How To Approach Girls On Airplanes

I travel quite a bit on airplanes, but I rarely find myself seated next to a pretty girl. I got tired of depending on luck, so I’ve come up with the following strategy to improve my odds.

1. When booking your flight, reserve a seat in the last row of the plane.

2. Be the absolute last person to get on the airplane. I don’t get on until I hear the “last call” announcement. Otherwise there will be stragglers who get on after you.

3. Sit next to the girl you like. It doesn’t matter if the plane is full of empty rows—simply seat yourself next to the prettiest girl on the airplane. Don’t worry, she’s not going to ask for your seat assignment (and neither will anyone else). By reserving a seat in the last row, you can scope out the entire plane before making a decision.

4. When the plane starts to descend, look towards the girl and say, “Is this your first time in [city name]?” (I stole the line from an elderly Polish businessman who successfully used it on me.) Have a chat about the city. I like to wait until the end because I don’t want the pressure of having to talk to her for the entire flight. Descents usually take 20-30 minutes, which is a good amount of time to game and build attraction without having the conversation go stale.

5. Get her number.

It’s really that easy. You can also do this on long-distance buses and trains. The key is to get on last, ignore your seat assignment, and sit next to a girl you like. If someone claims the seat, just play dumb and chances are you won’t even have to get up.

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27 thoughts on “How To Approach Girls On Airplanes”

  1. That’s a very practical suggestion, although I would check my bag first so that you don’t have to worry about room in overhead compartments.
    Back in the good old days, before computerized seating, a human agent had to assign you a seat.
    On a direct flight from Boston to San Francisco, I was chatting up the agent and when she asked my seating preference, I straight out told her “Put me next to a pretty girl.”
    She smiled knowingly and gave me my boarding pass.
    When I get on the plane I find myself in a seat next to a nun in full habit. Not what I had in mind but an interesting conversation nun the less!

    1. LOL
      Same, same, must have got the same bitch check in agent.
      On a direct flight from Boston to San Francisco, I was chatting up the agent and when she asked my seating preference, I straight out told her “Put me next to a pretty girl.”
      She smiled knowingly and gave me my boarding pass.
      When I get on the plane I find myself in a seat next to a nun in full habit. Not what I had in mind but an interesting conversation nun the less!

  2. It all depends on the route you travel. Airlines have gotten really good at minimizing empty seats on the plane. On a full flight the last row is the WORST place to sit. The seats don’t recline and you get to smell all the shit from the bathroom.
    Roosh’s strategy is very good if the flight is not full. If it is (like most US flights these days), it’s could be awful.

    1. Yeah, I don’t travel much, but the planes were fairly packed, so I got to sit next to old guys and odd boys. And the women I could entertain myself by ogling were usually traveling with dad, partner, or baby.

    2. If your flight isn’t full why not find a hot single lady who is on the same flight pre-boarding- make causal conversation to find out her seating number or “accidentally” knock her boarding pass out of her hand and pick it up (sneak a peak) and then ask the flight desk attendant to switch your seat if possible. When you board you can laugh with the girl about the coincidence of sitting next to one another.

  3. This works easy on Southwest where seating isn’t assigned. As long as you check in for your flight late you’ll be one of the later ones to board and picking a seat in the back or next to a pretty girl is easy.

  4. I picked up a girl on an airplane once. She was holy-hell hot and I owe special thanks to the prop someone left. There was a bandaid stuck to the ceiling above the window.
    After we were in flight for ten minutes, I touched her arm, pointed at the bandaid and said “Is that yours?”.
    It was all easy from there.

    1. I got a date from a comely Harvard student on a flight from Boston to SFO once (I used to fly that route often for business back in the 80s.)
      She turned out to be the daughter of a psychology professor at Berkeley. After a great conversation – she wasn’t too dumb for a liberal chick – when she told me that her parents were going to pick her up at the airport, I asked her if they drove a green Volvo station wagon.
      She was startled at my prescience and practically begged for a date.

  5. Great, I will have to try this. What I usually do is scope out the terminal for women traveling alone on my flight. I then chat them up before we board (just slightly). Finally I board last and scope out two or three seats in a row that are empty. I put my stuff there and go up to girl and tell her the seat next to mine is empty and ask her to join me.

  6. I am a big dude so prefer to sit in the emergency exit row for the longer leg room. Your tactic might work on Southwest if it’s not full, otherwise you might find yourself in some obese gentleman’s armpit. SeatGuru is a good place to consult when booking your flight.
    For trans-Pacific I like Eva’s “Economy Plus” or whatever they call it. A little bit more money but more comfortable seat for that 14-hour haul.
    Here’s a tip on the long hauls : specify “Vegetarian” or some specialty food (Halil or whatever). They will bring your plate before everyone else’s. Enjoy your meal, then take a leasurely crap while everyone else is just getting their chow. Return to your seat and the rest of the passsengers then line up at the bathroom. The pros know how it works.
    In the states your tactic is probably a waste of time but overseas has some chance at success.

    1. that vegetarian suggestion is spot on, haven’t thought of that yet. I’m all about getting the flight attendants to give me free drinks domestic

  7. great advice.
    One more thing: if you’re travelling a low cost company like easyjet. try to act before you board the plane. The waiting line is your best best. Sitting next to her (if she likes you) becomes an obvious thing for both of you. Also, getting her number on the plane at mid flight or descend (as you recommend), often in the luggage hall or at the Customs control it’s already too late, with girls leaving without number or even saying goodbye.
    Next step, after going through the exit, you can go for an instant coffee, if she feels like. If not, you got her number already.

  8. This happened to me by accident one time on a bus trip from Montreal to Ottawa at night. I was late in getting in line and found myself in an aisle seat next to a very pretty girl. Twenty minutes later we were out of the city and the bus driver turned out all the lights. My left shoulder was touching her because the seats were so narrow. I turned to her (and remember, I hadn’t even really looked at her when I sat down) and asked “Do you mind if I put my arm around you?” She replied, “No, go ahead.” This resulted in her putting her head on my shoulder and I got a face full of blonde hair. A few moments later and she turned her face towards mine and we kissed. There followed a hot and heavy petting session; so hot her jeans were wet by the time we finished two hours later. She gave me her phone number as we got off.
    What amazed me then, and still does, was that there was no eye contact before we began, no conversation, no ‘build-up:’ just that one request and her answer in the dark.
    A month later I tried the same stunt on the same bus only this time picked out the prettiest girl in the line and sat beside her. Same result; exactly. 🙂

    1. Did you write the book ‘Daughters of Slaves”? Or are you just purporting to be the author and relaying stories from the book for upvotes?

  9. so if you’re the last person on the plane, and the flight is full, and you’re stuck sitting next to the feminist? or the fat guy? in a seat that doesn’t recline for the whole flight? oh well, the price to pay for being a real–red-pill–man.
    wow. and you actually make money with this advice? good work roosh!

    1. Well…aren’t you a hopeful person! Lighten up, this isn’t a having to save your life type of moment.

  10. sup Roosh,
    I know you are into big books and classical literature, so I thought I’d stop by and suggest a couple of epic classics for you. First one is Ramayana, about a prince who gets exiled wrongly and then his princess wife gets kidnapped and it leads up to a huge war between the demons and the good guys.
    Second is Mahabharata, which is a huge book and it is about 5 warrior princes who get wrongly exiled because of their step brothers stole the kingdom from them. It eventually leads up to the famous Kuruksetra war where it is said that 660 million people were killed. It’s another incredible epic.
    India has some of the world’s best epic stories and literatures, so I really recommend those two especially.

  11. Roosh, this is terrible advice and out of line with the stellar attitude this blog normally has.
    1. Always, ALWAYS get a seat first row (or as close to the front as you can) and make it an aisle seat. The hot girl on the airplane is random, just like the hot skinny latte girl vs. venti extra chocolate fat chick in the coffee line. If you don’t get seated next to her too bad, connect with her another way. Also putting yourself at the back of the plane is not how a man should fly.
    2.Sure no hurry to get on the plane. People that are the first to get on the plane are assholes who eat too much airport food. Find that girl and get behind her in line and say funny travel shit.
    3.I don’t know where you guys are flying to put where I’m from empty seats on a airplane mean the route is about to be canceled (unless its a total fluke) and if you sit in my seat, especially next to a hot girl, I’m kicking your ass out. I fly international every month and I routinely hear (ohh I think there’s been a mistake, see this is my seat).
    4. Don’t wait till the end of the flight!!! Why would you do this?! Start talking to her as soon as possible and start drinking! If she’s opening up to me but thinks she has somewhere important to be, I notice and always make a joke and say your first one’s on me and then get her to buy them! Be funny/nice to the flight attendants and others around you, open her up.
    5. I’ve been tricked into many a-plane-ride-long relationship by girls that have boyfriends (and never intended on cheating on them) or serious logistics issues. Sometimes I take the phone right out of her hand and add myself on facebook then bang her the next weekend. Sometimes its a number, go with what feels natural.
    6. Always dress right for a plane ride. Look good, but that you do this alot, your flying somewhere that was worth hundreds (thousands) of dollars of your money, don’t look like a bum.
    7. Don’t sit there like an asshole with your headphones in.
    8. Make fun of the fat frequent flyers around you, easy fun jokes that she’ll play along with for sure.
    9. This airplane gig is especially easy on vacation! If you have a North American accent, you can be more bold by asking girls/people around you in a loud, funny, friendly voice that people open up to, especially girls in other countries that don’t have a lot of direct experience with a western guy in situations like this! You’ll catch them totally off-guard!
    Roosh you know I’m speaking the truth here!

  12. I’ve seen what Roosh looks like (ewww) and I’m surprised he can pick up any female other than skanks and ho s…oh wait…

  13. I managed to fool around with two chicks I met the first time I got on those plaes. One went to Iceland, the other, Michigan lol

  14. Just now came across this article. Good tips, I’ll try it next time I’m in the back not actually working.

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