A Beginner’s Guide To The Pussification Of American Men

If you are a male who was born any time after 1960, you have been subjected to continuous efforts to make you into a big pussy. Here is how it happened.

Pussy Cartoons


Caring is important!

In the old days before the pussification campaign, cartoons for kids were pure, mindless entertainment, like Bugs Bunny. In a typical episode, Elmer Fudd would hunt Bugs in order to turn him into rabbit soup. Bugs would continuously escape Elmer by outsmarting him. There was tons of violence, but somehow we knew that we weren’t really supposed to give people exploding cigars.

If there was a “lesson” in these old-school cartoons, it was that there were bad people in the world and that you couldn’t reason with them. You could only use your wits to stay one step ahead of them.

At some point in the 1980s, people became horrified at the violence in these old-school cartoons, and they set to work creating cartoons with a more wholesome message.

A great example was the Care Bears. These chubby, multi-colored bears solved problems by getting together and “caring a lot.” You might not have watched the Care Bears cartoon, but pretty much every children’s cartoon that came after followed the same model. It eschewed cartoon violence and it tried to impart some valuable message.

Unlike the old-school cartoons, the newer cartoons have a definite lesson—everyone is basically good, and if you care enough, you can work through your differences.

Some pussified men think that this actually works in the real world. If you just try to understand what you did wrong that made your girlfriend cheat on you, you can make it all better. If the U.S. just talks to Iran and cares a lot, we’ll have a peaceful agreement. Good luck with that.

Everybody Wins

Non-competitive musical chairs

Younger men may have grown up in the era when it became common to no longer recognize winners and losers. This happened both in elementary schools and childhood sporting events. Everybody gets a trophy or a certificate regardless of performance.

Parents nowadays are no better. They praise their special snowflake no matter what he does. I’ve always had the intuition that praising children for doing nothing damages them and makes them ill-equipped to handle life. Now, there is actually a study that proves it.

The Washington Post reports that parents who overvalue their children run the risk of turning them into narcissists. Narcissists “tend to be more aggressive and even violent than other people, and are at higher risk for depression, anxiety and drug addiction.”



No grenades

Does MTV still exist? Seriously, if you are reading this, you probably wasted at least some of your formative years watching MTV. It turns out that MTV was one of the most powerful vehicles for pussifying the American man.

MTV achieved this by pushing the cult of permanent adolescence. It encouraged both men and women to avoid responsibility and behave like junior high school kids.

Real men achieve. Real men build. But MTV shows such as Spring Break, the Real World, and Jersey Shore taught us that the being a man meant having “experiences.” In the MTV world, this means going to exotic places, drinking to excess, hooking up with slags, and generally acting like a perpetual horny thirteen-year-old.

A few MTV reality stars, like Jamie Chung, became successful. But for the majority, following the MTV lifestyle turned out to be a recipe for failure. Some of the “stars” of MTV reality shows ended up in rehab, broke, or even dead. The rest of them spent their early adulthood going from one low budget reality show to the next before sinking into obscurity.

Political Parties


You should pay for her birth control

Women vote more than men do so both political parties bend over backwards to reach women voters. They do this by focusing on issues that are supposed to be of interest to women. The Democratic Party in particular has been especially good at creating “women’s issues” that they hype in an effort to divide the electorate. The strategy has worked because women have decisively supported Democratic candidates for decades.

The result is that there is an inordinate focus on “women’s issues” in every election. Both parties celebrate the female members of their party. If you watch the conventions, women dominate the speaker rosters. Most of the campaign commercials are targeted at women.

Men who follow politics are likely to be sucked into this fake gyno-vortex and thus become pussified. If you think that the Lilly Ledbetter Act is an important piece of legislation that helps anybody except trial lawyers, you have succumbed.

Absent Fathers 

Young Darth

Absent father who later overcame his wimpy qualities to become a productive citizen

Traditionally, young men learn about manhood from their fathers. A boy without a father figure in his life will embark on his own search for what manhood means. Without some guidance, he is likely to go down the wrong path.

In our day, the traditional family is on the decline. While the divorce rate has remained stable at about 50%, the number of children born out of wedlock has been skyrocketing. This means more boys are growing up without male role models.

This had an effect on my own life as I came from a broken family. My real father was virtually out of the picture, and my stepfather, while being a very good man, was not a strong father figure. Unlike many boys who seek out gangs or criminal activity to make up for the lack of a strong father figure, I plunged into constant overachievement, accumulating academic degrees and certifications. It wasn’t until I had my son that I was finally able to start coming to terms with what it means to be a man.

Internet Porn


The ubiquity of internet porn has also contributed to the pussification of men. At first glance, this seems counter intuitive. Doesn’t seeing thousands of vaginas make you more manly?

Unfortunately, it has the opposite effect. Men are supposed to be out in the big world trying to find a woman. Internet porn tricks our minds and bodies into thinking that we are already wildly successful in the sex department. It saps the vital energy that should be used to track down a real woman.

Internet porn has already had a devastating effect in Japan where it has contributed to the rise of “herbivore men” who find it much easier to sit in their rooms and beat off instead of pursuing a relationship with an actual female.

Also, internet dating, while not as bad as the use of internet porn, has a similar effect of robbing men of their natural face to face game and replacing it with snarky texts on a smartphone.


These are only some examples of factors that contributed to the pussification of men. It would take a whole book to describe the phenomenon in detail, but the exercise would not really shed much additional light.

The good news is that none of the effects of pussification are permanent. All it takes to escape the programming is to swallow the red pill (or to use the new term suggested by Roosh, embrace neomasculinity). Don’t let your life revolve around women. Stop waiting for the government to fix all your problems. Have kids and give them actual guidance. Get to work as the craftsman of your own life.

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    1. 40-year-old unmarried, childless, former cock carousel riding cat ladies got’s ta have they’re preciouses. Hasis it, hasis it…

  1. Just as in metamorphosis a man wakes up to discover he’s turned into an insect, today young men are waking up to find they’re growing vaginas where their manhood should be. I’m just hoping this Kafkaesque nightmare will turn out to be a work of surreal fiction.

        1. Yes, indeed.
          Younger guys who haven’t seen many of the classics should look up Steve McQueen movies and spend time watching them. Good stuff.

  2. It’s a good article, but I do want to point out two things.
    1. Peaceful and productive dialogue with Iran WILL keep the peace. Iran is not a belligerent country despite their screwy theocracy, and it’s disgusting how much our Judeo-Marxist western media keeps demonizing that country, which has not fought an aggressive war in over 200 years.
    2. The consensus is that most us continue to prefer “red pill” instead of “neomasculinity”, although the latter is not a bad term either.

    1. I like red pill as it’s established and widely understood. It does carry the unfortunate connotation of girlchasing reddit nerds though.
      Neomasculinity is catchy, time will tell if it endures. I’m not sure what we are doing is anything particularly new, but merely rediscovering traditional, plain old fashioned stoic masculinity.
      To me the acid test is if it is a term I could take offline and use with my friends at work or in a bar. Masculinity is something everybody understands and should only be seen as a positive force.

      1. You can use neomasculinity at cocktail parties, in academic circles and in certain business situations.

  3. In america male politicians grovel for the female vote. Just once I’d like to see a female politician campaign for the male vote.

    1. That will the same day that you see pigs flying around or find a feminist who is jaw-dropping beautiful.

    2. “In america male politicians grovel for the female vote. Just once I’d like to see a female politician campaign for the male vote.” . . . one blowjob at a time.
      Remember that girl who blew 20+ guys for booze?

  4. What we are witnessing in society is the destruction of masculinity. But in particular, this can be noticed in young boys. When I was at the supermarket today, I was appalled at the sight of today’s young boys- hanging around in groups, speaking loudly for no reason, untidy appearance (no haircut and tight clothes) and worse, no real physique of a young male.
    It was clear that these boys have turned into the product of today’s society- a generation of emasculated and effiminate males, who are most likely to have been raised by single mothers. And this, is where the real problem lies. I truly believe that this is one of the central elements which has contributed greatly towards the wussification of the Western hemisphere.
    Single mothers are a disease and have contributed greatly towards the damage in society. What makes me even more sick is the fact that today in America, single motherhood is celebrated and is now considered to be the norm in today’s freakshow known as civlization. Jesus Christ, the damage that has been inflicted on young boys is catastrophic and as a result of leftist indoctrination by the public schooling system, to the family courts and the raising of boys by single mothers, it is leading to the slow and painful end of masculinity.
    We are living in a matriarchy where women think that it is possible (and encouraged) to not have any real men around to help raise young boys. This is an abnormal action being carried out on a regular basis and is even proving to be dangerous towards the male youth of America and the Western hemisphere. Boys are now growing up to become weak, emasculated, scared to take on a challenge, develop a spine and worse yet, even becoming criminals.
    The men in America are also to blame as well. From what I have observed, today’s men are turning into castrated henpecked simps, manginas, white knights and captain save a hoes, who are intimidated and bullied by today’s disgusting, narcissistic, aggresive career minded women, and are pushed into staying in the dog house, which clearly symbolises the destruction of manhood and male pride.
    If the country and the Western hemisphere continues to go down this downward spiral where feminism is entreching every aspect of our society, then more men are going to lose their confidence and self esteem. It is in tough times like the ones we are facing, that young men need to toughen up, develop and build their confidence and self esteem because that is what helps us to distinguish ourselves from women, who are reluctant to compete and strive for meritocracy and require the intervention of big government.
    Maintain your masculinity and self respect.

    1. Couldn’t disagree whatsoever. It’s such a multi-faceted and complicated state of affairs, that the war on men, or battle of the sexes, is just one issue we’re faced with. It’s very saddening.

    2. The lack of physiques is what scares me the most. It means that when the Revolution comes, there will be no-one strong enough to pull a trigger, let alone storm the government.
      Say what you will about Marx, at least he campaigned for mens’ rights. Men worked in factories in those days using their muscles and they could stand up for themselves in a fight.
      Today’s men work with computers and think that Change.org petitions are the way to go. Sports are discouraged by their oversensitive moms. They work in offices where they are henpecked into submission by the most mediocre women and girly men. The can’t express their own views and must smile and act all corporate while their own anger bubbles underneath. Then the women wonder why we all take to video games and porn and no longer want to get married and start families.
      If you want some comedy, read this article. It’s from an ex feminist wondering what happened to all the great men. It’s a few years old but it’s a gem of a whinefest. Basically, she blames everyone except her own kind.

    3. I think the last 20 years have been the worst. I’m only in my mid-twenties but I remember as a kid that not only in my home, but in also in the rest of the homes in my country, mothers stayed at home. They took the kids to school, they would clean the house and cook(except for the few that were single or maybe the rich ones, but you get the point).
      I’m not sure when all went off road here, maybe technology had something to do but this same mothers(and the fathers are also to blame, I understand that from my own experience with my father)are the ones who raised their boys to be like you describe them: “into castrated henpecked simps, manginas, white knights and captain save a hoes, who are intimidated and bullied by today’s disgusting, narcissistic, aggresive career minded women, and are pushed into staying in the dog house, which clearly symbolises the destruction of manhood and male pride.”
      We can’t act like most men of the 80’s and 90’s thinking that everything is cool, not anymore.
      We have to make our stand and put them in their place: http://blog.londolozi.com/2013/08/lions-fighting/ (notice the submission in the female)

      1. how does wanting a career make you aggressive, narcisistic and disgusting? And men are still VERY MUCH in control of literally every career path there is and in charge of things like law, education politics etc. Are you saying women should only be stay at home mothers? That’s unbelievably sexist of you, women and men are capable of the same goals and achievements

        1. “how does wanting a career make you aggressive, narcisistic and disgusting?”
          They are the center of their world. No one else, not even children and certainly not a husband, is worth sacrificing much, least of all their career.
          “And men are still VERY MUCH in control of literally every career path there is and in charge of things like law, education politics etc.”
          Oh really? Tell that to HR, controlled by women. Or maybe to the disparate amount of female teachers around the world, that are the very beginning of every career path.
          “Are you saying women should only be stay at home mothers?”
          Basically, yes, if they’re to be mothers. They don’t have to if they don’t want to, but in this case they’re not worth of wasting time on.
          “That’s unbelievably sexist of you”
          Yes, it is. Yes, I am. It’s how the natural world for us humans works.
          “women and men are capable of the same goals and achievements”
          No, they’re not. Some women achieve the “same goals” in limited fields, with huge amounts of help from other men, while 90% of successful men achieve their goals on their own with little to no help, especially from other men. If you doubt it, check the 6.000 years of written history.

        2. 1. Why do you need to stay at home if you are to be a mother? You can raise a child fine while still working, they don’t need you every moment of the day. Why should you have to sacrifice a career for your kids/husband if you don’t have to?
          2. I was exaggerating when i said “literally every” career, the clear majority of careers are run by men, and why does it bother you that women are the majority in ONE career (and one which men still have a significant influence in) , when men are still the majority in most others- they obviously still have power and a significant authority in the community.
          3. I said CAPABLE OF. If women were encouraged to do great in maths and science a hundred years ago, then there would be plenty of female mathematicians and scientists, but the social norm was for women to be housewives. Hell, for the majority of history women weren’t even allowed an education. It wasn’t until 2 or 3 decades ago when it became socially acceptable for women to have a career in these areas/units of work. When men were away at war 1 and 2, we ran an entire country by ourselves- i think we are perfectly fine at achieving things on our own, yet according to you we can’t only achieve things without the help of men- where did you get this from?
          4. being sexist isn’t normal or natural, what are you talking about?

        3. “Why do you need to stay at home if you are to be a mother? You can raise a child fine while still working”
          No, you can’t. That’s why you need a substitute, called TV 10-15 years ago and now the internet. And that’s why kids grow up more and more screwed, contributing to the decay of society.
          “Why should you have to sacrifice a career for your kids/husband if you don’t have to?”
          Why should you have to sacrifice your husband/kids for a career if you don’t have to?
          “and why does it bother you that women are the majority in ONE career”
          It doesn’t bother me, I was merely pointing the flaws in your thinking.
          Why does it bother you that men “are still the majority in most others”?
          “I said CAPABLE OF”
          “Of the same achievement or goals” That is the mistake. Not necessarily because they can’t do it, simply because they can’t do it on their own, without a network of men helping or a relative that makes thing easier.
          “It wasn’t until 2 or 3 decades ago when it became socially acceptable for women to have a career in these areas/units of work.”
          Yes, and look at the degenerate society we live in today. Thank you very much for pointing it out.
          “When men were away at war 1 and 2, we ran an entire country by ourselves”
          No, you didn’t. The country was still ran by men, what you were doing was a support role since the men were dying in europe for others. So, not the norm, but an exception when there was literally no other choice, although you did fine helping.
          “i think we are perfectly fine at achieving things on our own, yet according to you we can’t only achieve things without the help of men- where did you get this from?”
          Yeeeaaahh about that…
          Look at what happened in this “women-only TV company”:
          “The venomous women were supposedly the talented employees I had headhunted to achieve my utopian dream – a female- only company with happy, harmonious workers benefiting from an absence of men.”
          “It was an idealistic vision swiftly shattered by the nightmare reality: constant bitchiness, surging hormones, unchecked emotion, attention-seeking and fashion rivalry so fierce it tore my staff apart.”
          There was this nice show, some time ago.http://www.returnofkings.com/32053/this-accidental-experiment-shows-the-superiority-of-patriarchy
          So there you go. The only reason why now you can do “perfectly fine at achieving things on your own” is because of technology(also created by men, by the way) who removes in some way the need of hard labor that men gave and did through history. That’s why women are so eager to demand you are given leadership positions, but no one wants to work in a dirty factory, or fix railroads, or work in the mud in some third world country, and much more things that other men here have exposed. Because otherwise, you still need the human donkeys to lift your couch to the second floor, or to fix the plumbery, or to fix the roof in the middle of the winter(or summer). You only want it easy, lass. Face it.
          “being sexist isn’t normal or natural, what are you talking about?”
          Of course it is, ¿what are you talking about?

          Traditional Sex Roles Are What Nature Intended

          Like I said, refer to the prior 6 thousand years of human history. I know truth is hard to accept, so take your time.

        4. You can have a career but your family needs to be the most important priority for you. Because being a wife and raising the next generation is always going to be more important than being a CEO at any company.

    4. The good news is that Alphas always win. While the future may be full of these “feminine cages”, its the alphas that know how to destroy and take them over. Rome became pussified and alphas took it over and destroyed it. They were able to because Rome’s weakness was easy to spot. Just like Red Pillers know now. The government knows this and is in a fury to gain control because technology is becoming a threat. We are in the mist of this revolution now. The red pill is just a small part of seeing the matrix/system that indoctrinates us.

      1. don’t conflate ‘alpha’ with ‘real men’.
        Real men always win out in the end. ‘Alphas’ generally get shot by an angry husband or another drug dealer.

      2. 1. Did you even attend history class in high school? Rome fell because their political order became so chaotic and dviided that in an act of rebellion the citizens burned it to the ground in protest.
        2. Either way, this wan’t a smart choice on their part as they literally ruined their city, and in turn, their civilization. Alphas didn’t take control of anything, they literally wiped themselves off the map.
        3. How was rome pussified? These were the people who literally watched people beat each other to death for entertainment (including women).

        1. Harley check out “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire,” based on 20 years of study, by Edward Gibbon. He lists five reasons:
          First: Rapid increase of divorce, with the undermining of the sanctity of the home, which is the basis of society.
          Second: Higher and higher taxes; the spending of money for bread and celebrations.
          Third: The mad craze for pleasure, sports becoming every year more exciting and more brutal.
          Fourth: The building of gigantic armaments, when the real enemy was within; the decadence of the people.
          Fifth: The decay of religion; faith fading into mere form, losing touch with life, and becoming impotent to guide it.
          Now look at some of the crap even in this forum (implying that people don’t have gender, they identify with it). Look at the fact that our military spends $8.4 million year on hormone therapy for transgender soldiers. Liberal touchy-feely types want to raise taxes (#2) so we can pay for more things like that on our way past the $20 trillion national debt.
          Our empire is collapsing, just like Rome. Just like every previous empire. The difference is we have the knowledge to reverse some of these trends. We’re just not…

    5. I remember one night years ago I was out at some bars, and saw some loser get beat back by some other guys because this loser kept trying to talk to/hit on a married chic while her husband was in the bathroom. This is typical of guys that have grown up in single parent homes. That was their reality growing up (single mom raising them), so they do not understand marriage and only think of it as “something else” that some people do. So they have no problem hitting on someone else’s wife or committing adultery with somebody’s wife.
      In addition to that, I talked to a girl one time that was telling me how she finally got rid of some loser boyfriend she had that was living in her house and never contributed a dime for anything. I asked her why she would even want to be with a guy at all that was like that. She told me that she grew up in a single parent home, and her boyfriend grew up in a single parent home also. They were both conditioned to believe that the mom (single mom) was the provider for the family. So in her head, it was normal for her to work and pay the bills and support the loser boyfriend. The loser boyfriend thought it was normal too because he grew up with a single mom that paid all the bills. So he had no shame. The girl was aging and maturing and finally realized that it wasn’t how things should really be, and finally the got rid of the guy by getting a restraining order.
      So next time you ever see a situation where some deadbeat loser guy has a hot girlfriend that he lives off of, that’s usually why. It’s normal to them. And it’s abnormal for them to actually think of a man as being a contributer/provider. I see it so often. It’s always some hot chic that has a nursing job or something like that, and the loser guy she marries is a deadbeat. So she actually makes his ‘truck payments’ for him and pays all the bills. It’s always a truck for some reason too.

    6. Boys should never be raised by single mothers. Never. Single mothers don’t have any clue about what it is to be a man, what a real man should be like (after all they didn’t bed one did they) and they are almost for sure going to lop all sorts of psychological issues on the young man. A boy stands a better chance at life being raised in an orphanage with other boys and with men around than he does being raised by a single mother who will emasculate him and ridicule any attempt to display masculinity. But alas… mother = vagina = good and holy in this culture….

      1. im sorry are you stuck in 1922? the fact that i dont have a penis does not make me any less capable. this article is disgusting. using a word thats a synonym to a woman’s body part to describe “unmanly” men is ridiculous. WAKE UP PEOPLE. we are liviing in an era where its actually ok to not conform to these patriarcal gender roles. its ok to be weak, or strong, or powerful in a way that isnt about physical power or dominance. it doesnt matter what gender you are, what gender you identiify as, or if you dont identify as any gender at all.

        1. People don’t “identify” with a gender. They poses a gender. I don’t “identify” as a male… I am a male. The dick kinda gives it away. Only the weak say “it’s ok to be weak”. To some of us that is an unacceptable way of life.

        2. ok no. its 2015 and whatever gender someone wished to identify as, we should respect. just because you have a dick doesnt mean that you choose to identify as male although if you do thats fine and i will respect that. and you calling me weak for being forward thinking and accepting of people? thats a little ridiculous. welcome to the 21st century. male doesnt always have to equal strong.

        3. Last I checked it being 2015 didn’t suddenly make biology cease to exist? Being male, or being female, is not a choice. It’s not an identity. It’s a sex. This is a forum specifically for strong willed men and the women that respect them. You will find no sympathy for the notion “male doesn’t always have to equal strong”. To us… uh yeah.. .it does. And none of your touchy feely it’s 2015 crap will change that. Weak men = not a man. Period. Next.

        4. Being male doesn’t mean you have to be “masculine”. All males aren’t naturally like this, you don’t have to enjoy sports, you don’t have to be interested in bedding women, you can enjoy wearing nice clothing, you can take interest in activities like painting and ballet etc. that aren’t typically seen as manly. How does this make them any less of a man?
          Also what do you mean by “weak” and “strong”?
          Boys don’t need a father to be raised properly. What do you mean by “male figure” ? What could they possibly learn that is so important to their identity? And if so, boys are capable of having plenty of male role models outside of their father, and how is a male role model different from a female one? You seem to be stuck in the 1950’s.

        5. Did you really just say boys don’t need a father? Did I really just read something so ridiculously fucking stupid?

        6. Boys need a father figure. Period. Just as girls need a mother… Period. If you have a male child and you unreasonably restrict access to his father… That’s called evil.

        7. What you just said is a full circle contradiction. If you’re not a man, I understand it’s probably hard for you to understand; but you’re a women, I guess you already know, right?

        8. Ideally two parents… but in the absence of a runaway father, a single mother can do just fine. Not always. Depends on the situation. Not black and white — lotta grays. Difficult.

        9. Good point (to a point.) Unreasonable restriction would occur when the father is trying to make amends. In the end, the custodial parent and the child will more likely be the ones to arrive at a solution. Note: “more likely” — here come those grays again — sorry.

        10. Actually it does, you cannot possibly provide the male role model required to turn a boy into a man. Every culture known in history has had male rites of passages that initiate boys into manhood and they always excluded women in their efforts to wrench the boy from their coddling smothering mother. I have no doubts you can be a great mother, that can be the problem for a boy for it is the mother that perpetuates his boyhood and inhibits his manhood. This is not a conspiracy caused by a sexist patriarchal gender role, it’s a million years of genetics.

    7. You’re right. Single women should have abortions to avoid raising boys. ALSO, if they become single after the birth of a boy, they should immediately give that boy up for adoption. Only a selfish whore would think otherwise.

  5. As a non-American (I am Canadian), I find a lot of countries have men a lot more pussified than America. Especially in Northern Europe. You guys do not seem to have it that bad compared to certain countries like Sweden.

    1. At least they don’t have student loan debt and possess a quality passport. They have the option to escape their feminazi shackles.

      1. “At least they don’t have student loan debt . . .”
        TNSTAAFL. Student loan payments are subtracted from their paychecks for their entire working lives, whether they attended college or not.

        1. That’s the point. It’s best to game the system, get a free education, and go somewhere else warmer and less of an income tax burden

      2. “In 2014, holders of a United States passport could visit 174 countries and territories visa-free or with visa on arrival, and the United States passport was ranked 1st (tied with Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom, and Finland) in terms of travel freedom.”
        The USA passport is one of the 5 best passports in the entire world.

        1. VISA ON ARRIVAL is a fallacy of the value of a U.S. Passport.
          For instance, US citizens must pay upwards of $150 to enter Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, and Brazil while just about every other western nation can enter those countries for free.
          U.S. passports are merely “good” in the big scheme of things, but at least 20 other western nations ultimately have more convenient (and money saving) passports.

        2. “For instance, US citizens must pay upwards of $150 to enter Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, and Brazil while just about every other western nation can enter those countries for free.”
          Americans don’t want to go to those places; but, if they did, they wouldn’t care much about $150 here or there.
          “They have the option to escape their feminazi shackles.”
          If you’re bragging about your passport then you’re not escaping, you’re on a vacation and ultimately headed back to “feminazi shackles.” Saving a few hundreds bucks on vacation doesn’t make up for living the vast majority of your life on such terms.

        3. American men wouldn’t want to kiss the sky for the Brazilian poosy paradise? Even if time and money allowed? They wouldn’t be in the least bit annoyed that they had to pay a fairly substantial chunk of change to enter while every other westerner got in for free?

        4. “Visa on Arrival” isn’t “visa-free access.” US Citizens can enter 174 territories without a visa. My point still stands. USA is tied with Finland, Sweden, Germany and the UK for #1 Passport.

        5. “territories” is another fallacy. They can include places like Guam which are administered under the U.S. government, but are not countries in their own right.
          The true value of a passport is the number of REAL COUNTRIES that people can enter, and completely devoid of visas or visa-on-arrival expenditures and red tape.
          The value of particular countries must be taken into consideration too. For instance, Japanese passport holders can enter China or Brazil visa-free, and are two of the major BRIC nations. U.S. passport holders must pay to enter all BRIC nations.
          Who gives a shit if we could enter Azerbaijan or Djibouti visa free by comparison? (just giving an example)

        6. Japanese citizens need a visa to enter Brazil. And it’s BRICS now since South Africa joined them. If we’re going to cherry-pick examples based on perceived relevance, why not cherry pick other organizations? Why not NATO or OPEC? Heck, why not Council of Europe, or the Nordic Council, or EU, or the African Union? Why is BRICS more important than any other intergovernmental organization? Especially since BRICS isn’t doing so well. China’s growth is slowing, Russia’s economy shrunk to smaller than Italy’s, Brazil has their own economic crisis occurring at the same time as crippling droughts, and BRICS just started their own monetary alternative to the IMF that nobody wants to sign up to. We can go back and forth cherry-picking examples of which countries were perceive to be more valuable than others all day.

        7. “American men wouldn’t want to kiss the sky for the Brazilian poosy paradise? Even if time and money allowed? They wouldn’t be in the least bit annoyed that they had to pay a fairly substantial chunk of change to enter while every other westerner got in for free?”
          $150 is loose change. I wouldn’t need to slum it in Brazil getting STDs with sluts. If I was a single man in Sweden with some of the world’s most attractive women, I’d find a beautiful virgin that would convert Orthodoxy and expat to a country safe to be married and raise children in.

        8. Unicorns only exist in your head. Sweden is the same shithole as the rest of the west and our women are not any better.

        9. “Unicorns only exist in your head. Sweden is the same shithole as the rest of the west and our women are not any better.”
          Well, behold, the man who discovers, captures, and trains unicorns. If I ever needed another unicorn, I know I could do it again, even with a greater age difference. My unicorn knows that little fact as well, that’s why it is unlikely ever need to replace her.

        10. You’ve got some of your facts wrong not required for chile and argentina its only required if you fly into BA(fly into Uruguay and take the boat or cross a land border to avoid it). I only paid 60 bucks the last time I went to Bolivia. These visas have been a fad way for communist governments to stick it to the man, and they likely won’t be forever. Now that communist governments are failing hard in Venezuela, Arg, and Brazil, I wouldnt be surprised to see some change.

        11. Sometimes countries like Brazil will institute little slaps like that to Americans in response to all the hoops that American makes Brazilians jump through for a simple visit. There’s retaliation going on. So a Norwegian passport (this is an example, I don’t know for sure) might get you into Brazil easily but that’s because Brazilians can skate into Norway with no problems.

        12. If you’re not MarcusBenwayMD then you two need to get to know each other because it could be a great friendship.
          Why do I doubt that a guy who would talk crap about his studly command of his unicorn would also take the time to visit ROK?
          It’s a weird fit. Much like MarcusBenwayMD and his frequent cold cash purchases of luxury cars.
          It’s you isn’t it? Same guy.

        13. I’m doing a study of losers on the net today as compared to 2000 and it’s easy to see how the change for the worse took place. I’ll sometimes add a comment to amuse myself but it’s a waste of time because few people are even capable of understanding it without a detailed explanation which they also wouldn’t understand.
          And yes, I have always purchased things like cars in Cash.
          And apparently you’re either a little boy or from the great unwashed class because you appear to get butthurt and take it personally whenever a smarter or better person tries to tell you something.You’re just petty which is why you’ll never get anywhere.
          And btw, a number of people on here seem to believe that Myspace was crap but in fact it was the best site of its type with the highest quality women, yes even US women, when it came on line in 2003.But by around 2008 it was almost washed up and it wasn’t Facebook which is total prole crap that had anything to do with it. Let’s see who’s smart enough to figure out what happened. Your answers should be amusing but you just won’t get it or understand why all of the higher quality females quit this now internet garbage.All of these free dating sites today are total crap and the reason is simple.

        14. It makes me a bored retired physician who has managed to obtain a substantial grant to study demographics and other aspects of the Net. A large enough grant to be able to hire an assistant who is a young woman who at 21 already has a doctorate and earns more working with me as an intern than any of you boys will ever see.

        15. So your assistant for some trifling internet research pulls in, what? 300k a year? To assist with some obscure, observational research? Troll on brother! You’re actually kind of a genius at trolling. Your talent lies in the fact that there is no discernible payoff for you. That’s what throws people off and allows you to troll so well.

    2. I will second that observation. While traveling in northern Europe I was struck by how wimpy a lot of those guys are. We are talking about men whose ancestors were vikings. It just goes to show you that the Europeans are ahead of us in the pussification project.

      1. I think it may be something as simple as success leads to failure. The most alpha guys usually come from failed states. And the most feminine women generally come from failed states. Your dad was right hardship does build character.

        1. Too much hardship can also turn you into a docile pussy. Take a look at some of those pictures of immigrant men circa 1900 and also descriptions written about them. They were beaten and defeated looking men.
          And don’t believe the nonsense about Russian men because the females in these countries know how to handle them and many times have to treat them like cry baby children and be like a mother to them. You may actually want to go places instead of being an armchair ‘expert’ like 9 out of 10 boys here.

        2. And learn ‘hobo code’….look it up if you don’t know it.
          Good points, though. Hard times builds character.

        3. It would all depend on why you were in 19 countries. If you were some unemployed slob who joined the Navy to be a cook or stockboy then being in these countries would mean nothing. People tend to stay in their own class so what you’ve seen in these places may have been no different that what it’s like in Podunk or the ‘hood.

    3. Never confuse being mild mannered or behaving a bit docilely around the weaker female as a sign of being a pussy.Most females around the world don’t like a lot of the behaviour of US men for being too aggressive in an overt way and you are going to have to learn some subtlety to be successful. Many females feel threatened around men who behave too aggressively and dry up.As Roosh learned this when he couldn’t get laid in Denmark and a lot of other countries as well.

  6. Good list . All spot on. MTV is toxic. I would rather my kid watch snuff films than that drek. Would add:
    Female Teachers. The grade school and High schools are dominated by chicks. My kid did not have ONE male teacher till he was in the 8th grade.

  7. It’s all the Bisphenol-A in the plastics. Plasticizers that mimic estrogen are everywhere in society. It’s simply impossible to escape them. If you’re living in the modern world, you have BPA in your bloodstream.

  8. Not to mention the music where we went from talented musicians playing and recording decent sounding melodies to effeminate sounding boy bands. Not to mention that most popular pop singers these are slutty looking women with little or no talent. The males are either wimpy sounding pop singers or bands that are emo.

  9. I have to say the title photo is perfect. My understanding is that they snapped that picture when Vandertweek discovered that he actually didn’t have a vagina.

    1. And fuck mtv. Those liberal scumbags have done more to destroy productivity than anyone. Glamorizing teen pregnacy, promoting worthless lifestyles, and rewarding stupidity. My friend told me about a show the other day that basically said…”if a man jerks to gay porn, it doesnt mean hes gay.”

      1. I remember Bill Clinton crying when Pedro from The Real World died.
        I remember thinking at the time: “You gotta be fucking kidding me!!!!!”

        1. “I remember Bill Clinton crying when Pedro from The Real World died.
          I remember thinking at the time: “You gotta be fucking kidding me!!!!!””
          Fuck…. I remember that. Ok some dude died, sucks, but everybody drops dead entually. But any politician who cires in public for anopther Human being is an insincere asshole.

      2. All the clubs and bar/restaurants started running Mindless Teevee in the Eighties. That’s what the chicks and drunks wanted. Background videos to their Fabulous Lives.
        The medium always felt empty and psychologically draining, like it was sucking the life out of actual music and culture. Devoid of masculine values and constantly pushing sex sex sex.

    1. Predator, commando, total recall, and every rambo was always allowed in my family growing up. Any movie with a masculine man that kicks ass, tells one liner jokes after killing a bad guy, and ends with him banging the slut is a good movie for a son to see.

        1. Agree. And big difference between the first one and the second one (Escape from LA – 96). The 15 yrs between the two can be seen in the movie (different decades).

    2. Always teach your son(s) how to fire a weapon. Spend time teaching them the proper techniques, go to the range often, cleaning, care for it, etc…
      This country is always trying to talk about how bad guns are for people but when the shit hits the fan they are always glad to have you around…because you do carry.
      Responsible people (who learn the proper ways) are responsible people (with guns). Any thug or person can carry a gun and be irresponsible with it. It’s knowing how and when to apply it.
      Again, teach your sons the proper ways.

  10. A lot of fathers in developed countries are soft ‘nice guys’ themselves, to say nothing of the women.
    “Everybody wins” is a tactic the left uses to obfuscate inequality. The pain of losing and the competitive desire for supremacy is essential to raising mentally healthy boys.
    When I was 6, my dad bought me a book about Go. It sparked an interest, and I demanded that he play me. We played one game, where it was obvious he let me win. I was insulted, and asked him not to. Since that day, I have never beaten him. Not even as an adult. There were times when I’d get angry or frustrated, including once when I swept the stones off the board. But these trials are valuable life experiences. Not only does it teach you emotional control, it lets you know where you stand, and affirms that the world is naturally unequal. Some people are superior, no matter how much you believe otherwise.
    That early dose of reality prevents young men from growing up emotionally stunted, and teaches him to have actual life goals besides making his surroundings more comfortable. Done on a large scale, it will significantly decrease the number of manginas in future generations.

    1. I’ve thought alot about the scenes in Full Metal Jacket, a drill sergeant constantly berating and belittling the soldiers. And its true, in whatever you do, there is your own voice and the voice of others doubting you, criticizing you, even maybe the risk of death. And somehow you have to find the way to ignore all of it and carry on and succeed with your mission. This is manliness.

      1. That’s right! I tease and call my son names when he acts like a little whiny bitch and it does get him angry and upset. At the end of the day I hug him and let him know I still love him and what I’m doing is really for his own good.
        The misses disagrees and goes into that mother bear and her cub syndrome. I keep telling her that what I do to him is NOTHING what the kids at school is going to do to him. She has no fucking clue what boys go through and worse when he reaches adolescence. Giving him doses of ridicule and shame will condition him to not be phased by it when he gets older. He’s too young to understand it, but eventually will. The wife, on the other hand, never will. I just continue what I do. It’s for his well being.

        1. Be weary of sending him to a public school where from day one he’ll sit side by side with females on ‘equal’ terms.
          A century ago the founder of the boy scouts realised that boys learned differently from girls and learned and matured best when exploring and hiking in the woods with other boys. The female teachers of the day would constantly scold the boys for being unruly, while not realising that boys develop and learn best as a team or pack involved in a common project or pursuit. Beware of the modern day scouts though. It is like searching for a church group that hasn’t been feminized or turned into sheeple totally unquestioning and subservient to the state. A break away group would be better, but one where you could find comradery.

        2. Women generally have no idea what men go through in life. When I worked as a math tutor I learned the bare minimum is the best amount of help to give, I suspect its the same for a kid, give him challenges, each time just a little beyond his abilities.

        3. I wouldn’t say a little beyond his ability all the time. He’s got to win some here and there to help build confidence. Once he wins, set the bar a little higher and encourage him to persevere. It’s ok to fail from time to time as a learning experience.

    2. In truth there is no pain in losing. I have lost many more times than I have won. You forget your losses and remember your wins.

      1. The thing about losing is that it helps you learn from your mistakes so that next time you can win. The kids of today wont get that chance.

      2. It makes you better in the long run (to lose). You know how to handle it, you deal with it and you improve (to compete). It’s the competitive nature that our society is severely lacking, today.
        Everyone is so god damn “special” (and I don’t mean short bus).

        1. Plus it’s a natural part of life. Think about how many times you “failed ” at walking as a baby. This didn’t even enter your head as a problem.

    3. I was like that with Chess.
      My Granddad as a good player and I learned from him when I was about 7. It took years to get the stage where I could beat him in the occasional game.
      But it felt good!

      1. My stepfather was a provincial champion. I can give him a run but I can only beat him as speed chess.

    4. Agree. The latest generation with the “everyone wins or everyone gets a trophy” sets young people up in the long run. It handicaps them and they have a hard time dealing with the real world (because life isn’t fair).
      I’ve seen this play out, more and more, as I’ve gotten older and it’s a cycle that is creating real decay in our society. People are supposed to be competitive to improve our society, not break it down. It makes people (and a society) weak.

    5. Picture this: it’s the mid 70s and I’m about 6 years old. We’re at a neighborhood birthday party playing hot potato and the potato lands on me twice in a row. I flip out, irrationality thinking the game is rigged against me. I run out the door into the pouring rain and run several blocks away (in the downtown area of our medium sized city) thinking I guess my protest will make others regret their actions and come find me to apologize.
      Except no one does. So I wander around in the rain, first feeling sorry for myself, then feeling pretty stupid. After about twenty minutes, I make my way back to the party, soaked and sheepish. No one mentions my outburst one way or the other, neither consolation nor punishment. I carry on with the party and enjoy the rest of the day. And — here’s the important part — I never do anything like that again, for the rest of my life.
      It’s hard to imagine this situation occurring in today’s pussified, child -centric society.

    6. Go is a beautiful game. Better than chess in that there is no “front line” that is found on a battlefield, but more of an abstract representation of a “political” war; amorphous, deceptive, asymetrical.

  11. I don’t think great cartoons ended in the 80’s. Anyone remember Exosquad as a kid? Early 90’s show with story arcs, mature themes, and even characters that died. Of course, like all great things it was too good and ended by studio executives before its time.

  12. Porn is more the result of most women these days being unmarriable than anything else. Good quality women simply aren’t there in quantities needed for younger guys in western countries to take interest.
    Porn becomes the ersatz good that satisfies at least the physical side of sex.

  13. You forgot the biggest two pussifiers of men- video games and the stigmatization of blue collar work. Not that every guy needs to be a plumber or something, but when you have an office job, physically strenuous activity becomes something you do in your leisure time as opposed to a way of life. That lifestyle shift has profound implications for men.

    1. Depends on the video games, really. Some are clearly as good as reading a good novel, except that you are the one facing tricky situation and moral choices. If I understand today that sometimes you have to take some lives to save a hundred more, it is thanks to some video games (the Baldur’s Gate saga, Metal Gear Solid and the Legacy of Kain/Soul Reaver games have been quite influencial in my life).

        1. It’s still only a simple game. It’s like ‘game’ itself which is just a lot of pop ‘psychology’ and wishful thinking that will never work in encounters in the field no matter how much you hope it will. It’s not a science and even if scientists spent a lot of time and money studying how females will react to something they may still not be able to come to any conclusions.The female’s response to the male is erratic and changes from minute to minute depending on the conditions and perhaps she doesn’t even understand her own behaviour and it’s just a hard wired instinct to confuse and keep off balance the stronger male so that she isn’t dominated by him or give up her most valuable possession (her eggs) easily.There probably is a reason she’ll go with a male but it’s probably so inexplicable that only Nature knows the reason and involves factors that we don’t understand and just triggers something in her brain to mate.

      1. Some are clearly as good as reading a good novel
        Not as far as the development of your mind goes. It’s just a mostly passive game unconnected to reality and is kid entertainment.When you read something the brain has to go through a very sophisticated and complicated series of processes which I won’t explain here. Looking at a picture or video is a more primitive process and not much different than what a chimp does when it learns something.It has to do with the senses mostly visual.A chimp can’t tell another chimp or write instructions on how to do something and it’s just ‘monkey see,monkey do’.You can show another man a picture of a hot girl but it takes an entirely different and more advanced intelligence to take a sort of abstract idea and convey it with the written word.
        And saying that you learned that taking a few lives to save a hundred(not really something a video game is required for most people to know) really means nothing since it’s just a fake game and not reality where one of those lives taken may be Yours.

        1. We are not just talking about looking at a picture or a video passively here but playing a game which is both counting a story and requires a certain dexterity and/or reflection to overcome some situations. There are also quite some probabilities involved, especially in Baldur’s Gate based on AD&D which is a complicated set of rules (especially when you are 11 and have to figure out the rules all through the game without ever opening a AD&D book).
          I would any day prefer to see my kids playing The Witcher games than reading stupid novels like Hunger Games and such.

    2. I think video games today having the unspoken rule that their must be one female in the game who’s both stronger and smarter then every guy is the culprit. Even the new Final Fantasy game got a lot of hate for having an all male playable cast which Square Enix will most likely going to change.

      1. I have not seen a stronger, smarter chick in Skyrim yet. Then again, I probably wouldn’t any longer, since I took an arrow to the knee.

  14. I disagree with the porn thing. I am so glad it exists. Why?
    Because sex is over rated. Yeah, I said it. Had one hole you’ve had them all. There are two women in my life I can honestly say I truly enjoyed the sex. These two women I had a connection with. One I loved dearly, the other was just cool as hell. Both of them put in effort in the bed room because they wanted me to enjoy it as much as I wanted them to enjoy it.
    Most other women sucked. Just lay there and let me pump. Or I would bend them over and they didn’t even have the damn decency to put their face in the pillow and arch their backs. I have had good girls, sluts and a few working girls. All of them the same. All of them acted as if spreading their legs was enough of a favor.
    >>>I once was forced to stop mid stroke on a girl and tell her I just didn’t want to bang her anymore.<<<
    Porn keeps me focused. It keeps me from being a slave to these stupid ass games these females play and keeps me from wasting money and time. It keeps me from getting a stupid ass rape charge or having to pay child support or alimony.
    And yes, I do still have sex, i just pick and choose who and where. I have a trip to Pi scheduled for May and best believe I will bang my brains out. Working girls as well as some chicks I am chatting up as we speak.
    Porn is not the source of any problem. If I delve deeper into porn then it is merely a symptom of a problem anchored in real life.

    1. I agree that porn can save you from being a slave to pussy, but we must be careful not to consume it too often

  15. It has gotten so bad that women fantasize about traveling back to 18th Century Scotland to bang unwashed Scottish lairds.

    1. I was thrilled when Liam Neeson railed that sword through that girly-man English aristocrat at the end of “Rob Roy”. Masculinity wins!

      1. That movie was fantastic. It, Full Metal Jacket and Braveheart are so fucking masculine that your penis starts lengthening the moment you pop them in the DVD.

        1. Agree. These movies (at the eras) are great examples of younger boys (or men) being “exposed” to violence (in the real world).
          I always shake my head when I hear advocates complaining about how violence in video games (today) is bad for young boys (or young men).
          Our society has weakened; we need to make a change.

    2. Heh, I don’t know what it says about me, but my wife is reading the Outlander series of novels. Maybe I need to spend more time pumping iron. But it sounds like Gabaldon is a better than average writer. It is telling, though, that women are fantasizing about six foot four Scottish warriors in a time when their men are trying to fit in skinny jeans.

      1. It is telling, though, that women are fantasizing about six foot four
        Scottish warriors in a time when their men are trying to fit in skinny

        As a 6’3″ muscular descendent of a Scottish father, I find this trend rather pleasant all said and done.

      2. “Maybe I need to spend more time pumping iron…”
        Yes you do. For two good reasons…good health and you’ll get a “healthy response” from women.
        Women will always go the PC route or the right answer route when answering questions about what they like in a man but just watch a woman undress a man who takes the time to work out.
        They say men are bad about it. But all you have to do is observe a group of women watching a man (who works out) walk by…they start clucking like chickens.

  16. 1960? I think you mean 1980. I was born in ’72, and this shit doesn’t really apply to my generation. The cartoons during my formative years still had actual deaths, I only got awards in school when I actually WON, MTV only had fucking (mindless) music videos, I realized from my teens that there were actually more than two political parties in the U.S. (*gasp*), my father was there for me my whole life (including passing down my first rifle to me at the age of seven), and internet porn – are you serious? That wasn’t a thing until I was in my 20s, well after the point where I was having a whole lot of sex with a whole lot of women: an occasional retreat, but not a crutch. I seriously doubt this article has much to do with most of us 30- or 40-somethings…

    1. Right there with you. He-man, Transformers, GI Joe, five days a week. And Daffy Duck was getting his face blown off by Elmer’s shotgun. First MTV video I remember watching was John Couger’s Jack & Diane, still somewhat good music by eighty’s standards. Too bad we missed out on the CareBears, hehe.

      1. J. Geil’s Band – Freeze Frame. First video I remember seeing. I think it was in 1984? Can’t remember actually.

  17. Great stuff about political parties. Someone should do an article about pedestaling in politics just like in the recent religion post. It really is true about both parties and I don’t mean just liberal republicans either.

  18. “The road to hell is paved with good Intentions” I think of that quote when I hear leftist an “progressive” political arguments an political correctness. These things are systemically destroying Western society but the people behind it they believe they are doing the right thing (mostly).

  19. Care Bears was for girls, like Strawberry Shortcake and My Little Pony.
    Back in the 80s some of the most popular entertainment for boys was:
    which mostly consisted of monsters, killer robots, and explosions.
    I played with Madballs and Hotwheels.
    And of course, back then you had Headbanger’s Ball, and thrash metal.
    Star Wars–monsters, aliens, and dudes blowing up shit with ray guns–was popular with boys back then as well.
    Your recollection of the 80s is quite a lot different than mine.
    Most of the pussification didn’t really start until around the mid 90s.

    1. Late 90’s was all fucked up. If it weren’t for Disney and early Marvel works like the X-Men Animated Series, there would have been a less varied array of shows. It wasn’t until the mid 90’s where such shows like Conan The Barbarian, Gargoyles, and even Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003 were showcased as solid shows for masculinity and brotherhood. However, these shows started disappearing around the mid ’90s and before the ’00s, masculine cartoons all but left the building.

      1. I don’t remember those shows; I started high school in the mid 90s, so I had stopped watching cartoons a few years before that.
        Back then I really noticed the pussification had taken hold in rock music, though. That was when shit like grunge and alternative had taken over, and so you had sensitive romantic drug addicts whining about how much life sucked, instead of bands like AC/DC (chicks and rocking) or Iron Maiden (military history). That was also when I started getting into death metal, which for me was probably a rebellion against the pussification.

        1. I didn’t enter high school until the late ’90s so I was watching cartoons, and yep I watched Pokemon. Easily the most red pilled theme song a child will ever hear. I know some of you won’t get that so let me explain. The show is about cock-fighting. Animals with the sole purpose of being used for entertainment and the countered lesson of treating these trained weapons with love, respect, and empathy to elicit the best growth from them. You train them, catch them, and pit them against each other. You may hug them if they are sad, until they are happy again and slapping each other until someone faints.
          I was a skirter of rock back then so maybe I heard Oasis, Green Day(the romantic soft druggies of which you speak). NIN, AC/DC, whoever the hell sang Du Hast were some of the harder songs/artists of the time. I never thought music would become as soft as it is right now, where a rapper, with several earrings and a penchant for kissing his dad on the lips would be considered a masculine role models. Who would have thought I’d wonder this myself, but after the ’90s, where did all the cowboys go?

        2. Unfortunately the growling was absolutely crappy musically speaking. Hence I stuck to 80’s 90’s metal.

        3. I’ve heard of them, but I’ve never listened to them.
          The only people I remember who listened to rap were wiggers.
          I remember an old joke:
          A writer for Rolling Stone was writing the first review of the first rap album on his typewriter. “And in conclusion this stuff is…..hey! The damn “c” button isn’t working!!!”

        4. Well, death metal was 80s and 90s metal–Death, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide and so on all put out their best stuff back then.
          I was a big fan back in the 90s, but for me the quality started going downhill in the early 2000s. I’ve lost interest over the last few years because nowadays it all seems to sound like either Cannibal Corpse or Incantation.

        5. If I could dig up Kurt Cobain and bitch slap his punk ass without being arrested, I would. That whiney spoiled rich white kid who sneered on about how awful life was via “snark music” really did in rock and roll but good.

        6. Pokemon was actually a pretty decent cartoon for young boys, for exactly why you outlined. Plus it poked fun at bossy chicks and the villains were, yes, a bossy chick and a pussy male who was in all ways the epitome of the sniveling beta. Which is actually pretty cool when you look at it.
          Agree with others about Dragonball Z too.

        7. Come to think of it, the whole show was wily. There was an episode of Pokemon where we(kids) learned James(team Rocket and beta bitch for Jesse) had a past of coming from affluence. In his affluent life he even had a lion cub named Growlithe. Now get this, he transitions from a child of wealth, having a woman chase him, being called master, and a lion that shot fire, to carrying a rose, using a Pokemon called Koffing (a big ol’ floating ball of gas that has a move it goes off like a hand grenade), being destitute, and subservient to his partner and boss in tandem. If that wasn’t a lesson to things not to do with your life, I don’t what is.
          Edit: Glad you caught those aspects of those shows as well. Your children must be prepared to rock the hell out of life!

        8. A quick serious question: Pearl Jam started at the same time, maybe a bit before, but I just don’t get that vibe with them. It was like Nirvana was trying too hard. Ten was one of the best albums of the decade, similar edge. Cobain, I guess just turned into the story and superseded the band, prick.

        9. Yeah, Pearl Jam was pretty good, I liked them. Listening to whiny rich boy whine about living a good life growing up grated on my nerves though. I can take a Nirvana song once in a while but I really didn’t have the love affair with them that everybody else did at the time. Most of their shit was just that, shit.

        10. I figured it all went downhill when Trent Reznor and NiN split for a while. There are no ‘Bands worth following’, it’s all individual hits on albums full of mediocrity.

        11. Thank you!
          I couldn’t stand that shit!!!
          I’ve said it a thousand times, Nirvana killed rock music.

        12. Never got into Immolation.
          I was a huge Absu and Darkthrone fan as well; they weren’t death metal, but still cool.

        13. Heh, quake hooked me on reznor music. and then, the ‘pretty hate machine’ and ‘the downward spiral’ were redpill as a bullet to the brain.
          It’s just a shame that he sold out after ‘further down the spiral’

        14. Lyrics like @you’d gladly take it [email protected] @I dont even care we dont have to [email protected] and desanctifying motherhood like in Heart Shaped box are a deep red pill. Only problem in Grunge is that it described a state, not action.
          What pussified men is the goddamn 80s rock. What is with that big hair?

        15. Alice in Chains also was a band that dealt with heroin addiction but unlike Nirvana their music was often dark and depressive but tempered with balls to the wall metal influenced aggression. Soundgarden had a straightforward aggressive sound, world weary in an old school way. Both far superior to an estrogenic Nirvana bitchfest. The only thing I didn’t like about Pearl Jam was their constant vocal support for feminist issues. They never struck me as being hard edged.

        16. “Pretty Hate Machine” was okay, but unimpressive; at least it had guitars. I remember a friend playing “The Downward Spiral” for me and I remember not liking it. I don’t remember the album “Quake,” though.
          To me, most computer music lacks “feeling.”

        17. The album wasn’t quake… ID and John Carmack somehow managed to get NiN to do the soundtrack for the video game ‘quake’. Experimental game, experimental music, and it paid off insanely.

        18. Ok, I see.
          I haven’t played video games since I was a child, back when The Legend of Zelda was cutting edge.

        19. Haha, didn’t intend to make you feel old!
          Late 80s was when I had a Nintendo, ’87, ’88, ’89.
          My parents eventually gave it away because I didn’t play it that much. I was too busy burning stuff with one of those kiddie compasses that had a little magnifying glass they gave me when I was in Cub Scouts.

      2. Used to like Gargoyles. It was too bad how quickly they ran out of ideas.
        But there’s something to be said for the old Bugs Bunny and Looney Tunes cartoons. They were funny as hell.

        1. Once you delve into clones you know your story has run most of it’s course. I still love the clone/inverted hero as they allow you to re-do a heroic arc but that’s another thing. Still one of the last shows to hit tv about any hero that had to work for his position.
          On Looney Tunes, I was a fan of the cough syrup drunks. “No body know, how dry I am!!!” Now slapstick humor is saved for the viewers of World Star Hip Hop. Oh….joy……

        2. For Bugs Bunny and his gang it wasn’t the slapstick, it was the use of things like personality traits, mannerisms, dialogue.
          You want to shoot him now or wait till you get home….
          Or the time Bugs was making fun of the gorilla who was too heavy to walk across a rope on the other side of valley. So the gorilla just grabbed the rope and pulled the other ledge over to him. Clever stuff.
          Transformers Beast Machines was another good one that made good use of different character traits.

        3. The Spiderman Clone Saga with Ben Reilly (aka the Scarlet Spider) was my favourite clone story.
          Something about taking everyone’s beloved friendly neighbourhood Spiderman and completely turning his identity upside-down was a powerful story arc to me when I was younger.

        4. A Clone Saga Fan?! Very nice Clark!
          I read that as my first comic book series. J M DeMatteis wrote this existential styled comic showcasing a man, speaking as a non-man, curious as to how he came to be and if his identity mattered. Reading his stories as a teen, watching his search for identity and later the station he took on as he pushed for something true to himself, became one of my favorite tales to follow as a wayward teen. It was (sadly) a completed mythos culminating in his comic death, but that story was the sole reason I had for loving comic books, and even developing a curiosity/love for writing.
          I never got the flaming that the character experienced outright. Some of the older comic fans treated the character as if it raped their childhood. You’ve just upped yourself a whole grade level in my people to meet in person one day, Clark.

        5. It was a nice show. I also remember watching the old transformers show when I was 6. The same goes for pókemon, digimon(the first ones), spiderman, the x-men, the looney tunes, even tom and jerry. And I don’t want to start talking about playing with guns, swords and little cars.
          I never thought about this, but yeah there was nothing wrong with a little violence in the episodes, and we boys loved them. I even remember buying stuff related to that and competing against my brother os school friends to see wich character was the best. interesting enough, the girls never cared about all of this, in fact I’m sure they rather snorted at us and went to play and dress their dolls.
          Until disney brought barney to the picture…

        6. It did rape their childhood. The story was that heavy. A total mind-fuck. Spidey could barely keep it together through that series from what I remember.
          If I’m ever passing through the states I’ll give you a shout homie 🙂

      3. Well there was Dragon Ball Z which was pretty manly and very popular among boys. It might have dragged on too long but it was better than some cartoons that had every male act like an idiot.

        1. I remember Dragon Ball Z. In fact, it may be a cartoon I have my son watch if I can help it. It was very manly and the biggest course was facing your fears and being better than you were yesterday. Even made the one character who strove for just comfort no better than the women. Yamcha was on the road to being better than other Human in the show and he became the man in a suit who drove the women around while the men fought. But if you want a marker, that show ended before 1994. Well before the muscle bound male was all but removed from the animated world. Sure humanoid turtles and super human men had rippled bodies, but the masculine body was no longer welcome in Saturday Morning cartoons.

        2. It caught me when I was like 14 and to this day I still remember most of it. Majin Vegeta’s speeches were F’kin Epic.

        3. I know of it but I haven’t seen it. It was stuff like this that used to make me think anime was adult material. Things sure changed when the new millennium was approaching.

        4. I’m a big fan of story so I’ve seen that. One of my favorite shows was History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi. The boy starts as beta as it gets but at his core, he was a red pill man. His journey is heart warming as he struggles to display his manhood. I have never caught on to Fist of The North Star. They never remastered the episodes and the quality was horrible. Good recommendation.

        5. Well for the most part, yeah it was to children but they did turn the male Yellow Ranger into a female and kinda butchered the pink Ranger (who was an excellent role model in the Japanese version despite being the only female)

        1. That is pretty weird. I’m almost curious what the long term effects of watching such shows were. Would that be the programming necessary to create the pragmatic generation of the Boomers, as how the cartoons of the ’90s helped cement the kind heart of the millenials?

        2. Good point. I remember the “outrage” by many people for showing the older cigarette commercials on TV (and how they should be banned).
          Today, we have nonstop pharmaceutical commercials pushing every type of pill known to man (with deadly side effects).
          Also, there used to be liquor stores on every corner. Today, we have drug dealers (i.e. CVS, Walgreens, etc)…on every corner but this seems to be “ok” with society.
          Something is fucked up.

        3. You want to have real fun getting people hyperventilating? Hand out candy cigarettes during Halloween. You can still buy them online. I did it last year, it was *fan fucking tastic*, heh.

        4. I think that the difference was that TV wasn’t constantly on and of course there was no cable. There probably were some cellar mama’s boys around but in general you had to get out or be bored to death.

      4. Beast Wars was a nice show. I also remember watching the old transformers show when I was 6. The same goes for pókemon, digimon(the first ones), spiderman, saint seiya(nights of the zodiac), the x-men, he-man, Conan, beyblade, robocop, godzilla, the looney tunes, even tom and jerry(this are the ones that come to my mind right now). And I don’t want to start talking about playing with guns, swords and little cars.
        I never thought about this, but yeah there was nothing wrong with a little violence in the episodes, and we boys loved them. I even remember buying stuff related to that and competing against my brother os school friends to see wich character was the best. interesting enough, the girls never cared about all of this, in fact I’m sure they rather snorted at us and went to play and dress their dolls.
        Until disney brought barney to the picture…

        1. I remember doing all that stuff as well. I almost relished playing the hero who wasn’t as good as the other heroes. Game me a reason to be on my own side!
          I am now of the belief that violence is not only good, but how we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and how our actions affect the world. Violence needs to be controlled to have this effect and it has been demonized because of the many men who avoid self regulation.

        2. “Violence needs to be controlled”
          Yes. What I think is wrong is that so many people, including men, don’t really now how to control it. For example, when I was a kid my parents never let me fight against my brother, who is 2 years younger. You know how it is “brothers shouldn’t fight, you’re the oldest and you have to give him a good example, etc”.
          So in time, I learned to be so patient and self-controlled that I went to the other side. So when my brother turned 15 or 16(I’m short, he’s taller and heavier than me)and started to push himself over me like always and I fought back what do you think it happened? I lost, and later my mother barked at Both of us, especially to me.
          I’m not holding a grudge or anything but I think that this example shows what happens when you don’t teach a boy the proper way to become a man. Let him fight and learn to respect himself and learn to make others respect him.

        3. It is almost like dealing with a pressure cooker, watching the time it takes boys or even men to ascertain who is dominant in the relationship. The strongest men, are those who can stand unwavering in a multitude of situations. Kind of scary how little that has to do with size. But size helps.

        4. I have a younger brother and gave him a rough time when we were young. Then, one day it happened, we were face to face and he cold cocked me. Well, of course we know what happened next … I smiled, chuckled, and shook his hand, finally knowing he could land one if he had to.

        5. As a kid I wasn’t allowed to anything of that. of course, we often argue with each other but my parents use to give him the upperhand, so he could do pretty much anything to me and I couldn’t answer back because I would be lectured by my mother( the old “you’re not his father so you don’t hit him”) or even my father would hit me in return.
          All of that kind of condition me to learn other ways to get my way or even to not react regardless of anything.
          Of course, I did not repeat that mistakes with the youngest of my brothers he.

    2. At some point after the 80s there was definitely a big change. Like you said there were cartoons for girls and cartoons for boys. Maybe mid 90s they phased out the boy girl distinction and aimed shows at kids generally. Aiming for a wider audience that way I guess? But if you watched 80s cartoons and happened to notice what a cousin or brother was watching in the 90s or later it was like WTF?
      Anyone remember the Ghostbusters cartoon? That was one that went through the transition.
      “At the start of the series’ third season in 1988, the series was retitled to Slimer! and the Real Ghostbusters. The opening was completely redone to centre around Slimer. Eventually the episodes were expanded from their original half-hour format to last an hour, and the overall feel of the show was changed to be more youthful, with episodes having a lighter tone to be less frightening.”

      1. I remember King Rollo, this was an 80’s cartoon about a pussy footing about King, he just used to prance about and do foolish things, a King for gods sake with all that power and authority! Not a good example for leaders of men.
        I preferred Jamie and his magic torch.

    3. Bugs, Woody Woodpecker (heh), Popeye, Fred Flintstone, Yogi and Boo … cartoons with male-positive, independent characters who were NOT groupist hugbunnies like Care Bears etc.
      “If there was a “lesson” in these old-school cartoons, it was that there were bad people in the world and that you couldn’t reason with them. You could only use your wits to stay one step ahead of them.”
      Never considered it, but you’re right. Sub-rosa. Hello Bugs, the world’s got lots of predatory hunters. Mostly they’re stupid pigs, but there’s lots of them and they WILL hunt you. And the forests are full of Rabid Rangers with Regs who WILL try to keep you and your son from enjoying the occasional, impromptu pick-a-nick lunch.
      As the OP suggests, after the Seventies, the new cartoons largely prepared boys for a collectivist, feminist world where everybody is Equal (well, except for boys and men) and where everybody can be happy by going along with the people who are Equal. Let’s all gather in a circle and Care!

      1. This might all be true, but I think that people sometimes overanalyze things.
        Not too long ago I was reading some article on another site where the author was writing about Star Wars and psychoanalyzing the characters, getting into pagan connections, and making comparisons to Siegfried. He completely missed the point about Star Wars, which was aliens, monsters, and dudes with ray guns blasting stuff.
        I was mostly into the cartoons because of all the explosions. Pure hedonistic enjoyment of monsters, killer robots, shit blowing up, etc….really nothing deeper than that.

      2. More like anti-male positive role models. I have to disagree with you on bugs bunny even Fred puts on a dress. He is one of the originators of faggotry to young men. He puts on a dress and kisses men, period. Examples below.

        1. Yeah, you kind of have a point, never really liked that angle of the cartoon.
          Wile E. Coyote though, he had it going on. Fucker NEVER gave up. EVER.

        2. Isn’t it funny how that last picture shows the true effect of “how a woman should dress” has the effect on a man?
          We see too many woman, today, dressing down in yoga pants, flat shoes, sweat pants, etc…no real time in getting “dressed”…and they wonder where all the men have gone?
          It’s funny (in the cartoon) but it shows (I think) real world lessons on how women should dress, behave, act, etc….

        3. Bullshit.
          Bugs dressed up as a woman only to confuse Elmer Fudd and others who were chasing him and made them walk into a furnace or something. Then it was back to regular old Bugs.
          To say he was promoting faggotry is a stretch.
          The pic with Michael Jordan is from that “Space Jam” abomination from the 90s. Doesn’t count.

      3. Those old cartoons were made to be shown in cinemas and for whole families. Which is why they were so intelligent. Even the wacky science plays jokes on real science that many of today’s generation wouldn’t get.
        Care Bears and the like had the luxury of TV and could be targeted at childrens’ viewing times.

    4. Nah, it was earlier than that. I’d say late 80’s with Smurfs.
      80’s had Josie and the Pussycats, Facts of Life, Three’s Company, Too Close for Comfort shows that projected the feminists narrative.

      1. “Facts of Life, Three’s Company, Too Close for Comfort shows that projected the feminists narrative.”
        Yup. I watched thoese shows. Especially Three’s Company which when one is an adolescent one can’t help want to see a show where a dude shacks up with two skanks.
        But indeed those types of programing were cancer to men.

        1. OH ghods, “Diffr’nt strokes”
          One has only to see what happened to the actors that starred in that abomination to see the future of multiculti

        2. Different Strokes tried to teach altruism with Mr. Drummond as the father who was as beta as you can get. He taught his kids morals, I’ll give him that, but he was not masculine at all.
          Another feminist show I used to watch in the 80’s was Gimme a Break with the dominant black female house maid who seems to know it all despite she was a low life servant who could’ve been replaced in an instant by the homeowner.

    5. The cartoons I watched as a kid were more like Itchy and Scratchie from the Simpsons lol
      I pity you millennial pussy boys. Since the day you were born all you ever heard was that simp chick music and I’m convinced it has rotted your minds. It’s going to take a lot of reprogramming to get you back to normal.

        1. That’s Beavis and Butthead music and in fact in their little cartoon show they’d use clips of this stuff 20 years ago. lol

        2. Paint It Black–a sensitive drug addict talking about how he’s SOOOOOO sad that he can’t even look at girls. BOOFUCKINGHOO!!!!!!

        3. “I’ll bet that you have never read any poetry.”
          I’ve read quite a lot, actually. Pop lyrics are hardly “poetry.”
          Ever read Chaucer in the original? Translations are for people who are too lazy to learn the original Middle English, although truthfully once you get past the different spellings, the disused letters (although these are only in manuscript and not included in modern texts) and the few additional pronouns, you’ll find that it’s not really that different than modern English. Sure the style is different, but grammatically its not that far off. Learn the original style, and you’ll enjoy it so much more!
          The Anglo-Saxons, many years before Chaucer, had such a wonderful poetic tradition! Did you know, rhyming was not even a part of it??? It was heavily based on alliteration! They commonly used inline repetition of hard consonants, instead of rhymed couplets that you typically see in works by people such as Shakespeare. Their metaphors were really cool as well. For example:
          erdstapa: wanderer, literally “earth stamper”
          hron rod: sea lanes, literally “whale road”
          hordcafan: innermost thoughts, literally “treasure chamber”
          When you say those words, use an aspirated “h” as in the German “nach.” Also, roll that “r.” As far as modern scholars can tell from the limited available evidence, Anglo-Saxon would have sounded a little like modern Icelandic, which being such an isolated nation their language would likely have barely changed since the dark ages.
          And so on. This was a very masculine form of poetry, I highly suggest purchasing Mitchell and Robinson’s guide to Anglo Saxon and study it to appreciate the beauty of that ancient masculine poetry.
          Wordsworth is a good source of more recent (relatively speaking) poetry as well, although it was blank-form it still had that sort of deistic, ecstatic “beat” feeling to it. Especially Tintern Abbey:
          Until, the breath of this corporeal frame
          And even the motion of our human blood
          Almost suspended, we are laid asleep
          In body, and become a living soul:
          While with an eye made quiet by the power
          Of harmony, and the deep power of joy,
          We see into the life of things.
          And of course, I could write at least 10,000 pages on the genius of Shakespeare, Sophocles, Homer, and so on.
          So, in answer to your suspicions, I aced English and have actually read quite a bit of poetry.
          Hope that helps!

    6. Most of the boys on here have no idea what they’re talking about and are quite confused especially about eras and when this femicrap really took hold.Sure, there were some feminists around mostly dykes but they were a joke and they really changed nothing. Females were still pretty much the way they always were until I’d say about the late 90’s but it was really just the pop culture and media because even young girls today are still pretty much like they’ve always been (minus the fat). Unless you were about 20 in 1980 you just would never understand the 80’s because you were either not even born or were a kid who lived in his own little kid world (all kids have very limited experience and live in a tiny world).
      I knew the originators of MTV that went on in 1981 and in fact was in the studio for the initial show. It was entirely different from now and I think that VH1 sort of became the new MTV but by 1990 it was all washed up and it’s the crap you see today. I stopped watching TV about the time Beavis and Butthead was on, maybe 1992(?) so I have no idea about what it’s like now. I don’t even know what Care Bears and Little Pony are outside of what I’ve read.

      1. I was a kid in the 80s. I thought MTV was great. I watched YoMTV Raps and the first Real World show, which was actually pretty good.

        1. Anyone who starred in Real World ended their acting career there and then. NOBODY wants to hire you after MTV. Most of them ended up in porn afterwards or worked in the Mickey D’s on Rte 66 before they overdosed.
          What really pissed me off about that show was the pixelated out nudity. I mean, we’re adults ferchrissakes!
          The only one I tried to watch was in Hawaii where Ruthie used to get naked all the time and fall over drunk. After a few episodes of whiny kids and pixelated bodies, I gave up forever.
          (Ruthie appeared on a lesbian episiode of Blind Date shortly afterwards – the last I heard of her or any of them – not that I ever cared)

      2. Beavis and Butthead and Headbanger’s Ball were the only things on MTV that were any good.
        Care Bears and My Little Pony were cartoons for little girls.

      3. I liked Daria. While girl orientated, it exposed the whole mindless suburban hypocrisy and how girls are taught not to think and become consumers.
        Ever watched Sex and the City? Worse than the sluttiness, is the watching a bunch of middle-aged slags talk like Daria’s little sister and her airhead friends.
        And don’t forget CELEBRITY DEATHMATCH!!!

    7. True. I never watched Care Bears although I knew it was on. And if I ever watched that feminizing He-Man I rooted for Skeletor.

    8. I’d agree: the timeline is a bit skewed, with jersey shore only appearing a few years ago. I loved the 80s, but I suppose if we’re to really track the downfall of societies, we’d have to go back hundreds of years to find anything resembling real human culture. You’ve illustrated it yourself: monsters, aliens, robots, ray guns – they shouldn’t be infiltrating human life. Encouraging boys’ violent sides, terrifying them with weird monsters etc, might make them tough and not to be fucked with, but it’s a far cry from the environment we should be raising kids in. People think the past was like Game of Thrones (more indoctrination), but people were more sound-minded and of far better character than we are today. The extreme scenario of the aliens robots etc that first appeared on screens during the 80s are now found in computer games and horror movies, where you see all sorts of weird and vile shit. The computer games, in particular it seems, give kids a violent hair trigger by rewiring the limbic pathways of their brains. So you have youths going around all tooled up ready to stab at the merest provocation. Throw in rap music then to really hurtle us toward K-selection.

      1. “The computer games, in particular it seems, give kids a violent hair trigger by rewiring the limbic pathways of their brains.”
        Go back to Huffpo, cunt. There are men speaking, and we don’t appreciate you trying to slip your progressivist bullshit and psuedoscientific ‘proof’ into serious discussion.
        Man, where’s the guy with the banhammer when you need him?

        1. Relax princess, who knew your precious pixelated brain-scrambling ‘adventures’, courtesy of the future alien overlords, were so sacrosanct? Maybe if you twiddle your joypad hard enough the banhammer will appear. There are studies out there that suggest that when one is engaged in computer games, the fight or flight pathways (reptilian) are highly active during violent games, and that these can be primed then in normal meatspace interactions. Look around nowadays and see how many people are impatient, and how quickly and often the thin veneer of civility is ripped through. Those were the studies I was referring to, but I’ve since looked at the counter arguments. Is the billion-dollar computer games industry who finances the counter claiming studies to be trusted? At best, all that can be said on the matter is that nothing’s conclusive. Or that conclusive studies that show that mind-altering games are detrimental to society have been buried by the powers that be. “There are men speaking” – I’ve been impressed by your comments in the past, but appealing to your select cohort of manosphere stalwarts is feeble aggrandisment.

        2. Whatever Genius, I am no more beholden to the video games industry than you are to the federal government.
          The syndrome you refer to, ‘short attention span theater’, is more a function of the instant-rewards culture than it is violence in video games, television shows, movies, etc. I am simply sick of hearing the same tired old trope spouted by unibrows repeatedly despite mountains of evidence to the contrary, a trait which is, in fact, at the core of feminism and marxism itself, attitudes which are not particularly welcome here.
          In point of fact, Violent Crime is the lowest it has been in a century except among a certain segment of the populace, that segment, of course, being the one that is least likely to be able to afford a computer.
          No, I am no more fond of fatass children spending their lives glued to a game controller than anyone else, but the reasons are due to SUBLIMATION of their healthy competitive urges, obesity, and a culture which rewards every miniscule accomplishment as though you had created a cure for cancer.
          Yes, I am particularly involved with the computer games industry, but If it collapsed overnight my revenue stream would scarcely be affected… in fact, if all the ‘AAA’ companies declared bankruptcy tomorrow, my cash flow would probably triple.
          “Or that conclusive studies that show that mind-altering games are
          detrimental to society have been buried by the powers that be.”
          While I love a good conspiracy theory as much as the next guy, there’s a limit to my credulity, and that goes right over the top of it. FBI mind control rays, Aliens in congress, Mind-altering video games… The power of propaganda and the progressive deception machine are more than powerful enough without having to blame their effects on some sort of secret mind control crap.
          I will admit I may have been overly aggressive in my response, but after you hear the same shit again and again and again “Women make 70% of the money men do”, “5 billion american women get raped every year”, “600 million jews were keelhauled through the magical disappearing Gas Chambers at Auschwitz.” “Video games cause kids to go on murderous rampages”, “Marijuana makes kids take an axe to their parents.” You have linked, disproven, argued, showed evidence to the contrary, and pointed out the obvious so many goddamned times to so many goddamned people that your kneejerk reaction becomes violent. Call it ‘conspiracy fatigue’.

        3. Well you’re right-there is a cavalcade of elements involved in the short-attention span theatre. Thanks for that phrase, I’ll look into that more in-depth. Honestly, I’ve not read extensively in this area, so don’t know much about the evidence that debunks the violence link. What I read tied in with a few mass shootings, and how the killers were reportedly desensitised via RPG. Forgive me for having a largely intuitive understanding, because on the surface, the theory makes a lot of sense. Heh, I did entertain that thought all right, that the most violent elements of society are operating in the absence of pixels. And it can’t be denied that all these 2D diversions are placating people, even if waistlines are expanding. I’m not against anyone making a living in this new area of techno entertainment, I just question its effects on people (along with porn, drugs/alcohol and all the other plethora of excesses available to us in orders of magnitude previously unseen). Aesthetically speaking, I do recoil at some of the zombie/alien killing games. When I say mind-altering, I mean in the sense of, is it affecting neuro plasticity or other brain processes? If there were findings to that effect, it wouldn’t surprise me if they were swept under the rug by these huge money-making interests. But that is being superstitious and conspiratorial on my part. Mind control in general: I’m under-informed about it, but there’s a lot of info out there about monarch and MK ultra in pop music and films, advertising. Again, forgive me because I don’t know if my credulity has any limits at this stage (my rationale is: if certain parties can re-write history under our noses, [for example if 911 was a planned demolition or if, as you mentioned, Aushwitsz wasn’t a gas chamber], and get the majority of people believing them, then can anything be considered outside the realms of possibility?). In that case your fatigue is understandable. I won’t ask you to further refute and argue. You definitely got me to scrutinise my assertions, and I generally aspire to look at things from a few different angles. I wish I could arrive at the truth for once, but it always seems to be out of reach (are sources trustworthy or agenda-driven, etc?). Games would never have bothered me if they stuck to shinobi and street fighter for kids, and Leisuresuit Larry for adults, but nostalgia has been superseded many times over by now .

        4. dude, why all the trouble with hitting the fucking return button occasionally? BREAK IT UP INTO PARAGRAPHS ALREADY!
          I’ll read it when it doesn’t look look lorem ipsum

        5. hint, when I answer late at night I am usually pissed off, and abrasive. During the day I’m usually cool and conciliatory.
          Either way I always speak my mind, though, even if there sometimes isn’t any.
          Basically it’s the ‘can this be answered with known information’ theory. mind control rays are unproven, however, extremely effective propaganda, word weighting, and mass psychology indeed exists, and has been devastatingly effective for decades.
          Hell, even game is simply a methodology for manipulating psychology… you don’t need ‘love potion #8’ if you have tight game.
          But the most important question is, ‘Is someone making money from this?’ The games industry doesn’t NEED to include mind control in it’s games because it has one goal- separating parents, geeks, and aspies from their money. So farm this is something they are VERY good at, and getting better at it despite pushback.
          There’s an old rule of thumb you can use to look at EVERY weird situation, that is almost invariably correct… Who Got Paid and Why?
          Everything from the WTC disaster to the Obesity epidemic, Radfem crusades to woodstock. Our culture reached the point where no one does ANYTHING unless they expect to make a profit off of it.
          I strongly suggest you check out John Glubb’s ‘Fate of Empires’. I had to check out all of his sources myself, to make sure he wasn’t blowing smoke, but for the most part, it all rang very, very true, even after extensive research TRYING to prove it wrong.

        6. I agree with that “who got paid and why?” line of questioning, and am very interested in deciphering some of the mass psychology out there (so I appreciate that thoroughly vetted link you recommend). Of course, besides profiteering, I don’t rule out the possibility of forces acting out of pure malice. Moving away from games, I wonder why Kanye West’s and other music videos depict spirit possession, for example. It could be argued that Disney promoting sexual promiscuity serves a long-term consumerist goal, but it could be something darker too. I’m so mistrustful of these sort of messages that can be found in virtually anything from cartoons to films to music, that I just assume they’re also to be found in computer games. At this stage though, I’ve embraced the fatalist attitude of ‘it is what it is’, ‘e’ething is e’ething’, etc.

        7. Well, when I say ‘who got paid’ I am not neccessarily speaking of only the coin of the realm. There are a number of other ways to be paid as well.
          And one of the greatest legacies of the cycle of empire is that evil is, in the end, a sort of all-consuming greed. When a society turns evil, the ‘who got paid and why’? takes over.
          You can make an argument that ‘getting paid’ is a legacy of society from it’s inception, but it’s sort of a cycle of materialism, or ‘by your works shall you know them’

        8. Yes. It’s all very unprovable and might be paranoid superstition, but my gut suspects that somewhere, some sort of overlords, human or otherwise, are rubbing their hands in glee with each PIK from a debauched society.

        9. Conspiracy is a natural reaction to a screwed up situation, but in point of fact, it’s simply another way to assign blame. It’s easier (although less logical) to assume that there’s some enemy or group of enemies out there consciously deciding what new evil to spring upon us.
          It’s sort of like Rommel. Rommel was NOT a very good general. The Nazi’s fabled strategic genius never really existed (although on the battlefield, the SS proved to be brilliant individual leaders) as they usually just involved “Go there with an overwhelming number of tanks”. Even Patton admitted that strategically, the Germans were absolutely children.However, Churchill (who was a complete asshole) didn’t hesitate to lay all sorts of claims of german genius at Rommel’s feet… after all, who wants to almost get beaten and finally triumph over a moron? The German High command were almost entirely political animals, and while their political game was right on the money, their strategic force application was always obvious and terribly simplistic.
          But the reality is, that a whole bunch of people, many of whom have the best of motives, and all of whom are convinced that you can do GOOD while doing WELL, all simply drift in the same direction. No one thinks of themselves as evil, and even the most evil things they do can be justified “I have a responsibility to my family, my stockholders, my Race, My neighbors, my gender”. The rewards they get from being ‘holier than thou’ go a long way towards assauging any possible guilt they may feel, concealing from them their own ethical and moral failings. “Well, I know I am supposed to report the news, but look at those Nielsens! I am really making viewers happy!”
          So no, I don’t consider the media ‘left wing’, I consider them fiction writers. Very few feminists really hate men and women, they have a huge hole in their souls that they are trying to fill by being busybodies. Leftist politicians generally really think that they can do good for ‘the little man’ while simultaneously getting rich and powerful. Jewish Bankers think that Zion is worth a few trampled Goyim, since it is what’s best for EVERYONE… and they are all drifting leftward into hell born on the backs of their good intentions… It’s not a conspiracy, it’s a consensus.

      2. “but people were more sound-minded and of far better character than we are today”
        Nah, people have always been fucked up, maybe I’m cynical. You’ve always had theft, murder, mayhem, and so on, but I think that today people think its more prevalent because mass communication shoves it in our face all the time.
        I haven’t seen Game of Thrones, but from what I understand its basically Lord of the Rings with tits.
        As for monsters and horror, that kind of thing has been around in one form or another for thousands of years. The aliens and robots were on TV screens since at least the early 60s, probably earlier in the movies.

        1. You’re right – people have always been fucked up. But IMO, we’re being goaded along down a very degenerate path by the highly seductive mass communication you mention. That’s why I say they were of better character – their heads weren’t being filled with violence, lust, snark, etc 24/7. Whether or not violence is more prevalent or not, I’m ignorant in that regards. Murder, among the common citizens within society, and outside of wartime, has skyrocketed. But wars have probably decreased. It does seem to me though, that modern industrial artillery has given man the ability to kill like never before. Would you believe it, that there are documents of extra terrestrial sightings dating back 1000 years ago in China? Yup, since the 60s is about right, and it’s just got more progressively in our faces since then. I saw 2 episodes of GOT, one of which had extreme violence, and the other depicted the tits. It was probably a bad example, but I wanted to suggest that the orgies of violence and sex are mostly hollywood imaginations of the past. And hollywood is by no means entirely benign. I wish I could unsee LOTR coz it sullied my experience of the book.

      3. You’ve illustrated it yourself: monsters, aliens, robots, ray guns – they shouldn’t be infiltrating human life.
        Well damn. But at least we know that Grendel and dragons and trolls and such weren’t aliens and laser guns, so that was wholesome.
        There is nothing wrong with violence wielded by a virtuous man in the defense of self, family and community. There has never been a time when human beings were not violent, and we can easily observe this same trait in our evolutionary relatives. The question isn’t violence, but rather how to raise young men to know and idealize justly wielded violence.

        1. You wouldn’t need to go back too far to find the mainly horrifying (to children) stories collected by the brothers Grimm. That is before they were Disneyfied.

        2. Yep, good call. We’ve always steeped our children in violence via stories as a way to prepare them for the real world. It is only recently that this has stopped, mostly, and the results show the effects. Bunch of flabby skinny jean wearing pantywaist milquatoasts who will scream like a girl if you even pretend you’re going to hit them.
          I collect antique paper (books, photos, deeds, etc), and have a large collection of “no longer approved” books that my children grew up reading. If grandchildren come along, they too will get to read the brothers Grimm, Captain Hook and other stories that are no longer fashionable.

        3. I agree entirely that violence wielded with virtue is pretty much a cornerstone of human civilisations. I don’t swallow the doctrine of evolutionary relatives. Your average wall-building yeoman would have had extremely limited access to literature and plays going back a few hundred years, so folk tales were about as blockbuster as it got. And yes, he would have been taught some means of defence, such as swordplay, as a boy. As well as the consequences of killing. The comparison I’m making is to the effect that your average 7 year old has seen something like 500 murders depicted on screen. I personally can’t see any reason to defend or aspire to aliens, robots, ray guns and horror movies. Folk tales about monsters and dragons are par for the course in a normal human society, I agree, but the technological alien culture we’re in now, with screens beaming out violence and porn/lust is basically a mass experiment using human guinea pigs. As a purely observational exercise, keep an eye out for images of aliens/skulls/demons etc in TV adverts/shows /films, on billboards, etc- they’re ubiquitous. You’ll see them among the humans walking around with wires in their ears, or standing stock still fingering their flickering devices.

      4. I’ll have to disagree a bit with you on this one.
        If you went back hundreds of years, then you would have found plenty of younger boys already exposed to some sort of violence early on in life. Life was different “back when” – especially growing up on the frontier (or going west) in America.
        Young boys often had to be the man of the house while their fathers were away. They were expected to ward off danger – by any means necessary – and protect the ranch, farm , etc. This stretches back along many times throughout history (different places, different times).
        To say young boys being “exposed” to violence, today, is a joke. Real world violence has always been around…we’ve just been sheltering many for far too long.

        1. Heh, One Hog butchering… a hog you helped raise, named, helped give birth to in the middle of a december ‘lightning snow’, gave medicine to when it was sick…. is a thousand times more ‘violently traumatic’ than the worst gibbing special effects in the worst video games ever made.
          That was the guiding principle behind the founding father’s constitution and it’s original amendments… One farmer, who has raised and butchered his own stock, and is a decent shot, knowing the land he lives on, is far more dangerous than dozens of soldiers. And, when you can put down an animal you raised yourself to eat, that farmer is going to think NOTHING of putting down foreign soldiers who seek to deprive him and his family of their goods, their land, or their lives.

        2. Ok, I can’t argue there. That’s a very good point. What I’m trying to get at is the fixation and craving for violence on screens that saturates our society. In adults, it might satisfy a fantasy escape element, but in the case of impressionable youths, I intuitively don’t think it’s healthy. As you say, kids and most of society are sheltered from hardship and violence now, yet they’re accessing extremely graphic content in horrors, games, etc. The boys of 2-300 years ago never fantasised about sawing through flesh with power tools, for example. Warriors and soldiers did brutal warrior stuff, but Joe soap on the ranch was most likely a very innocent sort. I don’t think society would have thrived and held together the way it did, if everyone was going around mulling over the kind of screen violence that is commonplace now. I don’t think this society is holding together very well, as community ties are on the decrease, people are wary of each other and increasingly say “there are a lot of weirdos out there”. The knife if the go-to scuffle-settler nowadays, far more than it was a decade ago, people on meds who would’ve been in asylums 50 years ago are mingling amongst us. So I think it is fair to say “there are a lot of weirdos out there”. Forgive me for being nostalgic, but past societies left us with sayings like “all is well that ends well” – Shakespeare, while our own contribution seems to be reduced to soundbites like “it’s on like Donky Kong”, and “crackalakkin’!”. So I find the contrast to be stark. I don’t advocate white guilt, but I do think we shouldn’t get too enthralled with our post-industrial revolution achievements.

        3. Yep. Things have changed (and sometimes for the worst). We have such security today that it actually often shelters us from the realities of violence that does exist in many parts of the world (today and in the past). We often complain because things have become to easy…life has become to easy (just surviving day to day in the U.S. isn’t hard today compared to other countries or times, centuries ago).
          The complaining is the problem because life is easy. We’re picking apart things like “boys exposed to violence” when it used to be a way of life, really (my main point). Women with their nonstop complaining about stupid shit, today, didn’t exist “back when” because they relied on certain actions for their own survival.

    9. Yes, agree. If you were caught watching Care Bears you would have suffered a quick beating by your buddies.

    10. Nope, pussification started in the 1980s when all those closet queers like rock hudson, where being portrayed as the model of masculinity. Of course most people didn’t know they were gay back then except people who knew what a closet queer was which was very few people who wasn’t gay. It was basically a big joke the gays played on straights. Then you saw it in music like boy george and george michaels. Then you have a wad of gay writers on movies and books and so on. They influenced women to want more or less a gay man who prances and sings and dresses feminine. Hell look at those teen wolf guys, they all look like girls/dikes.
      The straight male writers like George Lucas write straight male narratives like starwars. But the problem is they are the MINORITY of writers. The when gaylord lou perlman got into music he put out nothing but gay after gay boy bond like n’sync, lfo, take 5, us5, o-town and the backstreet boys. By the 90s, gays had all but taken over pop culture and the conversion was complete.
      “straight women” under 20 don’t even want a straight guy anymore, they just want a fag.

    11. I’m 30 and I definitely do not remember everyone getting a ribbon at field day, every baseball team getting a trophy, or watching the fucking care bears. This is your typical ‘born in a certain decade you’re a piece of shit’ undertone that I’ve been reading too much of on here. Quite the broad brush. Like these guys weren’t little fuckers back in the 50’s 60’s and 70’s when they were ‘young boys’. I’m not saying I don’t despise entitled shits of my generation or that there aren’t participation awards, I just don’t think it is as bad as people like the OP make it out to be. Kinda just seems like a way of passing the buck. Entitled brats are in every generation. Watch a Barrett Jackson car auction, it’s fucking filled with baby boomer brats.

      1. I’m 35.
        I remember back in the 90s my little brother, who was in Little League, would get pissed when they occasionally stopped keeping score. It happened, but yeah definitely not to the extent that a lot of people think it did. It probably depended on where you grew up. If you were in a fairly conservative area, then that kind of thing probably didn’t go on.
        The older generation has been complaining about the newer ones for literally thousands of years. Samuel Noah Kramer, the great historian of ancient Sumeria, wrote a great book: http://www.amazon.com/History-Begins-Sumer-Thirty-Nine-Recorded/dp/0812212762/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1426897926&sr=1-3&keywords=samuel+noah+kramer. In it, he has a translation of a clay tablet from around 1800 b.c., which was actually a school essay. You know what the content of the essay was? A father complaining to his son about how he’s lazy, wastes his time with entertainment, and hangs around on the streets. Some things just never change!

    12. I know quite well that Voltron watched in the West was pussified. Several shots of violence removed and some characters who died in the original Japanese version didn’t die in the Made-for-USA version.

  20. No matter how much conditioning these people do, the red pill is never obliterated. It will exist in bits and pieces throughout a person’s life. Unfortunately, these bits and pieces are too small and infrequent that the effects go unnoticed by most men.
    I remember when I first took the red pill, it felt like my very soul was being twisted and meshed into a new form. Fortunately, I matured at very young age. Back when I was a twerp, I learned the hard way to accept the responsibility for my actions with my folks giving me a good shouting and a caning if need be. It took some time but I eventually began reflecting on my actions and realized that my troubles came from within. At the age of seven, my folks put me in a martial arts class when they noticed how soft and sensitive I was. There was sparing session each week and I became familiarized with how hard everyone’s punches and kicks were.
    Sadly, my folks turned soft and put my two younger brothers through the treatment as per the article above. Crying at the tamest insult, sore losers…good grief, I have no idea what happened but I’m thanking the fact that my parents put me through a red pill childhood whether they realized it or not.

    1. Almost no role whatsoever. Gay men are down around in the 2% range. With all the propaganda it will likely go up a bit but it’s still a disgusting, septic act that most guys will naturally stay away from.

  21. This could just as well be two articles, but whatever:
    My Pop was WW2/Depression era, so being born in 1957 was a blessing. All I know is, I went into the Navy in 75, came out in 81 and it was ON. MTV and all that, but also the nonsense of “no winners or losers” in many pursuits involving kids. I call it competition-cutting and it got me into a lot of arguments when my daughter was being raised up. Competition-cuts were a disaster for our children, except the girls were fine, it was the BOYS that were damaged. Pass/fail, no grading competition (except of course for who the elite colleges allowed in.
    Affirmative action in the public services like police and fire was in full swing by the early 1980s. As if that wasn’t bad enough, in the mid-70s they started feminizing the military starting with my very own Naval Aviation. Women couldn’t serve aboard carrier decks, but they filled the shore-based aviation maintenance ranks with women. The result? In an era where we have the physical infrastructure, planes and escort ships to put 10 carrier groups to sea at once (in effect, the ability to handle ISIS), we lack the personnel. So many women staff the squadrons, ships’ crews and those of the escorts and submarines they can’t put out to sea. Too many single mothers. Working hours are too demanding. Turns out, the lady-sailors CAN’T handle 12/12 and 18/6 work cycles. Worst part is, the tough guys that worked carrier decks are retired out or quit in frustration or through even more affirmative action the past 6 years that we might as well shred half our carriers because you’ll never have sufficient numbers of men manly enough to staff carrier decks and their escorts and planes. You’ll not have the experience base, or brain trust that passes down the lessons. You can’t do everything with drones. And by replacing the men with women/lesbians/homosexuals/transgenders the destruction of our ability to project power is pretty much destroyed.
    Here we are, with four carriers sitting pier side in Norfolk, Virginia and their associated squadrons in Virginia Beach and we can’t put together ONE carrier group to sail to the Mediterranean to hit ISIS in Syria and Western Iraq from the Med, instead relying on long-stretch flights out of Kuwait and the Persian Gulf. They behead Christian Coptics on the beach of Libya with the Mediterranean as their backdrop and we don’t have a Naval Air arm there to respond.
    Guys that were cops and firefighters could tell their stories, too. So yes, we pussified and damaged the boys, no doubt about it. Millions were aborted, millions more never born for birth control.
    But perhaps worst of all are the institutions of public safety and National defense that have been massively and irreparably damaged for the sole reason of excluding men and replacing them with women and gay men and transgenders. In the end? Women will be hurt worst of all. Just look at France, Britain and the rest. Islam is on the move. Ironic the softer groups in this country hate white men that fight Islamic Terror. The only ones that do well in the culture are, well, MEN. The folks being fought today and that are coming for us tomorrow aren’t too friendly toward women and homosexuals and the freaks of the transgender movements Be careful what you wish for ladies!

    1. “Millions were aborted, millions more never born for birth control.”
      I understand where you’re coming from, but a shortage of people is not one of our problems.

      1. Actually it kind of is. The people reproducing at a prodigious rate are NOT found in Western nations. We on the other hand are slowly self extinguishing.
        Overpopulation may be a problem, but it’s a third world problem.

        1. The rabbits are breeding like rabbits, because that’s what rabbits do.
          If the wolves and raptors cease behaving like predators they will get out of hand.
          There is no shortage of Western people, only a shortage of predators, of men.
          Western males will no longer put up the fight to defend their own interests that a rabbit will.

  22. Drinking MILK past weaning age could have something to do with the hormonal chemistry, the ‘pussification’. My first pua pursuits in clubs were BEER FUELED surprisingly, no milk moustache or stuffy meals either. THE ZONE for me was achieved when I threw out all the swill clogging my intakes, from media slop to junk diet to lame acquaintances and mangina family members.

  23. Is FFPS a thing yet (Fun-Fair-Positive-Soccer)? Parents are not allowed to cheer, there is no score, and everyone receives a trophy at the end. Teams are co-ed so no one feels like they are excluding anyone.
    And how about pantomime tennis? Can’t come soon enough.

      1. wtf?
        Everyday I am glad I was born when I was born. I wish I was born earlier, but at least I got a good two or three decades in before the world went completely nuts.

        1. Same here. And it’s not only a world gone ‘nuts’ but extremely dull at the same time. Pulling off insanity and dullness simultaneously, and both to such extreme measures, would not be easy to do.

  24. The ubiquity of internet porn has also contributed to the
    pussification of men.

    No, it hasn’t. It has risen the standard of how women should perform in bed.

    Doesn’t seeing thousands of vaginas make you more manly? Unfortunately, it has the opposite effect. Men are supposed to be out in the big world trying to find a woman.

    BUT THAT’S A GOOD THING. It’s good that men are not looking for pussy like crazy. THAT’S the pussification: Bending over for a woman just for sex.
    Porn is double good: It makes men less longing for pussy AND it sets anti-princess standards.

  25. Here we go with the Great Porn Boogie Man. A cause of pussification really? Only a pussy worries about shit that doesn’t matter.

  26. International womens day is basically the same thing as ” everybody wins day “. Also began as a communist holiday. #the-more-you-know

  27. Women are at the root of every problem we today experience as men. We need to work harder than ever to reclaim women and put them back underfoot where they can be retrained to be obedient housewives and submissive lovers.

  28. I remember a great cartoon in the 1960’s ran for only 1 year: it was the original classic Johnny Quest. It had great stories, and good masculine characters. Then a bunch of pissed of mother’s decided it was “too violent..” and took it off the air. You can still get episodes of the original series (1964-1965) on itunes or other places.
    As far as internet porn goes you have a point, but only to a certain extent. The majority of women in america are disgusting, tattoed, color haired gastropods with attitude. No fucking thanks! The best way to meet a sweet feminine woman today is by going to other not westernized cultures (though finding cultures not entirely decimated by the west is becoming trickier these days) but in the meantime, while stuck in wasteland usa, a man will need to take care of things. The occasional pounding-one-out is normal. What are you gonna do? Go to some bar and try to hook up with some fattie? Fuck that shit! Take care of libido yourself, snub and hormonal driven animale you see in america, then travel to other countries to meet decent females.

  29. Quick note: Everyone a winner, trophy for all, no competition, no scores, no parents allowed to cheer (ref : another poster below). Also, Jim Christian has rightly identified this as being detrimental to boys, whereas, being good for girls. So, when we hear about boys “falling back” or losing out to the girls etc, just remember that if girls are, apparently, doing better than its due to these fucked-up conditions where no one is suppose to win. The hypocrisy of it all is that after decimating anything remotely competitive feminists then go ahead and assume girls have won? What does that tell you?

  30. These ‘herbivore men’ you refer to may not be so foolish. I mean, I get that it’s weak. But you’d save yourself a lot of money, time, effort and frustration by beating off once a week and not bothering with dating.
    It’s basically the same rationalization we apply to not bothering with joining a company and trying to climb the corporate ladder. The bullshit is not worth the prize. You only think you want that outcome. Well, maybe we only think we want a long term partner? I know I’ve never been satisfied for too long with any long term partner I’ve had.

  31. Raising our sons to actually be men (not the men we know today) is the only way to keep masculinity alive. When a pack of male cats see the lion ruling his kingdom, they’ll be compelled to fall in line. It only takes one leader to change the mindset of many.

  32. The best book every man should read is “No More Mr. Nice Guy”. I think it is telling that more then a decade after it was published used copies still go for a decent price.

  33. Have an alternate theory to propose.
    Bishop et al., N Engl J Med 1997; 336:1557-1562 “Aluminum Neurotoxicity in Preterm Infants Receiving Intravenous-Feeding Solutions”, randomized placebo controlled, reported that every 40mcg of intravenous aluminum per kg injected into preterm infants was associated with an average drop of 1 point on the mental development test at 18 months, (and also a loss of bone density at 15 years of age http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19858156).
    The Hep B vaccine given at birth, 1 month, and 6 months contains 250 mcg and the Vax series 4000 mcg over the first six months. If we assume 2 micrograms of aluminum does the same damage injected in a 4 kg neonate as 1 mcg in a 2kg one, and model 1 development point as 1 IQ point, vaccine aluminum is projected to cause a loss of 15 IQ points.
    If you look at the FDA webpage entitled Study Reports Aluminum in Vaccines Poses Extremely Low Risk to Infants http://www.fda.gov/BiologicsBloodVaccines/ScienceResearch/ucm284520.htm the study they are referring to is Mitkus et al.
    Mitkus et al is a mathematical model, they made NO observations or measurements at all. And the model is based on experiments feeding aluminum to weaned animals. It is not informed about the toxicity of injected aluminum in neo-nates in any way. Why would they prefer that to the direct measurement of the toxicity found in Bishop et al?
    Moreover, every epidemiological paper I’m aware of that actually compares patients who got more aluminum in vaccines to those who got less, finds results showing less is better, and Bishop et al is further confirmed in an animal model. Administration of aluminum to neonatal mice in vaccine-relevant amounts is associated with adverse long term neurological outcomes C.A. Shaw, Y. Li , L. Tomljenovic, Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, V 128, November 2013, Pages 237–244 http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0162013413001773
    Bishop et al doesn’t break it down by gender, but it seems clear from Shaw and Tomljenovic and some of the epidemiology, that the aluminum effects the boys much more than the girls.

  34. A real man doesn’t put on a dress or compromises with the homosexual agenda. All of the big you tuber (Vitaly,Dashiexp,Edbassmaster, Romanatwood, etc)names are the biggest effeminate faggots I have ever seen. Every single one of them has either put on a dress, make-up and poses as a woman. They are talentless hacks who make millions for co-signing with homosexuals. Deuteronomy 22:5 “The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God.”

  35. Reading the comments…sounds like most guys spent too many hours watching tv. I remember playing outside until dawn, coming home with bruises. My parents would laugh. I remember having a knife at 13 and it was cool. I would be put under ritalin nowadays, worse they would jail me. Getting in fights was an experience. Not virtual fights on a console, but real life fights. That’s what we lost. We live through avatars, celebrities and public figures. It’s all fake. It’s the feminization of society that will bring us down, the constant stupidity we have to endure.

    1. A major driver has been technology like computers and smart phones. It makes people more isolated and atomized. More passive and less physical. Much interaction is now done by “keyboard warriors” behind their screens in a comfy environment.
      In former times, insults and outright aggression would have had repercussions. Now everyone is free to talk shit about anyone hiding behind a fake profile.
      Technology is the main culprit. The biggest problem is that people have been conditioned to think of all technological development as “Progress”. Perhaps with the possible exception of military technology, which has more ambigious effects.
      Internet and smartphones are considered to be essentially good inventions. The truth is however that the effects are alot more mixed. And at the moment we are witnessing the very negative effects of social Technologies, and its devestating effect on the culture. Social Technologies are starting to have similar psychological effects as harmful drugs. They are addictive, time wasting, socially atomizing, depression and laziness inducing, and they enhance narcissism.
      So until people in general start to become far more critical towards these social technologies, things will not change for the better.

      1. Agreed. They target kids, which by definition are gullible and lack perspective on things. Without a PS3 or a smartphone they’re bored, which is very sad. They lack the curiosity for nature, culture, but also the simple act of hanging with another person, discussing. They do learn instruments or painting to please the parents but crave social medias in secret.

        1. Yes the kids nowadays start to crave isolation with their favorite social technology. The label “social technology” is actually highly misleading, as its effect is actually to reinforce anti-social behaviour.
          In addition short attention span is one of the negative side effects. No wonder superficial knowledge is on the rise. Learning to play an instrument requires discipline and dedication, virtues that are sorely lacking in the youngest generation.

    2. The problen with fights is that in public schools you can get a ticket of get arrested for a fight now. Its ridiculous.

  36. Just a few of the many problems for boys these days. Most of them don’t play sports – or play soccer with the girls. They don’t spend time outside, don’t do yard work, don’t roughhouse, fight, hunt, or any of those things.
    They get treated like girls and are expected to act like girls in school.

    1. “The play soccer with the girls”, is a distinct american phenomena. In Europe soccer (or football, which is the proper name), is primarily a manly and physical sport.
      The US is responsible for sissifying the sport, turning it into a girls or unisex sport.

        1. Yes. I will lump in latin America with Europe. The only places where there are any quality pro teams. The US soccer culture has improved slightly over the years, but it is still far to feminized compared to SA and Europe.

        2. That’s because by and large most Americans could give two shits about soccer. Not a statement about the validity of the game so much as how it’s received here. It simply doesn’t attract much interest except for when kids are in 3rd grade and play the “mom mandatory” year or two.

        3. Yes thats probably true. But for the rest of the world its quite strange to witness the fact that soccer has been marketed as a girl sport. Especially when you consider how tough and competitive the sport has become in Europe and Latin America.

      1. American football is he sport for boys. In fact the best athletes in american schools play football and basketball. That is where the college money is due to title 9 limiting scholarships. Americans see soccer as a left over sport for boys not good enough for football. It is just not taken seriously here. It is seen as a sissy port to start with.

    2. yeah, and the new breed of millenials don’t understand “sometimes you just have to do it.”
      I am 44, and I went to help someone move… a friend of mine who’s 26 ‘pulled his hand’ and just couldn’t do it anymore (apparently however he pulled his hand wasn’t visible, and he hadn’t even picked up anything heavy yet). I finished moving furniture with a sprained back and a gash in my leg that looked, and leaked, like I’d been mauled by a bear.
      The thing was, The person that was moving HAD to move that day. That means, we HAD to get him out of that house that day.
      Some things you just have to do. It doesn’t matter if it ‘hurts’. Millenial boys, for the most part, simply cannot understand that… just because you get a headache doesn’t mean you bail in the fourth. Just because your cat died doesn’t mean you get to skip work for a week to mourn. Just because you are thirsty doesn’t mean you get to take a coke break when you are inspecting a line… Some things you simply do until you are DONE.

      1. Right. It’s about getting it done.
        I won’t blame the whole generation because I’ve seen some examples of that generation who do “get things done”.
        I see the problem (on a large scale) as a lack of hardship (at times). For a long time, things have been to comfortable for many…too easy (or many have been too sheltered). This makes for weaker guys and a weaker society in general.
        Going through a period of hard times and coming out on the other end makes one stronger.

        1. Well, when I can outlift, outwork, and out-endure guys half my age, I have a tough time seeing any ‘exceptions’. I am sure they exist, but they sure don’t seem to be anywhere in suburbia.
          It’s not just that they were pampered, That’s always the ‘old man gripe’. It’s that… well… they literally seem to be incapable, listlessly masturbating their way through life, entirely uneducated, the only skills they have seem to involve using their thumbs rapidly.
          On the plus side, they are such jackoffs that I am still fucking the girls they should be fucking.

        2. I say exceptions to the rule (my son) because he’s been taught “the right way” on how to get shit done.
          There are always exceptions as long as there is a passing of the torch (so to say) from father to son. I’ve taught my son how to get things done…and I’ve taught by example.
          Hopefully more will follow this advice with their sons.

  37. I am ex-military, trained by the airborne. I don’t fancy myself as being some sort of bad ass but I am shocked at the proliferation of pseudo-intellectual man-children out there. To be clear, I also have 7 years of university, so I am something of a renaissance man as well. Here is a quick tale:
    When I was 3 or 4 years old some kid pushed me down and took my toy. I went crying to my mother and guess what she said? “Push him down and take your toy back!”

    1. Boot camp has turned into pussy training.
      Not only are they not allowed to beat you any more, now they can’t even cycle you.
      What kind of beast of a military have we created where a Drill instructor is terrified of laying hands on a recruit? Or exercising him till he pukes?

      1. It was getting that way back in the 90s. We were not allowed to use harsh language. Once they let women into combat arms it all went to pot.

        1. Yeah, for Great Mistakes it The very next RCT group after mine was experimenting with ‘no cycle training’. It was a real eye opener to see the differences between those trained in my company when we got to duty, and the VERY next company that arrived two weeks later. Not to mention that my company commander was a believer in ‘old school’ discipline past week 4 (Yes, I got punched and kicked more than once… but by the end of training we would take our licks and be glad for them instead of NJP)
          We threw ourselves into duty, and it took months to get the shiny off…. The very next company was full of arrogant wimps that never had a shiny to begin with, and half of them were sent to the mast within a month… not one had learned that the faster (and lower level) you get punished, the less it ruins your life… a hundred punches is better than a mast, and a hundred masts are better than a CM.
          The Navy really failed those poor bastards by not abusing them the way they needed to be abused.

        2. Great lakes became San Diego overnight.
          It was one thing when they at least kept the lesbian wastelanders in their own camp, but when they closed all the RTCs except Great Lakes, Overnight they were singing campfire girls songs while they marched and crying when someone said a harsh word.
          Hell, I was in the last trusty shellback group. the beat downs became love-ins overnight. No more hot sauce down your ass crack sounds like it may be a good thing, but it cost the fraternity their… fraternity.
          You don’t teach military men to be pussies… Today’s military? I want to hate them and wish them ill luck, but it’s really not their fault.
          Frankly, at this point I just wish those isis fuckers would waste the chain of command. The political cocksuckers in charge today deserve to die.

        3. Seriously? You couldn’t curse?
          Fuck man, I recall my first day of Basic, after we’d gotten off the bus and did our five bajillion pushups (to show us that they owned us more than anything). Later as we were unpacking a DI came in and had us all stop and gather round. He went into this long string of cursing that was nearly art. He then asked “Who here is offended by cursing”. Like one or two soldiers raised their hands and he came back with a “Well too fucking bad for you, you useless pieces of shit. This is the Army! This is life. Life ain’t fucking here to serve you, you stupid sonsofabitch! Get over it because it ain’t gonna fucking stop!” or something real close to that. This was 1985.

        4. ’85 was when I joined. By the time I was sergeant in ’94 I would have been written up for calling them grabastic pieces of amphibian shit.

        5. I live in San Diego, and people here are lazy, dumb, and narcissistic. I’d bet those recruits joined up to be in/stay in San Diego, and not to be in the Army.
          Lolz they should really close some of the bases here. They don’t call it Man Diego for no reason..

        6. I was just there for a layover yesterday and I can’t help but notice that the place has some sort of gay vibe to it.
          It was uneasy really.
          And what the fuck is it with woman and their dogs? Just walking down the street downtown I saw multiple attractive women walking around in their yoga pants, leashed dogs in tow with no rings on their finger. Are the women so empowered there that they prefer dogs to men?

        7. We called it Sand Dogger.
          I lived in Chula Vista and IB for a while when I was in, Does the Baja Rockin Lobster still exist? Or the Fish Market? The food is the only thing I miss about Sandog. But I REALLY miss it
          (The problem with living at high altitude is that it mutes or submerges flavors… so no one bothers to learn to cook anything with flavor because it’s a wasted effort. As an example, the tastiest restaurant in Salt Lake is Subway.)

  38. On the topic of “Pussy Cartoons”, I remember a couple years ago I was flipping through the channels, and came across some ‘new’ Looney-Tunes show.
    Anyway, long story short, they went from blowing each other up with dynamite and Yosemite Sam shooting people in the face back in the day, to(I swear I’m not making this up) him and Bugs Bunny discussing the woes of a foreclosure on his house, and talking through their problems accordingly.
    It was depressing.

    1. Old school cartoons are awesome. Can still see them on YouTube. Check out the old Wile E coyote toons…classic. Falling off cliffs, getting blown up by “TNT”.
      Foghorn Leghorn was always calling people “boy”….
      Was a toon called EL Kabong where the horse ( i think ) would bash you over the head with a guitar.

  39. “Have kids and give them actual guidance”
    Having kids in this destructive american system is a joke.

    1. Not at all. It has NEVER been a good time to have children. 1950’s? Are you kidding, with the USSR pointing missiles at us and us having to do duck and cover drills in case we’re nuked?!?
      1940’s – Are you kidding, there’s a world war on!
      1930’s – Are you kidding, there’s a Depression on!
      1920’s – Are you kidding, sure we have wealth but look at all these strung out vets protesting and being shot! And all the chaos in Europe!
      1910′ – Are you kidding, there’s a world war on!
      1900’s – Are you kidding, with all of these violent anarchists blowing shit up everywhere!
      Everything after the ’50’s probably doesn’t need to be pointed out, heh.

  40. I would say Internet porn is more of an effect of male pussification than a cause. As it stands now, the toxic influence of feminism is rampant in family courts and in legislation. Feminism devolved marriage into a joke where the man is the punchline so more and more men are turning away from marriage. Instead of genuflecting on the situation and realizing that feminist influence needs to be eliminated, lawmakers pass bullshit legislation that does things like making paternity tests illegal and enforcing “common law marriage”. It’s getting to the point now where alimony payments to girlfriends is on the debate table in some places.
    Given that the cards are basically being stacked against men at an ever increasing rate, is it really such a huge surprise that such a thing as a “herbivore” exists? It’s nothing more than an effect that the disease of feminism has on society. While I don’t agree that spending your days beating off to virtual sluts is a good solution, I think it a miscalculation to say Internet porn is the cause of male pussification.

  41. Maybe I’m looking at my childhood through blue colored glasses, but I don’t recall G.I. Joe and Transformers as pussy cartoons. What little boy in the 1980s didn’t want to be Zartan?

  42. I love the Care Bears! I can’t believe you called it a pussy cartoon! I gotta admit that was funny though.

  43. “If the U.S. just talks to Iran and cares a lot, we’ll have a peaceful agreement.”
    The pussification of believing government propaganda and becoming an armchair warrior against non-threats.

    1. Video games in general give boys and too many “men” a false sense of achievement. You play over and over until up can beat the mission on hardest difficulty and you trick your brain into thinking that’s it’s learning a valuable skill but Jen the console gets turned off and you realize you don’t know jack!

      1. I wasn’t referring that aspect of it. I was referring is that games likedplinter cell is more of a tactical strategy game. It make you think critically..

        1. ok I’ll give you that. but I still think there are much better ways to build those critical thinking skills.

  44. agree with article. except for internet porn. no mention that it contributes to some cases of erectile dysfunction. it’s a common side effect.

  45. Awww cmon redpillfolk….can’t you succumb to the CareBearStare?
    Unfortunately its not just in Elementary Schools anymore. Everyone wins up to when they graduate college in some sort of POC womyn studies with a minor in Elizabethan Poetry.

  46. I agree. “We are all winners” awards are stupid. But I know why it happens. Teachers hate to pick a winner.
    It’s not just the porn industry that caused the problem among Japanese men. It’s how super-coddled sons are by their mothers. There are famous stories — some I’ve witnessed with my own eyes — of how intensely Japanese mothers will infantilize their sons.
    They force the daughter to learn cooking, cleaning, ect. The result is that the daughters grow up able to take care of themselves. While the boys grow up terrified of not having mom around to do the laundry.
    They can’t cook, think, or wipe their own butts without mom around.
    They often only marry to find a new “mom”. And still those mom’s will spoil their grown sons well into adult years. Their are Japanese TV shows that discuss the problem of these “man-babies”. In some cases it’s so severe that these women still sing baby songs to their sons to help them sleep at night. They still help them brush their teeth.
    These man-babies cling like a barnacle to these mothers who never fostered indepedence in them. They also end up super-depressed as they’re too afraid to leave mom, but sad to stay.
    Boys are also allowed to win over girls in Japan. And by win, I mean just given “victory”. The girls are taught to let the boys win. The teachers encourage this by undermining girls who compete equally against the boys.
    The result is the boys never learn to win by their own skills. I’ve seen so many games of just racing or musical chairs where the victor was the girl. But the boys surrounded the girl and forced her to quit and the teachers pressured the girl to do so as well, because “boys should be the winners”.
    This actually worsens things because it makes these man-babies expect that girls will weaken themselves so that the man-babies can pretend they are “winners”.
    I don’t mind boys being dominate in sports. I don’t like Western society trying to give “pretend” victories to women when the men are clearly doing better. But I hate the opposite that happens here in Japan where the boys are given the “pretend” victories.
    It’s unhealthy.

    1. Yeah I did that a lot when I first started reading ROK prepare for the flamewars my friend. Or keep reading this stuff here and before you know it you will hardly care about social media cuz you are too busy being a real man!

      1. I had a long time without reading ROK, once I got back to reading
        several articles per day I got hooked (Didn’t miss one since then). I am
        from the Dominican Republic and most of my friends are sons of
        millionaires, once I moved alone to Montreal I had no other choice but
        to take this red path, lonely road since almost 95% of the people I knew
        & know are pussified as hell, but worth every second.
        Great article by the way, thanks.

  47. One of the biggest reasons why men got soft is because there is no emphasis on being good with your hands anymore. Back in the 50s and 60s, the man of the house could fix anything. There was a good chance he could build his own house as well.
    Now look at the pathetic sack of shit your average American male is today… a borderline queer who can’t even change a tire.

  48. God. The point on internet porn hit it out of the park. Japan served as an awesome reference. How kids in middle school do you see with some type of phone with internet acess? And how many of them are watching porn? All 100%. Goes hand in hand with being a present father. Let your son know how real men do it.

  49. mtv is quiet red pill. Jersey shore is a bunch of guys going out and picking up girls, and not being picky about the girls either. This is what players do. Players aren’t picky about pussy, that is how they are able to get so much of it.
    The most filthy raw hardcore Internet porn is a tame new born kitten compared to the hardcore obstinate intransigent harlequin “romance” novels that most women read. Most men do not believe pornography. They enjoy it as a fantasy. But how many men who watch porn (basically all with a computer or cell phone) actually expect their girlfriends to drink their piss mixed with cerel from a dog bowl, lick their asshole, or put their foot on their girlfriends head and engage in rough porno type sex. Sorry most don’t 99% don’t and most women would refuse anyman who asked that of them.
    Most men have to beg their wives or girlfriends for anal sex. Women on the otherhand, have a grossly unrealistic fantasy explanation, they expect the man to do the pornography they read about in their harlquin romance pornographic novels. They reject men who don’t “instantly sweep them off their feet” because that is what they read about in some dumb book. Romance novels had turned my generation of women into cunts. Frankly I am slowly getting sick of them like everyone else who has gamed long enough after the initial thrill of winnning women wears off. Is beating off and keeping your dignity and not acting like a clown better than bowing to women’s horsehsit standards? Well, how many women are lining up to lick your asshole, and let you piss on their face while they eat out of a dog bowl. If it is more than 5-6 please do share. Internet dating is the most harmful thing on the planet, I am not going on the internet to compete with 900 men to land a fat 28 year old has been.

  50. “Men are supposed to be out in the big world trying to find a woman. Internet porn tricks our minds and bodies into thinking that we are already wildly successful in the sex department. It saps the vital energy that should be used to track down a real woman.”
    “Don’t let your life revolve around women.”
    Are you being intentionally hypocritical here or are you really stupid enough to warrant chemical castration?

    1. Neither. A man can have a woman but not have his life centered on her. Think of Donald Trump. His mission in life is business, but that hasn’t stopped him from having a bevy of attractive wives.

  51. “Unfortunately, it has the opposite effect. Men are supposed to be out in the big world trying to find a woman. ”
    NOPE. The graveyards ,child support warrants and bankruptcy dockets are littered with the names of men who blindly followed THAT plan.
    Live your life on your own terms. The women will come on their own-better for a man to go home sexually frustrated then fucked for life over poon.

  52. I rode bikes and we’d have competitions to see who could jump the the farthest. Shot BB/Pellet guns at new homes windows, killed birds, built forts in the woods. We threw pine cones at each other defending them. Stole lumber to build tree houses. Ripping through the woods on my second hand mini bike. Fought, won, lost. Played pickup baseball and football with the neighborhood kids. Never wore a helmet or a seat belt. We rode big wheels down treacherous hills to slide and drift. Used skateboards as a luge down those same hills. My middle name was “Road Rash.” We keep doing it. We’d go to a gravel quarry to climb, run and jump off of huge mounds of gravel only to land and plunge waist deep into them. Every day was an adventure. We perfected our craft; being kids. Nothing stood in our way. We were encouraged and scolded when needed. If I did something fucked up and a friends dad scolded me it was quite acceptable. None of the “Don’t touch my snowflake” shit.
    I grew up in the 70’s. I wasn’t fucking allowed inside other than to sleep and eat. I recall some kid saying “Wanna play pong?” It was, to me, a completely boring waste of time. I think I played it twice.
    Kids have lost the ability to play hard and learn to assess risks and experience life.
    I think it is coming to the point were kids will need a fucking license, training course and safety gear to go outside. Sheltered and broken lives wanting the state to parent kids who spend all day on cell phones playing dress up expecting everything for free. A job, education.
    It is hard to overcome the media. Peer pressure is compounded with marketing and entertainment. They have stripped the childhood from the past several generations for bullshit “online” education and the idea that iPads are going to educate kids rather than teachers, parents and plain ole experience. Nowadays other parents can be offended you aren’t raising your kid to their fucked up standards. “It’s 7pm shouldn’t their child be inside watching TV or playing video games. I’m a little concerned.” Parent like that are preparing their kids for destructive, unfulfilled lives.

  53. In the 70s, children would ride in cars with no seat belts or air bags.
    You drank water from the garden hosepipe and NOT from a bottle. You
    shared one soft drink with four friends, from one bottle and NO ONE
    actually died from this. You ate cakes, white bread and real butter and
    drank pop with sugar in it, but you weren’t overweight because…… YOU
    WERE ALWAYS OUTSIDE PLAYING!! You would leave home in the morning and
    play all day, as long as you were back when the streetlights came on.
    Oh yeah… and you also watched TV shows presented by paedophiles, or went on them and got molested.

  54. In a recent trip to Japan(my first) I was surprised at the amount of porn available BUT the Japanese (including the government) don’t put the rise of “herbivore” men down to Porn BUT anima – cartoons. The other thing that sort of surprised me was the amount of young women actually turning to porn NOT watching but performing in videos because of the high number of girls wanting to perform the actual rate that these girls get per scene has dropped substantially – I suppose these young women aren’t getting their sexual needs met they turn to other methods.

  55. thank god kids in my country play sports in private teams, that are usually free btw…the big teams look for the good ones when they’re 10 already so there’s lot of competition.

  56. I disagree with the porn. It actually give me more independence of woman. When they know you need sex they control/use you like a puppet. With porn they cannot do that on me.

  57. i think the whole idea of “i need to pursue a relationship with a woman” as a means of non-pussifying actions is counter intuitive. i know dudes who do nothing but chase box and they are lesser men for it. the traditionalists view of what men should do sexually is something we should leave as a personal preference because i dont care if another man isnt trying to fuck hoes..its his life and it isnt stopping my grind or my success..

  58. Guys answer my question here, does being a christian (Christianity of today) makes you beta in the aspects of dating and bieng masculine? Yes or no, how and why?

  59. I didn’t like this one. It goes against my MGTOW beliefs. Go find a woman and have kids? Fuck no!.

  60. Just one note: while yes, Care Bears is fairly sweet and such…
    Watership Down.
    Fucking Watership Down.
    .. that is all.
    … though Flight of Dragons also shaped the heck out of MY mindscape. Using science to defeat evil after magic gets the crap kicked out of it. And none of this fluffy Disney garbage with the no blood or death. Cartoons were so much better when I was a kid.
    The rest, I agree. Though why, why would you use a picture of that emo whiny bitch Anakin. Ugh. So much hate for the prequels and their cranky take on him.

  61. Trying to combine a respect for ourselves as men with reactionary idiot Right Wing politics is a real losers’ idea.

  62. Yes, the T Ballization of America. I tell my students all the time not everyone is a winner. If everyone around you looks like a winner, it might be you.

  63. The degradation really started in the mid-to-late 80’s. It seems to have coincided with the end of the Cold War. I’m assuming that the West figured since there was no more red menace to worry about that everyone could start loving each other and play patty cake. This is a complete fallacy and the same pattern happened at the end of World World I that led to the rise of Nazi Germany. How does this relate? Well, when you are no longer worried about the big, bad, commies than there is not inherent need to teach your children about the big bad wolf! Unfortunately, we are going on two generations of a feminist centric, PC ideosphere. John Wayne is long dead and Clint is not far from the grave. Even Clooney caved and now is a married mangina.

  64. All of Hollywood should be on here as well as MTV. For Hollywood, in my opinion, is one of the largest factors of the pussification of men nowadays, Where are the new comers that emulate John Wayne, or Clint Eastwood, or Sylvester Stallone, or Arnold. Sure a few of them are still around & making movies that exude manliness (The Expendables are some of the best action movies in a long time in my opinion) but they are only now a niche market that typically go straight to DVD & spend no time on the big screen. Gone are the days of an actual manly character who sticks to a code of ethics unshakable. Modern Hollywood has killed off John Wayne & have introduced us to lazy men, who spend all day chasing tail & smoking weed (James Franco, Seth Rogan, Jonas Hill) When I was a kid, I wanted to be John Wayne, Zorro, The Lone Ranger, Superman, now with these movie stars showing young men to just smoke weed in your parents basement (That 70s Show) what did we expect. Not to mention how fathers are represented in Hollywood (Homer Simpson, Peter Griffith, Al Bundy) they are made out to be complete idiots & make it acceptable to mock Patriarchy. I agree with the rest of the list, but I think MTV is just a drop in the bucket compared to all of Hollywood & the shit they spew out today.

  65. In the days of my youth, I was told what it means to be a man,
    Now I’ve reached that age, I’ve tried to do all those things the best I can.

  66. Everybody’s definition of pussification is completely different than mine. It has nothing to do with alpha male has no nothing to do as far as I know with him you were raised by single parent who was the mother. Has nothing to do with you if you would cry while watching a movie. It’s a little guy with no confidence or social behavior where he can just meet women with his personality, but completely kissing her ass. The only way you can get laid is letting the little girl have whatever she wants in objecting and anybody that stands up for what’s right and what’s wrong about her behavior.

  67. Thank you for having the balls to write and post this.Unlike you, I feel like its too late but I hope Im wrong!

  68. Brilliant post. I just stumbled across this site after watching an old (1950s) “Father Knows Best” show while eating lunch yesterday.
    In the episode, a hoodlum in a leather jacket wants to fight Bud Anderson beneath the bleachers at their high school. When the mother and older sister see the young tough they want to immediately tell the school principal, complain to the kid’s parents, etc.
    When Jim, the father, sees the kid and figures out that his son is dodging a fight, he immediately tells him to go with the other kid to the YMCA, put on some gloves and duke it out there. The women are aghast.
    My wife and I looked at each other with bemusement. “They could NEVER show a show with this kid of advice today,” we agreed.
    It’s a metaphor for where our society is now–pussified.

  69. So true. I couldn’t said it any better myself. Just like this chick I’m dating now; she’s left her 18-year-old son on the tits so long that he only comes out of his room and drops his video game controller long enough for her to make him something to eat. Then it’s back upstairs to make-believe land.

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