It Has Been 50 Years Since Enoch Powell’s Prophetic “Rivers Of Blood” Speech

On April 20, 1968 The British politician Enoch Powell delivered maybe the most important speech ever on the topic of Migration. It was called “Rivers Of Blood” speech, not because he actually said that phrase, but because of a reference to Virgil’s Aeneid:

As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding; like the Roman, I seem to see the River Tiber foaming with much blood

What was it about the speech, that even fifty years afterwards when the BBC decided to air a reading of it, all hell broke loose (e.g. 1, 2 and 3)?


Powell was a man of many skills. Apart from politics (his highest achievement was Minister of Health), he was an author, poet, linguistic, and philologist scholar. On top of that, he made his way in the army ranks during WW2 to Brigadier. He was so fluent in languages that he learned his 14th and last language at the age of 70 (it was Hebrew by the way, a tough language to master).

Politician, Professor, Brigadier, poet – that’s one impressive man

The migration issue started twenty years before the speech. In 1948, a former German cruise boat, the Empire Windrush, disembarked some 500 hopeful settlers from Kingston, Jamaica. The new arrivals were the first wave in Britain’s post-war drive to recruit labor from the Commonwealth to cover employment shortages in state-run services like the NHS and London Transport. Sounds like a good idea so far.

Looks so naive. The start of Britain migration problem

Until the beginning on the 1970s, an additional 500,000 joined them. Powell himself was one of the persons inviting skilled labor in (18,000 Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi employees for NHS). However, crime rates were up during the 1960s, the economy started to crumble, and it became obvious that those migrants were not going to go back.

The speech

On April 20, 1968, Powell gave a speech at the Conservative Party meeting in Birmingham. One can hear the speech here:

Here are some quotes:

The supreme function of statesmanship is to provide against preventable evils. In seeking to do so, it encounters obstacles which are deeply rooted in human nature.


Above all, people are disposed to mistake predicting troubles for causing troubles and even for desiring troubles: “If only,” they love to think, “if only people wouldn’t talk about it, it probably wouldn’t happen.”


[talking to one of his constituent]..he took no notice, and continued: “I have three children, all of them been through grammar school and two of them married now, with family. I shan’t be satisfied till I have seen them all settled overseas. In this country in 15 or 20 years’ time the black man will have the whip hand over the white man.”


…the significance and consequences of an alien element introduced into a country or population are profoundly different according to whether that element is 1 per cent or 10 per cent.


If all immigration ended tomorrow, the rate of growth of the immigrant and immigrant-descended population would be substantially reduced, but the prospective size of this element in the population would still leave the basic character of the national danger unaffected.


…we will have no “first-class citizens” and “second-class citizens.” This does not mean that the immigrant and his descendant should be elevated into a privileged or special class or that the citizen should be denied his right to discriminate in the management of his own affairs …


Whatever drawbacks attended the immigrants arose not from the law or from public policy or from administration, but from those personal circumstances and accidents which cause, and always will cause, the fortunes and experience of one man to be different from another’s.


There are among the Commonwealth immigrants who have come to live here in the last fifteen years or so, many thousands whose wish and purpose is to be integrated and whose every thought and endeavor is bent in that direction.

But to imagine that such a thing enters the heads of a great and growing majority of immigrants and their descendants is a ludicrous misconception, and a dangerous one.


Only resolute and urgent action will avert it even now. Whether there will be the public will to demand and obtain that action, I do not know. All I know is that to see, and not to speak, would be the great betrayal.

Powell was never to be in office again, and would only serve as member of the parliament. He was considered the most popular politician of his time after the speech. Fan mail kept flowing to the newspapers with 98% of them supporting him.

74% support for your idea! Yes, he was that popular.

Is his speech still relevant?

Fifty years is a very long time in politics. The reason his speech is important is because it focuses on the primary issues of migration. Britain made changes to its migration policy afterwards, including a bill in 1971 which actually prevented further migration from its ex-colonies.

The main problem was his use of “racist” language. Powell used the N-word “colorfully”, which led many left-wingers to use the race card and “silence” the opposition. This was the first time (publicly) that being anti migration was equaled with racism.

Powell was right in his predictions—today 1 of 7 Britons is a migrant or decedent of one. Some of them actually integrated enough to accept the local culture to the extent that they supported Brexit. Powell knew in advance that joining the European Economic Community (pre-EU) would damage Britain’s independence, and history proved him right.


The main question being asked is: when society changes, who benefits and who loses? Using the law to force values is also part of the argument, not to mention the “race daemon” hovering above the Rotherham case.

A good lesson as well that we may learn here is that the way ideas are presented, is sometimes as powerful as the idea itself.

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  1. When one looks at how deliberate, unchanging & accelerated the immigration policies were from 1948 till today it ain’t hard to understand how the enemies of the white race & Christianity won the world wars & maintained their power ever since.

    1. Enoch was 100% wrong. He imagined black male Christians would be the problem.
      But the reality it was our own white women that have done all the damage to White western Society. Helped in part by brown Islamics.

        1. A.J/DODDS
          Scarily enough, Jamaicans are regarded in the US as the black Aristocracy!
          Compared to US blacks, they are actually relatively well-behaved.

        2. I would say greasy Italian Mafia-connected wops are a far worse cancer. Funny enough, most of you are mongrels w/Moorish blood in you. Talk about self-hate!

        3. Marz, you don’t speak for blacks you intelligent retard. Jamaicans are not regarded as black aristocracy; in fact in certain parts of the US Jamaicans are feared due to the actions of a violent small percentage of Jamaicans involved in criminal activity. The term “shower posse” was popularized due to the tendency of Jamaican gangsters literally showering their foes in broad daylight w/bullets, regardless of the location. Please STFU

        4. Blacks weren’t always an issue in the US. Modern US may have more Ashkenazi influence on blacks. The media is designed to turn blacks on Whites. Sephardics aren’t as troublesome as Ashkenazis.

        5. HUEY
          Who gives a shit if a Mob boss whacks a complete human debris like “Richie” or “Ralphie”? Unless you are Jimmy Hoffa most non-Italians are not affected.
          Tony Soprano DOES KILL MORE in his lifetime than a Crip because he is smart enough to survive into middle age and not get killed or caught but WTF cares if Paulie Walnuts gets killed after he himself has murder 13 people.
          The days of Michael Corleone at the height of the mob’s power in the 1960’s are long, long over. RICO etc has ended it.
          As for Sicilians being Arabs, this is true.

        6. HUEY
          There is also Colin Fergunson massacre in the train but in ratio to population such criminal groups are smaller in number.
          A small number of Italian-Americans are also brutal killers as well but it is minuscule.
          Are Jamaican immigrants able to integrate into US society as easily as the children of Dutch bankers or Swiss doctors? Probably not. Are Jamaican neighborhoods in Miami and New York safer than Detroit, Atlanta, Baltimore?
          But you know this already and we are derailing a thread.

        7. GENERAL TSO
          Jews may be more cleverer than WASPS and blacks more brutal-it could be a proven fact.
          So unsurprisingly the former can convince whites to lose money in a pyramid scam and the latter rapes your grandmother in a nursing home.
          In Real Life, Jews are harmless. There are few Jewish thugs in Bronx alleyways who would rob you for their next heroin fix and I would not want to be a Nazi in a Brooklyn jail but in general Jews are not violent.
          They cannot scare whites off the street. They can sell whites porn or make stupid movies but that is about all. Whites fall victim Jews because they are stupid (Grease) while they fall victim to blacks because they are less feral (Muscle). So it is a muscle vs. grease routine.

        8. LOL Huey… You are once against black-washing history. Moors are NOT sub-Saharan African. So there is nothing ironic about an Italian, which isn’t Sicilian, lamenting black Africa. (Sicilians have a small percentage of NORTH African blood, which itself has a minuscule amount of sub-Saharan African DNA.) You are really grasping at straws, considering da white man is nothing but a cave man creation of Jacob or whatever mythology your prison heroes penned in the 1940s.

        9. Tso
          I am against letting the Sephardic people off the hook. They played a HUGE role in the slave trade. (((Portuguese merchants))) ported in West Africa to collect these defeated tribes from their African conquerors in exchange for payments, which were then sold to the Americas.

        1. Madman
          Comparing to US blacks even the Xenomorph from the original Alien franchise ain’t too bad of a neighbour

      1. JOHN
        Polish Jews like the Kray Twins and possibly Jack the Ripper and a whole bunch of less famous gangsters, pickpockets and thieves were not great addition to the UK. I’m not even sure Ali G was that great of an addition to be honest.
        British Roma like the LONG GOOD FRIDAY boss played by Hoskins are not particular great citizens.

      2. Um white women didn’t just wake up one day and organize this complex extensive tyranny upon us. They are pawns and like many a white gentile have been seduced and enslaved in a psychological, cultural and spiritual warfare.

        1. SASQUATCH
          Stupid whites believing a fantasy world-
          If you watch DEATH WISH 1 and believe that the criminal thugs will be Jewish like Jeff Goldblum or Irish-American like the guy who played “Nirvana” in Death Wish 2 and Varsity Blues then you deserve to be brainwashed because you are stupid.
          Jews could not take over a single town in Alabama by force.
          Do you see Jewish porn starlets getting pregnant out-of-wedlock?
          Are black women “oil drilling” with white scumbags like Sean Penn. Do black women think the white biker clubs are glamorous and have a baby with Jax Teller who is going to spend his life in prison?
          Whites lack common sense and possibly the media has convinced them of a fantasy world that does not exist.

        2. @Madman Marx
          You have literally flooded the board with your BS derailing any serious inquiry and buried good posts. I understand, that is your job/passion for your tribe to misdirect the great unwashed and stir up infighting between the g0yim.
          You attempt to demoralize whites, blacks, Asians you name it and hold J3ws to be above reproach, some sort of magical innocent people that are unjustly persecuted regardless of the overwhelming facts that prove otherwise. Anything critical of the chosen on these boards and like a flash you and your brethren are here manipulating the discourse persuading the gentiles off the scent.Even when you do try to pretend to criticize them (for harmless sh1t of course) to appear balanced and unbiased, you usually end up complimenting them.
          You spend an awful lot of time on here and have invented a slick story/persona for yourself much like a poster of old or perhaps it is you ‘Lolknee’ had done. He eventually got found out. Well now Im calling you out. You Zionist cukk. Its funny and ironic how your people put all this faith in ‘The great deceiver’ and believe he will reward you when your task of bringing the world to his heel is achieved. Lol, chosen ones indeed.

        3. White Knight
          White women didn’t just wake up one day to conspire against their men – it just comes naturally to them. They wormed their way out of their constraints little by little over the decades until it was us shackled by law and culture, leaving them free to ally with whoever was ‘the strongest’ i.e. the enemies of white society. That is how they did it.

      3. How is that 100% wrong? Secondly, you really can’t blame men of the past for feminism. Even though they may have been naive about women’s rights, they still kept their women in line, and I doubt they could have ever guessed that grandma, mom, daughter, sister would betray their tribe. Enoch is actually a perfect example of the old great generation, it was the next generation and those after that who really fucked up.

        1. WES
          Answer me this.
          Black women watch the same films as whites but none of them want to run out in real life to a biker club and be fucked by a real-life scumfuck Outlaw because Jax Teller was played by a pretty English actor.
          Sean Penn is famous and depicted in films as a romantic hero but if a black woman saw him in real life she’d cross the street to avoid him I am sure. Same with Mickey Rourke or Tom Sizemore or any of the other white “Bad Boys” in the electronic media.
          In fact, most black women would regard Eminem as a loser (Well money non-withstanding).

        2. @Marz….are you trying to tell me that black women don’t fuck scum? LOL, Black women are known for whoring it up to epic levels with the most scum of the earth bros.

      4. JOHN
        This doesn’t really do much damage to white men in the end of the day…
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      5. JOHN
        If you asked a Welsh guy, UK has always had an immigrant problem.
        The Krays and other Polish Jews, now integrated, were a scourge of East London for about 50 years.
        The gypsies were in England before the Muslim mass immigration-I think Plant and Hoskins were part gypsy.

      6. Madman Marz
        Jamaicans are the worst sort of “Black” folks you can ever possibly come across. They are stone cold racist towards anyone who isn’t Jamaican. They can easily turn violent and have zero respect for human life. (Jamaicans represent the largest contingent of foreign nationals in UK prisons) Even the rest of the Caribbean dislikes them. Also, unlike African ladies, Jamaican women tend to be ugly and rude as hell.
        On the other hand, first-generation immigrants from African Commonwealth counties (Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia) tend to be really people.

      7. John, as someone spending most the year in London – South Asian Muslima on average are more peaceful than Jamaicans.

      8. How exactly have white women ruined society?
        Rates of alcohol abuse, drug abuse, committing theft, violent crime, sex crimes, gang crime and many others are much higher amongst other groups.
        If we are going to point fingers at groups we may aswell be logical about it.

      1. The enemies of all people that are not of their (((tribe))). Christianity and the white man were/are just the biggest obstacle to their world dominion.

        1. I’d say Muslims are high in the running judging events in Syria today as foes of Zion.

        2. SASQUATCH
          If Jews THOUGHT (They don’t, they tend to be reactionary) they would know that doing the white race in would also be the end of them.
          Ask any Jew if he really thinks a world without Christians is a better place or if they would want the US to be completely devoid of white people (As consumers, business partners, customers, clients, sex partners, marital partners). I doubt it.

      2. The British are so goddamn butthurt over Hitler (almost as much as Jews) wiping out their empire to this day in that Pyrrhic triumph called ‘V.E. Day.’
        I bet this bullshit would never have happened had the sun not set on the Crown.
        Instead they hold onto to these sad reminders of past glory: a mulatto-inbred-miscegenation German-Greek-Romanian monarchistic family rather than modernize into republicanism, federalism or devolution…coupled with the absurdist intensity of the Falklands War, the Suez War and the Troubles, Gibraltar and opposition to Scottish independence. They just can’t let go of their rump remnants of yesteryear.
        Even Thatcher was hysterical about the reunification of Germany. It’s pathetic. The British were so brutal with so much virility. So many great movies and Kipling stories show this.
        Great Britain was perhaps the greatest empire of all time (besting Rome and America combined), which is why they just can’t seem to let go of their angst. Instead their transformed it into cuckery. The English are even worse than the Germans in their self-flagellation.
        The stoicism they prided themselves on is now expressed in unbecoming Cultural Marxism, which is why they are better off as reticent.
        The greatness of the average Brit has been stunted…
        Take for instance John Dodds (my favorite commenter)…although an InCel NEET could possibly make the argument that he is a ‘race traitor’ because he retired from white women and his rainy fatherland…yet he still produced MORE white children than probably ALL the white nationalists on this site combined. But his own women betrayed him of his birthright with such intensity that he started his own adventurism elsewhere.
        That is late Great Britain in a nutshell.

    2. If it wasn’t for brown haired, blue eyed guys with mustaches in the mid 20th century such as Enoch Powell or Adolf Hitler, ‘Western Civilization’ or ‘Nationalism’ might of vanished 100 years ago. Could you think of a Beta red haired Norwegian or a swarthy olive complected Spaniard talking about saving Western Civilization.
      NOPE!!! Its always been the brown haired, blue eyed white man that has to come in an fix this shithole!

      1. Mel Gibson was another brown haired, blue eyed white who came in and almost toppled the Jew, Hollywood Empire. He came real close, just like Adolph Hitler.
        William Wallace had brown hair and blue eyes as well. Very nationalistic.

        1. Comments like this JohnnyHandsome or some Mel Gibson are what has me so scared of whites rising up again. I hope the Chemtrails and Wi-Fi continue to make these people feel tired and helpless.

        2. Comments like this JohnnyHandsome or some Mel Gibson are what has me so scared of whites rising up again. I hope the chemtrails and Wi-Fi continue to make these people feel tired and helpless.

    3. This is further confirmed by the fact that the subsequent Villanovan culture of Central and Southern Italy, which introduced iron-working to the Italian peninsula, was so closely related to the Central European Urnfield culture (c. 1300–750 BC), and Hallstatt culture (which succeeded the Urnfield culture), that it is not possible to tell them apart in their earlier stages. Furthermore the contemporary Canegrate culture of Northern Italy represented a typical western example of the western Hallstatt culture, whose diffusion most probably took place in a Celtic-speaking context

  2. We will see DNA based viruses and bacteria engineered in a laboratory to kill certain races of people be developed and tested within our lifetime. It is actually easier and more natural for a White man to rewrite the laws of life itself than for blacks to stop aping around.

    1. NO it will be the Chinese and/or other NOrth East Asians those who engineer such viruses. They’re ultra-nationalistic, unlike Whites, they have the necessary IQ and they’re not burdened by any taboo in terms of respecting nature equilibrium and/or restraining themselves from playing God. They have no concept, unlike Germanic peoples, of living in some kind of bogus harmony with the environment, which is for them just a resource to plunder or, in the best case scenario, to manage.
      East Asian pharma still lag behind America’s because for a long time they stubbornly stuck to their crap traditional medicine. They’re currently quickly catching up though , China for instance is pretty much the world leader in CRISPR tech…get ready in 10-15 years for a Tencent/Samsung-like giant in gene therapy and for Chinese/Korean/Japanese bio-weapons as well.
      In the meantime (I really don’t know the fuck is wrong with those peoples) Germanics are basically showing signs of regressing to the Neolithic: it is for instance in Northern Europe that you can find the biggest number of ardent enthusiasts for the homeopathy quackery while bio-research is getting more and more punishingly regulated.

        Sure, they take Ginseng. But I doubt they want to be without polio innoculations.

        1. You may be surprised…Euros are committing suicide.

        2. AJEOSHI
          You know I am not. They are a conquered, weary race at this point.
          When Muslims come into your house and do not rape your wife but PULL YOUR PANTS DOWN AND FUCK YOU UP THE ASS you are a doomed race.

      2. @Ajeoshi, This sounds right. I notice a lot of the store-brand carbon copies of name-brand over the counter medicines (like Walgreens versions of Vicks), are manufactured in China. As well, many base chemicals for things like baking powder come from China. They may not be developing new drugs, but they definitely have huge capabilities for synthesis.

        1. BURNER
          Look at the SPICE crisis (Was too old for this drug, don’t know what it does) or China dumping all the meth on Philippines (As Duterte pointed out) or all the Fenytal on Canada.
          Of course the Chinese will cite the Opium War and say whites have it coming or something, I am sure.

        2. Here’s (I think) an interesting bit of information: lots of Chinese firms and labs are developing their own drugs, in some cases many of them are potentially sensational in a number of areas.
          They still miss though some fundamental links in the supply chain, specifically:
          1- Their clinical trial facilities are a joke, unlike Korea’s which is a powerhouse in this segment of the market. The sour (to put it mildly) relationship between the 2 places prevent them from cooperating at a significant level
          2- Chinks are great at pharma research but their drug manufacturing assets are not on par yet, they’re largerly behind India, Thailand and South America in this area. Chinese drugs are often dangerous not necessarily because of bogus science, they’re hazardous because the local factories are shit. Again Korea boast a number of top notch contractors in this field.
          3- They lack significant international marketing capabilities, that’s a problem for the whole Asian pharma industry, including Japanese names like Takeda.

    2. Impossible. If so, they would have been developed long ago, since racism & hatred of another ethnic group has virtually always existed.

      1. 1- I have 1/4 of blonde Hungarian Ashkenazi genes from my grandma and 1/4 of blonde Trentino dna from my grandpa, the other side of the family is fairly Med…I look like a brown-haired Ukrainian/Pole for the record, said so I don’t get your point: I stated quite a few times I despise Italy which is to me pretty much a semi Hispanic/Middle-Eastern shithole. You can call it a major case of self-hatred if you want, still I don’t understand why self-hate should prevent anybody from detesting other groups, and boy I fuckin’ do detest yours.
        2- Jesus this is a dumb comment even for your lot simian standards. Let’s assume for a second that racism and hatred are the main drivers behind technological progress in the arms industry: please pray tell why, just because hatred&racism&blahblah have been around for a long time, we should have already reached peak weapon technology ? According to your “logic” machine guns should never have been created as by the time they were available hatred&racism had already been a staple of Western societies for quite a while.
        Hopefully racist hate will be with us for much longer so we will be able to finetune even more sophisticated methods to get rid of the African infestation, don’t be so pessimistic.

        1. AJEOSHI
          Aren’t Ashkenazi Jews essentially Italian, from the intermarriage of some founding male population to Italian women sometime after the Diaspora?
          Oh, occasionally you get a Leonard Nimoy or Steven Seagal or Rosanne Barr who is obvious Khazar but are most Jews not essentially Italians anyhow?

        2. Listen u greasy monkey, I was merely referring to the use of DNA-targeted tech, not tech in general. I know you’re hurt from my previous post boy, go find a safe space & vent you bitch. Disgusting mulatto mixbreed.

      2. Please for what reason dna tech should already have reached its peak , considering it’s been around for a very short amount of time and its growth curve has been so far phenomenal ?
        Jesus do you really need to prove every single time your breed of Erectus is truly humanity detritus by spewing inanities without even a shadow of logic ? What the fuck biotech and racism have to do with eachother ???
        I have greysh blue eyes and I doubt my skin tone can be ascribed to a level higher than 5 in the Von Luschan scale, feel free to seethe with envy Dikembe.

        1. You fcking monkey, the op typed this:
          We will see DNA based viruses and bacteria engineered in a laboratory to kill certain races of people be developed and tested within our lifetime.
          My argument was that it is false. Currently there is a vast amount of DNA tech that specifically targets certain loci, alleles, etc. However, for whatever reason, there, to this date, has not been any virus or bacteria engineered. With all this tech, if we have not seen it today, I highly doubt we will see it in our lifetime. Just like they keep telling us that soon we will clone another human…for roughly 5-6 decades now. That is my opinion, boy. & trust me u dirty half, quartet, or whatever breed, I am your mental superior. No, I don’t derive that from my schooling, but my success in life & the fact that you appear driven by emotion & are consistent in your idiotic post. & why are you describing your physical features? Listen fag, I am utterly uninterested, please go & shake a family owned business down guinea.

        2. AJEOSHI
          The blacks who post on this site degrade themselves far worse than a white poster could, like calling me a “smart dumbass”.
          The posts we read demonstrate that they cannot even string together a grammatically correct sentence.

        3. Marz
          I think ‘big words’ are the most destructive things white men gave them…not AIDS or crack cocaine. They are like inexperienced Taliban militants blowing themselves up with flak jackets they accidentally detonated inside their bomb factories because they don’t know how to use them.

    3. herb
      Easier than that, whites simply move 40 miles.
      Imagine if whites in UK or US stop trucking food to the urban centers-Jews are in steel and metallurgy but blacks? What primary economy do they run?
      We burned down da Walgreens and Da Food be Gone and Da Gas station blew up…where da food and power at…Muh dickkk”
      White people did not have to poison the inhabitants of Detroit. They simply left.
      It is like leaving Macauley Culkin at home.
      “Muh dick Bix Nood”

  3. “They are persecuted by Huns in their homeland!”
    “The Limes is inhumane!”
    “No Goth or Vandal is illegal!”
    “We can use qualified German warriors urgently!”
    “We make it!”
    (Advisor to Emperor Valens, 376 BC)

    1. Romans never pretended to welcome the presence of Germanic tribes.
      However, they themselves were conducting raids on Germania and Britannia and everywhere else themselves. So invade the world and invite the world has been around since Nero was a child.

      1. The ancient Romans, before they mixed with other races, especially before the Roman Republic days, were primarily a Germanic or Celtic people as proven by looking at the busts of generals, statesmen, and others before the 2nd century AD.
        The Latini (a Celtic tribe) invaded Rome around 1000 BC. Gallic tribes and others subsequently invaded. An ancient Roman in the Republic-early Empire days probably didn’t look much different then an Austrian today.
        So, allowing the Germanic tribes to settle Italy would be allowing the same people in that built Rome in the first place. No doubt about it!

  4. Sure, it was a prophetic speech! However, the big problem with Powell’s ‘Rivers of Blood’ is the fact that he didn’t say a single word about the fact that it was British colonialism the major driven force behind the massive inmigation to Britain, and of course he never called to end British imperalism, so its former colonies could develop properly, and stop exporting inmigrants to the Empire’s metropoli. ‘If you broke it, you own it’.

    1. yes, the colonization meant the immigrants from the exactly those countries that moved to the “Mainland”: jamaicans to uk, folks from algeria, senegal etc to france, suriname to netherlands.
      however, I think those countries became worse after they stop being colonies. even so, I prefer that europeans didnt make colonies. I’m very opposed to assimilation
      however this is now ancient history unfortunately, since countries that arent colonizers are full of those economic “refugees”

      1. BAKED
        They fell apart quickly but there were never enough Brits in India to do what Brits did for America or Australia which was to raise the standard of living of an entire nation.
        Also, India had an existing caste system rooted in a 3,000 year old invasion of Russians or Ukrainians or Volga River Slavs they called “Aryans”. English were not keeping India in poverty as much as Hinduism.
        Jamaican blacks were not colonized because the Jamaican natives were all killed by the Spanish. British brought the slaves from Africa and then left the island and it became poor because when Negros run shit that is what happens-as evidence in Detroit or Atlanta.
        Hong Kong was a British colony and the standard of living is about the same as 1997.
        Singapore got its Independence when? Sixties?
        Part of this is black males. They are brutal dictators and their random lusts and general r/K strategy will leave any country from South of Florida to the Nile overpopulated and run by an Idi Amin or a Papa Doc.

        1. Your logic is deeply flawed madman. The Brits only cared to make money for themselves in the Indian Subcontinent and in Africa. They didn’t North America and Australia was basically unpopulated compared to their colonies in Asian and Africa. Which left the land open for British white settlers to take and exploit it exclusively for themselves, thereby increasing the country’s standard of living since no one really lived there before. Also russians didn’t invade India, the whole Aryan myth is shrouded in mystery. Nobody knows for sure who the Aryans really were and whether there was an actual invasion. If there was a migration it was most likely from Iran. Where do you get that India was suffering from poverty before the British invasions? The British literally stole jewels from the Taj Mahal that were placed there for lighting. Yes you heard me right the Taj Mahal was kept lit inside with diamonds and perls.

        2. OMG, the Taj Mahal… do realize that the Taj Mahal represents the colonization of India by the Muslims right?

    2. UK vs US Immigration
      I don’t count Mexicans because that is the Red Man vs White Man conflict that has gone on since the Vikings arrived in Maine and the real illegal immigration problem is Spanish whites dumping their Indians on Non-Spanish whites.
      Irish, Pakistanis, Indians and even voluntary African immigrants do not seem as easily able to form the UK type ghettos or overthrow American cultural values/norms like Britain.
      Pakistanis and other immigrants seem to arrive in the UK with the attitude that they’ll do as much damage as possible.
      In the US too many things are against them-I don’t whether it is the Jewish/WASP over class or raw capitalism or a Police state or the fact that with a gun anybody can blow anybody away or that ghetto blacks out-brutalize any other group (Though Italians and Mexicans gave them a good run for their money).
      But immigrants just assimilate in US culture after one generation.
      Oh the Italian-Americans will always have a mafia and the odd Pakistani or Arab-American will blow shit up and Polish rust belt neighborhoods will produce a Richard “The Iceman” Kuklinski.
      But in general somehow immigrants are assimilated in the US. There is no way that Pakistanis would try to groom whites in the US. Maybe it is harsher cops, or prisons being no hotels in the US or welfare being too skimpy to keep a man fed while he trolls for 11 year old white girls to teach the finer points of sodomy to or just that white men keep guns in their garage.
      But it is not as bad in the United States.
      I don’t speak for “Beaners” of whom the American-born Cholos who’ve been in East Los since Trump’s grandfather was in Germany are the worst-Mestizos are always going to be a problem in the Southwest.
      But immigrants across the oceans?

      1. I’ve worked with many Hispanics… I can confirm that ‘assimilated’ are the worst kind. Illegals, although arrogant by their criminal presence in itself, are far friendly than the children of immigrants, who are arrogant. These little brats get offended that I speak conversational Spanish without an accent.
        I’ve had with this ‘American Exceptionalism.’ They use that abstract phrase to justify anything out of the norm, at first because of the unrivaled greatness of American conquest, but now because of the unparalleled degeneracy that defies logic.
        The good news is these ‘assimilated’ types are being ensnared in all the poz too. So their birthrates are plummeting too.

    3. Uri
      Anglo-Saxons have brought it on themselves. Eastern European countries don’t have this sort of problem because they didn’t colonize any African country in the past. Eastern Europeans don’t have any white guilty either unlike their neighboring country Swedistan .

      1. SUNBURN
        Eastern and Southern Europe are not attractive to Muslims because they are corrupt and second-world themselves-Syrians do not want to be in Sicily or Greece, these are bankrupt second world countries. Eastern Europe is hardly as attractive as Sweden for welfare payments.

      2. Eastern Europeans colonized Siberia and Central Asia. They were the first ones overrun with these invaders from the Steppe for millennia.

      3. “muh because whites colonized places, they deserve it”…oh shut the fuck up. Whites showed up to stone age civilizations and ended up giving most of these failed people a higher quality of life than they would have ever had if not for colonization. For you to say that somehow the colonization of Europe by the savages is anything equal to what happened in the past is laughable at best. All humans were killing and enslaving each other in the past, and still now in many countries. Europe was invaded many times before they finally set out to “conquer” other lands. It was white people who literally created the moral standards that conquering, killing, and enslaving others is bad. If not for whites colonizing Africa than Africans would still live in mudhuts, and the Arab slave trade would still be in full swing. Swedistan didn’t really have any colonies, so your theory doesn’t hold up.

  5. “He was considered the most popular politician of his time after the speech. Fan mail kept flowing to the newspapers with 98% of them supporting him.”
    “Powell was never to be in office again”
    lol Democracy or should I say (((Democracy)))

    1. Democracy… Where you go to the doctor’s office and take a poll in the waiting room on whether or not you have cancer.

  6. Enoch Powell is a controversial and complicated topic. First off, whilst I’d like to think he was genuine, I do have some misgivings in suspecting he may have been controlled opposition for the tribe, setting the stage for whites vs nonwhites conflict whilst the ‘elitists’ sit back and laugh. He surely knew it was the banksters, so why did he not identify who/which group it was? Fear? Or was it because he was controlled?
    Next point is that now that the white man’s food supply and industrial manufacturing capability is offshored, whites are now de facto slaves of the tribe and it is they who have the ‘whip hand’. The most likely way to disaggregate and reduce whites numbers is by a likely economic collapse, not by a race war.
    The third point is that whites do tend to survive even as minorities(see South Africa) and any farm murders going on are because the banker-funded ANC keeps giving technology like satellite jammers to complete losers who then storm the farms. Otherwise, whites would be able to hold their own, no problems. In fact, the biggest killer of whites has been other white people (see WW1 and WW2, the IRA etc) even though the tribe has manipulated such conflicts.
    Lastly, tribe-sponsored feminism has led to the degradation of white women into either sluts or career-whores. Mass abortion of future generations of the white race along with divorce-rape and being poor child-raisers doesn’t help the white race. Civilisation wasn’t built by slatterns at the tavern, it was built by strong communities with family at its very foundation.
    Enoch merely addressed one symptom of a much wider problem. There was no mention of tribe’s ownership of the population’s goods and food supply, nor mention of how the populace had become corrupted by modernised society.

      1. BURNER
        Not quite true, the Huns from Western China killed a great many Slavs and raped the women.
        Look at a Charles Bronson or any other Eastern European. The Asians definitely killed many whites. “Hun” Gary.

    1. jmaloney
      No Jew here but Susan B Anthony came along before the Jews really accrued any influence in the US.
      Jews THEMSELVES are often the victim of their own causes-Civil Rights unleashed black fury on Jewish pawn shops and slum tenements in Neward or Detroit. Today blacks play the “knockout game” on Jews in New York. In Europe French Jews have born the brunt of Sarkozy’s policies.
      A great many of the Jewish-supported policies have been terrible for Jews. Horrible.

    2. I suspect with your comment that you are amongst the very few nonwhites that are terrified by the prospect of white genocide. Not out of the goodness of your heart, but your own survival. You are wise. I think a lot of these misleading polls about the alleged headcount/support for white nationalism and the Alt-Right are from anonymous minorities themselves, who do not want to see the triumph of [email protected], which is concomitant with the influx of their own people – something they escaped the Old Country from to achieve prosperity and basic safety.
      What really bothers me about the white race is how they just deflect. They attack the destruction of the black family with various cuck0ldry semantics instead of addressing the decentralization of the white family. I cannot remember the last time my stern mother told she loved me, while I roll my eyes and grit my teeth when my overly emotional (and estranged father) tells me with tears in his eyes that he loves me. It is like everything is the inversion of normality.
      Although I share your suspicions of the (((elite))), I feel it is a cliché copout to excuse the terror nonwhites regularly impart upon Western Civilization by their mere existence. You are giving latitude for an endless cavalcade of immigration with this pretend unity of lowly whites and nonwhites, which will never exist. You guys benefit from this hostile elite stripping away our birthrate and handing it to you. It is zero-sum. Denying this is deception.

    3. “He surely knew it was the banksters, so why did he not identify who/which group it was? Fear? Or was it because he was controlled?” Uh, because this was Britain right after world war 2 and many British people had “muh Hitler” on their mind still. How do you think a politician would be perceived if they began saying the same things that the enemy your country you just fought against for years said?

    4. “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.” -Marcus Tullius Cicero

  7. Life is all about balance. The whites’ ancestors weren’t protesting the European empires who continued to plunder far off nations for wealth & power. The majority of whites living in Great Britain, France, etc. weren’t loudly protesting for their respective governments to withdraw from the dealings of nations that had no connection or desire to deal with them. No, they enjoyed the spoils of war. Now, as God has deemed it fit, life is balancing itself out. Whites today must pay for the sins of their fathers. This is life & complaining online will change nothing. Tomorrow when you wake up the filthy Muslim horde will continue to propagate in European nations, prolonging their struggle against Christianity that has been waged for several centuries. & the cycle will continue, until your grandchildren will begin to feel how it is to lose. I am not rejoicing in this fact; I merely type this. This cycle was sped up by feminism & socialism & those components will soon run their course. But the cycle is continuing &, as surely as the world spins, it will be completed.

    1. So why does Sweden and other non Colonizer Europeans have to suffer this so called retribution.
      You’re just using a BS talking point so often used by (((chosen ones))) and shitlibs that is effective against cukked bluepill emotionally malleable whites.

      1. Sweden willing chose to because of feminism & socialism, which I already referred to in my previous post. I’m not a liberal & I don’t talk to cucked bluepill emotionally unstable individuals. What Sweden & those other Europeans are doing is the result of consistent, gradual programming from the elite. & you disagree about my argument about the world going in cycles? Can you agree that this present era is not the 1st time humanity has witnessed radical feminism?

        1. “With all this tech, if we have not seen it today, I highly doubt we will see it in our lifetime”
          Lol truly you’re a genius HAHAHAHAHAHAHA God this is the dumbest shit I’ve read on the interwebs this whole week including Korean social media, indeed quite a high bar to clear HAHAHAHAHAHA.
          Now imagine this: Palo Alto, circa 1989:” This computer tech has been around for decades, if by now we still don’t have portable devices integrating phone, computing and entertainment features, I’m sure it cannot happen”.
          Hey dumbo do you have any idea how fast dna tech is progressing ? Do you have the vaguest awareness of how much it cost to sequence a whole human genome in 2005 and how much it does now ?
          Last but not least i broke down the basics of my appearance to you because I’m a bit of a sadist and as I know you guys are basically (understandably) ashamed of the grotesque characteristics of your race, I just wanted to make you angry with envy.
          Christ even if I was a fag I wouldn’t get into bestiality.

        2. AJEOSHI
          Ashenazi Jews and Italians have big dicks as well, so blacks cannot even beat them in that department!

      2. Sweden had overseas colonies. There’s no justification for Barbara Lerner Spectre type views though.

    2. HUEY
      All blacks and Muslims did is bankrupt socialism because your random lusts rooted in the cortex of your brain are r/K programmed to fuck until you have 5 kids.
      Whites as a race will be alright if the money runs out in Sweden but blacks and Muslims will not and Bangladesh or Africa demonstrate the r/K strategy that places your tropical races further near the instinctual level of animals…it is why ALL tropical races and even getting North into Sicily overpopulate to the point that the fiscal budget runs out.

    3. This Ajeoshi fag is triggered & truly sickening, still following my post like a scorned lover. Disgusting hybrid.

      1. What ?? Whattt ??? Whattttt ??? You’re the one who always replied to me first, Motumbo. Christ I knew you guys were primitives but still I assumed your memory span was better than a goldfish.

      2. Indeed! That moron didn’t learn any lessons (Hawaii, Herbivorous etc.) !!

    4. You can laugh about it now, darkie. But you know in the end, it will be YOUR head on a pike when white men decide enough is enough. Remember, WE are tolerating YOU.

      1. Chill cum stain. You’re another weirdo usually on my post. & please tough guy, start the violence & stop mashing away at the keyboard.

        1. @Huey, I am damn sure there is no point in arguing with few “palers or the de-pigmented” !! It’s almost like “feeding the crow” !!

        2. LOL you savage nonwhite shitskins are LIVING in white countries and using WHITE languages (well, attempting to) and using WHITE technology and wearing WHITE clothes. You people are hopelessly clueless. You have been beaten too many times by me to fight back. Very wise. Your ancestors were under my boot as well.

        3. Hey Pajeet, the worthless lifetime incel… ya gonna actually address me? You shit-skin street-shitters are lower than blacks in the eyes of white women. Pretty sad. You weirdos started talking to me in one of the rare times I went to a strip club. WEIRD. Stick to drinking water without ice cubes and worshiping your 10 gods of plastic, stone and wind or whatever it is you fungible flophouse skinflints do.

        4. Clueless of what cum stain? I know what country I’m from. I’m not a disgusting hybrid like your Aje boyfriend, I’m 100% African. & my country would actually be doing fine, if it wasn’t for the Muslim horde that plagues it that was sponsored into power by the rotten British & Russian meddlers. Although I do live in America, I’m good here or there. This Weimar chimp is trash, straight basic. Lowlifes like you like to claim the achievements of successful white historic figures as if you played a part in contributing to the technology. I call you the Robert Horrys of your race; you claim the spoils just due to the pure accident of being born white. You individually are worthless, don’t forget. You can come online & plug into the Matrix but you’re shit. Under who’s boot you bitch? You don’t do well in conflict; don’t take credit for the white conquerors’ achievements. & don’t forget that the victories of Whites in this world come from sheer trickery, disgrace, & shame. If the Native Americans didn’t show pity to the disgusting Pilgrims on the American shores there would be no USA. If my ancestors didn’t find pity on your disgusting European ancestors on the African beaches & teach them how to use herbs to fight off malaria, etc. there would be a vastly different present. If the Arab conquerors throughout Europe didn’t find it necessary to teach your chimp ancestors in the Dark Ages you wouldn’t know sht. I could go on cum stain but it’s pointless. Continue to be Robert Horry cum stain & be happy you’re on the winning team

        5. Ahaha WE WUZ KANGZ. I just knew it wouldn’t be long before you referenced the Native Americans. Ha as if they actually liked blacks. You are not an Egyptian you pathetic beta black. If whites are so terrible, then why are you living in our country? Why can’t you go back and be a kang? Why can’t any of you? Yes I will take credit for my ancestors, you jealous black beta. Why? Because I take blame against my will for their alleged crimes, just as you take credit for their alleged victimology. Get over it, crybaby.

  8. I only see the ‘rivers of blood’ coming true en masse for the population if we have 30 years of uninterrupted mass unregulated immigration along with continued white decline. Its unlikely the game is going to last that long. On the other side of the coin, if the economy catastrophically collapsed tomorrow, whilst you might see some gangs based on race, it would more likely be ‘every man for himself’ and people would not necessarily divide amongst racial lines.
    The reality is somewhere in-between. We currently live in a society in decline/collapse, and are currently in the ‘slow phase’. There will be a ‘fast phase’ lasting a few years to a couple of decades, where we see a massive drop in GDP/resources-per-head and thus a population crash; but when this will happen is up to the tribe yanking our chains. I have to say though, it must be soon, because looking at how weak whites’ position has become it looks untenable.
    Either way, if there is a fast crash or a slow decline, I don’t see many whites surviving that. Especially for males, masculinity has been replaced by being a 6′ 5′ stud or is a measure of how many girls he has slept with over the past month. The true basis of masculinity is the ability to withstand oppressive governments IMHO. And before people say that ‘guns’ are the answer to oppressive governments, let me remind you that the United States has the most privately owned firearms and yet is the biggest shill for the tribe both within and outside the Middle East. The tax-paying citizens over the last few generations (who are not of the tribe) also have a lot to answer for. Although at this point, any western middle class person of any racial, ethnic or religious origin is to blame for being tax-cattle to evil bankers and their brethren.

    1. jmaloney
      Agree, white people’s public funds will run out in the UK or Los Angeles and minority orphans will run around like stray dogs as I have seen in tropical countries.
      Long, long before rivers of blood the money will run out for welfare.
      Do the math-whites hold jobs and pay for minorities to have babies and be on welfare and don’t reproduce=no taxpayer equals no money.
      Also, minorities cannot live in rural environments.
      How long would the average Paki last with a tent and a rifle and a compass in North Wales? One day?

      1. I’m more concerned with how the entire white economy is based on fiat run by evil bankers. Whites may hold service sector jobs, but produce nothing of significance any more with regards to food and basic industrial products – that has all been offshored. Thus any significant economic crash will effectively end whites given two decades.
        Even rural environments are dependent on our petrochemical-based economy – the rugged white man is a complete rarity and may as well be a work of fiction in certain countries.
        The future will belong to whomever holds the food supply. I would naturally then say the tribe would win out were it not for the fact that they will fall by various means. As such, it is incumbent that people of all races(including whites) are able to recognise and follow instruction from real leaders. Anyone who cannot will die out. As such, I don’t think your analogy about rural environments holds in that most modern whites also cannot hack it out in a rural environment and more importantly, it is important for the white man, the Paki; and whomever else, to follow a real leader when the time comes. This will be the most important component in their continued survival.

        1. See, right there. I see the hatred in your post of white men despite your existential dependency upon him. There is no such thing as female or nonwhite individualism. It is entirely a white concept, as is capitalism and democracy.
          Regardless of your doomsday analysis of white men, you are still willing to risk your well-being living amongst us than your own people. That speaks volumes.
          White flight was not meant to be a permanent fixture of white society because whites are not meant to be nomadic or semi-nomadic. It was purely to evade the invasion of nonwhite savages into our urban palaces. Whites created these suburban bedroom utopias as a temporary means to outlast diversity. But now the cracks are emerging in the form of drug abuse, suicide, miscegenation and other anti-natal lifestyles. Pretty dire, but we still outlive your average lifespan of violence and premature ‘natural causes.’
          Because in the end, diversity will eat itself in internecine conflict before whites die out, much to your chagrin. Your inflated birthrates have one direction to go without our charity.

      2. Lmao how long would the average incel last with a tent, a rifle and a compass?
        And anyway, what’s your obsession with white women who choose to marry non white men?
        You can’t expect all white women to only ever date and marry within their own race. That’s ridiculous. People are sometimes attracted to people ootside their race. Its totally normal and I can see that a lot of white men on this site prefer East Asians, Latinas and others to whites women, which is also totally normal.
        And at the end of the day, the majority of white British women here in the UK prefer White British men for long term relationships, so what you’re saying is not only senseless but also very inaccurate.

    2. Gangs have always been based on race. So have tribes and organizations and clubs and religions. It’s only recently (~75 years) that we’ve seen that change, and that is like a blip on the timeline of human history. If you give people the chance to choose for themselves they will ALWAYS prefer to be others who are most like themselves. Christ….other races even SMELL different, as we smell different to them. And that is how it should be.
      When I see a beautiful white family it makes me happy. I like to listen to white music. I like white art and architecture and legends and fashion. I’m a white man and it is pleasant to me to see the things that we have created. I find white women to be the most beautiful creatures on the planet. And here’s the beautiful thing: other races feel the same about themselves. And it should be that way. We’ve tried this disgusting and absurd Tower of Babel experiment for a few generations and it’s already coming apart at the seams. America and Europe are currently in the longest period of peace and stability that they’ve ever seen and we’re STILL seeing it fall apart. A catastrophe of any significance whatsoever – like the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918 or a period of continued cooling like the Little Ice Age – would see the whole thing fly apart.
      And finally this bit: “The true basis of masculinity is the ability to withstand oppressive governments IMHO.” is pure libertarian bullshit. Men have lived under oppressive governments since the beginning of time. Government has ALWAYS been oppressive and always will be. The Spartans are generally considered the most badass and patriarchal society to have ever existed in Western culture and their government was thoroughly totalitarian. What we need is not some faggy touchy-feely libertarianism but a return to ethnic nationalism. That’s what ran this country and all of Europe during it’s apogee and it’s not a coincidence. Everything else is so weak that as soon as it faces a threat it falls apart.

      1. I don’t consider myself libertarian and am not interested in being put into a category/box. That being said, I think
        (1) whites need a leader who is wise and understands the fallacy of economics, as well as the need for resources to be based locally, amongst a variety of topics
        (2) such a leader has been effectively erased from the gene pool over the last 100-150 years
        (3) even if such a leader were to present themselves, it is questionable whether the vast majority of the population would be able to follow (his) instruction.
        WN is used by the tribe for divide and conquer. There are no real leaders for WN.
        If a leader does present themselves to whites/all races in future(one that is not selected by the tribe), whites must subordinate themselves to the leader’s goals. Without this, failure will ensue.
        Trends like current white fashion are dictated by the tribe. That’s not really ‘white’ fashion.
        Also, our history has been subverted as well and is not correctly recorded. Using so called historical examples from ancient times is not going to sway my mind as I do not consider the spartans ‘badass’.
        I disagree with what you have said in your comment. I’m sure in future the most successful leaders will span racial lines, for a variety of reasons. Whites can become successful within such an environment. I don’t think WN has a future because it is funded by the tribe(for divide-and-conquer) and WN ignores the fact that whites are dependent upon nonwhites in foreign lands for food and basic products. It would take decades for these industries to return and we don’t have that kind of time. A leader (white) needs a sound political, economic and military basis for his rise. The tribe owns these things and is too self-destructive to collapse the current edifice and successfully build a new one on top. They also work as a hive mind and lack real leaders IMHO so cannot self-perpetuate.
        I see whites going down in the west, and non-whites in the west will follow them. The bankers and their brethren will also fall, but not without causing a lot of damage. The few whites that make it will inevitably band together/make pacts with nonwhites for mutual advantage.

        1. So if I’m reading you correctly you think that a future will necessarily involve politics and white interests spanning racial lines. And that Jews have been responsible for abrogating and corrupting Western culture. You can think all that. There’s nothing keeping you from doing so. For my part I’m looking at all of recorded history as my template for how things are likely to happen. Human cultures have always fallen along ethnic lines. They just always have. And when things get bad (as we both know they will) then based on what history has shown us people will shake out along those lines.
          The current system is unsustainable and doomed to fail; I think that you and I both agree on that. I just don’t think that human nature has changed fundamentally in the last generation or so. If I can say this without coming across as dismissive (I’m not trying to be that way) it strikes me as narcissistic to think that we are so different from the men and women who lived 100 or 500 or 1,000 years ago.
          But you made some interesting points and it’s obvious you’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this.

        2. There it is again. I just knew your real agenda would shine. You are against white nationalism, while being for nonwhite nationalism. THAT is why you people exist. You are fearful of a woke white tribe. We can’t even have nationalism in our own countries while you savages can have your own interest groups in our countries that shame OUR OWN FRIENDS, FAMILIES AND EMPLOYERS FROM US. This is why I will NEVER trust ANY of you. You are DEVIOUS. We can’t take our eyes off you, lest you stab us in the back and rape our daughters. The nonwhite is worse than the tribe because he poses the most immediate threat. You are officially on watch, boy.

  9. Despite that ‘White Nationalism’ in the vast majority of countries has been subverted by the tribe’s paid agents, I honestly have to wonder ‘who’ WN is meant to save?
    There is no hope in ‘saving’ 99%+ of whites who are born in this ‘matrix’-esque system and thus do not know any better. If they are not tax-slaves to evil, then they are destroying their own societies via letting such evil people run amok for so long, not to mention self-destroying acts of mass abortion and mass promiscuity. Such people are largely done for and we would have to start from scratch with a new ‘batch’ of uncorrupted white people(who don’t exist in large numbers).
    The sad fact of the matter is that whether we have a slow decline or a fast crash, most whites aren’t going to make it. Worse still, they are enslaved to evil, turning a blind eye whilst their evil masters start wars in foreign countries and do mass unregulated immigration at home. Do such a people deserve to survive? Surely, the current immigrants will go down with the white man(and eventually I argue the banksters too), but the white man will see the biggest loss of power and prestige that threatens his very survival.
    When I walk down the street in my current ‘whitopia’ society of brainwashed Scotland, I cannot help but think that everything that I see is wrong and that white people are literally killing themselves via their unsustainable lifestyles and attitudes. Yes, the tribe is the biggest problem(say like 55%), but next to that, modern western ideals and lifestyles embodied by the population is the other 45% of the problem. Heck, I even blame members of my own family for this continued and upcoming demise. The only change that I can do is from within – there are few people left awake to make a difference IMHO.
    If there was one white person left who embodied true conservative ideals of the 1850s, that one person would be worth 1000 of the white people that are alive today. Modern whites are past saving en masse and I truly believe they are not going to make it, whatever happens.

    1. Hang in their buddy, we’re going to be okay. Just don’t take anything for granted – prepare for what’s coming as if your life depends on it, and be thankful you were one of the lucky few who woke up in time to see it coming.
      The future is ours.

    2. You have said you are a minority right? You said pretty gleeful about the hypothetical demise of whites. Keep dreaming. There are enough of us dispersed and hidden in the hills to outlast any of this poz for millennia.

  10. I’m black british guy and I agree 100 with everything Powell said. But it’s not like I’m going to live in Africa. I have been to 20 countries and blacks we don’t have it that bad in white countries. You would have to give me at least 18 million pounds to give up my British citizenship.

    1. The first generation born in a Jamaican slum feel that way, though a Brixton neighborhood in Electric Avenue Eddie Grant days when the first generation of Jamaicans arrived was not that great.
      It is the second or third generation that no longer has that perspective-though you do.
      The opposite is sort of true of white immigrants. The first generation of Irish or Italians to New York are regarded-and so were Jews-as violent congenital criminals beyond salvation, the second generation a bit better and now nobody remembers when Jews were street criminals like the “Krays”.

    2. You won’t be allowed to remain in White countries because you have absolutely no respect or gratitude for your generous hosts, and you are incapable of keeping your hands to yourselves. Not to mention that you contribute nothing except crime, decay, stupidity, violence, sadism, indecency, and regression.
      The “rivers of blood” will be flowing inside of a decade. Might want to give Africa a second look.

      1. RON
        True of the UK but in the US whites only have to move 40 miles as they did in Atlanta or Detroit and the genocide starts without laying a finger on a black.
        Once the white tax money leaves a city it looks like Detroit.
        Moreover there is a “brain drain” as the intelligent blacks leave (10% or so) and then the black population center REALLY collapses.
        The UK is smaller, has a centralized government and less space so whites cannot GET AWAY from the blacks. France has more and indeed once white Parisians pulled a bunk the suburbs looked like North Africa.

      2. RON
        “Won’t be allowed”
        No way to get rid of them, sadly. It will be white men that leave.
        Especially the wealthy ones.
        You’d be surprised how fast white flight occurs. In my lifetime there were a million whites living in Detroit. Now there are almost none. As a result it went from looking like Chicago-watch the original Beverly Hills Cop-to looking like Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.
        Whites, ultimately, leave. They’ll leave California and it will look like Tijuana. They’ll leave various US cities that then look like Haiti.

      3. I can’t wait to sharpen our scythes and chase these evil cockroaches back to wherever they came from. No other people have had to tolerate an enemy so hostile, so unproductive on their own doorstep as whites have. I am sick of it. They have even brainwashed our own women against us. We aren’t the problem. It’s them. I feel like I’m standing under the heavy breath of a bull every time I am around these people. They are allowed to express their hatred for us, while we can’t even protest it without being the bad guy. The only good news is everybody (literally everybody) knows how much more dominant we are, so it is just a matter of when we stop tolerating their bullshit and put them back where they belong – under our boots. They are all fearful of our eventual retribution. It’s pretty funny actually. How are we the betas again?

        1. Weimar, how are we “dominant” when “we can’t even protest without being the bad guy”?

        2. Because of the fear we instill by merely the prospect of our hypothetical assembly and the free expression of our actual beliefs. They know that if this woke white attitude is allowed to breath, it will spread like wildfire to all areas of white society. Whites occupy all areas of this country, while nonwhites do not. Therefore we have them surrounded. They are terrified of encirclement, which is they must constantly attack us with overhang of ‘guilt’ to keep us fractured.

        3. The guys I work with won’t even jaywalk, let alone rebel against the system. They just want to keep their jobs with pensions and keep the IRS off their backs.

        4. You’re thinking too myopically. You don’t have to set off a car bomb to rebel. By merely not getting married or buying a house, you are rebelling because YOU AS A WHITE MALE are expected to do that. It creates wealth and taxes. Nonwhites are NOT expected to do that.

      4. That will never happen. There will be no civil war. Muslims are breeding you out why will they be civil war. The alt right is controlled opposition its full of homosexuals and Jews there is no political solution to white genocide

    3. And why is that? Why can’t any of you just tell the truth for once? ADMIT that your people are such danger in any amount that they represent a national emergency.

    1. I got used to JIDF posing as WN and black guys etc trying to create racial divides etc etc. This site is heavily regulated and half my posts don’t make it through. Same with youtube. I know they regulate these sites and I used to read the comments till they started deleting the really good ones and having trolls come on pretending to be of various different persuasions.
      You’ll find little truth on the internet IMHO – at a certain point it is meant to dictate the limits of debate and the borders of what one is ‘supposed’ to think.
      I see ‘pseudo white man no.1’ sending white man no.2(true whites aka anglo-saxons, nordics etc) down in terms of numbers and prestige via an economic crash. The westernised nonwhites will go down alongside true whites. At this point after rubbing their hands with glee, the bankers and their brethren will shortly get sent down afterwards. This future is inevitable and we are too far along the path to be able to alter course.

  11. If merry ol’ England, so to speak, is to regain herself, the Thames must run red. There can be no other outcome, at this point.

  12. Native British? Lol I think the Britons of Cornwall beg to differ on including the german anglo-saxons and the viking danes as native british. But to the main point. The problem with British immigration is that they imported too many muslim migrants. Every other group like the sikhs and hindus basically adapted to the british culture except the muslims who prefer to stay within their little enclaves. Usually these same muslims have a more conservative and militant ideal of Islam than their own brethren back in their home country. They’re usually the ones funding terrorism in their country of origins and the British isles. You have to keep in mind that Islam is a very hostile religion, and anyone who doesn’t follow Islam is essentially their enemy. Which is why muslims have problems with other religions in basically every host country they’re in. You don’t see jews, christians, and sikhs starting trouble elsewhere.

  13. He was just another so called patriot who was all talk and no action. These kinds were are a dime a dozen in the Western World.

    1. Poems are for girls, apart from Jabberwocky.
      This is a men’s forum, back to Jezebel to post your ‘poem’ nonsense.

      1. JOHN
        Alot of these guys are teenagers and unemployed post-adolescent Trolls like the Brit who pretends he is American etc. I suspect a most are young males simply trying to get a laugh.
        This is to be expected except that display the pathetic nature of Gen Y-to be expected when their MOM broke up the marriage fucking a black guy in their house and all the other shit they witnessed when society totally broke in the Blair/Clinton era.
        “I cannot stop wanking to porn”
        What grown man does that? I mean these Gen Y are comically post-adolescent.
        These poor assholes are just reflective of the era they were born (90’s, late 80’s) and grew up in (2000’s) and came of age in-now.
        So when they spout nursery poems at 25 you cannot be surprised.
        I mean they still live at home and wank to porn all day.

  14. Libtards a such drooling idiots. It was obvious 50 years ago that Enoch Powell was right. He merely stated a simple and obvious truth drawn from even the most cursory glance at history. Homogeneity is our strength. Heterogeneity (diversity!) is always a terrible debility. Everybody who heard the speech knew he was right at the time. Everybody who’s heard the speech since then knew in their hearts that he was right.. But libtards, being the moronic, virtue-signaling fucksticks that they are, could only clutch their pearls and feign moral outrage. Lawdy how I do hate them all. I should add that the fact that multiethnic societies ultimately tear themselves apart is acknowledged throughout academia. See this prophetic article from The Atlantic published in 2002. Human beings are profoundly social creatures. Individuals can only exist and can only be properly understood in the context of their race and culture. Only a fool could think otherwise.

  15. “Some of them actually integrated enough to accept the local culture to the extent…”
    What kind of local “culture” you are talking about, dumber !?
    =pussies sleeping with ‘n’ number of MEN in the name of “dating” !?
    =MEN pedestal pussies and behaving as “pussy maniacs” !?
    =pussies roaming in spandex “yoga” pants & showing of their undies !?
    =pussies not having any Respect towards MEN & MASCULINITY !?
    =pussies dyeing their hair in variety of “colors” and piercings !?
    =Local people cheating the Welfare system & evading Tax !?
    =Going to Clubs and drinking alcohol !?
    =pussies divorce raping & falsely accusing MEN !?
    =Not taking care of Parents/Elders !?
    =Going to so called “third world shithole” Countries to fuck pussies !?
    =Relentlessly blaming other people for all the mess which you are responsible for !?
    =Pot smoking & doing drugs !?
    =Making movies that somehow want to show the otherwise weak & inferior pussies as superior to MALES !?
    Is this (and many more, doesn’t even want to mention !!) the “local culture” you expect others to “integrate” into !?, dumber !!
    Now don’t tell me about UK is this or that (especially about “culture”), lol !! I lived and worked in the UK for 4+ years (Slough, London, Milton Keynes etc.) and although I had every opportunity & qualifications, I never tried to get a “Permanent Residency” (similar to GC). PR was far more easier & flexible when compared to GC. Same the case in here. I will never apply for citizenship in this Country. I (and many more like me) have my own reasons, but not because of hate or something.

    1. If you don’t believe in the freedom and opportunities offered by western countries, you shouldn’t come here.
      No offence but if the culture back home is so much better in every way, why go anywhere else?

  16. Not a chance. He wants access to white women, just like they all do, because their own women don’t want them.

    1. Haha the guys who come fresh from first world countries usually aren’t liked by women from their own countries who are born and raised here, let alone actual white European or American women.
      The only time you will see a white European/American woman with a man born and raised in a third world country with a totally different culture is if the man is very affluent.
      Which is why you see all the Indian guys born and raised in India who come here as immigrants complaining that local women don’t like them.

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