White American Girl Raises Over $30,000 Because Her Dad Is “Racist” Against Black Boyfriend

18-year-old Tennessee teenager Allie Dowdle has asked the public to pay for her college tuition after she claimed her “racist” father and mother cut her off financially for dating a black man. She set an initial target of $10,000 but has raised over $30,000 at the time of this writing.

What a poor girl, right? Well, not so much. It turns out that Dowdle attends a $20,000-a-year private school in Memphis. To put this into perspective, the median American income, representing the person earning more than 50% of the population and less than 50% of the population, is just $30,240. That’s $30,240 for food, rent, medical care, entertainment, gas, other car costs, water, electricity, insurance, debt repayments, entertainment, and education, not to mention anything else that a human being needs or desires.

Countering his daughter’s attempts to throw him under the bus, Dowdle’s father insists that one of the real reasons Allie has been cut off is due to her lying about her relationship and dating Michael Swift in secret (just like 90% of American parents who issue curfews and insist on meeting a new boyfriend). He also claimed that she needed to be less pampered and “go out in the world and grow up.”

The only person who deserves to be thrown under the proverbial bus in this situation is Allie Dowdle.

Sadly, Dowdle has proffered zero evidence that her family, particularly her father, is actually racist. Yet this has not stopped over a thousand people so far from “donating” to her campaign. For anyone who has read Robert Cialdini’s book Influence, Allie’s pleas for assistance strongly echo the “because” mechanism for gaining the compliance of others.

One example Cialdini uses in his work is someone trying to push in line to use the photocopier by saying to others something like, “I need to use the photocopier first because I need to make copies.” As stupid and mundane as it sounds, study after study has shown it works. In the case of Dowdle, she has argued that “I need money because my family is racist,” all without proving or even trying to prove anything. We have nothing but her accusation to go by.

Strangely, Allie Dowdle, whose material and social positions are much greater than the vast majority of American youngsters wanting to attend college, expects to be treated as a modern-day civil rights activist for dating and presumably having sex with a black man. Though Return Of Kings has never subscribed to the violent militancy of Black Lives Matter and other repugnant trouble-making groups, we note with great mirth the irony of a rich white girl asking for money for college tuition to fight “racism.”

Why didn’t Allie Dowdle ask for $1,000 or $2,000 for a second-hand car?

A used car I found on sale in nearby Memphis for just $1,995 (via www.autotrader.com). If Allie Dowdle is so hard-working, why didn’t she simply ask for $1,000 or $2,000 for a used car to get to work?

Allie Dowdle insists that she cannot get a job because of issues related to transport, with her car having been taken from her. This begs the question as to why she didn’t have an independent source of savings beforehand. Perhaps the answer is because she just didn’t work much previously. Whereas I and many of you had your first jobs when you were in your mid-teens (I was just 13, actually), Dowdle seems to have relied on her parents much more than working-class and lower middle-class teens.

And if Allie Dowdle is so hard-working, why didn’t she ask for a hand-up instead of a hand-out? All she needs is a car that works, which only costs $1,000 to $2,000, so she can get a job. I would still doubt her story, yet this more modest request would be less of an apparent scam than asking for her tuition to be paid for by the public. Interestingly, her campaign does not mention any of the places she might have applied to for work nearby (assertions that could at least be confirmed or denied by certain businesses) or whether she asked her parents for permission to use the car only for work purposes.

This new GoFundMe opportunist lives in the town of Eads, which is under 30 miles from Memphis by car. A Google Maps check I did shows a number of sizeable nearby towns, too. I find it hard to believe that she cannot find an after-school or weekend job without a car. Bus services are far from non-existent and it would appear that Dowdle’s need for money stems from a reluctance to, say, get up early on a weekend so she can attend a part-time job.

Regardless, having looked at the ways public Tennessee colleges manage admissions, there seems to be little chance that she would be prevented from attending college at all without $10,000 from the public. Her GoFundMe page indicates, falsely, that without such money her dream of going to college will be ruined. Almost every Tennessee (and American) college student enters and leaves college with some level of debt, usually a high one. This does not impede tens or even hundreds of thousands of poor or lower middle-class kids with far less affluent backgrounds than Dowdle from graduating every year.

It’s so easy to assassinate someone’s character nowadays—especially if the accuser is a (young) woman

Artist’s depiction of America in 2017. Oh, and the Salem witch trials, too.

Dowdle’s father Bill is the proprietor of a sporting goods store, which has been in his family’s hands for over a century. This business may not survive the outrage that erupted after Allie Dowdle’s GoFundMe page began trending and was picked up by various media outlets across the world. And we still have no proof that “racism,” rather than Dowdle’s alleged immaturity, was behind her being cut off. It is highly likely that Bill Dowdle will lose tens of thousands in profits, let alone sales, as a result of this highly negative attention.

Though I mentioned the campaign’s use of “because” psychological posturing, its success largely depends on Dowdle being a young, non-ugly teen girl. Thanks to an army of white knights and feminists, rape accusations, for instance, are usually believed immediately and the accused castigated, isolated, and even attacked. But when young women want money, the white knights generally take care of business for them. In fact, before comments were disabled, I noticed an over-representation of females making negative remarks and an over-representation of doughy-looking men donating money.

You can now monetize your daddy issues

Parents and fathers in particular are around to set boundaries for their children, especially when those children suck at their financial teat, 18 and over or not. It comes as no surprise that teenage girls’ conflicts with the authority of their parents is one of the most recycled tropes found in modern cinema. Perversely, Allie Dowdle has illustrated that, with no evidence whatsoever, an aggrieved teenage girl can now throw her family under the bus and expect to make a small fortune from it. All she needs is to be non-ugly and have the appropriate prop (in this instance a black boyfriend) to make a certain claim (here, racism).

Some teenagers are, of course, going to genuinely believe what they write to try and get money. Anger is a strange thing. Nonetheless, the fact that so many complete strangers are donating, without any corroboration other than the words of the girl who organized the fundraising herself (why didn’t a friend, or the boyfriend’s family?), portends very badly for society at large. If your alleged “mistreatment” ticks the right boxes, you can expect a hefty payday, all whilst leaving those you accused to be kicked and screamed at for their “crimes.”

Meanwhile, plenty of actual victims of the world, with absolutely no means to better their situation, are left to starve, go without, and generally suffer.

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622 thoughts on “White American Girl Raises Over $30,000 Because Her Dad Is “Racist” Against Black Boyfriend”

  1. More evidence that the AOC and marriage age for women should be set to 12 again. Nuff said.

    1. Pedophilia and transvestite normalization is in its infancy, so were only seeing the beginning.

      1. There is no normalization of pedophilia. If you read anything that says otherwise it’s Fake News.
        There is no Pizzagate. No, nothing to see there.
        Just a bunch of guys who like to talk about pizza in mails and love art with lots of children and a gay guy who loves to post pictures of toddlers on instagram with hashtags like #murder or #hotard attached to it.

        1. Oops sorry, I forgot I should have listened to Stephen Colbert when he told me Pizzagate was a fever dream

        2. There was an article on pizzagate on german MSM yesterday:
          They described it like this:
          ‘According to the conspiracy theory Hillary Clinton is producing child pornography in her basement. Of course it was debunked soon after it was released.’
          God, german MSM is the worst. Everything on there is fake to the bone.
          There is a big german TV series called ‘Lindenstraße’ that should describe the average life of germans and it is on air since decades. Since a few years it’s always about poor refugees getting treated badly by evil nazi germans and german men are all turning into gays and trannies.
          And the german movies are the same.
          The biggest german movie series is called ‘Tatort’, something like CSI or True Detective.
          The perpetrators are always rightwing and the victims are always migrants. It’s the shittiest propaganda I have ever seen.
          Last week they aired an episode where the perpetrators were called ‘Die Kongruenten’ as a reference to ‘Die Identitären’ (identity movement). The anti-rightwing narrative is just through the roof but nobody in germany gets it because they don’t consume alternative media. They think german TV is the best most accurate on the planet and all the others (russia, iran, north korea, china and so on) are dirty, satanic liars.
          Here are screenshots from Lindenstraße:

        3. Fuarrk, didnt know it was that horrible over there. I’m so glad I cut the cable.

        4. I dont have a TV since years but my parents watch german TV. 5 hrs/day.
          I had a discussion on Trump with my dad 3 days ago and he went mental because he is completely brainwashed.
          He said that Trump will nuke the whole planet and that he is a soviet spy.
          And he meant it like this.
          Nothing shocks me anymore.
          I can have the best arguments but my parents will always trust german media because they are the good ones and would never lie.
          Btw: My mother worked in a refugee center for a few months.
          I’m the only non-liberal in my whole family. And I’m the only male person in my family under the age of 60 (I’m 23).

        5. Pizzagate was a set up by Soro’s Mediamatters, a sophisticated psy-op to create a ‘fake news’ narrative, but go and watch Enterthe5t4rz’s Youtube channel and his videos on Pizzagate, and you’ll see the rabbit hole goes deeper, even in regards to James Alefantis.

        6. I know I shouldn’t laugh but I can’t help it. Propaganda so fucking blatant they’ve jumped a whole bunch of sharks

    1. He is probably spending all his money on his own college education to become an engineer……

        1. Due the lack and quality of girls in engineering school more than anything else. Maybe it’s changed since my time.

        2. The girls weren’t bad looking, except there were only 1 for every 10 guys. That and they have a chip on their shoulder. Who would want a girl that wants to compete with everything? Bad relationship material.

        3. Not where I was. Not bad looking was a subset of an already small population. I didn’t find many to be competitive, there were a fair number that were there to snag a man or have as many as wanted even. But that was a long time ago and different world.

        4. In my school, the decent looking chicks in engineering had more beta orbiters than Jupiter has moons. In every class. Hard 6’s surrounded by 10 guys begging to do her homework for her, help her study, etc.
          An 8 showing up could cause near anarchy.

        5. Agreed, they had so many orbiters it was stupid. Then, after graduation, they left school single. Now that they are in their 40’s, most of those girls that I had as classmates are still single and getting tired of the career thing and want to find a “real man” to settle down with. Karma is a bitch.

  2. The comments on her gofundme show that women are against it. So we can assume that most of the donors are men. They’re giving money for a spoiled harlot to fuck around against the wishes of her father. This is cuckholdry in monetary form.

    1. Ever wonder why most donors to cosplay whores are men? Same reason this girl gets all that money.

        1. In order to get in her pants. Beta males in gaming go that low. That’s why women tend to complain about gaming culture in the first place.

        2. There’s what the women say it is for.
          There’s what the men giving the money hope to get from it.
          One’s a lie and the other will never happen.

        3. Basically yes. People.donate money to artists to get illustrations they want, this is the same with photographs.

      1. All the millenial and younger guys are fine with this. Brainwashing complete. They just hope these chicks are charitable enough to want their four incher every so often when they are jonesin’ for some nookie but they just don’t want to be bored out by the black post hole digger.

        1. I read this just a couple hours after watcing the season finale of Shooter where in the final badass shootout scene of Bob Lee Swagger vs a dozen Russian assassins they play a pathetic song with lyrics from some whiny guy about how some chick might have slept with someone else but it doesn’t matter because he will love her last.
          Had zero to d with the actual scene. I bet the writers had that forced on them by some woman/cuck producer.

        1. I’ve heard that it’s a per-TV fee and they have goons who are allowed to come into your house to look for unauthorized TVs to make sure sure Pravda I mean the BBC is getting their cut.

        2. It’s per household, otherwise it would be ruinous. They have TV license vans, or at least they used to and some enforcement powers. Definitely a commie run outfit

        3. well there is a reason that porhub statistics report cuck porn is rasing. Cucks love to taste the bull milk when the cuck kiss the wife.

        4. Humph… I couldn’t find one, who wasn’t a buggering paedophile at the British Buggering Children ?

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      2. They’re lucky to live in a world of laws, keeping actual men from pummeling them on a daily basis. Enjoy your undeserved privileges, “modern” Neutered Pseudo-Males…

        1. Cuckholds should be emasculated. They are not men to begin with so why should they fool people into believing they are.

    2. Seems like the worthless little whore could make more money with a cam and a black dildo.

      1. That will come when the sympathy money runs out. Right now, her boyfriend is having fun in his newly purchased car with his other “girlfriends”.

    3. I’d say some of those women are jealous they didn’t think of this first.
      It’s like how girls slate other girls for dating professional footballers, until …

      1. Women will only be “happy” for other women if:
        (1) The success of one woman doesn’t overshadow the success of the other — if woman “A” achieves parity or shoots above woman “B,” then all congratulations and back pats are concealed jealousy;
        (2) One woman is uglier, fatter, or has a bigger loser boyfriend/husband than the other;
        (3) One woman doesn’t put in the same effort as another woman in order to obtain a comparable lifestyle or level of status. The lazy/lucky will feel happy for the diligent; never the opposite.
        If a woman posts on Facebook about her new house, you can expect congratulations will only come from women who have bigger homes with nicer kitchens and bigger closets in the master bedroom. If a woman is getting money for nothing — she will only be congratulated by other women who get money for nothing (the basis of Roosh’s comment). It’s only natural that women would be hating on this dumb, recalcitrant, daddy-hating bitch: because they’re not doing better than she is on the freebie front; and not only are they not doing better — they can’t.

        1. and social media keeps them perpetually miserable. Those Amish broads knitting a sweater right now, not have a clue what Instagram is, are infinitely more content than 99% of American chicks

        2. I get your point, but you’d be surprised how crazy these Amish kids can be nowadays.

        3. Drinking unpasteurized milk is dangerous, right up there with snortinf blow

        4. He does, and hopes to have something out in February. I’ve got something that’s coming together nicely that I think you guys will enjoy.

        5. true: amish always look very happy and content when I see them traveling on the train. Big extended families. Beautiful.

        6. But the amish came from germany. They are evil nazis! They should pay shekels to Israel.
          I will start a campact petition so we can force the amish to give us their shekels.
          God damn, goyim.

        7. Dead on. Confirmed hundreds of times over in my life and social circles. Programmed to deceive each other and *barely* hide thinly-veiled jealousies at every turn.

        8. I use to be an unpasteurized milk drinker, then I found homogenized. My life is different now.

        9. There was some reality show about it. As far as I am concerned AWALT reigns supreme. Amish girls are just waiting for the opportunity to whore it up

        10. Bro last month I spotted an Amelette doing some Christmas shopping with what I assume was her Grandma down at World Market…I’m not kidding when I say this girl was the closest thing to an HB10 that I have ever fixed my two eyes upon. And you’re right, some of those girls are freaks, from what I hear. The Amish kids get wild these days — drink a ton and do lots of blow. It doesn’t get much press bc they keep their shit under wraps as much as they can. Plus, you know, everybody hates those slimy fuckers anyways. It cracks me up when I read about the JQ here…I even read a comment within the last day that said European stock has basically always been morally pure until the Jews started corrupting us. I can absolutely promise you, if the Amish are any indicator, that statement is patently false. Those dirty Dutch man, those are some greedy, slimy, immoral bastards. They’ll fish your ponds dry, strip every good tree off your property, help themselves to any resource they can get their hands on, and then send you a bill for it. Mufukkas around here ought to be talking about the AQ, not the JQ.

        11. Thanks for the comment downplaying how f’ing corrupt the Jews really are.Christian Whites may be sinners and have faults but only the Jews take joy in corrupting God’s children.In other words take your false witness and shove it.

        12. Hahahahaha i’m not downplaying how corrupt the Jews are (or aren’t), I merely point out that nobody has the fuckery market cornered. Regardless though, you’re welcome.
          I tell ya, I’ve heard so much about how evil the Jews are lately, and from some people who by all indications seem to be fairly well into maturity & adulthood. So I’m intrigued and interested in seeing any actual, factual evidence that might be out there to support this hypothesis. From what I can gather though, it’s all based on the fact that Jewish people are overrepresented in positions of power within banking, media and other big businesses. And that doesn’t sell me, not by a country mile. In fact, what that sounds like to me is that over a long period of time, a larger-than-average number of Jewish people made wiser financial and career decisions than all of us goyim. This falls in line with the way I have heard Jewish people raise their kids — they have such strict rules in their churches or synagogues or whatever they’re called, and are guilted to all hell if they don’t follow all the rules, discipline themselves and excel. And it seems to me that if I called them evil greasy debils because of that, I’d be no different than any BLM punk, inciting hatred towards white people who are typically only guilty of making better life choices and taking their responsibilities more seriously.
          Still though, like I said, I am always open to learn more about anything and everything, so if anybody can show me real facts and not conspiracy theories, I will absolutely take the time to read them and give them all due consideration. In other words, until such time, I don’t give half a lick of shit about your phony moral superiority.
          EDIT: I have indeed seen all those verses from the Talmud about killing goyim and ripping us all off bc we are outsiders. But I’ve seen similar verses in the Bible right here beside me, and also of course in the Koran too. I agree that those are all bullshit, regardless of the book they’re bound within, but they aren’t putting me over the tipping point yet. I need to see data. Remember how we like hard data here in the manosphere? I’m a big fan of that stuff.

        13. You can make some fairly decent cheese out of the unpasteurized though. I don’t know if you can do that with homogenized.
          Then take that cheese and whip up a fine batch of syrniki. And then….smile on, mighty Jesus — you are about to sit down to a fine fine breakfast.

        14. Please make sure that it compares the # of women who have folded their boyfriend’s jeans against the # who have taken multiple cocks in their ass. BC that will live forever, seriously.

        15. Whatever you say Melvin. It’s all just anti Semitic tinfoil conspiracy stuff right. We should all just return to the status quo, nothing to see here.
          Ps I don’t remember reading in the bible that sexual intercourse with three year old gentiles was allowed. Nor that the word of the rabbi is greater than gods. Come to think of it I don’t recall anywhere in the Bible that lying,cheating and murdering the gentile for Jewish benefit being condoned.
          It seems The Talmud volumes are not really like the Bible at all, but then I suppose you would say that when one of its laws states that a Jew that reveals to the goyim animal beasts what the Talmud teach of them deserves death.

        16. Actually Shaun King, you’re totally right: Goy Lives Matter! I’m sick and tired of waking up every day, turning on the news and seeing yet another story about 3 year olds being killed by the Jewz. And I can’t get a promotion at work bc they won’t teach me their secret handshake. It’s completely fucked and I just won’t stand for it any more. I’m going to start writing for Storm Front right away. Thank you so much for opening my eyes to the truth of why my life sucks. It’s definitely not due to a lifetime of poor decision making on my part at all.
          Listen, again, I get that if you dig around, you can find some fucked up stuff on them. I get that they actively work together to promote the interests of their tribe, and it’s a club you can’t enter unless you have the blood of God’s chosen people running through your veins. I get all that, I really do. But if you want to talk about conspiracy theories, you’re looking at the wrong guy. What you’re saying is no different than what the feminists or the black Panthers or any other blame-based hate group has to say. Literally no different. Your life is what you make of it, end of story. You are the sum of your ideas and actions. I found my way here bc I was tired of living in a world where, as a cis white male, I’m apparently responsible for all America’s problems. I know perfectly well that a huge mass of people just blame me for their own individual failures and shortcomings because it’s easier than taking personal responsibility for them. I lived that way for most of my life too, and then I found my way to the reality of it all: that if you blame others for your own situation, most of the time it’s a lie bc you’re weak, and you’ll never amount to or accomplish very much in your life. And most of the people I’ve met in this community understand the same thing, and we like to push one another to achieve meaningful existences. Should you keep an eye out, and be wary of nasty fuckers trying to screw you over? Yes, of course, you’d be a fool not to. Should you keep an extra special eye on people who have a historical pattern of such behavior? Absofuckinglutely you should. But in the end, it’s down to you, here and now, every minute of every day until you die. And in other to manifest great things outside your mind, you have to have great things inside your mind first. That is the sum total of my beliefs, and I’m going to stick to that and encourage others to do the same. By doing so, through the process of accretion, I think I have a strong chance to set an example for my family and my community. And then I’ll die and be gone anyway.
          Look dude you’re more than welcome to harbor any thoughts or beliefs that you wish. You have that freedom, we all do. But until I see real, factual data supporting your assumptions, I’ll continue to think you’re just as much of a weak minded fool as any other gender- or race-baiter. I cannot allow my brain to be poisoned with any ideas that say my life and my fate is not squarely in my own hands.
          I asked for evidence last night, and I found a reference to some book I’ll be reading today. If I’m shocked and astounded at the verifiable truth it contains, rest assured I’ll be right there with you. I’m a proud German-American and my heritage means a lot to me. But I don’t buy into conspiracies typically, and something tells me that this is going to turn out to be just another one.
          TLDR: I’m responsible for my own outcomes. Evil ideologies are the enemy more so than evil individuals.

        17. Also some other points, in addition to my other angry diatribe. Some of the stuff in the Talmud is completely fucked. I knew that long before ROK existed. I also, as a kid, used to sit in church and ignore the sermon, just sit there and read the Bible instead. And while it’s not nearly as fucked up as the Talmud, there is indeed some stuff in there that should raise eyebrows. Most of it, of course, is in the Old Testament, so you can attribute that to the Israelite influence and authorship too. Everybody is probably familiar with some of the more questionable Mosaic Laws — setting out rules for how and when to beat your slaves, when it’s ok to rape, stuff like that. A little fewer people have probably read the book of Joshua (I think it was Joshua, it’s been years since I read these parts) in which God commands the Israelites to carry out genocide on any tribe they encounter in the Promised Land; in which the sacking of multiple cities is proudly described by saying “not one man woman child or animal was left alive” — and then when those same Israelites had the nerve to show mercy to a few small towns, God cursed them forever for not carrying out his kill-em-all-and-let-me-sort-em-out-commands. Yeah dude, that shit is uncool, but there it is, right in their holy books — and later in our holy books too.
          I also remember sitting there reading Revelations (great reading for an 11 year old) and getting to the part where it says that after the apocalypse, only 144,000 people will be chosen to enter the new kingdom of heaven on earth — all of them Jews. I remember thinking well what the fuck are we doing here at church if we can’t even get into heaven? I should be at home playing Zelda for fuck’s sake.
          So yeah — the Talmud may be a little more graphic, but that shit is in the bible too, and not just in the OT. You don’t see much anti-anybody stuff in the NT because Jesus really understood things. He knew that peace can only be found within oneself, and it is a result of sowing the right seeds inside, so that you can later reap the benefits outside. I’ve also been touting Taoism here on ROK for the last couple days — I sincerely believe that, even if they didn’t know the name and all the ideas, the ideas of Taoism formed a part of Jesus’s core values. That is a tinfoil conspiracy though on my part, it may or may not be true and is likely to be completely unproveable (although if you read Ecclesiastes and then read the Tao Te Ching, you’ll definitely see the similarities too)
          Anyway dude I don’t want to give anybody here the impression that I hate you or wouldn’t have your back if it came down to it. The whole is stronger than the sum of its parts and to a large degree, I know we all share certain common enemies. But I’ll say it a million times, nothing is more important than the realization that we are all our own worst enemies. You can pick any group and find dirt on them, but if you stack that up and weigh it against your own actions, if you’re honest with yourself I think you’ll always find that you are the agent of your own destiny, and that in the overwhelming majority of cases, blanket hatred towards any outside force or influence will only keep you from reaching your true potential. That’s why i’m here, to get and give help in pursuit of that goal. You do what you like, but I promise you that you’ll be happier if you start by tending your own garden rather than bitching about somebody else’s.

        18. Yes and the media and the hollyweird is always trying to depict the Amish as miserable and Sad people trap in a cult.

        19. That’s all good and well and if you’re sincere I hope that works out for you. Not once have I advocated that a man should not be responsible for himself or surrender to victim hood.
          What you are telling me I feel is like a child being told to ignore the bully at school that picks on them, and steals their play lunch and he will simply just go away. I would much rather teach that child to punch that bully square in the face so he re evaluates his asshole behavior. Except the stakes are much higher in the real world and the majority of people are completely in the dark on who the bully is or have been convinced being bullied is a good thing. Awareness is key, some people don’t want to see their victims led out of the dark.
          I’m sure many a Russian thought as you during the Jewish Bolshevik revolution that ther is no conspiracy or evil plan afoot and if they just keep on keeping on everything will be fine. Estimates of 30 million slaughtered.
          Evil prevails when good men do nothing.

        20. Posting on social media about material possessions is horribly gauche. It smacks of insecurity and lack of breeding.
          This white American girl was clearly cossetted to the point of becoming an idiot. I used to WALK to work when I was her age or take the damn bus! Lying was dealt with in my childhood household with a swift smack in the mouth. My parents always said “Liars and thieves go hand in hand.”
          I hope this girl feels good about betraying her family in such an embarrassing manner. The time will come where she will need her parents and they won’t want anything to do with her.

        21. Very true. This is why I’ve learned to keep very few friends outside of my husband. Few women are genuinely friends with other ladies. I’ve been the target of jealousy from “friends” who ruined their lives with single motherhood.
          I’ve also had “friends” who were beautiful on the outside but terrible people; they were shocked that I wouldn’t put up with their poor treatment.

        22. Yeah, it’s not just gauche, it’s straight up moronic. All these modern hucksters see an easy scam and go for it. They never give a second thought as to what happens next.

        23. I see lots of Amish women on my travels in the rural midwest.
          LOTS of obesity. Slender ones are outliers.

        24. The media and hollyweirdos also like to portray everyone in ‘flyover country’ as pretty much the same.

        25. Again, dude, show and prove. I really am open to learning, but I’m also strict with my verification standards. I’m not one of these people who says you can’t even question the Jews — everybody should be accountable for their actions & they’re no different (far the opposite in fact). But your example there, it’s a really poor strawman. I need evidence, not straw men, and not early 20th century books that read like a modern “chasing bigfoot” or “Atlantis uncovered” type of low budget cable documentary.

        26. Thanks man, I’ll watch this now. I’m also going to wade thru the material in that sponsored post from today. Big ups for the follow thru

        27. Well, those were indeed interesting and I did indeed learn a few useful new things. So again, I appreciate it. Buuuuutttttttt you’re still not convincing me that I am not the primary agent of my own destiny, just like you are yours, he is his, she is hers, so on. I might as well have spent the last 20 minutes reading Feminist Frequency, they blame boogeymen for all their problems there too.

      2. I doubt that it is due to not being the first to think of it, but more likely they’re jealous that she is so brazenly shamless to pull something like this. The reality is, most women being seen with a black man, would be the equilvilent of being seen with a poor man, or a man being seen with a fat chick. It is scraping the barrel, yet she has managed to make a load of money out of being utterly shameless. No doubt this story has a bad ending; fettish relationships with neurotic/ brainwashed white girls and non-whites end up, at best, with middle aged women regretting their poor choices in their youth.

        1. Well said.Race mixing b.tches need to end up in the bed they made:no White grandparents raising their half breed offspring,no checks from the White taxpayer,no White family members pretending their kinky,orange haired kids are as good as their blonde haired kids.Let them be examples of what happens when you betray your bloodline,let the Blacks keep using them until they prematurely die of disease,loneliness and beatings at the hands of numerous Black boyfriends aka pimps.

      3. We need some real role models for young girls like Ivanka Trump to replace the likes of the Kardashians and others of her type.

      4. Women already know the true nature of other women. It’s the clueless beta men falling for it.

    4. Are you referring to comments made by the donors or somewhere else? Because I can’t find any comment section.

    5. The result of this spoiled whore’s actions may be an example of cuckholdry, but her actions are also an example of why women need men to keep them in check. She’s thrown her father and the rest of her family under the bus in some childish, emtionally driven and highly public outburst in order to “teach daddy a lesson” over a relationship that probably won’t last the semester.
      This has nothing to do with racism. It has everything to do with a spoiled, entitled brat making an extremely stupid decision to sacrifice her education and future and doubling down on that stupidity with even more hamster-brained actions that she’s rationalized with a dubious link to racism.
      The correct response on her part now is to ditch the boyfriend, return everyone’s contributions to her GoFundMe campaign, and make highly public and sincere amends to her family. But since she’s gone this far, it’s probably more likely that she’ll triple down on her stupidity once those donations dry up. I foresee stripper at best and a terrible “Debbie does Nashville” porno at worst.

      1. So she shouldn’t date a guy simply because her father doesn’t approve of the relationship??

        1. I don’t know, Einstein, if you were the girl’s father and you were paying a five figure bill every year for her education along with all the extra financial support, what would you rather she be doing? Focusing on her studies and investing the resources you’re providing her with to achieve success or getting in line at the university cock buffet and then throwing you and the rest of your family under the bus because you disapprove of the misuse of your support?

        2. In my opinion, the young lady’s father is a racist who can’t stand the fact that his daughter is dating a black guy. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was affiliated with the KKK

        3. Yea…call it— EXPIRIENCE , Wisdom…Caring for your child…]
          Then again she could be a gangbang whore and be the dead mother of another WORST American president .
          BerryO’bammy…Quack quack…halfblack

        4. Who would want their daughter dating a black? No one but a cuck would want to have grandkids that look like human/ape hybrids.

        5. Seems like the craziness and magnitude of the girl’s acting out goes way past *just* who she is dating and if her dad approves. That has got to be just the tip of the dysfunction iceberg.
          If they are even semi engaged, parents are gonna have something to say with about the dating activities of their kids– mine sure did, and they had every right. And of course, I defied them, leading to family strife. But there is more going on here than just that.
          Maybe the dad really cannot see past race, but the person who is actually exploiting race here is the girl, herself. She is pimping the bf, all the way.

        6. And in my opinion, based on your commentary in this article alone, you’re a race baiting tool who only pulls the race card out of the deck when it can be of maximum benefit with minimum responsibility. I’m certain that if this were a black family with a black daughter dating a white guy, you’d be fully supportive of the father pulling the financial rug out from under his disrespectful daughter and making her pay for her own mistakes. I bet you also think Zimmerman was a white dude and Michael Brown was just a nice guy who got gunned down by racist white cops too.

        7. You are very naive if you think that.The vast majority of white parents will not want there daughter dating a black guy. It is probably the worst thing a white daughter could do short of doing drugs or ending up in jail.
          Parents have a right to have aspirations for their children.After all, her parents fed her and looked after her day after day, year after year. They have every right have higher expectations of their daughter. The least she could have done is to not date a black guy, and then not publicly attack her parents in this way. The parents have my full sympathy and the daughter none.
          The problem is that PC society uses the media and social force to attack white parents who don’t want their daughters going out with blacks, so the parents have to be subtle. But that will change. The PC media and the white knights will not be able to enforce their will on decent families for long.
          Black people like you think that the World revolves around you and your sexual needs, and that white parents have to accommodate people like you. But they don’t. They owe you nothing.

        8. Let that whore go to hell ! Why should that whore blame the MAN who gave her birth and fed her for 18 damn good years !!
          Whorish bitches are always ungrateful ! Proven again by another whorish bitch !!!

        9. OR maybe the guy’s an all around shit stain and her dad has been around long enough to know? Oh wait, she can’t cash in off that…

        10. I thought the father’s issue was his daughter’s dishonesty and not the boy’s race?!

      2. Exactly. “Cut off?” I didn’t get shit from my parents after 18 and no one should.
        Daddy should have used the rod more often. Now she’s looking for rod in all the wrong places.

      3. “This has nothing to do with racism”
        “racism” has no real signification. it’s just a word that non-Whites use to deny to Whites the right of staying Whites in Whites countries.

    6. To be fair, all those cucked guys were going to end up paying for someone’s half black baby sooner or later.

      1. What makes her a whore? She’s just a young lady who decided to date a guy. Just because her father doesn’t approve of the relationship, doesn’t turn her into a whore

        1. Good goy. Now give her your shekels, heh heh.
          And give some shekels to me, too. Remember your ancestors turned six trillion jews into lampshades.

        2. White girl dating Coal train ? Thats what makes her a whore . Manipulating betas, THAT what makes her a whore. Once you go black…you’re a single mother the rest of your life . … wana bet ? any takers . we will watch where this train wreck goes, 50-50 chance she will end up dead @ the hands of this B.O.

        3. Actually there are plenty of women who “went white” and ended up as single mothers. Stop being a primitive racist

        4. True my little cherry picker, weaponizer of facts…
          But white women without a turd baby have a good chance to have a NORMAL life, chance to marry , not live in ghettos …Have child grow up to have a JOB, Possible a REAL father ….etc
          Once you go black, you’re a single mother the rest of your life ….

        5. This girl publicly shamed her family…..for money.
          She manipulated sexually thirsty white knights….for money.
          That sounds pretty whorish to me.

        6. Just because the father didn’t approve of the relationship, that whore has no right to call her father a “racist” ! What a disgrace !

        7. You don’t give orders bitch.And what would you know about White relationships or anything else you kinky Jew boy.

        8. It is still trading sex fr money even if the one paying you isn’t the one you are fucking.

    7. Her father has no right to determine who she dates. Surely she should be allowed to choose the male she wants to date

      1. One of my sisters was dating a soldier when she was 17. My dad told her to end it immediately, and she did. She ended up marrying an geo-engineer. If a daughter is raised well, she’ll respect her fathers superior judgement, especially when it comes to men.

        1. I love my mother but there’s no way she’ll decide who I should date. I have the right to date whomever I decide to. I think her dad is just racist and needs to stop being so primitive

        2. Yeah those guys are stupid. Racism has no place in modern civilization. I’m black and there’s noway in hell I’ll be racist towards Chinese people and get away with it. People of all races should be able to live together peacefully.

        3. that may be true but Chinese people will be very racist toward you (and to a lesser extent toward white people and other asians)

        4. Yeah, you’re right, we need to produce more interracial porn so the shitty white people understand they need to perish.
          I called (((Greg Lansky))), (((Mike Moz))) and (((Steve Matthyssen))), the producers from BLACKED and told them to produce even more BMWF porn.
          Heh heh, the goyim gonna eat this shit right up.

        5. Saw a video about japanese people protesting against korean subhumans yesterday. I LOLed.
          Chinese, koreans and japanese should help each other instead of hating each other but it’s the same situation in europe with west and east europe. #Sad

        6. Chinese look down on everyone, Japs look down on everyone, all NE Asians look down on SE Asians

        7. That is easy for you to say when you are a beneficiary of OUR civilisation. Notice blacks are always singing the same tune, “lets all get along while I live in your house, for free, whilst contributing nothing”. That sounds like a good deal, for you. Asia for Asians, Africa for Africans, the white countries…for everyone.

        8. I shared an appartement with a chinese guy – he was cool af. WAY better than any native german I ever met. We could talk for hours about art (paintings and photography) and philosophy. And his german was very good, too (he learned it in only 2 years).
          But yeah, you could tell that he thinks chinese are Übermenschen.
          But I think germans are Übermenschen as well – so it’s fair.

        9. I live in England but as far as I know there are many Germans and people of Dutch ancestry living comfortably in parts of Africa like South Africa and Namibia. White people also live in Asian and African countries- make no mistake about that

        10. Oy vey!
          Search for ‘American inventors’ on google and you’ll see that dem negros wuz kangz n sheeeiiiit!

        11. How’s that working out in china …
          ever look at their Olympic team ?
          India… ? ….Packistan…?
          Dont see a lot of “”DIVIRSITY” THERE….
          Hmmmm, lets see how that works out.

        12. The problem is that the girl broadcast her father as racist. That’s kinda slanderous. Its like me putting up a sign in your lawn that says “CHILD MOLESTER!”
          The fact that her boyfriend is black likely doesn’t matter as much as her general immaturity and disobedience. Besides, many parents opt for the “18 and out club” either way.

        13. Yes whites live – harmoniously – in Asian as a very very small minority – generally of people in the language teaching professions. That is no the same as what the West endures. As for Africa – even blacks in South Africa (there was no concept of nation states before whites arrived) now freely admit that black rule as been a disaster. Again, that cannot be judged against the blacks in the West, who have been nothing but a millstone around our collective necks.

        14. Owww, another insecure beta male. There are plenty of women who “went white” and are single mothers. Look at the statistics fool. Don’t just spew racist drivel.

        15. The stats actually show a much higher percent of mothers to mixed race kids are single. There are many studies freely available on Google. It is fairly obvious anyhow, and anyone with 2 brain cells can see why.

        16. you must be hormonal Simply Balling….
          It is called Projection what you are doing…another BO troll…half-black….half-black….
          Me dont bite your beta bait…MGOW…
          your comments smell of estrogen toxicity

        17. Chinese can’t be racist. They are just strongly expressing their in-group loyalty towards the ‘other’/ outsider. Only whites can be racist, as racism is a word popularised specifically to censor white people whilst they are being subverted and ruined. Please do not call Chinese ‘racist’, it is a a violation of PC Codification.

        18. “Yeah, you’re right, we need to produce more interracial porn so the shitty white people understand they need to perish.”
          Your remark is both hilarious and depressing – I think you have a point.

        19. Men are left on their own to learn lessons by both mothers and fathers. That’s just how it is. That’s one of the many differences between how boys and girls are treated.
          That looks like a nerdyish black kid to me. Not stereotypical so, but someone who will do just fine in life baring some horrible wrong turn. I am going by appearances but he looks like friends I had in high school and they all turned out fine. Her actions on the other hand speak of a behavior pattern to where I believe the father that she’s just has not been behaving properly. The best thing that can happen to that guy is to not become legally attached to her. She’s trouble, not him. The wrong turn that could derail his life is standing next to him in the photo. She’s pretty, but he better learn quick.

        20. Sure you do. And her parents have the right to cut off financial support if they don’t agree with her choice. You seem to think this girl has a “right” to her fathers money. She doesn’t.

        21. If you want “people of alla races coexist”, you need to recognize their existence and their right to perpetue theirself, stupid cunt.

        22. White countries? I’m assuming you’re throwing America in there. Let’s talk about that. America is far from a white country, as it’s true indigenous peoples were mostly eradicated, by whites. Then of course slavery happened — i’m sure the Africans were fine where they were, but whatever, they were here to stay now. And of course there were the Chinese that came over in droves to build our railroads. And then the mass of other “not-white, but white enough” people who helped build this country. America has never been a white country.
          Now on to the blacks. Oh the blacks. You know, I can’t help but wonder how blacks might be represented today had they been offered a proper (not even necessarily equal) place in your civilized America, in stead of forced servitude. And this isn’t even about slavery. It’s about a vastly underrepresented (read: small) group of people knowing their place in society, and passing that down to the next generation for hundreds of years. Fear, and subjugation internalized for generations. So Lincoln said, be free. But there was no real freedom, as we had learned our place in society. So human rights sort of prevailed. Alas, we had learned our place in society. You’re ideals conflict with a broader truth — your forefathers created the American Negro. Sure, say we were just too lazy or stupid to make something of ourselves — but we actually weren’t. There were thriving black communities in America — their downfall? White greed and the economical collapse called the Great Depression. Hard enough to come back from that as a white person, even more so as a race of people that were widely ignored and hated. Black banks, what? Loans for black businesses or homes, what?
          Then the project houses were constructed to house the poor undersirables and separate them from the populous. I know, I know “woe is me, I get cheap housing from the government.” But ask yourself why would someone who is now learning that the government will take care of them (and everyone else around them as well), providing them with food stamps and section 8 … why would they have ambitions beyond their tenement housing? Harlem is a great example of the exception, but it’s like are few and far between.
          Of course, project housing was also a covert form of control, and as a right winged individual I’m sure you can indentify with the idea that governmental controls have and will only continue to be imposed on its people’s.
          I won’t even go into the numerous, insane amount of heinous atrocities committed against blacks and other non-whites in America, because whether or not you believed they happened (oh, and they did happen), you’d likely just pass it off as blasé, the ramblings of someone who knows naught but the race card. But the race card exists for a reason. For some reason people like yourself never seem to grasp that we never got a fair shot, and that has had long lasting ramifications beyond the whole “Well, you’re all free now. You’re just like all of us. You should have absolutely no problems fitting in. Go forth and be prosperous, nothing can hold you back now. See? We’re good people.”
          You hated us. You made us. And you still hate us. But I’m no SJW by any means. I don’t march with nor do I praise the BLM movement, though I do believe black lives matter too. I don’t openly support LGBT, but I believe in people’s rights as individuals. I work hard, and pay my taxes. I’m an American. And I’m black. And I resent your remarks regarding all blacks (a broad generalization) as non contributing free loaders. You want to talk about the race card? You’re part of the reason many of us has brought it up so many times. Anglo Saxon? Haha, I bet your bloodline is as clouded as everyone else in America (of course maybe I’m being presumptuous, you may not be American).
          blah blah blah, I’m black, he’s white, blah blah blah, we don’t agree with each other, blah blah blah

        23. So you want to talk about America.
          1. Native Americans were not some utopian societies, they were Stone Age societies wherein each tribe, due to resource scarcity and a lack of social planning, engaged in horrific – and constant – inter-tribal warfare over resources. The original colonialists were peaceful people, most often religious people fleeing persecution. They got on well with certain tribes until the clash of hunter-gatherer (Stone Age) came into competition with Patriarchy – the model our civilisation is based on, and you yourself are a beneficiary of. So the colonialists fought back and obviously won due to superior brainpower.
          2. Slavery in America started by Africans in Africa at least 3000 years ago, as evidenced by the black slaves in ancient Egypt. Slavery still goes on in Africa today, and the Muslim slave trade in blacks was the biggest in history. That said, the Atlantic slave trade was exclusively run by Dutch Jewish merchants, as they owned and captained all of the slave ships (hence there was no European/ white ownership of slaves before jews took over the Netherlands and Britain (1688). The slave markets in America were run by jews and only closed on jewish holidays.
          American blacks are not a product of white people, but a product of jews. Whites never wanted blacks in our civilisation, and only a few rich whites owned blacks (less that 2% of whites owned slaves, and 70% of jews owned slaves). Slavery actually fucked up working class whites and it undercut their labour. That said, whites were the main people fighting slavery, and whites were the first people in history to abolish slavery.
          You say there were successful black communities, well, that is only so far as those blacks lived off the back of white mens technology and inventiveness. You say whites ruined it, but jews created the Federal Reserve and started this boom and bust system of fiat money. It was brought in by deception to loot white people primarily; that it also affected blacks is not the blame of whites, especially the 99.9% of whites who have no ties to the central banking cartel.
          The rest of your reply is drivel with zero substance. You opinion means nothing. You are categorically a net beneficiary of white mens creativity and work ethic, and no amount of deflection or self-pity can mask that reality. You want to make an issue of the evils whites have done, but the world has always, everywhere, been a brutal place; the only difference with whites is that they had an explosion of creativity which created an increase in the productive powers of labour, but also the productive power of weaponry, whereby we could conquer with superior firepower. That is not a difference in principle to a tribe attacking another tribe. But even with all of the wrongs, whites have still contributed to the world the technological means for humanity as a whole to go from a less than a Billion, to over 7 Billion people. Everyone on Earth, even people, like you, who whine about white oppression, exist today as a direct result of the inventions/ discoveries of white men, and this is proven by virtue of the population explosion of the past 300 years, which could not have happened without the human mind overcoming scarcity via technology. Btw, the whites in Britain, the “workshop of the world” during the Industrial Revolution, were the worst treated people on Earth. They had shorter lives than black slaves, and worked much harder, unless you think seasonal farm work as a black slave is tougher than working in a mine or factory 16 hours a day from the age of 6, with a life expectancy of under 30? Most of these industries were jewish run, the same fuckers who ran the slave trade – the same people who are now agitating blacks against “evil whitey”.
          The reality of this world is that you are a beneficiary. Your people, even if they have had good neighbourhoods, have done fucking nothing for humanity. You have no history, no achievements. Your claim to fame, the purpose of your life, is to moan about being oppressed, yet whites freed blacks from slavery – worldwide – and gave blacks in America the highest living standards blacks have ever attained. Don’t think it was off their own backs. There are knowable reasons America became great, and Europe, and it all involved scientific discoveries and inventions, and not, as blacks would have us believe, due to the excess capital gained by slavery. Technology make brute-force labour obsolete, ergo whites not only abolished slavery morally (most whites opposed jewish slavery in their civilisation), but technologically we freed slaves (e.g steam engines and farm machinery).
          Far from blacks never having a chance, you have had everything given to you, as is demonstrated by the difference between Africa and Africans in America. That education you have, was created by whites and paid for by whites and given to you for free.
          You are NOT American. You are an African in America. America was created by whites for whites, as the Founding Fathers stated in the Constitution “…secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and OUR POSTERITY, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America…”.

        24. This is fun 🙂
          1.) The Native Americans, though not the technological pillars of civilization, had rudimentary agriculture and medicine before the Patriarchy. The colonists “won”, not merely because of superior brainpower (as they had a couple hundred years worth of advanced technology and battle strategy), but primarily because of their superior firepower and, probably the most impactful, the epidemic disease they spread.
          2.) Lets not blur the lines here between white and Jewish. Jews, white Jews, and Anglo Saxon whites all had one thing in common, they looked the same in the eyes of a slave. Jews are not exempt in this, and it seems odd you would choose this angle. Slavery was a part of the traditional American experience, and Jews, wanting to assimilate into the traditional American experience, took a very large part in the slave trade in America. Have a source for those percentages. And however small the percentage of Anglo Saxon whites held slaves (again, I’d like to see an historical study on that), the fact that a “few” participate in oppression doesn’t excuse that oppression.
          3.) No self pity here. I am proud of the accomplishments of my fellow man — an astoundingly large number of them being fairer skinned (however not necessarily being what you would call white). I would also argue that just as easily as I am a beneficiary of the technological advances of “whites” … you are too. I wonder, have you contributed to science/literature/art in any way? Your farther? His father? Etc? Perhaps. Though, I would also state that the majority of discovery in human history was based on a prior discovery of someone else’s making. Also, many Jews were responsible for the vast amount of technological discoveries giving humans the means to evolve our civilization so rapidly, but I guess you’re grouping them in with the “whites”. Contradiction? Also, I whole heartedly refute your claim that blacks have done nothing for society. There are numerous blacks throughout history that have made large contributions to chemistry, physics, super computing, medicine, traffic control, weaponry, music, the arts, literature (I won’t even mention the ancient Egyptians, who are African) – which as you said were learned and built on the backs of whites … which is debatable, dude. However even if 100% accurate, it does imply overtly or covertly that an individual or group of individuals cannot perfect it or make further contributions in its field, as that would make other contributions from the “whites who built the world” null and void because someone else did/thought-of it first.
          4.) I will not dispute your arguments for the hardships of workers during the industrial revolution. Many of them were basically slaves themselves. That said, it makes not the hardships of slaves less relevant during the time, as they were also worked harshly, and were more often than not, severely malnourished and mistreated – and had absolutely no choice in the matter.
          5.) America was not created by whites. It was settled by Europeans, many of whom were not white, and for many reasons known and unknown to us — but definitely not some all encompassing purpose of securing the future for the white race.
          America was created by those before us, many different colored people’s. Free men and slaves. If I am an African in America, then by virtue, you are a European in America. Oh, and posterity just means future generations, as in all future generations, as in the constitution did not specifically state “secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and “WHITE” posterity … so I’m not sure the point you were trying to make there.
          And lastly, I hate to break it to you, but you’re African as fuck … we all are. Every last one of us.

        25. Your “1)” comment has no value or point. Native America was demonstrably a Stone Age society which hadn’t even progressed to the Iron Age level Europe and Eurasia had thousands of years ago. Technology was so primitive, natives cut down trees by setting fire to them, and in the process almost rid the continent of forests (which were replanted by whites). As for disease, there was a lie put out by an academic, which is now shown to be a lie/ hoax, that the colonialists spread disease deliberately to kill of natives. Given it is now shown to be untrue, and the colonialists were also suffering from those diseases/ infections, it is merely incidental that they carried diseases and they spread. Or are whites responsible, from 400 years ago, for the crimes committed by viruses and unwittingly spreading them?
          Sometimes it is best not to bother arguing if you have to write pointless shit just to make it look like you’re contributing to a discussion.
          2) Saying jews look like Anglo-Saxons is like saying Somalis look like Nigerians – yes they might look similar to someone who looks completely different, but again it is merely incidental. The reality is jews ran the slave trade whether they look like whites or not. Jews have never identified as white, even after they have mixed into certain European countries (in order to disguise themselves, just as they marry into elite Chinese families). Slavery was never part of the traditional American experience. The original ideas for America was not a slave trading nation, but the Dutch East India Company, and other jewish merchant companies, saw slavery as an opportunity for their benefit and they exploited it. That is on their conscience. It wasn’t a case, as you try and make it, that jews came to America and assimilated into a slavery culture – jews dumped slaves onto America to undercut white workers, ergo it was a direct attack of working Americans/ colonialists.
          If you want stats on the percentages of whites that owned slaves, just Google ‘percentage of whites that owned slaves in America’, and you’ll see 6% of Southern States whites owned slaves, meaning 1.4% of Americans (whites)…yet 28% of blacks owned slaves (which makes more sense given history shows slavery has been an institution in Africa for at least 3000 years).
          I’m not defending the slave owners or making excuses for them. The same slave owners/ merchant class, also ran workhouses in Britain which were much more brutal. Those slave owners, when slavery was abolished, were compensated by the British taxpayer to the tune of tens of Billions of Dollars/Pounds – and the same families are still mega rich/ 1%ers. Just look at that actor Benedict Cumberbach, his ancestors some 150 years ago, made their fortune from the British tax payer in that compensation scheme, and he is still super rich from it. If blacks ever wanted reparations, it should be from those people, and no one else.
          3). Obviously I am a beneficiary of my peoples accomplishments just as you are, but this isn’t your civilisation and your people have only benefitted, not contributed.
          You say there are a vast number of jews that have contributed to Western civilisation, yet that isn’t true. Considering the wealth jews have had, their contributions to science are not so great, especially over the period between the Italian Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution. Last century was the century of jewish scientists, but they were pseudo-scientists and shrink professions. Einstein has now been thoroughly discredited, and the entire Copenhagen interpretation was just more of the usual jewish subversion is their field of science. Science wasn’t even a field of study jews were encouraged to do as it made so little money; they were merchants, lawyers and financiers for the most part. It was only last century they got into science as they feared losing control, and had to re-assert it by redirecting science into this garbage we now call science but is really Talmudism and Kabbahalism.
          You comment about black contributions is laughable. There is an article on Stormfront which debunks entirely the claims of black inventions and discoveries. You have blacks involved in research teams being given all of the credit just because they are black, e.g black supremacists claim a black American invented the lightbulb, (it was an Englishman Sir Swan who invented it). But Thomas Edison had a research team working on improving the lightbulb, and they make breakthroughs – one of the team members was a black guy, and suddenly he is the inventor of the lightbulb.
          As for ancient Egypt, Egypt might be in Africa, but it is a fully Caucasian culture. Most Egyptians consider themselves Caucasian, as they clearly are. Look on YouTube at the channels ASuperEgyptian and 7phonecian7 to dispel any illusions of a black ancient Egypt you might have. Egyptians are Caucasian just like Italians and Greeks, and even look the same.
          You comment at the foot of 3) didn’t make sense, but if you are saying whites can’t keep progressing without others, then you are missing the reality that we have constantly been opposed by a psychopathic death cult which prints its own money, has agents in every profession, and has an almost total grip on Western civilisation since WW2 (and had a huge level of control before). If whites woke up to the jewish issue, then nothing could hold us back. Just look at the technology and machinery Germany produces, and that is whilst being an occupied country since WW2. If Hitler had won, consider that 1933-1939 economic growth spread throughout Europe, and the world. That isn’t to say other people haven’t or can’t contribute. Japanese and Koreans are equal in many regards to Europeans.
          America was created by whites. It was designed as a project for a new world by white people for white people. There are no Europeans that are not white. The term white is just a descriptive word for European people. The Founding Fathers were all decedents of British (and a few Irish) immigrants. You are trying to muddy the waters to divide European people. America is a Western European colony and a continuation of Western/ white civilisation. There is no Europeans-American; America was invented as a concept, as an outgrowth, of Europeans people. It is inherently, and explicitly, white “…OUR posterity”.
          You are an African in America. Just as you’d be an African in Europe.
          You haven’t broke any news to me, as your Out of Africa theory is garbage. Jewish Sociologists created that theory, and it is bunk, as Chinese and Russian geneticists are widely demonstrating.

        26. Your responses seem in line with National Socialist rhetoric — and if so, hey, to each their own. But whether you like it or not, I’m no less American than you, as the powers that be (I’m sure the Jews are responsible), granted me all of the rights and citezenship of an American when I was born 30 years ago in the same country my father and father before him were born (spoiler: the U.S. of A). But if it eases your mind, I’m happy being an African in America, as I’d like to consider myself a citizen of the world that I live in (I know, what a bunch of liberal non-sense, right?). That said, I see no need to continue this fruitless debate, as neither you nor I will concede to each other’s versions of history. This falafel is calling my name.

      2. Had this life support for a vagina not been brainwashed by the system , she would respect the protection this father is offering her.
        Therefore when she dont , daddy has a right to withhold funds to the precocious little twatflake . Looking forward to her debut on “BLACK ON BLONDES”…likly show up on tumblr first if she is not already there….wana bet ?

      3. The father also has the right to tell her to not let the door hit her in the ass on the way out. If she wants to be a grown, independent woman, then treat her like one so she can do whatever she wants on her own dime (and the dimes of those stupid enough to fund her on her Go Fund Me account).

    8. Most most most white females would never touch a knigger. It’s like homosexuals in society. Only about 1.8% of the population identify as gay. It’s the same thing with white females, but probably less. Out of every 1000 white girls, you’ll see one with a knigger. A small percentage of the population of women are strippers. A small percentage of the population of women are prostitutes. Its just that the mainstream media and pop culture tries to make look as if lots of white girls are into that. Most aren’t. Go create a POF profile of a corn rolled knigger and email every white girl. The only replies you’ll get are probably from some dirty nose-ringed retard, that’s about it.
      Out of every white female I have known of that dates kniggers, they typically have IQ’s of about 80. They never have advanced college degrees. But everyone gets into college these days, so just because the white retarded whore above is going to college does not mean she has a normal IQ.
      I also personally know one white girl that is rather hot that had black kids with a knigger and still chases kniggers. But that white girl is also a stripper as well and escorts sometimes too from what I had heard from another girl. But you’d never know it if you saw her in public. You’d think she was just some attractive stupid white girl holding hands with a groid. The white girls that do go after groids, are always of the stripper/escort variety or they have IQ’s on the lower half of the mean of the population and are easily propagandized by mainstream media/music/mtv/hollywood.

      1. Where did you go to college? You really need to stop putting women on a pedestal. They are nasty you fool.

      2. Haha, you’re an idiot, or perhaps from the Deep South. Come too Ann Arbor, home of the University of Michigan (you know, one of the premier private colleges in the country/world). Tons of hot and intelligent white chicks are getting dicked down by plenty of “kniggers” — I’m one of’em 😉 I’m sure a lot of them wouldn’t tell daddy about it either, but who cares as long as they swallow my seed.
        But at the end of the day, you’re right. Most white chicks aren’t involved with black guys, for various reasons, probably even because they just aren’t attracted to them. Though I can’t help but think that it could maybe, possibly have something to do with blacks only representing 12% of the population in America, and even less pretty much anywhere besides Africa. But what do I know, right … I’m just a knigger.

    9. Absolutely, If this was a white guy telling people his parents took away his college fund for dating a black girl, the internet’s respond would be, “Fuck you, go get a job.”

    10. I’d be willing to bet most of those women would be FOR it if the girl was a lot less attractive and heavyset. In other words, worse off than the majority of female commenters.

    11. Her dad’s doing her a favour. University Indoctr… er education is a waste of time and money these days.

    12. Wonder if the Sexual Revolution and feminism were such total disasters for regular beta men that this mangina mindset and the phenomenon of willing cuckholdry can be viewed as a kind of revenge of the beta. So desperate and empty, impotent, feeling trapped, it was breed into regular men to work for and please women even at their own cost. Since they’re lost in a extremely gynocentric anti-male society anyway, damn the consequences, they’re going to show they can be good beta providers, even for spoiled rotten to the core, whores, and without traditional rewards.

      1. Multi-Cultural Marxist indoctrinated White American Girl Raises Over $30,000 from fellow anti-white leftists who want to eradicate her race, creed, culture, national identity…
        Another leftist indoctrinated stooge who now thinks racial self-eradication, race baiting, ugliness, obscenity, and abominations in God’s eyes is cute…
        I’m must say that as a white protestant American all the leftist protests are very offensive to my race, creed, culture, posterity, and national manifest identity. Just OWS and Arab spring all over again united and backed by our dire Zionist/Jesuit /Islamic enemies: Cultural Marxism/Liberation Theology.
        The opposition always denies the truth that is taking place like cats trying to cover their crap…The crap is still there.”

    13. It’s multi-cultural Marxist racial and religious self-eradication liberation theology straight from the anals of the Zionist/Jesuit cartel’s Jewish Frankfort school & Freudian Tavistock institute of mental warfare that vowed the destruction of western white christian civilization = Leftist genocidal social justice.

  3. She won’t be so happy when she will have to pay for her elderly daddy medical bills and retreat home,in a few years because daddy get bankrupt thanks to her campaign.

    1. And within two days, there will be a new article on ROK by Matt Forney (barf) with new information on how to fuck Filipinas.

  4. I’d feel bad for her father – except he raised her so he’s at least partially responsible.
    And I’d feel bad for the donors – except a fool and his money are easily parted.
    So what I’m saying is screw everyone in this article.

    1. He probably sees her 3 hrs a day. The mistake might have been the private schooling. Many are SJW indoctrination centers

    2. To be fair, while you can influence your children heavily, they are intelligent independent beings with free will, and at that age, can act out despite all upbringing.

        1. I’m saying that you can’t account for free will when dealing with human beings. And being human, yes, clearly she has some level of intelligence. She’s made $30,000 through scheming.

        2. I think it’s far more likely that she actually believes that she has been wronged, and she set up the page to get “justice”, entitled people are like that. I don’t think she considered how the page would change peoples view of her, which tells me she isn’t intelligent. That and some other things anyhow.
          I recently talked to a transgender woman in her early 20s, he father threw her out and refuses to pay for her college, all she keeps saying is that she regrets telling her parents before they paid for her college since that’s “her money”. She doesn’t even consider that her parents were the ones saving it up.

      1. Not sure what to make of this but just saw a post through Craigslist regarding a father’s request for an opinion regarding his daughter. He is newly divorce and his 22 year old white daughter, who is attractive, is in a photo with her mother, another young girl in a bikini, and 3 young guys, who are athletic, 2 of whom are black. There might be a new trend to use social media to settle consensus views on parenting by both parents and children.
        Needless to say I felt it odd to see a parent parade pictures of his daughter in a bikini to verify if he should be upset.

  5. What she doesn’t know:
    Michael hangin’ out with his posse:
    Mike’s friend: Hey dog, you still tappin’ dat white ass?
    Mike: Damn right, homey,dat blonde white puzzy is f’n fine, so tight. All ya gots to do is find one with daddy issues and you can have yo’ own white ho.

  6. In a couple, years she’ll be in a another news story, the black guy will have murdered her, it happens more often than many people know.

    1. If not that guy, it’ll be the fifth or sixth one she goes through.
      She is gone. I feel sorry for her parents.

  7. Spoiled princess drops out of college to suck black cock. lol
    Check out all the so called red pill parents in denial. Have you checked your daughters snapchat account?

    1. Yeah, and her nearly lifeless Facebook page as well (mother has access to the page). My daughter is all about the Ragnar/Thor/Gunther looking men, always has been.
      How many kids do you have, by the way? I believe I asked you about your parenting experience, given as you seem to have so many opinions on the matter, but you never answered me.

  8. 1. Immature, rebellious, attention-whoring child gets into fight with family, likely due to her lack of decorum and discipline.
    2. But in the US parents are not allowed to discipline children.
    3. Immature child throws temper tantrum and decides to spite entire family by spreading “woe-is-me” sob story on internet for alligator tears from strangers about nonexistent “racism.”
    4. Unsuspecting random black dude gets pulled into immature child’s attention-whoring drama, with no prior knowledge that he’s being used as a movie-set prop for Americhick drama.
    5. Dipshit public, brainwashed by years of SJW propaganda, buys immature child’s lies that all this is about “racism.”
    6. Cycle of stupidity feeds on itself until burning out.

    1. #4 Exactly. If I was this black kid id dump her ass for dragging me into this shit and turning me into her little SJW fashion accessory.

      1. Thats comming ….just give it time …once tha money is gone, moives are made, she is knocked up….

      2. Like you, I think she has totally wronged the bf, too. He may not even be that into her, and now suddenly he is part of this ideal couple rising up and fighting backward social conventions for the sake of true love? Dumb. The comments on the gofundme page just drive that home. There is also a huge “you-go-girl” element to those comments, which have nothing to do with the bf or what kind of life he wants, of course. He is *voiceless* here, and it is all about her. Talk about objectification…
        The expectation on the part of the public seems like these 18y/o kids are some kind of forever match. But nobody seems to have asked his opinion on the subject. I checked out the links, and there isn’t a quote from him. She totally cornered and trapped him. Kid should bail, right away, before she puts up a new page for their wedding registry, or the media runs this in some manipulative direction that makes fresh trouble in some other kind of way.

        1. yep. I just wrote a comment in the same vein. That guy needs to run away from her. Not walk. Run.

      3. Blacks don’t dump white girls. Dating a white girl is the highest achivement they’re capable of. If she decides to dump him, statistics show he’ll be 8x more likely to murder her than if a white guy was dumped by her, and stats show much higher rates of assaults and rapes when white girls get over their black fettish and dump their black boyfriends.

        1. Such a shame this show got (((shut down)))…
          But in a way it only adds to Sam Hyde’s greatness as an artist.

        2. I know! I can’t even find my favorite segment, The Wall Show, anywhere online anymore.

        3. definitely lost some respect for Adult Swim because of this…
          they can no longer say they are the cutting edge.

        4. Me too. To be honest I was a little surprised it got on TV in the first place but very happy it did. At the end of the day it comes down to what the advertisers deem acceptable or not, and I don’t think they were quite ready for it. I definitely think there is a market for shows like WP, and only a matter of time until these themes become more mainstream.

      1. I don’t buy the whole single moms create crime thing though, the truth is more likely that black mothers are more likely to be single mothers, and the lower black average IQ leads to crime, since we know low intelligence is one of the two great causes of crime (the other being anti-social disorders). That said though, it’s not an ideal family unit.

        1. Well, I live in germany and all my exGFs were raised by single moms. No blackness involved. They all were shady as fuck. Stealing even at cheap stores like H&M. So I think it’s true but of course the US statistic is heavily flawed because of race realism.

        2. Yeah, but once again, those single mothers and their kids might have ended up in their situation because of low intelligence, it’s heritable you know =P.

        3. Poor blacks commit disproportionately more crime than equally poor whites. Appalachia is poor as hell but has a fairly low crime rate.

        4. Yes, that’s what I’m saying, this whole single mothers create crime thing stems from two things, 1. These people being unable to talk about race and average intelligence, and 2. Blacks being overrepresented in crime, and there being a lot of single black “baby mamas”, the whole myth of single mothers and crime increase is created.

        5. You seem unable to make an argument. I have read many of Walter Williams articles, he often blames the welfare state for destroying the black family. You tell me if the welfare state is so destructive why is it mainly blacks effected by it? Why not whites? You can’t just say a name to counter an argument, you have to cite whatever argument this person made that counters my argument. I’m not gonna read all this persons books in the hope of finding what you are referring too, which might not exist. Anyhow, the discussion on how single mothers came into being is very different from whether or not single mothers cause crime.

        6. It’s still significantly higher among poor single white mothers as well – albeit not as high as single black mothers.
          Appalachia still has a family unit, even though they are poor.

        7. Yeah, but you misunderstand me, the children of these mothers are probably inclined towards crime because of low intelligence which they inherited from their mothers that probably ended up single mothers because of low intelligence. Appalachia whites might be poor, but you don’t have to have low intelligence to be poor, it’s just more likely that you are of low intelligence when poor. Appalachia is overall pretty poor but from what I understand doesn’t have a lower average IQ then other places populated by whites. And finally, I’m not saying single motherhood is a good thing and that the lack of a father can’t cause increased chances for the child to turn to crime, my point is simply is that it was probably born out of like 85% of black children coming from single mothers and blacks being so overrepresented in crime. It’s easy to point towards if you don’t want to consider race and IQ.

        8. Yo…NeuticlesON Beta boi…
          I am not in the business of Educating Libshits Like you.
          My experience has taught me LibShitism is a Mental Defect of the leisure / welfare class . Reciently Caused by having ones head up ClittonsObammis ass too long.
          It’s Kinda like playing chess with Pigeon,
          you just end up with all the pieces scattered about ….
          and the board covered in SHIT ….kinda like Chelsea Obama does…
          There is nothing I will do or say to penetrate the hardest substance known to man …the mind of a Lib’shit’tard.
          {french for “Man with no balls” }
          You have asked the right questions , yet are unable to draw a proper conclusion…Immediately demand a refund to what ever education institute you’ve attended.
          Eight years of the Magic Negro …4 years a Communist controlled Legislator ….and still the din’do’nuffin crowd
          BLAMES others for THEIR troubles …RICH…..very rich
          Perhaps you should apply at the Clitton whore house foundation for some grant money to explore this issue ?
          Hee hee…..wink’wink …

        9. I’m hardly a liberal if I am saying that the issue is the low intelligence of blacks and certain whites rather than single mothers…..the single mother excuse is the one used by those who think the whole “discrimination” thing is too simplistic but are not yet willing to embrace the reality of race. Anyhow, you have no arguments, just insults. Personally I’m a conservative and not a liberal (the real kind of conservative, not the liberals in disguise that call themselves conservatives today). Or wait, actually I’m a monarchist I suppose. >_>

        10. Bravo grasshopper, Didnt come here to edumacate moroons….just to opine….must suck to be you….when people wont dance to you diddle….
          ….You, cant– always get—– what you want…

        11. I think it’s clear to most people reading this that you are the moron. You can’t even spell dude.

        12. Fair enough – IQ and race are definitely very important, but I’m very sure that regardless of income and IQ single parent households produce significantly lower results – I will see if I can find a study over my spare time this week that confirms (or denies) this.

        13. I think there will probably be no final answer until they test the IQ of the criminals, and their single mothers (and biological fathers). I mean we already know these people are generally of low IQ (and blacks being overrepresented) so it’s not a stretch to assume the parents also are. There would also need to be testing of single mothers without children involved in crime, just to see if these mothers are of high or average IQ (then also assuming the children are). That would be more interesting than just assuming that single mothers cause crime. In addition we should also compare the children of women of similar IQ both in relationships and those who are single mothers to see how much difference there is (obviously being without a father can mean less income for the family and thus more crime, but it would still be interesting). Right now so you know all they do is compare children to those that are married to those of single mothers, there is no IQ involved or anything like that. I also wonder if all these children of single mothers truly have no male influence in their life, because I assume many of these mothers have boyfriends, but are still counted as single mothers in research. There is so much statistical research that needs to be done that isn’t done because of fears of being called racist or sexist or whatever.

        14. I’m sure they have a male influence but it’s likely no longer than 6-12 months at a time and likely often multiple men at the same time – not to mention those men have no vested interested in raising the children the way a parent would. But you are right, a true study won’t happen because of not wanting to be called racist or sexist

      2. Dont let SIMPLYCRYING see this,
        cant let a few facts ruin his world view…
        We’ll have another Balling SnowFLAKE on our hands…

    1. So she’s automatically going to be a single mom because she’s dating a black person. Wow. I didn’t know this website supports Racism

        1. That’s why you negros always end up in jail – and then you blame it on racism, duh.

        2. oh no ..not another “…FIRST CHAIRBORNE Ranger…”
          –one who wont dirnk the CLit-ton Koolaide…
          [aka -groping grape Dri-ank]
          —one who wont bend over & take it up the pooshoot for the sake of “DIVERSITY”
          –Someone who has a job

        3. they dont all end up there,
          just ones they cant make EXCUSES for …
          or cant get a liberal judge

        4. This is a perfect example of slave morality: you think someone’s BELIEFS warrant inflicting physical harm upon them.

      1. You called me a racist….now I’m not going to able to sleep tonight.
        Lighten up Francis- the terms “baby mama” and “baby daddy” didn’t originate in white neighborhoods.

      2. If you are looking for the complaint department, it’s right over there by the feminine hygiene aisle.

      3. CUCK–Cuck—cucka dolotle doooooo…..mating call of bataboi simplySnowBalling….
        Your Lame crys of “Wascism” dont seen to find a fellow beta to bask in ….So sad, to bad, little lad…

  9. Miscegenation — The Final Solution to the White Problem.
    The product of miscegenation is generally ugly children, destroyed racial characteristics and a dead society.
    It is immoral to destroy what you appreciate. The SJW would say if
    Tiger wants blonds you should learn to appreciate whatever results.
    Where does that kind of Morality end? It doesn’t. You have to build more and more on other lies to cover that one.
    This spoiled virtue signalling child is beneath contempt. This is not ‘racism’. This is race, and race is real.

    1. That topic gets out of hand really fast on both ends. I am the stereotypical posterchild of the aryan race. If my girl is brown hair/brown eye/olive Italian and we reproduce = miscegenation? If she has blue eyes instead? Etc
      Otherwise, yes. Even if all other arguments are discarded, children should at least -somewhat- resemble their parents. Anything else is a damn shame.

      1. How do you think southern Europeans got their dark characteristics? All the old Greek sources etc describe them as a blonde-haired people. Arabs are even worse off, many of them have very negroid features.

    2. Misgenation is part of evolution. (as opposed ton inbreeding and incest)
      Nevermind, don`t get scientific facts get in your way…

      1. No. Miscegenation is anti-evolution: distinctive traits evolved over thousands of years due to small bands of humans being isolated from each other. Not just among different races but within them: there’s a reason why there’s a “Slavic look,” (high cheekbones, big brow ridge), a “Nordic look” etc
        Miscgenation – both interracial and intra-racial – destroys these distinctive phenotypes

        1. Certain types of tumors are shockingly common amongst the population of Iceland. Scientists found out why. Most Icelanders are descendent s of the 7-8 large Icelandic. (There has hardly been any immigration to iceland since the times of the Viking>) Due to the lack of miscegenation the genes that make Icelanders susceptible to develop cancer are still there and exponentially effect a large percentage of the population…

        2. cancer is more common among those with a varied genetic composition (heinz 57 makeup) – that’s why cancers are more common in america than in european countries where the people are more pure. Selective breeding confers resilience

        3. Cancer rates per 100,000 inhabitants
          iceland (little or no miscegenation,. high living standards for the majority of the inhabitants.)
          Cancer rate: 284.3
          Brazil (miscegenation was common throughout history. Sadly low living standards for most the inhabitants)
          Cancer rate : 205.5

        4. you’ve got to break it down by cancer type: for instance, health care system in iceland is much much better than in brazil. Chances are good people in brazil are dying of something else before cancer strikes

        5. Well, from what I’ve seen on bestgore most brazilians get beheaded before they reach puberty.

        6. Evolution is a neutral process. Hence, you’re making value judgments about particular phenotypes that you prefer.
          What I mean is that all traits that are adaptive work in the evolutionary process, regardless of being caused by natural selection, or neutral genetic drift and mutant allelles.
          Ergo: If welfare moms with 89 as their average IQ reproduce the most, then they are the fittest (and most likely fattest).

        7. Doesn’t matter which aesthetic I prefer: fact is they exist because of isolation and not mixing.
          same thing for why Koreans look different from Cambodians and Ethiopians look different from Igbo (Nigerians)

        8. Sure. Just not anti-evolution. Many people think that if natural selection does not occur, then evolotion is not working, or at least not in the way it should be doing.
          Evolution = adaption, plain and simple. All the other processes that are linked to evolutionary processes within a larger population, such as natural selection, genetic drift and eventual hybridization between more or less related or unrelated regional populations, work if they lead to adaption, i.e. offspring to more or less extent.

        9. You don’t know what the fuck evolution is do you? Socially engineered “diversity” is a real problem, but cut out the anti scientific bullshit.

    3. So where are you on all the ROK articles telling white men how to sleep with Asian and Latin women?

    4. “Miscegenation — The Final Solution to the White Problem”
      Yep, and Israel makes Laws, religious guidelines and cultivates a culture to prevent miscegenation at all costs.

  10. Fuq, if people would donate money for this bs, I ought to look into getting funding for an academy to teach mech piloting.
    Don’t look in my garage.

    1. Tell them a racist boss fired you for feeding a homeless nlack man and now you need money for college

    1. Technically, it’s the young “lady” in the article who is using “race” to her advantage to both destroy her father’s livelihood and beg for free money by screaming “raycisss!” without even being asked to provide proof. The black kid in the photo is being used as a convenient prop and accessory to her greed (not saying he’s responsible for it, rather, he’s a virtue signal she’s using to raise money).
      Truth be told, I’d punish my daughter too if she were out hanging around with some strange boy unbeknownst to me and didn’t follow my curfew guidelines. I don’t care if the kid looks like Thor’s son, she is my daughter and my legal charge and there are consequences for disobeying the rules.

  11. Its common now for female college students to do the sugar daddy thing. After her gofundme dries up, she can cover her college expenses that way and keep her bbc on the side.

        1. I’m speechless….Does this whore have no shame or is she so disconnected from reality that she thinks this shit is normal?

        2. Oh, it’s as real as it can get!
          Bet you don’t rub shoulders with many 20 sometings,do you?

        1. I’m speechless….Does this whore have no shame or is she so disconnected from reality that she thinks this is normal?

        2. Oh my god. Why did I browse this?
          She is actually proud to be a single mother of a mulatto kid.
          Someone execute her.

        3. She’s 30,000 dollars richer. Who here is disconnected from reality?
          Evil, yes, disconnected, no.

        4. I was referring to the attention whore form twitter account above, not the girl from the article. So many around these days its hard to keep track.

        5. Herd she will be special guest on the ghetto fabulous–COALTRAIN…hipHops MuzakReviewTVshow

    1. the shit people post on social media blows my mind every day- what is a “bin”? Looney bin? I bet she meant “bing”. Either way, he’s either a nut or a criminal. God Bless America!

    2. So by your logic, women should never aspire to be mothers because they’ll ultimately end up as single mothers….. SMH

      1. No, they shouldn’t get up the stick with guys on a one way ticket to jail without passing Go and collecting $200

        1. So you’re assuming that her boyfriend will end up in jail on the grounds that he’s black. You have excellent racism

        2. Actually statistically that’s more likely than not. Crime statistics don’t care about your “I’m so racially sensitive” posturing.

    3. “Hey ladies it’s cool to be a rebel in the movies but in real life you end up a single mom with a mullatoe kid hanging from your sagging tits”
      Well as things stand now, apparently there is still no shortage of cucked men willing to latch on and support her disease ridden mud sharking stink box.

  12. After she squeezes out a couple kids and her boyfriend bails, her father should set up a GoFundMe page, asking for donations to help him pay for her bastard children. I mean, fair is fair…and he’s going to be paying for them anyway.

    1. I sometimes wonder, and hope, that the go fund me trend will one day be even more embarrassing and dated than avocado green and Boeing 747 lapels. On the other hand, it could just continue and become pan-handling, shamelessness and public prostration reductio ad absurdum. That’d be entertaining too

      1. I hope for the same thing. And I’m ready to make lemonade from lemons, in case it continues to explode…good entertainment, if nothing else. I admire your optimism.

    2. I was thinking the same thing, she pops out a chocolate swirl kid or two, boyfriend makes like a horse turd and hits the trail, grandma and grandpa are left raising her niglets while she’s smoking poles in the alley behind a nightclub.

      1. Judging by your logic nobody is suppose to have children. What if the two of them actually stay together till the end of their days?

        1. You be sniffin tha Glue ?
          Odds are just too great AGAINST IT….
          Then the kid is damaged and we have to raise a sociopath halfblack future “COMMUNITY ORGAN_IZER” of the HATE AMERICA first crowd …if we be lucky, they od…or die on the street…

    3. If her stunt causes her father to lose his family’s business then they may disown her completely. But trust me, TN is pretty cucked when it comes to single motherhood, so I’m sure she’ll get every level of assistance there is. Free house, free food, free healthcare (at least for the kid), free phone, and eventually a desperate beta who’ll pay for her other frivolous expenditures. I’ve seen it happen so many times. And Mr. Swift will get hit hardcore for the child support payments, and if he doesn’t pay up, then he gets any licenses and permits he has revoked, and gets to enjoy the scenery from a fine prison cell; meanwhile the state will continue to help her “raise” the bastard. And since it’ll be a minority, they’ll probably even send it to college on the taxpayer’s dime.
      Do not have a child in TN with a shady woman, especially out of Wedlock. Having a child in TN out of wedlock means you might as well get ready to hand over half your earnings to the state for many many years. (If you are married you at least get a chance to fight for some rights in court upon divorce)

    4. There are ways of killing people – and mixed race children – which make it look like illness; certain strains of bacteria etc

      1. YEA,
        They disguise it AS WELFARE and FOODSTAMPS….
        Then they quarantine them in Special parts of the cities, to be looked after by DEMOCRATS …

    1. White fathers can’t stop their daughters from sucking black cock. Whose fault is that ?

      1. The overwhelming vast majority of white women prefer white men. Look it up.
        So…blanket statement fail I’m afraid.

        1. I thought they were all into Asian guys? The comments on this article have been….less than stellar.

        2. Didn’t “pedestalize” anything, just documented fact.

      2. You have some distorted image of white men being nerdy or physically unappealing. This image may be true in large urban areas where a good number of “white” men are Jews or else are skinny balding hipster fags. Things are different in different regions and things do vary geographically. I grew up in the Midwest and the white men were fucking tall at a very young age. All my friends in high school were 6ft plus. I was 6ft3 and had friends 6ft4, 6ft5, even 6ft7.

        1. That must make it even more difficult for you to think about white females rejecting you for other races. Stormcuck neurosis.

        2. Varies regionally. I was struck by the sheer number of young white couples at the mall of america and the almost complete lack of interracial couples there

  13. She could have just gotten a job, been a “strong, independent woman” and all that crap. Instead, spoiled, little whore demands – and gets – thousands of dollars because racism or whatever. Stupid slut. Daddy should have spanked her more as a child.

    1. Except she’s not hot enough to get prime time hours on Fri and Sat night at the strip club. The manager will only let her do Tues lunch. lol

      1. She would need to hit the gym and work on the face. Then she might get a few years before she hit the wall due to the looming drug addiction.

  14. This is certainly a new low for white women: ‘my father is against my mudsharking, so I’m gonna start a gofundme to get money so I can fuck my black boyfriend and buy him things’. And worst: they are giving her money!! what kind of psycho is for sponsoring mudsharking?

  15. I’ll bet she dreamed this up to kill two birds with one stone. One – the money. Two – she’s looking for a replacement BBC. She’s basically broadcasting to the world that she’s into that black rhythm stick. Little whore is pretty clever. Probably has a few upgrades lined up in that department already, and enough money to buy each of them some rap CDs and a pair of Air Jordans.

    1. How much of that money did she give to her black boyfriend? He deserves a cut since she used the racism claim.

      1. Probably all of it. And I’ll bet zero black men contributed to her GoFundMe account. She probably got a couple thousand dick pics and a bunch of, “Yo bitch, call me” messages, which was what she wanted.

        1. Her phone blew up overnight with dick pics, black and white. Just the attention she was craving.

    2. she lives in memphis – it’s like 70% black. Not that hard to meet a black person lolz

    3. this is a public service announcement: “Calling all niggas, calling all niggas” lolz

    4. Why the racism. Do you feel inferior to black men? White girl dates black guy= no big deal. Have higher self esteem bro. It will serve you well in life

      1. Where on this Planet Do black people have a country where you or any WHITE person would Live ? Much like Muslims,
        BLACKS turn everything to shit when they touch it ?
        LOW IQ, violent, LAZY FNers….
        Where is the “BIG BOOK of Sucessful Black Cultures”,
        You cant count the ones
        where they SOLD their OWN people into Slavery….

      2. Why do you not advocate freedom of speech. You are setting a precedent that will one day reach your very own doorstep. I won’t answer your question, and you won’t answer mine, and these two comments will just sit here…for passersby to read. Perfect.

  16. I wonder how many white girls are this very moment jumping on the bandwagon and setting up their own similar go fund me page? Easy money.
    Just judging from what little I know of this situation, she sounds like one of those spoiled brats that needs an asswhupping every morning just for waking up.

    1. Upvote. I get the feeling stormcucks are from small towns where there was only one pretty white girl in high school. lol

      1. Thanks. And fully agree with you. Sadly stormcucks seem to be taking over this forum.

  17. This girl is stupid. It’s clear she’s only using that black kid as a trendy accessory and this gofundme stunt means that other than whoring herself, she lacks any other productive skills to earn money.
    What she’s not taking into account is that screwing off daddy’s shop this way means the inheritance is going to be dry, and that her siblings if she has them, won’t be kind to her in the future.
    That said, I bet her current black pimp is probably quite happy right now.

  18. Can you imagine a Black or Asian lady using gofundme.com for this purpose? Thought not.

  19. The so called red pill parents with white daughters on ROK are trying to erase that mental image of their princess servicing black men. NOW REACT !

  20. Daddy’s little mud shark
    Raking in the bucks
    Scoring with GoFundMe
    And dark men whom she fucks
    When her newborn pops out
    Then she’ll start to fall
    Daddy’s little mud shark
    Hit the fucking wall
    – The End

    1. You’re a true artist.
      Your art would survive the purge of entartete Kunst for sure.

      1. Thank you my friend. But the slutty, mud-shark whore inspired me…I must give credit where it’s due.

        1. “Thank you my friend. But the slutty, mud-shark whore inspired me…I must give credit where it’s due”
          This is the kind of response that a true poet says.
          It reminds me of a documentary about Pablo Picasso. According to the documentary, during WWII when the Germans occupied Paris, a Nazi came to the studio where Picasso was working and he was looking around when he picked up a small painting Picasso did. The picture was of some part of France that had been bombed to oblivion and was visually obvious in the painting. The nazi then turned to Picasso and asked him “Did you do this?” Pablo responded “No. You did, when you invaded that village.”

        2. Ha. I look at it like that, too. The universe contains everything up there in the ether already. Sometimes something shakes me and I can maybe pluck a bit of it out. That’s about the size of it.

  21. Oof: she’s 18? Looks much older … and doesn’t look like private school did much to help raise her better. Issue being not so much the race of her beau but the fact she didn’t hesitate to rebuke her own father in a very public way. No family values.

  22. I’m sorry, but am I the only one who sees that the Russians are behind this?

    1. Putin has provided wikileaks with intel on melania hooking up with black athletes before she married trump for his money.

    2. They reported the CIA has evidence – but it can’t be shown because it’s confidential.

    1. Haha, thats good. When I’m in vietnam in a few month I will start a campaign on gofundme, too.

  23. Lol cmon people, this bitch is brilliant for being the first one to pull this stunt and make $$$$$$$$$$$
    I doubt any copycat who tries this in the future will make significant money. She wins because she did it first and went viral.
    But I have to say, asking like a disgusting person obsessed with labeling this “mudsharking” is stupid and counterproductive. All this will do is encourage more white chicks to have black babies to spite you. The same way people voted for Trump out of spite…. it happens on both sides.
    You don’t have to support race-mixing, but throwing around derogatory terms is just going to encourage more of this.

  24. Her dad could have phrased things better, however, I don’t believe he’s racist. It’s just that after a white woman publically goes black she can’t go back. Whether or not they’re having sexy times, white men will presume they did and sort her to the bargain basement pump and dump bin.

    1. There is no such thing as racism by whites in a country build by whites. There is also no racism in peoples opinions. If racism is to be a crime, there has to be loss or harm to the person (not their feelings).

      1. What you said is so evident that I am not sure if ROK has been flooded by female users or SJWism has literally infested everything now.

  25. Why are white men so insecure when it comes to black men??? Mr Doodle wouldn’t have had an issue had she been dating a white guy. Inferiority complex at it’s finest

    1. because it’s basically saying: “I hate you Dad. I hate everything you stand for, everything you believe in, everything you are.” It is a complete repudiation

    2. You’lll find that many men realise that this race mixing agenda being pushed, at incredible expense, through the marketing industries, by jews, is well understood. Young women/ daughters are impressionable and are easily brainwashed, and often do not know their own best interest, as they get their tastes from the mind control device (TV).
      It is perfectly natural for each race not to want to mix. It is only blacks that look in the mirror with disgust at how little they have contributed – or will ever contribute – and feel so inferior that they have to date a white GIRL to give their lives meaning. The first thing every famous/ rich black does is get a white woman, as they are naturally predisposed to defile and ruin everything. They see a beautiful blonde and want to destroy her by having her shit out groteque fuzzy haired Planet of The Apes characters, and end blondes.

      1. I never knew that this website promotes racism. Are you guys also racist towards Hispanic people and Asians? Or is the racism directed to black people only?

        1. While I can’t speak for all other bigots, my racial animus is directed mostly at Asians

        2. Asia has created some of the most amazing civilisations, arts, technological discoveries, and they aren’t – unlike blacks – a massive bruden on our civilisation. Go to any European city with historical significance, and there are thousands of Asians tourists interested in what we have done, likewise the inverse. Go to the shit areas of these same cities, and they are invariably shitholes because of black people. Blacks could live in Florence and their only interest would be hunting and defiling white women. There is nothing about blacks that is above the level of emptying their nuts, and that is why humanity, as a whole, loathes them.

        3. Depends. I love the japanese (the aryans of asia) because they were fighting on our side in WWII.
          But the indians for example are scum.

        4. The Indians had civilization for centuries while your people were busy diddling themselves, or whatever it is your Kraut barbarian ancestors were doing prior to the Middle Ages.

        5. Your side?
          The Nips royally screwed the Germans during WW2. Germany “gave” Japan its overseas possessions after WW1 and kickstarted its modernization circa WW2, allowing its dreams of imperialism to be realized, and what did it get in return? A knife in the back.
          Japan dragged the USA into the war, pulled out of Russia (allowing Stalin to divert manpower to stomp Germany) and had little mercy for Germans in their domain after Germany surrendered.
          With the allies Germany picks, who needs enemies?

        6. “Japan dragged the USA into the war”
          Heads’ up: you might want to review the facts about WWII and who dragged in whom and why.

        7. Creating trade, art, culture, agriculture, kiting overseas in dragon headed boats, and all that stuff, that the Krauts were doing prior to the Middle Ages?

        8. You’ve got something to change the narrative that Japan dragged the USA into the war, and that the Germans went along with it (misguided solidarity)?
          FDR wanted the US in the war, and knew of Pearl Harbor, but it’s not as though Japan wouldn’t have attacked the USA absent the machinations of FDR.

    3. I normally skip over these articles on ROK because all the closet racist people come out and cry about how their precious western white women are dating the 90 IQ mudsharks. The funny part is these are the same people dogging out western women and putting asian and latina women on a pedestal. Hell if you dont want your precious western white women dating black men then get your fellow white men to step their game up.

      1. Wtf? It’s because western women are whores that Latina and Asian women are sought after

        1. awalt brother alot of those women are whores as well. the only thing keeping them from being that way is the culture they were raised in and if they have strong father figures in their lives. The point i was trying to make is that alot of the guys on here get really butt hurt about black men with white women and talking about the whole keep our race pure crap then support white men with latina or asian women.

        2. When the marriage age is teens and early 20s rather than 30 plus we know where most of the whores are.
          And it’s women not men who are the sexual gatekeepers. Stop sounding like a feminist.
          Guys can fuck whoever we want

        3. im not trying to sound like a femenist. i out right said that all women were like that. Basically that the only way in which women were less likely to be whores is if they have a strong male figure in their life to guide them. And i never said i had a problem with people sleeping with whoever they want. I just said that alot of guys on ROK are hypocrites who whine and complain about black men sleeping with white women then promote white guys sleeping with asian and latina women.

      2. Looking at the comments many of them are concerned fathers with white or white passing daughters who are not whores.

        1. yes and i am not talking about people like that. I am talking about people who tend to flock to these articles to unleash their inner racist and talk down about a whole race of people. Yes there are comments on this article I agree with but alot of them are nothing but hatred and hypocrisy. A lot of the guys that are against black men with white women are for white men with latina women.

        2. Yeah. The guys complaining about black guys stealing their girls are racist losers. Especially since latinas and asians love white guys and many detest blacks.
          I’ve seen many black guy white girl couples and the white girl was either fat or looked like a skank.

  26. Black man + White women = Love???
    Black man hates: That he is not worshipped or respected for his skin color (except by her)
    Black women
    White men (or maybe passive dislike or apathy)
    That Whites don’t owe him anything because he is Black.
    That Black women don’t throw themselves at him.
    That his mixed son doesn’t look like him
    White woman hates: White men
    Whiteness (including her own looks)
    The fact that her son doesn’t look Black
    The fact that she will never be fully integrated into Black society.
    White features
    That her own children are Blacker than her, but yet not Black enough.
    That her husband never became the man that she idealized for herself.

    1. Holy smokes, that’s got to be her brother or something. If he’s not her brother he must be hung like a mule.

      1. Maybe that’s her mentally challenged brother. That’s actually a fast way to get to the bang with a woman, show respect to her efffed up family member.

  27. Just another virtue signaling social media attention whore. Her father provided for her and raised her, and she rewards him by escalating a private family matter to a full blown social media public shaming. All the years of her fathers hard work, and she is willing to risk her fathers livelihood over a disagreement.
    The father should cut all ties to her and tell her to get lost. Its sounds like he was a very good man and not at all deserving of his daughter’s actions. Regardless of the daughter’s “feelings”, she owes it to her family to date a man that they all approve of.

      1. Do patriarchs produce scheming, self entitled brats like this? 20 thousand a year on a private school for a disobedient princess doesn’t seem very patriarchal.

        1. As a ROKer who is a father has already mentioned, you can influence your daughter up to a certain point. At these age, they are adults and end up doing what they want: sometimes good, sometimes bad. Anyways, I support this father against his daughter behavior.

        2. I support the father’s attempt as well. And I wouldn’t oppose ghostofjefferson if he told me the sky was green, but It seems to me this father tried to gain control of a bad situation long past the point of no return. She didn’t suddenly morph into a screaming brat on her 18th bday. Surely he knew what he had on his hands before that. And yet he continued to finance her car, her highschool tuition etc. That’s not discipline. That’s enabling. I attended private schools at the elementary and highschool level. I know these girls and I know their parents.

        1. I based what I said in function of what I read. I don’t know this family in particular. Cutting financial support to a highschooler due to this; I think it can be qualified as patriarchal these days.

  28. Whats the problem? She is an adult and can have her holes drilled by every guy she wants to.
    Moreover, it is quite clever to raise 30000 bucks from stupid manginas by blaming it on the race issue.

    1. You’re all about throwing your family under a bus and burning those bridges then are you?

  29. Can we in any way help out the father to assure that his business doesn’t go under?
    I know a lot of people might say “fuck it… that’ll teach the daughter a lesson”, but seriously, this poor father should NOT suffer at the hands of his own spoiled DAUGHTER.
    Also, a question to any fathers on here… what would YOU do if your daughter pulled some shit like this? It’s one thing to tell her “no, you’re not dating him, end of discussion”. But if she started a gofundme to go against you, the parent’s, wishes…. who then, can you turn to?

    1. Really the only thing you can do it respect yourself and not accept dysfunction from her. This is not going to turn out well for her. Why have the father be dragged down by the same dysfunction?

  30. “Dowdle’s father Bill is the proprietor of a sporting goods store, which has been in his family’s hands for over a century. This business may not survive the outrage that erupted after Allie Dowdle’s GoFundMe page began trending and was picked up by various media outlets across the world”
    Proof positive that ya gotta keep daughters on a tight fuckin leash. First the bitch mudsharks (I would not even let that happen) and now she pulls a stunt that cost her family business. I’d shoot her…

      1. Maybe the mother cucked the father and the daughter learned to behave that way from the mother. If the mother doesn’t have respect for the father, neither will the daughter.

  31. I’m inclined to believe Allie’s dad. Anyone else remember when a similar situation played out about a year ago? A 19 year old college girl posted a racist letter her dad had supposedly sent her. This one did it merely for attention but at least had the good grace to recant when she realized she’d cut off her right hand with her left. The SJW horde was trying to destroy her dad’s career and shit runs downhill.

  32. So he paid 20k a year to have his daughter become a brainwashed feminist, cunty slut.
    If you got bank then homeschool. What else does the wife have to do?

  33. This is a bit off topic, but I realized – after just reading my travel note book – that one of prettiest girls I have been intimate with, was a white girl from Washington D.C. In Paris. Total slut, though.
    I have reflected lately – and yet again after reading this post – if the conception that American girls in general are slutty matches my own experiences with meeting some of them, in platonic contexts or not. I have a strong case of them as being, well, sluts.

  34. If any of my girls does something like that I’ll know that I failed like a father.
    Funny thing is her father (on that picture) and I look alike a lot! So I hope the similarities end there.

  35. Almost worth a few “minimal donations” to flood her GoFundMe page with choice passages from this article (you get to leave a message with every donation). Direct attack on logic and reasoning!

    1. Seems to be $5:
      “Sloots gonna sloot bbc strikes again”
      “I feel sorry for your parents. Your Dad has done nothing but support
      your sorry ass for 18 years and you use him to con people out of their
      hard earned money. Hopefully you will find some decency and donate this
      money to St Jude.”

    1. If she’s got the whole Kim K look then it’a a certain that she’s got a mixrace baby.

  36. Look at the photo again and observe the body language. She has a clenched fist to his stomach. They aren’t going to last.

  37. Excuse me. David Allen Coe wrote a song (tough to find it on the radio) that addresses the issue of white women who have sex with blacks. Sorry if I offend (actually, I don’t give a shit if I offend) but any white girl who has a “relationship” with a black is a dirty whore. They should be tatoo’ed on the forehead so no other white man ever touches them. Oh, a “racist”! Right. I don’t believe any good has ever come out of miscegenation, period. This little slut broke her parent’s heart and disobeyed her father. I would throw her ass out in the street, too. I told my daughter that if she ever showed up with Tyrone it would be the last time she walked through the door of my house. I heard some mumbling and whispers that “Daddy is a racist”, until the day she had to live in a college dorm. That turned her into a Klanswoman. For the good black guys out there, sorry, but stick to your own women and we will get along just fine. As for the white women looking for the jungle experience, for God’s sake make sure you warn any white man you may run into inn the future of what kind of trollop you really are. We don’t want to catch stuff we can’t get rid of and we don’t want our gonads or lips anywhere near yours.

    1. Virginity solves all these problems. But somehow 100 white dicks is more acceptable than 1 black dick.
      Feminism is evil!

      1. Yes, a thousand white dicks are far to be preferred to race-mixing under any and all circumstances. QED.

    2. . … Anyway, I think I would be just as likely to throw some drug dealing white guy out as a black guy at that age. …As a parent, I feel I owe my daughter until 18 or if she is following my rules -22-23 and beyond for financial help. I played; I pay. – its responsible. …This little tart obviously doesn’t understand that if you want his cash there are certain things lines you don’t cross. She is 18. If this black kid was going to harvard and had rich parents.. have at it- but if he is from the south side; he isn’t going to be welcome. I don’t want the risk of her ruining her life for a couple of sperm floating around so I would cut her off as well to send a message.

  38. What a despicable girl, throwing her family under the bus and using that dude as a prop for her scam. I bet they already broke up and she just used some old pic of them to get sympathy.

    1. That’s the worst part she is so money hungry and arrogant she threw her own family under the bus.

    1. Or maybe “jamal” is just a prop in this farce to defraud people on “gofundme”?

  39. I don’t know what to think of this.. If she likes chocolate milk, thats fine. Its another generation… I would probably be just happy she is going to college assuming the major isn’t basket weaving. As far as funding ; if she can make this gig work.. more power to her but only if it is true the dad really is saying is. Its a big deal to date outside your race and culture. I am not sure if she thought it through especially if it isnt true. My daughter would be disowned if she stated this and it affected my business relationships…. I don’t think dad would care if she was 30 and her second divorce but she looks like 17 and any dad would put the cabosh to it…black or white.

    1. Ditto that I like dark chocolate as long as it’s produced in a good facility if you know what I mean.

    2. Maybe different subtext: strong chance she is dropping out of college because she’s been hitting 4 parties a week, riding the cock carousel, doesn’t go to class, and is failing her courses. She’s playing the race card and the oppressive patriarchy line to deflect from the consequences of thinking with her poosy.

  40. On the one hand, you have to respect the hustle.
    On the other, it proves the point I made on ROK a couple of years ago that society must begin to shame white knights vigorously to tamp down perverse incentives.

  41. THis is also a great case for NOT donating to Kickstarters/Go Fund Me/Indiegogo, cos it’s all one sided.

  42. https://www.blogher.com/files/divorce_3.jpg
    Most marriages between black men and white women are absolutely doomed to fail. This is the truth. Also, let’s not forget:
    About 72% of BLACK CHILDREN are raised out of wedlock.
    About 92% of BIRACIAL CHILDREN with BLACK FATHERS are raised out of wedlock.
    If a white girl is impregnated by a black man, she is statistically very likely to become a SINGLE MOTHER. Pointing this out is not politically correct, but it’s still very true. But she’s 18-years-old, so she’s not thinking rationally about this.
    It’s sad. She publicly accused her parents of racism (without proving it), and is selfishly doing so for the sake of making a PROFIT. And even if they were “racist”, it’s irrelevant. It’s morally and ethically wrong for us to air our family’s dirty laundry, simply for the sake of making a buck….when the targets of our ire can’t even defend themselves. She’s forever branded her parents with the SJW scarlet letter of “R” (“racist”), and opened them up to potential physical, social, and financial attack.
    And it’s not “racist” to point out that black male/white female relationships are almost always doomed to fail. It’s not just about skin color, but about black American culture….and how that influences BEHAVIOR.
    Let us not forget how much SJWs LOVE to target people believed guilty of various “phobias” and “-isms” (sexism, racism, homophobia, etc.) so this event could possibly result in the destruction of her family’s business.
    If (when) she becomes the single mother of a half-black baby in 5 to 10 years, I wonder if she will ever feel regret for throwing her family under the bus like this.

    1. Who says the 18 y/o tart in the OP’s story is getting married? She’s freshman in college getting paid to ride the cock carousel.

      1. She’s behaving like this is “true love”. If she’s in love with this guy, she might get married. If she’s having sex with this guy, then she might get pregnant.
        If she is impregnated by a black male, she’ll probably become a single mother. I’m not saying anything revolutionary here; that’s just how it is.
        As the kids do love to say, “facts don’t care about your feelings”.

        1. If you think her behaving like this is “true love” then you understand nothing about women.

        2. It’s NOT “true love”, but the white girl in question doesn’t fully understand that yet.
          She’ll figure it out later.

        3. She knows exactly what she’s doing. Since she turned 18, she’s legal adult, and she’s hooking up with as many males as she can. She’s not in love with the black male, he is just flavor of the month.

        4. I’m not so sure. I remember being 18-years-old (a million years ago), and I can’t say that I was tremendously self-aware at that age. Life experience and time can sometimes change us in subtle ways.
          She might have a very different view on things at age 30 or 40.
          But at age 18, she “knows” that she’s right.

        5. Exactly. My guess is that she is using “D’vonteus” specifcally for the gofundme story/fraud.

  43. If stepdaughter dates a black man when she reaches dating age, she will definitely become persona non grata to me and her mom. It will simply not happen .

  44. Who cares? Its people who are so “anti-racist” that they’re hateful that are being cucked out of their dollars.

  45. Give that man your business. Call his company and express support for his actions. Let him know he isn’t alone.

  46. Hah! I bet if this was a white guy telling people his parents took away his college fund for dating a black girl, the internets response would “Fuck you, go get a job.”

  47. Do you really think a girl who plays the ‘my father is racist, give me money’ card has the skills to keep a cheap used car functional? If she bought a $2000 car in two months it would be broken and not derivable. Cars like this need things every month or three. If you have skills you’re paying on average $10-$50 a month for parts to keep it on the road and maintained. Cheap, no big deal for someone who knows what they are doing. A bargain really even considering the time spent on it. But if you don’t have skills those small repairs are $300 a pop.

    1. I drive a 20 year old pickup. In the last 5 years I’ve changed a few hoses, had new tires and a new air-con compressor. Total under $400.

      1. Cheap 20 year old used cars need things. Not cheap 20 year old trucks taken care of by previous owners will do ok. Do you really think she’s going to notice the radiator hoses need changing or is she going to drive until one bursts and then drive some more and destroy the engine?

      2. I think you are assuming that the girl has the ability and self discipline to do regular maintenance on her car. You may have the case where her daddy does all that for her, but it is unlikely that she does anything other than add gas when the needle gets low.

  48. It’s not racist for the father to want his genes to be seen in his grandchildren.

      1. I often see this situation and the old man always has this facial expression: Please, shoot me!

        1. He should have simply disowned the daughter and had nothing to do with her or her kids. Beats the hell out of being miserable like that.

      2. The way I see it, interracial mixing in itself is not the problem. The problem is, these girls tend to hook up with ghetto boys. If they hooked up with the Ushers of this world, or got themselves their own Dr Ben Carson, at least Gramps might have a different reaction. But no, and this is something I see on a regular basis. When ugly breeds with ugly, this happens, and instead of producing a Derek Jeter or Vanessa Hudgens, this is what comes out.

        1. Have you ever seen Derek Jeter’s parents?
          Looks like a brown rhino married a white rhino.
          Two very fat, very ugly people. I know. I am a NYer and a Yankee fan, though I care much less about sports than I did when I was younger.

      3. Looks like he’s ready to do an honor killing. Or perhaps regrets not doing it 2 mystery meat kids ago.

      4. I’m in a mostly white, upper class area and occasionally around town I see older white people with mixed little kids. I figure they’re raising their daughter’s bastards.

        1. That or they’re having them for the day while their daughter visits Tyronne or Rondall is prison after he stuck up a convenience store.

      1. Completely agree.A lot of people, men and women, do not stop to think about the repercussions of copulating with a different race in terms of genealogy.

      1. Yup. And he was 100% correct. The interview with the liberal English idiot was quite humorous.

  49. In general I don’t have a problem with race mixing. People are going to to what they do and It’s none of my business.
    But I got to say. I would never go out with a chick who’s dated a black dude. I’m sorry brothers, but once she go’s back we don’t want her back.

      1. Very easy. Start a conversation regarding any subject that is deemed “anti-black”, like getting rid of welfare, or how rap music sucks, and she will immediately get defensive. And if/when she does get defensive, head for the hills.

  50. My thoughts were this girl knew liberals are sensitive to race issues and are not only dumb enough to donate money without doing their research, they also shun anyone who brings up the facts and proof it is a scam. The business won’t be affected too much because liberals don’t exercise(cross fit exception) or play sports.

  51. After reading this story in the news, I literally wanted to gas the kikes and race war now!
    I feel sorry for the father. He tried to be a positive influence over her precious girl’s life, but the fucking brainwashed liberal masses undermined his best efforts.
    I can not blame him, Red Pill was not around when he made this child and tried to raise her normally in a liberal society.

  52. She is literally getting paid for sucking nigger dick.
    Which is called prostitution.
    You go girlll! LOL

  53. Just one big “EFF YOU DAD!” Saw this over at Heartiste. She took an internal family matter and turned it public, asking for public sympathy and throwing her parents under the bus. Welp, that alone deserves banishment, and she can go suck the teat of gullible liberals for the rest of her life.

  54. This is why it is so hard to hold women, especially white women, accountable for their words and actions. Too many people jump at the chance to come to their rescue, regardless of what she said or did.

  55. Since she’s decently cute, of legal age, and has no qualms or moral scruples about asking strangers for money, the only reason you should be giving her money in the first place is if she gives you some “social assistance”, if you catch my drift;-).

  56. She thinks nothing of destroying her family business for short term gain.
    She deserves to be disowned, not just cut off.

  57. Feminism never changed the fact that young women know that they can use their looks and a hard luck story to get money from men. That is why 3rd wave feminists hate the so-called “gold digger” sluts. Despite the rantings of feminists, people like Kim Kartrashian and Paris Hilton are looked up to by young girls, because they can use their sex appeal to achieve an easy , comfortable, life.
    Fat, bloated, obnoxious 3rd wave feminists such as Trigglypuff will never have the life that pretty women will have, and they hate them for it. Women have always used their looks and charm to get things from men, and they always will.

  58. Gofundme is such a hustle game for Charlatans it’s amazing. If I was still a kid I smash my head against the wall and say “my dad beats me give me money to buy a house to get away.” probably least get a hundred grand lol.

    1. Some of it is legit. A couple months ago, a friend of mine had a brother who’s house burned down leaving his 11 kid family homeless. I donated through gofundme. But then, I personally knew this story prior to seeing the site.

        1. That’s very cool of them. Takes a big heart, as I have a cousin that does that. A very big heart…

  59. This mudshark is going to need that $$$ when her Dindu baby daddy disappears and leaves her to raise her mud baby by herself.

    1. Nah there are hordes of white beta males who will line up for the chance to be used as her ATM cash dispenser.

  60. From her go fund me page:
    “Over the past year, I’ve fought so hard to make my parents see Michael as a human being instead of just someone who is African American.”
    Wow – you mean ordinary black men aren’t even human? Who knew?
    What an enlightened little soul – did she learn all that in the Coexist club? Seriously, WTF is a Coexist club other than school sponsored (and daddy bucks supported) marxist conditioning? This girl had all the tools in the SJW toolbox, courtesy of the “educators” at her overpriced academy. It was only a matter of time before she snapped over something, but this proved to be the most lucrative. Notice too, she did not stop collecting once she reached the 10k funding goal.
    Also have to wonder where the boyfriend’s family is in all of this – no comment from either of the parents? Do they think the girls dad is racist? Maybe they’re not crazy about their son being used as a prop.
    Even if the situation is exactly as she described and her dad is a total dick, why put her mom in the middle of it too? There’s more to this story, but maybe not much more – she’s probably just the spoiled little ho as we all suspect she is.

  61. Meh. I say…. 5.
    Definitely a disturbed piece of #(*$&#. Doing that to her own family, wow. That’s the big deal for me. She could actually destroy her entire family over this stupidity. Just goes to show you how women certainly aren’t made of “everything nice”. 😉
    One thing about the guy, how must it feel to be in his shoes? Sure the black thing but forget about race for a second. As a guy, would anybody want their girl making a public spectacle of herself like this? I mean, the guy may as well wear a sign that says “Biggest Loser on Earth”. That’s just terrible. If the guy has a brain, I hope he dumps her immediately after pulling this kind of stunt. 🙂

    1. After he runs off with the cash of course. Remember he’s just an innocent victim of circumstance. 🙂

  62. So many comments and here’s my 2 cents:
    Many here regard feminism and career woman spinsterhood as one of the reasons why society is collapsing. The father already “cuckolded” himself by offering to spent 20Gs a year for his daughter to go through anti-white and anti-male indoctrination encouraging her to bash her father and regard her whiteness as a liability. Send your daughter to hippy school and she becomes a hippy.

  63. The thing is it’s irrelevant if dad’s concern are valid or not. If she had enough respect for him to be able to take his money she should have enough to listen. In a year or two from now when she begs for his forgiveness he’ll probably welcome her back; but the damage done to her reputation will still stay with her forever. 30k to someone with a good head on their shoulders and a good dad looking out for them can achieve you just about anything. 30k to a spoiled brat without one will go poof in an instant.

    1. He may welcome her back due to the love of a dad, but I certainly would not. What damage she has done…

  64. -Attention whoring.
    -Self-entitlement sense.
    -Un-accountability for her actions.
    -Potential fabrications in her story.
    -No sense of morals nor loyalty to her father.
    -Instant victimhood.
    -Enforcing free-pass at all costs for the sake of the emotional well-being she’s accustomed to.
    … but of course #NAWALT

  65. & she still probably lets the black guy pick up the dinner bill after she has a purse full of cash off his black ass. You know some sisters would love to put the boots to her.

  66. Knowing how young women are prone to lie nowadays, I have to say that I’m not surprised at this lying little spoiled tw*t. Disgusting!

  67. Unfortunately, If she could get away with this nonsense then I really can’t blame her for doing it.
    A new sucker is born every minute so it’s not her fault as much as it is the losers who actually decided to pay her way.

  68. We cherish and protect our children because they are a survival of us. if they choose to betray this symbolci form of eternity, they are just commiting murder against us : we don’t have to protect and cherish someone who wants, in full conscience of it or not, our death
    a niglet never will be my grandson, even if he had some genes from my pool, because I can’t regnozigne miself in a light-brown african.
    A light brown african ever will be an african, even if he have 50% of European genes, ask your for-one-day-again Kenyan President.

  69. you think you could get away
    nigger-loving scumbag
    trashcan on legs
    sucking the crooked cock
    the eagle is watching
    sees it all
    will strike you down dead
    your name in bold red
    in the big black book
    on your doorstep a pig’s head
    for you, bitch!
    desecrating a kike’s hallowed hall
    on all fronts gallows set up
    end up dangling and mad with fear
    remorse will not matter
    education taught you to hate
    hate will consume you
    and your kind
    the eagle is watching
    his beak ready to peck
    at your eyes your soul your body
    your rotten intestines pulled out
    decaying in the gutter
    with the filth that you embraced
    your exploits noted recorded
    a wasted destiny sealed in a pit!
    you will be popped like a zit!
    splinters in your ear mouth nose
    alive in the box scratching screaming
    no release from the bond you made
    a bitch is a bitch is a bitch
    the eagle is watching
    with sharp eyes hovering above
    surveying all on its land and in its sea
    a fish there a mouse here
    catching all reincarnations doomed
    down the tube of eternal defeat
    walking stumbling not holding up
    to a bargain given at birth
    seals a fate not natural but willed
    dragged by his feet down the slopes
    to a wormy end a bubble-lipped beast
    see you not trembling remorse?
    fear in the eyes of the guilty
    made a mockery by the pure
    the eagle is watching
    snapping close
    the edge the precipice
    of turnaround policy required

  70. He doesn’t want his daughter to date Black men. That is not racist. There are a myriad of practical reasons why he wouldn’t want this: she is at a greater risk for domestic abuse; odds are that he will not have equal potential to provide for her as would a White man; she will face social stigma as will her children. But maybe he just wants her to propagate his/her ethnic genes. Wanting you’re grandchildren to look like you and share your heritage is not racist. He can’t make that decision for her but he is entitled to his preference. Judging him as amoral is total leftist nonsense. Every community shuns women who leave the community for another. Jews, Blacks, Asians, etc. Nobody makes a fuss about a Chinese father who wants his daughter to marry a Chinaman. Racism is never part of that equation.

  71. White men’s worst nightmare (1850s): seeing black slaves even few feet close to the presence of white girl
    White men’s sexual fantasy (2017): seeing black man shove his cock into a white pussy.

    1. Most White human women can’t stand sight nor smell of cowardly, retarded, ugly, genetically, innately, inherently evil subhuman nigger vermin. 14/88!!!!

      1. Are you sure about that?
        I seen a lot of white women swallow big black cock and loving it every second of it.

  72. Another unless white tramp it’s growing everyday. YouTube had girls, some famous at the DC talk against Trump. They all said that the white man’s day is over. Lol After their beat down and getting abandoned from their slot ways they come crying back. No way sluts

  73. Multi-Cultural Marxist indoctrinated White American Girl Raises Over $30,000 from fellow anti-white leftists who want to eradicate her race, creed, culture, national identity.

  74. We cannot feel sorry for such women when the likely toll is paid. They have been warned and the price of freedom to be a whore is that some women will be… well, not living happily ever after, bitch.

  75. Why are we feeling sorry for the father? He raised this little entitlement whore to be a princess. Guys like this often spoil their daughters and tell them they’re princesses to be worshipped. It sounds to me like the chickens have come home to roost.

  76. She will grow up and eventually realise that there is more to life than BBC. Then again she might not.

  77. She’s the one on the personal mental hook and the one who has to live with herself regarding the entire gofundme shtick she probably has going on here. For anyone who has had the distinct pleasure of watching and listening to Tommy Sotomayor TNNRAW2 You Tubes in the past few years…..this story here is almost a straight line on the oscilloscope of inter-racial nuances in current social media fed Americana.
    If she has been able to con willing contributors out of their own loot based on the specious and misleading factors that this article reports……then what else or what purpose does railing here possibly serve? My view on that is if one single person reading this….takes the time out to review a couple of Tommy Sotomayor’s TNNRAW2 recent you tube videos…..then that person will quickly understand. In other words…..if you think this silly limp haired blonde b^&%^tch chatted up in this story is a serious affront to married Caucasian parenthood…..you should witness a few of this week’s Tommy Sotomayor TNNRAW2 You Tube reports emanating from the hair hatted hooligan occupied urban centers currently being subsidized by ALL of us American Taxpayers. In the scheme of instant American life stories……this silly stupid girl AND her scrawny love interest wouldn’t even warrant a hundred views on YouTube.
    Go check out Tommy Sotomayor’s TNNRAW2 You Tube channel for an hour…..and witness the genuine ferocity of this country’s subset of perennially federally subsidized black unwed mothers. They make most black men run for their lives. The only black males that can tolerate these single black mothers are their own bastard sons. So in a very real way….as disappointing as this little blonde mud shark might seem….she is no straight up killer in the very real sense that her unwed black female counterparts are. If 30 thousand dollars of gofundme funds bothers you all…..multiply that by a million of your own federal tax dollars. Welcome to the completely insane world of single black mothers of bastard sons and daughters….3 or 4 kids created by 3 or 4 different men….very few of which are ever anywhere near or around the central existence of their own offspring. These single black unwed mothers will buy hair weaves and fake fingernails before they would spend a single cent on a dictionary or a PTA raffle ticket.
    This blonde brat highlighted in this story wouldn’t last 14 seconds in a confrontation with any one of the single black unwed beasts that we all currently underwrite with every single penny we send to Uncle Sam. This blonde brat is the very least of our worries.
    Don’t believe me?……go ahead and watch a couple Tommy Sotomayor TNNRAW2 You Tube videos from the past week. He has posted hundreds of them over the past 4 years…..he’s black. Dark black…..and black unwed mothers of bastard sons and daughters hate his guts…..because he is exposing THEM and the Horrifically awful symbiotic method that Uncle Sam uses YOUR tax money to keep that entire wicked dynamic going……generation after generation after generation. Black boys and black girls don’t have a chance in hell…..if they’re raised by unwed black mothers who are utterly incapable of keeping a good man in the house much less in the kid’s lives.
    The blonde brat is not even worth the time it took me to type this post. She’s hardly a threat. Click below and keep on clicking if you want to see a very real threat to the foundation of this country…..and American tax dollars are absolutely underwriting this complete and utter madness. Tommy Sotomayor will go down in American history as a purveyor of the horrible awful life that millions of completely innocent black boys and girls are doomed to live….because Uncle Sam underwrites the entire sick dynamic. Tommy Sotomayor has a hundred instant reasons to honestly counter why this blonde brat in this story is the very least of any of our worries.

  78. Could be true love. Could be she is a stupid pump muffin that got played and put her families entire lively hood on the line for her zipper-centric thinking. All I know is once it is game on, I play to win.

  79. this chick is a worker ,and whoever donated should demand their money back, just another snowflake working the libs for a buck

  80. Stories like this arouse suspicion, but if it’s real, then it’s no surprise. The gal’s not bad-looking, but there’s something off about her so it’s no surprise she ended up with a black. Most likely no normal and decent white man bothered.
    I doubt her father’s job will be as badly effected as the author of the article states, he’ll most likely be getting more support from people who are fed up with the likes of his daughter and what she represents. If I were the father I would disown her immediately after all of this and never have anything to do with her again.

  81. my first love’s parents hated me. where is my money?
    happily ever after or broken heart and become a player, tough choice to be honest.

  82. Her boyfriend should leave her. If she threw her own father under the bus, she could do much worse to him. I see future rape allegations from this broad.

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