Once A Woman’s Body Is Ruined, There’s No Getting It Back

When a muffin-topped, beer-bellied, small-assed, late twenties English woman says she’s going to “get in shape,” my heart sinks. When a pencil-armed, pot-bellied thirty-five-year-old man says similar, well, I’m skeptical, but I know this for sure: he may possibly succeed but she never will.

Here is the shocking truth: the women I’ve met with the best bodies have never stepped foot in a gym, nor gone on a diet in their lives. The men with the best bodies have spreadsheets to track their diets and work like Spartans in the weights room.

Men and women’s bodies are as different as their minds.

Women are piglets


Say you wish to produce a prize pig. What you cannot do is take a fully grown sub-standard adult pig and then make changes to its diet and lifestyle, increase its feed quality, let it run about outside more, etc, then expect it to win the next year’s Cumberland Swine Festival gold medal.

No, what you must do is start your work with a piglet. You must feed it very high quality food, being careful to give it plenty of good fats and vitamins and ensure it does not under nor over eat. You must keep it free of toxins and pollutants and let it run around a lot in the fresh air. With careful rearing over the years the piglet’s body forms correctly: the balance of fat to muscle resulting in a supreme, prize-winning specimen.

Women are effectively the same. You cannot feed a woman crap and let the years pass then suddenly reverse this process: the damage is already done. The quality and disposition of the fat on her body has already been determined. No diet in the world will move fat from a belly into a buttock, or from a muffin-top into a breast.

Fat levels and fat disposition (location) is set during the rearing phase of her life. Gaining a low body fat does not necessarily result in a good figure. Check out these pictures. I know which ones I prefer:


Kelly Brook: fat but still do-able.


Female bodybuilder: gross.


Most definitely fat: most definitely hot.

As we all know, a good female body is an exercise in subtlety. Thin here, curvy there, firm and powerful there, soft and smooth there.

Luckily for us mother nature has made it remarkably easy for the majority (say two thirds) of women to crack this puzzle and have a body which grown men would climb mountains just to penetrate. They just have to be raised right, like a piglet, and not fuck it up.

We have seen the proof


Curious players traveling in Eastern Europe, Russia, and Asia bear witness to this on a daily basis. The streets are thronged with beauties. I’ve met few of these girls that actually go to the gym or “diet” in any specific way, but they have physiques that modern English women can only weep at. Why? Because Piglet Theory has been applied to them correctly.

They have been raised with good, wholesome food, not under or over-fed and not been allowed to indulge in silly diets. Importantly, they’ve been brought up to take care of themselves, have self respect as a woman and not engage in the squalor of their urges – meaning the regular fetishising of junk food and alcohol and the gluttonous pig-outs that their Anglo sisters debase their femininity and genetic gift from nature with on a weekly basis.

Additionally, a high amount of low intensity activity features in these girl’s lives. They like to walk everywhere, understanding that it “helps their figures” and you’ll find a lot of them did some form of dance in their formative years. Most importantly, virtually all of them barely drink and consume probably less than 10% of the alcohol their debauched Western sisters do.

On the other hand, let us consider Anglo piglets: by and large badly reared. Drive around an average British town and take a look at the girls under sixteen. Quite a lot of slim, pretty ones aren’t there? Now repeat this exercise for twenty year olds. WHERE DID THEY ALL GO?

The sad truth is that most British people shovel poor quality slop into their mouths from the day they develop the motor-control neccessary to do so. When parental control is diminished at age sixteen this process escalates quickly. Girls start guzzling booze and eating junk food and within a few years their precious, fragile gift from nature is ruined. Add three years of college onto this: living off cheap, poor quality food and regular tri-weekly binge drinking and their free gift from nature is gone forever.

Men Are Pit Ponies

Post-workout nutrition.

Post-workout nutrition.

Men have it slightly easier. Assuming a guy has reasonable proportions then what gives him a good body is very simple: having less body fat and more muscle. A man does not have to concern himself with where on his body the fat is located, he just needs to remove it. He doesn’t have to concern himself with looking “too buff” or “too skinny,” he just needs to get jacked and ripped.

Men are just like pit ponies. You can take the laziest, most overfed pony and stick it down a mine pulling carts on a daily basis. In a few months it’ll be ripped and jacked: all it needs is hard toil and a strict diet.

Alcohol, whilst certainly bad for men, doesn’t have the devastating effect on them that it does for women. Similarly, with their higher metabolic rates and far higher activity levels (don’t believe the surveys) men deal with caloric excess better than women.

Young Anglo women are living the lie that they are not only mentally male, but physically as well, and nobody seems to be telling them that their bodies simply cannot process this level of abuse. Men’s bodies are Toyota pickups: women’s are Ferraris.

The Arms Race

It’s not all great for men. Answer me this: many men do you think that without dieting or exercising in any intense fashion could grace the cover of Men’s Health? The answer is probably far, far lower than 1%. Why? Because men are now caught in a figurative and literal arms race in terms of physique.

Taking steroids makes a man more ripped and jacked, and thus in a few short years unless you’re taking gear you simply do not have the look that these publications require. Go to an average bar in an average city in the UK. The average guy now dedicatedly lifts weights three times a week and monitors his diet closely.

Regular walking, salsa, fresh air and home-cooked food. Easy.

Regular walking, salsa, fresh air and home-cooked food. Easy.

As feminism causes women’s SMV to plummet en-masse and men must resign themselves to dating down, women can buy a lot more in the marketplace for their money. Men, trapped into vicious competition for the ever-dwindling supply of women who are not fatter and more bossy than their mothers were (post childbirth) now look for any edge over each other. Pecs have to be pumped, hair has to be perfect.

It’s also to do with the feminization of men. Classic, society-building male attributes, such as intelligence, wisdom, and character are now valued less by society and men are valued more and more solely on their physicality.

In ten years the average twenty-year old male will take steroids.

And for women?

There is no chemical arms race for women. Steroids and drugs do not make a woman’s body more feminine.

The truth that will have most bloated UK fem-whales screaming in denial is that in countries that understand Piglet Theory, the average girl could, with a little bit of makeup and fake tan, grace the cover of a fitness magazine.

In Russia and Prague the average girl has a flat stomach, no love-handles, a round backside and slender, toned limbs. Oh… and no tattoos. Incidentally, I like to consider tattoos equivalent to swine-markings: identifying the lower quality porkers destined for the pet food factory.




Men and women’s bodies have a direct parallel to male and female SMV: they are an illustration of inherent versus earned value. Women have evolved to have inherent value: they have a belly-full of ripe eggs and in their twenties men relentlessly compete to fertilize them. A twenty-something girl knows attention and dating options equivalent to a male rock star.

All a woman has to do to be successful is not fuck it up, don’t waste too much time and ensure that well before her best-before date of thirty she’s picked a man. Their bodies are the same: they are born with the raw material, most of them, to be wildly attractive to men: they just have to not fuck it up and if they do, there’s nothing that can be done to salvage the situation.

And for men? Relentless competition with other men, but mitigated by the fact that their value for the most part can be built and worked for, rather than given by mother nature as a fixed sum. For now, the best thing a man can do is to go somewhere where piglets are reared well.

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247 thoughts on “Once A Woman’s Body Is Ruined, There’s No Getting It Back”

  1. I, most respectfully, disagree. When I started pushing myself to get back in shape, there was an older woman at the gym I was at. She was almost 60. She had had a couple of kids but had pretty consistently exercised her entire life. Her face was old, but she had a really, really nice body.
    I date women all the time that spend some time at the gym or running. I’m not into an overly muscled woman but they can remain healthy and fit.
    Some of us, a very few of both sexes, have a natural ability to have a well toned body. The rest of us have to work hard for it.

  2. Yeah im guna go ahead and call bullshit on this. Thats not how human physiology works. Its completely and entirely possible for a fat bitch to slim down and get fuckable. The problem is that you rarely ever see it happen because women as a whole have no self discipline, fortitude, perseverance, or anything else that it takes to go from a couch dwelling lard ass to someone who actually puts in the effort to change themselves. Fuck even if they did theres currently little motivation to do it anyway because as everyone here is well aware of there are thousands of thirsty ass betas out there willing to fuck and wife up fatties. Speaking of which when the fuck are we doing fat shaming week again??? We need to bring that back

    1. Fat shame every chance I get.
      The trick is to do it by “thin complimenting”. See a pretty thin girl, preferably without ink, ensure that you compliment her on her good figure and lack of ink in *front* of fat/inked chicks. Not as a pickup thing, nothing they’d call ‘creepy’, just a general compliment.
      Women are herd animals Use this accordingly.

      1. Except that won’t work because complimenting attractive women is now “harassment” unless you’re tall, dark, handsome, jacked, and rich with a 15 inch dick. All it does is inflate their ego and inflate the price of pussy even more anyway. Plus its more fun to make fun of lard ass land whale obeasts than it is to send a compliment towards a hotty who will probably interpret it the wrong way anyway.

        1. I’m tall, dark, handsome and jacked and ride an expensive motorcycle.
          I assume most here are into self improvement. If women are going to change, then alphas need to lead the charge. When I express “Hey, it’s great that you keep in shape and don’t have tatts” it means something. I’m not giving this advice to pasty betas.

        2. Ahhh, but you’re missing that 15 inch dick sorry man you just got DQ’ed by at least 20% of the ladies out there.
          No shit though I ride too, what kind of bike you got?

        3. Boulevard. It’s like a Harley, but it actually starts reliably, looks the same and costs 25% of the H price. Gotta update some pics, I do leather work as a hobby, made some nice bags, tank cover, etc. all same theme.
          If 8 don’t do it, it don’t need to be done.
          What’s your sled?

        4. Thats awesome man! I picked up a yamaha fz6r right out of high school. Im thinking about selling it and upgrading though because I feel like I’ve outgrown it. Stay alive out there though

        5. Just watch out for the vegan asshole prius drivers, of all the people who’ve ever came close to ending my life its almost always some dick in a prius.

        6. I’m so curious what you, and a few other of the regular posters here, like Clark Kent, look like.

        7. Try this: Instead of saying “Hey honey nice tits”, say “Hey… have you lost weight?”
          You don’t need to compliment hotties though this is true.

        8. Well, I have dark brown hair. That’s about where it stops though. In all other respects except eye color (green) I’m whiter than bleached Wonder bread. Thank you full set of British Isle genes, home of the whitest most crackery crackers to ever be crackered, on God’s green earth, heh.

        9. I could tell you but you’d think I was lying. It’s the internet, and people can make up any crazy shit and try to pass it off as true. If I heard me say it as a second hand party I’d make a lip fart noise and mutter “Yeah, sure buddy”.
          I’ll just leave it at “I’ve been told by many women, almost always strangers and at random, over the last five years, that I look like a very, very famous person” and let the imagination take it from there. And no, I do not mean that I look like Steve Buschemi, nor Vince the guy who hawks the Chamwow, heh.

        10. I’m sometimes as annoyed as anyone else by some jackass in a Peterbuilt diesel pickup truck that never ceases to idle in a quiet area, but I’d never react like that fat twat did. Nobody mentioned that buying a PriusPrius and voting for leftists doesn’t make you morally superior, popular or, obviously, happy.

        11. Bitch makes a strong case for soylent green. IT would be high in nicotine, cup cakes and xanax though…

        12. and a prius has a larger ecological footprint than your standard gas guzzlin’ car…its not “green” at all

        13. That’s the shit people just don’t understand. Because they buy into marketing and hype as truth and don’t have an honest novel thought in their head, and have no idea what goes into what they have.

        14. Ah I remember as boy on a cold winter’s night. Mum would make me a mug of chocolate malted Horlicks and a plate of Jacob’s Cream Crackers with lashings of yellow butter. Now those were some crackers!

        15. A grandpa in a hurry almost killed me once. I spent almost a year not walking, much less running. I’ll never run again in fact. Jack offs in Mercedes, cocks in Audis, bitches in Beemers, and minivan / small suv moms round out the hit list.

        16. And thats exactly why I ride like an asshole, because I have to just to keep shitheads from killing me.

        17. Be proud. Those crackers built the modern world, and provided a disproportionate amount of scientific advancement. The world hasn’t thanked whitey yet…

        18. I dunno…Steve Buschemi has something going for him, some kind of charisma. Don’t worry, from here on in, every time I see your username, I’m going to picture Steve instead of that beer-swilling geezer in your profile pic.

        19. Yeah, I love it. And it’s reasonably priced. You get a hell of a lot of bike for the money. Throw in shaft drive as opposed to belt or chain and you get a bike that you have to run over a cliff to actually cause a malfunction.
          My only suggestion for one is to get the stock seats replaced as soon as humanly possible. Mustang custom seats are made for that series and make 600+ miles a day possible and comfortable. Their stock seats are ok for around the neighborhood scootin’ but are woefully painful if you’re on the bike for over a couple of hours.

        20. You can actually put it on a graph. As acting ability increases ugliness also increases, until you arrive at Whoopi Goldberg.

        21. Yes, she’s the exception, though to be honest, she wasn’t bad in the ’80’s acting wise. If you can’t rely on “fuck me” looks, you actually have to learn the trade.

        22. Wow, the only kind of girl you’re going to get is one who lives to please men, and what kind of life is that? I’m going to continue with college, get my masters and a couple more tattoos now. Have fun trying to bring me down, dudes 😉 also, please don’t try the “good luck getting married” thing, because that’s not my goal in life.

        23. Just to add, when I do look for a partner in life, it will be someone who is humble and maintains confidence with humility, and is nice and fair to all, including women. There are plenty of those men out there. Saying “I’m jacked and have an expensive motorcycle” would turn off any intelligent and quality woman. Sure, maybe you get action, and sure, maybe some women enjoy living to make men happy, but don’t shame the ones that don’t because we threaten your power in this world. It only gives us hope that your breed is finally dying out.

        24. I get compliments all the time at work, and as much as I feel like I need to smile and say thanks, I know when to spot a true compliment. Some men truly just are nice and mean well, but I’ve learned that usually a comment comes with an undertone of expectancy. I’ve had men scream in my face before because they complemented my body or outfit and I still didn’t give them my number. I think what some men don’t understand is what it’s like to be a woman, how every man could possibly expect sex or favors or dates or attention from you, or they may not… But you never know and the safe way to go is to stay away from men that compliment you too much. I spend more time with guys that treat me like just a normal person rather than something to fuck because I know that everything they do is honest.

        25. And honestly I think this thread is kind of sad… There’s not one mention of a woman’s personality or value to the world through intelligence or confidence, it seems as though you guys just see us as things that are either “do-able” or completely worthless. Maybe just try to have more of an open mind, and accept others as they are simply because they are not bothering you either… You might find the world a more enjoyable place. Enjoy whatever kind of women you want but leave the rest alone and love everybody. I don’t care what kind of woman you think I am. I have value even when you say I don’t. I am a teacher, a student, a daughter, a friend, an artist, and an intelligent human being that will always have worth far after I’m gone because of the impact I’ve had even though I’m only 21. And what I’ve done compared to other women is quite small compared to the other artists and scholars out there, and none of those women have attributed success to being “fuckable”.

        26. Romans looked like levantines and like all south euros had a golden complexion and undertone and stem from middle eastern neolithic farmers.Mayans and harappans were more advanced then them …northern europe historically speaking never really did anything for the world in terms of technology,art,philosophy…even the rennaissance was an italian affair.
          but its funny that ”wogs” and ”dagoes”are white when its time to steal their history but they are non white when they move in next to you anglos.lol yet Middleeasterners and Iranians still are not white or in the white club despite being the same race.lol the hypocrisy is disgusting.

        27. I hate it how I have to resort to 4chan style arguing here:
          >searching for a beta male
          >blue pill as fuck

        28. This is entirely true. The Prius, while a brilliant design, unfortunately has a very high carbon footprint in terms of manufacturing. The so-called return on energy invested is very low unless a Prius is driven for a long, long time. A gas guzzler with 200k miles on it, if it’s kept in good repair, uses a lot of gas but has a very high return on energy invested.

        29. I drive a Prius because it gets over 40 MPG and I can stretch my money that I spend for fuel; I STILL drive safely because THAT is a responsibility AS WELL AS a requirement for driving ANY kind of vehicle! Be aware guys, I am always on the alert especially for you bike riders so you and I can share the road safely.
          And just for the record — I am single, a Navy veteran, and a conservative Independent (NOT a damn Republican anymore — they are just “Democrat Lite”, spineless and gutless wimps).
          I do agree that there are TOO many idiots that seem to leave their brains behind when they get behind the wheel (like the dummies that are on their damn phone/IPad while they are behind the wheel!). I ALWAYS drive with the belief that driving ANY kind of vehicle places a tremendous responsibility on you to drive safely.

        30. That’s why I’m also MGTOW and could care less what others think of what I drive…at least I’m saving my cash at the pump.
          But I’m glad to see that there are other hybrid drive vehicles out there now. With the Prius, Toyota proved that there is a viable market for hybrids to the other companies.

      2. The fat inked girl probably wouldn’t try to lose weight because her picture of that butterfly tattooed on her back would then look like a painter’s paint mixing palette.

        1. What in the hell are you going on about?
          This is a shaming technique. Complimenting somebody, anybody, is not pedastalizing them. Words have meaning, and we can’t just assign them randomly in order to snark on the internet.

      3. If you do this, the fat chicks will target the hot one with comfort food and sympathy. They’ll make her feel bad about something, then offer her chocolate cake as an anodyne.

        1. If a beta does it, sure. If real alphas, the kind women line up around the block just to be seen by, do it, then you’ll have something real on your hands. Cakes wouldn’t stand a chance.

      4. I had the opposite problem. My ex was in great shape! part-time Zumba instructor and exercised almost daily. but the problem was that she started to thin out too much. Had to tell her to eat more food and such. This problem is equally as bad as having a GF that is packing on the pounds.

      5. “Women are a herd of animals” :’D that’s hilarious. I’m amazed with my ability to type despite being be-hooved.

        1. They are. Women have a total herd mentality that isn’t as prevalent among REAL men. Not the blue pill pansies you keep talking about.

    2. I dated an ex-fat unicorn last year.
      She showed me pics of when she was younger and she was damn fat.
      Amazingly, she turned it all around and hit the gym, got motivated, ran marathons, took care of her appearance. She went from land whale to cute face 6.5 with a nice personality. One of the nicest and horniest girls I’ve ever dated actually…
      The sad ending? Her skin was scarred and very stretched out from losing all the weight. She was clearly very self-conscious about it and I regret to admit it but it was one of the reasons I stopped seeing her. She had a lot of skin hanging around her mid section. Like a popped balloon. I bet she could get surgery to tighten that up if she wanted to.
      Despite her defects though she passed the boner-test with flying colours. Goes to show that femininity is itself a major turn on over and above just straight aesthetics. She was extremely sweet to me. I feel no guilt for breaking any other woman’s heart.

      1. Tell her to go to a burn center they will remove that excess skin for free. You will thank an ex-fattie if you are ever severely burned…

        1. Yup. Finding a nice girl that takes care of her body to the best of her ability, acts feminine, and treats her man like a king is RARE. My friends and I figured out the impossible trifecta for women: hot face, hot body, awesome personality. You will NEVER meet a woman with all three, not in this day and age. And chances are, her pregnancy will fuck up the body. When it comes to long term relationships, you will have to make some sort of sacrifice.

        2. Sacrifice my ass.
          You need to get off your ass and look. If you’re looking in ‘merica, you’re on the wrong track. Go foreign. If I EVER think about getting married again, that’s where I’m headed.
          Never sacrifice your wants as a man in terms of what type of woman you want. Women are supposed to complement & complete us.

        3. Where would you move to? Bringing her back is not a long term option. Where is it worth to go for the country itself, not for the women?

        4. Being a pilot, Asia is a option for me right now since the airline gig is still growing for the moment. But in reality, I wouldn’t move unless America collapsed. Finding me a nice young Asian girl, living there and settling down with a normal sane woman who knows how to act like one would be the only reason why I’d regret my vasectomy. I’d love to give my seed to a woman like that.
          But as long as I live in america, no way in hell will I ever impregnate a woman again.

        5. I am already married, so I am good. I am not talking about completely nuking your standards, I am talking about being realistic. The probability of someone getting 9s across the board is slim to none. It is the equivalent of girl who want Bruce Wayne as a husband (strong, loyal, rich, handsome, alpha, but broken so he needs to be fixed, faithful), but chances are that guy does not exist, or there are like 5 of him in the world.
          Also, I agree the majority of American women suck, but even if you went foreign, what then? If your career is here you are fucked. You better not bring that girl back to America with you, because eventually she will get corrupted. We all know once Skynet becomes self-aware it is a wrap.

        6. Both men and women need to be realistic, if they’re looking for a long term relationship. I do think that taking pride in yourself (as a man or a woman) can add substantially to your outward attractiveness. My husband’s grandmother is a great example. She’s 90 and still pretty vain: slim and always dresses up for family parties. I think it’s adorable when she passes on seconds, citing her figure. Of course at that age no one is hot, but she’s still cute ya’ know?

        7. My mother in law volunteers for a senior’s group and she brought one of the gentleman over at Christmas. He was all over that!
          Her situation gives me a clear cut goal in life.

        8. Mostly, because she’s still sharp as a tack. But, you don’t want to see yourself mackin’ on the ladies in the nursing home? As I watched the scene unfold, I have to say, old man still had some game in him. He could teach you young whipper snappers a thing or two lol! Good old fashioned flirting doesn’t have to be unsavoury, I think it’s nice, and helps you feel alive. So yeah, I hope when (if?) I’m that age I can still garner the odd man’s attention. Not my reason for being, but nice.

        9. Hahahaha something tells me that my taste in women will still be the same when I get old. There is this old man named Sam Bryant Jr. whom I wouldn’t mind looking like when I hit 70. Actually, I wouldn’t mind looking like that right now.

        10. Good looking dude! Your tastes probably won’t change (nor will mine) but let’s face it, everything’s relative after 80. (i’m mid thirties, btw, just feeling prepared). My husband’s goal is to have a three way in the old age home. He feels like his chances are better, in a “last man standing” kind of way lol! Statistically, he’s got a good shot at this. I support it.

        11. Hahahahahaha ew! Old people orgies! Hmmmm there actually might be a market fo this. If I can get my hands on some Viagra in bulk…

        12. There is a market for it, I once saw a documentary on swinging octogenarians. I don’t recommend you watch this, it wasn’t porn, but you just can’t “unsee” certain things (shutter).

        13. It was featured on that program Kink. I used to watch it, because educating yourself about other’s anxieties, perversions, and general fuckupedness is a great way to feel better about your own anxieties, perversions, and general fuckupedness. Forget striving for self improvement, just lower the standards around you 😀

        14. Yeah the “At least I am not THAT fucked up” mantra seems to work. I should seek out those less fortunate than myself to feel good more often. :p

        15. A woman who has the drive to go from fat to thin is a unicorn. Maybe not a great looking one but still a rarity.

      2. I applaud former fatties shaping up. But whether or not it’ll stick in the long run? Look at their mothers – THAT’S their genetic destiny.

      3. Back in the day when still chased crazy white chicks there was a woman I dated for a year and a half. She was 29 and a single mother of two but 5’4″ and 110 pounds: a size zero who got carded if we went to a bar together.
        She showed me pictures from a few years before that when she was unhappily married, and she was quite a fatty. The only damage was to her boobs as they ballooned out when she got pregnant and then shriveled up when she lost the weight.
        A few months after we broke up she went out and got implants. She decided to go full steam ahead and went from a AA cup to a D cup. At that point she weighed 114 pound (yep, each of those puppies weighed 2 pounds).
        The result was something like this: see below.
        Afterwards we were on and off. In the last of our off stages she goes out and gets unhappily married again. What happens? She packs on the weight again! Divorces a second time and sheds most of the poundage but never got back into a size zero dress again.
        I haven’t seen her in a few years. This year she turns 50. I don’t think she can ever get that slim again.

        1. Man, your plot sequences on this is hilarious. You were like “we broke up…after a few months she got implants…Afterwards we were on and off again”… Priceless!

        2. Once I found out about the implants she let me cop a feel for old times’ sake, which was pretty hilarious. I’ve never been much of a tit man. But crazy sex is great sex, although once a borderline turns on you, you don’t do relationship.

      1. Christ! I would say at least she lost the weight but holy shit…she doesn’t look too happy and neither does her skin. Probably better off staying fat.

      2. She must have been land whale level. Even men that were land whale size look like that after a long commitment to slimming down. The damage is done big time for men or women. I don’t even understand how people reach land whale level. Be horrified but I attempted to reach the size of a land whale but its impossible.

    3. Can we stop with the whole “women don’t need to exercise to look hot” bullshit? While women do not, and in reality don’t look any better (probability — they look worse if they’re bodybuilders) if they do pump iron like a guy — they need exercise (and that includes weights) people. Eating right gets a guy 70% of the way there. Eating right gets a woman 80% of the way there.
      Guys need muscle definition (the “holy grail” for looks is 8%-12% on average, 15% is often good, consult a physician) to look good. I love “fat” bodybuilders, they look worse than a regular 20% body fat guy, muscle covered by flab.
      Women though, need that muscle too. Not to the extent guys do, but what do you think makes breasts perky, and backsides so wonderfully rounded? The muscle under the fat (women will carry 15%-25% bodyfat and look hot) “holding it” in the right spot!
      We are creatures evolved to move. Other than the shit food that society has created, laudable in some ways for preservation, we have become sedentary. This affects women just as much as men. Men need heavy physical labor to build their physique. Women need physical labor to build theirs as well. Think of it this way: When you were kids, the ones that ate like shit and were sedentary were fat. The ones that ate ok and were sedentary looked healthy enough. The ones that ate healthy and played hard looked in shape, for kids. Puberty changes that. Age changes it as well. Why do you think women train wreck in looks so much faster than men on average? We all lose muscle as we age, percentage wise, more if we don’t work out. Women have less to lose before their bodies start looking like a slum.
      I tell you now, if you want a generation of skinny fat women more power to you. I want an in shape woman.

        1. nah. my wife was pretty skinny fat when i first met her. she’s been doing various beachbody workouts for about two years now, and she’s very toned and looks much better.

        2. I met a girl online who was a cop. We got together for a coffee and she shows up wearing her sports bra and yoga pants. She didn’t have the definition of the bodybuilding pictured in the article but she was well-muscled. She also had a more feminine face and her boobs were real. A nice package overall.
          Going further back one of my girlfriends in high school was a competitive swimmer. She was 5’4″ and 140 pounds, but she didn’t look more than a buck twenty, at least with her clothes on. She had to wear men’s dress shirts rather than women’s blouses because of her lats. It worked: not unfeminine nor unsexy.
          Women don’t get bodies like those without exercising.

      1. I never said women don’t need exercise to look good. The problem is they all think if they pick up weights they’ll end up looking like she-man up there so all the dumb fat ones hit the treadmill and all the smart hot ones lift weights. I have NEVER in my entire life seen a girl who consistently squats (who isn’t a bodybuilder or fat) that doesn’t have an amazing ass.

        1. Apologies, I was directing that at the article writer. I’m amazed at how many people think a woman who just ‘eats right’ will be hot / good looking. No, no they won’t. They’ll be ok looking at best, and at worst they’ll start to turn into flabby piles the moment they get pregnant or go past their mid twenties.

      2. I know one chick that doesn’t exercise at all and she has hands down one of the best bodies I’ve ever seen. A body made for a bikini. Nice defined legs, flat stomach, nice perky tits, thin arms/triceps, hourglass figure. She isn’t the exception that proves the rule, but some chicks really don’t need to work out to look good. She is only like 24/25/26 so I’m sure it will change in time. I’d love to post a pic but I fear some form of retribution.

    4. No, this bit is absolutely true
      “the women I’ve met with the best bodies have never stepped foot in a gym, nor gone on a diet in their lives.”
      The hottest girls I know can’t even spell gym, never mind hit an aerobics mat. Fat girls who smash fad diets look like hungry fat girls. Simple as
      Perhaps this is unfair, but it’s life.
      Good article

      1. Ok, im not saying that its not possible for a girl to go her entire life not exercising and still look amazing. What i am saying is that once a girl is fat is entirely possible for her to slim down and be attractive again as long as she hasn’t gotten to the point where she’s wider than she is tall. Her window of time to pull it off however, is much smaller than it would be for a man

        1. In my life I’ve seen big girls drastically slim down but relapse and balloon back up very quickly.
          The problem is the slimming down might take a year whilst the ballooning back up takes only 2 months.
          And after the age of 30 if becomes very hard to lose it again, if ever.
          The gyms are full of 6s and 7s trying to tone up to 8s and 9s.
          The real 8s and 9s are out there hooking up with high value men.
          Women in general don’t respond to gyms, and simply can’t push their bodies like men

        2. because like i said, women have no self control or discipline. They’re herd animals. If all her friends are out being fat fucks then its only a matter of time before she gets sucked into it too because she would rather be fat and disgusting and a have fat and disgusting friends then be healthy and alone with herself.

    5. pretty much. Had a fat female friend back in the day, when she got slim to get married she was hot. after childbirth,fat again.
      But had this talk a week ago. Women basically have it all as long as they dont fuck up, like dont drink smoke tattoo,fatten up, slut it up,stay safe and just have a cool head and warm heart. Thats it. No skills to build and gain aside from domestic skills And thats the bare minimum. Everything else are just bonuses. Yet they keep messing up.
      Guys we have to build are selves up. Build muscle to get strong, study hard and make big money, learn to fight,have a spine and be courageous,learn leadership skills,be emotionally disciplined,have game and be witty,be confident and domineering.
      These thigns dont just come, they are made by constantly testing and challenging yourself and with others.
      women are born,men are made.

    6. I think we need to draw a distinction between “body-building” and going to the gym. A woman’s body will be improved by good exercise. It is natural for a woman to be active, although not as active as a man. The reason a girl in Thailand doesn’t need to go on a diet or do some exercise is because she is not already eating crap and sitting on her arse. Thus, if a woman stops doing what she is doing to ruin her body, the process will go in reverse.
      Not only that, a man who waits until 35 to “get in shape” will never achieve the fitness of a man who started at five years old and never stopped.
      Most Men’s Health models are not that impressive and you do not need steroids to get on there. The average 20 year old will not be taking steroids in 10 years time partly because they are not available and partly because he won’t need them. Women do not judge a man solely by his looks and never will. They will, as always, judge him by his ability to provide. This is how women have evolved and that will not change based on a few fashion trends.

      1. Also, a woman has to bust her ass to get small gains.
        And as soon as the holidays roll around and she has 3 weeks on her ass, nearly all her progress is lost.
        Over Christmas I went from 195 to 215, and then back down to 198 by end of January just by reverting back to normal routine.
        I doubt many women on Earth could do that.
        Harsh but true

      2. To address your concerns in order: Bodybuilding is for men, going to the gym is for women and some men. Lifting weights is for everyone. If women don’t abuse themselves lifting weights isn’t necessary (except for squats) that doesn’t mean that lifting won’t make them any less attractive. If you wait till your past the prime of your life to “get in shape” then yes you’re going to have to bust your ass and even then you won’t be as well off as someone who started sooner. If you are 20 years old and you take steriods you will royally fuck up your endocrine system. Even if you cycle the shit correctly, its not good for you. The only time to take steroids is once you’ve hit your genetic limit. That takes 5+ years in the gym to accomplish. Steroids are very available actually you just have to buy them illegally and hope your not getting a syringe filled with beaver tranquilizer. However they do have what is known as testosterone replacement therapy for guys pushing 35+ which works very well (mike cernovich along with others i know are testament to this)

    7. I’m with a 24 year old Polish girl now; she’s got a toned, lithe, gymnast’s body (that she keeps in her freezer, mwu-ha-ha-ha). She showed me photos of her at age 18-20 and suffice to say, she was extra chunky with muffin tops on the side.

        1. Since your name is englishbob, I take it that you mean that they have fat donkeys? That sounds cruel.

        2. A wild ass is a magnificent creature, it make me angry to see people abuse them like that. Still, they can be comfy to ride.

    8. Except that at the core, you’ve proven his article’s point. Yes, a women could theoretically slim down after years of abuse, but the damage to her skin and her body overall has already been done. Women don’t have the time that men benefit from. Their value is expended by the time they are thirty, while a man’s is only starting to pay off his investment.

    9. It’s true, peoples bodies don’t work that way. Ever see that show Survivor? The girl I’m with watches it. They don’t eat very much for a month and lose plenty of weight. However, if, as you point out, the outcome is the same due to females having little motivation to get thin, then his overall argument is valid.

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    11. When a fat bitch slims down to get fuckable she ends up with a fuckable body disguised under the skin cloak of her previous fat self. It’s better, but still disgusting and I personally don’t consider it fuckable. So for those of us with standards, truly fat, ruined women cannot slim down to get fuckable.

        1. Eh, married, 24 years actually and still keepin’ on.
          I know the arguments against marriage. GenX here, got in while the getting was good in the 80’s. Today though, agree with ‘don’t marry’ 100%. Tell my 18 year old son the same actually.

        2. I will tell both my sons the same. Don’t marry American women. I’m actually going to encourage them to go foreign.

        3. i suggest suggesting to him that he learn spanish and try to live south of the border for a few years, at least if he’s inclined toward having a family some day. best chance of finding a decent wife is in latin america, in my opinion.

  3. I know guys like Mike Cernovitch support eventually using steroids, but I don’t think I ever would do so because of the risks. I can’t imagine that the average guy would ever use them either, especially with looks not being as important for guys. What do you guys think about steroids, good or bad?
    Also, what is the evidence that women can’t improve their looks with exercise? I have always thought that all people could.

    1. Its not steroids like HGH or other shit like that all it is is just testosterone. Once you hit 35 or so your test levels start to decline and you get fat and lazy and start to suck at life. Its called testosterone replacement therapy. The problem is everyone is so fucking biased against it because the media continues to feed them the “oh if you take testosterone you’ll grow tits and itl make your dick fly off” bullshit. Because its ok for women to take estrogen for birth control and menstrual shit, but if a man takes testosterone to feel younger and more alive then its wrong and must be stopped.

      1. Lifting heavy weights, especially with a HIT method, will keep you balls deep in T as you get older. I’m on the (sadly) later side of 40 and can beat the shit out of 19 year old jocks, out lift them in every category. Your T declines when you let it. Fight age at every step on the mile long staircase leading down into the dungeon of old age despair. You’ll be beaten eventually, but go down with a finger in the air.

        1. Yep, I’m in my mid thirties (and a woman), and I can already see a huge difference between me and my peers. There’s a young woman at my work who’s also very fit like me and (also like me) not the curviest gal in the bunch. I keep telling her “trust me, all you have to do is maintain it and by the time you’re 30 you’ll be the belle of the beach” I used to say “relative to your age”, but these days..wow, that’s a lot of cellulite on some of those young women. Aging is inevitable. Aging poorly is, more often than not, a choice.

        2. Thank you. I appreciate that. Marriage is a contract, and part of that contract is keeping your sh–t together. Aging, disease, disability, these are issues that committed people should be able to look past. Letting yourself go, on the other hand, amounts to breach of contract, in my books. I don’t want my husband to stay with me out of a sense of obligation, I want him to stay because he still desires me. No one remains their nubile 25 year old self, but, as a happily married man, I think you would agree that age doesn’t have to temper desire, provided people are making an effort. There is nothing “patriarchal” about wanting to be desirable to your mate.

  4. Concerning steroids. In terms of looks, as long as the guy isn’t fat it’s mostly about the face aesthetics. Being ripped doesn’t actually do that much for facially unappealing men.
    So taking steroids to be better looking really isn’t worth it if you’re doing it to get girls. A tiny minority of guys can get girls through looks and it’s mainly by being facially handsome and having low body fat. Sure a guy with a good face can make himself even better looking through being jacked but it’s not that big of a boost.
    Not saying that average men should not be fit, just that it’s completely dumb to take steroids if you’re doing it for sloots.

    1. Via YouTube I’ve watched Ian McCarthy put on a respectable amount of muscle for a natty. So now, instead of looking like a dweeb, he looks like a muscular dweeb.
      There’s actually a bit of an uncanny valley effect. Aesthetically he’d be better off a bit skinnier.

      1. I just checked him out. He doesn’t seem to be lifting for girls though and is not going to be disappointed when he’s not a sexual god unlike a good number of guys that think that bodybuilding is the silver bullet for sloots.
        The only way that a guy will go from unappealing to attractive from a physical standpoint is he has a good looking face hidden underneath fat and he gets fit. A lot of those stunning transformations that you see from guys posting is some dude that had never ever been in shape but had good genetics and fat was holding him back.
        Fat is the great destroyer of looks. When movie stars get fat they look ugly as fuck too despite having world class genetics. If they can’t pull it off no one else can. Fat guys can look cool and masculine but not handsome/pretty. Fat women have failed at life.

        1. “He doesn’t seem to be lifting for girls though. . .”
          Nah. He’s a geek too. Getting jacked is his science project. Among the online muscle crowd he’s infamous for having his nose buried so deep in the books that he can’t see the real world.

        2. Guys should lift for themselves an not girls in the first place, it will motivate you for longer. Just lifting with no self improvement in other areas won’t get guys laid as much as they think.

      2. You should lift for yourself an not girls its will motivate you more. Also lifting without self improvement in other areas won’t get guys laid heaps like they think.

        1. “You should lift for yourself an not girls . . .”
          I lift so that I’m fast enough on a bike that girls can’t keep up. Ahhhh, peace and quiet at wast.

    1. yeah…these guys have rose colored glasses when it comes to Russian women. They are the most immoral on the planet on par with any “Western” woman.

      1. I’m dating a Russian girl right now. She has many of the great qualities observed by many of the writers and posters here. Truly gives me faith in humanity. Her sister…a totally different animal.
        After spending this weekend with my girl, the sisters boyfriend and the bossy cunt, I wanted to commit murder suicide. Her behavior is exactly what you say these broads act like. The first time we met I thought she was hot as hell, but after seeing her in a bikini (skinny fat look) at the hot tub coupled with the fact that my ears started to bleed whenever she opened her man-pleaser I now consider her just plain ugly.
        This would be my first EE experience so I have a 50% favorable and 50% not so favorable view.

  5. Women can change their physique! Many women may not have the discipline to do it, but the task is not impossible.
    The before and after pictures below are proof

      1. And to add to that, osbourne has had word done, so, yeah, she’s slimmed down but that’s not how she would really look. And you’d want a girl without work down, after all, its the genes via the eggs that make you attracted to her. A girl with work done is a fraud.

  6. I dont sgree with this article but there are the chicks who run too much, there was a model who i thought was fucking hot when i was in my 20s. She was in an article i read recently who took up running and runs marathons now, her face looked old as hell. They need to understand that cortisol will ravage them more than men.

  7. Not in a million years would I waste my time reading men’s health or any of these other bullshit hucksters.

  8. I’d like to complement you on your use of the proper word “reared.” “Raised” seems to be the word used these days. It’s nice to see someone get it right.

  9. I stopped reading when I saw the picture of someone named Kelly Brook captioned as “fat, but still do-able”. Unfortunately, I also saw the second pucture of the supposed woman underneath, which was disturbing. But perhaps more disturbing was the pedestalization of the slob in the third photo, with caption “most definitely fat, most definitely hot”. I could care less what the writer has to say in the rest of this piece after having seen and read that. Chubby fuckers are all thirsty men in my opinion, and I could care less what they have to say.

  10. True, this whole female thing is causing the next phase of male evolution, there really are no more women which means that men can now focus on the tech game and innovate as they now have added 20 years to their lives!!!
    20 years have been added to our lives, why? Well we don;’t spent time with the females any more nor do we spend money on them, and also, when the human species senses competition the male brain evolves in intelligence
    i think the female scarcity has happened before and may be very crucial to our evolution as a species,
    this also may be why asians have a slightly higher IQ, they too have a women scarcity problem and seem to be technologically advanced by a generation
    Its true, all men now have a spread sheet for every rep and muscle (i do) and a diet with every micro/macro nutrient in it and down to a science! you want to compete in the brave new world you better be aggressive, and you had better be clever about it
    Life span has been going up by 2 years per decade fellas, this means we’re probably all going to live to 90 and beyond and that would be without ANY scientific advancement, We are having success against heart disease and cancer big time and it’s only 2015
    this ALONE should extend lifespan by 10 years 20-40 years from now, we’re living so long that it’s our brains getting plaque, but hell we are winning that war as well
    to hell with aging , men must dedicate their lives to science and begin the new rennaisance of GENIUSSSSS
    what if we could use VR as a medium to have a character creator in which we design the perfect woman and have simulated orgies with our own designed characters indistinguishable from real life, this is the dream, sexual abundance via the computer chip
    hell, we could even create a marketplace for buying these digital avatars, design their personality and such with AI once it gets better,
    Remember this motto fellas
    -i aint lookin for nothing in nobodies eyes

  11. “Classic, society-building
    male attributes, such as intelligence, wisdom, and character are now
    valued less by society and men are valued more and more solely on their
    You know that a society or a subculture is poor when there is a great emphasis on men dancing. It means they have no other way to exhibit value.

  12. The bodybuilder looks like she would have the least cheesiest pussy. The other two look like they would have clit cheese at the end of a long day.
    I don’t like fat or even slightly chubby women.

    1. Yea, once I saw “hot” describing the overweight women, I immediate thought “loser”. I didn’t agree with other parts of the article either.

  13. You missed out Andalusian women. They have, in my opinion, the best built bodies of any woman in the World. And they have pretty faces as well. And many of them do not work out, they just eat good food. Their physiques body suplexes Asian girls and they face plant the average faces of Eastern European women.

    1. Malaga, Marbella? To be honest used to spend some time out there and never really saw any pretty locals. Although probably didn’t see enough of them. Big tourist area so most locals were in the towns and villages in the mountains. Andalusia is a big province. Where were you?

      1. Seville. Yeah I have been to Marbella and no I was not impressed there either. The people there seemed more Celtic than Andal.

  14. Personally I have fucked several 19 year old girls in Poland who were just 2 years before a bit overweight. They did not realize completely how hot they were. Gotta love those shy ones who don’t know yet how much power they wield.
    While it certainly is possible for women to become bangable, it takes more discipline and more diet than with men. Most men in their 20s could do it on exercise alone, while women have to change diet massively in many cases. But who are we kidding? There will be more fat hogs and more buff men in the future.

    1. That is NOT what that study says.
      Male Microchimerism is common with mothers who have had a son (and is low when that child is a daughter).
      Even if the microchimerism is caused by DNA from sexual encounters, to say that’s it’s “casual sex” partners is pretty misleading. It’s any partner.

  15. Yes the Russian was reared right . I agree . The rear of the Arab in Dubai took a shit on her hooker ass .

  16. This article is spot on. I’m friends with a 30 year old woman who used to be obese. I’m talking almost 400 lbs. She got gastric bypass surgery last spring and is down to 240 but her body is completely ruined. Even though she’s lost the weight the extra skin and saggy flesh from being stretched out is gastly. She says she’s getting a tummy tuck and a boob job but that’s not going to help much because she’ll basically look like Frankenstein when she’s naked.

  17. Great article…. just wondering if you reared pigs before? You seem to have some experience. I would know a bit about it too having been involved in agriculture for many years. You can see in the animal any omission in diet. Also vices will manifest themselves if certain vitamins and minerals are not provided in sufficient quantities in the diet, tail biting, etc. I am convinced that it is of course the same with humans. Without a proper balanced diet obesity, depression, lethargy, etc., become more widespread.
    Having been involved in the food processing industry I can vouch that the companies don’t give two fucks about your arteries, your colon, your mental health. They care about profit and will only publish what’s in the product when told to by the powers that be. Supermarket chains are also guilty in dictating to the processors price which only leads to cutting corners and lower quality feeds going into animal feeds.
    I’m cutting back on meat, alcohol, and replacing with more fruits and vegetables. A few bouts of heart palpitations after heavy nights out will do that to a guy….. its not the years it’s the mileage!!!!
    Oh and as for the women….. if they don’t look after themselves and know how to cook in their 20’s it’s already too late. Was out with a woman I was with 10 years ago last weekend. I couldn’t get over the change in her body. Not way out of shape but gone soft and the tits which were sublime were staring at the floor…… get them lean, treat them mean and keep them keen…….

  18. So true about Eastern European women. They have it all right. Another thing too, which is somewhat counter intuitive since we’d want to encourage women to get slim and in the gym. But, Eastern European women don’t need too obsess about the gym, again, because they were raised well. On the flip side of obesity you have the addicted gym rats who can’t stop telling you about cross fit, the last time they “worked out”, spin class or adorning their cars with shit like “run”, “26.2” etc. With this creature, you end up with a boring neurotic freak who has taken her obsession of eating too much then to bulimia or anorexia and then transferred that mental imbalance to a gym addiction, which she can’t shed because she’ll resort back to the other extreme. Her personality dissolves into this and, as such, is a predictable and boring , plus, the rah rah gym crap she consumes to keep her otherwise lazy ass motivated creates a false sense of self value and inflates her ego.
    What you end up with is a person that oscillates between extremes, when all they need to do is find balance. That’s why Eastern European women are so superior to western women, they have the physique of a real feminine woman that is maintained throughout time without resorting to obsessive compulsive behavior, thus, making for a more rounded individual. They have balance. For fuck sake, I don’t want to discuss working out on a date or a with a woman…its bad enough their kale farts are stinking the gym up as it is. For me, I’ve been working out for decades and have endured wrestling (greco roman) matches and practices (a very challenging sport), football, Marine boot camp, Infantry school and Office Candidates…I know what being challenged physically means. So, No, I call bullshit if you’re princess ass is acting tough when all I see is obsessive compulsive disorder.

    1. You don’t have to be an obsessive gym rat to enjoy getting physical exercise. I’ve worked out my whole life and in my experience most people (men and women) who approach fitness in these extreme measures burn out very quickly. The point is to find some physical activities you actually enjoy doing, and find a way to work them into your lifestyle on an almost daily basis. Do it to enjoy the physical and mental benefits of staying active. The older you get, the more it pays big dividends.

    1. ladies, don’t listen to him. he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. eat whenever you’re hungry, but work out hard and only eat healthy stuff.

      1. Ladies, this is a lady. Get your overeating under control FIRST. Do some light walking while getting the calorie intake under control. Most of us are not going to go to the gym and workout like a farm hand or an olympic athlete. Working out then stuffing your face is an exercise in futility. Alcohol is a killer to the female face, body and personality.

    1. My mother was slim into her 30s. The problem was her second husband. He got fat and she followed and she has never been able to lose it. Now she is pushing 70 and just had a knee replacement and her weight is making that much more difficult.

  19. The calculus is simple.The financial and emotional risk a man assumes with consorting with women in these matriarcial times means only top drawer women should be considered for sex. That means only one woman in this article is worth banging.
    Put another way-if youre gonna risk prison for grand theft auto, steal a Ferrari.
    As to the core premise I also disagree- I know several women who put foot to ass in the gym and it shows.An exercise regimen wont turn a 5’2 white girl with A cups into a latin supermodel -yet by the same degree no amount of gym time will turn my 5’9 self into Vin Diesel .We cant all look like celebrities. 🙂
    That being said, being in shape can turn a 6 girl into a 7 or 8.She wont have the biggest ass or tits, but you wont care cause the rest of her looks on point.
    I dont care what or where she comes from-an in shape female is a physical work of art in her own unique way. Its a tragedy so many women dont get that.

    1. 1. A woman’s breast size, leg shape etc…is largely genetic. Obviously most attributes are negatively impacted by being over weight, but what a girl is fed will not impact how large her breasts grow at puberty.
      2. The fitness model photo is not representative of what the average woman will look like, even if she lifts weights. That type of body takes an unbelievable amount of work, and a seriously restricted diet. Whether or not you find that attractive is another issue, but it doesn’t happen by accident.
      3. Muscle is metabolically expensive to maintain for both men and women, and thus a reasonable amount of muscle on a woman’s body will result in much more stable weight over her lifetime.
      I’m a woman, very fit and have maintained a stable weight from my late teens right up until now (mid thirties). This has benefits beyond my dress size, it also results in better skin (not to mention the obvious health benefits). It takes discipline, and I used to think all these overweight young women were a result of gluttony, but having gotten to know some of them personally, I now see how much more they struggle than me, with almost no results. I believe the crap they’re fed when young may negatively impact their metabolism, which becomes more and more important as you age.

      1. I do respect you, posting here. So I will give you some feedback on your posting.
        “I used to think all these overweight young women were a result of gluttony,”
        This is correct. You were right but you didnt really understand what “gluttony” is.
        The health of your body is a mirror of what you do *NOW*.
        If you change your eating/lifestyle your body will respond to it like your shadow. There is a small lag of maybe half a year but not much more.
        Thats why diets work so poorly. It is your daily eating AND your daily sitting versus non-sitting hours that count. You have to keep up your new routine for half a year or more and you will see your body responding.
        Women CAN undo a lot of damage but it is harder for women than it is for men, because women have a much smaller time window. Plus some things like sagging breasts WILL require surgery to get back into “sexy” mode.
        As you age you have fewer margin of error. That B-day cake plus 2 beer you could do at 22 without problems WILL be a problem at 44.
        You just cant allow yourself as much “fun/booze/cake” as you could do in your 20s if you want to stay sexy.
        As an aging women if you want more “fun” you better get more sex because this will keep you happy AND in shape at the same time.

        1. I agree with you in part, but not totally.
          1. The young women I’m referring to probably can undue some of the damage, but I think they will have to be much stricter than I, because I think the damage to their metabolism is a lot harder to reverse. If your body isn’t getting enough nutrients (by eating crap food), it’s essentially starving and will adjust metabolically as a survival strategy.
          2. If you genuinely stay in shape your whole life, your body will be a lot more forgiving of “fun”. I think the important strategy here is to start very young and never let up.
          3. You’re right, I don’t know a single person (male or female) who is in good shape who’s ever dieted. There’s only about 5 people where I work who are genuinely fit (me included). By that I mean we don’t just go to the gym, we are active in many different ways, throughout the day. 2 men and 3 women, ranging in age from 20s-50s. The similarities between us are striking, especially our eating habits. All of us try to eat healthy, but none of us are obsessed. In addition to this, all of us eat frequently throughout the day, but very small amounts at any given time, and we eat REAL food.
          4. And yes, poor lifestyle choices take their toll on a woman’s body faster than a man’s.

        2. When I was 22 I could eat a large pizza by myself and wash it down with a pitcher of beer. I was skinny. Now I have 1 beer per week and think about how many sit ups I need to do to burn it off. But I stay in shape. Just because you body changes, doesn’t mean you have look bad.

        3. Ad 2.
          “start very young and never let up”
          Looking good at 35 is a 1 in 10 thing.
          Looking about the same at 45 is 1 in 100.
          It gets harder.

  20. I’ve always been skeptical of before/after pics of women who do gym make-overs. Most likely the marketing team takes a beautiful woman, blows up her weight for 6 months, then brings her back into shape. Its very difficult to undo a lifetime of damage to a woman’s body. But ROK still needs to encourage women to do intense cardio, It can’t hurt and might help.

  21. As a 35 year old man, I am getting more and more depressed of women of my own age. Girls that I used to fantasize about constantly in high school do not even look good anymore. At 40, virtually all of them will be ugly. Sadly it’s just part of human biology. Women age very badly and have a short window of attractiveness. It’s not really their fault… Their body is programmed to turn ugly past a certain age as they cease having child-bearing capacities.
    Sometimes at the gym I see couples who are around 45 years old, and the man always look much better than the woman.

      1. i have a friend, another guy in his 40s who is into game and has a lot going for him, but he won’t go for girls in their 20s because his middle-aged female friends shame him. every time we’re out and about and he says “but she’s too young for me” i repeat the wine and milk saying. it seems to be slowly sinking in.

        1. Yesssss! The 40+ year old women are just shaming him because a) They’ve hit The Wall, and b) They know they can’t compete.
          Thus, it’s a defense mechanism. Your friend needs to “let it all go” and ignore the Wall chicks and embrace his high status (compared to guys in their 20s that have less by comparison) and pursue the 20-something girls, as surely there’s bound to be some that will welcome that high status. That’s hypergamy for you… 😀

        2. The 20s are their competition.
          Keep in mind your 40s friend is a good catch for 40s women.
          They are NOT – i repeat *NOT* – his friends. They want to fuck him.
          For women it is very hard to get a good man past 35 – not only do they themselfs get older, it is also that the men get fewer in number. No new potential mates turn 18 every year – for women all potential mates were there when SHE turned 18 and this number is getting smaller every year.

        3. My friend is probably not quite the alpha superman you and I are, at least. Still, I’ve made progress with him over the years. I’ve got him working out now, and he’s shifted away from listening to the specific aforementioned disgusting old hag (as you not so diplomatically but more or less accurately put it) and listening to me more, and the advice I get from various sexist right-wing websites like this one. God willing, he’ll be the better for it, and one day reach our level of awesomeness.

  22. Most western women, fed bullshit for a decade, enter their 30s in a deplorable physical state. Fat changes place. Muscles, ligaments and tissue become atrophied and do not support the same shapes/proportions as in their 20s.
    It is not the same thing to weight 50 kg at 22, than weighing 50 kg at 32! The same goes for men, but is is a fact that a 40 yr old pasty fatass can get ripped in a couple years with a strong, consistent, disciplined regime. A woman over 32 will not gain back her youthful body under any circumstances.

    1. I notice a ratcheting effect where women gain weight on their ass but then loose it from their tits. The ones that yo-yo get progressively more pear shaped as they age.

  23. I’m chilling in a Barnes&Noble right now, drinking coffee and reading a Men’s Fitness magazine,when I come to this page about Kelly Brook, and then remember reading this article yesterday and seeing that picture of the fattie captioned “Kelly Brook:Fat but still doable”
    Is this the same woman??

  24. When women get in a bad mental state, their body follows and it becomes difficult for them to reclaim their sexiness. I live in China now and I watch all the women who have married, have hit the wall, get pregnant and have a kid. But guess what? They get back down to a size 4 or 3 or 2, 1 or zero within a few months.

    1. Yes this is the “normal” thing to do.
      What we see in the west in experience as “normal” is in fact wholesale decadence.
      The problem is the men who let this happen.
      If a women who was hot at the day of marriage gets fat and ugly – it is the man who is to blame because he did let her.
      The man is the captain of his house and has the responsibility to keep his crew in check. Women getting fat/ugly is a shit test.

      1. If you are getting out there and staying fit it is a double motivation for your woman. First is just going to the gym with her and second is the dread game factor if your SMV is getting much higher than hers.
        I have read somewhere that there might be an evolutionary reason for the “fat and married” phenomenon: when you get married you gear up for child bearing/rearing and the ability to survive a period of scarcity. But again, Chinese wives slim right back down and they are like a 6th of the female species, so what gives?

        1. *Science* says: When there is a famine, it is the fat people who die first.
          Married with a beta = fat wife
          Married with an alpha = slim and good looking even after several children and 35+
          Why? The first has nothing to gain, the second everything to loose.

      1. It is a counter example. But there are plenty of postpartum women who do work hard and are able to get back some of not all of their good looks, or at the very least not let themselves go to hell.

  25. 1. Since you don’t like the female bodybuilder or fitness look and happen to have a bully pulpit as a ROK writer, your view rules supreme?
    2. If you are a woman and don’t draw the ace in the genetic lottery or were brought up a household that had fast food or microwavable box meals all of time you oughta consider eating the end of your gun.?
    I call bullshit.

    1. You may not like it but that does not change the fact.
      In old times people knew that your birth was important. It was only the new age shit that did shit into people’s brains the false hope that “all humans are made equal and have equal chances”; what a crap.
      Hot women have it 10 000 times easier than ugly ones.
      Rich white kids have it 10 000 times easier than poor negros in south sahara africa.
      US people and EU people have it easier than south american born people.
      The list goes on and on.
      Your birth and your youth and your social and geographical standing all matters.
      If all you got is 7-2 dont expect to be on equal footing with A-A; you are not.

  26. While I realize that this article was written in a serious tone, the only thing that was going through my head the entire time I was reading it was this:

    And I’ve no idea why.

  27. Tbh men don’t try and are generally really gross??? i am in tears this website is hilarious. Good article bye :^))))))

  28. I just moved to an area where there is a local market that seems to provide the worst foods imaginable…you can’t go down the aisles without finding processed foods, “instant meals” or pseudo nutritious crap everywhere. Not coincidentally, most of the people i would see in there ranged from obese to morbidly obese or on occasion potentially emaciated.
    Needless to say, i stopped going there.
    There is a “whole foods” a bit farther but every time i walk in there i feel like i’m walking into some hipster flashback and or greenpeace meeting. The store is like the political equivalent to the amityville horror for me, to say nothing of the prices.
    What i usually end up doing is going back to my old market. Their food seems fresh and the extra distance is worth it.
    Anyway i agree that a formative diet plays an important part of a Woman’s anatomy. Even if a porker manages to lose all the weight she accumulated during her life, she will likely need beaucoup bucks to undo all the damage done to her physiology by her former fatty self.
    Pregnancy complicates it even further.

  29. Women in 1950s averaged at 23 inch waists and these were 30-40 year old women, nowadays the average can go up to 32-36 inches.
    1. Science and tech advancement made their lives less physically demanding.
    2. They do far less household chores
    3. They eat and drink a lot more.
    Got this from an article

  30. Kelly Brooke might have nice curves.. but she’s still an abusive man-hating arsewipe. I’d sooner do the bodybuilder, at least there’s a chance I won’t wake up with my nuts in a blender.

  31. There is much truth to this. I see more and more guys dressing well, working out, learning game, and the chicks get fatter and lazier, the more we improve ourselves, the fatter and lazier and more picky they get.

  32. The top three are terrible pics. Those girls are all way too fat. NOT hot.
    Also, I never thought about the gym statement before: the hottest girls I ever dated were super slim and never went to the gym. Maybe they got on an elliptical or went for a jog once in a while, but that’s about it. That being said, the hottest girls I ever dated were damned thoughtful about what they ate and how they groomed themselves.

  33. As a natural bodybuilder, I am 40 with 4 children… I do not agreed with some stuff here, but I respect your view, I see your point and I like your arguments and comparisons of the way society, have changed our fisicals expectations btw, I am working hard to look “GROSS” SINCE I CANT HAVE MY TEENAGER BODY BACK 😉

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