Life Goes On, Even In The Worst Disasters

I received an email last week from a young man who has been worried about the headlines in the news.  He was wondering where all the daily diet of disasters, negativity, and upheaval would lead.  I wanted to respond to this concern.  We tend to underestimate the ability of the human mind to cope with stress, hardship, and disaster.

It is a well-known fact that Europe in the fourteenth century was decimated by the Black Plague.  All across the continent, population centers were assaulted by the disease; and mortality rates, although somewhat a matter of guesswork, were very high.  But what is most amazing about the plague is how quickly it was forgotten once it burned itself out.  There is a resilience in humanity that is far too often underappreciated.


The life of the people went on, despite all what was happening around them.  One historian, Philip Ziegler, writes in his influential study The Black Death that “One of the most striking features of the Black Death in England attested to in the court rolls of innumerable manors and those borough records that are still available, is the way in which communal life survived.”  There was no social breakdown, no revolution, no mass panics threatening the rule of law.

Not only was there no social breakdown, but the plague did not impact literature and folklore as much as we might suppose.  Chaucer mentions it in passing as a backdrop to his Canterbury Tales; but we find few references to it in the literature of the day.  There are no substantial descriptions of the plague’s assault on London, for example.

Boccaccio describes it in Florence, and Petrarch laments the loss of a relative; but in England such accounts are absent.  For a contagion that killed off an estimated one-third of the populations it infected, one would expect something more.  It seems people were not tormented by the gloom and doom that some historians would have us believe.  Chaucer himself was anything but a “gloom and doom” poet; in fact, his work radiates a positivity, sensuality, and a muscular zest for life.


If we fast-forward a few centuries to 1665, we find the same plague hitting London.  Daniel Defoe’s Journal of the Plague Year is an excellent chronicle of a disaster; in fact, it still makes compelling reading today.  Yet life went on.  Things returned to normal within a few years.  One of the few reminders that the plague even happened is a bit of childish verse:

Ring-a-ring o’ roses,
A pocket full of posies,
A-tishoo! A-tishoo!
We all fall down.

The 1665 London plague killed off at least 100,000 people, probably many more.  And yet nothing more substantial than a few couplets survives.  If we get in our time machine of the imagination and fast-forward another few hundred years, we arrive at 1918, the year of the great Spanish influenza.

Alfred Crosby’s 1998 study America’s Forgotten Pandemic:  The Influenza Epidemic of 1918 noted this strange ability of the human mind to forget great tragedies.  The afterword of his book was called “An Inquiry into the Peculiarities of Human Memory” and contained the following comments:

An important and almost incomprehensible fact about Spanish influenza is that it killed millions upon millions of people in a year or less.  Nothing else—no infection, no war, no famine—has ever killed so man in as short a period.  And yet it has never inspired awe, not in 1918 and not since, not among the citizens of any particular land and not among the citizens of the United States.  This inaptitude for wonder and fear cannot be attributed to a lack of information.

In other words, the mind has the ability to process tragedy in ways that we cannot predict.


The flu epidemic swept the entire world, leaving a huge death toll in its wake.  Yet in 1918 and 1919, there was no panic or social disaster in the United States that resulted from the pandemic.  This matches the reactions that European populations had to the Black Death epidemic of the fourteenth century, and the 1665 London plague epidemic.

It seems that the human mind, despite all contrary expectations, is able to compartmentalize extreme suffering to an extent that we cannot fully appreciate.  The mind knows what is within its control, and what is not.  Who now barely remembers the 2004 Asian tsunami, which killed many thousands?

To become tormented by the headlines, to be filled with anxiety and depression over news events, is pure folly.  Even in the worst catastrophes, people find ways of coping and surviving.  Life goes on; people continue with their patient labors; and the world does not collapse.

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  1. “It is a well-known fact that Europe in the fourteenth century was decimated by the Black Plague”
    If the black plague happened today the powers that be would be organising Black Plague Pride, Black Death Matters marches, and we’d all be wearing “This is why I need the Black Death” t-shirts
    Now to read the actual article..

    1. They’ll get pissed if you say “All Death Matters” and tell us that some corpses are more dead than others.

  2. It is like the bombing of cities in the Second World War. It was predicted on both sides that civilian morale would collapse and people would flee the bombing creating chaos. And it never happened, despite the heaviest bombing, people in Britain and in Germany and in Japan carried on their everyday lives, even as their homes were destroyed, their neighbourhoods turned to rubble. It is always the elites who panic before the people do.

    1. There were no bombings here in germany, especially not in Dresden (the germans probably were setting their houses on fire because they were crazy demons). All the victorious powers didn’t use weapons to win the war. They just came to germany, liberating the german civilians from Nazi cruelty by singing nice songs. Meanwhile the germans were eating each other because they were all zombies possessed by the devil killing six trillion jews while drinking six million liters of juice.
      At least that’s what I learned at a german public school.

    1. “Pockets full of posies….”
      Shoved into the deads pockets as it helped with the stench of the corpses.

  3. What I learned today by watching ‘Adolf Hitler – The Greatest Story Never Told’:
    Life really goes on. Even if you are thrown into a concentration camp on the Rheinwiesen.
    So I watched this 6 1/2 hour long documentary about Hitler today and somewhere around like 4 or 5 hours they are talking about ‘Rhine-Meadows Death Camps’ and I – as a german living in the Rhine area – think ‘What the hell is this? Never heard of it.’
    So I googled it and then I was shocked.
    They told us so much about Auschwitz in school..I mean the whole german curriculum is about nothing but freaking Holocaust.
    Holocaust here, Holocaust there.
    White guilt here, white guilt there.
    Nazi guilt here, nazi guilt there.
    Bring in more refugees because we germans are evil devils.
    6 Million Juicy Jews.
    To make it short:
    I live just 184 (onehundreteightyfour) metres away from Camp A6 Winzenheim-Bretzenheim.
    Are you fucking kidding me?
    I live a tenth of a mile away from a concentration camp where 100,000 germans were starving and digging holes in the earth by hand for sleeping (they didn’t even have tents, it was way worse then the famous Holocaust camps) and then when the rain came down they were drowning in their holes – and I didn’t know about it for 23 years????
    Overall there were 19 camps which contained 2 million prisoners – and stating the official numbers only 5,000 died. This is of course a lie, but history is written by the (((victors))). If really only 5,000 died, the mortality rate in those terrible camps would have been lower then in germany today which is ridiculous of course.
    I swear to god those are the days where I feel like I live in north korea.
    How can officials, politicians, teachers, parents and all the others hide those history facts from me for so long???
    There is even a memorial ( that I walked by like a trillion times but I never thought about it because I considered it to be ‘just another world war memorial’.
    You can’t make this shit up anymore.
    And then I asked my mother about it and she told me that she even owns a parcel of the land where the death camp was. She never told me about it.
    Had to use this comment box as a ventile for my rant. Sorry.
    Edit: If you watch the picture of the memorial you can see the many holes in the lower part. I visited the memorial today and some 79 year old guy told me that these holes symbolize the holes the prisoners were digging. That’s just cruel.
    I mean – just think about it: You are fighting the communists and jews for six years and then you lie in a muddy hole while starving to death.

        1. You should copy/paste that into an email and CC the whole office to lighten up everybody’s day. It will go down a treat

        2. <<n:u. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★:::::::!!bz564a:….,….

        3. You’re reading this at work? Be careful, the network administrators can check your Emails and web browsing history. If they’re manginas, they’ll definitely take offense with this site.

      1. Allegedly there were wars somewhere else as well. Something to do with Russia and Japan, respectively.

      2. Gotta teach the kids to take a deep breath before they sing that double Holocaust bit at the end. Too many darned syllables in there 😀

    1. Shit, man.
      From the linked article: “It was not exactly a prisoner-of-war camp, for it had been decided by SHAEF commander in chief Dwight D. Eisenhower that the Wehrmacht soldiers being kept there were to be treated as “Disarmed Enemy Forces” rather than prisoners of war so that they would not be covered by the Geneva Convention.”
      So much for all our human rights. You just have to use different words and suddenly they don’t apply. Rhetorics.

      1. Yeah, I am currently reading into the atrocities of americans and especially of the jewish Bolshevik during WW2 and the saying ‘History is written by the victor’ couldn’t be more true.
        It’s just incredible how many facts are hidden from the public discussion. I start understanding how Hitler thought.
        And it’s amazing to see all the censorship in germany.
        You never hear anything about those rhine meadows death camps, it is not allowed to own ‘Mein Kampf’, if you deny the Holocaust you go to prison for up to 5 years (§130 Strafgesetzbuch) and most videos on youtube about Hitler are blocked (Message ‘This video is not available in your country’ is displayed).

        1. Yeah, I never heard about it in school either. (Am from Germany, too)
          People are, if anything, still the fascists they were back then. Sucking the authority’s cock.
          Have you read about those homes raided by the police for “hate speech” and right-wing commentary? And most German commentators seem to welcome it.
          This country sucks ass.

        2. Yeah I read about it and I consider deleting facebook because it’s a piece of censorship owned by some strange (((dude))).
          This country really sucks. It’s a shame. The germans are just brainwashed sheep.
          Are you from Czech Republic?

        3. I find it amusing how compliance oriented Germany is, to the point where even denigrating a swastika is a crime, simply because you possess a swastika.
          The same bleating desire to conform that the Germans and Japs display now is the same thing that led them into WW2.

        4. And the swastika is a hindu symbol which has actually nothing to do with national socialism…it’s just ridiculous.

        5. My parents are both Czech, although I was born in Munich. I feel much more connected to Czech on a deeper level.
          By the way, fyi, Mein Kampf was only “forbidden” in Bavaria due to copyright issues. It no longer is and is now sold in book stores.

        6. You could probably argue that it is not even a Hindu symbol, but simply a symbol. First used by Hindus, then by Germans.
          Either way, banning it is ridiculous.

        7. Yeah, it is sold as some strange type of commented edition where the comments make up 70 % of the book and it costs like 50 € or even more. A shitty deal. 😀
          I even consider moving to eastern europe after my Bachelor.
          Hungary, Czech Republic or Poland.
          By the way: I will be moving to Planegg (5km away from Munich) in October because I write my bachelor thesis there.
          I’ll find you! 😉

        8. Really? Okay, didn’t know that. Anyhow, I ordered the normal edition from even before it was sold here. Have it in my shelf, I think. Wanted to sell it on eBay, but it got taken down. Weird world.
          Heh. Absolutely drop by when you get the chance! You can contact me through my blog if you can’t find a comment.

        9. Wow, your blog got some nice content!
          I’ll start reading into it tomorrow. Good night.

        10. Some companies refuse to print swastikas. A Buddhist friend of mine tried to make a swastika in a 3D company called shapeways, and they refused alleging their policy forbids swastikas. My friend explain to them it was Buddhist not Nazi. They didn’t care.

    2. Germany really fucked up trying to take on Britain. That never ends well for anyone.

      1. “We will force this war upon Hitler, if he wants it or not.” — Winston Churchill (1936 broadcast)
        “Germany becomes too powerful. We have to crush it.” — Winston Churchill (November 1936 speaking to US – General Robert E. Wood)
        “This war is an English war and its goal is the destruction of Germany.” — Winston Churchill (- Autumn 1939 broadcast)
        “The war wasn’t only about abolishing fascism, but to conquer sales markets. We could have, if we had intended so, prevented this war from breaking out without doing one shot, but we didn’t want to.” — Winston Churchill to Truman (Fultun, USA March 1946)
        “Germany’s unforgivable crime before WW2 was its attempt to loosen its economy out of the world trade system and to build up an independent exchange system from which the world-finance couldn’t profit anymore. …We butchered the wrong pig.” — Winston Churchill (The Second World War – Bern, 1960)

        1. there’s no proof that Churchill ever said any of this. if you do have it would be interesting to see.

        2. Churchill wanted to escalate the war and had no intention of negotiating for peace, regardless of the human cost. That’s the reality.

      2. Germany could have crushed Britain if it had recognized earlier how much of a enemy britain really was. Hitler let the British troops at Dunkirch escape because he thaught he might get peace in return also the Luftwaffe was winning the air battle until hitler got tired of it and ordered them to start bombing the cities

    3. I’m surprised german schools don’t make kids parade down the streets whipping themselves while yelling “I’m sorry I’m white, I’m sorry I’m german!”

    4. I thank you for shedding light upon this, a really interesting piece of information.
      Isn’t it sad how so much history is lost (not being told), just because it’s uncomfortable for the victorious side?

    5. well that’s exactly how Germans treated the Soviet POWs (only Germans were much worse). so karma maybe? Hitler was so sure in his victory he didn’t give a fuck. stupid dumbfuck.

      1. This is funny.
        The allies fire bombed Berlin and Dresden after there were no more military targets. German women were raped, tortured and killed along with their children by soviet troops.
        Anyone can read the the truth about German behavior militarily in a book called The Myth Of German Villainy.

        1. it has nothing to do with what i said. everything i said remains true.
          the main point is – the original poster watched some lame-ass documentary on da internet – and now thinks he knows everything. he doesn’t know shit. it takes way more than a single one-sided documentary to see the big picture.

        2. yeah and what does it have to do with anything?
          anyway, right now just by a sheer chance i stumbled upon this moment in a documentary about those Rhine-Meadows camps – the link points to those exact words:

        3. “the main point is – the original poster watched some lame-ass documentary on da internet – and now thinks he knows everything. he doesn’t know shit. it takes way more than a single one-sided documentary to see the big picture.”
          (Shares lame-ass documentary from da internet)

        4. What made the documentary lame? That it lacked a $100 million Spielberg budget? No faggy special effects? That it presented uncomfortable truths? That there wasn’t nearly enough time devoted to the poor Jews?

        5. Anthony Beevor wrote a few books and touched on that. He got scathed by Putin in 2002 alluding to the fact that the red army raped an estiamted 2 million women, including slavs and russian women, on their way to Berlin. I knew a guy who father was an American officer and his mother was from Dresden. Her family left a night before the boming raid and watched it burn while eating grass (due to hunger). Helmut Kohls wife, who was raped (age 12) along with her mother by russian soliders a few days later, was not so lucky.

        6. nope. it’s because this ‘documentary’ just looks and feels like some cheap Soviet propaganda film. or if like someone created a video called ‘Stalin: The Greatest Story Never Told’ – and wanted you to take it seriously.
          here’s a few nuggets i came across while skimming it:
          -unlike the film’s claim, Karl Libknecht wasn’t a Jew
          -1:16:40: “Warsaw capitulates… at the cost of 40,000 dead or injured.” what does it even mean? German, Polish, civilian, military, altogether? or something else? who cares. most important some lame sad fucking annoying music is constantly playing – which must make us feel horrible enough to stop worrying about details.
          -and while they’re talking about Poland, how come they didn’t mention that this campaign cost German army over 16,000 dead and 3000 missing? or maybe it’ll make people wonder if the whole thing was worth it at all – and doubt Hitler’s greatness and wisdom?
          -They can’t get the story straight even when Hitler can be legitimately shown in positive light. 1:18:49: “With French troops mobilising… Germany has no alternative but go on offensive.”
          Huh? What “mobilising”? France actually ATTACKED Germany first (Saar offensive). Germany then acted in self-defense and according to international law. It was actually a sticking point during Nuremberg as it was hard to blame Germany for starting WW2 – when technically it was France who was the agressor. But the producers of this ‘documentary’ couldn’t get even this straight – and ended up representing Hitler as a total fool.
          -1:36:38: while they talk about atrocities of Soviet commies, they show a well known photo of Jews executed by Nazis in Mizocz in 1942. imagine if in a Holocaust documentary, a pic of NKVD victims was represented as murdered Jews? the stink about Zionist conspiracy would never end.
          that should be enough to demonstrate that this lamomentary is just some unreliable amateur trashy project that shouldn’t be taken seriously.

        7. here’s another pearl:
          -1:50:20: “Hitler is so impressed by the tenacity of Russian troops that he exercises rare clemency… only one survivor is shot…”
          wtf. what kind of fucking “clemency” could he exercise? clemency to whom? to POWs? so do the authors of this film imply that normally Germans just shot all POWs on the spot? not even the most biased anti-Nazi historians ever claimed anything retarded like this.
          you see those who made this lamomentary don’t even themselves understand what the fuck they’re talking about. you can get more accurate – and favorable – info on Hitler just by reading Wikipedia lol.

    6. There were also Jewish revenge squads who wore British and American uniforms. They infiltrated a bakery that was tasked with making daily bread for the German POWs. They intended to mass poison the German POWs by adding arsenic to the bread. Reports indicate hundreds were sickened but there were no casualties. There was also a plot to poison the water supplies in several German cities. Jewish revenge squads would hunt down suspect SS soldiers, appear at their homes in Allied uniform, abduct them, and torture / execute them in the woods.

    7. Unfortunately you won’t learn anything from crackpot pro-nazi documentaries.
      I know that crackpot theories and barely disguised respect and admiration for the nazis is popular in alt right circles, which includes the manosphere, but the truth is that Hitler really was a deranged and despicable psychopath, who presided over a deranged and despicable regime.
      The Nazis did murder millions of Jews.
      They did murder millions of non Jewish Europeans.
      They committed acts so evil even modern nazis can’t admit to them.
      Not understanding or accepting simple truths such as these does not make you wicked, but it does make you a fool for the wicked. A useful idiot. Try not to be a useful idiot for a deranged, despicable, and most tellingly, dead, dictator; and his legions of likewise evil and degenerate followers.
      It’s especially bad since you are a German. Haven’t there been enough German nazis?

    8. I started to wonder about the official narrative when I did a back of the envelope calculation to see how much energy it would take to cremate 6million. Turns out it was something like 10% of all the oil available to Germany during the war. Seems like a lot of bother for a warring country to go to just to remove evidence that would not have mattered had they won.

    9. It’s so awesome that younger and younger people are finding out about these truths.
      Millions of Germans men were starved and frozen to death in open camps and millions of German women were raped post war.
      No swimming pools, hospitals, theatres or brothels in the Allies death camps.
      Have never heard of a story of a German escaping and allied death camp 🙂
      Nuremberg trials story/facts are mind bending.
      Good luck in your quest.

  4. Another Spanish-bashing article in ROK.
    “To maintain morale, wartime censors minimized early reports of illness and mortality in Germany, Britain, France, and the United States;[13][14] but papers were free to report the epidemic’s effects in neutral Spain (such as the grave illness of King Alfonso XIII),[15] creating a false impression of Spain as especially hard hit[16]—thus the pandemic’s nickname Spanish flu.[17] In Spain, a different nickname was adopted, the Naples Soldier (Soldado de Nápoles), which came from a musical operetta (zarzuela) titled La canción del olvido (The Song of Forgetting), which premiered in Madrid during the first epidemic wave. Federico Romero, one of the librettists, quipped that the play’s most popular musical number, Naples Soldier, was as catchy as the flu.[18]”

  5. When you are surrounded by death, you learn to value life. When you see people fall, you become invested in the longevity of yourself and your tribe. When all the artifacts of your history lie in ruins, you realize the value of such relics and strive to create your own.
    Or you die with the rest.

      1. Maybe they read Epictetus.
        It is said that Epictetus remained calm while they cut off his leg.

  6. People spent the time after the Black plague banging continuously to pump out new offspring. Same thing after WW2.

  7. Yeah, it’s pretty much what I observed during the shooting here in Munich. Even a few hundred meters from the place, most people were calm and collected and, at most, bored. The most fear was coming from the authority of the incompetent police force swarming the place.
    The “panic” is a myth, spread by the MSM. “Munich is in fear”. No, it is not. People can actually take more shit than you stupid politicians think.
    But it serves the politicians if they can convince people that everybody else is afraid. That way, they can push their “safety” policies without much protest. “Oh well, everyone else is afraid, so I guess it’s okay”

        1. Oh, the police was there. But I also felt like they were just showing off.
          One example: Two guys with machine guns were guarding the exit from the Olympic village and would not let me out. Told me to go another way.
          I went around and guess where I came out? Right fucking behind them. What the fuck is the point of that?

        2. I mean their reactions. You had photos where some were pointing their weapons, in a combat crouch, as if to engage, and in the background you’d have others walking around casually, with weapons slung or dangling.

        3. Yeah, they were actually walking around like that. I don’t get it, either. You would see armed guys acting like they were under total stress, in full fighting stance, escorting some people and stuff. While civilians passed totally relaxedly by a few meters away.

      1. Don’t know if they were staged but what I know is that german media called the killer David S. to hide his muslim background.
        This is of course another atrocity of political correctness but in this rare case it was quite suitable because the killer was proud of being a half german half iranian (Iran = literally the country of aryans) and he was proud of being born on the same day Hitler was born and he only killed migrants (turks and albanians).
        I am proud of this guy.

        1. I’m not saying the shooting was staged, just the police photos afterwards.

        2. I am not sure about the shooting, either. My gut was telling me all the time that something was phony about the whole incident. It just all felt like a show of police force.

  8. I love how this piece follows the “If Donald Trump Doesn’t Win, We’re Screwed” article.. The doomsdayers (including Roosh himself) may learn something from reading this.

  9. The difference is that nowadays, governments view disasters as a way to tighten their grip on the populace. A plague in america would be a godsend for our parasitic leaders.

    1. If there were no disasters or threats, the government then makes one up and tax the citizens to pay for the fight. Bush Sr.’s War on Drugs is a prime example. In the 80’s it was Aids.

  10. I don’t know if you can compare the public reaction to the black death to that of the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic. Back during the dark ages they only had a little clue on what was causing the black death. Some thought it was evil magic. Other thought it was witches. Some even though it was the (((Joos))). The reaction of the political elites was not a coordinated public health front, but a “lock up the castle and don’t let any of the peasants in” approach. Feudal lords couldn’t have cared less about those dying in the town as long as their neck was safe.
    Now fast forward to 1918 and you have well coordinated, well thought out, and for the time well equipped public health infrastructure set up to respond to the pandemic. (Their response might even have been better to our modern response to ebola. Back in 1918 they were smart enough NOT to import people with the deadly disease and and instead enacted quarantines and kept foreigners out. But that is what PC gives you).

  11. This article is total BS. Stop playing the historian and even worse, drawing conclusions like you just did.
    In 1918 there was information censorship due to being in war. WWI was very “labor” intensive. Each of the countries involved did not want their enemies to know about their losses. The exception was Spain, which was neutral, and the true number was public. This is why, in part, the 1918 influenza epidemic was called Spanish influenza. My grandfather got that flu and was about to die. The terror and confusion was present, trust me. I heard my grandmother talking about it.
    Way too many historically inaccurate articles in ROK recently.

    1. The the flu epidemic was a worldwide epidemic. It hit countries all over the world, not just the ones involved in the Great War. So you’re wrong on that.
      My views are based on the conclusions of the top historian who has studied the 1918 pandemic. What are your views based on? Hearsay from some random guy? I quoted this top historian in my article (Alfred Crosby). Did you even read his quote?
      Crosby knows far more about this subject than you do. He’s read the original sources, done the research, and states his conclusions in his book, “America’s Forgotten Pandemic.”
      Read the book.

      1. “Hearsay from random guy”? It is my own family history. The mortality in babies was terrible.
        “Not just the countries involved in the Great war”? Almost the entire planet belonged to countries involved to the Great War. Do you know about colonialism and that WWI was fought in all continents, not just Europe?
        Why should I read a book called “America’s Forgotten Pandemic” for an epidemic that was worldwide and it was (strategically) nicknamed “Spanish flu”? My problem is not with your sources, my problem is with your conclusions. And I have not even dared to comment the black death part. Americans… always so self-centered.

  12. It’s like everyone running to and fro and worrying about terrorism/mass shooters/EMPs/asteroids/sun spots/global warming/climate change/ strike anywhere matches yelling “keep us safe!”.
    The easiest way for Big Brother to keep us safe is to be able to watch us every minute. People gripe all the time about congressional gridlock but, the more gridlocked they are (the less new legislation they pass) the better off we will be.

  13. German men are humiliated as losers, while german women suck foreign cock. Anything new in the comments today? When did ROK become Maxim magazine for cucked nazis?

    1. As well as the lack of them. Which is the case of the present article.

  14. I forwarded this to a friend that’s been suffering with an illness; this article inspired her.
    Thank you QC.

  15. We forget that humans are hardy beings, capable of handling great strife. For all our neurosis, depression, anxiety, and minor afflictions that incapacitate us in our present day, becomes afterthoughts in moments of great struggles. We need to reminder ourselves as humans, that we have the ability to cope with horrible situations. In the case of our current events, that will come upon us soon.

  16. Why is it that Europeans don’t continuously lament those lost in the Mongol invasion, the 30 years war, the plague, WW1, WW2, etc but the Jews can’t go a day without kevetching about the 6 trillion?

    1. Because when you have complete control of the narrative you are highly influential on what the great unwashed are allowed to think and express.

    2. 99/100 times I hear about the holocaust is from neo nazi morons like you. It is you who always has to repeat your drivel.

  17. The people in that last pictures are quite clearly still alive. Some are even looking at the camera.

  18. I find it appropriate that this article follows the one regarding how America is doomed if Hillary wins.

  19. Humans can endure alot. Physical abuse, depravity, famine, disease. When you survive a tough time you tend to repress it for your own psycological health. No real secret.

  20. Just quickly wanted to offer my thanks to QC. Thanks, man. I look forward to all the new posts here but yours are consistently head & shoulders above the rest. The quality and variety of your work is quite the inspiration.

  21. People are great at living in denial, we see this throughout history. While I appreciate the fact that the article is trying to inject a little positivity, the reality is that leftism is this century’s Black Death, and we are all suffering needlessly because of it.
    The life goes on mantra reminds me of “conservatives” who sit back and just accept fate rather than fighting the good fight.

  22. The article is a bit too eurocentric and westcentric. It assumes that because west, European white people and the countries and societies they produce maintain a level of civility, respect of rule of the law and some cooperation despite the hardships, the whole planet and all the other races and civilizations works that way. Just look at middle east and africa the total collapse of the states the constant warfare, the anarchy and all that without a major disaster like pandemic. East Asian countries are more stable but they require a lot of authoritarianism

    1. >waaahh racism! how dare you not make this about race, and then give me all the attention! racis! raaaaycis!
      Get out of here anon.

  23. I don’ t know if going on is such a good thing when circumstances demand a stronger reaction. A lot of that enforced normalcy is just ostrich behavior. It is a negative when events (especially of a political nature) should require a non-normal response.

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