A Final Blow To American Education

Through a strange accident of timing, I was mostly educated by a generation of old-guard teachers on the verge of retirement. Starting in about the eighth grade, it seemed like two or three threw in the towel at the end of every year, having put in their 25 or 30 years. In other words, I was the last student for an uncanny number of teachers. I’m pretty young, but being schooled by a series of old-timers imparted an old-soul sensibility that still gets pointed out to me regularly.


Naturally, these teachers ran their classrooms in the old-school ways. My math teacher, a crusty frog- man with old-man spots, claimed to have fought in the Korean War—which was not thoroughly implausible. He’d actually retired and returned to teaching, since he had nothing else to do. When we asked him what good trigonometry would be in “the real world,” he claimed he’d used it to fire volleys into the enemy camp. When he’d catch us taking notes on basic concepts he say, “This is why this generation is so stupid.” If students seemed to be spacing out or dozing off, he throw pencil erasers at them or squirt them with a spray bottle, while hurling verbal abuse at the whole class.

Our woodshop teacher, a frustrated, angry dude with a heavy Southern accent, would facepalm (before that term was in wide use) every time a student did something he deemed to be dumb. He would take it upon himself to throw the brick of reality into our ninth-grade faces. When this gigantic fat kid refused to do his projects, he called him out in front of everyone.

Teacher: Tyrell, what do you think you’re going to do with your life, since you never do your work?

Fat Kid: I’m going to play professional football.

Teacher: Professional football players are fast—even the big ones. I’ll tell you what: I’m 62 years old. You’re 14 or 15. Let’s go outside and race. If you win, I’ll give you an automatic A in the class. If you don’t, you have accept that you’ll probably never make it onto a top college team, never mind the NFL.

The kid started crying. We didn’t say fucking shit.

The hallways were no different. Every time you heard “young man!” behind you, you knew you were in for some trouble. One time, I made the mistake of spitting in one of the (outdoor) hallways on the way to class. Almost instantly, I heard the trademark call of Mr. Pritchard, the school disciplinarian:

Pritchard: Young man!

Me: Yes? [with attitude]

Pritchard: I’m going to need you to pick that up.

Me: How do you expect me to pick that shit up? [with more attitude]

At the sound of the S-word, Pritchard grabbed my punk-ass by the shirt, two-handed, and slammed me against the lockers directly behind me, painfully jamming the lock mechanism into my back. Somehow, it suddenly occurred to me that I could use the paper towel in my backpack to wipe it up, which I promptly did while apologizing.

Nowadays, any one of these acts would get a teacher fired, maybe indicted. But, at my school, a complaint would have had you laughed out of the office. And, no one thought to complain. Parents, teachers, administrators, and students all had an understanding that this is how you operated a school effectively. The old-timers ran a tight operation and had the freedom (and, more importantly, the power) to teach and discipline us. My experience was a little anachronistic, because so many of my teachers were old, but this was just the norm in very recent history.

Times have changed.

This week, a cell-phone video taken in a Duncanville, Texas classroom made the rounds on the Internet. In it, Jeff Bliss—a long-haired stoner who looks like one of the ancillary bullies from the Simpsons—directs a tirade at his teacher after having been asked to leave the room. In the 87-second video, the former drop-out criticizes his teacher’s pedagogical technique, calling for her to “touch [her students’] hearts” instead of just handing them “freakin’ packets.”

You’d think that this rather ordinary event would go unnoticed. Instead, the video went viral. Even more surprisingly, the kid was showered with praise for his “courage” and “intelligence.” He appeared on the local news and was celebrated in a variety of online outlets. The teacher was held up as the paragon of everything that’s wrong with today’s education system: lazy, uncommitted, and incompetent. She was placed on administrative leave by the school’s principal in direct response to the reaction to the video.


But neither of them deserved what they got.

This pot-head slacker certainly deserves no praise. Defiantly parroting a few tired, heartwarming platitudes from a Robin Williams movie isn’t courage, it’s disruptive—and ridiculous. It isn’t the teacher’s responsibility to captivate you with her creative teaching style, or blow you away with some creative illustration of how amazing the subject-matter is—like in some Hollywood movie–just so that you’ll sit still in your chair. Being an 18-year-old man still in the tenth grade also evaporates any credibility you have in speaking on matters of learning and education. Furthermore, no one is talking about why Bliss was kicked out of the classroom in the first place. He’s likely displayed this pattern of disruptiveness, for which he clearly accepts no accountability. It’s always someone else’s fault.

Julie Phung, the teacher, is also receiving undue blame. Even if the claims are true, what else do you expect from teachers nowadays? There’s little incentive to do anything but the minimum, never mind scintillating daily presentations to keep the easily distractable engaged for an extra 10 minutes. The hours are long (contrary to popular belief) and the attitudes, nuisances, and outright risks you have to put with increase with every year. You’re constantly attacked from all sides: the increasingly degenerate students, shitty (or entitled) parents, the principal, society at-large.

Not only that, you’re also a paper tiger with little power to maintain order or stand up for yourself—a fact the students are keenly aware of. Even if a kid punches you in the face, you run the risk of major legal troubles—never mind jeopardizing your livelihood—for so much as restraining them. If Ms. Phung can be placed on leave for not “touching kids’ hearts” enough, what do you think a slam against some lockers would get you? All of this for a job that pays shit–a salary so low that it’s not going to attract the best and the brightest, and hasn’t for years. Frankly, we should be thankful anyone is willing to do that job.


American education is in irretrievable decline for a laundry list of reasons: the willful de-funding of it, the decline of competent parenting, shrinking attention spans, large class-sizes, the criminalization of teacher-imposed discipline, the removal of trades (shop classes) from curriculum offerings, the McDonaldization effect created by mandatory standardized testing. The list goes on.

Teachers have been rendered into little more than a cross between babysitter and probation officer. We have to face the fact that the teaching profession, as we knew it, no longer exists. To blame teachers for systemic problems is not only unfair, it’s easy.

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197 thoughts on “A Final Blow To American Education”

  1. There’s a lot of truth in this piece. But as I consider the individual sovereign, I’ll never hand over respect to any “authority” that isn’t earned. A teacher threatened to kick my a$$ when I was ten and the only thing it got me was more contempt for them.
    But the greater point that the education system is a mess I certainly agree with. Get rid of public education – waste of taxpayer money.

    1. Individuals are sovereign — within certain limits. A 6-year old does not have the sovereignty to drive a car on the freeway, a 19-year old felon does not have the sovereignty to walk out of his prison sentence, and a punk highschooler may need to have their ass kicked (literally or figuratively) occasionally.

      1. Everyone has sovereignty. If a 6-year-old really wanted to he could find a way to drive a car on the freeway. It’s happened. Likewise a prisoner can escape if he plans well enough. Consequences for actions are a different story. Opinions of others will differ over what a punk highschooler “needs.”

    2. Individuals are sovereign — within certain limits. A 6-year old does not have the sovereignty to drive a car on the freeway, a 19-year old felon does not have the sovereignty to walk out of his prison sentence, and a punk highschooler may need to have their ass kicked (literally or figuratively) occasionally.

  2. This is an intelligent piece and I agree on many if not all parts. A great contribution especially when compared to the mysogynist whiny rants of late. Gotta say this too, it’s pretty pathetic to block my comments on fb just cuz I criticized the quality of recent posts. I thought this was a freedom loving conservative page 😀 USA, USA, USA! We’re number one brah!

    1. This has been the best piece all week. Mostly because it wasn’t titled “7 reasons american education sucks”. The Cracked list format is pretty much a “Skip this post” suggestion.

  3. This is an intelligent piece and I agree on many if not all parts. A great contribution especially when compared to the mysogynist whiny rants of late. Gotta say this too, it’s pretty pathetic to block my comments on fb just cuz I criticized the quality of recent posts. I thought this was a freedom loving conservative page 😀 USA, USA, USA! We’re number one brah!

  4. Your article is spot on in the sense that teachers lost their authority, meaning they can’t do their job properly. The guy complaining has a point, though. The education you get at schools is laughable and you could do most of it using the Internet.
    Teachers should able to inspire you or at the very least motivate you. If you can’t or won’t do that, you shouldn’t be a teacher. Education is one of the most important things there are so it should be done by people who can and want to do it. Not by people who just want a lot of vacation.
    PS: I’m pretty sure the student was just being a self-righteous moron quoting some famous lines, like you said.

    1. Do you think your boss at work is supposed to inspire and motivate you? You kids(and adults) better get used to this and learn to inspire and motivate yourselves because this is your responsibility, not anyone else’s. Most people are not inspiring and motivational in any field of endeavor.
      The stoner student should have been beaten into a pulp and would have in 1963 or earlier as he should have and should now and should in the future, but this is not happening now. Teachers used to be able to motivate students if not inspire them because they could smack students around the classroom. With that gone, what can teachers do?

      1. I should add that it’s not only American Education. Take a look at that picture contrasting American education between 1961 and 2011 as it is worth more than a 1000 words. Simply stated the people (on average) who should be beaten figuratively or literally are not today as they were in the past, and the people (on average)who should not be beaten figuratively or literally are being beaten today unlike the past. Then we wonder why we have a screwed up world, don’t we?

      2. I respect your opinion but…
        Sadly Teachers are not bosses. They are in a nurturing role believe it or not, because they have to stimulate and impart knowledge.
        Bosses at companies don’t have to do that. You are already expected to have the skills and knowledge to do your job. However, in a leadership role, if you are a shitty boss this can and will affect the staff under your charge in many ways. They don’t have to be inspiring because that is somewhat varied. But motivating your staff is something that they should be able to do. Unless simply firing everyone who does not comply 100% is feasible. Would you fire subordinates that do superior work that makes you look like a god to your superiors, but are occasionally a problem? No, you motivate them to do what you need them to do. You take care of your people.
        Should bosses smack employees then? Apples and Oranges.
        Yes teachers should motivate an inspire students. You can do this without corporal punishment. You can’t save them all (students) from a life of mediocrity either. Seeing as how teaching jobs are competitive. Many of them are “supposed” to be the best and the brightest from their college years. Model students with good grades. Which is ideal for education. Why respect them otherwise?

        1. The kids need to learn sooner or later that no one wants to hear nor cares about your problems. Yes, this should be done later. Early Education students(pre-school and kindergarten) need inspirational teachers who are most nurturing of all, and the truth can not be revealed to them in even small doses because they are too young. Elementary School students need to get the truth in small doses as they are older and can handle more. Middle-school students can handle a lot more. High-School students like the stoner need to hear it all because they are too close to being adults. Is it better to have inspirational nurturing teachers if the students are disciplined and try hard? Yes, it is. However ask yourself, did we have better students by any metric you want to measure be it behavior or academic performance in 1961 or 2011? You know the answer. Hint: it was 1961 when students could be corporally punished. .

      3. Have you never had a good teacher? Someone who obviously loved teaching his subject? Teaching is a skill in itself and I think it’s not too much to ask for a teacher to be al least somewhat proficient at it.
        I’ve had a history teacher who just gave us the textbooks and let us answer the accompanied questions by ourself and I’ve had a history teacher who loved the job and actually told us about the stories in question. With the former teacher I barely passed and with the latter one I got high grades without almost any studying. Note that the material was just as easy in both instances.
        If your argument is that I shouldn’t expect such standards then school really isn’t any better than just learning stuff of the Internet.

        1. You make good points, incompetent teachers don’t do anyone any benefit. However, the point is that the passionate, instructive teacher will always be a rarity, especially when teachers are increasingly tasked with jobs they shouldn’t have to be worrying about (baby-sitting and trying to control a class while being denied the means to do so) and having a gaggle of egotistical parents breathe down their neck every year.
          But you’re right, in many cases school isn’t any better than learning over the internet…so it begs the question, why don’t we reduce classes, thereby increasing bright students’ access to good teachers and reducing wasteful spending? We’re spreading ourselves too thin: good students are often clumped in with those who couldn’t care less about the subject matter, and good teachers are few and far between. Kids who aren’t into history (for example) shouldn’t take up the resources that could be focused on kids who are, especially not for the sake of appearances.

        2. Thanks, though it’s more likely they’d force-feed me organic quinoa as punishment for my thought crime.

        3. Learning has more to do with the students abilities and wants than the teachers desire to teach. Sure we all want better teachers. Teachers should try to be better, but so should students. Students need to learn that the world does not revolve around them like they did in 1963 but not 2013. Students of 2013 think the world owes them something and that the world revolves around them, and it does not. Then they wonder why they are useless adults, don’t they?

  5. It should not escape notice that the decline of school system tracks with the decline of the nuclear family.
    Thanks again, feminism.

    1. nah homie Feminism’s got nothing to do with it. Laziness and inflated self importance.

      1. Feminism is part of it when you factor in how some girls would behave in front of a male teacher.
        I speak from experience. When I was subbing years ago, I had to visit the principal’s office for commenting on a girls pendant because it reminded me of a family heirloom and I was just making conversation.
        The reason for the visit? Because I was looking at the girl’s chest and that made her “feel uncomfortable.” Sound familiar?

    2. The family declined because men rejected the notion of God.
      Thanks again, atheism.

      1. Rejecting God does not imply a rejection of family roles. The pagans still had man and woman marriages/family structures, well before Christianity existed in the state it does.

        1. John 4:22
          Pagans worshiped a god they didn’t know…Christianity told them what that God is.
          I should clarify…the family declined when men rejected their sense of authority. Some of this was brought on by atheism and some of it feminism.
          Atheists say they don’t believe in any god. They actually do when they believe in an authority structure…they just don’t realize that comes from God. Government, family, master-servant are all actually good things that have been corrupted by women and manginas.
          The masculine authority atheists I get along with…the feminine authority atheists I ignore.

        2. Did not pagans overindulge on child sacrifices to the gods Baal and Baalam?

        3. Another set of unsubstantiated fucking facts from a fucking moron. When exactly? Huh? Tell me which “Great” war was led by Athiests. Go on. Tell me.

        4. In other words: I, bundy, have been owned. I can’t deny the wrongs of the religion I hold so dear, so I will try and insult the person who pointed out my own self-delusion.

        5. Atheism isn’t a religion, dumbass. Wow, you’re stupid. Try again. No, wait, don’t, this is getting too sad.

        6. In other words….I The Dude…who allegedly has a high I.Q…who does not understand reasoning, logic, history, philosophy…especially when he swears in believing it strengthens his ‘arguments’…in caps locks…showing crippling signs of autism…has not known the touch of a woman…but knows the touch of the male members of his family…

      2. You have to believe in some kind of imaginary sky-being to have an intact family or to recognize the importance of family? Doesn’t follow.

        1. It’ll give you the best frame of reference on how to be a man.
          Lead with authority…put up with the fact a bunch of people below you will try to rip that authority from you with everything they got.

        2. Atheist run Communist societies for 100 years have the total death count of 100 million deaths. No religious war in written history can go near that number…and it had centuries head start! I prefer the “imaginary sky-being” to the Void anytime!
          In fact, the statistical analysis will show that the 58 percent chance an atheist leader will order the deaths of more than 20,000 people is much greater than the 16 percent probability that a lifetime habit of smoking cigarettes will cause lung cancer.
          Child sacrifice returned by the way…we don’t sacrifice to Baal, but we sacrifice to a woman’s “right” to kill her baby because of ‘convenience’…America is done…because of the injections of nihilism.

        3. Are you fucking kidding me?
          I know exactly what you’re talking about, how Mao and Stalin killed masses of their own people during their respective purges. Furthermore, they imposed atheism as the official “religion” of the state. Like an idiot, you decided to jump to the conclusion that atheism was directly responsible for killing millions of people.
          Never mind the FACT that Mao and Stalin were part of a totalitarian regime. Never mind the FACT that Mao and Stalin wanted complete and utter control of the population. Never mind the FACT that these individuals were psychopaths completely obsessed with power. Religion was an obstacle in their quest for power, and it had to be removed.
          .Post hoc ergo propter hoc.

        4. The most important aspect of religion was that it gave the people an even higher authority to appeal towards, even higher than the government. Look at the Christian martyrs and their actions towards the Roman Emperors. It was even more effective at enforcing personal morality than the syncretistic pagan religions and even the philosophies of Plotinus and Marcus Aurelius. Stalin and Mao took that aspect to its logical conclusion and subsequently outlawed anything that would not accept the “total” (see what I did there?) sovereignty of their government.
          Modus ponens.

        5. Another fool…Religion was a direct obstacle because in religious societies, normally, even in shitty religions like Islam, most people, due to conditioning, are not willing to murder their own countrymen so gleefully as communists did (and continue to do). By the way the count is well north 100 million (Russia and China purges alone are well beyond that count).

        6. Thanks for proving my point. Even if it is just religious conditioning, it still is better than that -law of the jungle on a personal level- that atheistic communism is in practice. Read Rodney Stark’s “Rise of Christianity” and learn how it became the Roman Empire’s life support system as the Christians opened their doors to plague victims, collected and raised exposed infants (girls mostly, preventing another societal collapse due to gender imbalance) and helped absorb and civilize many barbarian immigrations into the Empire, all the while being the Imperial administration’s scapegoat for “disloyalty,” and any other social problem. The monasteries are what preserved many of the old classics like “The Gallic Wars” that was previously mentioned in another article. Give us some credit saving and rehabilitating Western Civilization, for you may need us again
          In any case, put away your grinding axe and pick up a book. The only way you can solve the problem is to examine even the solutions you detest

        7. Atheism still has the higher body count. Therefore Atheism was the driving force behind millions of deaths and the battery that powered communism…was atheism. Communist Atheists were the culprit. Sorry but true.

        8. Haha. Really? In the bible it says if you rape someone’s daughter give the father 10 (or was it 100) gold pieces. Great advice.
          tl;dr Fuck off.

        9. Hitler was a Christian. But besides all that, you’re talking shit again. Pure shit. Pure unsubstantiated shit. Fuck you’re full of shit.

        10. Well the jerk off stole the father’s property…or her future husband.
          He should pay out the nose for stealing.

        11. Hitler was raised a Christian…but his actions were otherwise.
          Don’t judge the cover…judge the character.

        12. Uh huh. Great morals there. I would have thought murdering the cunt be more appropriate, but I guess God knows best… assuming that was written by God via one of his angels telepathically controlling the man’s hand who wrote that. Ooh, I think an angel is telepathically controlling your hand as you write this bullshit. And no, I’m not talking about the one hand on the keyboard.

        13. Kill the Jews! Kill the Jews! Nah, nothing to do with Christianity and the (fake) fact that Jews killed (fake) Jesus.

        14. So final judgement on when somebody’s life ends should be man’s. I should know everything about their heart.
          Should I kill someone when they say insults to me.
          Should I kill someone who angers me.
          Should I kill someone who wrongs me.
          Or give them the chance to explain what they did…why they did it…and choose to forgive them. Let God sort out the judgement. That’s not to say they don’t suffer consequences like loss of freedom and put in jail for heinous crimes…but I’m not going to kill them.
          Judge not lest ye be judged.

        15. Bible: “There’s a time to kill.”
          You’re argument is fucked.
          Fuck off.

        16. “a time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up”
          Yeah nice taking out of context on that one…try again.

        17. Quote you, “a time to kill…” Let me repeat that one more time, “a time to kill.” Where is that found? In the Bible. It explicitly says, “a time to kill.” Got that? No? Okay, last time, I swear, “a time to kill.” – The Bible.

        18. Hitler not only killed Jews but also killed Polish Catholics and Orthodox, Soviets, gays, the disabled, etc. Maybe just maybe he was a bloodthirsty murderer.

        19. Hahaha. Nice try. You’re not the real The Dude. I am. And, maybe, just maybe Hitler went to Church. Oh, wait, he DID go to church. Damn, it must suck to be wrong.

        20. Hmmm, you changed your title from The Dude and back to Earl. Either the website is screwed, or you’re trying to fuck with it somehow. No, wait, it was an act of God. I’ve witnessed a miracle!

        21. Ok…so is the Bible telling you to kill people…or using a strong word to mean take action. Upon yourself and others. If kill is too strong a word how about breaking down..then building up.
          I haven’t heard a peep about the heal part either. What a horrible book to tell you to heal people.
          The Bible combines the best parts of man…his courage and his empathy.
          Apparently you don’t see either.

        22. Kill – definition, to kill. Too much of a circular definition for you? Nah, probably not, being a bible basher and all. Anyway, if I can interpret kill as kill rather than break down well, shucks, surely it should have been written better.
          Actually, I’m just fucking with you, it means kill, as in, literally, to kill, murder, destroy, bring death upon, make cease to exist. How fucking desperate are you to try and concoct another interpretation of a very basic word that has NO other meaning?
          Just face it, you’re beloved book was written by stupid men who constantly contradicted themselves. For instance, ten commandments, 7 deadly sins and, wait for it, only 1 unforgivable sin. Want to know what it is? To doubt God’s existence. There you go, 10 commandments and 7 deadly sins are completely redundant by that singular one.
          Here you go, I strongly doubt God’s existence (to put it mildly). Therefore I’m eternally fucked (according to your fucking book). Do I give a fuck? Nope. Not one bit since ALL OF IT IS BULLSHIT.

        23. It’s not “Dude,” it’s “The Dude” motherfucker. I learned NOTHING about myself from this altercation (if you could call it that. I call it more like a flogging), and I learned nothing about Christians that I didn’t already know: You’re all desperate to ignore any and all facts that point out your book is bullshit. You try and re-interpret the words written in it and desperately try and believe it. It’s just sad. So, so, sad. You could be living, but instead you’re sitting in a self-made cocoon of self-righteousness. So glad I’m not you.

        24. No its teaches you to be subservient & putting your common sense aside to worship a being that may or may not exist.

        25. Hitler was pagan.
          “It is through the peasantry that we shall really be able to destroy Christianity, because there is in them a true religion rooted in nature and blood.” Adolf Hitler

        26. If the woman was married and raped, the man is put to death…if the woman is not married and raped…the man is to marry her and never divorce her…and pay the father 50 shekels of sliver.

        27. So much swearing. Such is the internet atheist…I learned one thing all of you have in common…caps lock abuse and a woman’s rage wrapped up in one pasty white mess. This is the language of a person who can’t get laid. This is why the mansophere will die with feminism together.

        28. More bullshit by the dude..who would’ve thought it, from ignorant “born again” churchians to ignorant atheists and heathens, the more the things change, the more they still the same.

        29. Glad the woman has a choice in the matter. So, basically, back then if you saw a hot babe you could rape her, pay 50 silver or gold pieces and be “forced” to marry her? Fuck your god works in mysterious ways.

          How’s that for you? Did I live up to your expectations? BTW, I’ve read your other posts and yeah, I’m pretty sure you’re a cock muncher – just in case you think that was just some random abuse. I mean, aren’t you the guy who kept on going on about penises and tranny’s and sucking dicks as your ONLY form of retort? Yeah, pretty sure that was you.

        31. Atheism is just as much a religion as any of the other ones. At least “real” religions are, typically, built on centuries of tradition (trial and error). For instance, all the gender dynamics stuff men like Roissy have rediscovered was fairly common knowledge in times past and is unambiguoulsy laid out in the Bible. Modern atheists have an absurdly limited and juvenile understanding of religion.

        32. It’s exceedingly reasonably and was doubtlessly the best answer for the survival and stability of the group given the circumstance of that long-ago time. Purely practical, nothing mysterious about it at all.
          Throughout most of human history, a society that was principally concerned with the immediate desires of the individual simply wouldn’t survive very long. Your post-modern worldview isn’t sustainable without a huge surfeit of technology and ever-increasing wealth.

        33. Thank you for admitting, in your own verbose way, that the bible was written by men. Thank god there’s some reason in one of you, that you can actually work out that it’s just the old-school form of politics and mental slavery. I was beginning to lose hope in the intelligence of you lot, but here you are, darklightdispatch, plainly admitting that the bible wasn’t written by a higher being, but instead by horny men who wanted to rape women. Thank you for your honesty. Must have been tough to admit that your whole belief system is based on a house of cards. I hope you go out and fuck some bitches. Actually, fuck a lot of bitches, you got some living to do now that you’re freed from the shackles of your own naivety and self righteousness.

        34. If you raped someone Dude…you’d be someone’s dudette in the showers…

        35. Hahahahaha. Closet fag thinks the bible will help him stop sucking cock. Sooooo pathetic.

        36. Twice with the Daddy references. Hmmmm. Was someone abused as a child and hates the fact that he liked it?

        37. In other words: I, bundy, have been owned. I can’t deny the wrongs of
          the religion I hold so dear, so I will try and insult the person who
          pointed out my own self-delusion.

        38. I think it was you…because of your capslock abuse….comes from your abused childhood.

        39. Oooh, insulting with the exact same insult. That hurt baaad. Be original next time, Bundy. Fucking imbred.

        40. Huh? Going off topic like a bitch ’cause you can’t handle being pinned in the corner. Bitch, learn to back up your arguments with facts.

        41. I fail to comprehend how you can continue to function on any level with an IQ that is three degrees below whale shit.

        42. Unlike you, I didn’t make up my IQ. Must feel like shit to know you’re below average (I assume, based on ALL of your responses).

        43. Wait, how old are you? Seriously. That’s like something a 12 year old would come up with.

        44. Grabbing insults from movies now? Shit, man, think it’s time to give up.

        45. Aaaannnd… this is where I sign off. You assume I’ll get insulted by being called autistic, so you’ll keep plugging away till the shit gets boring. But, one last thing, you notice that you’ve been trying to insult me for the last 10 comments or so, rather than even attempt to prove your book isn’t a load of shit? Yeah, that’s what’s called a victory. Cheers.

        46. This law was put in place to protect the rape victim from a life of stigma and poverty in a society where rape victims were shunned and would not be considered an appropriate wife, destined to remain poor and scratch out what meager existence they could and live a life of misery just trying to feed themselves. The law forced the attacker to make sure the victim was provided for…in that culture this was better than the alternative. Neither is it sanctioning rape. There were no holding facilities then.

        47. Actually, Christian fanatics in China during the Taiping rebellion (1850-1864) directly killed about 20-60 million people. If you include the deaths caused by their razing and pillaging of around 200-300 Chinese cities, then the figure skyrockets above 100 million.
          Food for thought.

        48. The Taiping Rebellion was a massive civil war in southern China from 1850 to 1864, against the ruling Manchu-led Qing Dynasty. It was led by Hong Xiuquan, who announced that he had received visions in which he learned that he was the younger brother of Jesus. At least 20 million people died, mainly civilians, in one of the deadliest military conflicts in history.
          This was a heretical sect.

        49. I came across this:
          “Let’s take a quick glance at some disasters in this period. The Yellow River shifted course in 1855, causing massive damage to the lands around the Huai River, its tributaries, and the Grand Canal. There was a big Yangtze flood in Hubei, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang in 1849, and also famine in Guangxi in that year, which made millions of people homeless and starving and helped fuel the Taiping Rebellion in the first place. Plus, around these same years the Qing was fighting the Nian Rebellion (1851-68), a Muslim uprising in Yunnan (1855~73), and a Muslim rebellion in Xinjiang (1862~78). Rampant opium addiction throughout the empire and Western imperialist threats certainly didn’t help matters. It was a time of dire crisis, and the Qing dynasty was literally fighting for its life. With the empire on the brink of destruction, the Qing leaders were willing to take extreme measures to quell all of the rebellions. This helps explain (though of course it does not excuse) the scale of the massacres.
          We should never underestimate the power of disasters like famine. The 20~30 million death toll of the Taiping probably includes at least 10~15 million dead from famine and disease. That may seem high, but we may recall that in the wake of Mao’s failed Great Leap Forward (1958~1960) an estimated 30 million people starved to death from a combination of natural and especially manmade disasters.”

        50. “Atheism is just as much a religion…”
          The fuck you say?
          I don’t believe in Santa Clause. Is there a religion for that as well?

        51. You said it, “This law was put in place…[by men, not god].” And yet it appears in the Bible which is “apparently” written by god. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Shoot yourself in the foot with your own logic. Well done, cunt.

        52. You are totally and helplessly useless and ignorant…it was the Mosaic law…dummy!

        53. “You have to believe in some kind of imaginary sky-being”
          Oh shut the fuck up you stupid animal.
          (why do atheistcunts get off of mentioning the sky when talking about God? pretty sure he’s omnipresent)

        54. “It is through the peasantry that we shall really be able to destroy Christianity because there is in them a true religion rooted in nature and blood.’” Adolf Hitler
          Its not fake actually. It was an excerpt from the book “Hitler Speaks: A series of political conversations with Adolf Hitler on his real aims” by Hermann Rauschning.(Page 63).

        55. Don’t start with that “Hitler and Stalin were atheists” argument as you’ll be horribly embarrassed by people who post on this site. Religious people kill in the name of their religion, Hitler and Stalin killed in the name of their religions; Nazism (Hitlerism) and Stalinist Communism (Stalinism)… Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris would never kill a fly in the name of atheism. Oh, and before you say, “Atheism is a religion”. It’s a religion as much as “off” is a TV station. Rant over.

        56. Hitler was not an atheist. Stalin was. Dawkins and Harris? How well do you know them? I think a fly can hurt them, not the other way around…

        57. Non-Atheist run, non-Communist countries were responsible for over 150 million deaths during the same time period – the Commies are slackers compared to the godly.

      3. The nuclear family rots inside-out, but not because of the absence of God.
        Adults spend more than a third of their lives working profit-oriented jobs. The values and perception of reality acquired in this type of environment are of a dog-eat-dog nature.

        1. The dog-eat-dog mentality may help you bring the bacon back home, but it is incompatible with family life.
          In addition to this, government and corporate funded scientists promote the idea that we humans are selfish and c

        2. …competitive.
          How the fuck do you expect us to cooperatewith each other when even mediocre scientists are paid to brainwashus.
          Fuck them all. Let us re-educate ourselves.
          Power cannot be transferred. It must be destroyed.

      4. Troll fail.
        The vast majority in the US are Christian – they believe in god – so. . . it appears that the problem is too much god, not a lack thereof.
        Back to your Bronze Age mythology – leave the conversation to the adults.

    3. i’m of the mindset that though strict discipline is required in a young man’s life, i believe it should come from the father, grandfather and the home rather than the school system. The national curriculum itself is a total farce.
      Take Britain for example. Each class each section of advancement is predicated upon number crunching and beating standardised tests. In this respect the far stricter and authoritarian ways of educating in the former soviet bloc and asia are far better.
      You know what they do over there? when grading a child, they ask them to orally recite and explain their answer. There’s no way to escape not knowing/not being able to take old knowledge and adapt it to new situations. it’s humiliating but damn effective. In my studies at university in England all the russian scientists knew 1000x times more shit than the british ones. why? because they emphasise learning over rote memorisation.
      rote memorisation which is what the school system focuses on.
      Sure school was fine back in the 50s when you had a mostly physical based job at the end of the day waiting for you. School was merely a place to toughen up, learn basic math and literacy and the rest you learned from your fathers, grandparents, peers and simple exploration.
      Now though the economic landscape has moved significantly. Most jobs are service sector now and involve large degrees of computer literacy and office social dynamics. Work doesn’t end when the work day ends. your wages are higher but so are your distractions. Man was not meant to be in a constant state of neverending anxiety.
      All the low sector jobs are shipped overseas because Globalised companies care not a damn about national loyalties.
      Add to that entitlement and you got yourself modern day America/ modern day Britain.
      If people are genuinely looking to get away from state run education, for their kids, i suggest reading the works of john taylor gatto to get you started.
      If you consciously make a decision to make and raise a kid, you [the man, the father] are, until he or she reaches the age of puberty, primarily responsible for their education, about everything. A lot of it they need to figure out with experimentation, but the discipline should come from a strong grounding in respect for the patriarch of the family (i.e. you)
      Don’t rely on the state to forcefeed your kid bullshit. Don’t rely on the media to warp his or her brain into the latest fad thinking allowing with their swpl friends.
      Instead be a man and [if you decide to raise a kid] raise them right. Be tough, push their boundaries. Teach them important skills, basic skills.
      [having been at uni it’s amazing to see how many people are so retarded at doing basic things like cooking, cleaning, taking out the trash or taking care of themselves]
      the problems within the school are only accelerating because every child and their mother has an iphone or a crackberry or a htc.
      We have more access to any and all kind of information the world has to offer, yet our attention spans have died in exact relation to how much shit we have access too.
      My mother works as a primary school teacher. She says the kids are so fucked up now, when asked a question, their default answer is “google it”
      Preserve your progeny, protect them, raise them right. Don’t expect anyone else too, that’s a fools choice

    4. It’s not so much feminism as it is crony corporatism.
      It wasn’t long ago that 3 or 4 generations of a family living in the same house was as common as taters.
      The elders cared for the small children while the other adults worked to support the home. A kid running the streets with a heavily-armed gang was almost unheard of.
      But – if you can con these families into kicking the kids out of the family home the day after they graduate from high school – then you can sell 4 washers and 4 dryers instead of only 1. 4 TVs, 4 refrigerators, 4 stoves – a win-win for the home appliance companies, eh?
      More homes need built (propping up the bubble), more people renting (crap economy). . . it’s all aimed at breaking the family apart to increase sales.

  6. Not surprising at all.
    More than ten years ago, I worked for a time as a substitute teacher in my hometown’s public school system. For the most part, lackluster and even terrible, though there were some bright spots. The best schools I subbed at were where the teacher was not only very well respected, but organized and running a tight ship.
    I still miss those days when I walked into the classroom and all books and notes for the lessons, for either one day or the whole week, were laid out neatly on the desk.
    The students were prepped for the teacher’s absence and they took directions readily and speedily. In short, they knew what needed to be done and got it done. If they got it done early, then they could talk or goof off provided that they kept the noise down. They were also respectful of me, the sub, because they knew that their teacher would raise holy hell when they returned and found out that I had been dissed or something worse. Their teacher laid down the law. And, not surprisingly, they were some of the best performing kids in the school.
    That was over ten years ago. I wonder what the kids in the same classroom would be like today.

    1. Those teachers acted within a system that backed up (and rewarded) that type of structure and discipline. If the system breaks down, where does that leave the individual teacher? Doing whatever’s necessary to survive in an increasingly hostile environment.

      1. Couldn’t have said it better myself.
        Of course, where the disconnect was for me during that time was that I came from the system where the teachers had the back-up, along with parents who would have whipped your ass if you had done something disrespectful at school. Just hearing the word “suspension” would have stopped you dead in your tracks for doing something stupid.
        Now, “suspension” is just a vacation. Can’t say that it’s not merited in today’s system, but only for the kids that clearly can’t function in it. The “bad apples” just go to another school and the cycle repeats.

  7. American education is designed to make people stupid, and it succeeds wonderfully well at this. I’ve been saying this for 2 decades. Sadly, the rest of the world seems to want to follow our insane moronic stupid ways eventually thinking it’s superior when it clearly is not.

  8. “American education is in irretrievable decline for a laundry list of reasons: the willful de-funding of it”
    Budgets and taxes are ever-increasing, even as the economy tanks. So, no. The rest of this article is pretty spot-on, however.

  9. The notion that public schools have been willfully defunded is, to my knowledge, by and large exactly wrong. It’s my understanding that over the past several decades, the government has continually poured more and more taxpayer money into the broken public school system – in terms of cost per pupil – while the quality of public education has continually declined to the point we are at now. Granted, I don’t doubt that certain public school programs have been defunded within certain school districts, as it’s certainly true that resources are allocated differently now than they used to be. For example, we used to invest more in programs for gifted students, whereas we now spend more on special education and standardized testing than we ever used to. Still, I’m pretty damn sure the decline in public education cannot be attributed to an overall lack in funding in terms of dollars per pupil.

    1. One wonders where this money goes. It certainly hasn’t gone into the pockets of teachers, whose real wages have remained constant for the last 40 years. Nor has it gone into schools, which have diminished offerings, reduced extracurricular activities, and increasingly dilapidated conditions.
      What we do have, however, are more schools and more teachers per student, harping on the mantra that smaller classrooms are more effective. Studies have shown that they are not, and even a cursory glance at the state of our education system can show that to be demonstrably false. More teachers and smaller classrooms do enrich unionists and their political enablers, though.
      Why can’t we have the best educators available? The job doesn’t pay well, for one thing. If a man has a STEM degree, he has zero incentive to become a public school educator unless he is passionate about it. If George Bush and Barack Obama can agree that we need merit pay in schools yet can’t make it happen, then perhaps the system really is too far gone.

    2. Modern day schooling is not fit for purpose. It was for an early20th century workforce, not the hyper competitive service based environment we live in today.
      A slow workaround is the voucher system, but if i could wave a magic wand, i’d do away with most of it.
      University should be only for people looking to get a career in a high level analytical or technical field, or pure academia. it should be limited to a small percentage of the population. mickey mouse [idiot arts] courses should be abolished.
      Anything that can improve R&D should be kept. The uni’s should be making renaissance men, that are also capable of being hyper specialists, not the way they are currently.
      As for everyone else, homeschooling, private schooling or self funded community networks. If you are raising a kid, they are your burden and responsibility until they reach puberty.

  10. I don’t know about underfunding. In terms of corporal punishment, a well-placed backhand is free.
    Great article!

  11. Seriously, I’m sure that video was taken out of context. And yes, the education system as well as parenting seems to be going down the crapper.
    Is he really an 18 year old in 10th grade? If so, that totally kills the credibility of the video.
    Sweden apparently has a good education system. Maybe we should look to them for ideas?
    Anyway, I believe school should aim to teach success in life not just success in school. It should add or improve things such as education on emotional intelligence, mental and physical health, yoga, strengths finding and career matching, etc.
    We need to make humans more effective. Thanks for the post.

  12. I couldn’t get a better view of the class’s population, but from what I could tell, young Jeff Bliss’s problem is that he’s attending an inner city school. If you have any potential for intelligence, it is best to avoid schools where blacks make up the majority of students.

    1. If this were true, he would and should be able to excel above and beyond his “dumber” classmates assuming this is your belief. Because, having dumber classmates regardless of color, has nothing to do with the teachers, or the curriculum handed down from them to the students. Also, every school has advanced/honors classes. Some even have Advanced placement level classes for students serious about college.
      If he himself is dumb, it’s because he is dumb. What you said here says a lot about you. Creating stereotypes to point blame.

        1. Uh Yep.
          “I grew up in the inner city and strictly attended inner city schools”
          So have I. I was an AP student. At a newly established high school, in the inner city.
          You would be right if smart kids and dumb kids were lumped together. They are not. Once they are identified, again:
          – (every school has advanced/honors classes. Some even have Advanced placement level classes for students serious about college.)

        2. My school only had advanced math and science classes (they were also the only 2 classes I had where black students were the minority).

        3. In my previous job, I went out to high schools in the areas surrounding the headquarters for INTEL as well as NIKE.
          Affluent white neighborhoods where the median income was around. 70,000+ a year.
          Those schools in particular were majority white rural schools. I saw a black person once or twice a month in the area. I had the chance to see the high school and college transcripts of over 1500 to 2000 students during that time. And you know what?
          A lot of them were dumb. The D’s and F’s were interesting to see. Mostly among the males. But surprisingly a lot of females too.
          These students actually made it to college and managed to get D’s and F’s there too.
          There are way more factors to consider here.
          And this is about 24 schools split between me and 2 other guys. And we used to swap each year.
          I find it hard to believe that your observation of that clip is based on actual concern. I see a bit of prejudice there.

        4. It’s a prejudice based on actual observations.
          If you were to pick a school where your kid would get the best education, would you choose an inner city school or a suburban school?
          I never went to a rural redneck school so I believe you.

        5. Yeah, but have you ever considered the possibility that your prejudice is based on observations that are dumb? You see a racial issue, I see a cultural and socioeconomic one.
          If the problem were with black people then I wonder why black people have no problem succeeding when they’re raised in the suburban schools you speak of.
          The inner city schools aren’t adequately funded, nobody wants to teach there, violence is more common, and everybody is less wealthy. Maybe that has something to do with it?
          And the article is about our cultural expectations of what the public education system is designed to instill in the youth, and how those expectations are becoming increasingly dysfunctional.
          I don’t see how black people have anything specifically to do with that.

        6. Rationalize away, hamster.
          Replace “blacks” with “women” and your argument will sound just like a feminist’s: generalizations are dumb, not all blacks are like that, the blame falls on culture, etc.

        7. “Rationalize away, hamster.”
          I would say, that is exactly what you have done.

        8. The structure of my argument isn’t “not all blacks are like that,” it’s “blacks aren’t inherently like that.”
          And FYI, black people don’t have a movement to strip everyone else of their rights like women do.
          So why don’t you fuck off back to the bayou, hillbilly.

        9. “Blacks aren’t inherently like that.”
          From my observations of black societies in America as well as in other parts of the world, I would have to conclude that your claim is unsupported.
          Regardless, I am from Eastern Europe so I’d have to say that your generalization of those who disagree with you as hillbillies is quite ignorant and racist.

  13. Lol.. I can’t come at this with synthetic belief systems. I.E. “Thanks again, blah blah” That’s chump talk. This article, did however, hit a nerve with the Long Hair part. I bet this author also thinks the Egyptians were Black! Hahahaha.. They were not.
    My point being, for the Manosphere to succeed, it needs to get back in touch with natural law. Part of that is represented in long flowing locks, a pinnacle of male strength and potency. All you office fags with your weekly haircuts are like neutered puppies. Your environmental sensitivity and intellectualism thus suffers greatly…
    Ah, education? I almost missed that part. It’s nothing more than the indoctrination of boys and girls into a feminized construct of life, leading to ultimate conformity. Brag about schooling? Hah! Good Conformist! For that cystem to be recognizable as life supporting it would have to be scrapped and redesigned from the ground up with the input of UN-indoctrinated children willing to embrace joyful learning through personal selection of studies.. and only their input. Children are the ultimate teachers.
    Reference Tekos School in Russia

    1. “My point being, for the Manosphere to succeed, it needs to get back
      in touch with natural law. Part of that is represented in long flowing
      locks, a pinnacle of male strength and potency. All you office fags
      with your weekly haircuts are like neutered puppies. Your environmental
      sensitivity and intellectualism thus suffers greatly…”
      This is going in my quote book.

  14. I saw some of this in my HS years, but thankfully not that much. I had about half older teachers who were so near retirement they didn’t care if they got fired for disciplining, and half newer, scared-crapless, just-there-for-a-paycheck teachers. The students were also generally well-behaved. I cherished the older teachers, and could not get enough shop class.
    What’s truly amazing is how backwards the parents are in all of this. They get upset at the teachers for giving their precious snowflake poor marks, usually without even realizing that those poor marks ARE INFLATED. The conversation should go like this: “Yes, Mrs stick-up-your-behind, your daughter snowflake got a D, but SHE SHOULD HAVE FLUNKED if I was using the real standard that I’m not allowed to use.”
    Two parent households are supposed to take care of these kinds of problems. i.e., either Dad starts laying down the law when the grades are bad, or there’s enough free-time generated from dual-parenting that some at-home tutoring can take place.
    Personally, if I ever have kids, they will never set foot in a public school system. I consider the taxes used to pay these wholly-corrupt systems a form of outright theft by teacher unions.

  15. Close the schools and have everyone do Khan Academy with monitored periodic testing. Get community and socialization for kids via regional sports leagues. The kids who belong at Berkeley will get there, and get there by 15-17. The kids who don’t won’t have their early adulthood wasted in the name of utopian fantasies about everyone being equally smart. Most importantly, fire all the lazy incompetent anachronistic entitled rich retard public school “teachers,” confiscate their pensions, and dump them in the Ocean 500 miles off the coast. No more free rides off property taxes.

    1. This short-sighted, anti-teacher attitude is what diluted education in the first place. Getting information into a kid’s brain isn’t the only purpose of education. The overuse of computers and the often superficial knowledge culled from the Internet (Wikipedia, Khan Academy) is part of the problem.

      1. Agreed. Superficial knowledge has its place, but not at the expense of depth. Competent and caring teachers have provided the depth and the support to learn how to learn, which is what everyone will understand if they stay in the game long enough.
        It wasn’t until I was a senior in high school when I really started to realize that it was really up to me to learn and make use of what I learned. But, I wouldn’t have done that without some good teachers along the way — as well as some intelligent peers who thought the same way I did.

      2. I really hope you’re not saying that because the technology is part of the problem that it should stop being created.

      3. Wrong wrong wrong. For example, I love the Spanish language, it’s my primary hobby, but when I was a kid I was middle class and couldn’t afford a semester abroad or immersion. My pre-Internet Spanish from public school was superficial and embarrassing. I couldn’t read a newspaper article or really hold a conversation… Until the Internet. Now I’m fluent, for real. I don’t have American high school Spanish, I have the genuine article. And the Internet empowered me to do it. Twitter, Skype, Google News.. Public schools just wasted my time and retarded my development. If the money spent on the union pensions and summers off could have been used to buy me a year in Spain, I could have been bilingual. So fuck the teachers and their selfish unions. What was the 12 years for? Twelve fucking years and everyone comes out monolingual? Of course I’m anti-teacher, you shithead.

  16. Hear, hear. The public education system is a mockery of what it was supposed to be. Above all, it’s absurd that teachers are fearful of disciplining their students, it’s basically a case of the inmates running the asylum.
    Another thing that’s changed over the last 50 years is the overall purpose of education. I was talking to an old-timer a few weeks back who told me how guidance counselors used to really guide students according to their abilities, so kids who had no skill or interest in literature/etc were encouraged to go into trade schools and learn something useful. Nowadays everyone’s pushed into 4-year colleges even if it does nothing for their future prospects. We’re railroading students into higher education because on the one hand, it’s big business, and on the other, it makes everyone feel better, regardless of how comically inefficient it is to have so many people studying communications or sociology.
    “Irretrievable decline”…some may take this as hyperbole, but without serious and far-reaching reforms (which will never happen in the present climate), it is if anything an understatement.

  17. I get what you’re saying about disciplinarian attitude toward children being nonexistant, but not just for teachers, it’s everywhere. Nobody can say shit to children without the law cracking down on them harder than a skull on the pavement under a boot heel. And that teacher sounds awesome, but those teachers are few and far between.
    Besides, whether or not the teachers today are disciplinarian doesn’t change the fact that public education still fucking sucks for anyone with an IQ above 120. Homeschoolers outscore public schoolers, even the ones from the worst “economic backgrounds” defy the rule that lower household income = lower SAT score. What does this say about public education? It’s underfunded? Cry me a river. You’ll find that some of the highest-paid teachers reside in the states with the lowest scores, and that payment by no means correlates with better scores.
    Let’s face it: teachers aren’t just glorified baby sitters, they’re also government pedagogues ready to teach THE PROPER NARRATIVE™. We can’t say “Founding Fathers” because it offends feminist sensibility. “The patriarchy” is bad. It’s hard to pinpoint where “wrong” became “worst” but there’s a lot of variables, more than just teachers can’t keep kids in line.
    Don’t get me started on standardized testing. Not only do you not learn anything while they adjust the course to help you get a higher score on this piece of shit, you have to learn it for a year and then regurgitate everything on a test that has no impact on your grade whatsoever. It only has an impact on your teacher’s paycheck. This shit is fucking retarded.
    I can’t help but sympathize with the stoner and his feel-good bullshit because I graduated school early because it was wasting my time. I got more shit done, learned more shit and made more money in my first year outside of school alone than I ever did with these fucking teachers.
    Granted, not everyone is as independent and driven as I am, so public school still has its purpose to lead the clueless single-mothered masses off the cliff of Equality into a cushy desk job.

  18. American school is not designed to educate you have to do that yourself…. a la Steve Jobs….
    American school is designed to dumb you down so much your only chance is to join the army.
    If you’re bright enough, to get into college you can earn some ikea furniture and a place in the corporate army.
    The american dream was not built by this system. It was built by hard ass men, and their burning ambition…. and their wives who supported them no matter what.

  19. Wow, look at the Brave Hero, protesting and acting up in front of somebody who isn’t even allowed to discipline him, let alone kick his ass. I hope I get to see a video of him being pepper sprayed by the cops in 5 years.

  20. I found the article to be short sided;
    Yea he’s an 18 year old sophomore.. so what. You’re gonna try to tell me that his criticisms of education and the classroom are unfounded because he’s a young kid that is confused by a shitty country, society, and education that are actively working against him?
    The drones who have made it through the years of mind numbing indoctrination sessions are no more intelligent than Mr. Bliss. He’s just some kid that got frustrated with how shitty things have gotten and spoke up, completely ignorant that he was being filmed.
    “Furthermore, no one is talking about why Bliss was kicked out of the classroom in the first place. He’s likely displayed this pattern of disruptiveness, for which he clearly accepts no accountability. It’s always someone else’s fault.”
    /Yawn at the blanket statement.
    Agree with your last four paragraphs.

  21. the internet makes school obsolete. teach your daughters culinary skills, your sons mechanical skills, and teach both of them how to start and run businesses. they will be better off than the assembly-line drones coming out of the schools.

  22. I know a couple of teachers. Listening to their stories about the bureaucratic cicle jerk they go through kills me. They’re too “blue pill” for me to offer much, but every now and again when I have to listen to them talk about their work, I want to throw a John TaylorGatto book at them.

  23. People expect too much from government (more jobs,education,life,money,food etc) that’s why they’re given the worse. DUH…

  24. I usually enjoy the articles on this site but this tuthmosis is retarded! He thinks making compulsory government schools even more violent and oppressive is the solution to the very problems they in large part cause? This is honestly one of the most asinine articles I’ve ever read. He does serve as a good example of how bad public schools can brainwash someone into actually admiring and apologizing for their oppressors, a sort of Stockholm syndrome. He also sounds like a battered wife who makes excuses for her husband like “oh he’s just under a lot of pressure and I deserved it”. I can’t believe this nauseating obeisance is being published on a site that celebrates masculine independence in ALL realms of life.

    1. i went to a school in my early teens where a teacher has the authority at discretion to punish you. anything shy of a beating was pretty much allowed. hand slapped with a ruler, 100 squats (yes, squats)… and if a teacher went too far they were disciplined also. i remember one woman teacher that used to go way too far especially with boys. she got fired one day for it.
      i thought “man i wish i could go to regular school, where most of this isnt allowed”. then in my latter teens i went to regular american public school. instead of all that punishment there was losing credit for classes through suspension, special classes where you hang out with a bunch more dope head kids and cops running around writing tickets. there were black boys (and some white ones, i went to a mostly black school as a white person) cussing out teachers. some stupidly bad stories i had about the disciplinary methods i observed, wont get into them all here.
      i have to say, towards the end of school, looking back it was much more effective when the teachers had authority to discipline students. the modern public school methods are counter productive. they create dopehead degenerates that wind up in prison.

    2. A reason for that is that kids actually learned in the old days.

  25. School in general is a joke. The education you receive there is garbage. I take IB classes (the most prestigious in high schools around the world) and its still pathetic. The amount of time to cross a subject, the close-minded teachers, and most importantly having kids who are physically in 11th grade, but mentally in 5th is mentally draining not to the teachers only, but to everyone who isn’t a degenerate.

  26. I agree 100% with Dragnet in the top comment, but I’d wager the problem goes even deeper than the decline of the nuclear family. I don’t think it’s by accident that the teacher in Bliss’ classroom was a woman, while the two teachers featured by Tut in his article and the one that expressed his discontentment in the Washington Post article were men. Jeff Bliss is a little shit, no doubt about that. But there’s a level to his actions that bespeak of natural young male aggression and rebelliousness. Young men are hard-wired to challenge authority once they get to a certain age, but they also tend to respond well when that challenge is appropriately answered. The old crusty blokes in Tut’s anecdotes might not have won very many friends among the students, but you can be damn sure they won respect, especially when those students look back on them in retrospect. By comparison, a woman teacher doesn’t command the same level of respect a man potentially does among young males. This is no indictment of Jillie Phung in particular, who was the teacher in Bliss’ class, but is more of a general diagnosis on the problem young men face in the classroom today. To paraphrase Tyler Durden, when you have a generation of young men raised by women, you’re going to have problems. I doubt you’d have many cases like Bliss if you had classrooms more dominated by tough old geezers ready to open up an old-fashioned can of whoopass.

  27. Jeff Bliss has nice hair. But I think it was rather unfair to fire the teacher just because a disruptive kid’s video went viral.
    “At the sound of the S-word, Pritchard grabbed my punk-ass by the shirt,
    two-handed, and slammed me against the lockers directly behind me,
    painfully jamming the lock mechanism into my back. Somehow, it suddenly
    occurred to me that I could use the paper towel in my backpack to wipe
    it up, which I promptly did while apologizing.”
    HA. Wish I’d seen that….

  28. recording portrait mode videos with a widescreen camera should be illegal.

  29. Man, the solution is simple. Let us re-educate ourselves. If you have unrestricted access to a computer and Internet, you have all the tools you need.
    There is so much truth and freedom written somewhere out there.
    Anger is a gift.

  30. I just dropped by this blog and I can see the commentators consist of the following:
    *Libertarians banging on about personal sovereignty (ie viewing the body in terms of property rights, what a surprise)
    *Religious nutcases thinking everything is bad because we turned our backs on god
    *Idiots who think that everything bad must be either communist or fascism, but unable to distinguish between the two.
    It’s bad enough having to deal with social progressivism and racial replacement in your nation, but when the people with the solutions consist of the above it leads me to believe there is no hope for the USA.
    The USA was the worst thing that every happened to the world and the sooner it collapses, the sooner the world can move past economic liberalism and all the retardation associated with it.

  31. You’re a dickhead who thinks he’s god’s gift to mankind. Assuming this kid is a pot-head based on the length of his hair is pretty basic stuff loser

  32. You’re a dickhead who thinks he’s god’s gift to mankind. Assuming this kid is a pot-head based on the length of his hair is pretty basic stuff loser

  33. You’re a dickhead who thinks he’s god’s gift to mankind. Assuming this kid is a pot-head based on the length of his hair is pretty basic stuff loser

  34. You’re a dickhead who thinks he’s god’s gift to mankind. Assuming this kid is a pot-head based on the length of his hair is pretty basic stuff loser

  35. You’re a dickhead who thinks he’s god’s gift to mankind. Assuming this kid is a pot-head based on the length of his hair is pretty basic stuff loser

  36. You’re a dickhead who thinks he’s god’s gift to mankind. Assuming this kid is a pot-head based on the length of his hair is pretty basic stuff loser

  37. You’re a dickhead who thinks he’s god’s gift to mankind. Assuming this kid is a pot-head based on the length of his hair is pretty basic stuff loser

  38. The education system sucks because of “defunding” and “parents”??
    Yeah right. Give us a free market in education!
    If municipalities choose to self-organize schools, that’s fine. Other than that, give us a government-free market in education.
    We must have been crazy to put a bureaucracy in charge of something and then expect anything better than bureaucratic results.

  39. American education is a crap-shoot. I would advise all American parents to send their boys and girls to Finland, France, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, Canada (Ontario, Alberta, Quebec) if they want their kids to succeed. America is the pigsty of education.

  40. Unless your parents can afford a private school or to live in that magic zip code in your town with the high school in to top 500 in the nation, you’re going to wind up being taught by a bunch of Julie Phungs, teachers burned out from trying to reach unruly kids from homes who’s parents are too lazy, stupid or poor to take education seriously and find a way into the magic zip code.

  41. I was a high school Spanish teacher this year. And a fucking good one. I actually speak fucking Spanish and have lived in South America for 3 years (unlike many spanish teacher who count a 2 week spring break to Mexico as their “Study Abroad). I integrated life fucking lessons into stories in to lessons in a school filled with what I like to call “suburbanite cream cheese kids.” At the end of the year, come evaluation time, the vast majority of the students said that they’ve never had a Spanish teacher who made it so interesting, that they never enjoyed coming to a class. (Incidentally, I hated using packets, as I think they are a waste of fucking time.)
    I left the house at 630 every day, got back at 730 pm since I was a coach too. Had no time for anything, made very little money. My life was a pile of frustrating shit. As a smart person, my only thought this entire year was, “Why the fuck am I spending my life in such a boring, stationary job?”
    I always wanted to be a teacher when I was growing up. I thought I could ‘make a difference’ or some such shit. You know what I think now? I think teachers are mostly glorified babysitters. I don’t want to teach Spanish any more. You sit in a fucking office or classroom all day and have frivolous conversations with middle aged people who have relegated themselves to boring lives. I’m done. The profession gets very little respect. You know matters in terms of students’ educational quality? Their motherfucking parents.
    >>>>>Props on the divergent comments discussion below>>>>

  42. You go way to far in your evaluation of teachers pay. The sub and part time teacher starting out may get paid squat but the regulars get paid VERY well.

  43. This is completely wrong. The school system in this country has been destroyed by government forcing a one size fits all “education” down the throats of Americans. Furthermore, like all government institutions, it exists primarily to serve further the aims of the government. John Dewey designed the current system in the 1920s, modeling it after the German public school system that was developed during the same time frame with the intent of making good factory workers.
    We all know how that worked out. By destroying children’s ability to think by focusing on memorization and repetition, their minds become pliable and easily controlled. Since they are unable to conceptualize on their own (through the process of logical INDUCTION) they must rely on authority figures to provide their concepts and then deduce from there. This results in Obama being able to make any insane claim he wants and have his followers believe him.

  44. It’s been a year since this article was posted, but I just want to say, excellent commentary! Too many people have knee-jerked and elevated Bliss to some kind of slacker-hero and haven’t considered the other side of the story, i.e. Ms. Phung. She was handing out packets because, unfortunately, she had no choice–she was doing what she was told to do. This is how education functions today; it’s not like the movies where a teacher can magically rebel against the system without consequences. If Ms. Phung DIDN’T hand out those oh-so-nasty packets, she’d lose her job, period. If Bliss wants to expel gas by ranting, then he should rant at whoever deemed that the ‘freakin’ packets’ should have been handed out in the first place.

  45. This article, like many, fails to grasp why the education has failed. unlike popular opinion the school system failing is
    NOT a recent thing, but rather its recent failures are the result of 150 years of failing added up. It is like the old
    saying, if you are going somewhere but start veering off in one direction, at first it isnt noticably, but after 100 miles
    you are no where near where you should be. this is our school system
    it is based on the Prussian model, that came over in the 1850s and was made mandatory by 1900 or so. The Prussian system
    was designed solely to create mindless obedient slaves to the state. it was designed to crush what had been to this point
    the American spirit that created this country. At first this was not so bad, but after 150 years of this crappy system, its
    taken its toll.
    the kid in the video you linked is spot on. Students are fucking bored out of their damn minds in school, and this is by
    design, by boring the life out of these young people, you create apathic people. apathetic people are the perfect mindless
    drones to exist in society that dont questio na damn thing and if you notice school teaches one thing above all
    else….obedience to the system. cant pee without permission, failing is bad, teacher is boss, trust the authorities, and
    the creation of depedence because if something goes wrong mommy and daddy will bail me out and when you are an adult that
    means government depedence.
    It took 150 years to break the America spirit….but its been done and the school system did it.
    also it should be noted that girls respect both men and women leaders, boys and later men, ONLY respect male leaders. Boys
    come out of the womb with 0 respect for the concept of a woman leader(there are studies on this amazingly enough its quite
    amazing really). to that end, a teenage boy especially needs a strong man in his life to guide him….being surrounded by
    vaginas as his leaders….goes against every fucking instinct he has. This young man in this video, is merely doing what
    his biology says which is….women leaders are not accteptable.

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