Bad Things Happen When Women Lead And Men Follow

For the largest part of known human history, it has been men who have been the riders of civilization. The luminaries of the torch, the undying flame of kin, brotherhood, leadership, and order. It has been because of their innumerable sacrifice as men; men of their family, men of their country, and men of their culture, that we can now enjoy and afford the luxuries of what modest living affords us.

But as I’ve written before, something seems amiss in our modern world.

The blame rests on men

Men are responsible for this. It is not women. Men are responsible for their household, responsible for their affairs, and responsible for the state of their nation. And they are responsible for the absolutely unacceptable state of their women. In the haunting words of sermonist R.G. Lee,

Search the pages of the Bible all you will; study history all you please. And you will find one truth that stands out above some other truths. What is that truth? The truth that the spiritual life of a nation, city, town, school, church, or home never rises any higher than the spiritual life of women. When women sag morally and spiritually, men sag morally and spiritually. When women take the downward road, men travel with them. When women are lame morally and spiritually, men limp morally and spiritually. The degeneracy of womanhood helps the decay of manhood.

How thus, did we allow this to come to be?

The Ledge of Men

She hears whispers

Walk with me to the Garden. The Garden of the East. About six thousand years ago. One fine noon, under the auspices of cold river air and soft patches of brightly-colored leaves, there lie two: one man and one woman. We are covered in leaves and balk, we soon discover, and cannot move, nor talk, nor divert our eyes to what is about to happen.

A serpent creases by, sneering and seductive, making jests toward the woman, or so we are led to believe. The woman seems frightened at first glance, but slowly eases into the serpent, laughing at what the serpent whispers into her ear and paying amusement to its performance.

The Garden

Some time passes by. We see the woman fade into the thick forest trees. A while later, we observe, the woman walks along the man, both with a strange fruit in hand, the serpent now seen nowhere, and the skies clouded with darkness and thunder. In a fit of lunacy, the man and the woman both shower themselves in leaves and balk, and take to rummaging across the Garden like utter mad fools.

Man takes to her call

What we have witnessed is the timeless, bleeding edge of human naïveté. It is a fact of nature that man is at odds not only with himself, but with others: both those above him and those below him, for there are in truth no equals. And for order to triumph, not only must man triumph over himself, but everyone must also triumph for the good of something beyond themselves.

This arrangement can only be sufficiently well-maintained if we obey the wishes of our zealous god: tradition.

The Narrow Path

It is no accident that the institutions most central to Western tradition have been found in virtually all civilizations worth writing a tome about. They have been dictated to us by the lips of our most highest himself: whether that be evolution or a single, conscious power in charge of designing the universe. It is an optimal ideology that accounts for the nature and sexual strategies of both men and women, and incentivizes them to care after a garden of their own.

Men hold a very special place as protectors and enforcers of this tradition. So that folly may not rule in those who dare not triumph. But, we see, that the serpent so loves to play with our wit, and to that end he knows women are the most apt at play, and the easiest to lead far from the narrow gate. And when man trusts more in the warmth of hand of her woman than the path she leads him to, that is when thunder falls from the heavens and the paleness of sky becomes overturned.

Walking on arid soil

And after a long walk through history, it is clear that we have been lulled by the serpent’s song. Spoke once the woman, and the man bent over his knees in order to please. We failed to be discriminating in the company of poor ideals, and gave the woman her promiscuous zest with which she later robbed us (and in a fit of divine irony, herself) of our dignity, hoping we would gain power, acceptance, and a serviced libido in return.

We gave them a voice in the state, a voice in our churches, a voice in our halls of learning, and what has really been heard? We’ve heard cries of foolishness, of bad apples and false burglars in the night, but the matter is that men have compromised everything they knew to be certain in order to gain nothing of lasting import.

The path that leads to brighter fields is thinning by the age.

Certainly, we have known the pleasures of what women have to offer, and perhaps more now so than anytime else, when they fall off by the numbers into our nimble hands, but yet we hesitate to take more than a few, singly bites.

When in times past we would have snatched an agreeable one and faithfully planted the seed of our future castle. Even our own veteran maverick, despite his notable experience with the fairer sex, seems unable to see women as anything else but “a form of entertainment and distraction instead of significantly adding to my life.”

There is not much to be done, once we have sowed the seeds of our garden into the rocks.

But let it serve, as a painful reminder, that women are meant to be enjoyed and to be cherished as any other pleasantry, but be careful of where she might stray you along because in the end you’ll share more than the blame and wish you had not followed her deep into the thicket.

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110 thoughts on “Bad Things Happen When Women Lead And Men Follow”

    1. thanks for the input, joe, you fucking twit. Next time, try critiquing with an ounce of intellect if you have any, or learn to shut the fuck up

  1. Guys I would just like to thank the people who contribute to the incredibly helpful and useful content provided on this site. Thanks to ROK I finally got the confidence and motivation to stop being a weak little beta male and decided to quit the self diminishing and embarassing habits I had like : Putting women on a pedestal, not standing up for myself and masturbation. I replaced them with things like self improvement, game and working out.
    Now I get more lays, am respected by everyone and I’m working on a great body.
    I owe all this to you guys and I thank you all again. Thanks.

    1. It gladdens my heart to read success stories such as yours. Remember though that it’s not about the destination, it’s all about the road you travel. Work hard, keep improving, and the sky will be your only limit.

    2. Good confession. Never disrespect yourself. Listen to me lad. Don’t ever buy a prostitute, don’t ever smoke stupid drugs, and don’t ever beg or plead with a woman. Your way or the high way.

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      1. Perhaps you are in the retirement home, and she is cleaning your nasty drawers? This here, being young, typing, is the dream.

  2. Hi,
    I’m one of the few women that reads ROK and I really like the content on here.
    I really need some advice from experienced Alpha males who have experience of both bad and good women.
    I’m taking cooking classes and I aspire to be a perfect wife and mother in the future but how should a perfect woman act? Thanks for answers! <3

    1. stay in shape, cook, keeps his balls drained( a horny alpha WILL fuck other women and a horny beta will jerk it to porn hahA) and don’t be a nagging pain in the ass.

    2. As a former married man, make sure the 3 F’s get attention and it will help everything else. That is to say Fun, Fed, and Fucked. The last two are easy, the first takes some doing. Chase him out of the house every once in a while so he can just be a guy. Encourage him to lead and always be there when he is not or can not be strong. When he fails, and if you are with him long enough you will see him fail, let him know you are there and you will still be there when he gets back on his feet.

    3. Just support him and dont amplify his weaknesses. Men dont want much from their woman. Dont belittle him and let him take the lead.

    4. Don’t get in his way. You are his support, not his right-hand man. He knows more than you about most everything and how to handle it, so don’t fuck him up. Basically, stay the hell out his business and tend to the home. Oh yes, and blowjobs. Lots of ’em. Swallow.

    5. the qualities like cooking, cleaning, fucking and so on are wasted if you are with a useless man. He drinks, has some sort of depression, cant handle money, does not work? dont waste yourself on something like that. when you achieve some feminine qualities, you can expect that he has some masculine as well. if he doesnt bring many goods to the table, move to someone who does. however, those guys are broadly fought over. oh and if you find this rare breed of man, dont be annoying. a man with goals knows what he does, he doesnt need your advice. if your post was sincere, i wish you good luck. not only are feminine woman rare today; masculine men are as well.

    6. Get rid of that word, “Perfect” — not gonna happen and will work against your relationship in the long run. You’ll turn into a hypocrite if you think you can be perfect, or lead it will you to despair when you realize you can’t be perfect. Either way, a miserable woman. That which a man doesn’t want or need in his life.

    7. Wow, your beta orbiters are in full force.
      Here is what you do!
      Call me, and I will give you all the advice you need in the form of you, bent over a chair, while cooking me breakfast on a stove. Not saying a word. Your future cuckold can be told it was your training.
      That is the only sort of multitasking you will ever need.
      By the way, what feminist cunt-hole neck of the woods you from anyways?
      It’s not that I care. Just thought maybe you would like to go back, and remember what I asked you for would show you the way.

  3. Women’s history is just a shitty version of men’s history. Take Amelia Earhart, for example. She tried to fly around the world years after a man had already done it, only to crash land on a deserted island in the Pacific, where she was probably eaten by coconut crabs, a local species of giant crab. That’s what happens when women lead, people get eaten by crabs. Do you want to be eaten by a giant crab??

    1. Hahahahaha. This has as much scholarly backing as a Marcunt article. Therefore, it must be true! Congratulations on solving the case of the lost femcunt prototype model sherlock!

        1. <——avid hater of all things feminist.
          <———Does not care how she died.
          You have giant crabs in your ass?
          Ouch, that must go together with the tube steak dinner and your double side of butt hurt son.
          Surf and Turf is your new nick name.

        2. Hehehehehe. For a guest commenter, you sure are sum there experrrttt.
          Am I 12?
          Well, then I have only one question! Will your mother still date me? If so, will you be offended if I give her tigo bitties a motorboatin.

        3. Yeah, because his middle aged mom is probably hot. It’s America afterall.
          58 year old American women=HAAAWWWTTT

  4. In the article discussing the wild oats project, many posters are celebrating the fact that the guy is slamming a younger girl as if this wasn’t a Pyrrhic victory. Both parties are not happy and aren’t likely to be after a failed 20 year marriage. This article details why. He married a slut who had 3 others riding her before he came along and chose to wife her up. Stupid…. now he reaps the whirlwind as she “finds herself” which is femspeak for “becomes disillusioned cat lady while writing books to encourage others to follow suit”. People in hell want company if they can’t have heaven. Its good to see articles like this to remind us of what really matters in the long term. Yes you can have a woman and be happy but only if its on terms the creator laid down. If not those better to be single until death and don’t commit to any slut for any reason. The price is not worth it and the extacy of that first lay is much less than the sting of that first alimony check.

    1. Hahahahahahaaha. Not to mention the sting of the first time you pay 40k in legal fees and have a judge say they won’t enforce visitation, and her live in boyfriend can beat your kids.

  5. Agreed, good article. Quick question (I know this is random) but which articles received the most comments? I read two that were pretty funny and got an abundance of hate comments that I thought were hilarious. I believe it was women with short hair are damaged, and women with tattoos, and piercings are broken. Is there a top articles section? Just trying to do some catching up.

  6. Another failure of Adam… he did not lead like he should have. The serpent went to Eve because it knew she’d be an easy target for temptation. It appealed to her feelings and that’s how it was successful in getting her to think eating the Fruit was a good idea.
    Had Adam led, he would have corrected Eve, and tracked down the serpent and destroyed it.

        1. But to be fair, even if you don’t believe the events actually occurred, the story is still true in an allegorical sense. The woman acts on her feelings, screws over the guy, and they both suffer as a result.
          If your woman is doing something that you know will get you both killed, you have to put a stop to it, ASAP.

    1. The serpent isolated Eve so she couldn’t be influenced by Adam. Isolate the woman = win.

  7. This is a good article. It’s the sort that needs a little time to digest. It doesn’t take any great power of observation to see that men and women are meant to be pair bonded. His ability to provision and protect acts as a check on her hypergamy and her compassion and caring acts to check his hypergamy. When women force themselves into unnatural roles and men allow it, we see clearly that neither side is truly satisfied or happy. Women use what they have to get what they think they want and men wander from woman to woman unable to find what he really wants. The djinn is out though, and I suspect that short of some existential crisis, this “culture” in the west will continue. Women and men are both being lied to.

    1. Men do not posses hypergamy. Rollo has made quite a few explanations of this that are far better than I can muster. Check out his site, rationalmale.

      1. I’ll take a look, but an unrestrained male hypergamy state can’t truly exist anyway, so for all intents and purposes you and Rollo are correct. It would require men sleeping with women basically as much as they want to know with the acceptance and participation of the women. Like I said, such a state can’t exist on this Earth.

  8. A friend of mine once said that you can see the fall of man that occurred in the Garden Of Eden reflected over and over again in every relationship between every man and woman on earth if you look closely.
    Now I can never *not* see that when observing other people’s relationships. They just keep biting that same rotten bitch apple over and over, and we just follow into the chasm with them.

  9. There is no jealous god named “tradition.” You’re worshipping at the wrong altar.
    Also, your grammar in this post leaves a lot to be desired. Better editing would do you good.

    1. “There is no jealous god named ‘tradition.’ You’re worshipping at the wrong altar.”
      It is can be hard to tell where tradition begins and ends.
      “And the Lord God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it.
      “And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat:
      “But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of
      it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.”
      “And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.”
      Notice, in the above, that God commands Adam about the tree before Eve is even created. Notice in the part in all caps below isn’t what God told Adam, but what Adam may have told Eve (expanding upon God’s command not to eat from the tree, with his own authority over her, so as not to even touch it.)
      “Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the
      Lord God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye
      shall not eat of every tree of the garden?
      “And the woman said unto the serpent, We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden:
      “But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath
      said, Ye shall not eat of it, NEITHER SHALL YE TOUCH IT, lest ye die.”
      So Eve may not have even known the difference between the command from God and the extra safety hedge around the command.
      So it is with something like baptism, Christ commands it done in the name of the Trinity at the end of Matthew, and the Church from earliest records always performed it as a triple immersion (one dunk for Father, one for Son, one for the Holy Spirit). Would you feel comfortable doing it any other way considering that the triple immersion represents the Trinity, the three day burial of Christ (foreshadow by Jonah in the whale), and may even be Apostolic in origin?
      In fact the canon of the Bible is itself.. a tradition.

      1. Tradition as you define it deserves a higher order of deference than the tradition the original poster described as a “jealous god.”
        Both varieties must yield to the unequivocal Word of God.

  10. IOWMU
    In Other Words Man Up (your advice to us)
    Sorry not with you on this one but I respect the effort as always. Until accountability finds a place in the female brain, there are going to be serious problems. We can do silly things like call for an end to female voting, or have fantasies of taming some penthouse hottie with game but the reality is that Western women are overrun with sickness (obesity, solipsism) and the best thing to do is stay away. They have to come around on their own here. Only suffering will do that. This is on them. Besides you can’t force accountability on someone because that wouldn’t be accountability. Blaming men or calling on men to handle women better is just more of the same; women are blameless. That’s why they have become such pigs 8 times out of 10.
    -Stack paper through smart minimalism (not necessarily insane minimalism)
    -Pursue challenging hobbies
    Don’t waste time trying to polish a turd by ‘reforming’ Western women.
    “I use game on my 220 pounder and now I can play poker once a month with my friends and watch football sometimes!” Yippee.

    1. “They have to come around on their own here. Only suffering will do that. ”
      Its the only way. See, there are two steps to freedom: liberation and responsibility. First, you are freed from the oppressive forces that hinder your growth and happiness. Second, you must learn how to responsibly handle your newfound freedom, to avoid disorder and chaos. We have seen the difficulties that nations have faced after gaining independence from parent countries. The fight for freedom is hard, but the obligations that come with sovereignty are much harder. Haiti is a great example of freedom gone wrong. African American culture within America has suffered the same fate.
      Women were set free but nobody took the time to teach them the intricacies of civil society. Its too late to show them now, because their arrogance tells them that they already have the world figured out. They must learn for themselves. It could take a few centuries but they will, or humankind is doomed. The unhappy, broken down, used up, childless, lonely, post wall ex-slut is the mascot for the revolution and men should parade this character in front of young women as a lesson. Twenty years of feminism has shown men the fate of the romantic beta male and it will inevitably show women the dismal future of the beta female (party slut).
      Time isnt on our side though.

      1. I will really wish serious on the mark posts like this would get more up votes. This is the sort of thing I come here for.

      2. “Haiti is a great example of freedom gone wrong. African American culture within America has suffered the same fate.”
        By this, are you blaming lack of freedom on the African American here in America?

        1. When did I blame anyone for anything? Im saying that blacks earned the freedom to pursue happiness but weren’t given the tools necessary to construct a functional civil society. It takes hundreds of years to learn on your own. Just under 200 years ago the west was lawless and much like urban ghettos.

    2. Accountability has no place in the female brain. Responsibility is for leaders. You can not teach women to be men, nor should you want to. Women are not improved by suffering and struggle. They are not men. The suffering of disillusioned, lonely, wayward women is the suffering of an abandoned pet. It is pitiable and serves no useful purpose. It seems the whole of America has gone feral.

      1. You cannot deal with a western female. No morals, no ethics, no rules to which they are bound. It is the kind of person who will screw you and not think twice about it.

        1. Western or eastern? Women are women, period. I haven’t met one who has any sense of a moral compass.

        2. While in the Air Force, I lived in Northern Italy for 3 years and travelled to the Far East many times. The chicks I banged were servants, not leeches!!! Some were looking for that U.S. citizenship and military ID card, but others just wanted to hang with a sharp due in the Air Force!!

        3. Quality is seriously going down here. I see yet another statement where a man has taken the truth and just put ‘fe’ in front of male.

      2. “Accountability has no place in the female brain.”
        Women believe in collective irresponsibility. Everybody agreed to it, so nobody can be blamed if something goes wrong.

    3. Until accountability finds a place in the female brain,
      So then there are going to be serious problems, forever.
      I saw a nature documentary one time, about gorillas. The silverback alpha was leading his harem of chicks around the jungle and wouldn’t follow the “instructions” of the head matron of the harem. He did his own shit and basically indicated she had no say. Well and fine. She then signals that there’s some kind of ‘predator’ in the opposite of the direction she wanted to go, and got the other girls to hootin’ and hollerin’. Eventually the male gorilla decides to go the opposite direction of where she was pointing in order to avoid the faux predator. She used deceit and guile to trick him into doing her bidding.
      This shit is hard wired into higher primates/great ape females. Deceit, guile, lack of accountability, it’s all there and is hard and fast part of the programming that cannot be unprogrammed.

      1. Apart from the fact that you watch too many documentaries – good call and very good point – totally hard wired. Females will drive something into the ground just to get their own way.

        1. Shit bro, given the quality of crap Hollywood churns out that gets lauded (Boyhood? More like “Clichehood”!), documentaries are where it’s at now!

        2. Grew up watching a lot of Mutual Of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. Have a soft spot for animal documentaries as a result. Though none of them feature anybody near as badass as Marlin’s helper Jim.

      2. I read once about a type of bird, a grackle or something, where the female cunt-whore grackle would gladly get bent over by a non-seed gathering, bad boy grackle because he has a few unique stripes on his wings (tattoos) while her boring, beta provider husband grackle is out working hard to bring home food for the babies. The badboy grackle hardly had to do any mating dance hoop jumping either. Poor beta grackle (taxpayer) had no idea he was working to raise a bad boy grackles’s kids. In that case I read about it but I like to watch those nature documentaries too. Humbling stuff but good reminders.

        1. I saw a female dog in guatemala minding her own business and was suddenly mounted by a male (sneaky shit). It was quite obvious she was not interested and was having a difficult time trying to turn enough to bite and bark him away, then I watched as she basically gave up and let him finish with the all too familiar attutude ‘oh just get on with it and then go away’.
          Sad situation indeed. At least women have a morning after pill to choose to reduce this bad behaviour(rape) in the next generation. True Story.

      3. It’s actually known a female animal in the wild’s only survival is to become a sex object to manipulate the male. If they didn’t the male would of killed and ate her.

      4. And I saw a nature documentary about a gorilla who basically killed off his dad to become alpha, and noone was happy about it. They ignored him and had no respect for him at all and the only female in the troop wouldnt shag him and even her infant son was fighting him off defending his mum.
        But when she had the chance to cross territories at a border encounter and make him look like a weak ass she did not but only for the sake of the whole community. Her choice got him accepted as a leader because she stayed, but Ive no doubt her children are born of a different father.
        Social responsibility and doing the right thing even when theres a better personal option to be had elsewhere is also wired into the mature female brain. Being a power seeking ass who puts the whole group at risk by taking undeserved leadership before they are ready is wired into the immature male brain.
        Of course, applying just a little common sense to brain wiring, you know you cant make such generalisations, unless you are implying that the ability to manipulate a situation to your advantage is something that gets removed by a gene on the Y chromosome, and that men are not good at controlling things. This is not at all how it works. Women with two full X contributions either select from the dominant male X, or have a double dose of something. Men with half an X missing on one chromosome get something inherited from the mother, or a standard dose of something. Some genes are designed to balance a skill with an adder on Y and a subtracter on X.
        It all leads to normalisation of useful traits across the genders and for women having a larger variation in skills and abilities across the group than men do – women are NOT all the same. Men are more similar to other men, than women are to each other.
        Most significantly, mans brain grows by pruning off circuits that are not useful to their specialisms. Testosterone switches off the nurturing and people skills giving more energy to hunting and object control, scaled by body size etc, all the circuts are there but may not be switched on by default based on the number of hormones and neurotransmitters, everything else, on 22 pairs of chromosomes, is not a gender issue, it is based on training or genuine superiority in a skill.
        Based on this reasoning superior skills are expressed in half the women, they are more common than men at 2 standard deviations, but are moderated by cultural norms.
        If a man ape who considers himself alpha is refused sex by a superior female he will prevent her reproducing with anyone else because her sons are likely to be better than him.
        Evolution and betterment of the group as a whole is limited by the agressiveness of self-serving insecure r-selecting alphas.

    4. provide, protect, but don’t get paid? as stated, incorrect sequence of events.
      it’s just a fallacious artifact of developing minds as they draw from terribly incomplete information. the child’s view is that men should just ‘should’, which ungratefully takes for granted all that provisioning that -mother- nature has never provided. the child sort-of gets that something is missing: “men should just do it, just give, isn’t that what they’re for?”
      when (if?) children grow out of being children, they learn the greater picture: it’s all trade/capital in the end. men got to net-keep what they made, thus paying themselves for their piece of the greater creation, of civilization – a creation that far exceeded what meager booms/busts mother nature could ever do. and that provision/protection? it followed all those who stood in that light men made for themselves for their success. hence, in times more grounded in reality, children are the property of men.
      establishing that it was, is, and will always be trade, what then if that trade is made meager? or worse, a net loss for those doing the actual provision? what if the greater creation/responsibility, that affords civilization, is just thieved away by feminist supremacists and their likewise back-stabbing manginas? then fuck it, it’s no longer life, it’s death by definition, and any who believe otherwise are still just children lamenting the loss of what they thought was mother’s nature. oddly, they cry theft when men withdraw, which, of course, they don’t see is the opposite of reality. such is always the consummate consumer’s view. let them fuck in bushes and cry when they freeze in the rain. let them bite hands that make and starve come winter. let them make-believe, literally, in corporate playpens and be driven to desolation by their own hands.
      some may lament the loss, but all that’s ‘lost’ never existed in a vacuum. so as long as those perpetual children, those so rewarded for being unfathomably selfish that they stay spiteful terrible toddlers, have dollars and votes, just enjoy they decline. the greater blame always is on the child’s agency that choses to stay childish.

    5. I agree with you. And it womens fault for banging retards in the first place. What happens when women bang violent retards? The kids come out violent and retarded which only ruins the advancement of society. Unfortunately I dont see things getting better in the far future.

  11. I agree with your points but keep the religious nonsense in church, please. We all know the importance of male dominance without having to appeal to religious bullshit.

    1. You don’t get to dictate what content we get to see or not see. The author chose to include a religious component. This is his article, his choice and you are not forced to read nor participate in it. Instead you chose to walk in and do the SJW snark where you wish to dictate what others should see and how others should write, and in a voice that implies you speak for all of us.
      Take that kind of thing back to the leftists where it belongs. If the author wishes to offer his full perspective, who are you to tell him not to?

      1. Nice try labeling me a SJW. ‘snark’ means sarcasm and a snide attitude. Please explain how I’m being sarcastic.
        My comment was directed at the author. He can speak for himself.
        And about religion: Have you looked at religious people lately? They are all either out-of-touch kookoos or pathetically soft betas.

        1. Yeah, actually, I grew up when the word was invented, get over yourself kid.
          You are dictating what others should write and say. End of the day, you don’t have the power to do that and speak on the behalf of the rest of us.
          Have a zippidy do dah day.

        2. Alright, let me rephrase my wording. “Dear Author, using religious nonsense in your post does nothing to help your credibility, so please consider not doing it.” Does that make you feel better?

  12. At this point, nothing men do can fix the broken women of the west. Roosh is right, the west is going to implode, to try and stop it would be to tell a man to stand infront of an avalanche and hope to stop it.
    You see men have a problem where we think everything is our fault. We think we can fix everything. And if we can’t fix it, we don’t get it. Women tell men their problems, they aren’t expecting a solution, they want to be listened to. This is why it is fruitless to give them advice like a male friend. Women are a problem child, who don’t want to be fixed. Does being a better parent, make the bad spoiled child fix. No. Nothing can fix a spoil child, the spoil child becomes the spoiled adult who ends up in jail or trouble.
    The article is was right about 60 years ago now its just plain terribly dated. Telling men to man up now is useless, that horse is out the gate. You should have told the boomers who let women enter the workplace to man up and put their women in line but they didn’t so the feminist already won. We are just dealing with the fallout from the older men not keeping their women in line.
    And the men who are the “Greatest” generation ain’t shit either. They were the ones who were the judges and deans and positions of power when feminist were “Winning these new rights”. They were the politicians, they were the ones who ruined this nation.

    1. I don’t think it is as hopeless as you think. We need fight club like tactics to win the upper hand. Proliferating these opinions has a way bigger ripple than you would even begin to imagine. Most millennial men have never even heard these ideas espoused publicly because they are so taboo. We are taking sexism from the fringe and mainstreaming it. Even men who ideologically don’t think what we preach is fair, have all been fucked over by women one way or another and would just generally get off on seeing women being denied a dignified, autonomous existence for the schadenfreude.
      I think the most important thing men can do is play on the appeal of women’s own propensity for slut shaming. I call on everyone with a naked selfie of an ex to email that shit to her mom, dad and boss tonight and watch her “strong and independent” world crumble overnight :^) Show these chameleon whores for who they really are – shine the disinfecting light of sunshine on her digitally immortalized spread cunt and let everyone see that she should have never been let out of the home without a collar and leash to begin with. Little whore is so proud of her tits she texted them to you – post that shit on every social media page she attention whores on. I guarantee you will have just opened up an academic slot that rightfully belonged to a man because she will without question drop out due to her own self-perpetuated disgrace. Let’s hurry along this process. Let’s launch a slut photo-bomb tonight and see if we can’t push the unspoken social barometer just a little farther to the right…

      1. Its is useless.
        You will be shown as a villan, her as a victim, and such actions are now pretty much ilegal outside of the usa.

  13. this article reminds me of the great perennialists who saw this timeless wisdom in all ancient civilizations, and the crisis of the modern world we currently face- the best resource i highly recommend for ROK readers is the works of Julius Evola, the Italian philosopher and visionary, as long as your ok with people in there narrow minds calling you a “fascist” when you mention his great insights (but them again lovers of Nietzsche such as myself suffer this great ignorance from people as well).

    1. Hey, thanks for the suggestion on Julius Evola. Wow. He should be required reading for every male on ROK! Actually, I’ve been planning my first mountain climbing expedition this year, so his book Meditations on the Peaks, is really speaking to something deep within me. Appreciate the suggestion!

  14. Modern society is dominated by women and the effeminate. The proof of this assertion is well documented in the masosphere and is discussed at length on this site. The perverse stench of various post-modern ideologies have infiltrated virtually every institution in the West and has completely permeated an increasing number of them. Examples of this abound, and like I said before, are well documented. Because of this infestation of post-modern thought, we have seen the rapid collapse of an acceptance of objective truth amongst the general population. Consequently, social norms that have been accepted for virtually all of human history in civilizations across the globe have been recently abandoned by modern Western society. We live in an effeminate and godless society. Honor and strength belongs to the man that keeps himself in spite of such widespread perversion.

  15. “If civilization had been left in female hands we would still be living in grass huts.”
    Camille Paglia
    I’d also like to warn ROK readers not to contract with business women. They have no sense of fiduciary responsibility. Not only do they not keep their word but they lie incessantly. I constantly have problems with women owned businesses. It’s due to their enormous sense of entitlement. American women are so in love with themselves

  16. Just bring the rotting carcass of western civilisation down as fast as possible, so then in the chaos we can rebuild a red pill society, a society where MEN lead and women follow, for after all, they are naught but big children their entire lives, cant be equal to men (are weaker, physically and mentally,) have no real sense of honour or virtue (these are masculine qualities) and cattle like in their behaviour.

  17. One poster on ROK has said it recently, EnglishBob, That men have allowed things to be the way they are, and he is correct. Men have allowed women to be in the position of power that they are now in. Male weakness allows women power. Stand up, don’t be a coward, and claim the leadership position. Women will not look down on you for it. They may fight it, but eventually they will capitulate. It does not involve violence to achieve this. I have never, in all my years, met a woman who will not defer to strength and decisiveness.

    1. And if you find one who will not capitulate, I can guarantee you that clitoris has been untouched for years.

  18. How can a woman or a gay bottom ever be considered a leader? How does anyone who is aroused by, has desired, or has repeatedly enjoyed getting their face shoved in a pillow and fucked from behind by a superior being ever be considered to lead others? Action is the product of thought and the mindset requiered for someone to enjoy being dominated is that of a submissive, a follower.
    If years of female-specific scholarships, affirmative action, gender quotas, massive marketting campaigns by corporations and the government, years of indoctrination and cultural brainwashing in the education system, a lifetime support by an army of betas, whitenights, and manginas, and 50 years of equal rights is still inadequate for women to be placed in postions of leadership, there is no other conclusion than that they are inferior beings.
    Traditional gender roles are the natural order of things. Men lead, women follow.

    1. A gay top is also unacceptable. Such a man cannot be trusted with the well being of his brothers as he will inevitably seek to rape and dominate more of them. Part of the reason he enjoys that form of sex is because he has a deep rooted need to subdue and humiliate other men.
      Like the gay bottom, he has a fear of other men, but his fear manifests itself in a form of hatred rather than submission. Frankly, both are nauseating.

    2. This is very true.
      Unfortunately, women today are brainwashed into thinking that they should lead. That’s why so many of women are drugged up on antidepressants and sleeping with random men; they are trying to go against the natural order of things. I have found such joy and peace in submission.

    3. This is so true, when a man was almost begging me for anal sex and saying ‘youll love it I promise’ it made me think its actually him that already loves it done to him.
      I told him if he can prove to me that Ill love it as much as him Ill consider it. So he let me strap one on and I bottomed him right up. He loved it.
      So I considered it, but being a bottom just isnt for me. I had to let him go as I can only respect a man who is my equal.

  19. Chick in the photo does look tasty though. My type. I love lean chicks with dark hair. Plus the dark and inviting lighting………..the suggestiveness. So………Noir.

  20. Men’s sacrifice to society was dying in war and the shitty, dangerous jobs. Women’s sacrifice to society was bearing children and loyalty.
    Without these things, society breaks down.

  21. The results of a collapsed society always begins with women in leadership roles. Over 75% of divorces initiated by women, 53% marriages end in divorce, women murder, molest children and call it “girl power”, highest lesbian rate ever recorded, highest std/aids rate with women (look up Ukraine), and the list goes on.
    The day women betrayed all men by listening to man-hating lesbians (communist) about being oppressed. Which led to abandoning all traditional roles.
    “The nuclear family is “a cornerstone of woman’s oppression: it enforces women’s dependence on men, it enforces heterosexuality and it imposes the prevailing masculine and feminine character structures on the next generation.”-Alison Jagger(feminazi)
    “Female heterosexuality is not a biological drive or an individual women’s erotic attraction or attachment to another human animal which happens to be male. Female heterosexuality is a set of social institutions and practices… Those definitions… are about the oppression and exploitation of women [by men].” Marilyn Frye (feminazi leader)

    1. “The day women betrayed all men by listening to man-hating lesbians (communist) about being oppressed. Which led to abandoning all traditional roles. ”
      Joe Mccarthy tried to warn us about communist infiltrations in our government and media, but he was shouted down by undercover commies like edward r murrow who were operating in the media even back then.
      Joe wasn’t killed by booze, he was murdered in the hospital as a final insult to his dire warnings to the US, which today have come almost completely true.

  22. This piece is too pretentious.
    Here’s how it should have gone: Men use logic. Women use emotions. Logic > emotions. Done.

  23. “One thing more remained to do — say good-bye to my excellent aunt. I found her triumphant. I had a cup of tea — the last decent cup of tea for many days — and in a room that most soothingly looked just as you would expect a lady’s drawing-room to look, we had a long quiet chat by the fireside. In the course of these confidences it became quite plain to me I had been represented to the wife of the high dignitary, and goodness knows to how many more people besides, as an exceptional and gifted creature — a piece of good fortune for the Company — a man you don’t get hold of every day. Good heavens! and I was going to take charge of a two-penny-half-penny river-steamboat with a penny whistle attached! It appeared, however, I was also one of the Workers, with a capital — you know. Something like an emissary of light, something like a lower sort of apostle. There had been a lot of such rot let loose in print and talk just about that time, and the excellent woman, living right in the rush of all that humbug, got carried off her feet. She talked about ‘weaning those ignorant millions from their horrid ways,’ till, upon my word, she made me quite uncomfortable. I ventured to hint that the Company was run for profit.”
    “‘You forget, dear Charlie, that the labourer is worthy of his hire,’ she said, brightly. It’s queer how out of touch with truth women are. They live in a world of their own, and there has never been anything like it, and never can be. It is too beautiful altogether, and if they were to set it up it would go to pieces before the first sunset. Some confounded fact we men have been living contentedly with Ever since the day of creation would start up and knock the whole thing over.”
    “After this I got embraced, told to wear flannel, be sure to write often, and so on — and I left.” – Joseph Conrad, “Heart of Darkness”

  24. Women seek to compete with, undermine, and ultimately dismantle and replace the natural role of men and men let them try it. Men seek to compete with, undermine, and ultimately dismantle and replace the role of God and God let’s them try it. This is the equation for disaster and our current plight is the manifestation of adherence to the aforementioned.
    A lot of people will use their freedoms to discount and eradicate God entirely and if you want proof of this folly take a look around and accept the fact that this is what happens when you mess with the natural system ordained by God himself. One can immediately identify the harmful wicked effects of feminism and rally against it but not the harmful wicked effects of rejecting God?
    You are not however required to accept anything you don’t want to but know this, refusing to accept the truth doesn’t negate the fact that it is true. People will travel the world through and through to the ends of their lives searching for answers that have already been given to them in a collection of books they refuse to put faith in.
    Sometimes the simple answer really is the correct one and yet due to pride and doubt we fail to see and will waste our intelligence skewing off in many fruitless directions to find answers even though the truth of the matter is we’ve rejected reality and have instead substituted it with our own version which will keep us spinning our proverbial wheels into eternity with no rest.
    Of course this is not the popular answer and will subsequently be rejected by many but I will say this, I’ve never known someone to regret trying to live the right way with a view to Godly standards. I’ve never heard anyone say, gosh I wish I acquired more baggage or screwed more people over or ruined more lives by behaving like a heartless morally devoid clod.
    When you endeavor to live well and I mean truly live well not what society will have you believe, but actually living well, you won’t be as miserable and hopeless as the rest of the world. You will receive the mental clarity needed to navigate the world as it is and be better for it.
    Maybe your behavior and convictions aren’t enough to change mankind’s fate but rest assured by doing just this you will have already fulfilled your obligation as a human being. This article I have a great deal of respect for as it identifies our need to never deviate from God’s standards.
    You sir are an incredibly wise man and a refreshing oasis amid the mire that is modern society, may your intelligent musings receive due credence.

  25. It always seems particularly obvious to me that the point of the story of Adam and Eve was that doing things you shouldnt to get sex and power will lead to trouble. Adam and Eve were both greedy fools who were tempted by power and screwed it up, both of them, equally.
    Its also a nasty ploy by Catholic teachers to shame all children with a sin that was not theirs into being subservient to an archaic authority, forcing them to belive they are tainted and unworthy right from the start.
    Dont go recycling stories designed to control the masses for your own ends. Your point was for your fellow guys to not be tempted by frivolous things but look at the sad comments youve inspired, theyre all using it to blame women for everything again, how many of them got the real message?
    It is extremely difficult for a woman to believe men are better and should be respected when all they see is betas complaining and using their ‘snake’ to dominate rather than set a good example.
    Please control your beta bitches.

  26. This article should be required reading for any male going through puberty.
    God bless you good sir. Very profound insight indeed.

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