5 Ways To Land (And Keep) A Quality Boyfriend

It has recently come to my attention that a significant portion of our readership is, in fact, female. It therefore only seems fair—in the spirit of gender equity—to provide our lady readers with some of the same top-shelf self-improvement content we pride ourselves on providing our male readers day in and day out.

I needn’t tell you that while women control the gateway to sex—most, if not every, man’s true objective—men control the gateway to the increasingly elusive female prize of commitment. In other words, while much of the advice for men here is centered on getting laid, advice for women will necessarily focus on landing and keeping a quality boyfriend—since getting laid for a woman is among the easiest things in human creation.

But this isn’t as easy as it sounds. With so many girls giving away the milk, fewer and fewer quality men are choosing to buy the cow. Add to that, a massive crisis in (especially American) women’s girl-game—and a precipitous decline in the population of masculine men—and you have a perfect storm of slim pickings for the relationship-worthy girls among us.

How to get a good man and keep him:

1. Look good and work on staying that way.

This may seem obvious, but it’s worth repeating that men are visual creatures who value beauty—in various aspects of their lives—above most other things. Being overweight, poorly dressed, or clearly putting little effort into your appearance, while expecting a hunk to sweep you up, is not only ineffective but straight-up delusional. Even if you’re naturally cute, you need to keep yourself in shape (ideally by being active), learn to dress your body, and take care of your skin. We men do all of this too.

Whatever you do, don’t cut your hair short—it looks terrible, despite what your girlfriends disingenuously say, and 99 percent of men hate it, no matter what they may say. Also, don’t mutilate your body with ugly tattoos and piercings, which distract from your natural beauty at best, or make you look like walking case of Hepatitis at worst. When you do land that prize boyfriend, don’t take your foot off the gas. Keep showing that you’re putting in work into looking your best, and you will keep that man.


2. Be a pleasant, feminine sweetheart.

Being sarcastic, foul-mouthed, confrontational, and difficult just for the sake of being difficult is not funny, and are not attractive qualities, contrary to what the television might be telling you. You’d be shocked how irresistible and addictive simply being nice and pleasant to be around can be to a man. I can’t count the number of guys who’ve shacked up with a girl because—instead of feeling agitated and annoyed around their grating bitch-girlfriends—feel soothed and relaxed whenever they’re with them. Even when it comes to breaking up, guys agonize over leaving something so good on the table. They can’t pull away. Don’t buy into the feminist propaganda that lies to you by saying that being sweet automatically makes you stupid or a push-over. In fact, it’s being a willful irritant that makes you stupid and, more importantly, single.

3. Don’t be a slut.

Even though that same propaganda is trying to tell you that sex is the same for men and women—and that the number of sexual partners a woman has doesn’t matter—this simply isn’t true. I’d hate to break it to you, but to an overwhelming majority of quality men, your past does matter, especially if you want him to think of you as relationship material and stick around. That doesn’t mean he expects a virgin, or that withholding sex for as long as possible should be your strategy. It simply means that your slutty past—or present—is a liability, whether you broadcast it or not.

Note: Attention-whoring–whether that’s dancing on tables in a bar or uploading hundreds of sexy pictures of yourself to Facebook for the ego-boosting admiration of your many male “friends”–is a form of sluttiness.


4. Have some domestic skills.

Nothing discourages a man more than bragging about your non-existent domestic skills. If your mother didn’t have the sense to teach you how to prepare a nice meal or iron a blouse, learn. In the age of Youtube, there’s no excuse to not know these basic skills. Once in a while, make your man something for no reason, fold a shirt, clean up after yourself. He will notice, and he will be more attracted to you for it.

5. Be interesting.

Cultivate other parts of you above and beyond your looks. An attractive, well-rounded girl has a long waiting list of top-shelf guys hoping to make them a long-term girlfriend. Put down the iPhone and learn an instrument, practice a (real) dance, or master a fine art. Hone your conversation skills. Instead of copy-catting jokes that Liz Lemon said last night, be original, be creative. An interesting girl, with all of the other traits above, starts to look like not just girlfriend-material, but like a wife and mother.


While our (many) detractors enjoy calling us women-hating, proto-rapist manipulators we’re, in fact, little more than a group of men committed to, even obsessed with, constant self-improvement. Our successes with women stem from the fruits of that labor.

That success needn’t be limited to on-demand sexual conquests for men. Women can have “game” too.

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390 thoughts on “5 Ways To Land (And Keep) A Quality Boyfriend”

  1. To most men your list is:
    simple, straightfoward and to the point.
    To most women, your list is:
    misogynistic, shallow, creepy.
    Did anyone here catch the subtle differences?

    1. The number of times you throw the word ‘misogynistic’ around is inversely proportional to the probability of securing a good dude.
      OF course there is the alternative option of fingering yourself to ryan gosling till your 40 — the only fictional character that fulfils ur delusional construction of reality.

    2. Why wouldn’t most women agree with this article?
      It makes total sense.
      There is nothing misogynistic shallow or creepy about it.

      1. Good point, though, one must realize if “most women” agreed with this article, we’d not be in this spot…rehashing the seemingly obvious in 2013.

  2. This is stupid. It’s like you just said the most obvious things. How is this supposed to
    Help me find a quality man?

    1. If all of this is obvious to you, and you’re already doing it, you’re not the target of the article; you’re already one of the good ones. Just be honest with yourself about the “already doing it” part.

    2. I would say you should really examine yourself and see if you are doing these things. For example starting your comment by saying “this is stupid” is rude, and certainly does not fall under guideline #2. Work on yourself, become better than you thought you could, and a quality man will notice. You don’t find him, you are not the aggressor.

    3. These things are NOT obvious to 99% of women. You’re already doing it if they are obvious to you. Good luck to you.

    4. if it`s so fucking obvious, why didn`t you find a quality man yet? yeah, seems it`s not so cut and dry as you would have us believe…

  3. It is not so much that these qualifiers are enough or these skills will ensure attraction. The ultimate truth for what makes a woman attractive is her displays of empathy. Empathy is what American/anglo women lack. Vapid egotistical narcissism has replaced empathy in the modern woman, such that she is a cold calculating unimpressed droid incapable of emotion, incapable of tenderness, of caring for the feelings of yourself and your children. The feminine identity is broken by the sheer fact that a woman nowadays feels entitled to the top 5% of man, she leaves any residue of empathy behind, in her distant past, for the top 5% alpha and is willing to sell her soul for it — becoming a sociopath in the process. The modern woman is traumatised by the player, and as a result her soul is tortured/wretched, it cannot feel any empathy for anything else, it has lost all of its naivety and fragility.. it simply remains dormant and opportunist for heightened levels of sexual fantasy enabled by today’s modern world. Before you know it she’s in an existential mess, ‘trying to find herself in the universe’ == the height of self-importance.
    Past sexual history == trauma == heightened ego == lack of empathy
    Complacency == fat == heightened ego = selfishness/gluttony = lack of empathy
    Lack of culture = complacency = entitlement = heightened ego = robotic droid which feels the world owes her a favour = lack of empathy
    Lack of Empathy means the exchange is similar to 2 aspergers kids playing chess. There is no feeling. This is why it’s so easy to pump and dump.

    1. What also arousing to men is a vulnerable woman…one who appears helpless…that’s sexy, believe it or not women.

      1. Absolutely agree Mr. Mitchell, and it’s funny how so many women now seem to have zero understanding of that. They all feel the need to have that “wall” up now. Very un-sexy.

        1. Vulnerability and inadequacy is a feeling derived from empathy — the feeling of being overwhelmed by emotion. When a man enters her life, there is an emotionally violent (metaphysical) disruption to her ever day sense of being causing insecurities, elation, a feeling of euphoria and the sublime. The anglophone produces women that do not even feel the effects of a man entering her life. Rather the exchange is entirely superficial. The exchange is almost contractual or done for almost collateral purposes. A default. Almost a strategic and logical move done because it’s a social norm, or for basic minimal fulfilment.

        2. “The exchange is almost contractual or done for almost collateral
          purposes. A default. Almost a strategic and logical move done because
          it’s a social norm, or for basic minimal fulfilment.”
          Its a natural outcome of a “civilization” based on materialistic pursuits and pure profit at the expense of anything that can’t make a dollar.

        3. … maybe because we’re fed up with it and want to stand on our own feet. If it means a few dudebros less who are attracted to us – a few less we have to bother getting rid off.

      2. Don’t you think women know that? they have used the helpless tactic so many time t use men.whiteknighting is actually part of it. A helpless woman s probably using you.

    2. Great comment. Narcissism and sociopathic traits have infiltrated popular culture through Hollywood/’reality TV’, Feminist movement
      Sociopathic traits
      GLIB and SUPERFICIAL CHARM — The tendency to be smooth, engaging, charming, slick, and verbally facile. Sociopathic charm is not in the least shy, self-conscious, or afraid to say anything. A Sociopath never gets tongue-tied.
      GRANDIOSE SELF-WORTH — A grossly inflated view of one’s abilities and self-worth, self-assured, opinionated, cocky, a braggart. Sociopath are arrogant people who believe they are superior human beings.
      NEED FOR STIMULATION or PRONENESS TO BOREDOM — An excessive need for novel, thrilling, and exciting stimulation; taking chances and doing things that are risky. Sociopaths often have low self-discipline in carrying tasks through to completion because they get bored easily. They fail to work at the same job for any length of time, for example, or to finish tasks that they consider dull or routine.
      PATHOLOGICAL LYING — Can be moderate or high; in moderate form, they will be shrewd, crafty, cunning, sly, and clever; in extreme form, they will be deceptive, deceitful, underhanded, unscrupulous, manipulative, and dishonest.
      CONNING AND MANIPULATIVENESS — The use of deceit and deception to cheat, con, or defraud others for personal gain; distinguished from Item #4 in the degree to which exploitation and callous ruthlessness is present, as reflected in a lack of concern for the feelings and suffering of one’s victims.
      LACK OF REMORSE OR GUILT — A lack of feelings or concern for the losses, pain, and suffering of victims; a tendency to be unconcerned, dispassionate, cold-hearted, and non-empathic. This item is usually demonstrated by a disdain for one’s victims.
      SHALLOW AFFECT — Emotional poverty or a limited range or depth of feelings; interpersonal coldness in spite of signs of open gregariousness.
      CALLOUSNESS and LACK OF EMPATHY — A lack of feelings toward people in general; cold, contemptuous, inconsiderate, and tactless.
      PARASITIC LIFESTYLE — An intentional, manipulative, selfish, and exploitative financial dependence on others as reflected in a lack of motivation, low self-discipline, and inability to begin or complete responsibilities.
      POOR BEHAVIORAL CONTROLS — Expressions of irritability, annoyance, impatience, threats, aggression, and verbal abuse; inadequate control of anger and temper; acting hastily.
      PROMISCUOUS SEXUAL BEHAVIOR — A variety of brief, superficial relations, numerous affairs, and an indiscriminate selection of sexual partners; the maintenance of several relationships at the same time; a history of attempts to sexually coerce others into sexual activity or taking great pride at discussing sexual exploits or conquests.
      EARLY BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS — A variety of behaviors prior to age 13, including lying, theft, cheating, vandalism, bullying, sexual activity, fire-setting, glue-sniffing, alcohol use, and running away from home.
      LACK OF REALISTIC, LONG-TERM GOALS — An inability or persistent failure to develop and execute long-term plans and goals; a nomadic existence, aimless, lacking direction in life.
      IMPULSIVITY — The occurrence of behaviors that are unpremeditated and lack reflection or planning; inability to resist temptation, frustrations, and urges; a lack of deliberation without considering the consequences; foolhardy, rash, unpredictable, erratic, and reckless.
      IRRESPONSIBILITY — Repeated failure to fulfill or honor obligations and commitments; such as not paying bills, defaulting on loans, performing sloppy work, being absent or late to work, failing to honor contractual agreements.
      FAILURE TO ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR OWN ACTIONS — A failure to accept responsibility for one’s actions reflected in low conscientiousness, an absence of dutifulness, antagonistic manipulation, denial of responsibility, and an effort to manipulate others through this denial.
      Remind you of any females?

      1. I’d suspect women are largely miserable because they base their life expectations around the lives of fictional characters and celebrities.
        Those girls who seemingly-list every TV Show ever on their online dating profiles? Skip over them. They have an unhealthy relationship with fantasy, and all believe being snarky is cute and interesting, rather than making them a social embarrassment to be around, because they believe everyone else is beneath them and base their self image on verbally-wounding others.

        1. I don’t think it’s 100% cultural, unlike many people of the site.
          The tendency towards narcissism happens when a woman encounters an alpha male at a young age, only to get pumped and dumped. After she is dumped, she experiences trauma and finds elaborate ways to ‘alleviate’ herself from pain and defence mechanisms to mitigate future loss. Some women will adopt the bitchy post-modern femme fatale look that Rihanna, Miley Cyrus use to ‘caution’ men from engaging in future harm — masculine/strong personalties to filter male interaction, tattoos etc. The femme fatale appearance and personality ONLY works for the top 5% of women — you need to have already feminine symmetry and implied ’empathetic’ appearance for it to be considered attractive (Sharon Stone in basic instinct etc). When you’re an average looking woman, the femme fatale look SIMPLY does not work. It looks disgusting, repulsive, ridiculous and trashy.
          But for the top 5% it may look ‘sexy’ and ‘sublime’. It is a fashion that is 100% depleted in empathy — the strong woman who makes all her male peers look like dunces, the strong woman who is a man eater, the strong woman who ‘doesn’t give a fuck’ q.e.d.
          The look is much more marketable as a brand because it appeals to a woman’s defensive sensibilities. But also because such tatt’ed up slags STILL get emotional validation from weak males who make concessions in finding a mate. These males MAKE concessions because a lot of reasons, but I mostly think its an issue of market demand (not enough slim attractive young women to feed the masses).
          The ‘culture’ only exists because there is a ‘defensive need’, one which wont get punished because there the majority of males in America aren’t selective.

        2. I think the difference in the EU is that when a woman experiences ‘alpha trauma’ at a young age, she experiences a harsh winter afterwards, gets zero validation from her male peers and eventually has her ego restored to a reasonable level such that empathy is not 100% precluded from her sense of being.
          Do you honestly think if they aired MTV or feminist theory to ukranian girls on a daily basis that they would swiftly change to becoming bitches? I dunno about that. I think the moment they do they will be 100% shamed from society and there will be enough Ukranian girls who will realise that there is a massive market demand for ‘traditional’ empathetic wifey-types and PREFER that ideology over the narcissistic-femme-fatale-feminist.
          The problem with america is there is enough dudes with not enough standards that allow the hamster wheel to keep spinning.

    3. First you’d have to define empathy to them. All the modern leftists and feminists pride themselves on their idea of empathy, a bizarre version where they pick and choose when and who to empathize with depending on their personal biases and ideological leanings.

      1. I agree.. I have had girlfriends that were very concerned with ‘social justice’ and considered themselves empathetic because of it, yet were callous towards me. To me that’s completely bizarre, I love those close to me and am indifferent towards strangers, for them being empathetic towards strangers was virtuous, being empathetic to your boyfriend was a weakness. If anything the reverse is true.

        1. People who emphasize social justice- a fictional construct since justice is based on an idea of right and wrong as it pertains to the individual- in general are the types who are the most unjust in their personal lives to those they actually interact with.

      2. This is a type of empathy politics or a way to use empathy to shame or guilt others into accepting an ideology that appeals to someones ‘better senses’. “Dont kill animals, they feel”, “Don’t own a gun or you’re a sociopath”. It is a tool used to logically create a moral high ground for people, particularly leftists, to shame others into realising that they’re morally superior. It’s a facade for the most part. These people are simply using empathy arguments as a charade. For the most part these people have a complex, an inadequacy, or trying to repress something they secretly desire. And the only way to to do this is to claim some right of power by making others feel like sociopaths, while pretending to be the politically-correct universalist. Empathy is a tool, not a genuine feeling towards The Other. Empathy here is selective. Empathy is only possible here by being preferential. What lies beneath the surface is hate, disdain, a need to repress.

        1. Serial killers can simulate empathy for their own amusement or purpose, but they don’t actually “feel”.
          Similarly, feminists use empathy for their own selfish gain.

        2. “Serial killers can simulate empathy for their own amusement or purpose, but they don’t actually “feel”.”
          This is a common misconception.
          Serial killers and other sociopaths do feel. In fact, they are over sensitive. It’s one of the reasons they’re always mad at the world, e.g. “You hurt me, now I’ll hurt you back!” While it’s true that most sociopaths do not generally feel much empathy, many do experience some feeling towards certain other beings such as a family member, lover, or even a pet.
          This is an oversimplification but I think you get the point.
          “Similarly, feminists use empathy for their own selfish gain.”
          This is an interesting idea. Western women definitely lack empathy. Comparing them to sociopaths would be an intriguing rhetorical tool. The idea that feminists use empathy selfishly is an idea that is self-evidently true yet it had not occurred to me. I wonder if it is one that could be injected into mainstream thought via the Manosphere.
          One Slate article with the headline: “Are Feminists Sociopaths?” would certainly turn heads.

        3. Slate would never publish an article by that title.
          I’d have to agree though, that femenazis are sociopaths.
          This article is 100% true.

        4. You clearly do not understand the meaning of either sociopathy or feminism. How embarrassing for you.

    4. The void in their soul is why social justice is so important to them. It’s how they fake having empathy for other people whilst focusing on miniscule problems of privilege and little importance rather than larger real-world issues, to the extent they’ll even start creating definitions for imaginary problems.
      This shows others they *care*, resulting in positive praise, which is what a Narcissist seeks: they’re playing a persona that flatters their ego, and their self-image is reinforced through the gaze and approval of others.
      When their self-image is negatively challenged, the fake persona comes down, and they respond in fury, resulting in ALL CAPS rants telling you to kill yourself or be castrated: the inhuman violence in their souls is laid bare, because their ego is so threatened they forget to maintain the performance of being a ‘nice’ person.
      Unfortunately, this mental disorder has become widespread and normalised. These women are unloveable. Luckily for us, thanks to people oversharing on social media, you can easily indentify narcissists via their Twitter and Facebook pages, and, as such, you can quickly screen out girls who lack dating potential, because you and any children will only be supporting actors in what they believe is a movie that stars them.

    5. lol seeing someone on this site lecture about empathy is one of the most painfully hypocritical things i’ve ever read – talk about being a sociopath, this whole website glorifies a sociopathic treatment of 51% of the world’s population
      NOTE: being independent is not lacking empathy, being a hateful misogynist is

  4. 6. Understand that, for a man (especially a high value man), commitment is a sacrifice. If I have 4 girls fighting over my yambag, but I’m faithful to you and only you, that’s a huge deal. Respect it.

    1. This realization makes my tolerance for girls who don’t meet the above criteria very low. Unfortunately many girls think #1 “Look good” is enough, but we know that looks are the first thing to go.

    2. Unfortunately, women don’t even realize that attention from a man is a monetary gift. They also EXPECT a guy to be “faithful” — even if he is UNMARRIED. If she expects you to be faithful.. she will never take it as a compliment – or have any respect for it. Women today ACTUALLY BELIEVE that a faithful man is their automatic “right” to expect. They even sing songs about slashing your tires if you go out with another girl ……. and she will behave like you “treated her badly”.
      Women think they can be totally useless, not even put out, never cook you a meal, or fold a sock….. and you’re expected to be “faithful” to that shit.

      1. I was under the impression, at least in the West, that there is no expectation of exclusivity until engagement, or at least until the couple sat down and had something called “the talk”, in which they both verbally agreed to be monogamous.
        So you are saying that Western people (women in particular) expect exclusivity from just dating alone, without even having the talk about it?

        1. Well that would certainly SEEM sensible wouldn’t it.
          But American/Western women actually believe it’s acceptable to slash his tires, take a louisville slugger to his headlights, carve out her name into his leather seats – as if destruction of property is their “right” – and they will even write sick songs about it ….. simply because he was out with another chick. Even “BEFORE HE CHEATS”. Yes, BEFORE he has done anything wrong.

          They are so mentally ill, that they call it “cheating”:

          … but in reality, she is totally out of her mind. Instead of accepting that he would simply prefer to spend the evening with someone else, she will now key an UNMARRIED MAN’s $65,000 car – while calling him a “pig” – because he didn’t call back exactly when she wanted him to.
          But even more importantly —> What pisses women off is not that “he cheated”. She is upset because she can not get away with using sex for power and control. She FAILS at being able to cheat him OUT of it. HE decides when he gets sex – and with whom. This infuriates the female because she is SO ARROGANT, she thinks SHE decides.

        2. Try not to form your own “world view” from American pop music, Tom. It will mislead you, to say the least.

        3. I don’t need to.
          I had a chick key my $65,000 car and make a false rape claim simply because I did NOT fuck her – and sent her home in a cab.
          Then the same b*tch rang me up a couple of weeks later and another chick answered the phone – and behaved as if i “cheated” on her and acted like I “treated her badly”.
          American pop music didn’t do that.
          A real woman did.
          So don’t lecture me on how to form my “world view”. I’m not your boyfriend. I don’t have to listen to you.

        4. I wonder if you pressed charges against her and had her brought to trial if she could legally use that song as a defense?
          Did you have her prosecuted?
          Did she pay for the damages?

        5. “It’s totally unreal how someone can rub your nose in something SO CULTURALLY WRONG”
          Culturally wrong? That sort of behavior is 100% congruent with the values of so called “western civilization”.

        6. Oh she paid for the damages, alright. But good. The days of women behaving with impunity are OVER.

        7. It always amazes me that people can engage in such shameful unlawful behavior…male or female.

        8. Have you noticed that Cosmo magazine in particular regularly features hurtful, ugly and destructive practical “jokes” women have played on their exes as revenge for some slight?

        9. I don’t actually read those magazine… they’re only good for the fashion 🙂

        10. Guys, call the wambulance, we’ve got a crybaby over here that needs 10cc’s of man stat.

        11. you need to really stop, Jasmine. You’re fishing for attention among these disgusting men by agreeing to their ridiculous and incredibly sexist beliefs. Get your own beliefs and respect yourself more. You don’t want any of these douche nozzles. Find yourself an actual good man that won’t think it’s okay to pork anything that moves and then blame you for it, like you control their dick. A man is not an animal incapable of controlling his “urges” to rape or fuck. A man is a human capable of thought and reasoning, just as a woman is. And he needs to understand this and the consequences that come with it.

        12. oh goodness dear…
          I’m not sure why you make so many assumptions about me.
          I’m actually quite happily married an amazing man. We have 6 children (3 adopted).
          I live the life of a fairytale almost literally
          hint: I didn’t get him by espousing the principles of the femenazis. 🙂

        13. Only a woman bases her world view on a music video, and only a dickhead like you bases his view of the entire female sex on the behavior of one woman.
          Good job!

        14. Only a woman bases her world view on a music video, and only a dickhead like you bases his view of the entire female sex on the behavior of one woman.
          Good job!

        15. OK. Lets look at that.
          ONE woman? It’s not ONE woman. See the comment above? >> “Have you noticed that Cosmo magazine in particular regularly features hurtful, ugly and destructive practical “jokes” women have played on their exes as revenge for some slight? <<
          How about

          (FF to 5:00)
          SO IT”S NOT JUST *ONE*.
          IS IT …. “DICKHEAD”.
          The fact that they are music videos endorsing it… that women think its “socially acceptable” …. people everywhere talk, clap and LAIUGH about it, and women are PROUD of it… proves that it isn’t just ONE.
          I would say “good job” but I’ll just say nice try.
          Have a good night.

        16. Oh I didn’t cry. I was just really fucking angry.
          She cried though when I was through with her.

        17. You’re still wrong in allowing the actions of the few affect your view of the many. I can tell you for a fact that not every woman under the sun would do things like that, to ANYONE. Grow up and get over your past slights, you gigantic manbaby.

        18. False. YOU’RE wrong.
          “Not all women are like that” is just a DEFLECTION.
          While it’s true that “not all birds fly”…. you don’t tell someone who makes a very TRUE statement like “birds fly” —->> “NOT ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!’
          That’s just DEFLECTION.
          Where it gets REALLY interesting is if I said “ALL women are perfecter, beautiful and go no wrong”….. not a single woman would correct me. ESPECIALLY you. Even though it couldn’t possibly be true. You’re never gonna say “NOT ALL WOMEN ARE LIKE THAT!!!!!” when women are worshipped.
          And you KNOW it.
          The only time you say “NOT ALL WOMAN ARE LIKE THAT” is when women are TRULY seen for what you really are.
          You’re fucking problem. Not mine.

        19. I absolutely would disagree with you if you said that all women are perfect and can do no wrong! Women are human, just like men. Some are good and some are bad, and generalizing them is a foolish thing to do. You can’t generalize every member of a group as being either good or bad based on the actions of one person; instead, meet each new person with an open mind and judge them by their individual actions.

        20. Well, okay, except your generalizations aren’t leading you towards understanding anything. They’re making you a narrow-minded, bitter, person. Some generalizations may have value, but in your case, you’re just using them to justify what is apparently a raging hate-boner for women.

        21. Bitter?
          You gotta be fucking kidding me.
          Have you never been hate-fucked? Its’ hott! Chicks LOVE it.
          Just listen to them SQUEAL with delight when you spank and slap them and pull their hair.
          But don’t get confused… I don’t hate women. It’s impossible to hate women just like it’s impossible to LOVE them all. I love women. There is no better place to deposit sperm.
          Remind yourself that your hateful accusations and cute shaming attempts clearly indicate you have a dripping rage-filled pussy looking to get stuffed. But this is never gonna get you laid. B*tches don’t deserve dick.

        22. Wow…just…wow. You clearly do not know how to care for or value a woman. It’s obvious you view them as sub-human and nothing more than a place to “deposit sperm.” I never thought I would encounter someone whose views were legitimately so misogynistic; it’s much easier to think you’re just some kind of program that’s automated to spew out the most bullshit sexist comments possible.

        23. Ah yes. “wow, just wow”. The predictable feminist hissy-fit …. presented as an emotional response to hurtful facts…… but nothing more than the resounding admission of defeat in the marketplace of ideas.
          Your humorlessness is not my responsibility.

        24. Why do most people have no more than two brain cells? It’s not one girl you fucking moron. Get with the program. Does this really have to be explained to you? Really?

        25. You’re really going to pull that old chestnut NAWALT on us? Really? I’m glad you’re here to tell us these things.

        26. You know Tom, if I had even a nickle for every time I heard the “NAWALT” argument my fortune would rival Bill Gates by now.

        27. Bitter, gay, NAWALT, can’t get laid, small dick, lives in mother’s basement….
          LOL! It’s all the weapon’s they got.

        28. Me too Jim. If NAWALT were a trading symbol on the New York exchange, I could buy Steve Jobs share of Apple.
          I heard it ALL the time. As far back as I can possibly remember – as if all girls were somehow programmed from the same hive mind. Then one day, I heard it enough. So I googled “NAWALT” and the entire Manosphere opened up. As if I had been standing at a beach staring at a tiny pebble all this time……while a vast undiscovered ocean lay before me.
          What seemed like thousands of others were already well aware of it – and had deconstructed it(!) in Youtube videos and countless articles.
          The Matrix analogy has been overdone to death, but that’s exactly what it was like. I learned later that the film was based on Alice in Wonderland – where a girl falls down the Rabbit hole and develops her own stream of consciousness.
          Now, whenever I hear it, I smile and pay myself a dollar.
          I’m saving up for a Ford GT.

      2. Well, there’s no reason for a guy to be monogamous if that hasn’t been agreed upon, but it’s classless to go back on your word. If you want to sleep around, then sleep around- but don’t drag me into it. I don’t wait a while to have sex and act in a classy way just to be thrown aside like a one-night stand (one reason to wait a while before sleeping with someone, by the way). If I’m having sex with a man, I’m also faithful to him, and unless monogamy was never agreed upon, it would be a real dick move for him to cheat. It would also be potentially exposing me to diseases–and I didn’t sign up for that. Another reason the “fuck buddy” scenario is unappealing to me.
        Yes, men are the keepers of commitment and women are the keepers of sex. But going back on your word is pathetic. A man who cheats after agreeing to monogamy is the same as a woman who stops having sex with her husband after getting married.

    3. Lifelong commitment is a sacrifice for anyone who takes it on. Particularly having children and raising a family is a huge sacrifice of one’s autonomy.
      That’s why I support people who who know from an early that its not for them and avoid it. Too many people have gotten married (or not) and gotten someone preggers or gotten preggers themselves, without actually understanding the huge sacrifice involved and with even wanting to understand or ever be in that position.
      Too many if-I-had-to-do-it-all-over-again-I-wouldn’ts running around out there.
      Do yourselves and society a favor: get it snipped and be done with it!

    4. Some women just don’t appreciate their men and the sacrifices they make. I would never expect a man to be exclusive with me if we were not married. He can do whatever he wants and sleep with whoever he wants, and I am just thankful that he will spend any time with me. I would never sleep around, though, because that would just be disrespectful. Some women are just so stupid they think that we are “equal” to me. Men are superior beings who should have special rights and privileges. As women, we are unable to understand many things so we should just do whatever a man tells us to do!

  5. How big if a deal breaker is the slutty past? This is rhetorical, but I’m curious about honest opinions. A girl I’m with meets all the above, but she was the town bike, lost count of how many guys made porn with her, blowjobs for drugs, etc. She has since severed all ties w/exes and desperately tries to please me – sexually (threesomes, anal) cooking, laundry, gifts. She doesn’t do girls’ nights or any of that shit. She’s feminine, attractive, sexually available – but her N count is through the roof w/excessive experimentation w/random hookups. Who would put a ring on the finger of a huge slut that now worships the ground you walk on and recognizes the importance of severing ties with prior dick and avoiding GNOs? How many of you would drag out a LTR but never propose? There are no kids and I’ll be done with my masters in a year, got a promotion lined up when I’m done. Bottom line, my life is only improving and this chick meets all criteria except for her history.

    1. If her history doesn’t bother you, then it’s not necessarily a concern. Just be extra wary if it looks like she’s fallen out of your spell and is eyeing other guys.

    2. Spin, hamster, spin! A beta finally gets a steady supply of poon and she’s the one. She made porn with “countless guys” and did “blowjobs for drugs?” If she’s “desperately” trying to please you, why do you think that is? She needs about 10 years of therapy, not a husband who will try to save her from her shitty life and no doubt will fail.
      Threesomes? Slutty present, not just past! She’s still a messed-up ho.

    3. If she’s doing as you say, it’s probably some variation of the truth that she has calculated to herself that you, as of right now or because of future potential, have a much higher “mate value” than she does. To answer your question, it’s pretty much a toss up – I’ve met women that can keep that level of service up their whole lives, and that are so afraid of being abandoned by you that they’ll do anything for you and your love. On the other hand, I’ve also met many women who can’t keep the level going, who come to resent you for making them feel like they had to earn your love and who’s fear of abandonment and losing love leads them to engage in compulsory compensatory behaviours (such as flirting with other men to make you jealous, threatening what you love in order to get your attention/control you, etc.). This is a disaster scenario given that in most divorces, you’ll lose, period.
      I’ve tried to be unbiased above, but the truth is for many reasons, I see no value in relationships with women beyond sex. I usually make this clear in one way or the other at the beginning, and if its unacceptable I simply move on. You seem to have passed that point sometime ago. I will say one thing about male sexuality. We’re not as hypersexual as has come to be believed. In our natural state, our “libido” (our sexuality) is readily employable, usually for play: war/hunting games, exploration/discovery, creation/artistry. While a portion of female sexuality is “overflow” from a male, the bulk of female sexuality is qualitatively different from our own, and similar to our mammalian brothers and sisters, it has the goal (one of the goals), of creating a displacement in men’s libido so that we become hypersexual and readily seek “fusion” either through conversation (our ears), non-verbal communication (our eyes), or physical intimacy/sex (touch). While in this state, you are not actually you, but some hybrid of yourself alienated from yourself, and her will…

      1. Thanks for the post. That’s good advice all around. The relationship is convenient, for sure, and she makes a good girlfriend – but I can’t see giving her real commitment which I value when she has nothing of value to offer me in return (she devalued her sex/femininity/youth by giving it away freely without expectation of commitment she now wants from me). So I’ve been asking myself, am I just killing time, or am I okay with our arrangement so long as it never comes to marriage?

        1. You’re wasting time only if you’re missing opportunities with girls you would like to be with more.
          Are you worried about getting attached? It doesn’t seem like it.
          Are you concerned about her feelings? That you’re wasting her youth? Doesn’t seem like it either.
          Is being in a relationship with someone you would never marry hampering your desire to chase? That’s for you to figure out.

        2. Enjoy putting your dick in crazy. Enjoy that she fucks like a porn star. Wait till she gets pregnant in order to entrap you. For LIFE. Then enjoy the fucking you’ll receive after the court system is thru with you.

    4. “Who would put a ring on the finger of a huge slut . . .?”
      Not I.
      “I’ll be done with my masters in a year, got a promotion lined up when I’m done.”
      Protip: Over the course of five years a new bike will cost you half as much as a “cheap” rat rod, once you factor in repairs and maintenence. That’s if you can do all the work yourself and don’t have to pay a mechanic.

    5. feel free to marry her. the only life that will eventually be ruined is yours.
      she may be the nicest girl in the world now, but she has made those experiences. and since humans are nostalgic by nature, those experiences will look better and better as time goes on. especially when there is a down in your relationship (which inevitably will happen) and she realizes her looks are soon gone forever.
      but again, its your life.

    6. You get in any deeper with her, younger brother- and you are going to be fucked. Not ” you may be fucked”; but “you are going to be fucked”. One way or another.
      Take it from an older fool: RUN; do not walk from this trainwreck; no last fuck for the road, no trying to see her as she is now, none of that bullshit.
      Do otherwise- and be prepared to reap what you yourself have sown.

    7. I strongly recommend you go read some of the “In His Own Words” essays either at A Voice for Men or at A Shrink for Men. It might keep you from becoming a contributor yourself.

  6. Gold, Jerry, gold!
    IIRC, Roosh summed this up in two points: work on your appearance and lower your standards.

  7. 7. Pick a designated social media time (20-30 minutes a day) and stick to it. If we’re at a restaurant, when I come back from the bathroom you should be looking out the window, not into your smart phone.

    1. Staring vacantly out of a window, or possibly picking up something interesting to add to the conversation that was going on? Agreed that smartphones have made people dumb…but it goes for men too. I’ve seen guys in conversation with women and get a message and just have to check it…it’s just as insulting. To me, anyway. Switch them off at dinner. To think, we used to be able to wait for news. Of course, I forget…this is all the younger generation. I am shocked by how little memory they have, applies to both sexes.

    2. Precisely. Every single time I’ve come back from the bathroom and a girl has not been on her phone when I returned I’ve noticed. And I’ve remarked on it.

  8. This article is simultaneously both very true and slghtly misleading.
    A woman can’t keep a man with options and game who is also willing to treat her well if she lacks these 5 qualities. That is very true. Pussified quality men who would stay with her without them are relatively rare.
    However, what is even more important than these qualities is female ability to recognize and CHOOSE a quality man. All the hotness, sweetness and femininity in the world won’t do her one lick of good if she gives it all to a bike-riding gangster who is going to get drunk/high and beat her. And in my experience, this is the mistake far more frequently made by women than just being unattractive.

    1. Yes and no. It is VERY EASY for a player to pump and dump females because he simply sees no ramification of his actions. But not all players are sociopathic.. but most are, because they’ve been made self-aware of the ‘true nature of woman’, and can see past the bs, flirtation, beauty and see a woman for what she is. The western male has become a number cruncher — a man who treats a woman as an abstract entity or a digit. He cannot actually relate to her feelings — because there is none.
      With that said…there is always this minor weakness in every man: a distant glimmer of hope of encountering a woman that is unmarked by trauma and ego. When a woman experiences traumatic experience there is a defensive outward nature to her which comes off cold and masculine. When a woman is egotistical she is, again, cold and shows her lack of care for others. A man’s basic weakness is meeting a woman who is capable of high levels of empathy, who captures true feminine essence – frailty, beauty, and a type of unfathomable wild naivete — something untapped and celestial. It’s what men live for.
      But again, most women make ridiculous and impractical decisions based on ego/trauma and always go for their ‘feelings’. The american dating market is skewed because any young slim bodied semi-attractive woman is able to court the attention of significant men who are scouting multiple women at the same time.

      1. So true – as adamant as I am about not getting entangled in relationships to have sex, I recently met a (foreign) girl who I obsessed over for at least a week because she wasn’t as damaged as the typical NA girl. My confession however is that most of my energies were focused on piercing the veil of my desire – her “beauty” – because I had to know what I was really dealing with. She too has her issues and my rule stands – no relationships with sex.

  9. Spot on brother. I cannot stand constant cussing from a female. Once in a while is fine for effect, but swearing like a sailor makes a woman seem like, well, a sailor. Sarcasm too is just a turn off. You ladies aren’t as funny as you think so try being sweet and demure instead. It’ll get you a lot farther with the men you crave.

    1. You’re not expected to financially-support a parachute for the rest of your adult life because it didn’t feel like doing what it was designed to do, due to it having a vague sense of being ‘unfulfilled’.

  10. The above mentioned traits automatically make a reasonably attractive girl so much prettier. Too bad more don’t realize it.

  11. Most American women simply do not understand how easy it is to place themselves in the top percentile of women that are attractive to a man. Most women outside America, however do understand this. Take Eastern Europe for example…this article can easily be retitled 5 Ways EE Women Differ From American Women. Whether you view it from the angle that American women have been brainwashed into feminist ideals countering the above, or that EE women simply are raised this way, the end point is the same.
    We talk a lot about EE women on here, and its for a reason. They inherently possess all five traits identified above. And while I don’t want to turn this into a comparison comment, they just simply are like this.
    (1) They take insane care of their appearance, it is their main job in life. They will never leave the house looking unkempt. They never cut their hair short. Walk around Kiev and you will see nothing but heels, dresses and long hair on thin women.
    (2) They are very feminine and a lot are sweethearts too. They don’t argue with you, they don’t retort sarcasticly and don’t provide quick-witted responses to your questions. They rub your back after a long day, they bring you food when you are hungry. Think of Paula Cole’s song Where Have All The Cowboys Gone:
    Why don’t you stay the evening
    Kick back and watch the TV
    And I’ll fix a little something to eat
    Oh I know your back hurts from working on the tractor
    How do you take your coffee my sweet
    This is the type of girl that has almost become extinct in America.
    (3) This one is self-explanatory. No quality guy wants to work for and eventually commit to something that has been given away for free for years. Even if you were a slut, don’t broadcast it. I can’t tell you how many girls I met in EE that said they were virgins. Obviously they were not, but at least they tried to give the appearance of being chaste. It’s a lot better than American girls, who broadcast their conquests for some reason. I recently had an American girl tell me that sex with other guys means nothing to her, but that she “likes” only me. I laughed and told her for the future I’d think twice about saying that to a guy she likes.
    (4) How many American girls will grab an iron out of your hand and tell you to go sit down while she irons your shirt? How many American girls will kick you out of the kitchen if you try to prepare a meal? If you want to land a “husband” you need to be a “wife.” And a wife is not defined as one that orders delivery, hires a nanny and sends laundry to the dry cleaners.
    (5) Guys do appreciate talent. Of course it pales in comparison to beauty, as Tuth appropriately stated we are visual creatures first and foremost. But, it can still make us think differently than you. EE girls have the ability to carry actual conversations. Their opinions run deeper than pop culture. They can draw, sing, cook, and so on. For me personally if a girl can sing well that is a big turn on for me. Replace that with any talent, and most will then view her not only in a sexual way but also on a slightly more substantial level. Showing me creations of your talent goes a lot further than talking about how stupid the Kardashians are for their latest clothing line debacle.
    I am not trying to make myself out to be a famous rock star or one of the top men of the world. But I hold my own and believe I bring a lot to the table. So what happens when a girl carries all of these traits with her? I will more likely settle down, at least for a short while to see where it goes. I’ve done this before (in Ukraine) and I will do it again (currently not surprisingly with a girl of non-American descent). Most guys of higher value will do the same.
    This is long winded but I know a lot of girls now read this site and just try and realize how absurdly easy it is for your girls to propel yourselves into the top tier. Looks will always trump the other four traits combined, but if you put in the time and effort to have all five you will be head and shoulders above your competition.

    1. Right on LD… it’s also a practical division of labor too. Husband=breadwinner.Wife =boss of the house/kids etc. Makes sense and follows the biologic imperative also.

    2. I’d argue Women mistake cruelty and judgmentalism for wit. It’s how they fight to be Queen Bee amongst their friends, but they don’t realise how embarrassing it makes them to be around in polite company.

    3. ” If you want to land a “husband” you need to be a “wife.” ”
      This isn’t hogwash or projection or wishful thinking. I’ve seen it happen – and happen very quickly (within six months) for girls that adopted this mindset and shored up their approach to seeking a husband. Most of them were only missing one or two aspects. (fitness, sweetness or providing for the guy).
      I’ve also seen the envy that other guys, with a lesser wife or girlfriend, have for a woman like that. That sound you hear is the vacuum closing behind that lady who was just taken off the market.

    4. “Most women outside America, however do understand this,” i don’t see how you can make that assumption, just because you met some russian girls, for example, the whole “the grass is greener on the otherside” kind of mentality is really too widespread. i’ d have no problem listing for hours the number of places where women are both repulsive in their figure, and attitude. “Showing me creations of your talent goes a lot further than talking
      about how stupid the Kardashians are for their latest clothing line
      debacle”, you get plenty of that shit in western europe

  12. Great post! Its been over a year since I’ve dropped the feminist strategy, and I’ve been pretty diligent in following these closely. Believe it or not, I landed a man. A strong, good man. Ladies, this all works so quite being so lazy and stubborn, and improve yourself.

    1. I’m glad our little corner of the web helped you. Even if it doesn’t work with this guy, you should have no problem finding someone else of equal or greater value who will genuinely love you. Good for you…now if only I could get past one night stands and short flings and find someone I truly connect with.

      1. It really has helped. I believe with the combination of surrounding myself with more feminine women, my boyfriend, and this website, i’ve been successful thus far in improving all areas of my life in this fashion. More articles geared towards women such as this one, will help spread the word 😉

        1. I agree completely. I was excited when I visited this site to find that Tuthmosis wrote on article on game for women. The more articles like this by quality writers/thinkers, the better. Also, thanks so much for trying to spread the word to other women. I’ve always considered it such a shame that so much of the wonderful information available in the PUA community is hidden under a veil of sensationalism, rudeness, etc. What we need is more posts that show ‘game’ from both sides, as a respectable endeavor of self-improvement, with the ultimate goal being wonderful interactions and relationships that are mutually beneficial.

        2. Finding other feminine women my age or younger to hang out with is difficult. Have ended up with a few older female friends though.

    2. It’s great that we helped you with your life. Now go spread the word about the good we do to both men and women.

      1. Yes, i’ve been doing what I can to spread the word. Even though with most of the women that I know, this is not well received. Of course these women cant land men anyways. But, I won’t give up in this. It’s an important message that needs to be spread.

      2. I thought chicks were being banned? I don’t support it, I just thought that was the deal?
        > Women and homosexuals are prohibited from commenting here. They will be immediately banned.
        Or does it just say that for the sake of controversy?

        1. There’s nothing wrong with females agreeing with our arguments. This article was intended for girls, why would they not be allowed to read it? We’re not trying to preach to the choir here… Also, I’m pretty sure you can’t ban Disqus commenting.

    3. It is so much easier to be pleasant and pleasant to be around than it is to be a raving bitch, isn’t it? Life is much better when you focus on making your family your priority and keeping them happy. Don’t get me wrong, I work full time as well which our lifestyle now depends upon but I make a big effort to be pleasant when my children and husband come home, and focus on things that make them happy. Weird how that makes me happy as well! Much better than the “feminist” I used to be. My husband, incidentally is so happy with the changes and so supportive of my workout program he built me a private gym in our basement and socializes with me while I work out. Turned our life around for the better in every way. Feminism is a lie – It promises much and gives nothing. Drop it like the hot potato it is. Today isn’t soon enough.

      1. So much easier, Mina 🙂 My boyfriend is more traditional than any man i’ve been with. He was born in Russia, and learning even how the women are helps me improve myself. I’ve never been happier cooking him dinner, serving him homemade desserts, and ironing his work shirts in the morning. All while staying true to my feminine form 🙂 Mina, it’s nice connecting with a recovering feminist. Nice to know i’m not alone!

        1. Same here! I used to stand up for myself but now I just let my husband boss me around. It’s so much easier to not have a brain 🙂

      2. I am glad you are happy and support whatever healthy lifestyle a woman chooses for herself, but you are wrong in believing that feminism is a lie. Like many things, it can be used to push wrongheaded agendas–but its original, core intent is to provide equal treatment for the sexes and I would really like to hear you argue how that’s a bad thing.

        1. Glad to hear that you are really naive enough to believe that feminism’s core intent is to promote equal treatment for the sexes. I’m not, that’s what makes us different.

        2. And I’m glad you’re really naive enough to let radical feminism poison your view of gender equality. Do you even know the history of feminism? Do you know who Susan B. Anthony is? If you knew or cared about any of those things, you’d be able to see that its original intent is equality, but that it’s been poisoned by those who believe untrue things about men and women alike.

        3. And I’m glad that you’re stupid enough to let the politically correct police control your mind 24/7.
          “If you knew or cared about any of those things, you’d be able to see that its original intent is equality,”
          LOL! Boy do you need an education.

      3. I am glad you are happy and support whatever healthy lifestyle a woman chooses for herself, but you are wrong in believing that feminism is a lie. Like many things, it can be used to push wrongheaded agendas–but its original, core intent is to provide equal treatment for the sexes and I would really like to hear you argue how that’s a bad thing.

    4. Wow, really!? Dropping the feminist mindset for a year by diligently following these specific rules that only came out yesterday!? That’s amazing… that people have to make fake accounts to promote this drivel. Yeah, real men, indeed…

      1. These concepts are not new and certainly older than a year. Personally I have been reading the manosphere for more than two years having dropped the “feminist” mind set on my own over a year prior. Many of the ladies who read and post here can probably say the same. This site happens to be widely read so it is good to see this type of post appearing here. “Wow, really?” – leftie tell phrase, almost as obvious as an Obama button on the lapel 😉

        1. Whatever a “leftie tell phrase” is… Yeah, sure. And a couple thousand people reading these articles isn’t “widely read”. That’s like a neighborhood worth of people which makes it ” obscurely read”. I traveled and have friends in several countries. That doesn’t make me world renowned, that makes me some guy that has friends in several countries…

        2. Do you have a touch of the Down or something? Who said anything about readership? And again, yeah, sure, lefty, whatever

        3. Don’t listen to ghostofwar. he is a white knight troll that does no believe in feminine women and would rather shack up with a feminist.

        4. woah dude, not cool. Are you implying that being downsyndrome is some sort of handicap? That’s offensive to people with downs! They’re equal to you and me and shouldn’t be used in a derogatory way.

      2. Lol… No. I knew about these rules from Roosh, Chateau Heartiste, and this website for awhile. Do you know Roosh’s blog post he wrote long ago called, “Secrets To Landing A Man”? Well, I adopted that way of life for awhile and built it from there. So no fakeness here, sir.

      3. As Mina previously stated, these concepts have been around for awhile, not since yesterday… Since i’ve obviously been working with them for over a year.

        1. These concepts have been around for several years. Even before Roosh.
          I’ve been espousing them since college.
          It explains my six proposals.
          (Yes I gave back the ring every time I broke off an engagement)
          While most of my female colleagues were fighting to hold on to one guy.. I was faced with fighting off several(some belonging to my female colleagues :-/ )
          It really really works.

      4. I have seen advice like this targeted at women floating around the manosphere for much longer than a year. If you’re going to call bullshit on Minas story, you might want to find a better reason.

    5. Holy shit !!! Are you really a woman ? Not trying to be rude but to think any female was capable of going from feminist strategy to being feminine *mindblown*

        1. If you don’t mind me asking, what were the key events in your life that slowly made you go from feminist mindset to feminine women. The only reason I want to know is so I can show some women who are in a feminist mindset the “light”, so to speak.

        2. The main event that made me slowly move from a feminist mindset to where I am now is when my last boyfriend and I broke up. That was 3 1/2 years ago now. The ending of that relationship really made me think about the kinds of men i’ve been attracting, because my ex was more of a “feminine” energy than I was. I was pretty hard in my personality because he was the more emotional one. In the beginning he had a very cool, calm, and collected vibe about him that originally attracted me to him, but as the relationship went on, he became very needy, very clingy, and emotional. I knew then and there that something was very off within myself to be attracting this sort of behavior in a man. Once we broke up, I started doing a lot of “inner work” to see what it is that I’M doing wrong. See how i’m not pointing fingers or placing blame on my ex, i’m holding myself accountable to see what needs improving (number 1 thing most women DON’T do is to hold themselves accountable.) It clicked that I was the “man” in relationships, and I started to quickly change that. Although I have very feminine features, 3 years ago I had short hair, was wearing unflattering clothing, and owned maybe 1 old pair of heels. The way I was presenting myself to the world was an attitude of “Leave me alone”, keeping everyone at arms length, somber kind of attitude. My friends were the same too. Attracting these weak men, but they loved the control they had over their boyfriends. I didn’t. I simply didn’t find it attractive that a man would inevitably give into my every selfish demand, no matter how crazy. When that would happen with my ex, i’d lose more and more respect for him as a man.
          Anyways, not to bore you with details, it just clicked one day and I needed a new direction in my life. So physically speaking I changed my look into a more flattering, feminine one. I learn about how to dress my body appropriately, how to properly apply makeup, and what hair styles would suit me. I’m already a thin woman, so I didn’t have to lose weight. Even with that physical change I started to become more confident and I attracted a better group of feminine-minded women to help with the process. Once I had that, I started to spend more time with the women in my family and learn from them. I had days were I was cooking with my grandmother, and now can make cabbage rolls like you wouldn’t believe. My cooking has improved and that’s all thanks to her. She taught me how to keep a home clean and tidy, and how to enjoy that. Having a real, traditional woman like her in my life was amazing, because her lessons were utterly invaluable and are taking me so far already.
          I’m kind of going off on this, so I apologize for this being so long. But the main thing that I have that a lot of women around me didn’t is an OPEN MIND. I was OPEN to learning from my mistakes, and how to go back to being a woman. Now, I surround myself with like-minded women, I don’t spend my weekends going out with single girlfriends, I enjoy staying in and working on my homemaking skills, cooking for my boyfriend, spending time with him, and learning new languages. Cultivating my creative side with writing, taking ballet classes again, etc. Having a strong man (Russian) as a boyfriend is the biggest thing of all. We met over a year ago, and I could safely say that i’m not the same woman I was 1 year ago, and I owe a big chunk of that to him. This whole process isn’t done with, and it hasn’t been easy but I won’t stop self-improving. I will NOT be one of those women that finds an excuse to stop looking good, stop exercising, and stops being a good woman to her man. I will not, and that’s something that I take very seriously.
          I’m just one woman, and there are so many out there that need guidance… I do what I can daily to spread the word of what i’ve been doing, because the women around me have taken notice and see just how happy I am. Encouraging even a handful of women in my life to take a look at themselves and improve areas of their lives where they can be more feminine is a daily thing for me. My hope is one day, they will spread the word to 5 more women and 5 more women after that. Being the change is different than speaking about the change. I show them who I am now, and they say to me, “Yes, I guess this is all possible.”

        3. ” See how i’m not pointing fingers or placing blame on my ex, i’m holding myself accountable to see what needs improving (number 1 thing most women DON’T do is to hold themselves accountable.) ” <— This is the key. I think that any woman who can do that is a huge step further at improving themselves. Goodjob, you should be like the poster girl for American/UK/Australian women. You know that it is not just looks that matter.
          thank you for your long post, it was very informative…I will try to change some of the women in Australia…but as you have experienced, they are not very receptive to change.
          Those women that say they love controlling their boyfriends, I doubt they are feeling fulfilled. They have some issues insecurities inside or hate themselves for being feminine.

    6. There is nothing wrong with being a feminist. Feminists just believe that men and women should be treated equally. Radical feminists are the ones who have the negative, man-hating leanings.
      As is the case with any group, feminism has its good members and its terrible members, and it’s harmful to group them all together.

    1. Right on Uncle. Be a woman/wife and not some dude with tits. If I wanted to be queer and buy a timeshare ….

  13. Tuth, I don’t always agree with everything you write but… this is one of the better articles I’ve read here. Doubt many NA women will swallow their pride and try to implement it, but they can’t say we didn’t reach out to them….

  14. I don’t think domestic skills can be emphasized enough, simply because modern women(tm) have zero.

    1. It’s remarkable how their lack of domestic skills is starting to redefine what is a manly house chore and what isn’t.
      For example, cooking your own food is manly. You can’t rely on young women to cook you delicious, nutritious meals. If you’re into lifting, you need to take charge of your cooking, and more and more hard-as-nails physical trainers are brimming with ideas and tips for great nutrition.
      Conversely, indoor housekeeping is a mixed bag. A guy who spends his Saturday nights washing the dishes and dusting the shelves is not a man, but a fellow who never tidies up his place is shooting himself in the foot when he brings girls home.
      Feminists claim that chores should be a 50/50 activity, but we all know the reality. If women don’t do most of the chores, then they won’t do any.

  15. So ironic and so sad (genuinely, not as in lame) to read these comments. A wall? What else have the men put up? Traumatized? Well, perhaps, if you didn’t ‘pump and dump’ the girls, they’d feel better and treat you better…maybe not, I don’t know. What I do know is I read posts by American men and women too and see a sense of entitlement and anger on both sides and I attribute this to stupid self-esteem education, unrelenting materialism, isolation caused by social media, too much struggle and fear, far far too long working hours leaving none of you any time to think or relax, and worst of all: nobody is getting listened to. Nobody can read a post on Facebook more than 2 lines long. Concentration span is a joke. People are shouting nonsense into a void. I don’t blame the shooters…they wanted someone to know they existed!
    When I meet a man, I ask him what he does. Whatever it is, I widen my eyes and make an appreciative comment: “Computer security for banks? What, you’re like a hacker? Like in the movies? Wow, you must be smart!” and since the wish to flatter is flattery itself, it is sincere. I am not mocking him. Every job and every person has something going on. Then I listen, really listen. I can’t believe how fast their hearts start pouring out, the ‘players’ too. “You’re so easy to talk to” “I can tell you anything” “you’re not judgmental at all”. And you may keep up this nonsense about men need sex more than anything: it is bullshit. Go to Thailand. There is all the sex the men could want from 18 year old girls. So why then, do they flock around a woman of their own country, much older? Because they can talk to me, that’s why. All that sex satiates them almost as once. Incredible how fast it happens. And it is so sad to see the gratitude anyone will pour on you for really listening.
    You’re right that phones have made this even worse. To take someone out for dinner and have her looking into the phone…no. Despicable manners. But it goes for guys too.
    Guys, try it. Try listening, really listening. If the phone goes, put your hand out, gently press it with the phone to the table, shake your head ad say: leave that thing. I want to hear what you are saying.
    People (not ‘men’ and ‘women’) are screaming to be heard. If young women would listen, if young guys would too…really really listen, don’t pretend while inwardly thinking ‘how long will this go on?” as that will always come across on some level. You could have any woman you want.
    How do you think Charles Manson got those girls to love him so much they waited on him hand and foot and were willing to die for him? He didn’t brainwash them. He listened. To their minds and their bodies both and he brought out their beauty so they just blossomed.

    1. Thai chicks are ugly and have dicks. I would rather go to China, Taiwan, or Japan if I were not Black. I’d go for the MILFs there too for good sex and conversation, the ones that speak English, at least.

    2. Charles Manson got those girls to like him by being a nice guy who listens? You know he pimped them out right?

    3. “Well, perhaps, if you didn’t ‘pump and dump’ the girls, they’d feel better and treat you better…maybe not, I don’t know.”
      How do you think Charles Manson got those girls to love him so much they
      waited on him hand and foot and were willing to die for him? He didn’t
      brainwash them. He listened.
      rok is jumping the shark with this kinda shit, is this a Voice for Women or the Better Mangina Project?
      it starts with this, ends with women writing articles about how to be a man

    4. Bitch please. Chicks are supposed to be superior in terms of ‘intuition’ and social dynamics, I think they were in my grand mothers day. Most modern women are just a pale comparison or what women used to be.
      I have to give you credit though Fiona, your hamster must be a pedigree. Do be careful how much to make him run on that wheel though.

  16. Virginity, I find unless she was raped (which I often don’t believe anymore given the number of false claims) then she is not worthy of my commitment. I am more than financially stable and work out to keep myself in shape and looking good. All I expect from a woman in return, not all women but just those that want my commitment rather than be banged and dumped, is that she be a virgin – has some small relative domestic skills that goes beyond microwave meals – is nice – has nice friends… Anything other than Virgin and Is Nice is just a bonus, but for the hell of it I will add “like anime” to that list since my list is clearly impossible unless the women reading this are 14 or so.

      1. Dick way to put it… Just because I like anime doesn’t make me a virgin. Although I get that sounds the same as “Just because I look like a slut doesn’t make me a slut” lol.

        1. i no longer attend sf conventions, mostly due to a development of self respect. However, at one time, I was able to observe the anime freak in one of its native habitats.
          sorry, but it was sick. pedophile sick. there were exceptions, but they were very few and far between. ugh.
          to each his own, i suppose, but there are consequences to all choices. it appeared to me that sex offender registration appeared to be the consequence of the average anime fan.

        2. Hmmm…. So he probably had posters of young, fake, girls on his walls and what not. Probably had manga and dvds and some lewd items about. What is wrong with that though? What is sick about that? As long as you aren’t hurting anybody or yourself then what is wrong with having said items.

        3. Japan has a serious un-diagnosed mental health crisis, which is where terms like otaku and hikikomori come from. Their economy has been in dire straits for over 20 years, so many of their men ended up retreating into manga, anime, pornography, and other bizarre subcultures. They have essentially given up trying to find work because of that economy and have regressed into a mental state akin to a child’s. Japanese culture also heavily fetishizes their school years, especially their time in middle and high school, which is why there are so many anime and manga devoted to young girls.
          Stupid weaboos (i.e. annoying white Japanophiles) then started to fetishize Japanese culture via anime and manga, essentially copying the bizarre subculture of the loser otakus mentioned above. Basically, Japan’s mental illness has spread to other countries due to Japanese society’s failure to address it.

    1. anyone up for creating a petition for the abolition of the age of consent? either that or marching on washington, whichever tickles your fancy

      1. Not eliminating it, but moving it down to age 10, or instead the age you are able to finally to produce that magical white pee…

  17. I once had a girl over who was American but of Eastern European extraction. We were getting ready to watch a movie when I got an important call I had to take. I ended up being on the phone for about 20-30 minutes. While I was talking, she didn’t pull out an iPhone and start texting or doing some other mindless female thing, instead she perused my bookshelf, and when I got off the phone she had a lot of questions for me about what I’d read. I have waited for something like this to happen again with another girl and it just hasn’t. There seems to be very little going on upstairs with so many of them (at least here in the USA) that it’s hard to have much respect for them. This article needs to be shared far and wide.

      1. No. It was an important call that I had to take. If she had an important call that interrupted us than I wouldn’t have had any issue with her taking it.

  18. The advice is good but it addressees only the top alphas of genders. The others will n many times must compromise.
    Also please keep in mind that we are women n just like men can lie for a while to get into our pants, women can fake their way to marriage. I prefer honesty from the get go. If she is openly bitchy or dumb then at least u know before committing. Otherwise be careful. Very careful.

  19. “fold a shirt, clean up after yourself”. That’s setting the bar pretty damn high. You ever seen the inside of a womens’ public restroom? Makes mine look like the clean room at Intel by comparison.

  20. Basically everything feminists do is wrong when it comes to attracting a mate.
    Oh and I’ll add one just for the sake of clarity: Be submissive.

    1. I don´t think we need this one. I´ll take a feminine, artful, creative, rational girl any day of the week. She does not need to be submissive.

      1. Maybe not submission, but she needs to know when to just back off. My dad’s common-law wife has a friend who is 65 and wondering why she can’t keep a guy. One clear example: She could never stop trying to nitpick, show up and try to belittle my dad. One would think that a 65-year old teacher would know that much in regards to knowing what does NOT work in keeping a guy.

  21. Thank you for writing this, I have been waiting for something appropriate on ROK to share to my young adult women friends on Facebook. They are all graduating High School and many of them desperately need direction. The good news is most of them are “good girls” being farm kids and outdoorsy already. I have high hopes for many of them to marry well. I shared the article on my FB – just waiting for the pushback from all of my adult women “friends” (I use that term loosely.)

    1. “Farm owner, horse lover, gun lover”
      Well, two out of three ain’t bad, and if they’re proper working horses that aren’t gun shy you don’t get a full demerit for that.

  22. Regarding 2, a sarcastic girl can be fun sometimes, but she has to pick and choose her moments carefully. Just like nobody likes the energy-draining, constantly sarcastic guy, nobody likes the energy-draining, constantly sarcastic girl.

  23. Author’s Note:
    I accidentally omitted this very important addendum to #3 above. The error has been corrected.

    Note: Attention-whoring–whether that’s dancing on tables in a bar or uploading hundreds of sexy pictures of yourself to Facebook for the ego-boosting admiration of your many male “friends”–is a form of sluttiness.

  24. The chick doing squats in the first pic — that’s bad technique right? She’s going way too low. Bad for the knees, isn’t it?

    1. full squat increases emphasis on the glutes. Though it is hard to do without flexible ankles and it is much more likely you hork your back up.

  25. #6-Be quiet….silence is golden. Science has proven women talk more than men. More words per day. Also don’t get offended if your man isn’t talking to you…
    #7– Don’t prattle ..( see #6)
    #8—Know stuff. Try to be interesting and carry on a conversation. A friend of mine was dating a 10. Great style and not bad in the sack but she was a blank slate. A complete bubblehead . Despite her looks etc my friend had to kick her to the curb..
    #9 Let your man do other activities guilt free. I’m not talking about “boys nite out” or poker nite necessarily but hobbies and such. Encourage him in his hobbies and interests without poking him with the “guilt stick”
    #10—Praise your man occasionally. Men by nature are creators and do some complex , crazy stuff but we can be suckers for praise from our GFs/Wives. An occasional “I’m proud of you” will make us work like demons.
    #11—Don’t shit on us in our moment of triumph. Don’t be a cunt. Do you all remember Sully Sulinberg the pilot who landed that jet on the Hudson River without a single casuality?? The dude had ice water for veins. A straight up hero. The press interviewed his wife and she was 100% snark “Oh well he still snores” and similar comments. She ( Sulinberg’s wife) looked actually jealous of her husband’s sudden fame and tried to diminish it. Roosh had a similar take on Dr OZ’s svengali-haradin-bitch wife …

    1. I thought it would be difficult to talk under the weight of Sully´s massive balls.

  26. according to my experience guys do like “exciting” women with good looks. even with piercings and tattoos. I’m sometimes left speechless about the fact how women who are emotionally unstable, chaotic and lack any sense for cleaning or cooking score one man after the other. this is especially true for men with leftists view. on the other hand, conservative guys do pay attention to the cooking and cleaning part but don’t give a shit about whether their girl is a complete bitch or not. they even seem attracted to snippy, mean women. so either way, this theory doesn’t work out.

    1. “women who are emotionally unstable, chaotic and lack any sense for cleaning or cooking score one man after the other.”
      Did you actually read what you wrote?

      1. why? is there a mistake in it? I can’t see any because I’m not a native english speaker. I meant that women with the mentioned attributes are fancied by a lot of men.

        1. There is a difference between being fancied by a lot of men and “scoring one man after the other.”
          In the former, she has her pick of the men, in the latter she is used by many men. Yes, the tattooed nutjob can have as many men as she likes, as all the men are looking to do is “have” her.
          This article is about getting a man that will want to keep you around.

        2. Solely from my experience those men want to keep that “tattooed nutjob” around. The nutjob will eventually dump them for someone new. However I don’t know how it would work out in a long-term perspective since me and my friends are in the beginnings of our 20s. Hopefully you’re right about this. (I don’t wish for my friends to never have a stable relationship. I just want them to pull themselves together at some point. For years I have been cleaning after my flatmate and I can’t stand women spending huge amounts of money on their clothes as well as a lot of time on their make up routine whilst the living room looks like a garbage dump. Also I’m tired of men not recognizing any of this. Sorry for exaggerating, but reading this article made me realize how sad it is that many (quality) men don’t care about those features.)

    2. You have it wrong woman, they don’t ‘score one man after another’ they merely get pumped and dumped. These women are more commonly known as cum dumpsters. So much for your crap female insight.

  27. Proverbs 14:1 The truly wise woman has built up her house, but the foolish one tears it down with her own hands.
    Proverbs 11:22 As a gold nose ring in the snout of a pig, so is a woman that is pretty but that is turning away from sensibleness

  28. Feminsm ultimately is for undesirable women.The hot, smart ones capitalize on it, the stupid become feminists, instead of compensating for attractiveness with a kind personality.
    Always keep hinting to women in your life (family as well as girls you fuck) that you won’t put up with feminist bullshit.
    Women look to men for protection and guidance and it’s our job to give it to them.
    Many guys like to complain that women are easily influenced. That’s only a problem in our sick society. In a healthy society this would mean that women take your advice and follow your lead.
    With the state as the ultimate alpha and consumerism planting those ideas in their heads we get to the conditions we’re having today.

    1. you hit the nail on the head, brother. the only die-hard feminists are the ones who got rejected by a boatload of guys and have become embittered and vengeful.

      1. It took them like two weeks to show up the last time, so I wouldn’t count on them not making an appearance. For some reason, they have delayed meltdowns.

        1. That’s not it. The real reason for lack of female hysterics in reply is because the feminists want to keep the tips for themselves for a competitive advantage in securing a guy.
          They’re hypergamous women first, feminists second. And this article is the Rosetta Stone for a woman seeking a man.

        2. normally i`d give women the benefit of the doubt by saying that such common-sense advice ought to be known by every last one of them already. intuitively.
          but…then i remember that these are the very same people that can`t tell the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you`re’ and i stop paying attention. stupidity and common sense don`t mix.

  29. Thank you! As a female I really appreciate the constructive honesty instead of the lies the feminist propoganda promotes.

      1. You sound delusional. If you can`t see the whores all around us, your naivite will land you in hot water, my friend..

        1. I can and have seen “the whores all around us”. However saying something like “All are whores except our mothers” is just gross generalization to the max but whatever. I’m not going to start arguing trivial nonsense with you. Believe what you want to believe.

  30. Best article ever written for women. Lindy West just cried into her cupcakes, and how the tears did flow, because when she tried to wipe the tears away, she couldn’t lift her arm, so massive it was – like squatting a truck, or deadlifting her insecurity.

  31. This is money – with a girl who is like this now… The fact that she is actually a pleasant sweet human being makes her addictive to be around when I’m mostly surrounded by CUNTS.

  32. 90% of western women’s problems regarding landing a quality men would be solved loosing 20 pounds.

      1. i think that`ll happen by itself. if the market gets flooded by hotter women, the value of each individual woman will go down, thereby pressuring them into behaving nicer or risk being passed over.
        it`s simple supply-and-demand.

        1. Of course, because women – as opposed the being individuals with unique qualities and points on interest – are a net market which can lose it’s worth with an influx of new data. Women are people, you fucking jerk. How is it you can write shit like this and NOT realize how insulting and dehumanizing it is?
          Any woman with even a shred of self-esteem would never stoop to interact with a man who thought of her like that.

        2. ANY woman with self-esteem of any worth isn’t the subject of this discussion. I’ve seen enough POF profiles to make me wonder what, if anything, really inhabits those women’s heads.

  33. Women today need to learn how to make a commitment and stick to it.
    The girls I have dated always have one foot out the door.
    no#2 is also extremely important… a woman can put on a few pounds in the long term… no big deal so long as she ups the sexual skills in equal ratio…
    but being, kind, gentle, supportive, political – nothing worse than some guys bitchy girlfriend dragging him down in front of friends or worse business clients…
    let him be the man he wants to be and make a cold hard rational decision if you want him in your life or not… once you’ve done that you can mellow back into romantic land and emotional decision making… and be the woman you always wanted to be…

    1. Women today have one foot out the door because their already-high number of offers have at least quintupled with the advent of social media and online dating.
      While you’re hanging out with her, her mailbox is filling up with compliments and “ice-breakers.”
      She’s always shopping.

      1. And men aren’t? Women are always on the lookout cause they always feel insecure with their man’s commitment. We all look for better option all the time, men and women

        1. yeah, to a degree it is a vicious circle. but in the interests of fairness you would have to agree that women on average have many more suitors than men, thus making them more susceptible to the grass-is-greener syndrome. i mean, yes the top 5% of men are overloaded by feminine attention/suitors and are as such a statistical abberation, but even an AVERAGE woman has more than a few beta orbiters around her, hoping to one day get a slice of the…ahem….pie

        2. maybe that’s because you guys expect women to be passive when it comes to dating? men don’t really enjoy it when a woman makes the first move. so maybe an average guy is liked by a lot of average girls but those girls simply don’t show it cause they’ve been told to wait for the suitor not be the suitor

        3. that may well be, but we were discussing established relationships, not potential ones. i can`t think this other chick is better than my chick if i don`t have a chick in the first place, basically…

        4. Ok, chick farmer, I get it. But at least this type of mentality keeps both partners on their toes all the time. If both know the other is looking for better matches that will make them want to improve themselves. Hopefully. Theoretically.

      2. Will the effect of social media diminish one day? It is becoming very difficult to talk to somebody if it is not in your immediate circle.

  34. That bar is too high up on her shoulders. But props for doing squats. They really help your butt look nice!

  35. You forgot one: a woman needs to be completely supportive of her man’s career/occupation. A real man knows that his role in society is to add value to his community by being the best he can be in his line of work. His wife or girlfriend should not do anything to undermine his career choices or otherwise get in the way of his work.

    1. Truth. My dad, RIP, got derailed from his career ambitions because mom was insecure and thought he’d leave her the instant he “made it”. He never lived that down and I promise you he was perfectly content with what he had going. Mom, OTOH, was one of those flighty chicks who had to travel the world and be a missionary in the turd world or live in the boonies of Alaska. Nothing was ever good enough.

      1. Yup, the female imperative. The female imperative does not care if it derails or inhibits a man’s career.

  36. American women are extremely boring and “cookie-cutter”, yet someone convince themselves they are unique. Having recently joined POF a few minutes reading their profiles will put you to sleep. “my friends and family are important to me”. “I work out 4 times a week”. Im sorry to say the only hope I have is to avoid all females in real life, and hope for an early and painless death.

    1. Buy a ticket, and go out to the world. It cost less than an I-Pad. You can do it. There are special offers all the time.
      Living in Thailand, doing touristy stuff and sleeping in 2 star guest-houses, eating supremely good food, will set you back 1000 USD a month.

    2. I stopped at the profiles full of selfies. Nothing screams “PSYCHOTIC!” like eight selfies of someone taken with the camera covering half the pic. Your’re right, though. It’s not like there are loads of attractive women online, because there are not, but I live in Houston freaking Texas. There is lots to do here. Why do I see eight pics of a chick who drinks often, with no job listed, with no car and a high school degree in her late 20s looking in her bathroom mirror in the back room of her parents place?

  37. Question is:- Who cares?? I mean…. Can´t we just be nice to them? as a way of DOING things I mean. That´s all… , or would you rather harbour aspirations of this kind in order to get married and enter the world of delusions where sooner or later you´ll have to exercise self repression in order to keep the status that you have “so fortunately” found? I you think “professionally achieved behaviour” by learning it and subsequently deployed and put to good use in order to satisfy our stupid infantile aspirations – of the kind described above in the article – is the equivalent of authenticity and therefore a naturally secure plane for a relationship then you are far beyond the point of “restoration”. Your are a looser, basically. If before anything have started you limit yourself to these mere conditions you are shouting to the world of predators looking for support: Come and get me and tame me and if you listen to me you will notice that I am – for all practical purposes – giving you the Manual of Instructions to do so and to bring to a good end your “hunting” exercise. The most important of those instructions is the last one. Learn how to make me believe that in all the process I have been the hunter instead of the quarry. Then you will be the perfect partner…………… for your own – and only your own – benefit.

      1. Is that the new your/you’re? I’ve seen that misspelling way too much to not believe people are getting even dumber than I thought…which is saying something.

  38. My biggest fear is that the majority of women will look upon an article such as this with a closed mind. It will be in a foreign language to those who need its message most.

    1. Those aren’t the chicks you want, anyway. You know, the ones who claim to be “open minded” until you bring up something that contrasts with their allegedly open minded views…

  39. Thank you for taking the time and effort to address female readers- we do exist. Not only has the manosphere encouraged me to take a more critical approach to feminism, it has also helped me lose 10lbs. Again, thank you.

  40. Lol because learning to play the flute in your twenties is going to make you soooOoooOOooo much more ~*~*~*~cool n cute ~*~*~*~* (sounds like a quarter life crisis mate)

    1. haha that`s the one you can`t get over? even something as useless as tapdancing is much better than placing first in the fried-chicken-eating contest.

    2. I dont think its the actual ability to learn to play a musical instrument that is quite so key as having a little more going for you than “love to go out with my friends and have a good time” and “my family and friends are the most important thing in the world to me” and “I work out 4 days a week”. American women are the most boring, mundane, unimaginative humans on the planet.

    3. wow Julie, how pathetic are you? If being proficient in a wind instrument only makes you “cute” in your opinion, I can only imagine what a fat, useless, talentless slob you must be. I truly feel sorry for american guys who can’t speak a foreign language and might therefor be stuck dating and interacting with boring human garbage like you.

  41. This side has had a lot of female attention because of the hostile and provocative articles you posted on here to INCREASE TRAFFIC and thus your REVENUE! No matter how many apparently “women friendly” articles you write, SLUT SHAMING or FAT SHAMING will never make you credible among women with a heart. You can write thousands of articles of that kind, but as long as you keep posting and supporting a website as hostile as this, the majority of people will keep seeing right through this superficial niceness. And I got some advise for you as well:
    How to land (and keep) a quality girlfriend:
    1. Be a good person and kind to others. Don’t spread hate and hostility just to make a few bucks. You will never attract a truly loving and good person if it’s not in yourself as well.

    1. “women friendly” translated is cater to women’s ego/feeeewings. You have the MSM/society for that Snowflake and again translating from Womanese “hostility” is truth that due to the constant ass licking to assuage your cupcaked ego, you’re far removed from.

      1. If you think this website reflects a decent way of debate or sharing content… if this is the way us human beings should communicate according to you… that is really scary.
        This blog just makes me so sad because I don’t understand why men hate us women so much. Men keep holding most of the power in society. Men keep owning most of the money. Am I complaining? No, because I know I can do it too – through hard work. Many men have hurt me, but do I hate them as a gender? NO! Why do you guys hate us then?

        1. “Many men have hurt me, but do I hate them as a gender? NO!”
          Your humanitarian award for most forgiving person in the history of the world is in the mail, Snowflake.

        2. At least you two did.
          Thanks for the condescending tone. I am sorry you heard that “take a hint” line too often BTW. Now I get where your bitterness must come from.

        3. Nobody is hating women here. We simply state facts and point out the obvious that some how women are oblivious to.

    2. “. . . never make you credible among women with a heart.”
      A good head without a good heart will prove to be a source of pain. Contrariwise, a good heart without a good head will prove to be a source of chaos.
      “Don’t spread hate and hostility just to make a few bucks.”
      You have not proven yourself to have a good head.

    3. Women with heart don’t need to be slut or fat shamed. They never allow themselves to stoop to being shamed in the first place because they know what’s coming. Not this leftist “Only God can judge me!” bullshit.

  42. It astounds me that women need to be told this. Maybe it has something to do with where or how I was raised, but it’s common sense to me. Thank you for posting it – I know a few people that could possibly benefit from it were they willing to get off of the feminist bandwagon.

  43. I enjoyed the article but it seems like you’re implying that men only want someone pretty, submissive & domestic. And while I agree having those traits are somewhat important (I cook/clean/work out ect) I’ve never met a guy who doesn’t like being challenged in small ways by the person they chose to have a relationship with. My boyfriend likes debating politics with me & he likes when I let him know he’s messed up (blew off plans/didn’t call/whatever) as long as its not excessive. Some of the commenters have referred to women as being sociopathic shallow droids incapable of empathy but I think being a stepford wife type is just as bad as being a shallow b*** obsessed with her iphone.

    1. That’s not true at all. If you look at #5 (“be interesting”), you’ll see that we want more. There are, of course, many ways to be “interesting,” including being a good conversationalist, which I mention in the piece.
      Being “challenging,” without being difficult and obnoxious, is very difficult for most women–especially Americans, it seems. They simply don’t get it. If you can pull it off effectively (as my last real girlfriend did), more power to you.

      1. Yep, a lot of women take the “challenge” too far by being demanding and bitchy, and men hate that. My version is having my own hobbies (dance class, working out, writing) and not constantly relying on my boyfriend for everything. I also have a tendency to be clingy/pushovery so it made sense for me.

    2. He never said you shouldn’t be challenging or interesting. In fact, he told you to be interesting. It’s what separates a one night stand from a girlfriend- that and the comfort level. My boyfriend is most attracted to me when I make myself at least somewhat unavailable and not clingy/needy but it’s important not to take it too far to the point of just being neglectful. That’s all!

  44. My grandmother told me all these truths when I was in…kindergarten. (I was raised in Russia). Unfortunately, for Russian ladies this is just not enough. They are so unlucky because of huge deficit of quality men. So, please, guys, just go to Russia and find your girlfriends there. Make some Russian girls happy, and they will do all of these for you. And you don’t even need to tell it to them.

    1. ¿Don´t hey get bored quickly? I find the materialism in Russian women off-putting.

  45. I sent a chick this article and got this reply
    “…and as you journeyed through the streets of 90’s Japan, you agreed with all those who saw women as less than property. Sailing to the palaces of ancient China, you nodded in satisfaction as you saw that it was legal for men to have multiple concubines, whether his stupid wife likes it or not.
    And finally, you reach middle earth, where you face an enemy that brings you to your knees.
    “No man can kill me…” you tell the being.
    “I am ‘no man’,” she answers as she cuts your dick off. ”
    How do I respond to this to wreck her ?

    1. Don’t reply at all is the best response.
      Second best is “Enjoy spinsterhood!”
      Or alternately, “I thought you were mature enough to understand the difference between fiction and reality?”

      1. The joke is on her, since women in Lord of The Rings are feminine and love their men.

  46. This article was very touching. A woman with these qualities seems like a distant memory of the past in today’s feminist age.
    I am wondering though why is a woman’s past so important? Why does it matter how many sexual partners has she been with? It’s never too late for one,be it a man or a woman, to start understanding reality and embark on a journey constant self improvement. It is the emotional baggage and ,as already stated, the lack of empathy that causes the problems. I find Tuthmosis’ posts among the most insightful and would be curious to know the reasoning.
    P.S. I’m surprised no one mentioned this but my personal preference for demonstrating a female active persona would be a woman dancing or learning ballet moves instead of lifting a weight bar which can definitely damage a woman’s feminine appeal.

    1. I also enjoy truthmosis’ posts over others. The guy has great writing skills. Its a pleasure to read his articles.

    2. Weights shouldn’t damage a woman’s feminine shape unless she goes nuts and loses too much body fat (this can happen through any exercise, though). The women who see with huge bulgy muscles did that on purpose and may be on drugs. If you lift weights for the sake of losing weight and being fit, you will just see some nice toning and some fat loss. Nothing too crazy. I’ve been lifting weights for 2 years, and I’m curvier now than I was when I started.

    3. Despite what feminists try to make truth, women can’t separate sex from emotion the same way men can. In my experience, and many others I am sure, the more times a woman sleeps with a strange man, the less she is able to emotionally and sexually surrender and form a deep intimate connection. With men, it is usually the other way around, lots of sex with no strings attached does little to no harm, but a relationship gone bad can make men very bitter. It is just another difference between men and women.

    4. A woman, on average, has maybe 1/3 of the muscle mass a guy has. What’s your point?

  47. So I’m another girl who happens to be in support this article. I hated this site when I first saw it two or so weeks ago. I’ve found sites such as Jezebel and xojane to be a mix of the ridiculous and the worthy, unfortunately the latter has been becoming larger for me as my perspective has changed. And my views have swung back toward supporting the biology inherent in genders. I’m still confused but am learning. I never thought this site would help in my journey of self improvement. I have an abhorrence of PUA’s but have realized I sorely need to work on my own game as a female. So uh, thanks. Finding out how flawed my own behaviour is is hard, it feels necessary though. I am one of those women who mistakes snark for wit. And takes on masculine characteristics as some form of defense when my true nature is to be loving and kind. Anyway I won’t go into a rant about who I am. I did want to point out that it is possible for females once taken by the feminist train of thought to back pedal at least a little. Or maybe I just really want a partner, hah.

    1. So you are not insane in the end. The thing is, insanelady, that this kind of behavior expressed in the article is the norm in big swathes of the world. The US big cities are the outliers.

    2. I’m a lot like you. In fact, I used to be a pretty serious feminist but I found myself constantly disagreeing with feminist writers. They perpetuated so many double standards and made so many illogical points, but if you argued with them, you’d just be called sexist (or if you were a woman, self-hating). Sometimes this site can go overboard and be just as ridiculous as Jezebel but I attribute that to it having many bloggers, some better and more well-meaning than others. The guy who wrote this piece knows what he’s doing.

  48. This article is pure shit. Don’t be a slut? Fuck you, writer. Slut shaming at it’s finest. How about don’t be misogynistic sexist fuck ass.

    1. Did you even read the article or did you just see the “Slut” word. You’re probably seeing “rape” words left and right too

    2. The world was a better place when people got shamed into bettering themselves…idiot.

  49. I’m a girl. I’m very smart, I’m a talented writer, I can cook, I have a good sense of humor, I’m relatively pretty, I have short black hair (as opposed to my natural strawberry blonde) I have my eyebrow and ears pierced, I don’t have any tattoos but I’m getting my first done in December, I have an acerbic wit and I have slept with exactly one guy in my life, whom I was in a committed relationship with for four years. So, by your standards I probably don’t qualify as “long-term” material. But that’s okay, because girls like me are too smart and too talented and too self-confident and too good for guys like you.

    1. Do not get a tattoo. Really. It looks nice now, but not in 10 years. You are talented and smart. So be smart. You don´t want the guys that are attracted to you because of a tattoo. Especially those ones.

    2. From a woman’s perspective, there’s nothing less appealing in a woman than the bitter brand of confidence. If you were actually too good for the men here you wouldn’t be reading this or commenting. Own up to it.

    3. You sound like a fatty who says she eats relatively well and exercises relatively often. Bullshit. You’re a talented writer? Where have you been published? Aside from your own blog, that is. If you are all that you have cracked yourself up to be, you’re not here wondering why you suck as LTR material…

  50. All the girls who ask me for dating advice, I tell them the #1 thing other than staying is shape is just “be pleasant to be around” the shocked look on their face is priceless. great article 🙂

    1. These days, they’d rather be tatted up and look like they fell out of a dumpster being emptied by a garbage truck on collection day than swallow that reality.

  51. Add have a life of your own outside “us”. I dropped many a hot klingon before finding a lady with a good blend of 1-5 and ability to not cling to me for everything at every second. Short hair is horrible. I was terrified when she came home with a short cut. I didnt compliment her and made a lesbian justin beiber joke. Next week she had extensions put in.
    I must say #1 is important as hell. I really love my girl(it aint gay!) because she looks better at 29 than most 18 – 25 year olds. She cooks dinner for me every night and keeps the house clean(unless she has finals) laundry done if not folded and hung. She is awesome and does all the girlfriend things….and she is Czech in ethinic background(her mom is still hot at 65) but American. And she can be a slut, but only for me.

    1. This is important and my boyfriend would probably describe me like your girlfriend (except I’m 24, but I look better now than I did at 19 when we met). One thing I need to work on is cleaning. I love cooking and I cook constantly but then after cooking three meals for the week for two hours straight I just want to cuddle. ha!
      Also, the screen name?????

    2. “Add have a life of your own outside “us”. I dropped many a hot klingon before finding a lady with a good blend of 1-5 and ability to not cling to me for everything at every second.”
      Correct, and may I add “Stop being a damsel in distress and expecting him to center his time and energy into rescuing YOU.”

        1. I dunno…that’s a real sensitive topic for me. Mom used that tactic to keep Dad a virtual emotional prisoner until she died. My husband complains that I NEVER say a thing when I’m sick or injured. Last Tuesday, I didn’t say a thing until we went to bed about smashing my big toe against the step when I got the mail. PS – The toe is better. Just badly bruised.

  52. I’m surprised this wasn’t mentioned, but I’m female and I’d like to add: don’t stop having sex with him.
    You have no idea how many women will stop having sex with a guy once they’re married, or even still dating. It’s absurd. Sex is fun. I don’t know why anyone would stop having it on purpose, unless the guy seriously let himself go. Oh, and actually CARE about his pleasure. Men aren’t boner machines. There are nuances to turning men on, but most American women think men should just get boners upon seeing them, and all the foreplay should be for their own pleasure.
    Also- this certainly isn’t a sexist or bitter article, but some articles here are.

    1. Those are the women who end up calling in to Dr Laura’s show and then get harshly reminded that their men fell in love with the slutty chick they married rather than the nag they have become.

  53. For the women reading this, if you are interested in a man, one of the first things you should do is signal that you reject contemporary feminism. Well, that is if you want a man instead of a feminized mangina.
    That means, in short, that you have to spend some time purging yourself of all the crap with which contemporary culture has tried so hard to indoctrinate you. Otherwise, you will not be believable.
    Here are some things to think about:
    White knights are the lowest form of humanity. They are the most selfish of all people. They are selling out not just men, but women. They do all of this for their own selfish goals. To get a vote. To get showered with “love” from institutionalized feminism. Learn to despise them. Practice despising them. It may not come naturally at first, because you will have to reject a lot of cultural programming you have received since birth, but as you practice this you will begin to see what I am saying.
    Learn that “social justice” is a concept designed to but a shroud over a lust for a power. True masculinity does not shroud its lust for power – it is forthright about it. The world of “social justice” is one where angry people seek control, seek money, seek a means to impose their bitterness and anger. Learn to look behind anything that is sold as social justice and see the truth.
    Practice measuring everything in terms of how it supports families. If you want to attract a good, masculine man, you need to ooze family. Love of family, desire for family, desire to create a family. Look deeper than you are used to. Most of contemporary government policy and culture attacks family. Learn that “community” is only meaningful to the extent that it support family. Any form of community, or anything that is sold as community, that does not have as its aim to truly give freedom to families is parasitic and will bleed your family, if you ever have one.
    Go visit and spend time in a culture that has not been eroded and poisoned by contemporary feminism. Focus on the values that you see expressed among families in those cultures. See how they organize themselves.
    I could go on, but if you can learn these things, the rest of what you need to know will become evident to you.

  54. Great post!
    Will definitely pass this on to my girls who quote “Why Men Love Bitches” as their bible and still have no man…

  55. This was an excellent list, but one part really made me wince. God did not bless me with good hair. it’s thin, and if I do anything else beside cut it short, I can’t do anything with it.

  56. This sounds exactly like some dating articles I read in the ’50’s — when I was in grade school. (Hoping to be able to date in a few years.) Except those didn’t have filthy language.
    Thanks for the laughs!

  57. * 5 Ways to Revert to the 1940’s Model of a Dependent, Naive Woman
    I’m all about keeping up my appearance and honing my conversational skills, but…you all realize that this is bullshit, right? As in, laughably false.
    My favorite part is where the author mentions that OF COURSE a man should cheat on his “bitchy” girlfriend, there are so many “soothing” girls out there! Pro tip: try dating a woman who isn’t a bitch to begin with.
    I feel the need to remind everyone that FEMINISM is meant to promote equality of the genders, not bra-burning, not man-hating, and not selfish, inflated female egos. Because that shit is as ridiculous as valuing naivety in a dating partner.
    PS – Sarcasm and wit are beautiful qualities in either gender.

  58. Also, to be clear; really, truly reflect as to whether or not you’re a fine male specimen deserving of a quality woman before you take any of this to heart. If you’re here to hate on the female gender at large, I’d propose that you may *shockingly* not be.

  59. Odd… this just seems like a list that people in general should follow. Why is this specifically geared toward ladies?
    It would be nice if a man keeps up his appearances, is always a kindhearted sweetheart, isn’t a massive slut, and did caring domestic things like cooking homemade meals after a long day of work or folded my shirts, and was educated and cultured.
    I hope I’m not reading some sort of double standard, because I’m sure that’s how it’s being perceived as…

  60. Hah, is this satire, or what? Because I’m a sarcastic, cynical, foulmouthed motherfucker who wears guys’ clothes sometimes, has 8 (soon to be nine) piercings, 2 tattoos and can’t cook for shit. And yet I have a stunning long-term boyfriend and a fucking kick-ass relationship with awesome sex.
    Living proof that, if this isn’t satire, it’s total bollocks. And not to mention downright bigoted. It’s insulting to men to imply that they all have such ridiculous pre-requisites for their potential partners. Fucking pack it in.

  61. Hey Girls, it’s much more simple. Just find a man with same interests and mutual attraction. Everything else will work out through communication. Don’t take yourself so serious, neither boy or girl :D.

  62. This is the most misogynistic bullshit I have ever read. Especially what I’m seeing in these comments. Most women do not even want men with these kinds of expectations to even give them the time of day. The fact that people are still holding these pathetic idealisations is a very poor reflection on societal values and frankly well beyond terrifying. This article would not help anyone land a decent man, women who subscribe to these expectations are likely going to land the type of man commenting here– a woman hating asshole.

  63. It sounds like you want a submissive girl to stay at home and do the housework. Very old fashioned, but not really a popular choice for women in this era.

  64. How dare you? Obviously you guys are never going to get the right kind of girl. The kind of girl that is thoughtful, honest, LOYAL, sweet, and just overall awesome, because the ones who are willing to FIGHT for equality over misogynists are the best ones. Girls aren’t like this. Women deserve better from men like you. If you guys really believe in this stuff you are obviously insane.

  65. “Be interesting!” How about you try the same instead of peddling this recycled 1950s junk? Maybe stop blaming your relationship failures on women not being the way you would like them to be?

  66. Men could also, cook or iron themselves, thank you very much. In the age of the internet, there’s no reason for them not to know such skills.

  67. Hi so that photo you’re using as your cover is of me and I don’t appreciate it 1) because you did not take that photograph and 2) i do not support anything you’ve written here. please remove it immediately.

  68. Hello, I rather not disclose my name but the photograph you’re using at the top of this article is of me and I would like to request it be taken off immediately. You did not take that photograph nor would I like to be associated with anything this blog has to say. It’s sexist and degrading. If my photograph is not removed I will find a way to take further action. It’s one things to spew your opinions, it’s a whole other to steal other people’s photographs and use them without their permission. As the subject of that photo I know no permission was given.

    1. How can you be associated when no one knows who you are ?
      If the photo is ‘degrading’ then why did you allow it to be taken ?

  69. This is why women need feminism. Because someone decided that women are only considered beautifulif they look a certain way. Not only is this article completely regarding but it is absolutely illegal for this writer to have posted these pictures without claiming that they were not his. The top photo is one of my dear friends who is completely uncomfortable with the fact that she has to be representing this oppressive article. Hey ladies want to know how to keep a boyfriend… Do nothing but be yourself if a man appreciates you for who you are then trust me he will stay. But if he doesn’t leave the boy who confuses love and list and find a man who will treat you with the respect you deserve. Trust me they are out there I promise.

  70. According to another one of your articles, you had sex with a woman that you designated a slut. So clearly you’re not quality boyfriend material, and have no credibility on the matter whatsoever.

  71. Not only is this article thoroughly disgusting, but you have used a photo of my friend who is under 18 without her permission. Please remove the photo. I don’t even know what to say about the content of this article, I’m appalled.

  72. Not only is this article thoroughly disgusting, but you have used a photo of my friend who is under 18 without her permission. Please remove the photo. I don’t even know what to say about the content of this article, I’m appalled.

  73. Remove the photo your using at the top of this page immediately. She is a minor and you are misusing that picture of her without her permission.

  74. #5 is spot on. Of the girls I have dated, the only one I even considered going the distance with was the one with hobbies & talents. Too many people these days (men & women) have nothing that they are legitimately good at. They spend too much time on the internet or watching television. Creating is much more rewarding than any Facebook like or this weeks new airing of your favorite show.

  75. For real though, asshat, way to steal my friend’s personal facebook picture. Take that shit down. You have no right to use a picture of someone in their own home without permission, especially when they have no idea who you are.

    1. Why don’t you call the cops if you see a violation of the law? Apparently you’d just rather spout an incoherent whine instead.

  76. In the year 2013, a quality man better damn well know how to make a meal and fold his clothes. If a man can’t appreciate a woman who has spent her time the same way hundreds of thousands of men spend their time (building non-domestic skills) then it simply is not a quality man. “Social intelligence” , my ass. Also, stop stealing copywritten photos – the irony of this article is that an ignorant, lesser man is trying to tell other people how to seek a “quality man”. How about you first take the time to learn how to BE a quality man?

  77. You Sir, have a small penis, so small, you might as well classify it as a clitoris. But you don’t deserve to be classified a female, you’re too much of piece of shit to be human.

  78. Aren’t all these obvious things to do anyway. Looking good and making an effort helps…well of course…it’s complimentary to your man that you want to look good for him. Likewise being pleasant, do any women actually think being argumentative or difficult helps?? doubtful. I would say that being domestic is a good point to make though and definitely helps, as much as loads of women are probably going to think this is in some way sexist, just because now every woman wants a man who can cook and clean etc. doesn’t mean suddenly we can just lack any skills…surely just to look after yourself you need these skills. But men genuinely appreciate (or seem to appreciate) being looked after or just having small things done for them it’s not as much a ‘it’s the woman’s job’ thing as a you’ve thought about their needs and making life easier for them. However for all this rubbish in comments about commitment being a sacrifice….if it’s a sacrifice you haven’t found the right woman yet and likewise if women feel that way they have yet to find the right man. Commitment should only be entered into by those who don’t want anyone else. (I’m not saying you can’t appreciate that hot guy/girl sat opposite you at a bar…we’re all only human. but knowing what you’ve got is more important than a purely physical relationship is key to a successful committed relationship).

  79. ’99 percent of men hate it’, I’m sorry but your statistics are completely and utterly wrong. Come to think of it, this whole article is wrong…in every aspect of human decency and logic.
    If this is how you view the world, then I suppose this is what keeps others with that burning passion to abolish and destroy all the evil, hatred and discrimination against others.
    Listen up, NO ONE can tell you how to be, that is yOUR decision, be true to ones own self. And don’t let, especially things like this, make you think otherwise or to sway your decisions and choices. I know it is probably a load of soppy drawl you’ve heard before, but respect your self.

  80. my IQ has dropped by 77% reading this
    Yet i seem to still be able to conclude and analyze, that knowledge within this article is a load of [incoherent profanities]

  81. This comment may get alot of you guys on my case but i feel like no one is really looking at the full spectrum of this article.
    1. Look good and work on staying that way.
    Well I do agree with this. And especially as a woman I love to look good, especially for my boyfriend. One problem I see with this thought is what is “looking good” to one person may not be the same to someone else. I love wearing dresses and cute sweaters but my boyfriend prefers when i just wear jeans and a t-shirt. Does this mean Im going to change how I want to dress? Absolutely not. If you are in a relationship with someone you are a team together, yet still an individual.
    2. Be a pleasant, feminine sweetheart.
    This is one of the main topics I have a problem with. Yes I agree that you should be sweet to your significant other, as long as there is nothing wrong. But honestly, if someone comes to me with an attitude looking to pick a fight, never in my right mind would I be sweet to them. The thing that my boyfriend and I have a great balance with is the fact that we can be honest with each other, and not sugar coat anything. At the same time, I will not be rude or abrasive if it is not warranted.
    3. Don’t be a slut.
    This is entirely personal difference of what a slut is or is not. You may be into something sexually different than someone else, and that may make you seem like a slut. You could wear something and it makes you loook like a slut. You could cough sideways and be considered a slut by someone else. As long as you are not crossing any lines with physical sexual activity that you and your significant other have put into place, you should not be considered a slut. Plain and simple.
    4. Have some domestic skills.
    Lets take an example. I hate to cook but my boyfriend loves it. I like to clean and my boyfriend is just not good at that. Once again, a relationship is about balance. I think “domestic skills” have been so ingrained into the female minds that alot of us are not good at them, or dont care to know about them. There are so many men I know how enjoy sewing and cooking and plenty of females that enjoy it also. You, male or female, should never have to live up to an expectation that your gender role has set in stone. Isnt this why we as humans have free will? So we can enjoy what we enjoy, not what someone else tells us to enjoy?
    5. Be interesting.
    I actually do agree with this idea in one way or another. But ultimitely, to keep this short, I feel you cannot be attracted to someone without being attracted to them as a person. Which in turn, means you find them interesting. In no way shape or form, should you try to force the liking or the interest in an art if you do not have a passion for it. Same applies to politics, skill, etc.
    All in all, I think this article is bullshit because people dont take the time to really get to know someone anymore. They dont allow people to be human, with emotions. Whether that emotion is happiness or annoyance or anger or anything inbetween. There are no logical steps to getting a relationship. You just need to be yourself and eventually you will find someone who matches you in the best possible way.

  82. This article is ridiculous. This list is fine and well for any person, as long as you are also willing to hold yourself to the same standards, which I never see is the case. Articles like these, written by men or women, never indicate that anybody expecting this out of their partner, has to expect it of themselves as well.
    By your definition, if I have to constantly worry about looking good for my man, he better have washboard abs to match. If my hair has to be long for him, than his facial hair is going to be worn the way I like it. Guys talk about wanting “good girls” all the time, but only because they find themselves dissatisfied with the “sluts” the are whoring themselves out to. “Sex—most, if not every, man’s true objective.” “Much of the advice for men here is centered on getting laid” and yet you have the nerve to judge other women as “slutty” if they go out and do the same thing. Fuck that.
    And any person, no matter what their gender is, should have basic domestic skills in order to maintain themselves by adulthood — that includes cooking, cleaning, and laundry. If you’re demanding that a woman needs to be the one’s do these things, it seems as if your mother didn’t have the sense to teach you differently.
    How dare you try to pass off your narrow minded, mold of an ideal woman as the only type of person worthy of a “quality” boyfriend. Or suggest that anyone who deviates from that mold is unworthy of having that “prize”.
    And, by the way, a “quality” man does not talk down to others by suggesting that they look like a walking case of hepatitis, just because their positive image of themselves does not conform to yours. Since you’re committed to your self improvement, I suggest trying harder, because your attitude is a major turn off.

    1. Agreed… any man worth his salt would probably be keen to read something like the way of the superior man by david deida. but most guys reading this are likely demasculated tools…

  83. Because my education and my talents and skills (including domestic ones) were honed for me to catch a guy, instead of, you know, making me happy.
    Because a guy will only love me if I keep the sarcastic, stubborn part hidden and show him only my sweet side (newsflash – we can be and ARE both and I don’t see any reason to hide any aspect of my personality. Love my sweet side and wanna keep it? Well, better prepare for my sarcasm. Can’t deal with that? Well, then better look for someone else). In short, because I’m only worth something to men like you if I act like an automaton, programmed around your desires for dominating someone (because yes, being only “sweet”, without anything else adding to it, essentially DOES sum up to “pushover” – whenever a woman tells you not to do something, no matter how much she smiles, she is not all 100% sweet) instead of having a partner eye to eye.
    Because I am only worth my looks.
    Because it’s not my body and if I insist on getting that tat, then I get it, because I’d love it decorating my sking – if said tattoo keeps idiots like you away from me, well, then just the better!
    Thank you, really! This article was a really hepful collection of advice on how to keep idiots uninterested in me, so I can continue my day without being pestered.

  84. Good advice that could apply to Kate Middleton herself, although I would have come up with more examples of what potentially makes a woman “interesting” (awesome hobby, real skill at something interesting, outstanding conversational partner). I’ve seen you use the phrase “quality man” a number of times. Please define what qualities make a man a “quality man”. Perhaps you could even provide information on what a woman should look for in a man. Also, are you ONE person? Or are you a group of men?

  85. I guess that men don’t need to subscribe to any of these qualities either?
    I would think you would realize that women desire a man who doesn’t let himself go, who hasn’t whore himself out in the past (which still shouldn’t matter), should not be so confrontational, should have domestic skills, and should be interesting.
    That’s clearly not an aspect in this article.
    Why should it be only women that have to appear sensitive and caring/nurturing while men reap all the benefits of that?

  86. Some of these articles are like uhhhh….wtf? and others are so true to an extent, and they are laughable. I read these for the lolz. People don’t realize that the whole male population is not limited to just the guys that write articles for this website. And it’s the internet which means anything is game. I honestly find this website to be a joke.

    1. And yet, here you are, indulging in your dirty, embarrassing habit, unable to tear yourself away…..

  87. To really land and keep a quality boyfriend, I’d say there are only a few things necessary:
    1. have a clean past (if you have been a slut before you’re automatically out)
    2. be attractive
    3. have a good personality and have strong PRINCIPLES

  88. awesome. i have done all of this: stay in great shape with running/yoga/lifting/climbing and while i am not drop dead gorgeous, i turn heads….play multiple musical instruments….cook a mean cioppino and clean up my kitchen after….am sweet and thoughtful and respectful…. definitely not a slut….and support myself on an excellent salary (i.e. i am not trying to steal your fortune) but i set at home alone because this article is a huge lie. men love sluts and marry bitches. so i am just learning to be really happy on my own. still, articles like this are depressing because it gives me a moment of false hope….just to remember this is written to attract advertising dollars. insult away~

  89. Great advice our grandmothers gave our mothers……..too bad women aren’t giving this same advice to each other……

  90. I reckon women are largely miserable having to put up with a bunch of pathetic losers like you lot. Respect earns respect and as you all seem to cast sweeping generalisations on women( who are not all nazi feminists as you seem to believe) why should they in turn have any respect for you. Why not just go into a relationship with a list of demands and make ’em sign on the dotted line, i promise i will always stay the same size as i was ten years ago when we first met, i will wash up, i will pander to your every want and need to be a ‘pleasant sweetheart’.
    Ok fine well what about a womans list of demands- you wil not get a beer belly, whatever you do, don’t go bald—it looks terrible, despite what your friends disingenuously say, be interesting, put the xbox controller down and have a conversation.
    I could continue but you get the point. Get a life and then you moght find a decent woman that wants to spend it with you instead of blogging about your lonely existence because you are incapable of keeping a woman that loves ypu for you and vice versa.

  91. Men and women both have feelings and needs. Treat them as you want to be treated. Expect of them as you will do for them. If one person is selfish and all about them, fuck them off.

  92. I have been promiscious in my past and now truly regret it. I was lost and depressed. I went to therapy and changed how I see things now. I am in a ltr and I told my man about it. He was surprised but said it didn’t bother him. Am I truly doomed? What can I do to help myself? I am changed at 27. Any advice…

  93. This article makes me conflicted on whether I want to bash my own head in with a rock, or the author’s.

  94. I find it disgusting that men can think this way about women, and slut shaming? seriously? I’ve been with like 25 guys within my 3 years of being sexually active and now i’m engaged to an amazing man. out of those 25 i only dated 5 including my fiance and never cheated on any of them; why did i have sex with the other 20? Because i like sex, its a fucking good way to get stress out and multiple partners help you figure out your tastes in bed, orgasms are also a great way to get rid of period cramps and, while i have many toys that can do that, right after a break up there is nothing better than fucking some random guys to get over an ex. However even if I was single I would never even touch anyone on this board because you are all misogynistic assholes. (oh and btw i got all these men when i was fluctuating between 190lbs and 210lbs at a height of 5’8, a lot of them muscular and attractive, though personally i prefer minimum muscles and skinnier frames on men but i’m flexible.)
    And as for this empathy debate, we women have it believe me, you don’t know how many times i have comforted a guy friend because his girlfriend just broke up with him and he is devastated, I’ve had them cry on my shoulders I’ve had to stop them from self harming and talk them out of suicide multiple times with multiple people. I always listen to both sides of a fight and try to mediate and personally hate confrontation. But this is what people who have taken the time to get to know me and let me get to know them have earned not every random person on the street. respect is earned not just granted to you because you have a penis or just because you were born for that matter because I’ve met women that think they are entitled to it without earning it as well and that’s simply not true.
    Now idk, maybe you were all rejected and hurt by the first women you were attracted to and took this viewpoint as revenge for your emotional turmoil, maybe you wee raised by misogynistic parents who strictly enforced gender roles and now you have a hatred for those who don’t believe in gender roles simply because they have more freedom than you ever had and ever could have now that you have been brainwashed not to accept a different viewpoint. Please listen to me now, i urge you, put your past behind you and come into the 21st century, look at the facts of the behavior you are supporting, the eating disorder post? its worse than pro-ana posts I’ve seen, it is basically saying you should go out with someone who starves their body because they wont get fat and are easier to abuse. A man should not need to find a women with low or nonexistent self confidence and if he does it is either because he too has no self confidence or because he wishes to abuse the women and belittle her more. That is not how a relationship is supposed to work at all, you should both be working toward the betterment of each other, no one should be belittling the other, even in BDSM relationships you are supposed to realize your partner is truly your equal and although power play might be a part of your life both in and out of the bedroom it stops the second any partner says it does. If you date someone with an eating disorder you should be trying to get them healthier and encourage recovery, not keep them sick because its good for your wallet or because you want to keep their opinions of themselves low. Not fighting to help your partner overcome an eating disorder when you know they have one or at least encouraging them to beat it is in itself neglect and abuse.
    Now I have spent too much time already arguing with those who will probably not listen but I’m hoping at least one or two will realize their ill ways and change. I am also praying this is a satirical group of writings and that its meant to be a sick joke but biased on the audience it seems unlikely. It is shameful that in this day and age there is a group of men that cannot find confidence any way than putting down women, but unfortunately it seems like this is true. Please go to a therapist and talk out your issues, you will be happier for it and get much more pussy. Have a good night.

    1. I find you disgusting.
      You rode 25 different cocks over a period of 3 years. This means that you changed cocks in every 6 weeks.
      Using the word “like” while describing the number of guys might even mean that the number is higher. Nevermind not counting all the bad encounters you probably want to forget.
      I won’t even begin to contemplate what your understanding about cheating is, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you rode the cock-carousel of 2-5 guys at the same time.
      To put it gently – YOU’RE A GRADE-A SLUT.
      I hope your fiancee finds out about you and ditches your disease (probably) ridden whore cunt.

  95. i would also like to point out, if you don’t want a monogamist relationship, talk to the girl about it, as long as the girl can see other people too there are plenty of us that are ok with that, as long as it is agreed upon before hand! Communication is key in any relationship and it is just as much a gift that we don’t cheat on you as you don’t cheat on us, its a sign and sacrifice of love so set your ground rules before hand and figure out if the relationship will work or not, don’t drag along someone who thinks things are monogamous if you plan on fucking the next girl you see, explain it before hand. And if you are in a monogamous relationship and happy and then suddenly you start having feelings for another girl while you still love the one you are with as well, talk to you s/o about a poly relationship. Don’t think cheating is the only way to solve these problems because it is not and if you are too chicken to bring up these topics with a girl then you shouldn’t be with one.

  96. Wow…you people have such a fear and loathing of the opposite sex that I am dumbfounded. I pity the entire lot of you.

  97. Hahahaha! Where do you come up with this shit? Hilarious! I’ll keep laughing whilst my husband cooks dinner.

  98. Every single number up here supports the old, and frankly oppressive, views on women in connection to relationships: be “feminine!” Be delicate and docile and chaste know how to do the women’s work of house keeping. Never be outspoken but be a little more than plain to pique his interest. The anti-feminist air just sickens me.

  99. I exhibit these qualities and I expect my future husband to display or acquire them as well. It’s a partnership full of give and take. If I’m going to work on my physique (which I do daily) then I’ll expect him to do the same and he has no say on how I style my hair. That is my choice, if he doesn’t like my short hair (that will eventually grow again mind you) then he has no business being in my damn life. If my gentleman treats me like his delicate flower or prize then I’ll sure be there to pamper him as well. Loyalty is key in a relationship and I make it clear from the beginning that monogamy is important to me because of my past. I am not a slut and i expect that if a man is going to date me that he will have the same priorities. If I find out he doesn’t, that he’s a sleaze going behind my back then I’m cutting him with my words. I will make him cry, make him feel bad for loosing a good thing for a home wrecker that I know for a fact has had more wieners than Oscar Meyer, and my ultimate goal is to be the woman he thinks about years from now when he has 3 kids with 3 different women. As for domestic skills, I expect my husband to contribute. If I’m going to provide for my family the same way he is then I expect him to help around the house the same way I am. Lastly, keep my interest as well. I’m all up for an intellectual conversation and/or show him something new I learned but if he doesn’t bring some romance or conversation to the table then there is no chance. It’s a 2 way street, you can’t expect a girl to be ever so perfect for her man and yet her man take advantage of her. I’ve seen it happen all around me and I refuse to act as the compliant sweetheart if my man isn’t bringing anything to the table.

  100. Oh look. Another article telling women what they should do in order to please men. And another man that thinks his opinion on how women should act to please him should be taken seriously. And another article that tells men that cooking, and domestic traits, and being nice are feminine and not allowed to be done by a man. That’s literally all this article is. If I were to write an article like this, it would have the following “requirements” on it.
    1) Be kind
    2) Be supportive
    3) Love your S/O for who they are
    These are the traits that “get you a quality partner.” And by the way you write, it seems like you’re going to be alone for a long time.

  101. It’s a great article. You don’t even have to be all that interesting. Just super sweet, thin, a great dancer and really nice to be around. Sure, I would much rather you have some cool interests, but if you’re too “interesting” I clearly won’t be into you.

  102. Sauron666 is a troll that likes to post on threads that have had no activity for months. That way he appears to be posting with true interest, but is really just trying to build up a posting history so he can troll.

  103. If you’re around a 7, then point 5 is massive.
    I’m inundated with 7’s. Some of them are in it for the money, some of them seem to think I’m actually awesome, but if you’re a 7, or even if you’re an 8, you can distinguish yourself massively by being good at something – in much the same way that men distinguish themselves by being, independently of your opinion, awesome.
    A 6 that’s a concert cellist beats an 8 that’s just a party slut every time. You’re just a better person.

  104. A male author gives advice how to land boyfriend? I didn’t know this is officially a faggot site

  105. #2 is a big one for me personally. Nothing softens my penis more than a foul mouth and a shitty attitude. Somehow girls have this idea that copping an attitude and being bitchy is sexy. Yeah, to the beta orbiter who is in complete awe of the fact that you’re allowing his presence, not to a real man sweetie. Betas will also tell you how cool it is that you’re like one of the guys. A man who says shit like that should have a leash with your name on it. My skin crawls every time I hear a man say, “she’s a bitch but she’s HOT so who cares?” I care, it’s disgusting. I’ll take a sweet and polite 7 over a foul mouthed bitchy 9 any day of the week.

  106. The author of this article is a total ass bag. What a sack of shit, including all the disgusting misogynistic bastards in the comments..

  107. I’m sorry, but all of your points just seem so obvious to me. I can’t be the only one, right?

    1. I would say 50% or more of American woman not only dont find this to be common sense, they are repulsed by it. Thank God some of us were able to learn the truth before it was too late.

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