If Feminist Laurie Penny Was Serious About Stopping Rape, She Would Protest Outside Prisons

Of all the people I have heard or read about who depend on alleged high levels of rape to maintain their careers, British SJW Laurie Penny is amongst the worst. Her entirely asymmetrical views on stopping rape and other catch-cry causes echo the rampant inconsistencies found in countless other feminists-for-pay. Yet if Laurie Penny and her fellow SJW apparatchiks were seriously concerned about the impact of rape on society and genuine victims, they would be protesting and bellowing slogans outside prisons every day. Why? Because (male) prison rape is higher in per capita terms (and arguably higher in raw terms as well) than rapes inflicted on women overall.

Laurie Penny’s silence or very muted criticism on “inconvenient rapes,” from the Rotherham race rapes to prison rape, amounts to nothing but victim-blaming. Whilst I admonish anyone who claims that we live in a “rape culture,” the strongest evidence one could muster to support its existence actually comes from male prisons. Even The Guardian, for which Penny unfortunately pens regular, incoherent columns, published a story about how, thanks to acts like prison rape, male victims of sexual assault outnumber female ones in the United States.

These figures are nothing short of astounding. Bear in mind that, despite the comparatively high US prison population, male inmates are vastly outnumbered by non-incarcerated women in the real world. If the raw number of male prison victims is so high, the per capita rates would be astronomical. For people so obsessed with the latest “reports” compiled after gerrymandered college surveys about “sexual assault,” Laurie Penny and Co. appear to be allergic to reading and acting upon information regarding rape against men.

Laurie Penny doing what she does best–promoting herself.

In Penny’s own country of England, a smaller number of prisoners relative to the population says nothing about the likelihood of inmates being raped or sexually assaulted. The 1-in-100 sexual abuse figure cited by Britain’s Commission on Sex in Prisons, apparently “small,” is still much higher than the officially documented level of rapes and sexual assaults reported in the general community. Other research suggests much more alarming rates of British prison rape and sexual assault occur, ones which cannot be accurately gauged due to a lack of research and funding.

And when are these prison rapists ever prosecuted? The offenders are at the fingertips of the powers that be and are guarded around the clock. The allegedly lagging conviction rates for real life rapists are dwarfed by what could be said is a glaring reluctance of the authorities to bring prison rape cases to court.

Compare this to the amorphous claims of “rape” and “sexual assault” at colleges and universities. With nothing but he-said-she-said testimony usually, we are informed that levels of sexual violence against women, by men studying to become lawyers, doctors, engineers, journalists and other professions, are apparently at “record” levels. What gives?

Why is Laurie Penny so silent on “inconvenient” rapes?

The television drama Oz shows the reality of prison rape, something Laurie Penny and her contemporaries have no interest in combating. Duh, because these victims have penises!

Prison dramas in which the proverbial lunatics run the asylum, media-promulgated stories of rare inmate escapes, and investigative reports on incarcerated felons’ easy access to contraband like drugs may give the impression that the state has largely lost control of locked-up criminals. Nonetheless, this is almost always far from reality, at least in the Western world. Any victories your regular prison-based crime lord has over the system are outweighed by the number of times he must defecate in view of prison guards, get all his bodily cavities searched, or generally find his movement and activities thoroughly restricted.

Laurie Penny’s silences on issues such as prison rape, plus her casual dismissal of ethnic minority-committed sexual atrocities in places like Rotherham in England, which were deliberately covered up, speak volumes about her belief as to who is really a victim. Because the implicit “perpetrators” of rape at colleges or universities are seen as white and “privileged” males from the lower middle-class and above, their alleged female victims (victimhood usually being determined by either self-reported surveys or a watering-down of what sexual assault is) are allocated the highest rung on the ladder of sympathy. Even though we have scant or no evidence to support these on-campus claims of sexual violence, they are then used for draconian policies like the very euphemistic “affirmative consent.”

College and university dormitories have nowhere near the level of supervision and state control found in prisons. Nor should they. Until someone has been convicted of a crime, according to an appropriate and consistent standard of beyond reasonable doubt, people should be largely free to live in peace and exercise their own autonomy. This state control makes prison rape all the more unacceptable.

Why prison rape matters

But there’s evidently no “rape system” deplored by feminists when it comes to prison rape.

Criminal punishment should be a) state-sanctioned and b) have a legitimacy that heavily depends on consistency. Rape has never been part of the toolbox for reprimanding offenders, whether by the state or individuals. In no sense should we accept cultural values in which prisoners, most often already extremely violent, are applauded or slapped on the wrist for raping and sexually assaulting other inmates. No one deserves to be raped, as feminists themselves say, so our outrage should not be smaller just because a victim has a criminal history.

Then there’s the disastrous effects related to recidivism. Prisoners who rape or sexually assault within the prison system are likely to commit the foulest of acts, and not just sexual crimes, once they are released. After all, if you can get away with it when the state is ostensibly supervising you 24/7, you will fancy your chances of escaping justice for all manner of other sadisms in the less monitored real world. One of the overarching reason for incarceration is to prevent criminals from committing more crimes, not further habitualizing those sorts of acts.

It seems that the only way to barter with Laurie Penny and others about rape in male prisons would be to suggest that the infinitesimally small number of rapists in society are more likely to have raped fellow inmates during any prison time they served. Because many prison rape perpetrators are nominally heterosexual, it is likely that the male-on-female rapes committed in the community are disproportionately committed by prison rapists. Though she should be advocating against rape irrespective of victims’ genitalia, these kinds of arguments are perhaps the only way to reach Laurie Penny.

Stand up for all actual victims–or shut the hell up


Grandstanding based on partisan or selective representations of rape and other violence is not rape advocacy. It is a very narrow channel for propping up a self-serving career or creating instant hysteria that generates quick-fire article views and book sales.

To be taken seriously, Laurie Penny and others like her must genuinely and unequivocally condemn all forms of rape, regardless of someone’s genitalia or history. Yet they will not do this, which explains why they are perversely focused on men ogling women as expressions of “rape culture” and not real rape like in prisons and in Rotherham.

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121 thoughts on “If Feminist Laurie Penny Was Serious About Stopping Rape, She Would Protest Outside Prisons”

    1. a “runt comedian” and a “jumped up public schoolgirl”
      Christ, it’s nice to be reminded that the British have some fucking balls sometimes.

        1. Hope you guys can save your country from migrants,feminists, and the PC Empire. I’d hate to see Britain vanish. And good luck.

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        3. She’s not ethnically English so she doesn’t care about the English. She’s a rat faced chosenite (((feminist))).
          Every single time.

      1. He exposed her raw and naked for the piece of shit charlatan that she is. You see a huge generational divide at play here “I will not stand for it” is something that most guys under 30 would never even contemplate saying to a feminist and if that thing wasn’t recorded she would have claimed that he assaulted her. Seriously.

        1. UKIP is the only party that can say “Mission accomplished”.
          Harriet Harmon was right though about women and parliament.

        2. The percentages and the fighting bit. She’s still a classist shill and your typical labour bourgeois bohemian.

        3. She’s one of the main reasons Labour is currently being buried. She’s basically the mother of the crass, reductive identity politics of the New Labour era. Good riddance to her and her ilk

        4. A rich, straight white woman talking about oppression while guzzling on the labor of working class men. Haven’t seen that before. /s
          If there’s one thing Lenin was right about, it’s that it’s largely middle-class people who’ll become communists. The working class is too busy creating a business that will be appropriated come the revolution.
          The communists have it wrong. Most rural working class people own farms and work them. They don’t want a fucking urban cunt telling them what they can do with their time.

        5. Yep. Agreed. I said yesterday, the potential communists are drawn from a flabby, ill disciplined and decadent upper middle class. As opposed to the determined patriotic and productive lower middle class

        6. And the even more determined and patriotic working class. As for the upper class, they’re always busy taking whichever side is winning.

        7. The upper middle spend their flatulent lives daydreaming of conning the proles into overthrowing the upper classes on their behalf

        8. The upper class spend their myriad lives (some work as businesspeople, others just sit there) thinking about how they’ll manipulate people into doing their bidding. Many funded New Labour with the intentions of creating either a hard right party (Conservatives) who’ll give them free trade or a centre-right party (New Labour) who’ll give them subsidies. Win-win. Only UKIP opposes this blatant favoritism. Guess where they’re put.

        9. I despised New Labour. A party devoted to economic usury and tearing down social structures.
          A parasitic entity. Tony Blair was of course a student of William Clinton’s school of politics

        10. They failed spectacularly at tearing down social structures. As for economic usury, as seen by them removing genuinely honest and forward-thinking Jeremy Corbyn from power, they clearly advertise that they are indeed part of the upper class’ win-win scenario. Vote conservative, get less taxes and free trade. Vote Labour, get subsidies.

        11. He’s still forward-thinking and honest. He’s just not playing part in this upper class power grab.

        12. “If there’s one thing Lenin was right about, it’s that it’s largely middle-class people who’ll become communists.”
          Because they know that they will become the leadership. That is the meta-class. Leading the revolution exempts you from being bourgeois. Harman is a good example of exactly this.

        13. The will try to reverse it. They succeeded in Ireland and that rat face Terresa May was against it.
          Don’t just sleep with one eye open, prepare for round 2.

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        2. Feminists are only relevant because men allow them to be. They have no inherent power and no strategy other than crying like a toddler for attention. And thats how feminists should be treated; like toddlers.

    2. I love how she sits down to giver her time to think of a face saving lie. “I was afraid”….. Evil bitch!

    3. She was so outclassed. Starkey is a brilliant man. She’s never going to be able to take him on fair and square

    4. Starkey Owns her. Textbook leftist “scarlet letter words” from penny, call your opponent a racist, and provide no actual argument. Penny = “eh um eh ya um eehhh aaa eee iii oooo uuuu yes um wait um hold um ehh ya um”….spit it out already.
      Starkey is brilliant, hardworking, educated, and successful, while penny’s only achievement is “MUUUAAAHHH Vagina”
      The fact penny shares a stage with Starkey is disgraceful.

      1. Starkey comes across as an elitist monarchist with the usual arguments about how working class people this that, but as for that, he`s great.

    5. I thought about this video as well. I love how her brain shuts down at the 4:00 mark and wants to retreat back to it’s safe space.
      “I have emails…”

  1. All these so-called “leaders” of these so-called “movements” (Feminism, Marxism, LGQBT, BLM, etc.) are just paid mouthpieces of the elites being used as pimps to manipulate their respective base of useful idiots (and much of the unsuspecting general public) who don’t even realize they’re being used as pawns.
    I’m not against all these movements out of irrational fear or hatred of specific individuals that prescribe to these false ideologies; I’m against them because they’re based on lies and are specifically crafted to manipulate insecurities of people from vulnerable sectors of society. In doing such, they diminish some of the genuine issues that do exist in some of these movements.
    Whereas I despise all of these so-called “leaders” (including Laurie Penny), personally, the people I find the most despicable of all are Justin Trudeau, Canada’s faggot-in-chief and Bono, both among the most prized, virtue-signalling assets of the globalists.
    The former is the biggest alpha-mangina walking on the face of this earth right now, whereas the latter is the biggest, most smarmy, most egotistical anti-poverty crusader alive right now who pontificates “more free trade needed! now!” to eradicate poverty.
    Liberalism is indeed, an evermore increasing mental disorder and the higher you want to go up the liberal food chain, the bigger the hypocrite you have to be.

    1. It’s conspiracy theory to start tracing the foundation money that allows people to have a “career” in activism instead of doing something productive.

    1. I feel that if the point of having two separate locker room / shower room / saunas is to separate the sexes because of the conflict that nudity plus sexual attraction would cause then the either need to ban the faggots from the mens room or, preferably, make one huge co-ed locker room.

      1. well if the gays get to look at naked men why shouldn’t straight men get to look at naked women? These feminists need to check their privilege.

      1. if you can’t beat em, join em.. then beat em. In all seriousness and in the voice of Charles Barkley that’s just turrible.

        1. It’s not turrible Charles. Its easily one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard. They asked for it and they got it. Quote from the other fighter Tamika Brents, “I’ve never felt so overpowered in my life.” Then this, “I’ve faught a lot of women and I never felt the strength that I felt in a fight as I did that night. I can’t answer whether it’s because he was born a man or not, because I’m not a doctor.” I’m not a doctor…. Hahahahahahahahahaha! He’s a man you idiot! That’s exactly why! Oh the lengths they’ll go. Every single one of these women have the right to say, “nope, I’m not fighting him, he’s a dude.” But they don’t… and get their eye socket broken and a concussion. Then, “gee, I’m not sure what happened, it might have something to do with the fact that it’s a dude.” Ya think?! But everyone has to ignore it. Oh, instant classic in the degeneracy hall of fame.

        2. Sorry Let me clarify: I meant women MMA fights are terrible. Every single one. But yeah it’s always funny to see the mental gymnastics people do when the narrative breaks down.

        3. I agree. When I first heard about women in MMA, I had a KY bikini wrestling image in my head. Little did I know it would be bulldogs with A cups and corn rows. Pretty gross.

      2. The insane world we live in. Liberals create an environment where it’s acceptable for a man to beat the shit out of a woman.

      3. Sounds like an application of in Soviet Russia if you fail at being a male athlete you become female athlete.

    2. They already are.. they’re arguing to get all women released from prison, because it’s “cruel”.

    3. I had a friend who worked for the Federal Bureau of Prisons when a transsexual was brought in as a new inmate. The tranny had been using female hormones and was pretty far along. He had to strip search the tranny as he described it, big tits and a big schlong. After having the tranny fitted for prison clothes, he escorted the the tranny into the prison. When the prisoners saw this they went completely nuts screaming and yelling. “I’ll fuck her!”
      The tranny then turned to my friend and says “I think I’m going to like this place.”

  2. “Sex is something people do to together, NOT something you do to someone else.” I know a lot of women who would beg to differ.

  3. We have the same in America, feminists prefer to target “safe” enemies like white males. Brock Turner (Stanford University student who rubbed his crotch against a passed out woman behind a dumpster) may be an asshole but to male feminists threatening him with guns on his lawn he is a much safer asshole to fuck with than a paroled gangster rapist on his own gangsta turf who will likely return fire with deadly precision.

    1. Why is he an asshole again? He stumbled out of a college party with a girl. They both were drunk. And he was later found fingering her by a dumpster while she was passed out. He says she was conscious and gave consent when he started fingering her. She says she remembers nothing about it. If this is proof of rape, millions of men–and women–should be in prison for the things they did at college.

      1. That even sounds worse reading it than it really is. Fingering a passed out girl sounds bad. But in person, it’s more like.. slut is being slutty, rubbing her crotch all over the place. She wants to fuck. She has zero self control so she pukes everywhere and then passes out. Guy fingers her and laughs.
        I have had a party at my house where that happened. It was hilarious, and we talked about it for years after. Amazing how they have changed the narrative so much that someone could be prosecuted for that now.

        1. I mean, my interpretation was that the guy was all fucked up too, and he just didn’t stop or even fully realize. I’ve woken up drunk with my cock in different drunk girls’ mouths many times over the years. Was I raped?
          Is it legally rape if a person is engaged in consensual sexual activity with someone and then continues after the person passes out from booze?

        2. In the new PC bullshit culture, yes, you were absolutely raped. As have I been, many times (especially during college).
          Which makes it a total non-event. Other than the bad hangover and washing off the ugly after a night of heavy drinking, I suffered no ill effects from my “rape” by wildabeasts when I choose (yes, my decision started the chain of awful) to drink too much.
          Comparing drunken sex and rape makes about as much sense as prosecuting someone identically for shooting a foam dart gun at you vs a 50 cal. It’s not the same crime, in fact, IMHO, it’s not even a crime at all. It’s call “what happens when you drink too much” and it happens to men and women. Men say “Fuck man, I need to get off the Jack; I nearly had to chew my fucking arm off this morning to get away from this beast”. Women say “I’m a victim” and try to send their version of the wildabeast to jail for 20 years. Double standard much?

        3. Well, I’ve been raped and sexually assaulted many, many times in my life then. I didn’t always loved it. Maybe I have PTSD.

        4. I didn’t always enjoy it either. By the current definition, I’ve probably been raped 100’s of times. I spent much of college blackout drunk, no way to consent in that state (well, if you’re a woman anyway), so – rape.
          And I woke up next to some real jackals. So, no, not all that happy about it, not at all.
          But, and this is where things go totally off the rocker for women. Who was really at fault here? Me for being blackout drunk? Or the girl for sleeping with me in that state? In my mind, I had no right to blame the jackal, I was the asshole who got that drunk. Waking up with a fucking fraggle sleeping next to you; that pain you feel? That’s designed to teach you not to do that dumb ass shit again.
          Unless your a woman. Then, literally Hitler.

        5. Just out of curiosity, was your cock in the mouths of land whales? I’ve seen how those hideous monsters take advantage of drunk men who normally wouldn’t even look at them. I’m dead serious.

        6. I’ve had sex with girls I found unattractive because I was drunk, but the times I’m referencing were mostly girls I had been dating a bit already, or at least had already started making out with or whatever, and then passed out. When I said I didn’t enjoy it, it was usually because I was miserably tired and the hangover was already setting in. They were drunk, too, and were kind of like, “I want sex, so I’m gonna wake your ass up with head, motherfucker.” Kind of funny, actually. I didn’t want it, I didn’t give consent, but I certainly don’t feel raped.

        7. My husband has had sex with me while I was drunk. He has also awakened me with erotic touching. I suppose I should enact these stupid “marital rape” laws against him? LOL

  4. Laurie Penny encapsulates everything despicable about modern feminism, and women in general, in one shrill package. Fucking disgusting piece of work.

    1. God I hate their language. Cannot describe any event without putting “literally(hitler)” or “actually” (hitler) in there. Litterally ! (hitler)

    2. Sounds like the plot from Star Trek: “City on the Edge of Forever”. Except in that episode the activist gets hit by the car and dies.

    3. Fits with my basic impression that she’s only after celebrity and parks her enthusiasm behind “the cause” because it’s the only way she can achieve that celebrity. Her pink wig and the make-up…gotta name drop Ryan Gosling…acts like she’s beyond reproach in public forums…adds up to weak sauce.

  5. Same old argument “We have to help the people on the outside first, before we can help the people on the inside.”

  6. is it me, or are feminists getting smaller and smaller. Any smaller than Laurie Penny and they’ll be injecting nano-feminists directly into your blood-stream to give you a stroke if you think the wrong thoughts

  7. OZ.. now that was a hard core, anti-PC entertaining show. While at the same time being very diverse. It had right wing Christians, skinhead neo Nazis, the disabled, gays, Asians, blacks, Italians, even females in a male prison show!! That’s some diversity.

  8. fapiminsts do not care for rape. They allow brown Muslims and black athletes do it as much as they want. They only want to get white Christian people in prison especially when they have done nothing! That is what they want.

  9. That is one ugly female. The reason she obsesses about female rape victims is that it is very unlikely to happen to her and she’s jelly.
    I really wish I knew where the next such feminazi demonstration happens so I could troll them with a sign that reads: “Sex is something I don’t do with orange coloured short-haired girls”.

    1. A man wouldn’t rape that beast for 1M in unmarked bills.
      How come only ugly women scream about rape culture?

        1. Smart man.
          The only “rape culture” I’ve noticed is how easy it is for a man to be falsely accused of that particular crime. True rape victims do not tell the whole world because they are too humiliated.
          They often keep it a secret or share it with only loved ones and then move on.

        2. Isn’t it hard for the victims to go public when some people claim that true victims keep it for themselves?
          Just “move on” from rape, dear. Tell a loved one, and move on…
          You’re a real godsend to rapists.

    1. No… I would agree. When they get that look they just bolt, they don’t keep on cruising looking for someone to do something for them.

      1. I’ve seen deer peering suspiciously at me from bushes, and staring at me as I drive by. I’ve been woken up by one of those darn things singing as it pranced through a field. Odd ones around here.

  10. If anything, feminists want to divert attention away from prisons, not direct attention towards them. More attention means higher likelihood that more people start to question why less than 10% of the prison population is female.

  11. Laurie Penny:
    1. Ugly? check
    2. Short hair? check
    3. Hair dyed? check
    4. No beach ready body? check
    5. Jewish? check
    6. Dyke? possible
    7. Mental disorders? Anorexia, check
    All this sluts are just endless copies of the same cliche.

    1. Rape culture: Ugly feminists who are upset that no man wants to sleep with them, so of course all the attractive women must be getting raped.

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  13. The catch is that males raping males doesn’t matter to modern day feminists. They don’t concern themselves with victims and perpetrators but with males vs females as separate entities (and that’s when they are being intellectually honest and not pretending they are about equality).
    Males raping males in their vision is not so much as violence as it’s self-harm, because for them “males” is a single organism. More importantly, the victim is part of the other group so it’s not part of their cause.

  14. To be fair, why should feminists care about male rape? Since this is a male issue, why don’t men care about that, and fight to end it?
    After all, men don’t fight to end problems relating to menstruation, hair extensions and makeups. Those are women’s issues; let them deal with those.

    1. It’s the hypocrisy of it. Also, those aren’t real issues. Menstruation is a fact of life and hair extensions and make up aren’t issues. One tell that I’ve noticed is that there is the lack of choice in male contraception. It’s pretty much an operation or a pleasure draining rubber on your wang.

      1. But who made contraceptions for women? Condoms for men? Unless I’m missing something men are 100% responsible for the state of affairs.
        If men really want to make contraception for men they would have. Or maybe this is a case of the good holding the best back. Condoms might not be perfect, but they made it difficult to make a case for extensive research on male contraceptions

        1. We’ve known how to create hormonal birth control for men for 50 years, but it was banned in the name of.. Fuck if I know. Fairness in sports or some bullshit. Testosterone works very similar to the BC pill for woman, and will render most men sterile. No, not as reliably as the BC pill does for women, but almost certainly more reliable that any other means available for men in actual practice except for the snip. Condoms are pretty effective when viewed in a vacuum, but, in practice, they often fail because they are so detrimental to pleasure (just let me stick it in for a minute before I put the condom on; said no guy ever, right?).
          Sorry, I’m no tin foil hat wearing guy, but this does reek of a concerted effort to keep men from controlling their fertility. And with good reason. 1/2 of all pregnancies in this country are unplanned/unwanted. Of the remaining 1/2 that are wanted, probably some significant proportion of those were still “mistakes” the guy just “man’s up” and puts on a happy face. Give men the power of a BC system that has no impact on pleasure and is totally undetectable; watch the birth rate fall through the fucking floor. That’s a big problem for BDG.

        2. Sure, other than the fact that they are absolutely horrible. Look, employees work at the behest of companies above which there is a whole galaxy of interests spiralling around. One of them is not to provide a means for men to have control of their reproductive rights while actually enjoying sex. It’s a lot easier to kill soerm than it is to hormonally manipulate a woman’s cycle.

  15. “thanks to acts like prison rape, male victims of sexual assault outnumber female ones in the United States”
    I’ve been saying this for years. The ONLY real rape culture exists for men in prison. “Don’t drop the soap” is an appropriate joke in most social settings. Which, of course, is us laughing at the men who are getting violently ass raped in the shower every fucking day in prison.
    Male sexuality is not as fluid as female, having sex with a man when you’re not gay is truly stomach turning for a straight man. Women, on the other hand, can swing between teams easily, I’ve seen many a “straight” woman dive straight into a pussy when it’s put in front of them without hesitation.
    Finally, men don’t have rape fantasies or any other protective mechanisms to deal with a real rape. Women, on the other hand (and this is NOT justifying real rape, let me be clear, that is a heinous and horrible crime) often have orgasms during rape, and like rough sex because of it’s “rape simulation” aspects. In short, their sexuality is “built for” the possibility of rape, and responds in a protective manner. Men do not have this same mechanism.
    Men raped in prison, teeth knocked out with blood coming out of their ass = Funny
    Woman drunk off her ass, asks a guy to fuck her, decides 3 days later he’s not alpha enough = Rape
    Ugh, OK.
    Rape is crime of violence, NOT a crime of sexual desire.

    1. Yeah and add to this the issue about confusion about sexuality. I read a interview did with 6 inmates back in the 70s. Three were victims of prison rape and 3 were perpetrators of prison rape. All identified as heterosexual prior to incarceration. Strangely enough, the rapists still identified as heterosexual after release and claimed to be exclusively sexually involved with women
      In the other hand, the victims all now identified as homosexual saying that they had come out while in prison. One was working as a male prostitute.
      The rapists claimed that the man who is raped in prison is actually a closet homosexual all along because a real man would never let himself be raped. The victims all said that they initially refused but were beaten and threatened with further violence until submitting to anal or oral sex.
      After this, they were marked as “female”, oftentimes being made to dress and present themselves as women. I think that them identifying as homosexual was just a form of Stockholm syndrome. It was just easier for them to accept their fate rather than fight it. Add to that the fact that any shred of masculinity was stripped from them so that they now thoroughly identified with being female and it’s no wonder that these men began to identify as being gay.

  16. There is no logic when it comes to arguing with SJW and government. Even if 1 men on 2 would kill himself no one would bat an eye. The quicker you understand that a man as no value in society today except being a slave, the quicker you start to detach yourself from this system and be more independant. Stop bitching, start building your empire.

  17. Well, to be a bit pedantic, there is a way to prevent prison rape that is entirely 100% foolproof.
    Don’t go to prison. Just that easy. Don’t be a criminal, badda bing, suddenly your chances of prison rape drop 100%.
    That being said, why would feminists care about male on male rape? They hate men, this is what they want to happen anyway in their skeevy little hearts. The onus for stopping prison male on male rape lay with men. You’re never going to get a feminist interested in the topic, and even if you did, she’d do nothing about it, ever.

    1. Eh. Prison isn’t that bad, at least where I did a little vacation. Not too much butt fucking going on although there was some. They were usually bitch boys that love getting the tube steak.

  18. Penny’s views on Cologne from a ‘Quilette’ article – <>
    She’s not a fat land whale feminazi but I point the finger at her educated bitchmother and beta father figure. Another wasted youth lacking COLOSTRUM.
    It may be too late for colostrum if her soul is gone sadly. It has become en vogue for feminists to intentionally abort a male fetus like Hillary had allegedly done at one point. Is is a show of solidarity with the most vain and spiteful of the fems. Day care and lack of tit milk starves the soul, devaluing it and the dumb bitches then throw their souls away. No amount of mama’s milk can bring back an incinerated blackened soul.
    GET SLURPING kiddos while there’s time!!

  19. The selective outrage of the modern-day Marxists. Victims of (especially sexual) crimes and their perpetrators all have one thing in common: Feminists only care about the White ones.

  20. It’s not about what you think its about. The idea is to get you all balled up in guilt and shame whether you deserve it or not, and while you are apologizing for your life they get you to give it up. Wake up, dudes.

  21. that’s becoz these dumb phucks are more interested in seeking attention. they’re about as effective as some online petition.

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  23. Feminists do not care about rape one way or the other. Like everything, this is about power, control, wealth and forcing whatever men have of that to women. If you paid attention to the initial debates regarding affirmative consent, the thrust (no pun) of the arguments were to stop hookup culture and engender in men a fear of women. Why? So men stop having sex outside the bond[age] of marriage. I’ll say it again. Feministas don’t care about rape. They care about power, wealth and control; hence manspreading, mainsplaining, trigger warnings, affirmative consent, de facto relationships, committed intimate relationships, the cohabitation rights bill, civil suit payouts following false accusations, et al. They want the power to destroy your life if you get out of line. They want the power to destroy your life on an accusation alone. The debate on prison rape is ridiculous. It has zero bearing on the true intentions of feminism (hyper gynocentrism).

  24. Try being the mother of a 9 yr old boy who attempts to discuss these issues with her “feminist” friends. They have zero interest in the subject of male rights/issues. They seem to always find a way of steering the conversation back to their daughters terrible “plights” re: dress codes (dare we ask girls to cover their underwear, the discrimination!) and other such nonsense. Meanwhile my son was being tortured at school by some hormone case, she was twice his size, felt she had the right to grab my 3rd graders balls every day at recess, lunch, in line for library. Told the school, they made light of it BC of his gender. Got him in karate, he finally kicked her ass one day on the playground, was so proud of him.

  25. Umm..nobody is cares about criminals getting raped…Especially a pro nationalist, conservative website like this one?
    I mean since when do we care what happens to Guilty prisoners unless it’s used as a counter position against the hypocritical feminist rape anti rape advocates and their fake rape culture..As much as I hate them..I’m not too fond of Felons or small time drug dealers either .

    1. Yeah, but does everyone in jail really deserve to be there? We’ve all heard of the prison industrial complex and the US has the highest incarceration rates in the world.

  26. Feminist Laurie Penny Is that frump on the photo above ??
    If yes, then OMG what has become of the US women ???
    At my age (75) I wouldn’t dick her even with a reward of $1000…..

  27. It’s necessary that we constantly and relentlessly throw these zealot’s insanity back in their faces. They took over our culture because we ignored them while doing normal people things and that is our fault.
    Keep it up, everyone. We can take our civilization back from these people if we don’t give up.

  28. I don’t think these feminists even protest rape in women’s prisons. They need a male target after all but can’t abide a male victim.

  29. Dear David G. Brown,
    It is with real interest that I read your article, and I too, get upset that no ones stands for the males victims of rape.
    Either in prison, or even less talked about, in war conflicts, which consequences ruins lives.
    As not only the act itself is a tragedy, but the horrible “Man Up” mentally strokes those victims twice as they get demeaned, humiliated even banned from families, communities or even villages.
    Anti-feminists often claimed that men get raped too, and it is true, and mostly by other men. But that, funnily enough they forgot to precise.
    As a believer and activist of equality, it is a subject which I care about for some years now, also you understand how glad and relieved you pointed the topic of male rape in prison.
    But how disappointed you didn’t go further, how disappointed you didn’t developed, you didn’t advocate for prisonners’ humans rights.
    No you just pointed out what a feminist was not doing, and you decided to keep bashing her instead of elevating the debate.
    I always wonder why anti-feminists always use the male rape as an argument but never care about the cause.
    Or because, it kinda destabilizes their all ideology. You see you can hardly be supportive male victims and at the same time promote a culture of “don’t be a pussy”.
    Well guess what, male rape doesn’t happen only to prisoners, or non-white people in some far away armed conflict, or to men not manly enough.
    Most sexual assaults victims in the U.S. army are men.
    So are you keep writing articles about the actual lack of support that male victims suffer in the world or keep bitching against short-hair women?
    – A feminist (advocacy of women’s rights) which is also a masculinist (in the real definition of the term as advocacy of men’s rights, not the one of the deadbrain from red pill) which is tired to be the only one actually caring about the real prejudices that men have and are never EVER talked about in this so-called manosphere.
    You can make a search on the whole website, you have articles bashing feminists, denying rape culture, accusing victims of false accusations, critics of laws… NOT ONE SINGLE ARTICLE ADVOCATING FOR MALE VICTIMS OF RAPE, their lack of support, their need of assistance, their right to be recognised as victims, and their rights to keep their dignity.
    NOT ONE… in the whole bunch of bullshit you guys share on a daily basis.
    So here it is dear David G. Brown, allow me to quote you:
    “Stand up for all actual victims–or shut the hell up”

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