6 Aphorisms On The Nature Of Women

The Sound Of Silence

A reader asks:

What music do you listen to while writing?

Nothing. You want your mind completely focused on writing instead of also processing musical notes, which only distracts you, creating an inferior product in the end. The only exception is if you’re in a loud environment and you must put on ambient music (without vocals) to block out the sound. The less sensory input your brain has to process while writing, the more it can devote to the task.

– Roosh

I listen to either a pretentious playlist (think Mendelssohn, Prokofiev, Vivaldi) or a gay one (think Taylor Swift, Elliot Goulding, Fun). Which depends on if I’m trying to write smart or write angry.

– Billy Chubbs

International Love…During The Day

Iury writes:

I’m from a small town in Brazil and I would like to know more about daygame in a small town situation, because it seems like every “tutorial” on daygame is aimed towards these big cities environments, and i can’t really spend money and time going to big cities to get a date. I don’t drink, that’s why I’m not a fan of traditional night game. So do you have any tips?

Run day game as explained in my article, even so. Though you don’t have nearly as many women to pursue as I do here in Philly, still you should have some success if you do day game as I describe it. You should also read Roosh’s book on day game.

The most important thing is to make yourself start talking to attractive women wherever you find them; this is the best way to get over approach anxiety and to become a good talker period. So much of game lies in the art of conversation. If you spend years approaching wherever you are, you may eventually reach the elite level of your boy C. Contrary, who just last week got the digits of an 18-year-old hottie at the DMV while mom (who looked to be about my own age) was away for a few minutes in the bathroom.

Know that all game comes down to two essential elements: looks and conversation. Concerning the first one, you cannot make yourself 6’3 with a highly symmetrical face, but you can hit the weights, jog and eat clean so that you fill out a shirt, with a manly V-taper that women love. Dressing well is also within your power. I myself like the clean, elegant look by brands like Calvin Klein and Kenneth Cole. Avoid the generic look of the trendy douchebag: graphic T, striped button down dress shirt that is never tucked in, jeans with a bunch of stupid shit going on on them, etc. As for the second element, you must have things to talk about—you must be a man who is interesting to talk to and thus enjoyable to be around: for, as I say in my article, women need contextual attractiveness. This isn’t just about having a good sense of humor and some stories to tell. You must also be fairly well-educated, with good social skills. You must be able to think well on your feet, smart and confident, cool and assured.

If all this sounds daunting, it should help to recall that you, Sir, are a MAN, while she, whoever she is, belongs to the Second Sex. Why be intimidated by that which is not your equal, however lovely and haughty? And don’t forget what Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog said, either: “Bitches ain’t shit but hoes and tricks.”

I’ve knocked off some Brazilian broads here in the States. I’ve generally found them to be pretty open and lively, warm and relatively easy to approach, and exceptionally appreciative of an intelligent man. If this is how Brazilian women are in general, then, with game on your side, you may end up a happier man than Joe Player in NYC, with his 326 notches, all but a dozen or so cunts.

– C. Contrary

Striving For Perfection

MegaRobotCaptain writes:

I am 20 years old, in a relationship. I am very satisfied with her emotionally and physically, she gives me blowjobs 1-4 times a day, pretty much on demand. She is okay with me having sex with other women as long as it “isn’t emotional”, although she prefers to be only with me. We’re just about “officially” living together now, planning to go travelling together in the near future. I’ve already spent a year travelling by myself. Things are starting to feel pretty damn serious, even though I’m not planning on getting married anytime soon (or ever).

My relationship satisfies me, and allows me sexual freedom to an extent. Beyond sex, what other freedoms are important for a man to hold onto? Even if the relationship is going perfectly well, what should I keep in mind before I’m 26 years old and still with the same girl? Would this stunt my growth as a man somehow? I enjoy being in a relationship, but I want to have the benefits of being and growing as a single man.

A setup where you have multiple blowjobs daily and the freedom to chase new girls sounds pretty good. You state that you are happy and satisfied, so roll with it. If you later find you are not happy, or that you are compromising in any way then you can reassess and decide how you want to go forward. Personally I enjoy a good relationship here and there, with the understanding that I can still go after other girls because that is important to me.

You ask what other freedoms are important besides sex, and that is really up to you. For example, I enjoy the freedom of my career path, where I essentially answer to myself. I wake up every morning with an agenda dictated to me by myself and not a superior.

As to your final points you present some valid concerns. A lot of men get stuck in a relationship because it starts out great, and slowly but surely erodes away. If you just keep that in mind, try to nip such straying in the bud when it happens. You may not be successful but at least you will be aware of its occurrence.

-Law Dogger

That’s Why They Call Me The Working Man

Jason writes:

My question revolves around working long 3rd shift hours between 12 a.m. and noon the next day. I used to be very physically fit but have lost that edge since the last decade or so my work hours have started running all through the night. I used to go to the gym every morning, lifted some free weight did my cardio and such but somewhere I lost the battle.

I’ve read that the human metabolism is slower at night and it affects your weigh gain/loss, so I was wondering if you had any advice or tips as to setting up a system that would work for us guys that sleep through the day and work throughout the night.

Also: Any tips on a diet system would work as well, I’m 6’3 and around 260 pounds, and really wanting to drop the weight and gain my health and confidence back. If it changes anything, I’m going on 28 and been working since I was 14, mostly factory work and such. Though the last few years I’ve been planted in a forklift and left there.

I’ll start by saying that I’ve never worked a 3rd shift job, but I have worked jobs where I was in the office for 70-80 hours a week and felt the same time crunch. Other considerations in your life are always going to feel rushed, so you have to do them as well as possible.

You need to optimize the sleep that you are able to get, even if the schedule itself is sub-optimal because it goes against your body’s natural circadian rhythms. Sleep deprivation alone causes elevated levels of cortisol, which will both make you crave sugary and fatty foods, and make food you eat more likely to turn into harmful body fat. This is why sleep and diet together have a synergistic effect. Get blackout curtains, sleep in a completely dark and silent room, and make sure you budget at least 7 hours a night (preferably 8) for sleep. Do not deviate from this. Exercise is important, but get your sleep right first. This will give you more energy to return to the gym.

For a diet system, everyone’s body reacts a bit differently, but if you are of caucasian descent I would start with a strict paleo diet and then tweak it depending on how you feel. This means eliminating sugar and grains, along with legumes and sometimes even dairy. The justification for reducing carb intake can be found in books such as Gary Taubes’s Why We Get Fat, and there are paleo sites across the internet. Do a bit of research and give it a try for a few weeks—I suspect you will lose a decent amount of weight and feel much better.

If you want to take it a step even further, look into the ketogenic diet, which is a high-fat, very low carb diet that paradoxically stimulates your body to use ketone bodies (from fat) as its primary fuel source instead of liver glycogen. This diet is difficult to maintain (especially if you are exercising), but if you cannot get to the gym often it’s a good option for reducing body fat fairly quickly. It’s not for everyone, though, and I would try the less-restrictive paleo framework before advancing to this. Best of luck.

– Black Knight

Lawyer Up

Vandy writes:

What, exactly, does “age of consent” mean? Is it ever safe/legal to bang someone younger than 18 if you’re a man in his 30’s?

We do not provide legal advice here at Return Of Kings. Please consult your local attorney for more information about laws in your jurisdiction. Just remember it’s never right to bang a fatty.

– Law Dogger

That concludes things for this week. If you would like a question answered by the ROK staff, send it via email or the anonymous form.

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298 thoughts on “6 Aphorisms On The Nature Of Women”

  1. “Men…will tell you to go fuck yourself, then forget about it and buy you a beer later.”
    That’s the truth.

    1. I think holding grudges is beta. Every time I get angry about an issue I either strike out or directly confront the person if possible. This works because most men well de-escalate conflicts if you confront them on legitimate terms.
      That said, I find men who compulsively lie (to me) to be repulsive. I can’t be in their presence.

      1. I’ve observed an increase in holding grudges among both men and women these days. What do you suppose this indicates?

        1. I don’t know, I’m happier the less time I spend with other people. Psychologically people have just lost it.

        2. For women it is. It’s the “aggressive” side of “passive aggressive” for women and the passive side for men.

        3. There’s no reward for men. Men aren’t very good at accepting the degree to which they’ve been betrayed but there is no reward for men in this world of illegitimate, violent entitlement.
          And there is no reward for merit.
          For a man with merit, this is an unfortunate world indeed.

          “All, or the greatest part of men that have aspired to riches or power, have attained thereunto either by force or fraud, and what they have by craft or cruelty gained, to cover the foulness of their fact, they call purchase, as a name more honest. Howsoever, he that for want of will or wit useth not those means, must rest in servitude and poverty.”
          – Sir Walter Raleigh

          “He that doth not as other men do, but endeavoureth that which ought to be done, shall thereby rather incur peril than preservation; for who so laboreth to be sincerely perfect and good shall necessarily perish, living among men that are generally evil.”
          – Sir Walter Raleigh

          World of fucking evil, always been like this. Women breed and raise amoral violent slaves in their entitled image.
          TLDR: Your college buddies are brighter than you are. And brighter than I was.

      2. Nothing more creepy than someone who clearly isn’t okay claiming to be okay. Seething hate and butthurt offence plastered across their stupid face over some imaginary, nonexistent insult but they’re too reduced to realise their face projects their feelings. So you ask them wtf.
        Clearly. Liars demand to be believed, and believed sincerely.
        Projection is nearly as creepy. Selfless girls project non-stop. “Are you okay?” (meaning: “I’m not okay, why aren’t you paying attention to me?”)
        I spent an hour on my first ever date failing to break the ice before I gave up. She was frozen solid. She started fidgeting, exhaled loudly a few times, I could her pressure rising as I ate dessert in silence. When I called for the check, she exploded into her first and only question of the evening: “Are you okay?”
        I told her, “I just can’t talk to you.”
        So she gave me some helpful advice, “Just be yourself”. Small cracks wrinkled her cosmetic mask as she smiled broadly to reassure me. World of child abuse.

      1. everyone gets so offended around me and i can’t understand why…. a bit of coarse language and rude jokes at their expense isn’t meant to harm…. it’s meant to toughen…

        1. Some people don’t need to create animosity to compete. Others have nothing to lose so they freeroll on obnoxious, aggressive – feminine – obstruction. It’s very dark and depraved.

          “If I can’t have her, no one can.”

          But of course, they’re just playin’.
          No. It’s dark and creepy. They’ll take you down to the gutter with them and no matter the result, you’re going to lose because they do it to their betters when they can’t compete. The stained bitches of reduced mothers tear down rather than contribute or deliver.
          You’re not fooling anyone, you might be fooling you. Try not needing to.

  2. I enjoyed this article, but #6 is just flat out wrong. The converse is actually more true. Girls who can’t get along with other girls are usually bitches, and hanging out with lots of guys is a major slut tell.

    1. Yeah, I would never trust a girl with a significant number of straight male friends. There is only one reason those guys are “friends” with her. And it is a matter of time before something transpires between them.

      1. yes, and that means any girl who continues hanging out with guy “friends” is either (a) an attention whore who loves dangling her pussy just out of reach of orbiters or (b) hopelessly socially naive

        1. Its great validation to have a bunch of dudes tell her how much of a loser her current bf is anytime she doesn’t get her way.
          From there all she has to do is “accidentally” get drunk with one of her betas and she is a free girl. Alpha-Bf’s investment down the drain and beta-orbiter doesn’t count kuz she was “not in control”. If beta gets frustrated he is an “opportunistic creep”.
          Boom. Now she just has to hold onto beta attention until she finds another alpha or guy with money. Or, worst case scenario, she realizes she has to settle for someone less than her previous alpha-bf… then its game over… and here come the cats and dogs…

        2. Remind me exactly who or what programmed these creatures to “function” in such a manner and more pertinently, WHY?

        3. Their competition raised them.
          Their inferior, reduced competition who can’t compete with value.
          Girls are raised to be worthless by their competition.

      2. You mean hot girls. Ugly chicks can be cool and as a result have plenty of male friends who don’t want to bang

    2. “I enjoyed this article, but #6 is just flat out wrong.”
      Indeed. I could not believe it when I read #6. I will assume the author wrote this right after he lit up his crack pipe.

    3. I know a girl who has a lot of male “friends”. Pretty sure she either has fucked them or keeps them around for when she decides to fuck them.
      Regardless if you make a girl your girl, she has one male friend and that’s you.

      1. Lmao!! To interject, had an ex who wanted me to meet her best friend, one of several. Between men and women she had lots of friends. The day I met this guy he seemed cool. I had just finished with having sex with this girl so my mind is elsewhere. We sit in a row, me, her and the guy. I look down, my hand is on her bare right thigh. His hand is on her bare left thigh. She later had “no idea” why her friend did that and thought it was “weird”. Use judgment but a feminine woman has no business around groups of men unless she is looking for sexual attention.

        1. Women don’t know how to go through their day without seeking sexual attention. Especially when she has nothing else to offer

    4. I’m going to have to go against the grain here. Women who like, hang out with and befriend men over women are almost always preferable. Like I said before a number of times I fully understand the anger but women are not as monolithically predictable or horrible as they are made out to be here. Many women struggle with the new society that has been rammed down our throats, just like us guys do. Yes you have to be wary at all times, I’m not denying that. The “better” ones can and will leave you high and dry at times. Just that they are not so predictable.

      1. They struggle so much they have to deceive you. Women are perfidious. True equality is men doing nothing as women slave, desperately competing in the desperate hope that men will service them. Mothers got tired of fair and changed the logic to illogical with violence, shame and conditioning.
        If any girl you imagine you’re close to isn’t willing to concede the fact that men pleasure women / women cannot pleasure men; she’s a real creep but why are you confused by sex?

        1. No, i’ve seen instances of a 2 guys both friends with a hot girl. Guys were friends since childhood, woman not as long. She was dating one of the guys, while the other fucked her on the side occassionally. It’s gross. I wouldn’t even fuck a friend’s ex, nevermind his girl, but most beta orbiters are so desperate that they don’t care if they pussy they are eating tastes like my cock

        2. You’re not very friendly. Needing others to suffer to please you is a distinctly selfless – feminine – thing to do. Pussy tasting like cock is in your imagination.
          I don’t care if my friends sleep with a girl I’m seeing. They can hit on her right in front of me, they always have. Subtlety is a function of perception, I perceive much more than most. But what do I care? Humans aren’t my property (I don’t give objects what they want) and I love my Self, so I don’t need to control the actions of anyone else. I don’t need anyone to suffer to please me.
          This has unintended image implications that those obsessed with appearances might value.

    5. Yes number 6 is wrong. Women who have a harem of male friends are an automatic deal breaker. Usually they have daddy issues and collect replacement daddy figures for every aspect of their life they need replacement for. I’ve seen this with carousel riders too. Its like a pie. If they contract out a slice of “tell me how to live my life/what should I do” to each male friend that is most appropriate for the particular situation, there is no slice for you. The symbolism of a dad giving away his daughter at a wedding is the passing of the whole pie down to the new husband. Never date a girl who won’t give you the whole pie. Women with girl friends can vent, and no matter how hard they try to vent to a guy , they always end up looking to be consoled, and await instructions.

      1. Absolutely correct, I dated a girl like this in college. She had all male friends, and even befriended her professors and boss. Her dad caught her with a 22 year old guy when she was 16 and basically withdrew all emotional connection with her, so she spends the rest of her life replacing daddy. She swore they were all just her friends but we lasted about 2 months before I noticed the red flags and dropped her.

        1. Is there anything wrong with “daddy issues?” It seems that your ex lost her father and she realized the importance of male figures.
          I’ve noticed that some females with “daddy issues” are very healthy. They’ve come from a broken fatherless home, seen how horrible it is, and as a result seek a male in their life to start a traditional family.

        2. No there is nothing “wrong” with daddy issues, but if you are trying to start a relationship with a girl with male dependency issues it is a problem. Like the guy above me said, if she gives slices of her dependency pie to several other men, you get very little. This girl would always go out to coffee with her professor so he could go over her paper, go to lunch with her boss, and have 5/6 male friends over at her house constantly. Its like an addiction and Im not going to invest any real time or emotions in a girl that dependent on male energy. Imagine how it would look if a guy went out of his way to surround himself with women.

        3. Imagine how it would look if a guy went out of his way to surround himself with women.

          Girls would lose their minds.
          …with desire.

        4. In that specific circumstance, it is harmful. But don’t we all want women with male dependency issues? As opposed to the polar opposite, strong independent career women.

        5. True, the real issue is that I was young and looking for a monogamous relationship with her. Girls like her a perfect for fuck buddies/ONS. If its possible to find a girl that is completely dependent on only you, then most definitely…..but good luck with that. It should be noted that this girl ended up being diagnosed with some serious depression and personality disorders.
          If a girl’s entire life (work, school, social, family) revolves around clinging to the men in those arenas its a problem and she probably has a huge whole in her self esteem and character that no man can satisfy.

        6. What modern female isn’t ‘diagnosed’ with depression and anxiety issues? Psychology is mostly just a band-aid for useless, boring people who need someone to pat them on the head and tell them ‘its not your fault, the world is mean’. As if it could be any other way

      2. All women have daddy issues. That, in my opinion is why they want dominant men who tell them what to do. Do you know how many times I’ve met a girlfriend’s father only to find that he dressed, cut his hair, and even looked really similar to me?

        1. The female species look to their father as a role model for what a man should be, so it’s not surprising that you would resemble him. When we (ladies) do not have that, we (ladies) have to search for one who will not disappoint us and live up to whatever ideal that particular girl has formulating in her sad broken brain. Since this is pretty impossible because we are all imperfect it takes a while for these types of girl to come to terms with reality.

    6. So true. A girl that has more male friends than female ones: instant red flag. It’s very likely she’s been fuarked by at least one of those “friends”.
      Here’s one blue flag: a woman with a small group of close friends, none of which are sluts and thus have a good influence upon her.

      1. You shouldn’t worry about a woman with more male friends than female. Most of the time it just means she’s a tomboy, and get’s along better with men because they hold the same interests as her.

    7. I know a woman like this. It’s a major red flag when she doesn’t have any girlfriends. She is extremely sexual and knows how to get her way amongst her beta orbiters by dangling the pussy.

      1. What a revolting life she must live. Do women like her ever stop to examine their vile ways, to wonder about the possibilities of being a human first, and a woman second? Of course not. Humanity is made up of man.

    8. Its a MAJOR red flag when a woman doesn’t have any girlfriends. Several I knew were all extremely sexual, and played men like a fiddle. Dangling the pussy just within reach to get their way. There was always signs of family trauma too. Divorce, tomcat fathers, etc.

      1. My parents both have several marriages so I find I get along better with girls from broken families as well. Yes they tend to be fucked up but they have a more real sense of humility about them. Girls from good families have more narrow personalities and are high maintenance IMO

        1. “Narrow personalities and are high maintenance” Oh you mean standards and can sniff out a sexual and emotional vampire, such as yourself? As people from broken families tend to be.

        2. I don’t believe in trying to meet a woman’s standards. Paying a 40% tax rate, supporting a wife and trying to ‘prove yourself’ to her family…fuck that , some other sucker can do all that shit for a woman whose looks fade after only a few years.

        3. Exactly. I don’t know how men fall for this giftwrapped liability but the idea that value conceals is not logical. Value advertises. Fraud wants wedlock.
          You’d think “Till Death Do We Part” would give the game away but men are so desperate to please.

        4. Oh. I’m sorry i misunderstood you’re comment. I completely agree with that statement, but i was talking about guys that prey on broken girls, all the while being no better than they are. That’s just as bad “turning yourself into to become a lazy ass bitch’s meal ticket, who rode the cock carousel.” I’m paraphrasing of course. Its a fine line out there.

        5. Plenty of good family women take their good families for granted. Since they’ve never experienced a broken home, they don’t understand how horrible it can be.

        6. Exaclty…they dont understand their mom’s loyalty in sticking with her dad is what allowed their comfortable upbringing. The daughter is spoiled and laughs at men not knowing her attitude will lead to a shitty life

    9. you never met a decent woman….. good women with solid characters do hold men friends and not as beta orbiters or panty sniffers, but because they are able to maintain a solid friendship without it becoming sexual…. sex was and always is off the table day one, even if the guy finds her attractive….. a solid woman can hold down a friendship with a married man, co-worker etc. because she is able to switch off flirt mode and i’ll flash my cleavage for favors mode….

      1. Typical attention whore behaviour. And more often than not they have a shit ton of (daddy) issues. A man would be wise to stay clear of any woman who claims that she “doesn’t get along with other women” and has fewer girlfriends. They usually are the cause. They use these so called male “friends” to inflate their ego’s and get validation and male attention. In most cases there is very little depth to these friendships anyway. It’s just “princess’” way to be the centre of attention.

        1. Exactly..Them Ho’s know what they doin..And just because they can flip that good girl ‘were just friends’ bullshit switch on and off so easily only further shows how deceptive them bitches really are..I mean think about it..They may be friends today but fuckin the guy tomorrow…Never trust that creature.

      2. Orbiters do get sex with these women, even if it’s rare. I’ve seen this on numerous occasions.
        If the chick has been fighting with her “preferred” boyfriend or they aren’t together because of distance, the orbiter will often get some. The only time this probably won’t occur is if the orbiter is simply repulsive or the chick has such high smv that she can always get the man she wants anyway.
        Men are literally traded and used like baseball cards. Women don’t respect the average man, at all.

      3. If a woman feels in any way attracted to her ‘friend’, there will come a day when she would be willing to cheat with him, if only because her flighty emotions led her into temptation. I have been that friend to a few girls, and always lost respect for them afterwards. I never liked being chained to a single woman, most likely because so many have had secret affairs with me

    10. Holy shit is #6 wrong as fuck. Is Roosh even skimming the shit he is putting on this site anymore? I’m scared for ROK.

  3. Unfortunately modern western women have been heavily indoctrinated to deny these truths and spend a huge amount of their finite life energy grappling to discover that the old ways were in fact better. Often by then they have missed the boat and the bitterness towards the patriarchy consumes them.
    #5 is the reason that working with Encorpera females is so insufferable. She will pretend to agree on some detail simply to avoid direct conflict only to do a complete about-face or harbor some insane grudge which explodes later over an unrelated trifling. If not a meltdown it will be a protracted campaign of walking around with a stick up her ass. This behavior is to alert nearby white knights and “concerned” hens on what a thoughtless brute you are. I much prefer having men telling me to eat shit when they don’t agree with me.

    1. Thats why women do not belong anywhere above cleaning or assembly line jobs. Too many games, and they cant focus on the task, only their own mindgames and intrigues. They must ever, never be allowed in management.
      They can be scientists for all I care (some actually can) but never ever let them be in management.

      1. Xerox, IBM, Yahoo, etc….companies that appoint women CEO’s have all tanked heavily putting a woman in charge. It’s very dumb on their part

      2. They are good at cust service and sales. Especially over the phone, plenty of people would rather hear a females voice. Men selling to women is impossible.

      3. I work under a woman manager now. She resents me because I flirt with girls and they like it, so she fucks with my schedule every week and goes out of her way to prove she is ‘above me’ by spending her day thinking up ways to piss me off. So so sad

    2. Within hierarchical rank, men help each other and try and utilize each others’ skills. If one guy is all big ideas and the other guy is detail oriented problem solver… they can find a way to cooperate and learn from each other.
      Women within rank will hate each other because they can’t all have that one alpha down the hall.

      1. Yes, and they have no idea how to cooperate, because they think doing so compromises their own value. If they knew how to work together, something might get done, but they choose instead to revel in their nonexistent glory

    3. Yes, women are a plague on the workplace. I worked in restaurants for many years, a female dominated environment, and it showed. Everything was personal, grudges were never forgotten, and nothing was direct. I’d rather have a man tell me I’m an idiot than have some cunt smiling to my face while working at my downfall

  4. another poor article spreading lies about women from a brainwashed tool’s point of view. all these things you say are absolutely offensive and disgusting in every way possible! how can you say woman cant think for themselves? or acuse every women of being narcissistic. its quite obvious that you are a lonely man who knoes nothing about women and comes on here wearing a fake persona to add some meaning in your boring dull life. i bet this fake game you teach is just a ploy to sell a few books or victimise hard working women. 1. the only time a women says sorry is after a man has raped her (and it happens so often). 2. all women are nice (even the nasty bitchy ones) you must understand that it is not there fault they have probably had a hard life or they may have been raped at one point and that completely warrents there behaviour. you should feel sorry for them not call they ugly or “masculine”. 3. obviously women have there own opinions or they would not be human they would be robots! i have met alot more intelligent women than men too. and finaly this is not how you get women! you have to be nice and treat them like a freind and gradualy they will fall in love with you. women are amazing and io cant believe this hate group called return of kings is even allowed to exsist!
    please dont take this the wrong way as i mean no offence.
    sincerly duncan warberton – male feminist.

    1. Q) how can you say woman cant think for themselves?
      A) Watch any form of entertainment directed at women, then watch how women act.
      Q) or acuse every women of being narcissistic.
      A) Have you met any women?
      “all women are nice (even the nasty bitchy ones) you must understand that it is not there fault they have probably had a hard life or they may have been raped at one point and that completely warrents there behaviour.”
      Dude, you have been completely feminized. Is the same true of men? Are men allowed to be insociable toward women because of a hard life or hardships? No? Why is that, do you think? There’s a difference between gender equality (which is NOT the goal of the feminist) and demonization of all things male (which is).
      ” you have to be nice and treat them like a freind and gradualy they will fall in love with you.”
      I’m guessing you’ve spent a LOT of time in the friend zone, watching other guys pound the girl you secretly admire.
      “please dont take this the wrong way as i mean no offence”
      Your viewpoint might have had a little merit if you possessed any balls. Stand by your point of view, if that’s what it is. Don’t apologize for what you think – you have been completely neutered by the feminist world view.

    2. “how can you say woman cant think for themselves? ”
      Well I think he can say it because he never seen it happen. Neither did I. Never. Ever. It just doesnt happen. Maybe 1 out of a billion, rest are pure herd.

    3. You are the biggest white Knight mangina I’ve ever heard. . Beta orbiter thinking being nice to women will get you laid. . They have all been raped and that means they can be mean. Lmao. Most men go without sex, and families for their Teens and twenties and I bet you blame men for all the world’s problems. Male feminist. . You are a gender traitor.

        1. It’s very real. Think of all the men who demonize Ray Rice. I saw this white knight on another ROK post…..

        2. rofl. 0% chance.

          and finaly this is not how you get women! you have to be nice and treat them like a freind and gradualy they will fall in love with you. women are amazing and io cant believe this hate group called return of kings is even allowed to exsist!
          please dont take this the wrong way as i mean no offence.

        3. Agree with you. It’s so preposterous and obviously unreal that it’s gotta be sarcasm or a joke.

        4. This is true. Many guys on this site are ultra jaded towards women. Being nice is cool, gotta have a backbone with it though. They need to earn your love.

        5. My comment was about the satire. 0% it’s real but it’s very good.
          As for girls, if you’re desperate enough, you just degrade them. Pull them in, shut them out. Lift them up, smash them down. Gain their interest, then lose yours.
          It’s tacky, cheap and desperate but we’re talking about horribly abused narcissists, and if you want to pleasure them badly enough, you doAnd at you have to do.
          And you do, if you want to impress them. There’s nothing else that impresses them.

    4. This has to be a joke, or opposite day, or something. Women are pure narcissists, incapable of forming a personality of their own. They are simply a collection of the personas of movie stars, friends, pop stars, family, and men who have fucked them right. Women prove this themselves every day, in their every illogical action. If this is meant to be satire, you have failed

  5. A man differs from a woman with his ability to penetrate into the abyss. A woman differs from a man by carrying the abyss within herself.

  6. In terms of women’s loyalty here is a story for you:
    My sister and I have been inseparable from our earliest days (I’m 23, she’s 21). She looks to me for advice and I consider her to be in the top 5 percent of women in terms of psychological health and virtue (physically I say she’s about an 8). When I was in college, she gave me a few thousand dollars to cover the cost of books without asking for repayment. In response, I have helped her with her college loans and credit card expenditures (I have a great paying job). We have that kind of relationship. Over the past six months I had been paying half of her rent (I know this was stupid, but I loved my sister) … I only figured out later that I was subsidizing her sex life of fucking a monster.
    Things changed over the past three months dramatically as she became involved with a 37 year old alpha who is a former drug dealer (he’s still using heavily) who now runs a restaurant. This was her first major relationship, and of course I discouraged the her involvement, but what was I to do in this day and age? She evidently fucked on the first date … something very unlike her (she might have even been a virgin, I’m not sure!). My mom and dad and brothers don’t understand what she sees in him … of course, if you understand hypergamy it’s obvious.
    Anyway, this guy gave her 3 STDs, supposedly unknowingly (nothing horrific, but still), and treats her like shit. BUT SHE LOVES HIM STILL!!!
    I confronted this dude and needless to say, it escalated to the point of physical violence … luckily someone stepped in, or else I think one of us would have left in a body bag.
    What does she do??? Sticks with the guy and throws me under the bus over the whole situation! She denies she got the STDs from him and pays for his food, cooks for him! Women have loyalty to whoever fucks them right … the most powerful man in their life, whether that be a father or boyfriend.
    I felt like a beta chump with a cheating wife who I was paying to support! Wow did this open my eyes!

    1. No fucking way a former drug dealer filled with STDs is an alpha.. not in my book, man… a looser through and through, that’s what he is…
      Other than that, I feel sorry for the whole situation..

      1. Not sure if you follow rap… Think of all the biggest rap stars, quite sure they have something. Eazy-E died from aids, he wasn’t even that nice lyrically, yet people respected that man… Of course they could be alpha.. The same way some of the hottest women are filled with std’s.

        1. I totally understand sir. It’s like their kings of the underworld. Same thing applies for people in finance, wall street who trick thousands of people out of their money. One just gets caught, the other doesn’t.

      2. Hes not an alpha but he gives off alpha traits (dominance) and he’s 16 years older than her. Most women cant tell real alpha from guys pretending and puffing their chests out acting tough. Many women are attracted to men simply because he has tattoos, a motorcycle, or some other “masculine” trait. Take those things away and she doesn’t get the tingles. Its shallow but its the way it is.

        1. He’s not a pretender. I’m pretty sure he’s killed people. Just saying.
          I’m skilled in martial arts, but I had to watch myself with this dude … and I don’t say that about just anyone.
          He’s excellent at attracting young women.

        2. He is more alpha than beta. Bear in mind that nobody is 100% alpha or beta, the perfect alpha male is simply an ideal. Also, you don’t need to have good morals and live clean to attract women. Id say the guy is an asshole but still more alpha than beta.

        3. He’s excellent at attracting young, stupid women.
          You guys are delluded thinking that that guy corrupted the girl. She was just waiting for that kind of guy to come along.

        4. I agree he didn’t ‘corrupt’ her. She wasn’t a hard bang either, she went for it on the first date (as I said she has a short to non-existent sexual history). She was emotionally and sexually enthralled by him from the beginning.
          I couldn’t have stopped it, even if I was more proactive.

        5. set him up with a kilo of coke and notify the local law enforcement…. 10 years in clink will put an end to it.

        6. Don’t give up hope. She is young, pretty, and eventually this relationship will go down the shitter with you being a smart male by her side. She’ll learn. Maybe.

    2. Look on the bright side: at least she cant demand you pay her more money reason being that you are brother and sister; I have never heard of a brother being ordered by a judge to support his sister.

      1. Yea well I’m pretty sure she isn’t going to be able to support herself in the future and that he will leave her … which means I’m getting a phone call for a place to live and help.
        My answer will be ‘no’. I’m not being dragged down.

        1. You call your own sister a “hottie”? Son…
          Though I kind of understand. For an American any woman who doesn’t weigh 225 lbs is automatically a hottie. Anyone who’s been to Lithuania would laugh.

        2. Thinking Dr.Orange is gonna be the next Elliot Rodgers. I read “My Twisted World” and got the feeling that Elliot wanted to fuck his sister.

        3. It’s amazing that no one even suggests Mrs Rodgers when discussing blame. The mother that stopped him pleasing himself to make him suffer to please her, promising him if he became her little gentleman, all the girls would love him?
          Success claimed.
          Failure disowned.

      1. She’s not an emotional wreck though. She doesn’t have a good paying job, but other than that, she has everything together relative to other girls.

        1. beware, she soon will be….. you can probably pick up the pieces, but only if she shows remorse….

        2. Once they go dysfunctional alpha they don’t come back. I have an older sister who had a lot of potential… We don’t talk anymore.

    3. I still remember years ago when my sister (who I also put in the top 5% for general well-being and character) was in her late teens and we were discussing something absolutely mundane and she says, “I just lied. Why did I do that? I gained nothing from it. And I do this all the time, and I have no idea why I do it–it happens before I even have a chance to think about it.” The point being: Women are women, and they are simply wired to do certain things. Even the best ones.

      1. they are simply wired to do certain things.

        Biology coding.
        Sociology conditioning.
        Opposite poles.
        Girls are about 80% conditioned. They’re wired to fuck. But that was a big problem for Society’s women. So they’re socialised not to fuck. The result is wtf.

    4. I confronted this dude and needless to say, it escalated to the point of physical violence … luckily someone stepped in, or else I think one of us would have left in a body bag.
      What does she do??? Sticks with the guy and throws me under the bus over the whole situation!

      There’s something very creepy and unnatural about the nuclear family structure. Why are you trying to run your sister’s life? If she’s not able to control her own actions, your whole family is terrible and needs to get out of her life. If she is able to control her own actions, why are you trying to run her life? There’s no way you can spin this in your favour.
      Stop insulting her choices. Stop paying for her. Live and let live. If the brother of my gf confronted me with violent intent, I’d just let him fuck her?

      1. I confronted him for giving her three stds and lying about it. He’s twice her age. I won’t be a real man if I looked the other way.
        You go confront a drug dealer who has done five years in prison, tell me how that feels. It wasn’t fun, but I had to.

        1. You go confront a drug dealer who has done five years in prison, tell me how that feels. It wasn’t fun, but I had to.

          No, you didn’t. But either way, you drove them closer together so…this whole codependency thing where Self is blurred and everyone has implausible deniability for their actions, Knowing Best how others should be prevented from doing as they please, protecting everyone from themselves, it’s all very creepy.
          Christian mothers raise sons to be good and they do something else to girls. In a world built on 5000 years of lies and illusions that serve to conceal mind-blowing realities, not all is as it appears to be.
          Before rescuing the fair maiden from the dragon’s lair, one should ask whether or not she wants to be there. A rescue attempt entrenches her. White Knights on brave steeds would be advised to tread with caution, as a general rule. Sometimes, the maiden is the dragon.
          Sometimes, they’re not fair.

          I won’t be a real man if I looked the other way.

          loll. Real men don’t protect women. They protect themselves from their mothers who raise them to imagine women need protection. The Jesuits used to boast that if you gave them the boy for his first seven years, he’d be their man for life. No one turned a Jesuits’ man.
          And no one turns mothers’ men.

        2. Okay, stone cold …. You’re right my sister is just a hole. I’m a white knight for thinking otherwise!
          Wow you must be so lonely and consumed with so much hatred for women. These types of sociopathic attitudes are all over this site. If you ever lose your virginity, just make sure to hide the corpse.

        3. Look at this Christian filth pour out.

          If she is able to control her own actions, why are you trying to run her life? There’s no way you can spin this in your favour. Stop insulting her choices. Stop paying for her. Live and let live.

          You read that and see I’m calling your sister a hole?
          No. I’m calling your mother evil. Your sister is fighting for freedom. Let her be. Protect yourself from the women in your family.

        4. you are full of it jonny…. first of all the military industrial state is breathing down your neck with more rules and regulations than you can read in a life time…… you practically need a lawyer just to get out of bed in the morning…..
          so don’t tell me that everyone should just lay back and take it easy like we’re liberated 60s hippies on acid…
          the family unit is a tough, insular and difficult environment, it can be very stifling… mine was a bit, and yours sounds like it was even worse from the way you are talking….
          however it can also build incredible trust and strength and wealth…. everyone from the Kennedys to the Gambinos worked on family trust and lines of loyalty…
          in the real world a brother, father, uncle or even a male cousin is perfectly within the bounds of decency to stick up for, protect and ‘attempt’ to guide a younger female from making mistakes with older men. those mistakes can wreck her for life…. who does she turn to for help when it goes wrong…. most often back to family who has to foot the bill….
          that is not on…. and neither is being forced to abandon a relative because they made a bad decision.
          unfortunately in these times you need Yoda’s Jedi skills to be able to guide someone, we have devolved into monkeys swinging from the trees…. the ghetto is great until you actually have to live in it permanently…. then suddenly you want your family values back.

        5. first of all the military industrial state is breathing down your neck with more rules and regulations than you can read in a life time.

          Yes, because you’re all blind to power. Power is not blind. Power respects your mother. Massa can’t give birth.

          so don’t tell me that everyone should just lay back and take it easy like we’re liberated 60s hippies on acid…

          I’m saying everyone needs to stop deciding what’s best for others. If a girl in her 20s can’t make up her own mind about who she’s going to fuck, everyone in her family needs to get out of her life. If she can, they need to get out of her life. See?

          in the real world a brother, father, uncle or even a male cousin is perfectly within the bounds of decency to stick up for, protect and ‘attempt’ to guide a younger female from making mistakes with older men.

          No. It’s exploitable and it’s patronising and insulting. You cannot keep girls from who they want to be with, you can only drive them closer together, “Starcrossed Lovers v Universe”. This is a species of sentimental Toddlers, all mixed up in capture-bonding and selfless imprinting and creepy horror. Family men don’t know better than their daughters about who the daughters want to fuck, imagining that you do is farcical. They’re going to exploit that and fuck whomever they please regardless. No girl has ever been kept from someone she wanted, without violent force and imprisonment involved.

          we have devolved into monkeys swinging from the trees…. the ghetto is great until you actually have to live in it permanently…. then suddenly you want your family values back.

          Family unit is to blame. Dependent women need dependents to validate their dependency on men. We’ve all had our independent streaks violently snapped, we’ve been tamed and saddled with clothes, we’re beaten and broken victims of learned helplessness and conditioning. Everyone needs to stand on their own two feet, take responsibility for the consequences of their actions.

        6. someone cared for you when you were young… you wanna push the teenagers out into the street so they can fend for themselves… welcome to the ghetto…. that’s exactly what the system wants so it can remove every shred of human decency and revert civilization into a fearful rathole, that looks like a giant prison….

        7. a zoo animal fighting for freedom is a dead animal that can’t fend for itself in the wild…..
          you cannot stand by while the fabric of society falls apart, not unless you live in a remote cabin in Alaska, which I assume you don’t…..

        8. It’s finished. The fabric of Society was built on good men, honest men, men with integrity — men who were betrayed in horrible ways by their mothers and the infantilised leech women they were given for their nobility and decency.
          I dunno if you like poetry but this is a magnificent poem that gives an insight into the kind of men that built the world. And the kinds of women they were rewarded with.

          Half-numb, guzzling bourbon and Coke from coffee mugs, our fathers fall in love with their own stories, nuzzling the facts but mauling the truth, and my friend’s father begins to lay out with the slow ease of a blues ballad a story about sandlot baseball in Commerce, Oklahoma decades ago.
          These were men’s teams, grown men, some in their thirties
          and forties who worked together in zinc mines or on oil rigs,
          sweat and khaki and long beers after work, steel guitar music whanging in their ears, little white rent houses to return to where their wives complained about money and broken Kenmores and then said the hell with it and sang Body and Soul in the bathtub and later that evening with the kids asleep lay in bed stroking their husband’s wrist tattoo and smoking Chesterfields from a fresh pack until everything was O.K.
          Well, you get the idea. Life goes on, the next day is Sunday, another ball game, and the other team shows up one man short. They say, we’re one man short, but can we use this boy, he’s only fifteen years old, and at least he’ll make a game. They take a look at the kid, muscular and kind of knowing the way he holds his glove, with the shoulders loose, the thick neck, but then with that boy’s face under a clump of angelic blonde hair, and say, oh, hell, sure, let’s play ball. So it all begins, the men loosening up,
          joking about the fat catcher’s sex life, it’s so bad last night he had to hump his wife, that sort of thing…
          Continues here – Body and Soul – Fairchild

          They don’t make men like that anymore. They make bullies who beat up old winos and steal candy from babies and fight in packs like women.
          I will not be here when the illusions start popping. This is a world that preys on children. We have eight times the nuclear weapons required to render life on this planet uninhabitable.
          I’m hoping someone coordinates to launch them all at once. Soon.

        9. No I want the teenagers to be raised with truth and self-determination sans violence, betrayal, sadistic deceit and shame of their skin….when they’re toddlers.

          “They cripple the bird’s wing and then condemn it for not flying as fast as they.”
          – Malcolm X

          Malcolm X was no nigger. The white BOYS though…children are independent until women snap their existential spine with violence and bullying. They know best how to put the foot down to persuade.

        10. Confront? What good would that do? I’d just make a decision whether he needed to be liquidated or not.The only problem would be that she would just find another one like him,especially if she’s an addict.

        11. There’s nothing you can do anyway if she has the gina tingles over this guy.You are no more her primary concern than a stranger.You have to accept that this is just female mating behaviour.Men and women are not really intended by Nature to be friends because reproduction is the female’s main concern and if she gets knocked up then her kid is. You see any other species on earth where the male is important to a female other than in mating? The human female is only slightly different because she is the only species that cannot survive on her own but she’s still basically just an intelligent chimp without the physical strength to climb trees to protect herself and offspring or gather food in a safe environment in the trees.

        12. Men and women are not really intended by Nature to be friends because reproduction is the female’s main concern and if she gets knocked up then her kid is.

          This is spot on. But there’s a gaping logical contradiction between the above and this:

          The human female is only slightly different because she is the only species that cannot survive on her own

          Evolutionary biology dictates mammal mothers caring for their young would never be dependent on men. But in a species where the mothers can’t open doors or pickle jars…

        13. When one keeps an open mind while reading your posts, they’re actually pretty insightful and difficult to argue with.

        14. I’m a really ordinary communicator, but I feel very strongly that I can see some things the world is blind to – in particular, the structural abuse of children and the exploitation of men by girls reduced by Society’s women protecting illegitimate entitlement.
          There’s an outside chance I’m insane but it’s unlikely as I’ve never really seen the value in lies and deception in any case, it would take a logical argument to convince me that I’m imagining wearing clothes in a world of violent confusion and exploitation of children by malicious reduced women who want to sell sex in lieu of contributing value.

    5. the brother / father / uncle… hands over responsibility for the bitch to her new husband…… in the past that was supposed to be a one way ticket….. made with their consent….. now it’s a seesaw nightmare, where they can come running back for help if they train wreck…. it’s not your fault… it’s society…… you did nothing wrong at all.

      1. Thank you for not calling me a white knight because I loved my sister!
        Some on this site would probably considered it beta to stop a man from raping your mom.
        “She’s just a hole after all.” – thus spoke the keyboard alpha porn addict women haters who populate this site

    6. Damn. WTF?! That sucks man. Sorry about your sis. But I wouldve kicked that drug dealers ass. My exgf is engaged to a man old enough to be her dad and its disgusting. Its was rumored that he molested a 7yo child years back but the charges were dropped. Cant believe my ex is with a possible child molestor.

        1. What’s more likely, that he raped a 7yo and the police couldn’t make the charges stick –or– some whore trying to get vengeance on him for dumping her got the bright idea to accuse him of molesting her accessory?
          When you’re too close to an issue, it’s hard to be objective. Be happy for them man. There’s no profit in attachment.

          “We are not punished for our anger, we are punished by our anger.”
          – the Buddha

          I used to punish myself so much, but I deserved better. I took that issue up with myself, and I stood myself down. Haven’t had many problems since, feel much better. People are still cunts. I just hate punishing myself.

        2. Idk man. He already had a few criminal charges before the Child Abuse accusations.
          But in case you were getting the wrong idea, Im not pining over my ex gf. I know the cheating wasnt my fault.

    7. He’s giving her something that you can’t. COCK. And when females are in
      their prime mating years all they think about is sex which on a
      subconscious level in their brain means reproduction. Reproduction is
      the most important thing in life and it’s certainly more important than
      being friends with you.If you understand this and the fact that a
      female’s Primary use in Nature is that of a baby making machine then you
      will understand the female.Just because a female is capable of other
      things does not mean that those things are her Prime purpose in life.My
      gf, 39 years my junior is already an M.D. at 21(she needs a couple of
      years clinical practise to get a license) but I can see that to her it’s
      just a job and she says it’s just a job.She comes from a family of
      doctors so I guess it’s no big deal to her like some of these American
      girls who want to announce it to the world and see a big career ahead.I
      always get the feeling that she wants more to be a wife and have a kid.I
      was her tutor when she was a student at 19 and she was still a virgin
      even though she’s good looking and slim.My point is that reproduction is
      still a natural drive in the female between puberty and menopause and
      it trumps everything else.
      Another thing, if your sister is with a
      drug user she likely is too so you don’t want to be supporting her
      habit. People always go with and associate with people like themselves.
      If a girl is an asshole you can be sure her friends are too, the same
      for men.

    8. I’m sorry for such a horrible situation. Have you discussed red pill values with her previous to this relationship?

      1. Discussing red pill values, hell ANY values, with women is a waste of time. The only exception being if they’re really young and you’re the parent raising them.
        They will nod and comply as if they understand, and they may, but they don’t have the same level of motivation and conviction men do.

  7. #4 isn’t entirely true. Women are plenty capable of having their own ideas on things of high importance to them, though there generally isn’t a whole lot that is highly important to them. They will gravitate toward the most important influences in their life for pretty much everything else (ie. married women are far more conservative than single women b/c their husband/family are a stronger pull than Big Daddy Gov).
    This is actually an amazing tell in terms of whether or not a woman you are seeing is likely to cheat on you. If you find her gravitating away from you, or never witnessed her come into alignment with you in the first place, it means she is caught in someone or something else’s mass and the end is nigh.

  8. Even in this senseless year of 2014, if you go into a large bookstore in America chances are you will find at least one man who can tell you something about Plato, or Hume, or Burke. You will very likely not find such a woman, though you will find innumerable women who know every odious trifle about Kim Kardashian and about countless other American celebrity rabble.

    Not necessarily. I know a woman who sat through a classical education at St. John’s College in Santa Fe, including the study of classical Greek, so she has had exposure to that college’s Great Books curriculum. Yet today she spouts feminist ideology and knows way more Star Trek trivia than I thought anyone had the capacity to learn, much less the interest to learn.
    This makes sense in a way. The classical tradition tends to show a realistic portrayal of women and their inadequacies compared to men’s abilities, whereas feminism and Star Trek present a fantasy alternative where women have all of this imaginary strength, competence and agency. I can see why she would reject the former and embrace the latter.

    1. This is why a red pill ‘deconstruction’ of feminist ‘culture theory’ etc doesn’t work. Women aren’t interested in anything that contradicts whatever massages their ego and plans for world domination. ‘What is the case’ is simply beside the point where you have a ‘will to power’ that is simply seeking fuel for its fantasy life. Its better not to refute but to ridicule; better not to argue but demonstrate the absurdity of living in such a managed psychosis. Women see knowledge as constructive rather than analytic because that way they can – with a little help from their male supporters of courses – build a knowledge ‘nest’ they feel can feel comfortable in. Reality is irrelevant

  9. I myself find that attractive women look even better with a broom in hand.

    Too good to pass up:

  10. An ancient aphorism that sums up much of this site:
    “Bitches ain’t shit but hoes and tricks
    Lick on these nuts and suck my dick”

  11. “Gossip is so characteristic of women because, their minds being utterly empty, they simply have nothing better to do than to go on and on about other people’s frivolous affairs.”
    This is the state of mass media in America, and your typical office hell. It’s why most “news” and programming are unwatchable to men, and why going to work is a virtual castration.
    I liken America to being a big vagina. Everything it does and everything it is today is driven by the female imperative. In the new social caste, white males are the new Ambedkar, or the equivalent of India’s untouchables.
    The estrogen driven economy and society is driving the entire civilization off a cliff. I say good riddence. Better to die on my feet as a man than to live in comfort on my knees.

    1. This puppy is sinking fast. Much faster than expected. The decline is picking up speed exponentially, one person at a time. Keep your nose to the wind, and some cash in your pocket. There may come a time in the near future where you have to make the decision to stay here while the ship sinks, or jump ship to find greener pastures, wherever they may be.
      That being said, I do not see greener pastures in the Western world. The entire Western world appears to be sinking into soft totalitarianism at a rapid rate. It’s simply a matter of time before the levee breaks and and shit starts to get really out of control.
      When old guys who lived through WW2 tell you that things are worse now than anything they’ve ever seen, you know something is terribly wrong. The thin veneer of comfort and civilization is rapidly eroding. Most people aren’t paying attention though. Most are too busy slaving away at their jobs to pay their inflated mortgages, naively thinking that the Govt that exists now, will exist in the future and be there to protect their property rights. Property rights will cease to exist for poor people in the future.

      1. When the shit does hit the fan, men need to remember how the Anglobitch treated them in times of plenty, and laugh at her as she sinks into her self made abyss, the men with their feminine, svelte harems of foreign ass by their side. Revenge is a dish best served icy cold. My heart is now as cold as the chilling blue eyes and blackened soul of the average American womyns.

        1. Yep.. The jab Ray Rice gave to his girl will seem a love tap when society collapses and women no longer have the right, or even the ability, to bitch and complain. They will be too busy hiding from rape gangs and eating bugs

      2. My instincts say our society and culture has melted to nothing, what’s left is just an old man on life support.
        People are denial … But the dire truth I see now being whispered everywhere.

    2. Hear Hear.
      Frivolous is the perfect word to describe a woman. And because of this, our media is corrupted to the point of contempt. Some time ago, I was watching MSNBC (it was on, I’m not a loyal viewer) and the anchor was interviewing a former secretary of state. Then she interrupted her interview with an important political figure for the breaking news that “Justin Bieber was caught with a prostitute”. I’m not even kidding. This is modern media, no more than entertainment for empty-headed, frivolous bitches who prefer celebrity gossip to following the politics of their dying empire. Disgusting

  12. Bro… what is it with you and “rough sex”? Did you spend some time in prison or something? 😛

    1. Ha, no–I just know from extensive experience that women love it and that it hooks them since most men are too pussy to do it.

      1. Indeed, I am one of several writers on here–the publisher himself, Roosh, is another–who stresses the value of rough sex. Also, I’m 6’3 and jacked, with ten years’ experience as a bouncer in Phily, so it’s very unlikely that anyone would be tagging me in the shower. They’d have to kill me first.

      2. Lol it’s all good. I just like the way you slip it in to every article. That said, what better way to demonstrate your dominance than throwing the birch down and fucking the shit out of her.

  13. “I liken America to being a big vagina. Everything it does and everything it is today is driven by the female imperative. In the new social caste, white males are the new Ambedkar, or the equivalent of India’s untouchables.”
    This is why I am here…when you start to envision your President wearing an apron and oven mitts…there is something seriously wrong. “Americunts” should take note and retreat…too bad they arent that smart.

  14. “In contrast, men in the old sense—frank, hearty and beyond grudges—will tell you to go fuck yourself, then forget about it and buy you a beer later.”
    What is your guys’ take on this?
    Personally, if a “friend” betrays my trust (something related to a woman I’m serious about, related to money/profession, related to my family) then they are cut. They could end up dead and I wouldn’t give a shit.

    1. I think he means like if a co-worker says something rude. Small things that aren’t worth holding a grudge over.

    2. Yes. But I guess it goes just like AM said.. if someone -ANYONE- betrays my trust and put me in some danger or extreme discomfort then of course it’s the middle finger for him/her.. but over trivial matters, no need to explode..
      In sum, we need to do just the opposite of what women do (they freak out about little stupid bullshit but will stay with dudes who ruin their lives and treat them like shit)

    3. If I have an argument or a disagreement with a friend, we might insult each other, maybe tell each other to go fuck ourselves. Then we get over it and move on without any bother.
      A betrayal of trust would be something else. That would either be forgiven and put aside without nursing a grudge, or else it would simply end the friendship for good. No ‘frenemy’ crap.

    4. I’m not in the habit of keeping company with people I tell to go fuck themselves. I’d much rather buy them a knuckle sandwich with extra fist than a beer.

  15. I really wish this community had been around back when I was a teenager. I will say I’m glad it exists now. I love you guys.

  16. I would have been inclined to disagree with this article and most articles on ROK in general at one time. However, from experience alone what is written bears true. It is such a bitter pill to swallow that all white women indoctrinated by American culture generally act this way. But it is their version of “game” to behave this way. Everything about our culture reinforces and emboldens these behaviors and beliefs.
    It generally takes a bitter and humiliating breakup to wake up and take the red pill. Some white knights dismiss it as cynicism, or misogyny, and you might even think in private moments that it is. But, realism persists in its’ tenacity to show what petty tyrants Western culture has bred.
    Ultimately it falls on a man to define his own life and how women factor into it. They aren’t evil, they are merely women, and they are silly sexy creatures. The power they have been granted is from men who have been worn down and capitulate.
    Don’t be mad at the world for being flawed. Charge it to the game and be an example of how to elevate it!

  17. Gonna have to roll with #4. It’s rare that you’ll find a woman doesn’t conform to bs. Which is why woman are attracted alphas or men in general. Most men are more likely to do their own thing while women will sit around and wait for someone popular to tell them how to live their life no matter how much horse shit they are feed.

    1. Hence their attraction to corporate america. They can’t start their own businesses. The can’t really be the boss…

      1. Right. The question of “Why don’t women just start their own business and run it how they like” is lost on feminists. Women have every opportunity in the world, yet they still can’t seem to produce anything useful (other than a good fucking)

        1. I’ve always said the only females I’ll respect in business are the entrepreneurs. How can I respect them in corporations and politics if there is fucking quotas and UN conferences to get them where they are?

  18. Just pointing this shit out doesn’t accomplish anything. Can we all agree it’s time for some decisive action. Education is empowering these sordid creatures whether we like it or not. Where it needs to begin is at the college-cunt level. Gentleman annihilate every college cunt possible and sabotage their every fucking effort to ensure that academia returns to the academics AKA MEN!! You’re dating a college cunt – delete her research papers when she’s in the shower washing your cum off of her asshole. Psychologically fuck with her to the point of her sobbing in tears just prior to every exam she takes. Throw away important documents. If you’re in classes with women intimidate the ever loving fuck out of them. Snicker when they contribute in class laugh at them overtly as they enter and leave classes. Trash their papers when they pass them to the front of the class. And this is the most important thing of all – Get them on film when you’re fucking them. Whores need to be dealt with punitively. Get her daddies email address and send him footage of you spreading his college cunts pussy lips as wide as the ganges with your fist and watch how quickly he hauls her butt home and slot opens up at her school for a man! Rinse and repeat, gentleman.

        1. I don’t support egalitarianism. I support the Rights of children not to be abused and enslaved by malicious and embittered former whores forced into retirement by the cruel injustice of Time.

        2. I don’t understand why you support women working. Women are next to useless in the workplace. Can’t you understand this?
          A man who works to support his wife is not being exploited as long as the woman carries out her duties as a wife. Since this does not happen in the modern era, change must be actuated in this direction. Effort is required of both parties and each contributes in different ways. The less women in the workforce, the better.

        3. Dependent women cannot raise independent (unattached) children. The nuclear family structure is a hive of evil centred around the dependent mother, who needs dependents until she dies.

    1. You clearly have not heard of DroxBox, external hard drives, password protected laptops and files.
      And you just sound like an overall really nasty person. I hope one of your victims returns the favor.

      1. Clearly some of the chickens are creepier than others. This one is a real treat. I don’t know if I would call this “funny”, exactly….more like “terribly sad”. But you get what I mean.

    2. You can’t do that stuff. It will only make a new set of victim culture on college campuses and make things worse for us.

  19. I’m about as much of a man’s man as exists. And let’s just say I’m not brand new… But this article is, how do I put it… foul. There is no reason to assume that women are innately “inferior” or “weak”. They are simply fundamentally different, and have different goals that often conflict with ours.
    What is value maximizing to a woman, is often taxing to a man. So??? Do I get mad at my dog because he slobbers, or is he just being a dog? In the same way, don’t get mad at a woman for being a woman.
    I am concerned that having the negative attitude displayed in this
    article is toxic, and leads to negative interactions between men and
    women. Ultimately such toxicity makes the interaction less pleasurable for us as men.
    After all, its called “game” for a reason…
    Someone said “no man who has to say ‘I am the King’ is any true
    king.” If you really are the king, women
    will instinctively submit. The goal here isn’t to put women down. We don’t need to fend off these “evil” women. The goal is to be strong and firm. A man is like a tree, firmly planted and a women is the wind blowing through his branches. We bend, but are never uprooted. That’s how you know a tree has good roots… And its a tree whose branches are stiff, that has its branches snapped off in a storm.

    1. There is no reason to assume that women are innately “inferior” or “weak”.
      Women epitomize inferiority and weakness and any action outside of their utter submission must be swiftly and severely dealt with. What planet do you live on?

      1. Women aren’t supposed to be weak so much as gentle and cooperative. Submission of men to other men’s authority is necessarily wrapped up in formality and titles. One can be a good employee or soldier while remaining a man. A couple can live in harmony naturally and effortlessly which is a beautiful thing. Strong dominant women are an aberration. Most women don’t want to fight or compete with men so there’s no question of men or women being better. When I read this site I sometimes wonder what kind of girls you people interact with.

        1. Most women don’t want to compete with men? Then how do you explain the phenomenon of the career cunt? They are in direct competition with men daily and the principle of it is nauseating. Would you date or interact with a woman who has the audacity to usurp a man’s medical school slot, or a man’s job at a law firm. These things were never meant to be for women’s taking EVER. It’s time we fucking take these things back that were never theirs in the first place. It’s done for them and it needs to start in the home and expand to the workplace and the institutions of higher learning immediately.

        2. Some women are scarily competitive and dominant. I mean that most girls I have dated or been friends with aren’t like that. Perhaps I have that effect on them and they’re being horrible to everyone else lol
          I dated a medical student once, she was pleasant company (a butterface half east-asian). She’s following the flow of a society which (wrongly) encourages women to go into such professions rather than intentionally seeking to compete with men. I know another female medical student who is scarily competitive and dominant.

        3. Well hopefully they’ll both die alone for being such despicable aberrations. It’s too bad you aren’t still dating the homely one. You could seriously fuck up her misguided aspirations and ruin her silly feminist dreams of playing doctor by merely hitting the record button on your laptop cam while plowing her ass. Few things are more satisfying than the ruination of feminists (inadvertent or otherwise – it’s just as sickening when they’re “following the flow of a society which encourages them”). It’s not acceptable for good men to stand by and do nothing any longer.

        4. You want leeches rather than women who can take care of themselves? The problem with cunts isn’t a function of their entering into the workforce, it’s a function of being the reduced victims of the last round of married leeches.
          A woman who’s been allocated a man now “taken” and owned by her in her mind, cannot – ever – be expected to compete with sex-obsessed young girls and their desire and natural promiscuity. She is not going to be passive in her defence of her property from ‘theft’. Cue modesty and haters and shaming.
          Women were never supposed to be in the home, that was male exploitation. Society’s women have controlled power hand-in-hand with priests for thousands of years, as their sex-starved sons were sent to rape and pillage the world. Girls need to be protected from women. Boys as well. The problem is not that women started working, the problem is that they never have. Men have been their slaves.
          True equality looks like female slavery. Every woman in the world knows that’s true. Only men are confused.

        5. So what are you driving at? That women should not only be allowed to have prestigious careers but we should encourage it? Do you argue the point that no woman has the intellectual capability or discipline to attain these positions on par with men, unless we keep up a quotas system that gives them these jobs and grad school spaces without their actually earning them? Women don’t have the faculties to achieve these things on their own and NO ONE not even them disputes these facts – that’s why they demand the quotas. This is why we have inferior doctors, companies and learning institutions and we wont be able to globally compete much longer. It has to stop. I’m fine with a woman being made to take a subordinate job like server or hostess or housekeeper if her man demands it – I refuse to accept the legitimacy of women in higher fields ever and neither should you.

        6. That women should not only be allowed to have prestigious careers but we should encourage it?

          Let the market decide.

          Do you argue the point that no woman has the intellectual capability or discipline to attain these positions on par with men, unless we keep up a quotas system

          Quotas are not the market. It’s politics on estrogen.

          Women don’t have the faculties to achieve these things on their own and NO ONE not even them disputes these facts – that’s why they demand the quotas.

          We all have a mere fraction of the minds we’d have if they weren’t annihilated by reduced women. You didn’t put those clothes on yourself to hide your imaginary shame. Girls didn’t start hiding behind masks for life by accident. They demand the quotas because men are not involved in the process, the State has always been under women’s control. All feminism is State feminism.

          Women’s period of storm and stress. In the three or four civilized European countries, one can in a few centuries educate women to be anything one wants, even men–not in the sexual sense, of course, but certainly in every other sense. At some point, under such an influence, they will have taken on all male virtues and strengths, and of course they will also have to take male weaknesses and vices into the bargain. This much, as I said, one can bring about by force. But how will we endure the intermediate stage it brings with it, which itself can last a few centuries, during which female follies and injustices, their ancient birthright, still claim predominance over everything they will have learned or achieved? This will be the time when anger will constitute the real male emotion, anger over the fact that all the arts and sciences will be overrun and clogged up by shocking dilettantism; bewildering chatter will talk philosophy to death; politics will be more fantastic and partisan than ever; society will be in complete dissolution because women, the preservers of the old custom, will have become ludicrous in their own eyes, and will be intent on standing outside custom in every way. For if women had their greatest power in custom, where will they not have to reach to achieve a similar abundance of power again, after they have given up custom?”
          – Nietzsche

        7. jonny – you need to get your head out of your left leaning liberal ass… clearly you never had children or you would understand just how much support and manpower it takes to raise a family…. or perhaps you were raised in lab ?

        8. You’re only seeing the broken side. It’s very easy to raise children, they raise themselves. It’s important that they do. They’ll fight you tooth and nail if you try to dominate but Big Mother crushes their brave, if futile, rebellion with her violent love.
          My mother had 12 kids, whom she largely abandoned to a kind of shrewd game of chicken that she invariably wins because she’s empathy-bankrupt. We raised each other. I raised a couple and then ran away at 14. Came back at 20 once I’d put myself through school and military academy. They didn’t need me, they were brilliant.
          My 4yo sister had this awe-inspiring mind. Her capacity to process her environment, often before I could, was eerie. She was a prodigy, I doubt more than 100 billion have been in her league. Children have amazing minds when untouched by corruption. Every toddler teaches themselves a linguistic method of communication with zero starting data, an implausible feat of intellectual ingenuity.
          Kids aren’t hard work. Women pretend, like with childbirth (orgasmic) and sex (orgasmic) favours they do for children and men. Children should never be helped or offered help until they ask. Children should be left alone to please themselves unless they ask. Women are needy, affectionate creeps so they condition children with all this sentimentality, degradation and emotional sleaze.
          Slaves are hard work. When you conquer a child’s mind, their free will snapped, slaves have no initiative or motivation (no Self). Women force kids to do what children want to do (until they’re forced). This is like…basic respondent conditioning theory / common sense, but mothers are infantile, moronic bullies.
          My siblings are all dead now. Reduced to mindless zombies. You can’t fight mothers. Their arguments are too compelling.
          “Because I said so, that’s why.”
          “Because children should respect their elders, or else!”
          “Because children should be seen and not heard.”
          “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”
          Children don’t die when antisocial creeps kill them, they just get self-conscious, stupid, awkward, considerate and polite. When I saw my prodigy baby sister last, she was 11. Her eyes were dull, dead, her mind was deactivated or destroyed. When I spoke to her, she stared at nothing over my shoulder and she didn’t say anything at all.

        9. No need to go out of your way to harm feminists. You’re risking catching horrible diseases and harming your own psychological well-being.

        10. Agree. I know a woman who became a lawyer only to end up as a “mommy” and married to a guy in the military.
          Women have the “option” of trying out one of these careers and if all else fails they can opt out for the “mommy role” later.
          and…they usually do a shitty job at that one too. They have been so hit hard with feminist propaganda for years so they find it hard to be in the submissive position of ‘mommy or wife’…thus the conflict begins with her (now) beta husband.

        11. I believe he’s referring to women on a global and instinctual spectrum. The career cunt is a western thing started by women who couldn’t compete with other women in the sexual marketplace, so they sought validation in corporate america.

        12. They are also told rthey can do no wrong, so never stop to reflect on their behavior. As Updike said, the inside of a woman’s skull probably sounds like a bee buzzin in a jar. They live from moment to moment, often reveling in spite, simply because the world assures them that they are perfect as they are, and the world OWES them and must live up to THEIR standards. Narcissism incarnate

    2. If we are to interpret “different” in the way you intend for it to mean, then we must assume that this difference is not hierarchical. This article assumes that difference is hierarchical. You tacitly affirm and deny this.
      “We bend, but are never uprooted.” This is an ideal that men strive to be, not an actual fact; the greater his capacity to adhere to this, the higher he stands in the hierarchy. In essence, one’s position in the hierarchy is determined by his constancy of will. You support this by saying: “Women
      will instinctively submit.”

    3. So??? Do I get mad at my dog because he slobbers, or is he just being a dog? In the same way, don’t get mad at a woman for being a woman.

      Define “being a woman”? Is compulsive lying “being a woman” or being a whore? Is unmerited entitlement “being a woman” or being a princess whore? Is abusing children with violence and shame (of biology) “being a woman” or being a twisted infantile evil leech? Is marriage prostitution “being a woman” or being a whore? Is the theft of children’s biological protection mechanism (childlike traits, infant mannerisms, the baby-faces of altricial species’ young, “cute”, kawaii) “being a woman” or being a pedophile-conditioning demonic cannibal extortionist? Is obstructing biology (which no other female in Nature will do) for perceived exploitative ‘advantage’ “being a woman” or being a whore?
      I ask girls for Nothing. I demand Nothing. When they try and do things for me, ostensibly, I won’t tolerate it. I want Nothing. I deserve Nothing.
      I refuse to settle for less. It sounds like you are willing to settle for less.

      1. Here’s where we differ – I say bang it and punish it to the point it can barely see through its own tears! Look at that filthy slut – how you gonna deny her the shame she’s crying out for in her dorothy suit. Whores need to be bagged and tagged so that they are relagated to nothing but whoring and can do no more harm. They all need to be publicly exposed and contained and enjoyed.

    4. You go ahead and be a tree standing here in a Category 5 superstorm unleashed by feminism and centuries of pedestalizing women.
      The rest of us will find calmer shores to stand firm in, i.e. places that don’t have Stage IV metastisizing cultural and social cancers rotting them from the inside out.

    5. Says he thinks the article is foul then compares women’s behavior to dogs. We know you’re still one of us. You’re all right dude.

  20. Everything was fine and dandy until the last paragraph, what the fuck man. You rather prefer a girl who’s “one of the guys”? Go be a faggot then =).
    Good article though.

    1. No girl even remotely tolerable can tolerate girls’ vapid inane prattle. Have you listened to them in full swing? Crude, coarse, sex-obsessed, boy-obsessed, celebrity-obsessed, malice, deceit and filth pouring from their mouths. If you don’t get the routine urge to sterilise them all somehow, you’re not humane. No intelligent girl can endure girls.

      You rather prefer a girl who’s “one of the guys”?

      Reading comprehension. Work on it.

      1. This is very true. Every decent woman that I knew or dated had very few, if any, female friends. They couldn’t stand the bullshit that women brought.

  21. #4 is especially true with pick up. Her attraction to you is largely depended on how other women view you. She could find you absolutely revolting one minute and the next minute be infatuated with you if she sees you with other women (pre-selection).
    Conversely, she can be really into you, but if one of her friends happens to find you “creepy”, it’s over.
    Men on the other hand are different. We could care less how many men are surrounding a girl or what our friends think of her. She’s either hot or not.

  22. #7 Never ask a friend to hook you up with one of her friends. Even if they have no interest in you, girls will not help their friends. In my entire life, I have never been assisted once but I’ve shot myself in the foot 100 times.
    Guys are glad to help a buddy out, for the most part. Girls are at war with their friends.

      1. That’s what I thought. Why do you think I’d bother if I thought anything shady was going on? As it turned out, I was mistaken. The rule holds true.

  23. “My last girlfriend used to gripe about stuff her ex had done to her five years ago.”

  24. My last girlfriend used to gripe about stuff her ex had done to her five years ago.

  25. I’ve known a couple of women who actually were highly intelligent and most of their friends were men. They said women are stupid and boring.

  26. So you want a girl who is deferential but honest about her feelings when in privtae, otherwise she is stabbing you in the back?

  27. Also you might want to lay off the women-hating rhetoric. The only reason I found this website was because two of my female classmates were talking about one of your articles.
    Not sure the objectives of this site, but because you have a lot of advertisements to marry foreign women my guess is to repeatedly post articles which destroy the American woman which makes the average reader feel it’s all dismal and hopeless and see that marrying a foreign woman (the ads that support you) is the only option.
    My question is are your readers that naive?

    1. No one has ever hated anyone without just cause with one exception: the illegitimately entitled will hate their betters for being better (making them look bad, threatening their entitlement).
      As men have never, as a class, been anything but slaves, men don’t hate women. If women feel hated, the first question that should be asked is “Why would men hate women?”
      List all the valid reasons a man would have to hate a woman, only valid reasons for hate mind? Triple it in severity for your ignorant innocence:
      Now you understand why women feel hated.

    2. I’m a female, and like me, I think the small number of people who visit this site (aside from the insane ones you see in the comment section) just come here to get a chuckle. It’s like the westboro baptist church or something. It’s terrible, but it’s also harmless and funny, and it’s nice to glance over the opinions expressed here and compare them with our mainstream culture. It amuses me to think the world used to contain more people like this, but most of them are gone now. (I guess they either got old and died fifty years ago, or they finally learned how to read.) The commenters on this site are like goofy-looking heritage chickens. Rare, funny, fun to watch, and a sign of how far we’ve come.

    3. Women bitching (today) about things that they don’t have versus women fighting for shit they didn’t have 100 years ago (i.e. right to vote, land rights, etc…). The problem today…we give a woman something and she just bitches about the next thing that she doesn’t have plus she blames men for it (men aren’t responsible for a woman’s lower pay…she’s either a shitty negotiator or the woman behind her took the job for less money).
      When are you going to start speaking up for true equality for men (if you really are a man)?
      I don’t see feminists marching on court rooms to ask for “equality” in the cases concerning divorce, child support, etc….do you? No, that shit is about power, control and money….women are just fine with all of those issues (hence, no marches).
      Women in the western world have had a lot of shit handed to them and they still act like fucking entitled little princesses. I don’t owe them shit.
      Wake up.

      1. I do ‘man-up’ by not blaming women for every little event in my life.
        I take ownership of my life, I suggest you try it too.

        1. No one is talking about blaming women for everything (only you are with the shaming language that women have adopted from men with “man up”).
          Men are always taking responsibility (for everything) in life in general. That’s how shit is getting done.
          Let’s stop with the brainwashing.

        2. MRA’s, PUA’s and the like don’t blame women for our own deficiencies; we blame women for embracing faulty ideologies and dragging a whole society down so they can feel equal

        3. I’m with you on that one. But, if we’re being honest, you have to look at the men who have assisted these crackpots on their journey (to drag us down).
          Hopefully, with enough of us, we can turn the tide. It won’t happen overnight but I try to share my thoughts (and this site) with many younger guys (so they at least know the other side of the story – the opposite of the nonsense that our society with MSM feeds them daily).

    4. AMerican women have destroyed themselves. We are just dissapointed observers who must wade through the broken remnants of a once great society in search of the manifold causes of its downfall. When the collapse comes, it will be we, the thinkers and doers, who rebuild it all, while women cower in some corner pleading for protection. As it has always been.
      Wake up

  28. Valueble article piece. But nr 6’s title is in contrary of it’s description. Perhaps the author should’ve added the negation ,,not” between ,,It is” and ,, a good character”.
    Good read ! Thanks for the contribution!

  29. Great Article.. But number 6 is wrong. It kind of throws the whole article off..
    A girl who has alot of “guy friends” is trouble!!
    But not as much trouble as a fraudulent man who hires actresses to scam other men..
    Im talking about GOOD LOOKING LOSER. He as been exposed:
    Apparently he lied to us all: goodlookingloserexposed.wordpress.com

  30. This site seems to cater to disgruntled men who don’t like or appreciate women at all. Do [some of] you not know ANY decent women: grandmother, mother, sister, daughter at least?? If not, maybe a self evaluation is in order. Try to figure out why you keep attracting such narcissistic,worthless, manipulative women to you. It seems like some of these men think they know the minds of women. Is it that you guys want to be one and are frustrated with being trapped in a testosterone filled body?? How can you possibly speak for a woman’s mind and actions?? Even if some things may apply, the generalizations are insane! These days, many of the traits that men on this site claim that women possess, men exhibit as well. Men gossip, watch reality shows, aspire to get “likes” on FB, use women for financial gain…YES, STRAIGHT MEN. If you guys are so displeased with women, perhaps you should leave us alone. Maybe some of you prefer the company of men.

    1. There’s no need to overthink this site. Just make some popcorn, skip the articles, and head to the comment section. Skim through a bunch of lonely idiots sharing their transparent personal issues on the internet, and wonder who hurt them so badly and why they can’t get past those injuries and get their lives together. Every once in while you see a poor soul who might be saved if he found a good therapist. Most of the time you just turn away in disgust after about two minutes. But as sad as this place is, it makes you feel better about your own life.

        1. Such negativity Neph! Why are you allowed Jezebel (and feminism, and every mainstream publication on the internet for that matter) to blame all the world’s ills on men, and we can’t have ONE tiny teeny corner of the internet to blow off steam?? This is the beginning of a movement of EQUALITY. You bitch about us, we bitch about YOU. Don’t like it? Tough titties xx

        2. Why are you (ignorant imbecile) allowed on the internet to speak things you know nothing of?? I don’t complain about men on the internet. For one, I happen to know great men. I happen to appreciate and value good men. I find it counterproductive to sit around generalizing and bashing men online. There are good and bad men AND women. I don’t bitch. Can’t do what isn’t in me. Bitches bitch. If the shoe fits…

        3. I know lots of strong, brilliant, kind women who respect themselves and those around them. But men who fit this description are harder to find. If you’re looking for a way to become one of the good ones (who are rare and worth more than gold, btw), here’s a rule of thumb: Start by NOT being one of the ridiculous bottom-feeders on this website. If you want to be considered strong and smart, and you want other people to respect you, start by doing and saying strong, smart, and respectable things. In other words, do the opposite of what you see happening in this miserable little closet of sorrow. (It’s kind of a no-brainer. I mean, I could charge for that tip, but you know what? I’m feeling good today, so I’ll let you have it for free.)

        4. Your response is tantamount to emotional blackmail… “be a good boy and get a chick like ME”
          “I know lots of strong, brilliant, kind women who respect themselves and those around them. But men who fit this description are harder to find”
          Flip the genders and this is EXACTLY what the author is saying. Why then is it not okay for HIM to suggest this but totally okay for YOU to suggest this?? Don’t answer.

        5. “Why are you (ignorant imbecile) allowed on the internet to speak things you know nothing of??”
          I apologize for speaking of things I know nothing of. I shall delete that unintelligent remark above where I noted that this place is not entirely dissimilar to a “Jezebel for boys”. While I go do that, would you be also willing to go to Jezebel and tell your feminist sisters to stop being imbeciles too?? No?? Okay?? Stalemate then. Cept of course, the dudes didn’t start it.

        6. I’m actually a pretty “strong, brilliant and kind” person without the need for your approval or otherwise. But thankyou anyways!

        7. I never heard of that site, but I have no problem with going to that site and sounding off. I don’t discriminate. I am on the side of righteousness.

        8. Hard to find strong, brilliant, kind men? History is full of them. They are what created the society that allows you to comfortably play the victim in the lap of luxury. Those are all manly qualities, and while a few women possess them, they are rare exceptions.
          But of course, the truths of history and society make you uncomfortable, so they can’t be true.
          Ironic that the very world that gives you the leisure and freedom to bitch about men was created for your sake…BY MEN

        9. You created the world I live in? That’s so nice of you!
          And generous too! Thanks, buddy! I wish I had a way I could repay you. Actually…
          I just checked my records and it looks like I created the world YOU live in. Yep.
          I did it just yesterday. So I guess we’re even.

        10. The fact that you even say that about yourself in absolute terms says a lot about you!
          You’re on a site discussing gender issues and you’ve never heard of Jezebel??? I think you’re being dishonest here and therefore I don’t believe you’re being “righteous” at all.
          You’ll be more righteous to me if you could honestly answer the question i initially posited..(without weaseling your way out of it this time please)..why is it totally okay for YOU and your sisters to bitch about men but NOT okay for us to even question the “holy sanctity” (some would even say “righteousness” :P) of women?? . Anyways. Take it easy 🙂

        11. Yes, it does say a lot about me…it says I respect anyone/anything that encompasses the quality of being morally right or justifiable.
          I hope you don’t get paid based off of what you think, because you couldn’t be more off base. And honestly, I care not to be righteous to you. Unlike many folks, I don’t care to strangers or to the opinions of others. I do what’s right for me. Those who recognize it, I appreciate…those who don’t, oh well.
          I have stated before that I had no knowledge of the other site. I also stated that of they shared the same narrow minded points of views toward men, I am NOT in agreeable with it.

      1. Ummm….ever been to the comment section of a feminist site? It’s quite the same, except with less coherent articulation and more blind man-hating. At least here, sound arguments can be found, bolstered by logic and buttressed by experience. The feminists just whine and bitch and complain because the rest of the world isn’t as useless as they are

  31. It really sucks for you (and the men who can relate to this article) that you have not met any or maybe just not enough quality women to change your extremely negative view. Before my fellow commenter attack me, no I am not bashing you or claiming to hate men blah blah blah. I am a woman, and I can honestly say I am the type of person who is constantly trying to improve inside and out. In these modern times it is too often that women are more preoccupied in looking hot enough to catch Mr. Right Now or even just Mr. 8pm, Mr 11pm, and then a sleepover buddy. If more women tried to improve on themselves especially intellectually and emotionally I believe articles like this as well as men with your attitude would cease to exist. Correct me if I’m wrong but you’ve basically said the majority of women are air heads who can only imitate what they see in pop culture.Which I unfortunately can agree with to a certain extent. More women need to think about the world around them and less about their own personal bubble and then maybe more men would see us intellectual being and not blow up dolls. I can honestly say that for each point you’ve stated I can picture a man in or out of my life. It’s all about finding that cool chick/guy. I like to think they’re out there somewhere, but maybe I’m just an optimist and I will eventually die alone with my dogs (I dont like cats).

  32. As the prophet muhammad said: treat women nicely, for women were created from rib, and the most curved part of the rib is its the upper portion, so, if you try straighten it, it will break, but if you leave it as it is ,it will remain crooked. So treat women nicely.
    I have questi8n for u fellas.
    Who is to blame for the degeneration of both male and female?
    Hint: man behaving like woman and woman behaving like man

  33. Do you really believe this?
    I feel very sorry for you! How is it possible that you never met a “normal” girl?
    The only thing almost true is that women get turned off when someone shows their feelings too early. But so do MEN. How can you trust someone who tells you he loves you, when you’re only dating for a couple of days/weeks?
    And yes, women like masculine guys and men like feminine women. What’s the point? 😀
    Sorry for my English. I’m from Germany. 😛
    a non ugly female 😛

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