Colorado Man Discovers 11-Year-Old Daughter Is Not His, Still Forced To Pay Child Support

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Chris Atkins leads a life that might be stranger than any episode of “The Maury Povich Show.”

The daytime talk show host has made a living out of revealing DNA test results to squabbling couples, but Atkins already knows DNA has proven he’s not the father of his ex-wife’s daughter, who was 2 1/2 years old when the couple divorced.

But since the truth didn’t come out until the girl was 11 and his name remains on the birth certificate, he is legally obligated to keep paying child support.

“It doesn’t make any sense to me,” said Atkins, who hasn’t had contact with the now-15-year-old girl in four years.

The cuckold in question

The 48-year-old said he should be allowed to maintain visitation with a girl he considered his daughter or if not, be allowed to stop paying $730 a month in child support and health insurance.

“I just want my daughter, but I can’t even see her, but yet I’m still paying child support. And the biological father has been found and he gets to spend time with her. I don’t get nothing,” Atkins said.

He accused his ex-wife Lori Lonnquist of ignoring court custody orders that grant him visitation while still collecting child support.

When asked if she was being greedy, Lonnquist said, “Maybe, but I don’t feel bad about it, I really don’t.”

Lonnquist insisted Atkins abandoned any relationship with her daughter when he learned she wasn’t biologically his. Atkins denied that and said Lonnquist refused to facilitate visits.

“I went to court and I said ‘I’m not seeing my daughter, but I’m still paying.’ (The judge) said ‘What do you want me to do arrest her?’ And I said ‘Yes sir, something.’ He said ‘It’s out of my hands.’”

When asked if she was taking advantage of the situation, Lonnquist responded, “Maybe so, but that’s also not on me. My kid doesn’t want to see him. She wants nothing to do with him.”

Lonnquist said she would agree to stop collecting child support from Atkins if he would agree to terminate his parental rights.

Denver family law attorney Ron Litvak said Lonnquist’s suggestion is not a realistic option.

“It`s very rare that a court will ever allow someone to terminate their parental rights unless someone else is willing to step into that role. The courts are not usually going to do that,” he said.

The most obvious “someone” would be Logan Doolen, the girl’s biological father. But the Aurora man said he has no intention of stepping to the plate.

Doolen said he feels bad for Atkins, but “on the flip side, if I would have to pay child support that would be messed up too.”

Lonnquist said she doesn’t think it would be right for her to go after Doolen for child support.

“Because he has his own family, he has his own life. I don’t think that’s fair to come onto somebody when they didn’t know for 11 years that they didn’t have a kid and say ‘Hey, by the way, you’re going to pay child support for a kid that you didn’t know was yours.’”

Atkins said he only learned the truth when Lonnquist told him she wanted to legally change her daughter’s last name because she was getting remarried.

Atkins refused to agree to the name change and that’s when he said Lonnquist told him the girl wasn’t really his anyway.

“So the alarms went off and we had a DNA test done and she’s not my biological daughter that I raised for 11 years,” Atkins said.

After Atkins learned the truth, he tried to submit the DNA test to an Arapahoe County judge, but the family law judge refused to accept the evidence because Atkins, who represented himself at the time, didn’t know the legal rules for submitting evidence.

When Atkins came back later with an attorney, his appeal was denied because the judge said he had already been given his opportunity to submit the DNA results.

“You know, I don’t want pity, I just want everybody to know this is happening. It’s not right, it is not right,” said a frustrated Atkins, who is now on the legal hook to keep paying child support until the girl turns 19.

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134 thoughts on “Colorado Man Discovers 11-Year-Old Daughter Is Not His, Still Forced To Pay Child Support”

  1. And some tard out there is watching all this, still prepared to give her a ring and legal rights.

    1. I’m only getting married if the trade off really does go substantially in a man’s favor.
      A 30 year old man in his prime marrying a 30 year old woman on the terminal decline? Fuck that shit.
      Now a 45 year old man with a 25 year old lady from a traditional / non divorce rape culture? That’s different.

      1. 55 yo man and minimum legal age for female (16, 17 or 18 depending on the state) sounds even better to me!

      2. Before the dame is allowed to enter my life she will submit and agree to wear my collar and serve me as I deem fit. I am the master and she knows it from the get-go. The dames freak out when reading my words but my concubine knows the wonders her submission conveys from me to her. I venture to declare that she is happier and treated better than the majority of idiotic dame harpies clamoring for ever right and privilege imaginable with nary a peep regarding responsibilities.

    2. Let me define
      Criminal Justice System (n)– a system where Justice for men is meted out by criminals, for the benefit of themselves and those who advance their agenda (i.e. females, minorities, etc.)

        1. Move to the Philippines. The Philippines will not enforce CS orders, and will not prosecute, or extradite, for family court issues.

  2. Fuck that! I would keep fighting it. How the hell is he paying 750$ with one child anyway? He got divorced raped bad.

    1. You think that’s bad? In the state I live in, I’d pay 6 digit alimony (and we have no kids!) possibly forever if my wife left me and took me to court to drain every dollar. Of course, if I made even 30% of what I make today when we got married, I never would have married. Oh well.

  3. I’d go Timothy McVeigh or Chris Dorner on their asses.
    Mom, Dad, the judge, and everyone else who was taking away my rights by forcing me to pay $700 a month for years.
    I’d try every possible legal means, but even if the payments stopped I wouldn’t be satisfied, I’d fight to sue and get my money back. And if I didn’t, it’s martyr time for me, and future men like me. This guy doesn’t look like he has much to live for anyway, should be easier for him.

    1. Juror nullification. If you survive and I am on your jury “not guilty” is my vote until a mistrial occurs. The next trial will need but one to stand up for males screwed over and another mistrial. Eventually, the prosecution relents and you walk away a free man and a message is sent to the tyrants lording over us.

  4. “Lori Lonnquist”
    Parents who are dumb enough to give their daughters porn star sounding alliteration should be another big red flag.

    1. @reality
      Yes. “Chastity, Charity, Tiara, Peaches….”. Definitely the big red flag signal. Working in the jail system I have come some real beauts for names. Parents (egg and sperm) were too stoned to figure out a decent name for the kid. Of course Lori could get a job at the circus as one of the elephants. What a beauty.

  5. There is only one way to fix this problem – mandatory paternity testing. A new born shouldn’t be allowed to leave hospital until the test is done. This will give men peace of mind. Sluts, feminists and the courts can please themselves lol.

    1. Wholeheartedly agreed.
      I have already decided that if I ever get married and have a kid, I would do a paternity test in secret, right after birth – or openly if need be.
      A woman has to prove her child is mine if she wants anything to do with me in the future.
      BTW this should be mandatory by the law, I agree.
      And getting offended is not an option for her, mind.

    2. Absolutely, no birth certificate issued without DNA tested parentage.
      The only legal document in the world that doesn’t require any evidence.
      (apart from a woman’s word)

  6. Poor schlub should just leave the US just to prove a point. Or just live off the grid and laugh at all the money he gets to keep while this bitch scrambles to do something.

    1. You would have to leave the country…just living off the grid would do nothing since the government would steal money from your paycheck, you would go to jail, or you would literally have to in abject poverty. The government would more than likely just jail you, at which point you would get raped in the ass by Tyrone.

      1. It is entirely possible to live off the grid as an independent contractor being paid under the table. No credit cards, everything cash, etc. Is it easy? Not at all but some have managed. Many Mexicans do it this way

        1. @Fitz Dude, they would find you…you wouldn’t be able to have a home, you couldn’t even rent because the renter would have to put their income from you on their taxes. Your employer would have to put your income under his tax write offs unless he was your good friend and willing to get himself in trouble to pay you under the table, you would pretty much have to live like a bum in a tent or under a bridge, even living out in the federal lands cost some money unless you want to do it by roaming around in a tent and hopefully you wouldn’t have to walk miles through the forest to get to work. You also wouldn’t be able to use a bank, you would have no savings for retirement…and in the end they would hunt you down regardless. In other words, you would have to live like complete shit and go through hoops and bounds to hide your income illegally, and you would more than likely still get caught, sent to jail, and shafted by Tyrone’s 10 inch pole….so, in my opinion that is not really not worth it. I would rather just leave the country. Who knows, maybe if your parents really loved you they would let you live in their basement, but once they are gone you will have to back-pay child support if you inherit anything, and you would probably have ZERO retirement.

      2. GEN Y Helicopter Kids
        What is the big deal about “leaving the country”? The Jews in LA laugh at the rubes and New York Yankees and white ethnics keeping raping the financial system and the minorities soak up taxes to buy their illegal guns with the scratched-off serial numbers.
        Whoah….you left the country for somewhere warm where women fuck and booze is cheap.

  7. “After Atkins learned the truth, he tried to submit the DNA test to an Arapahoe County judge, but the family law judge refused to accept the evidence because Atkins, who represented himself at the time, didn’t know the legal rules for submitting evidence.
    When Atkins came back later with an attorney, his appeal was denied because the judge said he had already been given his opportunity to submit the DNA results.”
    Let me get this straight: the cheapskate wouldn’t pay a few hundred bucks – ok, maybe a thousand or so – to hire a lawyer to draft a cut n’ paste motion that he’d probably done a thousand times and submit DNA evidence the right way. As a result of his misplaced frugality, now he’s on the hook for $730 a month for the next 8 years.
    Yeah, it sucks what happened, it isn’t fair, but part of me still thinks this financial retard had it coming for being such a moron.

    1. That’s very unfair. If I had concrete proof i.e. a DNA test, I would assume that would be enough. And the fact is, that SHOULD be enough in a fair legal system. The fact that you disagree and feel some Jewish lawyer should be paid to hand over concrete evidence shows how mind-fucked you are with the way the US legal system works.
      If I were a conspiracy theorist I’d say this case was handled the way it was as a deterrent to all (white) males considering having children, i.e. promoting white genocide. It certainly has had it’s desired effect if you just look at this comments section alone.

      1. I don’t operate in the way things ought to be, I recognize the way they really are. Would he represent himself in a drunk driving case? Hell no – he’d be on the phone with whatever late night lawyer he could find so he could keep his license. Jewish lawyers and unfair systems notwithstanding, he treated this like he was going in to fight a parking ticket, which is just dumb.

        1. He manages to make a $730 monthly payment – I’m guessing that’s about what a lawyer would charge for a simple case like this. Now he’ll continue to make that monthly payment for years – penny wise and pound foolish.

        2. Yes, but the Mexicans have the full backing and support of the govt. They receive tons of benefits, work under the table, paying no taxes or health insurance and have a huge support system. You try it, you get ratted out, and get to be a human condom in prison

    2. @ Slicklyboy Dude, the guy was just an average dude and NO HUMAN BEING who believes that the justice system is about justice would think that they would have to pay for a FUCKING LAWYER to prove something like this. Ok, so maybe he fucked up presenting his evidence at first (which is still bullshit), but as soon as he got the lawyer than that should of been it…case closed and he is off the hook. Slicklyboy, you are a problem with this country. I mean, you are incredibly fucking stupid. At the VERY least the judge could say, “hey that is interesting, but now that you have a lawyer get another DNA test and bring it back the appropriate way” (which is still bullshit.

      1. If you’ve been paying attention to what’s gone on in the family court system – especially if you’re already separated or divorced – then you know what is at stake. This guy was already in the middle of a divorce and should have known better, but instead of asking a pro for FREE initial consultation, he went in himself thinking he was at the post office. It might have been worse – he may have talked to a lawyer and said “Fuck it, I can save a few hundred bucks this law stuff ain’t all that hard” so there he is. That’s fine for traffic court but for chrissakes, it’s family court, kids and ex-wives are involved, he needed to pay attention. You don’t get a second bite at the apple when presenting evidence in a court apperance.
        Even for lawyer caught in a child support case of his own, if he does not do family law, he should hire a lawyer who does that kind of work every day.

        1. “Let me get this straight: the cheapskate wouldn’t pay a few hundred bucks”… this is what you said. Being ignorant to our bullshit family court system doesn’t make you a cheapskate. Stop throwing other men under the bus.
          “especially if you’re already separated or divorced”….”This guy was already in the middle of a divorce and should have known better”…ya, this was probably the first time this had HAPPENED to him you fucking moron. Oh, I am sure he won’t make that mistake again, and if he does, than he is still not a cheapskate he is just a complete moron.
          There is no way to know everything in life, and be aware of ALL the bullshit that can happen out there. Taking a DNA test to a judge to prove you are not the father should not be a complicated process. The truth is the truth, proving innocence should NEVER be a difficult thing to do, especially when you have definitive and tangible proof.

        2. I don’t go around making excuses for men, that’s what people too often do for women, nor am I the one who put this guy under the bus. This case wasn’t rocket science, every man his age grew up witnessing the realities of divorce outcomes. This definitely wasn’t the first time he’d heard it might be a good idea to get a lawyer. That, and after being in a relationship with that cow he should have known what she was capable of – especially after learning she was lying to him about who’s kid it was. Instead he googles a bit, learns of SB08-183 **and the limitations of it** {} gets information about how to file from the court web site, walks in and talks to the clerk. Clerk schedules a hearing, he pays a $70 fee, waits for the date and ignores whatever solicitations he likely ran across for lawyers urging not to do this unrepresented (maybe even blowing off a lawyer he actually consulted). But in your self pitying world where everyone is against you, it all happened so fast. Boo hoo.
          The point is this wasn’t a five minute act and he didn’t walk in off the street without a bit of research – it took planning for him to do this. Figuring he could save a buck, he did it himself. Like I said, would he do this for a drunk driving arrest? Damn right he wouldn’t. Try knowing what the fuck you’re talking about before jumping in or one day you’ll wind up just as broke and sorry as him, shitstick.

      2. I think is worse in other Western Countries.
        France illegal to ask for DNA of child…
        the fuck??

        1. In many jurisdictions in the US it is illegal to obtain a DNA test of a child without the written permission of the child’s mother. Note that this is a gendered law, like VAWA. It is unconstitutional on its face, but that and about $2.50 will get you a latte at Starbucks.

        2. It is so easy to get a DNA sample from a kid. A q-tip and a little rub in the mouth and it’s done. Mail it off and find out quick. But of course your gal just wouldn’t have screwed another guy while you were worshiping her clam.

  8. The hampster of that woman is so ugly and is in such an overdrive that a hunter should be despatched after it to shoot and skin it…

  9. So my wife and I decided to discuss this article. We are older and have been married over 3e years and our child and grandchildren are doing great with my daughter a stay at home mom and the grandkids homeschooled while the dad works. I say this so you realize we are deeply conservative and traditional. Here is how the discussion went.
    My take a bit cold hearted. The man should leave and sue for back pay for all the support he has given.
    My wife’s take. You haven’t thought of the innocent child in this. He shouldn’t just leave the child if the child has always seen him as his father. If he does leave he should sue for custody since he has been lied to and had to provide support.

    1. Or the woman could pay him, go to jail for lying…OR AT THE VERY FUCKING LEAST he shouldn’t have to pay more child support.

      1. Agreed.
        The proper law would be that he ends all payments immediately and can sue the fat cow for all previous expenses PLUS punitive damages.

  10. Un-fucking believable….just un-fucking believable….fuck humanity. If something as simple and obvious as this is totally fucked than there is no hope for the west unless we start killing people. I guarantee you that if a group of 100 militia men went up to that judge and said either you refund this man, send the mother to jail for embezzlement/stealing/lying/theft/dishonesty…or we take you out and skin you alive…I bet that judge would be more happy that to help this man out, GUARANTEE.

  11. the state has no incentive to rectify a situation where men pay unfairly for children that are not theres and every incentive to ensure that there is at least some male paying de facto child support so the state doesn’t have to provide equivalent welfare (not that it would provide $760 pcm.
    Cases like this may not be this rare, but they are rarely proven. In this case it is difficult to argue against the violation of natural justice this represents. It is irrefutable proof of an unfair system stacked against male partners. Notably it is also a situation that militates against the primary reproductive purpose of all males (to ensure their own genes survive through their offspring) while effectively siding with the female’s need to be provided for while mothering. As such the situation is declarative of state sanctioned matriarchy

  12. I work with a guy who was in a similar situation. Had a kid, found out a year later kid wasn’t his. He said he was so pissed he wanted to kill his wife. After all that he still behaves like a cuck.

  13. If you do get married…take out cash, buy gold, silver, jewelry, or some other precious metals behind your woman’s back…and buy it discretely. If something bad does happen than just say you got robbed or accidentally lost the money (buy a cashiers check or pay in cash at a pawn shop/jewelry store)…obviously hid your gold/silver because I would not be surprised these days that they would get a warrant to search your place for money. Eventually, you may be able to flee the country with your money at the very least …or at least live some sort of quality life paying in cash for items like food, alcohol, travel…etc.

    1. Or just don’t get married. That seems a whole lot easier. You literally don’t have to do anything.

  14. This guy ought to give his ex, the justice system and Americunt the finger and move abroad to teach English and settle down with a traditional girl that can’t financially rape him. He can even write to the judge, “I ain’t paying one more penny. Come get me, bitch.”

    1. They usually cancel your passport for failure to pay maintenance. So you’d have to live illegally in another country. Better to just stay in the USA and not work, let them do their worst.

      1. JOHN
        Once you are out of US soil they cannot do much until the next time you have to renew your passport.
        Seven years down the road when your kids are 18.

        1. Back CS payments never go away. I have a brother in law that owes back CS from a child that is now in her late 40s. He has been disabled with MS for decades, and has been in a nursing home for about as long. They garnished his disability payments and now his Social Security payments. He will die still owing that bitch money. One fact you have to accept is that Child Support has nothing to do with supporting a child. It is 100% a money transfer from some man to a woman who had a child. The government knows that if they can’t put a man on the hook they will end up paying so they stick it to the nearest man they can find. Truth and justice has nothing to do with it. Also, the system is set up so every level of government gets a cash rake off from every dollar of CS collected. They are the arm breakers for the mob that is our matriarchal government.

        2. GenX
          When I was being divorced, got myself a new ten year passport and left the country with all the money I could gather in a holdall. She divorced me in my absence, didn’t even try for child maintenance on the 4 kids (I saw a letter from her lawyer saying it would cost more to chase me than she could ever recover). 9 years later I returned for a new 10 year passport, not one single problem. They only chase when they know they can win.

        3. John Dodds
          So she never claimed child support?
          I think you were very lucky – else no renewal of passport.
          And good move on your part

  15. I knocked up a wretched jezebel at the age of 19. It has absolutely annihilated my finances for over a decade. It goes without saying- between taxes/insurance/state enforced child support/transportation. YOU ARE FUCKED. Listen fellas- She will move on and marry some loser, and her state enforced demands on you will only increase as she has more kids. She will likely end up thousands of miles away as you watch your dreams turn to ash. Honestly, my most heartfelt recommendation to all you younger gentleman is this- Don’t even think about inserting your raw penis into her evil cave. Unless you are married to the quintessential ROK approved super babe, just keep you pecker zipped and slumbering peacefully. When she beseeches you passionately for your seed, as you pump away like a drunken fool, remember Migs and his desperate words of caution. Run, don’t walk, to the nearest exit. Lest you find yourself crooning “Go Down Moses” in a woeful contralto as you weep yourself to sleep in the comfort of a clearance pillowtop twin. That’s how a woman makes you her Nigg3r.

      When are in the fucking desert you’ll drink your own urine. Go to Ireland and you get tired of the rain.
      If you live overseas you cannot understand why white men put up with this.

      1. I am here in the good ol’ U.S.A. and I wouldn’t touch an ugazoid like her with a tennis racket.
        And yes, I cannot understand why white men put up with this. Or any other men for that matter.

    1. STEVE
      i worked with black guys with 8 kids. The cops never seem to pick them up no matter how many they have and they will never pay for them.
      Now your average white guy who misses one child support payment is on the run from the law like he robbed a bank

      1. Agreed. The blacks do seem to get away with this more often than not. Although I do know of a few blacks that have had their wages garnished.

          The reason cops issue warrants for white trash behind on child support and arrest them while blacks will have 8 children with 10 different women is because whites are expected to tow the weight of the system when it costs the government dollars and cents while blacks are assumed to act like Hoodrats.

        2. AUTOMATIC
          If the system were after blacks with the same ferocity that whites are pursued for child support and put into debtor’s prisons or lose their property do you think black men would run around having 5 children?

      2. There was a white American engineer working in Kuwait in 1990 who was caught up in the Iraqi invasion and spent 5 months a prisoner of the Iraqi army. He was arrested the same day he got back to the States for not paying.
        The janitor at my work has 7 (now-adult) children. The only one he bothers keeping in touch with is a nurse practitioner with a white doctor husband. (Complete coincidence I’m sure.)

  16. Damn, and the truth is that you can never really prevent shit like this happening.
    Never forget that women are rarely loyal, folks.

    1. There should be mandatory birth control. In a sane world, you’d need a permit to have a child, just like you need a permit to do anything with your land. Along with with the permit would be mandatory DNA testing of embryos.
      Men are regulated into not being deadbeat dads, not having sex with prostitutes, making sexual advances with co-workers, even sex with a woman that does not say yes every minute before, during and after sex. But, I can only dream of regulating women.

    Why don’t blacks worry about child support? Whether “Da Beetches Kid Be Mine” or not seems not to affect them. They do not seem to go to jail for failure to pay child support.
    I knew some white trash running from child support payments when I was young. The cops had warrants out and the whole nine yards like they robbed a bank and had a hostage.
    The Negro can have 8 children and strolls around not giving a fuck in the world looking for the next pussy to blow his load in.
    What is the difference.

  18. This has to change, otherwise, I’d welcome a collapse because anarchy is better than injustice.

    1. CRYPTER
      What were looking at is probably a “Brazil” in North America with the new Mestizo race being Eurasians or kids of White middle-class males and East Asian women.
      At the bottom will be blacks and Amerindians same as Brazil but we are now seeing a new destitute Mulatto underclass from poor lower class white women and absentee black thugs that will resemble that of the Favelas.
      Jews and Liberal whites spout a bunch of bullshit about multiculturalism but their daughter won’t be having a baby with a black thug so like the Upper Class Portuguese of Brazil these folks will still rule the roost. Asian-American will probably remain in the middle-class as technocrats and rural whites more and more will be like Amazonian rain forest Indians.
      But eventually mixed-bloods, Amerindians and Mulattos will outnumber everybody else.
      Right now the US has the geographic expanse so that rich white people do not have to fly in helicopters over slums like Brazilians over Favelas. But if whites had been unable to move out of Detroit or Atlanta it would be this way there too.
      Biologically the whites and Asians are designed to be intelligent and this ensure their kids survive while Africans have hyper-fertility. Jews can kind of be lumped in with whites.
      As a result a huge underclass will get bigger.
      Until 1990 you did not see many Mulatto. There was still a social taboo against it (Both for blacks and whites). It was not until Gen X came around in the 90’s and PC that it was widespread.
      Unsurprisingly it has ended up being poor lower-class white girls from redneck backgrounds raising yellow colored kids on their own while the African buck wanders off.
      If this continues at this rate, which may happen, a yellow-colored fuzzy haired mix race like the one that runs around Brazil will live across the US in slums. However, Brazilian mulattos were the products of medium-intelligence white males from Portugal fucking African slaves. The new Mulatto of North America is largely the product of feral black thugs fucking white rural or exurban redneck low intellect trash of low intelligence. Culturally, there is a more ominous dynamic at work there.

        1. PAPASUD
          To begin with, some Jewish women will mix with Christians like Sarah Silverman who is dog-nasty but probably does any sexual thing Kimmel desires so to some degree US will have a Jewish-Christian top caste and below this Eurasians.
          It only TOOK Brazil three generations to end up the way it is-
          Portuguese laborers married Indian females and created a middle class similar in genetics and appearance to that of White males marrying East Asian women.
          High-class Portuguese traders were able to get the Portuguese government to send out prostitutes and female orphans from Portugal as white women were in high demand in Brazil even if they were a Lisbon street whore-thus the ruling Portuguese are still pure white.
          But mostly it was Portuguese and Mestizo males fucking African slaves and soon a huge load of orphan Mulatto were running around Rio like stray dogs as they do today. Lumped in with them were the blacks and so the bottom of Brazilian society is a rainbow of blacks, tans and yellows while everybody in the bank or the mansions is a pale Iberian white.
          Mexico never had blacks but effectively the Spanish had sexual escapades with Indian females until only 3 generation later 70% of the population was Mestizo with the white rulers insisting on marrying pure white women while their Indian concubines gave birth to their orphaned kids in the alley (This happened to a degree in the US South with the blacks).

    2. crypter
      Blacks are strong and instinctively feral. They would eat whites and not vice versa.
      Rural whites on this site will go on about their guns and self-sufficiency but look what happened to the white farmers in Zimbabwe.

      1. White farmers in Zimbabwe were outnumbered about 10 to 1, and the black majority had a criminal genocidal government on their side. I don’t think the same would apply in a US race war. My money would be on those poor southern whites. I lived in the south for many years, and am as lily white as you can get, but even I was scared of them at times. Oh, BTW, where I lived in the south everyone went armed, all the time.

        1. MIKE
          My point was that if blacks stopped getting welfare checks and Anglos who control the food supply and raw materials in the Flyover halted these things for 1 week their would people eating one another in New York or the East Coast.
          Urban blacks are genuinely scared of films like Hills Have Eyes or Texas Chainsaw Massacre and some do actually think that huge white men run around dirt roads with huge chainsaws.
          You have a point. I would not rate the average Crip that highly in sticks.
          One sociologist told me that Blacks and Hispanic Amerindians have the primitive tribal campfire mentality where they associate the “bush” with dangerous jungle like their African and Indian ancestors.

    1. MIGS
      An odd bit of advice from a black guy one time when a black woman was slut-dancing around me (In those days it was the Margarita).
      He said “If yo bust a nut in da same room wit duh sista she preg’nent”

      1. I might have to take a chapter out of your book and just leave the country. I don’t think I could do Asia, but there are some non-extradite countries in Europe. I built my entire life around this mess. The rage burns deep in my soul.

        1. MIGS
          I was a young man in Detroit in college and when I was paying my way through the working-class whites all had the same problems. They had some kid and child support, or they were hooked on Meth and on probation or had no education and no way to just drive out to California.
          When you are from the rust belt family and friends are always leaving anyhow. There are no whites in Detroit any longer, for example.
          So I simply fucked off to Dubai, then UK, then Asia. Has not bothered me at all.
          What does America really DO for the white man? Jews apparently ruin his self-image with the media or something and blacks and Hispanics victimize him. What is there to miss?
          One thing about living anywhere abroad is that there are few blacks or Hispanics or Jews. And when I was in the UK some people in London told me “Brick Lane” was a dodgy area full of tough Bangladeshis and I saw all these Indians around and just laughed-compared to the blacks in Detroit or the Mexicans in Phoenix when I tried living there for 9 months they were nothing. Most of them IMITATE blacks they see on television like 50 cent. You have not LIVED until you walk through a “Dodgy” South Asian neighborhood in LONDON and some Bangladeshi kid tells you HE IS A CRIP! Its hilarious.
          Afro-Caribbeans in UK imitate my own Detroit’s Marshall Mathers. UK blacks going on about “Stans” and imitating white wiggers imitating Hoodrats…that is the silliness of the media.
          Anyhow Arabs in Dubai paid good money and they won’t be taking any refugees, thanks.
          You see things clearly overseas. And anyhow I left young so who do I miss in the US? My college dorm roommates. An old girlfriend? Once you go overseas and get laid with a wide variety of girls (I’ve fucked Indians, South Africans, Irish, Russians, Asians, Spanish, Arabs, a few Africans out of curiosity and Persian prostitutes but now Jews) you no longer give a shit about this either. Except for the rubber.

        2. MIGS
          Being from suburban Detroit helps. Everybody is moving if they can anyhow. Not many family or friends left. Any white who can move does so.
          It is hard to buy guilt-porn when you see black pathology up close. Also, if I had a white daughter I’d take her to the welfare office to show her what happens when a Hoodrat dates her.
          Anyhow, maybe if I were from California or a rich Manhattanite I would miss something. But it is hard to miss the rustbelt and when my brother called me from LA to tell me my grandmother’s house had been sold for 20% of what she bought if for in 1986 this did not make me miss the place any more.
          Also I enjoyed sleeping with a wide variety of girls overseas of various nationalities.
          How is this worse than being stuck like a few of my friends in the exurbs slaving to send your kid to Catholic school so they do not get pummeled by blacks or Cholos. Hoping your daughter does not become a mudshark? Watching white teenagers and lower class be the human guinea pigs for Mexican and Black dealers who first pump crack cocaine into the population to turn white girls into crack whores and then pump meth into the same areas to see them turn into “tweakers” with scabs and warrants and then finally in Oxy addicts?
          I left the US young and did not have a family or a house or anything but a suitcase so why would I care. And I do not have a chance to watch US television so who gives a shit about the garbage that some Jew that fucks child stars up the ass he shares his cocaine with is grinding out in Los Angeles.
          It is just hard to give a shit.
          Actually the US media went downhill. There were some good shows in the 80’s and 90’s. Now it is all shit with some camera following around some fat-assed Armenian whores whose father was OJ’s butt-buddy.

        3. GENXILE
          Sweet Lord of Hosts! It’s no wonder you left the country. I don’t have any experience
          with anything close to the likes of Detroit. Sounds like a real nightmare, but maybe a blessing in the long run if it got you the fuck out of the spiraling toilet bowl early on.I still have my passport and drivers license- As much bitter wrath paying that blood money inspires, in the end the system will
          have a hydraulic battering ram device frenetically big jim jamming into the farthest reaches of your asshole.
          They will break you financially and ruin your reputation. It’s a tremendous stigma in the eyes of your typical white liberal snowflake (unt. You might as well admit to having AIDS, and honestly I can hardly fuckin blame em.The fact is, you have no choice but to buckle down,become exceedingly creative
          and be willing to take big risks to keep your financial freedom. One way or the other, it forces you into a lifestyle
          where your cinnamon ring is at risk of being pulverized emphatically by an eager, sweaty Tyrone- A mental stress many a naive whiteboy didn’t see “coming” if you catch my drift. At the end of the day my primary gripes rise out of
          living in a community that is absolutey fucking overcome with Whitemanhate and steroidal Feminism along with rampant unapologetic homosexuality.I mean everytime I go to the local pub I overhear some skinny pallid hipster accusing another spindly low-t white guy of being a “white supremacist.” Yea actually he’s sitting right here guys as I raise my hand.We are talking a proverbial liberal septic tank of epic proportions buddy. We get alot of foreigners vacationing in the area-Bulgarians, Spaniards, Ukranians etc. I had kind of a hard on for visiting Ukraine,
          but all the Ukrainian women ive met out here were infected with a Jungle Fever probably more serious
          than Ebola.My feeling is they saved up their whorehouse proceeds to fly out here and let Tryone mount raw for a good hammer stretching.America!The foreign pussy pass around here is truly Severe.

        4. MIGS Overseas
          …I only SAW 1 Native American female overseas all my time abroad. Some Chippewa woman married to an English guy. Blacks and Mestizos are rare; you can visit your “PO” in UK and they all have kids. The same reason they are trapped in the ghetto or barrio is the same reason they overseas.
          …US military establishes a real hard perimeter to keep blacks and Hispanic enlisted males within a certain radius the occasional taxi driver gets their throat cut.
          …If you think the US will step in at some point and somehow maintain the infrastructure or safety of your city from blacks than look at Southeast Michigan towns like Flint or Detroit. If you are that unlucky Polish immigrant who worked your whole life at the Buick plant and were 50 years old when the city goes to shit and your house is worth nothing the government does not stop blacks for preying upon you. This happened to the elderly Polish immigrants of Detroit and Appalachians who could not move back South.
          …The US government will not step in to help your city or region if it is a primary economy that sinks into total decay.
          …Jews and liberals do not care if you shoot up Oxy pills in your ghost town waiting for the jobs to come back or your kids get pummeled by beans and jigs at a public school. Their attitude is simply that you were not smart enough to move ergo you deserve it.
          …Jews always flee first no matter what their politics. Detroit and Flint Jews moved to Israel. They preferred a second-world country in the desert.
          …You do not have to listen to the endless (True or not) complaints about “Jewish influence” in Asia or needless to say Dubai. Jews have it pretty good in the US, none of them want to move anywhere but Israel.
          …How many fucking nights are you going to spend in the US local meat market bar buying drinks for white girls on Ladies night until one of them decides to lie in the dark drunk (And it is hard to be 28 hanging around college bars)?
          …What is your option? Black crack whore blow jobs in the Hood? Tried that. Very dangerous getting hookers in the US. Record as a sex offender. Face on billboards. Robbery with pants down in the hood.
          …Nobody in gives a shit about White Supremacy overseas (Outside of Europe).
          …Asians don’t watch the guilt porn crap that Jews make anyhow. So it is not playing in the background of your house.
          …The “Americans” who get into trouble overseas will invariably be blacks or rednecks. Mostly the rednecks get fucked for DUI in places like Philippines.

        5. MIGS
          Blessing in disguise.
          Yes, I could have had kids at 24 and sent them to public schools. Hoped they did not get pummeled or raped or learned to smoke crack.
          Property worth shit because who in America wants to move to Southeast Michigan?
          I missed out on a great deal living in Dubai and UK and Asia.

  19. I worked with a black guy named Darius an ex infantry who made decent money and had 8 kids with 8 different women. He had not a care in the world and was always looking for new pussy to impregnate. He pimped some white trash girls on the side of his management position at the restaurant, moved pounds of pot, whatever. Needless to say, he had cash.
    Now he never paid a lick of child support. Still he had an army check coming, nice ride, apartment with the leather couch and the TV and lots of pot.
    Every white trash guy I knew had impregnated a girl in his late teens/early 20’s and was on the run from child support. Once I saw this one Kurt in AZ arrest on a FEDERAL beef for failing to pay child support.
    And they lock white guys up for years for that.
    But you’ll meet these blacks with 10 kids and a job…not a care in the world.

  20. Marriage and relationships today are the equivalent of Enron stock. Looks good at the time. But you get ripped off and left with nothing by the end.

    1. JMAN
      Perhaps blacks have it right. Just skip from one wet hole to the nest shooting your load between Blunts and 40 OZ and your seed is spread anyhow.
      Why bother even trying to slave at some shit job to send your kids to public school that sucks when the government will pay for it anyhow?
      In the long run of course North America will look like Brazil (Well not Canada) but no matter. You have enjoyed your life and did not bother with the post-natal depression or anything else.

  21. Once again, idiots, STOP when you see the words “episode of “The Maury Povich Show.”
    This shit is SUPPOSED to make you upset. It is ONLY propaganda to suggest to cuck-men that the system is “against” them. From the Taylor Swift grab-ass case (the start of the Weinstein accusation game) to this FAKE story the Deep State ALWAYS seeks to pre-establish a non-legal idea, then set precedent with it when clueless jag-offs self-fuck themselves with “there’s nothin’ I can do”. -RULE 1 -NEVER sign a Birth Certificate- EVER. Even if it is your kid! RULE 2 – If you are gonna fight the bitch MAKE IT WAR. She was a pharma-addict, child-beating, drug smuggling, ISIS supporter, etc. Exaggerate anything she ever did into a crime – The Colorado fuck state wants enslaved Whites to finance their socialist Hell. Don’t fall for it!

  22. worse is you cannot escape. anywhere in the world.
    short term yes.
    But, you cannot renew your passport or drivers license, or even taxi license – and probably more.
    So yea you could move to Panama/Thailand and retire (both have 55 retirement visas), but eventually when the passport expires -you are fucked.

    1. SIR LEE
      I met one American named Clinton Macbeth in the Philippines. He’d been in the army and was a Methamphetamine/pot addict. Meth is cheap in Philippines ($10 a gram) and he spent his life savings on hooker and meth in 2 years. This was before the current president when drug addicts were shot.
      His wife had divorced him and kept his condo in the US and he had spent time in jail for stalking her.
      Anyhow, Clinton was homeless in Cebu. He managed to get some other foreigners to loan him money for a plane ticket and he spent it on methamphetamine.
      One American agreed to store his things and he would just wander around hitting up other Americans for cash.
      Anyhow he tried to get home but found out the Military Space program was over and he was on the street for a few months before the US Embassy finally sent him home.
      I met one black American from the ghetto who chose to be homeless in the Philippines and the Filipinos would feed him some rice and chicken. He stayed alive. I asked him why he chose to be homeless and he was from the ghetto and told me it was safer to be homeless in the Philippines than in the black ghetto of Atlanta.

      1. these are extreme examples.
        I have heard of many men going from bad to worse i.e.
        divorce raped in West.
        relocate to Thailand/Philippines — then tricked by local woman.
        and lose the other 50%.
        then take a one way flying trip of the balcony.
        the actually say “he joined the Pattaya-flying-club”…
        pretty fucking sad.
        anyway — they will deport foreigners eventually…
        Panama seems like a good retirement option – can get permanent resident based on proof of retirement income.
        Thailand has over 55 visa.
        So many places could be preferable to USA /England with shitty conditions/weather, etc…if your passport is sound.
        I moved to Thailand after divorce (my ex is wealthy so I don’t pay child support)- only lasted 3 months. It was very fun. but I still prefer trying in NYC.
        Anyway my Thai “girlfriend” became a nanny for a rich american expat in Phuket … few months later the FBI came and grabbed him — the kid had been abducted*
        his kid – he just defied the custody rule…

        1. SIR
          Foreigners cannot own property in Southeast Asia. Period. Says so in the brochure.
          I knew one woman in the Philippines named Stella who owned a hotel and rented a room to my friend.
          Her husband had been a 60 year old New York architect who spent $1,000,000 building the place. Don’t know his name or remember it. Alan, maybe.
          They married when she was 23. He met her on the internet.
          At some point she got tired of him and threw him off the premises deciding he’d been milked for all he was worth.
          That was that. The property was in her name and the police enforced the law (Happily, they love seeing foreigners get screwed).
          Anyhow, she ran it into the ground and sold it to Japanese for $200,000 or something.
          So there went his life savings.
          He’s probably sleeping in Central Park now.

        2. yep – foreigners can’t own property in Thailand.
          and so many use their thai-wives to own property/businesses etc…
          and then lose it…
          but, really is the same as the west.
          one way or another the woman(stranger) can take your stuff…
          so guys if you plan to live in places like Thailand.
          don’t trust the “wife” – her “brother” is often her real husband…
          you can buy a condo – as it is just a % of the land.
          but, better to rent – and move around…

        3. SIR LEE Pattaya Flying Club
          Half the time this is suspicious and RULED a suicide.
          It is not THAT HARD to go crazy as a homeless or indigent foreigner in Southeast Asia. You’ve lost your money. You’re living on BBQ. You’re drinking for relief. No social workers or psychiatrist, just alone in a foreign country where nobody gives a shit and some of them laugh at your misfortune.
          As I mentioned the biggest rape I heard of was the retired architect that built the $1,000,000 duplex for his wife of 23 in Negros, Philippines and she just had the guards throw him off the premises (A gunpoint). Cops enforced this, they hate foreigners.
          In the case of Clinton or Bruce the bar-owner in the OLD DAYS foreign drug addicts (Methheads to the Philippines, scag monkeys to Bankgkok) use to pour into Southeast Asia so homelessness was not that uncommon.

        4. Gen X – cant hit reply?
          yea Pattaya Flying Club – agree many are most likely murders…
          and disgusting how many men are removed from their property – same in west/east…
          be careful out there fellas…

        5. SIR Southeast Asian Women
          You’ll never reform a hooker you met in a bar who has been sucking cocks since age 16. Deep down she either hates me or is holding a torch for some old boyfriend or both. Co-owned a bar and know this. If they are willing to steal the customers money when he is in the shower they’ll still your life savings.
          Cops and Immigration Officers. Bad, bad mistake. Dave the Canadian married a female police officer who was as corrupt as they come. He was 65 and she was 30. She fucked his friends. She laughed at him. He balked. She took his passport so he had no visa. He left on the run.
          The German was handcuffed to his own dick by his Immigration wife.
          Rich women. Some foreigners go this route. The rich bitch just wants a big dick and a baby with Eurasian features (Which they can put in local show business and make money from). She can make you disappear, or her family can.
          May-September. No 23 year old woman wants to marry a 60 year old. I was in my thirties and fucked a bunch of older foreigners wives. The old man is a cash machine and since she owns property if he annoys her she does not have to kill him just tell the guard to push him off the property. He’s on the street. 70. A stolen passport is worth $100. The young Filipino punks will strip you down to your pants.
          Your kids. You’ll never get them in a custody battle. Often the woman is a terrible mother. Filipinos have a horrible character. They drink. Gamble. Fuck any man they want. You won’t get your kid away. No chance. If pushed the family will hire gunmen to kill you for $50.
          Ethnic Chinese. These are a little better. I’m married to one.

        6. turn a ho into a housewife…
          damn so depressing – same everywhere -AWALT.
          I have a SE Asia vacation over XMAS – I will enjoy for what it is…
          And keep trying to have a more fulfilling life in NYC.
          There are more likely better women for me – plenty are professional – and still in good shape into their late 30s which is fine by me…

        7. SIR LEE One Bar-Owning Fact
          Two of the 26 girls in my bar contracted the AIDS virus in the two years I co-owned it. Several became nurses later on which is spooky to think of since their job was not sanitary. One married a Greek and stabbed him.
          Anyhow I have rambled on enough.

  23. You can renew your passport at any Embassy easy.
    Mine was stolen once.
    But the guys who mostly show up in the Philippines spent all their money on alcohol and hookers and woke up one day with no money to go home.
    There used to be a Military Space Available program but military scrapped it because so many Americans were getting free flights home.

    1. the point I made is you cannot renew your passport if in arrears for child support.
      So, you cannot escape the system.
      as others stated the only solution is to prohibit women from voting/child-custody rights
      i.e reverse the rights men (don’t)have now…

  24. here are some examples of men only slave laws:
    Question: I’m trying to travel in 10 days but just received notice that my passport was denied because of arrears. The court order when into effect December 10th of last year. I agreed to pay the arrears with my current support. Only paying $50 of my $489 payment a month. What are my chances of getting my passport approved before my departure on September 15? What steps do I need to take? It’s a holiday weekend and I can’t do anything until Tuesday.
    Answer: The only way to get a passport if you are in arrears of child support is to make acceptable arrangements for payment of the arrears.
    Following is the process that must be completed in order for you to obtain your U.S. Passport. It is based on Section 51.70 (a) (8) of Title 22 of the Code of Federal Regulations.
    1. Before you submit the application for a United States passport, you should enter into contact with the state agency to which you owe child support and make arrangement to pay your arrears.
    2. Then the State Child Support Enforcement Agency needs to report the fact that acceptable payment arrangements have been made to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).
    3. Following this, HHS has to remove your name from their list of those with unpaid arrears and send the updated list to the U.S. Department of State.
    4. Finally, Passport Services has to receive the updates list from HHS and verify that your name has been removed before your passport application can be processed.
    Note, it may take 2-3 weeks after being notified that arrangements for payment have been made before Passport Services is permitted to process your application.

    1. SIR LEE
      I must confess I don’t know these laws because I left the US when I was 25.
      When I married at 40 it was to a Chinese Thai woman. This was intentional because the ethnic Chinese merchant women of Southeast Asia have a business and a little money (By local standards) so they are less likely to bilk a foreigner out of his money.
      She owned a house and property when I met her. She was already 30 though.
      As a young man in the US my life fell apart so completely (Credit card debt, breakup, bad roommates, mugged by Mexicans in Phoenix AZ) that I arrived in Dubai with nothing but clothes on my back and a suitcase.
      So all the things adults do like marry or buy a house or have a career or kids I did overseas.
      Mind you, my case is very extreme. I’m a white from middle-class background from Detroit which got so bad so quick that white flight WAS LITERAL. So there was nothing for me to go back to in the US.

  25. NYS Drivers License:
    Suspension of a driver license for failure to pay child support
    Can DMV suspend a driver license if the driver fails to pay child support? How can the driver remove this suspension?
    The DMV will suspend a driver license when the NYS Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA) reports that the driver failed to pay child support. The DMV will remove the suspension when the OTDA notifies the DMV that payment was resolved.
    The driver may be eligible for a restricted license during the suspension. Do not request information from the DMV about whether a specific driver will be eligible for a restricted license. The DMV informs the driver about eligibility when the notice of suspension is issued.
    To report a person who fails to pay child support, or to remove a suspension for the failure to pay child support, you must contact the local child support enforcement agency or the OTDA. The DMV cannot suspend a driver or remove a suspension without a notification from the child support enforcement agency or the OTDA.

  26. NYC Taxi Drivers License:
    Child Support Record There are issues with your child support record. Once you are current with child support payments, you must obtain a clearance letter by visiting the New York City Office of Child Support Enforcement in person. The letter must specifically reference The NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission. It is only valid for 30 days. You must upload a copy of this letter.

  27. Here we can clearly see the problem of our modern age in the west.
    Hint 1: It is NOT the women.
    Hint 2: It is not the legal system.
    Hint 3: It is not his skin color
    Know what it is?
    He is such a weak pussy that he deserved no better.
    Thats the real problem.
    Men have become weak faggots of epic proportions.
    It pains me to read his words “she denies me visiting rights” “I still have to pay child support” “the biological daddy has visiting right, I got nothing puuuhhh poor me. It sucks to be me bääähhh”
    This is not a man. This is a child in a grown mans body. No wonder he got cucked.
    Now you if you are reading this and you have still some balls left down there, tiny or not, what should he have done – you may ask.
    Right. Is it not crystal clear?
    I will present a few options that would make our male ancestors less ashamed.
    He found out about the cuck so he stopped paying child support. If it means to leave the US and its unfair laws, who the fuck cares?
    He could have visited his former ex and showed the piggish landwhale how much he liked her betrayal. Perhaps she would be out of the hospital a few weeks later, maybe not. Yes the law would be against him, he may even go to prison for it. But who the fuck cares? This is a matter of honor, something our male brothers in the islamic world understand much better than us. If every man acted like this, the laws would change. Why? We cant imprision all our productive men, who would do the work?
    Also women would understand that this kind of cucking is dangerous and law can not protect them. Another boon we waste out of fear of the consequences.
    These are just 2 options that came to mind in the blink of an eye but yet all i hear in such cases is complains from whinish whimps who blame the laws, the feminism and whatnot for their own weakness. Slaves to every nonsense law and full of fear. Disgusting.

    1. “Hint 1: It is NOT the women.
      Hint 2: It is not the legal system.”
      gotta disagree.
      it is both of these –
      what a man does about it – run/cry/whine/stiff upper lip,or complain about a man complaining about it….
      is irrelevant.
      advocating breaking the law is not the solution — unless you do it first. and then win and become king!!!???
      However, if all me protest/strike/go gault – yep that would work. but not gunna happen

  28. If I were in this guy’s position I would take my guns and be homeless in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest to live off the land completely. That is how to go completely off the grid. I would not leave before writing a nice “fuck you” letter to the judge, though. What a miscarriage of justice. Stop paying that fat munter her child support and disappear

  29. The bitch will get away with it for several reasons.
    This guy is fat, lazy, apathetic and dumb. Just look at him. No fight in those eyes whatsoever. He’s not going to fight back, he’ll just pay it and watch TV and drink beer to forget how badly he is getting fucked.
    And this is why these bitches are getting away with it, men have become dumb and lazy.
    A real smart man, would quit his job and pursue two options:
    A) Work under the table like Mexicans do, run a cash business.
    B) Move to another country that cannot drag him home.
    That’s it, those are your options.

    1. the option is to fall off the map forever and maybe paying is easier.
      Sadly this happens to men all across the west.
      Surely being cucked like this is as bad as rape? She should get at least 10 years in jail for what she has done.

    2. Smelly,
      Don’t you realize how ridiculous your advice would be, if not now then in the very-near future?
      If there is ANY way a man can escape the clutches of man-hating feminism then be assured that they WILL get the government to close off that escape route. It took us at least 50 years to get here- and the process has greatly accelerated.
      If he runs, hiding out off the books, then if it costs 5 million in taxpayer dollars feminists will make certain he is caught. Their man-bashing now no longer even tries to disguise itself.

  30. surely cucking somebody like this should be a crime as severe as rape?
    Rape is making a woman breed with somebody she doesn’t want to biologically and woman have many defenses against it including the trauma training them to avoid it in future. Men who are cucked are literally often removed from the gene pool rather than just combined with a worse person. Men have many defenses against it such as that they are not attracted to settling with women who sleep around and mate guarding and jelousy. The trauma these men go through is intense.
    AND YET the state effectively sanctions it and even makes them pay when they were wronged. Its similar sort of logic as is used to justify stoning a woman as punishment for being raped.
    Surely surely the islamification of europe as will certainly happen, and the implementing of sharia as will also certainly happen by demographics and that muslims always vote for sharia and islamists wherever they can vote will at the very least end feminism and restore the family and family values.

  31. And here we have the problem (of many) with feminism.
    She knew. She absolutely knew she had sex with another man around that time and therefore she knew there was a strong possibility he wasn’t the biological father. Thus she LIED to the man all those years.
    But no consequences will befall her, because you know: women are so oppressed in our society.
    Another problem, and this is why I want to smack those pandering types when they say “it shouldn’t matter blah blah,” is that we all here know how much at a disadvantage a biological father is in court- think it “won’t matter” the moment the woman changes her mind?
    Nobody here should be condemning the father here for being a “wimp.” We should all be condemning the “men” of the Baby Boomer and “Greatest Generation” generations who either allowed or made things the way they have become now. This poor sap has the weight of the government, courts, and culture against him, rather than it being directed at the woman whom, along with the state, is guilty of extortion, fraud, possible unlawful imprisonment, blackmail, and various conspiracies to do so.
    By the way- the state gets money for gathering child support. It is in their financial best interests to keep things this way.

  32. The law varies state to state, but when a “father” finds out that they are not the biological father of their child their are ways of either getting the name of the birth certificate and getting the actual father to pay the support.
    The main problem being that usually when a cucked father finds out it is too late. Baby daddy is long gone. Mommy won’t give up the answers because she already gets the check. Worst off cucked dad has already formed a familial relationship with the child.
    Your only chance of really avoiding child support if cucked is if you find out a few months after kid is born, know who the guy is, can prove it via DNA, and denounce any family role you will have with the child. That is pretty much it.
    If you suspect you have been cucked but still might something to do with the kid, be generally supportive through the pregnancy, ask at the hospital for a confidential DNA test (most will provide this but make sure it is CONFIDENTIAL), and then turn on the fireworks when you reveal to mommy she is whore.
    You are going to need a good lawyer and probably a private investigator. Also by the time it is all through you just might care or will have spent as much money as several years of child support. If you do pay child support you have every right to see the kid. A court cannot deny you visitation merely because you are not the biological dad in almost every case. So don’t believe the family law judge or lawyer if they are telling you that. They are just trying to get you to go away.

    1. Some states literally have a time limit on proving this. Those same states may have laws where a woman can put your name on the birth certificate without you knowing about it!
      You cannot defuse a time bomb under you if you do not even know it is there.

  33. When I finally married (I’m 42 and had just stopped dating my 20-somethings) my wife paid for the wedding, bought me a car and made the 25% down payment on a new home for us.
    Now that she has real money in the game there is an additional incentive for her to make it work.

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