The Most Abominable Christian Wife On The Internet

Jenny Erikson, a conservative Christian mommy blogger, recently attracted the attention of the manosphere when she posted posted an attack on her pastor for “spoiling the surprise” of her divorce by telling her husband before she could.

When Jenny talked to a friend about leaving her marriage, the news made its way to Jenny’s pastor, who contacted her husband, Leif, to let him know what was coming. Her husband went home, and the following conversation transpired:

“I want to know what My Pastor told you,” I [Jenny] repeated.

He paused. Dried his hands. Took a deep breath. Sighed. “That you were planning on filing for divorce on Friday,” he finally admitted.

So there you go. My Pastor had actually told my husband, based on a fourth-hand rumor, without talking to me first, that I was planning on leaving him. That. Just. Happened.

“I filed for divorce last week,” I told him flatly. “I was planning on telling you this Friday.”

Jenny accuses her pastor of repeating a “rumor” that he heard “fourth-hand” while freely admitting she had already filed for the divorce a week ago. She wants to blame him for something, but was just mad she got caught.

My husband defended him as doing his pastoral duty. I looked him straight in the eyeballs and said, “The fact that you are defending this man’s actions yesterday is one of a thousand reasons I cannot stay married to you.”

The Bible’s position on divorce is pretty clear: don’t. Jenny shouldn’t be shocked that her pastor would warn a member of his congregation his wife is about to destroy his family, and give him a chance to confront her and repair the marriage.

Who is Jenny Erikson?

The tagline of Jenny’s blog is “God, Family, Politics, Wine (in that order).” Her profile picture is a cell phone image of her with a fruity alcoholic drink captioned “conservative blogger” when you hover your mouse over it. She has supported the Tea Party, been to CPAC three years in a row, and submitted a video question to the GOP presidential debates.


She and her pastor had clashed before over an article she wrote entitled Victoria’s Secret’s New Teen Lingerie Is Something All Moms Should be Happy About. She also wrote a piece against ‘Fitness Mom’ Maria Kang, who posted a picture of her toned body and three children with the caption, “What’s your excuse?” and a piece against Tuthmosis’s ROK article 5 Reasons to Date a Girl with an Eating Disorder, meaning she is familiar with this site.

Jenny writes that she was “contemplating drinking before 9am” the day after announcing her divorce, revealing a lot about her relationship to alcohol and true feelings about the divorce. Shortly after her husband left, she got a Bible verse tattooed on her wrist, in an attempt to be as “hip” as other womenWhile Jenny is comfortable criticizing the government, she believes women are beyond reproach, even if they are drunk, fat, dressing their daughters in sexy lingerie, marking their bodies, suffering from eating disorders, or claiming God told them to break up their family.


Jenny is excommunicated, responds with snark

After divorcing her husband, her pastor rightfully excommunicated her. For those not familiar with the customs of the church, excommunication is a fancy word for kicking someone out. Usually, excommunication occurs when someone breaks a major rule and is unrepentant — unrepentant being the key word, because if Jenny was to say, “I’m sorry, I was wrong,” most churches would let her back in.

Instead, Jenny posted the letter her church sent her and peppered it with snarky comments:

Form for Excommunication:

As you know we have announced to you the great sin committed and the grievous offense given by our fellow-member, Jennifer Erikson, to the end that, by your Christian admonitions and prayers, she might come to her senses, turn to God, and escape from the snare of the devil, after being captured by him to do his will (2 Tim. 2:26).

[Another side note. Snare of the Devil. I’m sorry, but I just snorted. Y’all should’ve heard it. It was totally sexy. Snare. Of. The. Devil.]

…So yeah that happened.

You’ll notice most of her posts end with some version of “that happened” or “That. Just. Happened” as if she is deeply surprised that her actions have consequences and there are other people in the world who don’t share her narcissistic fantasy, in which God thinks exactly like her and agrees with every decision she makes. Her substitution of indignant phrases for counter argument shows an inability to imagine or empathize with a perspective other than her own.

What life is like for Jenny after divorce

At least Jenny seems to be adjusting adjusting to single life well:

I’ve been living without a man around the house for just over a month now, and there are definitely some things I’ve had to get over. Spiders, for instance. I’ve had to kill numerous spiders all by myself. I tried to make the girls do it, but they were too busy screaming bloody murder at the eight-legged freaks to obey me. We’re going to have to work on that. Or something…

I’ve had to do all my own dishes. Leif used to do that…

Money. Is. Tight.

So far, a toilet hasn’t clogged yet, but I know it will eventually (hello, I have kids!), and then it will be my responsibility to fix it.

The fact this man used to do the dishes for her tells you everything you need to know. Her husband Leif shared in the housework, provided for his family, was present as a father, and active in his church. He seems by all accounts to be a good man.


What can we learn from this?

Jenny’s actions have been slammed by Christian manosophere bloggers such as Dalrock and Sunshinemary. The fact that a significant number of bloggers identify as “Christian manosophere bloggers” shows that even conservative Christian men in monogamous marriages need game nowadays.

Jenny Erikson’s husband did exactly what he was told he was supposed to do. He had the full support of his community and pastor and it still wasn’t enough to preserve his relationship. The sad truth is that by supporting his wife, Leif was supplicating rather than leading, even going so far as to buy her presents after she divorced him. Jenny describes him before marriage as “my shoulder to cry on when I went on bad dates” and “just friends.”

His wife placed a greater value on the tingles between her legs than her church, family, or God. If Leif had studied game, he might still have his marriage. Or have picked a better wife. We’ll never know.

Most churches wouldn’t even excommunicate a woman for divorce, instead placing blame on the man for failing to please his wife. There are pastors who regularly praise the heroic struggle of single moms. Feminism has infiltrated the church to such a degree that it’s dogma has become a part of church dogma.

Women like Jenny don’t just subscribe to the feminist dogma that we should support any choice a woman makes – they spiritualize it – saying that we should support any choice a woman makes because God wants us to. Even the Bible is just food pellets for her rationalization hamster.

Jenny Erikson is now a single mother with little money, two daughters to take care of, and the fading looks of body worn down by years of drinking and stress. Because she publicized her actions online, the stigma of abandoning her family will follow her as a warning to any man who’d consider dating her, and any Christian who thinks religion alone will spare him from the problems of modern women.

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465 thoughts on “The Most Abominable Christian Wife On The Internet”

    1. I believe the middle east has a thing going on about that, I think it was called circumcision but for women. I hear those with type 2 are rarely sluts but those with type 3or4 circumcision can’t be be raped let alone sluts.

  1. She is the quintessential Western Woman. Selfish, ignorant, shameless, disrespectful, unrealistically clinging on to a fruitless youth, irresponsible, fat, ugly, exploitative, entitled, a single mom, etc. I don’t even want to listen anymore for fear my rising blood pressure may put me into cardiac arrest.
    Woof. What a sinking ship we sail on.

      1. I wouldn’t call it a trend so much as a race or species, A subspecies of humans that should all be driven to extinction through extreme measures of violence. Although I think that would entail murdering all females over the age of 6 or 8 lol

    1. Average looking for an American woman. Which shows how shitty this county is. Even if you are an Average looking woman in America you get to act entitled, selfish and arrogant.

      1. She is one of the “attractive” ones. Just had some thirty year old average looking Polish girls here visiting (average for Poland) and they said that when they went to the mall it was like they looked like starving Ethiopians to the rest of the women. (these Polish women weighed about 110lbs…)

    2. When i read about women like her, i am always wondering if they know that what they are doing is wrong, but are doing it regardless because of all the attention they will get or if they really think that their behaviour is – for whatever reason – justified.
      The first one would mean that they at least know the difference between morally wrong and right behaviour, the alternative leaves me shuddering…

      1. They know the difference between right and wrong behavior, they just don’t care. Their feelings come first.
        And this type of attention whoring is just a form of therapy for them. To deal with the stress of divorce they put it up on the web so the hordes of ‘you go girl’ enablers and manginas can give them their support. For them, it’s better than sex. MUCH better.

    3. You forgot useless, lazy, obnoxious, and soon to be mud-shark. I’m telling you, we are going to see this whore in the news for letting her nigger boyfriend rape one of her daughters.

  2. “After divorcing her husband, her pastor rightfully excommunicated her. ”
    At least it had a happy ending.

    1. I’m surprised, especially with how most of these churches nowadays have gotten soft, which I personally feel is part of the reason this country is in the mess it’s in.

    2. While churches that are “conservative” on divorce and remarriage teach that the allowance to divorce for “sexual immorality” is bilateral, if you read what Jesus actually said and, just as important, DIDN’T say, He allowed a man who had, as a last resort, divorced his wife for the cause of “sexual immorality” to marry another woman in her place. What the pastors teach, with precious few exceptions, is that a woman:
      • can divorce her husband for HIS sexual immorality
      • can then marry another man in his place
      This cannot be found anywhere in the entire Bible, in particular in the immediate discussion, in the teachings of Jesus. He acknowledges that women do divorce their husbands, but He never approves of it. He declared that she may not, under the original law of marriage, validly divorce her husband, and goes on to declare that if she does marry another man that she is an adulteress. He further teaches that the man who marries a divorced woman while her true husband is living is an adulterer.
      If you don’t claim to be a Christian, none of this is of any relevance to you.
      If you do claim to be a Christian, get with the program. Repent. Stop church-shopping and pastor-shopping, looking for one who teaches what you want to hear – you don’t have to shop very much to hear the popular Erasmian teaching on marriage, divorce and remarriage. But finding a church that has pastors (teaching elders/bishops) who teach what the Bible actually teaches may be rather tedious, even difficult.
      Unbelievers, even atheists, sometimes understand what the Bible teaches better than most Christians, for most are CINOs who don’t know what the Bible teaches and don’t care, which is a form of agnosticism.

  3. Any girl who is of any christian religious value should understand by her own beliefs she deserves death for divorcing her husband, or being that slut before marriage. I’m all for religion when it puts women in their place, but when it fails to do so then it is time for Atheism.

  4. Note that the verse on her wrist is Psalm 46:5: “God is in the midst of her, she will not be moved; God will help her when morning dawns.” (NASB.. probably too correct a translation for her.) Good thing she got a dumb tattoo to remind her daily of that security – she may try to claim otherwise, but she’s scared of the uncertainty the future has for her.
    And rightfully so. 100% certain she’s going to replace one beta dude with another. Who else would marry an overweight divorcee with two kids and an obnoxious blog? Back in the day, women used to be thankful for a husband who would provide for their family.

    1. The context of Psalm 46:5 is about the City of God, not a woman. This is typical misrepresentation of Biblical text.

      1. A typical solipsistic misrepresentation of biblical text.
        Even the bible is “about me” to these women, which is sadly more disturbing than just being a fundamentalist…

      2. Or the fact she has a tattoo in the first place, which the Bible expressly forbids. That’s worse than secular people with tattoos, because she got one of a Bible verse, plus she’s supposed to know better.

        1. Tatoo popularity can be traced back to the 1989 Book by RE Search “Modern Primitives” which glorified weird peircings and tattoos…sickening.

    2. Back in the day a woman used to thankful to not be raped and sold to a whore house. They were god blessed to have a man who would support her worthless waste of space and she knew her worth was of none. We can reminisce about the good ol days all you want, but until nuclear war or fall of civilization or zombies happens then we are stuck with these useless wastes of space thinking they are worth more… Man I can’t wait till zombies, at least then women will realize how worthless they are and how much they need us men.

    3. She’s going to end up a pumped-and-dumped barfly doing it for the male attention while her kids live out of state and won’t talk to her. (A “cougarblogger” she’ll be calling herself by that point.)

    4. “Back in the day, women used to be thankful for a husband who would provide for their family.”
      Yeah, but now they’ve got a Life of Julia style government and divorce courts to provide for their family.
      I really do think this women represents the future this country is going towards- a lot of Jenny Erikson single moms married to the state, with a lot of invisible beta males like Leif subsidizing it all.

  5. If you see a religious woman on the mainstream media, be aware: she’s crazy or she’s just hypocrite.

    1. case in point Michelle Bachman on the right, I’m sure there are plenty on the otherside or they are outright land whale dikes

      1. I think Bachman in her younger years was pretty bangable – just don’t ask her anything that requires an intelligent and informed answer. Especially since her husband doesn’t give it to her.

        1. Hahah honestly I still would give her a try, there’s just something about neocon women that is so damn hot and freaky. Of course there is a rule of not sticking your dick into crazy….eh fuck it, that’s what a rubber is for !

        1. I don’t pretend to know much at all, but I do know that whatever is after death and far beyond our reality is much more immense than anything our puny animal brains can comprehend. It simply has to be. I’ve been up front and personal with a rotting corpse which I had previously known in living condition, and I feel that we are much more than just borrowed molecules.
          Anyway, in the half glass of life, I’m betting on it being half full of God, whatever that may be. It is your right to choose the half emptiness of nothing instead. To each their own. We’ll all find out soon enough.

        2. Only few creatures possess the ability to comprehend and our “puny” little brains are more complex than anything on this planet. Everyone has the right to believe or not believe in God, I personally, along with millions of others choose not to believe. Scientific Fact trumps Standard Theory. If I am presented with fact that God exists and Jesus wasn’t just some extremist who people then decided to idolize then i will be the first to say i was wrong. And you’re correct, we will all find out soon enough.

    1. I actually think the guy was a punk. Proof: children, marriage, doing te fucking dishes?, I mean just look at him…

        1. Yeah, he had only the entire legal and political establishment against him. She has “911”, divorce manstripper lawyers, the family courts and sheriff on her side.

    2. This horrible woman got married in California, waited 10 years, then divorced the man who gave her everything she wanted.
      What does the State of California give her: alimony for life, custody, child support, etc, etc.
      Another reason to avoid ten-year marriages in California, or even better, avoid marriage altogether.

      1. I’m getting convinced myself. It just goes to show you need to look at folks’ actions, not just take them saying they’re Christian at face value.

        1. 7. I got a cat. That is hilarious.
          I bet in a few more months she will say she got a few more.

        2. Groan. Let’s hope she never “divorces” her kids in a bathtub as a pretext for another idiotic “10 Things I Love About …” blog post.

        3. Fact: cat feces contains a parasite called Toxoplasmosis
          Bonus Fact: toxoplasmosis is known to alter the behavior of its host, steering it toward risky behaviors to ensure it spreads to new hosts.
          Another Bonus Fact: Toxoplasmosis can interfere with its host’s ability to produce a healthy offspring.
          Extra Bonus Fact: Toxoplasmosis easily transmits to humans and is most commonly found in middle age cat owners.
          in other words that is a definite possibility.

        4. Fact: cat feces contains a parasite called Toxoplasmosis
          Bonus Fact: toxoplasmosis is known to alter the behavior of its host, steering it toward risky behaviors to ensure it spreads to new hosts.
          Another Bonus Fact: Toxoplasmosis can interfere with its host’s ability to produce a healthy offspring.
          Extra Bonus Fact: Toxoplasmosis easily transmits to humans and is most commonly found in middle age cat owners.
          in other words that is a definite possibility.

        5. Check the comments on this link. A lot of women are taking it to this stupid broad. They’re not all trash yet. See below:
          Nonmember comment from Happy Wife
          December 5 at 7:53 AM
          If this list is what’s so great about being divorced, I’ll just stay married. Thanks anyway. Such stupid, petty little “benefits” of divorce aren’t worth hurting my husband and kids.

        6. Fuck that my ex had alot of fucking cats when we were together. I hope I don’t catch that shit as they were indoor cats too.

        7. We live in houses in large part to KEEP THE ANIMALS OUT!!!
          A cat belongs outside to keep the vermin away from the house. If it doesn’t have enough sense to go up a tree when catkiller dogs come around, get another cat. Usually another cat will show up in a few days following the disappearance of the last one, but if necessary you can get one already neutered and vaccinated from the shelter.
          Neutering is essential, not to avoid kittens, as slow-witted ones will soon be gobbled up, but to prevent toms from wandering off, leaving your abode undefended, and queens from drawing hordes of toms.

      2. She just retweeted an apparent remark by Greg Gutfeld of “The Five” on Fox News Channel: “There’s nothing lower than a mommyblogger… Because they always think they’re right about everything.” – @greggutfeld
        Gutfeld is right. But The Abominable One likes any attention. Little does Gutfeld know that the worst of the mommybloggers just reached out her claws and touched him.

        1. In a just world, her crazy, attention-seeking behavior would increase her ex-husband’s chance of getting full custody of the children.

      3. I looked up the bible quote she tatted Psalm 45:6
        “With whom will you compare me or count me equal?
        To whom will you liken me that we may be compared?”
        I don’t know much about about bible study or interpreting this verse. My only interpretation is that she’s comparing herself to GOD or she sees herself above everyone else.
        Any readers out there with ecclesiastical leanings that can clear this up for me?

        1. It’s some inane bullshit about God being her personal Santa Clause. Then again, most people who call themselves Christian have similar beliefs. But I digress.

        2. Psalm 46:5 “God is within her, she will not fall; God will help her at break of day.”
          Reminds me of Rust Cohle (True Detective, HBO) when he said:
          COHLE: The ontological fallacy of expecting a light at the end of the tunnel, well, that’s what the preacher sells, same as a shrink. See, the preacher, he encourages your capacity for illusion. Then he tells you it’s a fucking virtue. Always a buck to be had doing that, and it’s such a desperate sense of entitlement, isn’t it?
          Rust looks up to the heavens in mockery
          COHLE: Surely this is all for me?! Me. Me me me, I, I’m so fucking important! I’m so fucking important, right?! Fuck you.

      4. By waiting for the 10 year point to pass, she is now a vulture(ss?) awaiting his death so that she can get his Social Security. She is not in a big hurry for him to drop dead, at least if he hasn’t attained his earnings peak, for the more he makes (up to the maximum $110,000 or so) the more she can get.
        She will not remarry, as that is a disqualification for grabbing his SS, unless she can snare a really rich vict… guy.
        Too bad “Christian” can’t be trademarked so that it could be protected from abuse by CINO whores – of both genders.

    3. Ok, I wasn’t gonna thumb this up at first because I prefer reserving that word for the worst types of women (i.e. false rape accusers or women who knowingly commit paternity fraud, or women who repeatedly dog their manginas and bring them to the Maury show repeatedly)…. but after reading this. Yeah. She’s a total bitch. It’s like she’s mocking him. Wow. If a man did this there’d be such a shitstorm. But because it’s a woman doing it she gets away with being a total bitch.

      1. #6 Reading “trashy” magazines without judgey looks or comments. Sometimes I just want to chill out and read about how to “eat, drink, and twerk my ass off” this Christmas. (That would be the December issue of Cosmo, for those that are interested.)

        LOL…. woman, your beta orbiter that you married was doing you a favor with those dirty looks… He was telling you that you’re self-absorbed and stupid.

      2. I notice she couldn’t help showing that she’s fixed herself a mimosa for the occasion… I think this woman out-does hollywood in terms of being self-absorbed.

        1. She’s not even all that. She acts like she’s this hollywood model but she really is just average looking. but she acts like she can land a man just like that, with two kids, and with her internet footprint showing what a man-eater she is.

        2. That’s not what I mean, I mean I might have believed a woman smiling at me like that if she were claiming she cared about me. That’s what’s eye opening, the capacity for evil.

        3. I agree and I understood what you meant, I was supplementing. I should’ve said “I agree, and.”

        4. Correction: the pics she posts on the web are average-looking. And they’re her best pics. Plus, the skinny ones are old pics, in the new ones you can see how much weight she’s put on. She’s a 4, and that’s being generous. Plus, her alcoholism has her headed for the wall at bullet-train velocity.

        5. I wonder if her alcoholism played a hand in this whole debacle. Perhaps her husband was getting sick of it, she seems to not like criticism.

          Seeing this you’re right, she’s clearly fat but the camera is careful not to show her in an unflattering light. Also, now we have even MORE insight as to where the divorce came from and how she got excommunicated from her church. What man and what church are going to endorse 9 and 11 year old girls wearing adult underwear? I guess Leif didn’t know she was a Christian in name only and was a liberal feminist first and foremost.

        7. Many women, especially ones raised in conservative Christian church fellowships, know how to put on the act more than well enough to deceive a naïve young man. Some of these women manage to deceive themselves for a while.
          But not being genuinely converted, their true character comes out after a kid or two has him really on the hook.

      3. The Delusional Broad keeps providing more lulz. Here’s a recent post:
        “10 Things I’ll Do Differently in My Second Marriage”
        Yeah, sure, because men enjoy marrying crappy leftover women with a large side of attitude.
        Her Twitter feed is a riot:

        1. It is entirely possible that this dumb twat got a divorce simply for the new blog fodder it provides. Other women have done worse for lesser reasons. She is pure conceit.

        2. She wrote “I’d like him to be happy with me, of course, but it’s not my job to make him happy”. I don´t think she understands what it means to marry someone.

        3. I would lol at this, except it’s so fucking sad for the kids. These two little girls better pray that daddy gets sole custody, because the procession of alcoholic trailer trash and niggers that will take turns on this whore, will go after her little girls as well. They always do.

        4. You know, reading her blog, I can’t help but think that this is all just a plea for attention and a way to get back at her hubby, and after some time she’s going to go and ask him to take her back (which, being the pussy beta he is, he will definitely do). Or maybe she really doesn’t want to go back. You never know. Women are chaotic and stranger things have happened.

        5. I think so too. I think with the majority of women, they’ll play sweet sugar, spice and everything nice for a minute but after a while the bitch comes out.

        6. It’s also possible that this is just a high-level shit test; a way to get some kind of emotion out of her hubby other than “That’s fine, I love you honey.” Women will escalate their demonic behaviour until you get mad and do something. Maybe her hubby is such a pussy that ten years of bitching and being disagreeable wasn’t enough to elicit any kind of negative response.

        7. Nathanael google “all non Africans are part Neanderthal” turns out you all are the monkey’s. Also google “blonds are becoming extinct” it seem nature has a problem with you “the master race” since world wide whites have a 0% birthrate. Checkmate…

        8. Interesting ROK. So nathanael can post about us being niggers but when i post and you all to google “All non Africans are part neanderthal” showing who the real people with monkey blood NOW we have a problem? ISo ROK is for white boys only? Yea just keep giving more ammo to.the feminazis or wait the term nazi does not insult you all anyways. This is why I tell black men DO NOT join any mens rights organizations with white men just go MGTOW.

        9. It’s no one’s job to make anyone happy, because unless you like yourself you’ll never be happy. Hence ‘jenny’ will never be happy.

        10. Can I assume you are a Coptic Christian? I am an Orthodox Catholic. No human alive has Neanderthal blood. Neanderthals never existed. I know the Coptic Church does not accept evolution.

        11. I could live with taking her back. But there must be some terms.
          1. She comes back but no second marriage. She leaves, she’s ass out. I’m sure he’ll take care of the kids on his own.
          2. Blowjobs when he walks in the room. Whether he needs it or not. It’s for both their own good. She needs to submit and he needs to make her.
          3. He must bang another woman once a month. See last sentence above.

        12. Uh, scrublet, they DNA tested neanderthal remains, and living humans and found Neanderthal DNA in living humans.

        13. I find it inconceivable that a woman would not know what a word means. Didn’t you hear they’re much better communicators than us?

        14. Can the ethnic deprecations be dropped? They contribute nothing of value.
          Thank. You.

        15. They are insane, irrational creatures driven by the basest instincts…They NEED a strong leader. I just started learning to ride horses. They need a DOMINANT yet KIND PROTECTOR as a rider…otherwise, the relationship will never work….same with wives.

        16. Not that I don’t agree with you, but you’re replying to a three year old comment.

      4. “No snoring man in my bed. It’s awesome you guys. So awesome that if I
        ever decide to get married again, I’m contemplating suggesting separate
        Fucking cunt.
        If she would not be getting lifetime alimony, child support, 18 years is a lifetime, half the bank, the house, the car, and wait,
        It is a robber saying “it’s so good to sleep in my new house”, with the state punishing the old house owner who got evicted on gun point.

        1. Are we absolutely sure she’s getting lifetime alimony? I really don’t know what states, if any, have lifetime alimony. If she is indeed getting lifetime alimony she really is indeed a royal c. Alimony really should be abolished regardless since women work now, but LIFETIME alimony?! I hate to be cliche but I don’t even have words for that.

        2. instead of being an idiot she should have had her man tested for Sleep Apnea. There are ways of fixing snoring (including the relatively inexpensive breathe right nazal strips which I’m sure she’s heard of).

      5. “HAH! If SHE decides to get married again. What man, if they know about this broad, will marry her? Now she’s a total delusional bitch.”
        Better check your manosphertorial privilege son.
        Lemme put it to you like this:
        If someone were to take an army ranger scout dog, gouge its eyes out, break its back and all 4 of its legs then parachute drop it into the boundary waters canoe area (in northern minnesota) in the middle of february (average daytime high temp -20 degrees F) within about 120 seconds that dog would have no trouble “finding” about 1000 bitch ass pussy douche bags who would shoot their grandmothers for a chance to sniff that rotten pussy for life. K?
        We have met the enemy. And he is us. NEVER forget that.

        1. It’s that thing in our crotches. Snatch isn’t called that for nothing.
          Sci-Fi speak: The female crotch hangar has tractor beam power over DickNBalls spacecraft.

      6. I once had a girl who was interested in me announce her “separate beds rule”. When I questioned her how many prospective husbands would want this, she cited TV shows from the 1950s as if this was somehow normal.
        I ended up sleeping and/or dating with her friends instead… which she helped set me up with. Hamsters are a man’s best friend.

        1. now she is going extremely far and too unrealistic. sleeping in separate beds wasn’t one of the great things about the 1950s.

        2. It was something strictly for television, back when it was considered unseemly to use words like “pregnant”.

        3. It was a TV gimmick due to censorship. Most people did not live like that. Older folks sometimes do get separate beds due to snoring, restless leg etc. Not something newlyweds typically did.

      7. If the Bible was taken seriously on the subject of gender relations, Christians would teach, believe and follow:
        • No divorce for women. Jesus acknowledged that some women do divorce, but did not approve of it or acknowledge divorce by women as valid “in God’s sight.” He went on to say that a (civil-law: divorce by a woman was not recognized as valid under the original law of marriage) divorced woman who (civil-law) remarried is an adulteress, and that the man who (civil-law) married her is an adulterer.
        • Divorce by a man was permitted only for “sexual immorality” by the woman. If he divorced her for any other reason and married another woman, he committed adultery.
        • The “Pauline privilege” is not to dissolve a marriage between a Christian and an unbeliever, but only that the Christian is not obligated to cohabit with an unbeliever who doesn’t want to cohabit with the Christian.
        Jesus’ disciples commented that if marriage was to be permanent for life in the new realm, it was better not to marry at all. He responded that some were not able to marry, and that some chose not to marry “for the sake of the kingdom of God.”
        Paul strongly urged all but those incapable of marrying, which to them incorporated fulfilling the “duty of marriage,” and those truly dedicated to continence “for the sake of the kingdom,” to marry “to avoid sexually immoral behavior.”
        For those unwilling to conform to these strictures, the world is wide. No one is to be compelled to (pretend to) become a Christian. The kingdom of God on the earth is supposed to be a voluntary society.
        Unfortunately there are and have been many professed “Christians” who have used the threat of violence to coerce people to (pretend to) become “Christians.” This has given Christianity, the kingdom of God on earth, a bad name in the view of many.

    4. How dare you insult this fine Christian woman! All she did was divorce her husband, destroy her marriage , put herself and her happiness before her family, wreaked her children’s lives, betrayed her faith, involved the court in her marriage , and left her husband because she was not happy and posted it all on the Internet under her real name so he is shamed worldwide forever. Obviously the pastor is the problem here. That. Is. Right. Because. I. Say. So.

  6. Serious question: Do you think religion creates Betas or can help create Alphas ?
    (This goes hand in hand with the “Golden Rule” article posted earlier.)

    1. Depends on the person, and the religion.
      It seems that modern Christianity tends to create betas. Feminism has just infiltrated it too much, and let’s not forget the history of female-worship in European countries from which modern Christianity arose.
      Some denominations of Christianity are better in this regard than others.

    2. Neither, religion helps put women in their place instead of letting them be the cock sluts and worthless waste of life they naturally inclined to be. To bad we threw away the old religious value system, I would convert from Atheism to whatever religion allows me to legally beat a whore.

    3. Well, lemme ask you this. Do you think God or Jesus Christ were “beta” or “alpha”? Note – if your definition of those two terms is wholly encompassed as “banging bitches”, you’re barking up the wrong tree in this context.
      The Bible, if you read whether for religious purposes or just for literature is riddled with take no shit, literally take no prisoners, men of action, who though they stumbled at times, were moral and committed to their mission. (Serving God) even if they messed it up sometimes.
      It’s also filled with a lot of ordinary guys who at different points got a much needed kick in the nuts from the Lord to set them on a better path.
      Up to you what you believe.

      1. All the replies are good, let me give you a plot twist, I was raised muslim, but surrounded by born agains, mormons, and close jewish friend (Yeah it’s odd I know) and somehow turned out kind saying I just don’t care for religion and I just try to be a good man (was beta, learning red pill). Honestly to me it feels like religion is making beta males, the whole obey and never question kind of deal. When men should ask questions, go against the grain and challenge. Like you said it depends on your beliefs.

        1. Well, organized religion and having faith in the Lord are not the same.
          Look in the Bible. There are plenty of men who at various times, were mad at God and basically yelling at him. They questioned, rarely did they lose faith.
          Often in the new testament the leaders of organized religion at the time were in opposition to Jesus, and He to them and their teachings and hypocritical behaviors. For example, when Jesus goes in the temple, get’s mad and literally whips the money changers and chases them out for defiling God’s house.
          That doesn’t sound so beta. Sticking to your beliefs. Not being afraid of confrontation or challenges. Taking action to make things happen. Leading others by example.
          Not trying to preach or anything, just giving an example, as I said, whether one takes a literary or spiritual interest in it.

    4. Oh, and Church and Christianity are sometimes mutually exclusive or at odds. In other words, the retarded shit that goes on and gets taught at a lot of churches can be a far cry from what is written on the page. The Christian bloggers call these people “Churchians” as opposed to Christians.
      See article above for example.
      The pastor – Christian.
      The broad – Churchian.

    5. It’s both.
      If you take a traditional, conservative branch of Presbyterians (like CREC), then you have a focus on traditional gender roles. That’s very healthy for the development of young men and young women. And churches like those don’t have the feminine liturgy like you see at the megachurches.
      On the other hand, you have extremely liberal branches of Presbyterians, Methodists, Lutherans, etc. They pay no attention to many Biblical mandates and many times have gay/lesbian pastors. That’s a beta incubator.

    6. Depends which religion. Just look at the places of worship. Churches are largely female dominated places, mosques are male dominated (almost all are segregated and some don’t allow women enter at all i.e. women can worship at home), synagogues en temples…not relevant. Jews are largely non-religieus/atheists and liberal. In that sense you can say that modern Judaism isn’t even a religion…it’s more a cultural group (more or less), people gather so they can say they’re part of a community.

    7. The question is poorly worded. Do you mean to ask whether religion helps create more alpha or more beta behavior? Or do you mean to ask if religion by-default creates betas, but could help create alphas?

      1. yeah i wrote that on the fly during lunch. Actually now that you brought 2 questions, I’d like the answer to both those. But more specifically: whether religion helps create more alpha or more beta behavior?

        1. I think it depends on the religious organization. Some cults breed alphas. Some huge, wealthy religious organizations only breed betas (Catholicism). Some other, huge, wealthy religions only breed alphas (Islam seems to be this way) Without a huge survey of religion in general, and the type of men found in their church services, It’s hard to pin it down.

        2. Catholics may be mostly betas today, but if you look at medieval times and prior it was a totally different story.

    8. The Bible tells men to be alpha. Pastors/Ministers/Preachers don’t like that part any more because it upsets 60% of their congregation (college isn’t the only thing that is female dominated)

    9. I think being a Buddhist is Thailand would be cool: six days of the week in mystical reflective retreat alone in the hills; one day a week drunk and fucking your brains out. And Thai food, I’m salivating already!

  7. Wonder if either of those kids are his ?
    I recommend a paternity test.
    This is a great article for those guys who think they’ll meet a ” nice girl ” in church.

    1. I recommend removing the passenger airbag and taking his wife on a drive… But yeah, meeting a nice girl in church is only possible for pedophiles.

    2. Great idea and so true. Any woman who stays a virgin for later marriage as a Christian is probably married to Jesus already. The husband role is the role of a beta accessory. Christian useful idiots (think deep in the Bible Belt for stereotypical archetype) used to follow Christian dogma and stay chaste for marriage. They spawn like inner city blacks now. I think Satanic rock, etc. was to discredit the Christian dogma so useful idiots would accept the NWO dogma. No patriarchy = no ladies and no gentlemen who aren’t saps. I don’t care what dogma dressing you put around it. Biology is God. I don’t care if I rub others superstition the wrong way. You have rubbed me wrong for not addressingcollectively imposed problems I can’t escape. Patriarchy or Bust.

      1. Haley’s Halo blog had an article about this, or maybe it was Dalrock about the whole “Jesus is your boyfriend!” phenomenon sweeping through churches.
        The ole – “No one can love you like him.” etc. I mean hypergamy fulfilled – the Lord is your boyfriend! Everyone else is a beta chump.
        Plus it gives her all kinds of ways to spirtualize her hamster. “I divorced my husband cuz the Lord told me hubby wasn’t loving me like he was supposed to.”
        Um okay.
        Reference Sunshine Mary’s great article – God doesn’t tell you to sin, even if you’re really, really unhappy.

        1. In catholicism that problem is – at least in theory – solved really easily. If you want Jesus as your boyfriend/husband you have to become a nun.

    3. Doesn’t matter. I am pretty sure every single state has a you claim it you own it law. If he signed on the birth certificate, he owes child support regardless of whose kid it actually is

      1. If SHE put his name on the BC, he owes child support regardless of whose kid it actually is. He has an uphill battle getting his name off the BC. Even proving whose kid it actually is, even if she admits that it isn’t his and tells who the actual father is, if the court determines that he had any degree of a parent-child relationship with the kid, he is on the hook. The ho can move in with the natural father of the kid and he will have a hard time of it.

    4. I’d like to point out that the church excommunicated her. So, she’s not in that church anymore.
      Also, one bad girl does not spoil the whole bunch. Is every girl who goes to church a saint? No. Is every guy on this site unintelligent? No.

      1. The point is, there is no safe place to meet a nice girl in western society.
        The point is, that while not every women is like her , she is the perfect representation of western women.
        The point is, that feminism has turned women caustic, and utterly incapable of filling the roles of wives and mothers. And modern men are so duped, so weak and desperate they will accept shrikes like this just to have a family.
        The point is a little red pill knowledge would’ve saved this guy from the hell the rest of his life will be.

      2. Owww not every girl is like that. Reeeaallly? Like we haven’t heard that one before.
        Women you now have a reputation and for a good reason. Your claims sound to us like a Nazi saying “Is every Nazi a Jew hater? How can you generalise so unfairly for our group!”.
        That’s exactly how you sound when you spew that BS about “Not All Women Are Like That”. True, not “all” women are like that… just most of them.

    5. Not really. I’m a Christian, and honesty is the ninth commandment. As a 2000s teen, the girls at my small church were the biggest hoes.

      1. Dead nuts on, there. There is a small percentage of church girls that aren’t promiscuous. The majority are as easy and skankish as any gutter-slut.

      2. Exactly. At my Catholic high school, we kept a running tally of all the girls who blew jocks and had trains run on them at the party after the big football game, or who had to leave school for awhile because they were pregnant, etc.

        1. Guess that whole slutty schoolgirl thing isn’t a stereotype but it’s sad all the same.

  8. Though I never would wish ill on another man, I feel that if you are stupid enough to get married to an American woman – you deserve everything that you havee coming to you.

    1. Love is blinding. You can’t blame the men who get blinded by love for being blinded by it, only blame the women who abuse this emotion that men have and want to use for good but instead they twist into something self serving.

      1. I think that when men fall for bad girls, it’s easier because women can be a lot more subtle about it. You have to look for little things. Bad boys aren’t subtle about their badness.

    2. Well, he isn’t the first guy, and he ain’t going to be the last guy that put on a set of love goggles and got sideswiped. Unfortunately. I think most have done that to themselves at some point. Looking back it’s much easier to smack your forehead and say “What a dumb ass I was!”
      Let’s not kick Leif too hard for simply wanting to be with a girl who in his opinion was his one true love, have some kids and make a family. There’s nothing inherently dumb or shitty about that, aside from our current environment.
      It was lack of knowledge of the mechanics and who might be a good match for him, that contributed to an unhappy ending for everyone. I’d hazard to guess that he’s not very happy right now, she’s not happy, the kids aren’t happy.
      It is a shame that he didn’t have any guys around to warn him about the folly of trying marry someone who was keeping him in the friend zone and using him as a shoulder to cry on, or to teach him a better way to handle women in his life. Or some confident male friends to help him to learn to have his own confidence to go out and find someone.
      No guarantees in this world, but it never hurts to increase your percentages and be forewarned if you are inclined to take the matrimonial plunge.

      1. When men get screwed early by women they need to be thankful. It makes them wake up sooner and they don’t end up like Leif.

        1. A lot of dudes aren’t aware of the divorce statistics, and even more are swallowing feminist propaganda thinking this is a good thing.

    1. Love is giving your man a target if he cums outside your used and abused pussy/ass. Like trying to write your name in snow with piss, except this time its cum.

  9. Christianity cannot stop the feminist self-destruction of Western civilization. Its values are inherently leftist in orientation, as Ayn Rand pointed out. And it has too many hangups over sex — monogamy is upheld in Paul’s letters as something to settle for if one doe not have the strength to practice his ideal of celibacy.
    Judaism can’t stop the feminist self-destruction of Western civilization because it STARTED the feminist movement in the first place. Jewish feminists like Gloria Steinem were the leaders of the second wave of feminism that moved past voting and property rights to female domination of society. This is natural, as Judaism is matriarchal by nature and instinctively liberal at heart, despite some right-wing tribalism when it comes to Israel.
    As another poster said here before, Islam is the only religion that will come out of this moment in history strong and kicking. With its embrace of polygamy and male dominance, and its stubborn refusal to bow to feminist pressure (even “liberal” mosques in the US will not allow women to be Imams or pray alongside men), Islam will prove victorious. And the manosphere will be the catalyst for driving many more men in the West to convert.
    There are a lot of atheists in the manosphere, and that is fine, but atheism doesn’t feed the human soul like religion. Even if the hunger for faith is nothing more than a basic psychological need for order and comfort about death, people will continue to use religion to find meaning. And only Islam will be left standing to provide a functional spiritual paradigm after the inevitable collapse of Western civilization.

    1. The only way to stop the self destruction of feminism in the west is to kill whores or make it so whores have no rights, just like blacks in the past.

      1. You have been light trolling her for a while and just stepped into heavy territory.
        Ban hammer time?

        1. Light trolling? I doubt I have ever said anything on this site that I wouldn’t stand by 100% as full seriousness… I hate all women, yet love some and in this duality I might appear as some kind of troll but whatever. Only time that a ban hammer needs to be invoked is if I was A) actually trolling or B) Making real plans of murder or C) posting illegal content. I have done none of them.
          BTW, what makes this heavy territory?

    2. I was born into a Muslim family but I am not a practicing Muslim. Am Muslim purely by birth, and I can tell you that having read both the Qur’an and Bible, Islam is retarded. Its central prophet, the man Muslims lionise, married an eight year old, and yes he consummated said marriage. As much as extreme feminism has tainted society, Islam taking over would be awful.
      I am very interested in Eastern Orthodox Christianity. Doesn’t appear to undermine masculinity and also seems peaceful, which Islam certainly is not.

        1. I too am interested in the E.O. – for one thing they did not let women take over a huge part of the Church, like the western churches have.
          The following (free) book does a pretty thorough job of documenting how totally feminized (and thus totally different) modern, western Christianity is from the original faith.
          <The Church Impotent – The Feminization of Christianity
          So for all those commenters out there – just let it be known the what the Bible actually teaches, and what the Christian faith traditionally held is a *very* far cry from the effeminiate garbage spewing out of the modern churches and modern churchian wymyn.

      1. Eastern Orthodoxy less violent than Islam? Ever heard of the Council of Nicea, led by the Eastern Orthodox under Constantine, which declared the current New Testament canonical — and not only banned all other Gospels (such as the popular Gospel of Thomas and the Gnostic works), they authorized the full scale destruction of any other “heretical” brand of Christianity. The reason Christianity become the unified religion of the Roman Empire was because the people you call Eastern Orthodox forcibly converted the empire at the end of a sword. The Orthodox ruled Byzantium with an iron hand until the Muslims took over and turned Constantinople into an islamic city (today Istanbul).
        I don’t think you’ve really read both the Bible and the Qur’an. i have, and anything you can criticize Islam about (polygamy, stoning of adulterers) is all in the Bible, along with even more extreme stuff (the Bible says you can stone children to death of they are disobedient to their parents).
        As for Muhammad, nothing he did comes close to the “crimes” of the Biblical heroes. Abraham, Moses, David and Solomon were all polygamists, and had bigger harems than Muhammad did. There are rules of war in the Qur’an (don’t kill women and children) which don’t exist in the Bible. In the Bible, the Israelites are told by God to exterminate the Canaanites, not even sparing babies in their cribs.
        And Muhammad wasn’t a pedophile. He didn’t consummate his marriage to Aisha until she had menstruated and was considered a woman (at least 14, as she was present on the battlefield or Badr one year after their marriage and Muhammad had forbidden anyone under 15 to be there). Not one of his enemies among Arabian Jews and polytheists ever once criticized Muhammad for being engaged to Aisha, as the practice of “child marriage” was common in the Middle East due to short life spans in the desert. Mary was 13 when she gave birth to Jesus according to the Catholic Church, and nobody bats an eye that she was pregnant at 12.
        You don’t want to follow Islam, no problem. But at least be honest that the alternative religions such as your beloved Orthodox Christianity have even worse stuff in their holy books than the Qur’an does. And don’t try to hide behind “the loving Jesus eclipses the Old Testament.” The Crusaders massacred women and children without remorse in the name of Christ and got Church blessings to do so. When the Muslims defeated the Crusaders in 1189, they spared the Christians of Jerusalem and protected their churches, refusing to follow the “moral example” of Christianity, where 60,000 civilians were butchered in Jerusalem by the Crusaders and every mosque and synagogue destroyed.
        Maybe you should do more research into history and religion before you adopt any religion.

        1. I am under no impression that other religions have historically been peace loving when they clearly haven’t been. But in this day and age look at the two religious movements causing the most aggravation and violence in the world today…extreme Wahhabi Islam and Zionist Judaism.
          Christians in the Middle East and Pakistan are routinely persecuted and violently attacked.

        2. Christianity has had its rouigh spots to be sure, but they *pale* in comparison to Islam, and even most of the cases of violence were self-defense – such as cases where a people who were murdering and persecuting the Jews in the OT were wiped out, or the crusades to defend Christendom from invading muslim hordes.
          Of course, the point of this post is about modern western churchianity, so this whole islam thing is getting off topic.

        3. Hmmm, let’s see. The Council of Nicea took place in 325AD; yes, the Old Testament of the Bible (especially the Pentateuch) has laws in it which call for and allow stoning; yes, some of the men in the Bible were bad characters, and did some bad things that are comparable to what muslims have done. But I challenge you to present a modern day example of a Christian stoning another Christian to death for adultery or any other reason. You can finger point all you want, my friend, but the fact remains that Western Civilization is where it is at today- and its civilizations have advanced as far as they have today- because of Christianity.
          You have to go back hundreds of years to find an example of any type of massacre or incident involving Christianity, whereas muslims, on a daily basis, are stoning people, and killing people for their faith.

      2. Islam is a violent religion. Most armed conflicts going on in the world right now, involve Muslims.
        Muslim immigrants cause trouble in several European states instead of coexisting peacefully with Christian majority. Meanwhile in states with Islam as dominant religion (like Nigeria and Egypt), Christians are actively persecuted and harassed.

    3. Muhammad’s life story is pretty interesting from a red-pill perspective and it’s also relevant to this article. He had 11 wives (they were so many that they had to live in separate houses so they didn’t get into conflicts; every evening he would drop by each one’s house for a visit). Keep in mind that his wives were the most pious of the pious, having virtually a ‘free-from-sin’ status in the community. Praying all the time, always being kind, etc.
      After a while, his good faithful wives got a little jealous and hatched a plot to eject one of the women from the circle. So they conspired that whenever Muhammad came back from Zaynab’s place, they would tell him that breath smelled awful. The plan almost worked, but Muhammad’s sanity kicked in at the last minute and he realized the plan. According to Hadith, he was very shocked that his supposedly-pious wives acted like all the other women and attempted to plot against the fucking messenger of god! If the plan had worked, everyone would have been laughing behind Muhammad’s back for being such an idiot. I can’t find the source right now but I think he said something along the lines of ‘female nature is evil and must be controlled’
      That was the day that Muhammad became red-pill, lol.

      1. The same Muhammad that kept an eight year old as one of his eleven wives.
        Paedophilia ain’t alpha or red pill.

        1. Read below. Aisha was at least 14 when she married Muhammad. She was present at the battle of Badr a year after he marriage, where only people 15 and above were allowed to be.

        2. For a ex muslim you have little knowlegde of your former religion. His wife was 6 at the age of marriage and 9 when the marriage was consumated. What you’re doing here is called “the historians fallacy”. You’re judging an event that toke place 1400 years ago with the standards of today. I’m not trying to defend anybody but your way of looking at it is ingored to say the least and dishonest at worst. Marriage at that age in that time period was absolutely seen as completely normal.

        3. “Aisha” is an actual name? And I always thought it was an Ebonics moniker. Learn something new everyday.

  10. “If Leif had studied game, he might still have his marriage. Or have picked a better wife.” No, he would have pumped and dumped that cunt and not marry at all.

      1. You dot seem to grasp that the whole “marriage and wife” concepts are corrupt to the core.
        It’s like trying to pick a “better” serial killer to off you.

        1. Well I suppose that trumps the analogy I heard: “If a plane had a 50% chance of crashing, would you ride it?”

  11. Damn it man! Articles like this make a man want to kill another man for being an idiot and marry in the first place. NEVER MARRY, even folks who are or were married will tell you same.
    Save yourself the troubles, stress, money, headache- drink the milk, dont buy the cow.
    I am not a mysoginist.

    1. Agree, but articles like this also make men want to kill women for being this way in the first place.

      1. A feminist believes women should be equal to men.
        A misogynist believes that women should act like it.

  12. Why would you think Christian men don’t need game? Everyone needs game, there is no escape from it. Doesn’t matter who you are or where you live or what surface ideology you ascribe to. If you don’t have it you’ll eventually be shafted, it’s just a matter of time.

        1. Because they’re all born wild. It’s the dad’s job to curb their wilder tendencies and to tame them but, hah, that’s not really the case any more is it

        2. My point was they should be tamed by the father and then thrown out into the world for a new master.

        3. In non-communist 3rd world countries they teach girls civility and domestic trades then marry them off when their young so they don’t jump on cock carousel. They are amazingly adapt at pleasing men.

      1. And here I was thinking we were talking about incest, or in this case just fucking a kid you know (just incase they aren’t his)

        1. Kids kinda look like him. Lying about paternity is a more secular thing, not because Christian women are above it, but because they are too proud to have that be the case. They’d have an abortion first, or be very cautious with contraception, in order to maintain their “good girl” bona fides.

        2. The daughter on her moms left does look like the dad, the other is more questionable, but yeah, they don’t look different than dad.

        3. Knowing Church girls as I do, the second child would more likely be from an affair than the first.
          Not just in this harlot’s case, but in all cases.

        4. Blood bank studies in the UK have shown at least 30% of children could not be the cdecendants of their nominal father. The odds on the first kid being the father’s are quite good. By the time you get to child number 4 the odds are 50/50 at best.

  13. “even conservative christian men…”? I don’t know about the US, but here where I live, christian men are the most feeble, submissive, and pathetic excuse of men I’ve had the displeasure of meeting.

    1. What’s worst is that in order to be Christian by their standards you have to be effeminate and basically a straight happy go lucky gay. The only ones that are ‘allowed’ to be masculine are athletic football player types.
      All these church girls cry about the male to female ratio when they are the fucking cause of it. Any man with half a sack gets smarts and leaves that shit or else they are driven out and all that is left are manginas.
      Also, church girls are the worst. Instead of radical feminism causing them to become fatties, they use the Divine right to justify that looks don’t matter and proceed to glutton themselves up and expect to marry a Tim Tebow lite clone. And the decent ones expect if they pray and wait long enough that the laws of the SMP don’t apply and the actual Tim Tebow will appear to worship her and wife her up. Fucking insane man.

    2. Being christian does not automatically make you an alpha male, that’s true. Just like being muslim and coming from a middle eastern country does not make you an alpha male. I know several families from there and no, they do not live in the US and have adapted to the US lifestyle. The women are submissive in public, but at home they can be as bad as every american woman.
      Being an alpha male is not something you automatically acquire just because you belong to a certain demographic group.

  14. When I was deployed to Kandahar AFG, I remember how the women were treated.. They were allowed to just sit or stand next to their husband covered up from top to bottom. Those Afghani dudes weighed maybe 110 lbs soaking wet but non of his bitches dared speak up. Even tho I could crush the guy physically, I felt he was a bigger man than me. Game is mental.

        1. Paedophilia is rife in Islam.
          It’s just one of the many reasons I am distancing myself from that dangerous death cult.

    1. Ha ha, I got drunk last summer, walked around the city, and every Muslim couple I saw, I said to them, “I love you guys, you know how to control your women!” Not one woman said anything back to me, and all the dudes just smiled.

    2. Muslims and other pagans do downright evil things to women. A well trained animal doesn’t tremble in terror when approached.
      The way so-called Christian society teaches men to treat women, and women to relate to men, isn’t Christian at all. Its isn’t Christian because it isn’t what the Bible, especially the New Testament, teaches.

  15. i dont see what the big deal over this one woman, we have seen it all before, beta husband marries modern woman..her hypergamous desire kicks in (which is a natural impulse and these days cannot be controlled by religion) and she divorces his ass when the betatude becomes too much…welcome to nature in all its cruelty

    1. It’s not a “big deal” per se, other than she is following the script to the letter, and blogging about it for the world to see. For that, it is notable.

      1. That and the fact that an avowed Christian can and will detonate a marriage ruthlessly. Every churchian should read this post. If you have a Twitter account with a large Christian following, please tweet.

    2. It is amazing, we will be able to follow her misadventures step by step, even commenting to her about every stupid thing she does and will continue doing. It is fascinating, like watching something explode in slow motion. I propose calling the “marry just because and later frivorcing just because and let´s see who will date me, or let´s travel to India” thing “doing a Jenny”.
      Daily use:
      “So, what´s up with Sandra?”
      “She did a Jenny”
      “Shit, so there she goes. Well, at least she will be easy”.

  16. Any man who dates or marries a woman with a blog is taking a big risk. When the female blogger runs out of ideas (after a week or so), her go-to source for material is her personal life. You can bet that every shortcoming she finds in her partner will be broadcast for the world (and her children) to read. Facebook is bad enough, but I would argue that a blog has greater potential for embarrassing exposure.
    Note the fact that she is a nominal Christian and conservative was of no help to her husband. She acted in the same manner as a garden-variety feminist, because the law is on her side and she can. The husband strikes me as a classic Beta; her latest blog entry indicates that he is refusing to attend the church that excommunicated her because he doesn’t want his children to hear the pastor badmouth their mother. He should attend the church with his daughters precisely because the pastor is not afraid to speak the truth.
    All of this merely reinforces the lesson: if a man marries, he is betting his future against the whims of a woman’s caprice and a judge’s decision. You’d have better odds at a roulette wheel.

    1. What is the purpose of a ‘personal blog’ anyway, other than shameless attention whoring? At least a site like this actually has some useful material to offer people. What does it say about a girl when not even facebook and twitter are enough to satiate her desire for attention and then she has to actually create her own fucking blog?

    2. “her latest blog entry indicates that he is refusing to attend the church that excommunicated her because he doesn’t want his children to hear the pastor badmouth their mother. He should attend the church with his daughters precisely because the pastor is not afraid to speak the truth.”
      If he is actually avoiding the church and this is not simply a fabrication of her hamster to rationalise her sin then you can’t really feel to sorry for him, some people simply don’t get it.

    3. She’s not a Christian nor a conservative, she just plays one one TV (or, more accurately, her blog).

  17. I’m not excusing her horrific level of solipsism, but she did basically marry her beta orbiter. Her marriage was doomed from the start because he had no game, and she was not really attracted to him.

  18. Whether you be religious or atheist, please allow me to say God bless you for writing this. The Church is twice the hellhole of hypergamous harlots as the secular world, because the Churchian hamster makes the regular one look like a cripple.

    1. Churchian hamster = (in their mind) HOLY GOD ALMIGHTY HIMSELF
      At least the secular hamster doesn’t have the whole universe backing her play.

    2. The churchian hamster is the cause of the born-again harlot. By recycling harlots into virgins, he floods churches with “virginal” beta bait.

  19. Someone here needs to do a post on Maria Kang sometime. She is being regularly attacked and bullied by overweight women, feminists, and their sympathizers.

    1. A lot of modern feminists seem to really hate on women who take pride in themselves. Pathetic, they really are.

      1. Misery loves company. They can’t stand women who don’t bitch about men and who are successful.

  20. Very common. The entitled Christian wife and her uber beta husband. She just got bored out of her mind with him + her apparent alcohol problem = divorce. She also has that typical slut look, problably craves some real alpha dick. She hasn’t been done good for years can guaranty you that. It’s all in the eyes.

    1. She hasn’t been done good for years can guaranty you that.
      Doubt that… I bet she had quite a few ladies nights out..

  21. She tatooed this on her wrist:

    God is within her, she will not fall; God will help her at break of day.

    Solipsism doesn’t begin to describe this woman’s attitude. She might as well be Stuart Smalley.

  22. That’s really the thing about marriage and women. As the 50%, 70% women-initiated divorce rate shows, that whole “For Better or For Worse” thing escapes the modern female, whether she’s feminist, liberal, or Christian-in-name-only. They seem to think the marriage is supposed to be “for better” all the time.

      1. so, 90% of these 70% women initiated divorces, or 90% of the 50% of divorces in general?

        1. 90% of the 50-60% of marriages that end in divorce are initiated by women when children are involved…approximately 100% of the time 😉

      1. They don’t like that part either, as to honor and obey means to recognize the man as the head of the household so that’s oh-so-sexist. Thanks, feminism!

  23. SMV=about as close to zero and you can measure it. As for which orifice she will have to use the majority of the time, well I am betting on ATM as they say, 99%.

    1. I want to hate-fuck her in the ass. Dry. Vigorously.
      Listen to her whimpers without a smidgeon of sympathy.
      Dumb. Fucking. Gash.

      1. I want to stick my foot inside of her pussy until it is entirely in and then do the same to her ass and then mouth

        1. first one to find her and fuck her and upload the video …. i’ll paypal you $1000… can’t do better than that…. let the hunt begin…

  24. Thank God for breast and uterine cancer.
    If there is a God, this worthless cunt will die slowly and painfully.

  25. I suppose this is the perfect article to tell another story. Back in ’07 when I was 17 and was talking to a 16 year old girl I liked, she told me that her and two of her friends were talking about two of my friends plus me, and which one they would date, sleep with, or marry. They could only pick one for each boy. With mixed opinions for the other two guys, all three unanimously said they’d marry me. Now I thought this was a good thing that would automatically entitle me to regular use the other two options* (dates and sex) at the time until I discovered this red pill/MGTOW/whatever stuff recently. then I remembered the reasons the girl I liked cited for wanting to marry were that I’m the most likely person to end up rich, and the least likely person that would cheat. I realized it starts young; it was about what I could do for them.
    *I then remembered when I said this to the girl I was into, she said you can be married without having sex. Then again, she also said you could sleep with somebody without having sex show she was prolly just crazy.
    And then last year after we hadn’t talked for years she called me to ask me to hack into her ex’s facebook account. She wasn’t terribly happy that I refused.
    I have many, many stories.

  26. Whether he knows it, this dude is better off without her. Hopefully, he’ll get some red-pill reforms. Nothing clever to say here. This woman is clearly not a Christian and not a conservative. That just leaves “blogger”. She’s just a high mileage ol’ bag working on obsolescence and pickled liver. The goods new, other than Leif’s liberation, is that the attention garnered by this story should save the poor bastard who might have otherwise been her next ex-husband.

  27. anyone else detest how women, attempting to come across as witty, divide their sentences into the following?
    “Money. Is. Tight.”

  28. Her own actions have destroyed her. She just hasn’t fully realized it yet. The damage done to her daughters might be irreparable if the don’t learn from their mother’s mistakes as they grow into womanhood. When a wife turns on her husband for no justifiable reason (i.e. abuse, infidelity) she is cursing herself and her family. Her daughters will grow up resenting her and disrespecting her because she had little to no respect for her husband. They may or may not go the route (God forbid) of whoredom. Now as far as her husband is concerned…this is mostly his fault for letting this woman develop into the person she has become. His lack of being an Alpha male and setting the standard to how he wanted their relationship to go from the beginning is partially to blame. If he had set the standard of acceptable behavior from his wife in the beginning of their relationship and corrected her when she step out of those boundaries he would have had a happier home and she would have gladly given him his due respect. He allowed her to run amok and now look what has happened. She mistakenly believed that she was in charge of the relationship and household. Disaster entailed. Lesson learned Everyone! Handle your women and wives and this kind of thing can be averted. TAKE NO SHIT! EVER! She saw him as unworthy of respect…..and he gave her reason to even after he divorce….with …of all things….FLOWERS!!!!! That is classic beta/omega behavior. He would have been better off coming by her place (when the kids weren’t there) with his new side piece; not fawning over a woman that doesn’t want or respect you. Toss her out with the trash and start over. But it is too late for him…but not for others. Let his tragedy be a lesson to all men. SET THE STANDARD OF BEHAVIOR FROM YOUR WOMEN IN THE BEGINNING OF THE RELATIONSHIP. TAKE NO SHIT! She will either get in line as most do or she will be replaced. Its that simple. Never love anyone more than you love yourself and never tolerate a woman that doesn’t give you respect period. Men do not need the love of a woman, we want it but it is not a need. We require and demand their respect. As a husband and provider, as long as you are doing your job…you’ve earned it. Take no shit!

    1. Indeed. I let my ex-wife force us into a ‘couples relationship’ that got really intimate and awkward, to the point where they became “family”. I informed her in the beginning that I didn’t like couple socializing, and warned her that I’d opt out if I didn’t like her best friends’ husband. Well, after a year or so, I wanted to opt out. She wouldn’t take NO for an answer, so the couple socializing continued. I hated this prick more and more as time went by and I resented my wife more and more as time went by. Eventually he and I got into a scrap and that’s when everything blew apart. The police were called, I was taken away and forced to sign an undertaking, meaning I couldn’t see my wife or kids or go anywhere near our home. That fucking did it for me. Although the charges were dropped, I’d learned my lesson and I never went back to Bitch. She begged and cried, but I refused to return. She seems quite regretful now, but if I end up going to jail because Bitch demands I “play nice” with some prick I despise for the rest of my life, it’s GAME OVER! I’ll choose my own friends, Bitch.

  29. This gets even more crazy when you realize that nowdays, most women don’t even want to take your last name.

    1. This was on my list of deal breakers. I actually broke up with a girl friend over it. She thought I was joking, and then she got really angry. Pretty sure I made the right call.
      Scrubs had the best line on this
      Carla: Turk I don’t want to take your last name
      Turk: Its okay we will just be one of those modern day couples that don’t love eachother

      1. I love it. But let me guess, Turk accepted it and Carla hyphenated then gave the kids HER last name because progressivism.

      1. That’s exactly why I said that. you’re the one getting down on one knee, you’re the one dropping big moolah on the ring, you’re the one dropping even more moolah so she can play princess for a day, and then on top of that you’re the one who’s duty is to work to take care of her and the kids. add to that everything you stand to lose if she decides to pull the trigger. so all of that and she refuses to symbolize devotion by taking your last name?! Screw that noise.

  30. Women like her are why one day years ago, someone thought up with the idea of burying one up to the waist and stoning them.

  31. One of the best articles to run on ROK.
    Even Christian men should avoid marriage in the current climate. Odds are no better for churched men/marriages vs unchurched.
    And “Christian” women tend to be carousel riders just as non-Christian women are. They tend to come back to the church after having their fun, “repent” and then search for a soft landing. “Christian” female hamsters seem to be more agile, stronger and with better endurance than their non-Christian peers.

    1. That true. Back in college I’ve known a girl who was a member of church choir and went to mass 2 times per week. Petite, blonde and cute.
      But she was also one of the biggest sluts in town.

      1. Yeah, she partaketh of the “Do it, there’s always confession!” philosophy. (Three Hail Marys, two Our Fathers and she’s good.)

  32. She obviously has never read the Bible, because tattoos aren’t allowed either as they are considered a form of idolatry.

  33. Actually, the Bible is not against all divorce.
    If someone commits a crime that would be punished by the death penalty normally, but is not punished in that country with the death penalty, then the woman, or man, can divorce.
    So if a man commits murder, the woman is free to divorce him. If a woman commits adultery, the man is free to divorce her.
    But considering her husband did not commit one of those sins, as far as I know, she had no grounds for divorce. Excommunication was the Biblical thing to do, and I’m pleasantly surprised because I haven’t heard of someone being excommunicated for the right reason…ever.

    1. Where in the bible does it say a woman may divorce her husband if he commits a crime that would ordinarily be punished by death?
      From what I read there is no instruction in the bible that a woman may divorce her husband. There is an instruction that a man may divorce his wife for sexual immorality but that God hates divorce.
      Of course, it was only Jesus Christ saying that, so take it for what it’s worth.
      Unfortunately I do understand perfectly well why churchian women pore endlessly over the bible looking for verses to justify their desire to rebel against their husbands, usurp his leadership of the home, dishonor their vows, and divorce.

      1. Moses let people divorce because of their hard hearts.
        Yes, in a perfect society, divorce would not be allowed. But we do not live in a society where people are punished by the death penalty for doing things like murder and adultery.
        And its not just about women divorcing. Men divorce too, and sometimes have very legitimate reasons for doing so.

        1. You are searching very hard to find somewhere in the Bible where there is some circumstance where it says that a Christian woman may permissibly divorce her Christian husband, but you will not find it.
          Jesus said a MAN may divorce his wife for sexual immorality.
          Moses did not allow “people” to divorce. Moses allowed MEN to divorce their wives.
          About the closest you’re going to find is Corinthians 7:12-15. And even there it says that if a Christian wife is married to a non-Christian man, and if he is pleased to be with her, she shall not leave him. Period. If he takes off, she is not under ‘bondage’ to him. But, it sure doesn’t compel her to dissolve the marriage in any case.
          Instead of searching so hard to find a spiritual ‘out’ from your obligations as a wife, why don’t you concentrate your energies on living up to: Ephesians 5:22-24
          Doesn’t get much plainer than this as to how you should conduct yourself. Note: doesn’t say you need to love your husband, but respect him and submit.
          You can’t be a feminist and a Christian. The two are mutually exclusive. You’re going to have to pick one master to follow. You can choose God, or you can choose Cosmo Magazine, but you can’t have it all. (ta da!)
          Ephesians 5:22-24
          22 Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord. 23 For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior. 24 Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything.

        2. Besides that fact that I neither identify as a feminist nor read Cosmo (except to laugh as the sex advice) it is not about searching for an excuse.
          As I said, much of the Bible dictates how things should be. So in a Biblical society, there would be no reason for divorce because the spouse who committed the crime would be put to death.
          So what do you do when you live in a non-Biblical society? Do you think that abused men and women should stay in their marriages? Do you think that women should stay married to a guy if he murders someone?
          You have to look at the context in which something is written and to whom the author is writing. Not all of the words translate that well either. Many times the word “men” is used to refer to “mankind” and the word “love” has two different words in Greek.
          This is why you need to compare Scripture to other Scripture, and when in doubt look at the text in the original language.

        3. You are using a spiritually turbo charged rationalization hamster.
          Are you saying that if a person commits a crime that would ordinarily be punished by death, but that isn’t in modern society, they can be considered de facto dead and therefore the marriage is dissolved so that the divorcing spouse is spiritually in the clear?
          If so, please direct me to where in the bible I can read about this on my own.
          In terms of should a spouse stay married to someone who is “abusive” the answer is yes, though it is perfectly acceptable to physically remove oneself from the situation until the offending spouse fixes their behavior. Whether that takes two weeks or two years is immaterial.
          Now to our modern sensibilities the idea that one should stay married to an “abuser” seems absurd, but I see no provision in the bible for divorce in this case. Even if you twist and stretch and declare that the husband is not living up to his duty to love his wife as Christ loves the church, you still have no cause for divorce.
          I have dealt with many a woman who declared that since she felt that her husband was not loving her up to what she judged the standards of Ephesians to be, she was scrip rurally justified to divorce. Which is of course bullshit and as I said, just more women looking to bend scripture to suit their personal agendas. Which is a fundamental problem in the church these days.
          If there’s one thing a woman just can’t stand, it’s to have her shitty decisions and bad behavior called out and judged. Just like the nominally Christian wife in the article above.
          For more on this topic from a Christian mango sphere point of view you should head over to Dalrock’s blog and read a few topics. If nothing else, you will start to understand more from a man’s perspective, if interested.

  34. Can I just say, I love that this guy’s name is Leif Erikson. The best of luck to you, buddy. May you go on to discover new and unspoiled country like your namesake, and not another ice queen of a cunt like Greenland.

  35. What if I changed my mind.
    Well you can’t go back on your word.
    It’s funny, she asks herself “Well, you can’t go back on your word.” over whether or not to TAKE A FUCKING COFFEE MAKER! Completely ignoring the fact that she did JUST THAT when she divorced the poor sap.
    Oh, and has anyone notice his name is Leif… Erikson? Lol his parents were sooooo original

    1. That’s the same reaction I had! “You’re seriously giving more thought over giving up a freakin’ coffee maker than your friggin marriage.”

  36. This is case study for dudes who make the mistake of thinking that just because a chick identifies with conservative politics, she’s less likely to be bat shit crazy hamster spinner. Wrong. Beware chicks that are politically active no matter left or right – bar none, they are ALL nuts!!!!

  37. Sounds to me like she’s bitter because the pastor stole her thunder. She probably yearned to see her husband’s anguish and tears as she dropped the D-bomb on him out of the blue.
    Well, at least he had her at the height of her sexual appeal, before childbirth, cellulite, time, and gravity had their way with her. I used to be kind of bitter about my separation for a while, until I realized that what I missed was the hot, young, fun thing I married, not the bitchy, cottage cheese-thighed commandant she evolved into. 😀
    Just goes to show, if you want true love and loyalty, get a dog.

    1. Men and women cannot be best friends; we are designed to tune out their high-pitched droning after a while.

      Tell me about it. Women show their lack of individuality ever time they open their mouths. Just listen to teen girls talking at malls all over the country. A generation or two ago they had regional accents, but the last few times I’ve traveled to Oklahoma and Arkansas to see the folks, I’ve noticed that the teen girls in two culturally Southern states sound like white California girls. And they talk about the same nonsensical chick culture all across the country, like Hunger Games, TV shows on CW and such.

      1. It’s all over the world. Asian chicks talking about Justin Bieber and other crap like that. It’s bittersweet for white guys though, because at least you can fall off of a plane looking like shit but still get likened to Brad Pitt.

    2. She was friends with him, because she never wanted to fuck him.
      He knew he was a worthless beta from the start so he faked interest and friendship because he saw this as his only chance to fuck her in a moment of weakness. Thats why women hate such betas. They really do.

  38. Sick. The Christian church has accepted feminism by not calling it out SPECIFICALLY and holding up the pre-1960’s version of marriage, which would get you banned from 90% of churches today, and definitely by any church that wasn’t an ‘old person’ church
    So yes, Fuck you church. Fuck you for taking advantage of good men, for being cowards and changing your opinions with the times. Fuck you for not asking if Christianity supports traditionalism(misogyny) or an extremely modern feminism
    Yes, the women in the church have killed the church. They fought to make religion after their image, and by doing so turned CHristianity from being an ancient religion to being a modern therapy
    Christian brothers, run from the church. Run from the snares of females. Take it from people who’ve been in ministry and deep inside of a local church. The non-feminists are old and an extreme minority, we’ve lost, church is now a beauty pageant ran by women.
    And yes, this goes to show that wherever women put their hands, wherever they are liberated, they quickly destroy everything that doesn’t get the tingles going
    (as an aside, anyone who looks at the dynamic between traditionalism and feminism, and has studied the BIble, has to agree that the Bible supports ‘female hate’ as moderns describe it)
    MGTOW Christians are now a growing group sadly. Why? Because Christian women would bash you with a stick if you claimed headship. Oh well, it showed us up that there’s some deep problems in the Christian faith and whatever claim it had to being a religion(ie sharing the universal social policy that most religions promote), is gone. It’s now become a bitch for modernism and actually needs Jewish owned radio and TV stations to simply get its message out
    Good night sweet prince
    *goose steps around the room*

    1. The problem is that men by and large don’t go to church. Single men don’t go and married men only go if the wife insists that they will attend church as a family. Consequently, pastors are not going to call out bad female behavior and risk an empty collection plate. That’s why the churches preach “man up” to men and “you go girl” to women.

      1. Zeke, it doesn’t matter. ONce again returning the blame on guys isn’t good– I know it always comes back to that for trad-cons, which I was for a long time.
        You’re forgetting why men dropped out of church in the first place. Could it be that where you get large concentrations of modern women, the environment becomes anti-male? I think you forget the degree to which society(and the church as part of it) is fashioned after female wants and needs. This is the beauty show part, the fake ball-room culture part, etc.
        When you’re on the positive side of the beauty contest and have the female approval brigade look favorably on you bro, then yes church is tolerable. But if you ever cross that line, maybe speak your mind to another man who tells his wife, maybe call out the girls in the youth group for being slutty, you will be slayed. I’ve been there, the world is in the church
        I appreciate your Dalrockian approach, that the problem ultimately lies with men. We need, what, more shaming language? To change our ‘preaching’? There’s no way out. The Bible and the Christian life is built on a pre-modern marriage emphasis, that only a few offshoot Amish and Mormons may be still following.
        I still love the church more than the world, but sadly the church is an active promoter of ‘the world’. There’s a few hold outs, and they are very lonely, lonely people. Typically with very little friends in the congregation

  39. Vile abomination. I have no love for Christianity due to the sheer hypocrisy shown by its followers but this disgusting beast disguised as a woman truly shows how lowly they can be.

    1. I suppose also that you would hate a particular sport based solely on the one team that is the worst at it?

  40. It is not the fault of Christian Mom Jenny Erikson-Erik White is to blame! Erik directed the 200+ million view Dubai-Miami ‘Wild Ones’ @official_flo music video (Flo Rida / Sia) with models @AnaliciaChaves and @DayamiPadron. Divine Divorce Dive Inspiration – The Parallels are Priceless

  41. You know, the more I think about it, the more wisdom I see in what the Cathedral wants us to dismiss as “ignorance” and “superstition.” For example, the Puritans had the right idea about slut-shaming. Subject a few of those slags to a public whipping or something, and the rest of the womenfolk who witness that will think twice about putting their “fulfillment” ahead of keeping their marriages intact.

  42. In the old days this girl would have been stoned, its a shame we dont have this form of punishment anymore.

  43. Is this joke? She look like old babushka on street in Russia who sells rotten vegetable and old rags and drink cheap vodka.Fat too like 60 yo grandma

    1. She is a slightly above average american post-peak wife.
      If she goes on Ocupid or POF she will have a wide selection of acceptable males to choose from. Easily 2-3 new guys, all somewhat ok each week for sex. Finding a new quality husband however will be a much harder task.

    1. Damien you are on the right track. But there is a bigger picture.
      She would never, i repeat NEVER have married this friend zone beta boy ever if not for one reason; she knew upfront that she could leave him anytime she wanted and would be financialy stable from his money. Thanks to big goverment and its laws.
      He was doomed from the start. Like a fish on the hook.
      In the old days she would have had to stick with her choice of provider mangina, but today she can have his beta bugs AND get all the financial freedom and bad boy-cocks at the same time.

  44. For anyone else that initially didn’t finish reading the article out of rage.

    I tried to make the girls do it, but they were too busy screaming bloody murder at the eight-legged freaks to obey me. We’re going to have to work on that. Or something

    This quote right here really says it all. She doesn’t give a damn about how the divorce is affecting her kids. She sees them as her own personal exterminators. Everything is all about her (TM). Even if she’s not serious and is just being snarky, the point of the matter is that this is what she chooses to write about her kids when talking about adjusting to life after a ten year marriage.

    1. meta-unknowningly, in spite of yourself, you brushed the greatest truth: “how [do you] not get angry with [me]! that’s why i’m leaving your ass out to dry! [i do terrible wicked things and you don’t punish me for it? for anything? is anything sacred to you? fine! i’ll break your marriage! it wasn’t mine anyway. will you stop me now?! i need it, don’t you understand?! hit back already, you’re the only one who can!].
      unable to deal with her own subconscious knowledge that she commits wicked actions and intent, she reflexively practices the skill of projecting her self-blame, honed by life-long practice to the point of blind conscious unawareness, into the only one who foolishly accepts responsibility for them (out of love and naiveté), and then treats the recipient how she knows deep within it should be treated.
      except that it’s now another person, so the cycle deepens, amplifying with more subconscious unease without resolution — despite the massive expenditure of effort and destruction — lying more instead of finding resolution, loathing more instead of finding peace. innocence long since lost cannot be regained if you keep lying.
      once you see it… too bad she ruined his sense of innocence in the process. i doubt he’s scarcely begun to unravel. he has no idea what she actually broke. remember to laugh gents, so you don’t foam over in anger and become her, or worse, cry and become him. where’s my popcorn?

      1. so very true. Women can’t stand a man that won’t stand up to her. The fact that he lets her treat him like shit makes this even worse.

        1. You’d better be ready to be dragged out of the home in chains and thrown in jail. She may feel sorry later but the damage is already done.

    2. “…technically, the girls were in him first…”
      Though against the common wisdom, which is that the ovum contributes the major part of heredity, most of the size of the ovum is protoplasm that is roughly equivalent to the white of an egg. The number of chromosomes is the same in both sperm and ovum.
      It’s the male (sperm) contribution that determines gender, by the presence of the “Y” (male) chromosome or an “X” (female) chromosome. Since gender is a major element in personality, the male contribution is the major determinant in foundational personal traits.
      Yes, the sperms that generated his daughters’ gender and fundamental personalities came from him.
      Women are more than merely fields that seed is sown in, but for some purposes it’s a useful allegory.

  45. This woman is, in one, foul, abominable cunt, everything wrong with modern “Christianity” and Conservatism, and why all we have of both, are phony, watered-down, bastardized versions.

    1. better example: “bad bitch” also by dro
      Got plenty money all I need is a bad bitch
      She ain’t gotta have a dime, make her ass rich
      And all she gotta do its shut her damn mouth
      Suck a man dick and clean the damn house

  46. She goes on about how she won’t talk about the details of the divorce, but freely admits nothing happened, along with a variety of comments about all the “little things” Leif was doing. She doesn’t need to. All the post tags of “Glamlife” are all I need to see that this is the kind of delusional female monster that has been enabled by the femisphere and is not capable of taking responsibility for her own actions in life. Nor does she need to, what with the built-in audience of ego-boosting “u go babygrrlz” that social media comes with.
    Enjoy your Keurig, you fucking bitch.

  47. So even ‘Christian’ women are degenerate divorce having whores?
    Well I’d say that she was not a virgin when the guy married her she looks like a slut.

  48. Why is money tight for this slut? Isn’t she getting childimony from Leif, as garnished by the state?
    Another problem evident here is that she can spend the ‘child support’ money on cocktails and clubbing, while feeding her kids the bare minimum of white rice to keep them alive.
    I bet she would not have gotten divorced if either custody was joint rather than mother-only, or if child support was paid in vouchers that could only be spent on the child’s necessities, rather than cash that she can use to go out drinking 6 nights a week.

  49. I wonder, might it be that, if he had studied game, he would never have married a reject like that in the first place?

  50. I wonder if he’s okay with his divorce and personal life being publicized on the net like this? If he were to crack and go Schizo and start hearing the Voice of God commanding him to save his angels from this demonic bitch and kill her, well, it may not end well for anybody. But since he’s the kind of loser who buys the wife who dumped him a Keurig, probably not. Or on the other hand…all the online mocking of his masculinity may drive him over the edge.
    Keurigs. I can’t stand them. If you can’t make yourself decent coffee with a $10 grinder and a $20 french press, you’re a fucking idiot. But of course only idiots would get caught up in the exotic-sounding “Keurig” brand name and the cute little logos on the little plastic packs. And on the topic of plastic, just how many nasty chemicals are being released into your coffee when piping hot water hits the plastic packets? My Ex’s best friend was so proud of her Keurig; she was an idiot too; case closed.

  51. Wow, what a worthless, annoying, fat whore. This could be the best thing that has ever happened to Leif.

  52. as much as she is a bitch everything about this guy just says “beta”, soon as I read about him being the “friend” who would comfort her after her bad dates that is enough. She wore the pants in the relationship if she never had to clean anything and no woman respects that. I’m sure alot more beta stuff went on that i’m not going to bother reading as well. Beta guys have the mentality of a woman basically in the relationship, if they had been born a female they would actually make great wives.

  53. “Game” was not his mistake. GETTING MARRIED WAS!
    Marriage is a contract between two parties that’s so lopsided, that it makes the contracts with the mafia and loan-sharks look great and fair in contrast.
    The fact that you would be advices by all women to enter in such insane legal contract is very telling.
    Every decent person is warning people about loan-sharks, but marriage ohhh bend over and stand on your knees while presenting your collar, pardon me i meant “the ring” to the master you will serve.

  54. The stigma will follow her, but there are still a huge number of schlubsters who will gladly suck up to this woman, chase her around the bars and the internet, just to get a piece of stretched out 30 something ‘gina.
    They will tire of her though, even the Herberts and manginas tire of these women fast. It will be a few years before she realizes how much the carousel sucks.

    1. These days, by the time “I’m not haaapy!” has turned into “Where are all the good men?!” it’ll be her sphincter that’s all stretched-out… Leif won’t be that bad, after all.

    1. LOL. I had the same reaction when Dalrock first posted about this. What a pathetic excuse for a viking. Doesn’t make her any less of a cunt, however.

  55. Wow.
    Let this be a lesson to all men also about Western evangelical Christianity. Stay away from it, far away from it.
    Women like this, who would have been stoned in the Old Testament, have infiltrated the most sacred of institutions and have violated the beliefs and practices of faithful men.
    While this church did the right thing to kick her fat ass to the curb, the question is how did she function in a Christian world with blatantly unChristian behavior and beliefs prior to the divorce. I don’t know how she got away with being who she is for so long without being confronted even by the other “sisters”. Did she really hide who she was so well that no one knew? Or, as I conclude, western religion has been infected with feminist thinking and standards for a century. They’ve ruined the institutions of faith that they belong to by demanding their own form of spirituality be recognized and honored — the spirituality of God made woman first for Adam, not the other way around.
    There’s a reason why Paul taught the churches that women should be SILENT in the church. I starting to think he meant women in the church should be SILENT, even outside the gatherings of the church! As Eve was deceived by the serpent, so all women are deceived and lead many a man astray.

  56. Magic,
    excellent article. The quality of articles here is getting better and better.
    I was christian from 16 to 44. I renounced my christian religion, in part, because my christian “friends” supported a woman who admits to being an adutleress, a prostitute, a criminal and a child abuser OVER a man who is an honest man of honour and integrity.
    If Christians wish to support such women over such men? Then I, for one, do not wish to have anything to do with such christians. I have made my position on that quite clear. For any young men who are christian and reading my comments and would like to know more? Click the link.
    I was invited in to a Seventh Day Adventist closed facebook by a man called “George”. I prepeared the following vidoes for the more than 800 people on the facebook. I pointed out that NO minister from the SDA church in Australia, or any other christian church for that matter, holds that women are bound by
    “thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour”
    “thouh shalt not steal”
    I have talked to MANY young christian men and pointed out that every single christian minister in Australia will openly condone and support a woman committing perjury and stealing over him no matter how good a man he has been.
    As in my case? I was so well respected in my family that I was voted by my peers to deliver the grand childrens eulogy on the occasion of the deaths of both my grand mothers. My cousins, who have known me all my life (obviously) are not going to vote of me to eulogise their grand mother over their peers unless I am of impeccable character. Which I am.
    The problem that christians, and women in general, in the west have is that they have chosen to persecute me despite the fact I have a lifetime of evidence behind me of being of impeccable character. While that the same time they chose to lend money and emotional support to an adulteress, prostitute, criminal, child abusing woman.
    When young christian men hear that this is what they are in for? Well? My advice is leave that church and dump that fake religion. Just like I did. I want nothing to do with western christians and their fake religions and churches.
    Just by the way? My fav#1 is deeply religious and follows her bible strictly….which is why she denounces my ex and her crimes.

    1. Good job. I’m an anon Reader but I always enjoy your posts and even searched you in Google to see if you had a blog — Glad I found it
      Your story is messed up, but not uncommon. The same way the guys bash on another guy at a bar if he’s fighting with a woman, well… That’s how the Christian church is. Actually trying to speak in the Christian church or do ministry will show that at every step of the way you have to keep the women happy
      I realized this when I was young in youth group and me and the guys wanted t wrestle, do other things, possibly go for walks, etc, and the girls WOULD START WHINING! Pretty soon every youth group event was unisex, and I guarantee if me or my best buddy said something like we want to hang out by ourselves, they would start whining, probably getting their manboob dad’s after us
      2) Another bad experience was going to a church camp and realizing that the girls were all worldly away from the parents eyes. Basically some of us left the world for the church, we had enough options to make it ‘int he world’ as players, alphas, whatever. Then we get to the church camp and realize that the girls are chasing after the scumbag guys there(guys talking about their big dicks, etc, at a frickin church camp)
      So at what point do we say we’ve reached a critical mass of worldliness and it’s time to go home? Sadly most moderns dont even realize that the church teaches modernism, that’s literally how dumb they are

      1. Arbo,
        this is my newsletter forum…
        These are the books I released. The Truth Be Told had 8,000 downloads when it was free. I am asking to be paid for the updated version because I am still being persecuted by a couple of guvmints and they are making it a little hard to earn money.
        Sadly most men take the view that a 146 page book that a mans risked his life to create for their benefit is not worth the price of a meal….so much for “good samaritans” in the christian world, right?
        When I had money I donated more than USD15,000 to men in great need. I also loaned people money who were in desperate positions and one loan for USD6,000 is still outstanding….the woman I made it to will not even return my texts or emails now.
        We are in the position we are in because the vast majority of people will not buy a man a meal when he is in need. They will let him go hungry while they watch their big screen TVs, drink beer, and play video games. This is how men act….and it is not surprise to me the women are treating them badly.

      1. ” it’s about what Jesus did.”
        Well “Jesus” didn’t do anything. He is a fictional character. The bible really is “the greatest story ever told”. And it is just that…a story.
        The bible was written by the Illuminati as a mind control device. And it is a very good one too.

  57. Instead of talking about this woman, could one of us please man up, game her, and submit a field report?
    Yes, I realise it will be one of the most distasteful things you’ve ever done. But duty calls. If we won’t game her, who well?

  58. her pic with the camera filters is the typical trick to look better than real life.
    also her tattoo and her gaze are clearly evil, she’s on Satan’s camp like most girls with no self-worth or identity.
    her daughters will despise her with time..

  59. “Jenny describes him before marriage as “my shoulder to cry on when I went on bad dates” and “just friends.”
    Classic. He was in the friend zone. Her emotional tampoo.
    No wonder he did the dishes. Such stories make me laugh my ass off.
    Her leaning towards alcohol comes from the fact that she could not look herself in the mirror with a husband as beta (omega) as this one. Most women would feel regret to fuck such a pussy man even once. Most likely she never had a regular orgasm nevermind a great one all the years of their marriage.
    For all the married guys out there – listen to my words. Do not try to be “good”. Do not even THINK about doing the right thing. Just don’t.
    Honor the dark triad and be a reckless asshole all day long. Treat her like a cheap waitress slut, shout at her and kick her ass whenever you feel like. If you want sex take her and should you want him into her ass – just do it. Never ask for permission, never let her decide anything. She will love you for it and die for you.

  60. “The fact that a significant number of bloggers identify as “Christian manosophere bloggers” shows that EVEN conservative Christian men in monogamous marriages need game nowadays.” (emphasis mine)
    I would remove “even” and append “more than ever” to the end. Game is huge for every guy but I would argue more so for Christian men who have become immunized through church culture to the red pill.

  61. Deluded wannabe party slut on the rise, can tell that straight from her picture w/the fruity drink.

  62. From the one where she tells how the pastor told her husband she was leaving him.

    Monica says:
    December 4, 2013 at 6:16 pm
    Ignore the others comments. You did what was best for you, there is nothing wrong with that. We are in modern times, a woman can leave her husband for any reason she sees fit. Go find a church that fits your religious needs with pastor that leaves your personal life alone.

    Yep. Women co-signing her “it’s all about you” selfishness. thankfully some were calling her on this.

    1. What about “do what is right, get back with him immediately”?…these commenters are enablers.

  63. She’s tweeting about K-Fed now?
    C’mon? K-Fed?
    Never saw anyone want the Evian bottle so bad.

  64. I have a friend going through something similiar and this shit makes me burn with fucking rage.

  65. “He seems by all accounts to be a good man.”
    Aha! I knew there would be something that made him unfit for marriage with a modern American woman.

  66. This cunt is fat, insecure, unattractive, delusional, logically/factually/intellectually challenged, believes in a mysterious bearded man in the sky………..did I say she was a fat cunt?

    1. You can say fat cunt few more times… and if she’s reading, she’ll think fat = curvy… and hamsterlize men like curvy women.

  67. Christian men:
    As a former atheist, and then former Southern-Baptist, this is my advice to you:
    The Protestant Reformation was the beginning of secular humanism and left-wing activity. It has no substance in it, to hold the line against the creeping decay of tradition in modern times. Protestantism is a large part of why Western civilization fell apart, as it shares in the same assumptions of leftism (a badly informed “conscience,” i.e., private human wishes and judgments, are considered valid and become the “sole authority” of the “believer.” Obviously, there’s no difference between this attitude and that of a feminist). If you want to be a man and a Christian, you should embrace the Christian tradition in its fulness… just like if you wanted to be a man and a Buddhist, you should practice actual Buddhism, not hipster-Buddhism.
    If you examine the premises of Protestantism for just a moment, you can see that there are major problems.
    Premise One: “Scripture Only,” even though no verse in Scripture says this (so the doctrine is against this principle; the Scripture says “the Church is the bulwark and pillar of Truth”), there was no agreement on the Canon of Scripture until the 4th century (when the Catholic Church defined it), most people were illiterate until modern times, and copies of the Bible were almost impossible to get until modern times. You can see the foolishness of the idea that God came to give us a religion that was based in mere intellectual ideas, recorded in a book that almost nobody could read and even fewer people could own, and without any authority to tell us what books were authoritative or not… and which nowhere contain the central idea that these books are supposed to be the only rule of faith.
    Premise Two: “Faith alone.” These two words occur together only once in the Bible. In the epistle of James, where it says “you are not saved by faith alone.” Case closed. Scripture teaches us that the gift of salvation is inherently so great, that nothing we do is *worthy* of it… and hence, we are saved by *grace alone,* through faith. But that faith must be a real faith that lives and acts; we must receive this grace, cultivate it, grow in it. Even the demons believe, and tremble.
    Try reading the Apostolic Fathers – especially Clement of Rome and Ignatios of Antioch, the Martyrdom of Polycarp and Justin Martyr. Study Church history – maybe get some good books by Scott Hahn as well. Come back to the Mother Church, participate in the traditional movement, and restore the Patriarchy! Protestantism is at the service of feminism, because one and the same spirit inspires both of them – the spirit of rebellion, subjectivity, solipsism, and vain conceit. Protestantism will never restore what it has lost; it is part of the problem; any religious men’s movement in Christianity, I think, needs to involve a return to tradition and a rejection of the solipsism and relativism inherent in Protestantism. I do commend this Church for doing fairly well, however; the Pastor was right to inform the husband, and right to excommunicate this woman. God have mercy on her, and bring her to repentance.

      1. Well, I’m not in a position to judge that! The Catholic Church does teach that outside the Catholic Church there is no salvation, meaning that, objectively, the means of imparting justifying grace and infusing habitual grace in the soul, do not exist outside the Church and we must not give people the impression that there is room to be optimistic that those who choose not to enter her, are just as likely to be saved as not. In some sense the means of justifying grace do exist outside the Church (baptism of blood/desire, the illicitly performed sacrament of Baptism, etc.), but they are not completely efficacious in the same way they would be if administered in the Ark of Salvation.
        What God may choose to do in His private and hidden judgments is unknown; the Church has taught that the invincibly ignorant may be saved by God’s private gift apart from the Church. Those baptized outside the Church, if they are validly baptized, would desire to enter the Catholic Church upon hearing her doctrine, and never commit a mortal sin after their baptism, may perhaps be saved. On the other side of things, becoming Catholic does not mean that you won’t burn in hell; certainly many in the Catholic Church are roasting in the hottest and deepest cinders of hell right now. Becoming Catholic is simply the way to be sure that you have the weapons and materials that actually are efficacious in the fight against that eventuality.

    1. You mis-quoted that passage – it’s not about salvation but justification – specifically:
      You see that a person is justified by works and not by faith alone.
      The Holy Bible: English Standard Version. 2001 (Jas 2:24).

      1. That’s true, thanks for pointing that out. Most Protestants (esp. Evangelical Protestants) conflate the concepts of justification and salvation, however, thinking that justification, once granted, is irrevocable. This makes justification, for most Protestants, the decisive moment of salvation.
        Certainly it was my experience in Protestant circles that much ink was spilled trying to make two doctrines – “sola scriptura” and “sola fide” fit into the Scriptures. Faith is the gift of God, and acting on this gift of faith to believe in God is a work just as much as any other good deed. The idea that our “faith” would be the grounds of our salvation is itself to make works into a ground of salvation; not even our faith merits justification – justification cannot be merited, only appropriated through faith in God Who gives it beyond our merits. In English the phrase “by faith” gives the impression that the faith itself saves, since we would say something like “he was saved by modern medicine,” meaning that was the actual substance that saved him. But the Greek for “by faith” is “dia pisteos,” which does not make faith the thing that saves, but the medium *through which* salvation is appropriated. The dative, in Greek, generally indicates an operative principle, which is why we have τῇ γαρ χάριτι ἔστε σεσωσμένοι, διὰ τῆς πίστεως – by grace, through faith. Salvation comes through faith; it is not faith itself that saves.
        What saves us is grace – the grace that made the gift of faith in the first place, and which empowers us to render the necessary reciprocation of faith to God. We are saved by grace, through faith. Faith is instrumental, and faith is manifested in good works… faith, in fact, is the first of all good works. There is no reason why other good works, flowing from genuine faith, should not be just as instrumental in our justification and sanctification as the first of all good works, namely, a living faith itself.

    2. I went Catholic and never looked back. Now we have a shitty Pope! UGH

  68. This cow’s raging jealousy of Maria Kang is more thinly veiled than the porn underwear the cow buys her daughters.
    For the record Maria Kang causes boners in alpha males, your cellulite kills boners.
    And her kids are cuter, too. I hope Maria Kang has more kids because the world needs more of her genes spread, and fewer of the genes of delusional whales like this “Christian”.

      1. That picture is way too flattering of her. This week, she was boasting of wearing no makeup whilst “working”.

        1. That’s it! She looks like the Penguin in Batman Returns. I told you she was from a Tim Burton movie.

        2. Married at 18, divorced after 10 years. She might be 29 or 30.
          Methinks her soon-to-be-ex husband is the lucky one here.

  69. Latest fun tweets from Erikson. Yikes, she looks 45, not 28. (see slide 2)
    “I’m reading to Thing 2, and @[my ex-husband] is helping Thing 1 with math on the phone. Co-parenting FTW!”
    (She refers to her children as “things”.) The ex-husband is the one who got out lucky from this situation. I can’t help but notice a certain “gee, I wish he’d at least try to fuck me after the divorce” in her tweets.

      1. VERY funny. This should be in the post or at the top of the comments.
        Video Title: Jenny Erikson Christian Mom 10 Yr California Marriage = Celebrate Lifetime Alimony Flo Rida Style

  70. had a chuckle at her tattoo’d bible verse… she must think it’s in reference to a woman when it says “God is within HER, SHE will not fall…”… silly little whore… the “woman” referred to in the verse is a CITY…

  71. Yep just as I thought Nathaniel s nigger comments stand mine get deleted. Its official ROK is for WHITE MEN ONLY. Need to warn the brothers not to contribute. I flash saved my comment showing you deleted mine but allowed white racist to stay up. Page unliked again black men DO NOT join any MRA movements with whites just go MGTOW.

    1. It has been said that mainstream masculism is to Black men what feminism is to Black women. Turning us (BM and BW) against each other.
      That being said, RoK and other such sites at least have some ideas that when modified can benefit us as Black men; I cannot say the same about the SJW/feminist/textbook liberal alternative.
      MGTOW can work depending on your objectives, but I’d say that the long-term solution is to form our own Black masculist bloc(s) and sites.

      1. We already do have our own forums & I strongly suggest brothers start getting together on sites like instead of “integrating” w/ white men on sites like this. That is what black women did when they left the civil rights movement & jumped on board w/ white women. We should not make the same mistake & get into bed w/ the enemy. Besides MGTOW is the most effective thing we can do.

  72. Such a hot, charming man in this picture.
    J., if you don’t want him, send him over, I know about 20 women who will.

  73. Don’t women bloggers with children realize one day they will read the bullshit their mothers shared online? Bashing their father? Awful

  74. Wonder if she has read the bible at all. She certainly isn’t burdened with intelligence. My thoughts go to the ex, hope he’ll recover from this sociopath..

  75. The decline of Christianity as a positive force under the jurisprudence of Western Patriarchy ended some time after the Second Vatican Council and the watering down of the Old Protestant Churches too (in addition to Western Patriarchy also having ended). Western Christianity was indeed infiltrated and destroyed. Sure the Cathedrals still exist, sure the paintings look beautiful inside the Vatican, but that is the absolute limit of Modern Christianity. Christianity in nearly every denomination and every Church have become nothing more than empty shells. The wars were fought for the soul of Western Civilization a long time ago and lost. Men, family, order and the Church were at the losing end. The Frankfurt School of Philosophy won out. Indeed Marxist, Antonio Gramsci’s “long march through the institutions” has succeeded.
    I laugh when these idiots claim America is a “Christian” nation or the “power” of the Church will win out. America and Europe are going to burn, need to burn and has to burn in order to purify itself of all the degeneracy that has permeated inside its borders for the last 60 years. Even articles such as these are in a sense are humorous. At this point I am not surprised. Every pastor and priest supports the beta-male archetype and the feminist agenda. Everything has become acceptable and ok. Women serving communion, women priests, lesbian priests, gay priests, so-called dog or animal blessings etc etc… An absolute cesspool of megalithic proportions! Anyone who feels the need to defend this system, its laws and its culture is an enemy of man and civilization. The most abominable Christian wife on the internet is one of many, and her type will keep multiplying as they seek to co-opt the sacred, old and patriarchal into whatever makes them comfortable with their immoral behavior. And for all those critical of Islam, you people make me sick.
    There was really no intrinsic difference between the patriarchal styles of Islam and Old Christianity. I scoff at these people who believe Western Civilization or the remnant thereof is somehow “better.” I hope the West purifies itself (mainly America) before it spreads this filth to cultures worth their weight in gold. Go to Iran, really go there and see how beautiful these Persian women are, how they want to be mothers, how they want to support their men. Countries like Israel and America really are trying to destroy want ever decency is left in the world. The Orthodox Church is the last Christian church that is worth anything, and its societies maybe on the lower rung of the economic ladder but it still has the building blocks in place. Even in Eastern Europe, America and her puppets are spreading feminism to the Ukraine (research FEMIN). Most of all I blame the Western male for having coddled, tolerated and propagated the ideals of the Western whore. May a pox be upon our houses.

      1. Oh yeah, Chico. And why is this, because you can look at porn on your iPhone? Because you can you pretend at being soldier by playing Modern Warfare on your game console? Because you can sully your health with the quick accessibility of eating fast food? And because of this vapid and trash living, it justifies a man’s wealth being absconded through alimony, his children taken by a corrupt legal system and a country which continues to promote every form of degeneracy. If this McCulture of yours is the definition of “a pretty good life,” then it shows your character and what you’re willing to tolerate.

    1. As in the Norse-Viking-Born in Iceland-October 9th Leif Erikson day or the song Interpol by Leif Erikson. Archives associate the image of this man with paid actor Jenny. Her role is “Conservative Christian Mommy” (CCM) that blogs. Under the video (on YT) click the second link to find years of tweet archives of Leif Erikson communicating with actor Jenny Erikson. She speaks for brand CCM and Victoria’s Secret on Good Morning America (GMA)–abc-news-parenting.html

  76. Here is hoping that Leif soon takes the red pill. If he does, he can move on with his life and find a much better, mentally healthier, and more attractive woman.
    Meanwhile, Jenny will be going down the tubes. You are right in the article that she is hitting the steep part of the downhill slope for a woman. She is accelerating that by drinking too much, adding stress to her life, and sleeping around. Her vagina will become a loose shopping bag that no man can get pleasure from. She will end up a bitter feminist woman.
    Leif – if you are reading this – you need to take the red pill. Ironically, you not only need to do this for yourself, but for your daughters. They need a real man to look up to, because their mother is going to nothing but pull them down.

  77. Perfect timing for an article about feminism penetrating the Church.
    Just yesterday there was an article in Polish press about a catholic priest,who is evangelizing in front of a gogo club in Poznań.
    After reading the title I was sure that he is talking to men planning to enter the gogo club, but no.
    According to the article he does not waste his time talking to men, he is only talking to girls working in the club, with understanding of their economical situation etc.
    Men for him are nothing more than “main problem for women”.

  78. Details aren’t needed. Leif is the father of my amazing children, and I want nothing more than to be his friend again someday, regardless of what happens in our marriage.

    Some friend she is…

  79. I sure hope Leif gets custody and his ex gets kicked to the curb, not
    the other way around. Dozens of people
    that have witnessed her behavior at conventions, and to suggest that the
    father is in any way responsible for this divorce is asinine at the
    least. More than a handful of folks have seen her “checking in” with hubby in the evening while
    resting her head in the lap of a perceived not-her-husband-but-still-male potential career booster du jour, and then hearing
    her say “I love you” to hubby after she verbally tucks her kiddos in. Click, the phone hangs up and the self-centered opportunistic teasing with non-husbands begin. There’s nothing wrong with having a great time and getting staggering drunk at a convention. But, making a marital fool of yourself to promote your insignificant writing career while wrapping yourself in the blanket of Christianity, motherhood and morals is pathetic. You reap what you sow, and at the end of the day a family has sadly been destroyed by a selfish and immature hypocrite.

  80. So Jenny, you allegedly God-fearing, devout woman you don’t believe in the Devil eh? You are certainly doing his work. Those poor, fucked-up kids of hers. This church deserves some praise for kicking her out over this. Interesting, I’m Catholic and I can’t imagine that happening in my church

  81. Wow, with a name like “slutfucker”calling a female expletives with 290 likes shows what kind of sick female hating audience is responding to this article. Women are used and abused by men but not “allowed” to leave by men. Wow, really? Maybe men should ‘man up’ and get some
    Humanity instead of being bullies. Men cheat, and steal the wives affections outside the home, they dictate instead of care, affection, love and loyalty. Why should a person male or female stay under those circumstances? Women covenant for care, honesty, partnership, affection and protection not betrayal, harshness and servitude. Ugh.

  82. I love how a woman who claims to be a Christian laughed at her pastor for using the phrase “snare of the devil”.

  83. Dude, you are such a bigoted, misogynistic, racist asshole.
    And everything you write is fucking fascinating. It’s like a religious experience.

    1. Coming from a fucking lying anus stretching douchebag such as yourself … Dude must be a good guy.

  84. Wow gaius ball licker.. you’re a clever half an adult , your comment is typical of feminazi leftards that deserves all the pain and suffering you cause …. only, times ten.

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    1. Over and over, God denounces those who “conjure spells” and those who practice witchcraft and sorcery. The Bible says that anyone who does these things is detestable to the Lord (Deuteronomy 18:10-12; 2 Kings 21:6; Micah 5:12; Isaiah 47:12; Ezekiel 13:18, 20; Acts 8:11-24; Leviticus 20:27; Exodus 7:11; Revelation 9:21; 22:15). But there is hope for those who turn away from these practices and turn their hearts to Jesus.

    1. He is better off without her but the kids will be scarred for life. I’m in a similar boat except that I kicked my wife out when she started acting up & she filed for divorce to get back at me. So selfish she is.
      The children always lose.

      1. Nope they won´t.
        Unless he raises them to be overly sensitive faggots.
        They would have been scarred for life if they had remained with her, that is how it works. Real loss is having a psychotic, mentally unstable mother.

  86. Oh dear…another type that I have personal experience with.
    They’re more than happy to wear “christian” on their sleeve, and they try very hard to make sure that everyone else out there appreciates how pious they are and what a good person they are.
    Of course they’re more than happy to shit all over christian doctrine as soon as it demands any real sacrifice or effort.

  87. Most religions for thousands of years worldwide forbade women from leading congregations with the exception of some blue pilled churches/synagogues in the modern western world.

  88. Seriously? You publish this kind of stuff? And I am not even commenting on the blog post. The comment right up the top here from @$()@)($*#()@( from seven months ago ??????????
    The Bible doesn’t condone divorce, but lets publish some trolls ugly cursing because the Bible sure condones that!

    1. Please don’t blame the church, the bible mentions that some may fall away from the truth, and others who are as wolves in sheeps clothing. Every man knows there are honest, fair, kind, and faithful people in this world. Sometimes its just hard to see it in these times witch all the crazy headlines, and situations like this.

  89. This woman makes a real Christian woman/wife/mother like me & other wholesome Christian wives look bad. Just bc you slap the “Christian” title to your forehead doesn’t make you one nor does going to an auto shop make you a car. I am Christian woman & a military wife. My husband & my children are my heart. My husband has deployed twice & is always gone for his job with the army & I am always loyal & faithful. My husband works hard, provides, & is a good husband & father–all I want & need. My husband never has to do the dishes, laundry, etc around the house. I take care of the home. He takes care of the bills. I’m happy with that. No stranger’s cock is worth destroying my relationship with God, my character, my marriage, or my children over. I would never be seen holding any kind of alcoholic drink much less a fruity one. She’s not a conservative nor a Christian. She’s a whore in disguise waiting to come out but her naive husband was too busy being her puppy to notice her true colors. She’s going to regret throwing a good man away & destroying her children’s lives some day.

  90. Actually, being excommunicated doesn’t mean being kicked out of the Church. What it means is that you can’t receive communion (you are no longer a communicant). And since evangelical Protestants don’t believe that communion is sacramental or imparts grace, it would be kind of pointless to banish anyone from a “symbolic” ritual. What her Pastor did would be more aptly described as “disfellowship”, which basically means she is no longer welcome at the church he pastors. Then again, even this has no teeth, as most evangelicals adhere to to doctrine of “once saved, always saved.”
    But in the end “excomminicated” sounds more ominous.

  91. While you’re at it, you should shame the husband too. Beta chump if I ever seen one. After all Timothy 2:12 says so.

  92. I am a single mom of one kind. I haven’t been able to find anyone in my
    area, or state for that matter that will even speak of polygamy. I am
    actually looking for a family for me and my sons to be a part of, so we
    can stop hiding what we truly feel is the way things should be. and i
    need a man that can take care of a good family Of course I have been
    approached by certain men, but unfortunately most of the time it is
    perverse in nature. Contact me if you have any sort of questions.
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  93. She is also very immature. Her writing reads as if it were written by a 20 year old girl.

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