Bill Maher Courageously Compares Donald Trump To Hitler, Pledges To Vote For “Dead Hillary”

Via Breitbart:

Following up a Donald Trump assassination joke on Saturday, liberal talk show host Bill Maher said Monday that he would rather vote for a “dead” Hillary Clinton over her Republican challenger Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election.
In a tweet Monday afternoon, the host of HBO’s Real Time dismissed concerns about Clinton’s newly diagnosed pneumonia, arguing that he’d prefer a deathly ill Clinton to what he called the “tangerine nightmare” of Trump.

“Pneumonia? I’d vote for Dead Hillary in this race,” Maher tweeted. “She could be Patient Zero for Bubonic Plague, still better than #TangerineNightmare.”

Maher has increasingly taken to Twitter in recent weeks to post his thoughts on the election. The 60-year-old comedian has previously compared Trump to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

During a stand-up performance in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, Maher suggested that with the 2016 race between Clinton and Trump “tightening,” somebody “is going to have to go out there” and remedy the situation, referencing the recent release of John Hinckley Jr. — the man who attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan in 1981 — from a psychiatric facility earlier this month.

“I’m nervous with this election,” Maher told the audience at the DAR Constitution Hall. “I saw the headline today: ‘Race tightening, Trump ahead in Ohio and Florida.’ If this race is even the week before the election, somebody is going to have to go out there… Why do you think they let Hinckley out?”

Concerns about Hillary Clinton’s health received renewed attention on Sunday when a video surfaced online showing the candidate apparently requiring help to get into her motorcade van.

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204 thoughts on “Bill Maher Courageously Compares Donald Trump To Hitler, Pledges To Vote For “Dead Hillary””

    1. Now, that’s just cruel. She’s a very sick woman, and someone or something is driving her to keep running for a Presidency she’ll likely never hold, or at least not for very long. I cannot imagine what horrible people could do such a thing.
      She needs to get out of politics, come clean on all her criminal dealings (for mental peace), and try to commute the resulting sentences to an intensive care facility.

      1. She’s driving herself to be president and holding the DNC hostage with the FBI files the Clinton’s have on them. She has always wanted to be president and has done everything from inventing a fake southern accident to changing baseball teams to get it. The irony is that this level of egomania and crazy behavior is probably the causal factor for her deteriorating mental state. The double irony is that she is running against the one person in the world that has a bigger ego and more erratic behavior than she does.

  1. If you want fickificki come to germany:

    The real value of women is so much lower than betas think from TheRedPill

    Just dont come to the place where I live because the only prostitutes around here are located right beside the cities mosque and I will not never move my ass in that neighbourhood. Gladly I’ll move to Munich in 3 weeks.
    But if you make a trip to germany, hit me up so I can offer you guys some of my families finest vine.
    (I refuse to talk about Bill Maher since he is a islamohysteria-promoting fake faggot)

    1. I’m confused….you don’t want to “move your ass” in the Moozy ghetto, but complain about Maher’s “Islamohysteria”? Which is it…you fear to show your aryan butt around the jihadi’s, or you approve of Merkle’s invasion of the mud people?

  2. ‘Tangerine Nightmare’ ?
    That’s really the best he could come up with?!
    GTFOH I’d rather vote for a bag of severed dicks than

    1. “Stop Moshe! Don’t throw away that bag of foreskins. The memo says here we can buy the presidency for a ‘bag of severed dicks’. Close enough. What the hell let’s give it a shot. Throw some pimentos in there. Just say they’re pickled kosher and prepared. What a deal!”×630/local/-/media/2015/11/02/Westchester/Westchester/635820662777333110-sh102715newsquare05.jpg

      1. Didn’t David pay 100 philistine foeeskins to his brides father for the right to marry her?

  3. Bill Maher is a messianic figure to beta males. He is intelligent, witty, and has enough money and arrogance to have a limited cult of personality. He is also dating some sort of escaped circus bonobo that might have formally been a prostitute. Betas think if they can get enough ‘likes’ on a huffington post comment they can get some of that sweet jungle action. He might not feel the effects of the fall personally, but rest assured his memory will be an accursed and vile thing, akin to malcom x’s opinion of say, a civil war confederate general.

    1. Still prefer him to (((Jon Stewart))). Bill Maher occasionally makes a good point, is capable of more than just the “Republicans so stupid” joke, and actually has some wit.
      One of these days, I’ll meditate on what it is that makes this kind of arrogant midwit so appealing to lefty kids. Perhaps I could get my own little cult rolling.

    2. Is she actually wearing purple pole-dancer pasties under the orange see-thru bra? In public? Jesus Christ.
      But Maher’s expression: “Read and weep boys, she’s all mine! Except on Tuesday’s, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, when she goes to “private yoga class”..

      1. I know that girl, her alias was “Superhead”…she used to be a video “vixen” for rappers in the early 2000’s, yeah pretty much every rapper that was vaguely famous was throat fucking her back then…notable names include, Jay-Z, Ja-rule, 50-cent..she was actually fuckable back then, she got hit by the wall hard for a black girl…perfect example of what happens when a girl tries to fuck her way to the top…
        To her credit she locked down a rich beta…so easy for betas to be manipulated by sex… she looks like a cross between a tranny and a crackwhore stripper, even if she could suck paint of a wall, I would rather take my chances with a blender

    3. Just looked her up.
      Grew up in a broken household. Claimed to be raped at 13. Ran away from home at 16 and worked as a stripper. At 17 had a kid with an “aspiring rapper.” Was physically abused by said rapper.
      Does anything else really need to be said?

      1. I notice a pattern.
        A perfect image of what PC philosophers want as the “people of the future”. her biography is a perfect fit

  4. Gooood, goooood… They are giving up under the pressure. First it was conspiracy theories, then pneumonia, and now it’s “I’d vote for dead Hillary”. They are preparing the ground, but I’m not sure it’s gonna help Hillary.

  5. Late night comedians, singers, movie stars, celebrities, talk show hosts, etc. are all parasites and prostitutes of society.
    These people are all narcissistic perverts and will say and do anything for a quick buck and fame. All covert propagandists cleverly disguised as “entertainers”.
    As a former Atheist (way back in the day), if I could point to an epiphany, a single moment in my life, an inflection point that altered the trajectory of my personal development, it’s the moment I realized that everything on tv is fake and simply a tool to manipulate the masses.
    Then, I killed the tube, and there’s no way I’m ever going back.

    1. Absolutely right. It’s just exhausting when you try to convince your family that western tv is pure propaganda just like any other kind of MSM on the planet and they think you are a conspiracy theorist because they are trapped in the bluepilled matrix and are to lazy to change their perspective.

      1. “Man is immersed in dreams… He lives in sleep… He is a machine. He cannot stop the flow of his thoughts, he cannot control his imagination, his emotions, his attention… He does not see the real world. The real world is hidden from him by the wall of imagination.” –Gurdijeff

        1. Gurdjieff quote, nice. Reading “meetings with remarkable men” had a profound effect on me. And his only readily understandable book.

    2. Yeah. TV can rot your mind for sure. I always compared kids and adults when it comes to TV:
      At least kids know that cartoons are fake.

    3. “Late night comedians, singers, movie stars, celebrities, talk show hosts, etc. are all parasites and prostitutes of society.”
      Amen brother!

    4. Yep. They likely get their asses plowed by producers to stay on the boob tube.
      The rise of Hollywood was a major contributor to the social decay we see today. Creeping subversion, propaganda.

  6. Bill Maher has that angry Joo thing down cold. Righteous indignation and caustic elitism. Get him in an alley away from the TV cameras. All that shit would disappear, shortly before he peed his panties after you told him what you thought of him…Beta Bill. And his orbiters.

    1. They have 3 natural states:
      1. The bully, usually moralist (main values: “cleanliness”, money and arrogance)
      2. The resentful coward (the uber backstabbing coworker, the social climber, etc.)
      3. The Victim/ Wailing Wall orbiter / Holocaust rememberer
      If you know a jew for enough time, you’ll have a taste of these 3 states. maher is just an example

      1. Maher’s father was Catholic. He was raised going to church, not to synagogue – his jewish mother stayed home. Check out Religulous, a humorous take on the absurdity of peoples’ religious beliefs. All religions skewered. Didn’t spend enough time on islam though, probably because of the danger of filming in muslim countries.

        1. Maher’s mother was much more influential in his life than his father was. Hence, why Maher is so culturally Judiac and thus, inherently a SJW and a mudhshark.

  7. An easy one, for 10 points: Bill Maher is:
    1) Basque
    2) Sami
    3) Jewish
    4) Navajo
    Clue: Every.Single.Fucking.Time

      1. 10 points for you.
        They also run the international financial system, the FED, Feminisn, the Academy, Hollywood, the entire US media, the Democratic Party, a lot of NGO’s, etc, etc.

        1. That’s a really good question. In all honesty I can’t think about any influential sector in which the jews are not the prime force.

        2. This is not the place, and maybe this is going to sound like a rant, but the only solution without literally (Hitler) get rid of them is a white ethnostate.
          That is exactly what White Nationalism means, a country for white people, and white people only. WN does not mean kill jews, or hajjis, or niggers. They wouldn’t be a problem if they stayed in their countries/continents. If all the jews in the world stayed in Israel making fraudulent loans with usury rates to each other, they wouldn’t be a problem; if all the hajjis stayed in their deserts fucking goats, why should we care about them? if all the niggers stayed in Africa killing (and eating) each other, why should we care about it? The problem is that they are here and now.
          There is one organization in the US working for a white ethnostate:

          Sadly, they don’t have (yet) the numbers to do it.

        3. Yes, the neocon wing runs most of the key aspects of the party, and they are 90% jewish, but the jewish presence in the Democrat Party is more obvious, it is literally ‘in your face’.
          Republican administrations have jews too, in key positions; but Democrat administrations have jews in MOST positions. Just look the staff of the Magic Negro.

        4. Yet another reason why John Wilkes Booth deserves to be reviled as, while Lincoln was no friend of the US, he was going to repatriate the blacks, which was the goal of abolitionists at the time.
          After Booth whacked him, no one else had the clout to see the plan through to fruition (Grant tried) and blacks spent the next 150 years as increasingly-abused political pawns.

        5. Whatever you do, never ask why there are no WASP justices on the Supreme Court, yet there are 4 jews of the 9. Or the liklihood of the last 3 FedReserve chaimen being jews.

    1. On Christmas morning, after the shops close and they count their money, the Joos sing, “Oh what a friend we have in Jesus…”

    2. That’s why he is so big on the islamohysteria business.
      Scumbags like Shapiro and Maher are just the worst.
      The great deceivers.

      1. Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye
        will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the
        truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he
        speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.
        Jesus, John 8:44 (KJV)

      2. Sincere question – I am not as familiar with Shapiro as you appear to be, why are you comparing him to Maher? I have a watched a bit of Shapiro, and from what I saw, I mostly agree with his positions. Is there something I am missing? Is it his awful voice?

        1. Just like Maher he is a jew, just like Maher he is running the islamohysteria business, just like Maher he hates Trump and thinks Trump is more dangerous compared to Hillary.

        2. “The Littlest Chickenhawk”, as he is sometimes known, is a neoconservative pundit. He earned his nickname when, in his tender draftable youth, he demanded we go into Iraq and beyond while he got his degree.
          Since, he has become a staunch enemy of Trump (and supporter of #NeverTrump), defended Michelle Fields’s trumped up assault charges (which he still defends to this day, if the infamous “turd tornado” video is any indication), and viciously attacks people on the Right for being the wrong kind of Conservatives.
          Plus, he’s a bit of a Secret King. Follow his Twitter feed for a few weeks and see if you don’t come to the same conclusion.

        3. Thanks for the response. The one video I watched start to finish was about race/responsibility. I loved it, he shut down the opposition’s lazy thinking with a few sentences.
          Will look at his stuff some more, however, you had me at ‘neocon’…

    3. Keep the multiple choice question going. And after 100 articles or so, let’s tally the results, Every.Single.Fucking.Time.

  8. Maher has had or is still inflicted with every known form of STD possible. He pays for sex, if not outright, then with the attraction his bank account affords.
    Maher is the subtle beta that the discerning lesser beta is suckered into. Jon Stewart is to overt and Colbert is just not funny. Maher is the new SJW figurehead to rally around if you’re confused and dejected by the rise of the alt-right.
    I have finally purged myself of all cultural heroes, celebrities and sports figures from my time and money. I encourage all ROK readers to do the same, these celebrities are parasites on our culture, including sports figures. They foster an agenda their paymasters “strongly encourage” else the money and fame dries up.
    Be your own hero. Achieve your own goals.

        1. Absolutely! They were the scourge of society. Always plotting against the governance, a real governance and not some satanic marxist state.

        2. “. It was thought that someone who can convincingly “act” like someone else has to be a trickster”
          Or posessed.

        3. This is something that I always have told Americans: stop giving a fuck about “artists”. Artists are attention seekers. Artists are prostitutes.

        4. That is why the only type of “theater” that was allowed in the middle ages to develop was one in which villagers played during easter scenes from the New Testament. There was a catch though: the announced the lines instead of acting them so in the scene were Christ is on the cross the actor playing him anounced: ‘and then he said Eli-Eli Avas Savahthani. Then he died (plays dead)’. That was so that they would not act and be thought for the person that they portray. That tradition survives even today, in Germany and France although in Germany, that is portrayed surprisingly through the media the actors just play unconvincingly.
          The trickster reference is probably a link to the ancient German religion to the god Loki the trickster, who was half god-half giant and caused the Ragnarok, ie. the end of the world. In Christian times he was rightly linked directly to the Devil. Unsurprisingly modern satanists who cross to German polytheism become Lokiists, instead of Odinists.

        5. There is a lot of hostility towards artists in the alt right, i can understand why, because they are usually left leaning. I’m a musician and I’m not a leftie. It’s true that it is an attention seeking endeavor, however. I want to entertain people, I’m not in it to stroke my ego or promote some bleeding heart cause.

        6. In a sane society, artists would not go further than amateur level. No problem with you playing some music.

        7. why would they not go beyond the amateur level…was Michelangelo an amatuer? Was Bach? Was Mozart?
          If actors these days went out of their way to represent traditional values and not be libfags, then I don’t think artists / actors would get so much hate here. So it’s not the profession itself that’s shitty, its the people doing it.

        8. Bach and Michelangelo were very humble and devote people. Mozart would be an example of modern artist (behavior-wise). I agree with what you say, the problem with actors is the embedded megalomania.

        9. As far as I know, Mozart wasn’t as much of a prick as he was portrayed in “Amadeus”. That movie although funny is largely hyperbole when it comes to mozart’s character. Though he was not devout or religious from what I understand.

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        11. Michelangelo was a business man. He ran a large shop that employed craftsmen, laborers, and accountants. He didn’t tell people how they should run the country. He didn’t try to tell people that he was an expert at politics by virtue of his ability to paint or sculpt.

        12. If we want any sort of selection let’s settle for compiling a list of actors who have not been overtly SJW. I am okay with neutrality I do not need preaching tradition. Especially since that could be fake.

    1. “I have finally purged myself of all cultural heroes, celebrities and sports figures”.. exactly so. Not one of these douchebags is deserving of anyone’s time and adulation. Not one.

    2. every single one of them is a disgusting piece of shit the most popular ones: NBA stars, Obama, musicians, even the most charismatic legends like muhammad ali are actually only a piece of shit.

      1. “…even the most charismatic legends like muhammad ali are actually only a piece of shit.”
        The more I found out about Ali, I more disappointed I became. He was hoisted forth because he embodied the narrative of dissension.

      1. the sad thing is that people still look up to them as the “man of the people”. Despite the fact that Jon Stewart’s brother is a head honcho on wall street, and the cultural narrative of each show became hyper liberal once Obama was elected.

        1. Stewart and his writers directly collaborated with the White House. It’s not even a hidden thing. To the masses though, instead of being appalled, they view it as a good thing.

        2. Stewart is pushing this by growing a beard and appearing on WWE.
          Vince and Linda donated to Trump’s campaign how can WWE support that shill?

      2. I never cared for Stewart’s smarmy way. To me, it belied a person who was mean-spirited cuck under the fake smile.

      3. Jon Leibowitz did a lot of his own material. He was a clever Jew. Even I enjoyed his work. If they had the same writers (((Comedy Central)))’s token negro “white people amirite?” show would have at least been equally as clever.
        There is a reason they got so desperate they had to bring Leibowitz back to the Daily Shoah for a guest spot, despite him looking like a homeless drunk. Their rent-a-kike “Drumph” skit was their best work, and it failed miserably. They needed to bring back a pro.

        1. Clever yes, mainly because the target audience is retarded, but thinks it is ever so smart because they cite him as a “credible” authority on the issues.

        2. Did he appear on Stewart’s new show due to failing ratings too? Trying to capture the old magic when they were less SJW.

      4. That is the problem with much of the electorate; they see the guy on the screen say all these clever and wise lines and say to themselves “he really knows what he is talking about.” They never think that the guy is just an idiot that can repeat lines convincingly which are handed to them.

        1. He designed the furniture on which our glorious founding fathers rested their bosoms as they wrote the Declaration of Independence.
          Or so I’ve been told…

        2. Oddly enough, US history is still taught outside of the Sanders State .
          While globalism seems to have done a number on it, I’m sure scads of folks the US over know of Ethan Allen due to “his” furniture company.

      1. Oooh, ooohh, I know them! Do I win a prize? And yes, I have seen how no-body in our modern society knows about them.

        1. Yyyeeeaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! I won a prize! When can I pick up my Blue-Footed Boobies? I remember watching an episode of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. It featured these avians in it.

      2. Yes I agree, and I knew this would be a reply to what I wrote. The founding fathers and other patriots that helped shape our nation are deserving of our study and monuments to their achievements. Even people who helped move our species forward, regardless of their national identity.
        I suppose my point is that people of that character don’t exist anymore or are of such low quantity that they would be hard to find or even provided the attention they would deserve in our current culture. The individuals that are promoted in our culture are outright scum, sycophants and barely rise above the level of paid whores.
        The true heroes of our modern times are out there, but the power brokers won’t allow them a forum, instead…we get more Kardashian asses to talk about and overpaid sports figures that pretend to be informed and act like brats.
        The media, in total, and those they support and promote have infected our contemporary culture. We reclaim our culture first by dismantling the current crop of occupants by ignoring their product and rendering them obsolete. These celebrities only have power and a voice if we continue to spend money on their poison.

    3. Maher is not a comedian. He’s a political color commentary talking head with a strong fag induced liberal streak. His so-called comedy is nothing more than reaction to all things conservative, rather than genuine comedic talent and ability to employ language and truth to elicit a laughter response over absurd things the way a Sinefeld does.

    4. Wow! The Revolution has already begun. Thank you Obama for making us abandon Hollywood and our manufactured culture.

    5. Well put. Over time I came to the same realization and I now view celebrity worship with utter contempt. That’s not to say I don’t like the occasional diversion of sports, music or film. I just eschew even the mildest form of celebrity worship.
      I was at a baseball game last night with some work colleagues and seeing the countless men wearing jerseys and t-shirts with their favorite player’s name I carelessly noted out loud that I would never wear another man’s name on my back as it’s childish and emasculating. My colleagues looked at me like I was a nutty reactionary.

    1. Fuck that, flat caps, leather gloves, bandannas and axe handles, drag him out of there by his dick. I am beginning to believe that most of these people have never had their asses kicked and have gone through life talking whatever shit they like.

  9. I literally (Hitler) expected literally (Hitler) nothing less than Bill Maher literally (Hitler) accusing Trump of being literally (Hitler) Hitler.

  10. Maher is the Giant Cuck of the Left, just as Glenn Beck is the Giant Cuck of the Right. Both can’t stand the thought of a president like Trump, who will put the hardworking people of this country first.
    A pox on both their houses.

  11. Comedian? Aren’t they supposed to be funny?
    Maher at his best is like a comedienne… angry and preachy, but rarely funny.

    1. Maybe Bill Maher is the fake Hillary Clinton.
      Maybe we will see him moving around with blue glasses tomorrow.

  12. He’s just an useful idiot doing his job because there is no such thing as bad publicity.
    The way your mind is being tricked: The establishment is against Trump so therefore I must vote for him!

  13. These Hitler comparisons could bite Jews in the ass if Trump wins and repairs enough things so that we can enjoy the plateau. Young people will look at how they benefited from the accomplishments of “the next Hitler,” and then examine the original Hitler with fewer of the biases promoted by Jewish propaganda.

    1. Just imagine Pepe being the POTUS….incredible..who would have thought this would happen just 2 years ago.

    2. … but Trump won’t be able to fix anything. Both parties will refuse to work with him and will lock down Congress. Trump’s first two years would be nothing but lobbying voters to remove congressmen to allow a single bill to be passed.
      The Jew owns both parties. Every three-letter agency is hopelessly corrupt, filled with convenient yes-men that make their living exchanging favors to each other in exchange for large financial donations. There are no “Republicans” or “Democrats.” There are the Jewish Banking Elite and outsiders that threaten them.
      The Jew is terrified of Trump because they know they’re being exposed for what they are after hiding behind so many years of holohoax guilt. The only solution to the majority of this country’s problems is a final solution.

  14. The tangerine dream in 2016. The democrats, the republicans, the rich, the blacks, the athletes and talking heads hate him. He’s hated on tv, radio, the bus and in elevators… I’d vote for him twice is I could.

    1. Move to Chicago and you can not only vote twice (or more) you can also vote after you die. That must be how they see Hitlery being president even if she is dead.

  15. Reduction ad Hitlerium.
    Meanwhile no a peep about White genocide, and the invasion of the WEst. What hypocrisy Bill.

  16. I never understood the comparisons to the Hitler… Although I would never break bread with the man(Hitler), I have to respect how a man that grew up in the gutters of Austria turned Germany around from a destitute, banana country that resembled ZImbabwe to the greatest military/technological power the world had ever seen in the 20th Century, in comparison, Trump is a silver-spooned narcissist who’s obviously running for president for his own ego than anything else(still a better candidate the Hillary though)…
    If Trump fails to win the election, would he still be Literally Hitler?

    1. Greatest military/technical might my ass. Dont let the WWII propoganda bite you in the ass. Germany was a powerhouse because of the cult of personality combined with well thought out and audacious military tactics.
      Their tanks were average at best and heavy, unrelaible, and completely ineffective at worst. The luftwaffa of the time had no range, and no heavy bombers. The pilots were excellent and seasoned, but the aircraft were, in the grand scheme of things, average as well – ME 262 AND 163 excluded.
      In hindsight, Hitler’s greatest accomplishment and downfall was correctly guessing that Europe, Russia and America were too pussy to do anything if he acted like a boss and took what he wanted through aggressive political and military posturing. If not for the rest of the western world’s relative inaction to his antics, he may not have been been so blinded by his own hype and realized his limitations. At the very least he would have known better than to go after Russia.
      Frankly he was doomed from the start.

      1. Seems to me that he had to go after the Ruskies because Stalin was bent on seizing as much of Europe as he could.
        Stalin was rather famously in a snit that he, unlike Alexander, was unable to make it to Paris.
        …I’m not so sure how well thought out Hitler’s military strategy was as it is riddled with blunders and innate flaws. Blitzkreig was flawed from the get-go as the supply lines, which were not mechanized, were unable to keep pace, which came to a head early with the Dunkirk blunder.

      2. Not disagreeing, but the German armaments were built to do exactly what they were designed to do. Quick strikes and engagements across Western European terrain. I doubt anyone envisioned fighting in African deserts or Russian stepps when building the Panzer III and as they quickly found out, there were design flaws as the Wehrmacht was being asked to wage campaigns with equipment that could not facilitate the desired objectives.
        All armies have that problem (mission creep) though.

      3. Somebody might be just a little ignorant of who invented the assault rifle, the ballistic missile, and many other things that the US and Soviets ‘borrowed’.
        The US also borrowed a bunch of Gestapo and SS admins.
        Google “Operation Paperclip”.
        Maybe some part of their ‘powerhouse’ status was due to their culture and who they are?
        Remember amigo, the winners wrote the history.

      4. Uncle Adolf didn’t “go after Russia” he defended Germany from communist invasion after (((they))) took over the Ukraine (sound familiar?) and Poland before (((they))) began encroaching on German territory.

    2. After the big to-do over “Inside Edition” touring Trump’s very modest childhood home, Trump’s “silver spoon” must have been stainless steel.
      Unfortunately, the Hitler backstory parallels that of 0bama in that he was a solid speaker (better than 0bama) who was groomed and placed into power by handlers.

  17. I’m glad Bill Maher at least acknowledges the middle eastern Islamist threat, but man do I disagree with everything else he says.
    I think we need an intelligent , well traveled, conservative version of these puppets. He’ll have to be biracial too, and maybe female, otherwise the liberals will just call him racist or homophobic anytime he tells the truth.

    1. A trojan horse, you say?
      i don’t know, they will always be better at playing their own game.
      Ben Carson was a credible man and he was unable to pierce through the PC wall

      1. Ben Carson wasn’t credible at all, that was his issue.
        His plans were untenable and ludicrous, he had a history of taking policy positions that have him to the left of 0bama and his books completely fabricated his backstory.
        That’s how Trump was able to destroy him, by pointing out that his lies made him unable to be trusted with the Presidency. Rubio/Cruz were also able to destroy him in the primaries because his past was a lie.

    2. It’s impossible to beat the left at playing identity politics as the left makes those rules.
      They’ll dismiss the race/gender qualifications of our “champion” out of hand and they’ll get away with it.

      1. As Milo has proven. If you can’t call him a cis-gendered shitlord you can still call him a shit lord and heap threats of violence and no platforming on him. You can support LGBT with one sentence and call him a worthless faggot with the next. Liberals and feminists claim the total authority to be completely inconsistent without having to explain anything.

  18. Who cares what this has been says? I don’t. This loser stopped being funny a long time ago. The only joke he has is himself and he is really gone stale.

  19. He seems red pill on muslims but other than that his brain is completely switched off. I don’t get it.
    His liberal fantasy lands can’t exist by importing muslims, I think even he knows that yet hates Trump for wanting to preserve USA.

  20. No one gives a shit about a guy whose first run episodes of his show gets lower ratings than 15 year old Spongebob reruns.

  21. In the vast majority of the countries in the world, a malevolent little man like this trying to interfere with the democratic process would get instantly arrested and prosecuted.
    America is truly a wasteland entirely devoid of morality and justice now. If you are for the establishment, no crime is too evil to cover up; yet if you are somehow perceived as a risk to the feminist / elitist agendas, then even completely false charges conjured out of the blue (usually reported by some manipulated and conditioned impoverished female) can be enough to utterly destroy your reputation, financial resources and dignity as a human being, even if you somehow manage to survive the onslaught or maintain your freedom…

  22. I am not that mean spirited .. but I am getting to the point where I hope guys like this die a miserable death.

  23. It’s a shame what’s happened to Bill Maher and Paul Krugman. Back in the 90s, Bill was creating incredible and ground breaking entertainment on Politically Incorrect while Paul was calling out (and giving credit to the grad students who pointed it out – very unusual for a tenured prof) world shaking economic events such as the 1998 Asian Crisis.
    Now they’re just used up hacks for the leftist globalists. It hurts as a former fan to watch these true innovators sell out for … what?

    1. Maher should rename his show “Politically Correct”, because he tows the line on every liberal politically correct idea.

  24. Election: that time of year when Americans head to the voting booth to decide which, of two total ass clowns, is slightly less literally hitler.

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  25. Of course a degenerate would vote for Hillary and democrat’s know this is her last
    chance to win. They are going to get real nasty starting next month.

  26. What a scummy little POS. Assassination jokes are really funny pal. Real knee slappers.
    Disgusting. And people actually pay to see him? Wow, thats’a whole lotta losers in one spot.

  27. Hm… so this is the new angle the media is going to try and push, eh… to try and normalize the idea of assassinating him?
    I’ll keep my ear to the ground in the coming weeks. Something tells me this wont be the last time we hear “someone is gonna kill this guy, right? I mean, come on!!”

    1. like the other guy same type of person as maher tried to make that *drumpf thing popular but it didn’t work. they increased their slander and defamation tactics to the point the jokes will become more and more about killing him. and after the jokes have become standard, they will encourage people to physically attack him. the attackers will be granted sympathy from the likes of the young turks and such. that’s the liberal left for ya.

      1. Sounds familiar….
        After watching one trump supporter after another getting sucker punched in the back of the head… all while the police stood by with their finger in their asses…? Yeah, it became quite clear who really runs the show/who they want in office.

  28. He used to be great on comedy central’s politically incorrect, and i kinda like religulous, but maher has gotten a little too self important. If he can’t see what a monster hillary is, he has been seriously compromised. Congratulations, bill, you are MSM now. Tool.

  29. Bill can be funny at times. However, being single, without children, and hooked on pot at 60 is not the parade he makes it out to be.
    He lacks a Weltanschauung that can be proudly passed down to future generations.

  30. >Until his early teens, he was unaware that his mother, whose family was from Hungary, was Jewish.
    It’s almost as if Jew is genetic. #SimplyCoincidence

  31. Food for thought. Lets start here…who the fuck is bill fucking maher and why do I have to hear about him and his fucking opinions so fucking often? For that matter who the fuck is amy schumer or jimmy fallon or that reprehensible cunt sara silverman? Honesty, ask that question. Who are these fucktards and what gives them any legitimacy to weigh-in on anything. We have a real problem…we have this “pundit” class of people who are un-elected and unaccountable to anyone and no one has any idea where the fuck they come from. And these fucking retards are influencing outcomes!
    Well, we DO know where they come from in that they are produced by “the establishment” and just shit out on the rest of us to mindlessly consume or obey – but that’s the problem. If you are going to speak about important issues facing our nation and society then at least have some fucking credentials. bill fucking maher is a fucking comedian…what the fuck does this guy have that gives him an epsilon of legitimacy? And he’s just a flat-out terrible person…he’s an asshole of the first order. You have to wonder why so many people are depressed today and I think its because people like maher are allowed to shit all over people without any recourse. No one knows where they come from or how they came to be on their tv or in their lives, but, there they are shitting on you, insulting you, laughing at you and insulting everything that you hold dear.
    I’ve said it before and will say it again…the new media, I believe, will drone out rejects like maher. Pundits exist because we all need solidarity, I suppose, but, hitherto that was controlled, today, I can find a near identical like-minded “pundit”, if you will, via the web. For me its Forney, Aurini, Chafin, Roosh, Clarey, Common Filth etc. At some point, mader’s subsidized fantasy of a “tv show” (bundled with hbo or cable subscriptions) will be usurped by the new media model and I can’t wait until that asshole is gone for good. Hopefully he become a barista so I can throw coffee at him.

  32. Bill Maher has been illuminated with the light for many years, he simply doesn’t scurry away like most other cockroaches do. He seems to love the punishment.

  33. Does Maher realize that alluding to a dead Clinton only reminds the undecided voter that she is very sick and impaired? As for me, I join with Trump in wishing Clinton a speedy recovery. And I hope she doesn’t get any more blood clots in her brain, nor any more episodes of memory loss from said historical blood clots. I hope she doesn’t unexpectedly fall again and suffer yet another concussion. I hope she never again has to wear anti-seizure sunglasses on an overcast day. I paraphrase Cernovich in hoping that when he is President, Trump mercifully pardons Clinton for all her national security mistakes that endangered all of us but were made in the throes of a serious medical illness.

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  35. Once in a while I like Bill, but at the end of the day he’s still a part of the problem.
    Rather than vote for who is best qualified, he’ll always vote for his team.

  36. Oy !! Silly Billy… V Putin is the new Hitler, maybe even Assad.. So ?? D Trump can’t be the third candidate for the position of Hitler ?? V Putin win this one silly Billy ….

  37. While Maher does what he can to help tear down America…and its values… the irony is Israel would cease to exist if it were not for the USA. When he and his handlers finally realize that, they might stop drilling the bottom of the boat.

  38. I know this article is several days old.. but it’s been sitting there in my side bar, and it finally just hit me:

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