5 Things Westerners Can Learn From The K-pop Industry

The K-pop industry is an interesting phenomenon. It does largely hinge upon Western and global technology, music genres and producers, but adjusted for East Asian cultural values and business models it manages to produce more than silly tunes.

Westerners—both sexes, but especially androgynized women—can actually learn something substantial from the South Korean pop music industry. If not for other reasons, then because it does remind us of how the U.S. used to be in the 1980s (but updated to current technology) with regard to the sex roles and beauty standards.

1. Heteronormative relationships

The American sociologist John Lie in his book K-pop (2014) describes the multi-directional cultural flows from the West to the East (and a little bit from the East to the West, since Korean dramas and Korean pop music have a significant number of fans in Western countries). From the premise that South Korea is an export-oriented country, he analyzes the K-pop industry’s business strategies.

Overall it is of course primarily about to make money for particular companies, and secondarily to improve the national image of South Korea (national branding), but sometimes the process of money-making overlaps interesting cultural phenomena.

As much as one may think that Korean men tend to look feminine—partly because of general physiognomy, partly due to feminized fashion trends—the social conservatism that one finds in the East is in fact being re-produced within the K-pop industry.

Most of the silly songs are about girls who are mad at bad boys, or guys who like girls. It is easy to criticize the, although mannered, betaness of Korean males, the narcissistic entitlement of Korean women (Girls’ Generation, Girl’s Day etcetera give a hint about the East Asian version of you-go-girl-ism), and the at least partial admiration for Western degenerate consumerist culture. But as long as the moderate modernity in the East is present, it reminds us and other people how things generally ought to be.

2. Dance moves

The way you move is, if not always crucial, then at least potentially favorable or detrimental. As a Machiavellian strategy to get people on your side, learn to move, pose and even dance in a way that makes vaginas wet and manginas mad.

Of course, this perhaps clownish behavior is not only positive, but even traditional masculinity is linked to various dance performances. With the decline of night game, dance floor conduct may become gradually irrelevant, but it is still easy to think of various contexts in which kinaesthetic confidence matters to some extent.

Instead of being reactionary and pessimistic, think in an innovative fashion and use (hyper)modernity in a way that benefits your life and ability to influence others. Some male K-pop groups are particurly skilled in dancing and thus a great source of inspiration.

3. Personality training and education

Several ROK writers, like Roosh, have pointed out the bad personality profile and lack of foreign language skills that American women in general manifest. K-pop stars on the other hand learn to behave well, optimize their beauty potential by means of strict diet programs, and speak foreign languages. All linked to maximize profit of course, but if that can help women to better themselves and be role models for other females, then so be it.

Besides from capitalism, this dimension is partly linked to traditional culture. A K-pop scholar, Swee-Lin Ho, has stressed this in the article ”Fuel for South Korea’s “Global Dreams Factory”: The Desires of Parents Whose Children Dream of Becoming K-pop Stars” (2012):

The agency also controls how trainees are grouped and groomed, and subjects all trainees to a comprehensive inseong gyoyuk that teaches trainees to inculcate and practice values such as humility, obedience, loyalty and gratitude. The focus of inseong gyoyuk is on family values, the purpose of which was explained to me by several corporate trainers as threefold: to assure parents that their young are being educated properly to develop “proper values,” to teach trainees to display behaviors that are highly regarded as by the wider Korean society and, more importantly, to subordinate trainees to the authority of their respective agencies as dependents are expected to do so to authoritative figures in the family.

4. Hyper-feminine looks

In South Korea and Japan, skinny is the best. Only about 4% of women are obese, and within K-pop one finds many thin and cute girls.

As with the sex roles, hypermodern ideals can sometimes reflect upon how the artists are styled, but overall hyper-feminine looks dominate the appearances of the largest share of female performers. These girls remind one of how things could be (but generally are not, due to self-inflicted ugliness and fatness). What a waste of potential.

5. Traditional corporate ideals

The Korean music companies are, although not completely run, largely run by men and partly based on traditional East Asian (post-Confucian) and Western values (militarism).

These modern males, with a traditional penchant, set the standards for the younger generations with regard to corporate customs and innovative entrepreneurship. Even though female elements and knowledge are required within the business (grooming, song-writing and singing).

Perhaps one could regard it as yin and yang working together in an office environment. But as much as women contribute, focused, determined, logical, responsible and disciplined men are behind these successful companies.

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155 thoughts on “5 Things Westerners Can Learn From The K-pop Industry”

  1. Oh don’t worry about all that. Just wait until our “culture” moves in and Mily Cuntress is being triple teamed on stage in front of thousands of impressionable kids.
    There’s no pan of soup on earth that we in the west can’t currently piss in.
    “Would you like to see the starters menu, Mr South Korea?” …

    1. East Asia has been exposed to american pop culture for several generations. They incorporate the bits and pieces they like and reject the stuff they don’t like.

    2. “There’s no pan of soup on earth that we in the west can’t currently piss in”
      Just……well, what more can anyone say?

  2. Viceland recently did a thorough and interesting documentary on the K-Pop phenomenon (and its rigorous training structure) with its “Noisey” series, and perhaps this is where the author picked up some inspiration for the piece.
    I’m rather glad you brought up the subtle importance of movement and dance. Telegraphing your power and intentions through body language is almost a lost art in America these days. I know some dudes find it gay or awkward, but the truth is a solid masculine dancing flow is absolutely hypnotic to women and even impresses your alpha buddies. In fact, when a bunch of high SMV dudes get the good times rolling on an infectious groove it seems no one in the room can resist the energy. I think this goes back to the value of primal “signaling” and bonding instincts.
    When you really feel the moment at a private house party (my #1 fave venue for applying game), a hot club or packed concert, and start to move to the rhythm, women can sense when you’re dancing for the sheer pleasure of it (instead of posing/fronting so you can “game”), and it’s intoxicating.

    1. I have been in Seoul many times and met several K-pop artists, speaks Korean and written several academic articles on Korean culture so no, I don’t need Viceland for inspiration. But apart from that your comment is nice.

    2. All the boogaloo in the world isn’t going to get you a Korean girl round eye. But keep up the monkey shines

    1. Is that real observation or are you trolling? Mob molls are tattooed in east asia. K-pop cant have tats or it wouldn’t sell. They are selling to teens. It wouldn’t surprise me if casting couch gets used often with industry execs but that’s not gangster.

      1. it is indeed a bitter pill to swallow to realize another race’s women are far far better than one’s own

  3. Interesting article. I don’t like kind of K-Pop but I admire the business.
    I’ve met two US based songwriter/producers who have had success in that market.

  4. The K-pop girl bands have a shelf life that lasts until the girls turn 25 or so. then it’s time to make way for the new wave. No “second acts” or “come backs” stretching into their 30s, or divas trying to be “relevant” into their 60s. A not-so-subtle signaling of where a woman’s value lies. Although S Korean girls tend to be very hypergamous, they tend to be more savvy to this fact.

    1. BoA and Gummy made their come backs in their 30’s. Kim Tae Hee, Song Hye Gyo and many more are in their 30’s.

      1. by comeback you mean release an album and have it get air play.
        btw comeback and album are two very loosely used words there. Comeback often means their next album even though their previous one came put 10 months earlier. An album is 2-3 song they’re releasing, not 10.

  5. Good points! How about this one: “Six Things Westerners can learn from Asian airlines such as Korean Air, Singapore Airlines, JAL”
    1) Only slim good-looking women are selected for the cabin crew
    2) Retirement age is roughly around 25, unlike US-based airlines with their surly unionized lifers
    3) Service is always gracious and polite
    4) Stewardesses are subtly servile without being groveling
    5) They are also impeccably groomed with feminine outfits. Singapore Airlines stewardesses even wear saris!
    6) US-based airlines used to be like that …. in the 1960s.

      1. I rode this airline on my way to Korea in 2015. One of the stewardesses and I kept hitting on each other throughout the flight.
        Wish I had an airline like this going back last month. American stewardesses are OLD and BORING (though I had a cool and stacked MILF on my way back from Japan that one time).

      2. They really look like that too, they don’t need to hire models for their advertising.

      3. the one on the left looks good, the one on the right looks kinda sooty / dusky … hard pass on the right

    1. Most of the decline in the American airlines service isn’t due to unions and lifers (although that’s part of it but a fraction). Sadly, the USA is teaching the world to race to the bottom in service via:
      1) “unbundling” meaning that you pay $5 for a glass of wine, $70 for a decent seat when the cost of conducting those transactions and ticket prices is a lose-lose for customers. Airlines generated artificial demand by retiring planes and new airlines haven’t stepped in to fill the void.
      2) The USA has no “transit zone” for international passengers so if you’re flying from London to Japan via stopover in Chicago, say, you’ll have to spend an hour or more in passport control to get back on your flight while in most of the rest of the world, you’d just sit in the international transit area. This again messes up the airline industry in the states.
      3) The TSA and security theater. We all know about this. It has ruined the local market and killed off the concorde. Why pay $10,000 a ticket to go from NYC to Paris in 5 hours versus 10 for a normal flight when you have to wait in security for 2 hours or more? Why pay $200 to go from DC to Philly in 1 hour and wait in line for 2 hours when you can DRIVE there in 3?
      4) Since fewer drinks and meals are served (see above) and seats are tiny, that means fewer stewardesses per passenger and more passengers. So they’re basically sky wardens rather than service providers and everyone knows it.
      5) The unions have gotten squeezed and FA’s are paid less than ever before meaning they take out their frustrations on the cattle. Us. I sympathize with them but I balance that with them sometimes barking orders at us like dogs because they’re angry that they’ve sat on the tarmac unpaid for 3 hours.

        1. The hell?!?! The Concord died because of profit margins. The orginal idea was supersonic transcontinetal AND international flights. All the regulators in various countries decried the “noise” Concords made while over land. So they were regulatetd to only flying over water at supersonic speeds. In the long run, there just wasnt enough demand for supersonic inyernational flights. And they retired them. The exploding tire incident was just the nail in the coffin for an already dying enterprise.

        2. To be fair those Concordes were fucking loud. You literally had to stop talking for five minutes and wait until it passed over. They were also prohibitively expensive.

        3. Partially. The issues that caused that disaster (a piece of metal on the runway piercing a key component) could have been corrected but cost overruns with the airplane were already taking a toll. They weren’t making new ones and spare parts were getting hard to find and dealing with the new safety issues would have been costly so yeah, that did kill off the service but the days were numbered already for it.
          For 10K a pop, most jet setters opt instead for private jets from private airports.

      1. Two hours in security? Where? I agree TSA is bullshit but I don’t think I have ever spent that long in security, even though I take the free massage instead of the radiation…

        1. EB, I agree but for practicality sake, the TSA advises travelers to get to the airport 2 hours before departure lest a spurious delay occur. Also, most airlines (especially cheap ones such as Spirit) can lock you out a half hour before boarding.
          Then there’s time to get to the airport. If you take the taxi and forego parking, you still need to factor in at least 20 minutes. Then getting out of the airport involves a slow deplaining that adds 20 more more minutes, minimum.

        2. Yeah this is why I take the train whenever possible. Gets you right into the city. Normally for European flights I arrive about an hour before the flight if I’m not checking in baggage.

        3. For the Northeast corridor (DC-Philly-NYC), delays are common with amtrak. I thought I had an easy time going to a meeting: Just catch the subway to 30th street station in Philly and a smooth 2.5 hour ride home.
          Then a Maryland commuter train broke down ahead of us. A _4_ hour delay on the rails.

    2. I stopped flying United to/from Asia. Tired of the old planes, late flights, crappy food and surly service.
      Which do you prefer:
      A) Having “chicken or beef?” barked at you by a 55 year old fat lady who hates her job, or
      B) “Excuse me sir, tonight we have a Japanese fish meal or Western beef. Which would you prefer?” spoken by a pretty, thin, impeccably groomed Japanese stewardess.
      Now my preferred airline is ANA. Just night and day.
      United has a codeshare with ANA, so you can book through United but fly on ANA.

      1. I’m tired of being offered a meal that’s so small it wouldn’t satisfy my cat. I eat before I get on the flight now.

    3. “2) Retirement age is roughly around 25, unlike US-based airlines with their surly unionized lifers”
      I doubt retirement age with that airline is age 25. I’m assuming that you mean that age 25 is the age when the stewardesses are pulled off of the airplanes and re-assigned to other tasks in the company? That would make sense. Nobody wants to stare at some old bag serving up a coke. typically too (though to a lesser degree with asian chicks) people get heavier with age – both men and women and the weight gain is in the form of flab. Large crappers are tricky to move down the aisle of a plane.

      1. I did exaggerate, although even in the ticketing counters it’s mostly a pretty young face helping you. I’m not even sure there’s an official retirement age with these airlines but there’s an unspoken societal assumption it’s a young woman’s job, something she does from the time between school and marriage. That said, I have encountered the over 30s stewardess once in a blue moon on these Asian airlines.

  6. Oy vey! Goyim, you don’t want to have gender roles…that anti-semitic! No, you will be much happier when your young boys want to wear dresses and your little girls want to join the Toy Scouts! Just keep watching MTV goyim and we’ll show you what you should do and think. You need the cultural enrichment of feminist, lesbian comedies, goyim. Learn to wear a dildo around your neck, goyim! Very fashoinable!

    1. well, your post does sound pretty anti-semitic, but there is a sabbatean element in reformist / secular judaism which is indeed about the destruction of boundaries, very frequently through their inversion, and gender boundaries / differentiation is amongst the chief concern in that respect. There are probably better ways you could have made your point

      1. You’re obviously an antisemitic nazi! How dare you, goyim! You’re probably one of those small-minded bigots who want to prevent wholesome, wonderful men who get boob-jobs and wear women’s pantyhose from showering with eight year-old boys! You should be ashamed of yourself!

        1. See above: KPOP male singers very often perform as females. And they look very convincing. Korean women love it.

    2. KPOP male singers routinely perform in convincing drag. Korean women still prefer them to white men. Feels bad man

    3. Oi vey Goyim, also remember to slice your foreskin for yeshua & the holocaust …
      Also remember ovens & baking trays are offensive, as they are a mockery of the holocaust
      Also remember Goyyim baking cookies is anti-semitic, & a reminder of jews turned into baked goods by nazi’s …
      Oi vey so insensitive to the foreskin challenged…

  7. K pop artists use the same symbolism as the US. The 3 6 hand signs and one eye in photo shoots. They are as much of a tool for the elite as katy perry and miley cyrus is. It doesn’t matter if a man wears jeans and a hoodie or a bespoke suit, if he is throwing up gang signs I’d take a wild guess that he was in a gang. Music is the perfect vehicle to introduce a doctrine. Slowly but surely just like here. In the 80s rappers couldn’t say the word piss on the radio. Look where we are 30 short years later. Don’t let them fool you.

  8. I know manosphere here tend to make fun of asian men because of their short height and skinny and do not look rugged like western males but the joke is on the west because in Asia, political correctness concept is rare and men and women know their defined roles.
    But I would not say Kpop is something westerners can learn from.
    As long as the western female do not become land whales and make their men happy, there is no need for western men to obsess over foreign asian girls.

    1. Political correctness is not even remotely rare in Asia. They have their own political correctness, which just happens to be not nearly as delusional as our own. In fact, every single well-adjusted person in asia operates under the political correctness of their own government, and the few people who reject it are so radically insane that everyone else just plays along so they don’t get associated with them.

      1. “In fact, every single well-adjusted person in asia operates under the political correctness of their own government, and the few people who reject it are so radically insane that everyone else just plays along so they don’t get associated with them.”
        Maybe so in North Korea. But Asia is a large continent.

        1. Asian cultures have unwritten and unspoken rules. Not sure if that’s political correctness. But its real.

    2. Asian women prefer effeminate men. Most KPOP male singers perform in convincing drag and the Korean girls fucking LOVE it and think those guys are super hot.
      They don’t want some hairy muscle-ly white dude … only faggots beat off to Burt Reynolds. Asian girls don’t want that shit.

      1. Well what we define as “effeminate” would be considered masculine in other cultures.
        And your point does hold water. Similarly these type of guys (Kpop style guys) tend to do poorly trying to score with western chicks as white chicks prefer rugged, athletic jock type guys.

        1. That’s why we shred down before going to Asia so that a more model-like look will emerge.
          One aspect that some forget is that, even though it’s true that 9s in SK prefer high-status Korean men over handsome white Westerners, there are still sluts who are in a relationship with some Samsung CEO but bored as hell of him. When they go to places like Octagon and Club Answer and you hit the right buttons in the right order, you can get them.
          Maybe the total ROI in Seoul is not that very high for most men who go there, but I really like the place.

        2. I personally thought Japan was more fun than South Korea from my experience. The girls are more open for westerners in Japan.

        3. I can tell that you have some decent knowledge on related topics on Korea.
          Did you learn all that much about Korea just to get some Korean poon?
          If so, then that is a dedication.

        4. Thank you. I have an academic and personal regional interest. I am very pro-Western but besides from that I think that East Asia is the most advanced regional culture in the world and it is relevant to collect knowledge on all nations in the region, even with overlaps to Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Singapore, The Philippines etc.).
          Korea is my main area. Even though many ideas come from the the U.S. and Japan, I think that in a way SK is a bit superior. I have a critical perspective but there is still something about the K-pop industry and Gangnam clubs that is special. Plastic and “inauthentic” yes, but still with an underlying work ethic and drive that outmatch the West, Japan and China in some ways.
          The sex drive is important but I would not say that it is the main cause. General self-improvement is as important.

      2. The face is most of elites in their society are still masculine men.

  9. “Even a smile is important!”
    In the west, smile is often given as superficial on the surface type of smile but in Asia, people don’t smile for the sake of smiling. They smile if they have real good reason but other than that, smiling for no reason would get you labeled as a retard.

  10. This article misses the crucial fact that Korean women are feminine simply because the entire youth culture of Korea is effeminate. Their culture consists entirely of feel-good messages, and the “corporate males” shown above are just the ruling class. Which, again, is better than our own effeminate ruling class, but don’t think you could go there and just be a masculine man.

      1. Honestly, white people are basically halfway between asians and africans. Not unthinking subjects, but capable of grand delusions at the same time.

  11. “The things in K-pop and media are a fantasy. No surprise. However, I feel westerners shouldn’t learn ANYTHING from these industries. No disrespect to you and your writing but i’d like to give a rebuttal to each point.”
    Of course, but people will still be influenced by the messenges.
    “That personality training is something Koreans got from the Japanese music scene. I interviewed many K-pop stars and a LOT of them were boring as shit. They had to be because their manager forced them to not speak up on any questions outside of what was agreed on to answer. One group’s manager had to stop an interview midway because a question of dating was asked.
    Having a personality isn’t allowed and most of the stars that speak languages outside of Korean were either born and raised in the states, not Korean, or they went to a damn good night school.”
    Good point. But another aspect to consider is that the companies pick people with the proper looks and personality, and in order to go through the training program and be an idol, one has to be very conscientious and agreeable.
    “Those traditional workplace roles are WHY people are committing suicide or dying at work. It’s also why many K-pop stars are suing their labels. Korea has a “hurry up” life style which can be very annoying for foreigners. I can’t imagine westerners working 12 hour days and then going to the bar after work and not seeing your family.”
    Yes. I think that my last point is the least relevant one, since American/Western entreprenurship is much stronger than East Asian counterparts, but still interesting from a sex role perspective.

    1. if it meant working around people who looked like me and not like a model united nations, I would work 24 hours a day!

    2. Be careful. Don’t show more in-country experience than OP or your comment will get disappeared.

    3. >People will still be influenced by the messages.
      Yeah, that’s sadly true. Koreans didn’t take wearing a seatbelt until after the accident with Ladies Code. Though that didn’t last long cause something like that STILL goes on.
      >one has to be very conscientious and agreeable.
      Oh my gawd, I HATED this when interviewing K-pop stars. I did an interview for an Australian K-pop site and they all said they wanted to go to Australia (most of them didn’t even KNOW what made the country special).
      It’s funny seeing the stars when they’re away from their managers. Some of them are rowdy and a bunch of dicks (justified since their schedule is rough and their managers/agency are dicks).
      >still interesting from a sex role perspective.
      I forget this is Return Of Kings. I remember Eddie Murphy saying getting into the entertainment business was to get pussy. In THAT sense, I agree with you. The cultural shame placed on its people keeps folks in line to stay healthy. It isn’t ethical but it sure as hell works.
      Thanks for taking the time to respond!

  12. I’ve had a couple of old girlfriends that fell to the anime, comic-con craze so anything remotely close to this kind of stuff puts a sour taste in my mouth. I do however appreciate ancient Asian teachings like art of war and such, but this more modern stuff? Nope, just can’t do it.

    1. I can enjoy the convention scene, just not the same way I did when I was a beta simp. Even the smaller local conventions are getting up their own asses about SJW causes, and I swear the attendees are getting fatter and more autistic.
      But I’ve learned that svelte gorgeous Disney Princesses like scruffy, fit Solid Snake.

        1. It’s a great costume. You just grab some BDUs, a headband, an eyepatch, and a box. If they get it, you’re a badass with a great concept; if they don’t, you’re a hot military guy.
          Plus, you can get people to sign the box. For some reason that’s a novel concept to everyone, even though everyone who ever plays Snake does it.

  13. As someone who lived through the 80’s, a few observations:
    Women were already getting masculine back then (check out Joan Collin’s shoulder pads) and they were still pretty but “feminist” and harsh and putting men down to show their “attitude”. You can see it coming out. This was a gradual escalation from the 70’s and “3rd wave feminism” kicking in. The 90’s saw it getting worse, then Y2k and, and now. It didn’t all happen at once but was a process kind of like milk going bad (except my wife says that when milk goes “bad”, that’s when she thinks it’s just getting TASTY)
    The explosion of femininity actually was in the 50’s and early 60’s (before the “Austin Powers” era) when western affluence kicked in and women prided themselves on the resources to be pretty and display their affluence via their beauty for the world to see. They weren’t sleeping around but rather proud of their appearance and out to attract a top quality mate and their femininity was geared in that direction.

  14. The only way I’m going to be dancing is if somebody is shooting at my feet.

      1. You can leave your friends behind,
        Cause your friends don’t dance
        And if they don’t dance
        Then they’re no friends of mine.

  15. The only thing I know about Korean pop music is that damn Gangnam Style song shit gets stuck in my head.

    1. Some of Psy’s other songs are arguably better.
      Even so, it’s an interesting song. “Gangnam Style” basically means “like the rich pretty girls,” and the whole song translates basically to “I want to fuck a rich feminine girl.”
      I love how many feminists I’ve seen over the years dancing to that song. If they spent a few seconds looking the song up on Google, they’d probably seize.

      1. I have no idea what the song is about but every time I’ve heard it, it sticks in my head….now that I’ve been talking about it’s there now…dammit.

  16. Not really a big fan of the Asian idol/pop industries. Those industries epitomize the inauthentic and fake nature of modernity.
    Women need to strike a balance between being lazy and being completely fake. Put on a little makeup and wear some decent clothes. However, there shouldn’t be a need for some soulless corporation to design your “image.”

    1. Its marketed at teens. Its kind of weird for adults to be into it, except for maybe female office workers there.

    2. “Women need to strike a balance between being lazy and being completely fake.” Being trained in both ballet and violin, I’d say that in the US no one comes close to Lindsey Stirling. There’s nothing lazy about this epitome of porcelain beauty and artistry and athleticism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmydammYRug

  17. Get this through your fucking heads: Korean women see white men as they see black men: as n*ggers. They don’t want to date or talk or fuck either.
    Yes, Korean women prefer their effeminate Korean men even if their penises are micro sized. It’s called having cultural and ethnic pride
    feels bad white man

    1. Not really.
      I’ve been there 4 times.
      Have you ever heard the term Komun Angma?
      They absolutely consider blacks to be worse.
      Regarding the ethnic pride, yes I agree. And also agree with your above assertion regarding top tier Korean girls. The ones who seem to want American guys are somewhat needier. From poorer families and little job prospects beyond store clerk, waitress, cleaning lady, etc.. But these girls can still be quite thin and attractive, and certainly much more ladylike than the typical American girl.

  18. Here’s the upside of an ethnically insular nation with no sand nogs, no monkey shines, no foreigners: the native men don’t have to do jack shit and they still get the ladies! Hell, they can dress up as women and STILL get the hot ass girls.

  19. What goes on in Korea is as relevant as what goes in Middle Earth. Just as you’ll never have to worry about fucking an elf princess or a hobbit, no Korean girl wants anything to do with a Western man. feels bad man

  20. Observation: Korean men dress as women and pull the hottest Korean girls
    Western man response: work out harder in the gym, get jacked, get swol

    1. I get the feeling there’s something really ugly about you that you can’t fix. Korean girls are not out of reach.

      1. Top-tier Korean women will only date Korean men. A lot of Western men are unable to tell the difference between top shelf Asian puss and bottom shelf jug wine Asian puss

        1. Asian culture bans faggot christians, jews & muslims, hence its superiority
          Asian culture puts their country & race first, & gives religion the finger, as a result no jew take over of their culture through pussified christians & catholics …
          Nationalism is superior to religion, as it preserves culture & tradition & promotes masculinity in service to its country, while religion is designed to destroy a countries culture & tradition
          Which is precisely what faggot christianity has done to all of europe …

    2. The sad thing is that those Korean guys who get the hot Korean girls don’t even like it. Korean males are so latent. The whole male population in Korea is closeted. It’s a weird, weird culture. The women look good but there are serious issues there. For the East Asian beauty, a guy is way better off in China or Japan. Koreans are so racially narcissistic that it is not a very fun place at all.

      1. Yes, there are anomalies.
        Such as all the males being trained in firearms, but not allowed to own one.

  21. But maybe if I can learn how to boogaloo, I can get me a fly ass Korean honey? haha nope. Koreans are race realists

  22. I will bet $100, not one of the girls in the top photo has ever talked to – let alone fucked – a Western man

  23. Entertainment corporations are Confucian? Maybe some of the TV networks in Korea have some sort of concern for public morality — they may refuse to air racy (by Korean standards) songs or music videos, but the record companies making money off of idols are probably promoting the blue-balling of men. And what mass entertainment company hasn’t made money off of young women looking for someone safe to crush on? Wonder if the average age of men marrying in Korea is going up…

    1. Of course they are not Confucian per se. The Confucian system is all gone, but the post-Confucian situation implies that traditional residues are being integrated into the business structure and society at large – like I said, many authoritarian components have come from the West via Japan (Park Chung-hee was influenced by Japanese militarism, which in turn was influenced by Western militarism). In this particular way Confucian, meritocratic and hierarchical elements merge with capitalism.

  24. How to make a K-pop:
    1) Spread Korean girl’s legs.
    2) Insert large popsicle stick.
    3) Freeze for six hours.

  25. Preach that sissiness brother ! Sometimes it’s really better not to say anything if one has nothing to say. This article reeks of being written on rent week.personality training and education ? Lol is your own culture, what you love and contribute towards so empty and desperate as to demand that you crawl for this shit !?

    1. You must have a three-digit IQ to understand the argument, and just be able to grasp the fact that Western culture is seriously degenerate, but I’ll make a try.
      1. Western girls – not all of them obviously but a large share – tend to be fat, have a bad personality and behavior, and make themselves uglier in various ways. So yes, when they eventually notice all these slim and behaviorally modest Korean girls, they might start to realize that there are other options and that guys prefer this over Western female expowerment. This is a website for men, but in the shadows potentially feminine creatures lurk. To what extent men can learn something from this type of personality training I am not sure of, though. Probably less, since ethics, virtue and personlity traits have already been discussed.
      2. To have dance skills or just simply move properly can be a comparative advantage on a largely competitive dating market.
      3. I bet 50 bucks you’re lesser beta.

  26. a lot of these K-pop stars are surgically enhanced though. something to keep in mind in case the baby that comes out looks a bit weird.

  27. The one thing that is most certainly prevalent in the K-pop culture is the fact that these women don’t have is the gigantic sized asses that are totally out of proportion with their frames. They then try to validate their bullshit insecurity about having an ass the size of a moon on Jupiter by saying that real men go for women with meat on their bones or some such shit like that.

  28. I got to thank the Kpop industry for bringing out all the white rice queens who love me! But I actually have testosterone and a strong jawline; I don’t look like a plucked hen with make up and leather skinny jeans

  29. The author is hugely delusional here. Believe me, I have a good number of South Korean friends and have resided in a country where the youth here are pretty crazy about KPOP, and I can tell you that these KPOP stars, especially the girls group, all try to look as European Caucasian as possible: for e.g., most of them strive to look as pale as possible, in addition to what you will find to be a stunning statistic regarding the number of plastic surgery operations that these kids are willing to grow through to have caucasian features like double eyelids, high nose etc. Additionally, the fact that most of them dye their hair to some shade of fair hair only corroborates my observation. This is not taboo or uncommonly spoken of, as a lot of people, both inside and outside the industry, speak openly about this.
    Although I will concede that most of these women are still quite feminine, my above analysis is just the truth.

    1. The fact that Korean females want to look more like white girls is indeed nothing new and something that I have mentioned in my previous article on Korean culture. There I write: “As with many phenomena in life, the extent to which a person likes or dislikes how a population generally appears is related to individual taste. With that said, I think that more objectively speaking the two main strengths of Korean girls and younger women are that they are relatively thin and well-groomed. They do everything they can to optimize their beauty potentials, sometimes even with the help of plastic surgery (which will make them look somewhat more European, which partly is an ideal among East Asian populations).”

      1. But why did I write partly? Well, it is because:
        1) Korean girls do only want to, partly, look like white girls with regard to facial features, not their body types, at least not the semi-fat “curvy” kind so common in the West these days. The ideal in SK and Japan is skinny.
        2) You are wrong about whiteness sought after in SK being primarily a Western ideal. Bihaku originates from Japan, an ideal which stretches about 1000 years back in history. Of course Korean girls these days can look at the skin tones of Euro girls and think that they look good, but the whiteness that they seek after is of another kind, even whiter so to speak, and with another nuance.
        3) The ideal that Korean women look for may be regarded as universal, rather than particular (European). Of course, generally speaking European feamles are the ones who to the largest extent conform to these universal beauty standards, but that does not mean that there is not an Asian component with regard to phenotypical ideals.

        1. Additionally, for instance this Korean plastic surgeon specialist stresses:
          “While critics often argue that Koreans are adopting a more Western ideal of beauty, both Kwon and Joo disagree, saying that the standards are universal.
          Kwon recounts something he read a while back.
          “Two love letters,” he says, “written 5,000 years ago, from China and Greece, respectively, both describe their lover as beautiful, with a pointed nose and large eyes.”
          “We have Westerners coming in to cut down their nose to a smaller size – does that mean they want to look Asian?” says Kwon.
          Joo also shakes his head at the accusation that Korean plastic surgery attempts to make Asian faces more Western.
          “I don’t think that’s true at all,” he says. “Sometimes a foreign doctor will criticize the Korean tendency to thin out the jawline too much – they think it looks grotesque.”

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