7 Things I Learned On The Road This Year

By the time this post runs, I’ll be airborne heading back to California from my new “home” in Eastern Europe. While it’ll be a temporary stop for only about a month, it’s the perfect time to look back and reflect on the year.

I took a one-way ticket on March 28th to Poland, and spent the rest of the year hopping around. Certainly some things have measured up to my expectations about living abroad. Other things have fell flat. While I’m infinitely happier as a free man and have no desire to go back, there are things that have made me, well—unsure of life.

The point I’m trying to make is that the grass is always greener. It’s rare that everything will be perfect, all of the time. It’s best to adjust expectations accordingly to maximize happiness. With that being said, here are just a few of the many things I’ve learned as a nomad this year.

I’ve broken them down into categories as appropriate: Girls, Travel, and Business.


1. I Feel Robbed


I walk around places in Ukraine such as Kiev and Odessa and I just think:

“Wow, I really truly got fucked by life in some ways.”

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change anything. But when you see girls walking down the street in heels and see genuine feminine energy alive and well in the world, it makes you a bit sad.

America could have been like this, but for many reasons (all of which have been discussed on this site) it’s simply not.

To an extent, it hurts.

It hurts to know that I had to travel so far around the world to find better. It sucks that the nice guy within me had to be killed off not only because of me (I was a total wimp, I can admit), but because of the environment he was raised in. Don’t get me wrong. Eastern European women require you to be strong and masculine, but they don’t have near the stigma against the nice guys that girls of the West have.

I simply feel that I was robbed off a chance of a “normal” life with normal male and female interactions.

2. They’re Very Aware


Girls in Eastern Europe aren’t stupid. They know the value they have when they’re young. They recognize that skills such as cooking and cleaning go a long way towards pleasing a man. Unlike their American counterparts, they go to great lengths to show these skills off. On the flip side, American girls go far out of their way to show you that they don’t have these same skills.

To back hand in hand with what I said about being ‘robbed’ above, I’ve had my whole world flipped upside down on me.

Instead of having girls actively trying to discourage me from entering a relationship with them, I’m now faced with girls doing everything in their power to lock me down. In some ways, it’s refreshing. It’s nice to be chased, to feel desired, and to have all the options.

On the other hand, it’s also terrifying.


1. Other Places Aren’t Perfect


I recently ran a post on my niche site about how to learn Russian online, and decided I’d post it over on the Ukraine Reddit forum. Oops.

Before I knew it, my tiny niche site was flooded with criticism for saying that travelers to Ukraine should learn Russian instead of Ukrainian. Never mind that both languages are incredibly difficult to learn. Never mind that most Ukrainians speak fluent Russian. Never mind the fact that 250 million people in the world speak Russian versus 40 million for Ukrainian.

It’d be like going to Barcelona and people being upset that you’re speaking Spanish instead of Catalan.

I ended up having to clean up some posts’ comment sections and am still getting heat weeks later. Indeed, it was this kind of mindset and stubbornness that made me realize that Americans aren’t the only ones that are guilty of being slightly ignorant and misunderstanding of the rest of the world—even though we get the most criticism for it.

2. Weather And Environment Play A Huge Factor


Around October, things started to look awful gloomy in Eastern Europe. Short dresses and high heels were replaced with rain boots and fur jackets. Smiles and leisurely paces turned into scowls and anger.

I went from seeing the sun every day to seeing it every week—or less. Upping the dosage of my Vitamin D pills improved my mood significantly.

If you’re not happy with your environment, you won’t thrive in life. Having spent the last 5+ years in Southern California, it was eye-opening to me to see what kind of impact something as simple as sunlight had on my productivity, happiness, and overall well-being.

In the future, I may do a sort of follow-the-sun kind of travel schedule. I must say, Vietnamese women and the (somewhat) untapped waters of Vietnam are calling my name.


1. Creative Juices Flow Better As An Entrepreneur


It’s quite common for me to wake up at bizarre times of the night now and be unable to get back to sleep. I’m not riddled with crazy dreams, but rather an overflow of ideas.

Sometimes it’s a new niche site I’d like to build or an idea for an upcoming blog post. Sometimes it’s how I could do things better with my business. The point is, once you’re out of the rat race, you’ll be amazed at how much more creative thinking gets done. That’s not to say that you have to be location-independent or a nomad to have these ideas. I imagine they will start flowing for anyone who decides to walk away from the office life.

2. Hard Work Is Much Easier

Going hand in hand with the above, “hard work” has never been easier. I don’t mind waking up before the sun comes out and then well into nightfall. It’s my dream, my passion, my business.

No longer am I working to be a small cog in someone else’s dream. Sure, I’ve had to make sacrifices in other areas of life. I don’t game girls as much as I used to. I’ve admittedly skipped a workout here and there. I settled down in one city towards the end of the year because I wanted to work.

3. It’s Always Up To You


The most valuable lesson I learned this year was this: it’s always up to you, and it’s never too late.

I’ve attempted to start small businesses or websites with people I’ve known on a personal level, and it’s fallen flat on my face. I’ve tried to help friends start their own business and live freely, to no avail.

Sadly, I’ve learned that there is only so much you can do to help other people. It’s cliche, but you can lead a horse to water but you sure as hell can’t make him drink. You can give someone all the tools in the world to succeed and yet they just won’t drink that damn water.

It’s frustrated me in numerous ways this year.

I think of the time wasted that could have been better spent. A huge loss. However, I also recognize that there are lessons to be learned from this. I didn’t lose out on anything major, financial wise. It didn’t cost me any truly valuable relationships. I simply lost some of my time, but I learned a lesson from that loss.

I’ve learned that it’s not a bad thing to take a loss if you take a good lesson from it. Most of all, I’ve learned this:

My own destiny is always right in my own hands.

Kyle’s new book—King’s Code—is available this week for just $0.99 on Amazon. Click here to get your copy. For more advice about living in Eastern Europe, check out his niche site Ukraine Living.

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    1. Without tit pics, I can’t take her claims seriously.

        1. Second half of FMJ: completely and criminally underrated. It had lots of subliminalities in the dialogue and background scenery, e.g., that scene’s usage of the word “Chief” and “mounted”. What could that possibly allude to????

    2. more importantly, if you lock the drivers door and then walk around and open her door for her and then walk back to the drivers side to get in, does she lean over to unlock the door for you?

      1. Sonny was Wise.
        (If only this brain power could be harnessed for Good!!!)
        I found this to be a reliable gauge of character, before power locks became ubiquitous.

        1. this and that bikers should never try to bust up the wrong bar are very important bits of wisdom “and now you can’t leave”

    1. There are many attractive women in the western world. The problem is that they aren’t as poor as their slavic counterparts. A western man’s higher social status will hide just how beta he is once he goes to Eastern Europe

      1. I am pretty old school, so I like them thin, blonde and feminin. You will find more of them in EE disproportionately than the west. I’ve travelled exstensivlly over EE on business and pleasure and simply have witnessed the truth.
        Fat, pampered and entitled western women do not hold a candle to the competition.

  1. And then you’ll go to Vietnam and in the end of next year you’ll write an article about 7 things you learn from living in Asia which could be summarized in one sentence – life is not perfect anywhere in the world and if you feel like a stranger everywhere you go.
    Extensive travelling has the same effect as being promiscuous – eventually it becomes impossible to settle down and man could never be truly happy without his family, his small legacy to the world.

    1. How sad. You can see that somewhere in there, she could have been attractive if she’d maintained a healthy weight. Such a fucking pity. Around my stomping grounds she wouldn’t get a second glance except by seriously fucked up desperate betas or omegas. There are benefits to living near one of the largest universities in the nation.

      1. And she loses half a point for the fucking tattoo. And considering she needs all the help she can get…

      1. Good observation. And what’s soul crushing is that if you showed this to any given segment of people on FaceBook you’d hear “Awwww, she’s so beautiful! How sweet!” from girls and “Looking good sweety, so hot!” from a lot of “guys”. How fucked up is that?

        1. I bet if this cow put this picture on her twitterbook or whatever it would get dozens of positive comments.

        2. Well … she does have a pretty enough face? The thing is she’s ‘trying’. Heels, dress, hair blown out. It’s more than many of the thin, pretty girls do. And that’s what other women see and notice – effort.

        3. You must live in a weird place. Thin pretty girls here preen like nobody’s business. You’ll still even see, gasp, skirts in the spring and summertime.
          Saying “You make a great effort” is different than actually complimenting somebody for being beautiful. And it still doesn’t excuse the guys fawning over a tub like that.

        4. Unfortunately that’s exactly what I was alluding to.

        5. I used to hang with buddies in the military, and in the summer we’d head to Myrtle Beach in his or my pickup truck as a pack. We had in our possession a No Fat Chicks flag that we’d hang in front of wherever we parked to tailgate. Good fun.

        6. I cant explain why men fawn over these types. I’d like to know! I can tell you how many men have told me, kindly and with concern, to “eat a sandwich” or asked me if I have a “problem” ie eating disorder. I’m 5’4″ and 106 lbs.

        7. I’m in the Hall like Aaron puffing l’s all day
          First command is to keep the fat broads away

          Starang Wondah

        8. I hate those kind of “men” and will openly criticize them for saying such shit, right in front of the women who they are telling to “get fat, hon”. It’s crap and they know it, but they want to feel “sensitive and nice”.

        9. I haven’t been there since the late 1980’s, have no idea what it’s like now. At the time I was there it was like a circus sideshow featuring beautiful people and the occasional anaconda or boa constrictor used as a prop to attract attention. Women would routinely “rate” guys as the men walked past, and all you had to do to get a date for the weekend was show up, smile and offer her a beer, where “her” = almost any random single girl you walked past on the sidewalk.

        10. Thin shaming. It required some will power to resist the pressure and not gain 20 tbh. I can almost understand this sort of thing from other girls, but when the men are doing it’s very disorienting. It’s sweet that you all claim to prefer natural hair and no tattoos, but you’re in the minority. At least in my gen.

        11. Well you may very well look like you have an eating disorder. I know a 5 footer that weighs 102. Looks great.

        12. Men like stamps on their tramps for sure, but not on anything we are interested in keeping around.

        13. Yall can hate on the fatties but goddamn they suck on mean one. Night fighter army right there

        14. I knew an old guy named Andy the Pervert
          who supported what you say on the following points:
          -fat girls have tighter twats because no one fuks them
          -they try harder to please because no one fuks them.

        15. They claim no one fucks them. Maybe then men on this forum are a cut above but i know back when i was getting around the occasional shared fatty was not unheard of.

        16. You’d think, but when guys talk when girls aren’t around, they’re more honest. Most of them are not turned on by the clown hair and ink. Some are, but many are not. But let one inked/clown hair woman walk near and they’re all about “dat azz” for her.

        17. an example of this is my wife. Of course she was only 90 pounds when we met 11 years ago, but I have put on a lot more than 10 pounds in those years so I can’t complain.

        18. Now this was a few years ago, but I once stood on a corner in MB and counted 20 Camaros/Firebirds in a half hour.

      2. And gripping the pole with two hands. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but this picture encapsulates a wealth of knowledge that has been touched on in countless articles.

    2. There’s alot of competition in America. There are many alphas. They wise man should flee to 3rd world countries in order to get any action

      1. And Anglosphere bitches think they deserve a husband at 33 after riding the carousel for ages. Ehhhhhh! Wrong!!

        1. In Russia, if your not married by 30 as a woman you are done. The social pressure reenforces it.

        2. I was fucking a married Russian woman a few years ago. Crazy monkey sex but couldn’t cook worth shit…..she went Galt on me…. maybe husband found out and cut her up?

        3. Maybe. I have a russian friend via our wives are friends and after a few years he told me some things about russian women (all true). He admitted he hated me at first. Over time he got to know me and we’re pretty tight as our families spend time together. He said “if your wife fucks up, tell me. Throw her ass out and book a ticket to Moscow. I will have women lined up for you at the gate. Pick another John. Russia has plenty of beautiful women who will make a good wife.”
          Not sure if I’de marry again, but I am definitely a slav fan.

        4. It is a pity as she was very very hot and sexy….. share some of the knowledge about Russian women…. and don’t understand the last sentence…..

        5. For the western beta who struggled to get any action he will hype any woman who sees him as high value

        6. That would take some time.
          In short: AWALT. Be dominant. Put them in their place. Be aggresive when needed to the point she should slightly fear you.

        1. I was in St Pete during the summer. Good for sightseeing for 5 to 7 days but it lacked something…. not a great bar/party culture…… not the most attractive women either…. maybe other parts are better….

        2. I’ve been on holiday with family in Spain and saw alot of Russian yummy mummies. But there were some who were not. Who did you see?

        3. Ah. The queer thing I find about Russians is it takes a long time to build a rapport with them. Those from an anglo culture do it fluidly.

        4. I’m from an Anglo culture. I could build a rapport but generally I find women from Latin cultures much more amiable. Scandis and Dutch too. Even Germans.

        5. No. Just visit some small east coast beaches. The russian all work in hospitality/retail for the summer or longer.

        6. probably never happen to be honest. I really have no desire to see anything in Europe and I am pretty sure that other than possible trips to LA, MIA, LV and the Caribbean I will never leave manhattan.

        7. Hmm. They have a dark sense of humor, which appeals to me, but not sure about the sslf depricating part.

        8. If you can manage it, I would highly recommend that three-some with a pair of russian models. No one will believe you of course, but the memories will be eternally yours.

        9. My goal is even more lofty. I want to have a series of threesomes with girls from cultures that hate each other. A Puerto Rican and a Dominican, An Israeli and a Palestinian, A greek and a turk, a northern irish girl and a brit, a Brazilian and a Portuguese, a southern debutant and an inner city black gangsta bitch, an old money wasp and an occupy wall street hippie girl, etc etc etc. If I could have 100 threeways with girls who have deep seeded hatred of one another’s cultures and write a book about it it would be great.

        10. There is some sweet, personal satisfaction having done what others can only dream about. Sort of like hearing guys at work talking about the new hottie in accounting, but they not knowing you were smashing her cervix last weekend.

        11. Russian women are the biggest gold diggers in the world. I was born in the soviet union and let me tell you, their looks don’t phase me because I know the truth…I can see that all they care about are shoes, coats and purses.
          Asshole game works wonders because everyone kisses their ass and they aren’t used to it.
          I’ve dated a few Russian women here in the states, they were the hottest looking, but I know their evil ways.
          Met one Russian chick at my buddies party, had her in bed 4 hours later. She cooked me breakfast and asked me if I had a gf… I lost all respect for her two hours prior to that.
          It was the worst! I couldn’t leave because I was still drunk off my tits from the night before.
          Stay away man. Stay far away.

        12. I like gold diggers. I find them to be honest. Like William Burroughs said “beware of whores that say they don’t want money. Bullshit. What they want is Loren money. Lots more”
          What’s wrong with a hot girl who will bed you in four hours?

        13. Nothing is wrong with getting laid in 4 hours. I was disappointed afterwards because it was too easy? Or maybe if I did it, how many others have done it to her?
          Kinda made me feel disgusted by her.
          Also, I got us water after sex. I drink my cup and lay down trying to ride out this incoming hangover. She turns to me and tries to kiss me (while attempting to pour water into my mouth from her mouth)
          Fucking disgusting behavior, especially for a Russian sloot.

        14. Lol. This is why I’ve pretty banned sleepovers. When I nut an 30 minute mental timer starts. When it’s done I’ll be alone even if it means she is pissed.
          In my mind women have very particular jobs. They should be hot, stylish, keep their opinions to themselves, be good company and fuck well. That is literally my only qualifications for “good woman”

  2. Great article, except the part about women. It’s not that American women could have been like this, but even worse, that they were like this at one time, even in my living memory. You 20 something guys don’t realize how recent and fast the change has been. The rare fat girl during my high school days was usually mocked or shunned. If she developed a great personality she might be allowed to associate, but nobody wanted to be like her and most felt a twinge of pity at her lack of self control. Generally speaking, long hair, nice figures (sometimes even a bit *too* thin) and pleasant attitudes were more or less the norm.
    Check out some of the videos on YouTube showing spring break in Ft. Lauderdale back in the mid 1980’s. You’ll see a chub here or there, but by and large it looks like an alien landscape, woman wise, compared to today.
    You’re young and it’s great that you’re traveling a lot now. Get it out of your system while you’re still a young buck and can pick up your tent stakes at will (or, if you use a yurt, your yurt stakes) without any real financial consequences of any significance. It’s a great way to learn about the commonality we see in the human condition, plus it’s great to immerse yourself in the experience and history of the world.
    Good article.

      1. I’d wager that has an impact. Plus, we all sit at desks now (well, the majority), there is very little hard work to be had, and even those who work hard eat like absolute shit both in quality and quantity compared to decades past. Throw in “I’m beautiful no matter what!” stupidity and there is simply no perceived need to eat like a normal human being instead of a living trash compactor.

        1. Women using a rolling pin in their kitchen prep had to burn some calories too. But now women don’t know how to cook.

        2. My son found one. She’s a freshman at college (he’s in his second year). Thin, extremely attractive, cheerful, long hair, no ink, can cook (and has for him) and brings over video games to play when she stays over that, according to him (he’s not wont to put a woman on a pedestal) she’s actually fairly good at.

        3. I’m off video games until the final fantasy 7 remake comes to PC. The nostalgia factor will be too much

        4. Even better: Before the automobile, lower-middle-class women hauled groceries home by hand. That kept them nice and thin. So did the endless cigs.

        5. Granted I am GenX so we were starting down the no smoking path even in high school, but I don’t recall seeing a lot of smoking in general in girls my age at the time, although some did do it. Their mothers and fathers and other older family though, yep, everywhere.

        6. “even those who work hard eat like absolute shit”
          I’m amazed at the sheer number of fat construction workers. These sons of bitches do 8-10 hours of hard labor in a day, then go home and eat and drink 10,000+ calories. There is no reason that anyone, with just a little self control, can’t at least have a decent figure when working hard labor.

        7. They also smoke a pack or two a day. Coming from a construction background hard work does not equal discipline. It’s just what you do to pay the bills.

        8. My point was that they burn far more calories than your average American worker. IF they practiced discipline, then most of them could be in good shape without ever stepping foot in a gym.

        9. My father was born in 1920. He worked manual labor most of his life. He was 6′ tall and never weighed more than 145 pounds except for a short period after he gave up smoking. He ate meat and potatoes home cooked by my SAHM.

        10. I am a cook and a baker. Kneading dough is not that hard and doesn’t take long. If that is your exercise it will not be nearly enough. Moms in the old days had tons of hard physical work to do. For instance, as a lad, I remember when we first got a washing machine that was a tub with an agitator. You ran water through a hose you hooked up to the sink faucet to fill it. You put the clothes through a mangle to squeeze out the water then hung them up to dry. This was a huge labor saving device from what went before. Also remember, my mother did cloth diapers for 7 children (and was pregnant 13 times in 22 years). She was thin her whole life until confined to a wheel chair.

      2. Parts of it boil down to the foods today but not enough that you can just blame the food companies. Part of it is bad parenting because parents could guide their children away from eating shit the same way they should guide them away from doing drugs. But in the end, at the very bottom line, the food companies and their crap, bad parenting, bad influences on television and in culture in general are not the end cause…the end cause is the individual. A person 30 years ago had a better chance to learn being in shape is a good thing…true….but if you are a fat ass there is exactly one person to blame and they are in the mirror.

        1. People are fundamentally lazy. If you put a box of “healthy whole grains” on the table they will pour on their 2% milk and start munching without considering whether the contents of the box really are healthy.
          Additionally, people are remarkably trusting. I have seen bankers who are remarkably skeptical about their clients intentions who will believe everything the media say about diet and never bother to check it out themselves.
          I have had people ask me for advice on diet and then carry on eating cookies all day. The hardest thing for people to do is to change their perspective. They just won’t do it.

        2. Something changed them, because the norm on diet and exercise used to be the exact opposite.

        3. Its the times we live in. Back in the day there was a mother in the house to make the meals. She had a very limited selection compared to today and it was for the most part produced locally so nutritious and fresh. Now both parents are working, get home late, tired, order out a few times a week or just stick something in the oven/microwave……government doesn’t complain as feminism and they get to tax the other half of the population…. then the same government wonders why the kids are so fat…..

        4. Actually “exercising” is a recent thing right? As for diet, it used to be “man-food”. Meat and potatoes. Now people are running scared from meat while they dig in a box for sugar laden treats.

        5. “A person 30 years ago had a better chance to learn being in shape is a good thing…true…”
          I disagree…seems there is more emphasis on fitness now than ever before. Granted, this emphasis is mostly geared towards selling shit like gym membership or sports apparel and equipment, but its an emphasis nonetheless. Maybe I was surrounded by (and schooled by) morons when I was young, but fitness was regarded as just another activity like drawing pictures or playing the kazoo: elective, not essential.

        6. Girl in my office avoiding all the holiday candy and eating dehydrated mango instead talking about how proud she is of herself avoiding all the chocolate. lol.
          I get the same questions. It is unbelievable. I am not talking about specialized body building or power lifting diets (I am on one now) or carb cycling or IF or even IIFYM…but just as goes eating healthy….it is absolutely obvious to anyone the difference between a healthy diet and an unhealthy one. Any claim to the contrary to disingenuous

        7. I really don’t know what goes on in schools any more (damn that Megan’s law!) but while there is a move to be fit now it seems that it is fit or fat. When I was in high school there was the middle ground between the athletes and the fatties…most people occupied this middle ground…it was “average”
          What I call average now would probably be considered slim by todays standards. The sedentary life style that kids live today is really amazing. I can honeslty say that I don’t think I walked anywhere until I was 14. I just ran. Bedroom to kitchen, kitchen to bathroom, bathroom out the door, going to visit a friend…I was just in a constant state of running.

        8. Yea but that’s just it. They only want to sell you the gym memebership, they don’t care if you go. Fitness is more than just buying a gym membership. I could get in better shape with some cinderblocks, a truck tire, and sprints in my backyard than i could at planet fitness

        9. Or the people who look at me with such shock when I have a teaspoon of whole milk (4% fat) in my tea that they nearly choke on their chocolate chip muffins.

        10. There is more emphasis on fitness marketing, because most people spend too much time sitting.

        11. You don’t buy fitness with dollars. You buy it with sweat. I love my basement barbell, backyard pull up bar, and jump rope.

        12. When you look up on the interwebs those kids of the 90’s list, one of the major thing everyone said was the last generation that played outside. Looking at the toys that were popular in that era, there was a focus on physical activity. Supersoaker fights, nerf fight, and so forth.

          Just a little bit of what I’ve observed over the years:
          – A proliferation of corporate food (poison, shit) to feed the masses, coupled with the “convenience” factor and little emphasis on whole foods, gardening, cooking, etc. – I can only remember one “fat kid” in grade school.
          – A more sedentary lifestyle (video games, etc.). I’m 45 years old, and when I was a kid, we were always active… Playing sports, riding bikes, whatever… always doing things outside. Our parents would yell at us to “come in” for dinner.
          – Poor parenting! Kids being raised by parents who are just
          “grown children” themselves.
          The list goes on…

        14. As an activity? Since the late 1800’s it’s been a “thing”. Before then it was just “work”. I think it came with the advent of huge cities, and then spread as we all adopted that “lifestyle”.

        15. It’s been a “thing” since forever but it’s only recently that it became any kind of norm, with virtually everyone having a gym membership.

        16. My mother routinely kicked us out of the house. she said I’ll call you back when dinner is ready. We played in the woods, wandered around town on our bikes, and had pick up ball games in school playfields. None of that happens anymore. Everything has to be organized, scheduled, and supervised. Stranger danger has gone OCD.

        17. When staying fit becomes work, few people will do it. We stayed active as kids back in the 50s, 60s, and early 70s by being active with fun things we enjoyed. No one worked out; we played.

    1. Glad it isn’t just me who remember the 80s. The fat kids today is the appalling part. Got a cousin who just completed college and started on the football team for 4 years. Ripped and good looking kid. His GF is a plump girl who even I woudn’t look twice at.
      Wife said if any of your male cousins came to Russia, women would be clawing at them.

      1. What’s his malfunction? Why in the name of any holy God would he even look at a fatty?
        I know lots of dudes are “thirsty” but the jacked ones need to be punched on the forehead and have some sense shouted into their skulls. Stop rewarding these fat pigs with your attention. Good lord.

        1. His dad , my uncle, is cucked by the wife. Plus rural Ohio makes for slim (pun intended) pickings.
          I will have a talk with him this summer. Family is scared shitless I will convince their kids to emmigrate/ expat.

        2. Yeah, I’m going to miss living where I live now when it comes to eye candy. I’m moving to rural areas myself next year. The bubble of still-hot, thin women is something I’ve grown used to, but them way out in the middle of nowhere country girls can be pretty sad.
          Tell him to head up near Polaris sometime in the summer or even just down to the OSU campus. Show him a whole world of hot pretty girls just waiting for his attention here.

        3. He is probably a lost cause, but I will try. He has 3 younger brothers who I will focus on “red pilling.”

        4. Rural girls are not always pretty sad. I have run into quite a few country girls in South Dakota that were smoking hot, and few that were not thin. Now I am talking about the fairly young women (which due to my age young is creeping into the late 30s). I am specifically talking about the girls in the cowboy hat half of that state.

        5. I would guess that he is NOT malfunctioning at all. It is FAR more likely that the young man has noticed that the best looking women are all HORRID to be around. And to trust them?? Forget about it: The RISK is simply too high.

      2. I have coworkers with teen girls. Its strange, they are not fat, but 10-15 lbs extra around the gut, not in the right areas at all(boys have this problem too, hope they grow out, and not into, these bodies). Has to be all the poisons, well, everywhere.

        1. these arent pears, mini beer guts, small upstairs, built like a lunchbox or a thermos

        2. Personally I’d rather they weren’t at the gym. They put a hurtin’ on my eyes!
          Lol, they actually seem to have grown into the shape of their chairs, like they were cultivated.

        3. yeah. we only had slim.chubby, or curvy in HS, not muffin tops. Some boys have bigger breasts than some girls. no bueno

        4. Common saying when I worked in Dublin. “I am either going to fuck or fight tonight.”
          Sometimes it was both.

        5. I had a good friend in college that was from Russia (during the early 90’s).
          He often comment on fat girls exercising (they walked a lot for exercise on our campus). He’d comment that they “couldn’t walk away from their fat butts”. At the time, I thought he was rude.
          Now I see that he had a lot of insight. He also refuse to eat margarine and only ate butter (which was odd back in the early 90’s).
          He helped get me to start eating real butter.

        6. I’m glad they are in the gym, but I’ll bet that most of them are wasting their time only doing cardio exercise.
          They need to start lifting weights, and eating more protein, plus less carbs, if they want to change their body shape.

        7. Crappy food, and no weightlifting.
          Increase vegetables, increase protein, decrease carbs, and increase weightlifting. Combined, those things will solve that problem.

        8. Yeah I was brought up on butter. Never touched that margarine stuff.
          I was shocked at how fat girls were in America in the nineties. Now they’re even fatter!

      3. “Glad it isn’t just me who remember the 80s. ”
        Chicks of the 1980’s, while they still displayed qualities of feminity – such as slender bodies – started copping more feminist attitudes by this time. The 1980’s is when chicks started experimenting with more skankier fashions – and occasionally we see some ink working its way to a small percentage of them.
        As for me, I think young women of tje late 1960’s were best – even though that was before my time.

        1. I never, ever saw ink on a woman until 1993. Ever. Not once. GenX started it (I saw it in college) but it didn’t get awful until 10 years ago-ish.
          Feminist attitudes, maybe some, surely. Most went to college still to their MRS.

        2. I only ink on literally just a handful of women back in the 80’s – but you are correct when the 1990’s came the whole tatoo craze started to explode.

      4. The late 60s and early 70s were even better than the 80s. I have pictures from back then (actual film and prints in a box or in albums) and every time I take them out I am amazed at how thin everyone was. Even middle aged and even old women were quite thin. My grandmother was one tough old bird. She drank a fifth of Scotch every day and chain smoked unfiltered Pall Malls from the moment she woke until she went to bed. She died at age 86 when she slipped on the ice while shoveling snow and broke her hip. She died of pneumonia while in the hospital. She was thin, and stylish, up until the day she died.
        My second to last son is a ladies man. He can drop into bunch of women and have them eating out of his hand in seconds. The down side of the current environment is that he has had a couple of GFs that were chubby. He has also had a few that were much better built. The point here is that even guys successful with women have extremely limited options. Thin/fit girls are few and far between. I thank god I am not in that SMP now. I would be an incel.

    2. There was a grand total of 1 fat kid I remember from highschool. We called him Fat Tom. He was a very funny guy who compensated for being fat with Belushi/Farley antics. But when I think of him I don’t think of him as “Tom” he is and will always be “fat tom”
      I can’t think of a single fat girl back then. There was one girl we used to call tubby who was in no way overweight in a way that would be considered unhealthy…..think Meg from family guy…not attractive by any means but not a whale.

      1. That mirrors what I saw too. The fat girl was just stout, like you say, like Meg. The fat boy we had was a total idiot, bad temper, all that shit. We nicknamed him Dorka (Dork + Orca) and he ended up being ostracized by the bulk of the student body.
        Not two years later I’m at AIT in Texas and on the weekends the town I was stationed near would have cruises (cars cruising up and down the road, sometimes challenges to a race would occur and they’d head a bit further out to drag each other, etc). Hot beautiful thin young women as far as the eye could see, just jumping in your car for a bit of a 2 mph “ride” up the road. So many that I got kind of jaded to it, and ended up being *really* picky. Today if you saw a herd of women like that, who were pleasant, fun, nice and beautiful vying for your attention you’d think that you woke up on Planet Bizzaro.

        1. heh Dorka.
          You know, it is funny that it was beautiful girls everywhere…..here, btw, and I don’t know if this is indicative of the rest of the world or even, for that matter, if it is indicative of high schools and colleges, but it seems that weight is inversely proportionate to social and economic class.
          Pop into any Irish pub with a juke box, some sporsgame on tv and a pool table and you will see land whales. However, go to an upscale joint with dim lighting, white tuxedoed waiters and pricey booze and you will see a grand total of zero chubbs. they just aren’t there.

        2. Thats because you didn’t have too. Children trust their grandparents & parents. You understand later but their long gone by then.

        3. I hate to agree (New Yorker thing :-D) but, even in the US, you’re right. If you hit the really upscale places in Southern California the land whale is much rarer. Although they do exist. Just not enough to tip the whole place into the water like a lot of other places. 😀
          Of course the thin ones are all a bunch of vapid brainless twits but does that really matter? 🙂

        4. This is just hypergamy in action. Go anywhere where the big bucks guys go and the women get exponentially better looking.
          I just got back from Vegas. If you gamble on Fremont it is strictly blue collar and land whales. If you go to Wynn where dinner at Sinatra’s for 5 was over $700 (before tip), the women are drop dead gorgeous and dressed to the nines. At Caesar’s the women were some where in between.

        1. Saw an example of this the other night in bar. Blonde (yes blonde!) haired Nicki Minaj looking black chick. Staring at me. I wanted to tell her that resting your breasts on your belly doesn’t count as a static hold…

        2. Do you have calipers to check the exactness of this science or is more of an on the fly eyeing up?

    3. Even when I was in high school (graduated in 2003) there weren’t a ton of fatties. The few that were around latched onto their hotter counterparts and became the token fat chicks of the group. I’m amazed when I see high school aged girls now. So many of them are fat. Those poor dudes have so few options that even the basic 6’s who aren’t fat are treated like queens.

      1. I go back before that and there was maybe one fat chick in my grade and they were always bitter. It was just rare! Now I just don’t get it at how many there are now? How do they let themselves get that way and accept it? But I guess the guys can also join them…

    4. “Great article, except the part about women. It’s not that American women could have been like this, but even worse, that they were like this at one time, even in my living memory”
      You aint kiddin’ – american women were at their best and sexiest in the late 1960’s to mid 1970’s-ish – here is a clip from a couple of TV show of that era showing just how feminine:

    5. It’s depressing. I get out of the office each day a walk around the city centre, people watching.
      Attractive girls I see, is MAYBE 1 in 50? 1 in 100?
      I mean, after you take out the oldies, the fatties, the dyed hairs and tatts, the sallow, pasty-skinned ones….there’s very little left over.
      The beach usually has better demographics. But the CBD? Yikes,.

      1. I quit working down town earlier this year. When I went out for lunch, even in the summer, I might (about 1 time out of 5) see one girl that was worth a “Damn I’d hit that”. There were often a few girls that were at most worth a second look. But for the most part, girl watching in the US is not worth the effort. I just bought a paper and read the comics.

        1. Yeah it’s a shame. Nothing much to look at. Maybe in the clubs? Not that I’ve been to one in a decade.
          OTOH, I was on a business trip in Seoul recently, and whilst 99% of the people in the offices are dudes, the 1% are pretty young girls, hired (I’m pretty sure) for their looks. It puts a bit of colour in the day, hehe.

      1. Talk about a fucking alien planet. A beautiful woman not dressed like a slut with an amazing voice singing a song about loving one man (rather than whoring it up and yolo etc etc)

    6. The decline during the 80’s and even 70’s and 60’s was more subtle, but it was there. Look at an episode of Star Trek the Next Generation women versus the original Star Trek for an idea. Nearly all the women in the 2nd 80’s star trek series looked like ball busters and they were. Naturally, there were still great women around in the 80’s but their numbers were dwindling. Fast.
      American culture has been broken for a century, or longer. A lot of it is due to puritanical pruditry, capitalistic materialism, and a witches brew of other bad factors.

  3. Good mention of Vietnam here. It’s got the best CPB (cost per bang) return on investment in Asia.
    Lots of hot girls (only marginally worse than Japan), no ladyboy infestation like Thailand or Philippines, and it’s arguably the cheapest country in SEA while also having significantly better infrastructure and comfort compared to cambodia, laos, and myanmar. Get It while it’s hot boys, because It won’t last beyond the early 2020s I think.

    1. Vietnamese girls are some of my favorite girls on the planet. Beautiful. Except that when they talk it sounds like a cat with his tail caught in a blender.

  4. “It sucks that the nice guy within me had to be killed off not only because of me (I was a total wimp, I can admit), but because of the environment he was raised in. Don’t get me wrong. Eastern European women require you to be strong and masculine, but they don’t have near the stigma against the nice guys that girls of the West have.”
    This. With the women I’ve dated in Asia they genuinely like the nice guy. No, I dont supplicate or act like a total beta, but there are times when I’m rewarded for being nice and our relationship grows deeper.

    1. They genuinely like the nice guy when they consider you to be of higher value than themselves. They despise the “nice guy” who they deem to be of lower social status than themselves

  5. These american women here are so trash that I feel justified spending $200 a month on a whore. Sure there are some quality ones, and I should still try going for them, but in my experience of picking up the percentage rate is extremely low even if my game is good, and my life is rolling. I might see a fine chick once or twice a month. Outside of that Im asexual back here in america because none of these chicks move my dick.

    1. One…. stop the mongering….. its kryptonite for your game…. believe me I know…. then get on the Trump train…. then get the fuck out of the US until Trump sorts the place out….

    2. Eastern European women are trash as well. There are many Ukrainian prostitutes all over Europe

      1. The strip clubs in London are filled with EE chicks. They also make up the bulk of porn stars.

    3. That’s a lot of money just a nut or two. You really need to work the fling angle. $200 bucks will last for a season… and most of it will be spent on your drinks.

      1. He states in his bio that he is retired but the content of the article suggests that he is self-employed.

    1. Real men work on their glutes in the summer and go Lapland in the winter to crush icicles with their bare buttocks!

      1. Speaking of, it is almost time for the Polar Bear New Years Swim in Coney Island. The kneeman has his speedo ready!

        1. it’s good fun. A few hundred lunatics going for a new years day swim in Brooklyn and then for a few drinks at a local bar.

        2. Might come out with a third eye swimming in the Hudson or any river next to a big city.

        3. Nah, water has been swimmable clean for a long time now. In the 90’s yeah, but now the Hudson has people jet skiing and shit in it

        4. I jumped into ice water (hole carved out of ice frozen lake) in Finland once when I was in my early 30s. My heart skipped a few beats.
          Nuts to that I say

  6. I spent two years in Ireland as a missionary. While talking with thousands of all sorts of people I came to realize that no matter where you go human nature is the same. There are some differences, but I think a lot of it is mindset and methodology. What works to get a quick lay is not what works to get relationship material

    1. “While talking with thousands of all sorts of people I came to realize that no matter where you go human nature is the same. There are some differences, but I think a lot of it is mindset and methodology. ”
      My realization too, good sir.

  7. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I have to agree about the weather of east europe – it absolutely sucks in the Winter time. And there’s more to a man’s existance than plugging hot east euro chicks. I also agree that a man has to be happy where he is. Many of these small cities in countries like Ukraine or Poland do not have much to offer. These industrial shit-hole cities get tedious after one dumps his load in one of the native women.
    As far as you feeling ‘robbed’ about being in the wasteland of blue haired fatties – I felt very much the same when I first travelled to Russia – then I visited Ukraine – I dated and have numerous experiences with really good looking girls, so I eventually felt the ‘debt of hot chicks’ owed to me was paid off. Additionally I had enough bad experiences to also realize never to put women on a pedastol, and this was the best realization of all.

  8. Same experience here regarding women. My first trip to Europe was life changing. Not because of the new places I saw, but the women. Really it was the first time in my life I’d seen actual feminine women. Who were also attractive. I very quickly re-evaluated my thoughts on what was “good enough”. And the rest is history. These days, I won’t set foot in the US unless it’s for some kind of urgent business. There’s just nothing left there for me now.
    And like you, there is a feeling of being robbed. Unlike a lot of Americans, I’ve always had the opportunity to leave the US. I only got around to traveling after I was 30 however. Oh to go back in time and leave much much sooner….
    The Ukrainian thing was hilarious though. Good God man what did you THINK was going to happen posting something ridiculous like that!? Bad form for blaming the Ukrainians as well. That’s not their fault friend, it’s YOURS. I haven’t even been to the Ukraine yet and I know they’re touchy on that one! Also depending on whom you’re talking to in Spain you’d get in trouble over the Catalan comment too! What’s next, speaking in Siciliano in the Veneto? Oh dear….. 😀 😀 Perhaps… leave the language comments to the experts. I’ve found that’s the best thing to do. Also… in the beginning AGREE with the natives. Even if you don’t. You can disagree after they know you better. 😉

  9. We’ve been completely robbed. I think that’s why a lot of men have simply given up today.
    What is the point when you are seeing men just shy of that top 10% that hand out the carousel rides are having to settle for unhealthy, unfeminine, entitled poisonous witches.

    1. Yup. I see decent looking / handsome men with hideous women, sloppy, slobs. It’s unreal

      1. Me too. We need to get the message out that a man is far better off alone than settling for Ms. Ugly Average. You can do better, but have to be willing to actually try, and of course to know that there are far better options out there.
        It’s like “average” here is sold as “good”; men grow up thinking along those lines until shown just how much more the world has to offer.

  10. The pride cycle……..70 years ago American women were revered as the hottest in the world the swedes were 40 Years ago now we have the Russians. What happens is they let it go to their heads.

    1. Yeah, looking at old pictures and illustrations of how things use to be here in the USA so many years ago makes one depressed. It’s a shame that all of that is basically gone now.

      1. it is a cycle, things turn around in time. Many acknowledge that there is a problem, and that is a start.

  11. If you’re planning on pulling from a smaller Western Ukrainian town, knowledge of the Ukrainian language is important. There’s a secret in those small towns that you will not find in Kyiv or Odessa.

  12. ” it’s always up to you, and it’s never too late.”
    It’s easier said than done. A lot of countries have restrictions for foreigners such as the inability to buy land, the inability to borrow for a mortgage, the inability to get a job etc. That leaves being sent by a multinational company, those places with an HR department that I’d rather shun totally. Or one could create a business but the statistics aren’t that favourable with 2/3 of businesses failing within a few years.

    1. I agree that this is true, but in order to live the type of life and travel as the author did, it’s generally accepted that being an entrepreneur or owning one’s own business (or perhaps remote contracting) is the way to go.
      Which would eliminate the issues you’ve listed.

  13. Great article, Kyle. Interesting how some points I’ve written about from completely different life experiences were the same as yours. Not surprising, though.
    I’m looking forward to leaving the 9-5 here in the USA and experiencing some of the same things you got to while abroad. I’ve started working on internet related business because I realized being distracted by a woman/etc and not taking action means another year goes by without anything changing. So I got off of my behind and got rolling. I’ll have to be patient and keep working.
    Regarding your point about trying to help others set up their own business, I can see how unless they’re really motivated and actively seeking out answers (like myself and others) then they wouldn’t really be motivated.
    It’s a far, far cry what people say they want and what they’re willing to do.
    I was told recently by a niche (affiliate marketing) website maker that most people don’t really get started. I mean, damn! That’s not hard work, and few people are willing to do even that!

  14. You’re still being the idiot American in disregarding half of the country you’re trying to describe as fully Russian-speaking.
    Europeans still have pride in their local cultures. You would do best to respect that.

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