Girls Want Guys To Be Honest But Spend Their Whole Lives Lying About Their Looks

Of any mantra you’re bound to hear from girls, “What happened to all the honest guys?” or something like it will be the most common. In addition to their hypocritical and perennial whines about men they like not calling them back, the honest man gripe illustrates just how delusional many women are in the age of L’Oreal and Instagram filters upon Instagram filters.

On the flip side, honest male appraisals about women are regularly punished, even as women cake themselves in cosmetic products to pretend they’re the movie goddesses they’ll never be. Feminists, like Twitter nuisance @dorAMYfasol, whose before and after shots give the feature image for this article, are amongst the worst perpetrators, whilst at the same time they lambaste the body pressures on women.

And, like Amy and Adele, women do not have to be stunners either before or after their beauty routine for the effects of their physical dishonesty to be very large:

Blame men and forget what women do

As we know, focus is reality, so women are instead foot-rubbed into thinking that male honesty is what is lacking. Self-appointed or Huffington Post-anointed dating experts, both male and female, chastize men for any reluctance, real or imagined, to shoot straight from the hip. They claim that boyfriends and husbands have no reason to fear being honest and every advantage in being so.

Ken Solin, in an article entitled “Playing it Straight With Women”, outed himself as one of those very bombastic lecturers:

I’ve never met a woman who didn’t appreciate emotionally honest men. I’m not referring to men who whine pointlessly, but rather men who feel secure enough in their manhood to articulate their feelings confidently and skillfully without concern about the reaction.

I’m sure that pony trick worked for the man giving his constructive input about his fiancée’s wedding dress, after she gave her own thoughts on his planned attire. Or the twenty to thirty million American men each month who try and explain to their partner that they’re allowed to enjoy the same weekend or after work time with their friends as she enjoys with hers.

And these are just the banal examples. Like rape culture, mansplaining, and manspreading, the publicly uninterrupted ability of women to rant about such an apparent issue means that what might often be fantasy becomes a socially-reinforced mental reality.

Tellingly, women probably spend more time throughout their romantic lifespan concocting a physical illusion of themselves in front of a mirror than investing in the quality male-female connections that enhance two-way honesty in the first place. Go figure.

“Be honest, but don’t be honest”

Candidness is gleefully lapped up (and applied) by women when it suits them. You praised her Instagram pic? She loves it, even if there’s a good chance she will ignore your adulation (please learn from this guys!). She gets a flurry of likes or retweets? She loves it, too. And when tears won’t have negative consequences, she happily cries. That’s honesty that suits her.

However, honesty that crosses her line, which is about a mile into a five-day road trip, is much more expansive. You call out her foul behavior? Expect pouting and concealed venom for days, unless you’ve firmly and consistently established boundaries for her. This is especially so if you have weaker or newer attachments to a girl. And it’s a powerful reminder as to how negging or refusing to take shit from a girl at the outset positively colors your later dealings with her, or abruptly ends what would have been a thoroughly useless interaction anyway.

Then there’s that lovely and seemingly contagious “fat is beautiful” mental illness. Chunky or just plain obese girls are apparently the undiscovered supermodels human history has forgotten for millennia. Feminists and others can’t pull off this fraud by ideology alone, so L’Oreal, fashion illusions and digital photography come to the rescue.

Bovine-sized women or female mammals with the same mass as the ones Greenpeace tries to protect literally prop up their bodies with shape-shifting spandex (is titanium how the scientists do it?!) and try to obscure cellulite that would make the Grand Canyon jealous. But their boyfriends weren’t “honest” in some way and only that matters.

Beyond just the fatties, in female logic land, this:

…is actually hiding that:

There’s always a game behind it, conscious or not

Women blame men for “high expectations” on them to look a certain way but studies show women are instead focused on outdoing female rivals.

Feminists would have you believe that women randomly inserting one no makeup selfie for every one thousand artificial ones somehow and suddenly makes them sages of honesty. Obviously, by ignoring an extreme lack of daily female physical honesty, the time is then ripe to go after perceived male lapses in genuineness, such as questioning the loyalties of male feminists.

Again, focus is reality and clouding out their own personal inconsistencies is the name of the feminist game. This was the theme of one of my previous articles, where I explored the irony of attacking people who showed their wealth online while women gratuitously exhibit their photoshopped and Wonderbra-enhanced cleavage.

Because reality and truth are bent in nearly all public arenas, the rewards and lack of punishment for lying about one’s appearance are only enhanced. In all fields women can find excuses to make their own “truth,” discard real truth and selectively label what others say and do as either accurate or inaccurate.

We live in a social machine that is oiled so as not to impede the further accumulation of increasingly overt female vanity. Go through the Twitter and other profiles of @dorAMYfasol and her contemporaries and you will find this plastered across and embedded in almost every they say or don’t say.

Fishing for compliments, validation, and subservience

“Model” Stina Sanders was genuinely surprised when she lost thousands of Instagram followers for finally revealing what she really looked like.

Human beings are routinely selfish creatures. Women are not inoculated against this and constant social and political denials of female self-interest only makes female self-interest much more pernicious compared to when men try to look after only themselves. The most innocuous male behavior is described as misogynistic and selfish, whereas pandering to female narcissism (hello, Emma Sulkowicz!) is viewed as some sort of emancipation of womanhood.

Both bad and good news comes with this. The bad news is that the problem and self-delusion amongst many women is only getting worse, poisoning many female connections you could have otherwise pursued. Oh, and that regressing all of society thing. The good news, though, is that with the advent and now heyday of social media this hypocrisy is increasingly laid bare in agonizing detail. More and more men are becoming aware of it, ROK readers or not.

Sadly, there’s only so much popcorn we can eat.

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126 thoughts on “Girls Want Guys To Be Honest But Spend Their Whole Lives Lying About Their Looks”

  1. Good news! An app called 3nder (tinder for threesomes) has just received a round of funding.
    If this doesn’t save western civilization, I dont know what will.

    1. Is the third party a pet?
      By the way, the closest I ever came to a threesome was when a fat black chick invited me to one with her fat black friend. They were co-workers at a place I worked at some years ago.
      I shit you not, I remember what she said:
      “Yeah so if you want you can come over later and… don’t look so disgusted like that!”

      1. LOL- I had a near miss/hit once too. I was having dinner with an ex and her girlfriend. It was placed on the table for about a nanosecond. They the other girl got a call on her cel from her ex BF, said “I have to leave”.
        Yet another reason to loathe cellphones.
        Anyone else care to share their greatest hits or misses? Hopefully misses, they are funnier

        1. crossing swords would lead to the destruction of the milky way galaxy.
          good man.

        2. You could have flipped for her: head or tail.
          A foursome with two of your male friends is more like getting into a car: one gets to drive, one takes the back, and whoever calls “shotgun!” first gets blown.

        3. Had a guy who wanted a threesome. “No problem” I said, “but after I wanna see you with another guy”. Put a stop to that real quick.

    2. True, this is a practical invention so that women can screen men at twice the speed and save time
      Women think a creature that would worship them, is too pathetic to have only 1 of
      2 or nothing is the new rule now isn’t it?
      Men are already competing with 20-2000 other men at a time, and they just don’t know it, Men are already cuckholded by higher alphas and unknowingly engaged in a lot more than a threesome, you just aren’t in the same room at the same time, what’s the difference? It’s just a matter of the angle you interpret it.
      Realize you are not just in a threesome already, in an indirect way, but a 2000 some of her other potential mates, as a result you are disposable and exclusive access is a historical relic, and realizing this, i think 3nder will be a great success, but only until 4some replaces it, though it will probably just skip to 10somes, Or Pentasomesx2’s

  2. I’ve always said girls only want honesty when it’s what they want to hear. You tell them any truth which doesn’t conform to their expectations, expect to feel the wrath. Great post!
    And yes it’s true, they are some of the worst liars when it comes to their appearance. They have all sorts of tricks to make themselves look better in pics and even in person that men could never use. What you see is what you get with us physically. Unless you’re stuffing a sock down the front of your pants.

  3. What is up with all these women who quote Buddha , don’t they know Buddha would absolutely shun them ? I guess they just google quotes and pick one that “fits” them

    1. Yeah….I’d like to see a modern Westernized chick sitting under a Bodhi tree free from smart phone distractions & gaining enlightenment. Not happening.
      They want the product without enduring the process.

      1. I don’t think they even want the product . They crave drama, attention , and “getting it out of their system ” . Not even Siddhartha himself could show them the path .

  4. If she looks like a hooker, she is a hooker.
    The less makeup a woman wears, usually the more genuine she is.
    Makeup is like jewellery; looks nice and nothing wrong with wearing it in small amounts, but if worn in excess, then she’s insecure with herself and has some underlying psychological issues.

      1. Indeed, makeup is a lie. If us men wore cucumbers in our pants, women would consider us dishonest about who/what we are. Double standards at their finest.

        1. I predict the codpiece will make a comeback. It gives a rugged masculine look but apart from that as the regulated welfare state makes commited marriage barely necessary men will compete for women on things beyond their capacities for providing, organising, protecting.
          Men will resort to beauty, flirting(swagger) and so cod pieces may make a come back.

      2. Yeah, but, you’d still not got to bed without the face candy. We all say these homespun truths when sober, but, in the night when you want to bang your balls, you’ll tell her she’s real pretty with a cake load of paint so as to bang her pussy.
        Jesus, we can be such hypocrites here.

        1. When you’re horny, your mind blocks out certain disgusting things out of your head and you just dive in. Afterwards you just think that was some really nasty shit.

        2. Yet we don’t get the benefit of “regretting” our mistakes like women can. We learn not to do said nasty shit, and move on.

        3. We do regret, but we don’t play victim and say we were raped. We take responsibility for our actions.

        4. You’re on the money there. The mind has to overcome some pretty messy and nasty things that you’d never do in any other circumstance. If we never got horny and had to reproduce with women because we had to- the human race would have died out eons ago.

        5. We do regret, but not openly, lest society questions our manhood. But yes, we can take comfort that at least we can own up and learn, not merely put the past in the past.

        6. We can be…but try, just for a lark, to go about life making only decisions you are proud of for 1 month. I will be you that if you keep to it you will be happier at the end of the month and then wonder why you let your dick lead you around.
          My grandfather used to say “always make good on promises you make drunk. Trust me, after 1 year of that you will never make a stupid drunk promise again”

        7. I was very lucky. I had two grandfathers who were both great men in very different ways. Like everyone, I’ve had some good and some bad….but I don’t feel I can ever complain because I was given some very good guidance.

      3. As Bob Dylan said:
        Well, I took me a woman late last night
        I’s three-fourths drunk she looked all right
        ’till she started peelin’ off her onion gook
        she took of her wig, said “how do I look”
        I’s high flyin’
        bare naked
        out the window

    1. “The less makeup a woman wears, usually the more genuine she is.”
      1) Male thirst = less requirement for larger amounts of makeup to stir up the thirst
      2)Probably in a relationshit with some sucker already
      3)Saves her money for instagram glamour shots where she tripples the makeup and combines it with photoediting
      for a real WAVE of attention, why get attention from 10 a day with makeup when you can go online and use the effort to get attention from thousands?
      as a general rule, women who wear less makeup simply don’t have to wear as much because they look better naturally, It has nothing to do with “genuinity”
      same as women with less attractive faces being more into exercise
      you are an optimist

      1. Here’s what I wrote:
        “The less makeup a woman wears, usually the more genuine she is.”
        That doesn’t mean just because a woman wears less makeup, that she necessarily IS genuine. She can obviously be a very well disguised snake, but in general, this is a good rule of thumb.
        For women, their appearance, far more times often than not, reflects their ideology, and hence, “If she looks like a hooker, she is a hooker.”
        You can obviously have a woman who acts demure but is actually a slut, and likewise a woman who dresses like a slut but is actually a virgin.
        However, in general, a woman who wears excessive amounts of makeup is either trying too hard to attract men or is self-absorbed, and likewise, a woman who wears less either is married or in an LTR (and hence doesn’t need to wear copious amounts of makeup and isn’t as interested in attracting men) or is very self-aware and doesn’t care what the world thinks about how she looks.

        1. I have a friend who dolled herself to the NINES when she went hunting for a man. She bought new dresses, did her nails, curled her hair, donned the lashes, and upped the rouge. After she landed a suitor, she gained weight and stopped all of the makeup.
          In my experience, all the girls I know either do the makeup for insecurity reasons (to hide from the world and the person they hate in the mirror), or to accentuate a part to attract a mate. There was no shame in my friend’s game. It was amazing to watch the drastic transformation from bombshell to just…real.

        2. My hair dresser does film/TV and some higher priced hookers. They frequently ask her to achieve that “innocent look” and throw on appropriate clothes. Obviously innocent is the opposite of the thousand cock stare and is meant to give men the impression that they are getting a girl they can rely on not to cuckold them.
          Frankly, I don’t mind a girl that does makeup and a nice outfit on occasion. You just need to be aware of the techniques they use in makeup and corsetry. It’s easy to meet a girl that passes the boner test only to find you need to think of someone else later on to get one.

    2. I was thinking of writing a very similar type article early this month.
      Fact is, girl not only want to be lied to, but need to be lied to, and not just about their looks. They need to hear lies to validate everything in their existence: their looks, weight, intelligence, character, cooking, cleaning, domestic skills, parenting skills, equality with men, job performance, value of education, etc. In fact, if women were half as honest as they expect men to be, we probably would not be replying to threads on sites like this in the manosphere.
      Beware if you ever intend to tell a female the truth. Be prepared to have a violent response from not only the female, but from every one on her support team — family members, girl friends, other women, the media, beta males, white knights. You’ll get hit with everything from tears and verbal abuse to pots and pans and divorce papers.
      Girls start out being lied to by everyone around them that they are special little princesses, worth of Cinderella’s glass slipper. Later in life they learn there is no Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny isn’t real, and that they’ve hit the wall. They try to continue to lie to themselves by thinking they can slut their way to males’ attention into the late 30’s, 40’s and even into ttheir 50’s, not realizing that the only opportunities left for them after the wreckage of their lives is the ONS and pump-and-dump. They pray for a beta chump to “love” them the rest of the wrinkly days, but at best only find the next ex-Mr. whatever. The men that do stick around in marriage I find to be sad, lonely puppy dogs, tired of the tame and willing to settle for sloppy seconds rather than eat prime rib at the banquet table.
      So, lying is one elements of game and lifestyle that men have to practice and even master to keep up with these deluded princesses.

    3. Actually, I bang a couple dozen hookers a year, and most of the time, they don’t look like the stereotype of hookers at all. Jeans and sweatpants are the rule, with occasional exception, their makeup is rarely overdone, and I’ve had several recently wear either no makeup, or hardly any, even when they come over for their first fuck by me. They are also the most genuine human beings, by and large.

      1. Agreed, safer sex, better sex, cheaper sex, and a whole lot less bull feces. Some great conversations too that you won’t get with a bar fly, co-worker, or hookup. With the internet one doesn’t even need to walk the streets to meet them anymore either. Once you go ho then you will know.

    4. Issue is that women have such shitty diets now they need to be caked on to hide all the spots.
      It’s also why I don’t mind too much when women (and only women) go vegan. Check out durianrider’s side bitch. I would say he is the only alpha male their side of the camp has ever had. They tend to look much better than the standard female.
      Obviously meat is better though, makes certain the breasts and butt are plump and not flat pancakes
      Actually I think I’m a bit hungry, I have no idea how this got onto food. Haha!

      1. Men should go vegan too, especially guys who expect me to swallow their load…. Some of you Guys make me want to vomit.

        1. my mouth is not dirty. I brush my teeth after every meal with my sonic care tooth brush. Also did I offer you one? No I did not. And aw 🙁 I’m such a ho 🙁 I’m so sad. actually not really. lol like All you probably do is play video games all day.

  5. “Emotionally” honest, yeah, whatever dimwit Solin.
    No woman wants a man who behaves femininely (except for anything other than a eunuch, as evidenced by manginas and gay pets).
    They want someone to listen to their special first-world feminism “problems”, commiserate on how unfair the world is (only to them though), and if you’re “that” guy, then they’ll find someone else who’ll pull their hair and rattle the bed frame, let their “girlfriends” feed them drama.
    Attribute logic to female reasoning at your own peril, it’s as asinine as putting lipstick on a pig.

    1. Male “dating experts” are probably mostly gay, the ones that work for a faggotty organization like HuffnPuff anyways.

  6. Amazing how average Adele looks without the fake eye lashes. They really can transform how a woman appears

      1. haha, admit it, she has a nice head.
        I just dont get how women this wealthy do not get personal trainers and chefs- what is the problem here?

        1. Well, don’t you know?
          They’re perfect already in every way…how dare you question her body and it’s Coronado Trail of curves, I am incensed sir, incensed I say!
          Take your talk of personal trainers and diet elsewhere. She could be spending that money on high fructose corn syrup. What, are you against farmers and trade? Good day.
          I say good day.
          (Now I’m off to do some “trawling”). 😉

      2. Indeed. There are limits to all that “magic”.
        I wish the corset would come back though. A lot of women could benefit from them. But I always liked the old school pinup girls anyway.

        1. Every woman I ever knew, heard, or known of who complained about high heels all had one thing in common:
          They were fat disgusting shitbags.
          Suuuurrree it’s hard on your feet when you were already torturing the fuck out of them with the weight of your fat ass.
          Admittedly there is a certain height of heels not meant to be walked on. In fact, they are meant to be worn by men. But not on a man’s feet. They are for wearing on his shoulders or behind his back.

        2. My girlfriend doesn’t like them and I don’t think she even owns a pair because she is rather tall: 5’9″. However, I have seen some real plumpers in stiletto heels and would watch them to see if they shattered the concrete as they walked.

        3. Admittedly, high heels can be bad on a woman’s feet if worn for an extended period of time. But so are flip flops and Uggs, as evidenced by how I’ve seen girls with flip flops waddle around like ducks. Yet you don’t hear feminists complain about that

        4. Flip flops were created for the beach NOT as everyday footwear. FF’s will give you foot problems because there is zero support. Take note that plenty wear flats and FF’s for obvious reasons.

        5. Made of whale bone because there was no other material available at the time. women had to walk correctly and sit up straight.

        6. I don’t know, now days I feel like a wandering Captain Ahab searching for even a momentary glimpse of round and fit whale tails on anything smaller than a chubby white beached blob.
          As you say, lot to be said for grace and proper posture.

  7. The thing is no matter how much makeup ugly women wear, they will still be uglir than hot women (makeup or not).
    The only thing bad about Stina Sanders is her surgically-molded nose.

  8. To be honest, what women do with makeup and high heels and all that stuff is to accentuate or increase the effect of those traits that tap into our hard-wired attraction to “reproductive capability” markers. There have been RoK articles addressing this hard-wiring and how a hip to waist ratio has this effect.
    What the feminiazis decry as “unfair/unrealistic beauty standards” is in fact hard-wiring going back through humanity, probably to it’s source. A barrel-shaped short-haired woman thousands of years ago was unhealthy. The hormonal profile of a woman having a man’s shape was more likely to result in pregnancy complications and unhealthy children. The whole tradition of women maintaining long hair was to display their health, as it took good health to grow long hair and men needed to see that. Hence also the tradition that young single girls let their locks flow but married women never left the home without a hat.
    (Short hair for Western men comes partly from the Roman tradition because soldiers had “crew” cuts though it should be pointed out that slaves had shaved heads)
    Once you realize what all that high-heels, paint, and corsetry is really for, the “magic” of a dolled up feminine woman is gone from your life. Yeah it’s a buzz kill, but it’s part of growing up too. Knowing what that stuff is really for and really all about is not knowledge you can run and hide from. But on the other hand, you learn to appreciate what a woman is telling you (or the world based on the context of the situation) when she bothers to amplify her femininity with “stuff”.
    This is why the feminists and think-tankers have worked hard to make it all about women trying to out-pace or impress each other with makeup hair and heels. They score a kind of victory whenever you walk into a club and see women all dolled up dancing with each other and throwing hateful looks at everything with a penis. It’s a kind of imposed lesbianism that a lot of women now take part in without even knowing. Hence you see a lot of 4, 5s, and 6s painted up to look like 7s and 8s who look at you like the scourge of the earth if they catch you doing a double take at them.

    1. “Once you realize what all that high-heels, paint, and corsetry is really for, the “magic” of a dolled up feminine woman is gone from your life.”
      “Once you realize what all that high-heels, paint, and corsetry is really for”
      …. It’s really to create a rigid boner, and nothing more, which is the point. I find the magic is quite enhanced with all the above.
      Males who want more from the woman than her vanity, are the ones who get bitter, for being too greedy by also wanting to possess her exclusivity and her mind. This is the structure behind the framework for the beta to get fleeced, the desire to own all 3,
      It’s actually quite a practical thing for a woman to have a forgettable personality.
      I avoid women that i have the potential to like. I’m a contrarian. If i think i could like them i disappear. I have the foresight to know in advance, that if i like how she looks already, and further, her personality, the scale is then tipped out of my favor and it’s a losing bet when it ends, you have to at least walk away with a neutral win-to-loss ratio, and if you like her personally ontop of her looks, you will miss the sex, AND her company, which will outweigh any benefit
      Women whose personalities tend to have attachment characteristics, or what you think of as “sweet” is really just the honey trap attracting the fly, the problem is what happens to the fly of course.
      The unconscious beta instinct will overwhelm the conscious mind over-time, and dealing with someone you actually like will become depressing, she will also figure out that you like her unconsciously and the degree to which she feels this, is the degree to which she will be able to disrespect you, she will sap your motivation when dealing with other women, since you already spent your energies in some “discussion” with her you will feel tapped out.
      Don’t fraternize with women you like.
      This type of thinking created the “avoid women completely” mentality , Why? because these men go looking for women to intellectually identify with and get the classic bait-and-switch treatment.
      When you could care less about personality…
      She becomes a prop for your imagination and therefore, she is more of an altar ego you created in your own imagination to identify with, an actress, this is the most practical approach you can have for women and once you realize this, the only requirement is looks, making it literally impossible to get attached and therefore impossible to care about any sort of outcome, any woman who looks as good replaces her instantly, since those are the only requirements.
      Think about it, the better and more unique her personality, the more you’d miss her, You want to get emotionally invested to a rigged game? The less rare it is, the more replaceable and abundant.”

    2. Just….everything in this post. Are you going to do a article or save the sagely wisdom for the comments?

  9. Don’t kid yourselves: no one ever wants to be criticized. Indeed, these days suggesting oh-so-gently that you might know how to help with someone else’s problem is deemed unacceptably rude. Saying an openly critical word to another adult is tantamount to pistols at dawn.
    The most mature of us are aware that mistakes, and therefore criticism, are unavoidable. We might not like them, but we learn to accept and hopefully learn from them. But women are shockingly under-represented among “the most mature of us.” How they got that way is a subject for another time.

  10. Everything with humans is a facade. Everything conceals the weakness and ugliness on the inside, and sooner or later, the guise fails and the truth breaks through to the other side. Its all about power and who controls the flow of vag. Women want us to be honest and just be like some magical disney prince that poofs out of thin air already good-looking rich and established, and they know nothing of the hardships other people speak of, of the struggles men endure. In fact they care nothing about our struggles, and that is why their vapid souls are emptier than the Anvil of the Sun.
    Castles made of sand have no foundation, and that is why they are swept so easily back into the sea, but rock and stone do not yield to the flow of time so quickly, and that is why a strong base endures the hardships of nature and the ravages of time much more solidly.

  11. Sure be honest and reveal your emotions to a woman….if you never want to have sex with her.
    I recall the week my grandmother died who I was very close with, and I was busting my ass on a project working right up to the hour of the funeral, and I casually tossed off a comment about what a rough week I was having, and my woman went off on me, like really angry how she has to go through all these things too and all this shit. Totally opened my eyes: never express your true feelings, never look for sympathy. Be a cold blooded sexual assassin. And this was a traditionally minded Japanese girl too.

    1. It’s very practical for a con artist to promote honesty among it’s competition
      If everyone else is also lying, than a liar loses their advantage don’t they? To gain an edge, simply encourage an exploitable personality trait to develop in the competitor

    2. “never express your true feelings, never look for sympathy.”
      Sound advice. I learned as a young man that women will only use it as a weapon to bludgeon you later. When they see it effects you, they will keep reaching for it.

  12. “What happened to all the honest guys?”
    They want to avoid your dishonest ass and look for honest girls.

  13. Feminists know that women can never be equal with men so long as the majority of women are subjugated by their body image. This is the truth and they’re correct, and, this is why I believe that thee day where equality between the sexes will fully come about, will in actual fact, never happen. Nature in women is all powerful and you can’t simply take it out for the sake of social equality.

  14. “Fishing for Compliments, Validation and Subservience” BOOM! you’ve just described classic female behavior in social media and, increasingly, in society at large. Unfortunately, the “quest for the truth” is not very high on any Western woman’s list this days. So the “truth” can be deformed as needed to fit their agenda. Notice the many commercials for beauty products (or even cosmetic surgery) along the lines of “with [insert product name] you will discover your true beauty!” There is a more sinister undertone though beyond the smoke and mirrors of the “battle of the sexes” arguments: beyond all of these beauty products, there is a tens (hundreds?) billions industry that essentially thrives on two premises: 1) that no woman is ever attractive enough “au naturel” and 2) that ANY woman can look like a movie star if she only applies the right products. We know, of course, that both of these arguments are false, but then again, who cares about truth in this day and age?

    1. Then you get feminists going the other way and telling them they have no responsibility to eat right, maintain proper skin are, keep the hair on their head a feminine length while not letting the rest of her body become a kudzu. Instead, any man who does not worship them in or out of her sweat pants and crummy t-shirt is simply a superficial jerk.

  15. They can achieve miracles with makeup…. see Tyra “Walking Dead” Banks above. However their fat ass is always a dead giveaway. And it does not improve with age.
    I remember one chick looked great from the waist up. When I got my hands on her ass felt like my fingers were in a tub of lard.
    Make a comment on a woman ass and see what happens…..

  16. This is a poor article. It is contrived in nature and lacks frame. More of a rant really. The autor is better than this.

  17. I’ll never forget a simple quote that summed up modern women that I saw ten years ago.
    “Today’s women are funny. They’ll wear makeup, wigs, hair extensions, push up bras, padding that would make a linebacker envious, implants and plastic surgery. Yet they complain they can’t find a real man.”

  18. The trick to make-up – and this comes from my experience in the film industry but also from observing models and club girls – is that it should look like they aren’t actually wearing make up. Overdoing eye shadow, lipstick or blush might work for kabuki theatre or something, but it generally doesn’t make a woman look for attractive.
    As for men, lots are just a vain as women. Although they probably don’t wear makeup, they shave, they groom, they pluck, they wax, they dye their hair, they tan or even fake-bake, wear contact lenses and then may compensate for all else by having a wardrobe that is expensive out of proportion to his income.
    For me, I want to look good for my girlfriend and their would also be a certain amount of embarrassment to be seen in public with her if I simply let myself go, even if she did not object. Part of that is just to play down our age difference.

  19. And that’s when the great old saying comes into play, men age like wine, women age like milk. Better yet, bread.

  20. There’s no such thing as self improvement when it comes to women. They rely on crutches to hide their imperfections. They have themselves, women, simps, and feminism to blame.

  21. Most women without makeup look horrible. Meanwhile, men don’t need any makeup to look good. I have never put any product in my face in my whole life, yet I have better skin than women of my age who put “anti-aging” products in their faces everyday.

    1. Me neither. I just groom like I have since high school. Lotion, after shave, and I still look like I’m 20 even though I’m in my 30s. Heck, I still have soft smooth hands for a guy who does carpentry. Not a metrosexual, just common sense personal upkeep.

  22. First world appearance problems solved – go motorcycling, or better yet dirt biking with her. Even industrial-grade hair product, hair extensions, and face slap won’t hold up after hours of riding especially in summer heat. What, the Instagram ho of your dreams doesn’t ride? Go camping and count her whines after she learns it’s minimalist camping and she can go fly-fishing or mushroom-roulette forage for food.

  23. I still appreciate a woman who takes her time to groom properly. In these times, it’s an indication that splits those with discipline from those slobs.

  24. Good article, in fact I missed your early one on wealth versus beauty status display and will check that out now.
    Question about stina sanders, where does she talk about how she was surprised she lost followers after revealing herself?
    I can’t imagine instahoes are ever that self aware.
    Also the titular twitter person for the featured image , (who is a schlub no doubt), do you have some sort of personal beef, or was this person mouthing off or something, seems like a small fry

  25. This is why I always carry a brown paper bag with a picture of pornstar’s face glued on it (as a backup) in case I run into fugly girls. If they are butterface, this is something I can use. Just bag the ho so you don’t have to look at their hedious face and just fuck them and leave them. If the girl feels insulted, I just simply tell her… “I have a fetish for this”.

      1. if I tap a butterface, I still want to see her ass because it looks great just not the face though if she is a ugly skank.

  26. What if we had an “international no makeup day”? I wonder how many women would participate?
    I remember when my mom used to sell Mary Kay, she invited a client over to her home for a makeover. As she was entering, I was leaving to run some errands. The woman was plain, nothing extraordinary. About an hour later when I returned, I saw a different woman in her home. I asked my mom where “so and so” was (I forget her name) and my mother declared that the lady at the table WAS her. She literally looked like a different person. That was when I realized how drastically a woman can alter her appearance.

  27. Esther Villar in “the manipulated man” made the excellent point that women lament dishonesty in men because their own dishonesty is rendered ineffective if everyone lies.
    In relationships, she said men mostly lie about infidelity and things that take resources away the woman who owns his output.

  28. Women will shoot 100 pics and delete 99, and only show the best pic. So her online pics are never what she looks like in real life. I deduct one point on the hotness scale for that. Then I deduct another point for make-up and heels. When you see her the next morning with her plain face without make-up, and her squatty body without her high heels, the illusion is pretty much gone at that point. So that hot babe 7 drops to 5 average. Then women say men are shallow for judging them for being misleading.

  29. I personally dont care how much make up my slutty gf wears. As long as she wears that mask when we are fucking or walking, i am fine with it.

  30. Dead on. Had an ex who had no problem pointing out every single flaw about you, but if you pointed out something wrong with her God help you…

  31. this. girls dressing like sluts and maximizing their sexuality to perverse and unnatural levels, strutting with teflon hard faces, designer everything… it’s not for men, because men don’t approach women like that and if they do it is for the challenge and to conquer-fuck her and her (fake) looks. the attitude is fake as well.
    meaning she is all fake, which healthy men instinctively are repulsed by and fear, for good reason.
    these unthinking girl-women help push all of society into savagery as they raise the overall level of brute force and raw, open sexuality needed to conquer them and their faux-confidence.
    they have no idea what they are doing with the signals they are sending to males

  32. I’ve never heard a woman complain about where all the honest men went. Most of them seem to assume that there aren’t any. They seem to just accept it.
    As for having to explain why I go out… I never explain this to a woman. Being a man means never having to explain yourself.
    Remember this.

  33. My best friend in college (who was probably red pill and didn’t know it) told me “Men are good liars….women are better”. If they continue to lie about their looks we’ll continue to lie about our female friends who may or may not be sucking our cocks on the regular. Tit for tat….pun intended.

  34. David Garrett, note: “amongst” and “whilst” are very obviously the kind of words people write to sound intellectual. It sounds much better and more honest to write the way you talk, among and while.

  35. A woman just peeked over my shoulder and said “that’s ugly!” three times while looking at the picture of Tyra Banks with no make up on.

  36. I find this site amusing. Creating a website to bitch about women bitching on the internet.

  37. ….using make-up and perfume…because they are ugly and they stink…..hahahaha

  38. What is wrong about using makeup? Soo for youu that black girl had to go out like that in the street? Many girls just use make up for themselves. Oh dear silly me lurking this site buut I have so much mixed feelings and even agree with many points in the articles but this one I kind of had trouble figuring what was it about, specially since it seemed contradictory to other articles in this website.

  39. This article is embarrassing. I want women looking pretty, its very feminine for them to wear make up. What the hell does wearing make up have to do with honesty? Especially the kind of honesty associated with relationships? Not a darn thing. Take this article down Roosh.

  40. The Adele pictures are unfair. The “no-makeup” pic is old and before she decided to lose a ton of weight. I’m sure she looks much better now.

  41. SHELF LIFE. Actually, all women are just parasite hookers off all mankind, sperm is your brain and back bone, male or female… don’t take their emotional manipulative save me from myself bait guys… let them rot right back to hell where they really actually came from, see men are born knowing, the girls, they’re here to fuck.

  42. I blame the makeup industry for telling women they need to spend about 40 to 50 dollars on their face alone. They’ve invented products to trap women. “primer” “Setting spray” “contorting” it’s abysmal.

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