An Inside Look Into The Life Of Mike Tyson

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I’m fascinated by the life of Mike Tyson. He started at the bottom as a criminal thug in New York City, raised himself up as heavyweight champion of the world, and then lost it all in part because of drug use. Either you hate him for being a rapist criminal or you love him for beating the odds with genuine heart. The book Undisputed Truth shares his side of the story.

Your view of Mike Tyson is undoubtedly shaped by the media. They found him guilty of rape before the courts did and insisted on showing the worst parts of his life that fit the narrative of him being a monster. Tyson will be the first to tell you that he does have violent tendencies, drug abuse problems, and an abnormal attitude towards women, but the media insisted on sharing the most outrageous details. “Pro-rape,” “rape advocate,” “rapist,” “misogynist.” I’ve had to go through the same grinder. Whether or not Tyson and myself deserve any sympathy for our media portrayals, I understand what he had to endure.

Undisputed Truth starts off when he was growing up in New York City. He was raised by an unstable single mother and fell into robbery and other crimes before he was a teenager. During one of his stints in a juvenile facility, he turning to boxing, led by trainer Cus D’Amato.

Everybody thought I was up there with this old, sweet Italian guy, but I was there with a warrior. And I loved every minute of it. I was happy to be Cus’s soldier; it gave me a purpose in life. I liked being the one to complete the mission.

Cus wanted one last chance at creating a heavyweight and saw Tyson as the answer while Tyson just wanted a father figure. Cus showed him how to be lethal in the ring and also taught him the rules of life.

Cus was a strong believer that in your mind you had to be the entity that you wanted to be. If you wanted to be heavyweight champion of the world, you had to start living the life of a heavyweight champion.


You think you know the difference between a hero and a coward, Mike? Well, there is no difference between a hero and a coward in what they feel. It’s what they do that makes them different. The hero and the coward feel exactly the same but you have to have the discipline to do what a hero does and to keep yourself from doing what the coward does.

Cus died as Tyson got started with his professional career. Cus’ teachings stayed ingrained in Tyson long enough for him to be the heavyweight champion of the world, but then influence from the vultures surrounding him began to take hold.


Tyson had no natural resistance to all the women, drugs, and partying that a life of fame and fortune gave him access to.

Once I started, I couldn’t stop. I got too self-indulgent. I’d have ten women hanging out in my hotel room in Vegas. When I had to go down for the press conference, I’d bring one and leave the rest in the room for when I was finished. Sometimes I’d get naked and put the championship belt on and have sex with a girl.


Most celebrities were afraid of their stalkers. I fucked mine.

The music stopped when he was accused of rape by a black beauty queen contestant. The case was weak from the beginning, but Tyson’s legal team, hired by Don King, made several mistakes and Tyson was found guilty. After being in prison for some time, he was up for parole. All he had to do at the hearing was to plead regret for the rape to be released early, but as a matter of principle, he refused to admit to the rape. He served an extra year because of it.

So they brought me to Judge Gifford’s courtroom in June of 1994 for a sentence reduction hearing. I was dressed in denim pants, a light blue work shirt, and work boots. The new prosecutor asked me if I had anything to say.

“I’ve committed no crime. I’m going to stick with that to my grave. I never violated anyone’s chastity.”

That wasn’t what anyone wanted to hear. They sent me right back to jail. [Fellow inmates] hugging and kissing me when I got back.

“Fuck them motherfuckers,” they said.

“Chill out,” I said. “I’m cool. Another year. Let’s just do this shit.”

He began to lose his hunger for boxing, but continued to do it for the money. His training consisted of piles of cocaine. That’s not enough for the highest levels and he started to lose or perform poorly in matches.

[The drug use] got so blatant that I’d be carrying my bag of coke openly with a straw coming out of it like it was a milkshake.

Once his boxing career ended, he went bankrupt and had to hustle for cash to fund his drug use. It took him several years to lift himself out of it, and from that he began to see the beginnings of wisdom.

I knew that God didn’t pick on any small animals, that lightning only struck the biggest animals, that those are the only ones that vex God. Minor animals don’t get God upset. God has to keep the big animals in check so they won’t get lofty on their thrones. I just lay on my bed and thought that I had become so big that God was jealous of me.


People want to break you and make you like you’re nothing.

He also had learned some lessons from sleeping with so many women:

All that rage and energy that propelled me to fuck all those women, where did it all go? Why have I lost that sexual growl? Is it just a function of getting older and losing hormones? I might see a girl and think “Wow” but I don’t have the desire to say “Hey, baby.” And don’t tell me about Viagra or Cialis. That shit ain’t the same thing as natural desire. It doesn’t make the mind function. It’s like having a gun with no bullets. It doesn’t give you the fantasy you need in your mind.


People often ask me what I regret in my life. I regret sleeping with all those women. I used to brag about that but now I’m so embarrassed by my conquests. I’m so happy to be with one woman.


I view Mike Tyson as a tragic figure. He was born into a toxic environment and because of that he developed habits and demons that would haunt him for most of his life, causing him to make poor decision when it came to dealing with his career, money, women, and health. In spite of that, he maintained self-awareness of it all and has made the steps to improve his life and that of his wife and children.

While I wouldn’t necessarily rush to call him a “good man,” it’s clear to see that he is not the devil that the media made him out to be, and his intentions mostly come from a good place, especially as he got older and was able to look back at his life and the mistakes he made.

His autobiography was entertaining and interesting. Even if you know most of his story, I still recommend you check it out. If there’s one thing you’ll get from the book, it’s to know that no matter how down and out you are, there’s always a way back up.

This article was originally published on Roosh V.

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199 thoughts on “An Inside Look Into The Life Of Mike Tyson”

  1. I know, I know. “Bob, you tell some wild stories.” And yes I do – but they’re all true. So I have a buddy who was a member of a gym in Indianapolis. Shortly after the Tyson rape verdict came down, he was talking to a juror who was at the trial, who frequented the same gym. The juror told him that it was clear they were going to have to convict Tyson – or else. He said they were only allowed to consider the prosecution’s claims, and not pay any attention to the defense’s claims. The way he painted the picture, all the jurors were scared shitless to do anything other than convict. I totally believe it. There was so much evidence that Mike Tyson didn’t rape Desiree Washington. She came down to his limo before the alleged incident, wearing a sexy nightgown (and no panties, allegedly). She asked him to come up to her room. People saw her throwing herself at him, and the two of them were seen making out earlier in the day – it was a complete and total frame job, which was undoubtedly why Tyson didn’t cop to the charges.
    Supposedly, Tyson wasn’t taking it up the ass frequently enough – figuratively speaking, meaning in a business sense – to suit Don King. King supposedly orchestrated the frame-up. I can see that, too. King has a second-degree murder conviction for allegedly stomping a man to death. A judge reduced the charges from second-degree murder to manslaughter and King received a pardon from the Ohio Governor after doing almost four years in prison. King later said of the horrifying event, “His head hit the ground. Those are the things that happen.” Right. He’s all Mobbed-up, that’s for sure…as is anybody involved in boxing, directly or indirectly.
    Don King “allegedly” ran numbers for the Mob as a kid. You can find out more about some of King’s seedier moments, at the web page below; that pardon from the Governor of Ohio tells you all you need to know about politics, and who really runs the show there, too, from behind the scenes; I mean, most of you will probably be horrified to contemplate that, as connecting the dots will generate so much cognitive dissonance that your heads would explode, and I totally understand that, but that’s just the way it is, like it or not; think about the movie “The Godfather”…truth disguised as fiction right there – who do you think really owns Hollywood, a bunch of Joos?; oy vey, they are front men, fall guys, cardboard cut-outs posing as “the head of Columbia Pictures”, etc.; as a secondary aside, to put a little extra somethin’-somethin’ under your thinking cap here, George Bush Jr. commuted serial killer Henry Lee Lucas’s execution sentence, and gave him life in prison instead, when Bush was the Governor of Texas, which is a little bit curious, to put it mildly –

    1. Schwarzenegger commuted a high-level California politician’s son’s sentence after he killed someone.

      1. And by the way…the old “numbers racket”?
        It has a new name these days – it’s called the lottery…
        It’s the ultimate Black Box…billions and billions go into it, only part of it comes back out. Sure makes it easier than in the old days, when guys had to run around, selling numbers tickets to suckers. Now the suckers go down to the nearby convenience store, and the money comes flowing in with no effort, directly to the guys who take out a huge slice, first and foremost. Then they “pay off the winners”, many of whom are undoubtedly on the same team – and it’s all totally legal.

        1. So when they say “you’ve got to be in it to win it” they actually mean in the mafia?

        2. Yes. It’s double-speak. An inside joke. Double entendre. They love that shit, dangling the truth in front of the sheep who chew the toxic grass and stare ahead in abject ignorance. It’s a really deep rabbit hole, and you have just identified a very major marquis above the entryway…

        3. Also…another hint here. In my original comment, I mentioned the Mob. Many people jumped forward with that one, and inferred that I meant the Mafia. I meant the Mob. The two are different. One is for show, the other is the man behind the curtain, with his hand up the back of the puppet that is being shown…what do they show in Hollywood films. The Mafia. Who actually runs the show. The Mob. One is fiction and the other is truth. By the way, bravo on you for seeing that double entendre. A thousand people could look at it, and maybe one could see it. Maybe.

        4. well there must be some genuine winners. I can’t believe all those working class couples posing for the camera are all tony Soprano in real life

        5. There might be…then again, maybe not. Doesn’t matter if they skim most of it before the payout. But they are indeed in it to win it – as you know, by self-realization.

        6. I’m not really familiar with the distinction. I’m assuming you mean a distinction between the kind of family based ‘mafia’ we are given to understand try to corner the drug or prostitution rackets in a particular town and who have turf wars with other types, as opposed to a far more endemic kind of organised crime with its claws in politics and big business etc?

        7. Bingo. One controls it all. From behind the curtain. The Mob doesn’t whack people for ratting them out. They don’t have to. They own everything. They run everything and everybody. The press, the coroners, the cops, the judges, the politicians, big business – all of it. Nobody can rat them out. Who would the rat tell? Brilliant. In it to win it indeed…

        8. No doubt the corruption extends right down to the local vicar administering the tombola at the church fete.
          “Number 11, number 11, Dougall, do you have no 11.”
          “Oh, yes, sorry Ted, I was holding it upside down.”

        9. Bingo. They run the bingo as well. Legs eleven.
          I am not quite sure what to think about this. What makes them the mob as opposed to some other kind of elite. When you say they run everything, what are we talking about? How did they evolve their apparent omnipotence?

        10. I’m just a guy talkin’ shit here, like everybody else…now if this were true, it sure would be one hell of a scam. “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn’t exist.” It’s all talk when you boil it all down. I’ll pass along this quote for the heck of it – “The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.” – Herbert Hoover (he was saying it about Communism…or was he)

        11. now that you’ve admitted you were just talking shit I reckon you must have been telling the truth all along
          Now, who’s the boss of bosses?

        12. I think that’s Paulie, from “Goodfellas”. No wait…he went to jail.
          Who do you think it is.

        13. Dalai Lama; Queen of England. David Icke
          All of the above. Actually I’m hoping it’s Will Ferrell, but I don’t think it is

        14. Somebody told me about a guy, who knew another guy, who said it was this other guy…Will Ferrell would be great as the King of Kings. Or Lucifer. Or whomever the guy is who pulls the strings…

        15. The Cleveland mafia was run by Joos. They later built Vegas.
          Moe Dalitz was the head aka the godfather of Vegas worth about $500 million. He almost has Sonny liston killed

        16. Steve Wynns family (Vegas icon) go their start in Bingo in the Midwest. That they are jewish is pure coincidence.

        17. 1st prize to you, brother for pointing out how “they” don’t even hide it, laughing in our faces.

        18. I have no doubt the lottery / gaming machines etc are fixed against the ordinary point odds wise but to be honest I’m not entirely convinced its any kind of conspiracy on a grand scheme. Gambling and organized crime go together but I’m not sure Jacob Rothschild or whoever is pulling the strings

        19. The “Jew Conspiracy” covers up the real shit to occupy well-meaning but simple-minded people, also it’s a built-in safety-measure – when “they” fuck up a little too badly, the crowds go pogrom the Jews (hint, not the Soros or Rotschild types, either) until “they” get things under control again (and all successful opposition leadership types get exposed for a “clean up” job).

        20. yes it does, but it is also self-fulfilling to an extent, insofar as the worry about anti-semitism can sometimes produce organisation than can seem in a sense conspiratorial (in defense). The Rothschilds & Soros’s benefit from this protection, but so do the Bushes and the Clintons etc, an establishment in other words which cuts across jew and gentile, and many other such divides. When it comes to mob / mafia power etc, I don’t favour any conception that is too hierarchical, but equally there may be networks, where power and influence flows quite freely. If you think about it, in many ways the loosest network consists merely in understanding how power works and observing it. Of course the pickings at that level may be meagre

        21. People know a mafia is violence. Try to explain to them that government is also violence. Few can compute let alone accept that reality.

      2. Happens all the time. Obama recently commuted the sentences of 111 federal prisoners who had non-violent narcotics convictions. Gee, I wonder who they work for…
        Tyson once said of King, as that article to which I linked above outlines, “he’s a wretched, slimy, reptilian motherfucker…he would kill his mother for a dollar.” (Interesting choice of words there – “reptilian motherfucker”…not to go all David Icke on everybody here, but still…interesting.)

        1. Who knows how much truth he put into that statement. Who knows, maybe he also had a … strange experience, but felt no one would believe him. So he threw it out there in disguise.

        1. “You said you were going to commute my sentence last”
          “I lied”
          “Oh, all right then”
          Doesn’t make for a very good script really

      1. That’s what I’m sayin’…kind of…the Mob runs Hollywood. You can put Italian in there if you’d like.

    2. If she says NO and youre On top of her, and you continue on….its rape. Thats basically what this case was. he went down on her, had foreplay, It does NOT matter. Its up to the judiciary to decide if its fair, but right now thats the law and he was guilty for forcing his way on her, as the letter of the law stands.

      1. The truth does matter. Even if the law decides against the truth. Especially if it does. Aidan what proof do you have to support her saying no and him continuing after hearing it?

  2. Interesting read. Its not at all surprising that Tyson’s rape conviction may have been a total fit up.. especially given the “all men are rapists” and “all women should be believed” feminist doctrine many DA offices have.
    But Tyson did bite a guy’s ear off in the ring.. that shit’s just fucked up.

    1. That was out of order but lets not forget that Holyfield was a serial cheat as well. He was just better at it.

      1. Holyfield had more heart in that piece of ear that Tyson bit off than Tyson…nah Tyson never had heart. Great hw, but Holyfield beat him fair and square TWICE!

        1. You are talking about Primes. When Holyfield beat Tyson he was already washed up. He was using cocaine for pre work out. Not eating. There is not a boxer who every lived who could have stood in the ring with Tyson back when he fought Sphinx.

        2. Maybe not at that exact time but only because the others werent at their prime at rhat exact time.
          Oh wait, james buster douglas. Sorry man i was there. Mike lost to people he shouldn’t have, and they werent flukes.

        3. sorry dude, your lack of knowledge about boxing shows really hard and heavy and unless you are coming here to learn something and get past your incorrect notions I got nothing for you.
          I can’t spend any more time with a guy who thinks 2+2= A Valencia Orange. You are wrong. Incorrect. 100%. Not one thing you said had even a glimmer of correctness. It can’t even be debated because it is so backwards and wrong that none of your words merit serious consideration.

        4. Lack of boxing knowledge? I fought amateur my man. Dont even start.
          Its obvious youre running on emotion. You havent even broken down why you FEEL the way you do.
          Its okay to pull for a guy but to pretend there is no conversation. ..youve conceded defeat.

        5. He looked for an out with Holyfield when he couldn’t intimidate him. He got pummeled to his bitter end v. Douglas.

        6. Really, the reason I can’t break down reasons is like I said. You are totally delusional and there is never a point in arguing with people who are delusional or drunk. No amount of explanation will get them to see things clearly. I can’t be bothered to “debate” someone who is totally clueless.
          As for your amateur boxing days, maybe you are a little punchy which would account for your lack of knowledge or maybe full of shit? I don’t know. What I do know is that you aren’t JUST wrong, you are so far off base that you are not worth debating.

        7. Lots of people like you were talking this same shit before Douglas, Holyfield TWICE.
          But hey, theres no conversation.

        8. Uhmm. Ali vs Ken Norton….That’s the beauty of boxing, everybody can be beat. Even by the most unexpected.

        9. If you think getting pummeled to his end is showing heart, ill disagree. Not saying it can’t be but i didnt see a lot of heart from Tyson in that fight. I saw a man cleanly outboxxed.

        10. It happens way less in boxing than say, mma.
          But ill use your logic, sure i guess Tyson couldve beat Vlad. Since everyone stands a chance. I suppose.
          Even Mike said he couldnt. This is coming from a man who is super candid about who he is now and back then. How can you be a fan and believe him on one hand, i didnt rape her….but not this. Hes extremely knowledgeable about boxing so im glad my opinion and his matches up. He also supports Trump.
          Great man. Just not in Vlads or Lewis leagues. Those two guys are the modern measuring sticks. Shit i knew that when Holyfield whooped him the first time.

        11. First, I watched the last fight Kimbo Slice had before he died. Tyson was a commentator at that fight. He said and I quote “I wouldn’t want to fight Kimbo, I think he would hard to beat”. He also a long time ago said in an interview he was doing alongside Ali, that “Ali would destroy me”…He has always been humble when asked about how well he would do against another fighter. Every fighter isn’t like Maywether, filled with a lot of hot air.
          Second, Lewis was a bum. Just joking, but not really. There weren’t many quality heavyweights at the time. Tyson had just come out of prison. He was just fighting for a paycheck. Kind of like Holyfield now, fighting for his child support payments.

        12. We’re talking about the fight where Tyson dropped his opponent in the 8th round? Cleanly out-boxed?

        13. Except Marciano
          49-0. Only 4 even went the distance
          Oops I forgot he’s white so not as good as joo talking heads claim

        1. I have to agree with Mike, that was a fucked up question. But these reporters are always trying to wind Mike Tyson up. At their own risk…

        2. yup. They are all pencil neck nobodies who want to corner him for a sound bite…feel they can outsmart him and that they are superior to him and then treat him like he is the animal when he doesn’t take their smug bullshit

  3. Tyson basically admitted on TV that, even in his prime, he wouldn’t have been able to beat Klitschko. Do an article on that Ukrainian beast.

      1. Lol dude, just no. Lewis absolutely handled Tyson. That new breed of hw was just then coming on the scene, huge 1-2 jab crossers that couldnt be fucked with.

        1. Lewis also handled Klitschko when Klitschko was young and Lewis was well past his prime. To compare the two is an insult to Lewis.

        2. And Lewis was exceptional. Vlad was too. They were similar. That prototype and style gave Tyson more than fits, bad matchup for him. You cant compare those two to anyone else in Tysons prime, they simply werent on the scene yet.

        3. Yes but Tyson was well past his prime when he fought Lewis. We can’t be sure of what the outcome would have been if they had fought 10 years earlier.

        4. Klitschko’s face was hamburger and he was hanging on for dear life when it was stopped. He was so addled and battered he actually thought that he won.

        5. Was referring to the Tyson fight.
          Lewis fought Vitali, the brother not Vlad if i recall correctly. Could be wrong on that one for sure…did they square off in the amateurs? I dont recall Lewis ever fighting Vlad.

        6. No he didn’t fight Vlad. Lewis was not prepared for the Vitali fight if I recall. His last ever fight.

        7. No he didn’t
          Lewis was behind on all cards and was dominated. He only won due to a cut stoppage from a head butt and Klitchko retired him. He refused a rematch.
          Stop drinking bong water

        8. You got it backwards dipshit
          Lewis was behind on all cards, he was being dominated until cut stoppage , and retired after fighting Klitchko refusing a rematch

        9. I agree with you on a lot of your points….but thats Vjtali, not Wladimir. Wladimir is the brother thats had that belt fkr what, over a decade? Thats the brother Ive been arguing wouldve whooped Tyson. Wlad and Lennox never fought to the best of my knowledge. What Vitali did is immaterial other than to say his style and body are most similar to Wlads.

      2. in his prime? Klitschko would not have seen the second round. Tyson is very generous to the boxers of today. He is encouraging to them and is always saying how great they are. That’s his thing.
        If Klitchko fought Tyson, after 2 minutes of first round his agent would have the tickets back to the Ukraine booked and a try out for blini and vodka ads lined up for when they got him out of the hospital because his career in boxing would be over.
        Anyone who thinks Klitschko could have lasted 2 rounds with a young Tyson is insane and anyone who says he could have won is doing so for some psychological reason that has nothing to do with boxing.

        1. Your second paragraph is dribble. Why bother writing fantasy when were talking the sweet science.
          If we’re talking prime, were talking Vlad prime too. Style makes fights. Tyson had trouble with anyone that stood up to him. Lewis was much like Vlad and he crushed Mike. Tyson got bullied by a small Holyfield. He could not deal with Vlads size and reach for sure. That 1-2? Please.
          Tyson was really overrated as much as i love him.

        2. Sorry dude, you are absolutely clueless on this. Everything you have said on this is flat out 100% wrong. That’s it. Not debate. No argument. You are just plain wrong.

        3. Sound logic. Youre wrong, im right.
          I provide why i think the way i think with factual breakdown, you…not so much.
          Haha what.

    1. Who got destroyed by white Brit Tyson Fury
      Whites now dominate pro boxing with 16 of 22 belts with iron curtain down

  4. If only cus could have lived just a few more years. Just goes to show how important father figures and mentors can be in a young mans life.

  5. If Tyson only turned to faith and God instead of Don King, he probably wouldn’t be in that mess.
    We look up to our fathers when young. We also learn faith. When our father dies, faith is still there to help guide us.

    1. “If Tyson only turned to faith and God instead of Don King, he probably wouldn’t be in that mess”
      Tyson did turn to Islam, which for many of us in the sane World is a dubious faith.

      1. He did it some time before 9/11 though. Tony Blair turned to faith (i.e. the Christian variant) after slaughtering thousands of people. I guess that makes him a much better person.
        Don’t make the common mistake of judging the group by the individual.

      2. He probably was still in search of a father figure in his life and sought Louise Farrakhan that tought him Islam. Farrakhan is as crooked as Don King.
        If you take Manny Pacquiao as an example, if Freddy Roach dies from his Parkinson’s disease, Pacquiao will probably be ok. He talks about Jesus all the time.

  6. “Good man”? What’s that?
    “I knew that God didn’t pick on any small animals, that lightning only struck the biggest animals, that those are the only ones that vex God. Minor animals don’t get God upset. God has to keep the big animals in check so they won’t get lofty on their thrones. I just lay on my bed and thought that I had become so big that God was jealous of me.”
    It’s not God, dumbo. It’s just the government pretending to be God.

  7. “People often ask me what I regret in my life. I regret sleeping with all those women. I used to brag about that but now I’m so embarrassed by my conquests. I’m so happy to be with one woman.”
    Many men who do the same would never admit this.
    I don’t always like reducing complex journeys to a single, simplistic truth. But Tyson is a best case scenario, of a life full of talent and empty of foresight.
    Look at all of the unnecessary struggle and the time and resources wasted.

      1. He admits regret, especially for excess and a lack of prudence.
        I would argue that is time wasted.

        1. I am something of a firm determinist. From that standpoint, regret is stupid or … unsophisticated. So I wouldn’t say the time was wasted. If anything, he is/was simply in denial. Regret, like anger, passes with time, making room for more profound observations.

        2. That observation does make a good deal of sense under that perception. It seems evident from Tyson’s standpoint that he doesn’t subscribe to determinism, at least in full.
          He is Muslim I think, and I am (thankfully) unaware of their theological standpoint, or Tyson’s personal view, or even if it belongs to the free will/determinism binary we tend to subscribe to in the west.
          But I admire when a man overcomes tendencies and he realizes, for whatever reason, they were foolish. And call me unsophisticated, but I think sticking your dick into everything you can possibly materialize is a bit foolish, and quite psychopathic.
          This dude had a fight where he was sweating buckets before the first bell. Not because he was warmed up well or ate a shit ton of really spicy food, but because he didn’t have time to get treated for gonorrhea first.
          I think he won the fight btw. Weather that has more to do with his ability, or more revealing of how professional boxing works in terms of setting Championship fights up, I am unsure.
          I have always thought of regret not as a wasteful emotion, but a sometimes necessary component of realization. Anger as well. Not foolish, but useful.
          And maybe at this point for me, realization is more profound than anything.

        3. Mike Tyson was one of the greatest heavyweights you will ever see. He could punch and move like nobody else. He won fights because of his ability, nothing less.
          Your words betray envy my friend.

        4. Tom you will like this more than anyone I think.
          This happened just a week ago. I was talking to a friend and former college who is still a professor. He had just got back from a conference in Sweden. He emailed me about it in that bragging way that people who travel abroad do when they get back form a trip.
          “I just got back from a conference is Sweden. It was the biggest free will conference in years so I pretty much had to go”
          Not kidding. Actually said this. Further, he isn’t the type to have said it and meant it to be hilarious and even if he was he wouldn’t have been clever enough to craft such a choice comment. But yeah, super priceless.

        5. my time was lost on the philospphy. People. I wrote a rap song about Edmund Husserl and sadly found out that the overlap on the Venn Diagram of people who a) have a sense of humor and b) know enough Edmund Husserl to get the song was pretty much just me.
          So I wrote one about Plato. Again, no one.
          The Husserl one was great. Who else is gonna bust out the line:
          The Mad Rhymes of my Creation
          Rock the noematic variation
          And drop an Eugen Fink should out

        6. here, dug up full text of the Husserl Rap. Not sure if you know the phenomenology jargon and so a lot of it may be lost, but here…enjoy. The plato one is much longer and has a long interlude so I would need to email it to you if you wanted it as cut and paste would be impractical
          Y’all busters are pathetic
          No skills to your noetic
          The mad rhymes of my creation
          Rock the noematic variation
          Yo, my syntheses are never passive
          My fan base is wicked massive
          All disappointed, their hearts sink
          Cause they can’t be my bitch like Eugen Fink
          I’m the phenomenon you keep on tryin’ to see
          Bitch please, you know you’re never gonna get all sides of me
          So wake up, y’all. I’m getting sick of idle chattah
          Start sending some noeses through some phat hyletic data
          All these haters with they hatin’ from the natural attitude
          They could bracket ’til the world ends and still not be half as good
          Just like that little bitch Sartre sayin’ my ego ain’t trancendent
          Trying to pass off plagiarism as a superior descendant
          Back up! EH is comin’ to the transcendental hizzy
          Got my brackets so worked out I could make Dick Vitale dizzy
          The real OPP** is down with me and what I say
          Just like my homie Buckwheat said, my shit is f*cking Ep-O-Tay

        7. It sounds nice, but I don’t get it.
          I am a sucker for interesting lyrics though. A desire rarely satisfied. Here’s one of mine:
          Children of confusion running blindly through the streets,
          wild illusions mildly stunning people far too deeply.
          Prophets of profundity come craving for your soul;
          they don’t desire bodies, your marrow is their goal.
          Not exactly rap, but goes nicely with a 4/4 rhythm.

        8. Yeah it’s fun but I promise if you know the jargon it’s even better

        9. Mike Tyson was one of the greatest punchers of all time, and certainly talented. As far as boxing as a whole goes, I don’t think he could rightfully touch any top ten list.
          Its really not a matter of envy, I have no aspirations for the ring Bob. And I have no doubt he could have beaten Trevor Berbick (I had to google it) on his worst day. I think he kind of did that anyway.
          That wasn’t my point. My point was that his priorities were clearly fucked. Thought he was quite clear about that too.

        10. No. He explains his regret.
          I tend to view regretful memories, especially ones I can’t learn anymore from as a waste of time. The act was a waste, though it seemed entertaining at the time. Dwelling endlessly on disgust of personal regret is an extension of that waste.

        11. Do you think he dwells endlessly on his regrets? It seems to me like he is moving on with his life (making movies, documentaries, supporting Holyfields son in boxing, etc.)

        12. He did touch top ten list boxers. Holmes and Spinks for example. People make excuses (they were past their prime, etc. but people make those same excuses about virtually every boxer). What Tyson had that no other boxer had was amazing footwork, hand speed and power. His movement was incredible. His ability to take a punch and be completely unfazed. Even his losses, to me are incredible that he could soak up so much punishment and keep going. He had all kinds of firsts (youngest ever heavyweight champion, at the time, fastest ever heavyweight championship knockout, etc.). Mike Tyson was blowing people away.
          Go back and look at his early fight videos. Compare to heavyweight champions today. He was better. So much better it is a joke to compare them.
          Tyson is a true ring legend man.

        13. Not even close
          Tyson fought bums and cans. Buster Douglas, Pete Mcneeley, Marvin Frazier et al. Bums
          Marciano was 49-0
          Only 4 men went the distance with him.
          The best of his day..Jersey Joe Walcott, Ezzard Charles, Archie Moore, Joe Louis et al. Most were scared TO fight him. And Those not KOd only 4 in 49 fights, usually had to have their welts surgically removed. He hit THAT Hard. Trained on an unheard of 300# Heavy bag + amazing cardio. And he was on average 20# lighter than all his opponent fighting at Cruiserweight

        14. He fought bums and cans
          McNeeley, Buster Douglas. Really? Ass whooping by Holyfield twice, Lewis once and buster douglas

        15. “Compare to heavyweight champions today. He was better. So much better it is a joke to compare them.”
          I’m with you 100% on this. And I meant what I said, about him being one of the greatest punchers of all time. Truly a freak natural talent and he did had amazing ability. Its just that, I don’t think he’s on a top ten list of all time, outside of punchers.
          It wasn’t my intention to say that he didn’t deserve anything he earned in boxing, or to disrespect a man you view as a personal hero. He did bring entertainment value to the sport, certainly. And not just with his antics and words, to watch his fights it is legitimately interesting. It was a good show.
          I’m just saying that professional boxing is and has been a shit show of depreciating value for a very long time. That was my point with that comment about beating that one time champion, I’d have to fucking google to find out his name, when Tyson had gonorrhea.
          Even though he blasted through that dude, just consider the variables of that. Heavyweight contender, sweating worse than a ball player in triple overtime (before the fight ever begins) because he banged a considerable amount of at-best risky prostitutes/sluts/whatever he could find, and didn’t make time for treatment before a point in his life he had been training for, for years.
          Living life like that, it would destroy 9/10 men, probably quickly. And that’s my point man. I’m not trying to moralize one way or the other about Tyson.

        16. You know, I had just been hearing the same patterns in his story as he’s told it over the years, at least ten or fifteen years. He’s changed a lot in that time frame as well. I didn’t mean to project, but that’s something that I deal with a lot. Dwelling on regret, I mean.
          Tyson seems like a much more mature and intellectually capable man these days, and its been quite a journey for him. I’m just surprised he made it out this well, and achieved what he could, despite the lack of foresight. That was my original point.

        17. >sticking your dick into everything you can possibly materialize is a bit foolish, and quite psychopathic.
          Strawman! Tyson did not do that. He said he fucked stalkers but not ALL of them. He clearly would have licked the most attractive ones.

        18. All black and joo bullshit
          Joe Louis was on a 3 fight Win streak. He was 36. Young by today’s standards and Walcott was 38 when he won the belt back then.
          Rocky beat the black off of Louis and retired him, officially knocking him out of the ring.

        19. I thought it was damn funny. They knew it was bullshit.
          Rocky was the greatest of all time. Very few dispute this, unless they’re touting the Ali meme. I just don’t legitimately think he was as good of a boxer as Marciano.

    1. I don’t think that Tyson was a best case scenario at all. Look at what he started with. Nothing. And where he is now. A huge success by any measure, in spite of any time “wasted” enjoying himself.

      1. I meant a best case scenario in regards to having a lack of foresight. He talks about his mentor with great pain at times, and expresses his insight that, had his mentor just been around a little longer, it could have saved him of a lot of unnecessary struggle in life.
        When he passed, Tyson continued to slip into a morally debased and angry state, and a kind of hopelessness which lasted for years. He seemed quite clear about that.

      1. “I’m on the Zoloft to keep from killin’ yall” was one of the better ones.

      2. Close! I’m talking about Robin Givens bouncing off every wall of the apartment when he hit her.

  8. Sonny Liston was equally as ferocious. Mike Tyson gave an interview once and said Liston was the only fighter in history that he would have been afraid to fight. Watch some of Liston’s fights on YouTube. Especially the two with Cleveland “Big Cat” Williams (I’ve included a Sonny Liston mini-documentary and knockout clip below). Ali fought Williams after the Big Cat had lost most of his intestines due to being shot by police officers near, I think, Houston, Texas. He was a shell of himself when Ali fought him. Ali ducked Williams until after that accident.
    Liston knocked guys out with his jab. He had the biggest wingspan (reach) of any heavyweight champion in heavyweight boxing history, except Primo Carnera. He knocked out heavyweight champ Floyd Patterson twice (in the first round, both times; Patterson went the distance with Ali twice), one of those knockouts is included in this 4-minute-and-change clip, and the cool thing is, the music is pretty good, too. Liston was a leg-breaker for the Mob and his handlers were all Mob guys, which is a known fact, and even referenced in that bastion of truth (cough, cough), Wikipedia.
    Check Wepner is featured in the opening segment of the video below, who was Liston’s last opponent. Rumor had it that Liston was supposed to take a dive in the Wepner fight, but refused to do what he had done when he flopped for Ali twice, and thus, he was whacked by the Mob. Liston also decisioned the very tough Eddie Machen, whom Ali ducked, and Machen died under very mysterious circumstances, too, as did another common opponent of the two men, Zora Folley (Ali knocked out Zora Folley in seven rounds when Folley was washed up at age 35; Liston demolished Folley in three rounds when Folley was 28 years old) –
    For some reason the video wouldn’t load, or let me link to it.
    So here’s a link to Sonny Liston knockout videos, and it’s the fifth one down on the list, titled, “Sonny Liston – highlights / knockouts”, 4:05 in length. It is definitely worth a look –

    1. I’m not sure. Its easy to claim so and so ducked so and so, but there’s only so many guys one man can fight.

    2. People call me crazy, but I think Tyson in his prime would have beat Ali in his prime. Tyson’s style would have matched up well against Ali’s dancing. It’s hard to dance when a pitbull is about to bite you in the ass.

  9. I see him as a man at hyper speed.
    Hyper alpha
    Hyper beta
    Hyper aggressive
    Hyper sensitive
    Hyper evil
    Hyper regret
    Hyper humanity
    On top of this, a guy who’s surprisingly intelligent and articulate

    1. Very intelligent. His depth surprises you at times. My favorite Tyson quote- “Everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the face”.

    2. I thought I was the only who noticed. People like to make fun of his lisp, but he is a truly intelligent guy, even dropping some self taught philosophic wisdom. A truly tragic figure, at times violent, at times tender as a kid, much more fascinating that a lot of more ‘clean cut’ boxers.

    3. Watching him on The Roast of Charlie Sheen made me realise he’s smarter than a lot of people give him credit for. He was genuinely funnier than a lot of the other “comedians” up on stage that evening…

  10. The documentary called TYSON is fucking awesome. Changed my perspective on him in a huge way. Very well made.

  11. ” If there’s one thing you’ll get from the book, it’s to know that no matter how down and out you are, there’s always a way back up.”
    The thing is, I don’t mean to be a kill joy here, but to be honest there will be a way out as long as you are famous. There are plenty of examples of famous people who lost their money – all of it, and their money making means but were able to utilize their fame to transition into something else.
    The average Joe’s who are down do not have that leverage.

        1. I ran a business during my final year in college. It was a total disaster and I ran up a personal debt of $20K and no job. In those days and for a young man this might as well have been a mil. I had to declare bankruptcy which killed my credit. But after a few years of hard work and lessons learned I was back in the black.

      1. man bob…Tyson getting a lot of jealous hate up in here….not a lot of people understand what an artist he was in the ring and only point to his brutal strength.
        Serious question: why people hate on the champ so much? Is this the same kind of people who go up Pacquio because they just want to hate on someone great or do you think it is some different syndrome?

        1. Personally think they go down on Pacquio….
          Yeah we see it with a lot of sports stars (Beckham, Mayweather, Adam Johnson, etc.) I think it has to do with the fact that sports stars are generally unremarkable men (outside of their astounding physical skills) that are rewarded for things that are ultimately trivial (putting a ball through a hoop). We do not see them as our betters and therefore we hate.
          A man like Trump for example, does things with his mind that few people can comprehend. He creates tangible value. We cannot relate to him and rather see him closer to something like a deity. But even Trump is one bad deal away from being hated. What happens when he doesn’t build that wall for example?

  12. RoK needs an article on Evander Holyfield. An even better HW considering he was an oversized cruiserweight really. No one had a bigger heart, truly inspirational fighter.Made no excuses either!

    1. Naw
      Tyson Fury
      A black man hasn’t had the HW belt for almost 2 decades now.
      The iron curtain is down and they need a black hope.
      Kimbo wasn’t it! Lol

  13. You’re off on this one.

    He was born into a toxic environment and because of that he developed habits and demons that would haunt him for most of his life, causing him to make poor decision when it came to dealing with his career, money, women, and health.

    A person’s environment can be a difficult obstacle. That being true, many people come from toxic environments and make good decisions. It’s a person’s heart that determines their habits. Tyson is not a toxic environment victim. His toxic environment early on is not responsible for his bad habits- his heart is.

    . . . it’s clear to see that he is not the devil that the media made him out to be, and his intentions mostly come from a good place, especially as he got older and was able to look back at his life and the mistakes he made.

    Tyson was always an overrated fighter. More of a brawler. If anything, he actively used his ungodly behavior to build hype for his career and he owes his career to the hype he created with his attitude. There was a great documentary on Netflix that followed the rivalry between Holyfield and Tyson. Holyfield is a true fighter and champion.
    It’s commendable anytime someone wises up and straitens their life out. Tyson seems more reasonable and mellow with old age but that’s natural. Most men do mellow out as their testosterone levels drop with age.
    There’s never a right reason to do something that’s wrong. Tyson’s intentions don’t come from a good place and even in the solitude of prison he couldn’t gravitate to a moral path- he came out praising Allah. Keep your heart with all diligence because out of it flow the issues of life.

    1. “There was a great documentary on Netflix that followed the rivalry between Holyfield and Tyson.”
      I was the only guy in my in my group at the time to pick Holyfield to win the infamous fight and that was due to an interview a week before the bout. He was a man who worked, prayed and had a goal. Mike was a punk with a big mouth and realized in the 2nd round he wasn’t going to make it. The rest is history.
      However I have no doubts Don King and the his female accuser f*ckled him over.

      1. Me too, bet $20 against a friend. Everybody said i was stupid.
        I remember a piece on the news about how Holyfield was up at 5 every morning training while Tyson was out partying until 5.
        That sealed it for me. Tyson’s arrogance and lack of training regimin left me thinking he was venerable..

      1. Marciano the greatest of all time. 49-0
        Highest ko percentage of any fighter. Beat the black off of Joe Louis, Jersey joe Walcott, Archie Moore, Ezzard Charles et al.
        Tyson was basically a bum fighting bums. No iron curtain. No real white fighters due to politics that now own all boxing belts

    1. Holyfield a cruiserweight owned Tyson as did Buster Douglas. And Lewis destroyed him and Klitchko destroyed Lewis
      Tyson got fame beating tomato cans.

  14. Sometime back in the 80s when I was a kid, my middle aged mother went to Vegas to represent a booth and attend seminars for her company. She walked into an elevator and realized that Mike Tyson was in there with his body guards. I don’t know why, but she asked Mike for his autograph (it was cool to get autographs back in the 80s). His bodyguard kinda shewed my mother away, but Mike said, “It’s ok”, and he got a pen and piece of paper and gave her an autograph. She said that although he looked tough along with his bodyguards, he actually seemed like a pretty nice guy.

  15. There are several stories of Tyson harassing and grabbing at White females when he was in high school, and these stories go that D’amato was the one who always got him off the hook. When Tyson went after Teddy Atlas’s young sister in law or something, Atlas supposedly fire a gun near Tyson’s head. D’amato was no “hero mentor” if these stories are true, which I believe they are. He was a traitor to his kind and a money grubbing old bastard simply protecting his animalistic meal ticket.

  16. Tyson made millions fighting bums.
    With the iron curtain down now, whites hold 16 of 22 belts.
    He got beat by a bum and had no heart after 3 rounds. Tyson Fury, Klitchko et al would make mince meat of him.
    Hell a cruiserweight in Holyfield did then Lewis, who got his ass beat by Klitchko, as did loser Buster Douglas

  17. This is a real fighter. Unbeaten. Dominate. Weighed 185 and beat the f*ck out of all comers and was always out weighed.
    49-0. Only 4 men went the distance with him. His opponents lost their teeth, suffered brain damage or had to have their welts surgically removed.
    Cant do better than Undefeated, and most were all knockouts. The best of his day..Jersey Joe Walcott, Ezzard Charles, Archie Moore, Joe Louis et al. He hit THAT Hard. 300# Heavy bag + amazing strength and conditioning.
    And he was on average 20# lighter than all his opponents fighting at Cruiserweight

    1. Don`t forget to mention that Marciano refused to fight the best black fighters of his day.If you`re going to talk shit….at least be honest.

      1. Rocky never turned down a fight and he beat the best, including 4 hall of famers and multiple title defenses.
        The opposite of what you write is true.
        Rock had a hard time getting fights because no one wanted to fight him. When he retired, Floyd Patterson was in a different lighter weight class as a light hw and just ko’d by Johannson, and Sonny Liston a nobody and there was no one left to fight and ko
        Out of Marciano’s title defences, 4 of them were against hall of famers.
        Marciano fought the 6’1, hard hitting, Rex Layne who lingered around the top 10. And he fought the 6’4 Carmine Vingo, who Marciano put into a coma with 1 punch. Vingo’s bright looking career was cut short due to that one punch.
        Nice try Shillin though

        1. No, Perhaps You do.
          Put up or shut up.
          Rocky never turned down a fight in his career. There was discussion to get him out of retirement after 13 years to fight Ali, but he had been retired for over a decade and had a weasel joo manager who stole his purses.
          Your move to disprove me:
          That’s what I thought…

        2. It`s cool that you mention Clay.It was Clay in his autobiography that he said that Marciano wouldn`t take on the top black fighters of his day.

        3. You didn’t because you can’t. There was no on left to beat. Not coming out of retirement after 13 years is not refusing a fight

        4. Bs
          Clay ( Ali) said Rocky would Win if they had fought.
          Where do you come up with this Afro centric crap besides out if your arse?…
          In Ali’s autobiography The Greatest: My Own Story, he admitted
          “I saw myself on the ropes being destroyed by Marciano, in one of the ‘artistic’ endings few actors could equal,”

        5. I did and marciano beat the black off of the best black fighters in his day. 49-0 as a cruiserweight. Rocky was bad ass

        6. I meant read it again and find the paragraph where Clay said Marciano wouldn`t fight the best black fighters of his day.

  18. Sometimes I’d get naked and put the championship belt on and have sex with a girl.
    This sentence is 100% Pure Win.

  19. I dislike him for drugs and ear-biting but am not convinced he raped anyone. Good man sticking to his principles instead of lying to get out early. So many innocents take plea deals instead of fighting the system.

  20. You should have gone into what a scam Don King did for his defense on that fraud rape trial.Mike was a thoroughly decent man robbed by pieces of shit.This article might as well have been written by a feminist or a mangina…shame on you.

    1. Mike was a criminal who showed Tnb total negro behavior from an early age, robbing old ladies and trying to rape Teddy Atlas daughter for which Teddy threatened his Life. He also was an overrated boxer. A friend of mine, better than average boxer, Derek
      Isaman, who played end at Ohio State, went the distance with Tyson.

      1. Tried to rape Atlas’ daughter? That’s your story and you’re sticking to it? The Tyson rape trial was an embarrassment to our justice system. His accuser was a disgusting, lying whore.

        1. Not my story but The story and Teddy Atlas put a gun to Tysons head for Said attempted rape.
          You can take your chin off of tysons balls now. I’m right, you’re a moron.
          Story on it here:

          And Here Teddy who trained Tyson, calls him a phony:

        2. Well, faggot, the story has always been that Tyson was sexually inappropriate with the girl–he said he grabbed her ass as in attempt to get back at Atlas. Why exaggerate? “Tried to rape” makes you sound like an airhead feminist liar. I understand that you sucked off some guy who once boxed was Tyson, but that doesn’t change the fact that the cunt who got him thrown in jail was a predatory whore.

        3. Dumbass
          It was serious enough that Teddy put a gun to the head of Tyson. Grabbing her ass would not warrant that. Getting overly physical and trying to rape, would. Now take your chin off of Tysons balls please. And go get your shine box

        4. I know Atlas held a gun to his head. Tyson and Atlas have since shook hands . He didn’t try to rape her. Tyson did, however, thoroughly rape your boyfriend’s face with his fists.

  21. One thing is certain: it’s absurd for people to portray him as a cretin. He’s highly intelligent.

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