8 Reasons Why The Future Is Going To Suck

What does the future hold for the West? As one astute member of the manosphere noted, we are not going to like it. George Orwell was right. Here are eight reasons why the future is going to suck:

1. Micro Chips

In the future, everyone will have a chip. RFID will become mandatory if one wishes to receive government healthcare. Chips will also be required to receive public education.


2. Drones

The skies will fill with drones of all different sizes. They will spy on you, destroy your home, or hunt you down like an animal. Some innovative citizens may respond by designing drone-proof cities. Others may learn to take advice from our enemies on how to cope.


3. Heavily Armed Governments

Government will arm up and purchase millions of rounds of hollow-point ammunition. They will also stock up on guns that they will be made illegal for law-abiding citizens.


4. Mosquito Drones

These creepy little bastards get a separate category. Insect-sized drones will spy, take DNA samples, and implant you with bad things.

mosquito drone

5. Capital Controls

Governments will pass laws that make it difficult to move wealth out of the country. Alternatively, laws will pass that cause foreign financial institutions to drop western clients.

carl levin

6. Travel Restrictions

There will be restrictions on where people can go, who can leave, and for how long.


7. Cameras Everywhere

Back when I grew up, there were no public cameras. In the future, there will be cameras watching your every move. Fancy ones will alert authorities to your thoughts and stop you from committing “pre-crimes.”


8. Militarized Police

In the future, it will be hard to tell the difference between the military and civilian police. Although armed like real soldiers, they will lack requisite training. Many will resort to methods such as execution by fire.


Ah well, maybe I’m just a bitter old pessimist. Perhaps the future won’t be so bad. After all, there will be plenty of worthwhile pursuits to distract us. At least we can all look forward to the days of flying jet packs, smoking legalized cannabis, and banging our own personal sex robots!



sex bot proto

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56 thoughts on “8 Reasons Why The Future Is Going To Suck”

  1. These innovations are the product of loaned money, deficit spending, and a culture in debt.
    When things go bottom up, it’s probable that the majority of the population will see the loss of drones and other tech as a good thing.
    Thank Hollywood et al for the big budget terminators and avatars. If we didn’t have money for those special effects, we would never have seen how crappy the future looks.

  2. Not to mention a heavily monitored internet in america.
    They are already setting up a 6 strike system for copyright infringement.
    It’s stacked so heavily against the average person there could be entire demographics of citizen without access to the internet because the RIAA and the MPAA are getting greedy and over stepping their authority.

  3. I’m surrounded by people who grow at least 50% of their own non-gmo, pesticide-free food, even if they live in an apartment and can only grow inside via verticle gardening.
    Many of the them homeschool their kids or have them in private educational co-ops.
    While providing all needs for their families, they are not slaves to consumerism. Most of them make their own do-it-yourself skin and hair products from simple and cheap at home ingredients.
    Many of them earn money solely through their own small businesses or a combination of outside work and in home.
    Any excess money is spent on creating memories through experiences rather than buying needless products.
    They are ALL grounded in a meditation practice, having rejected organized brain washing (religion) for self-actualization through experiential cognitive practices.
    The numbers of these kinds of people are increasing, not decreasing.
    The future is bright.

      1. TM is not the dominant modality, though it is one amongst many Eastern traditions that are growing rapidly in the US. I think Buddhism is the most dominant right now.

        1. well buddhists dont charge money to teach meditation, whereas TM costs a shitload of money. i dont think i should have to spend thousands of dollars to gain a positive outlook on life; there’s a reason they say that money can’t buy happiness. though i must wonder if you consider buddhism to be “organized brain washing” or not…

  4. It is the natural progression for freedom and liberty to yield and for government to grow – Thomas Jefferson

  5. Funny how people surrender true freedoms for bread and circuses. The second amendment is the only real reason to even live in America anymore. Its the only right that make it worthwhile to pay taxes, but when I get Swiss citizenship that won’t be the case.

  6. NEVER EVER associate democracy with individual freedoms, it’s just the opposite. As long as women and emasculated mommies boys are allowed to vote, democracies will always be anti-freedom for men, privileged treatment for women.

    1. Democracy is irresponsible and has created a vast and un-fireable civil servant corps whose jobs depend on the expansion on the warfare/welfare state. If you want Libertarian Utopia, time to consider a different path. Hint: Hans-Hermann Hoppe.

    2. Hey kid, I love my mom, but i know that i have the ability to beat the shit out her, so…. yeah.

    3. “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting for what to have for lunch.” -Benjamin Franklin

    4. If we’d never given women the right to vote in the first place than we wouldn’t even be talking about this.
      The Muslims aren’t wrong about everything………….

  7. Do you actually believe this feminist society will allow men to buy attractive teenage sex dolls? This feminist society already outlaws pictures of teenage sluts who look “too young” and brand it child porno with severe penalties for men, what the fuck do you think they are going to do with men who buy “too young” plastic sex dolls? Life in prison.

    1. Because the thing that comes before the concerns of mewling feminists in this society is profit.
      Sexbots will be a multi-billion dollar industry; so it will happen the moment the technology becomes available, and no amount of wailing from the eternal victim lobby will stop it.

  8. Robocop…it’s gonna be like the Detroit in the 1st Robocop….Paul Verhoven is an eerie genius.
    Nuclear arms race in the Middle East is far more likely to be the thing that truly sucks the fun, and the future, out of the future.

  9. I think the Red Pill community is going to fare better than the average person in our dystopic future. We’re already used to living comfortably as a small minority that defies the prevailing culture.
    This is an important part of a skill set that will serve us well, even in a police state. Totalitarian governments are inherently unstable. The more they try to control everyone’s daily lives, the greater the popular demand for things like black markets, corrupt officials, etc., all of which can be exploited by people willing to operate outside the system.
    Red Pill men already do that, every day.

  10. You’re too pessimistic.
    Development of the technologies that allows for implantable chips, drones, ubiquitous surveillance etc., follow trajectories roughly similar to Moore’s Law. Meaning, whatever governments have today, homeless dudes have in two generations. And regular guys in one.
    Because of this, implanted chips can be removed, or burnt. Drones, and the guns required to shoot them down, manufactured by pretty much anyone. And ditto for cameras.
    “Microscopic” stuff, like mosquito drones, will be available to Joes, and homeless dudes, not to long after governments have them.
    Bitcoin, or if for some increasingly unlikely reason that should be broken, some other digital currency will make capital controls and wealth extraction by inflation and involuntary harder and harder. While at the same time making making “follow the money” policing difficult to impossible, further weakening governments dependent on extracting wealth and coercing behavior.
    Because of all this and more, and as the history of every previous Empire/Nation State indicates, things will blow apart centrifugally, rather than become more and more concentrated. Mogadishu in the 90s, is much more likely to be where we’re headed. People finally realize the current, and any likely future, US ruling structures and classes, are no more legitimate, nor any more useful to them, than Barre was to Somalis back then. So they simply get fed up and start shooting them, clubbing/stabbing them to death, or chaining them to the back of pickup trucks and dragging them around for public entertainment. And honestly why not? Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of people.
    Then after things stay chaotic for awhile, people start entering into more voluntary, and less permanent power structures, where each member clearly see the benefit of being o the inside, vs. the outside. Like what is currently happening in Somalia. Until things again settle down to just the standard amount of background violence intrinsic to all living species stuck fighting it out for limited resources. In other words, something not too different from Afghanistan today. Or hundred years ago, or a thousand years ago. Or at pretty much any time.

    1. I agree with a lot of what this comment says. And more than agree, I have decided it is where to throw effort.
      There is a notion in Economics called a “Spatial Fix”, an expansion of “space”. The most elementary example is a city expanding its limits to create more space for real estate development. What immediately happens is capital flows into the new area and devalues the older because the excess capital pent up in the older areas flows outward. In economic terms, the expansion attacks the incumbent by reducing the value of the incumbent.
      There are many abstract ideas of “spatial fixes”, cell phones as a fix to land lines, text messages as a fix to cell calls, snapchat as a fix to text messages, tumblr as a fix to Facebook, even Game as a fix to Feminism to “expand” the pool of bangable women, not so much by increasing the number, but by figuring out how to bang more of them.
      And one of the key issues of our time is that so many fixes are coming at such a rapid clip that overnight an expansion can be attacked as the incumbent even while the prior expansion is attacking the older incumbent. Think cable TV under attack by home internet, while home internet itself is attacked by wireless and apps.
      The beauty of this for men, is that men, when forced out of the core or the incumbent by women seizing control and then forcing them out, create the spatial fixes that in turn attack the incumbent.
      And nature of future fixes is that they become ever harder for women to seize control, much less even participate.
      I had a flat and met a guy who helped me with it. He is “mobile mechanic”. He has an old truck with a camper top and the back is filled with tools. People call him and go over to the house and works on cars, there at the client’s house. No rent, no insurance, even no taxes. While it is an old idea, you can see it as a potential spatial fix that does not bode well for women, for government, for taxes, and for control of people.
      So this what the above comment is saying. For every power an equal and opposite power emerges, and usually does so in an outward manner, centrifugally.
      Your job as men is to think of ways to hasten this and participate in those actions. Modify your behavior in ways that benefits men, and then if all men act in such manners, then it will come back to you as you receive the benefit of all men acting in this manner.
      Here is an example. Stop buying things in stores. Shop online. Direct retail benefits women. Online retail more benefits men. The brick and mortar with a sales girl and a female store manager, sales taxes, city and state government turns into computers, systems, software, warehouses, transportation which are male jobs.

      1. The problem with this is more government intrusion will force more people out of legitimate society, like the mobile mechanic. More people hustling and living in “Systeme D” will lead to less division of labor and cooperation and lower standards of living for all. Think of an African nation like Liberia or Somalia, or a ghetto in Europe/US/South America, where people are surviving and hustling at a subsistence level, and the smartest and most violent control resources.

    2. i agree mostly. but moores law doesnt necessarily apply here. for example, can you get a tank? they have been around for 100 years.
      if something is forcibly (law) kept out of private hands or is kept secret (they have had “drones” since the 70s, just not ones capable of doing what they can these days) then moores law does not apply. yes sure eventually these things fall into private hands but not in 2 generations in cases like this.
      now granted the technological capability in these older drones are available cheaply to the public. think 8 megapixel cameras smaller than a penny in your phone. but the drones themselves will likely not be made available to regular people any time soon.
      and there is also a rule of economics which states that a governments enforcement capabilities are dependant on its populations willingness to participate. this will no longer be applicable in the near future because enforcement tasks will become automated. you know, with drones.
      i see entire drone armies in the future. wars will be fought with few casualties with the goal of economic collapse by forcing the enemy to invest beyond its capacity in manufacturing drones. kind of like the cold war.
      policing activity will also be automated with drones.
      right now you still need people to run the drones. but increasingly their functions are being automated. a drone can stay in the air by itself for days. increasingly you will need fewer and fewer people to run many drones and then only tasks which require human capacity (the list is shrinking every day) will actually employ people.
      but the whole point of this is to control people. so there is a limit to how far this can go. if you automate EVERYTHING what point is there in even having people? but then without people what point is there in automating ANYTHING?
      so some suffering, but after a while (looooong while) a point will be reached where all mundane tasks will be automated and people will live to do things that fulfill their lives. the only people alive will be those who enjoy the service of automated systems. all the factory work and farming and policing will be automated and people will perform tasks which enrich their lives. a lot of leisure time and work that is rewarding and challenging. so there is a silver lining but not in our lifetime.

      1. Moore’s law like trajectories apply to the electronic/intelligence parts. And those are what make a drone different from any other model airplane. The 20 tons of steel that goes into a tank’s armor will not get cheaper per Moore’s law. But any brains utilized to make it, or it’s firepower, operable autonomously will.
        Model airplanes have been around for a long time. Good ones are difficult to make, because you have to stick to pretty tight tolerances, lest the whole thing becomes unbalanced. One you equip it with enough gyros and sensors, and the brains to adjust control surfaces a few thousand times a second, you can be much sloppier with tolerances, since each individual specimen can work around its own little defects. Like a human does when he walks, versus trying to get a feedback less robot to do the same thing. Some of the newer fighter planes are designed to be unstable sans constant automated corrections, something that could not be done sans heavy computation power and sensors everywhere. The takeaway here, is that improved electronics, will make even the mechanical, non Moore’s law following, parts more available.
        And then there’s 3d printing, computerized milling equipment and routers etc All of which enable Joes to “smuggle” contraband in the form of encrypted files instantaneously from anywhere, rather than having to brave government agents at the border.
        More generally. cheap computation and electronic communications, are increasingly moving value add away from the “physical” domain, which is fairly easy to control by a geographically based government, and towards an increasingly virtual one, which is much harder to police. Darknet, Tor, and pervasive encryption will make it hard to tell who says what to whom. And, the real disruptor, digital domain currency like Bitcoin, who pays whom what, and for what. Eventually, even trustworthy anonymous assassination markets will be enabled; making it very risky indeed to be in the business of doing onto others what you argue they have no right to do to you; like forcing them to pay taxes, alimony etc. Cheaper to just put an untraceable contract on the wannabe oppressor’s head.
        Strong government is only possible when most of what is valuable derives directly from control of a geographic territory. Like the Oilistans in the middle east. Then a family of Sheiks can hire and equip a sufficient oppressive force while keeping their subjects ignorant. But in an increasingly technologically advanced world, government intenders will be forced to allow their subjects enough knowledge to be “productive”, but it is always in the interest of said subjects to use their knowledge to further their own interests, not those of some sleazy, self promoting, “leader.” So, things become increasingly unstable. And we end up like Athens, Rome, the various Chinese empires etc., etc. Sacked by outsiders less gullible when it comes to believing some yahoo on a stage or TV screen is somehow a “legitimate” leader of men born to be free.

        1. As do they today. And did 50 years ago. Hence hardly a reason the future is going to suck any more than the past and present.
          The Soviets had even more tanks that our current wannabes back in the 80s, yet look how decisive that was in Afghanistan.

  11. I have been waiting for the ubiquitous jet packs since the first damn Superbowl. The limited operating time combined with the exorbitant cost will keep these out of the mainstream even in the long term.

    1. As long as those come bundled with attendant revival of the militia movement from back then, thanks for the call!

  12. “3. Heavily Armed Governments”
    “Government will arm up and purchase millions of rounds of hollow-point ammunition. They will alsostock up on guns that they will be made illegal for law-abiding citizens.”
    Not teh evil hollow point boolits! Carolyn McCarthy tells me those are bad!

    1. While the rest of us are more concerned about future access to non hollowpoint, armor piercing varieties.

  13. I used to think enjoying the decline poolside was an regrettable but rationale response to the unfortunate current trends. Now I am starting to think a collapse of civilization would be a positive virtue. It would suck for the majority who would die in a major collapse, but maybe it’s still better than the vision in this article, which is quite possible. A real man can prosper under any situation, even in a totalitarian state. However, I think I’d rather prosper in a post collapse society than in a totalitarian state.

    1. What ultimately leads to failure of totalitarian states, is that those who prosper are not “real men.” But rather sycophants, backstabbers, weasels and other relative weaklings whose MO is clinging tightly to massa/alpha gommiment’s skirt tails. “Real men” pose a threat to the rapidly decaying ruling classes, and are actively prevented from prospering for that reason.
      Over time, this shift of prosperity, aka resource control, from “Real men” to weaklings, renders society as a whole weaker. Leading to it being sacked from less encumbered “Real men” from the outside. As has happened untold times before, and is about to happen again.

  14. Bitcoin or similar crypto-currencies will at least prevent capital restrictions from being completely successful. Blocking bitcoin would require you to block virtually all forms of digital communications.

  15. Reading this article has questioned your expertise on your “how to get laid” series. More right wing gun paranoia…someone’s always coming to git ya!

  16. Well America wont be around, but some type of Imperial Roman government will take its place. Make the people dependent on you and you will have their power.

  17. The saying is, “If you know future you can change the future.” People get the government they deserve.

  18. Man, fuck the future! I hope I die before the 21st century ends. As a believer in reincarnation, I want to reincarnate into the past, rather it be this life all over again and even further back in time. Movies like Interstellar, The Hunger Games, and Idicocracy paint an ugly future for us! It’s not going to look good!

    1. ya know if you really do wanna die before the 21st century ends and get reincarnated as a girl in the 1950s, you can always commit suicide you know. why haven’t you done it yet… im curious, especially we “bullies” harassed you all the time and you ha-dint consided it? laaaaame.

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