People Don’t Know Shit

“It’s all one big conspiracy in the White House,” a cab driver exclaimed when we were talking about 9/11 on this year’s anniversary. I am pretty sure that he didn’t have a smoking-gun evidence of anything to substantiate any of his opinions that he was sharing.

I love how people who have no first-hand access to any information about what’s going on behind closed doors in political offices love to talk and hypothesize about the politicians’ motives, plans, and intentions. Do we realize how ridiculous we sound when we do this? And we do this everywhere—during a happy hour, dinner parties, etc. Sure, having strong opinions about politics, drugs, abortion, the death penalty, religion, terrorism, and other hotly debated issues makes us sound like we’re smart and we care—even if we talk completely out of our asses—but it’s unwise.

If you’re sitting in a classroom and one of your classmates gets up during a political science lecture and starts accusing some bank CEO of corruption or embezzlement, try to resist the urge to shut him up. Just laugh on the inside, and start thinking about where you’ll be going out that night or the night after until he is done dispensing useless information based on nothing but his own conjecture.

Go to your local Best Buy store and conduct the following experiment: Ask one of the sales clerks which laptop or camera is the best one for you to buy. How many of them are going to give you an honest answer? None. Do you know what the most honest answer should be every single time? Let me quote it for you: “I’m just a sales clerk. I don’t have any professional or educational background in design or manufacturing of the products you’re asking about, so I can’t really tell you much about which item is better. You are better off reading reviews online than asking someone like me.”  This is no different in car dealerships, of course, where your typical sleazy salesman will try to make it sound like he’s a cutting-edge mechanical engineer who put the cars together with his own hands.

What about CNN and MSNBC? Obama gives a 20-minute speech, and the news hosts and their “panel of experts” belabor every word, trying to interpret them, while make a bunch of assumptions about what the President must have meant or what he really wanted to say. Who cares what they think? What can they possibly know about what’s going on in the President’s head? Being dressed up, having tons of make up, and sitting next to a shiny glass table at a TV studio doesn’t make them know what’s really going on.

Let’s face it: we don’t know nearly as much as we think we do, and we rely way too much on hearsay. Then, we take that likely false information and share it with our friends over drinks, when there’s nothing better to talk about. Perhaps it’s time we realized how little we know and start looking for more reliable answers to our questions.

One obvious and immediate solution is not blindly relying on what you read online and what you hear on TV, but giving those who are being roasted by the media the benefit of the doubt. It’s so easy to say what someone else could have done better, but it’s harder to look in the mirror and tell yourself what you can do better. Walking barefoot at a gas station is not the classiest thing to do, but that alone doesn’t make Britney Spears a demon. Twerking at the VMA awards show is obnoxious on so many levels, and even though I’m no fan of Miley Cyrus, that trashy move alone does not make her evil.

Traveling is another way of getting reliable information about other places in the world. I’ve never been to our so-called enemy countries, but I bet that I’d be pleasantly surprised in quite a few ways if I visited Syria, Lebanon, and even Afghanistan—and I hope to go there one day once the military conflicts in that region are over (and before the gender dynamics in those countries are poisoned by the ways of the West). I’m sure we could learn a lot from them.

So far, every person I know who’s traveled to Cuba reports that it was their most memorable travel destination ever. Roosh knows this better than anyone else, having spent time in such places as Colombia and Brazil on one hand, and Poland and Ukraine on the other. He must have seen some bad things but, overall, life in those countries isn’t as bad as he probably thought it was before he went there. He makes it very clear in his writings that many of the truly important aspects of living in Eastern Europe, Latin America, and other areas of the world that we’re used to thinking of as having a lower standard of living than the US are actually superior to ours.

They say knowledge is power. Does it mean that false knowledge is weakness? If so, let’s make sure that at the very least we don’t give away the power we already have and not let others mislead us so easily.

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76 thoughts on “People Don’t Know Shit”

  1. I would rather man question something and be talking out of his ass than for that man to bow his head and never question anything in the first place, first we have the question and then we gather evidence. I would much rather have an ignorant cab drive question 9/11 and hope he later gains evidence rather than for him not too.

    1. yes, it’s pretty obvious when you do a bit of digging that 911 was Mosad and completely orchestrated…. so that is a bad example, and conspiracy talk is a very healthy thing even if it is BS… .when the cab driver from the airport, tells you the new president is amazing and the country is a paradise you can be sure you landed in North Korea not Northern California…

      1. “yes, it’s pretty obvious when you do a bit of digging that 911 was Mosad and completely orchestrated”
        What the fuck?

        1. a building that high does not collapse straight down, it goes against all laws of physics. As an engineer the whole thing struck me as all wrong on the day…. the path of least resistance in any breakage is always a shear…. even if the top 50% could collapse to powder, the rest would still have sheared off, and left at least a 30-40 stories stump standing… the pancake theory is about as valid as green men on mars was in the 1950s.
          people complained about it at the time and they were shutdown…. fbi took security tapes and never released them, there was never a forensic examination of the ruins for explosives and so forth…. red lights flashing… take a red pill man!!
          if you can find any structure in history that has collapsed to dust like that after one isolated impact…. without some internal tampering… i’ll give you $10,000 cash…
          it’s like having a car crash into a tree and claiming there should just be a pile of saw dust afterwards, that normal laws of physics of the tree breaking off and falling over don’t apply because of XYZ kooky reason….
          it’s like a mountain not shearing off into a landlslide, but the entire mountain turning to dust…
          it’s like saying you fell over and broke your leg and the entire bone just turned to powder…
          imagine you crash your car into that tree and not only is the tree saw dust but the entire car is reduced to iron fillings… do you think the insurance will pay up ? maybe in a sci fi movie… not in real life….
          the whole 911 thing was built on people watching too many movies…. programmed to believe high drama and hollywood special effects are actually how things naturally happen…. natural events are actually far duller….
          the twin towers collapsed like a vegas casino demolition…. there is no other way…… how that came about we can only guess, but the physics and the mechanics of failure don’t allow any other alternative….
          human element and explosives were more a part of it than the planes and some fuel….. that was a distraction… a magicians trick….
          you’ve been conned, now take a red pill and do some reading, watch some videos…. yes there is a lot of BS, but the mechanics of failure are clear…..

        2. You must not know what entropy means. The collapse of a building is not a zero-entropy-change process.

        3. allow me to explain Sir Edward…. if a structure collapses under its own weight, the ‘entropy’ is the drive towards thermodynamic equilibrium.. ie… energetically speaking if a 110 story building is pancaking and the collapse of each level causes the collapse of the next level… the energy system will move towards a state of equilibrium, so that as energy is used up pancaking the next floor into a state of collapse, there will be less and less energy for each subsequent pancake to occur, because some energy will be used up in destroying the next floor… thus the system will verge towards a state of rest, that being the equilibrium state…. therefore each floor that collapses will slow down the collapse of the next floor until the structure reaches a state of rest…
          therefore you should at very least see a slowing down in the pancaking, whereas what you actually saw was a structure that collapsed in a total state of free fall without any kind of entropy…
          this is only possible if all core strength was removed from ALL levels, many of which were not affected by any fire what so ever….
          even if pancaking was possible, it still doesn’t take into account the massive central lift shaft system that was an enormous solid structure…. the official explanation shows this central core as a tiny part of the building, like a house of cards with a match stick running through the middle whereas in reality it looked like this
          even the memorial has been designed to make you think that the building was a house of cards with a match stick up the middle…

        4. That’s nonsense. As each floor collapses it weighs more and will collapse the next floor easier.

        5. If you’re an engineer you really need to pursue a lawsuit against the university you attended, or did you buy a degree from a mail order university somewhere?
          Your entire theory is wrong, and is based an false engineering premises.

        6. I realize this is an archaic thread, but as an Industrial Engineer, I must lean towards skepticism, as this event contradicts everything I know about the mechanics of materials. People have no idea how the mechanics of materials work in real life, given the amount of Hollywood BS they’ve ingested throughout their lives. And even in videos of the collapses, explosives are evident. You can see the structure of the building “collapse” (support system shatter) downward at a rate greater than even the acceleration of gravity could drop an object in a vacuum. The only way this could happen is a system of explosives being set off floor by floor, from top to bottom, at a rate faster than the acceleration of gravity. And despite all of the evidence suggesting the use of explosives for the Twin Towers, there exists the scenario provided by the collapse of WTC7. A building which collapsed instantaneously because of “office fires”. For some reason, I have trouble believing that the over-engineered, steel support structure of WTC7 simultaneously ceased to provide structure throughout the entire building because of office fire. And if you watch videos of it, the ENTIRE building PANCAKES. If the support structures melted because of heat, would the entire building collapse perfectly parallel to the plane of gravity? Clearly not. Instead, you would see twisted, melted, steel I-beams still integrated in some areas with the concrete, but instead, all we see is a pile of dust. Hmm…
          And good comment on shear vs. tensile. Given the geometrical nature of skyscrapers and their support structures, they can handle much greater compressive (vertical, negative tensile) forces rather than shear. And your comment on the nature of the speed of the collapse was great too, and is something I was uncomfortable noticing in the videos. It falls with ABSOLUTELY no resistance by the collapsing floors. And as I mentioned earlier, I believe you can see “evidence of internal explosions” for each floor as the building collapses. Just as you can see in a typical demolition video. That’s how they set up the explosions…to occur right as the floor above is about to hit the floor below it, explosives are set off on the lower floor. Exactly how it appears with the Twin Towers.

        1. Of course they do but I would much rather see some evidence before concluding something so radical, rather than just speculate.

        2. There already exist enough evidence to cast concrete doubt on numerous incidents in the last 20 years. Waiting on the media to spoon feed you the info is a total sheep move.

      2. The Panopticon-like totality of the existing police state mechanism already far exceeds the steamiest wet dreams Stalin ever dared to spurt.

      3. I just found out the entire United States is a hand-in-glove Mexican-Canadian conspiracy run by the Illuminati and doesn’t even really exist. Everything you thought was real was implanted in your mind by the secret alpha wave base in Tlaxcala, Mexico, run by imported Soviet scientists from the very-much thriving (but underground) USSR “space program” (that was only ever a cover for the real-life USSR equivalent of the US’s fictitious and far inferior MK-ULTRA).
        In fact, just for sharing this information with you I’m likely to be snatched up out of my bunker and shuttled away to the gulag… keep your head on a swivel and your AK by the door. The Gestapo are coming, and they don’t take kindly to those in the know. Keep spreading the word about 9/11, and let’s blow the lid off the Matrix and go fight the machines.
        For Zion.

      4. Has it ever occurred to you… that maybe making you THINK 9/11 was a conspiracy… actually IS the conspiracy ITSELF?

        1. Nice link to a article that is in no way fact or journalism. A smart person would have noticed this right away and realized he was reading a slanted opinion piece. But hey any idiot can google and post a link.
          “It’s all linked to self-esteem. If you’re the sort of person who feels isolated or disenfranchised, you’re much more likely to develop wild theories as a way of making you seem more knowledgeable, more powerful, more special.”

        2. Which is why US Negroes will believe anything. In fact, the more fantastic something is the more they believe it.

  2. I like the bit about Best Buy.. it does frustrate me the lack of any kind of help in those stores, you can lose a whole hour looking for a park and trying to find your product… online shopping is so much better….
    There once was a day when sales clerks prided themselves on knowing their customers and the gear they sold…. these days the cashier in Macdonalds knows more about the prducts she’s selling, than the guy who’s swiping your card for a $2000 piece of electronics… it’s pretty sad….
    and what’s more the dumbing down and corporatoracy, has left customers by and large in a situation of put up and shut up, many companies like amazon barely answer the phone, god help you if you have a problem… gone are the days when the customer was valued and “the customer is always right”.
    these days the customer is as much a gaping wallet to be plundered as a young girl is a gaping vagina to be plundered….. the loss of quality runs like a bad smell through everything.
    like Agent Smith said in the matrix… humans are just lumps of meat with little purpose and even less intelligence…
    the only thing that might save this planet is warp drives, bio-intergrated technological implants and genetics – without that we are just monkeys admiring our balls, breasts and shiney gadgets….

      1. sounds like your vagina dried up and crusted over from this topic, but last time i looked this is a men’s site for men’s discussion, and when you look at the state of the politics, economics and the amount of control mechanisms in place… ie. Snowden, NSA, etc… and the amount of BS going on… according to the topic of discussion you have to think about how much you really know … got to or get some KY honey…

        1. Calm down kid. I’m still a medical doctor, come by the office and I’ll give you some Valium.

      2. Yo dumbass, there’s no hoes here and therefore no reason to “AMOG” other commenters. Take your snark elsewhere.

  3. Although I’m not sufficiently well-versed in the finer points to posit who or what was behind 9/11, even cursory review of objective evidence proves beyond the merest shadow that the U.S. government’s account is an absolute, brazen fiction.
    For further edification, feel free to Google the Big Lie technique of propaganda, which was liberally employed by the (previously) unsurpassed mind control masters of the Third Reich.

    1. yes exactly….. and other events like the London tube bombing were completely bogus as well….. you have to think like a detective and work backwards….. if there are flaws in the official story, then look for real pieces you can find and start to show the actual story…. as soon as you have some evidence and there is plenty of evidence that the official story is wrong… then you know your suspect is lying, covering something up, or is just incompetent, wrong or mistaken……
      from there you can start to draw lines and put together a certain amount of information so you can see the actual events….
      once you see actual events so different from the official story, then OK fine… the rest is conjecture and would not stand up in court…. but you can piece together a suspect and a real chain of events….. after that in such huge incidents there is only a couple of agencies and organizations capable of carrying out such atrocities…
      it seems to me that they have had to back off for a bit, the last few years, seeing that a large number of the public don’t fall for their lies…. the initial plot worked, but long term they had to stop…. or they would have been rumbled….
      in the UK one of the investigators was mysteriously found dead in the woods by his house… apparent suicide… or not…. there is so much stuff like this at one point the bloody hand prints point only in one direction….

      1. Many pieces of the aircraft (life jackets, seats, etc.) traveled completely through the structure and were found intact; the passport just happened to be one of many objects that survived. The passport was not required to prove anything; it was already known precisely who was on the plane. There would have been no reason to falsify evidence like that.

  4. TV makes people believe they know everything.
    How can someone who drags his ass to the 9-5 job day after day doing the same shit for years know anything about the world?

    1. especially in the US where the TV has to be on 24/7 in every room in the house…. people can’t even wait in an airport or restaurant without the talking heads to tell them how their world should be… talk about 1984…. it’s propaganda that people like to watch…. amazing…. not even Hitler managed to pull this off…
      the article brings up a good point about blabbing stuff and having an opinion.. sure… but it also fails to bring up the most important point about us living in a world that is totally manipulated and spoon fed to us… and that is what the red pill is all about… not just with feminism but with politics, socialism, military, government, terrorism, healthcare, taxes, needless wars and so on and so forth…
      sure we cannot prove in court that 911 was a setup, but we can know that most of what is fed to us in the mainstream media… is as much BS than any wild conspiracies…
      at least conspiracies are imaginative and fun and keep us awake….. the media machine makes us sleep and think that the world is a safe place run by people who really care about everyone….
      so to anyone saying the conspiracies are BS… the same argument applies to the official story… what do you really know other than what fox news planted in your head >?>

  5. Realize that the media is god in America. The media sells fear and consumption.
    “Now you stay afraid out there little people. There’s murder, AIDS, fires, floods, wars. Isn’t it terrible? But if you buy this new Acura you’re gonna feel better about all that, and when we introduce next year’s model you’re gonna make sure you’re nice and snug under these chains we’ve made for you, and let that sociopathic, tyrannical boss keep you under his lash so you can afford that one, too.” Free will, it is a bitch. People willingly go along with this. People don’t know shit.
    “Now Cuba is a baaaaaaaad place for you sheep. You’d better stay away from there.” Again, people only know what they’ve been told by the corporate shills in the media and political puppetmasters about other countries. People don’t know shit.
    One of the things I’ve noticed is that when I talk about going somewhere outside of this insane asylum known as Puritanland…er…America, the people I’m talking to always seem to have this sense of fear and trepidation. I’ve done it for years and years and I don’t have a fucking scratch on me to show for it. “Aren’t you scared?” is the inevitable question. No, I’m not. Turn off your TV and maybe you’ll stop being afraid, too. People don’t know shit applies here.
    Then there’s the microcephalics who are supposed to be “open-minded” coming down on me like a ton of bricks for daring to even pose the question that maybe we don’t have it as good here in Puritanland as we think we do, and the more I travel the more I believe that. As I’ve said before, Anglo America might be a good place to make money. But it has sacrificed everything else that was good about life in pursuit of that wealth. “But nobody in the world has our freedom and standard of living.” Again, people don’t know shit applies here, too.
    “Armaments, universal debt, and planned obsolescence – those are the three pillars of Western prosperity. If war, waste, and moneylenders were abolished, you’d collapse.” -Aldous Huxley

    1. yeah kick ass…. and in 98 when they rebelled against all that in Seattle and shutdown the WTO… the powers that be went into over drive to put the fear machine onto panic mode… because their doom machine was about to run over the cliff of popular dissent…. the internet which was at the time largely for under dogs and start ups was suddenly a force to be feared… now it’s just a shitcan of advertising… i’ve been running a DNS log on my router and for every webpage i view there are dozens of requests for advertising and so forth, domains i’ve never heard of being spoon fed straight onto my screen… i search for a new office chair and now i am blasted with chairs every time i go online… etc. etc…
      your life is being squeezed out of you… you are little more than a tube of branded toothpaste to be drained until it’s flat and empty…

  6. I like this line of thinking, and if you take it far enough you reach what is called Rationalism, which is based around improving yourself and your beliefs so that you are more successful and respected. There are many rationalist places on the internet and I’ve seen a lot of red-pill talk on many of them recently, which also goes to show how the fucked-upness of society is becoming apparent even to those who would be considered firmly on the left of the political spectrum.

    1. the whole left and right of the political spectrum is BS… far left communism, looked pretty much like far right nazism, at least in terms of freedom of speech and human catastrophe…. seems to me, we are somewhere half way in between the two, rapidly merging them together into some kind of global north Korea…

      1. That’s because nazism is leftist. The lie that nazism was rightist is one of the most pervasive and insidious today.

  7. Living in Afghanistan has shown me how stupid people can be. I still remember before my flight my friends told me that i would be forcefully married and would probably die under the bombings. This place is so much better then the wicked western culture i have grown up in. The people are honest and very nice, you simply CANNOT visit someone and not drink a cup of chai or 2, because its just rude towards them. The girls are VERY feminine and have almost zero arrogance. They know you are the man and respect that.Its sad how the media shows this country as corrupt and full of terrorists and villains, which probably applies more to Germany where i have been living all my life. Good article!

    1. Afghanis are world renown for their hospitality. But that whole region is. Back in the day hippies had the times of their lives traveling overland from Europe to India, crossing through all the “stans,” and have wonderful stories to share.

  8. Do you have to suck up to your hairy beta joke chieftain every time you write something (I refer to the last paragraph ofcourse)?Lol
    It was a good beginning though…

  9. Perhaps one of the worst articles yet printed on ROK. Basically everyone shut the fuck up and don’t think about anything – just consume products and try to fuck bar skanks – that will make you a winner. Also, never, never, never question your superiors or the elite cabals who have run the finance/banking and Western power structures for their own personal benefit. Just shut the fuck up everyone and do as your “betters” tell you and keep consuming and believing everthing people on TV tell you.

    1. Just shut the fuck up everyone and do as your “betters” tell you and keep consuming and believing everthing people on TV tell you.

      Yeah… pretty sure that’s exactly the opposite of what the article said:

      Who cares what they think? What can they possibly know about what’s going on in the President’s head? Being dressed up, having tons of make up, and sitting next to a shiny glass table at a TV studio doesn’t make them know what’s really going on.

      Good try, though.

  10. All of you complaining about how poor an article this is, didn’t grasp the meaning. The author no where stated that you should never question, the whole and only point is that you should speak about topics that you don’t know or understand. I’ve heard so many people tell me my decision to move to Russia was stupid and I’m throwing a career away to live in a destitute communist country. This has caused lost friendships because these people talk about subjects they know nothing about. I speak out all the time but if i have no idea on the topic I don’t make things up and talk out of my ass. Everyone else does this and I lose all respect for them instantly. This article is correct, and you should always think before you speak.

  11. WTF is this article trying to say? Don’t have an opinion since you are a simpleton cabbie that in no way is as smart as a internet writer? Only people with private access to classified information can speak on certain matters?
    Aside from the utter nonsense this article is just poorly written. If a 9th grade student turned this in it would be a C at best.

    1. Do you even know what an opinion means? I realise that you boys probably attended lower class and ‘hood schools where you were never taught how to think because the teachers were likely from your own backgrounds, and didn’t know how themselves, but this is something you needed to learn when you were a kid and not at 20 after it’s too late to change your thinking patterns but let’s see whether you can understand a few simple things.
      You first need to understand the definitions of words which you don’t. There are a few definitions of the word opinion. It can mean like a view or an impression that is not based on any real knowledge. This is what all of you on here are doing and it means no more than the babbling of some 8 year old.
      An opinion can also mean a judgement made by an expert.If I were to give a medical or legal opinion on something it would be valid because I’m an expert in those areas and have degrees in both of them. I could testify in court as an expert witness. You can’t and your so called opinion would fall into the first definition that I gave of a person having no knowledge. No, reading a lot of crap on the Net does not make you an expert and in fact you head is likely filled with misinformation and disinformation and means nothing. The masses of people weren’t too bright to begin with and now with the Net they’re getting even dumber.Jefferson made this same observation in his day when the media was only newspapers and how people who read the papers thought they were smarter than those who didn’t but in reality their heads were just filled with misinformation and nonsense.
      So instead of making a fool of yourself you should just sit back and read what the Elite Boomers have to say because they were and are the greatest generation in the history of the world. Your heads are full of mush and the reason that you don’t know it is because you’re dealing with people like yourselves who are equally dumb.

      1. Wow! This comment reads like an covertly racist message (“you boys”) on Jezebel! Why such emotion and name calling? This runs contrary to the red pill talk you no doubt spout in other situations and is frankly embarrassing to read. Do you have a horse in this race?

        1. Boys is racist? lol Your problem and that of the US is that you’ve become so pc and pussy whipped that you can imagine something even where it doesn’t exist. See my name? Boomer. So you Gen X and Y boys are just boys to me. You can’t think on your own because you either don’t have the mental capacity or were never taught.

      2. Well boomer your profile of me is absolutely wrong on every point you spit out of your laptop.
        You are a fucking retard and I mean that in the most personal way possible.
        You are proof that a man with a 98 IQ can try to act otherwise but only fool other retards.

  12. Ever notice that truthers and other conspiracy enthusiasts have an inability to make a short concise post? They ramble on and on.

    1. Oh fuck off and go watch some Fox “news” which will fill you full of shit and tell you what to “think.” Vote Bush and John Mc Qaeda Cain did you?

  13. You know, I thought this was a good article, and found myself a bit surprise over the negative response. The point isn’t to “not question”, it’s the opposite – it’s about not taking thing’s at face value and maintaining a healthy sense of rational skepticism. God forbid we don’t act like complete fucking lunatics for long enough to glean the general point of an article. Some of the comments are downright embarrassing.
    And as an actual engineer, I feel the need to point out to Ray that his attempted use of physics to support his Mossad-backed 9/11 conspiracy demonstrates little-to-no understanding of the subject. The factors involved in a falling skyscraper are very complex. For one, your “entropy” argument completely fails to take into account a) The weakening of the entire infrastructure with each sequential per-story collapse due to damage and material stress, and b) The steady per-floor accumulation of mass.
    His attempted “shear breakage” argument is flimsy as well. Skyscrapers have complex internal infrastructures (the components of which are at varying angles, thus would not all shear in response to a given force vector) are composed of many types of materials (with the shear modulus of each material varying greatly); you can’t just use the concept of shearing force as a catch-all trump card to explain how the tower “should” have fallen.
    But I digress. Good post decomposer917. I enjoyed it.

  14. I agree whole heartedy with your point of always being a skeptic, but couldn’t quite understand what you meant that western values on women’s rights would poison the middle east. If I had a choice of where I’d want my baby sister to grow up in, I can promise you it wouldn’t be a muslim state, where women are beaten, raped, and tortured because the religion calls for it (which is the case with most abrahamic religions). Educating, and empowering women in 3rd world countries historically is the most effective way to fix poverty. While I’d agree with you that feminists, and women in general are annoying, I wouldn’t wish for any woman to be born in a society where it’s legal for a husband to beat and rape his wife, where rape isn’t a crime but a punishment, and the punishment for adultery is getting stoned to death. A society where a girl can’t go to school, or has to wear a veil as a form of sexual oppression. I really don’t know how anyone could say, that our way of life would be the poison! I don’t know about you man, but I like our poison way more then theirs. And honestly every innocent people suffering because of the civil war in Syria, would strongly disagree with you. Food For Thought.

  15. The wise question when shit happens is pretty much: Who’s going to gain the most out of it?

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