Study Shows Girls Get Better Grades For The Same Work As Boys

This year the OECD released a report which admitted, amazingly, that schoolboys receive worse grades for the same quality of work as their female peers. When even the unabashedly biased BBC is reporting on anti-male academic inequality, you know there’s a huge problem raging across societies. Just as surprisingly (in a refreshing way), both the report’s authors and most journalists were willing to lay the blame on blatant teacher bias in favor of girls.

And which gender predominates amongst the ranks of teachers? Women, of course. Female teachers favoring female students, who would have guessed!

With so many female teachers working in education, especially in the crucial early childhood years, and with feminist bureaucrats breathing down school leaders’ necks, the discrimination wielded against boys has been an open secret for years. Even when the methods of teaching the curriculum have been consistently gerrymandered to advantage girls, teachers are still finding ways to grossly penalize boys.

Boys study less but perform better on standardized tests

The individuals on the far right and second from left are recipients of intense structural academic privileges.

Another report by the BBC (have they finally started to report non-leftwing, objective pieces?!) sketched out how boys perform better at internationally-benchmarked Pisa science tests than girls. By contrast, girls outdo boys in science-based GSCEs, which are qualifications most British students meet by around the tenth grade. Unlike the GSCEs, Pisa tests are more standardized and cannot be studied for in the same way as regular coursework.

The implication is that when you strip girls of their female-biased teachers, boys outdo them, irrespective of male students paying less attention to their studies in the first place. The blame for girls’ poorer Pisa results was, as you would expect, laid at the feet of poor female self-confidence, a trigger term for “society discriminates against women, boo hoo!”

But with boys less likely to take performance in school science seriously, how can a lack of self-confidence suddenly be the resort of feminists?

Undermining the “discrimination against women in science” myth

With educational institutions pandering to women like Emma Sulkowicz, classroom and coursework-based discrimination against male students is par for the course.

In a recent debate, hosted by a journalism society from the University of Bristol, Milo Yiannopoulos throttled Rebecca Reid for the unsupported idea that “science,” apparently some sort of conscious, misogynistic entity, discriminates against girls. He cited a compelling Cornell University study, which found that women applying for STEM-related jobs were twice as likely to be hired than men with the same qualifications.

But are these qualifications even the same to begin with? After all, if the OECD is finding that girls are getting better grades for the same work simply because of their gender, the preferential treatment uncovered by Cornell is likely to be even larger. With inflated grades in both science and non-science subjects, such as English, girls’ GPAs in the United States and A-Level results in the United Kingdom increase their chances of being accepted into the universities and degree structures they apply for. A better degree then means a better chance of impressing future employers.

Cornell found women with STEM degrees were twice as likely to be hired than men with the same qualifications. This in addition to the higher grades they receive in school for the same work.

And what happens in university itself? To argue that the kinds of anti-male trends in primary and secondary schooling do not flow to tertiary education would be the scam of the decade. Remember, universities are the same institutions that would have students and the wider public believe that, based on “statistics,” campuses are many times more rape-prone than the Congo or South Central Chicago.

By proxy, male students undertaking law, medicine, and other degrees are therefore many times more likely to rape than unemployed and uneducated men in the world’s worst social and economic ghettos. It’s hardly a leap of faith to suppose that academics who label male students as routine rapists would shortchange their grades, too.

There is, additionally, the snowball effect of being explicitly or implicitly praised as being “smart.” Teachers are clearly treating girls with the same ability as boys as more gifted, rather than just awarding them better marks. This will, naturally, impact upon the academic trajectory of each gender. Boys will think that higher education, or certain forms of higher education, are simply not for them. Conversely, girls will aspire higher, despite not actually producing objectively better results than their male peers.

Boys put less time into their literacy skills and suffer grade discrimination but end up basically just as good

Feminists throw around words and hope they form a coherent argument.

But the OECD has come up with the unexpected finding that this [female] advantage in school does not last into adulthood. When young men and women get to the end of their twenties, their reading skills are not that much different.

The OECD study, as reported by the BBC, makes it clear that with less time and effort invested in their earlier studies boys still end up essentially par with their female contemporaries in terms of literacy by the end of young adulthood. Boys are also less likely to pursue tertiary education in the first place, making the parity by around age 30 more impressive still.

In this sense, the OECD report shows the great, untapped promise of male students. Having already been the victims of decades’ worth of systemic barriers, they are still able to reach the same level as more mollycoddled female students. Amidst the savage vitriol of man-hating feminists, we need to be able to recognize and then channel the abilities of men.

When statistics ever prove a gender gap, it will be against males

No, men work longer hours, choose much harder careers, and take less vacation time.

For years, society has been fed the lie of the female pay gap. To quote Yiannopoulos, “no serious economist believes this stuff.” What we do have is incontrovertible evidence that there is a pro-female grade gap.

And what will likely happen? Nothing. Why? Because a person with testicles runs Goldman Sachs, significantly more able male soccer players earn more than their inferior female counterparts or something similar. In the meantime, millions of boys who perform as well as their female peers will be discriminated against. Feminism wins, right?

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120 thoughts on “Study Shows Girls Get Better Grades For The Same Work As Boys”

  1. All kidding aside, having gone through the public school system I was a classic underachiever but somehow during test time in the science classes the girls around me wanted to cheat off of my papers… Even though I never studied. Never not once. I did better than almost everyone else.
    I would confound my science and maths teachers.

    1. If you read the work of several researchers, simon baron cohen (an autism researcher) you’ll find the male brain is more likely to be ‘systemising’.
      If you want boys to succeed give them tests that involve black/white answers where a number, yes/no, category or fact (ie is this a noun) is involved. Teacher bias can’t be involved.

  2. I don’t see any alternative to my conclusion “It’s ABUSIVE to let your sons be educated by women in public education”.
    If local politicians proposed gender-segregated public education, I wonder how that would go over? (I have every intent of running for office in the future and this is a piece of legislation I’d fight to pass)
    Obviously, the public talking point would be “We need to make our schools into Safe Spaces for our poor girls because they are discriminated against by boys”
    The REAL intent would be to reinvent education for boys, with predominantly male staff, exclusively male leadership, and no trace of feminism except for the minimum that would be necessary to pass legislation.
    The SJW hatred is already getting us there. Red Pilled men could make shocking progress by co-opting the idea of excluding boys from education to serve our own purposes.

    1. Here is the kicker with having all male schools and all female schools. All male schools will perform better, even with the same curriculum. Feminists will cry foul and unfair based on the patriarchy. Then employers will sought students from male schools versus all female schools. Then, the feminists will require affirmative action in the male schools to include some female students.
      It’ll never end. You just need to tell these feminists to STFU!

    2. Then again, consider the kinds of men who become teachers. What really successful and skilled man becomes a teacher? No, you get all those types that want to feel in power and be teaching. Wimps who want a secure job and in the end, manginas and social justice warriors.
      On a side note, I did have good female teachers. At least … from the perspective back then. Maybe I am rambling.

      1. A raise in salary and higher standards to…weed out trouble makers should alleviate those problems. But all in all, as things stand now you are right.

        1. Bullshit. Who is supposed to pay those higher salaries? Me, the tax payer? Fuck that. And who is supposed to determine those standards? Unskilled buerocrats, because nobody else will care to. Their standards will consist of certificates and questionnaires, not of any valid assessment of skill.
          And besides, my point here is: No really skilled confident man wants to be a teacher. He wants to fucking be out there creating new stuff, not be confined to teaching the same bullshit year after year. What a nightmare.

        2. If it´s public the taxpayers. If it’s private, the customers must pay. When I said standards I was talking about the qualities they must have. Not all men aspire to create something new or conquer the world. There are men whose vocation is mentorship and actually feel better if they are able to transmit their knowledge to the next generation, something almost no female teacher or professor has. If that wasn´t the case nothing around us would be built beyond the grasshut level.

        3. Id have to disagree Tom.. in my (secondary) schooldays yes there were some male teachers who were just powertripping.. but there were an equal number who were genuinely passionate about what they taught and wanted to inspire the next generation. Particularly when looking at higher education, there are men creating new things whilst teaching at the same time.
          Perhaps i was just fortunate enough to have some excellent teachers. Perhaps you were unfortunate enough not to.

        4. Who is supposed to pay those higher salaries for a competitive teacher pay structure? You are… because you ARE ALREADY!
          I don’t know how you could get the data for where you live, but in my county, it’s published by a particularly right-wing writer at the local paper.
          At the moment though, the woman-run bureaucracy pays that salary to non-teaching administration which are entirely unnecessary.
          If that money were reallocated into a male-dominant structure built around competition, they the best teachers could earn $300K a year and taxes wouldn’t bump an inch.

        5. “No really skilled confident man wants to be a teacher.”
          No, no no. The older I get the more I want to teach. Maybe not in classrooms but there are many other avenues. There were so many folk, mostly men, who helped me in so many ways when I was younger. I owe it to THEM to do the same for others. Seriously there is nothing better than watching young folk succeed because, at least in part, YOU have shared your knowledge and skills with them.

        6. Yes, yes, but then again, as you get older, you tend to lose touch with the newest trends. So the best you can usually teach is knowledge that is quite a few years old. No? Am I too prejudiced?

        7. “you tend to lose touch with the newest trends.”
          Not as yet. Been responsible for some of them.

      2. You’re absolutely right. I’ve been teaching these past four years, mainly cos I wanted a secure, easy to find job and to live in different countries. I was focused on my hobbies rather than a career.
        In teaching there is no progression, no goals to aim for, once a teacher, always a teacher. Stay well clear of teaching! Young tefl teachers are often doing it for a laugh in their youth, they aren’t all losers. Those who are older are invariably fat/weak, stressed and wimpy.
        Next year, I’ll start a new career in the navy as I’m tired of the lack of money, respect and challenge.

      3. I have to disagree…. What alpha male WANT’S to subject himself to the current system? I have had several absolutely fantastic male teachers over the years…..who were forced into early retirement because they were no longer politically correct….or simply because they were male…and thus were automatically assumed to be latent pedophiles unfit to teach children  You simply can’t be a man in education anymore…you’re looked down on and if you’re lucky….they ASSUME you’re in it to perv on girls, if you’re unlucky they assume you’re perving on little boys.

    3. That is a very clever and consciously devious strategy that I applaud. Well done sir, you should run for office.

  3. If anyone is wondering what the OECD stands for it’s the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (
    My five minute look into their website shows they collect and present data analytics concerning international economic issues. Seems one can search for data, charts, graphs, and native publications. Appears to be a useful resource if one is doing some data mining related to a public issue.

    1. What a glorious day! Now, let us go about eliminating it for old women! No old cunt must ever be paid less than a young man for the ‘same’ job.
      But you know where this fun will lead once we reach gender equality? It will then be: You must not hire young women or pay them better over old hags. We will have age quotas. And then even the young females will become pissed. It will become a fucking contest of patheticness. The most pathetic beings in society will be favored the most. The old crippled ugly bitter mad cunts on wheel chairs will be the first to get any job.
      Or rather: All employers will try to find ways to not have any of those cripples even notice their job offering, because they would be obliged to hire them. It will be like that game where everybody runs around chairs and then they have to sit down, but there is one chair too little. And the poor sob still standing has to hire her.
      I wonder, though: How can you even justify that those precious creatures have to work at all?

      1. I got to the stage where I don’t care. I want articles about game and banging women not this VIRGINTOW bullshit whining.

        1. All part of the same thing (men improving). And, simply skip non-game articles if desired. Problem solved.

  4. What drives me insane is the moral / societal implications associated with favoring a certain sex (or race for that matter) in STEM fields and employment.
    What we are essentially doing is slowing progress in the modern worlds most important fields simply to fill a quota and protect people’s “feelz”
    I, for one, don’t want to be going under the knife for a potentially life saving surgery, only to have a female surgeon conducting the operation who was coddled during her academic career and given the position because the hospital needed more diversity.
    We could be potentially hamstringing the development of new medicine to fight infectious diseases, new breakthroughs in technology that could improve the quality of life for individuals, all because we are being force fed this notion of “Authoritative Equality”
    And these people will constantly pat themselves on the back for how they are making positive changes while, at the same time, set up women and minorities to fail because they are horribly under qualified for the positions they are in.
    up is down, left is right and 2 + 2 = 5
    What these idiots seem to forget is that everyone is afforded equality of OPPORTUNITY in America, and not equality of results.

    1. What we are essentially doing is slowing progress in the modern worlds most important fields simply to fill a quota and protect people’s “feelz”

      Fuck progress. The stupidity here is that you are not actually protecting their feelz. In fact, you are making them feel horrible by having to live up to something they do not really want to be doing. They are dying on the inside. And when somebody pops the balloon of their illusions, they are forced to see that festering wound underneath, forced to see what they have lost. Nobody wants to see that. It seems easier to keep going towards bullshit haven.

      1. I agree, it is such an injustice to prop these people up just to watch them come crashing down to earth all because Gender Studies majors squawk about inequality. I have some sympathy for people who find themselves in that kind of situation, one could argue that the Millennial generation and beyond are all victims of coddling, being told that every time they take a shit it should be celebrated and that the world owes them everything.
        But, don’t mistake my use of the word “progress” because I’m referring to true progress in my comment. When I say progress I mean:
        – Developing better propulsion system on space craft to make space colonization scientific fact and not fiction
        – Developing ways to fight diseases like cancer.
        – less invasive medical procedures that have higher success rates.
        – optimizing crop growth without using harsh chemicals that destroy the soil and poison (long term) people.
        – developing true energy efficiency (not in line with bullshit climate change pseudo science).
        What I don’t mean is Authoritative Equality through quotas to maintain the illusion of absolute equality through all people. As one of my favorite commenters, Terry “Death to Equality” Xu always points out… Equality is a myth.
        So I guess I both agree and disagree with your statement “Fuck Progress”

        1. I understood your use of the term progress. My point is: If people have to sacrifice their selves to that progress, it is not worth it. Then progress becomes about running, about being dissatisfied with the present and run towards a vague ideal of ‘better better better’.
          I am not sure if coddling is really a good term. Coddling should feel good, right? But visualize the kinds of parents and situations: There you have your neurotic mother and father, both unable to show you real love. Instead, they keep pedestalizing you, the child, and praising you and submitting to you and doing everything that YOU will love THEM. It is grade A emotional abuse.
          I think coddling is a fallacy, because it implies that giving a kid what it wants is a problem. But in most of those cases, all those gifts are more like compensation for not being able to give what they truly need. Buying the kid’s love.

        2. When you punish a child, it’s not because you dispise him/her, it’s because you love him/her enough for them to learn so the real world won’t hurt them later on. The real world is much more cruel and ruthless.

        3. We’re in agreement on your first point, as we are seeing with women in our society, they are pursuing careers in STEM and other high ranking business positions that used to be reserved for men.
          Women have apparently been freed of the bondage of ancient and outdated gender roles and what has been the result… Women have never been as miserable as they are now. They have sacrificed their true nature of nurturer and caretaker in the name of progress and it has been disastrous.
          “I think coddling is a fallacy, because it implies that giving a kid what it wants is a problem. But in most of those cases, all those gifts are more like compensation for not being able to give what they truly need. Buying the kid’s love.”
          I don’t think it is buying a kids love so much as it is that the parent’s of these kids might not have received the validation they wanted from their parents growing up.
          So now, they are desperately trying to appease their kids every chance they get in order to get that validation they crave, thinking that since the child is happy their is no harm in their actions.
          When, in truth, they are merely reenforcing horrible behaviors and not setting healthy boundaries and creating a child who thinks that their every action is infallible and outside criticism.
          I think this falls under the definition of coddling, since it is a synonym for pampering and I can’t think of a better example of pampering than never reprimanding your child or shielding them from criticism.

        4. “Yeah, I have heard that many times. I say that you are lying to yourself. You are saying the world is bad, so I must be as well.”
          Have some children and show the rest of the world how parenting is done right, Tom. Be sure to post video updates of yourself “reasoning” for hours with your children to get them to do basic stuff for themselves.

        5. Even if I would be doing it right, brother, I would not be able to show it to anybody. I do not want my life to be about instructions and rigid rules, but about intuition.
          I want to let my kids make their own explorations and experiences while simply maintaining my personal boundaries. For example, I will not be giving them stuff I do not want to give them. But not because it is ‘wrong’, but simply because I want them to learn to see me as an individual with my own head – which in turn will help them to individuate. At least that is my theory.
          No need to reason. All reason is in some way based on force. If I will force them to do something, I will not be giving them bullshit about how ‘the world out there is evil’. I will be open about me being the person making those demands. I will not be confusing my kids with ‘just for your own good’ indoctrination, because I want them to be smart.
          Anyway, what is an example of ‘for themselves’?

        6. This is true. Punishing a child or a woman in order to correct bad behavior and set them on the right course is never beneficial for the punisher. It is a great and grave responsibility and it is why men need time alone…so when no one is looking they can unwind and drop the responsibility for a bit.

        1. Yeah, Bob. You have already voiced elsewhere that you see the world as a dark cold godless place, so I understand why you would seek meaning in chasing the carrot.
          When I say ‘fuck progress’, my point is simply: We live now. There is nothing wrong about life as it is in this moment. Even if there is no progress, life is still okay and enjoyable. There is no reason to be pushing forward and forward; although I held this belief in my mind as well. Tell me, what is there to gain that we absolutely can not live without?

        2. Our lives today, in the West, have been improved immeasurably by almost any yardstick over the past 100 years. Or go back further. I am certain you will not find a better time than now. That is progress.

        3. So your point is that we should marvel at the progress we can make in another 100 years? Alright. Nothing against it. But generally, I am already satisfied right now, so progress is not a must have for me.

    2. Mixed schools were a massive mistake. Not only do they negatively impact boys due to the feminisation of schooling they have contributed to the overall corruption of society. For example, in mixed schools boys and girls begin having sex at 12 and younger. Who in their right mind would put boys and girls together while knowing their hormones are raging off the charts? Muslim parents, for example, ensure that girls are never left alone with a male who is not directly related. We used to know this in the West. Now we force them together all day long.
      On top of that, masculine classes (such as metalwork, woodwork, physics and chemistry) are de-emphasised and replaced with art and science (a watered down version of the aforementioned). If girls do better at science it is because its not really science.
      Want to get rid of the rape culture at university? Get rid of girls at university. Separate universities for men and women. Job done.

      1. And let’s be honest with ourselves, the modern schooling system (at least here in the US) isn’t concerned with actually educating and molding minds into productive hard working citizens. It just makes kids read and then regurgitate what they read onto a test so the school can get more money from the government so the assistant to the secretary to the vice principle can get a six figure salary.
        Most adults have a hard time reading material that grade school children were assigned in the early 20th century.
        It’s all about creating good mindless little slave consumers.

        1. Don’t forget politically correct indoctrination. That seems to be almost the 100% focus of most “education” in the US.

        2. If you have seen the movie “Interstellar” then you saw the scene where they deliberately rewrote the text book to engineer the next generation into sheep. Sad thing is…that’s not fiction.

      2. There is not rape culture at University, never was. If there was a rape culture at university it would be 50 more dangerous than being out on the General public. At worst 1.6% of females may get raped in the course of their degree. A Asian female legal professor just noted that its mainly minorities doing the raping.
        When I went to a coeducational government school in the 70s there was not a problem with male performance. I those days one tended to be assessed via objective and frequent tests that had yes/no answers where teacher bias could not impact.
        There still males teaching in those days. I can’t complain over my female teachers but in those days all were subordinate to male heads.
        Teachers could perform corporal punishment, used the cane. Seemed to maintain order amongst the boys.
        The boys were interested in girls, we had no hope though. I’m glad I spent time with my mates, lots of memories.

        1. What exactly is your point about my earlier post?
          You realize my reference to “rape culture” was sarcastic?

      3. Brilliant. This is definitely right. Coeducation was the beginning of the end.
        And I agree that the broader social approach of generally keeping mixed company to a minimum is wise. We will slowly be seeing the reasons why over the coming years.

      4. While a bit draconian for this day and age..I tend to agree that gender segregated education would be better for all. The problem though is that women would complain that the boys were getting a better education and demand that they have the very best professors all to themselves.

    3. i like to think of this as making the pie (our combined productivity) smaller in order to distribute it more equally but less fairly. so many of today’s policies seem to be setup to have these effects.

  5. I went to an all boys school, but for the last year of high school, I was transfered to a mixed school.
    When I put an effort, I always did well in my grades. But the top girls in my new school always got better grades. We were scored in a 0-10 scale, and it was a difference in decimals, but it was enough to bother me.
    Why did these girls, that did not seem to be that brilliant to me, got better grades? The only ones that got better grades than me in my old school were the serious student, bookwork type of boys, and these girls were not anything like them. They seemed more focused in flirting with boys, having fun and dressing nice. They were smart of course, but not particularily serious, disciplined students.
    One day, I noticed the teacher had a guilty look in her eyes after she noticed my frustrated expresion as she gave another of these higher-than-me scores to a girl. I had studied so hard for that particular test. I really couldnt understand what else could I have done to deliver a better test, I thought I had just nailed it. Back then I assumed maybe the teacher had a bias for students she had known for longer (I was, after all, a new arrival at the school), but lately (when I started to read these reports online about girls doing better at school than boys) I began to suspect maybe she actually had a bias for her girl students over the boys.

    1. It seems the boys do better when the test is of a type where there are hard black and white answers: a number that must be correct, or a yes/no or a formulae. All the stuff where marks are given for workings (eg the US common core) or where the teacher forms and opinion of say an essay discriminates against boys.
      Some information here but its the BBC(which is Shitib)
      I suspect a little bit of getting on with the teacher might help.

    2. Y/N and ABCD scantron black and white answers are where Boys excel over girls. Essay questions that ask for an opinion or require the student to form a persuasive argument are where girls outscore boys. Really it’s just the inherent bias of the teacher reading the responses. Women and girls see eye to eye and thus girls are graded higher for their opinions than boys.

  6. Well gosh we wouldn’t want to hurt girls feelings by ACTUALLY giving them the grade they deserved.. would we!!

  7. Had this happen first hand: self-confirmed lesbo English teacher in high school gave every single girl a better grade than every single boy, and we had some really sharp guys (including yours truly) and some really dumb girls in that class. This about twenty year ago.

    1. The more dumb girls they give good grades to, the more emplyers (men and women managers) would not hire women for their staff because they’ll know they’ll get burned.

  8. have they finally started to report non-leftwing, objective pieces?!

    What the hell is ‘objective’?

    The blame for girls’ poorer Pisa results was, as you would expect, laid at the feet of poor female self-confidence, a trigger term for “society discriminates against women, boo hoo!”

    How the fuck can you be confident about being forced into the role of having to outperform boys in their own strengths? An analogy: ‘Study finds that male students perform worse in femininity and caring. Study proposes that this is due to low male self-confidence.’ Well, self-confidence is confidence in being what you really are, not into what you are forced being. You can not be confident about a job you hate. There you have your feminists whom daddy denied their personality and now they are denying it to all other girls as well.

    He cited a compelling Cornell University study, which found that women applying for STEM-related jobs were twice as likely to be hired than men with the same qualifications.

    You are exactly right, there is no ‘same’. The whole argument ‘women get paid less for the same job’ is just plain ridiculous. There are no two identical situations on the entire earth. Different people, different places, different personalities, different moods, different details. Everybody is fucking unique, however ‘millenial’ that sounds. But you gotta see the real implication of uniqueness: It is that you can not point your finger at somebody who does something somewhat similar like you and say ‘I am doing something similar. It is practically the same. I should be treated like that person.’ There IS no SAME.

    Teachers are clearly treating girls with the same ability as boys as more gifted, rather than just awarding them better marks. This will, naturally, impact upon the academic trajectory of each gender. Boys will think that higher education, or certain forms of higher education, are simply not for them. Conversely, girls will aspire higher, despite not actually producing objectively better results than their male peers.

    Yeah, good point. Whatever fucking happened to just look at a person and wonder ‘Alright, what is she / he good at?’ Oh, that is right. That never existed! We have the same education for everybody. Guess why … because surely, we are all the same! Interestingly, do you see the leftist cognitive dissonance between ‘I am unique’ and ‘We are all the same’? It does not fucking make sense.

    1. possibly, but that doesn’t exactly encourage boys to be studious. Which incidentally is something many of them used to be …. before feminism

      1. I think that is a more important issue. It would be easy to blame feminism for boys underperforming. Its true to an extent as the article says- but think how well boys would do if subject matter was taught in a way which really engages them. Not as was recently referenced in a schoolteachers memoirs that masculinity is being quashed and boys arent allowed to learn in a way which is relatable.

        1. I was having a debate on ROK not so long ago, and one of the points that came up was that this idea that its ‘girly’ to study, or be academic is quite a new one, and one that doesn’t do boys any favours. In times past many boys seem to have been proudly studious – gay or girl didn’t come into it. Indeed the idea that its gay or girly to study seems to be contemporaneous with the rise of feminism – maybe its an increasing feminisation of the education system that has led to such an evaluation by boys / male culture

        2. I don’t know where it came from. I can’t recall it when I went through high school in the 1970’s. Scholarship and sport were not considered incompatible.

  9. Firm proof of what we all know and that is that “feminism” means bringing men down to make it look like women are moving up. Truth is truth. There was no preferential treatment in the old days, rather, it was much more of a merit based system. And, as the data shows above, when merit is allowed to reign males outperform. The cost of “equality”! And all of it is based on bullshit.

  10. I got to the stage where I don’t care. I want articles about game and banging women not this VIRGINTOW bullshit whining!

  11. Anybody male who’s been in the school or college system in the last ten years or so (in particular) knows that the feminist education system discriminates against males. It used to be subtle but increasingly they are becoming sloppy and discriminating almost openly. The Milo debate is worth sitting through in its entirety – the level of absolute rage and fury this guy feels at having to sit through a debate with an idiot progressive feminist and a ginger top spouting nonsense about safe spaces is tangible – if it had been another hour Milo would certainly having committed another college massacre and he would have been perfectly justified. Of course he completely owns the debate and the opposition, and his closing speech in the last five minutes is as good as summary of the state of nation as you’re going to get.
    The (main) BBC article linked to here is a start but its also two-edged. At the conclusion the author points out that boys don’t apparently have a math’s advantage – leaving that issue aside – the point is clearly to argue the ‘everything is culture’ argument ,which is core BBC ideology. Having said that if that’s case then any difference of performance between boys and girls MUST necessarily be down to structural inequalities in the education system: and guess what, we do in fact find that to the case:
    Milo is particularly good in pointing out how femnism has created a discriminatory environment against boys, pathologising and punishing them for any kind of expression of masculinity, boisterousness etc. In later years this often takes the form of challenging rather than swallowing whole ideas that are being presented (which is the whole the point of education actually if it is to be distinguished from training / indoctrination). The fact that boys challenge ideas, and therefore are seen as challenging teachers feeds into the ideas that boys are inherently aggressive, oppositional – as Milo points out in younger years this often equates to pathologistation / medication on Ritalin etc, later on it may result in getting you a conduct disorder diagnosis or something (although these aren’t widespread) and far more likely as indicated in the new reports will get you your grades marked down – something which predominatly female / tutors can do because of the course work / moduled nature of so much education these days. I’ve had my own massively unpleasant run-ins with these nazi educators – you challenge them, or say the wrong thing – even outside the tutor / student relationship they will drop your grades in an instant. The system as it stands is entirely corrupt, but then you already knew that, and have probably experienced it for yourself in a hundred different ways.
    There is also the ‘content’ side of education. These days everything is femininized. Doing well in a subject means pretending that you agree with feminist, or progressive ideas. Because education – at least in the soft / social science subjects is so heavily ideologically stacked, most men are going to find that in addition to the marking discrimination they have to suffer they also have to negotiate subjects that are designed to be toxic to them, and which they will have to capitulate to ideologically if they are going to succeed. Some subjects are so bad in this way there are virtually no males left.
    And then of course, if it weren’t already bad enough, you have the systematic assault on anything like male culture, on male sport, fraternities, and now with consent classes and the attack on an imaginary rape culture on simply being a man full stop.
    Time to pick this thing apart. The cracks in the fortress walls are widening by the hour. If you’re in any doubt just look at the Milo debate and you’ll smell the change in the wind. Although that could just be progressive journalists shitting their panties

  12. I think it goes deeper than simply female teachers favouring female students. Altough there is no doubt in the my mind that a dangerous and increasing minority of female teachers do it, the real problem is the education system itself. The Department of Education is being routinely influenced by women’s organisations like the American Association of University Women and the National Organisation for Women. Feminists scholars lobbying the governement and the DOE put out biased studies or flat out false statistics to push for more female-friendly policies and dismiss legitimate studies that claim boys are falling behind. C.H. Sommers explains all of that in her book ‘The war against boys: how misguided feminism is harming our young men’. Of course, we all know that all feminism is misguided but this book is still a very good read and explains the situation in details.

  13. You know what, I’m getting tired of this biased echo chamber of BS.
    Let me tell you why boys are underachieving: THEY ARE NO TOLD TO MAN UP AND DO THE FUCKING WORK. Where;s their mum and dads? They don’t want their sons to lag behind, do they?
    And one more thing, women see the light at the end of the tunnel better than the boys do and here’s how; feminists play on girls real fears and that is to attract a high quality male as partner (or partners if they’re sluts) by telling them that education is a way of securing a better man. Simple as that.
    Every guy on this site seems to forget that there are fathers who raise their daughter to aim high in life because they did not have any sons. Father do this to keep the class status and wealth because it is true, people of the same calibre tend to marry each other.

    1. I had female teachers, and i just didn’t take them serious enough to listen. Was fine in Male taught classes.

    2. Sorry, friend. I was in college 25 years ago in what is now called STEM, and somehow the clueless girls got through easily, while middle-of-the-road male students had to struggle just to pass.
      The bias is real and pernicious, and has been for a long time.

      1. And are you going to revert that by being mad and using your magical powers. The cat is out of the bag and I’m afraid you have to live with it. The women in STEM will go nuts if you call anyone out.

    3. Hate to share this one, but Fathers are also raising their sons as the inverse. My own father drove me to use my intelligence to be the best while equally expressing his own self hatred, disdain for white America as a whole, disdain for me as his son for not being his ultimate expression of intelligence and superiority, and his desire for a daughter as they could pass in America without fear of imprisonment. The biggest worry and fear was as a black son, I was worthless in America whereas a black daughter would have a place. No one is forgetting anything but there are parts of the picture that you might not have seen.

  14. No matter how hard they try to force the men to accept their ideology, all they will accomplish in the end is failure. Because this ideology is built on deception and acrimony, not fairness and compassion.
    So many examples throughout history that shows the short shelf life of the devious. Men can turn to a higher ideal and take comfort in it, while bracing against the storm.

  15. Imagine if 50% of public education funding was directed to boys schools, where they were taught by men using curricula designed for males. Imagine what America could do.

  16. Honestly, just keeping the feminist types away from male children would be a tremendous step forward.

  17. The pro-female bias is real, but not only because of female teachers but because of MALE (white knight perhaps) teachers too.
    Here’s an example of what I mean:
    I’m in Uni and just last year, we had a team project to hand in that totaled some 100+pages. I was alone with 3 girls. Boy did I eat SHIT. Even if I showed up to all team meetings and did my part, these girls back-stabbed the shit out of me when it was time for peer evaluation. They gave me peer evaluation marks of 2/10 each. I knew that girls couldn’t be trusted but I couldn’t believe they would stoop this low. This peer evaluation was worth 20% of my final grade. So basically I lost almost all 20% of my final grade because of these sluts.
    Anyways, I went to see the (male) teacher and told him that that was unacceptable and that I worked tirelessly on the project. He laughed at me and basically called me a liar. I lost it– I started yelling at him and I told him that his class was shit.
    It’s like that all through high school and college/uni– females will take advantage of the pro-female bias awarded by female and male (whipped) teachers. And don’t get me started on the job market… Pathetic.

    1. Group projects are a well known joke. It’s inexcusable that they would base so much of your grade on the opinion of your group mates without assessing your actual contribution.

      1. Yes, I tried talking to the program directors but they wouldn’t do anything, they said the teacher has the final say. The teacher sided with the cunts and mocked me even though I was TELLING THE TRUTH.
        Just another example of female privilege.
        Anyways, that’s all I could do. The worst part is that I bumped into these whores a few months later, and they acted like nothing happened. Hypocrites.

    2. Man. I experienced exactly the same thing in high school and in university. The girls get higher grades than us but they do not know jack shit. Also, these girls do not like to see men do better than them in school so they will manipulate the white knights to prevent you from doing better than they do. These Canadian girls harass you like Jessica Leviere did to Roosh. They constantly ask you what you get. They keep bothering you; they never leave you alone.
      If we were in all boys school, we would do much better in school. The productivity in the work force will go up with all men; women will reduce productivity. Also, your dog is more loyal and reliable than a woman, whether she is from an English speaking country or not.

  18. LOL even with all the BS males have to face we STILL do better than women in every facet of life nearly including childbirth (we DID invent the artificial womb and cloning).
    Equal my ass.
    Struggle + resistance = strength and intelligence.
    Coddling + handouts = weakness and stupidity.

  19. For a more in-depth review on the subject of the way public education is failing boys I recommend you check out Boys Adrift by Dr. Leonard Sax

  20. Honestly, this isn’t surprising. Just tonight, I received my degree from my school and despite the fact that about 60-75% of the class was male, the speaker decided to discuss women.
    For the record, we’re fucked

    1. I just found out that the new chair of the digital arts and technology program I’m in is a woman who got her PhD in gender studies.
      As of 2015 the world has officially stopped making sense to me.

      1. Gender studies:
        1 Isn’t a Science
        2 Doesn’t Even Involve Professional “Social Science”
        3 Admits no knowledge of biology or brain science
        4 Is not a formal psychology.
        It is purely an ideology dedicated to advancing its own politics.

    2. The world must be a pretty incredibly amazing place considering that society’s biggest problem is that women are upset about something.

      1. Back in the day, when I’m ashamed to say when I had beta attitudes, I noticed that quite a few female primary school teachers had degrees within the humanities that exposed them to extensive structured teaching of feminism. They then take these degrees and convert to teaching.
        Feminists have black hearts, no one can hate the way they do.
        These are the women now in charge of our boys.
        Read some feminist sites. They are not interested in equality, they are interested in bringing down western civilisation.
        Dr Roger Devlin in his “Sexual Utopia in Power” has made the case that they are really trying to do this.
        My sister is a primary school teacher but a background in biology and raising two boys has made her immune to these attitudes.

        1. The few times I’ve flipped through Jezebel or HuffPo I was shocked at how serious they are about their ideas.
          I just don’t see how society is supposed to really work under their worldview. But I guess whatever they’re doing is working considering how many betas and white-knights are willing to pay for their dumb shit.
          They’ve got everything on lock-down. You can’t argue for fear of being persecuted (you need a back-up plan)… You can’t get married and have a traditional life without taking on massive risk… You can’t have any meaningful relationships with the majority of them as they’re all feminist bratty cunts… And you can’t just go MGTOW because the governments can just replace you with waves of immigrants.
          They’ve got the West on lockdown. And it seems like they’re pretty serious about bringing everything down. What they don’t get is that when they are replaced by Muslims and Asians (because modern women are incompatible for creating families), no one is going to give a fuck. They brought down the Western world for no fucking reason. Even they will end up the losers.
          I never thought I’d say it in my lifetime that I crave for white or European nationalism. Why does every nation in the world get to take pride in its ethnicity but white culture is just expected to suicide itself to please the elites as they push their unworkable liberal dogma on everyone? Heavy stuff.

  21. In practice, males always outperform females in nearly everything that can be measured. It is in our nature to put more effort and perseverance into something to beat the competition. Even in things where physical athleticism don’t matter, like chess or video games, men win by a huge margin. For example, the only good female professional Starcraft 2 player was discovered to be a tranny!
    Yet we are supposed to believe that females are better than us at school! What a crock of shit! I don’t believe it a single second.

    1. They’re not better at school. What they have done, in the name of equality, is create an environment in schools that favor females are are indifferent if not hostile to males. Look up “War on Boys” by Christina Hoff Sommers. Much of this “reform” occurred in the early 90s without any oversight and consent of the people. Prior to that, school was a lot more merit base. So, if females are doing better in a anti-competitive everyone gets a trophy, no honor students environment…it really means very little.

      1. Exactly, I quit little league for a number of reasons; but the kicker was when my team came in fourth and got a trophy. This was around 1997 or so.

    2. ” Even in things where physical athleticism don’t matter” _ You damn right not even at cooking women are the best, the best chefs in world are men. Even at parenting, children raised by fathers end better than children only raised by mothers, and children raise by both even better, so what is the common factor between the children who end better?, the father figure.

  22. sketched out how boys perform better at internationally-benchmarked Pisa science tests than girls.
    In my empirical observations girls do fine when there is marked path and their task is mapped out. If someone throws in a curveball and blazing a new or different path is required they don’t do as well.

    1. That is my experience of working with women. They are exceptional when dealing with bureaucratic paperwork, but if they have to make a decision themselves . . . worthless.

  23. On top of this, the girls who are favored in schools eventually end up in positions they don’t deserve. They are at best worker drones, at worst, useless complainers
    Also – Another reason for the achievement gap is male superiority, no need to leave that out

  24. Male and female Brains develop at a different rate.
    I’ve also noticed that many teachers are feminists and have thus black hearts, many did humanities subjects such as English literature and were extensively exposed to gender studies.
    I’ve also noticed that females tend to want a relationship with children whereas male teachers just wanted to get down to business and see results and did so by setting tasks and goals and mentoring. They didn’t need to have a relationship.
    I’m old enough to remember the furore when the book “The Bell Curve” came out on “Cognitive Inequality” in American life (i.e. Race and IQ) in the late 1990s. The book is brilliantly written and two decades latter is still essential reading for those who want to understand our society.
    I began studying politically incorrect science. Sex difference and Race differences in Behaviour, cognition, hormone differences. There is as lot of evidence out there now but it is often low key.
    I studied the work of Arthur Jensen (One boosting IQ), Richard Lynn (On IQ), Phillip Rushton (Race Evolution Behaviour).
    There are differences in the male brain and the female. Female puberty comes earlier than male puberty as a result they perform quite well on IQ tests despite smaller Brain Mass to Body Mass Ratios. Richard Lynn found that males have a higher IQ than females but that the advantage only shows up as the male approaches his latter teens.
    Male IQ versus Female IQ distribution is different. Female IQ is clustered around the mean of 100, however male IQ is more spread out with many more very high IQ men than women. Unfortunately this also comes with a larger number of low IQ men, partially compensated by slightly higher male IQ.
    Professor Simon Barron Cohen, an expert in autism in a series of brialliant experiments on 12 hour old baies

  25. SJWs (representing ethnic, religious, cultural and even sexual minorities), not just feminists, do not like tests or exams and have a particular hatred for standardized tests. More generally, they prefer “divergent” learning and evaluation rather than “convergent”. The latter basically means that information, knowledge, learning and evaluation move towards a single point otherwise known as “the right answer”. The former tend to be more important in fields where there is (supposedly) no right answer seeks to evaluate and reward students for whatever they happen to learn rather than penalizing them for something they didn’t learn (but perhaps should have).
    The other reason is that standardized tests are anonymous and mostly separate the teacher from the evaluator. Meanwhile, with coursework the teacher will typically be the evaluator and knows precisely who each student is, particularly in primary, secondary, and upper level university or graduate studies. That means that all sorts of biases can creep into the way subjects are taught and students are marked.
    In Ontario high schools, evaluation is 70% coursework and 30% final evaluation, which can be an exam but might be some other project, presentation, essay or what have you. With more than 2/3rds and perhaps even all of a student’s grade being based on what are rather subjective standards, any hidden or explicit biases of the teaches involved will tilt the resulting achievement levels.

  26. Females who go into elementary teaching are usually nurturing types, not “smash the patriarchy” types. But wider society and its bias against boys is surely a factor in what is probably unconscious bias.

  27. the neo liberal twit that wrote this needs to learn what the real left is not neo-left feminism

  28. When I was a child 50 years ago both the male and the female teachers would give the girls preferential treatment.
    I think gynocentrism may even be instinctive, as survival of our species depended on protecting the women and children first.

  29. Just as a correction to the above article it is GCSEs that are taken in Britain not GSCEs.

  30. What someone needs to do, no A LOT of people need to start doing, namely parents of boys is… SUING SCHOOLS. Having shit*y grades is the difference between getting into a good university and some shi*ty community college. Studies like this one have been out for a couple of years now- why isn’t anyone suing? These teachers need to be SHUT DOWN.
    And these schools need to be SHUT DOWN until they clean house of these Feminists Ghouls crawled up from Hell teachers and the curriculum completely revamped to appeal to boys. Female teachers are simply too stupid, too lazy, have no imagination, so it’s no WONDER boys become restless. It has got to be Hell on Earth for them.
    Meanwhile what do Feminists complain about? Manspreading. Wow. Really important. Meanwhile boys’ very future is being _deliberately_ held back by women teachers. Ironic that there has never really been discrimination against females, but this is REAL discrimination against boys.

  31. I know its hard to follow what I’m trying to show. But look at it carefully, this is subliminal messaging in a nut shell. I’ll explain some of it but you can gather a lot more than just what I post. These words are not put together randomly.
    Equal rights without men.
    Women repressed.
    Respect women.
    women can only treat women equally.
    Women are powerful.
    Society believes that men are higher than women.
    Society believes that women are smaller than men.
    Society believes that political men are above women.

  32. I know this picture is hard to follow, but look at what I did till it carefully. This is subliminal messaging in a nut shell. I will write some of what I see, but you will find a lot more if you look at the original picture in the article.
    Equal rights without men.
    Women repressed.
    Respect women.
    women can only treat women equally.
    Women are powerful.
    Society believes that men are higher than women.
    Society believes that women are smaller than men.
    Society believes that political men are above women.

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