.

        2. She actually said, “it fills a void?” That’s one of the things their vagina is for! To be filled!

        1. Exactly. It’s a goddamn attention-stunt lie they say and expect you to say “Oh cool, can I watch huhuhuh?” like a Betatard while their ego balloons up. Anytime a girl thinks I might somehow be impressed by her overshare-volunteering “I’m bisexual!” with a smug look and expects me to fire back with some Beta-centric remark I just say “Very exciting” then shift the conversation to something totally random an unrelated out of left-field just to be a dick. Not impressed by your trite clichès, sweetheart.

        2. Bi girls and even many lesbians are so to “get back at men”. Notice how they love to rub it in men’s face that they don’t want them? It is a means by which they satisfy their ego boosting through rejection of men.

        3. Or they just can’t get a man anymore. They burn themselves out spending their best years riding the carousel and have the rude awakening one day in their thirties to find that their feminine charms have passed the expiration date. Unable to find a man, they turn to lesbian relationships. Ditto for married women who succumb to the feminist anti-family mantra and leave their husbands and kids for the greener pasture fantasy. I’ve seen and heard of this bizarre behavior many times and I’m convinced that it’s something in the way women are wired. I’ve never seen or heard of a man saying “I can’t get a woman so that’s it, I give up. I’m gonna go suck dick and get fucked in the ass.” Very strange.

        4. Yeah, that’s very true.
          Because lesbians are more often that not hideous. But a lot of gay men are actually good looking and well built. It wouldn’t even surprise me if lesbianism is just women copycatting (as usual) onto male homosexuality.

        5. I got a rush as a kid when I first saw lesbian sex on film. It was so… wrong.
          I soon became bored of it because none of the female actors looked like they were actually into it. Here I am as a horny kid thinking “damn, I’d just about drink her bath water” and I couldn’t understand why it seemed they didn’t share my feelings.

        6. What really blew my naive mind was seeing a supposed “lesbian” with her butch girlfriend at a restaurant, giving me eyes (butch actually noticed and started mate guarding, lol). I just couldn’t understand how she could be with a disgusting, fat chick, voluntarily.

    3. Who cares? Fuck that sport and the criminally overpaid assholes that engage in it. I take sick pleasure in knowing that their average life span is 55 years-old. Get a piece rubber over those past those guys and get millions of dollars and not be held culpable for criminal acts at the same time, unlike you and I? Fuck every last one of those motherfuckers!

      1. Since when was this about the players? You might as well say fuck all wealthy people because you will never share that privilege as an average person.

    4. Don’t fucking watch that trash.
      When people vote with their wallets, corporations have to listen.
      Right or wrong, look at the rise of rGBH free or organic milk.
      Don’t be part of the problem (watch TV). Be part of the solution… unplug it and open your mind.
      Stop mainlining the pro feminist, pro gay anti-man (basically anti-anything traditional) propaganda.
      If you’re married with kids, put your foot down. Set limits. Females need male leadership, from little girls to grown women, whether they know it or not.
      take that piece of shit TV outside and use it for target practice.
      I’m “this close” to doing just that, now that it only gets watched ~2 hours per week.

    1. The video of the woman trying to pull a truck in high heels is a perfect example of the feminist’s mindset: They want to be given money even though they didn’t do the job expected of them. “Look how courageous I am. Give me money because I tried.” Bullshit. If you didn’t do the damn job, you don’t deserve anything.

        1. It’s The Scavenger mindset. Men create and establish, then the Scavengers who contributed nothing demand a piece of the pie.

        2. That is why 98% of marketing is directed at women. Try to sell a man something he’ll think about spending his hard earned dollar, Try to sell a woman something she’ll think where is my husbands money.

        3. All you have to do is go into a thrift store, and look at the section of women’s clothes compared to men’s. Its always double the size in regards to the amount of clothes that is in the men’s section.

        4. All you have to do is go into a thrift store, and look at the section of women’s clothes compared to men’s. Its always double the size in regards to the amount of clothes that is in the men’s section. I atleast as a man understand where my clothes come from, in terms of cheap overseas labor to make it. Tell that to a woman and how her precious little retail spending habits enslave some poor person to make it, they will just shun you for opening up their eyes to this reality.
          Most advertising is focused on women, men have a tendency to start seeing the bullshit and underlying agenda. I’ve since stopped watching TV, and grown to hate advertisements.

        5. Yeah, but every store is like that lol. Look at the amount of women’s clothing stores vs menswear in any mall.

        6. Marketing is engineered to trigger emotions, usually negative emotions (fear, uncertainty, doubt) to create an impulse to satisfy said response by purchasing the solution.
          Emotional driven is the way of the woman.

    2. It’s funny when women say they can’t throw because they never learned how. As if learning is the problem. They don’t understand that throwing just comes naturally to men. Leave it to a woman to think that the classroom is the solution to their lack of athletic ability.

      1. It’s funny when women say they can’t throw because they never learned
        how. As if learning is the problem. They don’t understand that
        throwing just comes naturally to men.

        Unfortunately this became now the theme in studies. This reads then like this:
        “Boys aren’t better at video games. Already 3 hours of teaching women how to play Doom 3 showed remarkable improvements when it comes to reaction times, usage of weapons etc”.
        This then will be used by women as “Peh, we women are equally good, it’s just that boys waste their time with useless gaming”.

      2. There was a female Marine Sgt. who came out and said women weren’t completing the training Course because the Marine Corp was doing a poor job at preparing women for the daunting task.Yup…it’s the Marine Corps Fault…Typical woman blaming everybody else but herself.They are using that excuse that with adequate training women can do anything. I find it funny because if you look at Powerlifting or any strength based sport you see a huge divide in performance, and they can’t say these women aren’t getting adequate training when it’s their lifestyle choice but even after all their hours of training they still can’t come close to competing with Men. I Guess powerlifting is Sexist. Heres the article link about the Female marine

        1. If they did do a “good job” the majority of the women would be dropping out of the training.

      1. Thx. But equally as important as having good and many pics, is to know how to find them on the hard disk 😀

  4. honestly during the half-time show i was just praying for a ‘wardrobe malfunction.’ and then missy elliott came on stage and i was praying that there wouldn’t be one.

  5. Why isn’t AC/DC or Metallica playing the half-time show every fucking year?
    I like Katy Perry. I think she’s the sexiest pop star in the history of pop stars, but enough with the faggotization of the show.
    Hopefully having The Black Eyed Peas on a few years ago is as bad as it will ever get.

    1. Next year: Madonna! and she will be stuffing those saggy old national Geographic into her 90’s ‘like a virgin’ rocket bra, and be surrounded by muscular young male dancers worshipping her body on stage all the while thinking about the bodies of the OTHER male dancers lustfully.

      1. Madonna was on a couple of years ago, promoting that dud of an album that sold about 2,000 copies.
        She sucked.
        Get Slipknot out there one year. The women can all go to the kitchen and make sammiches while they play.

    2. ” . . .Katy Perry. I think she’s the sexiest pop star in the history of pop stars . . .”
      You should have known Doris Day before she was a virgin.

      1. Doris Day? That androgynous plank? Phooey!
        No-one has ever been sexier than Katy Perry in the history of time. That silky dark hair, those blue eyes and more curves than a bowl of spaghetti.
        And she has a hell of a voice, too.

        1. 21 year old divorced single mother, working on a reputation as a bit of a self-destructive party girl. I’m afraid she would have fit in today.
          The line is an Oscar Levant quip, who knew her in those days, sarcastically referring to the way Hollywood fashioned her a new image as an ingenue.

  6. “By creating a steady supply of unisex machines, corporations can pay these workers less and boss them around.”
    This is the end game of most of what’s going on in the world now. Hopefully Anglo-America self destructs before it can infect the entire world with its filth. It’s becoming obvious that males are to be disposable worker ants in the New World Order. It’s a world I’d rather die than live in.
    It will be interesting to see which happens first, the decline consuming the Anglosphere or it achieving worldwide cultural and economic domination. The likes of which would be a scientific dictatorship unlike any tyranny the world has ever seen.

    1. That is the true horror isn’t it, that all the beautiful cultures of the world will lose their cultures to this de-humanization.
      If you’ve ever had the pleasure of sitting around a big family table with banter and children and women and friends and good food it really is utterly heartbreaking to realize how far we are falling.

      1. Precisely my point. I see these things in spades when I travel, but never here. I also see genuine happiness that possessions can never replace. The West fucked up big when it went full bore into consumerism and engraining the nonstop work ethic into the culture.

    2. It’s because the British Empire was infiltrated and subverted by the Synagogue of Satan long ago.

  7. “”By creating a steady supply of unisex machines, corporations can pay these workers less and boss them around.””
    That is one step in an (at least) 3 part process.
    2. Declare “Whites wont do it” for all blue collar work and import Central Americans.
    3. Declare “Whites can’t do it” for all technological work and import H1Bs, who are independence servants for at least 7 years. As if drinking from and shitting into the Ganges gives the little brown men superior math skills.

    1. Yes, but the fourth step is to realize ‘Whites can’t pay for it anymore.” at which point your rich little world collapses.
      I always wondered why it is that corporate elites don’t realize that they are destroying their own market.

      1. If your enemy is making moves that seem to make no sense there are two possibilities:
        1. You know something he doesn’t
        2. He knows something you don’t
        As it is the more dangerous case, assume that 2 is correct. Now find a scenario in which his moves do make sense.
        Odds are that you will have discovered what it is that you don’t know.

        1. We already know what it is. Belief that Whites are the only thing that stands between Jews and Zion.

      2. If you want to see the hoped for endgame, look at Mexico. 99 percent mongrel slaves in poverty, small clan of marranos living off them.

  8. “Why is Sheryl Sandberg and her corporate ilk in the media trying to produce masculine women? To create more corporate worker bees. By creating a steady supply of unisex machines, corporations can pay these workers less and boss them around. And in the modern age, corporations control the government through lobbying and campaign donations.”
    This is so fucking true!!!

  9. This article is reaching so far. Halftime shows are now performed by the most popular pop stars at the moment, and right now Katy Perry is damn near the top.
    Missy is a lesbian that has always dressed masculine. She’s been around since the late 90s, and I always loved the work she did with Timbaland. I don’t really care for katy perry, but actually enjoyed seeing Missy come back.

    1. “This article is reaching so far”
      Worst comment you’ve ever made, bro. The Illuminati is all up in this shit.

  10. I remember whenever I look at media the strong words of advice from Victor Pride, “The hollywood movies that have a message always have the same liberal message: You should act like more of a faggot. Personally I don’t watch ANY new movies or television at all. When I DO watch a movie I always watch the same few: Predator, Rocky, Pumping Iron. If I never saw a movie ever again for the rest of my life I would not care. I completely gave up television years and years ago. Television is for brain-dead, dimwitted baboons and if you’re watching it you are watching shit that is making you “suffer depression”. TV is not designed to better you or make you happy or fulfill you. It’s designed to subvert you, make you feel sad and envious and to CONSUME MORE to fill that empty void in you. ” -Victor Pride, 19 Ways to Improve your Mood

    1. Just about anything with Bogey in it:
      Bacall: (sarcastically) Give her my love.
      Bogey: If she were wearing that, I’d give her my own.
      Lawrence of Arabia
      The 13th Warrior
      And I’ll still stand for the Burt Reynolds Heat, a notorious Hollywood disaster, as one of the great, unsung guy movies of all time.

  11. This year’s super bowl experience was saved only by the awesomeness of the game. If it had been these commercials with last year’s game, I wouldn’t have even made it to half time.

  12. This whole feminism thing is going to end so badly for everybody.
    I work in a nightclub on weekends and every night I see the difference between happy and horny 19-24 year girls and lonely burnt out alpha-widow bitches who just need more shots and cigarettes.
    It is just sad how they run around like headless chickens and don’t know what the fuck is going on. A lot of these chicks often have an older gentleman to chaperone them around and you can see how annoyed these older guys get that the girl they are spending all their money on is barely paying any attention to them.
    This is including girls I know personally… and its just sad how this culture offers nothing of substance… Roosh’s post with the Tove Lo video really is what I see every weekend.
    Usually I’m just listening to the music and hanging out with my friends so it doesn’t cross my mind… but on some nights it is obvious to see and it is really quite depressing.

  13. What does it mean to mine for iron like a girl?
    Or fish for crabs like a girl?
    Or clean sewers like a girl?
    Or repair power lines like a girl?
    Or build skyscrapers like a girl?
    Or build bridges like a girl?
    I’m glad I quit watching sports. I used to be a huge sports fan, just because it was fun and it was always something to talk about at bars with whoever was there, but this is just sickening lately.
    If “throwing like a girl”, or “running like a girl” means nothing, then get rid of the women’s sports leagues, combine them with the men’s leagues and let’s see how it works out.

    1. My same thought when I heard they were going to debut that at halftime. What’s their very reason for having girls teams at anything?

    2. “If “running like a girl” means nothing, then . . .”
      . . . why are those chase scenes in Above the Law so funny?

    3. So true. Way before ever hearing anything about the manosphere, a friend of mine who works on public health policy in Washington DC was talking about the lack of nurses. The feminism push told women they could do anything, so many of them decided they could be doctors, lawyers, pilots, businesswomen in pantsuits, etc. But no one ever told men it’s ok to be teachers or nurses.
      These were traditionally female roles (not that there weren’t great male teachers in years past, but it is just something that women traditionally pursued in large majorities). The end result of this is a lack of good nurses and teachers.
      But if you carry this out even further, you can see how MGTOW will shut down the productivity of the west.
      Actually, it’s likely already happened. Real wealth peaked in the USA in the 1960s or 1970s (depends how you calculate cost of living / value of dollars) and has declined since. And that is WITH WOMEN entering the workforce at higher rates. Once that stabilizes, we are in for real hell. Men should all be thinking about an escape plan.

    4. I don’t know about the rest, bust as a former fisherman I will tell you that crab-fishing like a girl is sitting at home and eating doritos while her man goes offshore.

  14. I felt they chose Katy Perry for the same reason people claim just as many people are there to watch the commercials as the game. For that magical 50% number. Half the fans supposedly being female like gamers are supposed to be. They picked her for them.
    After 18 weeks you get to the penultimate finale, and you have to make the half time entertaining for the women who have been following for the entire season.
    That and the annoying wimps who are all into the commercials. I used to think it should be played the following week, like during the season, partly because I dreaded the redundant hype and analyzing. This time it’s hyping of the commercials as an event, which didn’t even have much creativity being debuted for the big moment to give credit for. They mostly were just as silly as any other time watching tv.
    And by the way, throwing like a girl means throwing like a girl just like the girl in that commercial. It was a girl throwing like a girl.

  15. This dudes name is Fredrich Nietzche?
    My favorite philosopher who crushed my systematic way of thinking virgin brain and developed me into a stone cold man has risen from the death?!

  16. Katy Perry was chosen because she was a Christian, and TPTB love nothing more than corrupting Christian girls.

  17. I noticed a trend of what I like to call “red pill marketing” in a few of the commercials.
    For instance:
    And again from Chevrolet:
    But this one from Taco Bell kind of opened things up:
    It’s great to know that these corporations are spreading the basic red pill message, but it sucks that they’re doing so in a materialistic manner (like, you’re not using your balls unless you’re getting external approval, spending money on overpriced trucks, getting felt on by some anorexic spoiled princesses and growing trendy facial hair) and that these messages will likely stop when the campaign runs its course.
    Plus, these companies probably don’t even live the credo of manhood in their company’s day-to-day practices. You know their HR is filled with women who don’t deserve to have a job much less hold the positions they hold as opposed to men willing to work them.
    The point is: you just can’t buy the alpha lifestyle.

    1. This commercial is selling you what is currently fashionable for women to want. Notice that there is no space in the bed to haul an ATV, because it’s been taken up with room for two kids in the cab.

    2. Open hypergamy in the “you know want a truck” ad. Check Rollo’s blog or twitter to see some discussion about it.
      hooking up smart blog inspired ad for taco bell. Shame tactics of masculinity (or some were just good habits in general) mixed with a little praise to disguise the previous shame tactics.
      Similar to women when they manipulate, they always add a little truth somewhere to distract from the manipulation.
      The movie Sampson and Delilah with Hedie Lamar, the scene where she drugged him, Sampson asked her why she wanted him there and she told him flat out she’s there to betray him.
      Less so for the other chevy ad. The usual commercial tactics. Still an attack on your masculinity though. Notice the nervous like sigh when the compact car guy gets in the elevator?

  18. Actual, normal, healthy women do not support feminism. They are aware of its consequences for them (the loveless life of a barren corporate drone), and for men (neutering men and reducing them into something women don’t want), but they are no more free to oppose it publicly than Arabs are free to oppose Islamic terrorism. Women are not men. It will take actual men to liberate American society from the yoke of feminism and cultural marxism, generally. Young, reckless, civic-minded men, willing to storm the figurative machine guns of social disapproval.

  19. I never watched any of the Super Bowls. Its just garbage imo.
    No offense to Football Fans.

  20. I’m SO glad I didn’t watch this Super Bowl, but masculine feminism only ends Victorian.

    1. Sorry but British, Swedish and Canadian men have got you beat.
      At least American man can own guns!

      1. Yeah, British, Swedish and Canadian are the worst. American men are getting up there though.

        1. How are canadians as bad as the swedes? We don’t have a crapload of muslim immigrants, nor are we forced to piss sitting down. On the other hand, their gun laws are better…

        2. Canada has 3x more Muslims than Sweden does, and nobody in Sweden is forced to piss sitting down.

        3. ‘Canada has 3x more Muslims than Sweden does.’ Fully 5.6% of swedens population are practising muslims, compared to just 3.2% in canada.
          ‘And nobody in Sweden is forced to piss sitting down.’ Not if the femninists have anything to say about it. They are now passing a law that will do just that. (Evil laugh)

        4. Exactly.
          You claimed Canada doesn’t have a ‘crapload’ of Muslim immigrants, yet it has 1 million relative to Sweden’s 300,000.
          A giant turd dropped in the ocean is still bigger and smellier than a small turd dropped in a lake.

        5. To be more precise, canada has 1,125,000 muslims, while sweden has 540,000 muslims. But your comment made me smile nonetheless.

        6. To be quite honest, the asians don’t really bother me. They have some strange traditions, but are hard working, intelligent, and civil. Whites and asians work together better than any other race, they just have more common ground.

    2. Retarded generalization. The large majority of western men are weak beta men- don’t mistake that for all.
      Try and say that to a navy seal. Feared by the world’s best, my friend.

      1. Your mistake is thinking that domination comes from physical strength.
        American men have to sign up for conscription to get the right to vote. Women don’t. Why should a woman learn to change a tire when there is an endless supply of men willing to do it once she plays damsel in distress.
        Women let men work for them, think for them and take on their responsibilities – in
        fact, they exploit them. Yet, since men are strong, intelligent and imaginative, while
        women are weak, unimaginative, and stupid, why isn’t it men who exploit women?
        Could it be that strength, intelligence, and imagination are not prerequisites for power
        but merely qualifications for slavery? Could it be that the world is not being ruled by
        experts but by beings who are not fit for anything else – by women?

        1. “Your mistake is thinking that domination comes from physical strength.”
          Educate yourself on a Navy Seal before attempting a strawman.

  21. I said this in another article here. The “Throw like a girl” commercial demonstrates something that to me is the most sickening facet of feminism. It’s this;
    —A grown woman is bullying/defeating a ten year old boy. Humiliating him instead of teaching him.
    Women want this battle of the sexes and have been at us for forty years. Most guys are so thirsty in fatass USA that they have no time to even notice that.
    What I hate most is that adult females wanted to go to war and they have done it mostly by attacking the children of the opposite side and then just waiting for decades until the balance of power shifts. That is so disgusting to me. Imagine Russian adult soldiers invading the Ukraine just to take on the children in whatever way and then just waiting for these attacked, damaged children to grow up and falter. Take on the children (as an adult) and just wait. Shameful.

    1. They start that by hacking off the foreskins of infant boys – without anesthesia. Just saying…

  22. Lets not create controversies for no reason. nothing wrong with female refs if they are competent. violet palmer is very competent, most of the players like her calling their games. the ref last night had a bad day. not all women are automatically emotional, some men r too. this is biological, I’m alpha as I’m straight, others aren’t.
    being a beta or feminine can b a male or fem issue. saw absolutely NOTHING wrong with the ad immediately after sb show. whats wrong with not deliberately insulting a sex. being pro-male and pro-patriarchy shouldn’t mean ant-woman. love the direction of this blog, but way too right-wing and often out of the goof misogynist playbook of the legit rape-type of GOP!

  23. I’m surprised there was no mention of the ad featuring the God-awful-unfunny Sarah Silverman and her “sorry it’s a boy” retardness.

    1. Not worth a mention. Silverman has to be the most self-indulgent unfunny douchebag in the business.

  24. I would love to see Rise against play the half time show. Pop sucks balls. Put on some goddamn punk rock and watch the fans get pumped up. Every year its terrible fucking generic radio friendly music. And for what? To appeal to a demographic that likes bland generic shit? People who listen to and get excited about a modern pop song have no taste as they will blindly like and follow whatever current shit is popular. Sure rock has its own offenders, but modern pop is by far the worst. I judge girls on their musical tastes more than I should. If you’re hot, not too crazy, nor too slutty and are relatively smart I’ll give you a pass. But if I find out your shitty taste in music, I’m out. Kicked to the curb you go. Anything is better than the shit they play during the superbowl. Aaaaaanything. There is tons of decent mainstream stuff they could book for the show. Foo fighters, metallica,rise against, even blink 182 would be awesome. Hell, Def leopard would kick more ass than katy perry. Thrice, deftones, atreyu, even a nirvana cover band would be world’s more enjoyable than the garbage they have now. I know it’s all wishful thinking. That’s why I hit mute on my tv, go get food and maybe squeeze one out while I wait for this bullshit to be over

  25. Ray Rice proved you cannot defend yourself from a woman attacking you and still be able to play for the NFL. Spending hours watching 300 lb grown bitches toss a ball back and forth. Id rather shave my nuts with a piece of broken glass. Funker530 is better than the NFL. Can see teams of Men working for a worthy goal.

  26. I asked the women in the room after they were done cheering for the “throw like a girl commercial”; “so if girls throw like men, how come we don’t see any girls playing in this superbowl…..or in the world series. Must be because girls can’t throw like men, therefore they must throw like girls. And men who throw like girls will never be seen playing in any major league sport.” I was told I was missing the point.
    I couldn’t help thinking of the film “Fear Strikes Out”, the story of pro baseball player Jimmy Piersall. Piersall hated the film saying of Anthony Perkins’ (gay, died of AIDS) performance; “he threw like a girl and danced around the outfield like a ballerina.” Imagine what the fallout from such a candid (and accurate) statement would be today.
    I was done watching baseball years ago, same with football now. If the sponsors want to pander to feminists with these ridiculous ads, let the feminists support the programming with their own money.

    1. I was told I was missing the point.
      Um, ok, then what *was* the point? If women cannot actually throw like men, and they cannot no matter how much they want us to look the other way, then the point would be what? To willingly look at a glaring lie and remain silent? Was that the point?

  27. Watching that Missy Elliot routine I thought, aliens picking up this signal on Alpha Centauri must think black people are America’s nobility, because they’re always the star of the show, they do whatever they please, and white people must work for their benefit and be careful never to offend them.

    1. “white people must work for their benefit and be careful never to offend them.”
      Kind of like the Sony (white) executives who were severely punished for their “racist” emails?
      Everyone works for the benefit of the elite (mostly white). Black people are not, by and large, members of this club.
      If you’re referring to welfare, everyone who pays taxes supports it. Don’t like your lot in life? Strive to become a member of the elite.

  28. The whole Superbowl from beginning to end was one insane piece of work. A rare commercial was normal and funny and the game was pretty good. Everything else was a steaming load of goat crap served on a 12 inch dish.

  29. Not sure if anyone mentioned it yet, but how about the commercial where Sarah Silverman – one of the most socially repulsive women I’ve ever seen – delivered a baby and then said, “Sorry, it’s a boy”?
    I realize that advertisers are like corporations in that they’re bloodless entities that exist solely to turn a profit, and male-bashing is all the rage. We’re long overdue for mass-boycotts.

  30. Why is Sheryl Sandberg and her corporate ilk in the media trying to produce masculine women? To create more corporate worker bees. By creating a steady supply of unisex machines, corporations can pay these workers less and boss them around. And in the modern age, corporations control the government through lobbying and campaign donations.

  31. Katie Perry is not a sex symbol. She’s more like The Thirsty Slut
    She’s a 6-7 who aspires to be (and now thinks she is) a 9-10. So she has to overcompensate by acting sexy cartoonishly. She’s a try hard beta. Known in high school as the nerdy cornball Christian daughter of wonky born-again parents. So she tried to elevate her sexual market value through masculine means; fame, money pre-selection. But those things don’t work on guys. You can ask her old classmate Shane Lopes.

    1. During her close ups you could see in her eyes that she knew she was not up to the Superbowl standard.

  32. No surprise Sheryl Sandburg is Jew.
    The Jewish media industrial complex is a factory of vicious slow burning visual viruses that continue to mind f*ck the masses of the unthinking.
    The Superbowl is basically Christmas, or more appropriately another corporate holiday consumerist infused event used as a vehicle to push confusion and cultural decay.
    Although I’ll admit I still enjoy football, and Superbowl parties and look forward to the event. It sadens me however that each year it becomes more of a spectacle of dancing and yelling n*ggers on the field and corny emascualting anti white, anti men, pro feminist, anti biology, anti truth memes wrapped in flowery messaging and broadcasted to entice the peddaling of garbage products.
    And jeezus F Christ….Missy Elliot is a disgusting Mongoloid with no more talent than the O line of whatever team.
    I predict they’ll start chipping away at the cheerleaders next. Force ugly and tranny cheerleaders and let gay men jump around…
    good post. However let the truth be known that much of this is driven by Jews. Follow the corporate ownership of media and broadcasting…

  33. This article hit many good points and touched on the fact that Katy Perry plays the “Queen Bee” and Missy Elliot played the “Jester” yet avoided commenting on the racial aspect of this.
    It’s a bit insincere to discuss the gender aspects of this blatant social engineering and deliberately skip over the racial aspects.
    And I’m not a victim complex black man complaining about white oppression but this is a legitimate aspect of the social engineering that this article is analyzing.

  34. Katy Perry’s videos have often been full of illuminati and mk-ultra themed imagery. It’s not suprisingly that she would be used to promote a pro feminist agenda at the most viewed event in tv history .

  35. I knew this was coming before the halftime show even started. I purposefully tuned it out.
    Thank you for confirming my suspicions.

  36. Is it possible Katy Perry was the only one left they could throw up on the stage? Look at some of the “pop” stars currently if your eyes can take it….
    Notice how many rock and roll, R&B and metal groups no longer play the Superbowl. We all know where the US is heading anyway, might as well listen to something good on the way down.

  37. I’m glad that I am not addicted to the ‘boob’ tube. It is just like a big ‘boob’ screen where you plant your face like you’re sucking on your mother’s meniscus. Little dribbles of the potent propaganda ooze into your bloodstream from nearly every addictive regimen or channel of brainwashing programming on the dial. I bet the next generation televisions will even feature a hole at the bottom of the screen where you can plug your dick into so as to maximize the brain screwing – – or a remote ‘stick’ for the ladies to sit on somewhat like a stick controller.
    And this brainwashing party winds up as you hose down this ‘pepsi’ drink which is the flavor of BABY PARTS. Get some Fleetwood Mac’s ‘COOL CLEAN WATER’ instead as you walk past the TV junkies. Rise above the propaganda. You keep your head high when you pass the junkies in the park shooting up and vomiting don’t you? Only they can be blind to themselves but the non junkies can SEE THEM CLEARLY.

  38. all that out of the half time show. ..I was just looking at the costumes and hoping her boobs would fall out.

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