Game Can Protect You From False Rape Accusations

Many stories in the Manosphere warn of false rape accusations.  Roosh penned How To Avoid A False Rape Accusation and published Samseau’s 3 Signs She’s Making A False Rape Accusation. A whole thread at the RooshV Forum discusses this problem:  Avoiding False Rape Accusations.

False Accusation Paranoia

A common perspective incorrectly presumes that most accusations stem from bad sex, when a woman has sexual shame and recrimination. She then uses the false accusation as a psychological “anti-slut defense” to deny her willing promiscuity. This narrative is generally wrong, and the consequent advice will do little to prevent false rape allegations. Worse, it blames the victims. It presumes that even if men are legally innocent of rape, that “they must have done something.” Perhaps they enjoyed illicit sex, were insensitive lovers, encouraged attached women to cheat, or generally “took advantage” of partners.

According to Robert Hazelwood and Ann Burgess, Practical Aspects of Rape Investigation: A Multidisciplinary Approach,

In false rape allegations, generally all three components of the allegation are false (i.e., the act, the perpetrator, and the circumstances). … The pseudovictim has a conscious understanding that the complaint is false.

These are not cases of ambiguous consent, of sex gone bad, or subsequent recrimination. Instead, these cases involve complete fabrication.

3 Real Reasons for False Accusations

Women have different motivations for inventing these stories. Some are psychologically disturbed and want attention or sympathy. Some have financial motives. And others manufacture an alibi that covers their own misbehavior, e.g., missing curfew or having an affair.

1. Attention-seeking

Fortunately, many false allegations fail to charge a specific individual. The pseudovictim might present superficial, self-inflicted injuries to bolster her case.   But then she provides vague details that do not risk exposing her lies by identifying a specific attacker. In these cases, a formal proceeding or prosecution that might expose the truth would not serve the woman’s interest. Thus in many cases, false allegations do not involve accusations.

2. Financial Motivation

The famous Brian Banks case illustrates financial motivation, where the pseudovictim garnered a reported $1,500,000 settlement.  It is important to recognize that although he knew the pseudovictim, Brian Banks never had sex with her. Notably, he did not defend himself in court. Instead, he accepted a reduced sentence by pleading no-contest to assault charges.

3. Alibi

The need for alibi is a big concern. Famous examples include the Cathleen Crowell and Tawana Brawley episodes. In both cases, the girls invented stories to conceal liaisons with their boyfriends. Importantly, women who need alibis for sexual indiscretions do not typically accuse their actual lovers. Instead they usually want to see those men again.  Even in the case of one-night stands, it could be terribly inconvenient to accuse a real consensual partner of rape. The paramour may have evidence and witnesses that contradict the accusation.

Vorkuta’s case from the RooshV Forum illustrates these issues. One of Vorkuta’s co-defendants did not even have sex with the pseudovictim. The case was ultimately thrown out mid-trial because of inconsistent accuser testimony and contradictory evidence. Ironically, the circumstances of actual (consensual) sex left evidence to help rebut the false accusations.

How To Avoid False Accusations

To quote Vorkuta,

So the question was how to avoid these allegations from happening: I have no idea.

Obviously it is difficult to avoid completely fictitious allegations. Video cameras cannot exonerate you by recording things that never happened. From the bachelors’ perspective, it is instructive to examine the minority of cases that involve actual sex. They have one common denominator: the false-accusers do not want repeat sex with the accused.

When women are attracted to men, they want to see them again. If they need alibis, then they would rather accuse strangers than their actual lovers. Men with “game” have women chasing them. These men stay aloof, they are good lovers, and they keep the women coming back for more. The wrong lesson from the false rape alarmists is that promiscuous men put themselves at risk of false allegations. But false accusations rarely stem from actual sex. If anything, consensual affairs leave an evidence trail to exonerate the man. In this sense, game already protects men.

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29 thoughts on “Game Can Protect You From False Rape Accusations”

    1. The prefix “pseudo” means false or fake. A pseudovictim is a fake-victim. Perfectly apt description.

    2. In practice, You’d still stuck with she getting her way if she can tell the story well enough, and have enough well placed connections to corroborate her nonsense.
      In reality, it is much less error prone to simply treat what people say as what it is: noise emanating from, a hole in their face. Was she raped? Must suck to be her. Perhaps next time, take better precautions. If it’s not my daughter, the “not my kid, not my concern” idiom ought to apply. And if it is my daughter, the problem is less the rapist than the official thugband that prevent me from doing what I ought to do to firstly protect her, then avenge her in those very rare instances where a father’s protection fails.
      Reliance on alphathugs to care for oneself or ones loved ones never has, nor ever will, work.

    1. As long as the rational response of women to a “rape culture” is to take steps required to avoid being raped, I’d consider that a compliment if I was the author

    2. Wow. Listen up, Honey, this is nothing to do with perpetrating any rape agendas, no one needs to, rape has gone on for as long as humans have existed and it will continue to happen with, or without, any coercing. Rape is bad. It’s evil. It’s pathetic. Okay? Can we all agree? Cool. Now, being rational human beings (for the men at least), I’m sure we can also all agree that false-rape accusations are also bad. They’re evil. And they women to make them are pathetic.
      So fuck off, Honey.

    3. And nice to know you are perpetrating false rape accusations culture without any remorse whatsoever, Honey.

    4. Not falling for false rape accusation = perpetrating rape culture
      This is what happens when femmis try to think.

  1. It appears that Divorco is a feminist troll who quotes avowed feminists:
    “Ann Wolbert Burgess is associate director of nursing research for the department of health and hospitals, the city of Boston. She has chaired the Rape Prevention and Control Advisory Committee of Health and Human Services and co-founded, with Lynda Holmstrom, the Victim Counseling Program at Boston City Hospital.”
    Here’s what men are up against:
    From “The Art of Interrogating Rapists”:
    ” Contact rapists adopt attitudes and behaviors from the world around them. They often view men and women in traditional social roles. They believe men should be independent, aggressive, competitive, strong, and brave. On the other hand, they think women should be passive, dependent, accepting, and polite. For them, it is acceptable for men to become sexually active at an early age, while women need to learn to value chastity. Contact rapists believe that women set the sexual limits in relationships; it is the woman who must be the one to say “stop.”
    Clinging to these sexual stereotypes, the contact rapist believes that even though a woman appears reluctant, she actually wants him to overcome her objections and to “sweep her off her feet.” In what he considers the heat of passion, he may disregard a woman’s signals of unwillingness, misinterpret her resistance as playfulness, or decide that she has no right to refuse him. Sometimes, the false assumption that a woman does not know her own mind leads some men to use force or emotional blackmail to gain submission.”

    1. Hazelwood and Burgess devoted a whole chapter to false rape allegations. Hazelwood is a former FBI profiler of sex crimes and is generally regarded as the pioneer of profiling sexual predators. Is the FBI too feminist for you?

  2. I enjoy reading this blog, but what is it with every other article as of late being about false rape accusations?

    1. False rape allegations are increasing in frequency but are practically ignored by the mainstream media. when a man is falsely accused, his life is over. Destroyed. The false accuser goes on living as usual and is rarely charged with a crime. This must stop. If you have a problem with men spreadIng the word, kiss off.

    2. As a man who was falsely accused in 2011, I appreciate every word on this subject. Bizarrely, a close friend of mine was accused a couple of years beforehand. While his case went all the way to jury trial before his innocence was recognised, fortunately I was not even charged. Nonetheless his advice proved invaluable in helping me retain my sanity over six months of uncertainty. There are no doubt scores of lurkers here between a rock and a hard place, because of attitudes like Honey’s (above). so the service ROK is providing with articles on the subject should not be underestimated

  3. You’re not counting the cases where a man breaks it off with a woman who decides to punish him with an FRA.

  4. your post is wrong because it assumes false rape accusers are perfectly rational actors. you seem to think that they will carefully weigh risk and reward before making a move. the fact that they are falsely accusing someone of rape should have warned you that this may not be the case.
    another famous false rape accusation that conveniently missed your list, the julian assange case, proves that even in the face of overwhelming evidence that no rape occured, women will still try to accuse you. it is true that assange is very different from most of us and the uniquely political motivations that may have played a factor dont really apply to us, but it still illustrates that false rape accusations are not necessarily well thought out or made with potential counter-evidence in mind.
    In one paragraph you say that cheaters dont typically accuse their lovers because there might be evidence against the claim. but in the next paragraph you link to a story where that happened, and only sheer dumb luck and a slip of the tongue saved these men who should have been shielded because they had game. You go on to say that promiscuity doesnt put you at risk for a false rape accusation. this is in spite of several false rape accusation stories (including the one you posted) posted on this very website in which drunken promiscuity (or the results of it) was the prime motivation for the accusers. how is game supposed to save you from false rape accusations when it regularly exposes you to the most common motivator?
    You are doing everyone a disservice by chasing these ‘false-rape alarmist’ windmills. While its true you shouldn’t be paranoid about false rape or let it scare you away from getting poosy, it is also wrong to be completely cavalier about it and think that having game will shield you. even if you are the smoothest man in the world, bitches be crazy and some of them just want to hurt people.

    1. The Julian Assange case was in the vein of a political assassination, carried out by actual honest-to-god spies. If you are not a public figure, it’s not something you need to worry much about.

      1. “actual honest-to-god spies”
        Why does that statement inspire awe as well as laughter in me.

  5. My opinion – a woman who make a false rape claim should be executed! My reason for this is simple – rape is a serious crime and a man or woman who rapes someone should be punished severely for this crime. When women make false rape claims and they are found, two things are affected – the man who is accused has his honour tarnished forever. Even if he is shown to have never done anything wrong, there is always that suspicion. The second is that it makes society more unlikely to believe a legitimate rape claim by an actual victim, which is terrible for the victim. I have the same belief for false rape claims when it involves underage children.

    1. It appears your meds are longer working for you. Time for your psychiatrist to up the dosage of your Clozapine. It *is* Clozapine that you’re taking, correct?

  6. This girl I am related to has threatened to accuse me of rape if I don’t buy her beer on several occasions now. She has already put her ex-boyfriend in jail claiming he used his finger on her after they got into a fight. I don’t know what to do. I just know I am going to get busted for buying her beer, or her claiming rape. I am afraid to go to the police, I am afraid to tell her no, Any advice will help.

    1. A bit late, but first and foremost record a statement with the police. Then talk to her parents. Then your parents. Start making your case well before she does.

  7. Game only protects you from false rape accusations if you are GOOD at it. Aaaaaaand if you actually can deliver in the sack after all your smooth, sexy words of seduction.
    And even then, there’s no guarantee. You don’t know if you’re dealing with a girl who will false rape accuse you ANYWAY and all your Casanova casanova-ness won’t protect you once the cuffs are slapped on.
    Especially if the courts won’t accept videos as evidence. If the judge throws out the video, you’re finished. Off to prison on the double you go.

  8. I do not agree with the premise of this story. The three motivations cited are presented as the ONLY reasons women pursue false accusations. I agree there are cases where all three of those motivators were responsible, but I know of other cases where other motivators were involved. I’ve even seen seemingly trivial excuses for false rape allegations. There is zero risk for the women so really just about any reason could motivate a misandrist to pursue false claims.

  9. And women have nothing to lose. False rape accusers get no punishment. And even when the guy is found innocent, he carries around a stigma because SJW’s keep saying he got off because “The System” trashed the victem and let him off.
    You have no idea when a woman is going to do this. Even when they’re out at a bar to get picked up they have layers and layers of manipulations going on in their heads. The worst one is when they fuck a guy they like and really want to do it, and then later their freinds starting trashing the guy. To save face with her social group, she’ll then make up a story. Then the whole thing gets rolling. If my 55 years I’ve seen that scenario over and over again.

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