Orange Bus In Spain Causes Political And Social Outrage For Stating There Are Two Sexes

A bright orange bus appeared in public on Monday in the city of Madrid with several phrases written on its sides stating blatant biological facts: “Boys have a penis, girls have a vagina. Don’t let them fool you. If you are born a man, you are a man. If you are a woman, you’ll keep being one”.

The vehicle was commissioned by a Catholic organization called Hazte Oir (Make Yourself Heard), which has campaigned against abortion in the past. The bus is allegedly a response to a campaign displayed across northern Spain by a Basque organization which exhibited drawings of nude children holding hands and stating that some boys have vulvas and some girls penises. Their campaign was funded by an anonymous donor from New York who’s goal was to “raise social awareness about transgender children.”

It didn’t take long for the government officials to spring into action. Madrid’s City Council, which is ruled by liberals, promised to take the “necessary measures” to stop the bus from touring the city saying the vehicle did not comply with local traffic ordinances. The regional government, ruled by cuckservatives, said that it was consulting with the Attorney General over whether the bus broke any “hate crime” laws. The cities of Barcelona and Valencia, both with progressive governments, announced penalties up to 3,000 Euros if the bus dares to come to their cities.

At any case their complaints have been successful and the bus was impounded by the police and taken off the road. The judge said the bus would remain immobilized until the slogans were removed, adding that the messages went beyond simply advertising the group’s ideology and attacked the dignity of certain people by denying their sexual orientation.

The orange bus has also sparked a furious backlash and hundreds of threats on Twitter by SJWs. “Less tweets and more burning and stoning the bus.” They incite him to burn it, paint it, throw eggs or use artifacts like a a bazooka to destroy it.

The left has gotten so sick that even simple biological facts are considered “hate crime”

Hazte Oir, for its part, insists that the advertisement isn’t against anyone. “The bus is not trying to discriminate or offend anyone. It’s simply recognizing a biological fact, one that is studied in school.” Hazte Oir says that a ban would infringe on their right to protest against “sexual indoctrination laws in the schools” and free speech, and that such rights are increasingly threatened by the LGTBI lobby in Spain.

We have to mention that Spain has long been established as a feminist stronghold and as a result the country has been dragged further and further in the mud of political correctness and progressivism. In the year 2004 the government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero approved Europe’s first law specifically cracking down on gender-based violence. The law called for public education in gender equality, improved assistance to victims, stiffer sentences for aggressors, the creation of special courts, and a series of procedures aimed at protecting women under threat, bringing the full force of the state to bear on eradicating what they called “Sexist Terrorism”.

Even though this law is already harsh enough on men undermining one of the most important constitutional rights, the presumption of innocence, Spain’s ruling Progressive Party announced that this year 2017 the law will be enhanced to be applied beyond the boundaries of relationships. This means that if you have any discussion with a random female in Spain and she is rub in the wrong way, she only needs to make a phonecall and you will be thrown in jail for 72 hours without charge, that is without any reason for detention.

As some sort of karma joke, the Spanish gender law was applied to the very same person who founded it, Juan Fernando Lopez Aguilar, a former Spanish justice minister of the time of Zapatero. Lopez Aguilar however, never faced prosecution over allegations that he repeatedly abused his estranged wife.

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act

This is where progressive liberal values are taking us. The concept of freedom of speech has never been more debated and challenged than today, being refined to only allow what is not deemed offensive by those who hold the authority to punish. It seems that only applies to the liberals and their pushy propaganda. With all this “gender identity,” “gender-neutral pronouns” and gender propaganda filling the Western media 24/7 and being forced on children, it is not surprising that the British NSPCC has recorded a huge increase in confused children questioning their gender.

It is interesting to note that when LGBT groups exhibit their lifestyles they have police protection and a positive mainstream coverage. But someone disagreeing is labeled immediately as a “hate group”, “radicals”, “ultras”, etc with an emphasis on some kind of phobia. In fact, the vehicle was quickly dubbed in the mainstream media as ‘the transphobic bus of hate’.

If things continue to go south with these gender laws, soon they will say that it is hateful to point out that the sky is blue. This madness must stop before it’s too late.

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335 thoughts on “Orange Bus In Spain Causes Political And Social Outrage For Stating There Are Two Sexes”

  1. The Gender-bending BS must be stopped, period.
    Never give them an inch.
    Never accept their “reality”.
    We must draw a line in the sand, and fight their landing on the beaches.

    1. I thought we did accept their reality?
      Gay men act effeminate, love sex with random people, love publicly shouting how they’re victims, and die a diseased ridden death by the hands of AIDS or worse, often initiated from childhood by some molester or a single mother household.
      Gay women have penis envy and hope the other converts keep following them for fear that their feminine partner might see a penis and convert back to straight sex. And oddly enough just as high rates as straight couples for beating up their partners.
      Trannies have a half life span due to suicide, mania, dementia, or some folk murdering them unfortunately.
      Why wouldn’t the sane public not want this for the future of their kids?

      1. Its astonishing how quickly things have changed. Seems like this all went down in O’s second term, it didnt feel like this was shifting so much in his first four years

        1. Noticed that trend as well. Once he made gay marriage available in all 50 states trans-issues and feminism increased by 300% in public notice and outcry. It wasn’t until 2015 that I met a girl who told me I was catcalling her by saying hello. Something must have happened in 2013 that exploded this whole virtue signaling crowd, specifically for feminism and trannies.

        2. “..I met a girl who told me I was catcalling her by saying hello.”
          GTFO? I do feel sorry for you younger guys. Damn.
          Hope you replied with “I raped you with my eyes the moment I saw you.” Always amplify.

        3. I should have but I was more baffled because she followed up this statement by saying she hadn’t had sex in over a year. At that point while being done with her, I was curious to see what she would say next. Thinking back on it, if I went aggressive, I could have taken her home in a hour’s time of meeting her.

        4. I just had an experience the other day with one of these “virtue signaling” cunts;I live in an apart-ma-dorm (co-ed) and I was taking out the garbage.It was nice out so I wore no shirt. Now I am not Conan the Barbarian ripped, but I am more built then your fat beta pussy or skrawny little faggot hipster. I ride the lift up to my floor. Inside of the lift is this stereotypical SJW americunt(short hair frumpy appearance, and those stupid looking glasses) she was triggered and went off on me how she could not run around shirtless, so I cannot either and that she was scared of me(jealous?)or some shit. In reality she could if she wanted too but since the genders are different she runs a higher risk of being harrassed or in some cultures assaulted than a man does. I let her rant; After she was done I looked her in the eye and said stone cold “Do you think I give a shit?” and “I did not know I was so built that I was intimidating”

        5. anecdotes like these really affirm college is worth the $40,000 a yr pricetag!

        6. Nice response. Can’t let the SJW police control your actions. If anything, sounds like she was turned on and had to let you know you got to her. In some offbeat way that was a compliment.

        7. American (emphasis American)college is a scam. I have traveled and studied abroad sauna-ed with cute European girls.while in Germany I made small talk with a considerd average girl (a German 6 an American 7.5 ) basically wanted me to take my clothes off in public.I mean for God sakes Germany! Is better than the USA. Frat houses(called Studentenverbindung)duel with sharpened rapiers(called mensur) they leave that famous scar that German villians have in the movies. Also I can get a SET of A to C level textbooks for German for under a 100 Dollars! In the States one Textbook w/out a cover for German was 200 Dollars. If I were to counsel a High School Senior on what he or she should do for post-highschool education I would say;Get your General eds save money, go to a 2 year school and get an Associates in a subject that is in demand internationally, specialize(or learn) in a foreign language, graduate and transfer to an International Univerisity anywhere where they actually teach useful knowledge and the culture is not too much infected with progressivism and consumerism.

        8. you maybe dodged a bullet there mate, or very least a false RAPEEYYY RAPE RAPE claim.

        9. doesnt Sgt Roger Murtaugh shoot people with diplomatic immunity then say “has just been revoked” ???

        10. Never stick your dick in crazy, and that one sounded deeply disturbed. Obviously the entire male population was applying that rule to her, at least for the past year.

      2. I became fucking depressed just while reading your live report of the state of affairs around us.
        We have to end this BS.

        1. The truth is harsh sometimes. The biggest problem are the kid touchers. Guarantee they are also the same ones pushing the feminism agenda and trannies agenda. Addressing pedophiles with extreme prejudice also might help reinstate that it is a potential mental deficiency that is making people gay and tran.

        2. The touchers have been around a long, long time. I am a glutton for punishment, I chose to watch a doc on this, shot 25 yrs ago about things that happened in the 70s and 80s…

        3. There was a scared straight sort of movie I was forced to watch when I was 9 by my grade school teacher called I know my first name is Steven. The movie follows this 8 year old White boy who gets abducted and raped for years. Maybe even shared, until he finally is found as an adult, existing as a shell of a human being and unable to recognize his inalienable rights to preserve his own livelihood. If there is any movie a child should see about the world they in, it was that movie. Pedophiles are the most vile humans to exist and the law makes it easy for them to hide and be protected.

        4. Yeah, but the pedos-dressed-as-trannies-in-the-loo is just another diversion. If we’re *serious* about catching pedos before they strike, we need to ban the Catholic Church, the Boy Scouts, and all sleepovers. As well as skeevy stepdads. Any ideas how to do that?

        5. Strange thing is, paedophilia is frowned on by society since historical times. How is it possible that it can be a question which is up for discussion? This just shows that under the surface, things are happening which are not what they seem at face value. More proof of social engineering efforts by the cultural marxist brigade.

        6. All they need to do is apply for amnesty in Sweden as an unescorted minor refugee. Their policy is to never question the nationality or age reported by the refugee; that would be racist. So you can go back to being a 16 year old (even at 45) and bang teenage classmates.

      3. But if you say something about this, the liberals will say you have not evolve and attack you with irrational arguments until you either shut up or walk away in disgust.

        1. They argue like children so treat them as such. Gather enough children and they can beat an isolated adult. But address them in a childlike way, listing your argument while feigning empathy and they will likely say I see or simply end the argument. Your goal is never to sway them. They are degenerates and gone. Wish them well. The goal is to stop them from attacking kids and dragging them off to the same depressed hell hole they live in.

        2. I like the response recommended by Charlie on Two and a Half Men; just nod and say “I understand.” When asked if he did understand he said, “Hell no, but people seemed to like it, and go away afterwards.”

        1. Is Pence a fag? or a guy who just doesn’t hesitate to insult them? Truly, I want to know.

        2. Hard to say for sure but my money is on pence being a salami smuggler

      4. “Gay women have penis envy and hope the other converts keep following
        them for fear that their feminine partner might see a penis and convert
        back to straight sex. And oddly enough just as high rates as straight
        couples for beating up their partners.”

      5. Lesbos actually have the highest rate of domestic abuse. Straight couples don’t compare.

        1. If you’ve never seen a bulldyke go full Raging Bull on her waifish partner…

      6. A good comment man, but I still stand by the fact that there are no gay women, just women who need a good dick down to remind them what their cunts are for.

        1. Would you stand by that comment after looking at someone resembling Andrea Dworkin?

        2. I didn’t say they deserved to get properly dicked down and I certainly wasn’t offering, just saying that they need it. And yes, if I was so inclined, which I am not, I could bang the lesbian right out of that disgusting cunt

        3. There are a relative handful of real lesbians. They are typified by never having had a sexual relationship with a male, have no animosity against men, like the things men like, and like hanging out with men. The true lesbians I have know hate feminism with a passion, and don’t want anyone to associate them with that filthy cult. The only similarity to the “social/political” lesbians is that they like pussy. I can’t say I blame them.

        4. you find one and let me rape her a bit……we will see how lesbian she really is 🙂

        1. A cop told me that lesboes have the highest rates of DV (domestic violence). A lesboe relative told me the same.
          Not surprisingly, our useless and biased media has never seen fit to report on this phenomenon. Any story about a lesboe couple is all unicorns and rainbows and everything is just peachy.

      7. Actually lesbian couples have DV rates twice that of hetero couples. The least violent couples are homosexual men (although it is a stretch to call gay male couples as couples, most are “open” relationships.). It seems the cause of all the DV is estrogen.

    2. I have a different view about trannies.
      The more they will be, the more women will get pissed to be challenged by former men, more sexy than them… it’s just a question of time before the two groups will hate on each other.

      1. If you noticed, Feminism is over. The Liberal-Bolsheviks are dropping the pushing of Feminism, probably because white women voting for Trump made them realise that they will not be able to turn ALL white women against white men. So they are ramping up the Gender-bending propaganda these days. And the two cultural marxist ideologies, Feminism and Gender-bending, although both are employed aiming at the same goal, are in contradiction with each other. So you may be right, but that is intetnional: I am sure the Liberal-Bolsheviks are ready to throw all white women under the bus, because they have already achieved the maximum damage Feminism was intended to cause. The future looks interesting….

      1. True. That gender bending BS is coming from within. Islam, at least for now, is coming from outside. The stupid politicians keep bringing them in and they eventually will overtake the West from within.

        1. (((thats the plan))) … i mean … nothing to see here move along
          great point, “stupid politicians” or bought & paid for tools for social destruction who care zip for the people.
          for your comment, an upvote for you good sir.

      2. That’s quite correct. Islam is an invading force/ideology that you actively oppose. Accepting “gender bending” and soon you have a society that simply stops reproducing and dies in a large orgy of hedonism till’ ain’t nobody left.

      3. Yes, and the reasons are twofold.
        First, the Gender-bending is weakening our societies, so we will be less resilient in the face of Islamic conquest.
        Secondly, when Islamists see this Gender-bending BS happening, they will be even MORE convinced that we Westerners all deserve to die, because we are the scum of the Earth, who are morally below them. And we indeed are – if we do not stop this madness.

  2. Tomorrow is the “Day Without Women” protest march! Will anyone notice their absence? Nope.
    What happens when we have a “Week Without Men” protest?

    1. Doesn’t this just mean more women than usual will be on social media to signal how they are disappearing, using #daywithoutwomen? They stopped cooking, breeding actively, being okay with being second in relationships, and are finding each other as life partners. Didn’t they already leave?

      1. To be fair, a day without woman seems terrible. I need to drop a load into something

        1. bob, I haven’t used a toilet for semen removal in years. I like to keep my toilets clear. I put it in women instead. Those dirty bishes are used to it. A tool for every job and a job for every tool

        2. That’s some SuperSperm if it clogs the toilets! Imagine the disaster if it fertilised female alligators!
          Actually it was a play on words “drop a load”… etc.

        3. I’ve heard that once a man consumes Kratom, his sperm become literal miniature rockets with thrust measured in pounds.
          One can never be too careful.

        4. Fuck me. Combine that with some tribulus terrestris and you have sperm potent enough to make her mother pregnant.

        5. They’re not miniature. How do you think the v2 turned into the 100 megaton ICBM? Werner von Braun did a pinch of Kratom one day before heading out. Some got in his pants.

      2. Like a tree falling in a forest, if its not reported on social media it didn’t make a sound.

      3. The media is going to have to work pretty hard to cover up the increased productivity numbers and stock price rise, heh.

    2. It’s also “International Woman’s day.” What a coincidence.
      Back in the soviet era, women would receive flowers from the men.

        1. International Womans day was an ersatz “Mothers/Valentines Day” (women receive flowers) and soviet army day = Fathers day (the men take the day off and get drunk).
          They didn’t have Santa Claus or Christmas, but they celebrated the “new year” (coinciding with Orthodox Christmas) and had “Father Frost.”

        2. My former English wife used to say what are you buying me for mothers day?. My reply would always be, my mother is dead, you ain’t my mother …….. you get nothing!

        3. and then she sucked how many other cocks before divorce raping you? well done.

        4. More than one I’m thinking. She was a total cunt, and I was a total cuck. I freely admit I’m a slow learner.

        5. I thought international women’s day was when you banged a minimum of 5 women from 5 different countries.

      1. Has, some girl tried to mention that to me last night and I shot her down so fucking hard her pussy got wet. Was a beautiful exchange.

        1. I’ve been using “International Woman’s Day” as an excuse for everything. “Get in the kitchen woman, don’t you know its International Woman’s Day?”

        2. And he deftly sidestepped the question with the combined grace of Fred Astaire and Michael Jackson….

    3. Great ! I’ll finally be able to get some work done at my office!

      1. My current gf is Spanish, and she told me two nights ago that she’s not hiring any more women at her office because they’re too much trouble to manage. She works way better with men.
        All her Spanish friends, of both genders, are the same way — normal, ordinary, agenda-free people who see what works. So I’m gonna have to go ahead and disagree with the author there (*Office Space reference*). At least in my experience, Spain is mostly free of leftists. Don’t forget which side lost the Civil War in the 30s.

        1. A woman hiring others and telling you she’s done hiring women. Careful. Might have a Pandora on your hands and lose a finger playing with her box. Best of luck, bud.

        2. Spain is mostly free of leftists.

          What a good joke. Cough “Podemos”, Cough, Encroaching political correctness, Cough, omni-present anti-Christian bias cough, unsustainable attempts to keep afloat their bloated welfare system, cough

        3. But…he doesn’t object to those things so they’re not Leftist, they’re “centerist”.
          You gotta learn to read the whimsical code man.

      2. I had the same thought, although I ditched the office for the beach. That’s about the only place I want to see a woman — a young, hot, tight, bikini-clad female, who knows damn well that girls have vaginas — a TITTIES!

    4. You see a lot of homos in Madrid. Bearded men kissing each other at the train station… It looks… wrong.

        1. Very true… And a mecca for blue haired nose ringed feminists. In fact, if Spain cut away the entire Catalan province and let it float away into the Med, Spain would turn from feminist to Neo-Masculine overnight.

        2. See my comment above. I was in Barcelona for two weeks in January. I’ve met/known probably 50 to 60 women in Barcelona or from Barcelona, and not a single one even remotely qualifies as leftist. Maybe I’m just lucky, maybe my sample is tilted towards more decent women, but that’s what I’ve seen.
          It is a gay mecca, it is extremely artistic and stylish… but radical feminism? If it’s there, it’s a tiny minority. Most Catalans are busy watching Messi at Camp Nou, working ten-hour days, speaking their unique language, and eating really good food.

        3. Don’t forget the quasi-matriarchal Basque Country with the ugliest women of the country!

        4. Yeah I’ve been there too. I was joking. Radical feminists are a tiny minority everywhere, hence the term “radical”. But they do have a fucked up fashion sense there.

        5. Move a little off to Sitges and it’s middle-aged german sausage paradise (for those who dig it).

    5. As a female who has, yet again, been thrown under the bus by these twats – good riddance.

    6. A lot of folks whose last names ended with the letter “z” got fired after ADWI; here’s to hoping that it’ll happen again here.

    7. So we’ll see that many less spandex selfies, mornonic hastags, Marilyn Monroe quote memes, and Snapchat puppy dog face filter selfies.
      Dang, how ever will we cope? Oh, what a loss!

    8. I’m waiting for the “Day Without Men” where the world stops.
      Tired of all this crap.

  3. It is ironic that some catholic organizations are the resistance against some aspects of the NWO while that scumbag Bergoglio is promoting marxism and faggotry from the Vatican.

    1. His accommodating attitude towards Muslims into Europe is baffling considering his one and only job is to protect the Christian faith…

        1. Pope Clement XIV dissolved the jesuits, but they were reinstated about 50 years later. Jesuits are marxists full stop.

        2. Yes the Jesuits used to be a fantastic and extremely orthodox order. However they fell headfirst into the modernist heresy much like our great institutions in this country like Harvard have precipitously declined into Marxism themselves.

        3. Yes they were, when I was a kid. After Vatican II, no they weren’t, and haven’t been since.

      1. He’s a scumbag. There are rumors in Argentina about him having Jewish ancestry, which wouldn’t be a surprise if true.

      2. Protecting Christian faith is offensive and not politically correct by today’s standards.
        Funny thing is, I’m not a very religious person, but I’ve found myself defending catholicism way more often now than I did just five years ago. Now all college aged kids crap on christianity and consider it way more violent and cruel than fucking islam.
        The commie teachers in American campuses have done a great job cucking and brainwashing this generation.

        1. I was always the black sheep because I refused to accept Christian ideas as fact. Now I’m the black sheep because I’m defending Christian ideas.
          Anything looks better to me than this isolating and superficial cultural marxist slop.

        2. It’s really messed up how things are.
          I’ve come to accept that most people are just not capable of thinking for themselves.
          If you ask “why do you believe in miracles”, it’s basically the same thing as “why are we bringing people into our country when we can’t afford to live ourselves?”
          In either case people don’t like to seriously deal with these kinds of questions because it leads to cognitive dissonance. These kinds of questions don’t fit into their regular scheduled programming of Starbucks, sitcoms, and anti-depressants. Even the people who can acknowledge difficult questions like these will most likely not do a thing about it.
          I now think that the truly noble person who can think for themselves and act accordingly is incredibly rare.

    2. Ergo Bergoglio would therefore not be a valid pope as he is a Marxist heretic who destroys the unity of faith.

        1. I wrote an essay on why Bergoglio could not be a Pope and submitted it to this site a while back, it never got published but I will leave it here for your enjoyment:
          Why Francis is not a true Pope and why it matters.
          A lot of talk has been going around recently about how “Pope” Francis is a globalist shill destroying Europe, pushing Marxism, helping to import millions of Muslim invaders, calling other religions valid while attacking the history of his own religion. Hardly a day goes by without this so called Pope spouting his mouth off in support of the latest Globalist talking point. Now an honest person is required when faced with such an assault upon his reason to ask himself “how can a Pope do such evil things?” Well the sad state of affairs is that a legitimate Pope cannot do these things, therefore while Francis may hold the outward title of Pope to many, he is in fact a pretender and to conflate his ideology with the Church is an error. In this article I will illuminate why this is using Church Law and history as it is my intent to stay away from the deeper theological ramifications that this discussion will inevitably bring up and thus avoid a Catholic vs. Protestant vs. whatever argument which would take away from the thrust of the article. I will then show why this is not an abstract exercise, but has real implications in today’s world.
          How does one become Pope? The qualifications to be Pope are that one be male, a Catholic, and that one is elected by the College of Cardinals. To be Catholic i2s that one is baptized and professes the faith, that is he ascents to the doctrines and dogmas of the Church. To willfully disbelieve just one doctrine or dogma puts one outside of the faith and makes one a heretic as St. Thomas states: “[one] who disbelieves [even] one article of faith does not have faith, either formed or unformed”. This is why to willfully disbelieve an article of faith incurs automatic excommunication (Cannon 1364: 1. With due regard for can. 194, part 1, n. 2, an apostate from the faith, a heretic or a schismatic incurs automatic (latae sententiae) excommunication and if a cleric, he can also be punished by the penalties mentioned in can. 1336, part 1, nn. 1, 2, and 3 (1983 Code). Now if you think that the Catholic Church is being over zealous the practical reason for excommunicating someone who denies but a single dogma is this: the enemies of Catholicism try to destroy the faith one doctrine at a time thus they appear to be Catholics when in fact they are destroyers. This is why Pope Leo XIII said in Satis Cognitum: “There can be nothing more dangerous than those heretics who admit nearly the whole cycle of doctrine, and yet by one word, as with a drop of poison, infect the real and simple faith taught by our Lord and handed down by Apostolic tradition.” Therefore in order to be validly elected Pope, Francis would have to be a Catholic, which by definition means he professes the entirety of the faith. We know that Francis is not a Catholic and therefore could never have been validly elected Pope because of his actions while Cardinal. In Argentina he coauthored a heretical book with Rabbi Skorka (see: 1917 can. 2318 § 1) , approved of sodomite civil unions, conducted religious ceremonies with other religions, and hid the child sexual abuse of certain priests in the diocese, one of the four crimes that cry out to heaven for vengeance. (it seems Francis does judge homosexuals after all, very approvingly). Here is a good list of Francis’ heresies while in Argentina:… Therefore because of Francis’ public and obstinate heresy he had formally judged himself to be outside of the Church and therefore could never have been validly elected pope as he was never a Catholic at the time of his supposed election. And just as a repudiation of Catholic doctrine removes one from the Church so would it remove one from even the Papacy.
          The Purpose of the Pope is to be the stand in for Christ on earth therefore he carries with him the temporal authority of Christ, which is to say that all members of the church owe him submission as the supreme earthly authority. Furthermore the purpose of the Roman Pontiff is to prevent the Catholics from falling into error, which is to say false (anti-Christian) beliefs and practices. Thus it is a Dogma of the Faith that a Pope by the nature of his office cannot preach error in Faith or Morals. This is confirmed by the Doctor of the Faith St. Robert Bellermine when he says: “it is proven with arguments from authority and from reason that the manifest heretic is “ipso facto” (by the fact of) deposed.” Really this is the only argument that makes sense because the Pope as Christ’s representative on earth cannot lead the faithful away from Christ. Also he is the highest authority in the Church and cannot be judged by any power on earth, therefore the operation which would cause him to fall from office must be automatic. Furthermore for those who say well because the Pope is the highest authority why can’t he just change the teaching of the church? The Pope cannot change doctrine or Dogma as he would like. Doctrine and dogma are the teachings given to the Church from the Deposit of Faith, also called public revelation. Therefore it is beyond the power of the pope to change them. Thus when Francis has said and done these things: “I feel like saying something that may sound controversial, or even heretical, perhaps.” Calling evangelizing a sin against ecumenism, organizing and presiding of the Assisi conference, praising Martin Luther & publicly worshiping with Lutherans, claiming there is no Catholic God, encouraging holy communion for adulterers, saying atheists and non-Catholics have sanctifying grace, and many more heresies he would have automatically deposed himself as Pope if he had had the office in the first place.
          To understand why Francis’ fauxtificate is pertinent to the world we need to need look no further than the greatest accomplishment of one very egotistical man: Donald Trump. His greatest accomplishment thus far has been to destroy the narrative of the Globalists. Now what Donald Trump has done only nationally a true Pope can do Internationally and with much greater force. I say this not only because the pretender Francis is now the leading voice of Globalism in the world, but because a Pope occupies the see of moral authority in the world. And while it may seem to American readers that the Papacy is a shell office (in large parts thanks to V2 which I will discuss in another article) a Pope does carry real weight and power in world affairs. Remember the paradigm that man owes his loyalty first to God then to Family and then to country. In our materialistic clime and place this may seem archaic, but it is still believed ardently by large portion of the world. Thus to replace his Marxist Blathering with the true dogmatic teaching of the Church would strike a crippling blow to the narrative because it would destroy in totality the moral high ground upon which the narrative claims to operate.
          So what would a real pontiff would do under the circumstances we face today? To know this all we need do is to compare the past encyclicals of Popes and the doctrinal teaching of the Church.
          With the crime of abortion, instead of blathering on about mercy and encounter a Pope would instead condemn and excommunicate practitioners. Canon 1398 provides that, “a person who procures a successful abortion incurs an automatic (latae sententiae) excommunication.” This means that at the very moment that the abortion is successfully accomplished, the woman and all formal conspirators are excommunicated. That’s right every single Catholic Democrat would be excommunicated from the Church, no more hearing Nancy Pelosi sanctimoniously drone on about how she is a good Catholic grandmother. Furthermore there would be no appeal to choice as a pontiff, by excommunication, would establish the moral certitude with regard to this action.
          A real pontiff confronted by today’s Marxism would condemn it and take the strongest actions possible to eradicate it. When the 2nd Vatican Council was called the a super-majority of bishops wrote that the council should be convened to condemn communism, and without Pius XII valiant efforts communism would have prevailed over postwar France and Italy. Think therefore how much good a real Pope would do against today’s Marxism when a real Pope took on the power of the Soviet Union after it had fought WWII and was victorious in those countries.
          A real Pope would condemn the false ideas of the 18th century philosophers: ecumenism, collegiality, rationalism, syncranism, and naturalism. These ideologies represent the groundwork of globalism, they fully humanistic and designate man as the arbitrator of right and wrong. Thus through these Ideas have movements like socialism, and feminism found the fertile ground the need to grow because they reject traditional morality by placing man and his interior motives at the highest order of good. (Pius IX: Syllabus of Errors)
          The current Muslim invasion of Europe would be met with the utmost resistance. It has always been the Church which has sought to safeguard Catholic Culture and in ages past has gone so far as to issue a call to arms against non-Catholics who have sought to destroy it. Pope Urban II issued the Crusades, Pope Leo the great even went so far as to personally travel into the heart of the Hun army, to Attila himself to deliver Rome from the sack that was to come. In 1571 St. Pope Pius V formed the Holy League that would go on to defeat the great Muslim Turkish Armada that was plaguing the Mediterranean; compare this to Francis who’s priests set up Muslim “refugee” boats as Altars and nativity scenes.
          A Pope would condemn feminism in the strongest terms. It is a fact There cannot exist feminism without birth control and a Pope would enforce the teaching of the Church in regards to contraceptives: “any use whatsoever of matrimony exercised in such a way that the act is deliberately frustrated in its natural power to generate life is an offense against the law of God and of nature, and those who indulge in such are branded with the guilt of a grave sin.(Pius XI Casti Cannubi)” A Pope would assert that Man is the head of the household and that a woman finds her vocation from being a good mother and housewife: “This … does not deny or take away the liberty which fully belongs to the woman both in view of her dignity as a human person, and in view of her most noble office as wife and mother and companion; nor does it bid her obey her husband’s every request if not in harmony with right reason or with the dignity due to wife; … For if the man is the head, the woman is the heart, and as he occupies the chief place in ruling, so she may and ought to claim for herself the chief place in love (Ibid).” A true Pope if he were bold enough may go so far as to condemn the entirety of women’s sufferage St. Pius X: “Woman can never be man’s equal and cannot therefore enjoy equal rights. Few women would ever desire to legislate, and those who did would only be classed as eccentrics.”
          America is roughly 20 percent Catholic, a real Pope would force liberals, especially feminists, to choose whether they were Liberals or Catholics because if a real Pope reigned they could never claim to be both. A true Pope would be the sword that Jesus spoke of in Mathew 10:34 “Do not think that I am come to send peace upon earth: I came not to send peace, but the sword.” That sword, long and keen, would cleave away the faithful from their false ideologies or the faithless from the Church. In an age where presidential elections are decided by 1 or 2 percent of the vote to force this sword upon the Catholics of this country, and the world would be devastating to the globalists.
          *I have used the 1983 code of canon law canon 1364 & 1398 to demonstrate that even by conciliar church standards Francis cannot be a pope, this particular canon is a repetition of the true 1917 Code of Canon Law which is far more stringent and has even more occasions for latae sentenciae excommuniations. Here is a good comparison of the two: http://www.traditioninactio
          Also go to this site to understand the current crisis

        2. Great essay, it’s a pity it wasn’t published. You should do it on some blog dude.

        3. Much appreciated. I may just do that. Right now signing up for discus is about as far as my internet talents take me so I will have to do some self improvement before I’m able I suppose.

  4. Their campaign was funded by an anonymous donor from New York who’s goal
    was to “raise social awareness about transgender children.”
    I wonder who this anonymous donor was?? Hmmm

    1. “Oh vey goy why dont you shut up no one is listening “*evil giggle *(to himself)” we need to increase the race degeneration with negros so we have no little goy above 90 IQ and operation ‘tranny granny’ is not blown …Assistant! send this message to Mr. Soros”

      1. the age 12/13 seems to be pinned to the age that is traditionally accepted by the Catholic Church as when Mary conceived Christ so it would make sense in Spain and latin America….no sure about japan, but they do weird shit with octopuses over there. I am all for younger ladies, but 13 seems way too young — I mean, it is actually pretty gross.

        1. 16-17 are the only two ages that make sense to me as a cutoff. Maybe 15 if one really wants to push things. Hell, my grandmother got married at 16 to my then 18 year old grandfather. Anything younger seems pedophile territory.

        2. Pedophile = pre-puberty …. so pre 11-15 age range. After puberty is their prime time for breeding.

        3. I can buy 16 — especially now when you are sexualized around that age anyway. But if you are fucking a 12-13 year old, despite what the law says you are a total fucking creep.

        4. yea if a you have to draw a red line – 16-17 is good.
          I’m looking for a good family for my daughter.
          Raising chickens, perhaps a goat or camel for the dowry.
          No college…

        5. I guess I could see wanting that life for a daughter if I had one, but it sounds fucking odious to me.

        6. Then again, I might be moving to Montana soon just to raise me up a crop of dental floss

        7. the initial response is protection — she cannot go out till she turns 30.
          Now, perhaps its natural, nurturing, instinctual.
          I check out other kids and their families… and evaluate – “getting these kids together”…family – -grandkids…etc.
          College? to be brainwashed by libtards? — fuck no…

        8. Makes sense. I have no f’n clue where I would even begin raising a kid let alone a girl

        9. 14 is the age. At 14 a girl is sexually fully developed, they are horny as fuck, The excuse of she seduce me is not a joke at that age. Promiscuous girls start young. But the excuse of he seduce me that some Muslims in Sweden got away with 10 year old boys is BS.

        10. Portman’s character in the professional transcends AOC. She channels pure sexuality

        11. Don’t tell that to progressives or to the average American dude. The think that you are a pedo.
          It’s amazing that people don’t look up in the dictionary for that word. It’s obvious that it’s referring to girls under puberty.

  5. It’s a great thing to do and a good message but did the Novus Ordo have to be so crude about it? Maybe I’m just nitpicking here.

    1. No need to ban the entire movie, Future Bluray release will have that scene removed. The movie theme is men are violent and women are angels. It´s funny, why we should feel empathy for the woman when she willingly open her legs to a criminal psycho, Alpha Fucks, Beta Bucks, she got what she needed for that man, The Violent alpha semen and then become a single mom and some schmuck will marry her. That is a woman´s fantasy, get a kid with the best genes and get a beta to pay for it.

      1. No, they will just remake it with a woman in the lead, like they are doing with every other movie these days. She’ll be the perfect cop, the perfect kindergarten teacher, the perfect mom and the perfect human being, and the movie will be all about how evil men are.

        1. It really has gotten bad hasn’t it? And if it’s a “historical based movie” they may still have the man in the lead, but 9 times out of 10 he’ll be accompanied by the Strong, Independent Womyn who, guess what, was actually the one responsible for his success.

        2. It really has. Have you seen the list of films that they are planning to remake with a Strong Female Lead (TM) or an all female cast? It was circulating a few weeks ago. Not only is it a pretty long list, its also really laughable that they think people will want to watch female versions of some of the movies on there.

    2. He’s not a tall man, like you’d think from shots like in this clip. He probably looks me straight in the throat, give or take. I was just standing about 3 yards away from him a couple of days ago. Man has he aged.

      1. nope, 5’11’- he was at that show?
        You know he ended each Apprentice by saying “I’m sorry, you’re terminated; hasta la vista…” no wonder no one watched

        1. Yeah, in fact he was *all over* the show. Usually he’ll make a grand entrance, then hit whatever main stage is lined up for the primary competition that day, do a spiel, then walk off and away never to return. This year he was all over the event glad handing everybody in sight, then went up to the “control room” or whatever it is that looks out over the event and just kind of watched for a while.

        1. great way to troll their parade- show up super tanned and demand to walk in the parade. I honestly would like to see this happen, bc now they are allowing “undocumented migrants” to march in the NYC St Pat’s parade. So now we have homos and illegals marching in an Irish parade…DiBlasio is a marxist to the max…

        2. The St. Pats parade has been a faeg pageant for years. They just like to pick fights with an institution who’s primary tenet is forgiveness. Such heroes…

        3. Cant we micks have one day where we can puke in public in peace?

        4. The Irish would be quite put off and upset if we limited their drunkenness and public puking events to just one day.

        5. Mummer’s- thats when they let the hobos drive the parade floats, right?

  6. Yeah, the outrage is pretty ridiculous but come on….do we have to make every fucking sphere political? Whether you agree with something or not, can’t we just not make a public show of our beliefs sometimes. Jeepers creepers, turn it off sometimes.

    1. Yes, yes they do. If you politicize everything, then everyone is on edge, afraid to engage in a debate on pretty much anything.

    2. It’s only very recently that the right has started fighting back in public. Before, when the world ran under the “keep it to yourself” rules, only the Right followed that rule and generally remained silent, meanwhile the Left kept pounding the drum day and night about every stupid little thing until it basically transformed the culture so that now all this bullshit is “normal”. That’s why we are barely flinching about some truly outrageous stuff that, in 1989, would have caused riots in the streets.
      Nah, the days for silence are over, at least for a spell. If we don’t continue to counter the Left (which is what this bus was specifically doing) then they win the long game.

      1. Ugh. It’s so tedious. When I see an uproar about some nonsense my first thought is always “these people really need to get a life” it has got to the point where I don’t care what the issue is at all (even less than usual) I’m just tired of the whole thing.

    3. I’d have supported you a few years ago, but since the Right did as you just said and now we have this, I think the time to strike back is now or never, otherwise male homosexuality might be mandatory in 20 or so years either in your country or in my birthplace, you know, as a bonding experience to expel the evils of sexism and racism, just as they have forced betas and omegas to wear high heeled shoes, you know, to promote awareness of women’s situation…

      1. If you want. I am to the point where I look at political and social issues like sportsball…some pointless shit that other people care about and gives their lives meaning but that really don’t matter to me.
        A lot of shit seems blown way out of proportion because it is being paid attention to so much like who wins the hockeybowl or whatever.
        If it’s fun for you by all means, go for it. I’m just gonna be over here living my life.

        1. Contradicting women and banging them while you express your disgust for their opinions is part of the work as well don’t you know.

        2. I am apathetic to the opinions of women. I don’t care to contradict them nor show disgust. Really, all opinions are just kind of lulz

  7. Its time we start calling trannies what they are defects of body and spirit like the rest of the world does and they dont suffer such debacles (ROK stop deleting my comments)

  8. Try a bus like that here and it will be engulfed in flames before it gets two blocks. Liberal tolerance.

    1. buses here have ads for tourist shit, tv shows and movies. people really need to put this pLOLotics shit down for a bit.

      1. You can thank Obonga for politicizing every god damn aspect of human life in America. That fucker has done a number on our culture, he should be hanging from a gallows.

  9. someone else posted this video of Spain’s violence against men act.
    i.e. a woman calls police – man goes to jail – mandatory.
    yelling is violence i.e disagreeing with woman…
    If I didn’t have a kid I would be moving to Asia…

    1. yelling is violence i.e disagreeing with woman..

      Sheesh, Spanish men can’t yell at their women any more, like other Mediterranean men? This shows real cultural insensitivity.

      1. watch the video — fucking sickening.
        and similar to California. and encroaching every western province. a woman’s word is gospel.

        1. I mean, seriously, I’ve seen Hispanic men in the U.S. yell at their wives. We even had a TV series showing this back in the 1950’s. We somewhat less emotional white Americans from northern European ancestry just shrug this off as ethnic behavior.

    2. Living here already, If you beat your women and she calls the police, they turn up and ask you if she deserved the beating. if they agree with you, they will also give her a slap for wasting their time. If they don’t agree with you, they tell you to keep it quiet next time.

    1. terrible. wonderful. 5 stars. lolknee proclaims “I laughed. I cried.”

        1. I wonder if they are in faggot “heaven”, with their eyelids taped open, as they are forced to watch “Moonlight” over and over…

        2. They might like Moonlight over the other faggotry with cowboys and Heath Ledger. Forgot the name of the movie at this point. Think Jake Gyllenhol or Toby Maguire was in it too. Not sure which.

        3. Thought that was the gay porn sequel starring John travolta in his latest comeback attempt?

        4. hahahaha the Family Guy spoof on that was fucking hilarious,….peter singing the song “Cowboy Butt Sex”

        5. Hahaha!! Right in the pooper!! Not even sure when they infiltrated but out of nowhere all the movies with men holding hands, sleeping with each other, and expressing feelings became Hollyweirds oscar winners. Dually attacking men can’t have feelings while not being gay and celebrating coming out of the closet.

        6. I can see that now! The singing would start, they would draw Peter’s closing slowly, and then they would show it as a movie with the women in the audience wiping their eyes with handkerchiefs saying how moved they are!

        7. Yes, it’s like they are trying to convince the moviegoing public that most men are gay, or soon will be. And women are superheroes who celebrate their superiority by punching men in the face, verbally castrating them, and scoffing at them. I got some wood for Hollywood…a baseball bat.

        8. That movie Moonlight is a virtue signaling progressives wet dream… with the main character being black AND gay, by openly proclaiming how much they “loved” the film and what a “masterpiece” it was, they can clear themselves of being a racist AND homophobe. What a deal!

        9. Brokeback Mountain.
          The year when Hollywood woke up and realized that they hadn’t struck down all bastions of masculinity, insofar as they forgot to make cowboys into homos. Fixed that one right up though.
          Although really, the perception never really gelled like they hoped, cowboys are still generally seen as paragons of masculinity and rugged individualism. I expect more movies might need to be made in the future.

        10. A co-worker I like was dragged to this movie by his girlfriend. And at the time he literally (Hitler) had no idea about the gayness of this movie. He told me when it got to the scene where one cowboy started corn-holing the other, he actually yelled out “Oh my God!” Said his girlfriend sort of hit him and hissed “shut up.” While leaving the theater, she said “what the hell is wrong with you?” He was pissed, and said something like “Why didn’t you fucking tell me this was a movie about faggotism.”

        11. I watched part of it once. When the two cowboys started kissing, that was it for me…

    2. Do you write these yourself Bob?
      For a moment I was excited that there was a little nipple tease… And then I realised that it was her little finger.

      1. Yes I write ’em and make the covers…I’ll slip some nipples into one of ’em here at some point.

  10. This sick behavior and Cultural Marxism on the part of Western governments is being exposed for what it is. It’s truly incredible to see this kind of backlash.
    No ideology with good ideas has to censor its opponents. A well crafted ideology will encourage its opponents to listen to all sides of the spectrum. Leftism does the exact opposite.

    1. It is cuckservative, the worst of it.
      Yeah, the inheritors of the previous dictatorship are the ones improving t(her) “rights”.

    2. Spain is not socialist my friend, but your spartan soldiers were the first form of comunism in history

      1. Sorry but after the death of Franco, the country became another socialist failed project, a trainwreck in slow motion…

        1. I’d say that Spain is invaded by its enemies. But in the burning spirit of the oldest nation of Europe is not to be socialist.
          “Vencimos y venceremos”.

  11. In Spain a woman who makes a gender law call, gets 450 euro during 11 months from europe fundings, even before the veredict.
    Last week, a gay boy was condemned to prison for raping a girl. The thing is, the rapist was a biker, and this boy had no bike and was with his boyfriend at the moment.
    A gender law call is enough for you to not be able to see your kids ever.
    But yeah, there is rape culture.

    1. What in the unholy hell?? I really hope you are being contrarian because this is slightly more horrific than the gender protocols in the West. If it weren’t for HR and campus police, or race baiters, you may never hear of a report on rape or sexual assault.

      1. This shit goes on. I can’t remember what country (I think Norway?) but a woman can falsely accuse a man of rape and get an immediate cash stipend, just for the allegation.
        The man can fight it in court, but even if he wins (which is unlikely), the settlement awarded is way less than the amount given to the woman who makes the false-rape allegation…

        1. Sounds like the man would likely be sneered and heckled for even coming to his own defense. Thank Goodness I would never live in Europe. Could see myself staying for a few months at a time though.

        2. Well, what’s spooky is, the globalists try these extremist laws out in cucked countries first. Then they export them. So it is most likely coming soon to a theater (of war) near us.

      2. The gender law in Spain is qualified as “exemplary” by the EU.
        Just a single call to a specific 3-digit number and you’re fucked. And you need to prove your innocence (not the other way around). She just appears with a purple eye and you without having an alibi and it is at least 3 months.
        Right now, changes are being made so you don’t need to be emotionally involved with the “victim”. And we are ruled by the cuckservative party.
        Even my gf jokes everyday about making a call, but I amplify…fortunately.

        1. Spanish ladies are gorgeous so whatever the law says I would still pursue them sexually if I lived there. That is a mock dictatorship by means of sex control if I ever heard it. Glad you kept your game sharp and can show what’s happening on the ground floor while still enjoying your life.

        2. If you go to spain, go south. Basque country is filled with matriarchs (with chainsaw haircuts)

  12. “The vehicle was commissioned by a Catholic organization called Hazte Oir
    (Make Yourself Heard), which has campaigned against abortion in the
    past. The bus is allegedly a response to a campaign displayed across
    northern Spain by a Basque organization which exhibited drawings of nude
    children holding hands and stating that some boys have vulvas and some
    girls penises. Their campaign was funded by an anonymous donor from New
    York who’s goal was to “raise social awareness about transgender
    children.” ”
    Funny how donations from New York City always fund alternative sexual programs and no one is allowed to question it. I guess the constitution has been suspended as a “Hate Document”!

  13. “First they came for the pickup artists – and I said nothing. Then they came for the red-pill men – and I said nothing. Then they came for the harem-mongers – and still, I said nothing. Then they came for my porn…and I SCREAMED and SCREAMED and SCREAMED.” – The Average Western Cuck

    1. They better not come for my PePe LePew cartoons….have to pry them from my cold dead hands

    2. Better to start with “First they came for my Playstation”. Go thru a list of stuff omega males treasure. End with “fleshlight”.

    3. dont know if you fellas in the US heard/saw this story/tale in the MSM the other day, but i read an article about a man, i think Japanese, who was crushed under his collection of porn mags 8 tonnes worth!!!
      dont know if true or the MSM attempt at saying men who have porn mags will be killed killed killed for getting the blood pumping round to those luscious lips of Jenna Jameson.
      on a side note … 8.tonnes.of.magazines …

  14. What a horror story.
    On a lighter note, there should be a bus that says, “Some boys aren’t pussies. Some girls aren’t loud bitches. If you were born a boy, be a man. If you were born a girl, come make me a sandwich and take your pants off.”

    1. “If you were born a boy, be a man. If you were born a girl, be a kind and pretty good wife” seems less sarcastic

      1. ? One would think that he would at least shave his mustache. Women with mustaches are generally unattractive…..

  15. “If you are born a man, you are a man. If you are a woman, you’ll keep being one.”
    “The judge said […] the messages […] attacked the dignity of certain people by denying their sexual orientation.”
    Does not follow. Do judges no longer feel the need to employ sound reasoning in their decisions?
    Actually, check that. I’m not even certain what it means to deny a sexual orientation.

  16. Do women really have urge to breed?
    I hear the “tingles/rush” for wanting sex.
    And I hear women have the biological urge.
    Are they the same thing?
    My girlfriend sent me pic of her with friend’s newborn baby, shit eating grin, and message:
    “my womb is throbbing, saddle up partner”…
    is womb throbbing literal – like tingles (she calls it “the rush”)
    If so – why are so many women having fun — then childless…
    any way, I want more kids, traditional family, etc before get too old. but don’t want to put all my eggs in the same basket-case…so gunna start a hareem

    1. JHC- another reason to hate smartphones! No tact or subtlety anymore. I wouldnt wanna see a pic like that in the middle of the work day

  17. The Transphobic Bus Of Hate? THE TRANSPHOBIC BUS OF HATE?………. I used to laugh at silly shit like that, now I just shake my head.
    Give me a while though and I will certainly find a humorous way to use that title lol

  18. I bet that this very minute, all those Russian hackers are riding around on The Transphobic Bus Of Hate drinking vodka and later today they will make a stop at the gay bar and beat the shit out of some trannies.

    1. Oleg, Yuri, Boris and Dmitry are such fun rapscallions I tell you.

      1. Gotta keep a close eye on those cats, they will use the camera on your smart TV to take pics of you in your underwear.

        1. They almost got me on my iPhone while I was taking a dump after a protein shake. It would have been plastered all over Gorky Park I am sure.

  19. Oh yeah, I’m from Spain and you just nailed it. It’s fucking terrifying to see what’s happening here; stating a biological truth is a hate crime and the means of coercion and violence of the state are aimed at you to crush you.
    There is no peaceful way out of this; western societies are deeply divided between the ones corrupted by propaganda and the ones who don’t deny reality.
    Guess who receives government support from the cuckservatives.

  20. Up is down, right is wrong, black is white. Parrot it long enough and people will start to believe that crap.

    1. I can guarantee if this happened in the US, the result would have been the same with the bus impounded.
      Look at how the pigs sit on their hocks and let Trump supporters be beaten by Antifa. Law enforcement is not on our side. Also, a very large number of cops are dykes – drawn to a masculine position of authority. Pretty much every female cop is a bull dyke. Whose side do you think they’re on?

    2. Um, the overwhelming sentiment on this forum is not pro-cop. Weren’t you here when they had a guest writer who was a confirmed cop? His articles, which were pretty mild and tame, were slammed hard by a whole mess of people.

    3. Plenty of cops are on the right side. The system is corrupt, no doubt, but the individuals hold the proper views. They, like many others, are stuck in the catch 22 of maintaining their economic status quo to feed and take care of their families.

      1. Being a policeman means that taking the red pill isn’t a choice but rather a matter of daily survival.

    4. ROK is or should be anti police state. I imagine we always have been. We side with the cops who do their job well and often get flak from sjw’s; but these are the indivuals we focus on, not the state. The irony is the sjw’s think they are fighting the establishment when in fact they are pawns of the establishment.

  21. I swear to you before long they will normalize pedophilia and bestiality. Now that evil is in power the sky is literally the limit. There are, biologically, only male and female. In fantasyland, there are several. But, that’s un-reality.

  22. LOL The troll level of that bus is in the stratosphere, nice work! The crybaby left have gone are absolutely insane.

  23. I have long said that leftistism is the denial of objective reality and natural law.

    1. Just for giggles today, I squabbled with some feminists about rape precaution. They were saying that learning Kung Fu or some martial art is a good way to stave off a rapist. How about just keeping your nose clean and stay out of the situation?
      Sheesh, the backlash I got was as unreal as their girl power fantasy.

  24. Otto Von Bismarck: “I am firmly convinced that Spain is the strongest country of
    the world. Century after century trying to destroy herself and still no

  25. Looks like the Spaniards need to bring back that ole classic institution from the 1500s. The inquisition. It’s stopped Protestantism, it can stop transgenderism. *(I’m not for or against either sect of Christianity, historical observation)

    1. Protestantism is everywhere. How did it stop it?

      1. He refers while inquisition existed. Protestantism in fact just was pumped originally among the 3rd line countries (flandes, germany,..) to stop the spanish domination in europe back in that time.

        1. But, the point is, if that’s their claim to fame and greatness, then history can’t help but judge them a failure. Clearly they didn’t even do the job well enough in their own time and place to get rid of it.

        2. It wasn’t a fail. Till democracy Spain has never had protestants in its territory, not a single church.
          Back in that time spanish were fighting against, Germany, Nederland princes, France, England, Turks, American-Indians, some italian princedoms and some asian kigdoms.
          The fail itself was of the countries in which this sect has spreaded after Spain lost its influence over them.

      2. I apologize, I should have elaborated. It stemmed the spread of Protestantism in Spain. England developed it’s own church, and Germany was mostly Lutheran.

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  27. The same thing would happen in the US. Imagine a bus like that driving around in the US. Libtards would go crazy!

  28. I can’t believe what happened to Spain. It went from one of the most conservative countries in the world to SJW haven.

  29. Stupid degenerates of socitey thinking that there are 51 sexes
    I’d rather learn the names of rivers in the world. Much more educational

  30. Spain is just another France or Germany. No more identity, no more future. Must be karma for all the shit they did around the world.

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