Switzerland Proves That More Gun Laws Are Not The Solution To America’s Mass Shooting Problem

I was lucky enough to be a part of one of the last great Boy Scout troops here in North Texas, where we were taught proper marksmanship by an ex-special forces scoutmaster. He ran the troop military-style, dividing us into patrols, where we could attain ranks such as patrol leader and assign push-ups to disobedient scouts of lower rank.

This taught us discipline, responsibility, and how to work with other young men to achieve common goals, as well as other manly skills such as how to build a fire and survive in the wilderness.

Switzerland takes this concept one step further with mandatory military service for all men, as well as maintaining youth clubs comparable to the Boy Scouts, and therefore despite having one of the highest rates of gun ownership in the world, they simultaneously have one of the lowest rates of mass shootings of any nation. What this tells us is that the United States does not have a gun problem, but rather a culture problem.

While Switzerland has not been involved in any serious armed conflict since the mid-1800s, they have scrupulously maintained an outstanding military. All able-bodied men must serve at least 300 days in the armed forces—not including boot camp and specialized training—and after completing their service will drill with the reserves for the next ten years.

If a citizen is deemed unfit for military service, they will most likely be required to perform some other civil service, such as serving as a police officer, firefighter, teacher, or will perform some other form of community service and will pay a slightly higher income tax until the age of thirty.

Citizens are fairly compensated for their service, and are given their rifle to keep in their home in the event of a national emergency. This is sometimes referred to as the “gun in every closet policy,” which effectively arms around half of the population. The benefits of this system are threefold.

1. Military Preparedness

If Switzerland was ever invaded, the Swiss government could mobilize every able-bodied man at the drop of a hat. Many historians even speculate that this is the reason that Hitler chose not to invade Switzerland during WWII. He knew that attacking an entire nation of well-trained and well-armed, freedom-loving nationalistic militiamen who had been training for a foreign invasion since their adolescence would be more trouble than it was worth.

To hold and occupy a territory such as this, once conquered, would require more effort than Hitler was willing to expend.

2. Skilled Citizens

This policy leads to a population that leaves the military and enters the workforce with discernible skills that can be used to support themselves.

This prevents people from descending into poverty and sucking on the government teat via the welfare system, and helps to curtail violent crime. An unskilled labor force is an unstable and volatile labor force.

3. A Strong Sense Of Nationalism

It is only natural that nationalism springs from military service like water springs from Old Faithful in Yellowstone. When you put your blood, sweat, and tears into something, it gives you a sense of responsibility for that something, a sense that a small piece of it belongs to you, like owning stock in a corporation.

When you consider that less than one percent of the American population is active military, yet almost twenty-five percent of Americans are receiving welfare, the entitled American “gimmedat” attitude at becomes all too evident.

The Link To Mass Shootings

Aftermath of the Las Vegas massacre in 2017.

Mostly stemming from the radical left of the American political spectrum, buzzwords like “toxic masculinity” have been spreading like wildfire. As early as elementary school, teachers are shaming boys for having masculine traits and indoctrinating children with the idea that boys and girls should be treated the same even though they have completely different needs.

Unlike the good old days when boys who were caught fighting would be taken to the gym, issued boxing gloves, and told to duke it out, many school districts will go so far to prevent violence that they will even punish a boy who fights in self-defense, thus completely emasculating him and teaching him not to stand up for himself.

This is not to say that fighting is the answer to all of our problems, but rather to say that men are naturally more confrontational due to the high levels of testosterone coursing through our veins.

Rather than teach boys how to channel their aggressive impulses into something positive such as martial arts, boys are told that having these impulses in the first place is wrong, and that wanting to be a strong leader is oppressive towards women, while girls are given free rein to push “the future is female” propaganda. This leads to many boys simply shutting themselves up in their rooms playing violent video games to release those urges.

When you factor in that the left is also providing monetary incentive for women to become single mothers—thus creating more households without positive male role models to teach boys how to become good men—the stage is set for a select few members of society to be adversely affected with severe aggression issues and start shooting up crowds.

In Switzerland, mandatory military service teaches men how to be men. Despite having nearly half the Swiss population with a firearm in their home, Switzerland has a low incidence of violent crime—and mass shootings for that matter—compared to the U.S.

Women’s Suffrage In Switzerland

Since the last canton of Switzerland gave women the vote in the early nineties, however, laws have been passed with the aim of reducing the military presence in the country.

Ammunition for service rifles is now required to be kept at a depot rather than at home with the rifle in question, and more and more referendums are being held that want to end the tradition altogether, as well as remove the mandatory service requirement.

Only time will tell whether this tradition will remain intact, and if it doesn’t—and gun violence increases—it will prove my theory to be more than simply the deranged thoughts of a mad scientist.

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49 thoughts on “Switzerland Proves That More Gun Laws Are Not The Solution To America’s Mass Shooting Problem”

  1. There anti-immigration/muzzy policies also help prevent mass murder in Switzerland as well.

      I have a feeling their non-membership to the EU and financial importance allows them to tell the globalists that they will not be accepting immigrants.
      Swizerland is a mountainous country-I went there as a boy when my family and I visited Dad’s relatives in Germany. It is a tough, rugged country by nature. I don’t know what it is about mountain people, but they seem to often have a certain collection of traits from Appalachia to Geneva to Nepal.

      1. Blowing up a few bridges would have stopped the Wehrmacht in its tracks and left it starving in cold tunnels.

    2. What anti immigration Muslim policies? Switzerland has a Muslim population of about 500,000 out of a total of 8.4 million. Switzerland has many immigrants from dozens of countries; European, African and Asian. “Tamil refugees fleeing from war in Sri Lanka are the largest number of Asians, while Albanians and other former Yugoslavians continue to grow in number. Switzerland is also the second largest European country in number of acceptance of Iraqi refugees fleeing from the violence in Iraq since 2003, but behind Great Britain, Germany and Sweden in the number of Iraqis taken residence for a European country.” There is so much historical and demographic inaccuracy on ROK articles and forums.

      1. A quick Google search will tell you that most of those nationalities are explicitly decided ownership of “weapons” in Switzerland.

  2. The comparison does not work very well because Switzerland and the US are very different ethnically. What you need to do is compare Switzerland with another ‘white’ country as blacks commit a lot of the gun crime in the US. The fact that the swiss commit fewer such crimes (according to you) is not saying much.
    The author is also spinning a flimsy web based on a few minute observations that seem completely unrelated to one another; OK so masculinity is being shamed but what does that have to do with mass shooting? Mass shooting is ‘masculine’ as are duels and retarded lethal scuffles over ‘honor’. Do we really know that the suppression of masculinity is causing this? How is Switzerland not suppressing masculinity? What does women’s welfare have to do with all this?
    Simply forcing every guy into conscription does not prevent anything as far as I can see; yes, it’s an outlet for masculinity (and an outlet for your superiors to bully you with impunity) but every man has his own masculinity; the psycho will become a more dangerous psycho by having access to training and guns. The psycho does not need any more ‘masculinity’, he needs a shrink; Mika Muranen, Mattias Flink and other europeans with major issues put their training to use and murdered people using army weapons. The sensitive types with underlying problems do often turn the gun on themselves during service; it’s where opportunity meets with desperation.

      I served two years in the national guard reserves.
      It’s easy for the sensitive guys to be REMFs and usually they are.
      The psychos are often selected as MP’s. Jeffrey Dahmer, Alberto De Salvo and Richard Allen Davis (Of the three-strikes law) were MP’s.

        1. Fiwee
          He was trained as an MP and then chose to be cross-trained as a medic in order to learn more about human anatomy.
          Because of his drinking he ended up in infantry and then simply was kicked out on a General Discharge.

    2. Very good points. The article was more worthy of being a long comment on another article, than an article itself. There’s not enough factual and proven connections to really support everything. Although, I do generally agree with the author in his largest assertion, that our issue is a culture issue and not a gun issue. What I find you note that is really interesting is the military conscription. In America, I have the perception that joining our military actually sets you back on average instead of propelling you forward. So many homeless vets with issues. I think maybe their military doesn’t negatively effect them partially because they train for war, making them stronger, without actually going through any of the horrors of war. But that’s just an undeveloped theory.

  3. Giving Switzerland as an example is useless.
    The reason for their fairly stable political system is because the country keeps the money and the secrets of the top international elite which would not want any turbulence there.
    But this status quo is likely to change soon since the circus is heading to the Far East. One indication for this process is that Swiss bank no longer guarantee in absolute secrecy for their customers’ personal details and bank account.

    1. funny how those evil rulers didn’t invade Switzerland during the world wars.
      ” circus is heading to the Far East.”
      excellent observation.
      the factories are there.
      and the slaves.
      and the so-called ghost cities.

    1. “Give every white man a gun, and watch how quickly blacks will quit their criminal fun”.

      1. REALITY
        The Hood has underground economies, and these do not run on street corner robberies.
        Their criminal behavior is generally centered around CCE like car theft rings, drug dealing, extortion, gambling etc.

    1. Richard!
      Me too!
      I enjoy visiting every few years.
      I do get the feeling of a deterioration though.
      When Europe dies Switzerland will eventually fade also.

      1. WYATT
        Although other races seem to be backward in some ways none of them seem to take to the more woodsy and wild parts of Europe like the Alpine.
        I’ve heard it suggested that other races have the tribal huddle-around-the-campfire-fear-of-the-bush ingrained in them-Indians, Blacks, South Asians etc.

  4. It’s not a cultural thing but more of a cohesion and a solidarity thing.
    I am Libyan and we always had guns in Libya, way before the 2011 war. In each house you would find at least one rifle or a gun. Gaddafi created the Armed People, which was a kind of an auxiliary to the army, and the members of the armed people usually had more than one rifle in their home.
    We never had a mass shooting or a school/university massacre. We never heard a gunshot before 2011. The people were living side by side with no problem.
    When the civil war happened in 2011 and the international coalition intervened in Libya in 2011, there was no solidarity anymore. So we saw massacres, mass shootings and terrorist attack.
    More gun laws isn’t the solution.

  5. Sad to see how the Left is using gays and trannies to dismantle the Scouts and drive a wedge between the troops and the communities that supported them.

  6. You forget to mention that Switzerland hasn’t got the wonderful gift of diversity!

  7. Uh, if you extrapolate the downfall of the Templars, and their red cross over a white tunic. And then date with the rise of Switzerland as an isolated financial powerhouse having a flag with a white cross in a field of red, it’s not a long walk around the barn.
    Secondly, the Swiss have compulsory service laws. It binds their people to their nation. (Skin in the Game. Like it did at one time here. And need again.) My love of country is solidly anchored in the fact my adulthood was spent in the service of, and protection of, something greater than myself. The Constitution. It doesn’t mean I’m a better man, but it did make me a better American Citizen. Honor Earned, not given.
    So, you don’t believe in gun ownership. Fine. Our enemies, criminals and the tenants of basic human evil support your suicidal and naïve views. Lots of snowflakes bound together can make a snowman. Packed together they take form, but is static, decorative in the short-term and crumbles when subjected to heat.

  8. Switzerland 8.2 Million people
    Honduras 8.2 Million people
    Switzerland requires gun ownership
    Honduras bans gun ownership
    Switzerland has lowest homicide rate in world
    Honduras has highest homicide rate in world

    1. Hondurans are half white, half European. So what do you mean to suggest? Fifty percent Indian blood makes you violent. That people from the Iberian peninsula as white as Swiss are violent?

      1. “Fifty percent Indian blood makes you violent.”
        All one has to do is look at the violence in American indian reservations.
        BTW, we would need DNA tests but I would say it is more than 50% indian blood in most Hondurans.

  9. i do believe that it is mainly in the upbringing.
    in France and Italy young kids drink wine sometimes watered down at a very young age. In the US that would be a felony, land the parents in jail and the kids in foster care. In Switzerland beer is legal at 16, in the US you still have mommie holding your hand at 20.
    Thus at spring break in mexico, you find idiots getting wasted and whilst you can find drunk people in every nation, that European attitude to booze is far more mature than it is in the US.
    you make guns a big deal and thus guns are a big deal, you ban them and every criminal has one and a large advantage, you make harsh gun laws, it incentivizes criminals with guns to use them, since the penalty of getting caught packing heat is nearly as bad a murder.
    it’s very much a question of attitude and upbringing – a large part of which goes back to the mother not rushing off back to her ‘important’ career 3 months after giving birth.

  10. Switzerland is Confederata Helvetica.. an outpost of Roma.
    The Templar’s war against/ and plunder of Europe and the world is their source of wealth.
    The Suisse banks are full with revenue from international arms sales.
    The Swiss have to secure their mountainous pirate hideout.
    Without guns Switzerland would be unlivable, like Paris.
    Gun control is the final step in the systematic American collapse.
    The Las Vegas event was a DHS/FEMA drill.. nobody died at all.
    A country without guns is a SLAVE CAMP.

    1. besides modern banking, Switzerland made their riches by fighting for other people, they were soldiers of fortune, thus they have a strong weapons culture, needed to remain neutral and independent.
      The Swiss don’t need to destroy Europe if they wanted, the EU is doing it itself.
      Templar Knights weren’t Swiss they were German, got their riches plundering the remaining pagan tribes in Europe like those of the original Prussians and Baltics, then lending money to the Kings of Europe for their wars, they were brought down by a bastard who didn’t want to pay them back and framed them for heresy.

  11. yeah, as long as the people with guns are WHITE, America has a gun problem because it’s infested with black thugs fed hate and resentment by liberals, the media and race agitators like obama, jesse jackson et al, supremacist muslims and mexican criminals.

    1. yo
      Also having kids at 16. Also single parent homes with no money. Also crack cocaine, which they love. Also going to prison, which hardens you. Also living in post-industrial graveyards.
      And so on.

  12. If the US was free, peaceful, had a booming economy, had a balanced budget, had sound money, had safe streets, had no minimum wage, and taxes imposed by all levels of government took less than 10% of our income in the past, are Americans happier now that the USA is a police state, at war, has a dead economy, is in debt, has a minimum wage, and high taxes?

  13. And therefore despite Switzerland having one of the highest rates of gun ownership in the world, they simultaneously have one of the lowest rates of mass shootings of any nation. What this tells us is that the United States does not have a gun problem, but rather a culture problem. Yes, USA is spiritually dead.

    1. noah
      However, if you cross the border into Italy you have a fairly considerable death-by-gunshot toll.
      Judges get shot and killed in Italy.

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