New Ontario Sex-Ed Curriculum Shamelessly Pushes SJW Propaganda Onto Kids

Canada’s Ontario province already had a bad reputation as hosting the worst city in North America for men. Obesity, entitlement, and bitchiness coupled with extreme political correctness makes it difficult to have any success with talking to girls or finding partners worthy of more than just a pump-and-dump.

However, you thought this generation of men had it tough? You haven’t seen anything yet. Get ready for a whole new level of “social justice.”

The new Ontario sex-ed curriculum, aimed at grades 1-12, comprises approximately 500 pages of seemingly innocent material. How to do physical exercise, interact with each other respectfully, care about safety and so on. Oh, and among these useful tips we have casual discussions of what anal and oral sex are, fat acceptance, that only females can be victims of gender violence, how to fight hetero-normative sexism and to stir up trouble via social media if we want change.

All of this and much more, taught to kids in elementary school.

Kathleen Wynne

“All your kids are belong to us” – Kathleen Wynne

So how did Ontario actually end up in this sad state of affairs, where its sex-ed curriculum sounds like something from a dystopian science fiction movie? It all started in 2010, with then-Premier Dalton McGinty and his gay sidekick Kathleen Wynne, who was his education minister.

They promised an update to the sex-ed curriculum which was last modified in 1998. But when parents realized what was actually in the curriculum, they scuttled it and forced McGinty to put it on the backburner indefinitely. SJW media lamented this turn of events and labelled the dissenting parents as a “minority group of religious parents.”

As soon as Kathleen Wynne was elected Premier, she started working on the new sex-ed curriculum with her minister of education, Liz Sandals. And oh boy, did the two of them deliver. The curriculum is the SJW gender studies professor’s wet dream.

Liz Sandals

Liz Sandals, about to lunge at a straight white male

Colleges in the US have already started pushing for the “yes means yes” consent law on campuses, which essentially means that you ought to ask the female for every sexual action you want to do to her and wait for her to say “yes” before you carry on, effectively outing yourself as a total imbecile who can’t read body language.

In the Ontario sex-ed curriculum, children are taught “yes means yes,” showing that SJWs have a unified agenda that stretches across the entire North American continent:

yes means yes

Without men and women having sex, there is no next generation. But according to Ontario SJWs, this is heterosexist and an actual sign of discrimination. One lesson contains the definition of “heterosexism,” how it affects the language and to always challenge such assumptions in others, thus turning the children into unwitting LGBT rights advocates:


To change the social environment and challenge the heterosexist norms, kids are encouraged to use social media. This is unbelievably insidious, as it makes children into the generators of outrage on social media onto which actual SJWs can latch on as proof that their claims are legitimate:

use social media 3

To hammer the point about the sexual consent home, it is repeated a few times more in the curriculum. This time around, there is an added bonus of “enthusiastic consent” and how drunk women cannot consent to sex. Of course, this only applies to women.

drunk consent is no consent

Challenging stereotypes is how SJWs shame others into accepting their insane ideas until they become the norm. In this lesson, children are taught fat acceptance. Note the wording – it’s not fair to label fat people as lazy:

lazy fat people

Violence against boys does not exist. Only females are the victims. Presumably, boys are protected by their white straight privilege:

violence against boys

If a man wants to retain even a degree of independence in his relationship with a woman, this is seen as “uneven balance of power” and is a potential sign of danger. Let’s face it, SJWs see all men as rapists, it’s just that the following lesson doesn’t label them as such:

uneven balance of power

Have you had enough consent lessons drilled into your head at this point? Here is another one, just to reinforce your role of being a total wimp and never taking initiative with sex:

again more consent

And finally, we have perhaps the sole legitimate lesson regarding sexual education, though aimed at first graders. When I was in first grade, I learned to how to tie my shoelaces. Ontario kids will learn what a clitoris and penis are:

genitalia lessons

Besides these apparently obvious SJW lessons, there is a thin layer of 1984 throughout the curriculum. Namely, teachers are encouraged to create and maintain an atmosphere of trust and safety with pupils. Doesn’t sound so bad, right? However, at the same time children are encouraged to talk about their problems, including their parents’ intimate problems, with the person they trust (a.k.a. the teacher). Then, of course, the teacher can call the police or whichever authority is deemed necessary.

One example in the curriculum is how kids should constantly be challenging the stereotypes, such as that mental illness is bad. In the example, an adult (parent) says that someone is “nuts” and the child is supposed to silence the parent and then report this event to the trusted adult (teacher). This nightmarish scenario effectively turns children into spies of the state and rips the family unit to shreds, as nobody can trust anyone else.

Kathleen Wynne promised that this curriculum will be in Ontario classrooms in September 2015. Happy studying.

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301 thoughts on “New Ontario Sex-Ed Curriculum Shamelessly Pushes SJW Propaganda Onto Kids”

  1. I’d like to see a discussion of how “sex ed” would work in the Red Pill World.
    Because you would have to take the boys aside and just tell them, bluntly, that girls will find most of them sexually yucky in their natural state, and that these girls won’t even think of offering themselves sexually to them until after the girls have spent their best years banging the cool boys in their class.

    1. It would talk about the inherent difference and objectives of men and women.
      It would discuss the pitfalls of knocking a woman up, not only from a biological and emotional standpoint but a legal and financial one as well. This would include situations where a woman saves your sperm in the condom and impregnates herself with it in addition to being on the hook for child support in the hot for teacher scenario.
      It would discuss the absolutely unhygienic nature of anal sex and clit licking as they relate to disease transmission.
      Safe sex would not just include how to avoid disease transmission, but also regret rape charges. By getting confirmation texts, audio/video evidence, etc.

  2. SJW’s =Product of peek dysgenics. These sheltered freaks of nature would have never existed in a natural environment where natural culling mechanisms would have weed these freaks out of existence. In fact, their existence wouldn’t even possible 100 years ago because back then there wasn’t this modern sheltering going on like it is right now.

    1. Yes sir. They would have gotten eaten on the way to the outhouse, or got lost and froze to death. Because ‘safety’ – and that makes me want to throw up. A Blue Hero can stick a gun in my face if I don’t wear my seatbelt.
      What would a deer herd look like without predation?
      Fat, sick and entitled mainly. And eventually they would overpopulate their resource base and die of mass starvation.
      Are humans not of this earth? Are we not evolved from and related (no matter how distant) to every other living thing on the planet? Are we not subject to the same natural laws as every other creature? I say we are.
      Idiocracy is real.
      The best thing for humanity right now would be a culling. We have no remaining predators and the herd is growing out of control, and inferior specimens are surviving to adult hood (many don’t reproduce they just consume resources, like Ms. Wynne there) and out breeding the better specimens, who could survive without big brother and endless safety features like airbags, seatbelts, bike helmets, anti-gun laws etc.
      Nature will return to balance. The only question is how many humans will survive the cull.

      1. “What would a deer herd look like without predation?”
        Reindeer were re-introduced onto an island off Norway back in the 50s. Population mushroomed from 12 or so to over 200 in only a few years. Then, one spring, the scientists returned to find only a few alive.
        I wish I remember the name of that island, but this is a great example of pop overshoot….

        1. I’ve known about that study for a long time, and this is the first time I have ever seen someone else mention it. Unfortunately humans are more like rats.

    2. 100 years ago, which is not that long ago, these freaks would have been labelled spinsters, freaks, witches or lesbian deviants and would have been ostracized from society.
      Today – they are given the reigns of power!

      1. In another 10 years it will be much worse. I have absolutely no doubt that the end of the world is coming, and soon we will be witnessing an Antichrist ruling the world. No matter what one thinks about religion, but all the biblical prophecies seem to be coming true.

  3. “Gender-based violence?” How’s this for some gender-based violence: In Canada, males are 3.5 times more likely to be victims of a homicide than females. But SJW never let facts get in the way of their narrative.

  4. Toronto also has female only gym time and female only swimming time where a father can’t even watch her own daughter swim. I’ve also seen a man in a bikini walk into a female changeroom and complaining when women were freaking out.
    This place is just fucked with toxic progressivism. It’s a literal dystopia. The craziest part is how everyone else seems to be okay with it or zealously in favour of all this madness. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only sane person in this insane city. I’ve already made plans to leave north America within the year. Fuck this shit.

    1. Im overseas most the year but only head back to make $$$$. Every year i here it gets way worst where im aiming to find a country that isn’t fucked up by Feminism!
      East europe is starting to go to shit cause the US is invading their countries with their broken Feminsim valves.

    2. The people here just think it is normal to be so messed up, even though they are often miserable with their lives.
      And I’d say the most miserable people are the ones most likely to be pushing and accepting this SJW bs.

      1. They’re so miserable that the only way they gain any life satisfaction is by picking up an insane ideology to feel like they’re important and by pulling other people down to their level of misery.

        1. I was just at a bonfire party in the woods with some friends and it shocked me how many times the girls mentioned bs feminist ideas… They pretend like rape is around every corner when no serious man would take them seriously. It’s frustrating to listen to.
          They want us to “man up” and pursue “our potential”. But it’s clear they just want dibs on the fruits of our labour even if they themselves are a complete mess.
          Baffling. Why does it seem so hard to just meet a normal and decently attractive girl?

        2. Simple, they’ve been conditioned to overestimate their own values because they think that their university degrees make them special, not to mention the prevailing feminist culture.
          It feels like every male over the age 30 that I meet in this city has been either cheated on or divorced. I have yet to meet a single man claiming to be happily married.
          I’ve pretty much given up at this point. Last few months have been rough for me and I can’t wait to leave the country.

        3. Because there aren’t ANY. They all got married a long time ago, or went to the convent… And if they were in the convent for any length of time and left, it was because of their toxic hate for men and boys…

      2. The worst part of all of this is Kathleen Wynne worked on this curriculum with a man who is a pedophile. I wonder if he was trying to covertly groom children with these needlessly graphic descriptions of body parts.
        I can’t wait to leave Toronto and move to a small town where traditional values are not frowned upon. I don’t blame men for hating the dating scene here; good luck finding a woman who isn’t some man hating feminist in Toronto!

        1. The problem is finding a job. If I came back to Canada I would have to be in Toronto because I would not know how to find a job in, say, Trenton.

        2. This is guaranteed to make ill feelings toward women grow. Little boys being Fed this crap will naturally revolt by ignoring females and garnishing ill feelings. Look at us young men who went to elementary school in the 90’s. These boys will be 10xs more jaded.
          This Yes Means Yes BS is BS. Give me a break. We know what would happen. If at every step the guy got a clear YES from the bitch and had it recorded, should the cunt regret her actions weeks/ months later … The guy would be accused of RAPE.
          It’s sad that relations between the genders has become so toxic courtesy of government letting feminist grab the reins. Any sane man now a days will avoid women like the plague. Women now are like ticking time bombs: you never know if and when she’s going to create a rape allegation, divorce, etc.

        3. You can always date outside of your culture or race to find a woman who doesn’t think like a stupid feminist. It worked for my husband….just sayin’.

        4. There is truth to this statement. However, you can always learn a trade and live in a small town or city. I don’t know what your career path is but my suggestion comes from observing men who have decided to learn a skilled trade.
          My hubby is blessed to work about an hour away from Toronto. That’s why we’re leaving; there’s nothing left for us here except ridiculously high house prices.

        5. I knew this stupid slut who claimed that a man raped her. When I asked her to share the story, she told me that she WENT UP TO HIS HOTEL ROOM AND GOT INTO THE SHOWER WITH THE MAN SHE WAS ACCUSING. I could only stare at this lunatic incredulously when she said that. She was trying to turn her regret into rape and that was awful.
          With the faulty logic of this “yes means yes” nonsense, my husband has raped me several times. We have had countless sexual encounters without me saying “Yes, you may touch my breasts.” “Yes, you may penetrate me.” The romance of seduction does not lend itself to constantly checking for consent. Whatever happened to body language determining consent? Should a man ask a woman if she wants to have sex when she is wearing lingerie and waiting for him in bed? It isn’t enough for feminists to ruin society…they want to govern what goes on in bedrooms as well. I won’t stand for that.
          Kinda reminds me of this “marital rape” foolishness that feminists are trying to outlaw. Women who do not want to have sex should not get married. Marriage implies sexual consent. Husbands and wives should be sexually available to each other at all times, barring illness or recent childbirth. When I have sex with my husband, it isn’t always because feel like doing it. I am simply aware that as his wife, I am the one who should be meeting his sexual needs.

        6. Yes means Yes is just a fucked up law. The feminists just certainly don’t understand how the human sexuality works. They are trying to make pleasurable sexual encounters into a boring task. Man if a woman doesn’t want to engage in a certain sexual act, she will say “no”, or “I don’t want to do this”, or something similar, and/or push me off. This will make it clear that she doesn’t wan’t to do this, and I will respect her boundaries. However making her say yes for every sexual act is just insane. It just indicates that I can’t read normal body language. I guess nobody is that dumb, except for the feminists of course.

        7. Sorry, I should’ve elaborated. My friends in the US told me about the sad situation in your country. Then they either sent me links to the articles or told me to read about fat acceptance, feminism, slut walk, etc.
          I’m horrified. These entries and comments make it seem like normal people are living in prison daily and their every movement watched by ferocious human rottweilers : /
          What an existence. No wonder they’re so unhappy…

        8. Yup. That’s why my husband and I are getting away. There is nothing in this putrid metropolis for us. It is where we met and fell in love, as well as where I completed my college education but that’s it.

        9. So you’re from Toronto? How in the world did you turn out the way you are .. and how did your husband manage to find you? The women here in Toronto are the worst.. feminist to the extreme, slutty, and entitled. How in the world is a man like me supposed to find a decent woman here??

        10. I turned out this way because I was raised in a traditional home. My mother taught me how to be a good wife. My husband and I met in a very random way; our first date was completely blind.
          Women like me do live in Toronto but you’re more likely to find one if you stay away from clubs and bars. Look at women in religious circles or consider dating a woman with the influence of a traditional culture in her life. First generation Canadian women like myself are the best bet.

        11. My parents are from Jamaica and I am a black woman. That’s why I chose a smiling black lady holding a roasted chicken as an avatar.

        12. Ah ok.. thanks for the reply. And your husband is of a different race as you referred to in one of your previous comments? So he’s white or something?
          I know there is a pretty conservative and Christian black population here as a result of immigration from the Caribbean. Some still manage to hold on to traditional values, and value education and marriage, and seem to prosper. It sounds like you’re one of those. Most of the other black population here though.. seems to mirror the American one.. in that single motherhood and sluttery prevails, and the black women are attracted to the thuggish black men, and it’s a dysfunctional segment of the population as a result.
          Anyway, it’s good to see traditional minded women like you actually exist here in Toronto. I wish I could find a woman like you here but it’s pretty much impossible.

        13. Good to know. thanks for the reply.
          I don’t frequent bars and clubs though. That’s not my thing at all. I’m a pretty clean-cut, “boring” guy who lives a conservative lifestyle.. in that I don’t drink or smoke. I’m kind of an introvert and it’s difficult for me to meet women. The problem with trying to find a woman with the influence of a “traditional culture in her life” is that those women are only interested in men from their particular culture or religion. And while I’m not white and from a somewhat traditional culture myself (Indian), I’m an atheist/agnostic, and I’m not culturally Indian.. so I don’t really fit in anywhere. It makes meeting the right woman very difficult for me.

        14. No problem. Glad I could help.
          I was always under the impression that young Indian women are generally more traditional than most. Is that true? If so, are you interested in dating Indian women?
          There’s always the option of marrying a woman from another country as well. If you are open to it, there are plenty of dating services which specialize in finding wives for Western men.

        15. I’m definitely interested in dating Indian women but I can’t seem to meet or find the right type of Indian woman here. And no, it’s not necessarily the case that Indian women are more traditional than most. If anything, Indian women who grow up here in Canada and who are Westernized tend to combine the worst aspects of both Indian culture and Western, feminist culture. Many of them rebel against their conservative, traditional parents and slut it up big time.

        16. Wow. I guess I just grew up with Indian girls who were the complete opposite. It makes sense that some Indian women would rebel and slut it up; many first generation Canadian women have a hard time balancing Western ideals and the cultures they were raised in.
          Are you interested in travelling to India and meeting a woman there? You might find a more traditional woman if you take this route. I realize that Western culture has migrated East but you might have more luck in India. The only obstacle I could see is your atheism. Most traditional women are at least somewhat religious.

        17. Yes, my husband is white. I have found that white men have treated me far better than black men. I was blessed to be raised in a two parent home unlike most of my peers. My parents instilled certain values in me such as marrying a decent man and not having babies out of wedlock.
          It makes me sad when people think that I am ghetto trash just because other black women make the rest of us look bad. I wish I had a dollar for every time someone said “You don’t ACT black…” or “You don’t SOUND black.” Black women can be sensible and have good morals too.
          It’s not impossible to find a good woman. My husband didn’t meet me until he was 33. Don’t give up. Be prepared to look outside of North America for a wife if necessary. If you’re willing to be a traditional Alpha provider, you should have no problem finding a wife who will hold up her end of the bargain. Thanks for all of your kind words.

        18. It’s a really good move. Wishing you and your hubby all the best! May you guys be happier wherever you choose to be : ) Wishing you a smooth journey. It’s fun taking on new challenges together : )

        19. Thanks so much! I appreciate it. I hope the women in the new town are more down to earth. Toronto is nothing but snobby and catty bitches.

        20. I hope so too, for your sake. It’s far more pleasant interacting with nice people. With you, it now makes TWO nice women I’ve encountered. The rest were pretty horrible and rude.
          Glad to know there’re still sweet ladies left in the US : )

        21. Well I would say it’s about 50/50.. in that half of the first generation Indian women tend to be like you, which is more conservative and aren’t sluts (although they tend to be very career oriented and feminist: Indian women are notorious for being very materialistic and status oriented). The other half rebel against their more traditional upbringing and slut it up big time.. and many of them look down on Indian men thinking they’re too good for them.. and white guys are always ready to bang the “exotic” girls so they get over-inflated egos as a result. Many of these women end up bitter, cock-carousel riders.. unmarried and focused on their career . having short term flings and casual sex with increasingly lower value men as they age.
          I have thought about looking abroad, in India for example, for a more traditional type of wife.. although it’s difficult for me because I’m not from India myself even if I’m of Indian background so I don’t really have any cultural ties in India. My family is from East Africa (3rd generation – great-grandparents were from India) and I don’t really fit in with Indians from India. That’s what I meant when I said I wasn’t culturally Indian. And yes, my atheism makes things difficult as well. I’m kind of stuck in no-man’s land, you could say. I think I have a good blend of East and West, modern and traditional. .and that’s the kind of woman I’m looking for. I would prefer an Indian woman but I’m open to women of all races really.
          How exactly did you meet your husband? Through friends.. shared social circle.. work? Online dating?

        22. I met my husband online. I would suggest Eharmony as it matches you with people based on a very long questionnaire.
          I find that women from more traditional cultures tend to me more materialistic. While I admit to liking nice things and enjoying my husband’s status, I realize that there are more important aspects to marriage such as compatibility. Money can come and go; I have been with my husband through some very lean times even when other women were telling me to leave him.
          Are there other countries abroad that you would feel more comfortable looking for a wife in? I really believe that might be your best bet.

        23. So being punched hard in the face and held held down and forcibly penetrated by a drunk, violent husband wasn’t rape? Thanks i feel so much better now.

        24. It is quite obvious that I wasn’t speaking of situations like yours, so please take your pity party and sarcasm somewhere else. I have survived different types of horrendous abuse, but I do not constantly speak or think about those events. The more you allow your pain to define you, the worse you will feel about your future. You are also letting your abusers win when you choose to be a survivor and not a victim.

        25. No self pity here. It is a long time ago now. It is long behind me and I give it little thought. I was merely illustrating through a lived experience why there does need to be legal recognition that rape can take place inside a marriage.
          Happy spouses don’t charge husbands with rape, nor do happy husband charge wives with rape. Typically, rape charges are laid in circumstances such as the one I gave.
          Nothing in the quote below recognised that one can indeed be raped inside a marriage, so no the exclusion you say was obvious, was clearly not actually obvious.
          “Kinda reminds me of this “marital rape” foolishness that feminists are trying to outlaw. Women who do not want to have sex should not get married. Marriage implies sexual consent. Husbands and wives should be sexually available to each other at all times, barring illness or recent childbirth. When I have sex with my husband, it isn’t always because feel like doing it. I am simply aware that as his wife, I am the one who should be meeting his sexual needs.”
          Furthermore, you mean “You are also letting your abusers win when you choose to be a victim and not a survivor.” and not “You are also letting your abusers win when you choose to be a survivor and not a victim.” You had it around the wrong way.
          I think of myself as neither, it was a long time ago. I have moved on. It is now a life event but nothing more. It simply served to show why the laws are needed.

        26. If you were over your rape, comments from a random stranger would not have bothered you this much. You said “Thanks I feel so much better now” which makes it obvious that you took my comment to heart. I hope you find strength and healing instead of looking for arguments with people on Disqus.

        27. No, I am here because I was reading the Guardian and red about this website. It is considered to be somewhat of a joke by the mainstream and I was curious. I have also studied law and am now obtaining a degree in psychology. I feel a deep sense of commitment to ensuring that vulnerable people, be they man or woman, are protected. Hence I speak up when I see an injustice. Your comment promoted the idea that married people must consent to sex and cannot be raped. That view is harmful to society. I feel this way regardless of the persons gender. I also know that cases that go to trial where a spouse is charged for rape, are very rarely trivial and usually symptomatic of an abusive situation. I have a responsibility to my fellow man, regardless of gender to advocate for a fair and just society. After all that is what I do for a living.

        28. Did you want two cookies for studying law AND psychology or a pie for your career?
          Nobody cares about your accomplishments here. Your degrees and career will never be able to give you companionship or hold you at night. You’ve come to the wrong place, darling.
          I can smell your overprivileged sense of entitlement that all white western feminists reek of. I do not need a lecture from you about “injustice” as I am already part of a marginalized group. The difference is, I don’t spend my days crying about it. I leave that to spoiled white women who love to moan about oppression when they haven’t even experienced it.
          Sex is a necessary part of marriage and I am permitted to express that belief just as you are free to go on some online liberal crusade. You will NOT silence me.

        29. I don’t want to silence you. I enjoy debating. I also believe people have the right to hold opinions that we may hold unpalatable. I was merely pointing out that there are times when spouse can be raped by a husband or wife. And it is those circumstances that the law seeks to redress.
          Hardly privileged, I am married again to a serving defence member and that is not easy. I have one child dead from a genetic disorder and two more very ill. A genetic disorder we were not aware of. My eldest son was not diagnosed until age 20. My privilege involves working long hours and putting myself through uni so that I can increase my income. My children’s medication is $26,000 a year. Our combined income can not cover that. So we work and study to increase income, not to live lives of privilege, but to keep the children’s auto immune disease at bay.
          It is probable that your life is more privileged than mine.
          I do not feel pity for myself, although my heart aches for my kids. I am simply providing a response to the claim that I must be privileged because I have studied and work full time.
          Yes sex is an important component to a happy marriage. I certainly enjoy my own sex life.
          The point of issue, to bring the conversation back on track, was that you said that rape cannot occur inside a marriage and spouses should never deny sex.
          I simply said that marital rape can occur and does occur. It is usually within an abusive marriage. Without such laws, wives who are raped, legitimately raped, within the context of abuse, have little legal recourse.
          The point I make does not ridicule you, nor does it diminish, but it is rational and it is fair.

        30. PS. I also belong to a minority group. In addition, I was raised within a cult. I am very familiar with oppression. I ran away aged 17. That experience doesn’t define me. We are the sum of our experiences. I am stronger because of them and I am unafraid to love because a life without love is meaningless.
          We are not that different, you and I. Your antagonism is puzzling. Thus far, you have stated that you do feel that rape can occur inside a marriage, in cases such as my own. Therefore, we have agreement on that issue. So why the antagonism?

        31. What is the purpose of sharing all of these traumatic experiences, on a blog that has NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT? I’m sorry that you struggle with certain challenges but this isn’t the place for a therapy session. Use what you are learning in your psychology courses to heal yourself, instead of constantly seeking attention by bleating about everything you are dealing with.

        32. I am responding directly to your comments.
          1. You implied I was not a minority and did not understand oppression. I explained that I am from a minority group and why I know what it is to be oppressed.
          2. You stated that I was privileged and I responded with explanations why that is not so.
          3. You stated that because I obtained a degree I was privileged with a ‘sense of entitlement. I responded with explanations of why you analysis of who I am is ill informed and indeed making assumptions, incorrectly.
          4. Being disingenuous does you no credit. I am responding to your aspersions about my life.
          I have made none about yours.

        33. You could have responded to my comments without writing long winded responses about everything you have suffered. You also attempted to start an argument with your sarcastic “Thanks, I feel so much better now” comment, which is an example of your victim mentality. Sorry that I didn’t tailor my posts to accommodate your poor widdle feelings. This is the self pity and attention seeking I am speaking of.
          I detected your sense of entitlement based on the way you spoke of your education and not the mere fact that you have obtained one.
          Anyway, are you finished yet? I still don’t care about your struggles or your need for everyone to censor their opinion. Your words are demonstrating exactly what the men who comment here are tired of; the dramatic need for attention and victim mentality that so many women have.
          Your struggles and education do not make you a special snowflake who has to be treated with kid gloves. Get over yourself and stop whining about all your suffering. It makes you look needy and childish. See a therapist instead of posting comments that have nothing to do with the articles written on here. Goodbye and good luck. I’ll pray for you.

        34. I think you are unable to discuss reasonably because you made comment’s that I simply refuted and then provided evidence to support my position.
          That is appropriate. I don’t have any feelings one one way or another that you do not care. They were provided simply as evidence to refute your claims.
          You applied a stereotype and I corrected your stereotyping of me.
          I also think it sad that anyone from a minority group would stereotype, given that minority groups are so negatively stereotyped.
          You will note that I have largely tried to avoid in my responses, attacking you. To my regret, I was sarcastic twice. I should not have been. But other than that my comments have been fair.
          That is not to say that this has disturbed my equilibrium, it hasn’t. But the tone of your comments does serve only to undermine your own credibility.
          All of the comments when read together, say very little about me in one sense, but do say a great deal about your own fear of difference.
          The feeling that have about what you write is a sense that you are afraid of people who are different to yourself? My instinct tells me that life has been difficult for you and you have developed defence mechanisms to feel safer. I hope that one day, genuinely I might add, that you find what you seek from life.

    3. Man, I just went back like 14 years ago. I am from Mexico, and my parents sent me to Fonthill, Ontario, Canada to study 8th grade (when I was 13). SCHOOL was fuckin horrible, It cost me mentally a lot to try to adjust to the mangina system that this motherfuckers have. Literally, once I just put my arm around a girl, and I was sent to the principals office on the grounds that in the school there was “No body contact allowed”. They treat you like a fuckin moron. I got grounded for shoulder bashing another kid, and shit like that…. shit that never happens in my country, thats how boys play, Goddamnit!
      Anyways, I got suspended 3 times from school (my parents were pissed off) and I was denied assistance to the graduation ceremony. But some part of it was very good, that trip was the first time I got my dick sucked, and the first I fingered a pussy.

      1. Reminds me, I had a friend who had a feminist teacher in high-school. He told me how she would openly say out loud, “why are boys so stupid?” and would deduct their marks for no reason while giving the girls bonus points. She also did lot of other stuff but I forgot what. Anyways, the guys finally got fed up and went to the principal to complain. The principal was either useless or on her side because she was able to keep her job and continue teaching by claiming that she was being victimized for being a feminist. Just another typical shit we deal with in Toronto.

        1. When I was studying in college in NY(that was 10 years ago), I faced a similar. She would give more marks to the girls saying that it was positive discrimination. Moreover she believed that the boys shouldn’t complain about it because women had been “oppressed”(supposedly) for such a long time. While was extra lenient with girls when it came to behavior, discipline, etc, boys would be dealt with more harshly. The principle, was a mangina, of course. Although in those days I was an omega man, and a celebrated white knight, I still felt it was wrong. I never liked that bitch.

      2. My hometown is Fonthill, Ontario. What school are you talking about? St. Alexanders? If so, I can attest to everything you said. They banned us playing ‘two-hand touch’ football because it was ‘too rough’ and ‘too dangerous’.
        When I attended this school way back in the 90’s, the school’s principal resigned due to alleged charges of pedophilia. What a cesspool of an education system.

        1. YESS! St-Alexanders, I remember all contact sports were not allowed. It was horrible man, I dont recall the principals name, but I do recall a two feminazis, one called Mrs. Kuchar, and other Mrs. Mastracci, horrible people both of them. Tried to make my life miserable.

        2. Hahaha! Mrs. Kuchar was my grade 7 teacher and Mastracci taught grade 8 at the time. I remember them both. Both royal cunts!

    4. I live here too but thankfully not in the downtown core where most of that type of trash lives. Thankfully, the part of the city I’m in is mostly conservative.

        1. It sounds like Toronto is worse. But Seattle has become another Social Justice Wanker epicenter.
          A feminist representative successfully got the use of “man” removed from all State Records. Words like penmanship have to be changed to hand writing. And Freshman is now first year student. I have no clue what a woMAN is supposed to be.
          The City Council decided no city employee could use the term “brown bag lunch” as they found it ‘racist.’
          They elected a socialist to the city council who is chronically talking about outdated women’s issues because the city is full of Marxist feminist who do nothing but take womens studies course. She routinely leads the Seattle Slutwalk as well..
          They also just passed some measure to fine those who don’t compost.
          Most companies (Amazon, Microsoft, etc …) based there make male employees sit through classes on how to make the workplace more comfortable to women.
          The University of Washington in the U District is a typical leftist center obsessed with the — manufactured — “Rape Epidemic.” They conduct studies on dating for males only to indoctrinate them with how to act around women. I decided to do it one day to see what it was about. This wimpy vegan mangina puts me in a room with computer. Then at end hands me a bunch of literature on how to speak up for women, tell others jokes about women are not funny and all the typical manufactured feminist stats. I took the literature, ripped it up … threw it on floor infront of him and walked out.
          I suspect the study is gathering info on males who refute the feminist propaganda — since they ask for all personal info — and storing it in system as “potential rapists” in the city.

        2. I knew University of Washington was like all these major other universities in the west, but nothing about the political scenario. Thanks for the info and the warning.

        3. Sounds like hell. What was the manginas reaction you ripping the literature?
          I absolutely loathe theses SJWs. Ugly people in every way.

    1. Some radical feminists are already ahead of you. They believe all sex is rape. That a woman’s body just wasn’t designed for such a degrading and violent act

      1. I was about too say that, one of the newest radical feminism philosophies is that all sex is rape. They truly are warped people, they wouldn’t even be born without sex.

        1. It’s not a new feminist idea. I believe the feminist founders were hard liners with serious man-hate, daddy issues, and weird ‘all sex is rape’ ideas.

    2. Well if we are all a product of rape, what is the fight about? To continue the species won’t we need to rape again? Or is the new rape, separating a man from his sperm without his penis ever entering a woman?

  5. Clearly the only acceptable sex position is cowgirl, or reverse cowgirl. How can it be rape if shes doing the fucking?

    1. There is no such thing as consent because patriarchy.
      Some girls require years of reeducation before they realize that while they were screaming, “Yeeeeeeeeha! Ride that cowboy!” they were being raped.
      Because patriarchy is just that awesomely powerful.

    1. various on what type. There are actual feminsts debates there in iran saudi bangladesh and pakistan. Seen quite a few feminist sjw types that were pakistani and bangali background.
      Like toronto has 2 well known ones Irshad manji the lesbo and some fat indo=ian pakistani beta with 2 daughters.
      no one is safe.
      But I think the hard headed young ones in europe(the euro born) are the ones that wont give a fuck(least thats 1 western aspect they pick up) will be hard to get passed. Though admit Ive seen a couple beta hipster class lookin ones at the mosque. Hate “mipsters”(yes they are a thing).

        1. Ya I was fucking shocked when I saw them too, typically pakistanis and bangalis rarely persian or arab….fuck mipsters(yes its a term)

  6. Kathleen Wynne and the entire Liberal government are the worst thing to happen to the once-great province of Ontario.
    Billions of dollars wasted, rampant corruption and not a single politician held accountable from the past decade.
    The end times are certainly near when a radical feminist Marxist lesbian is elected into a position of power to spread her warped ideology to impressionable school children.
    Fat acceptance, gay pride, consent? Fuck that.

      1. The opposition has long been run by fringe idiots. The last candidate ran on the platform of creating 1 million new jobs and then said he was going to fire 100,000 public servants.

        1. These policies are coming from the premier not the department of education, although it is bloated. When you have a lesbian as premier and a pedophile as the deputy education minister, what kind of curriculum do you think will prevail?

        2. Just another reason to abolish compulsory state run education. More and more I’m thinking unschooling is really the way to go.

    1. The Fat Acceptance has to be the biggest joke. Fat Feminists who think the 6’3″ athletic guy should gravitate toward them like a super model. Yet these cunts routinely tell men with little money, a shitty job or that are balding their total creeps who need to stay away from women since they make them feel uncomfortable.

      1. Anyone who promotes obesity as a valid lifestyle choice should have anything else they say openly questioned.
        These indoctrinators belong in a prison for pushing so many children to embrace a lifestyle that results in nothing but health problems and premature death.

      2. In order for the the jocks to gravitate towards them they’d need to be even bigger…. Planetary size with their own gravitational pull… That won’t happen.

        1. What about the dude who broke too many appendages in sports, and her magnetic pull from her hard as iron fat core draws him against his will?

      3. Right. You forgot about these Fat Feminists demanding a man of a certain height (over 6 feet tall).
        These fat asses are bigger than most minivans on the market but they’re holding men to a certain standard? – one being the height of a man.
        If you every see a fat woman eating a hamburger, fries or any sweets, then stop and make this remark “I don’t think you need that, do you?”. Watch her reaction, priceless.

      4. Lennin always wanted dupes like these for Xmas.
        It is no wonder why their stereotypes work. They are a perfect fit for the preconceived biases of the female hive mind, and their vaginas are sure to draw the inevitable tsunami of white knight beta orbiters in their wake.
        If only we could find a way to bottle the reverse gravity they wield against that wave when they turn these fools away after finding another useful idiot to add to it’s momentum.
        We could have saved all those people in Japan.

    2. So now that it has come to this, I would like to make the following proposals to SJW’s:
      1) Children should be made to watch porn since grade one, so that they can know better about their bodies, and learn more about sexual acts.
      2) The porn, however should be feminist porn, not the everyday gibberish porn that treats women like objects. In the feminist porn the actors sign contracts before every sexual act.
      3) The feminist porn should have scenes, where the woman makes the man stop just as he is about to get his orgasm. Although controlling his ejaculation at this point is painful, physically and psychologically, and can harm a man’s prostate, it should be made plain that men are supposed to do so, and if he has not immediately stopped, he is a rapist by law.
      4) Children should be taught how to masturbate. The masturbation tutors must be exclusively female. If children are in any confusion, the tutors could strip themselves and give a demonstration to kids.
      5) The porn films shown to children should, have equal number of homosexual porn. Monday: Hetrosexual porn.
      Tuesday:Lesbian porn.
      Wednesday:Gay porn
      The other two working days should be for masturbation sessions.
      6) They children should be encouraged to experiment with their sexuality, when they begin to be sexually active. In fact, one day in every week should be reserved when the schools, during school hours will host bisexual orgies in classrooms. Attending these orgies should be mandatory. At least 99% attendance will be required for the school to issue a certificate on the child’s behalf that he/she is not secretly homophobic.
      I guess these proposals will seriously help the children to respect each other’s bodies and sexual orientation.

    3. Don’t worry it can’t last. When the money runs out politicians will turn
      on each other. Feminism only last until the people promoting it they run out of everyone else
      money. The old women who are pushing hard today for more power, tomorrow will have nothing (looks has already gone on these people) and worst of all for them will the young people will despise them and care not to help them.

    4. The Liberal government IS the worst thing to happen to this province. For the precise reasons you stated: rampant corruption and no accountability. Let’s not forget her predecessor, McSquinty, was able to step down without ever being questioned. I never once voted for that little weasel, and he proved to be exactly what I predicted. Orange, E-Health, OLG, the gas plant fiasco, it’s like everything they touch turns to a corrupt pile of —-. What was it Wynne said: “I think the people of Ontario want an apology…” Um, I for one want the f—ing billions of tax dollars your predecessor and his cronies pissed away. I don’t care if he has to sell his organs and his children to start the repayment plan. Apparently, Wynne was right, most Ontarians did really just want an apology. The ignorant electorate is as much to blame for this as the politicians.

  7. so radical lesbian feminist politicians are now in charge of sex education. What could be more reassuring to parents. I wonder how much time those two harridans spend worrying about the imminent danger of rape?

    1. They couldn’t pay a horny Golden Retriever to rape them.
      Isn’t it hilarious the depths ugly women sink to to exact revenge for being unwanted?

  8. This could all be solved with one bullet to the spine in the back of the head administered ruthlessly by experts.

  9. Imagine being an unmarried Canadian male. Not only paying for the education of kids when you don’t have one, but also paying for this social nonsense. The aggravation must be unbearable.

      1. The top painting is touching, but I don’t see the Mark Waid painting of Superman as beaten down or in despair. He looks like a fucking king on a throne, deliberating his next move.

      2. Superman suffering assault by a feral feminist due to her perception of his “manspreading” (notice the wide stance of his legs) on a public sidewalk/road:
        To avoid such random aggression, Superman has an alter ego, Clark Kent. Seen as preposterous by disenters and genius by fans, Superman’s “disguise” has had several explanations throughout the years. While some heroes wear masks or hoods or are physically changed when they don their superhero identity, Superman does nothing of the kind. He presents his smiling face in broad daylight. So how does he get away with having a secret identity?
        We as readers understand that Clark Kent becomes Superman in his heroic exploits, but the Clark Kent that he allows the world to see is an elaborate act. He creates a character so bumbling and oafish that the very last thought anybody would ever have about him is that he is the all-powerful, ever perfect Superman.
        He wears his glasses (instead of contacts), raises his voice an octave and slouches. He returns to his true form by sucking his stomach in, pulling his shoulders back, expanding his chest out, raising his chin up, and speaking in his normal manner.

  10. ” Don’t worry about commies coming over the sea, worry about commies in the universities.”
    And they say ” Cultural Marxism ” is just a conspiracy theory. Marxists said they will infiltrate from the church to the state and the SJWs are just the useful idiots Lenin spoke about.

  11. I belive in rights for gays but they shouldn’t be allowed in government or have a RIGHT to express their opinion! Gay people are broken and destroy our country such as above! Maybe its a bad idea to give them rights…

  12. So let’s see. People vote for rabid leftists… then get angry when rabid leftists do what rabid leftists always so.
    The only thing the sane minority can do now is to do everything possible to remove their children from the public k12 school system in Ontario. Some things just cannot be fixed.

  13. Thank you Derek for the research.
    I haven’t had time yet to look into the details of the new curriculum myself and this is a good resource. I looked into this a bit but now I’m even more mortified.
    In a generation or two boys and girls wont have any idea what it’s like to have normal relationships with each other. It will always be framed as the boy as a potential rapist. I see a future of asexual betas and criminalized alphas. And a bunch of women unknowingly depending on the immigration industry to never stop so they can continue to fund this nightmare.
    My only criticism of your article is that your last point about the 1984 scenario with children spying on parents is a huge deal but you didn’t include the referenced text to support that claim.
    Other than that thanks for the report.

    1. That’s a good summary, a society of asexual men an betas is already happening as has been pointed out a small group of alphas dominate the sexual market. Progressives are also trying make masculine behavier criminal at worst an shameful at best, I’m worried about the future.

      1. I’ve actually seen this take place a few times where an alpha gets shamed for being a man while the beta is praised for being “in with the times”. The sad part is that saying anything pretty much marks you as a sexist, rapist who hates anything feminist. In other words alphas are being stereotyped…ironic.

        1. Yep Feminists are the biggest hypocrites around. An at the end of all that it’s still the alpha that sleeps with women despite women praising the betas.

    2. If you’re not already aware, there’s an excellent new Canadian news site started by Ezra Levant promoting a conservative take on these stories – check out
      They’ve got a little piece on this very topic, and it’s damn refreshing to get an alternative stance to the overwhelmingly leftist narrative of our national media.
      The site’s only about a month old but there are already a ton of great articles in the archives (particularly the sharp pieces regarding that whole recent niqab fiasco during the swearing in ceremony). I highly recommend checking out various videos through that site or their youtube channel.

      1. I like Ezra a lot. It is too bad that he has jumped the shark a couple of times, though. No different than some SJW shit IMO, but it goes to show that you can’t play the SJW/progressive game by their rules.

    3. Hey Clark Kent,
      I know you’re from Toronto from your comments here. Have you seen this ad the Ontario government is current airing:
      #WhoWillYouHelp, my ass.
      I just saw this ad on TV today and it got me really angry. Apparently women are sweet and innocent while men and boys are sexual predators and cheaters… no mention about how feminist whores on Jezebel boast proudly about using Tinder to cheat on their bfs and ride the cock carousel.
      I love the part where the guy is rubbing that woman’s shoulders.. Clearly, his real crime is being unattractive. If he was some hot alpha dude, I bet the woman in question would be creaming her panties instead of reporting him to HR.
      When does the ad air that criticizes corporate whores who dress in short skirts and use their pussy to get ahead and climb up the corporate ladder? Every man who has worked knows of women who brazenly use their sexual power to get ahead. If “sexual harrassment” is wrong, so is women using their sexual power to climb the corporate ladder. Someone needs to report those bitches to HR ASAP!
      What a pathetic state of affairs for men in Ontario and Canada in general. The feminist narrative and female sexual imperative, i.e, criminalize beta males for being beta and unattractive to women while loosening restrictions on female sexuality to allow them to slut it up with alpha males, is all encompassing here.

      1. Yeah I feel your frustration man. I did my taxes today at H&R Block and kept thinking about how all my taxes are paying for the system to come to tell me about all the privilege I’m getting because I’m white and have a penis.
        And yeah I’ve worked in an office setting and I know that frustration as well. The chicks get away with anything and sometimes it doesn’t matter how hard you work to get ahead, all that matters is making sure the office cunts are not unhappy.
        I haven’t watched TV in a long-ass time (pretentious I know) but I’m curious what station you saw the ad on? I saw this ad on the Ontario government website concerning sexual harassment after someone posted it and I was just thanking god I’m not a teenager right now… it is seriously getting way too exaggerated with this shit being shoved down everyone’s throat.
        That video is not balanced at all like you said. It is 100% anti-male and portrays young men as conniving rapists and never ever victims. And the part with the Asian guy sharing pics of a girl he banged, since when is that sexual harassment exactly?
        If you want to get really angry, check out the new sex-ed curriculum starting in grade 2 or something. Here is a video by Ezra Levant and he discusses the changes to the curriculum. I think he might have a right-leaning bias but considering how obsessively liberal Ontario is, I don’t think it matters….

      2. Haha whoops I just remembered the article was about the education changes. Regardless, I thought the video was worth the watch, and Ezra Levant seems to be putting his face forward to represent opposing thought to the Cathedral.

  14. “Heterosexism”
    If they keep this up, the teachers will all be out of a job because nobody will be reproducing. They’ll all end up sodomizing each other instead.
    Henry 8th didn’t fool around. The Buggery Act of 1533:
    “Forasmuch as there is not yet sufficient and condign punishment appointed and limited by the due course of the Laws of this Realm for the detestable and abominable Vice of Buggery committed with mankind or beast…..And that the offenders being herof convict by verdict, confession, or outlawry, shall suffer such pains of death and losses, and penalties of their goods, chattels, debts, lands, tenements, and hereditaments as felons have been accustomed to do, according to the order of the common laws of this realm.”

    1. Remember the Wunderlich Family ? The Christian Germans who were attacked for wanting to homeschool their kids.

      1. We homeschool and we’re already seeing rumblings from the leftist educational establishment regarding that.
        In their eyes we’re even worse than private or charter schools.

        1. Well, why would they want to have all kids under one banner? Why are other types of schooling insufficient?
          Wait for their non-answer.
          It is what they don’t respond to that answers your questions usually.

        2. “Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer ”
          That’s why. And ironically, the anti-homeschooling laws the Nazis enacted are still on the books and enforced rigorously in Germany to this day, as we see in the example above with the Wunderlich family.

        3. Newsflash, National-Socialists are not in position of power in Germany, but leftists, liberals, kosher conservatives.

    2. Thing is homeschooling is not always available and illegal in many countries. To fight the left, we need to remove their presence from academia. Start by questioning anything that comes out of the social sciences.

      1. Yes. Pol science, sociology and their ilk should be exposed for what they are: spoiled children who want the accolades of understanding and developing hard science without the difficulty of doing so. Sounds like most western women and emasculated men I meet.

  15. these guys seem like a bunch of perverts like some child molesters waiting to happen.
    education is about learning facts math science history now its indoctornation. Even though toronto has the highest immigrant populas in north america over 50%, even the conservative parents(muslim skih hindu christian) will be powerless, mostly due to they dont know what goes in school espically those migrants from the 3rd world.
    This feels nazi or communistsisque of using kids to rat out their family.
    Stalin said something about giving him a kid and in 7 years he can indoctorante him. Gandhi said the similar only with a “good person vibe” to it.
    why are we letting them get to the kids I wonder.
    fat acceptance and physical excercise point???wtf
    the equality goes out the window right when it comes to sex. These guys first infiltrated universitys now elementry schools. Who the hell lets these people in and giving them work?

    1. The next big “stereotype” to be silenced is pedophilia. Society is planning to teach these things at as young an age as possible and claim that children should be able to consent.

    2. “Give me the child for seven years, and I will give you the man.” is a quote of uncertain origin, usually ascribed to one of a few Jesuit leaders. It was Lenin said “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”

  16. There is some good news here. Children rebel against what adults tell them, particularly when it comes to sex–maybe not immediately, but eventually.

  17. Two words: home school.
    Besides a more rigorous academic experience, I also suggest a curriculum heavy in marksmanship, hand to hand combat, and basic survival skills. Make sure your kids are well equipped to survive the collapse that’s coming and end up on top.
    Finally, make sure you’re hoarding enough money away to buy front row seats at the gallows so you can have a good laugh when these sad fucks are rounded up and publicly executed.

  18. It should be noted very boldly that the premier developed this curriculum with one Benjamin Levy who is currently in prison on multiple counts of child pornography and child luring.
    Kathleen Wynne is a pedophile.
    Keep your kids away from liberals.
    P.S. note the irony of the issue if consent. If you speak about sexuality to a stranger, that falls into the category of sexual harassment but to do the same to children without theirs or their parents consent is perfectly acceptable.

    1. Turns out his name is Benjamin Levin actually.
      In my graduate program one of our post-doctoral fellows was charged with distributing and editing child-pornography… I wonder if it’s all the same ring…
      He offed himself though.. He knew his life was over… True story… I know it sounds made up but it isn’t.
      What’s with the liberals and kiddie-porn?

      1. Yeah that’s his name.
        It is a socialist agenda to sexualize children. Read Brave New World. The ultimate goal is to destroy every semblance of the nuclear family. Also, as Gerald Celente accurately put, politics if Hollywood for ugly people. We know how fucked up decent looking Hollywood types are in the head and sexual deviants they are. Now imagine how much more fucked up rejects like most politicians are? Many of them are into child abuse. Most politicians are all about power which is the mindset of the pedophile.

        1. I’m also a resident of Tdot. I’m really starting to think that we are in fact at the central hub of SJWism.
          Let me know if you’d be interested in meeting up in person to share ideas.

        2. Cool, I’m in Scarbs.
          Yeah, we’re really in the thick of it. Is it any wonder that Toronto women are singled out the world over as being the worst women on the planet?
          And the political pandering is nothing short of pathetic. Say what you want about the Ford’s but I believe them to be the most transparent politicians this city has seen in decades. Tory is a mangina. He’s already pandering to single mothers giving free TTC rides to children 12 and under. And guess who gets to make up the difference?
          I don’t know how you’d arrange meetups on here. There’s no private message function.

        3. >>Scarbs
          My condolences. Its not as bad as Toronto but isent an improvement from it either. Im in Markham which is equally shit in its own way.

        4. LOL.
          East of the highland Creek is okay but the rest of scarbs is crap. I don’t know much about Markham.

        5. “The ultimate goal is to destroy every semblance of the nuclear family.”
          – THIS. The feminists and manginas are, essentially, failures in the sexual marketplace. People who are incapable of having fulfilling relationships with the opposite sex. Their solution is to destroy happiness for the few who do have it. It’s the “If I am not happy, nobody can be happy” mentality.

        6. Absolutely. That’s what I always tell people about feminism. It is just a means by which unattractive women can get back at men and attractive women. One needs only to look at the quality if women protesting objectification.

        7. One of the most toxic things that can enter a good relationship is her “friends.” Men need to watch her “friends” like a dog inspecting an airport for bombs. The bitter Bettys will do everything to destroy that which they cannot have.

      1. I live here and can confirm that most of the guys you meet here,if not all are full blown manginas. You’ll see many good looking dudes with mediocre bitches. The women here are mainly small, midget figureless cunts, fat slobs, androgynous emo glasses wearing…things, entitled princesses (with no breasts) and third world feminist imports.
        To put it in perspective, I have not seen a decent pair on a chick since 2000 and that was two towns over.
        Now with the laws against men soliciting escorts/hookers its safe to say that Toronto is a perfect place for someone looking for an excuse and perpetual motivation to be celibate.

        1. so you are saying guys have to work out 24/7 and have the figures of greek gods to get normal girls? not worth the effort really. when a 8 out of 10 guy can at best get a 5 to commit to him, you know there is something wrong.

        2. Guys are so thirsty here that the Zoe Quinn/Lena Dunham types we have in plentiful abundance think they’re 8s and 9s. I see it all the time. In fact, the only couples I see are guys who could easily pull better elsewhere settling for the women I described above. And they all have this hilarious whipped look on their faces. Save yourself the effort and look for women elsewhere. You are not going to get anything worth having in this liberal/feminist/SJW cesspool.
          P.S. don’t think for a second those 5s here are committed. I once worked with a chick who was a Quinn/Dunham type who cheated in her boyfriend with another coworker. LOL
          At best, try your luck with one of the many immigrants here before they get fucked up by the feminist climate, which they almost certainly will.

        3. i live in Australia, the ass end of the anglosphere. if you lived down here, youll find women are about the same if not worse.

        4. Hahaha great comment so true.
          Even though I’ve never used hookers (except once when I visited Amsterdam) I took the new prostitution laws as an insult to my intelligence.
          You’re right this place can make men just want to quit. I’m pretty much at the pint where leaving makes the most sense to me.

        5. Yeah, I want to leave too. I want to move to Russia. LOL. The saddest thing about this liberal feminist toilet we call Canada is that there are nothing but men dying in the front lines to defend it. You don’t see women coming home in body bags for their feminist utopia. I’d never defend this piss hole with my life. If the Russians or Muslims invaded I’d join them.LOL

        6. Oh, Aussie “women” are known the world over.
          I heard Australia was a place they sent convicts. I never knew they sent mud dwelling, single celled, 2-stroke diesel dyke sweat hogs along with them.

    1. Why the fuck are feminists wanting to bear it all but want to get rid of rape. Why kind of backwards dyslexic shittery is this

    2. Always the ugly, fat, epicene or a mix of all three cunts that do attention-whoring stunts like that. Notice that hot, feminine women never do shit like that? Why? Because they don’t have to in order to get noticed, it just takes care of itself.

  19. Im glad I got out of the Ontario education system before it became the full blown Stalinist nightmare it is now. It still had problems during my time but it wasn’t this bad.

  20. Those are some skeery pictures. Well so much for dinner.
    Baroni chopped the punks up pretty good! I nominate Baroni for Italian of the Month for North America.

  21. To be fair, every single candidate in the Ontario provincial election was horseshit. Doesn’t make Wynne any less bad, of course.

  22. Start writing things like these down in your journals if you have one. We are living a time when people will read it in history books. Future inhabitants of the planet will think, “Wow, what a bunch of idiots these SJWs are. Good thing we reopened mental asylums several decades ago. I do recall the last SJW dying a few years ago. His last words were ‘Legalize old lady and cat sex!’ Reading accounts by some fine people from a place called Return of Kings was refreshing. The August Landmessers of their time!”

  23. Kids there is nothing more natural than puttting it in someone elses butt, that is also the most efficient route for the AIDS virus..we’ll tell you about that in ten years.

    1. And the left has the nerve to suggest that social conservatives are “anti-science.”
      Even the CDC says that homosexual men are the highest at-risk group for HIV and AIDS because of how anal sex cuts into skin in both partners and allows for direct blood to blood contact.
      This is actual, real, objective medical science (which I am surprised has not yet been banned) and any sex/health education class must explain these facts to age-appropriate persons.
      Outside of any moral arguments, this actual medical science makes the case that these behaviors that are being taught as “good” and “acceptable” are bad and life-threatening.

  24. lol @ “heterosexism”. it’s no longer PC to assume people are hetero even though 97% of the population are.
    this whole thing is about normalizing deviancy. when nuclear families are weak, church attendance hits all time lows and selfie-whore social media takes the place of real friends, this is the surrogate community society gets: a freak show with elites burning down the house by resetting sexual norms, encouraging hypergamy/feral sluts and inciting perpetual low grade gender/race civil wars.
    how much longer before we hit bottom?

        1. L Ron Hubbard’s science fiction works predicted this.
          I accidentally read one as a kid because I didn’t know.

        2. But only for homosexuals.
          Heterosexual sex will continue to face more and more restrictions. Soon you will need a special certificate from the state to engage in heterosexual sex.

        3. That’s very true.
          I suppose that has to do with their way of population control.
          Feminism obviously is an objective to turn women into diesel dykes. And the resultant mangina training is meant to turn men into brokeback mountain types.

      1. Bestiality ? VICE did a special on how bestiality has been made “non illegal” in I think Denmark ( no shocker there). The VICE program interviewed people who were banging their pets. Completely unashamed. No pixilated faces or voice scramblers during the interview. Dude was petting his German shepherd whom he banged and was like talking about sports or something. No shame . Was gross…We are doomed.

        1. This has all happened twice before. It’s almost a perfect cycle. My namesake here, Juvenal, is one of a few surviving records of the last time it happened. Leftist academics try desperately to dismiss him as self-parody, but it’s obvious he was both serious and completely disgusted. “Bread and Circuses.”

  25. God, are you up there? Because this is a good joke you’ve pulled on the decent here. If you are real I expect the clouds of locusts and dropping of boulders quite shortly. If you aren’t there, then I expect us (humanity) to finish the job for you. It is as always what was bound to be, not a singular moment, but a stretch of tens of thousands of moments and incidents leading us to an almost Calvinist, deterministic, puritanical, and terrible future. How a system based on “freedom, liberty, and democracy” became it’s own form of Orwellian future. One that is simply a silent Orwellian future as opposed to fascism or communism which are the plainly visible Orwellian future. Which makes it 10x more dangerous then that. Just replace puritans 400 years ago with liberals today and you see the same behavior, the same ruthless justification, social ostricazation, and the same desire for absolute thought purification. One that is infinitely and easily worse in every way then the worst inquisitor, gestapo policeman, commissar, or the most prying priest.
    I believe though that from America’s creation with mob rule that is has been one of the major spawning points of both fascism and communism (Great Britain as well). There would be neither of these ideologies without western secular democracy. The USA and all the Western world will hopefully in 500 years be viewed as a case study of how not to run an empire. Unfortunately given humanity’s tendency to move towards “social justice” the wealthier they become, I find this to be highly unlikely. Eventually Earth will be devoured by each other. Perhaps aliens will down, but I doubt it, such a future would be far too kind and easy.
    I’ll come back a year from now and see how it is.

    1. Oh he is watching.. Clock is ticking , my friend. I don’t give this system more than 10 years. Maybe not even that much, maybe just 5. It won’t last long…

      1. Highly religious people are the only ones still breeding at a sensible rate though. That might offset things a bit.

        1. True. The shame is the environment where they will bring their sons into. At least that’s the first that I think where the subject is around.

        2. Make no mistake about it. Christianity today is feminist.
          Find me a church with a pastor with the balls to enforce the rule that women are to keep their heads covered and their mouths shut in the church.

    2. God is watching. People thought they could do without him and rejected him. He’s now letting them enjoy the fruits of that decision.
      Same stuff happened to the old kingdoms of Israel and Judah in the Old Testament.
      No one learned.

  26. I can’t believe that in first grade, kids are already being taught about sex. I think it wasn’t till I was in fourth grade when I learned about sex, and that was when I asked my parents “How do people decide to have kids?”

    1. “I can’t believe that in first grade, kids are already being taught about sex.”
      First grade is far too late, they go after them in Kindergarten.
      On March 23, my colleague Mark Finkelstein noted how MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry considers the unborn child a “thing” which takes a “lot of money” to “turn into a human,” costing thousands of dollars to care for each year of his/her life. Now it appears that Harris-Perry thinks that, after they’re born, children fundamentally belong to the state.
      Narrating a new MSNBC “Lean Forward” spot, the Tulane professor laments that we in America “haven’t had a very collective notion that these are our children.” “[W]e have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families, and recognize that kids belong to their communities,” Harris-Perry argued.

        1. Yeah I remember that.
          She hangs tampons from her ears obviously because she can’t cram any more of then into her filthy barren womb.

    2. I remember they tried teaching sex ed in the fourth grade and that was nearly 25 years ago. The kids just kept giggling whenever the teacher said “sex” which led them to give up. They have no right to violate children. You want to talk about rape, this is the real thing.

  27. To quote Michael Caine’s Alfred in The Dark Knight: “Some people just want to watch the world burn.”
    Well now I’m one of them!

  28. I am Toronto born and raised. Now I live in China and I am having some serious doubts about returning to what has become a complete shithole. Weirdness abounds and it is not out of the question that next year I will get into the fatherhood game. One thing is for sure, I will never turn my child over to these mind rapists!

  29. That’s some 1984 shit right there. Those citizens need to get their children out of the clutches of these social justice monsters.

  30. All decent people should just move the hell away from Ontario. Then the nonbreeding manhaters left will die out after a generation or two.

    1. Vote with your feet folks. That’s about the only vote we have left other than our wallets.
      When the productive and good people move away all that will be left will be the gays, the SJWs, and the Free Shit army.
      If I lived there I’d be figuring a way to get the fuck out of there post haste.

  31. Despite all this so called sexual liberalism that is suppose to be sweeping the nation of canada and the province of ontario there are two areas where our society has regressed in and they both ironically affect the same group.
    1) Age of consent laws
    2) Prostitution
    1) Age of consent raised nationally from 14 to 16. If we are going to have true sexual liberation where anyone can stick it in any hole so long as it is not physically violent to others lets get that age of consent down. There is no reason to have a higher one. Ironically all the girls on jezebel are saying how creepy old men shouldn’t be having sex with young women ( like 15 or 16 year old teens) but its all cool for a man to stick it in another man’s ass, yeah nothing wrong with that.
    2) Prostitution is now legal for prostitutes to sell but illegal for men to buy. Before it was not technically illegal. Just everything around it was. Ie. communicating in public about prostitution or living of the avails for prostitution etc.

  32. I do wonder how the teacher will get through any of the material because when i WAS in grade 7 and the teaher tried sex ed and whenever they mentioned any word, the class just broke into laugher and no work could get done. Penis, labia, clitorus, vagina, testicles, semen, vaginal fluid, the place was a fucking laughing stock. I remember one day the teacher got so fed up of the class giggling through the lessons he just read out all the sexual organ words and the class couldn’t stop laughing for 5 minutes.

    1. It was a diff generation.
      Kids are now exposed to sex on TV pretty much as soon as they turn it on.

  33. It’s official: Orwell was an alien from the future. 1984 is just too spot on in terms of how accurately it mirrors our society today. Big Brother, kids snitchin’ on their parents, DoubleThink, Newspeak, etc.
    The only thing missing were the cameras in everyone’s home, but then Edward Snowden released those documents he took from the NSA detailing how they would send text messages to smartphones that contained code that allowed them to slave the mic and camera to see and hear everything you did whenever they wanted to. If they can do it with phones, I’m sure they can do it with laptops and PC’s, so there goes your home privacy. It’s almost like someone read that book and then actually put it into action in real life.
    Plus, just look at the guy. Slap some somniferous almond eyes on that big bulbous head of his and you got yourself a Roswell Gray.

  34. Wow ..they want to train whole armies of little SJWs to use social media for going after the livelihood of people, and report their own family to the authority of political correctness. It’s right there in the manual. This world is fucked.

  35. This shit isn’t just some SJW bullshit propaganda, it’s Satanic. There is no need for a elementary school kid to know how to perform sexual acts. People are wondering why the overall province average in literacy and math grades are dropping. The guy who developed the program was even busted on child pornography.
    Of course Wynn denies he had any role in creating the program:

  36. Good lord, the first pic – The chick with the sign, “It’s my Hot Body. I Do What I Want.” That’s fine, dear. You do what you want, and I’ll do what I want – which is not wifing you up, and telling you to fuck off at every opportune moment.

  37. The bit about consent…I don’t even want to think how awkward it would’ve made my sexual encounters of the past. There are ways to halt advances without destroying boners. Any time I was fooling around with a girl, if I put a hand somewhere she wasn’t yet comfortable with me touching, they’d gently grab it and move it someplace else in a way that didn’t destroy the mood. It was fine with me as I never had any intention of making the girl feel uncomfortable. Plus, in 100% of those cases, my hands ended up in the once “denied area” only minutes later and in some of those cases, it was she that moved it back! It never crossed my mind to ask a girl if I could kiss her, or ask her if I could unsnap her bra, or I could slide her panties off. It all just came natural. I was told by many a female friend that that kind of bungling around would be highly unattractive and mood destroying. The whole thing is just silly.

  38. Honestly I think yes means yes works when it’s kids, esp 14 15 16 who’ve never touched a titty or a penis or whatever to body part in question.
    When yes means yes becomes harmful is during college and of course post student life, when everybody is an adult and has the real capacity to make their own decisions.

  39. “In the example, an adult (parent) says that someone is “nuts” and the child is supposed to silence the parent and then report this event to the trusted adult (teacher).”
    Reminds me of kids who were given the assignment to draw the logo of the television station their parents were watching in the Soviet-occupied Germany. Shudder.
    The method of indoctrination is very clever. Best method to learn is to teach and apply. “So, kids, here is the truth; how would you teach it to someone?” Man, we can learn so much from SJWs. But how do we take the universities back?
    Nice comparison with Orwell.
    A: “You can put me in a prison, but you can not make me not want to fuck her.”
    B: “Of course not.” (puts hungry rats in A’s face)

  40. A couple comments:
    1) People who don’t engage in regular sexual activity should not be allowed to make laws regarding sexual activity. I’m not going to make laws and regulations about underwater welding because I have no fucking idea what’s going on there.
    2) Heteronormative has got to be one of the stupidest fucking words created by SJWs. Most people are heterosexual. This makes it normal. Why should we have to teach children about faggots, trannies and “gender identity”. Those people make up a small percentage of the population.
    3) FUCK FAT ACCEPTANCE. Holy shit, considering this garbage is going to be taught in HEALTH class, this is just fucking despicable. Fat people are lazy. For the 1% who actually have a “thyroid” problem, that sucks. But don’t say people who overeat and don’t exercise aren’t lazy and that kids need to “challenge stereotype”. What happened to that university student in the news recently who said he didn’t agree in the “1 in 4 women are raped on campus” bullshit? He didn’t agree with that stereotype and was kicked out of a class he’s paying for.
    4) To carry on from the last point, perpetuating the stereotype that only men commit domestic violence is extremely harmful to teach young kids. Men who are abused in the future after learning this in class have no recourse and are being taught that the very idea of them being abused is wrong because only men are abusive.
    5) All these points and more is why we need to direct young men to the manosphere and the Red Pill. Let them make their own decisions. Let them try having sex asking 20 questions vs. throwing their girl on the bed and pounding her caveman style and see what gets better results. These young boys who are going to learn this trash are the future of our nation. The engineers, doctors, policeman, firefighters and tradesmen of our future will learn this bullshit in school and think that’s how the world works. Critical thinking is just a buzz word now.

    1. This should be an article in itself.
      If I had to highlight “the important parts” your entire post would be yellow.

    2. “Truth is the new hate speech”, “In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” -Orwell

      1. That line is older than Moses. I am sure you think you shocked and enlightened everyone with a quip from a fictional book over 50 years old. You are a fuckingjoke and definitely NO Christian. You are a social gospel heretic. You don’t want to debate religion with me because I will hand you yourass in your hat.

        1. Keep following every post I comment on. You continue to prove my point even further.
          Proverbs 26:4-5 Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him. Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own conceit.

        2. Take… your… fucking… meds… I noticed that you like making quotes, well I have one for ya. The Pillsbury Dough-boy: “Eat Me!”. Even Satan can quote scripture. Hell you are probably related to the race mixing communist Rev. Jim Jones. You certainly preach his brand of the “gospel”. You are only a “Christian” in your own weak mind, your heart is stone. Do you hear voices? Is your neighbors dog telling you to kill? Do you become depressed around Christmas because you thought that YOU were God’s greatest gift to the world? Do you think that YOU are Jesus Christ? It seems so. Get over yourself already. And as for your love and constant espousing of miscegenation check out: It was people like you who were at the Tower of Babel and wanted everyone to mix and defy God but He in His infinite wisdom separated the races and nations so as not to have a Satanic one world government. But you seem to think that God made a mistake in making us all different and separating us and you want everyone to follow Satan’s plan, which is the same as the United Nations, and mix into one unholy people who serve Satan. Here are a couple of links to Marxist/socialist websites who share your views about racism: That is how Satan works, he infiltrates as a friend quoting scripture. You are a Christian Communist. Well fuck you Devil! I cast ye out in the name of Christ Jesus! Now go and sin no more, dumb-ass. Jeremiah 13:23

    1. Do what you want then get government pay cheque when you get knocked up, get government health support when you contract multiple std’s., get some beta bitch to wife you up when you’re finished experimenting getting all your holes plugged at the same time….. ah yes do what you want with your outta shape body when you hit 30 and have a bad case of arse grapes and a vag so wide it could be mistaken for a drive through…..

  41. Greetings from Ontario. Around 10 years ago in middle school I learned that peeing on each other was a normal thing for couples to do, in some creepy video we watched. I’m not sure if that was part of the curriculum, but for awhile I genuinely believed that if you saw a random Mr and Mrs, they’d probably peed all over each other.

    1. What in the actual f***?
      I was in grade school well over 9 years ago and never hear of that haha. I’m in west GTA, overly liberal area.

  42. How about the fact that they’re going to be teaching 8 year old that gender doesn’t exist.
    “Will teach the disputed theory of “gender identity” as if it were fact. This is the notion that whether you’re a boy or a girl does not necessarily relate to your physical anatomy. It is merely a “social construct”. Gender is “fluid” according to this theory, and any little boy can decide that he is actually a girl, if that’s the way he feels in his mind, or vice-versa.”
    What’s next honestly? If I sexually identify as a cat will everyone be forced to call me mittens?

  43. I roll my fucking eyes at this shit as I have to pay for it and subject my children to it then spend fucking time and then I have to spend time de-programming the little bastards to teach both Son ad Daughter about reality and not SJW-world. Makes me fucking insane.
    At least my 10 year old son “gets it”. I regularly school him on RP ways.

  44. Our government has passed a satanic law underneath everyones nose. House Bill, H.R. 1913 “Hate crimes law” passed. It gives 547 sexual deviance’s to be protected by Federal Marshals. The law includes: Incest, Necrophilia, Pedophilia, Zoophilia, Voyeurism, Fronteurism,Coprophilia, Urophilia, Homosexuality and the list continues. A woman from the UK divorced her husband and married a dog. In fact, many sexual deviant women are marrying animals.
    Jeremiah 17:5 Thus saith the Lord; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the Lord.

      1. Spoken like a true sodomite and a liar of the truth. You are used to lukewarm christian men being cowards and bowing down to the secular world. I don’t need to reason with you.

        1. I like how you spew hate in the name of Christianity. You are so full of shit I can smell you through the monitor.

        2. Oh, did I strike a nerve, liberal? Telling the truth about you lying sodomites is considered hate speech? As I stated previously, I don’t need to reason with you.

        3. Strike a nerve you fucking idiot, are you joking? Reason is not something you possess so expecting you to exercise it is an effort of futility. You are a fucking joke with a room temperature IQ. You picked up some books and now parrot them back verbatim without any UNDERSTANDING. Even moe-rons like yourself can quote a college level calculus textbook, they just can’t understand it.

  45. All this time and resources spent on this garbage when they could be learning STEM is tragic. Criminal really.

  46. Should consent be documented in triplicate? Maybe even videotaped with a lawyer present… I would just cut to the chase.
    ME: Can I bend you over the couch and roger you senseless while spanking your ass a cherry red??
    HER: yes that would be great
    ME: Brilliant. Please sign here and here. Thumbprint here and here. Hold a sec , lemme get my iPhone and take a quit vid of you signing the particulars.

  47. These aren’t just communist marxist satanic individuals simply working on their own. They are part of a larger financed initiative by the international satanic cabal that have endless means of credit. It’s no coincidence that once a central banking system was established in the US in 1913, world wars came about and marxism made its way into the country. Duh, it isn’t Christians that make up the private shareholders of the central bank system who in turn re-direct their profits made through interest on fiat currency towards these marxist organizations. It’s those whom have centuries behind them in the practice of usury.
    For example, I don’t have a problem with ‘diversity’ if it happens on its own. But a lot of people have a problem with FORCED diversity. Feminism is ok if it happens completely on its own. But it didn’t. It was invented, financed, and propagandized.
    Most universities receive funding and perks and “grants” and “endowments” from those that represent the cabal. In exchange, that university must install a liberal marxist president and hire marxist instructors to teach courses at these universities.
    The ammunition to force marxist policies on a nation is simply done with money. Money is the root. Money is the tool. It takes endless amounts of financing directed every-which-way into the government, universities, entertainment industry, corporations, and special interest groups and organizations (acorn, splc, aclu, etc). The only way huge amounts of monetary streams can be fed into these efforts is through the interest gained from a central banking system that coins & prints a nation’s currency. In other words, a monopoly on international credit. And a monopoly on international drug trafficking . End of story.

  48. Canadian brothers! Despite your kind reputation and overall polite demeanor, it is time for bloody revolution. The US deep state possess nuclear weapons and a wide array of troops and weapons at the ready to quell any dissent. You are in Canada where there is no deep state ready to slaughter you. You can succeed! Revolt! Hang the traitors from your lampposts, eh!

  49. People like Kathleen care very little for education, and only for making children think the “right way”.
    The problem is that women have a hugely disproportionate presence in childhood education when, like most things, the enterprise should be led and conducted by men.
    Give me a child before the age of 12, and I will make sure he never believes in equality.

  50. This curriculum is twisted, jsut finished reading it. So no romance. I do wonder, how do the feminist balance this with the fact with their romance pornographys like 50 shades of grey where woman are tied up and fucked and tortured and beaten with whips and chains. Its pretty ridiculous. It seems like they are just purposely making up bullshit rules to make it hard to be a man. They portray in media and romance novels wanting a spontaneous man who will slap the coffee out their hand grab them by the hair and bend them over and fuck them from the ceiling from a spider web. Then turn around and put in books this bullshit

  51. There’s that movie “They Live” with the sunglasses.
    This movie, check for the haircuts.

  52. I was drunk when I first read this. Hoped it was just a bad hallucination. Mostly sober now. I need a drink.

  53. This is an incredibly important article. Thank you for writing it Derek Baroni. I live in Ontario and I am a single father. I am sending this to every Ontario parent I know.

  54. Just remember… no woman fantasizes about being swept up, dominated, and fucked good by a liberal.

  55. Thanks for bringing this to light. The MSM up here leans heavily to the
    left and, as can be expected, give this story little attention.
    You missed some important facts however.
    predecessor, Dalton Mcguinty. tried to pass this crap and backpeddled
    in the face of public outrage. Wynne, the radical feminist lesbian,
    doesn’t care because having just won the election she’s counting on the
    publics’ notoriously poor memory.
    Further, Benjamin Levin, the
    former Deputy Minister of Education who was personally involved with the
    development of this curriculum has since been charged with 7 child
    pornography related crimes.
    This is what happens when you elect those from the far-left into position of power.

  56. Welcome to Ontario where the LGBT agenda is rammed down our children’s throats on our dime no less.

  57. To make it worse, check out this “anti sexual violence” ad that the current government is airing on television everywhere:
    This is the kind of feminist garbage we have to deal with here in Canada. I mean you have feminist whores on Jezebel and other sites proudly boasting about cheating on their bfs on Tinder (because that’s so “empowering”), and yet apparently according to the ad above, it’s men who are victimizers while women are sweet and innocent.
    I want to see an ad criticizing corporate whores who dress in short skirts and use their sexual power and sleep with their male bosses to climb up the corporate ladder. If the man rubbing that female’s shoulders looked like Brad Pitt, she would be creaming her panties.. instead, because he’s unattractive, it’s “creepy” and he’s sexual harrasing her and needs to be reported to HR!
    Men need to get their act together.. ignoring the problem doesn’t make it go away. Feminism is just getting worse… these women are using the State and government to tighten the noose about men. Men.. you think you can disengage from society and think you can opt out and “go your own way” but you aren’t going anywhere. Women are using all avenues of the State, including legal and cultural ones, to make the lives of most men difficult.. to portray them as sexual predators as the above Ontario government does.. while women apparently have no agency and bear no responsibility for their stupid choices and poor decisions like slutting it up and getting drunk .

  58. And they wonder why men are looking overseas for a wife…. did you see what you could be married to in those photos???? Hogzilla’s abound!

  59. This is the work of Jews.
    Zionism, Communism, Marxism, Liberalism, Progressivism, Feminism, Multiculturalism, Anarchism, Socialism, Mass Immigration, Political Correctness, The Frankfurt School and its doctrine of Critical Theory, Civil Rights Groups, Sexual Perversions and Fag Parades, Degeneracy promoted in the Arts, Entertainment and Hollywood, are all JEWISH.
    These ideologies were conceptualized to overthrow the White European Civilization. JUDEO-Christianity is your Christian faith inverted to serve Jewish socio-political interests. Cuckservatives and Conspiracytards are Jew-cucked controlled opposition that do not really attack the heart of the Radical Jewish-Left. Conspiracytards like Infowars cloak the Jews behind shadowy labels that are unable to be opposed by political reformation and to spread disinfo among the half-awakened people who do not know where to turn.. e.g. “Illuminati” “Globalists” “Banksters” “Big Media” “Elites” “Bilderbergs” “New (Jew) World Order” etc etc
    The problem with the world is International Jewry. Its Banks, Its Media, Its Education, Its Culture and Ideologies. Frankly, you are not truly redpilled until you become a Fascist.

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