20 Reasons Why Modern Women Are So Unstable And Miserable

By all measures that feminists like to tout, Western women today have more rights, more freedom, more choices, and more privilege than any other time in human history. Considering how women are favored to be CEOs to meet “gender diversity” quotas, have much greater hiring preference over men in STEM field, are able to divorce and extort men using the state, and can ruin any man with false accusations, we can even say that women are now the new privileged class.

But in spite of it all, women today are actually less happy than their ancestors whom the feminists perceive as having been “oppressed,” and furthermore, many are becoming increasingly unstable, violent, and toxic as they poison themselves with the toxic ideology that is feminism.

The following points will show how feminism actually damages today’s women rather than help them.

1. They hold onto so much anger and hate

If feminism is so great, why are most feminists so angry and miserable?

Women infected by feminism hold so much anger that it is etched onto their faces. In fact, spewing hatred for men seems to be the only thing that makes them feel good about their own empty lives. It’s no wonder they like to come to our website to spew some of the most hideous insults, violent threats, and rampant sexist verbal abuse for merely having different opinions.

2. They blame men for all their problems

Women are strong and independent according to feminists. But that’s until when it’s time to blame men for all their personal and social problems. Since they feel entitled to have men behave the way they want them to and cater to all their needs, it’s natural that the “misogynists” should be scapegoated if anything goes wrong their own lives. Feminism, not so ironically, seems to erase women’s sense of internal locus of control.

3. They don’t respect themselves

Modern women barely even respect themselves. They are careless with their life choices, indulge in destructive hedonism of alcohol and sex, go out of their way to purposely destroy their looks, and so on. Yet, they expect men to offer them unconditional respect just because they’re born women. You don’t deserve respect because you’re a loud-mouthed feminist, you have to earn it like everyone else.

4. They embrace being disgusting

Feminism teaches women that femininity is sexist and oppressive, so it’s no surprise that many young women today are purposely making themselves look ugly and behave in a disgusting manner just to shock and offend people to get a reaction. It seems that even though they want to avoid whatever misogynistic standards that they perceive as being forced on them, they still can’t help but to engage in the female hobby of attention-whoring.

5. They try too hard to act like men

Women today are confused as they are pressured to go against their feminine nature to behave as men do. Instead of embracing the gift of their feminine qualities and their roles as wives and mothers, women today are trying too hard to usurp the male roles in the name of equality. Of course, this play-acting can only lead to inner suffering as their deviancy corrodes their emotional health.

6. They love outrage reading

Feminists are vain and insecure as well as loving drama. This is why they must constantly engage in outrage reading to entertain themselves. The more they read “misogynistic” stories and articles, the more vindicated they feel about their own miserable lives. They need a scapegoat to dump their emotional baggage on after being swindled by the lies of feminism.

7. They live a life of contradictions

Women are strong and capable, but they are perpetual victims who need government protection. Women want to be beautiful and garner attention, but they want to avoid being “objectified.” They preach about equality for women, but they still want all the privileges that come with being a women. These are just few of many contradictions that women must juggle with as ideology battles biology for dominance in their fickle minds. It’s no wonder they’re so crazy.

8. They don’t have children

It’s women’s biological function to have children. The fact that many women today are barren because they sold their souls to education and career makes them miserable as they are fighting their biology to live a life that is unnatural. And with every criticism, they’ll scream louder and louder to drown out the ticking sound of their biological clock.

9. They spend their entire lives pretending

Modern women pretend to be capable, they pretend to be strong, they pretend that they’re not offended, they pretend they’re happy, they pretend they’re in control, they pretend they’re not sluts, they pretend they’re a good person, they pretend they know what they’re doing with their lives, and this goes on and on. All this pretending is taking on toll on their lives and the only way they know how to cover it is by pretending even more.

10. They don’t have any standards

In a feminist world, all women are “beautiful” no matter what. So it begs the question: is there actually such thing as an ugly woman or is calling every single woman “beautiful” a way of living in a pretend world to preserve their egos? If a person told me that a hangover vomit was just as delicious as a cheese cake and that I shouldn’t be so judgmental, I would declare that person severely ill in the head. But this is exactly how thousands of feminism-infected women go about with their lives, describing fat, short-haired, tattooed girls who look deranged as “beautiful.”

11. They do too much alcohol and drugs

With women today drinking just as much as men while doing other drugs both prescription and illicit, it’s no wonder that more and more of them are becoming unstable and crazy. Are we really to believe that a cocktail of vodka, birth control pills, antidepressants, and other chemicals will not lead to devastating hormonal and mental health consequences for today’s women?

12. Their egos are bloated

A privileged Western feminist in essence.

With the society inflating their egos far beyond their true value, it’s no surprise to see women with extremely entitled and bratty attitudes who expect the world to deliver whatever it is that they cry for. This is why you’ll see grown up women throwing tantrums like children when they don’t get things their way.

13. They have unrealistic life expectations

Women are bombarded with lavish lifestyles shown on television and magazines that they seem to expect them as being normal. All women want the perfect man, the perfect career, the perfect combination of clothes, the perfect house, the perfect wedding, the perfect life. And if you ask them what they’ll do to achieve all that, they’ll give you a dumbfounded look. They’re women—they expect all of it to be delivered to them on a silver platter. They’re not supposed to make the effort.

14. They are short-sighted

Feminism fused with consumerism to tell women that they can have it all and right now. Women today rarely think ahead and seem to believe that they’ll perpetually live the life they had in their peak years of teens and early 20’s. They sun tan obsessively because it signals status, but they don’t care that it will make them look a decade older in the future. They slut around thinking that they should have all the fun they can have, but they end up destroying their ability to pair-bond. They spend all their money on frivolous objects like their 20th pair of shoes, but they never save up. Women never think ahead because they expect everything to work out and be saved from consequences.

15. They are vain

Modern women drown in their own vanity with depth that has no end. Women constantly post pictures of themselves on Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder to fish for ‘Like’s and compliments. They are absolute whores who can’t get enough of the attention they are given by all the desperate simps. Their vanity distorts their perception about themselves and turns them into narcissistic demons.

16. They are too pampered

Western women grow up with such privileged conditions that they suck off their daddy’s money to live lavishly while criticizing men for oppressing them at the same time. The disease of feminism has made them blind to their own paradoxes. This is also why you have so many adult women acting like spoiled children.

17. They’ve been conditioned to seek bad boys

Women today are never happy with their relationship with men because they constantly seek bad boys with dark triad traits only to get hurt and take their anger out on other ordinary men. This is what happens when you allow women to have sexual freedom in a feminist culture. How many children are growing up without a father because of bad decisions made by their lousy mothers?

18. Male feminists and white knights give them unconditional support

Loser male feminists and white knights constantly defend women no matter what and end up warping the worldview of those said women. These pathetic men are the enablers of women’s worst behaviors who encourage women to show even greater contempt for men.

19. They are slaves to corporations and governments

You can tell the feminists millions times that women are happier at home raising children and they’ll just snap at you in anger to deny the truth. No matter how stressed and miserable they are, women will always defend their corporate and government jobs like how some abused women defend their domineering husbands. This is the power of feminist indoctrination.

20. They don’t know what to do with their “freedom”

They tried drinking and partying until blacking out, they blew cash to go shopping every weekend, they tried traveling to exotic locations to take photos for everyone to see on Facebook, they fucked various men they barely know and cheated on their boyfriends for fun, they got their useless diploma by taking out a loan they’ll never be able to pay off, they bought their Lululemon outfit and tried hot yoga, they decided to hop on the feminist wagon to feel empowered and to hate on men.

But no matter what, they still feel miserable and still feel like they need to “find” themselves. It’s as if the more freedom women are given, the unhappier they get. They jump here and there for momentary pleasures, but they can’t seem to find any meaning in life because they simply refuse to live like a woman. They bought into the feminist lies and now they are hollow beings drifting around in our modern world, constantly searching, constantly blaming, constantly dissatisfied.


None of the above wouldn’t be so bad if it were just these women who are facing the consequences brought upon by their actions. But no. We as a society must all pay—especially us, the men. Men must work like mules to finance women’s frivolous lifestyles, men must try their best to normalize sex relationships to start and maintain stable families, men must pay taxes so that women can live off of government benefits, men must modify their behaviors so that women don’t feel “offended” or “harassed” in any way, and should our society fail, it will again be the men who will have to defend women and rebuild everything.

Feminism is destroying womanhood, and therefore, family and society, and it is only the men who are capable of putting a stop to this rabid sickness.

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516 thoughts on “20 Reasons Why Modern Women Are So Unstable And Miserable”

  1. I would like to see another 20 reasons why modern women are so unstable and miserable, this article alone doesn’t do the subject enough justice.
    It is impossible to eradicate the self-destructive gene out of women’s behavior, depending on how you view their origins (as a Christian it was Eve who broke the first and only rule), they are always the instigators and the cause for recklessness and chaos ad nausem. We can only cage their behavior, not destroy it. And we must re-cage it indeed and throw away the key to the depths of the abyss.

  2. There should be no rights without the attached responsibilities. Take women’s rights away. They are children.

  3. “.. if it were just these women who are facing the consequences brought upon by their actions. But no.”
    I would expand that those making bad personal choices should be made to suffer the consequences of their actions on a number of issues, social and financial, but that isn’t going happen as long as the state continually shields and bails them out. Take a look at the federal income tax regarding “who pays” — the top 10% pays 70% of US federal income taxes. Most are men and they are despised by the public at large.
    Women will continue to be miserable until the recognise the truth and sumbit to their intened natures instead of pretending to be a man or viewing him as the enemy (hiring quotas and reduced standards to elevate women is clear evidence they cannot compete with men, but facts-shmacks. Gimme dat).

  4. “20. They don’t know what to do with their freedom” It is because they are meant to be guided and leaded by men. Freedom is a concept women can’t process.

    1. Young women, particularly pretty and fit young women, have the most sexual power. (A concept from George Gilder’s ‘Sexual Suicide’/’Men and Marriage’.)
      Like any power it can be misused, people are tempted to abuse their power, others will try and exploit that power. And young women, unfortunately come into that power when they don’t have the experience and maturity both mentally and emotionally to handle it. Biggest lie to young women to take advantage of them is — women mature faster than men.
      Hence why they need folks with more experience to help guide them in dealing with the realities of having that power.

    2. No, I think some (not all) feminists can’t handle freedom because it means they would have to accept that their male oppressors are not oppressing them and that doesn’t fit into the vortex of bitterness that they have decided to live in.

  5. Solipsism should be on that list. Woman do try to be like men but their solipsistic nature doesn’t allow them to see what makes a man attractive to a woman is not what makes a woman attractive to a man. I knew a very attractive high-flying career girl -it absolutely astounded her that the alpha male she had her eye on chose a more homely (though not unattractive), less intellectual, less worldly (never travelled far) girl who was in her words ‘more simple’ to settle down with and have children. He’d sown his wild oats with loads of hot girls and was now after a mother for his kids with a woman who respected and looked up to him and though not a virgin, not rode the cock carousel.
    She is now burning out trying to keep with the men in her line of work while the ‘homely’ type is happy as can be looking after her man, home and children. Yet she is the loser (!)

    1. Isn’t that great? I love seeing a former “hot” chick go into a nose dive like that.
      “You had your chance sweety, and you blew it vainly and arrogantly while sneering at any man who might have wanted more with you than a ONS or to be more than your personal wallet. You screamed about your “independence!” at any person who cautioned you on being so careless in your choices in life. So, hey, now you get your just deserts. And it’s a beautiful thing. Enjoy your cats!”

      1. With my own kids I’ve put it as — when you were three and couldn’t understand what a stove was, I taught you not to touch it. Even though it looked neat and interesting, I knew it was dangerous and didn’t want you to get burned- it wasn’t about spoiling your fun or controlling you.
        My relationship advice is the same- I don’t want you to get hurt, and I do know and have seen a lot more than you.
        Bad decisions have bad consequences. That’s why they’re called ‘bad decisions’

  6. When you try and help and offer a little empathic guidance they just throw it back in your face under the veil of man-splaining. I really wish western women would stop woman-splaining to me about man-splaining to them. And so many of my aging female friends have those darn cats as substitutes for the children feminism convinced them they didn’t want.

    1. Hey ~Spartacus,
      I have a serious question: have you actually encountered this. I don’t mean the aging female friends and cats — that I’ve seen, but have you really found women who throw help and advice or what back at you under the veil of mansplaining.
      While I understand that this is a thing because I read about it on the interwebs, I haven’t actually encountered it in person. On the one side, you might think I would. After all, I live in one of the most liberal cities in the country. However, I do work in a male dominated field and tend to hang out at places that usually include successful professional men and well dressed attractive women.
      I am positive that a lot of these shenanigans go on on college campuses, but college is a time where young men and women are going through phases. I think a lot of people simply grow out of that shit. In my business and personal life, however, I simply haven’t run across this phenomenon — either that or I just didn’t notice it.
      The reason I ask is because a lot of times lately I am wondering if the problems with the modern world and with modern women and society in general are really as bad as we are making them out to be. Despite living in ultra liberal NYC, I encounter positive experiences, room for men to assert themselves and grow and succeed and almost no liberal or feminist bullshit. Mind you, I know where these people are (for instance, I am not going to union square on a Friday afternoon) but I avoid them. On the walk to my gym there is a windowless bar called “The Toolbox” with a big faggot flag outside. I don’t encounter a lot of gay guys, but I am sure if I went in that bar I would. However, that bar is clearly marked and there is no mistaking what it is so I avoid it. Let the fags have their private club and keep it off the streets. The same with the liberals, sjws and feminists. I stay out of the astor place book shops and such and they stay away from places where men in suits are buying 25 dollar martinis for young eastern European women who aspire to modeling in 6 inch heels.
      I really do get the feeling that by coming together on line, looking at stories from around the country and from other countries, bringing them all together and discussing them that we wind up exaggerating the actual problem in the same way that shark week makes it seem like all of a sudden there are all these sharks when in reality there is just more attention being paid to them.

      1. I’ve never had a girl say the word “man-splaining” to me, but I have been given the “You just can’t understand” when I try to advise a girl on the bad choices she’s making. Apparently if a guy goes out and stands in traffic I can understand that and caution him against it, but if a woman goes out and stands in the same traffic I can’t even begin to relate to her or offer good advice because I do not own a vagina.

        1. lol. I am genuinely shocked. I have got the look like I was being a condescending dickweed before but only when I really was and was doing it on purpose.

        2. I had a “talk” recently with a girl who is basically self destructing. Her hens immediately join in and tell me to “stop criticizing! You can’t understand what she’s going through!”. All because I said “Sweety, the reason you feel bad more and more is that you’re always drinking out in bars, maybe you might want to slow down a little bit, alcohol can and does cause depression”. Seemed like it applied to men and women both, but apparently not.
          What she drinks over I didn’t address, because basically it’s “I don’t know! I’m a hot mess” from her on that. Like I can’t understand that she has no guidance in life.

        3. Ahhhhhhh….here is problem 2. You are speaking to these walking vagina support systems lol.
          Posted many times, but always worth another

        4. She’s really young and I felt, wrongly, still had time to reverse her life. She clearly wants to follow the normal “modern” path so hey, no skin off my nose. I just hate seeing pretty girls making bad choices that they can avoid. But fuck’er.

        5. lol. well you captured an attitude in this comment I can stand behind. Remember what the old bard says though, and I for one tend to actually believe him, Nothing is good nor bad but thinking makes it so. She is living according to the paradigm of her world which is “bad” according to the paradigm of the world we knew and as such seems untoward to us.

        6. Her friends don’t want you to help her because there’s more drama in a trainwreck than a recovery. And if she’s good looking, it’s one less competitor.

        7. Actually she’s on the glide path to suicide. That’s always untoward regardless of society.
          But hey, she’s earned it through her choices. I had a momentary lapse of reason and an irrational tug at the heart, but it was temporary. She’ll be dead in a year.

        8. Yeah, I know that they’re looking at it like mercenaries. But, we all choose our friends, so, well, to hell with her.

        9. Never get tired of that. You can pretty much replace “nail in head” with “That bitch Rhonda from accounting” or just about anything they complain about.

        10. The man-splaining thing has always been a geeked concept to me. I tried explaining to a girl once that I couldn’t give one fuck if the person I’m talking with has a vagina or a dick, if they are wrong, they are going to be told so. Does it make it any more valid if a woman were to tell another woman that she is wrong instead of me telling her that she is wrong??

        11. My take is that some of them don’t really want to be saved and would prefer to wallow in.. whatever. Sad but there’s nothing to be done about it.
          In a roundabout way it reminds of… Plato’s Cave (and yes I just looked it up because I can never remember who wrote the thing.) Often it’s better just to forget the idiots down in the cave that refuse to come to the surface.
          And that’s the extent of my “philosophical” observations for one day! (Maybe the whole week!!) 🙂

        12. The code word just means “Logical and rational”, they hate having it shown to them why and how they’re wrong with facts. Hence, the shaming technique they’re trying with “mansplaining”.

      2. I lived in bay area for a while. His assessment of women’s attitudes is very common thing out there. I had to pad my world to avoid all the obnoxious feminism. I think you have made own little bubble, inside of their liberal bubble and don’t realize it.

        1. I don’t know what the bay area is like so I leave it to you guys who lived it. As for a bubble within a bubble, I won’t deny the possibility. However, remember that here we are not merely a liberal city but also the financial and business capital of the world. The finance guys, the construction people….these are alpha men. Very few of them both voting. Voting is generally seen like college sports…something to keep the rubes busy while we rule the world. As GOJ mentioned above, the segregation is real. There are places where liberal SJW types or faggots congregate and places where they don’t.
          I can admit that there is a possibility that there are bubbles within bubbles, but as a born and raised New Yorker, that is not my take on it. I simply think that there is very strict lines of segregation here. I can’t speak to other areas, urban, suburban or rural, I simply don’t have the experience. My take is strictly regarding manhattan

        2. Ah, the good ol bay area, where you spend 77% of your take home pay on rent or the mortgage(even worse than NYC)

        3. Impossible housing and extreme leftism. I left within a year out of college. Asian chicks are the only thing I miss.

        4. I cant believe the world’s “best and brightest” are willing to move there as if they never left their college dormitories- whats the point?

      3. The dynamics of a big city are not present in normal life outside of big cities. You do segregate naturally as you note. Out here we’re all basically thrown together, subdivisions and small towns don’t have sections in them for this, that or the other group. That might explain why you don’t see it much, because you have clearly delimited areas where bad things you want to avoid exist such that you can simply avoid going there.

        1. fair enough, but then the point remains: how much of this stuff do you actually see in your day to day life. I mean, where you are, in your life, the circles you travel in, if there was no internet would you even know this problem existed? I don’t think I would.

        2. I see it through people at work. Though I tend to socialize more than I should here, with people I’d never speak to in a million years.

        3. Specific examples of what you’re looking for may help.
          If you mean the terms we hear from SJW’s, then I think that you’re right about it being college campus foolishness that we don’t hear in real life. If you mean things like women’s attitude towards men, especially the crew cut, shrill “in your face!” cursing corporate drunken whores screaming in fake loud laughter in the bar, I see that all the time.
          And of course the “You’re a man, your opinion is not valued, you have no way of understanding” shit I see all the time too.

        4. So I am guessing that in the later scenario the segregation of the city insulates me from that. There are hundreds of bars and cafes, maybe thousands, that cater to those shrill little twats specifically and hundreds of others ones designed to specifically cater to a different type. There are just so many people here that there isn’t just “bars” but everything has a niche. There is, not to far from me, a bar which only shows Philadelphia sports games and serves cheese steaks. They are packed 5 deep on a sunday and have 4 or 5 bartenders and this is a philly sports specific bar. Those shrill sjw bitches most likely have never heard of the places I go to, would feel terribly uncomfortable walking into one (no different than I would feel walking into a gay bar) and more than likely would be asked to leave because there is a dress code. I guess that with a smaller general population you are more likely to get bars that are just bars and the people there are people who like to drink from different walks of life. The uniformity of style in any given bar in the city is so funny because bars all cater to very specific sub groups.

        5. I believe it in certain industries. In construction not so much, but when we do stuff like build our website or do our marketing and bring in the graphic design people or the ad agencies I can def see how their offices are probably more indicative of the stuff we read.

        6. We have some specialty bars, but they’re nowhere near as niche market as yours usually. Even the specialty bars will have non-niche come into them though. I hang at a couple of biker bars and we’ll get the corporate broad come in now and then (alpha scouting) or the party boys thinking it will be like the movies or whatever it is that compels them to come in. We’ll also get the young nubiles coming in to basically get tingles aplenty. But normally it’s just the biker crowd.

        7. I never really get that actually. I’m a big scary looking guy that towers over them and who doesn’t have a simpering beta smile, so maybe that has something to do with it. That shit only happens when you’re talking to some pastel shirt wearing dork who has no established personality I’d wager.

        8. Hahahaha…I’ve never seen that phenomenon in the wild, but you can’t go on the internet it seems without some woman giving definitions of what a “real man” is. And every one of them is just a list of things that are geared toward the Feminine Imperative regardless how it actually affects men.

        9. living in a college city, every other 20 something girl I see is on the career girl path, with over 90% of them not even engaged. I also work in a regional store and in the last 6 months I can’t recall ever selling wine to a young guy…it’s always women, a lot of moms too. Girls also frequently curse/are vulgar and talk/scream/fake laugh right in front of me

        1. up….on 2nd avenue on the upper east side of manhattan. Further, I am totally cool with it. It is a windowless bar called the toolbox with a huge faggot flag. They keep their shit to themselves (so to speak). I wonder how many times someone goes in there, walks up to a guy standing at the bar and says “excuse me, can I push your stool in”

        2. I know. Cant believe its still there. McSorley’s is closed somehow, yet that place has no violations? Spunk splatter all over the place isnt a violation?

        3. McSorley’s reopened. To be fair, the rat issue they found in there was rough…I mean, they had huge fucking rats running around on the floors, but they cleaned it up and reopened. They just did Pats day

        4. I went there once in the late 90s. I wish video phones actually existed for this one, the bartenders were so rude to the women we were with (we tried to warn them).
          It was priceless

        5. I went there once. I liked the “order a beer they give you two” policy.
          My father in law is from that neighborhood and he remembers the place from the ’40s. He described it and I said it hasn’t changed….

        6. I really hope you mean McSorley’s and not that in the late 90’s you were hanging out at the toolbox

        7. LOL yeah, we tried to warn our coworkers, but they insisted on tagging along. Bartender immediately came out from behind the bar, sat on the prettiest girl’s lap, and started stroking her hair…

        8. The last bar to have a ban on women. I think it turned into a soft ban (ie, we will sexually harrass them into leaving) until the 90s…

        9. “They keep their shit to themselves (so to speak).”
          Goddamn, that was funny!!

      4. The ‘mansplaining’ thing is real. I have experienced it here (Colombia) and abroad. Usually the girls doing it share common traits:
        1. Highly ‘educated’ [sic]. That means degree from our local equivalent of Ivy League, from the real Ivy League, or from indoctrination camps in Europe (Sorbone, Frei Universitat Berlin, etc).
        2. Well traveled. Long periods (due to ‘education’, holidays or family) in highly liberal countries, like USA, France, Germany, etc.
        3. Family issues. Divorced parents, absence of parents due to work, etc, etc.
        Also, the phenomenon doesn’t discriminate: ugly girls and hot girls do it the same.
        When they have told me that I’m ‘mansplaining’, my usual response is “it’s not mansplaining, I’m educating you, and you should be thankful”.

        1. I guess this makes sense with why I don’t see it. I don’t run into “highly educated” women (As a side note I spent time at both the sorbone and frei universitat berlin), well travelled (other than party travel) women. I do see a lot of girls with family issues and they certainly have problems, but they seem to take it out in….ehm….different ways.
          My guess is the highly educated aspect you mention. Of the 5 girls I am seeing now I think they collectively have about 4 years of community college under their belt….

        2. As you know, ‘high education’ is just political indoctrination and women, due to their particular mindset, are highly susceptible to that. Like we all know, women are overgrown children, if you educate a children well he will be a good children; if you spoil a children, he will be a nuisance. Modern women are just spoiled children.
          And yes, it is better to go around with less spoiled/educated women. However the racial, social and cultural dynamics here are different: less ‘educated’ women are non white, usually ugly, with medium to low economic level and those are minus in my book. Due to that, I’m basically condemned to move around brainwashed harpies.

        3. I agree with a lot here. I would say that if you are awake and aware it is possible for a man to take great value from a high level education while ignoring the bullshit. I think this is impossible for women because of how they are constructed
          As for the uneducated women, the ones I spend time with are generally Russian or otherwise soviet block Eastern Europeans who are focused on the fashion industry or service industry so they tend to be very attractive and usually quite personable.
          I wouldn’t suggest marrying them, but dating has many rewards

        4. Lucky lolknee, I would love to have a provider of eastern European women, lol

        5. My reponse is always… a smirk. And then “that’s the best kind of explaining, But you are more than welcome to get a vaginalysis from your girlfriends, but it’s not nearly as worthwhile.

        6. I’m going to D.C in November, maybe I can make a short stop in your filthy city of corruption.

        7. You should. Come visit me in Gomorrah and we will have a drink

      5. I wonder about this same phenomenon with just about everything in regards to the “Culture War”.

        1. Yeah….That has a double weirdness to it for me. I have run into a few here and there, but like ALL OVER THE PLACE like ya see on TV. And the ones I have run into weren’t these faggoty get offended by everything SJW types either. Maybe they make queers tougher in Texas, I don’t know, but the few I have dealt with here don’t seem to have a stick up their asses about being gay. No pun intended. (Much)

        2. Yes. Also interracial couples. I hardly ever see black/white interracial couples and I live in Manhattan but if you watch tv or news you would think they are everywhere
          Lol on stuck up asses

      6. Good point and on the whole I agree. I think I’ve raised the point myself on here that we must be aware of our own cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias as a group of politicized men. My experiences are my experiences and are of course not necessarily everyone else’s. But my experience from living in a city in the UK is that men and women have never been more divided from each other, and a malevolent contempt for the other continues to dictate gender relations.

        1. The division is an interesting one. It seems that when men and women were culturally divided (activities specific to men and ones for women) and less integrated in all aspects of life (work, sports, pubs, bla bla bla) that they were more “together” in meaningful ways.
          Back in the days before faggotry really got a hold on culture men used to joke how great it would be to be a fag…like a guy to just hang out with and be your buddy but that you also bang instead of having to deal with women’s histrionics and fighting for a little snatch. But this is essentially what happened: women became “the guys” with vagina.
          Interesting stuff here

        2. Indeed. And I’m constantly surprised by how often gay men side with our masculinist viewpoint, and express their contempt for the antics of modern women.

  7. The precious little princess…………
    From the time they are little girls, they are taught that they are as good as a man in everything, that the world owes them a living. Then, they enter middle school, their SMV is very high, but based only on looks, but no matter, they can be less than average in quality, and guys will thirst after them. This continues through college where teachers and counselors from all walks of life tell them to be strong and independent. Through their twenties, they hop on the carousel and get into drugs and still are thirsted after, despite their not doing anything outside of looks to maintain themselves.
    Then comes the thirties, with the natural cravings to settle coming in, they sober up but the years of hard riding had taken it’s toll. They still don’t have any skill, no morality, and now, no looks. No wonder they are bitter.

    1. “She is at the mercy of circumstances just as the sand is at the mercy of the wind…. her thought is always an afterthought.” No strategic life plan, unlike men.

      1. Yup, in their princess phase, they see no need for a plan. By the time they see the need it is already too late.

        1. (In regard to being princesses and damsels in distress ultimately rescued by their very own princes, while all that’s required is the comatose female just lay there and wait), Walt Disney may have made some spectacularly animated films, but the underlying messages of a few of them (e.g., Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, etc.) have warped the expectations of too many girls that they will be rescued by their own special someone, with no effort on their part.
          Porn also has its own share of young men who, as a result, have a distorted view of women and sex.
          Not to change the subject, but based on personal experience I have great respect for the LDS faith. Many of the most down to earth and family oriented people I personally know, and the wealthiest overall, are Mormons.

        2. I think sex has a lot to do with it. Guys of all ages go after the 18-30 women for sex. Because they get attention from all men, women become prideful. Meanwhile the peak marriageable age (20-25) comes and goes. Towards their late 20’s, guys are more than happy to sleep with the woman, but not to marry them. That ship has sailed without the woman even realizing it. Had they remained chaste, the woman’s desire for sex would drive them to marry, just at the appropriate age to get the suitor they want.
          I converted to the church at 23. There is a reason I am still active (although I am more crass than most Mormons). Because of this, I am in a fairly unique position of having seen both worlds. I tell you, because of the rules set forth by the church, it greatly simplified the dating life. Women are far more receptive if they see dating as just a “get to know you” activity, rather than a venue to be pressured for sex.

        1. Hits too close to home, eh?
          If by that you mean she is a fat ugly dyke then sir you hit the bull’seye.

        2. Where are you going with that screen name? Who are you trying to fool? Nobody here believes you have y chromosome.

      1. If they were to magically regain their virtue, become a submissive homemaker, recover their health lost through drugs and fast food, and acquire a sweet, feminine disposition, I would be more than happy to take them back. However, that is not possible.

        1. I think we know that they are a breed that has become obsolete. Men think they remain young and virle yet do nor understand they all will need a ED while they think women are simply dying a slow death desiring them. It isn’t happening no matter what age they imagine they remain. It is sad their huge inflated ego dictates to help them with a fantasy the whole of their lives.

    2. Plus. When they are finally ready to settle down they look around and find that all of the men who are willing to commit to a lifelong relationship are gone. Taken off the market by women who smarter than they are.

      1. When my daughters come of age, I will tell them to lock some guy down quickly……But then, I will probably not have to. As long as they are taught to remain chaste until marriage (all Mormons are taught that), they will probably want to lock one down early anyway.

        1. Kudos and blessings to you for taking an active role in raising your daughters to have self respect. Too many girls grow up without it, and their lives are made more difficult as a result. As well, LDS youth generally seem to have a genuine wholesomeness about them. Good work, dad.

        2. If you got kids, google “for the strength of youth”…..yes it is church based, but it is an excellent resource for teenagers.

        3. Celebrating stupidity. Ever heard of paedophilia and sexual abuse inside LDS? They arent different from the rest of religiotards. Hello, neurons?

        4. We do not need to “lock down” a man and that is precisely what scares you. Mormon dogma as with all organized religion simply are man made to worship a god designed in your image. I am sorry we do not believe you are any more godly than a female. Evolve.

        5. Now when will boys be raised to have that same self-respect, or are we still pretending that it isn’t important? Men have little control, are animalistic and therefore can behave otherwise? Thankfully this thinking is evolving and males are being held to the same standard as a female. They should be proud.

        6. I’m for everyone being accountable for their own actions, no matter their gender identification, biological sex, or religious affiliation. I also don’t have a specific religion and don’t attend any one church on a regular basis, but spiritually lean towards the teachings of Jesus and Buddha, who, unlike the business of too many organized religions, both encouraged the thinking process, imo. My mom was a Rosicrucian for over fifty years, and that was also a part of my childhood.
          For at least the past five generations the women on my mom’s side of the family have been practicing what might be called the craft (my grandma called it “the work”) and my great grandma was a ‘crafty’ biblical healer. My first cousin is a semi-famous pagan and published author.
          Since Jim Johnson was discussing his daughters, I added my two cents. If he’d mentioned sons, I probably would’ve responded to that as well. The LDS families that I personally know are financially well off; and the women are strong minded individuals, very much respected in the home, the setup works for them, and I respect that. Unforch, two of the LDS men from these families met tragedy, one died from prescription pill OD and the other from complications from steroid abuse.
          When I paid Jim J a compliment, I was speaking from my own perspective. Most of the LDS women that I know have their own viewpoints, whether or not their church agrees, and their partners are strong and secure enough to be accepting of it, and yes, even encouraging, as they know that if Mama ain’t happy and isn’t free to be true to herself, then nobody’s happy.
          In regard to the “wholesomeness” I mentioned to Jim, I used to date a lapsed LDS guy who co-owned two clubs – one an adult
          swingers club (the city eventually shut it down), and the other a teen
          dance club. He also had that clean-living, wholesome vibe, go figure.
          That said, it’s already well known that child abuse, sexual abuse, and other crimes against humanity are found in all walks of life, whether the perp is a twisted Catholic priest, or Warren Jeffs, or the local cult leader who brainwashes its members into thinking that depravity is acceptable.
          Though I’ve also met my share of close-minded people indoctrinated into all kinds of brainwashed beliefs, not all churchgoers are “religiotards”, but xyz seems to paint them all with the same brush, which sounds judgmental af.

      2. Or the men have emigrated and married feminine foreign women who genuinely value and appreciate Good Men, or the men have taken The Red Pill and become MGTOW.

        1. Happened to my cousin after a serious b$tch took him for everything. Has is now married to a foreign woman and is deliriously happy. (Oh, BTW, b$tch tearfully wanted him back after all. Oh well.)

    3. Nothing like watching cognitive dissonance meet “thirty-something baby rabies”… it’s schadenboner level 1000.

      1. Although it’s satisfying to observe, it’s also best for a man to be safely out of the blast radius when the former Carousel Rider’s oven timer goes off and her oven shuts down.

  8. TL;DR: Men lost frame and need to sack up.
    Actually a good article from Corey here, but I think it neglects the very fundamental point that the one reason for all 20 things here, the one thing behind modern women being unstable and miserable, is that men have become insufferably, wimpy twat faces.

      1. This I have seen. I mean I even get it to a degree. It is what their mom told them women would want. Hell, my mom told me it is what women would want. But how long does it take a guy to catch on lol

        1. Some longer than others, some guys never do. My dad is in his 70’s and still doesn’t get to watch what he wants on the telly.

        2. yeah, I mean it really is nutty. I can only imagine how many “nice guys” have got those 3 am crying phone calls from girls and then said things like “i don’t know why you let him treat you like this” or “i will totally kick his ass” about me all while waiting for some little crumb of the snatch that I beat the hell out of. Women are a lot of things, but unclear they are not. I think the problem is that men are rational creatures who value honesty so instead of looking at a woman’s actions and understanding their desires based on their deeds they listen to their words and take them at face value.

        3. Anymore, i see it as the two year old throwing a fit to get what they want. The more you give them, the more they complain, and the more unhappy they will be. Of course, you need to be reasonable, but if you have them earn what you give them, they will be more receptive. Treats are great, but should not be expected.

        4. I find there are two types of people generally. Some say “anymore” and some say “these days”. I was raised on the latter, but I’m warming up to the other one anymore.

        5. Societal shifts could be a “these days”, things shift back and forth. I really think the red pill line of thinking is catching on. People are catching on that the guys who have ZFG have better dating lives and marriages, regardless of mainstream indoctrination.
          “Anymore” pertains to my life specifically. That is unlikely to change in my life.

        6. I don’t believe things do shift back and forth.
          Generally speaking, society only gets worse.

        7. Yeah, life was perfect in 4000 B.C. and has only gotten progressively worse with time.
          Societies ebb and flow and shift and change in both directions. Life for a black in America in 1795 was probably a bowl full of suck compared to life for a black in 1990. That’s society getting better, in one respect. Life for the common man in 1926 was a bowl of suck, even a dust bowl of suck, but got one hell of a lot better for the same man in 1955.

        8. My scope is too narrow to judge whether is catching on or not. One can only hope. To me this whole ‘red pill’ thing is akin to spending your life buying a million different tools only to find that the rusty, dusty old pliers your father gave you really do everything you need.
          My initial inquiry was in regard to language though. “these days” vs “anymore”

        9. It’s scary how much they will make up or withhold about themselves. Even worse is that they see absolutely nothing wrong with manufacturing a completely different human being from the one they really are.
          The number of men living under the same roof with women they think are their “soulmates” and “best friends” who, in reality, are complete strangers they know nothing about, is pretty terrifying.

        10. Actually there are 10 types of people. Those who understand binary, and those who do not.

        11. “but if you have them EARN what you GIVE them, they will be more receptive”.
          OMG ! You nailed it !!

        12. But, let’s be real here..Any fucking man that thinks a woman is his best friend or soulmate is completely delusional and hasn’t yet realized that he is in a spider’s web and is slowly being wrapped up and will soon be sucked completely dry from the inside out.

        13. “I didn’t want you to think I was a slut”
          My wife was a virgin on our wedding night (verifiable proof). But, that is something I struggled with for years early in our marriage. How do you get some woman to realize that it isn’t WHAT you do in bed that defines you as a slut, but WHO you do?

        14. Beautifully put. I have said this to women before. A woman being slutty is beautiful to the man who is fucking her. It isn’t beautiful when a bunch of other dudes also know how “beautiful” she is.

        15. I just found that site a couple days ago. Good to see something for married men.

        16. One line in that post that got me is ” if I tell my family members than their image of my wife becomes destroyed”…..WTH? She is the one who destroyed her image. If he doesn’t tell and it comes out that he is fine with being cucked like that and accepts her back, it is HIS image that is destroyed in the eyes of his family. Poor guy, I am sure he is apprehensive about acknowledging reality and is in denial, but what is done is done.

        17. Although I can understand wanting to keep an intact household for his child to grow up in, nobody wants to be the husband your wife ‘settled for’.

        18. ATM and probably a servant for various tasks. I think I would be out of there looking for 50/50 custody of the kids.

        19. We understand OUR reality, not reality itself. Women don’t understand their reality, but they absolutely do understand reality. It doesn’t matter who they fuck, some friend will marry them. They are right, it just doesn’t make them happy in any way.

        20. Women have a very high emotional iq and also are pragmatic in certain self serving ways for sure

        21. Yeah…Rollo is great. Dalrock runs a red pill blog that has marriage material in it. I’ve only read a bit of his stuff, but he is pretty good too.

    1. I’m inclined to think that both men and women have declined by a third factor rather than one sex causing the degradation of the other.

      1. It is a fair thought Corey. I do disagree however. I simply do not believe that women have a “selfhood” or “identity” and are simply defined by the men in their lives…at first their father (or the endless stream of men banging their single mother) and later their husband (or whatever alpha cock she is obsessed with at the moment) I really do have a hard time thinking that women can improve or degrade at all. Rather, men improve or degrade and as they do they bring women, technology and civilization it self with them — either up or down.

        1. Women are sheep. If they have gone astray, blame it on the men in their lives for becoming bad shepherds.

        2. Yes, my sentiment exactly and put in a very nice and pithy way.

        3. Exactly. Same thing has been told (long back) by Bharat/Indian scholar called “Manu”. What he said was:
          =Female is protected & provided for; by her FATHER in childhood
          =Female is protected & provided for; by her HUSBAND in adulthood
          =Female is protected & provided for; by her SON in old age
          And hence, Females doesn’t deserve “freedom”.
          Now, the indian pussies, influenced by the western femisadism, highlight only the line “Female doesn’t deserve freedom” !!

    2. Nah, there is only one reason women are like this, and you missed it.
      It’s cos the government gives them free money (directly or indirectly).
      Without welfare the lazy cunts have to marry, fuck and breed with men to survive (It’s still like this in the rest of the world).
      I don’t even talk to white women any more, they have nothing I want.
      Part of the problem is you guys still talking/gaming/shagging them.
      Essentially you guys are still begging them for sex.
      Learn game and be their bitch …… no thanks.

    3. That’s not it. It’s more like…
      TL;DR: Feminism benefits a subset of men.
      Most men do not run the world… thus their frame is of no consequence except for individual women, not women as a group.
      These things we call modern women have the characteristics that benefit the most powerful of men i.e. Slutty, government dependent, and herd like. Feminine women benefit civilization, not men with the most options.
      I’m in a position to benefit sexually from at least 15 of the bad habits that corey presented…. and so are many others on this site. Civilization though, suffers for our selfishness.

      1. “Most men do not run the world… thus their frame is of no consequence ”
        I think that men’s lack of power is a direct result of their lost frame and while most men don’t run the world, the collective of men define masculinity — at this time quite poorly — and that definition of masculinity, more than any one person in any one position, does in fact define the world.

        1. “Men” are not a timeless monolithic objective entity however. The men who gave up our real political power, the idiots who gave women the vote, are long dead and we had no say in that. Even if we convince 100% of the men in this nation to rescind women’s right to vote, we’re outnumbered at the polls statistically. And that’s if we have every single swinging dick on our side, which we won’t (white knights, the simpering faggots).
          Individual men do control their destiny and their women, no question. But as a society, I think it’s wrong to cast all men at all times under one umbrella.
          Generally though, I agree with you on the point, I’m just being a pedantic asshole. Heh

        2. I agree with you as well. I have never voted, but I will begin to vote as soon as women are restricted from it. In the meantime, however, I do think you would agree that the definition of masculinity in the world — how masculinity is generally thought of in our time – is both a) Incredibly important and b) defined by the collective (even if not collusive) actions of men.

        3. I’m glad you said the part about how men who gave up political power. My generation gets knocked for being the insufferable pussies that women hate, but who raised them that way? Who instructed them to be nice guys because that is allegedly what makes women love them and want to be loyal to them?
          I always try to structure my arguments so that it is known that I am not blaming anyone for my situation in life. But sometimes things are so out of our control, that there needs to be some blame involved. I dont know why generations of men were raised to believe that being nice and friendly with women will produce good results. I’m still actively working toward stripping the blue pill identity I was raised with, but that is only what I can control. I cant control women believing they deserve the best, I cant control society telling them they deserve that and maybe more and dont need no man! I can only become the best man I possibly can be and hope that is good enough. But then know that it still most likely isnt…

        4. Its misfortunate, the current young men are the first generation to be raised by a collective majority of beta-male fathers combined with large-scale split-family homes and the indoctrination feminism projected upon young minds, …all of course in a court-ordered mommy head of household separation. Don’t hate the player hate the game, even if it’s in fact institutionalized government game.

        5. I think we are just the first generation of men to have to deal with women with full sexual and economic freedom. Our generation’s fathers, in general, are not necessarily “beta” but they were actually respected and valued by women and their community for being good men. Female hypergamy was kept in check so a man that bought his girl flowers and took her out on dates was able to get the exclusive sexual attention of a woman. Now, hypergamy has gone through the roof and women are only really interested in men that have an “I dont give a fuck” mentality. How could any father look into the future and envision a culture such as this? And how would he go about raising his son to be an uncaring, unfeeling chad? Is it good for anything other than banging basic sluts? Men of any generation in the past, no matter how masculine, would struggle in today’s sexual market. Its simply a whole different ballgame.

    4. nah, The State has taken over role of men…
      There are no consequences to their actions, even if they chose marriage/kids.
      Women profit from divorce/child support, and men have no control.
      Alpha men can capitalize on it for sex only…

      1. Men will always have control. We simply no longer need children. Children are a vanity, a toy or a hobby. I am fine with that. I have vanity, toys and hobbies too but any idea that men need children is simply antiquated. Alpha men can capitalize on society for all of its various resources, sex included. As for the state supporting women, it was men who allowed that to happen.

        1. The issue is that marriage no longer equates to having a family. It is no guarantee that a man will have children and be able to be fully in their lives, around them every single day ensuring they are raised correctly.
          So – even if you want children, marriage is no longer the sure path it once was.

        2. So I am lead to think of French sociologist Emile Durkheim. Habits, institutions and other human phenomena that exists does so out of necessity. So, for instance, since people have owned shit other people have been stealing shit. For Durkheim, the fact that theft hasn’t evolved out of civilization means that there is some role in society which it plays which is necessary to the larger whole….same with murder. I would say that marriage as an institution, family even, collapsing and essentially being evolved out of society is simply the fact that the modern world no longer needs it. Is it nice? Sure, for some people. Is it fun, fulfilling and in other ways personally meaningful? Absolutely…to some people. But the fact that it is ceasing to exist points to the fact that it is no longer a necessity.

        3. I’d argue that it is definitely a necessity IF society is to not collapse. Inner city blacks live horrible lives and are actually declining in real numbers, because they “no longer need a family”. I mean real numbers, going down, that keeps up long and they simply snuff themselves out.
          That’s a big part of the problem, lots of people think “it’s no longer needed” and for them individually sure it probably isn’t, but that choice has consequences that they’re blind to (willfully or through ignorance) that will be paid.

        4. What you say is 100% right if, I think, you add the caveat
          “I’d argue that it is definitely a necessity IF society (as we have known it) is to not collapse”
          However, society is in a constant evolution. The “family” era is over. It has been supplanted by a new technology era. You and I may not like the next evolution, but we are in the formative stages of it. Some people are trying to push back the tide and avoid the changing epoch — ask the original Prince of Tides, King Canute.

        5. No, I’d say that when the family goes away, we go into “ghetto mode” and suffer the same decline as blacks have in inner cities. Hell we’re already seeing that in Europe, they aren’t even doing replacement birth rate any longer, and Japan where it’s speculated pretty correctly that they’ll self extinguish in just a couple of generations. Consequences. It’s not as if we’re reproducing just in ‘new and different’ ways.

        6. nothing for a Viking king reference. Come on, I am customizing these comments just for you

        7. I’m with you on this one. Without the ‘family era’ we become something much less as a species.

        8. Ever read George Gilder’s, “Men and Marriage”? That was his point, as the out-of-wedlock birthrate rises in the general population we will see the same dysfunction in the general society as in the inner city. Which at the time he wrote had about a ~30% out-of-wedlock birthrate.

        9. I thought you were doing that so that I’d Leif you alone.

        10. No, I haven’t read that, but it’s a sound observation. It’s one thing to say “Ah, you old coots are just out of touch, this is the new way”, which many times is accurate. But collective suicide seems to be something that we’d want to avoid at any point in history, past, present and future.

        11. “Ghetto mode” means gangs of young men that piss on the older generations & their laws cause their predecesors didn’t leave them anything that was worthwhile.
          They harass the females & stab their protectors(father/boyfriend).
          But I don’t see this happening with the westerners, in fact the westerners are the protectors not the thugs. American soldiers don’t even rape muslim women, that’s how domesticated they are. What kind of army doesn’t do brutish shit?
          If the soldiers don’t rape, then most civilians are petty critters that deserve to get whiped out.

        12. As a young man, I decided to try to experience as much of life as I could. That included marriage and children. Yes, perhaps men don’t need children, but you are giving up one of God’s greatest gifts to us by not having any. My children are a terrific source of satisfaction to me as I grow older.
          That said, choose your wife carefully, and be sure to have a balanced relationship. But think about having children as a potentially great life choice.

        13. yup. Each and every outcome was the result of deliberate choices made at the individual and collective level. Just “going with the flow” is letting yourself be controlled by circumstances which to me, is not
          masculine AT ALL. We all have to admit that societal collapse was the result of a large majority of people making stupid choices with the encouragement of global elites wishing to see soceity fail, so they
          might profit from it. Just because a large majority of people are stupid, does not mean you have to do whatever they do. Just because you can’t change the course of events, does not mean you have to actively participate in it. If you want to contribute to societal collapse – admit that it is because you profit from it. Any other justification for your behaviour is just hamstering.

        14. Agreed 100%. I decided to give it up for other things. I have no desire for a wife or children but I understand the desire in others for sure

        15. thats some strange reasoing right there, first of all there have been cases of american soldiers raping iraqi women so saying it doesnt happen is not correct but more important “what kind of army doesnt do brutish shit (i.e. rape)” I would say a disciplined one, the wehrmacht had very few cases of rape but no one would consider them an domesticated army

        16. WW2 German army was efficient, lost war, less rapes, now they’re cucks.
          WW2 Russian army was less efficient, won war, raped like motherfuckers, they’re right winged.
          Western civilization has the biggest corporations, biggest religion, strongest states, greatest technology. This blessing in disguise means that they give their resources to foreign men, their daughters are snow bunnies, they are trinket dependent & they waste their life trying to gain status so that they could cream as much as possible inside humanoid females.
          It’s not about the rape it’s about western society needing ruthless & merciless men that enjoy being cunts to other people cause that keeps the women & the foreigners in check.
          Humans respond to darkness & violence, otherwise they disrespect u.

        17. “Men will always have control.”
          Yes… and the men in control have chosen to throw other men under the buss to please women. Weak men love Feminism as it allows them to degrade and control the stronger men in society. It’s a Beta’s dream.

        18. I know more divorced men over 40 than married men. They all return to chasing young girls. But they also consider their children, albeit raised in a broken home, the best thing that happened to them. Id be a fool to say that a son wont bring me happiness when im fifty…
          But is it worth the drama and money of a divorce. Plus, how fucked up is his culture and societal programming going to be?!
          Im bracing myself for a lifetime of approaching women. Married guys will be back in the game eventually. Id might as well save the money and drama.

        19. Good point. Society is built on incentive. A man with children works hard for them, to the benefit of society.
          A man who jerks off alone and plays video games daily probably wont.

        20. Good point too. Maybe technology has pampered our civilization, and removed the need for family as an incentive to drive society.
          We will need something though. Some kind of big meaning… Like big brother!

        21. Note that you do know married men over 40. This means it can be done. See if you can discover what the married men did right and the divorced ones did wrong.

        22. Anyone fool enough to marry in this toxic environment deserves the misery they’re sure to get out of it.

        23. Nearly all women, even the best available in the US, aren’t programmed to withstand financial hardship with a man “building” a life together, and are fairly short-sighted in mutual goal achievement. It helps immensely to have finances in order before you ever bother having a kid(s).
          What almost every couple (married or not ) I know that had kids during a regular breeding age (Mid-20s early 30s) has in common… is inherited a family business/wealth, from somewhat wealthy families, or had the entire chain of success laid for them by mentors aligned for them. Occasionally, maybe 1/20 marriages I know of, have true team unity, rags to riches story all self-made, and shining successful, functional children due to it.
          Unless you’re extremely dorky (eh hmm. beta deluxe type), and your girl is dorky as hell too (the perfect fit) those couples tend to stay together and make super duper dorky kids – a family resulting compound LALA World. That works too. Kind of a insular family-unit experiment only possible in a society protected from rationale, like in the uS.

        24. My favorite entertainment are the closet feminist guys, completely ruled by their bitches, who “play around” with lifting weights, make minimal gains, then walk around like they’re something badass to compensate for their pussy whipped slavery.
          As if to say:”Look I’m acting manish, I’m therefor a man, cause this is what other guys do so…”

        25. I am happy that you are blessed with family. Due to life’s obstacles and issues, I don’t forsee having any. I’m 52 and feel it’s a bit late for me to consider having any, not just for the idea that the Mrs is nowhere in sight. I have to write it off with the idea that I will do other things with my life.

        26. I’ve gotta say, already through personal observation and experience, the ghetto happening right now… even if it’s packaged in nice “suburbanite” houses. In fact, I’d say we’re at the top of a surge in it now, which may pull back with Trump slightly, but then later continue to grow. It’s just been perfectly incentivized for women. Give those lacking power and control who previously had none (women and minorities), watch them destroy themselves by weilding the illusion of control on others for personal gain. Then take the power back in a different way, leaving them enslaved to their own egos. The formula goes: ID + EGO minus ANY SuperEgo. Fucking clones. Poof.

        27. Before Google, you asked dad for the answer. Collective data base knowledge is daunting for any father to put himself up against. Net and devices supply much of the entertainment otherwise that was originally entertainment seeked out by families together. Megalomania.
          Part of the new role of fathers is teach kids how the master the value of the internet’s data, not the pacifications if brings.

        28. Daym this is dark but it’s true. The violence should be brought on the state though, imo. And I don’t mean police or military. I mean the fuck politicians and psycho CEOs. At least if you think violence is the best option and I’m not totally sold on that. Not yet. MGTOW, fuckers.

        29. Thats a bit silly. Evolution is a constant pricess that works on both the genetic and social level. That is the information stored in DNA and in the collective narrative.
          Ie, imagine two groups, one with genes that are good for hinting, and one without, if the second groip develops a proper art of hunting that is superior to the first then their overall “information package” is superior, provided their culture can transmit that information from one generation to the next,
          That cuktural information is what you call “technology”
          However, information is not just DNA or collective memory, information is also external. The environment itself is information. The actions of the ethnic group on the environment is a transfer of information between the group to the surrounding environment which in turn affects the members of the group.
          For example, if the group develops the art of mobile phones, leading to the art of “selfies”, thne the fertile women will have an aspect of their innate reproductive strategies affected. That is the reproductive strategy of attention whoring to get the attention of both the provider and alpha males. Now these fertile women are not acting out of conscious thought but out of biological responses. So they become overwhelemd from the dopamine rewards of taking endless selfies, in much the same wya that a horny 14 year old boy becomes overwhelemd by free pr0n.
          In both cases, the member of the group is affected by the arts contained in the social memory of the group as reflected back from the environment.
          If that grouo cannot deal with the environment in an evolutionarily effective manner – if they cannot reproduce, then they will cease to exist.
          At this point you will argue that the social memory information will be passed over to another group. To this I will say “maybe”. First another ethnic group must have both the genetic and social memory capacity to receive that information. For example, if they are retarded (genetic), or too primitive (social) they will be unable to receive the social information. Second, they must be able to cope with the problem that the originating group was unable to cope with (selfies, pr0n). If so, then they cna carry on that social memory, “technology”. But the first group that was unable to cope with the environmental changed wrought by their implementation of their own socially transmitted information (technology), are fucked. Or rather, they did not fuck properly in a wya that transmitted both their social and genetic information to new cellular structures (babies)

        30. Yeah, it was worth the drama of a divorce. But then, my ex wasn’t greedy and I ended up with the kids and my income. She just got a portion of my military retirement and was content to visit the kids.
          They were worth it, I can honestly say I’d do it again even if I couldn’t change the outcome. (I’m over 40 and haven’t been chasing girls ‘cuz the downside of full custody is focus on the kids, and I wanted to live the religion I was raising them in vice being a hypocrite.)

        31. here lolknee for all his intelligence lets himself down and exposes the cultural degeneration which also infests the redpill male side of the equation….
          “We simply no longer need children. Children are a vanity, a toy or a hobby”
          This is the battle cry of a masturbating immature boy who has never grown up and uses women to masturbate himself on. deep down he has zero self respect and hides behind a wall of pseudo masculine bravado.
          With no children within 100 years civilization is 100% finished, extinct. Children used to be a male prerogative – and quite perhaps the real damage that’s been done by cultural Marxism has been removing that goal from male consciousness and replacing it with a plethora of synthetic substitutes.
          Having children is one of the toughest things you can do in life and most boys that strut about in western culture, Roosh included are barely out of nappies in that regard. You want to talk about neomasculinity rather than pseudo masculinity – start talking about being a father. Without real fathers who can hold down real mothers and real families – the rest is just a load of boyish wank. Most men including most red pill men and playas are too feeble minded and insecure to even consider having children and that’s where the root of the problem lies. – OH : and don’t blame anyone else for your problem – it’s your problem.
          Roosh posted a video the other day about how he respects men that can cold approach women – what is this is 8th grade ? are you 40 or 14 ? I respect any man that has children because it’s a very tough thing to do, especially in a broken culture with broken women. You want to find answers and get results, the family unit and children is the place to start looking – not the place to shy away from.

        32. I see you feel passionat about this. I wish you the best with your kids. I will always see it as your hobby. Sorry bud, you can’t universalize your little fun time activities that guve your life meaning. Glad you found something you enjoy but to my eyes you sound like you are trying to justify your life decisions by making them required for all people.
          Sorry, doesn’t work that way. You feel fulfillment from this that’s great. I’m over here living my life by my own rules

        33. Being a man has more to do with your convictions and courage. Having thick muscles in not a condition for societies that still have a rite of passage. By that you could say that it’s more worthy to look like a nerd and study all day because of your conviction to become a doctor and earn a lot of money than to play a videogame all day that looks like you are a man in combat, but is actually detrimental to your success in life. Maybe not the best analogy, but you get it. Aim for long term success is something most females don’t really get. Since they are governed by an unstable endocrine system which mandates them to live on a day to day basis.

        34. That’s why marriage vows are a must. And if she will break them she will pay for it dearly. That must be imposed. When not enforced by church, state or male conformity in society marriage is pointless.
          The expectation of marriage is completely shifted from spiritual to material. We see that in the tv-shows about dresses and cakes. Those are the least important of the whole day. Also the photographer and the band aren’t important, or the location. Only the witnesses, the rings which embody devotion and the vows themselves have meaning and are truly important. For marriage is a rite of passage. Women know this, but suppress this understanding.
          Any male setting boundaries and having expectations and consequences will thereby make the whole idea of marriage less attractive for her. Women, not men, love lack of commitment. It’s not by accident the saying: “for a woman marriage is the finishing line, for a man it is the starting line” exists.

        35. You missed the point entirely…… having children is not a hobby – without children – you and the rest of humanity wouldnt exist. Everything that men have ever done from lighting the first fires to hunting to telecoms and container shipping is to make life easier.
          Its become considered a tedious chore to have children because cultural marxism has fed everyone that lie and the ones who ate it up first were men not women.

        36. I didn’t miss the point Cale, just think you are wrong. That’s ok though we agree on enough other stuff and I still respect your opinion

        37. Children are the continuation of the genes of your family….and by extension your race/people/civilization.

        38. It’s about IQ, not whether it’s inner city or not. Blacks are dysfunctional because of average low IQ, not family structure. The only reason the family structure somewhat worked in the past (not as well as whites), was because of external pressure.

        39. It wasn’t the Russians raping though….that was the Mongolians and other Asiatics they had in their army.
          So your logic fails.

        40. Asians can’t rape, it’s impossible, their dicks are too small, u have to try again.

        41. Dude, read Stalins Revenge, it’s a book basically only about the rapey-rapey. You are a nub.

        42. U dumb fuck I know Stalin & Beria & Ehrenberg’s propaganda gave the army permission for the rapes, if u honestly believe the whites didn’t do most of the raping u must be out of your damn mind.
          How cuckish can u be to think the white russians weren’t raping, even my school teacher talked about how they prayed on the females from her village & she wasn’t referring to no little pigmy mongols. U westerner cucks can’t even imagine a white male raping, the indoctrination runs deep in your little skull.

        43. LOL, it’s the “westerner cucks” that are the ones saying white men rape.
          I never said white Russians didn’t rape, and I’m sure they did it in higher numbers than Germans, Brits etc etc. I mean the Americans had much higher numbers of rape than Brits/Germans, and if we study closely we realize it almost entirely Black/Italian etc soldiers that are responsible for these higher numbers.
          Sure, Ehrenberg allowed for rapes (Let’s also remember that it was the Red Army that later shut this behaviour down), that doesn’t mean that Russian soldiers did it though. Let’s be honest here, most Russian men died in these age groups died in the initial assault on the Soviet Union, then they started calling up criminals, older men and different kinds of Asiatics even women. Russia also had huge different kinds of minorities, whether they were Jews or whatever.
          If you read the accounts of soldiers in the Red Army (officers and the like). You will actually read stories of them warning the German population that the Asiatics were coming (occupation forces etc).
          But once again, sure white Russian men did rape, but not nearly in the numbers of these minorities, such as the Asiatics, and the more southern caucasian muslims and christians such as the Georgians etc. Or the recruited soldiers from other parts of southern Europe.

        44. You still could be a mentor so young boys become men.
          Don’t you have siblings with young children. Bring the boys to a ballgame, talk with them about women and society. I would have loved if somebody would have done that with me when I was young.
          When you think about it. Most young men are around women all day. Their mothers, teachers in school, the mall, now the personal male space like the gym or a saloon type bar are also invaded by women. And men are shunned by women for wanting their own space. It’s an American concept, but the “Mancave” is just an insult to any man owning a house, being stashed away in a garage, his garage.

        45. There is nothing more worthless and dangerous for government than young armed men without families. They consume less, they are more delinquent. Ghetto mode doesn’t mean poor, to me that means a man is in a state where striving for an increasing higher income is not his upmost priority. Why a white picket fence and a $50.000 family car when you can work less, live in a cheap small apartment and drive a 10 year old car? Government wants you to create new taxpayers and buy diapers, food, housing, energy and all the other taxed goods.

        46. Children raised by single parents- regardless of income level or race– are more likely to be involved in violence as either victim or perpetrator; be physically, sexually, and emotionally abused; more likely to be involved in substance abuse.
          Regardless of race. Ever notice that the spree shooters – predominantly Caucasian– are inevitably products of broken homes.
          Whatever you want to say about intelligence level- we’re all humans with the same basic drives. Boys without fathers tend to run in packs, their behavior mostly is geared toward impressing other guys in the pack and establishing themselves in the pecking order. Unsupervised guys with no positive role models will generally establish their place in the order by exhibiting testosterone driven dominant behaviors- physical domination and risk taking behavior to impress the pack. No fathers and no stable family means no education and enforcement of controlling behaviors. You really should read Gilder’s book, it’s an interesting read regardless of whether you end up agreeing with him or not.

        47. In one of my college years I’ve been living in a dorm on the same floor with moldavians. Half of these fools knew only their native language, they were gagauz, the turkish descendants. Stalin used them to replace the pure native population, they were different looking from the pure moldavians & guess who were the more white looking ones, yeah, it was invaders. They were dumb brutes that ran trains on fat chicks & the hallway smelled like shit cause of them & their nasty food.
          Oh, the mongols are the perfect example for non-cucking:
          Japanese have greater technology, they are way more efficient, lost the war, they are beta.
          Mongols have shit technology, less efficient, defeated the japs, now they are far-right.
          Japanese had comfort women, they did a lot more raping than the germans: the japanese might be beta, but germans are the cucks cause the japs don’t let the migrants in.
          U have to try again.

        48. Wtf does all that have to do with the raping of women in Germany.
          You argue like this.
          Me: I don’t think it’s the case that the democrats won the presidential election since Trump is president.
          You: The sky is blue.

        49. Which implies a male populist uprising is a possibility. It may be possible to protest via the ballot box if the candidate campaigns with populist ideas, as with Trump, but the mere flicker of an unbridled, populist flame gets snuffed out by the state without hefty political representation or the backing of the purse holders. And since Jews fear men organizing above all other concerns, that is not going to happen.

        50. ” Ever notice that the spree shooters – predominantly Caucasian” <—do you ever fact check?
          This is one of the modern myths rights here.
          The US police count any shooting of more than 3 people as a “mass shooting”, there are around 45 mass shootings in the US every year. The majority of these mass shootings are done by blacks amazingly enough, considering they are a minority in the population.
          It’s a chicken or egg discussion really, I would argue that many of the children by single mothers are the children of single mothers because the mother is of lower average intelligence herself.

        51. I don’t really pay much attention to politics nor do I care much about the jews. I am living a life on a very individual basis. If the absurd reality show that is national politics wants to try to rule the world, the jews, the masons, the stonecutters, whomever…..let them. I have things that are more important to me….like my next bowl movement. If the implication in what I say is that a male populist movement is a possibility then ok, so be it. I don’t think there is a shred of masculinity in trump, just more reality star preening but ok, fine, have it and good luck. I will say, however, as I have said many times here, I very much like the world the way it is.

        52. Did you notice I used the term ‘spree’ shooter, not ‘mass shooting’? The going out mowing down as many victims as possible without regard for getting caught, thus far, has been primarily a white single guy from a broken home phenomena.
          I did that for the very reason you cite- ‘mass shooting’ has a very different meaning. And the majority of those cases, as you correctly point out, are often gang/drug related. Just like the pro-gun control folks trying to inflate school shootings by including any shooting in the vicinity of a school- quite often gang/crime related completely unrelated to the school.
          You could be correct about single moms and IQ, but I would counter with given the realities of how welfare is distributed that single motherhood, from the viewpoint of someone in the inner city, could be seen as a logical choice. A lot of programs they can tap as single mother that they can’t as married, or living with the father, or even as childless women. Read several studies where young women see getting a child as their ticket to an apartment, freedom from the hassle of living with their family, and welfare giving them more freedom than a husband/BF they have to cooperate with.
          In some ways, similar to no-fault divorce and how the awarding of alimony/assets incentivize divorce. Although at least some states have stopped the lifetime alimony crap.
          Not something we’re gonna figure out on the thread though..

        53. Show me anything on spree shooters then, I would argue that other races having lower average IQ makes it harder for them to plan such an attack. It’s also harder for them to be able to afford the weapons/clear background checks for them. There are many examples in US history of even groups of blacks with assault rifles mowing down whites etc.
          Though I never heard the term “spree shooter” in official US statistics.

        54. OK Jack, you’re alright.
          So men, collectively, are responsible for this state of affairs, just not you. Do you have some sort of rugged individual exemption certificate?

        55. That’s my situation. Divorced one small daughter. Sometimes I’m thinking this is somehow the best of both worlds (less the huge amount of money lost). So I don’t know, if you’re up to it then do it, but I have to warn you. It is extremely difficult mentally and financially, the divorce that is. However, once on the other side, your life is for you to design moving forward.
          One caveat: Never marry a second time. This is your opportunity to be truly happy and in control of your life.

        56. Thanks for the note. Since I live alone, my entire house is my mancave, and it’s paid off, which helps secure my future.
          There are very few people I can mentor at this time, but I don’t pass up a chance to help out.

        57. It was not technology that did this, it was the international globalists. Deliberately backing the weak with weaponized laws to destroy the strong so that they can rule it all.

        58. Trouble is right now the most barbaric peoples of modern civilization are the ones reproducing. People in North America are not keeping up – there would be population decline if it were not for immigration. These are people who still have 5, 6, 7 kids. They’re outbreeding the rest of the world 3:1. The socialists governments that bring them in to support their tax base don’t care if they sacrifice virgins by throwing them into volcanoes – they want the voters and the resulting tax base. These people often come over with few marketable skills – they bring social disease with them but it’s RACIST to suggest this. Some groups of newcomers (can’t say which, it’s racist) are the TOP USERS of welfare and social services in my country. Their communities are rife with crime – kind of like back home, except over here, working class family people have to PAY for them.
          Canada just passed anti “Islamophobia” bill M103 which makes it illegal to “blaspheme” Islam. Guess what. Anything other than saying “Allah is great!” is considered blasphemy by Moooslims. If you even ask the *wrong questions* about their religion you’ll be guilty of BLASPHEMY, now a criminal offense in Canada. And they say people are redneck idiots who worry about *them* trying to get Sharia law invoked here? And the SJWs continue to call everyone racist in their echo chamber while not realizing that free-speech in Canada is not only gone, but it’s now illegal?

        59. Thinking that the men who’s marriages didn’t blow up (yet) are the result of some EXCELLENT well thought out choice is at the top of the list of blue pill fantasy. It’s just arrogance and ego of the men who have yet to go through the divorce meat grinder – another example of men looking down on other men who society has put the “stamp of failure” on.
          “Choose your wife carefully, like me.”
          Blue pill insanity. Here. Choose your pistol carefully. 50% of these guns will eventually blow up in your face. We just don’t know which 50%…

        60. Vows are just pretty words (lies, in 50% of cases) in a church. Blasphemy really.

        61. Yes. But in old times they were heard by everyone when they were spoken. And that makes it less likely they are broken.

        62. We need children. You get mad as a man if you don’t get children.
          And if you marry, then christian. In the name of God. Thats the only way marriage can survive our selfishness.
          And thats why monogame marriage is only present for hundreds of years in christianity. Befor that and after this there is only “sex, abortion, broken relationships”.

        63. I do believe you are about 95% right.
          Marriage without children is impossible to maintain I believe. I also think that for the vast majority of men, the purpose a wife and child gives is absolutely necessary.
          Allowances have to be made, however, for the rare type that just do not need that and who actually impact the world greater without

        64. it is. Because you need to focus your energy – nothing is better then a baby.

        65. For most men yes. I am cut from a different cloth but still understand

        66. The main problem is that Modern Western women are unfit to be wives and unworthy of being mothers — and that is because it was THEIR own choices.

        67. The problem is many (western) women woke up from the social brainwashing that they cant be anything that wives and breeders. Truth hurts, I know.

        68. There will never be a replacement for the nuclear family. Not for healthy, well-adjusted children, anyway.

    5. agreed. judging women by men’s standards is a RoK circlejerk. Barbarians are at the gate and nearly every woman above could be salvaged in one way or another. I would MUCH rather wife up a slut with a body count above 30 and have a bunch of sons with her than adopt a couple of black zipperheads from god knows where and have a genetic dead end.

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      1. This is true. I, however, do not consider reproduction as a modern human imperative, but rather a remnant notion from a time past. At this point reproduction is a hobby or, at best, something that gives personal fulfilment to people and in no way is “necessary” in the way it was 100 years ago.

        1. Tell that to the Muzzies who reproduce like rabbits. You will wish Western Civilization had reproduced at that rate when your ass is in the air worshipping Alan. (Misspelled on purpose.)

        2. I don’t see anyone making me worship Alan (stealing mispelling love it).

      2. Divorce rates started to skyrocket when no-fault divorce was introduced- early ’70s

      3. Don’t you love when you support a woman emotionally, spiritually, even somewhat financially then when she gets pissed at you over something so miniscule she doesn’t even care if you live or die after that? She wants you homeless, in prison, or dead, and in no particular order. ESPECIALLY White women!

      4. Contraceptive use probably follows exactly with higher education – and since there is no degree in any university anywhere in the world that pro-activly and practically trains women in marriage, child birth, raising children etc. we can also add over education or more correctly put : incorrect education.
        It’s completely crazy – having children is considered a hassle, not worth doing, better to wait until you’re too old, a random event of nature that will take care of itself, an inconvenience that interrupts your career.
        The culture failed when women were not held in high regard and educated in being wives and mothers. We’ve actually degenerated when it comes to children and families and despite a plethora of higher education human females are less educated with no practical skills and zero real life experience of child bearing or child raising than your average monkey.
        What’s more is that all the make-up, socializing and female tactics are actually ONLY designed for mating purposes. Without a real commitment to raising children the rest of human endeavors become nothing more than a fair ground attraction.

        1. The globalists have no interest in educating women to be wives and mothers. They want them to be worker drones making them money. And big pharma complies accordingly to produce the drugs to prevent male-female bonding, as well as weaponizing the laws to remove the consequences of irresponsible (no-fault) divorce.

      5. Wow. Within 10 years almost half of all women using the pill? Were this only marred women or all above a certain age?
        When pregnancy is an issue, that leads to rational choices. You can’t fuck around then. Sexual morals will be strict, marriage a must.

        1. Indeed, but if you can sex without having children the main purpose of marriage looses its impetus.

    6. agreed…however,there is more too it. the government(made of mostly white men) have sold out their own gender and own race. they push laws that make men physically disciplining their wives illegal,and the schools indoctrinate boys from birth to worship the ground a woman walks on.
      its harder for men to do their job in todays time than it was in past generations.

    7. Its not just that. This wasnt organic.
      (((external forces))) helped push thos down everyones throat.

      1. Meh. I go some of the way with his but not all the way. I’m not a big fan of across the board joo blaming any more than blaming Whitey or the patriarchy. I understand others here feel otherwise and I’ve discussed it both with people whose opinions I respect and, well, others as naseum so I’m just gonna leave it be

        1. I dont actually believe ALL joos are in on it.
          But plenty of “movements” have an insane percentage of joo founders, directors, financiers, etc.

          Id think you of all people would understand that there have been, and are, groups of people with large, social goals that they measure in decades and centuries.

        2. Like all things I think the truth is somewhere in the middle
          People with loads of money and social agendas have played some role as has human nature and historical dialectics. It’s all way too complicated to point st one thing and say that’s it. For my part, I kind of like the world as is and figuring out the complex matrix of shit that created it just seems like a colossal waste of time to me.

    8. Gotcha, so it’s all men’s fault and women have no personal responsibility because you put them on a pedestal. Why the fuck are you here?

      1. Yeah ok dude. So you are dumb and weak and I’ll explain this slow and with small words:
        Women don’t have a will of their own. Women will default to the strongest male influence in their life. With no strong male influence women degenerate. So when there are weak men who just whine and cry (I.e. You) they are left to their own shit and go nuts. Be a strong man and control your woman or just sit around and be a little fag

        1. Good luck trying to control ANYONE. All humans resist control/pride more than anything else I can imagine. That’s how you get fucked. You try to control them; they try to control you. Yeah, have fun with that. It’s not fun. Your ideas are really mixed up. You’re not only putting them on a pedestal; you’re trying to control them. Believe it or not, a man can be strong AND not try to control a woman at the same time. It’s the culture that needs to change. We’ve removed traditional values, the superego, morality – whatever you care to call it – and it’s fucked both men and women up to a very extreme degree. I’ve been around enough to know women can sense bad juju/control without you even being there or saying anything. The battle between the sexes is trying to exert control on the other and all it creates is war. War is hell. Think about it.

        2. Lol dude. It’s about controlling yourself and your frame the rest falls into place.
          We didn’t remove the traditional values. They were never there. The rest of the world is just catching up to what more evolved men have known all along.
          What we removed was the pretense of truth and morals and a lot of people can’t handle that. Just some growing pains. The world is doing fine. The weak MGTOW types and the people who can’t deal with the void will perish and the world will evolve.

    9. This is a great article – a complete Full Nelson pin of the state of Women. Including the friggin Boomer divorcees. I have no hope of teaching these old bitch dogs new tricks.. .but what would you advise our young guys to start turning these around or preventing in relatively low notch women… to impart steadily the right Frame?

      1. I’ve got several in my office, nice gals personably but bright red hair…a little down and maybe feminizing (want to stop her)…. the best one is holding on.. but getting too thin probably because no Real Men are in her age group except PUA Alphas and she’s smart enough to try to stay low-notch.

      2. I would never advise trying to prevent others from doing anything. My suggestion to to be the best version of yourself and let the chips fall where they may

    10. You’ve just proven point number 2: “They blame men for all their problems.” LMAO congratulations.

    11. Neomasculinity is not the answer to the societal decay and rot started by the malignant tumor that is feminism. Feminism is not “waves” – it’s stages. Like cancer. And we’re seeing Stage III go into (fatal) Stage IV. What’s stage IV? The cancer kills it’s own host, and thus, itself. Cancer lives to not just kill it’s host, but to quickly kill itself.
      “Manning up” is not the way because feminism already did a pre-emptive strike on masculinity because they KNEW good men who cared about the society they were about to destroy would try to stop them.
      So, feminists slowly but surely were able to say that “masculinity is toxic”.
      The day when feminism said masculinity was toxic (and implied this was inherent in ALL masculinity) is the day I knew feminism is cancer.
      The men who “lost frame” sold out to 1st wave feminism for pussy and 2nd wave feminism for fear of losing their jobs or getting put through the divorce meat grinder or getting tossed out of the workplace on some trumped up sexually harassment charge.
      “Frame” will not save our society from this.
      The patient is terminal. I didn’t start the disease, and I cannot cure it.
      I get in my escape pod, WHOOOOSH I’m gone.
      Here. Take my fire extinguisher, man-up and run back to the burning plantation. Be a hero. Go cure feminism. Go cure the cancer.
      You’re giving up everything to fight a terminal illness. You will not win.
      Manning up is a great idea and it used to work. But the social and political structures that historically made such a sacrifice worthwhile for a man have been ravaged by 40 years of fire and have come crashing down.
      “Good men” can’t save this society from itself.
      “Good men” are actually loathed, and ridiculed.

      1. I just don’t think the world is as bad as you make it sound

        1. We all experience the world differently.
          I’ve been through the divorce meat-grinder after the wife made too many “fast and loose” progressive friends.
          Now when I see women spitting on other people’s marriages and quietly whispering “just leave” into their girlfriend’s ears… while they continue to say MEN are the problem…
          A friend once said to me “Keep you wife away from the divorced ladies. They will poison her.”
          Our society has a DIVORCE INDUSTRY now.
          No, it’s exactly the way I make it sound.
          But I’ll take your optimism for what its worth…

  9. Nearly 25% of all women are on antidepressant medication, compared with 15% of all men.

    1. Make that 50%. Half of them are medicated (especially the corporate type), just to be able to get through the day.

    2. “Nearly 25% of all women are on mental health medication”
      I would say that that percentage is too low by at least half so long as you are considering anti-anxiety meds as mental health medicine.

      1. agree… it is fucking astounding and these women all cry their eyes out alone (or not alone…even if you’re shagging them… although the best say they actually sleep soundly after shagging)

  10. I’m really coming to the point where I celebrate their misery. And hey, I’m glad big pharma is cashing in on these idiots as well, at least somebody is making a good living because of their stupidity. The more that they suffer for their horrible choices and eschewing their natural roles, the better IMO.
    Too bad that the white knights don’t suffer like this as well, although I guess they have to deal with loneliness, but it just doesn’t seem like that’s enough. They really need to be throat punched, IMHO.

    1. I grew up with something of a typical ethical caring attitude – lifeguard etc…
      Now, I get literally hit by women on the street, while they walk or ride across the street while staring at the iPhone…buses, taxis etc screeching to a stop…
      I shake my head and ask-
      Where the fuck is Darwin?

      1. Had a woman holding 2 bags of groceries walking and reading cell phone in grocery store parking lot walk into the front of my car, groceries went flying everywhere, phone went flying… did no damage to the car, but rattled herself pretty good. Some seriously funny shit. I was just sitting stopped at the end of one of the rows in a black sedan middle of day, facing the store preparing to go left in front of main doors. I got out, made sure she was OK, Picked up 2 items I would have run over and said:”Ya Think Walking and spatial awareness comes before phone entertainment?” Bitch didn’t even say she was sorry.
        Another guy was walking along in my city, staring down at phone, man hole had 4 orange pilons and “work area” job site tape strewn between all 4 cones, mother fucker walked into the open manhole, broke both legs I believe, falling all the way to the bottom of the sewer. “Where am I, that app transported me into a new dimension..”

        1. I can’t believe more aren’t run over – they literally walk into the street without looking…
          I consider it another tax (time or money) that men pay by stopping dodging and calculating a path to not interfere with the sacred cows, random wanderings…

        2. LOL it would be hilarious if he had been playing a video game on his phone and reached a new level at that exact moment.

      2. Some women are happy to do it just because they believe in “manspreading” lol. So they try to manspread harder than men do.

      3. Lol…sorry but that’s sort of comical being bumped into due to their gazing at iPhones. Seems to me that IF men were to do this to them, they’d be charged with harassment?

    2. GOJ, you can’t end that statement in “throat punch,” you know thats a frequently used SJW term! They do however need to cut off their genitals in the name of Trump. Genetic stoppage. Because face it, all modern women cherry pick the pieces of SJWism that fit them, then try to seamlessly hop back across the line for image and posterity of future succubine targets. but expect it goes unnoticed.
      I can think of 2-3 of my last who’re definitely living in their own self-induced hell currently. Saw the flags, rode to expiration date, exited stage left. Able to loosely track their instability and misery since living in same city. Completely worthless.

      1. hmmm, yes – start a bogus cultish SJW movement – permanently sterilize yourself in protest of “Trump” etc. – 1-2 generations and problem solved.

    3. Trust me. The white knights suffer. You can’t have a strong sense of being a real man if you’re a pussy beggar. Men who white-knight and play “feminist ally” are spineless and have no nuts in their ballsack.
      Whats sad is these guys will sell out just for the privilege of being in a woman’s presence but they really don’t get it. The Chads and Cads will always get her juices flowing 100x faster than her little silent feminist-ally lap-dog will.
      I’d rather suck start-start a .45 than be caught dead orbiting some entitled princess who might give me a whiff if her Chads and Cads all happen to call in sick on the same day.
      Men like that should be physically emasculated. I mean, they’re already emotionally, mentally and spiritually emasculated. Lopping off the plumbing is just the final step. But the real reason is they really don’t deserve to be walking around with fully function boy parts, the self-loathing manginas that they are.
      They’re an insult to manhood. And the ironic part? The women they orbit respect them less than I do.

    4. Lay off the white knights that build, produce, create, invent tangibles beyond pharmaceuticals over centuries for these narcissists. The fact you make money of this shows your immorality. You men who chronically put down other men out to be slapped silly.

  11. Sometimes freedom means having enough rope to hang yourself, which a lot of women appear to be doing.

  12. Nah, there is only one reason women are like this, and you missed it.
    It’s cos the government gives them free money (directly or indirectly).
    Without welfare the lazy cunts have to marry, fuck and breed with men to survive (It’s still like this in the rest of the world).
    I don’t even talk to white women any more, they have nothing I want.
    Part of the problem is you guys still talking/gaming/shagging them.
    Essentially you guys are still begging them for sex.
    Learn game and be their bitch …… no thanks.

    1. That government money is coming from you…. and you aren’t even getting your rocks off.
      Now who is the bitch???? You don’t need to learn game, but you do need to learn common sense.

      1. Nope, no tax paid for the last 10 years to any government that gives welfare. I moved out of those shit holes.
        I’m surrounded by 3rd world women who know exactly what their pussy is worth ($20-$50).

        1. Well you owe it to yourself since you were being cucked for all those years.
          Until I can move and not pay taxes to the welfare state…. I’m getting my rocks off.

        2. I have it on final bucket list…
          live in hovel or yacht cruising the islands from Phuket to Cebu

        3. yes…
          every day…
          I did leave after divorce – I had the money… Spend about 5 months in Thailand and Philippines…and have been there every few years over the past 30…
          But I still have a kid — so trying to make it work — at least until she goes to college.

  13. misogynist bunch of lies (except for the conclusion, and first 20 points)
    Actually one point is incorrect – the first sentence.
    Feminists tout that their is an oppressive patriarchy that women have to overcome…

  14. The list includes only social factors. There are some physiological ones like the fact that most women today are loaded with toxic copper which stimulates the emotions and the animal brain (related to promiscuity).
    If you want your girl to behave, get her to eat red meat every day or take zinc supplements. Zinc is a primary copper antagonist. When zinc is deficient, copper tends to accumulate in various storage organs.
    Copper Toxicity
    When medical science comes to understand the implications of a copper imbalance, it may be referred to as the scourge of the late 20th century. It is one of the most commonly encountered imbalances that we find on tissue mineral tests today. Many of the most prevalent metabolic dysfunctions of our time are related in some way to a copper imbalance.

      1. The population in USA is in fact much better when it comes to zinc as meat is quite popular. Europe is worse.

      2. Maybe.
        But you know what I need more of?
        Because I got a fever.

  15. This is a sweet young nubile western teenage maiden with ripe fruit and fertile soil. She’s a juicy berry that begs picking and soon.
    And THIS is that same young woman’s lovely fertile garden after being ravaged and vomitted upon by public education and after the tobaggan ride through college where mommy and daddy paid for her to get drunk, stoned and laid for four years:
    Then her remaining fertile years are squandered and blown to shit in a carouselling tailspin of random fucking and sucking, behaving like a chicken fag with a pussy you might say – – and all while yo-yo’ing between a stupid career with disposable income squandered on throw away junk. She’s burning up her last chances even with finding herself some clueless sucker.
    And then the wall, the cats, and finally menopause – and no more suckers.
    Then come the wrinkles and the hot flashes and she knows it’s all over. All the last embers of bitch fire sputtering from her withered soul won’t stop a demographic winter. Down the tube. What a waste.
    Yo bitch, the west DOESN’T want to hear your song:

  16. This article reminds me nostalgically about how as far back as in the 1970’s, when women would complain about the negative consequences of their “liberation,” I would say, “welcome to equality, baby.” Then I quit saying it because I had to keep my jobs. Now I’m saying it again because I no longer care about my job, or my life. All I care about now is the truth.

  17. Articles like this beg the question – is it a good or bad thing these women don’t have children? I think good because I do not want these women having direct influence over the next generation. One good thing about right leaning people is we reproduce more.

    1. Because conservatives are usually pro life and we fuck and fuck because its normal.

      1. I think generally speaking we are also more traditional and hold marriage/family life in a higher regard. Which lends itself to my belief that we are less hedonistic. I think we also typically live in relatively cheaper areas of the country where it is easier/conducive to raising a family.

        1. In my area you have to be making some serious money to live on a single income. Even if you’re driving older cars etc, house prices are insane. Driven up by all the two income couples.

    2. Once the educational system gets their hooks into the girls, they’re too damaged to be mothers. Snatch them up before their femininity is incinerated by the system and while they are still trainable. This holds for any females worldwide.

  18. Western woman are monsters…treat them as such…and never be scared to trigger them with lines like “men and woman are not equal”

    1. Just yesterday the Missus got a reminder. I was splitting some firewood with my maul, and she walks up and says she wants to help. I say great, you can help by putting all those split pieces on the ground over there into the wheel barrow and then bring them behind the shed and stack them with the rest of the firewood.
      Ok she says. After about 3 wheel barrow loads and her watching me split wood, she says “hey can I try that?”.
      Sure I say. I put an easy piece up and show her how to swing it.
      I don’t need to tell you all how that worked out, you already know. But it’s a good lesson about equality.
      A lesson no woman can deny.

      1. Out of principle I’m not opposed to women learning masculine skills. But I think too many women are influenced by Mary Sue characters out there and think this is easy.

      2. At least she offered to help and was willing to have you show her how to do something. Sounds like she was being supportive rather than complaining that you were taking too long, not doing it right, or ignoring her. A wife that wants to help and be shown how to do something by her husband and you make a point to ridicule her online. You sound like a real catch.

  19. We need to be careful in assuming modern Western women are somehow different than how women have always been, or are somehow different than women in other parts of the world. They may be more depressed. They may be more prone to mental illnesses. But these facts are a cry for help – they NEED men.

    1. Well OK but why help the fatties when there’s a ton of thin women elsewhere that need “help”?

    2. Why are women still angry in the west, despite having so much privileges? Because they know that they can’t do without men. Two days without men and the energy would go out, no water from the tap, no oil anymore. Two days without women.. not the end of society.

  20. Fact is that the most miserable of these creatures will pass on few to no genes. The genes that they do pass on, from some hapless Beta no doubt, will be pretty defective and weeded out of the gene pool eventually. Goes to show that nature never forgives those who go against it.

    1. Funny though every fat nasty female in my various family bits has managed to shit out kids…
      Owell who needs the future anyways…probably humanity on earth will be radically changed by war, disaster or genocide.
      Who needs that headache, for me personally it is petty human beings who are the most irritating beings on the planet.
      Can’t say I hate my own species but it sure is hard to love them.

    2. Feminists don’t have children. They take other people’s children and indoctrinate them in regressive-liberal Marxist indoctrination camps.
      People actually pay for their children (or have them take out loans) to be indoctrinated by vicious people with clear-cut agendas.
      Art, indeed.

  21. Somewhere on that list should be abortion.
    I strongly suspect that it is a factor in the mental illness. It strikes at the core of what being a woman is– destroying the life that only she can host, that has half of her DNA. In most instances for simple convenience. As much as they shriek it’s just a clump of cells, for most folks even if they intellectually believe that, emotionally they know they destroyed something of their own. Some serious rationalization and cognitive dissonance going on trying to deal with that.
    Feminists claim women shouldn’t be seen as ‘sex objects’, but nothing makes them a ‘sex toy’ like the concept that even if a life is created they’ll just destroy it as if it’s nothing.

    1. My dear friend (a pro-life woman) is a psychiatrist and she says that every woman she sees has had an abortion. She says it’s the single thing standing in the way of almost every recovery and other psychiatrists won’t touch the issue because there is so much pressure not to acknowledge that it might be something that could (or should) cause guilt. What feminism has done to women is just ghastly.

      1. amen, Lord, heal the poor ladies, and guys, start stepping up to the plate: don’t have sex before marriage, and if it happens, support her and the child, Lord have meryc

        1. At the bare minimum, carry it and adopt it out. There are plenty of church related organizations who work with unwed mothers.
          Here is a site where couples who can’t have babies advertise themselves and the mother can pick who the baby goes to:

        2. Trolls who do not have the gift to give birth addressing an issue that they are again powerless over. I feel sorry for them being so ego driven to think anyone even listens.

    2. amen, Lord, heal the poor ladies, and guys, start stepping up to the plate: don’t have sex before marriage, and if it happens, support her and the child

    3. A great many of your anti abortion activists are women who had one previously and realize they just took a life.

      1. On the show Sex and The City, the character (thirty-something-year-old) Carrie Bradshaw admits that she had an abortion when she was twenty-two, and that she’d be getting over it (the guilt) “any day now…”

        1. Women are brainwashed to feel sorry for the bunch of cells/fetus. Religion induces this guilt, cretin society either. When de-programmed, women surprisingly discover that in fact theres nothing to be sorry about. Oh yes, just another slave lost for the system, so sad!

        2. This is the only place where people pay attention to you. Whatever happens. Whatever is said just know this. There are girls out there that are prettier than you. Tons of them.

    4. The fetus is just a parasitic organism, dear. Its reality, its anatomy, not sugarcoated, emotional BS. Women arent life creators, they are simply hosts. Men are life creators. Call me when adopt at least 5 unwanted kids. U get aroused by thinking about daipers, breeding? U need help, seriously. Who cares about the quality of life anyway. The more, the dumber, the better. Come on, gals, lets get breeding!

      1. Excellent. Your post is a prefect example of how even the contemplation of abortion renders some women incoherent and irrational.
        Thank you.

        1. She is an example of the modern woman. She is a strong argument for homosexuality.

      2. The fetus is just a parasitic organism
        Much like women themselves.
        If anyone doubts that ask the last guy who got shafted in divorce court.

      1. No way, his head is in a jar on a shelf right next to Richard Milhaus Nixon’s

  22. When a woman isn’t occupied nurturing her children and her family, she is obsessed with destroying herself and everything around her. Just another one of the mysterious little dichotomies of nature.

  23. There is no problem with the women of today that isn’t almost instantly remedied by the naturally strong behaviour of a real man. Therefore, there are no problems with women, only with men. Men, fix yourself and you won’t be able to fight off the women. Knowledge, money, physique, values.

    1. Men do lead women, but you can’t make a woman a virgin again by sacking up.

  24. The CIA certainly knew what it was doing when it engineered and introduced it’s masterpiece of destruction – the feminist hate movement in the 1960’s. Any moron with an ounce of intelligence should have been able to clearly see that this hate movement – ushered in under the disguise of “equality” and “empowerment” for women was designed to destroy the lives of both genders and render society malleable as clay – in order to benefit and enormously enrich only the globalists and the power elite.
    Feminism has ruthlessly exploited the hardwired biology of both females and males – The ancient innate female instinct for self preservation at the expense of males, and the male instinct of providing for and protecting females literally to the point of death.
    Our western world of spoiled rotten, infantilized women and emasculated men, both of whom have been manipulated like puppets is proof positive of such.
    The left is now stepping it up even more with the endless and ruthless promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism as normal and natural. This is, of course, designed to reek even more destruction by going against biology – turning boys into girls and girls into boys.

    1. The left is doubling down with their regressive liberal “brave new world”… where everybody is a victim and nobody can talk for fear of triggering some special snowflake. They know they can get away with it now – it’s a runaway train and that’s why lots of men are just leaving the plantation.
      Individual men can’t fight fires this big, and men (as a class) have been emasculated and ridiculed to the point we can’t do anything to stop this.
      The fantasy that people will just live willy-nilly and bang people here and there and live like bonobos (like one inept snowflake put it) is here.
      The consequences have been slowly revealing themselves but the true extent of the damage to society is around the corner.
      Things are destabilizing.

  25. A lot of these are symptoms of being unstable and miserable, not the reasons for being so.
    Western women are miserable and unstable for one reason, they decided to revolt against their true natures. Women are not warriors, or workhorses, or leaders despite being told by the entire media they can be and should try to be.
    This initial feminist revolt against human nature in the 1970’s started a cycle that has not been broken: women raising children as single mothers.
    These children, boys and girls, are both suffering for it. The boys don’t learn to be men, and the girls don’t learn to be women.
    This is causing all kinds of societal issues for both the boys and the girls as they get older, and a lot of the behaviors of troubled girls raised without a father manifest themselves in the list above.

    1. I agree that the breakdown of the family has been devastating for both women and children, but I disagree that women are not warriors, workhorses, or leaders. I think they could have all of those capabilities (as well as other gifts) but in order for them to be realized, women have to reject feminism completely and embrace empiricism. This is what is so terrifying to me about modern feminism – this utter rejection of critical thinking and empirical evidence as an invention of the white patriarchy.

      1. Ye can’t be all things and reside in all spectrums at the same time. Ya need to choose what fits the equipment you have on you, otherwise, you will break it!

      2. If you try to be everything you end up being nothing. The problem with modern women seems to me they try to be everything (except themselves). What we need is more clearly defined gender roles.

        1. Some women do, but I think feminism is an attempt to get as much as possible while having to do as little as possible.

        2. “Feminism consists of Strong Independent Women demanding that the government play daddy to them with money taken from men.” – Glenn Reynolds

    2. Agreed. Then that miserableness turns into depression, see doctor, get antidepressants & WHAM! instant happiness again…
      Seen this in real life with 2 relationships already. Both were single parents with teenage kids.

    3. But that still doesn’t explain much (clear symptoms of internal revolt is effect of…former revolt?). So why did women revolt against their nature in the first place? What happened, what social or economic factors contributed?

  26. I don’t think I would have posted the photo with #10. Some things can’t be unseen. While I generally agree with all these points, this is an angry, bitter post even by ROK standards. I’m no white knight, but the author needs a chill pill and probably some kind of therapy.

  27. I am I the only man who laughed all the way through this article? I am so happy that these women are so miserable and I don’t feel sorry for them at all.
    I believe that feminism will over time cull the numbers of feminists on parade, and that all wise men have to do is whatever they want to do. Being totally unaffected by feminists and their misery.
    Happy days!

    1. You are naive. Feminism destroys cultures. I’ll be fine no matter what, but I am fond of American ideals and culture

  28. The one thing that is so disturbing to me is the being obese is “OK” and “you look great” being the size of a SeaWorld orca. As a healthcare worker of many decades, I can see the impending fatpocolypse coming. At no time in history have human beings been so large. It is tragic especially to see very young women lumbering and waddling across the room with tripoding tree stump legs, spare tires that fit on a transport trunk (pun intended) and double/triple chins. It’s not attractive and the only thing that is saving them from death is their current age.
    You have been warned and I told you so.

    1. Agreed. And I would add that there are just as many horribly obese men as there are women. If society continues to embrace fat I fear that we will see a future like the movie WALL-E. Bouncing blobs of skin rolling around in flying scooters. Half the people using scooters today aren’t even frail seniors, they’re obese people who can’t or won’t walk. Last summer I saw an elderly women jogging past a middle aged fat man in a scooter.

      1. I agree with your comment but I see way more women waddling around than men. Women like to talk about not fitting into the patriarchal idea of women being thin and being a size 0. Truth is, these fashion magazines and media coming at us is almost 100 percent styled by gay men and women.
        I never have seen a man screeching about “body positivity” and BBM.

        1. Here in Toronto I see about half and half. Though the average person isn’t over weight. A lot of people here walk so when you see a massive land whale it’s noticeable as opposed to some places in the states where that’s the norm. I think women who embrace being obese are just making an excuse because that’s easier than dieting and excercise. If someone created a pill that they could take to drop weight without trying or having loose skin you can bet none of them would say, “nah, I’d rather stay fat.” And they can scream body positivity all they want but it won’t make men want to fuck obese women just like women don’t want to fuck obese men.

        2. Yes Fashion is run by gay men, all sodomites are pedophiles so all models look like 11 years old boy. If fashion industry was run by normal men models would look like porn stars. Big Boobs and big ass.

        3. I am from Toronto and I currently live in the US. I see way less obesity in cities because of people walking more and being more conscious of how they look. I notice in the US the enormous amount of what I call “insta-food”. Aisles of frozen, ready-to-eat, seasoned (chemicals), sugar and other coatings, nutritionally bankrupt garbage. The enormous volume of this garbage was astounding to me. However, I go to a more upscale neighbourhood and the fresh options from the prepared hot and cold foods to the ready cut fruits and vegetables reflects in the size of the shopping public.
          That being said, yes, women are the biggest hypocrites with being judgmental of men who are not their ideal while they scream about being judged for how they look. Obesity is a health hazard, end of story, full stop and should not ever be promoted as “normal”.

  29. I’ll never forget what my ex-gf’s dad told me when he was really trashed one time: “Women are fucked up, man.” It’s funny because this guy was also a raging liberal who had a cardboard cut-out of Obama just chilling in his house but I could tell he 100% meant it

  30. Women are prostitutes of government, when you bang a chick, your banging a rental, paid for by men with no legal rights to have kids or a family.
    Women can only exist in a society, by taking away mens rights, as women dont work or pay taxes. 80% of women dont pay income tax’s in the u.k
    Government owns & whores out women, the media controls what they think, universities turn them into drones.
    Religion lies to women, by lying 100% of men dont create & run society. Religion lies to women, 100% of men dont create or run society, god does …
    Religion tells men they arent the creators of the world, the miracles they create on a daily basis arent theirs, the cities & houses they run & maintain arent run or works of man.
    This is why religion is a complete & utter disgrace, the whole concept of a god exists to disenfranchise the superiority of man & the world they create with their bare hands.
    We dont see the trump towers built by the hands of man, religion lies, dont look at the hands of man creating the world we live in.
    Dont sing praises to man, dont be proud of man, dont give credit or honor man even though he creates the world we live in, because god …
    The priest class, has always been a pitiful parasite … along with women

  31. This afternoon I stopped at a fast food restaurant for lunch and across from me were two massive orcas each one topping the scales between 300 and 400 pounds.
    One was wearing a p*ssy hat and obsessed with her smart phone while the other was chewing out somebody (quite loudly) that the individual did not receive her texts.
    I pondered the mystery as to why they embraced these choices as they were clearly both miserable to the bone and then I log on to ROK to read this very informative article.
    I need to help my three sons find unicorns (women that have as much potential to exist as a mythical magical equine) and I can’t even tell them where to begin. Their female peers all want to be living cartoons (neon hair, tattoos so heavy you have to guess their original skin color, and enough piercings that their bodies can set off metal detectors from 10 yards away).

    1. These people should be ignored. They just want a stage and an audience for their misery.

    1. Yup, 80% of beauty is health, 10% genetics and 10% hygiene/dress. As purdy as that BBW is genetically, she let her health fail and therefore is hovering about 2.5.

  32. If you are young find a good foreign woman or live in a more traditional society. If you are stuck here I would say do not ever marry, have a kid or live with a modern woman. TRUMP LEARNED HIS LESSON TOO

    1. He dragged a mistress along to a vacation with his wife. That’s pretty “in your face” and not some frivolous woman being “I want free things!” I’d think. Plus, you know, he went on to marry again, have more kids and then become POTUS so I’m not sure what lesson he learned, precisely, because he doesn’t seem to have changed any.

      1. I think the implied lesson is, he married a non American. Of course that in itself does contradict the whole “Make America Great Again” propaganda by forsaking American women, no matter how bad they are, for foreigners, but I can let it pass because, quite frankly, I can’t blame him.

        1. His first wife wasn’t American either. She was from Czechoslovakia.

  33. Idk about #6, for some feminists ‘outrage reading’ can lead to a total reversal of ideals, whether it be towards radfeminism or something more red pill. Essentially what happened to me, and yes, it was the ‘Reasons to Date a Girl an Eating Disorder’ that got me linked to ROK to begin with.

  34. I wouldn’t say that girls are conditioned to like bad boys. It’s actually opposite. Not as much as years earlier but still.
    The thing is; that being “nice” aka. a beta wimp is not attractive to females. That’s a fact. They are told to like the guy who says that he loves them everyday, buys her shit and so on, but their pussy doesn’t react to that shit.
    Than this Dark Triad motherfucker comes up and their pussies go wild. Their rational mind knows that these men are not good for them, and that they were told not to fuck with them. (literally) But as we all know women are highly emotional. Once you get their “buying temperature” high they lose all their rational thinking, and only listen to their pussies. And their pussies want dominant alpha males who don’t give a fuck about them, besides fucking them.
    You can see this very good at clubs, when it’s 2-3 AM and the girl is pretty drunk already. After you hit her up and game her she will fall for you easily (no matter, if she has a boyfriend, husband), thats why their girlfriends try to cockblock you, it’s like a strong magic spell to seduce the girl and only their girlfriends can block it. Girls themselves know this about themselves that why they “protect” each other (cockblock).

    1. TL:DR Women want to love men that will serve them and cater to their every whim, but their pussies won’t let them.

        1. Amen – don’t go there. Golden Rule – she does 3 good things you give her 1

  35. The more men neglect their kids or the more women run their husbands off, this will continue. This is a symptom of fatherless homes, absent fathers and the like. Women teach boys how they think they should be instead of what they are… Women don’t respect guys that are pushovers. Like a swing of the pendulum, things will work their way back. It may take 30 years, but they will. Women are weak. Men are strong – end of conversation.

    1. Fatherless homes are a symptom of female promiscuity. Men don’t wife up sluts.

    2. Feminism had reason to destroy the family unit. It was a fabric – it was individual men holding individual women accountable in marriage.
      The idea that men are just promiscuous sex fiends who can’t commit to one person is a female projection. Take a lot of the complaining women do about men and then look at the situation rationally. Most of the whining women do about men is either a projecting, rife with hypocrisy, or both.

  36. Let’s find a way to filter out these women and how to circumvent this shit instead of commenting. btw angry feminists on this forum. Nobody cares about your opinion, stance, weight ( if you’re a whale ) and existence. This is not MGTOW. This is ROK , we cant care less

    1. I am guessing too many fat women are secretly lurking here. Big data from Google or whatever tech company always has a funny to find out who is reading your site

      1. I think the solution to that is in order to comment everyone first must submit a video of themselves weighing themselves and showing what the scale says. Then a moderator can weed out the people who either don’t comply or are past a certain weight. It would keep large people at least from ‘secreting lurking here’. Oh and of course the only people required to do this would be women.

  37. #8 …When women don’t have kids it drives them mad. Batshit crazy as demonstrated by the women’s march and the pussyhats…Most of those gals were childless spinsters…

  38. Actually, I disagree. I don’t think men need to do anything for women. Just show them the door. And if they feel “offended” or “harassed” tell them “too damned bad”. When (not if, but when) society collapses – don’t feed the women. Let them scrounge on their own. Let them eat out of the garbage dumps… or starve. The ones who come round, give up everything and acknowledge their own inferiority – those you may deign to treat as chattel. The rest? Let them die.

  39. “Feminism is destroying womanhood, and therefore, family and society, and it is only the men who are capable of putting a stop to this rabid sickness.”
    And until they allow the men to fix this, it won’t happen. I don’t see the men fixing it by force. I for one am content to watch it burn to the ground. I’m in my 50’s, single and am not exactly searching for someone I can marry who will divorce-rape me in court down the road. It’s just not up to me to “fix” society. I’ll continue to do my part to be productive, and help steer society towards a society based on liberty. As far as relationship goes, it’s on its own.

    1. Same deal here I tend to figure if it were not for the fucked up laws and societal bullshit I would be more than happy to “man up” but the reality is that I would likely bite back at those who would poison and destroy me.
      That might end like something out of a grand theft auto video game so maybe it’s best I just keep hoping it all burns down to the ground one day while stroking it to the remnants of my American freedom.

    2. Yup. The “power” of women is a lie. When men tomorrow decide women can’t vote anymore that will be it. No woman army is going to fight us. There is nothing like that. And 99% of men won’t do anything either, because they will just think it’s fine.

      1. As long as men are full of testosterone, think with the little head and continue to chase tail (at all cost) nothing will change.
        Male sexual drive/need is a big problem.
        Perhaps something could be put in the water….
        Imagine… the Great Female Privilege gone overnight.

  40. 14 and 15 really describe parts of the female psychology which allow feminism to be so destructive. And then there is 18. Thank you boys, non of this would be possible without men supporting it. Literally, not on titl would come to pass without the support of men.
    And then there is this.
    “They tried drinking and partying until blacking out, they blew cash to go shopping every weekend, they tried traveling to exotic locations to take photos for everyone to see on Facebook, they fucked various men they barely know and cheated on their boyfriends for fun, they got their useless diploma by taking out a loan they’ll never be able to pay off, they bought their Lululemon outfit and tried hot yoga, they decided to hop on the feminist wagon to feel empowered and to hate on men.
    But no matter what, they still feel miserable and still feel like they need to “find” themselves. It’s as if the more freedom women are given, the unhappier they get. They jump here and there for momentary pleasures, but they can’t seem to find any meaning in life because they simply refuse to live like a woman. They bought into the feminist lies and now they are hollow beings drifting around in our modern world, constantly searching, constantly blaming, constantly dissatisfied.”
    This could be one of Corey’s best articles, and on a subject I was considering not reading. This wisdom listed above should be etched in stone in the center of every city and town in the country.

    1. A happy woman is a pregnant woman looking after the rest of her babies.
      She may be living in a mud hut, with only rags to wear, and a bowl of rice to eat, but she’s happy and fulfilled.

  41. I always think of feminists as failed human beings. I mean, biologically speaking they have f**ked up by not having children and by their lamentable attitude regarding this state of affairs, have made themselves supremely unattractive to all but the most beta of males.

    1. I’ve been moving around alot the last oh….my entire life. Its pretty much the same stupid shit we all talk about happening everywhere.
      All the places I been are usually smaller towns and when it comes to finding a wifey material its slim to none but then again poverty tends to restrict ones options to crazy and batshit crazy pickings.
      In one shithole town I spent some time in it got so bad I almost fucked a gal with I later learned scabies and bi-polar.
      Bullet dodged…for the hundredth time..can’t keep it up much longer.

      1. Moving around in the white world ain’t gonna help you.
        You need to get out into the rest of the world.

  42. Women living some of these 20 elements described in this article will find themselves more “empowered” then they ever thought they’d be after 40. And they’re going to hate it! No man to bail them out. It’s going to be a shocking awakening when they realize how they’ve F’d their lives.

  43. American white women have it all. They are still not grateful and keep asking for more. There is no appreciation in American women’s heart. No wonder they are unhappy!!!

    1. Not only American women, but western white women in general. Maybe in Eastern Europe they are (still) different. But American culture is cancerous.

  44. Very well done. The crazy thing is… when you ask women about all of these things, they whig. I would add number 21, they are completely irrational and incapable of self reflection or improvement that is truly healthy.

  45. Excellent stuff, glad I found this site, have experienced all that above in not only my working life but in failed marriage. 50 + yrs of liberalism has created this world!

  46. Corey Savage is a sociopath who has an irrational hatred toward women. This article is just him, spewing his venom.

    1. Someone has to hold women up to reasonable standards in our society.
      I don’t see how promiscuous. obese, tattooed, alcoholic, emotionally chaotic women fit into anyone’s version of a world fit to live in.

      1. So, all of the women in your life are obese, promiscuous, tattooed, alcoholics who are emotionally chaotic? You must hang out in some low places. The women I know are smart, confident, self supporting, etc., etc., etc. You men on this site are obviously not up to THEIR standards.

        1. You are not winning any points here, why don’t you go back to brushing your cats.

        2. No men alive are up to their standards.
          So why is it a problem for men to have standards for them?
          Oh wait, double-standards, hypocrisy… I forgot.
          This is a feminism game.

    2. Hatred of women is irrational, and misogyny.
      Hatred of sh1tty female behavior is not the same thing.

  47. This is awesome. A complete smackdown and rundown of the the most pernicious aspects of modern feminism. It truly is demonic and destructive.

    1. You’d think these immortal spiritual beings called “demons” would get bored with possessing people after awhile, and that they would find better things to do with their eternity.

      1. Some claim that to be possessed, the victim has to somehow invite that demons influence into their life. They don’t make clear whether the demon is enthusiastic about the opportunity, or if it’s just part of the job.
        Picture a bunch of them sitting around a table playing cards, eating Cheetos and watching NETFLIX and one of ’em gets paged. “Oh crap, I got called in, see you guys in a while…”
        Christian concept of them being rebellious angels might imply it’s a part of their burden for rebelling.

  48. I think this article doesn’t assign enough blame on modern liberalism. The PC culture that encourages punishment for thought crimes and enables feminists and their lackeys to act like small dull children has turned feminism into a direct product of liberalism.

    1. PC culture, victim/oppression olympics, gender identifarians, SJWs, feminists and regressive liberals alike. All a big inbred f*** fest of entitled mentally ill people with a messiah complex that comprise the rotting underbelly of civilization.

  49. It is modern man-made technologies, consumerism, and the benevolence of men that empower women. Feminism is just an technologically aided mass whining and nagging in order to exploit what men have created.
    I describe feminism as if women collectively walked into an elevator, pushed a button and rose 40 stories in a matter of minutes, and then celebrated how empowered they are. Instead of acknowledging and appreciating the hard work and innovation that went into creating this, women instead blame men for preventing women from rising 40 stories that quickly and easily before this, meaning women were oppressed. Then they decide that women should be the ones who push the buttons and that elevators should be redesigned in order to suit their wants and needs. Finally women commision a statue of a little girl who symbolizes the power women have to rise so quickly.

  50. Exactly! Feminists, if men are so bad, then why do you try so hard to look like us?

    1. From Urban Dictionary – the shitlib bible:
      Stating verifiable facts that are inconvenient to the feminist worldview.
      Feminists: Women only make 77% of what men make for exactly the same work! Oh the patriarchy.
      Person: No, they don’t. that statistic is just for overall median pay
      of full time workers, and does not account for overtime hours worked,
      location, experience, degree earned, or even the field someone is
      working in. Women make less on average because men and women make
      different career choices, because believe it or not, men and women are
      Feminist: Don’t you mansplain to me! Facts and logic are just oppressive constructs to keep women down!

  51. Feminism has made them invent new words to put men down like “mansplain” . madness or what?

  52. You don’t need “20 reason”. Women are like dogs.
    If you don’t put limits on them, they will feel anger, “depressed”, and out of control.
    Have you guys raised a dog before?
    I don’t care how awful this sounds.
    If you don’t train your women or contain your women, your women will walk all over you and behave like cunts.
    UNFORTUNATELY our society allows this.
    Will you be the “sore thumb” and stand out and not allow that?
    That’s all it takes.
    You wonder why shows like “walking dead” are popular.
    Wonder what happen if our society all of sudden “collapsed”, and resorted back to “stone age” style “civilization”, women will fall right back to where they “belong”.
    Yup, Women are “second class” and they are INFERIOR TO MEN PERIOD.
    The only thing they are worth is by their pussy, their ability to raise and bear children, and clean and cook. If they don’t have any of these skills then they are WORTHLESS.
    You don’t need “20 or 40 lists here”.
    Once you sleep with dozens of women and experience it yourself, you will know.
    STRONG SOCIETY + strong men = submissive women.
    Not a rocket science.

    1. Tell to your mother she is a dog, second class.
      If woman is second class did you think who are you?
      Woman gave you a life. If she is a second class means you are the same or worse.
      I’m so sorry for your mother that she has such a son. Your parents missed something in your education.
      Would be interesting to look at your face. In your posts you are so brave but I doubt you are such a brave man in reality.
      I doubt you have family , children.
      Doesn’t matter how you treat women, some unlucky women meet you but anyway they will meet a good guy and you will stay alone.
      Your anger and negative will kill you one day.
      Hope you will have better days soon.

      1. Sooo… he should just swallow a handful of blue pills and pretend everything is okay and wife-up some slooot fresh off the carousel with a 50% chance of her blowing up his family-to-be because in 75% of cases it’s the woman blowing up the marriage for what is often paltry (or just plain laughable) reasons?
        You meet them and they’re unhaaaaaaaapy. Why think that marrying them and trying to give them EVERYTHING will change that?
        I say swipe left / swipe right and let women be unhaaaaaapy with their grumpy cats. I’ve never heard of a cat paying child support or alimony or committing kitty-cide because it’s not allowed to see it’s own offspring.
        Yes, anger and negativity is killing a lot of people these days. Trouble is, hatred for men is being taught in 1st year liberal-arts college courses.
        Don’t blame people who are angered by this – we didn’t start the fire.

  53. Just as some black people hold on to the hate, anger, and negativity toward white people for the historic slavery of black people’s ancestors, now some women in general are doing the same things some black people are doing.
    I am realizing that this is not a racial but a cultural issue. White people are acting the same way black people are.

  54. I agree and do know that 17 and 18 are true.
    There are wussy men who would support masculine women in the States/Westernized countries.
    Plus, most women seem to be interested in these men who I consider thugs, losers, clowns, players, a-holes, and other bad names.

  55. The best is how this covers about every type of woman there is out there so none can be free from the scope of criticism. I guess women should just all die out so men can sleep with each other and adopt (boys, of course), seeing as how men are superior and all. xD

    1. Ah yes, covert sexual shaming (“men can sleep with eachother”) inside of a victim-stance post that comes across as scorn thinly veiled in whining.
      Yep, typical woman.
      That “prize” you allude to, sex, has been made worthless by feminism. It now has no value. The ultimate female privilege, the thing that would make men commit to women for a lifetime. Gone. We’re shamed for wanting sex with women – male sexuality is somehow dirty. Toxic. Rapey. Creepy. Yet how women conduct themselves sexually (disgusting, to be honest) is celebrated. Well, alrighty then.
      We don’t want women gone. We want feminism gone and women to come down to earth and act like reasonable human beings again.
      Until then, we swipe right, swipe left, have sex, shower off, and carry on.
      Women come off this corporate/feminist merry-go-round of wine, cheese, sex and hedonism and expect “good old fashioned marriageable men” to be waiting for them at the altar.
      Silly silly girls.
      GO take this up with your Feminism 101 teacher. The lady with short purple hair, clogs and ten cats who hates men. Oh my, you didn’t get the plan for a happy life as a female human being from a creature such as this did you?
      Oh dear, it looks like you have. Poor poor baby.
      Here, have an all day sucker.

      1. I never said any of what you interpreted as what I meant. Sexuality isn’t shameful. Wanting to have sex isn’t shameful. Thinking men should sleep around but women shouldn’t is shameful, wrong, and discriminatory. And I’ve seen many comments and many articles on this website pushing this latter viewpoint. Additionally, I’m not a feminist, and in fact would be ridiculed by them as being a misogynist. They are extreme and ridiculous most of the time. But continue to assume and throw insults at someone you don’t even know just because I didn’t completely agree with the article or views expressed on this website. If that makes me a feminist, I guess I am. Just because some guy on the internet thinks I am.
        I don’t hate men and in fact are surrounded by them. I also hope to marry one some day. Wanting to have sex with women isn’t the point of contention. It’s when people only label promiscuous women as being problematic and not promiscuous men that I have an issue. And by the way, I’m a virgin. But you probably could already tell that.

  56. I’m not a misogynist. But they can continue to call me one until such time they come up for a word for “person who hates shitty female behavior”. Fact is, my life is just better without one of these Empowered Western Women (EWW) in it. Demanding, cranky, insatiable and always moving from one thrill or distraction to the next. Time between distractions spent flicking thumbs angrily at little screen. It’s a slow moving train-wreck of inner turmoil and existential angst… but women are TERRIFIED of actually doing what THEY want to do… because they might get called out and labelled a “BAD WOMAN” by the modern feminist judiciary. Women are terrified of what other women have to say about them, and the loudest and most vitriolic women alive are angry third-wave feminist women. They tell women that they have choices and then summarily tell them exactly what those choices should be! Modern women are stressed? Feminism said “You can have it all baby!” but they never said what the cost for that would be. I would be really suspicious if someone approached me telling me how great and wonder and perfect I am and if I follow their formula for success I will be happy and fulfilled and *nobody* will be able to question my *worth*. I’d be scratching my chin wondering what Rumpelstiltskin’s agenda really is….
    The irony is that these female lap-cats for feminism are genuinely terrified they’re going to do *feminism* wrong and do *being a woman* wrong and be JUDGED BY A GROUP OF ANGRY WOMEN. It’s not the 1000 cries of “hear me roar” that should interest us. These are just people telling us how to view them properly. It’s the little voice that sneak out from between the cracks… the voice that says “I did everything feminism told me to do. College and party. Career and party. Bang lots of hot guys. Put off family, get married later and have kids later. Juggle a middle-manager position with being a home-maker and mother. Taking a laptop to my kids after-school activities to finish reports. Running myself ragged trying to prove to everyone including myself that I am a good worker, mother, wife and WOMAN. I’m just…. tired. This just seems so… hard.”
    This is high school all over again. And feminism is the rich powerful popular girl who tells all the other girls how it’s going to be. What they should wear. Who they can hang with. Who counts. Who doesn’t. What’s cool. What isn’t. You can question her in your mind, but don’t ever speak up. You don’t want to be the odd woman out and risk being socially ostracized.
    Women simply hate it when it’s suggested they are part of a hive or a herd.
    But when you throw your own natural / normal desires and drives under the bus so that you’ll better conform to some definition of what you should be, what other kind of animal are you?
    Feminism is a bully.
    Feminism is a mental illness.

    1. There are various forms of feminism. Feminists would throw me out for aligning myself with people like you who think they’re extreme. And yet, you think I’m too much for empowering women. So women like me, who yes, do in fact exist, have really no one to embrace, welcome, and share their views with. This website, like third wave feminism, is the views of taking an ideology to an extreme. If you think it’s okay for men to sleep around, but not women, you might be a misogynist. I respect your views, but you can lump me (incorrectly) in with third wave feminists to throw the blame off of your slightly discriminatory views against most women. Lumping all western women into one group is ridiculous. Just like not all men believe the same thing or act the same way, neither do all women, even all western women. I’m sorry, but I’m not going to sit passively by while you continue to act as if the views of ROK are how all decent men should view women and specifically western women. But I guess this is operating on the assumption ROK isn’t a joke website.

  57. Re: #8. The world is becoming overpopulated. Too many people reproducing. Thousands upon thousands of children worldwide are orphans and need love and a forever home. Too many adults breeding for their own perceived needs and desires. If adults really love children as much as they claim to, why not give that love to a child who’s already here and adopt?

    1. Because they require more effort and responsibility than domestic animals. Effort and responsibility are something modern people don’t enjoy.

    2. Because the work involved in raising a kids defies rational decisions; passing on the genes sweetens the deal enough plus you don’t know how much meth and booze the mother gobbled while pregnant, making a tough job tougher still.

  58. Agree with everything xcept point 8. Women arent walking uteruses, sorry to burst ur bubble. Not everyone is made to be a parent, but hey new generations of slaves and cannon fodder are needed so of course women are reduced to reproductive tools. Besides, in order for ppl to have more kids, economy needs a bust. Or lets have them recklessly, coz our brave leaders tell us so, coz imaginary friends tell us so, coz an imbecile society tells us so. Or our endless selfishness. I want, I wish, I, I, I, me, me, me. When reality kicks, its a disaster. So get off ur high horse with ur breeding obsession. These are worst times to have a kid, but most so-called humans cant be accused of being intelligent anyway.

  59. And of course men are innocent…. Bullcrap. They are supposed to be “the head”, “leaders”, “smart (er)” etc. but they ended up as dumb as women or even worse. Both sides have their share of guilt.

  60. The day that a man refuses to protect women from their own choices is the day that a man is free.

  61. So pretty much topping every scale on the Hare PCL-R calibrator for psychopathy. (y)

  62. I love watching these soulless whore cunts suffer. My cold black heart sings a song of joy every time it happens.

  63. I am MGTOW. What women want….what they feel….what they think about me….what they do with their lives…..have absolutely no meaning to me because they have no place in my life.

  64. IMO, a white knight is worse than a woman feminist. They not only dont have any self respect and probably never learned whats his role in society but causing confusion and building false expectations in women thats how other mes should be as well letting them get away with all their stupid mistakes and not holding them responsible for none of their actions.

  65. The best only reason is They Are Women. And honestly there’s little difference between feminist women and any other women. They’re all miserable harpies to varying and almost indistinguishable degrees.

  66. Can’t do much about it. This is a healthy inevitability. Would you rather be a caveman?

  67. Well that was a mouth full and it’s so unfortunate that much of it is accurate. I’ve seen the drastic changes over decades and when he states that “man must return to their PRIMAL state” that’s extremely hard to do couped up in urban jungles for the most part and why? High Technologies have us by the throat along with yes, too many out of control narcissistic females; again, technologies have changed our lifestyle tragically so the author is, in a way, saying this. It has enabled delusional anti-nature and for believers in a God, feminism to crucify the family BIG TIME. It’s only going to get worse sad as this may be as non-Caucasians jump aboard what we started. Whether its Muslims, Asians, Hindus who come here they ALL become captive to high tech. I recall the late 50s/60s as a boy yet as a man still in superb shape, and trust me, it was utopia compared to today cuz parents remained together through thick and thin with fathers as the breadwinner whether they be rich or poor. Families intact is our only hope while he’s wrong %-wise as close to 85% of split-ups then victories in Family Courts are on the female side causing the next-X-now generations of males to say NO to living together especially having a child out of shear fear of the repercussions. Lastly, you can’t tell most women what to do or how to live as men; only women can dictate to women these days.

  68. Just some more idiotic internet tabloid. Just a bunch of unproven bullshit, thees types do exist but not as much as being said here and it’s both genders and not just women. Get out of your house and stop being a TV watching home body and you will see, unless you are just too dumb.

  69. Men create the murder, war and horror for the most part in this world. You are the one’s who are miserable because women are no longer your chattel. Poor baby.

    1. It’s too bad that in the 200,000 years of modern human existence fierce and feisty females were too weak and cowardly to escape the “oppressive” patriarchy in order to create their own strictly matriarchal societies based on supposed womanly values and ideals. I guess it was just easier for females to continue to exploit the hard work and innovation of men, and then blame men and society for their own female gender failings. The only things that empower women are man-made technologies, consumerism, and the benevolence of men. Manpower made girl power possible.

      1. This is telling.. 200,000 years of modern existence? That statement shows in itself that you are out of touch with reality. I love men and the differences that make us what we are as people. Hating is exactly what oppressive people do to elevate themselves to justify their behavior toward the less powerful. It is the nature of some to suppress that which they fear when you know the innate power of the other and that power does not include brute force in us. We still need and want you. It was a natural order to dominate and conquer and as for females I can not say it truly is. Weaker is what you exploit in every stragedy. I am sorry we now live in a society where you are not treated as a demigod with fear and awe but as people. Stop hating and start growing up. We are all simply trying to make our way in an ever evolving trajectory. You are evolving right?

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