Never Date A Girl Who Has Rescued A Dog

I like dogs.  Matter of fact, I love dogs.  I think dogs are a blessing for man, be it a lucky quirk of nature or by divine design.

But I will NEVER date girls who “rescue dogs.”

If you are unaware of this trend, allow me to explain.

Many innocent dogs are abused, mistreated, or just outright abandoned by their despicable owners.  The humane society does their best to help, but in the end must put most dogs to sleep as there are not enough masters who wish to adopt.  To prevent this (merciful) euthanasia, various “rescue groups” have been created where (primarily) women adopt dogs to save their lives.

On the face of it, it is fine. It is wonderful.  It is kind.  It is charitable.

Until you start to notice some trends and similarities with “Rescue Dog Girls.”  Namely, they’re using it as a substitute for human love and companionship.

For example, one of my friends.  I love her dearly, but she is overweight, waxes poetically about her past with men, and constantly rescues dogs.  I do dare make the accusation she does this not so much for the dogs, but because she is not capable of finding/attracting a man in her life.

Another example delivered via anecdote was a girl who had 8 dogs and 7 cats in her house.  My friend visited her place for dinner and could not eat because of all the smells, hair, and dander.  The boyfriend of this girl told her that maybe she should let her pets live out their normal lives, but not replace them so that he and she could travel the world.  She agreed…

until one of her dogs died…

and she promptly replaced it with a puppy (the boyfriend promptly dumped her).

I could go on, but I’ve seen enough evidence that I’m convinced this is a trend. Rescuing dogs is a coping mechanism, another red-flag we can catalogue in our Catalogue of Red Flags.  And the reason it is such a red flag is because it shows you how little effort the girl is willing to put into a relationship.  Yes, she may want companionship.  Yes, she may want love.  But instead of committing the time and resources to self-improvement to attract a man, she will merely buy it on the cheap by rescuing dogs.  But realize there is also a scary element – control.

Yes, women may want to rescue dogs.  Yes, they may want to nurse an entity back to health.  But I can’t help but notice how in a very “Misery” like way these dogs are completely dependent upon their new owner.  Genuine charity and love aside, these dogs are a captive audience, and their love AND OBEDIENCE must be paid to the dog rescuer.  Not that these new owners are anywhere near as bad as the vile scum who abused these dogs, but at minimum I believe they have an ulterior motive.

I merely ask the question why women are rescuing dogs when there are plenty of men that could use rescuing.  But sadly, I know the answer.

Men hold women to some modicum of standards before committing.

Dogs’ love is unconditional.

Thoroughly think those two statements through first before agreeing with one or the other.

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204 thoughts on “Never Date A Girl Who Has Rescued A Dog”

      1. women never love anyone apart from themselves, they are the center of their own universe… they never love a man or a pet, they only love the love….. a dog is an easy way to achieve that….. and no sex needed
        i never understand people who have pets…. it’s an old fashioned tradition for people who live on farms… animals have no place in the modern home…

        1. Most women love their kids very much. And many love their man, provided she perceives his as enough of a bad boy.

        2. Dogs are great protectors. Good security alarm for a home, especially at night when everyone’s asleep. When I was a toddler, my dog saved my life when I managed to escape the fenced in backyard, barking at my mother until she responded. Cats kill mice and little pests. My dog as an adult got in a fight with a raccoon and won, blood soaked into his beard. The raccoon likely skulked away to die, one less pest in the world. Totally disagree that dogs don’t have a useful, practical purpose.

        3. Holy crap that Reddit article. Dudes wife fucked a dog for 7 years. LOL. What a loser the hubby is. Guess thats the kind of girls we have to work with in the USA these days.

        4. Animals have been parts of homes, not just farms for centuries. Dogs can guide the blind, be alert systems for seizures and diabetes, do search rescue for people in ruble, sniff out bombs, find children who run off, encourage children to read, the list goes on.
          Besides that, looking into your dog’s eyes literally makes you feel happier because of a hormone release. People with pets tend to live longer, happier lives.
          There are plenty of reasons to own an animal and keep it in the modern home. They are about as outdated as exercise.

        5. As long as they earn their keep.
          My 2 outside country dogs do just that.
          They bark at visitors (don’t bite), they protect my other livestock (they don’t chase -trained) by being territorial to other 4 legged critters.
          Since 2008 I have not lost one chicken to predation while my dogless chicken-raising neighbors have lost many.
          The modern concept of pet is just that. 100 years ago, domestic animals did work. Dogs were ‘working breeds’, cats were mousers.
          That’s how it still is at the Gavin place. 2 cats live outside (barn) and 2 dogs along with chickens.
          They all contribute to the family one way or another.

        6. No, clearly the dog was more endowed, and likely had better technique… especially if the husband was like the kind of people who actually support this ridiculous page. Then that would be a foregone conclusion.

      2. damn, you’re right, I did, didn’t I :p the keys are like right next to each other

    1. Especially if she owns a rabbit… they’re shitty creatures.
      Unless she plans on eating it. That’s when you start considering her for the long-term.

      1. oh man, ….
        This girl I met in Poland who actually came to visit me in Ukraine, she had four rabbits. That visit did not end well…

      2. Rabbits are fine out in nature. Unless you raise angorra rabbits and shear them for their hair but that’s a domestic rabbit.

  1. This reminds me of an episode of ‘My Name is Earl’. The one where Randy falls for the cat lady.

      1. “Stuff White People Like”. It’s an acronym that has become applied to liberal blue-state whites.

        1. ah, thank you. that’s why I was confused because the phrasing didn’t make sense to apply it to a person.

    1. Disagree (I train dogs). Pit bulls are a breed with their own challenges, but since handlers in a dog-fighting ring DON’T want to get bitten, the tendency to bite humans was largely bred out of them. Many of the dogs implicated in “pit bull attacks” are mongrels. Pit bulls were bred to attack other dogs, not people.

      1. The aggressiveness towards humans was bred out of the Bulldog and Bull Terrier although they will still behave like a normal dog in other respects. Pitbulls aren’t even a breed and are indeed mongrels with bad blood lines just like the people who own them. Mongrel Pitbulls are dangerous because of their strong bite and poor impulse control (just like the people who own them) They also will not go into shock as quickly from blood loss which means that even if you stabbed them with a knife they will go on attacking longer than a normal dog.Normal dogs will whimper and run away if you hurt them.

    2. I have never known of one person who had a pitbull. These are ‘ghetto and white trash dogs. Very rarely you will find an English Bulldog or Bull Terrier but these aren’t the same mutant bloodlines.

      1. I know several women who do. One has a FB photo of her kissing a pitbull with the caption “My makeout session with a pittie.” That says something.

  2. Repressed ex-GF with daddy issues and believed no man ever wanted her. Yep this is the end result.

  3. Women are kinder to pets than they are to other people. She’ll stoop and scoop her own dog’s poop, pets it, runs after it, picks up aster it, constantly and Koo-chew-koo’s….. but I hope you guys know how to ice-skate home, because hell would freeze over before she does something for a man.

    1. The difference in a man is able to do all of those things for himself, and a dog for the most part cannot. Women gladly do all of those things for babies every day.
      Do you want a girlfriend or a mother?

      1. That’s a very predictable deflection. (Surprised it took a woman 2 whole days to spit it out.)
        Except….. we are not talking about “mothering” here. Nor is my point implying a man is *helpless* unless a woman picks up after him – and you know it.
        The point is —>> women are kinder to pets that they are to other people.
        Just observe their own behavior. You’ll se it everywhere. It’s pathetic. In fact, just the other day I had this thought when I was having an outdoor lunch a guy was sitting with his dog waiting for his GF to show up.
        When she finally did, she walked up to him and just started speaking normally, casually and straight-faced….. but SHE BEAMED and SMILED and KNEELED DOWN to snuggle and pet the fucking DOG…. offering IT more affection, friendliness, and attention than her own MAN.
        And then you come along and argue that dogs can’t really pet themselves as if you’ve made some kind of point. Look around for Christ’s sake and stop thinking because you have a vagina that you have to try and deflect a perfectly FACTUAL AND WIDELY KNOWN observation. I mean, I realize you’re born with it and you can’t help being a cunt… but this is a website for MEN. And when men are talking you will shut the fuck up.

        1. Of course you do. Every guy does. And it’s easy to understand why. Dogs have far more value and character than women.
          Just leave your dog and your woman at home without saying where you’re going – for a few hours, or even overnight.
          When you come back…..
          which one will be happy to see you???
          And there you go.
          You can teach a dog all kinds of useful tricks and things you can be proud to tell your friends about. Try and teach a woman anything, and she thinks you’re being cruel.

        2. wooow you have some serious issues mate. “where have all the good men gone” seems like a logical observation when you’re clearly only capable of seeing women as talking vaginas…

        3. Well, a man could have a “serious issue” with the smell of dogshit too. Doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with HIM.
          Think about it.

        4. Bad diagnosis detected. Insecure betas ask women for permission and tell their vaginas where they are going.

        5. Um, maybe dogs and humans interact in different ways? And maybe a girl will say hi to a guys dog before the guy because she doesn’t want to talk to the guy, but finds in inpolite ignore other walkers on the trail? Or, (not sure if this has occured to you) women don’t feel that they need male attention, yours especially, ” I realize you’re born with it and you can’t help being a cunt… but
          this is a website for MEN. And when men are talking you will shut the
          fuck up” … really? If I had the choice between an afternoon with you or an afternoon picking up dogshit then I know what I’d rather do. Dogshit wins. Hands down. And I fucking hate picking up dogshit.

        6. Yes really. Perhaps you don’t know this, but women are forbidden from commenting here and not welcome. That’s right. You’re NOT WELCOME HERE. This not a website for women.
          But for some reason girls like you ignore that and still spray your nagging input as if you know better – AND YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW!
          I mean you start with “UM, MAYBE…….” and ask “REALLY?” with guesses and questions as if you didn’t fucking understand? Just what would it take actually for you girls to get it? A baseball bat? Or a FIST??

          YES fucking really.
          What part wasn’t clear to you?
          I was recently in a public men’s room and a woman exactly like you came in totally unwelcome and uninvited “because the ladies room was full”. I had to tell her to get the fuck out, because women are never cunts to themselves.
          You know what she says? “REALLY??”
          “Yes fucking really. Or I’m gonna piss all over you.” Shy of using my fist or baseball bat…. women just don’t seem to get it so it’s a requirement to be a COMPLETE ASSHOLE to them as they are inconsiderate cunts to everyone else.
          So I don’t really give a fuck if you have no interest in spending a fucking afternoon with me, because I wouldn’t even WANT you to spend the afternoon with me. Stop pretending like I wanted your company in the first place, you ridiculous arrogant twat.

        7. With a face like that, picking up dog shit is something I’d wager you’ve grown quite accustomed to as opposed to male attention.
          Hands down.

        8. Am I to understand that you have not heard of sarcasm? Um, Really?? Yeah. Thats what sarcasm can look like in writing. And a website for men should be sign in members only. The internet is a free media. Lots of girls are taking an interest in this blog as it is providing a very disturbing insight into how some men think. I don’t think that you’re being cruel. I just think you happen to be an idiot.

        9. It may surprise you to know that I have no problem picking up after my dog. But usually my boyfriend is sweet enough to do it for me. Being a wonderful guy and all.

        10. Honey, if you knew anything about sarcasm, you would know that it doesn’t translate to print. Sarcasm requires tone of voice and body language to be effective… and that doesn’t exist here, and that’s why you fail miserably at it.
          Men invented sarcasm just like we invented everything else. As a woman, you haven’t got a fucking clue.
          Men, on the whole, are a race of funny mans. We joke and are good at joking because it makes us feel good. It makes everyone feel good. Laughing is for pleasure. But just like half of an Oreo cookie, there is a dark side to comedy: sarcasm.
          Men wield sarcasm with extreme prejudice. Lining up a battalion of facts to decimate their opponents’ defenses and bullshit and then toppling their Saddam like statue of dignity with a cutting sarcastic remark.
          Women do not.
          Women handling sarcasm is like a viking charging into battle holding a giant salami. Dumb and embarassing.
          One of the biggest problems with women and sarcasm is they use it too much. Men know that sarcasm overuse makes one look simple and petulant, but women seem to have no problem with that. That’s because women enjoy looking ill-tempered and brackish. You think it “empowers” you and makes you look interesting while you actually have nothing to offer. That’s why you’re sarcastic as often as fucking possible.
          Women also cannot be sarcastic properly because, as usual, you don’t understand what you’re trying to use. Just like when you’re trying to work a car or a computer or a menu, absolutely anything might happen if there isn’t a man there to call the shots — anything, but the right thing that is.
          The key to sarcasm is the implication of a series of events that would allow the sarcastic remark to be true. Let’s take this sarcastic remark as an example:
          “Women make great voters.”
          Truly absurd indeed, but why does it work as sarcasm?
          As men, the moment we hear that statement, we suspend our disbelief and imagine it to be true for just a second. That’s why we’re so good at being compassionate, because unlike women we can imagine ourselves in another’s shoes. After all, we men did invent diplomacy and peace treaties.
          For the statement to be true, a great voter would have to be defined as someone who votes with their hormones or based on manic ravings that they heard from their friends. That is where the sarcasm hits us, when we see it was a trick all along to lead us to the true nature of the woman voter.
          Well done, I say.
          Women can’t be sarcastic because they don’t think anything they say is true anyway. Whether it’s ‘I’m good at something’, ‘I love you’, or ‘I didn’t mean to fuck that up for the sixth time’. That’s why women are shitty at sarcasm, because in a way, everything you say is sarcastic.
          But at least we know you lied when you said you wouldn’t care to spend time with me. Because I can’t even get rid of you. What would it take, really. A COMPLIMENT?
          You should be careful, or I’m gonna start thinking you want me sexually.

        11. “And when men are talking you will shut the fuck up.”
          Until someone who’s manlier than you reduces you to a blubbering pile of tears.

        12. Is that really unreasonable to you?
          Do you REALLY believe that women can just go wherever they want – even when not wanted or invited and just open their mouths whenever they feel like it? Even when they have nothing worthwhile to contribute? JUST because they are FEMALE???
          ….. or else that man should be POUNDED???
          Are you out of your fucking mind?
          WAKE. UP. AND. SNAP. OUT. OF. IT.
          Don’t you think it’s fucking SICK that someone would even WANT to go where nobody wants them?
          It’s intrusive. Rude. Presumptuous. Shows lack of respect for boundaries. Only women do that. When a man walks into a room full of women and women don’t WANT him there he LEAVES. He doesn’t even HAVE ANY INTEREST in sticking around!!
          But tell a woman to fuck off and go away and it’s the best way to keep her around! She won’t leave!!! She actually thinks it’s her RIGHT. You could even insult her , mistreat her, be hurtful and AN UNIMAGINABLY RUDE AS SHE IS…. and it won’t even phase her.
          Women (and you) actually believe they can go wherever, say whatever, do whatever, and there are no consequences for her actions — including barging into a fucking men’s room with all the self-entitlement only a female can muster. Can you imagine going through life like that? What a disaster.
          But while you’re here, why don’t you reduce me to blubbering pile of tears. Manly man. Anytime you’re ready. If you knew anything about being 1/2 a man you wouldn’t feel a need to use violence.
          All you have to do is look a woman in the eye with the right tone of voice, and say: “when men are talking you will shut the fuck up.” And when done properly, she will get the message and leave.
          No violence required.
          That’s called “being the better man”.
          Any woman who insists on staying for more abusive treatment after that…. deserves all the abuse receives. Just ask Rhianna. She keeps going back for more too.

        13. I ask a simply question, and you spit out a giant reply including personal attacks.
          You say dog are better house mates than women because they do not ask where you have been. If you are so empathetic, then consider how you would feel if left alone over night with no explanation. Maybe worried about the person’s health and safety?
          You say that sarcasm does not translate over text, and yet you use an example and try to explain it over text.
          If I was not supposed to be posting on this site, the moderators could easily kick me off.
          And maybe you should take you own advise about not further humiliating yourself.
          Oh, and my mouth was closed while typing this entire post, as you requested.

        14. “Yes fucking really. Or I’m gonna piss all over you.”
          Comment if the week. Your comments are hilarious and valid as always.

        15. Hey, man
          The internet is a place of public domain. If a woman has an opinion (OH, THE ABSURDITY), she can express it freely if she chooses to.
          This website is a pit of sexist, uneducated, and close-minded males. If you think your opinion is warranted, appreciated, valued, etc., I suggest you read a goddamn book before giving your input on “issues” this site concerns itself with. If your daily life consists of figuring out what traits/habits and so on an “un-dateable” woman possesses, its no wonder you can’t get a date. Because you’re glued to this site. And you have negative views of women. You’re probably also a huge douchebag in real life, and I doubt a dog would even gravitate toward you.
          This site is a downright shame. Your ideas are absurd.
          And if you think you’re going to shut women up, or dominate the world of ideas with this crap you concern yourself in, think again. Not only because you have like 4,000 fans ( on average) on each social media site (as compared to the gargantuan number of people on this planet, mind you), but because any sane person would realize that your ideologies are complete horse shit.

        16. thank you! this man for whatever reason wants to make such sad statements which only further discourages women to want to help the animals that cant ask for help. its really sad.

        17. Wow! You’re a special kind of stupid. Saying shit the fuck up, to anybody, just shows how arrogant you must be.

        18. Get that big fucking chip off your shoulder, have some fucking manners. You sound like an absolute entitle fucktard. Who the fuck have you the right to speak to anyone that way. that’s not alpha, that’s just being a violent, woman hating prick…..oops, I forgot I was forbidden here…

        19. You’re not being “cruel”. You’re a fucking idiot. That’s obvious for REAL men to see, not dickless man-children like yourself who believe that it is justifiable to treat other human beings the way you do. Embarrassing. Truly.

        20. Based on this response alone, I am forced to conclude that you hate women. So…
          Are you a “top” or a “bottom” with your boyfriends?

        21. This is interesting. You claim he has some serious issues then you pull out one single quote from a larger piece as if that one line somehow invalidates the rest of the argument? I think you are mistaken and you know it. I know this type, your butthurt so you’re going to find a fault in the reason and capitalize on it to deflect from the real issue that these are hurtful truths for you, and many like you.

        22. If you had a wonderful boyfriend and are a self-proclaimed feminist, why were you chatting with guys on Return of Kings?

      2. “Women gladly do all of those things for babies every day.”
        No they don’t! There have been numerous cases of women caring for dogs while neglecting their children. The problem is so widespread that one serial killer in Florida said in an interview that one of the reasons he hated women was because his mother lavished all her attention on a dog while neglecting him and his brother.

  4. Also, if she’s rescued an abused dog, that may point to abuse issues in her own past. She may be identifying the animal’s previous owner with a family member and reacting against that person.
    I sometimes wonder about the best way to talk to girls who tell you about dogs they’ve rescued, or who otherwise mention the subject of mental or emotional abuse in the early stages of your acquaintance. You can’t very well just come out and ask, so were YOU abused as a kid? Nor do you want to be all beta and say aw, that’s so sweet, your dog’s lucky to have such a caring mommy, etc. But she’s trying to tell you something and you need to follow it up. Any suggestions?

  5. You know the world is screwed up when even a gesture of kindness such as adopting an animal tells you something negative about the “rescuer”
    : (

    1. Agreed. Women have devolved so much in the last 30 years everything they do is subject to analysis and it is quite tiresome. Women ruined it for themselves and ruined things for men in the process.

      1. Women have been let loose. This is what they always were on the inside. What have rank-annd-file men done over the last 30 years? Assume the plane crash position at work and at home and call it masculinity. Civilization is the work and responsibility of men who are civilized. We are not. We are trying to relearn those values and principles adapted to the uniqueness of our times.

        1. Gen X and Y have done nothing and are nothing but whining pussies. They’ll never learn anything now because some things you just have to know from when you’re a kid. Females just don’t respect you which is why you have so much trouble with them and why they go to older men for sex.

        2. The younger generations are a direct reflection of the values imparted by the older generation. It was your generation and its selfishness that unleashed the failures of modern liberalism upon us.
          You reap what you sow, baby boomer.

        3. If it were up to me I’d just liquidate them all.They are defective mutants. I warned about putting too much fluoride in the water and look at the results :o)

    2. Humans are charged with managing, and making use of, animal populations; not blindly “rescue” every useless runt still capable of fogging a mirror. As man has altered the environment faced by animals, it is man’s duty to alter the evolutionary pressures put on them to guide them towards thriving in the new environment.
      In a predator free/poor environment, shooting a deer is being kind to deer. As is culling a companion dog who proves to be less than an ideal companion; making room for his potential betters.

  6. Another great article!
    You want to know the epicenter of cop-out women that turn to dogs to be their boyfriends? Check out Seattle. There you will find a huge population of bitter, fatty, angry women that treat their dogs like boyfriends.
    I long ago took to viewing dog ownership as a MAJOR red flag. A woman that owns a dog does so to meet her needs for companionship. It’s like dating a single mother, and sometimes even worse, because at least a single mother knows what basic human needs are. A woman that has a dog only seems to know how to meet the needs of a dog. And most of these women are far more interested in meeting the needs of precious dog than of any human, a child, and especially a man.

    1. The one pathetic month I spent on Plenty of Fish before closing that lame account and that sad chapter of my life – I encountered dozens of profiles mentioning their dogs, pics of them with their dog etc, and they seem to think its fun and cute. Its really scary what women have turned into these days.

  7. I get your point, but i’m afraid we’re becoming entirely too picky here. Sure that having a truckload of cats is a sign of an imbalanced person, but how many of us here would dump an otherwise decent girl just cause she has pets? I mean, it is hard enough already to find a non-mentally-deranged girl in this world of ours anyway, why promote this choosy behaviour, especially over such rather trivial shortcomings? I would understand dumping a chick cause she is ugly/a feminazi/prude/slutty/stupid, but dumping one cause of pets may just be going a bridge too far. We all have crutches in one way or another. I may drink to feel numb, she may have cats to replace human affection. Why says i’m morally superior? Not trying to be a dick here either, just saying there are other bigger red flags than cats or dogs. Peace.

    1. There are many many beta men who would be more tan glad to ignore those women’s faults and give them human affection. The fact that they are not even capable of attracting and keeping a real human being says that something is deeply wrong with them and it’s best to just stay away.
      Back in my blue-pill days, I briefly dated a girl who was just like that. She would complain that no guy ever loved her, bla bla. And at first the relationship was pretty good. Blowjobs every morning, sex every night. I found myself feeling sorry about her past and feeling that maybe she deserved more (yeah I was an idiot).
      The very instant she realized she had ‘reeled me in’, all of that stopped. She became an insane control-freak bitch. Everything had to be her way. She started being extremely disrespectful. I had to let her go. Cpt. Capitalism knows exactly what he’s talking about.
      Anyway, dumping a girl simply for having pets may be going too far, but it’s a red flag. A red flag that you have to consider.

  8. “there are plenty of men that could use rescuing.” Real men don’t need to be rescued.

    1. I disagree. A disabled war veteran, for example, does need to be rescued in some manner. If 10 percent of the effort that women put into rescuing animals went into helping war vets (most of whom are men), we’d have a better world. People blame the gov’t, but what about the citizens?

    1. It depends on whether you rescue animals as a substitute for a normal life. If she’s obsessed with cats or horses than the girl is likely crazy.
      But in general, girls who have a pet dog or horse are better than average.

  9. Not to say that this CAN’T be true. We all know girls like those described. But ruling out an otherwise great girl because she owns a dog? That’s nuts, I’m sorry.Some pet owners are nuts about them but most people manage to get a pet and go on with life. I take it the writer has had a bad experience with a girl who owns a rescue dog lately and now wants to impart his wisdom on EVERYONE. I’m sorry but in terms of teaching game, this is terrible.
    What if I broke up with my lawyer girlfriend… does that mean I should warn ALL guys to NEVER date a lawyer or career woman because I’ve had ONE bad experience?
    I really like this site, but sometimes these types of articles irritate me… they are sending the wrong message and placing importance on things which really shouldn’t be the focus for guys trying to get their life together.

    1. This one is easy. Ask any girl who is dog owner if they would choose you over the dog. I suspect the answer will be “the dog” in most cases. The dog is not guilty about this, I would like to have a Labrador if I form a family in the future. They are really nice and the dynamics of their lives teach a lot to children about the world.

      1. Is that a trick question? Of course they’d prefer the dog to the stumblebums on here lol

        1. Do you mean that if they find a rick fucker they would ditch the dog? Maybe. I don´t think so. Even playa-rich-as-fuck would need to cater for the critter as if he was a child.

  10. Perfectly timed post. My last comment on the RVF was about a woman I’d done a favor for who didn’t thank me, just complained the outcome wasn’t good enough. Sure enough, her life is rescuing dogs. She needs practice with humans. I’m also drawing a comparison with Matt Forney’s piece about avoiding women who are into horses. How about avoiding pet-obsessed women altogether?

    1. She not only didn’t thank you but bitched about what you did? And you still even talk to her? Then who is the fool?
      Do you know that every girl I have ever shagged has thanked me when I was leaving.

        1. It is the absolute truth. So I don’t know what rude trash you know to even doubt that. Are you from the common 99% ers?

      1. “Do you know that every girl I have ever shagged has thanked me when I was leaving.”
        It’s like you’re trying to win the award for “Worst Liar” and “Biggest Douchebag” at the same time.

  11. Disagree. Article is too general, and needs better discernment as to which dog girls & dog rescue girls are bad news, and which demonstrate positive personality traits. It depends a lot on what she does with the dogs. Are they proxies for human children? Red flag.
    But if a woman demonstrates appropriate attachment and discipline to said animal, i.e. not the affection she’d give a child, but also not neglectful, this can be a positive sign. A good dog owner can be the sign of a responsible woman with emotional maturity, nurturing nature & skills, etc.
    Let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater here. Examine each woman individually & make decisions rationally, instead of on heuristics that are too broad and also not specific enough to screen in some legitimately good qualities. Now cat ladies, on the other hand.. that needs no exegesis, we know the score on that one.

    1. Have to say that I have a rescue cat. I took it in from a hoarder and it had been horribly treated, poor thing was skinny as hell and had the piece of string it had been tied up with embeded in her neck. I couldn’t even get into a room with her for a week. 2 yrs later the 17yr aprox lapcat is well fed, amazing adjusted, considering, very happy and seemingly immortal. So someone getting an animal from a shelter just so they can ‘take’ and recieve love and companionship is a self fulfilling need, to want to ‘do the right humane thing’ and spend time making up for the suffering of an animal is another thing completly. I’ve seen this oppinion floated around male friends before: if a girl rescues animals then they are lazy and just take, take, take etc. Two sides to a coin and all that.

      1. Have you rescued an human being? They are a little bit more valuable than a cat. It is the humanist in me. This, for me, means humans first. Always.

        1. I would hope that it would go without saying that if I can show dedication and empathy to an animal that I would do the same for a person. Everyone deserves to be treated fairly and with respect, and both friendships and relationships only give back what you put in. I hate the take, take, take society that we have collectivly become encompassed by. I’f I could save a human or a cat from being hit by a car obviously I’d save the human. Would feel bad for the cat, but thats the natural order of things, right? When I take my dog for his walk I always judge people on how they treat their animal. If someone shouts at their dog or kicks it (yep, some scumbags out there) then they obviously have no idea how to be a respectful or caring person. Again, you get back what you put in. In an ideal world, I guess, but I try to live by the standards that we should all have.

        2. Also, if you do like dogs, cats and others and want to keep them away from carzies or bad homes, and just as a very cheeky but last ditch attempt to save more furry four legged friends check out trying to get my total up and everywhere rescue animals are mentions I have vowed to post the page. 🙂

        3. It is not so obvious. I have met lots of people that do not like human beings and spew lots of racist stuff (and sometimes act in consequence) and are completely in love with pets. Often they are vegetarian (while at the same time asking for the death penalty or even in favor of obviously misguided wars).

  12. This article is right on the money however I think both sexes are far too much into “pets”. I’m pretty sure north america is the only place in the world where people sleep in a bed with a 100lb dog that farts, licks its nuts and asshole, and then licks the face of its “parent” while some disgusting bitch says “gimmie kisses” in baby talk.
    I could go on and on and it is safe to say I just don’t “get” pets in the house. As a matter of fact I despise pets in the house. I don’t care how fucking clean you “think” you are your house smells and has hair everywhere.
    Lets be honest here I would rather live next door to illegal immigrants with chickens in the yard instead of white trash or ghetto scum with pit bulldogs.

    1. You probably do live in the hood next to illegals.
      And only a complete idiot would handle a dog the way you mentioned.A dog is a pack animal and you’re supposed to be the Alpha of the pack which means that you behave like the alpha and the dog just naturally knows its rank. As much as you may love the dog you must always be alpha so it doesn’t get confused and think it’s the alpha. The dog has its bed and should never be allowed in yours because the alpha always takes the best spot.You eat first and then the dog because the alpha eats first. You’re the leader and must lead the dog when you walk it and be the first to greet people then the dog. You don’t yell at or hit a dog but just let it learn its position because this is all they understand.

      1. So how is the pit bull breeding business? And to speak to your point most dog owners are complete idiots. You sound like one.

  13. More important than whether a girl has a few dogs is whether she equates said animals with humans.
    My last LTR was with a girl who had a bulldog and a rescue pitbull. Both were ill-behaved, and she yelled at their antics like they were 7 YO children and then wondered why they continued their behavior. Nevertheless I enjoyed the dogs, making incremental improvements in their behavior when I was over (only to have them regress the next time).
    The end of the relationship (to both her and the dogs) was when I went to her house after being out of the country for several weeks. I sat down on the couch and the pitbull (whose jaw muscles were like Arnold’s biceps) made a run for me and nipped me on the face. Clearly it was wanting to be the AMOG and I held it down by the neck til it settled its ass down – all the while the girl is screaming at me “She doesn’t know what she’s doing, she’s a rescue dog, we don’t know what she went thru”. Not even an apology to me for her dogs behavior; rather she was angry at me for correcting her little “human”.
    That was that on that. Lesson learned.

    1. You should have held the girl down by her neck too. And although I love dogs some dogs just have to be put down when they can’t be socialised.It’s a bad idea to have these problem pitbulls released and then have some silly female try to control them.

  14. The girl I’ve been dating for the past month told me completely seriously that she would be more upset if her cat got hit by a car than if I did.
    Her reasoning was that she loves her cat way more than she likes me, because it has gotten her through so much now that she’s living alone. Needless to say she’s also on anxiety medication.

    1. And a loser like you accepts that just for the possibility of smelling her pussy lol

        1. Every one in my family lives to over 100 and they are healthy until a week before they die so I’m not worried. I’ll probably outlast the Gen X and Y’s who are obese, filled with speed as kids (it damages the heart and that’s the #1 killer) and have attention deficit from staring at the boobtube or some dumb kid video game for hours and are like brain dead zombies(you’ll be walking around in a trance or driving one day and have a fatal accident)
          We’ve pretty much written off you nancy boys and fat females as an expendable generation. We’ll program the next batch of females the right way from the start so that in 20 years we’ll have a lot of nice shagadelic girls for ourselves. You guys will be dead or impotent by then :o) And don’t count on any healthcare money because we’re spending it all on more important things than to treat loser stumblebums. All that money is going into research to make us boomers live longer using organs from the useless generation, that’s You lol
          Yes we’ll be spending that money on penis implants, aphrodisiacs,pain killers so we feel good,massage therapy, other therapies that include paying for spas and holidays,20yo sex therapists, RUV scooters to get around, and robots to serve us etc
          Sorry kids, no money for you. Just take the gaspipe lol

        2. About the best you can hope for is a nursing home and a steady diet of overcooked green beans, while Medicare slides into the landfill. That’s being optimistic.

      1. She’s hot, and not the only girl I’m seeing. If I disqualified every hot girl for their shitty and dysfunctional attitudes my dating pool would be much smaller.

    2. You’ve been dating her for only a month. Maybe she isn’t just that emotionally attached to you yet.

    3. That’s great she loves her cat more than you don’t relate it to mental health though. She just knows you are a asshole

  15. Rare swing and a miss there Cappy. I realize that the plural of anecdote is not data but I’ve dated a veterinarian and, ahem, the coordinator for animal rescue at a shelter. Both were about as sane and rational as women can be as well as each having a kick ass rescue dog. Neither were any more attached to their dogs than one would expect. I would venture that the problems in your own anecdotes are not the fact that they rescue but the fact that they have a horde of critters running around.
    Now, if the article was “Never date a girl who has rescued a cat” you would have a hit on your hands. Cats are shark bait. Full stop.

    1. I’d guess that perhaps 1/3 of the women I know have dogs and the girls are all normal, slim and decent looking. I have never had a female tell me she was abused, raped or had any other problem outside of just normal everyday things. So I have to wonder what world you boys are living in where you are having all of these problems with women.People tend to associate with people like themselves so you may want to look in the mirror.
      Horsewomen are all normal too and probably even better than average.Lower class fat girls with bad attitudes don’t own horses and couldn’t even get up and ride one anyway.

      1. “People tend to associate with people like themselves…”
        Other geezers?
        Broken homes and their attendant psychopathology have been on the rise for decades. What was seen as a calamitous mental health crisis in your time (e.g. the Moynihan report) is today’s new normal. Of course young guys are going to encounter significantly nuttier women. A fait accompli.
        Who here under the age of 25 hasn’t dated or befriended at least one chick with a gratuitous “abuse” story? Poor, UMC, monied, they’ve all got them, real or concocted. It’s shared like a point of pride for many. C’mon gramps, you’re out of touch.

        1. Moynihan report had to do with the black underclass which is worse today than when he wrote it in the 60’s. He could have actually included the white lower classes in that same report.However, I’m not a welfare worker so none of this concerns me.

    2. I’d say a base hit. Dog ownership in and of itself is probably insufficient to write a girl off, but it is a convenient testing ground for red flag behaviors.

  16. Bad article from a smart guy. Cappy’s blanket statement is ignorant. Avoid any chick with a ton of dogs, sure, just as you would avoid a chick with a ton of cats. I’d choose my dog over a chick, and wouldn’t hold it against her if she chose her dog over me (though I’d never give that ultimatum to anyone). What is Clarey saying here, exactly? Date chicks who only get their dogs from pet shops and breeders?

    1. Bad article from a dumb guy. I suggest he keep his job at MickyD’s because writing isn’t his forte.

        1. The Bible’s full of a bunch of bullshit too, bud. Purchases from dumb people don’t count.

  17. I don’t get the disbelief. The dog marker is true enough even without the ‘rescue’ qualifier. The alpha male in teh room is gubbermint, and gub’s mission taht women accept is rescue, rescue, rescue everyone and everything accept the normal white male. A woman who chooses a dog over a man has chosen the authority of gubbermint ove r the authority of that man. Dog is substitute for man or family that allows woman ‘to be with’ #1. Western women come pre-salted in so many ways. Please check the Catalogue of Red Flags if you are not convinced. She won’t give up deep-fried twinkies for anything: #45.

  18. Misery loves company, eh?
    When I was having some time, I’d often have my senses hyper-tuned and end up meeting more n more people who were in also same position. Online, I’d find forum posts or blogs…
    Why? because I thought I wanted to feel I wasnt the only one out there feeling this…
    I’d think this is what’s going on with dog rescuing women.

  19. Hey Cap’n Crapitalism you have no idea what you’re talking about whether it’s dogs or horses. And you fat gf is a bad example of a normal female.

        1. You sound like a fucking woman.
          Tell you what: if you’re that sensitive about someone responding to your idiotic comments, then perhaps you shouldn’t spread them around so freely. It’s not like people are dying to read the latest thought bulletin from “BoomersGreatestGen.”

  20. The writer of this article and all of the people that agreed with this article, along wit everyone that has these distorted views of women are absolute PIGS. I can’t believe people like this still exist in today’s age. Have fun dieing alone.

    1. Not only we will not die alone, but we also will date your daughter. Which will be 15 years our junior.

  21. If the dog has its own stroller, Christmas stocking, or spa membership its time to find a new girl.

  22. Most people who horde animals have issues (outside of running a proper rescue). My grandma has 2 dogs and 5 cats. All “rescues”. She’s been divorced 6 times…. go figure.

  23. Very true. I practically always had pets around me and they can be a joy. But there has to be a balance. I’m always suspicious of those who are *fanatical* in their love for their pets and animal welfare. It almost always turns out that it’s more of a hatred of other humans or inability to have meaningful relationships with anyone. And yes, the majority of these people seem to be women. I’ve heard some of them proclaim out loud that they love their pets more than their own children. That’s fucked up.

  24. Nail on the head! I recently got out of an ltr with one of these “dog women”. Bitch was so nuts she made a facebook page for her dog and even refered to it as her “fur baby” *shudders* as if that werent bad bad enough, she bought a bumper sticker that read “dog mom”…needless to say this woman was infertile and it wasnt until reading ROK that i realized i was dealing with a full blown BPD bitch. Thank you RoK for enlightening us men to the crazy workings of the female mind. Keep up the good work. I will never date a dog person again. Hi Chelsea! 😀

    1. …and of course it never crossed your proud alpha male mind that your ex-gf was overly attached to her dogs as a coping reaction to her infertility. We all have issues, and if that’s how you show empathy and respect to them, no surprise she still preferred her dogs to you.

  25. I disagree with a lot of stuff posted here as of late, but this is spot on. It is a disturbing trend and I have observed the same thing more than once. These women are crazy, even many girls who have just one “pound puppy.” It is absolutely an emotional crutch.
    You want to talk about a “hamster wheel at work” watch them justify why they keep a misbehaving, demanding dog they have no real use for other than as a substitute for the men they are either horrified of or horrifying to.
    I think it is interesting that, under the Islamic religious system keeping dogs as pets is prohibited, primarily due to their drooling but also general uncleanness. The only exception is for men who herd animals, in which case the canine lives a fulfilling life and serves a purpose to his owner aside from companionship.
    As a result of this Muslim children sometimes think a cat is a dog and are just very fascinated by “doggies” in my experience. I’m not saying become a Muslim, but their stance on dogs and many other simple things about life makes good sense.
    Dogs are great animals and they don’t deserve to be crated and/or hoarded by maladjusted women. Men will mistreat their dogs, but they rarely hoard them. Either a way a dog deserves to do what it was bred to do, don’t buy one unless you intend to work it as intended or it will probably just become a burden.

    1. You’re supposed to walk a dog because of their instinct to roam. This will also keep you in shape rather than sitting in the cellar playing some dumb game or wanking to porn. And dogs are not any dirtier or smellier than the average muslim. This dopey desert cult thinks it’s a big deal to wash your hands, like the average Euroman doesn’t do it a 100x a day, or to rinse your mouth (I guess they had a water shortage in the desert and turned this stuff into a ritual and a cult)
      Dogs are really an artificial animal that we bred for a variety of uses, from companionship to work to guarding etc So who cares what these dumb desert cultists think (you can include the J-ws too)

  26. I have studied in a uni known for its life sciences and there were lots of hippy chicks around the campus.The psychos always had their dogs with them.They are usually just absolutely mental.Simple empirical observation.

  27. This is a completely unscientific metric, but girls who rescue cats and/or dogs are a lot easier to get into bed.

  28. we might have a little “cause-and-effect” problem here. Aren’t a lot of these women super into dogs because they been *hurt* by men? And isn’t it true, if people still adhered to Judeo-Christian standards of dating premarital sex, these women wouldn’t of been hurt and would be happily married today??

  29. The Captain calls it again. I gave 2 years to a woman with 2 rescue dogs. They destroyed every thing. The walls. The refrigerator. We couldn’t go any place without the dogs as they couldn’t be left alone for more than about 8 hours.
    The dogs were absolutely a substitute for human companionship. She also had a third normal dog and when that dog died she had to replace it with another dog as she and the rescue dogs couldn’t cope with not having a normal dog.
    That was my cue to exit.

  30. in the past 10 years ive had 4 resue dogs, 2 rescued guinea pigs, a rescued hamster, a rescued iguana, a rescued rabbit, a rescued turtle. 5 rescued rats, and 15 rescued hermit crabs -unfortunately many of these animals have passed, its currently 2 dogs, 1 rabbit, 5 rats, and 1 hermit crab-. my boyfriend currently has 2 rescued cats and 4 rescued dogs, he also had a rescued rat and rescued mouse. i dont see your point here.

  31. Very stupid article.
    There are lots of reasons for somebody (man or woman) to rescue a pet. My sister and I used to rescue stray dogs and cats and keep them in our garden for weeks until a new owner/host was found. I found great friends and even a girlfriend at the local chapter of a major animal charity.
    There is absolutely nothing wrong with trying to save young pets, especially dogs, from a street life that will expose them to diseases, malnutrition, violence and premature death. If a few women are obsessively attached to the dogs they rescue and use them as surrogates for human companionship, the issue is with them, not ALL women who rescue dogs.

    1. NAWWDALT. (Not all women with dogs are like that) = AWWDALT. The whole point is that women with dogs could socialize and interact with men. But they choose dogs. Animals. Guess they like being with their own kind. Feminism has turned females into anti-social animals.

      1. You just can’t get laid needledick and you’re bitter at everyone. You know I speak the truth.

          Small dick – check
          bitter – check
          mom’s basement – soon
          creepy – soon
          no girlfriend – soon
          gay – soon
          can’t get laid – soon
          uneducated – soon
          not all women are like that – check

      2. Very different kinds of affection and relationship, which are not mutually exclusive,if you are healthy enough to know the difference. Sure, people who put all of their capacity for love into pets have huge issues, choosing to rely only on unconditional and somewhat irrational love, but in normal conditions a pet is a wonderful thing for a person to have or for a couple to share.
        But you had to whine about feminism, so, of course, you couldn’t think of that.

  32. Even worse is the chick who adopts pit bulls and other aggressive breeds. It’s the bad boy she’ll never have.

  33. Look no further than online dating. Chick has 10 pics up and 9 of them are of her dog….insane. You date her and she waxes on about her stupid dog(s) endlessly…truly nauseating people. Fewer fucks have been given.

  34. Women with dogs in general are red flags. And personally I do not like animals in the house.

  35. It is at this point that I have decided that “Return of Kings” isn’t real. It is a joke site – no one can be this stupid. It is a joke site run by someone who took a picture of a serial killer and gave it a stupid dudebro/Xbox gamer tag (RooshV), and they write joke articles to see how many butthurt MRA’s and actual un-layable dudebros they can troll. The answer is “all”.
    (At least, I hope this is the case – if not, humanity is in for a good cleansing to flush the idiocy.)

    1. This is a tragically bad essay. There are some good pieces here, but there is some of what you say. And this may fall into that category. Obviously, it takes a certain amount of madness to believe in capitalism in this day and age, so his name alone should be a clue that he’s crazy.
      But it’s funny, while the girls I’ve dated who have rescued dogs are crazy, they were at least loving and affectionate. But then again, most of the “game” people aren’t really interested in such things.

  36. I came to this conclusion this past summer. I dated a girl who owned 5 dogs, while nursing like 4 puppies…Needless to say, all she ever talked about was dogs even when I tried to steer the conversation to something else. She never showed affection, but loved her dogs to death. I honestly gave her a chance, but I just stopped seeing her after a few weeks. Too infatuated with pets and not affection to humans.

    1. Maybe she just didn’t think your constant talk about video games was interesting lol

  37. I’ve encountered this exact thing. I went on a couple dates with a girl who was a virgin, and very soon realized why she was. She could not properly connect with another human being but replaced it instead with animals. Needless to say the second date ended very quickly!

  38. I met a pretty girl once who rescued dogs and she constantly went on about them, she took them everywhere she went, even to work (where she worked for her Dad). She told me she would never go out with a man who didn’t love her dogs the way she did. (obsessively). Well as someone who wasn’t a big dog fan and had in fact been attacked and seriously injured by two pitbulls while I was working, I considered her expectation ludicrous. I never told her I didn’t very much care about dogs but I never rang her again. She rang me constantly for a couple of weeks while I ignored the calls. My friend works with her, and last I heard she is still single, lonely and rescuing dogs.

  39. I’d like to chime in with a few of my own thoughts…
    I grew up in a house with (not all at the same time) five dogs (a beagle, three samoyeds and a border collie/Australian shepherd mix), seven cats and five hamsters. Pets are excellent for even non-farm families who have the space and are willing to consecrate the necessary time and energy to them. Having to take care of a pet teaches children about affection, responsibility and the life cycle of nature.
    So there are two kind of dog-owner girls you might meet. First, there’s the one who just loved dogs and/or cats as a kid and enjoys the activity and challenge and taking care of one. THAT is a sign of a good upbringing and good qualities underneath: a healthy childhood with plenty of outdoor time, an understanding of how to relate to other beings and a desire to organize things and to participate actively in the biosphere. Such a female is surely a keeper!
    Then there is the girl whose heart was just torn when she saw that poor little puppy or kitty and couldn’t bear to leave the shelter knowing it would in all likelihood be put down if she didn’t take it home. She’s the sort who starts out by feeding it leftovers until the vet says she shouldn’t and she doesn’t set up her home to forestall the likely degradations. Not having grown up around animals, she had no idea what she was getting into and is probably short on the affective emotional skills to sustain much interest. Not a girl I’d like to have around!
    I like hunting, skiing and boating, and I’d like to be with a girl who likes the same and can appreciate nature and anatomy. And of course, one who has a sense of responsibility and affection. Some pet-owning girls fit into this category; some clearly do not. But you can tell a lot about people by observing their pets, if you know what to look for.

  40. Wow Cap… that makes sense. It makes a scary amount of sense. Also, I was surprised and delighted to find out that you are a contributor to RoK. I look forward to your new book. All the best.

  41. I have never seen the kind of animal cruelty and neglect towards cats and dogs from men that I have witnessed from women.
    I witnessed an ex’s friend neglect her cat to the point it got sick, stopped eating, and died. The friend was busy getting all 3 holes plugged while the dead cat just sat in the closet.

  42. This article is very true. I donate and help out animal charities, and the woman who are single and rescue 5+ dogs 24/7…often have these issues. I wish I could adopt another dog as mine passed last year, but it is a lot of responsibility and time that I can’t provide right now.
    However, my best friend lost her dog a few weeks ago and immediately adopted a puppy. I have had a lot of trouble understanding people who take no time to grieve, but instead move on as quickly as possible. It’s not surprising as she does the same with men, like they are completely replaceable.
    If you want to anticipate the place you’ll hold in a woman’s life, pay attention to how she handles these situations with pets!

  43. iam gay so you wouldnt get looked at any way
    i also prefer being single becuse iam no fan of drama in fact i hate it rather

  44. As a female I can assure you that not all women who rescue do so as a coping mechanism. However, having fostered and rescued dogs in the past I have to agree with you somewhat. A lot of the women that I’ve had to deal with in rescue organizations and shelters act as thought they’re trying to quell some mothering instinct, or nurse some other issue in their life. They act as if this is the only way they can validate their lives, as if what they’re doing makes them so much better that everyone else. As a result, I’ve seen many potentially great dog owners get rejected, and heard horror stories of people who had to find some ridiculous loophole just to adopt. It’s like a power trip for some of these women. It should also be noted that the pet industry is run mostly by volunteers who are not screened.

  45. Some women are attractive, rescue animals AND aren’t dependent skanks. I’m a veterinary technician though so I guess it’s a different story. I don’t disagree that it’s a common trend for fatties though.

  46. Not only shouldn’t you “date” a woman who rescues dogs, or who loves dogs more than anything else on earth, you should NEVER marry such a woman and you darn well better use protection because dog freak women often neglect their children! There have been cases where women fed their children oatmeal every night while the DOG ate hamburger! There have been cases of women who neglected taking their children to the doctor when they were ill, but the DOG never missed a vet appointment. A couple years ago, a neighbor of a woman notified a father of two children that his ex-wife was neglecting the kids. He traveled to the state where they lived and discovered she was spending all the child support he was paying, not on the children, but on two pit bulls. He became incensed, went out to his truck, got his rifle and shot the two dogs in front of her. She called the police and tried to get him arrested and prosecuted for animal cruelty, but the judge threw out the case saying he had reason to kill the pit bulls. The dog freak mother lost custody of her children and they’re now with their grandparents.

  47. As a woman who rescues dogs, I want to chime in here. First of all my home which has 4 dogs in it is VERY CLEAN and people come over and comment on how clean it is all the time. In fact ive been told that people wish their clean was as clean as my dirty. Secondly not all of us are fat or have some deep seeded need to comply to whatever ideas you have constructed in your mind of how we all are. In fact I am a very attractive woman who works hard and has dedicated her life to helping those who cant speak for themselves in various ways. I am a dog trainer who dedicates most of her lessons to people who probably couldn’t afford training otherwise. I save dogs that would GUARANTEED be killed if i didnt help them. I find them rescues to back them, fosters to love them until they are adopted and I fundraise enough money to cover their vetting. I also work for a company that enables and guides people to fundraise for veterinary care in which their pet would have to go with out if it were not for companies like this who were not around to assist pet owners. So please explain to me not only how you justify lumping all rescuer’s into one group of sad fat pathetic women who live in feces infected messes but what gives you the right to make these statements based on your small sampling of rescuer’s. Is it that you have your own deficiencies that you are trying to cover up by attacking people who only want save lives that clearly you would rather see not saved? There is absolutely nothing wrong with people who rescue animals on a healthy basis and it is NOT FAIR to lump us all in the “Crazy Cat/Dog Lady” category. So maybe before you make egregious statements like this check your facts and maybe consider that these people are just trying to help where so many have failed.

    I love this place… any red pill place.

  49. The ONLY type of guy i would EVER date is a Animal Rescuer PERIOD!!

  50. Well there it is. The very first Return of Kings article I disagree with. I understand its overall message, and yes, I do know women who fall into the category of replace-husband-with-miserable-animal. However, there are plenty of decent females on this earth willing to adopt a pet who are already married and have children. Kids love dogs. everyone knows that.
    Dog adoption has little to do with the decline.
    I rescued one last year. My town flooded and many homes were destroyed. During that time, the animal shelters were full. In desperate hopes that someone with money would take the dog (an old shepherd mix), a person dumped him off at a fine dining restaurant. You may ask…. “why adopt a dog?” But how could I not?

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