A Book From The 90s That Predicted Our Degenerate Future

There is a tendency for people who first come into this corner of the world to be dismayed and overwhelmed by the degeneracy. I would say that this is also true of the majority of people out there, who may not be quite as aware, but instinctively know that something is wrong.

How did society get this way, seemingly in such a short period of time? How do these people think? What is the history of their radical, deconstructivist ideology? There are many articles but a surprising lack of definitive guides. I’m currently working on a project to remedy that situation. You can’t fight an enemy if you don’t know how.

Fortunately there is a compact, definitive, and powerful book that encapsulates some of the thought processes, tricks, and recent history (mainly the late 50’s to the 90’s) of the lunatic “social justice” left. That book is Thomas Sowell’s Vision of the Anointed.

In Vision, Sowell expands on themes regarding the contemporary left, some of which are amazingly prescient (the book was written in 1995). The major thing to understand in Vision, according to Sowell, is that there are two visions of the world, the “tragic vision,” which emphasizes the tragedy of the human condition based around incentives and trade offs (i.e.: that there is no magic bullet), and the “vision of the anointed,” which proposes magical “solutions” to problems while ignoring human behavior and allowing the said anointed to make themselves feel good in the process. Those opposing the anointed, the benighted masses, are not only wrong but morally inferior.

One thing that the book is lacking is that Sowell does not provide any solutions, but it is a nevertheless crucially important read, particularly for beginners that might not have much exposure to the red pill, Neomasculinity, or political philosophy in general.

Targets vs. Mascots


This freak would be an example of a mascot in Sowell’s book.

One of the anointed’s keynotes is their target vs. mascot method of judging situations. We all generally know this as the privilege vs. victim dichotomy. Sowell writes:

The ideals of “a government of laws and not of men” and “equal protection of the law” are at the heart of American constitutional law and the democratic process. Yet, increasingly, government has come to be seen as a way of benefiting particular groups adopted as mascots, often without much regard for what that does to other groups or the integrity of the system as a whole. Groups disliked, distrusted, or feared by the general public are particularly eligible to become mascots who symbolize the superior wisdom and virtue of the anointed. (pg. 149)

On the other side of the equation, you have targets:

Just as the logic of their vision guides the anointed in their choices of mascots, so it guides their selection of targets. The prime requisite for both mascots and targets is that they must distinguish the anointed from the benighted. Just as groups disdained by others become eligible to be mascots of the anointed, so groups respected by others are eligible to become targets. These include business people, physicians, and other professionals, members of religious communities, policemen, and others whose social roles or financial success engender respect or influence in the society at large. Just as the law is stretched and strained for the benefit of mascots, so it is stretched and strained to the detriment of targets. (pg. 168)

Verbal Inflation


Her payment in inflated social coinage.

The most common tactic that the freaks use to jockey for status is what Thomas Sowell calls “verbal inflation.” What Sowell could not have foreseen was just how prescient his words were with the contemporary power of social media. If, when the book was written, the verbal inflation game was played by devaluing the metals of the verbal coinage, today’s inflation is an endless digital stockpiling of that verbal coinage, almost turning language itself into a virtual reality:

In addition to particular words and phrases which betray the mindset of those with the prevailing vision, there is a more general tendency toward verbal inflation among the anointed. Thus ordinary vicissitudes of life become “traumas.” Any situation which they wish to change becomes a “crisis,” regardless of whether it is any worse than usual or is already getting better on its own.

Verbal inflation, like monteary inflation, would have no effect if everyone understood what was happening and could adjust to it immediately. A ten-fold increase in the price level would mean nothing if everyone were free to add a zero to the sums in all contracts, laws, cash on hand, etc., and do so immediately. Inflation has an economic effect precisely because there is no such instantaneous and total flexibility. In the real world of lagging adjustments, borrowers pay back less than they owe, workers are paid less than they were promised, and the government cheats its way out of part of the national debt by paying it off in dollars that are worth less than the dollars that were borrowed. Verbal inflation likewise enables some people to cheat others. When “harassment,” “discrimination,” or even “rape” are redefined to include things going far beyond the original meanings of these words, there would be no real change if everyone understood what the inflated words now mean and neither social stigmas nor the penalties of the laws applied to the vast range of new things encompassed by these new meanings.

In both cases, runaway inflation is not just a zero-sum game. Monetary inflation not only redistributes benefits but can also reduce the sum total of those benefits, by undermining the credibility of the monetary unit and with it undermining the predictability of the whole system of which it is part, causing the economy to be less productive as people restrict what they do and plan, in order to avoid vastly increased risks. For similar reasons, human relations suffer when the verbal common currency of social interaction loses its meaning and predictability, so that people now protect themselves from new risks by various ways of withdrawing from one another and reducing their cooperation. (pg. 215-16)

Remember, this was written in 1995.

The Need For Novelty


This is their art, currently on display at Versailles. Louis XIV would be aghast.

To demonstrate their superiority to the benighted masses that aren’t as smart and sophisticated as they are, the freaks have a need to flaunt their freak-ism. If they can’t be beautiful, they’ll signal their moral superiority by celebrating vulgar things under the guise that they are “new,” and they are thus “enlightened.” This is a phenomenon we are all familiar with, and so was Sowell:

The charge is often made against the intelligentsia and other members of the anointed that their theories and the policies based on them lack common sense. But the very commonness of common sense makes it unlikely to have any appeal to the anointed. How can they be wiser and nobler than everyone else while agreeing with everyone else? In everything from avant-garde art, music, and drama to exotic animals and “radical chic” activities, the stress is on their own differences, their specialness.

Consistent with this pattern of seeking differentiation at virtually all cost has been the adoption of a variety of anti-social individuals and groups as special objects of solicitude – which is, to say, special examples of the wider and loftier vision of the anointed. From multiple murderers to smelly vagrants, these anti-social elements have been adopted as mascots, much like exotic animals. The stigmas put on these mascots by the rest of society merely provide yet another occasion for the anointed to blame society itself for failing to “solve” these people’s “problems.” (pg. 248)

The Future


Taking selfies while still in diapers. Get ready.

Sowell’s prescient warnings were dead on target:

The full dangers of the vision of the anointed cannot reveal themselves immediately. Even the anointed themselves are currently under at least the residual influence of traditional philosophical, religious, and moral inhibitions. To the extent that their vision prevails and endures, however, successive generations of the anointed will be less and less under the influence of these eroding traditional constraints, and the pure logic of their vision can operate more fully. (pg. 260)

Thomas Sowell, once again, wrote these words in 1995 – 20 years ago. As he wrote these words, a new generation was being educated by the older “anointed.”

I have remarked upon the differences between the 80’s-born Millennials (the cohort I fall into) before on the forum and on my semi-regular stream/podcast, The Bardic Circle. We both agree (as do many on the forum), that the 90’s born Millennials are far more neurotic and are the main source of SJWs. With the second half of the Millennials in particular, we seem to be seeing the fruits Sowell wrote about.

It is not a coincidence that the “social justice” freak show, or the vision of the anointed, emerged into the cultural mainstream and out of the ivory towers of the intellectuals (which Sowell was mainly discussing) at the same time that this cohort came of age.

I greatly fear that as the generation behind the Millennials comes of age, the culture will get even more detached from reality, and Sowell’s prophecy will echo with even more amplification. Even Millennials, and 90’s ones at that, had a few tempering influences – access to attention whoring technology was still limited for the overwhelming majority of their lifetimes. It is not limited now, and the generation behind them (the so-called Generation Z), grew up with it.

We must resolve to use that technology for our own ends and to be examples of a counter narrative, a counter vision. Sowell was short on offering solutions in his book – that will be on us, but nevertheless, his book is important for our side to read. We cannot fight an enemy we don’t understand, and he sheds crucial understanding in Vision.

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85 thoughts on “A Book From The 90s That Predicted Our Degenerate Future”

  1. You can see the same trajectory at work much earlier on in the Arts, for example with Ducamp’s urinal that was done to shock the masses out of their complacency. Some would argue that this was highly original and provocative to do in the early 1930s. However, in our age its become a law of diminishing returns for the left freak show too, as society is, or very soon, will, be immune to any such shocking tactics. Besides, most people know they’re doing these “exotic” and “radical” things for attention serving purposes.
    The one key value that people can respect even in our age is authenticity. Values and beliefs based on principles that mainstream people can see are authentic will actually win the day. Most things come full circle- you might be surprised at how many of today’s twenty somethings, might in later life (30s and 40s) come to seek out values that are authentic, grounded and meaningful to their lives.

    1. I almost slipped into the “freak” catergory luckily band of brothers and the good the bad and the ugly set me straight.

      1. the man with no name is a great masculine role model. also the music at the end of TGTBaTU is some of the greatest ever.

        1. The scene in the trading post with the swinging lantern when Cheyenne meets Harmonica for the first time is fucking EPIC!
          Also, the portrayal of the twisted and confused woman (Claudia Cardinale) is spot on:
          Cheyenne, the nice guy, wants her to settle down with him but she doesn’t want to.
          Harmonica, the alpha, doesn’t want her though she wants him (he knows “Don’t stick your dick in crazy”).
          Frank, the asshole, just fucks her in every available hole and never talks to her again.
          …and in the end she’s all alone (with many cats probably).

        2. i think you’re thinking of “one time in the west” which i haven’t actually seen, but sounds great. this video based on it is excellent:

        3. You need to watch it. It’s “Once upon a time in the west”. The duel is as legendary as in TGTBATU.

        4. yes, i think it’s the only one of leone’s westerns i haven’t seen. definitely in my “to watch” list.

    2. “you might be surprised at how many of today’s twenty somethings, might in later life (30s and 40s) come to seek out values that are authentic, grounded and meaningful to their lives”
      Hopefully, you’re right but you might be wrong. The reason that you might be wrong is that the current batch of 20 somethings is so arrogant. K-12 (and higher ed for females) has turned into a 12-17 year long self-esteem workshop. When you add in the fact that most of their learning/culture was done through the ‘net and not through the classic way of learning from elders, then it’s all so grim. They’re too self-satisfied to ‘seek’ out anything, sadly. They don’t want to learn from previous generations because they don’t respect them at all. Obama is the first. His disrespect for Jefferson and the boys is a perfect example. He’s smarter than those geniuses, in his own opinion.
      Here’s what’s sad;
      By age 20, a current day millenial (particularly female) has reached peak self-satisfaction (not for them individually, but I mean peak self-satisfaction in regards to what is humanly possible. BIG-TIME self-satisfaction. Big leagues, baby. There is some iron-clad self-esteem going on, none of it based on accomplishment or character either. And certainly not based on how they look in a bikin 97% of the time either)
      Next step is a complete, constant, decades long, around the clock anaestheticizing warm bath of entertainment and sugar consumption. So there will be no ‘seeking’ from that crowd. Why would they? They might ride elephants in Thailand to some temple or drink some funky tea in the Amazon on vacation but nothing real or nothing that lasts over 10 days. Most of them won’t seek a damn thing. Sugar in their mouth and the glowing net in their face. We’re goners. Anytime the someone puts some faith in Millenials, I just have to laugh. To think that Millenials will have to carry us out of this mess is a SHTF scenario.

        1. The elite left tend to be educated and clever in terms of IQ, but don’t have the sense that god gave a gopher. Unfortunately, they are clever enough to manipulate the dullest and most useless members of society into forming something of an unholy alliance (figuratively but sometimes literally). In the USA, if people with IQs less than 90, or those over 140, or both were not allowed to vote, the Democrats would never be able to win an election without a serious shift to the right.
          Of course that is not going to happen and more-or-less “normal” people will be the ones to get the slap in the head while the left creates financial and social systems to benefit themselves at the expense of everyone else.

        2. People are so easily led like lemmings. The politicians are well aware of this and manipulate the people accordingly. Even people who think they are intelligent and wise get fooled.

      1. That’s why the “manosphere” (someone will have to come up with a better name, it sounds like a 1980s gay disco) will have to be the cool, authentic, way for men who want to be themselves without any bullshit and be content in their masculinity. It will have to maintain something of that sub-cultural fearless vibe and kudos it has about it- the propensity to confound its critics through articulate, bold, non-nonchalant, speech that’s underpinned by its core principles.
        The more it doesn’t play ball with the mainstream ideologies the more authentic and attractive the message shall become. They’ll come back.

  2. There is one theory that I subscribe too that explains a lot of this, and that is the theory of the Cathedral. The Cathedral is a term used by the Dark Enlightenment to describe how the progressive system operates(here’s the definition),
    “Secular progressivism is the memetic descendant of Puritan Calvinism. Blasphemy, inquisition, indoctrination, and brainwashing still occur from the perspective of the progressive religion. Therefore, progressive culture is referred to as “The Cathedral”. The Cathedral consists of influential people from politics, journalism, academia and education acting in an uncoordinated manner to advance progressive principles in society; often deceptively.”
    This is to say that in our new secular societies maintained all of the religious framework of the past and just molded in to progressive society.
    In my mind:
    Priests = Therapists
    Professors = Priests/Bishops
    Confession = Therapy
    Prayer = self improvement and “working to improve yourself”
    Religious dogma= liberal dogma
    People who don’t follow the liberal dogma = heretics
    The main difference I would argue is that there is no Pope and no written book. There are many who might obtain pope-like status (such as perhaps the president) but no there is no official pope. The fact they have no written book detailing everything they think makes it even harder. Because if you say, “I hate feminism” and then a progressive person goes, “Yea I don’t think feminism is that great” or “They had some legitimate gripes before but now they’re overstepping”. In other words they can weasel their way out of any legitimate conversation and claim, “Oh that’s not the dogma I follow!” But really it is, and it becomes a mess but generally progressives are easy to spot, it’s holding them accountable for anything is where it becomes difficult.

    1. The modern religion is Government. Government giveth and Government taketh away. The President would be your Pope. The Book is the Law. If you step outside of the primary tenets of the State, justice will be swift, harsh and merciless.

    2. Stop using “Cathedral.” The cathedral is a sacred place, and the co-opting of the term by Moldbug (a man of Jewish heritage) to mean something offensive is itself repulsive.
      Why not “temple”? It’s a term with broader application without indicting Christendom and western civilization.

    3. no. there are equivalents, but only if you’re blind to the price not paid. today’s professor therapist is not a professor priest.
      a professor professes to the profession, above all others, and thus is trusted as a professional. to claim that you profess, and then not place that dedicated discipline to the craft in absolute first, is to lie. which ultimately violates trust. violations of trust are violations of trade, and over time cause everyone to view you as what you truly are: a rote spineless servile leech: the definition of professors today: untrustworthy, and not worth the price for their services in the slightest.
      the main difference, i would argue, is that these impostors, these rote imitator degree holders, have, in fact, self-anointed themselves. sowell is right, in this astute observation. what is absent now, but was present moreso in times past, is the tolerance of even the slightest self-anointment by actual priests towards the imitator priests. trade violations are celebrated, not silenced to excommunication: a business hack starts their own school, takes student loans and anoints masses to the priesthood of their choice, and none ever actually pay the price of any lesson. none have humility to discipline, none profess first servitude to the real world, and oddly (but surely enough), this discards all into servile lecherous liars.
      what must be realized is that credit is in fact granted, by men, to self-anointers. oddly, if you run around claiming to be jesus, all will revoke credit, but run around claiming to be a therapist, and insta-credit is given, with whoring glee, and without a second thought.
      give no credit.

    4. The evidence indicates their (the Cathedral’s) actions aren’t unco-ordinated but quite the opposite.
      They’re signing from the same songbook and are making a living doing this.

    Is that annoying? Let me say it again:
    If you want cogent analysis on race relations, bullshit economics (including gender pay gaps and other feminists nonsense), the welfare state, white oppression, and all sorts of stuff, he is the man to read for any conservative or red pill or otherwise thinking human being, he is the man.
    Do you want to know what really happened in the 2008 crash? READ THOMAS SOWELL.

      1. I DGAF if he is a purple martian expat from the dark side of the moon: his shit makes sense.
        His particular background gives him all sorts of cred to deny the SJWs on various racial issues, but otherwise he is THE MAN. He is the leading intellectual of conservative thought, bar none.

      1. This is the same sort of thing I’ve brought up to wage gap morons in the past. It’s very clear and all it takes is simple observation of one thing from multiple angles, rather than observing from a single angle, as femenists tend to do. Might check out this guy’s books… he seems to keep it simple and exactly as it is with no agenda. And being a black bloke, idiots won’t be so quick to discredit him like they would an old white guy (heh, racism).

      2. Such a dumb argument she is making here. By her own logic, white men are suffering because there is no white man representing his point of view on this program.. its a black man and a white woman (obviously excluding Buckley, the host). Her line of reasoning would suggest that a white man should be represented or else they are being oppressed.

      3. In the video you also see the standard Western Marxist ‘projection’ (Freud) technique being used. Where a phony premise is created and floated from “cherry-picked” data.
        Later day misandrist FemiNazis like the czarina of Western Marxism, Sheryl Sandberg, use the same propaganda technique. The ’77 cents for every dollar’ bumper sticker they serve up is actually raw census data. When it gets the slightest analysis, it turns out there’s been a war-on-men!

    1. Inflation is the key word in the article. Inflation in economics as in other areas of endeavor leads to an inherent loss in value in what’s being asserted or measured. The recent worldwide economic collapse was a case in point,where price inflation in houses and commodities were backed up by an all persuasive verbal inflationary narrative in society and the media that said, buy, buy, buy…….
      The fact is that inflationary devices or modes, by their very design, collapse and full back to earth, or back into the void from which they came. This is where authentic values hold their own, values that let you see and know the light from the dark.

      1. Actually, I saw this trailer for the film 99 homes, which is a prescient film on current american society…I’ll go to later in the week, worth the watch I think

  4. I’ve not read this book. But I’ve read other stuff by Thomas Sowell and I agree that his stuff is always worth reading.

  5. By far one of my most favourite intellectuals. He also posts articles regularly on the website “Capitalism Magazine”.

  6. I haven’t seen The Martian yet, but I find the reviews of it interesting. Why would a Robinsonade set on another planet appeal so strongly to people, and especially now?
    Well, we can feel the spiritual sickness of living in our world full of parasites and thought police, like the ones Sowell warned us about. You have to learn how to manipulate people and keep careful control over what you say and do around them so that you can have a tolerable life – and you don’t have access to the most elite people who have the most power over our whole society, like, say, Federal Reserve bankers.
    By contrast, it feels more natural and healthier for us to extract our sustenance from nature directly through the use of our own minds and hands, where you don’t have to play these ridiculous mind games with idiots. Our ancestors repeatedly had to solve survival challenges posed by new environments and situations by doing their version of “sciencing the shit out of them,” and today’s movie audiences seem to respond to that by seeing it in a science fictional context.
    This could also explain the popularity of those admittedly staged “survival” shows on cable, along with the real ones showing blue collar guys working on commercial fishing boats, in logging camps or in gunsmithing shops. We know that we live largely in a simulacrum of reality, especially with all this social-justice make-believe, and the knowledge has become a splinter in our minds.

    1. Why would a Robinsonade set on another planet appeal so strongly to people, and especially now?
      Because, humans were genetically engineered somewhere else , it’s in our DNA, there is too much evidence and also we have something like 200 genes unaccounted for that do not match other animals, our brain size and technicality is simply out-of-this-world compared to every other species here, literally. there is no other “good” explanation for the size of the brain, other than “evolution” and evolution is just a clever speculation
      We likely evolved on a much larger planet than ours and it was probably some sort of paradisical utopia that we can’t gain back. Yet. Hence, our vulnerability to dream up “religious paradisical” ideologies perks up over-time with ancient genetic memories of the “good life”
      One particular theory of ancient atlantean paradise:
      The atlanteans, stupidly, were trying to use the earths spinning gravitational energy to gain free-energy, but locked themselves out of their technology accidentally which they had left on the moon, creating a sort of uber-van-allen-belt that ruined them by capturing cosmic radiation and essentially almost tilting the earth off it’s rotational axis , they called this fuck up fre–fenergy experiment the ‘star gate” like the tv show ‘stargate atlantis” hence they locked themselves out of their own stellar base and got stuck on earth, this was later re-discovered by tesla, when he tried to use a copper tether to use lightning to have free electricity, since the earth is like a giant rotating electric motor
      just like wasps and bald eagles build giant nests because it’s in their DNA, humans, on a long enough timeline, end up with space travel and advanced technologies, when viewed from a dish, we are doing exactly what we are programmed to do as a species. Just as yeast does what it’s programmed to do, and so on, and that a tree, simply does what it’s programmed to do, we are following a program that evolution does not explain since none of the other millions of species share the same intellect etc
      the bible is full of mythology about living 800 years and so on and atlantean visions, but it’s written in code that only “initiates” understand
      We come from a planet with much lower gravity than earth, hence, why we suffer from lower back pain so often, we often feel a sense of dread that is simply unaccounted for in other species, alot of our behaviour reflects different origins than earth,
      do your own research^ einstein was a friend of “immanuel velikovsky” and believed in the idea of aliens

    2. I went to see it Thursday night. I’m a huge admirer of Ridley Scott, both Alien and Blade Runner are in my top ten movies of all time, so my expectations were relatively high in advance.
      I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest and I concur wholeheartedly with your succinct analysis about why such films appeal to our inner core. In particular, I liked in addition to what you’ve said, the way at end when he’s instructing the new recruits and giving them advice at survival in space, that he broke each problem down sequentially and dealt with them logically until solved, the way I suspect most man do things. In other words there was no singing the praises of the usual multi-tasking mantra. Secondly, the portrayal of women in the film was very normal and measured- both women on the main craft were smart, able and attractive and it was refreshing to see them represented on a power, but, not necessarily equal to the male characters. There was also a thankful absence of “bad girls” running around the place in one-piece shiny black latex suits thinking they’re the same as men. How novel and refreshing this lack of pretense and artificiality is in a film. I highly recommend.
      By the way I believe Matt Damon has now become a feminism and LGBT target by making the remark that gay actors shouldn’t have to reveal that they’re gay. Apparently he’s a gay oppression promoter now and secondly he had to explain something about project green light to a black women presenter recently and the feminists did not like his tone at all!…he’s accused by the self appointed anointed ones of being a racist know it all misogynist. I’m sure you’re worried Matt. You’ve just got laugh!

      1. I’ll agree about Alien and Bladerunner. However the Martian is a complete rehash of Gravity. Space disaster, survivor, problem solving, mathematical ingenuity, hey presto problem solved. We all go home. I was so disappointed with Prometheus. I think Scott should stop shitting over his legacy like Matt Damon and the potatoes…..oh and Jessica Chastain is a hottie from the waist up….. watch her as she flies around in zero g’s…… that is one big ass…..

        1. I was disappointed with Prometheus too.
          “That’s one big ass”… Even zero gravity has its limits.

      2. It’s another example of feelings first and not respecting someone’s opinion. Damon explains his side of it (what he thinks – in the way that the show is handled) and right away you can see the “hurt feelings”. It’s his opinion (a big one because he is Matt Damon) but it’s still his opinion, only. She doesn’t like it and like many women (especially black women) they are offended, right away, because you don’t agree with him.
        He says nothing at all (no hate terms used) – he only explains the process and how it’s usually handled.
        That’s is the core problem, today. Two adults not able to sit down and disagree (on some things) without feelings getting hurt. I’m sure she was on Twitter within a matter of minutes telling everyone how racist Damon is now because of his opposing view (or opinion).

        1. Very true. People are not thought how to debate anymore, besides, being -offended is a fact of life, you have to learn how to cope with someone not agreeing with you. How in the future will america have world leaders and diplomats of the highest caliber if they’re not educated in these skills. I’m afraid the rest of the world will walk over the US if the future is in the hands of people who react emotionally and without reason to such statements.
          The fact of the matter is that ALL PEOPLE should know the art of how to disagree and argue – they should how to react when people don’t agree with your cherished ideas- this is a core life skill.

        2. And they should be reminded that we have no right, inalienable or otherwise, to not be offended.
          In life we’re always going to encounter people with different opinions and ideas that seem repulsive to us.
          The point is that people should learn how to accept that others hold different beliefs, and that no matter how offensive to us, they have a right to those beliefs.
          IE the Confederate flag vs the Rainbow flag.
          People who cannot handle differences in attitudes and beliefs amonst other adults are not themsevles functional adults.
          The black womyn in the segment above fits that bill = a grown up child who can’t permit other adults to have different views.

        3. And this is the irony. We’re told to respect diversity. However, in the same breath, there’s only certain prescribed forms of diversity that are acceptable to the new left who become “offended” once one of their ideological maxims is debated in an adult manner.
          For example I disagree with some of the extreme right wing opinions that people sometimes mention here- especially about blacks for example, which I’ve never had an issue with, offending people just because of their color is really dumb I think, however others will not agree with me, but, that’s life, we agree to disagree, even though a rational argument is a nice way to support what you’re saying.
          But, you’re right, the juvenile and regressed teenager outrage and offence that happens to the new social liberals is dysfunctional semi autistic behavior. If they want to sit all the grown up table they should start to act like adults who have the odd original thought.

        4. Diversity in America means people of all shades, colors, and sexual orientations all believing (or at least saying) exactly the same thing.

        5. Well if they’re all saying exactly the same thing it doesn’t sound very diverse, maybe they all need diversity orientation training. America values more than any other 1st world country (except Sweden) the “average man” concept. It encourages undue deference to both conformity and mediocrity in both thinking and questioning. It promotes a society in which genuine divergence of thought is negated through the equally of all being equal, regardless of race, creed or sexuality, under the altar of high consumerism. We all really want the same goodies, don’t we? And perhaps they’re right, Americans and all the rest of us, yes, perhaps we’ve found our true selves, our nirvana, our true selves, looking back at us serenely through the glass plated mirrors in our local mall. Who could want anything more?

      3. There was also a thankful absence of “bad girls” running around the place in one-piece shiny black latex suits thinking they’re the same as men.

        You see women depicted like that a lot in science fiction art, not necessarily in black, though. For some reason catsuits on women have the reputation as “futuristic” clothing.

        1. You do realize the Ethan of Athos is about a 100% homosexual male society that goes off planet to return with fetuses in artificial wombs. There are actually no women allowed on their planet. MGTOW on steroids.

  7. This is Sowell’s masterpiece, and more than worthwhile in its own right. However, when read in combination with his books A Conflict of Visions and The Quest For Cosmic Justice, it gains still more impact. Highly recommended!

  8. I have a 22 year old astute, well aware, red pill son (thanks to me) who tells me that the average boy just 5 years younger than him is freighteningly blue pill, pro feminism (“feminism is great, man”) and has been warped by the all pervasive SJW indoctrination that they have been constantly bombarded with during the past 3 or 4 years in our government indoctrination centers, i.e. high schools that are run by the Annointed. My son says that five years ago when he was in high school, he and his buddys barely saw any of this SJW bullshit lunacy. He notes that when he and his friends hear these younger guys spout the government SJW line they recoil in horror and look at each other in astonishment at how mindless and robotic the thought process of these young guys has become. It apparently seems to be like some futuristic, dystopian sci fi novel …except that the future is now.

    1. The doors must have slammed on the sjw cattle car 5 yrs ago. Your son is lucky he missed that doomed train. It seems ever more difficult to break the youth out of their assigned camps (blue vs red). Red comes through struggle or something similar to ‘breaking blue’. Red may also be bestowed upon the sons of red as a gift.

      1. The irony is the lock step with cell phone advancement and obtainment by our youth, namely iPhones. Not coincidental. Every notion has the potential for virility when everyone has a podium. If you can invade these young “tech” dwellers trends – which let’s face it, are dumbed down morons who don’t know shit except how to push buttons to oversimplified “apps” a fucking monkey can use – you can control much more than any human should be given credit for. As the saying goes “Don’t underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers.”

        1. Apple devices in particular have more back doors than any other platforms. Blackberry is second to Apple in hackability and android is still the safest to date but not totally secure. The old Nokias used to be the most private unhackable system back before they went to windows. The old Nokia’s symbian system was tight, basically a unique Russian (actually Finnish) layout without back doors. Compared to the old symbian system, an i phone is like a pair of German lederhausens with a large access port in rear. A safe device today would be possible if you had a made to order custom built phone or laptop, but the retail shelf stuff now is all standard tracked and hacked.

        2. I still use a Nokia Symbian phone. And yes, it is the most secure. But I thought the Apple iMessage platform is relatively secure. If you believe what Apple says, all messages are encrypted on the device, and Apple does not store messages and cannot decrypt them. It was supposedly a reaction to the feds demanding Apple reveal private messaging contents hundreds of times per day. I usually defer to those in the know, ie Kevin Mitnick, Edward Snowden etc. but I am fairly certain Apple (messaging at least) is pretty robust and secure.

        3. Latest revelations from Snowden indicate android and apple smartphones can be easily manipulated, turned on and off, and contents read. Even if the imessage function is secure, it’s clear most of the other content on the device is readily accessible.

    2. i am also 22, my observations go like this.
      Grade 7-9 absolutely 0 liberal bullshit and Social justice things
      Grade 10-12 still very little but I noticed a slight increase in the homosexual agenda.
      Through all of this most of the guys would laugh at this garbage while the females and some males would accept it as gospel.
      Now in my 4th year in university and it has been increasing exponentially from 1st year to now. And some of those same friends who would laugh at the propoganda are becoming SJW themselves ( or being brainwashed).
      Quite sad.

      1. From what I gather it seems that propaganda concerning the perverted sex/feminazi agenda has been severely ramped up into overdrive in just the last several years. Even the hard core, Democrat voting, black guys at my work, who live for the football season, are saying “WTF”, as the feminist/liberal/new world order agenda has massively barged it’s way into the programming on the NFL, ESPN and other pro sports with incessant blurbs about domestic violence and womens issues. What next? Pink footballs? Pink basketballs, baseballs, hockey pucks? There is no corner of a mans’ world left into which men can retreat in order to escape this incessant hectoring by these blue haired termagants, harridans, hoydens, shrews and their supporting, subservient, supplicating mangina sportcasters. Josef Goebbels is laughing in his grave.

        1. i feel like liberal black males would have a much easier time seeing the bullshit compared to a liberal white male.
          Liberal white males are the ultimate Social justice faggots.

        2. You mean the Joseph Goebbels who died when Germany’s capital was overrun by far left Bolsheviks, aka the SJW’s of their era? I think not, he’s most likely puking in his grave.
          The SJW phenomenon is simply the ‘next level’ of the western world’s descent into Marxist leftist extremist thinking. Behind all the ‘isms’ pushed by the elites there’s a straightforward hatred of white civilization.
          There’s nothing else to it.

      2. It goes back as far as the late 80s or early 90s – a quarter century ago. It has been crawling its way backwards through our various social systems and institutions in a top-down manner. In 1987 I was in business school and the army reserve: not an SJW in sight although a sociology prof who taught an elective was clearly out on the left. Into the 90s it struck the army and we had a raft of sexual harassment lectures and affirmative action policies come in. When I studied business ethics and ethical leadership about mid-90’s it was a novelty, but now business school have become overrun with profs teaching snake oil courses on CSR (corporate social responsibility), environmental ethics, diversity, inclusivity (and a raft of HR bullshit, virtually all taught by women who haven’t figured out things like management or finance).
        It was coming down the pipe from places like law schools, where I ended up next. I graduated in 1999 and what it seems that the whole leftist agenda took 5 or 10 years to make its way through every nook and cranny of the post secondary education establishment, and then trickled down into high schools over the last 5 years or so. It’s even making its way into junior high schools and as places like Ontario bring in new curricula, it will make its way to kindergarten.
        I teach high school business and its creeping in there. Here in China I will be teaching business information technology. I don’t have to strictly follow the Ontario curriculum, which includes topics such as the environmental impact of disposing of high tech devices and the effects of internet connectivity on northern and aboriginals communities.

  9. Uncle Tom is low tier pseudo-edgy shit, it’s babbys first ideology shit. What little stuff that’s good in his writing is unoriginal, read some Russell Kirk or James Burnham instead.

  10. Thomas Sowell is one of the best authors for topics like this. “Intellectuals and Society” showed how leftists have been corrupting the intelligentsia, including college professors, lawyers, and policy makers, for decades and even centuries now. He uses a lot of hard data and specific examples as well. Highly recommended.

  11. This is one of Sowell’s best and should be mandatory reading. While Sowell is in his 80’s his productivity and insight has only slowed a bit. A testament ot the man’s mind and constitution.

  12. Sowell has always been ahead of the curve. The man is so fucking smart and has an understanding of people and human nature that social engineers will never get. If he was white, SJW’s would dismiss him as a racist and a bigot. Since he’s a black man, he’s dismissed instead as an Uncle Tom. These idiots always love to tell us that they are our “betters” and that we need to listen to them. Sowell is better than all of them. Sowell is worth more than a million social justice freaks, faggots, and problem Negroes.

  13. How did society get this way, seemingly in such a short period of time?

    I’m not so sure. When was society not degenerate?

  14. Remember, this was written in 1995.

    1995 was not that long ago. George Orwell was talking about this in the Forties, this practice was used by Communists in Soviet Russia during their show trials of the Twenties and Thirties and it is a long standing Marxist tradition.
    In fact, it is a classic strategy of despots throughout history.

    1. Yeah, but what got to me was that Sowell was using the exact language that we see so abused by the freaks today, 20 years in the past. Not just the general trends, but the exact words.

  15. I wish I had paid more attention to the pundits predicting our future back in the 90’s. Yeah some of them were Christian hack jobs like Ralph Reed, but man they couldn’t have been more right. We got literally EVERYTHING they predicted. And everyone thoughts that Pat Robert’s on the 700 Club was just some old Christian crank trying to scare people. Man could we have all been so so wrong. If I was that guy I would go on TV and just say “told ya so” and drop the mic next time someone on the right complains about losing their business to gay activists who frame them.

  16. One reason I believe Sowell did not include solutions was because he wanted people to think of there own. If you see an answer versus thinking one on your own.

  17. Excellent book – like many of his others. I need to go back and re-read that one. Thanks for the reminder.

  18. what sowell realized is that anointed is dangerous. and it is. but it always has been, and that’s not the part that’s different now.
    what i hope he’s realized by now, is that this danger exists because men forgot that “anointed” is theirs – not social’s, not women’s, and not the deviant’s. in not claiming what is theirs, in leaving some shared trust ‘space’ open, this has allowed the degenerates to claim “the anointed” feel as their own instead.
    in the vacuum left when men forgot that “anointed” was theirs, and theirs alone, “anointed” has become a wretched repulsive social parasitic nightmare.

  19. Sowell started with “A Conflict of Visions” in 1987 and then a revised edition in 2007. “The Vision of the Anointed” fills in some gaps in the ideas, and “Intellectuals and Society” explores other thought on those in the ivory tower and such. Pick up any of his more than 30 books and it will be an enlightening read whether on economics, politics or the juncture of the two when he gets into affirmative action. Race, culture and history also feature prominently in his writings. He is basically the leading conservative thinker and public intellectual alive today, although at 85 years old it is hard to say how much longer he will be around.

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