Interracial Dating for Indian Men

Thanks to the work of the Roosh V Forum’s Indian Race Troll, the subject of brown men and interracial dating has come under a lot of scrutiny. My fellow brown writer bojangles wrote an excellent post entitled “6 Things Indian Guys Have To Understand When Learning Game” where the first point and perhaps most critical point he made was that brown men need to let go of limiting racial beliefs and insecurities if they want to improve their game. As showcased by the once endless stream of “Do girls from X country like Indian men?” questions, there clearly exists a subset of Indian men who are anxious about whether or not they will have success dating non-Indian girls.  This post will explore the in’s and out’s of game for brown men, exploring both the causes and the solutions for their problems with dating interracially.

Full disclosure before we proceed: I am an extremely Westernised brown guy from a non-Indian background, but am mistaken for one half the time so I consider myself qualified to help my fellow brown men out. Men of other races, particularly East Asian men will also benefit from this post to a certain extent.

Is Racism The Problem?

One of the most common insecurities among brown guys asking for game advice is that non-brown girls and in particular, white girls are racist against brown men in terms of dating. Now I want all of you to picture the most stereotypically racist type of person you can think of in the Western world. Whether it’s indeed true or not, the vast majority of readers just pictured something along the lines of an elderly, rural white man (riot in the comments from the HBD’ers in 3,2,1)… Now imagine the stereotypically least racist type of person you can think of.

A young, urban, single white women probably came to mind. The bleeding heart liberal, SWPL type of white girl, who are a dime a dozen in the places where brown people congregate most densely in the West: the major cities of England, Canada, Australia and New Zealand as well as the San Francisco Bay, New York and Washington D.C metropolitan areas of the United States. The type of women that some brown men think they cannot sleep with due to racism are the least racist cohort of people in the world, and probably of all of human history so far. Since these are the girls that Indian men will have to approach the most as they improve their game, racism is not the primary issue here. Hell, the latest fad for hipster white girls at the moment is wearing bindi’s on their forehead, not to mention the popularity of Indian culture and yoga among the SWPL types.

Many Indian and Asian men starting out in game use racism as a defence mechanism to rationalize and distance themselves from the damage inflicted to their ego by their first rejections on approaches. Even I, a completely Westernized brown guy who’d already been dating white girls before I started cold approaching had that thought creep into my head a few times early on while doing direct daygame on the street. This lingering thought of “Is she not talking to me because I’m brown?” comes from the exact same place as does looks, age and height insecurities do. It is your rationalization hamster tricking you into believing you will never be able to improve your success with women due to whatever insecurity you have so that you won’t exert the time and energy that it takes to improve. Your mind is your greatest enemy here and to get over that, you simply just have to approach a lot.


Does Skin Tone Matter?

When the Indian Race Troll was unmasked, a number of guys commented about how light an Indian he was, mistakenly assuming that many brown men’s lack of success with women of other races stems from their darker skin tone. This always seemed preposterous to me because white women where  I come from have a reputation overseas for having a thing for African American men. In reality, it is not the darker pigment that is responsible for Indian men’s interracial dating troubles. Darker brown guys are actually more likely to date white women.

At first I thought it was because of being able to pull off “black guy swag” (all those years of being called “ma nigga” by suburban white kids who’ve never met a black guy will not have been in vain!), but then I realized that it is (at least partially) because Muslim and observant Sikh Desi men are lighter skinned (since they’re from North of the subcontinent) and those two groups very rarely date out. As such, the skin tone of brown men dating out actually skews darker than brown male population as a whole. Other than that though it makes no difference. The portion of girls who are closed off to dating brown guys don’t give a damn whether you’re on the lighter or the darker side.

The Culprit Is Indian Culture

So then why do some Indian men struggle with non-Indian women? First off it should be noted that it’s not like South Asian men are the only guys who struggle with dating. The vast majority of guys of every race have poor game.

It’s because of their culture. South Asia’s cultures produce the most beta men of anywhere on the planet after East Asia. Young brown men are conditioned from birth to study hard to get into a good college and then get a prestigious white collar job (preferably Doctor or Engineer) with which they can fund a mortgage and buy a Mercedes with their well educated wife of the same religious background as them. Rosca from the Roosh V Forum nailed it when he said about my own parents that “they’re trying to make you beta”.  Brown parents purposely try to produce beta sons and they are quite good at doing it.

Many brown parents will tell their Western raised sons that white women are sluts who never cook or clean (I was basically taught Red Pill 101: Introduction to Western Women from a rather young age), but never have an ill-word to say about brown girls, who can be raging sluts to rival their white neighbours if raised in a Western country. This, in combination with Bollywood movie storyline’s cause Indian men to place their own women on gigantic pedestals, but also see non-Indian women as out of reach.

This is compounded by the fact that not only do brown people congregate in a few cities, they also congregate heavily in certain neighbourhoods and schools, creating a generation of native born FOB brown boys with predominantly South or East Asian friends with whom they perpetuate their FOBness while having little to no contact with the mythical white woman, who they are also unlikely to mingle with in their Engineering or I.T college classes or work places. People want what they can’t have. What is rare has more value to them. As such, they have now placed white and brown girls on two distinct pedestals.

Don’t Act Fresh Off The Boat

The more culturally Fresh Off the Boat one is, the more this is the case. There tends to be a direct correlation with how culturally attuned an Indian is to his ancestral background to how worse he’ll do with Western women, simply because their traditional mindset, it’s ensuing pedestalization and overall betaness are a massive turn off for them. Incidentally, I have met a couple FOB brown men with hot girlfriends who migrated from relatively traditional Southern Europe, which is something you’ll rarely see in the English speaking world. Roosh explicitly states in Bang Ukraine that Indian men also do well with Ukrainian girls, a sign that the traditional mindset of most Indian men that Western women detest is something that women in non-feminist countries may actually prefer.

The damage that FOBness does to Indian men’s game is why Americans seem to have by far the lowest opinion of Indian’s game out of any country, as Indian Americans tend to be much more recent arrivals and make a smaller portion of the population there than say in the U.K, where one can meet thoroughly Westernised third generation Indians whose ancestors have lived there since the 1960’s. Should the flow of new immigrants come to a halt, the collective game of Indian men would climb rapidly as they Westernize, break out of their enclaves and abandon their traditional views on sexuality morality which stunts the development of their game.

Aparna Bajpai 3

So What Is The Solution?

Unless you live in a predominately brown country (good luck, you’re going to need it), even if you want to get a girl from your own background in the end to settle down with you’re going to have to approach a large volume of girls to improve your game, which necessitates gaming girls of other races.  Accept that the reason you might not do well with girls of other race is about YOUR lack of game and YOUR limiting beliefs and racial insecurities, which instantly dry women’s pussies. Admit that you might suck, all the guys of other races just starting out suck too. Working on losing any accent you may have is very important, although most recent migrants who still have accents would rather marry a plain jane Indian doctor and start a family than learn game so that will not apply to most of you. Replace your glasses with contacts or get laser eye surgery. Most of you will also need to drastically change your wardrobe.

Sexy Stereotype Yourself

Why? Because Indian (and Asian) men have such a high proportion of beta males among them that white women sometimes automatically think you’re beta. If you are dressed like the average dude, girls will assume you are an average (read: geeky beta) Indian. If you’re swole and wearing a tank top or are rocking an urban, punk, indie, metalhead, hipster or any other kind of distinct look you will pique her interest due to your rarity and escape much of the negative beta connotations you’ll get for dressing like the average guy does. Having girls blatantly checking out your sweet style isn’t going to hurt you on your path to purging yourself of your racial insecurities either. Young guys generally have an easier time standing out with a little dress sense as well due to the abysmal competition.

This will shock many American readers, but the most common interracial pairing in the English speaking Commonwealth countries involving a white woman is with a brown man. There are roughly twice as many East Asian than South Asian people in my city, yet brown men date out more heavily than Asian and Middle Eastern men and I even see a fair few Brown guy – Asian girl pairings as well now but none of the other way around. It is very easy to notice these sorts of things with scanning around for any cute girls to approach in the daytime in high traffic areas.  Personally, I think Brown and Asian guys who actually think they couldn’t get girls of different backgrounds because of their own race never leave the house much or they think “that couple doesn’t count because the guy is good looking or ripped etc.” which only proves my point that race is not a critical factor for brown guys in dating.


You May Have To Put In More Work

I am not going to lie to you and say that race does not matter at all however. There will always be some portion of non-brown girls who are either completely closed off to dating out or whose mistaken assumption that you are beta just for being Indian costs you a potential bang you would’ve gotten had you been white. These girls are usually less intelligent and less educated on average and this is also more common with girls from rural areas. Studies show exposure to another ethnic group, whether or not they are of a different race improves peoples opinions of them. Remember that most white girls in the cities where most diaspora Indians live grew up with some of them from kindergarden.

The ones who don’t know many brown guys think we all fit certain stereotypes and the assumption that you are beta right off the bat will just be something you’ll have to overcome either through game, getting ripped in the gym or doing something like getting piercings or tattoos. At the end of the day however you’re  just going to have to approach that extra % more than other guys to match their results, which in the long term will help you because the better your game gets, the less race (and a myriad of other factors) matter.

Really though, if a girl is sitting around in a bar or coffee shop open to being approached she’s not going to be suddenly become closed off when approached just because of your skin colour. You will have your shot at her just like guys of every other race will.  White girls also do not have to worry about being judged by their friends or family if they sleep with you, as there is zero social stigma for dating with a brown guy either (at least in the places where most of the Indian diaspora live), which is the biggest hurdle to interracial dating that there is.

What About Indian Girls?

My final piece of advice to brown guys is not to avoid gaming brown girls, but also to realize that they are not pure snowflakes. Take the pussy off the pedestal. Western white girls are non-traditional and promiscuous just like your mother told you, but so are a lot of Western brown girls. Brown girls prefer brown guys, even the ones with predominately white friends. The one’s that do sleep with white guys will also sleep with brown guys as well. Westernised Indian girls do however detest the  FOBish Indian men just like their white sisters do. This is why brown guys who say they struggle with white girls actually struggle with every race of girl, because they have no game. Even if they woke up the next day as a white dude called Steve they’d still suck with girls.

Brown people tend to not hit up nightlife all that much, so when you do spot a hot brown girl in the bar or club make a beeline for her if there aren’t many other brown guys in the venue. There are a lot more attractive ones than stereotypes would lead you believe (the quality is much higher among the diaspora than it is on the sub-continent itselfF) and there are many who are remarkably feminine despite being raised in the West. Every guy has a type or number of different types of girls that he’ll have a niche in. By default, brown girls will be one of those niches for you by virtue of being brown yourself. The other types of girls you may also have a niche in will come down to individual variance, but I encourage you to push the boundaries and approach all different types of girls as well beyond the girls you already do best with.

In Conclusion

You never know, you may well be the first cool, fun, extroverted “Alpha” brown guy without an inferiority complex that a girl has ever met. You are her one and only shot for her to score her Indian flag. She’ll never meet any other guy quite like you. You are the prize.

Keep dreaming IRT

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    1. Rok’s least credible writer strikes again, seriously, given the recent history of irts was this article really necessary?

      1. Our “least credible writer” wrote a post called “Is Zyzz a Role Model Or A Bad Influence” which is one of the most popular posts (top 5) on the site.

      1. Interesting that that article is so popular, probably has a lot more to do with Zyzz being such a polarising figure than the quality of the article, anyhow taste is objective, the previous articles i have read by this guy have not appealed to me but that’s all good,

    2. I agree. Like the previous article on this topic pointed out, putting white women up on pedistals is one of their biggest problems to begin with.
      This attitude becoming a social norm that is well known among white women is probably the biggest reason that most indian and asian men have their lives on “hard mode” from birth. Although I wouldn’t say that it’s the only reason.

    3. Everybody scroll down and read my comments at 9:10 and 9:27 pm Feb 8.
      Indian guys, even FOBs, CAN get non-Indian girls. They just don’t know where to look.
      And if that’s IRT in the photo he’s got some good raw material to work with. He just needs to get rid of the bangs, grow his hair out, slick it back, and dress in a cool east-west fusion fashion, like kurta with jeans.
      Go for the John Abraham look and hit up the yoga centers;

  1. If you can dance like those fellows on your marvelous Bollywood musicals you don’t need any “game”.

  2. interracial dating statistically is pretty small. ive seen and met very few brown/asian men with white woman pairings. of that is almost always with white girls who are 6s and below. most attractive white girls are getting offers from attractive/sucessful white men to an extent dating outside of their race is an idea they dont have to entertain.
    as a white person raised around SWPL I dont find them to be less racist than the hillbilly, its just the hillbilly is more honest. most of my cohorts were raised in all white neighborhoods, when to all white schools through university and work and live in racially homogenous environments. most of their friends and dating is generally of a similar race. now i dont think they wont out hang out with members of other races but they (members of other races) need to be 100% socialized to the ways of SWPL. so even many 2nd generation immigants will have difficulty in adjusting to the cultural ways of SWPL.
    but even if indian/asian guys get 100% westernized they still will have to overcome all of the negative stereotypes. its going to be an uphill battle. heres a link that brings scientific validy to the small dick stereotype indian guys face.

    1. well to be fare, india has a malnutrition rate of 23%(some parts like adra pradesh are over 60%,worse than ethopia) and more than half of babys born underweight and about 45% of kids are underweight.
      the lilttle guy down below needs food to grow big and strong

    2. “but even if indian/asian guys get 100% westernized”
      Women like me who love Indian culture don’t want 100% westernized Indian men. I’m running away from my own degraded and shallow “western culture” so why would I want a man who swallows the stanky kook aid?
      ” they still will have to overcome all of the negative stereotypes.”
      They are stereotyped as mama’s boys and its true because their culture is extremely family oriented (which is one of the things us goris with a desi fetish love about India and Indian people). Nevertheless it is quite extreme but the only thing Indian men have to do is move out of their parents home as soon as they can in adulthood and then not move their parents back in with him when he marries. The joint family living system really is the only major thing that prevents us American goris with a desi fetish from marrying Indian men.
      “its going to be an uphill battle. heres a link that brings scientific validy to the small dick stereotype indian guys face”
      Anecdotal but the biggest penises I’ve ever seen in real life were Indian. And I’m including real life black guys in that mix too. No comparison to the Desi Lingam. India has over 500 million men within its borders so yeah, you will get plenty of men with all sizes of penises, including small.

      1. you white people have no identity of your own that’s why us Indians stay the hell away from you because we don’t like you nor do we like your lifestyle period!

        1. Which is totally why it’s said that in India, white supremacy is a dominant ideology.

  3. “You are her one and only shot for her to score her Indian flag.”
    Sorry, but I doubt there are many attractive white girls looking to score an Indian flag. Arab or North African? Quite possibly. Indian or South Asian? No.

  4. First of all, it’s isn’t “racist” to prefer the girls of one race to the girls of another. I think that, physically speaking, black girls are simply not that attractive. Nor are most Mexicans unless they have mostly white blood. I’m obviously not alone in that opinion, most men will admit it. It doesn’t mean I hate them people any more than it means I hate men because I’m not gay. Likewise if white girls are not physically attracted to Asian men than it’s not “racism.” Plus, I want my children to look like me, not like Whoopi Goldberg or Ceaser Chavez.

    1. true stick within own race but you whites are ugly and stink carry polluted genes and are duds.why cant you stay out of non white lands.

  5. I really don’t see why Indian men would want to date white girls. They are sluts. So are some Indians but a significant number of them are culturally conservative. You seem to assume that Indian men don’t desire white women because they are too “beta” for them. I think a lot of them are telling the truth, they don’t want SWPL white women because they are sluts. After all isn’t the whole point of this website to complain about SWPL white women? So why is it so unreasonable when Indian men do it? Even when they screw the SWPL white women they only want to marry culturally conservative Indians.

    1. Everyone is an individual. I have seen some American born desi girls who are super sluts and some white women who were homeschooled and raised in strict Christian homes who were virgins until they married (the Duggars come to mind). Statistics are of no relevance to an individual circumstance.

    2. The funny thing is that all Indians/non-White Asians will say this ‘slut’ thing to excuse their lack of success with white women, and their obedient, non-masculine behavior in front of their relatives when it comes to choosing a spouse independently. Indian men are always attracted to white women and end up not marrying them first off because non-Indian women would rarely marry a man who has all desi traits (physically unattractive, submissive to his family, etc.). Yes, the majority of American women are sluts and all that, but not other women (Eastern Europeans, non-Indian Asians, etc.). So your theory is a bit biased, perhaps because you don’t know exactly what the deal is.

      1. You are judging entire 600 million men based on the actions based on few.
        Indian men are only sexually attracted to white women, they don’t find them marriage material.
        If i could get a better well behaved conservative Indian women then why the hell would i want a pill popping white feminazi? At the end of the day, no sane man would want to go through a painful divorce.
        It’s similar to shaming white men who go for thai wife.

        1. I think it is you who is judging the actions of 600 million men based on the actions of a few. Did you personally conduct interviews with each and every indian man, to find out that he is only physically attracted to white women, while he deems indian women worthy of marriage?
          Of course you cannot compare marriage with sexual attractiveness. What attracts a man is his biological instinct to procreate and spread his seed- he is instantly attracted to what he considers a ‘superior’ gene pool- white skin, blue eyes, facial symmetry, etc.
          Marriage isn’t an instinct, is a social behavior. Of course that a conservative man will not want to marry a woman who’s had sexual partners, who is most likely to get a divorce if things go bumpy, who wouldn’t accept all his relatives living in the same house, etc.
          I did not contradict your opinion on frequency of marriages v. ‘dating’. Statistically speaking, the majority of people are most likely to date and marry within their own genetic pool, as well as within their ‘nationality’ and next-of-kin. Duh.
          I was referring to the ‘supreme desire’ thing. Biologically speaking, any man of any race would be more inclined towards white women, as they are considered the ‘ultimate’ ‘trophy’. Yes, not all white women are beautiful and not all non-white women are ugly, but the majority is considered as such.
          Whatever happens afterwards, is just social constructions that obviously limit the behavior of people. I doubt there’s a high demand for Indian men within the ‘marriage-seeking’ white woman community. Dealing with a completely different culture, doting on in-laws, etc. Personally, I’d never marry an Indian man, unless he was fabulously wealthy, precisely to escape that social imposition that his background would bring forth. I wouldn’t date an Indian man for the same reason, but I am from Eastern Europe thus non-feminist so I’m a different case.

        2. i hear eastern europe women are the best mix of all. one lucky guy. Modern Indian women are all sluts. atleast to extent you cant trust them at all. They are actually worse than sluts who give pleasure for money. they give pain while leeching off their prey.

        3. You are saying that white skin and blue eyes show superior gene pool. Well I don’t think so. The main reason that Indian men get attracted to different eye color etc.(not all maybe some) is because different eye colors are rare among Indians and it’s human nature to go for something that is rare.

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        5. actually Indian women do NOT have flaws .Indian women are the most monogamous women on the entire planet they don’t have high divorce rates nor infidellity,they don’t try to be the centre of the spotlight nor do they care about are just jealous of indian women and that is truly your own problem that’s why you scum are declining because you are miserable parasites who cant face the fact that you are the most dysfunctional people on the planet.our women don’t go trying to be someone they are not nor do they go pissing other races off they keep to their own business and don’t give two shits what you have to say or do.

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        7. Big butts are rare among Indian women but you don’t hear about Indian men lusting after African American women. White women have a genetic feature to their face that is designed to illicit commitment in their males. Blue eyes are designed to lower tensions in other humans because it forces the observing human to study more of the iris. When women have blue eyes it becomes a super signal of femininity.

      2. Indian men FOB ones though sexually less experienced don’t engage in causal sex unless they see them building a LTR. Some India guys refused sex with other Indian girls because they were not sure they are going to be married in future. Indian men FOBs know that they can get an Indian girl who is educated who will cook, clean for them, will be loyal and respectful. She may not be as sexy as white girl but sexual compatability is never top priority for Indians. Building a family which is stress free, peaceful and tranquil where he can aim to be the CEO of the company. Here you have the American dream for an Indian.

        1. actually white girls are UGLY they look like the opposite gender with masculine bodies.indian women look feminine and slim.

        2. Indian girls ain’t what they used to be, they’re white worshipping sloots these days.

        3. Yeah but I’d rather go for a white girl instead of a white worshipping Indian sloot that hates Indian men and puts white men above her own men because of her daddy issues.

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        1. Wow. Your description of white women (which I am) is really disgraceful. If that is you in the picture, believe me honey, you are no prize and you surely don’t look like Brad Pitt baby. I am also glad that you seem to know what women want exactly. Obviously, they don’t want YOU and that is why you are talking like you are. Very obvious.

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    3. White girls at least know that they’re sluts. They don’t have a 500% entitlement complex like Indian girls. Indian girls act like they are pure virginal queens who Indian men should worship the ground they walk on. They speak to Indian men like we’re their little slaves, but they hop on the c*ck of any white boy above a 5 and do anything he asks. Hypocritical c*nts. White girls are less manipulative, we know what we’re getting.

  6. P Dog’s written some good articles. Here, he does a good job giving an Indian guy the right mentality to date outside his race.

    1. Agreed. I get a lot of emails from Indian guys about game issues and now I have this article along with bojangles’ articles to send them to.

  7. I have seen a few Indian men with American chicks. It’s no big deal. One guy I know landed a very hot white chick by taking some ballroom dance classes and getting laser corrective surgery. Like anything else, if a guy can let go of his limiting beliefs, make some personal changes, and have the guts to keep fighting for what he wants, he can do it.
    The difficulty is that Indian man, like East Asian and Middle Eastern men, come from very highly structured cultural traditions that emphasize career, education, and marrying “within the tribe”. Going outside the tent is generally frowned on. It must also be said that many Indian, Middle Eastern, and East Asian mothers can be extremely overbearing and smothering. In short, these ethnic traditions tend to work against guys from these backgrounds.
    But that just means you have to work harder! In fact, I would go so far as to say that Indian culture may be the original sensual culture of the world…all you have to do is examine the sculptures on ancient Hindu temples to see this, and look at the long tradition of erotic literature in the Hindu tradition.
    One final word: who the hell is the Indian Race Troll? What did he say/do?

    1. totally agree our mothers are too over bareing
      IRT just did a lot of damage by associating how he sucks with women cuz hes brown. if he was in canada or uk he cant complain since youll see they have no problem dating out,
      any beta at home seein these posts will belive it an make matters worse for themselves….instead of seeing the improvements of others n try n emulate it

      1. Tall white male here.
        I dated an Indian girl for a couple years. She was great; no complaints. Her mother, on the other hand… (shakes head)
        Girlfriend spends the night at my place once. Seven-thirty in the morning on a Saturday, phone rings. It’s her mother. I didn’t even know how she got my number. She starts barking at me, demands to speak to that whore of a daughter. Forbids her to see me ever again.
        Shit hits the fan even worse later that month when the pharmacy accidentally sent a birth control refill reminder to girlfriend’s parents’ home address. Keep in mind, we’re both 22 yrs old at that point. The blowup was spectacular. You would think that she had gotten pregnant.
        Would NOT go Indian again. “Overbearing” doesn’t even describe parental reaction regarding sex. Her daughter wasn’t even remotely slutty — I was her first. Didn’t matter.

      2. @jaydogg
        lucky they didnt kill you two…cuz they are known for it
        first? if she didnt bleed id have my doubts…prolly first time she got caught
        surprised they didnt start calling that she should be home before dark or at the latests midnight or somethin
        doesnt make sense for them to wait till the mornin to bark at her. Did she say she was at a friends house or were u a secret she was kepin from the family

    2. I have seen a few Indian men with American chicks. It’s no big deal. One guy I know landed a very hot white chick by taking some ballroom dance classes and getting laser corrective surgery.
      I think that is the whole point: don’t be a beta toolbag. There are plenty of white beta toolbags, but India and East Asia (traditional cultures in general, in fact) have a problem in that alpha behavior is never considered “cool”. Then there’s also the little problem of their parents aborting about 15% of their sisters before they were born, so they get more desperate. Selfish NIMBYism may “work” for one’s own family, but it screws society, and eventually comes back to screw your sons as well… so any Indians reading this: do not abort your daughters.

      1. That’s what I was wondering. Indian men, if they all want to get a girlfriend, would have to date outside their race, thanks to their own imbecilic “culture.”

        1. we have no problem with marriage unlike whites do so the only imbecile is you and your filthy race.

      2. well they should gto eastern europe since there are more women than men plus they love the traditional mindest in india since bollywood was popular during soveit union

      3. Eastern Europe is only ok for better-educated higher-caste men born in the 1970s and 1980s. Otherwise, Africa or Latin America are much better options.

      4. dunno about caste(like theyd care outside of india)
        but higher income totally
        brazil phillipines n veitnam have slightly more women than men as well

    3. One of the very few reasoned and solution encouraging voices in this comments section. You really first try to understand a culture, it’s context and the real problems before commenting and don’t put derogatory comments just like that. While most people would advise just westernise, you actually point out to the part of our own heritage we can draw inspiration from. Hats off.

  8. Where do Indians fall within your HBD theory? In the UK, the children of Indian ethnicity on average in schools in the 90s were the best performers and had the highest IQ’s. Or does this somehow negate your white power and white’s are the best theory? Hell even your great leader Hitler hailed the Indians and stole their religious symbols to represent his Aryan party.
    Nice article P-Dog

    1. Maybe most Indians who immigrate to the West are Brahmins and Kshatriyas. If not, nutrition in India has been quite poor for most people until recently, which can depress IQ. South Asians and Europeans are both Caucasoids, so genetically they’re not all that different, being three times closer to each other than they are to Chinese.
      On the other hand, gypsies also came from India, and they’re definitely not the creme de la creme. But in Ireland, there’s a group called the Irish Travelers which seems to be the local version of gypsies. I dunno.

      1. Very good point.
        Not only is the country full 100’s of millions of backwards peasants (and other undesirables) the economic / technical advancement by having intelligent immigrants is greatly offset by the damage they do to the culture that created the country the want to move to so badly.
        Dumb leftism even in the manosphere. Crying about feminism yet completely blind to where it comes from and how to stop it. Fucking children–just as bad as them.

        1. that’s why America is at a debt of 18,085,826,075,242 jan 2015 right? if anyone is backwards its the white people who are on aboriginal lands called America and Canada and left the country into a 18 trillion plus debt turning the country into a sh hole like whites did in Europe that’s why they left to come to create another sh hole in America.only people backwards are white pigs who have the highest divorce are fgts and lesbians also are into beastiality and are the most disfunctional race on the planet which have false patriotism on someone else’s lands .and are jealous of other races who were robbed but still other races excell past the robbers who are white parasites.

      2. haa you the one and the last person to talk about nutrition as whites die of heartattacks and blood clots eating processed garbage and mcdonalds all the time

    2. You obviously have no understanding of HBD at all. Most serious students of HBD recognize the High-IQ of East-Asians. Jean-Phillepe Ruston wrote that the IQ of the average Indian in India was actually lower than that of whites, but only the most intelligent immigrated, accounting for the higher observed intelligence in first world countries.

      1. East Asians have slightly higher IQs, but it’s more like a high-speed computer, with much less creativity than Europeans.

      2. “Jean-Phillepe Rustonwrote that the IQ of the average Indian in India was actually lower than that of whites”
        Are you fucking kidding me ? The very fact that you admit such a simplistic view on IQ ( a subject even today debated fiercely by professionals in the field) proves yourself to be a gullible, dimwit fool who can be taken advantage of just by making him feel better where his insecurities are concerned. You are total fucktard bro!

  9. In other words, white girls are the most attractive. The women of other races aren’t as attractive and I want to bang white girls.

    1. why have indian girl when you can have a latin girl
      anyone here noticed that some of the hottest indian girls u see actually could pass for latin or european heritage?

      1. I know a half-Indian girl who looks completely white, complete with blond hair and blue eyes. I only found out when I couldn’t recognize her surname as anything European, and asked her where it came from.

      2. its rare see a india girl with good ass, this is main difference between they and latinas.

      3. lol thats what i do to tell a latina n an indian apart…just check the ass n curves….plus they dont pack hair so thats good
        usually ressive traits dont show up….then again u get girls like jacenta lal

  10. I didn’t like some of P Dog’s posts on working out, but this one is really good. In NYC I see some Indian-American guys become borderline “guidos” They work out, spike their hair, and they usually do pretty good with the ladies. It is definately the Indian computer department guys that don’t get laid. They don’t make enough effort to become Americanized.
    The IRT is not even that bad looking (no homo).

  11. Hey P Dog could you do a post about dating Indian girls
    How open are they to dating white men? I’ve seen a few
    white men and Indian girls couples so know it happens but was
    wondering if I game them the same as any other girl.

    1. not the same way….she has to be apart of the rebellous click…drink goes out at nite etc..
      other than that they dont date out….or outa the tribe/cadte/religion for that matter…n ull be a secret for a while so lotta worrk n runnin in secret

      1. Half Caste, that is simply not true. There are a plenty of Indian girls in the US, Canada and UK, who are very much into their family, culture and community who date outside of all that. Sometimes their gora boyfriends/husbands even convert to Hinduism.
        And I’ve even seen some who are really kind of “bheinjis” with super long coconut oiled hair and an awkward and old fashioned fashion-sense with gora boyfriends.
        Funny because Indians will make fun of her “village hair” while the goras absolutely love it.

      2. half indian never heard of these unknown lots from the community its quite rare espically conversion not many that r hippies like that

      3. “half indian never heard of these unknown lots from the community its quite rare espically conversion not many that r hippies like that”
        What do hippies have to do with anything? I’m talking about mainstream desi girls and mainstream non-desi guys – both with good jobs.

      4. we never see anyone turn indian.we see them turn white or westernize like to know where to spot these liberal whites.normally we see desi conformin to non desi standards. the show goodness gracious me made fun of it by havin the white wife act like traditional indian.

        1. “we see them turn white or westernize like to know where to spot these liberal whites”
          Yoga centers (not gyms that teach yoga but actual yoga centers), yoga/meditation or new agey retreats, and east-west fusion cultural events.

      5. “not the same way….she has to be apart of the rebellous click…drink goes out at nite etc..”
        Where do you live? The majority of 2nd and 3rd generation Desis around the world have social lives and go out at night. And unless they are very observant Muslims or otherwise strictly follow a religious sect that forbids alcohol, they will also drink. This is quite normal. That does not mean they are disconnected from their culture or are “rebellious” per se.

  12. Bravo. 5 star article. really good. i was hesitant at first to read because i thought it was going to be bullshit, but you covered it all. excellently.
    Now to all the brown rok readers that read this, can we let this all fucking lie now please. Please don’t bring it up again.

  13. Tania Zaetta is a whitey from Australia who has tanned herself to look Indian so she can be popular in Bollywood
    I want to be the father of her children, best she hurry her bio clock is ticking

  14. A few years ago I would have been like, yeah whatever, chase whoever you’re into, run that game and get that ass. But after seeing the full-scale genocidal efforts being put into wiping the White race out of existence, I have 2 thoughts:
    1. I don’t blame Indian men a bit for looking at guys from other races trying to bang Indian women and saying hey, fuck off. That’s not racism, that’s looking out for your own kind and essentially, looking out for yourself.
    2. Before throwing in 2 cents about how best to bang White women, White men ought to be asking why they’re accused of exploitation when trying to hook it up with anyone outside of their race but why they should be a-ok with anyone and everyone ass-hammering White women at the risk of being called racist.
    I personally get along just fine with Indian people, but as long as we’re talking about who gets to fuck who, it seems like a valid concern.

    1. Agreed. They’re trying very hard to eliminate us. But they will not. I think it’s immoral of a guy to even try to bang outside his own racial group. To even think that thought, feels disturbing.

      1. Well, I mean if a guy is really walking tall, like Ghengis Khan style, I mean I could see breaking off some extra-racial strange just to cement your dominance (“if we can’t ‘get’ them out, we’ll ‘breed’ them out).
        Eeer-regardless, no one expects people to be OK with it, unless its White guys, then you better be OK with it or its your picture on the news with lots of hand-wringing and talk of re-education…but I digress.

      2. >I think it’s immoral of a guy to even try to bang outside his own racial group
        dude so that pretty much goes against the entire work travel fuck lifestyle that roosh created and rok readers love

      3. Knuckle and Prince Charles, exactly “who” do you thing is trying to “eliminate” you? Most ethno-cultural groups around the world marry and mate with their own, even if some of them date outside. There’s not a huge out-marry % amongst Indians, in fact its very small. They are certainly not trying to “water down” anyone’s gene pool.
        If white people are not attracted to and marrying each other, its not their fault. But you are wrong there too. The majority of white people marry and/or mate with other white people from their own ethno-cultural group, just like everyone else. Now, if you say you are not producing babies at replacement rate, that could be argued and its true. But that’s nobody else fault but your own.
        If you want to have lots of babies – go on and do it. The bottom line is that you don’t. Those who do – ARE.

        1. whites are just butthurt because they have penis envy short dk rage,their women have low birthrates and polluted wombs also abnormallities shingles melanoma cancer and their men are impotent with erectile difficulties that’s why their white women go for black dk. also majority of white women have breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

        2. Yeah, black guys have huuuuuge dicks:
          Also, if white women have bad wombs, how the hell do you explain the fact that in India everyday, some baby with about 4 legs is born? Also, white women have low birth rates because white countries are more richer, same thing with Japan. Its birth rate is basically non-existent now.

      4. you british are foul and stink damn right we will breed you out of existence your crook race deserves to be extincted.

      5. As a white man a gave up white women skanks a few years back and only banged, asian, indian, latino and black women. All I can say is dang I wasted many years these chicks really love the white meat they love me even more than white women do, its like I got the magic meat and I love giving it to them nothing is as hot as interracial relationship.

        1. No problem and it wasnt hard to leave white skanks forever, I don’t like fat chicks

        2. My pleasure. I feel sorry for Indian guys in a way they come here just like any dude they want to bang some chicks. Hey we all do. They dont realize with White women they will be taking black dudes sloppy 347th. I couldn’t have anything to do with a white woman agaian ever. I know how many black dudes they have banged and they probably have aids. A white woman is only going to leech off of an Indian to work and pay for her, she will be sneaking around behind his back banging black dudes while hes working, Ive known many white women this is the fact. Sorry I dont think even these loser dorks have any interest in overweight old white chicks that have banged hundreds of black dudes.

        3. May I ask who you’re referring to? Your wife of 10 years? You’d bang anything with a pussy, they don’t know you, I do. Would your WHITE daughter like to read your posts? Holy shit Andy, what’s wrong with you? And white women don’t always vote wrong, YOU KNOW HOW I VOTE. No skype for you. Easy for you to talk about white women leeching off dudes when you’re doing the same thing to your Japanese wife.

    2. Indians and South Asians are actually a Mixed Race, there is no “pure Indian race”. Their bell curve is weatish/dusky brown HOWEVER I have seen very fair/off white Indians and Pakistanis/Afghans (actually quite common in North-West India/Kashmir/Pak/Afghan)…. There is therefore no Indian race “per-se”.
      I agree with you and Prince Charles, they are trying to Elimimate or at least deconstruct Whites via Immigration, as the Global Elites feel we are the greatest obstical towards their NWO and Satanic Globilistic fantasy!
      However they never realized Importing Low IQ savagaes to the west will actually undermined this endovour and put themselves in danger. I reckon in the next 15 years the West will have major restrictions on Immigration + we will have a Global war (WW3)!

  15. great post! i think one thing that could be added (which might be unhelpful for indian guys) is that bouncers at nightclubs are often racist and if you get two indian guys together chances are that they are not coming in (so split the fuck up).

  16. this IRT must have done a lot of damage to your forum, this is the third article you have dedicated to him
    you could just let Indians post a thread on your forum about what countries they have well in and how they have improved their game or whatever, lots of other Indians can learn a lot from it
    but no, only black guys have that privilege

    1. there is…there niche is fsu since thsy traditional an had exposure to bollywood
      norway sweden are very liberal about xatin outside there race that they have to try it.out
      russell peters says ireland is good since its white so u ll be exotic like any homogeneous nation
      southern Europe wilbe worth a try since they conservative
      Latin America they’ll blend in as alocal
      Asia Japan is their best bet since gotta Japanese guys don’t date
      Singapore is conservative but moat interacial is an indian grroom chinese bride

  17. I am the same skin color as the typical Indian but I am a Latino. Never got what their issue is. You see so many Indians whining on forums about not being able to get laid while Latinos who are the same color as them enjoy about the same success with women as any other minorities, in some cases even White men. Like you can do an article on that since you guys have done like three articles now on Indian men and interracial dating. Indian men should start getting more Latino friends and asking them how it is done because even I have mistaken Indians and Latinos for each other.
    I saw your forum post on IRT, was on an online dating site about a few days back and look what I found.
    Guy got into so obviously some women are finding him attractive.

    1. So someone used that picture to put a guy up on beautifulpeople,com and here RVF is making fun of the guy’s appearance. The guy in the picture isn’t even me but ah well, who cares. Sucks that the guy (whose picture never even made it to RVF until someone dug it out) is going to have to explain some shit and it is going to hit him like a ton of bricks because he is going to “WTF” when his employer brings it up.
      Then again, Roosh is probably going to have a lot to explain too, he is listed on Southern Poverty Law Center and his name is on Stormfront of all forums. WHEW!

  18. Some of the advice is off.
    You say the young liberal girls (who are White) growing up in big cities don’t care about race, you are so wrong about that. From my experience, I have been exotic (East Asian here btw) to girls from rural towns because they had never seen an Asian or many other minorities before. The girls from the big cities will talk about equality, mixing races, and all that but most will almost always hook up with White men. Seen it myself dude, these are the same kind of girls who think Asians, Indians, or foreign men are beta because they have been exposed to so many foreign men that are beta. On the other hand, the girls living in places like Iowa for example who haven’t even seen a Brown or Asian guy that often don’t know what to think so a Westernised guy of those two backgrounds can absolutely clean up.
    At first I thought I was crazy for thinking this way but it is so true. If I was to give an Indian guy advice, I would tell him to go to a place where they don’t have many Indians as opposed to I don’t know, London? where Indian men are in large numbers and the average girl has a bad perception of them.
    As for African American men being liked, it is because of good stereotypes shown by the media. Girls try them out for the size stereotype and that helps them, it doesn’t work for other minorities. Who knows though, maybe 20 years from now another minority group becomes the new Black men.

    1. There’s a big difference between say Iowa and Mississppi. Where I live the people who don’t interact with minorities much (ie rural people) are way more xenophobic than the urbanites.
      My niche is the big city artsy/hipster liberal type which are a dime a dozen here. They have zero issue with Asian guys dude. Dating a non-white guy is probably some badge of honour amongst them.
      And the media perception of brown guys is much more beta than they are in reality. The ones who know a lot will know that not all of them are beta, especially once Westernized.
      Captain Power mentioned guido like brown girls in NYC, people see the exact same type where I am but never in the media. Girls who don’t know any brown guys think they’re all FOB engineers with negative game.

      1. “Girls who don’t know any brown guys think they’re all FOB engineers with negative game.”
        True – I’m a British Indian guy in the US and I’ve more than a few girls tell me they’d never give me the time of day if I was a FOB. They’re pleasantly suprised when they see me speak – British Indian guys are very rare in the US.
        Guys, you have to realise is that the Indian FOBs in the US are the Indian nerds! I’ve got plenty of relatives who were born and raised in India, who are now in Eastern Europe and banging white girls. These guys are not educated at all, they drink, do drugs and screw around!
        In my experience Indian guys born and raised in the west have no issues with white girls. As a kid in the UK, all of my Indian male friends had white gfs and it wasn’t considered unusual at all. Many of my Indian friends have white wives.
        If you grow up around white people and see white girls every day, then you won’t pedestalise them. To FOBs, white women are exotic! It’s not safe for a white woman to travel alone in most parts of India

        1. Fell fuck the FOB attitude! (well I’m a resident Indian, but just in case I migrate someday).

      2. “Guys, you have to realise is that the Indian FOBs in the US are the Indian nerds!”
        Puh-lese. Scroll down and read my comment at the bottom. Indian guys have a lot of potential but they need the right kind of gori to guide them.

        1. only nerds are whites as well you people are gay why is it your women go for blacks over you white pee wee herman looking mofos!

        2. ” right kind of gori to guide them.”
          Thats funny really. You goris have been guiding your own goras for last 40 years or so and look what it has lead to. The existence of sites like this is proof that your own “homeys” are starting to lose faith in the guidance their “chicks” have to have offer them about the “broads”.

        3. Yes, we prefer white girls to white worshipping Indian sloots who sleep with (only) white men in college and then marry a traditional Indian guy, act like the prude Indian wife, but cheat on him with white c*ck the whole time.

  19. I will end by saying this. It might also be the last comment I make on the blog.
    You guys have done more than enough to help Indian men out there. At the end of the day, some people’s mindsets are so fucked up that no amount of help in the world will do them any justice other than just doing the shit. It is up to Indian readers and other minorities to get off their ass and take action. Quit worrying about what other Indian guys are doing and JUST DO YOU. 3 posts about Indians are more than enough and certainly losing you guys A LOT of readers who think you are obsessed with race as this IRT you claim to be.
    Soon those guys trolling forums about being Indian will either change and do shit about their lives or be desperate loners for everywhere. You guys have done more than enough. You have let one Indian guy drive you to making 5+ threads about him on your forum, 3+ blog posts, and wasting your time with detective work. You have done more to help Indian men than any other PUA blog out there but lets quit the nonsense and make posts which aren’t related to race shall we?
    There is nothing PUAs or anyone can do to help people who just have failure stuck on their minds.
    Now if any of you want to chat one on one with the Indian guy who you call the IRT, apparently you know where to find him and chat with him one on one and see what is up. Other than that, what more can you do right?

      1. what if this post along with a lot of other things that have happened over a long period of time were to truly get rid of the insecurity that this IRT persona you guys ridicule so much has, what then?
        because apparently a reader like me doesn’t know whether you post this stuff to help people or whether you do it to just get more viewers.

    1. ya latin america n se asia it works well with whites..indians blend in as a local there so its neutral.
      russia …indians tend to do better there but more likly to get jumped by neo nazi

  20. Gawd do we need this sort of thing on the manosphere making all Indian men look like fetishistic perverts? Guys, take note: INDIAN MEN ARE NOT WHITE WOMAN FETISHISTS.
    We are just like all other men, we like East Asian women.

    1. Indian guys and Asian girls go quite well together actually. More masculine than Asian dudes but still educated. Same with Jewish guys.

      1. Educated where? India is a continent filled with 100’s of millions of unintelligent, uneducated, eating with one hand and wiping with the other, peasants.

        1. ya that’s why india had the first university in the world nbamed takshashila located north west region right you jealous envious meathead!

        2. named typo as well that’s why before Copernicus figured the earth revolves around the sun before him 1000 years was aryabhatta, that’s why bhaskaracharya 1200 years before Isaac newton discovered the law of gravity right!

        3. ya if that’s so then how come india invented the number zero counting the numeric system the abacus the first university in the world takshashila university and also made it possible for you to be even using the internet you projecting white stinky glueheaded idiot. ya without our number system and zero internet wouldn’t exist and you wouldn’t be here typing you ignorant fool! only people stupid is whites that’s why they were never self sufficient and are always going to be regarded as self entitled crooks on aboriginal land.

      2. Only in the cities. And only amongst the millions upon millions that leave the great country of India (with its beautiful romantic culture) everyday to infest other countries with their pidgin, and arrogance when it comes to assimilation.

        1. sounds like you white scavengers I see hypocrisy hits a big note considering whites are illegal and colonized 90% of the globe why couldn’t you scourge fix your own economy back in Europe? and yes india has aboriginals too so shut up!why couldn’t whites assimilate to Indians ? better yet why couldn’t whites mind their own business and stay the f away from non whites who don’t like you in their land!

      3. British born & raised Indian guy here – Indian guys and (East Asian) girls are a good match. Indian guy-Chinese girl is a very common match in Singapore and Malaysia. I’m currently dating a Chinese girl myself.

      4. I remember an Indian guy talking about how the stewardesses on Singapore Airlines (I presume Chinese) were soooo pretty.

    2. I think its a bit true… from what I’ve observed is not so much a fetish, but a fantasy. I think its that (we) white girls might represent a taste of a life that is not pre-chosen for them. Some of it might be the cultural drive that fair skin=success (with a hint of colonialism on the side – as evidenced by “detanning” and “fairness creams”) extrapolated into a tacit scenario where if you can’t be(at) them, join (with) them. But its not a fetish really. Its a vacation from expectations.
      And I think that in some sense, my personal interest in Indian men, (while not exclusive, or fetishy- I hope) is related to languages learnt, time spent, and in some sense a similar vacation from the expectations that I am supposed to sleep with all the guys (I don’t) or that I can have wonderful relationships with an auntie and women in my family in a way that I don’t currently, that I can be with someone who is almost culturally hardwired to adore me, and also have a sense of logical compatibility, and grace and diplomacy in personal interactions.
      Is it worth the trade off? It depends. Intercultural relationships can be hard — and that is the whole point of arranged matchmaking — make it as same as possible so that its not difficult and has a higher chance of success. It depends on what you want, and as India becomes more individualistic in its goals and aims, these personal choices and how to chose the positive and leave the negative will come to the forefront.

      1. the only reason you whites are obsessed is you want to steal our culture as you already tried with trying to steal our swastika and claim you are Aryans when the rig veda mentions nothing of Aryan invasion nor Europe and there is no indo European nor Eurasia as that is a speculation theory by white scholars which got debunked because no proof no shared linguistics with asia and Europe. whites are NOT Aryans! quit embarrassing yourselves and drinking tea doing yoga and marketing a quick buck out of our inventions you are nothing.we don’t want anything to do with you! gee looks like you came to our land to pester us and other non whites .why couldn’t you piss off!

  21. My understanding is that girls of all races are uniformly turned off by Indian accent, or at the very least they don’t find it cool (unlike Italian and French accent). I am not Indian but I wonder what those guys can and should be doing about it.

    1. Indian accent is possibly the worst a guy can have – if I had one I’d get coaching to get rid of it ASAP.

      1. the worst accent would probably be some deep african one that involves clicks. or chinese.
        but yeah phonics is super important for any Fresh or FOBs coming over to the west

      2. whites are the worst people on the planet which humanity can have. when I think of white I think of thief,liars I think of non self sufficiency and these are the attributes whites have proven

      3. Well,fuck you! No amount of “accent coaching” will do you good if you are a whiny blue pill. And if you are red pill, I don’t think it matters. Just because you are a UK raised Indian whos “Indian accent” got stamped out by circumstance, just doesn’t mean you are the sole blueprint of success for all other Indians. I know men whos masculine voice timbre and whole getup that could hands down beat alot of the “unaccented” western males, white or otherwise in terms of sheer Alphaness.
        I’m bloody proud of my (staccato, educated) Indian accent and if any lady considers that as a minus, then she may go to hell for all I care.

    2. coming from a white trash which has his women taken by blacks that’s highly comical we stick to our own women and you need to go back to Europe seriously go fix your own economy leech!north America is Asiatic peoples land.

        1. uh no its not! Indians don’t want you here retard! haven’t you heard on the news about the 9 cop cars torched the idle no more movement and also the shirt they made which says GOT LAND? THANK THE INDIAN! which you white scum are so cussed out about because it is TRUE! nothing you say on social media holds any validity as we all know whites who pretend to talk for natives always start the comments by natives licking white a$$ when natives hate your guts!

    3. everyone is turned off by you white shapeless pink bastards as you have cancer and other abnormalities ,your whole history is about diseases scurvy syphilis venereal diseases recessive genetic defect of a reject!

    4. Nothing I repeat NOTHING!!!! That would be like someone telling you to change your accent or something else about you. It’s stupid and not even far or cool for you to suggest that. Whomever doesn’t like Indians because of their accent or just doesn’t like their accent needs to get over themselves, get a life and a clue.

    5. really their accent ?
      Its no different than any other one
      But hollywood made it an issue when that fat ass creator of the Simpsons decided to mock it
      Indians should kill that fat ass racist

      1. And the creator of big-bang theory too. Rajesh (that was his name right?)sounds gay and always on the verge of tears.

  22. I’m like the complete opposite of you guys. I’m white but most of the girl I’ve been with have been Indian. Not sure what it is but something pulls me toward them, especially those of the northern variety. Maybe it’s a cultural thing or b/c not to many white guys flirt with them but a good amount get really excited when I talk with them.
    And if she still has the accent… Boner city.
    Though I don’t plan on settling with any of them (maybe just a casual LTR). They’re good girls and all but recessive genes and all that, I want my kids to resemble me.

    1. casual ltr …good luck
      in their culture they lookin to marry as soon as possible…lotta investment mun

  23. “The Culprit Is Indian Culture”
    Yes and no, depending on which aspect of Indian culture you are talking about.
    Since my childhood years I’ve been fascinated with Indian culture and Indian religious and philosophical traditions. In high school a very handsome Sikh boy (FOB) was enrolled and while some of the kids made fun of him, all of us girls thought he was “cute”. It took me a few months but I befriended him and ended up going to Gurudwar with his sisters. I loved it. The sense of meaning, depth, cultural cohesiveness. The beautiful clothing and music. THE FOOD! I loved all these aspects of the “culture”.
    What I didn’t like was the arrogance of some of them, their prejudice, the hold the mother has over adult sons, etc.
    I didn’t date this boy per se, but we became good friends and I crushed on him hard. He was shy so I made the first move and we kissed. Our “dates” consisted of meeting at the Gurudwar for japaji and kirtan. He was sweet and sentimental, something that my romantic teenage heart craved.
    Anyway from that point on I was “hooked” on Indian guys. Lucky for me I went West to college in Cali and there they all were! I actually preferred the FOBs to the Americanized 2nd genners because they were more in touch with their culture and I could attend all the super cool Sikh and Hindu cultural events with them. I studied Hindu philosophy like mad, very profound. The aesthetic culture also, very deep, not stupid trash like American pop culture. But again I faced a WALL when it came to these guys’ families and the control the parents exert over grown men!
    I eventually ended up going to India for 1 month and extending my stay to 6. I met some very nice people and handsome men there too! But again there’s always a WALL that eventually comes up.
    My sole piece of advice to Indian guys: Don’t reject your amazing culture for American trash culture in order to attract trashy women. Keep your beautiful religions and traditions and music and dance and poetry and food and, and, and…. however try to become a little bit independent from your families and establish yourselves as sovereign adults.
    Although that’s a catch 22 too because one of the things we love about Indian culture IS the family orientedness. We American women into Indian stuff are usually looking for worldly and open minded men who are free enough to travel the world with us, yet commitment oriented enough to offer true romance and love and believe that marriage and family is forever. That is a huge selling point for us “desi deewana” goris.
    So what you need to do is make sure you move out of your parents home, giving them a clear message that you are your own man, but maintain close enough ties so that they feel they can trust you and you won’t lose their affection. I know, its a tight rope for a desi guy but it can be done.
    That way you will have the best of both worlds: the women you attract will be smart women who appreciate the depth of Hinduism/Sikhism and the beautiful aesthetic culture that India has to offer and you will be independent enough to actually live on your own in a cool east-west-indo-american-fusion-blend bachelor pad where you can bring us back to be alone with you and cook up some idli-sambar! You’ll also be independent enough to move in and live with us if you choose or to marry us. You must start early with this – make plans to move out as soon as you can in legal adulthood. Even if it means rooming with some other desi guys.
    Anyway, there’s lots of handsome desi guys out there under the awkwardness, they just need a gori to give them a makeover 😉
    And oh yeah – a lot of us desi deewana goris hang out at yoga centers, new age centers and basically California so you can find us there if you can break away from you exclusively desi social circles.
    And many of us are very open to living in India for some time or even permanantly as long as we can come and go from our own countries and as long as we don’t have to live in a joint family setting in India. There are some goris who are doing that now and they are miserable, so better to have your own separate place if you plan to bring your gori to India as well.

    1. this family orientedness really chews out the goras(white guys…or non desi men for that matter)
      even if she is outta the house her parents are always in the picture.The guy cant hack their shit and they divorce….the fights n drama get really bad…lotta cant handle their indian/pakistani or what other desi girl n family fighting….even the kids will hate em even more
      trust me

      1. The above goes for you too.Just havent figured out yet how to reply to multiple people in one comment on disqus yet.

    2. But you should know that Indians put family over all, and that adds to their deep, spirituality etc
      Why are you so shocked that Indian mothers are so respected by their sons?
      Would you rather we swear and cuss our mothers out like westerners ?

    3. You seem like exactly the kind of girl I’m interested in. I meditate and respect traditional Hindu beliefs but I’m very Western as I grew up in a neighborhood that was 98 percent white. I’d actually be down to get to know you more haha. Maybe you’ll see this message, maybe not.

      1. Sorry for trying to burst your bubble. But just read closely her phrasing. In nearly all of her comments she tries to define for her sake what you “should” be. Nowhere is something concrete about the things she is willing to compromise for. This seem the kind of woman who would throughout life try and dictate to you how you must be and behave just for her sake, just because she has done you the supreme favor of being a videsi who would easily go out with you instead of someone you won by virtue of mastering your own dating game.
        Also notice her continuous resentment of the hold of a mother over sons. I’m not for being controlled by anyone (even maa) but you will find bahus also resent this because it prevent s her from controlling the husband.
        Also, notice her maximum focus on the Indian culture and minimum interest on you as a person.
        Seriously guys, this may feel like a wonderful opportunity, but try not to be the next Arun Nayyar. As they say, no meal is is ever truly free.

    4. the culprit is not our culture and we certainly don’t like whites who disrespect our culture now take a hike and go marry a black man because we don’t like white people at all.

    5. maybe you should look at the root of the problem and its you white people with your arrogance and also your race robbing India.lying about history and discrediting Indians achievements and claiming it for yourself I can give you tons of examples.all races cant stand whites you mental nuts are the problem towards all colored races you whites think you so smart why aren’t you content to being with your own race and stay in Europe!.

  24. ” Western white girls are non-traditional and promiscuous just like your mother told you,”
    And this is one of the bricks in the “wall” that I mention we goris often come up against when dealing with Indians. However, those of us with a desi fetish are generally NOT promiscuous. And we are traditional in the sense that we are very interested in the traditions of India and many of us have a certain Hindu or Sikh sadhana practice that we do daily as well. However, despite all of that, because of goras like you P Dog and the women you “game” and “bang” – we are painted with the same brush in the eyes of some of the Indian guys we like or in the eyes of their families.
    My advice to desi guys is to avoid the types of blonde women in the picture posted by P Dog above. Not blondes per se but women who like they have swallowed the kool aid of mainstream western (lack of) culture and one wear bikinis in Goa, completely unaware and uncaring of the indigenous local culture.
    Your corporate makeup consuming bleached blonde bimbo is not going to be “into India”. You won’t be able to take her to a Mandir for Diwali or a Gurudwar for Vaisakhi.
    You want a bhalle bhalle girl, not an average mainstream American, and you certainly don’t want anyone with Christian leanings.

    1. No offense, but you sound like the kind of white girl many Indian guys would run a mile from. You’re too much into Indian stuff. Even though my background is Indian, I’m not religious at all

      1. No offense taken, as you are the kind of self-hating, whitewashed wannabe coconut Indian guy I wouldn’t think twice about. Goris with a desi fetish are seldom interested in desi men who are ashamed of their culture and heritage, or desi men who are Christians and observant Muslims (some of whom tend to hate their Hindu heritage).
        We prefer Hindus, Sikhs and Jains who are simultaneously proud of their culture and globally open minded enough to date and marry women who were not born into but who are favorably inclined towards it.

        1. As a Christian, non-Desi NE Indian with no Hindu ‘roots’ whatever (and who would presumably not be ‘Indian’ enough for Desi fetishists to date), I am curious – why would any self-respecting, independent person go for an LTR with a woman who sees him as an object of cultural fetish-isation?
          Overall, I think this is an excellent article. The bit about pedestrianizing Indian women was spot on and it is true even for a lot of Desi women living in the subcontinent.

        2. *pedestalising.
          I hate Firefox’s unsolicited spell check. Anyone with any ideas on how to turn it off?

        3. I understand your point and appreciate it, but you realise that Indian men in the west have taken a HUGE leap to not only leave India but to then open themselves up to the idea of marrying a non Indian girl..

        4. Damn we need more women like you period. Whether you are white or not doesn’t really matter. But it’s rare to see a person who understands the harm Muslims and Christians have done to Hindu civilization in Bharat (India).

        5. Dude, this is a site about masculine affairs. Stop trolling it with religious BS, speaking as a fellow ( resident) hindu.

        6. that’s bs I am indian living in Vancouver and I would never ever think twice about dating a white race in canada as I find them totally discusting and very ugly. I like my own indian race.why do white people care so much if indians like whites or not why don’t you white people get out of aboriginal indian land and go back to Europe thieves . we don’t like white savages who lie about history and misappropriate and market off our yoga . whites have no identity and aren’t indigenous to anywhere on the entire planet. we also don’t like your backwards way of life that’s why whites are infidels and the least monogamous race who are disfunctional with the highest divorce rates.also keep your Christian missionaries out of our country .

        7. Hey, you talking to me ? You see I could give a shit ton more of gaalis other than motherfucker so as to make you shit your pants.
          You don’t believe I’m Hindu? Well guess what – Meraa jhaaant kuch aaata jaata nahi hai ki koi aur soche ki hum Hindu nahi hai. Sala manosphere rakhne ka faida hi kya agar ham sab launde dharm ke naam pe ek dusre ka gaand mare. Aise hi saari duniya, saari media hamaari gaand maar rahi hai. Gandu zara sochke baat kar.

        8. Ha ha, very funny. You waited til the white man stole the land from the natives and then you swooped in and took advantage of the situation and culture the white man created. Not to mention that you come from a country that treated and still treats its own people horrifically. Caste system anyone? Suttee? Child brides? Bus rapes? Christians may irk you, but they often treat poor Indians in India with more love, kindness and respect than you do. No one has a monopoly on virtue and since you live in a glass house, you shouldn’t throw stones.

        9. Sure that happens after british invasion of india again it was white ppl who did dirt there india was the richest land at the time of british invasio do u know any country colonized by whites to do well you white plm are thieves disgusting in how muxh u deny this truth, killed off 200 million natives all for u arrogant white people who ran from europe like a bunch of cowards and callex urself the greatest race on earth

        10. Is your last name really “Bungaroo”? Sounds like a naughty Australian term for a naughty behavior! India was invaded and occupied by many peoples, armies, etc. The British did occupy India, and tried, and in some ways succeeded to civilize your uncivilised people. The way Indians treat the untouchable caste is an abomination. As for the way you behaved during the separation of India and Pakistan only wild dogs behavior can compare to your filthy, animal brutality.

        11. that’s BS im indian and im from canada and all the people I know who are indian stick to our own race so enough with your white bullcrap

        12. You white wastes of space were always the most savage, brutal and evil race on the planet. You were the ones who kept raking up ethnic tensions in India since the day you began our colonization. You were the ones who murdered millions of my people, Hindu men women and children. You were the ones who started a huge prostitution market in India and exploited our mothers, wives and daughters with impunity. You were the ones who enriched yourselves by bleeding our homeland dry, humiliating Indian men, objectifying Indian women and making a mockery of our culture.
          The best kind of white man is a dead white man. ESPECIALLY when it comes to Brits and Aussies. Island people syndrome monkeys.

        13. The caste system is nothing compared to the way the White race humiliated us for 250 years. Christianity is an arm of White supremacy, a way to destroy the Indian way of life and make us mentally and spiritually slaves of the White race, all their “niceness” is just farce.

  25. “Should the flow of new immigrants come to a halt, the collective game of Indian men would climb rapidly as they Westernize, break out of their enclaves and abandon their traditional views on sexuality morality which stunts the development of their game.”
    First P Dog, have you ever been to India? You would know that with the rampant “eve teasing” that goes on there most Indian men don’t have “traditional views on sexual morality” if by traditional you mean reserved, respectful and chaste. If it were up to many Indian men they’d be fucking like dogs in the streets with whomever they could get their hands on.
    However, and here’s the drawback for goris like me, their families hold complete power over them all their lives from cradle to grave. Thus if an Indian guy wants to shack up with his LTR girlfriend, or even marry her, even though both of those scenarios fall well within the parameters of sexual morality, his family will prevent him from doing so. They want to choose his bride and they want to even live with the couple!
    Please do not encourage desi guys to become cheap PUAs because that actually ruins them for good goris like me who have a desi fetish. We actually LIKE the sweetness and sentimentality that desi guys express. If they want to take it slow sexually, all the better. It allows for real passion to build.
    By encouraging desi guys to become PUAs you are only encouraging mainstream American values like clubbing, drinking, slutting, one night stands, watching stupid TV, consumerism, stupid religions with no philosophy and all the rest that’s on offer here and what gori girls with desi fetish have rejected and are running away from.
    We actually look to desi guys, especially FOBs, to bring some culture and aesthetics to our shores. Now you want to turn them into your typical, drab, boring, mainstream stupid American?!
    The only thing that desi guys need is a physical makeover, simple enough with hair, health and east-west fusion fashion tips, and to individuate themselves a bit from their parents and extended family.
    Other than those two things – Indian guys are good to go!
    Tip: Indian guys you can score a few points higher on the 1-10 scale simply by growing out your a bit ala John Abraham. See here

    1. no Indians will break their culture for you white trash so get a life! go back to Europe!

    2. “were up to many Indian men they’d be fucking like dogs in the streets with whomever they could get their hands on.”
      As a resident Indian I can tell you thats particularly offensive (but hey thats just my opinion) and completely untrue. I assure that most Indian men (despite the supposedly widespread eve teasing, don’t know where you get that from, its no more than what happens in the west it seems) aren’t exhibitionists or barbaric,”uncivilized non-western savage dogs”. Most of them will prefer to bang their chicks in privacy.
      “their families hold complete power over them all their lives from cradle to grave.”
      True enough, but then what exactly are you resenting ? The fact that the family controls the guy or that this kind of control precludes your controlling him ? I noticed your plea to the western dudes not to try to turn them into “cheap” PUA artists as if implying that Indian men by default cannot be top notch pick-up artist. And yes, whether you can stomach it or not, there do exist such people and their methods work. Again, if you thinks thats being just oversensitive, I’m just being the sentimental (by extension sensitive) Indian guy you cherish.

      1. Again, your plea to not turn Indian men into “cheap PUA artists” and your cherishing of the sweet, sentimental (read unmanly, effeminate, blue pill) Indian needs to be highlighted. But thats just for the other Indian (RI/NRI) who might be reading this.
        “If they want to take it slow sexually, all the better. It allows for real passion to build.”
        Maybe that works for you, but its generally been observed that (from an untinted male perspective that when It comes to hard fuck, chokhris (young women for the un-initiated), whether desi or videsi will even cheat in marriages to men who can seduce them, inflame them from the get go and bang them hard and fast.
        “mainstream American values like clubbing, drinking, slutting, one night stands, watching stupid TV, consumerism, stupid religions with no philosophy and all the rest that’s on offer here”. kind of hard to disagree with you on that one but lamentably enough, it has started affecting the people of Bharat. Oh, and also, the genuine PUAs/gamers are the last people whom you would expect to dig mainstream. Its one of the reasons which sets them apart. Mainstream advocates hopeless betatude. They don’t.
        “They want to choose his bride and they want to even live with the couple!”
        Well nuclear families are a very old part of Indian culture, as in mini-clans. If you love Indian culture so much…
        Also, if you think John Abraham is cool/hot (depending on context) I suggest you check out Aamir Khan in his latest ripped avatar ( ever since he did Ghajini). We all totally admire John Abs and agree that in terms of physique only, us mortals can’t match up to him. But if you Indian guys in the west, who are serious about red pill, want a role model, John Ab gives off a metrosexual vibe (the dude stars in a Garnier face wash add for “whitening” your complexion for fuck’s sake). But Aamir is the genuine article in this respect. Just not in terms of marriage choices. Hes married to a goddamned feminist.

  26. Another useless article from this deluded little fuckwit.Hot white girls don’t want to fuck greasy brown indian men.They don’t want to fuck greasy arabs like roosh either.Time to accept it and go back to your jobs at burger king.

    1. well who do they want to fuck? cuz roosh got quite a few. blacks n latnos are the favorites right now by white girls
      even seen some asians date white girls…pinoys n chinese in particular….u got competition man

      1. thats just media based though
        Honestly man if youre a non white guy and you cant get laid in America – its on you
        AMerican girls are the most open and tolerant in the world
        You want racism ? Try an Australian girl… She’ll cuss you out
        Pick your balls up and remember that American girls are forgiving
        Black guys are ugly, but they can get laid cos they know theyre ugly but choose to be confident

        1. white guys cant get laid because they are erectile disorder race who is declining rapidly and are always in gay pride parade rallys!

    2. Listen here you little twit, you have no proof of what you are saying. You are probably jealous because you can’t find someone to date in any culture, or you are just trying to annoy me. Which ever it is you need to stop. I know plenty of females who would date and even marry an Indian man if they loved each other.

      1. bs. because the truth is Indians don’t like whites and our population speaks in volumes white turd now go invest in a one way ticket and get out of indian land

        1. SHUT THE FUCK UP U CRAZY TROLL! You ain’t doing us Indians any good with you crazed bullshit ravings. Either make cogent arguments or fuck off !

    3. naw instead they want to lez out because the whiteman lacks something in the lower department from what your women tell the black africans

  27. A lot of these guys complaining about this article are white guys who don’t like the idea of Asians getting with white girls. They disguise this by complaining that this is a game site not a race specific site or complain because they saw a similar article recently.
    But these are the same guys who wouldn’t say shit if there was a daily post on how white guys can pick up Indian girls.

  28. really good article. i think the best thing that an indian can do to get with white girls is to 1) culturally whiten himself, and 2) actually try to get with white girls. this is much easier said than done, and once done it is hardly a sufficient condition – it is a necessary condition – but at least it is one that is within his control to achieve.
    my issue is with your 4th paragraph, where you logically lay out a case for going for the swpl girl. yes, outwardly they are liberal, but personally, as far as mating preferences go, their vaginas are no less picky – they want white, they go white. this is part of the well noted hypocrisy of these swpl types. this is what i see in toronto. apparently it’s different in your australia.

    1. they are not speaical prizes they are wasy and open
      ive seen geeky ones(some cute too) date i sen alphas get fine ones hell ive seen 2 turbaned ones get fine brunettes when i went clubbin(1 of em was a hot 8…granville baby)
      just improve your shit
      dont have to be white just dont be a beta dork

    2. “really good article. i think the best thing that an indian can do to get with white girls is to 1) culturally whiten himself”
      But white women with an “India fetish” such as myself, are not attracted to white washed men. The best thing for Indian men to do is to seek out women such as myself. We can be found at yoga centers, meditation retreats, cultural events, sometimes Hindu temples on Diwali, new age centers, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan concerts, anything with an Eastern flair.
      “my issue is with your 4th paragraph, where you logically lay out a case for going for the swpl girl. yes, outwardly they are liberal, but personally, as far as mating preferences go, their vaginas are no less picky – they want white, they go white. this is part of the well noted hypocrisy of these swpl types.”
      Just because someone primarily or even exclusively dates their own race does not make them racist or hypocrite. They would have mostly other white people in their family, work, and social environments and they’d have a higher percentage chance of meeting white people that they would hit it off with. It doesn’t mean that they are not open to dating other people IF they meet one that they really click with.
      This is common all over the world – people tend to date and marry mostly within their own ethno-cultural-religious groups.

      1. yes very true I agree these white people are a bunch of shit biscuit eating crackers who have a rootless heritage.

  29. for a white woman “You are the prize.” hahahahahahahaha, nice reframe loser, i see reality has no bearing on what you preach.

    1. I hate racism!!!!!! It doesn’t matter the skin color, ethnic background, etc. Everyone is a “prize” for someone else, even if they are of different backgrounds.

      1. not whites because they are hated by every race for looting and being ethno and Eurocentric liars who have the audacity to think everything was from whites when nothing was from whites no resources no raw materials ,no lands no nothing.

        1. British colonalism sucked . America was a british colony too, and Americans suffered as well, we choose to fight back. Americans have done nothing to India, i didnt realize you guys were such ugly racists.

        2. Browns have also looted other land, EG Muslim invasion of Indian, Muslim invasion of Europe, and yellow, Japanese Invasion of china/Korea. ALL groups have done bad thing. before Islamic Invasion and British, Indian were fighting and killing each other, this tribe vs that tribe…
          For a culture and society to truly develop, it needs to look within itself and look at itself in a mirror and reform itself.

      2. uh it does matter whites carry cancer and turrets syndrome ,muscular sclerosis,hemophilia,melanoma,ovarian cancer breast cancer,cystic fibrosis etc. and have skin deficiency lacking vitamin d and carbon.

    1. white people are ugly and are squareheads they look nasty and their women look masculine.most white guys go gay after being rejected by a white dyke why do you suppose whites host gay pride rallys.

  30. What a retarded article. So the whole problem is Indian culture, Indian parents, Indian this and that. Guys let me ask you a question: why do you want to be with a girl who sees everything about your identity as an impediment?

    1. Girls dont appreciate a guy who hates his own culture and character
      You as a man gotta make em fall for all of you…
      Plus don’t think White North American girls arent into that, lots and lots of them want to experience a different take on life
      Plus theyre into Yoga, so Indians can play off that

      1. we don’t care! why don’t you whites quit stealing our culture and yoga tea etc. our culture is not a trend for you white. we are not here to impress you and we certainly don’t like you at all.

        1. No one is stealing anyones culture . The world is a wonderful diverse plce . Indians wear blue jeans are you “stealing” our culture . It’s a dumb statement

    2. we don’t. it seems there are fake people speaking for Indians when we east indians love our own women and don’t like white people period for marriage as whites are infidels,non monogamous and are golddiggers who go to court to get alimony.

      1. As a white man a can say yes this is true of the white women, they will sneak around having sex with blacks all the time and destroy a man in court.

    3. they don’t . its the white trolls on this forum speaking as if they are indian. here’s some proof that Indians don’t marry whites….. India population second largest in the world 1.252 billion people anyways is that enough proof for you LOL!

  31. Also please stop comparing Indians and Asian. Indians (especially northerners and westerners) look a lot like Middle Eastern people. I.E. tall, facial hair etc. etc.

  32. One more thing. Indian men are very short, 5’4 -5’6. These are the ones that complain the most. There should also be a post teaching them how to pick up even though they are short.

    1. yet no indian is impotent unlike whites are.indians have mellanin vitamin d and carbon something whites lack stay the f away from us.whites are going extinct

    2. “Indian men are very short, 5’4 -5’6. These are the ones that complain the most.”
      I’m short, but I ain’t whining. In any case, I know there are plenty of short but hot women going around. Don’t overgeneralize. And i certainly ain’t blue pill.

    3. yet india population 1.252 billion people I don’t think indians worry about how to pick up women. you need to learn how to mind your own business though

  33. Indian men can pull off so many different looks from passing for black to passing for brown latino or for a mediterranean guy in some cases that looks should never be the issue for them.

  34. I use globogirls the best I
    have ever tried. Its a well-designed website with a welcoming feel and feels
    very friendly and positive. There are forums where you can chat by interest and
    age group as well as locality. Ive made some good friends so far and I’m
    excited to be going on a third date with a rather lovely guy. I hope you find
    the love you are looking for, good luck 🙂

  35. Well, I’m af. american and I find myself mostly attracted to Indian men and luckily the attraction has been mutual. 🙂

  36. I am a Canadianized/westernized brown guy and I am currently dating a beautiful tall blonde scandinavian girl. I haven’t dated a brown girl in a long time.
    For the most part, I am too off-the-wall for them, with my heavily tattooed alternative look.
    I don’t know about others, but I am extremely successful for a semi-average good looking westernized brown guy – seriously – I get laid a LOT.. and you guessed it, its always white girls and only white girls.
    I don’t even date brown girls anymore nether do I like them.

    1. scandinavians are into animal brothel and love fkg horses and dogs . just go type animal brothel in Denmark or type beastiality in Europe. its legal for scandinavians to fk animals

      1. Jealous Indian girl. Why don’t you stop worshipping white boys, maybe then we’d think about you.

  37. From the way I see, it has everything to do with luck, timing and the situation of the girl whom you are chasing. There is not much to do with the segregating women on race and cultural background. Women are always women, wherever they go. I do not accept the broad brush strokes. I live in Houston, Texas and am an Indian with a darker wheatish tone. I have many friends who are white guys and hispanics. Even they have a hard time with many women in their own race and I too had bitten the mud few times back home with some Indian girls. I dated white, hispanic, african american women and also Indian women, not because of the fetish thing. Men like me go for beautiful things in nature. There is nothing wrong or fetish about it and if anyone who says that one should date only in their own race, may be its your own opinion. People tend to get in and out of relationships. It happens with everyone, Not all the people are lucky so to get a life time soul mate in the very first attempt. From my experiences, some of the Indian couple, they tend to jeopardise the fact for the sake of the society. Even if the relationship is not working between the two, they tend to continue it just for the sake of the society. It has a strong association with the Indian culture. Like I said, there is good and bad in every culture in this world. The bad thing about Indian culture is the hipocrisy. U need not satisfy anyone when your personal relation is on the verge of a breakdown.
    The good thing highlighted by the blogger is the upbringing and exposure since childhood. I was born and riased in southern Indian, came to US about an year back. My parents are very liberal and they do not mind whom I marry or date with. She should be a girl, hahahaha. Thats the only requirement. I see women by the way of their beauty, not by race. If I find a beautuiful women, she might be of any race I do not hesitate to date her. Even she might be Indian. It is not a festish thing for me.
    In summary – It takes a man and a women to have a family and kids. People with similar mindsets gel together and when there is a spark of love, they tend to enter into a wedlock. It has nothing to do with this race or that race . If you did not get a girl till now or you have a bunch of broken relationships like me…..It simply implies that you/ I have not found the right match. Period.
    P.S- Life is beautiful. This world is a huge place. There are plenty women and many more with your / mine kind of attitude. All we need is to find them and a little bit of luck.

  38. i’m an asian guy trying to understand game from a brown guy’s perspective as this is something that I have struggled a lot with my own self but now have handled to a large degree but now want to understand it from other people/race’s perspectives. Thanks for the very insightful article.

  39. ;_; ;_; ;_;
    THANK YOU! You have destroyed all my insecurities and self-bullshitting with this masterful post. Thanks a *lot* for this post.

  40. why did whites kill the lord and name him jesus Christ? when his real name is yeshua messiach. why did whites Pontius pilates and the romans kill the lord? why did whites convert to Christianity in 1100 bc e? why do whites claim other peoples cultures which have nothing of association towards whites? why do whites call themselves Caucasian when the word Caucasian meant bonestructure and the first Caucasian was the brown Caucasian and they were NOT white nor European yet whites have the nerve to call Chinese Asians when asia is a contient with more ethnicities rather than just Chinese and they are native Indians mongols east Indians etc. we all know whites do this for taking priviledge for something they have no merritt which they don’t rightfully deserve why aren’t whites just called Europeans?it was not until the year 1785 a german philosopher changed the meaning of the word Caucasian to making its definition exclusively white European and excluding south Asians when south Asians are Caucasian but not white nor European.caucasian should never mean racial identity towards whites only and whites should be just called European white.whites are full of crap and drama are thieves who near genocided natives and japs and whites should be DEPORTED BACK TO EUROPE and have their passports void for good!

  41. continent typo why did whites create the aids virus and also create mutating the h5n1 bird flu virus airborne. Netherlands their scientists used this virus deliberately on ferrets and tried spreading the virus into china.there is a legal battle regarding this issue which fouchier a dutch scientist has to deal with as evidence has shown his research went deliberately to creating stage 2 of the virus being modified.

  42. ” Young brown men are conditioned from birth to study hard to get into a good college and then get a prestigious white collar job (preferably Doctor or Engineer) with which they can fund a mortgage and buy a Mercedes with their well educated wife of the same religious background as them. Rosca from the Roosh V Forum nailed it when he said about my own parents that “they’re trying to make you beta”. Brown parents purposely try to produce beta sons and they are quite good at doing it.”
    He nailed. Then he nailed over that and then some. Nothing could be closer to the f*cking truth. Actually, it can start from a very early age, the constant pestering (to the point of bullying) to do academic this and academic that, instead of any actual motivation/inspiration (as in my case, a resident Indian). It gets to the point where you can actively (at times) loath the concept of academic excellence (nothing wrong with that. Its the beating into betatude that I’m talking about. If one excels in academics out of genuine interest and drive, all friggin’ awesome, not just because he ABSOLUTELY HAS TO GET A BIG ASS JOB, even though in a country like ours that seems to be necessary.) In fact I think that on one end of the spectrum the guys who aren’t constantly verbally beaten in this manner are the ones who end up achieving the most, academically or otherwise, the guys who got genuine inspiration, not something akin to a KGB Brainwashing project to make captured spies to defect. And the ones who do “succeed” because of that, I’d imagine most of them end up being prime examples of betatude. Whereas the ones who succeeded out of genuine drive or passion would turn out to be pretty Alpha.

  43. As a pretty westernized American-born, Christian brown guy who basically falls closer with your definition of an “Alpha,” I don’t see the “big city liberal white girls” dating brown guys. It’s usually the “small town girl.” A lot of those white girls are not promiscuous. In fact, a good amount are saving themselves for marriage. What’s shocking is that they aren’t “liberal” either, but rather come from conservative homes. These women value class, standards, good manners, and good personality. I don’t completely agree with this “Alpha” stuff, but it’s true to an extent. I have friends who are FOBs who will never get any girl unless via arrange marriage (just saying). This isn’t because they’re FOBs, it’s usually a grooming/fitness issue. A lot of FOBs do not use deodorant enough, they don’t assimilate to American fashion, they are usually very much out of shape, and they suck at socializing with non-brown people. But you don’t have to deny your Indian culture, just to be “Alpha.” And being proud of that culture doesn’t make you a “beta.” The key is to find a balance – to assimilate to the home country your in (e.g. America). and its culture. You don’t have to take its values but you should RESPECT it. Indian culture isn’t better than American culture or vise versa. If you want a girl – white, brown, black, yellow, whatever – treat her like she is her own person and not part of an aggregate, just groom yourself, clean up yourself, change your fashion, maybe shave the creeper mustache, workout (you don’t have to look like a P90X model, just be fit and healthy), find unique, pro-social hobbies and highlight those, and lastly assimilate and talk to non-Indians. It’s not hard guys, Like it’s really not hard. Just takes a bit of work, energy, and time.

  44. What an unbelievably sad article. It basically paints dating whites as some wonderful goal or a prize
    What abt other women, such as Latina’s or African American women?
    I guess they are beneath you.

    1. actually no. truth is whites are below every race .they are alien to the planet and I don’t even consider them subhuman .

      1. The first people on earth were African, thus any who isn’t a pure African is automatically sub-human. Aside from Europeans, this also applies to Arabs, Indians, East-Asians, South-East Asians, North Africans, and Native Americans.
        Also, if white people were so below, I’m pretty sure white countries wouldn’t have such large economies. I’m not the most intelligent person in the world, but just saying “wite ppl r da devul” doesn’t prove your point.

  45. Is it just me or has anybody ever noticed that the prettiest looking desi girls that marry white guys end up marrying guys who look absolutely average while even passing up better looking Indian guys?
    On the other hand, Indian guys that end up marrying white women tend to get the most average looking white women while passing up better looking desi girls.
    To me it almost seems like a lot of Indians marry outside of their race just to spite it and/or their parents.

  46. As an Indian man, you make some good points (especially the part about Indian women). However, this blog seems a bit shortsighted. It is true that self-limiting beliefs and Indian parents can affect an Indian man’s confidence to date interracially. Having said that, you missed the most important factor that has a tremendous influence upon dating …. MEDIA! The media has a significant involvement in creating negative perception upon Indian men. They are either seen as beta nerds with funny accents, or they are seen as violent men (terrorist even … yes I know) and women rapists. The “SWPL” white woman is exposed to the same media. How many white women describe indian men as sexy? How many white women view an Indian man as being cool, athletic, romantic, etc…? An Indian man can follow your tips up there with not acting like aFOB, or creating his own sex appeal, etc. You can do your part, but it is very difficult to get a woman to entirely abandon her negative perceptions.
    This comment is what needs to be acknowledged … “At the end of the day however you’re just going to have to approach that extra % more than other guys to match their results”. When media elevates certain races above others, women almost develop a programmed hierarchy of the men they date. If for example a woman has white, black, or a latin man on the top of her list, she will very much show more flexibility with respect to their appearance (meaning she will let beta tendencies in them slide, because the media plays them up more in the west). An Indian man can “overcome either through game, getting ripped in the gym or doing something like getting piercings or tattoos” … or some other thing to convince her of moving you up on her heirarchy, but why is that woman worth it? This is why there are white women out there are arrogant and have a superiority complex with Indian men. Guys like you are teaching dudes to seek their approval.
    IT IS ABOUT RESPECT! I can either pathetically keep doing things to eventually get a woman to notice me OR I can keep my dignity and walk and speak confidently, and be comfortable in my OWN interest. Believe me, you will attract the right women. It has never failed me.
    Also, your commonwealth countries claim doesn’t seem true to me. UK and Canada seem to have more black men and white women couples. Australia and Canada seem to have a lot of Asian women and white men couples. Perhaps South Africa is different. I don’t know.


  48. Ok since nobody will say it, I will.
    Indian men, just like Indian women, are very unattractive in general. Most of them are shorter and skinnier than any other race (except for Asians), and their facial features don’t help them either. Not to mention the smell, bad habits, lack of hygiene and the litter of equally smelly relatives.
    I have yet to see a good looking Indian male, with a few Bollywood-created exceptions, and those men still look far less attractive than any other ‘celebrity’ males. It is the fact of the matter. Physical attractiveness plays a major role in both sexes’ ‘game’ and coupling, and Indian guys just don’t got it.

    1. Indian men are actually doing good given the negative stereotypes against them. Just imagine changing your website cultural tag and getting into dating scene isn’t easy

      1. I don’t think it’s a cultural stereotype. ‘Stereotypes’, like you call them, appear for a reason- American women are fatter and more obnoxious than other nationalities,Asians are shorter and thinner, etc. Yes, not all American women are fat and obnoxious, and not all Asians are thin and short. Nevertheless, a vast majority is.
        If getting into the dating scene isn’t easy, that’s biology. Not my ‘prejudice’ or other people’s. Not everyone is beautiful and attractive.

        1. You didn’t understand what I’m saying.Asian guys have to start from -5 while white guys have an headstart of +3 even when asian guy would be more superior. Majority of asian American guys don’t have the asian characteristics, it’s only the fobs from asian countries who mess the game for American asian guys born in America.
          Asian men prefer their own kind because they see white women as trash,loose morals which is true.Divorce rate between Asian men white women is higher than Asian women Asian men and hence they prefer asian women.
          Indian guys see white women as cum dumpsters which true for most white women and they end up marrying Indian women, similar to how white men think asian women are submissive,barefoot pregnant. That doesn’t mean asian men can’t get white women.Difference between “need” and “want”.

        2. I don’t agree with you. First, you mentioned the dating scene, which prejudices against Asians. Do you mean Asians in the US-understood sense of the word (Korean, Chinese, Japanese etc) or including sub-continental as well (Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Indians)?
          The dating scene is tough because it’s a free, attractiveness-based place. To the victor the spoils.
          As for marriage, many other ramifications come into play. Half-illiterate Indian men from remote villages might consider white women ‘cum dumpsters’ given the pornography thing and the inbred belief that all Western values are trash. Nevertheless, a middle-class, normally-educated Indian man will marry an Indian woman just because his family has pushed him into. Not because he enjoys a smelly, non-educated brown-skinned girl like that.
          Think about all the non-European billionaires in the world. Famous athletes, famous businessmen, etc. Most of them have left their ‘traditional’ wives and either gallivant around with white supermodels at their arms, or have married some.Even if those women aren’t blue-eyed whites, they are significantly lighter-skinned than themselves. So as soon as a rich, powerful man has attained enough wealth to no longer care about what his family and public think about him, he does exactly what he always secretly wanted- getting his hands on that white (or fair) sexy woman.

        1. Stop using my technology…curry stenched slumrat….go back to your rat hole country…with your inferior culture

        2. Aryan is INDIAN our upper caste people the swastika is ours yet whites hijacked that as well and we don’t interrace with whites period.second example is whites marketing off our yoga when told not to do that..whites have no rights to state we are racist racism,fascism,colonialism,imperialism,sexism,jimcrows law, segragation apartheid,,feminism,ira,kkk and concentration camps are all white inventions.we want to be left the f alone.whites have oppressed our race looted from our country and spread lies with eurocentric scholars to be quite honest.whites also never gave credit to the rightful achievers of who made technology possible. all whites have done is water down other races religions and spread misinformation on others traditions way of life culture and religions try to misappropriate our religion by trying to bastardize it by publishing books like white filthy faux hippys Wendy donniger has and have little to no knowledge of our people.also quit wearing toe rings those are OUR customs not for white trash.go defacate with your useless men who are smelly pigs and full of abnormalities and sickness such as melanoma squamous cell cariconoma and basal cell cariconoma as well white women having health complications such as BRCA1 which is a mutation in genes which lead to ovarian cancer.white women also have cervical cancer are filthy and stink like they never changed their maxipads or tampons.white people should mind their own business.also get the hell out of native indians lands in America and kanata you don’t belong there you are also illegal in america since 1492′ dont be pep talking any of your immoral backward advice to us because you whites got to heed your own advice and go learn how to behave yourselves and quit exploiting other races which are sick and tired of you and want nothing to do with your white BS!

        3. Hilarious…you have such an inferiority complex….its because you know your culture and people are low quality…
          Now get back in the sweat shop baboui patel!

        4. You white honkeys were dying from plague during the middle ages.We Indians invented the number system so that you mutants could learn to count. India and China had the largest gdp in world before colonialism. You pigskins were living in caves, burning women as witches. Even Galileo was persecuted by white devil church.
          Now crawl back to your momma’s basement. No women would touch you stinky albino with a bargepole and hence you loosers spent time on Roosh.

        5. Dude you really need to stop the hate, all races have invented many thing, white men certainly contributed as well. US was a colony too we just didnt play that game.

        6. that’s correct miscegany is a sin and us indians don’t marry honky’s, we have arranged marriages.

  49. As a white American female I’m gonna say a couple of things starting with you Indian and Asian guys are so hot no matter what size and you so often have an interesting heritage I could listen to for hours. You all work pretty good paying jobs too. I’m not trying to sound shallow about it though. Also I’m very much a submissive in a relationship. I’m currently in a relationship and live in a small town with no brown people, but if the ocasion ever came up I would date one, but I’m in relationships for marriage. What I’m trying to say is don’t worry you’ll find a girl no matter what race, religion, or whatever else she is and you will love her and she’ll love you so don’t worry.

  50. Everytime I read articles like these I always end up asking myself “why are non-white men so obsessed with white women?” Theyre not the only women in existence and yet the advice is almost always along the lines of “how to land a a white women”.

  51. Ha… The reason white girls don’t date Indians is because they are the least attractive men in the world. Cap that off with being short, bad hygiene, bad skin and world famous for dicks too small for normal sized condoms and you have zero interest game or not. Here in Germany they are avoided like plague. Hang in groups drooling over white girls and we find them crude and disgusting. You can’t stand up to mama who will force you to marry a hairy Indian bride yet you continue to dream and want whites. It’s simple. Most Indians can’t compete with other men in size, looks, and most of all good treatment of girls. Abusive sexist lying mummy’s boys with tiny dick. Who wants this? White girls want real man.

    1. Nobody wants you ugly ball busting fat ugly feminazi german. German women are the most masculine women in earth. Even African women are more feminine than German women. Nobody wants you, German man are marrying Asian women because western women are trash.

      1. Its true, i am not actually german but in general white guys only want asian women. Including me. Also with all the black guys these white chicks sleep with h1v is a concern.

  52. I am a Jewish woman dating an Indian man who was born and raised in Mumbai and moved here in his mid-20s. I didn’t start going out with him because I specifically have a fetish for Indian men (not particularly ), or because I love yoga (nope), or because I wanted to go out of my way to make a sociopolitical statement (really?). I am dating an Indian man simply because I was attracted to a smart, funny, good looking man who just so happens to be Indian. Yes, people have told me all sorts of horror stories about Indian men who game goris and then dump them for arranged marriages to desi girls or of FOB men using a gori for a green card. But love in any form is a gamble. I have dated white men and Jewish men and they are exes for a reason; simply having the same background does not necessitate a good match. It doesn’t matter where you came from, it matters where you’re going. Thankfully, 90% of people have been supportive of us and yes every so often a beta white man or a fat insecure Indian girl will make some snide remark. I don’t give a damn. We love each other and everyone else can go suck big rocks.

    1. I agree with you. Some people can’t move beyond the race. White women hate Indian even when they haven’t met a single Indian bloke.
      White women have more threat by some mentally ill white guy than an Indian but i guess white men control the media, so they create these negative stereotypes against Indian men for their own selfish needs.

      1. Dude you dont understand white chicks at all. They treat all men that way they are spoiled rotten and think they are gods gift to earth. White women look down on all men. They take great pleasure in degrading men. And quit hating white men hate is unattractive in any culture. jews control the media not white men. I mean be honest about it black guys supposedly have the giant winky and are so great at sex and white guys are the best looking. White guys have an advantage to marry women, cause we make the best looking babies. So they try to marry white dudes and sex black guys all the time. Lets face it In general Indians dudes dress like the red necks of asia look like they just stepped out of walmart and they look and act like some kinda creepy dorks. But white liberal chicks dont really care they would marry a goat if they could shake it down for half. You play the cards you got, you want to bang white liberal skanks? dress and act like you got cash and a future. Thats the key baby a future she wants a free ride off a chump dude for a long long time. She envisions a good life hanging out spending your money banging black dudes while you work like a slave, if you dont do it she will divorce your ass and you will pay so hard you will wish you were dead if you dont understand the court system in the US all she has to do is get you to say I do and she is set for life. Forget game you arent going to get tail from white skanks pretending to be a black guy she will pass you over for the black guy everytime. You got a job pretend you make more money than you do pretend you want to get married and have kids and she will be given it up hard everyday trying to earn her meal ticket for life. Make her see that future, you working hard making good money her hanging out spending your money on shopping and eating and banging dudes all day. Just dont f up and marry one unless she works harder and makes more than you but then she is probably ugly. Trust me on this dude i know white women I grew up with them dated many many even married two till I finally said no more and only went with asian chicks. Finally married a japanese chick and for the first time in my life I am happy.

  53. While I did bang some 6-7 white girls, I eventually married an Indian girl to take care of my family. I do bang white ladies even now but they appear way too easy. Not much fun in banging them when they don’t play the game, if you know what I mean.

  54. I am a white guy I married Japanese because white american women are the worst on earth, yes I dated hundereds. I think they are good for drinking with and hump and dump, this is true but i did marry two and i would never have anything to do with a ww again. I think you are right the super lib city chick is a target, white guys wont go near them, they sleep with black guys all the time but they know black guys just use them as a sperm bank. These women are looking for a dude with money to apply the shakedown. So if you have a job, get some good clothes pretend you have more money than you do, pretend you are looking to get married and start a family, and you will be nailing the skank untill she figures out your a sham

  55. I love Indian men Im a 47 year old white female ,attractive, blonde hair ,blue eyes.I wish I could find a nice decent Indian man 50 or so single , but at this age they all seem to be married. I adore Indian men if I could just find a good one my own age or older I’d be happy. [email protected]

  56. Well I’m in my later 40s attractive not “easy or loose” and I love Indian men. However; finding them my own age unmarried though is very hard. if your of the same age as me and reading this feel free to message me at my email mistyblue8444 at gmail dot com

  57. “the most common interracial pairing in the English speaking Commonwealth countries involving a white woman is with a brown man”. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Black man is king little brown niggas.
    and the most common sloots stuffing is by black and white dudes with south Asian girls. enjoy the cuckery.

  58. I don’t see the reason Why would anyone date Indian girls they are all ugly,non promiscious,wannabe internet sluts they are underatted ugly bad uneducated mothers and very dirty

  59. What annoys me the most about this obtuse piece of douche-baggery is that the OP and most of the subsequent comments are using the word “interracial” to mean dating white women… as if not even considering dating black women or any other ethnicity is just thought to be a foregone conclusion.
    Beta Asians are portrayed as a “model minority” in the US. Some knowingly or unknowingly feed into the stereotype by looking down on other black people, and not engaging in civil discourse or disobedience.
    Sikhs, Deshi’s, & Muslims fear for their life & property every time they walk out of the house in some places in the US. African Americans are PLENTY familiar with that feeling. Surebeshai Patel happened LAST YEAR people, not 1955.

    As much as the Indian & African Diasporas overlap in the western world… one would think that there would be more interest in Indians dating out with other non-white groups with which they already have much in common with.
    This whole “transcending race” or anti-FOB “cultural assimilation” that mainstream media and influential people keep triumphing is utter BULLSHIT. It’s a hackneyed trope reminiscent of a low budget 80’s movie… And just another way to make brown people fall in-line with the default “white, male, christian, anglo, american” ideal…
    If you want to take your romantic cues from a colorstruck non-deshi FUCKBOY, do it at your peril. He will have you taking 24 hr ESL classes and acting like a Justin Beiber understudy… when you could have just sacked the fuck up and been a decent human being … willing to say “hey there, you seem really interesting, i’d like to get to know you more, would you like to go out sometime?”
    How hard is that shit… really?

  60. white culture 1.self definition in terms of negatives 2.lack of cultural vallidity 3.reality evasion 4.blandness 5.false unity whites think they have culture because they don’t use the qualifying objective ‘WHITE’ when they talk about culture as in white culture however the only exception is that this is never true when whites talk about race as in white race.the idea that whites have no culture really means whites define their culture solely in negatives.,negatives such as not being like those non whites murdered to create America in the first place a homeland whites know is not rightfully theirs ,a culture based on guilt as well as the superficialities such as ways of talking,hamburgers,baseball and starbucks.whites feel a sense of rootlessness because although their culture is false indoctrines is widespread it is widespread precisely it is an attempt to valorize such a superficial culture by spreading it thinly.this instead of rooting it more deeply in the soil in fewer geographical areas as in when someone doesn’t believe what whites are saying because whites have no evidence to back it up.whites then tend to raise their voice and/or to make personal attacks to compensate the intellectual,moral,exponential emptiness of their comments.that a culture they perceive is so powerful is not proof of the validity of such a culture.again whites use power as a solace for their ethical emptiness rather than as proof of their cultural rootedness ,the use of power without an enemy is always the mark of the insecure who cant achieve anything by other proves whites have no culture other than through the use of naked force.whites attempt to destroy other races cultures are really fits of jealous rage when confronted with something that is built on firmer solid grounds and is therefore destined to be longer lasting.

  61. the partial solution to whites is to utilize what is good from other races cultures and reject it’s origins of the indigenous heritage of these cultures civilizations by distorting the elements of truth.whites feel threatened by the depth and breadth of other cultures because whites own is lackluster by comparison.look at how self confident south asians are despite relatively short lived intrusion of the british empire.south Asians possess a culture going back over 13,000 years to largely explain that self confidence.the whites genealogy will not go back more than 500 years in stolen America.the items listed as markers of whites using achievements are actually markers of what was appropriated from other races cultures especially whites major religion being a Levanstine import and not indigenous/endogenous to their culture.whites have tried to get around this fact of their essential paganism by pictorially claiming biblical characters especially jesus and god were/are white.the same is true with their recent language which was stolen by whites to use Indias sanskrit and make their own words which created European languages from language which was originally invented by India Indians and Indias numbers and number zero(indian numerals) whites have tried to make this part of their own culture precisely because whites fill a hole that was there to begin with.white cultural appropriation continues in the absence of whites inability to deepen their own culture so that minorities now provide the best american entertainment that which these white vultures flock to consume such materials proves the lack in themselves.whites mimic and pale imitations of their antecedents.this shows where whites are lacking in crucial areas that they have to copy other races to make up for the dearth.whites have trouble to articulate something authentically””’WHITE””

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