Welcome To Political Correctness 2.0

The truth cannot be concealed for long, especially in the internet age. A portion of the elite has recognized this and allowed discourse to move from political correctness version 1.0 to an upgraded 2.0 version where more real-talk is allowed. This permits them to build trust with an increasing percentage of the Western population that hates the heavy-handedness of the existing program.

Political correctness 1.0 was so strict and sniffling that it promoted a reaction which is currently threatening the entire globalist establishment. Here are tenets of the 1.0 program:

1. All races are equal
2. All sexes are equal
3. Homosexuals are just like heterosexuals
4. Islam can and should co-exist in democratic societies
5. Western civilization is the main cause of evil to minorities
6. Nation borders sacrifice human rights
7. Critique of Jews is anti-Semitic, and we must encourage Israel’s existence

When I or other commentators refer to “globalism,” we’re generally describing a system of power that has built itself atop the 1.0 program since World War 2. The reaction to this program has gotten so intense that anti-globalism is now a broad-based movement that aims to bring down both the useful idiots and the puppet masters who control it.

I’m not entirely certain if existing globalists are deciding to move to a 2.0 program to retain their control, or if entirely new billionaires, such as Peter Thiel, are attempting a power grab for their own ends. Whatever the reality, and it’s probably a combination of the two, some members of the elite are now using the upgraded political correctness program to appeal to those who reject the 1.0 version. Here is what we have in version 2.0:

1. Not all races are equal, but all races deserve equality
2. The sexes aren’t equal, but both sexes deserve equality
3. Homosexuals are just like heterosexuals
4. Islam cannot co-exist in democratic societies
5. Western civilization should be praised
6. Nation borders are essential
7. Critique of Jews is anti-Semitic, and we must encourage Israel’s existence

First let’s describe what hasn’t changed from 1.0 (points 3 and 7). Gays and Jews are still a protected class because they are the highest members orchestrating 2.0 (Peter Thiel happens to be gay). Egalitarianism in terms of sex and race (1 and 2) haven’t been completely tossed aside, since “equality” is still seen as an ideal, but purple and red pill thoughts in those areas are more accepted. It’s okay for media outlets operating on version 2.0 to state that black people are more prone to criminality followed by articles mocking feminism and other social justice insanities.

Three points have been completely reversed. First is Islam. Attacking the religion, its customs, and the terrorists it breeds is fair game, and perhaps the most consistent element of the 2.0 program that is even exhibited by liberals like Bill Maher. The second reversal is the praise of “Western civilization” with a focus on civic nationalism, which essentially means that people have to follow existing immigration laws. Lacking, however, is addressing how laws can be changed or what the specific racial demographic of a nation like the USA should be. The final reversal is the praise of national borders as a feature that can improve the safety and well-being of existing citizens.

When I refer to political correctness 2.0, I’m not referring to 4chan, the alt right, or other edgelord movements that don’t place limits on their speech, but the rising power structures that include new media, pundit thots like Tomi Lahren, Twitter e-celebrities, and government politicians, especially the ones that exist in Trump’s shadow.

The best examples of political correctness 2.0 right now are represented by Breitbart, Rebel Media, and the alt lite, who produce ideas and content that have wide reach because of the large number of people who reject the 1.0 program but who are not ready to completely throw away egalitarianism, discuss the Jewish Question, or embrace tradition. The low-hanging fruits of the 1.0 program were the KKK, racists who use the n-word, and caveman misogynists. For the 2.0 program, the low-hanging fruits are low IQ Islamists, fat feminists with green hair, and the mainstream media.

The 2.0 version is a step in the right direction, and will make my ideas of patriarchy slightly more accepting, but ultimately will fail just like 1.0 did, because it is counting on deliberate concealment of truths that simply can not be concealed in the internet age. I therefore predict that 2.0 will have a much shorter run than 1.0, and not stop a reactionary push where no lie can be successfully hoisted upon the public, and where no secret stays secret for long.

This article was originally published on Roosh V.

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516 thoughts on “Welcome To Political Correctness 2.0”

  1. The war of words has been going on for millennia. Many Biblical instances of Christ talking with the Pharisees and Lawyers, trying to twist his words. Lately, guys fell to sleep at the wheel because of the sexual revolution. Let the women have their way as long as we get sex….well we are seeing the repercussions. Time to regroup and not give them everything they want, whether or not they put out.

    1. Women are all masochists. Giving them the right to make decisions about governmence is pure madness.

      1. I don’t think so….they are opportunists. The recent ability to have premarital sex with little consequence has enabled women to control the thirsty betas into white knighting for them and changing the language. Men are now waking up to the fact that we have been played.

        1. But all those feeelzz. Women love to feel like good people , at the cost of their own kind.

        2. Women love to feel like good people , at the cost of DOING anything good…

        3. QFT! Look at any picture of any disaster. You will see women standing outside the perimeter crying (virtue signaling how much they care), while the people actually trying to save people and property are all male. the women will then claim all credit for caring the most since they cried and the men didn’t.

      2. Yeah. Observing what’s happening to Europe, one can’t help but come to the conclusion that European women want to get raped.

        1. Get raped by savages and see the weak disgusting betas who gave them power get cucked. It’s in their nature.

        2. It is disgusting. I’m very sure the women are doing this on purpose. They have large social circles and have glued their eyeballs to the smartphone, so it’s not like they have no idea what’s going on.

        3. Women’s nature never changes. Just like a relationship , they will lure you into giving them power , secretly hoping you will stand strong and refuse. If you give in to them they are disgusted by your weakness and punish you. Women’s right to vote and all the other crap are just shit tests western men failed to pass , or rather beta baits.

      3. Men are all sadists.
        Is given THEM the right to make decisions about “governmence” [sic] any better?

        1. Men are rational creatures , women are emotional creatures. Enough said.

        2. I didn’t expect you to take a knee so quickly.
          You are clearly a kebab and NOT a Native Balkanian you are fronting as.

        3. Oh I see now. My avatar triggered you faggot. Good , let the burn flow.
          It will be a cold a day in hell before a Kebab has this Man as his avatar , their biggest nightmare.
          Anyway , I’m gonna “knee” now as I have no time to give to vermins like you. Get lost.

        4. Not only are you a total ESL aspie, but you are also actively psychotic if you actually thought I paid any attention to your tiny you-know-what rather than your big username!

    2. ” Let the women have their way as long as we get sex….”
      This mind set, to my lights, is the single most damaging thing that has happened to the western world since forever.

      1. Yup, men everywhere have been behaving how women tell them to in the hopes of getting some action. To their dismay, it has been a fruitless endeavor. Women still want a masculine man, if the women control the guy, they are not masculine.

        1. ya know JIm, that is what is funniest to me. Aside from all the really terrible things that this attitude causes and we can go on forever about them, it doesn’t even freaking work.
          The guys who use the let women have their way as long as we get sex get far less sex than people who treat women like shit do. I mean, if it worked you could say “it is wrong, stupid and dangerous but I guess I understand” but it doesn’t even freaking work!

        2. I once lived with this woman and she told me, “I want you to control me with your cock.” I responded with, “If you were the most amazing woman I’d ever met, I would…”

        3. How about you sober the fuck up before you post – so sick of trying to interpret what drunks/druggies post.

        4. Question: did you actual drool while typing this comment or were you just trying to get across the feeling of drooling moron!
          Either way, good work champ.

        5. I was lucky to have an amazing ex, and it took me about 6 months after the break-up to find my current GF. Both latin though. I stopped being interested in white girls years ago. Even Eastern European girls who move to N. America get feminist-Liberal decease rather quickly. I saw it numerous times.
          There are good girls, you just cant be a horny creep yourself to meet one.

        6. Humble, caring, loving, with traditional values who wants to have a family. Thats decent enough for me.

        7. That is you, to me, I have other values. This is the danger. Words that mean not exactly the same in other’s minds. Traditional values have not place in a fast paced technological world. Yet many cannot envision life with out those traditions which keeps us chained to the past and a lesser future.

      2. I didn’t expect that from you. Don’t tell me you’re a closet conservative.

        1. I am no such thing. I am a pragmatist, a capitalist, a hedonist and a nihilist and which group of Pre-Fab system types my DIY thinking aligns with I am happy to be aligned. As I tell women, no one is wrong when they agree with me.

        2. Isn’t ” Let the women have their way as long as we get sex….” a very practical viewpoint? After all, it is the women who are responsible for degeneracy.

        3. I tend not to use the word “degeneracy” as it assumes the supremacy of a world that I find intolerably boring, prudish and filled with dickfaces. As for practical, one MIGHT see things like that if the method actually worked, but as it turns out all those guys who are letting women have their own way as long as they get sex are keeping porntube in business while I am on dates telling girls to shut up, smile and behave themselves and can’t keep my dick dry

        4. Degeneracy is something relative. Unless you are religious or something like that, whatever you find degenerate someone else or even me would find it tasteful…depending on the case that is .

      3. Yes. This is one of the core, underlying beliefs that men have that lead their women into cuckholdry.
        Fuck, this is key as hell.

    3. Sometimes I will acquiesce to a woman’s minor shit test, just for the purposes of experimentation. Usually with a women I barely know. And when I relent to her request, I swear I can see a switch going off behind her eyes and she mentally slots me into the “simp” category…

      1. Something I wish I was taught in High School. One of my best friends was a athletic, alpha type. He treated women like crap and they were flocking around him. Still, I didn’t see why. He ended up marrying this hot little hippy chick. 20 years later, the tables are turned. He is running this bicycle shop, working 70 hours/week, sex is non-existent and he is fearing she will leave. He never went through the pain in High School, so I am not sure he learned that lesson.
        I was his wingman in High School, the beta that would bring the flowers, and get a “that’s nice” in return. On the club scene, I started to wake up to the nature of women, and wanted out. That is when I found religion and used my newfound knowledge to go for the clean girls. 20 years later, I am still applying that knowledge to game my wife. We have an excellent marriage as a result. Tease her, and swat away shit tests. No need to be an asshole.

        1. Nice analysis Jim and an interesting and incredibly logical point of view.

        2. We’re all fools in this life. The best we can hope for is to control our destinies to some extent, as you are doing.
          A buddy of mine asked me the other night why I didn’t jump on this waitress at a bar we were visiting. She was overtly hitting on me – cute girl. But she was in the process of getting a divorce (“separated”, cough-cough). And after watching her act in the bar a few times previously, as she flirted with various men, I knew she was poison. So I told my buddy that women are like coral snakes – pretty, but poisonous. And some are more poisonous than others.
          When a woman is looking for a better deal (“separated”), she is at her most poisonous. Because she has an axe to grind. She’s looking to take somebody down for monetary purposes, primarily. He said he didn’t care, he would jump on that anyway. I get his point, but once you reach a certain age you tend to see the lay of the land. And it ain’t pretty.
          Good on you for having a satisfying relationship – unlike your alpha buddy with the bike shop. Guys age, that’s a law. Gotta play the hand you are dealt, no matter what age you are…and sometimes that means folding the cards you’ve been dealt and waiting for a better hand. Sounds like your buddy didn’t fold his cards when he should have…

        3. I would like to see you write an article. Your conservative viewpoints resonate well with me and, I’m sure, with others too.

        4. I think he thought with his dick when he decided to marry. She was #9 hot, (still a 7) but I think it went to her head. She is demanding, and unappreciative, when we go out, I notice her flirting with other guys. Poison.
          When i picked my wife, I made sure morality was absolute #1 priority. Sure, it was a slow start on our sex life, but we continue to push the boundaries to this day. Keep it fun and encourage her, and she will be open to many experiences.

        5. No problem. It’ll be an interesting contrast to the usual game articles and will provide a different perspective to the discussions.

        6. Mormon dating culture is fun. The church creates these young single adult wards (18-32), their primary purpose is to marry of the college kids. So, there are many activities based on that premise. Lots of goofy game night activities, dating auctions, dances, or things of that nature. You see Napoleon Dynamite, where they bake a cake as an invite to a dance? That stuff is real. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSgI9k67mmU
          A friend and I kidnapped his girlfriend and roommate at 6 am and spend a full day at the zoo with both of them in their pajamas.
          One thing that separated me from the crowd though, is understanding the abundance mindset. So many Mormon guys have terrible oneitis, which I thought help me in the competition.
          Sex is out of the question though. Don’t even attempt it, even if she is hot and horny. Doing so will ruin a relationship, and possibly create a reputation. There are some drawbacks, but some real benefits.

        7. Hey Jim, I’ll be moving to Utah in the fall and was wondering if you had any advice on how to acclimate and coexist best there. I am Christian, though not Mormon.

        8. I can see how that system would lend itself to beta-ness, but it’s a damn sight better than the “get drunk and hope to get lucky” beta mindset of the West at large.

        9. just live life. There are lots of people that separate themselves from the Mormons or vice versa. If you are planning to be anywhere near Salt Lake, let me know when the time comes. maybe we could meet up and I could show you some things. Depending on where you go, maybe 50-60% are Mormon, but there is a sizable nightlife as well. Very kid friendly.

        10. Your friend is like the typical european babyboomer. They got everything handed to them, therefore they were rich when they were young but now that they are old, they are weak and cucked, it’s the other way around with the young generations suffering from libtard logic, feminism and islamic takeover – they are more woke than ever before.

        11. Being the stalwart provider is common, you don’t see as much white knighting to defend stupidity though. There are lots of women who become desperate as they approach the wall. More women want to settle down than there are men willing to foot the bill. You see ads for plastic surgery everywhere.

        12. I think there is something very real to that. Dave Ramsey keeps mentioning that with the current crop of millionaires, the vast majority started out win typical circumstances. Very few become wealthy by inheriting it. Learning something “the hard way” has its merits.

        13. “20 years later, I am still applying that knowledge to game my wife. We have an excellent marriage as a result. Tease her, and swat away shit tests. No need to be an asshole.”
          It never truly does end does it? And that’s the beauty of it. Keeps a man grounded and sharp.

        14. This sounds like the ideal relationship setup but there’s no such place in England. It’s good to know that there are decent American girls (if you look hard enough) but how long will it last? Unfortunately, Christianity is on a slow downward spiral in America, and in a 100 years even places like Utah will be gone. Assuming there isn’t a collapse of some sort.
          I guess what we can conclude is that as Christianity loses its influence, western nations become morally bankrupt. And I don’t see anything stopping this…

        15. That’s a hell of an assumption to make. I think the collapse has already begun.
          Christianity has faded before, but Christ remains.

        16. The assumption that Christianity is on a decline? That’s actually fact, in the West at least. Christianity in Western Europe is largely dead and declining in countries such as Poland and Greece where before they were major Christian strongholds. The main exception is Russia – the Church is expanding and going through a renaissance of sorts.
          Perhaps Christ does remain but that doesn’t mean much when there aren’t many left to practice his faith. Especially the ancestors of those who quite literally spread Christianity across the globe.

        17. They were for all intents and purposes the prototype first boy band.
          There were some skills there, but their fame far exceeded their actual talent.

        18. Yup. She wanted 3 or 4, I was thinking 5 or 6. Never used birth control until the baby came 9 months later. So far, we have 6. It is probably our last.

        19. Props on six kids! That’s pretty fucking amazing and outstading – even for a Utan, I assume 😉
          I’ve asked because I do want to have a family and [a couple of] kids, but I never even thought of making morality #1 priority in my search [maybe it’s because I, myself, am a pretty immoral motherfucker, though I have a solid inner compass of right and wrong] and I’m almost solely focused on her genetic potential and our energetic compatibility.

        20. Yeah I see that. I give them credit for what they did and achieved but I just could never get into their music. It’s mostly the nostalgia from older folks I think, otherwise most millennials aren’t familiar with their songs apart from one or two of the most popular (e.g. Hey Jude)

        21. Just like working out never ends.
          Just like fighting for your heritage never ends.
          Just like eating and sleeping never ends.
          It’s all part of the game.

        22. If you go for that, keep in mind that you have to change yourself to find success. It took me about two years from the time that I started to question the existence of God to the time that the goody-goody girls started to look at me. There will be temptations, occasional falling off the wagon, and you questioning yourself why you are doing this. Your current group of friends will be annoyed at you for becoming a square, your new group of friends will view you as an outsider. The girls will think you are doing it as an act (lots of guys do). But, in time if you are persistent, you will learn the mannerisms, you will become the guy that they want.
          Soon after, I went off to serve a two year mission. When I got back, girls were competing over me in a way I thought was impossible. I cashed in at my peak SMV and did well for myself. My wife was a hb6 when we married, she is tall and lanky. Now, it is rare that I see a girl her age as good looking. The home cooked meals and regular exercise has done her good, or at least shrunk and delayed the impending wall.
          A word of caution, be well accustomed to the slut tells for girls trying to fake it. There are many that try to fake their way into getting a beta provider. Play the field and implement what you learn here, as well as what you learn in church.

        23. No – that’s readily apparent. But the collapse of globalism has already begun, though the catalyst for the spectacular part of the collapse hasn’t arrived just yet.

        24. Part of it too is just finding a woman who has discipline. I don’t know where this nonsense of “all women are the same” comes from. Can she resist eating the cookie because she is fat or can’t she? A very big basic difference.

        25. All women have the same thought pattern. But you are right, there are those who were taught morality, and those who were not. Put it to good use and train your wife well.

        26. From somebody who spent much of my 20’s dabbling in the world and the church (and trying to figure out exactly where in the middle ground I stood), you should write a book for young men.

        27. Really, I think since the 1100’s, Christianity has come a long way. No longer do we have rape rooms or burning at the stake type behavior. Yes, many denominations have followed the simp western society into cuckoldery, but arising from the ashes will come a moral, masculine form. How do I know? It has been prophesied. (Daniel 2:31-45)

        28. I am considering it. I never wrote a book before, but it sounds like an interesting endeavor.

        29. With all due respects to what you said, one thing I hate (or I don’t understand) is;
          Why can’t a woman (wife) “Keep it fun and encourage him” !? Why it’s always the other way around !?
          We don’t expect wife to “keep it fun and encourage”, when it comes to Providing, Protecting and Pampering ! Damn it !!

        30. same reason you don’t count on your four year old to plan your vacation. They are not capable

        31. good. I hope they can’t restrengthen it again and will be much relieved when political correctness is gone and we can again see films and comedy like in the 70s and not have to censor all kinds of names for people of different races etc

        32. And yet… they are somehow “equal” (or even “superior” !) to MEN !!

        33. Well, an argument could be made that the girly men they boss around actually ARE inferior to them.
          Just them, not anyone else.

        34. It is not morals. It is the person. I have observed that many a “good girl” was the viper and some fool was her dog begging for a scrap from the table.
          Many men do not know themselves. The Kyriarchy has everyone where they control them. Men revel in their chains. As if it was some sort of honor.

        35. There was a article in Penthouse that said it best BBD. Bigger Better Deal It was called Hardbodies. One must look inward. A “satisfying relationship” varies. The problem is someone want to force their idea of how it is to be on everyone else. Many are like Jack Sparrow of Pirates fame. That is truly how they are. A man who does not know himself will suffer. He cannot make good for him” choices. One has to lead the life that is true to themselves.

      2. For an experiment I tried the whole throwing money at a woman. I think it actually disgusts them. Its just like the Beta who thinks kissing ass will win her over.

      3. Nothing wrong with lulling them into a false sense of complacency occasionally. It can have quite an effect when they realize they underestimated the full meaning of your move, if you’re straddling the line between gentleman/pushover. Experiment around the cuck tipping point as your own litmus test, but don’t go full retard. “Hanging loose” and then springing it on them when they get uppity…all fair game. Women are fascinated by things they cannot figure out. It also makes the final arrival of the strong hand that much stronger (“hidden pimp hand”).
        Not just with women, either — sometimes you have to go “temporary beta” as a tactic in society, for the benefit of the long game in general, even if it leaves some stink on you for a little while afterward. Holding at some archetypal “alpha strength” 100% of the time isn’t something most men can or want to do.

    4. The woman putting out is a given in a marriage.
      “For the wife does not have authority over her own body, but the husband does. Likewise the husband does not have authority over his own body, but the wife does. Do not deprive one another, except perhaps by agreement for a limited time, that you may devote yourselves to prayer; but then come together again, so that Satan may not tempt you because of your lack of self-control.”
      1 Corinthians 7:1-40

      1. There’s a misconception in Christianity that if one partner commits adultery that the other is an “innocent party” even thought usually the spouse was either a nagging b**** or an abusive neglectful pussy.
        We teach that in adultery there is not a truly innocent party because if you’re a woman who drives your man to that you’re wrong or if you’re a man who can’t control your wife you are wrong.

        1. This notion of “Happy Wife, Happy Life” is a serious misconception. I have heard one too many men say this and then they come up to me and dishonor themselves and their wives by complaining about this and that about her to me.
          Our role as husband and provider is not to make anybody happy. It’s to love and cherish. Love does not mean keeping another happy at all times even at the expense of oneself. It can also be harsh but so it is sometimes with justice. A woman’s role on the other hand is not the same. She has another, complimenting role to play out in a marriage and if both sides adhere to their positions then happiness should be inevitable.
          Go ahead and try spoiling your children, trying to keep them happy at all times. See how they turn out… But your woman is not a child and should know better, you say? Tell it to the judge.

        2. Yep. You hit any “relationship” forum and you’ll have 800,000 women bitching about their cheating hubby/boyo and they all nod and “console” each other and bullshit like that. Lob in “So…I take it you weren’t having sex with him or you were being a bitch to him pretty frequently then” and watch them explode in rage. The temerity, to suggest that women have to take any responsibility for dropping their end of the relationship, well, that’s just wrong!

        3. Dalrock has pointed to some craziness out of “Christian” leaders indicating that if the woman commits adultery it was God’s will or “God’s punishment for an insufficiently something something husband”. If the man does it, of course, the woman is innocent.
          “One flesh.” Paul fleshed that out a bit by saying you shouldn’t turn your partner away when they’re horny (with a few notable exceptions – periods, disease, that sort of thing). You fail to be adulterous in the heart, and adultery of the flesh won’t follow.

        4. I have made concessions for my fiancee. I will make many more after we are married, and likely a few in the meantime.
          But I’d rather her go to bed mad at me because I took care of her and our wellbeing than happy because I jeopardized them in any way. She’s coming to understand that more clearly now that we’re engaged.

        5. I know a few guys who told me their wives cut them off and told them flat, go find some one else. Didn’t that used to be grounds to send her back to her family without cash and prizes?

        6. You’d think. I mean if she’s fine with that, then, well, why not? But generally it turns into a one time thing that she then explodes over and divorce rapes you with. Which, eh, whatcanyado?
          What’s funny is that on the same forum, a woman cheats and you’ll get most of the girls there chiming in their support because, of course, that nasty old husband was clearly not living up to expectations.

        7. That used to be standard practice as the wife entered into menopause, and no reason to break up a perfectly good business arrangement. On the occasion of my first divorce my parents, separately and together told me this. Marriage was a business agreement for the raising of children. The happiness of the individuals involved had nothing to do with it. And neither did sex.
          When the wife didn’t want sex anymore she told her husband to find his comfort elsewhere. At least that was how it was done in civilized places in civilized times. The family remained as a means to amass and preserve wealth, not to achieve sexual gratification.

        8. Upvote, mandatory. Yep yep to the yepping yep on all parts.

        9. Sounds like the wife got lazy to me. I suppose as long as she doesn’t go public fishing for sympathy it could work. I know a couple where the wife ran around crying “he cheated on me” but I knew she hadn’t given her husband sex in 5 years and told him to look elsewhere. He did. It took him less than 2 weeks.

        10. The old analogy compares well here. A woman wants to be taken care of, and so her husband works 50+ hours but then she complains that he isn’t giving her any affection. When he does take time off to spend time with her, she says he isn’t doing enough financially for the family. In both scenarios she divorce rapes him.
          Similarly, if a man isn’t on the top of his game, then his wife of 5 years (or even less) will want to stop having sex, but still enjoy all of the perks that a marriage provides. Such as being provided for, showered with attention, going on shopping sprees, all the while keeping her husband to herself even though she refuses to service him (perhaps apart from the odd mercy fuck). If the man brings this to her attention then she accuses him of not loving her enough, among other bullshit. If he seeks sex elsewhere, then she accuses him of not loving her enough, despite everything she did. Both scenarios result in a divorce rape.
          In no way can the woman be in the wrong. They are living, breathing contradictions…unless they are kept in check by authority or some serious application of game. I do wish all of you married guys good luck, because I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to do it.

        11. Sounds more like negotiations, though I’d need more details.

    5. Yesterday someone mentioned the old german fairy tale of the fishermand and his wife and to my embarrassment I had to look it up.
      This story is based as fuck.
      Here are an english and a german (from good old DDR times) version:
      What do we learn from this? You can’t please women and if you try to, it will end in misery.
      Men create civilization to get the attention of women. They create artworks and invent and most of them do it with the final purpose of female attraction. But this finally leads to the men handing over the power of choice (womens suffrage -> “ruler of the universe”; in the german video the wish of the wife is instead to have the fish inside her castle so she can always asks him to give her what she wants…I think that’s a better symbol) which results in a reboot of the civilization in question.
      I will write an article about this fairy tale once someone told me where I can safely host my server without going to jail due to hate speech laws.

      1. Folk tales are myths designed to convey complex truths in a way even children can grasp. You can learn a great deal about a people by what myths they hold.

    6. Exactly. What you said is the main reason for females to become entitled, demanding, bitchy and arrogant.
      “Let the women have their way as long as we get sex….”
      But why, why, why most MEN can’t think that “females need SEX as much as we” !
      Apart from obvious differences in the SEX drive because of
      “hormones”, they indeed need SEX ! Then why should we behave as if “we need it” !! And to top it; they get it almost absolutely FREE !!

  2. I think the elites are switching from 1.0 to 2.0 for damage control.
    It’s becoming more obvious by the day to even normal people that 1.0 is total nonsense, especially 2) Equality of the sexes. From what I’ve observed, the younger generation appears to be more red-pilled due to easy access to all information on the internet. The lies of 1.0 that were used to keep the sheep in check aren’t working anymore, so a new, more refined set of lies are required.
    Hence, I think our society is slowly but surely correcting itself and converging back to the Truth, but whether there’s still enough time left before the process becomes impossible to reverse still remains to be seen.

  3. Here’s my guess regarding what 3.0 might look like –
    1. Not all races are equal, and whites should be exterminated (unless they are billionaires)
    2. The sexes aren’t equal, but both sexes deserve equality (except white males)
    3. Homosexuals are superior to heterosexuals
    4. Islam should be the second most important religious belief in any democratic society (behind Judaism)
    5. Western civilization should be praised, but once it has been destroyed and supplanted by Third World civilization, it should be praised even more vociferously
    6. National borders are so important that we need facial-recognition software at all border checkpoints
    7. Critique of Jews is not only anti-Semitic, it should be punishable by death

    1. You are misdirected, if you think that Islam is (((their))) favorite. Islam is in fact a much bigger thread than Christianity, (which is virtually dead anyway) as it is the last active monotheistic religion and the last bastion of traditional family models.
      The reason why Islam is being promoted in Europe is to in fact get Muslim women and manholes westernized and spread the poison back to their home countries. And to divide and conquer people in general.

      1. Interesting take…makes sense, too. Especially if the goal is to eventually make everybody pretty much the same – no gender, no sense of nationalism, no religion, etc. Devious.

      2. really? then why are we seeing tv spots and politicians encouraging euro women to wear headscarves? Seems to me like you got it backwards…

        1. To fuck with your brains, that’s why. Christian women wearing burkas, Muslim women wearing jeans. Up is down, etc

      3. “The reason why Islam is being promoted in Europe is to in fact get Muslim women and manholes westernized and spread the poison back to their home countries”
        Except that it works backwards and millenial muslims are more religious than their parents or grandparents.

        1. I don’t know if that was sarcasm but I mean like the muslim youth in French, British, Swedish or German no-go zones.

        2. The youth gangs you mention are deliberately given a free ride to terrorize the locals and divide the population.
          If all of the mainstream media is working to demonize Islam then you must be sure that there’s a hidden agenda behind the campaign.

    2. V 2.0 is simply a dose of sleeping medication. Too many red pill ideas were spilling out into the mainstream, so certain parties created alt-lite platforms like Breitbart and Rebel Media to tame those ideas and lull people back into 1.0 thinking. V 2.0 isn’t really even a setback for the globalists. It was already planned and executed accordingly. Give it a few years and we’ll be in V 3.0, which will be a shitty blend of 1.0 and 2.0.

      1. Now see, I see it as us moving the Overton Window, not it being “created” per se as some kind of controlled opposition. It’s more logical and just much simpler of an explanation. As we continue to become accepted, expect more little edits to the list, and eventually we’ll be to a place where society basically accepts our views as the default.

        1. I’m hopeful that’s the case, but there is still a trend of churches shifting leftward that worries me since a large chunk of the conservative base attends those churches. Conservatives also have a tendency to get complacent and lazy, and until I witness fundamental change, not just a few wins, then I’m going to be less than optimistic.

        2. It takes time. As somebody else mentioned, this is a multi generation fight, we got to take the small victories and keep moving forward.

        3. Just like we all have our own Overton Windows.
          In 2014 I was a classical leftwing lunatic donating to Amnesty International.
          In Early 2015 Esther Vilar redpilled me on the female question.
          In August 2015 Angela Merkel redpilled me to the muslim question with her open border policy.
          In August 2016 a couple of factors redpilled me on the JQ (for example that my family owns a part of a rhine meadow death camp but I only found out in August 2016 while watching the greatest story never told, because nobody in germany ever talks about these concentration camps…I literally go for a concentration camp walk everyday since many years without knowing about it because it looks like your average canola field).
          Many people will walk through this thought process.

    3. When early Bolsheviks came to power in Russia, anti-semitism ‘was’ punishable by death. History has all the answers.

      1. Incidentally, one of the reasons Tolsky was successful in recruiting middle-class Jews to the Bolshevik cause was the anti-Semitism of the Whites (whom the middle-class Jews would have been more inclined to side with).

        1. Lets just pretend what you said isn’t bullshit and run with it hypothetically.
          Does native Russians being ‘anti-semitic’ meanies justify 60 million of them put to death and the nation/culture and religion being torn apart.
          Why didn’t they just leave?

        2. So the Russian Jews should have uprooted themselves from Russia and gone where again (remember Israel didn’t exist yet), all because a bunch of Russians were anti-Semitic aholes? Sounds more like the Russians’ problem, not the Jews.
          The Jews joined the Reds out of fear of what the Whites would do to them should they regain power. As it turned out the Reds were no friends of the Jews and they were totally screwed over; perhaps the Whites would have treated them better, but I cannot blame the Jews for that decision at that time. They had suffered through multiple pogroms through the centuries leading up to the Revolution; they had every reason to believe the Whites would gut them when they took power.
          I am not, however, defending the Bolsheviks, or implying that I’m glad they defeated the Whites. I would be rooting for the Whites despite their anti-Semitism.

        3. You cannot undermine, corrupt and subjugate a people who have taken you in on good will and not expect some resentment. But of course the Jew is the eternal victim and can do no wrong.

        4. Also by your logic the Palestinians would have the right to torture and kill countless Israelis and go about destroying Judaism to protect themselves from Zionist tyranny.

        5. I love how when people beat up and kill Jews because they are taking over the world, they always pick the Jews who aren’t actually involved. They don’t kill George Soros, they kill people like Sigmund Freud’s sister.
          If they had mounted a campaign to assassinate high-level bankers, intellectuals, and politicians who were Jews (and trying to take over the world), I could believe that they were motivated by “Joows conspiracy”. Instead, they initiated pogroms leading up to and culminating in the Holocaust, killing hundreds of thousands of Jews who were just ordinary people. Yeah, no, that is probably just plain anti-Semitism.

        6. What kind of deflective bullshit is this. I have no sympathy for your Jewish story telling/manipulation.
          The Jews have centuries of blood on their hands. Your people proudly commit genocidal programs on others then sit there smugly proclaiming your innocence and victimhood. You make me sick.

        7. Enjoy your hatred then. When it chokes you you can blame that on the Jews too.

    4. Fecundity, Bob. Outside of the welfare queens, leftists don’t procreate. Most WN’s and Red Pillars I observed have 2+ kids each, good enough to meet nature’s replacement rate.
      Meanwhile, the antifas of today will die childless. Over time, politics will reflect this shift. There is hope yet.

  4. Guys, I need your help.
    I got a website hosted in germany but with a .com-domain and whois-protection.
    The reason for the .com-domain is that you can’t have whois protection with a german (.de) domain.
    German domains are always registered at denic.de. Everyone can see who you are and you are also forced by german law to have your real name, telephone number, Email and your full address on your about page. If you don’t do that and they find out who you are you pay a fine or go to jail in the worst case. Also saying anything negative about the Holocaust, refugees and other topics that are related to minorities is illegal in germany.
    So to sum it up: If you want to blog anonymous and if you want to write about sensitive topics its impossible with a german domain or german hoster. Like I said I dont have a german domain, but whats about the hoster?
    You can easily find out that my website is located in Munich. So authorities can just go and ask the hoster “Who is behind website X?” and the hoster will spill the beans. Either I have to switch the hoster or I have to put something between the server and the reader. I found out that Roosh uses Cloudflare on his sites. Andrew Anglin uses Cloudflare, too. 4chan and 8chan use it, too. So this service seems to be the best. But can this service also be used for protecting your identity (that obviously isn’t important anymore for Roosh, Andrew and Jim Watkins) or only for the purpose of stopping DDoS-attacks?
    And if I switch the hoster, which way should I go? Countires that are not part of the 14 Eyes? Countries that have no Holocaust Laws and Hatespeech Laws? Countries that value press freedom? That would probably put Finland and Estland on the first two places.

    1. Bruder, I understand your enthusiasm but remember: you can go to jail in the Vaterland for posting such mild things like “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children”. Jails in your country are filled with non white scum and you’ll in general population, the guards are going to spread the rumor that you are a nazi, and from your first night on you are going to be the bitch of some turkish mobster.
      Focus on your studies, comment with disqus carefully on websites abroad, and live to fight another day. BTW, Ich gehe im September/Oktober, Bier?

      1. Where do you go in September/Oktober? 😀
        I started writing when I was 11 years old. It is my profession and I won’t stop it. Even if I go to jail, I don’t care. I’m not doing this for myself. I can have a comfortable life – my family is wealthy and I’ll be an engineer in two years but my people are more important than having a nice life.
        Or to say it with the words of good old Adolf:
        “Sie können uns meinetwegen unterdrücken.
        Sie können uns meinetwegen töten.
        Kapitulieren werden wir nicht.”

        1. First Frankfurt am Mein then Berlin, with a stop at Externsteine.

        2. So you will be in Hessen (Frankfurt) in September?
          Heh, that’s cohencidence because I will be studying in Hessen starting in September. Maybe we can arrange a meeting and I can finally practice my english skills (never had a real english conversation in my entire life)

        3. I just booked the flights: I’m traveling November 17 to Frankfurt, coming back here November 29. I’m going to stay in Frankfurt, then Munich then Extersteine, then Frankfurt again for the flight back.

        4. I admire your spirit and I encourage you to follow your heart. But, make sure you be smart about it.

        5. Oh it’s shame that you were not in Munich last year in November because I had an internship at an engineering company there at the time. You could have stayed with us, there was a free room in our shared appartment (2 germans, 1 chinese). Was a nice time. But with you it would have been a lot better because the other german in the appartment was a total leftwing cuck.
          I still remember how Trump was announced president of the united states at 7am and I was watching it in the kitchen and the cuck was freaking out 😀

        6. Fucking pussy. How can I contact you? do you have a burner email I can write to?

        7. Do you have facebook? I have a fake account, without a picture.
          Name: Shlomo Ron Cohen.

        8. I finally found you, Shlomo [http://www.shlomocohen.co.il/en/professionals/shlomo_cohen]!
          How have you been, darling?

  5. I don’t get the whole thing about encouraging the existence of Israel. The PC types right and left are calling the same Israel an “apartheid state” and generally side with the same radical moslems whose desire it is to push all Israelis into the sea.

    1. actually Israel’s predicament vis a vis BDS and rising left criticism probably goes along way to explain the support of people like Sheldon Adelson for Trump as a supporter of
      “nationalist”, “america first” type policies. Israel can’t simply do the opposite of every other democratic nation without getting flak from the left (in particular) hence pro-israel groups and donors probably realised it made sense to support limited nationalism elsewhere.

      1. Eh, I see most democratic nations doing the same thing more as an example of stupidity being amplified by large groups of people doing it.
        Most western European nations are democratic and they choose to destroy themselves. That doesn’t mean countries like Israel, Poland, Hungary, and others which limit immigration or refuse to get involved in the refugee crisis aren’t doing the right thing in that regard.

        1. well the criticism – the growing criticism – was that only Israel got away with unrestrained nationalism (and obviously jews got majorly criticised for often having a pro-immigration position outside of Israel). Breitbart could almost have been created to repair that situation.

        2. I’d argue that there’s a distinction between globalists who happen to identify as Jews and those people who actually practice Judaism.
          The leftists you describe are no different than the types who run countries like Saudi Arabia. They won’t take in a single moslem refugee, but they insist that every other country have open borders to the same. They’re able to get away with the same exact thing, at least in the eyes of the left.

        3. I would affirm that distinction for the most part – although ordinary jews are often very supportive of ‘leadership’ positions. Many are probably also quite conflicted. There are many idealistic jews, including in Israel, but they have a lot of juggling to do in their heads. There are some genuine hypocrisies vis a via israel and the wider jewish position on immigration that if you’re a jew (far more than any other group) you will have to take a position on. That’s probably why there are so many jews in BDS

        4. I don’t know, a lot of reform (liberal) jews are very pro open borders, save for israel. There are many conservative jews who don’t agree with them, however. And yes, I think the globalist jews are entirely different… the ones with real power, that is. The upper echelons seem to be occultists.

  6. There is no PC 2.0. There’s just more smoke and mirror to confuse and misdirect the masses. It worked brilliantly with the so called rise of populist politicians like Trump and Le Pen both of which are nothing but puppets.
    Democracy is a hoax. The sooner people realize that, the better. The choices are between AIDS and Cancer.

    1. Nah.
      The Overton window moved. It’s a genuine cultural shift.
      Trump is a free man. But he is a product of his Boomer upbringing. He will not complete the cultural revolution. But he is a successful first step. We can at least talk about things more freely now.
      If we keep pushing, we can win. But we have to be persistent. This culture war will last a generation or two.

    2. If I remember it correctly , Roosh wrote an article a while ago about how Natinalism and Trump could be trap. One doesn’t know what to believe anymore.

      1. I don’t recall that one, but there’s just so much content.
        The trick, I think, is to awaken the spirit beneath the labels and figureheads. If Trump is a trap, it was a mistake to use a slogan like “Make America Great Again” because it appeals to that spirit. I can “Make America Great Again” by dedicating my time and efforts to what I can do, and you can do the same.

      2. He did write an article on nationalism but he has endorsed Trump from the beginning and still has his portrait on his wall (last time I checked).
        Believe your intuition and don’t let them convince you that men do not have strong intuition – we do, we evolved as hunters, chasing animals all day long which requires strong intuition!

        1. You can couch it any way you want, pastrami and spicy mustard on rye bread from Katz’s deli….sure, you want to make it out like I am fellating jews go right ahead, that is a fucking amazing sandwich and anyone who says otherwise is wrong and probably gay.

        2. I think it’s a brined beef brisket cooked (not barbecued) slowly to make it tender. There’s usually a bit of mustard and pepper to it, but not too much.
          You should be able to grab the prepacked deli version at the local grocers, and a lot of Reubens are made with pastrami instead of corned beef. It’s worth a look.

        3. moist, salty, cured meat with a kind of spice crust and enough fat to immediately cause a heart attack on rye bread with spicy mustard….I like this with a sour pickle and a pickled tomato. You can actually feel your heart slowing down while you eat it. There are only a few places in NY that makes it decently any more.

        4. True, but it gives you the basic idea. I’m just trying to give some low-investment ways to get started.
          …he says, corned beef in the oven.

        5. Well, I can’t speak for everyone, but my relatives and our BBQ recipes have been ranked at the top in Texas for a long time, and I like pastrami quite a bit.

        6. Actually, I just dug out our recipe and compared it to an online pastrami recipe, and they’re pretty darn similar.
          So there you go. Pastrami is pretty much like some of the best BBQ in Texas.

        7. correct. Real Pastrami is a thing of beauty, an art, a valid last meal….deli pastrami is bologna with different food coloring, extra cancer and tears.

        8. I’ve never had pastrami in my life. With regard to the pantheon of cured beef products I am a corned-beef man.

        9. Oh corned beef is a wonderful thing and so is brisket. A man ought to have his preferences when it comes to dangerously high salt content cured beef…that said, to go through life without ever even having half a pastrami sandwich is a crime. I would be glad, when you come to town, to go grab sammies. Ill get pastrami and you corned beef and we can share. It’ll be romantic. A story we can tell the nurses in the cardiac ward of the hospital.

        10. I prefer the dark rye, but agree 100% that a life without pastrami is not a life well lived.

        11. Some days, I really miss breads.
          But I don’t miss the migraines, so gluten-free I must remain. Enjoy a quality sandwich for me, will ya?

        12. …and wash it down with a couple zeppolis….we’ll be LEGENDS of intensive care!

        1. Hey, say what you want about the Jews: their position on salted and cured meat and fish is beyond reproach

        2. yeah but it’s bloody overpriced. It’s like jews have got some kind of world monopoly on salt beef

        3. I’m a capitalist. If people will gladly line up and over pay then the price is set correctly

        4. I bet in your spare time you run a soup kitchen for the homeless.
          Not so sure what would be in the soup though

        5. Saw a movie where the butcher shops were the best place to make somebody disappear – for a nutritious profit.

        6. The idea of soup kitchens for the homeless always bugged me. Why do they need volunteers? They are already full to the rafters with people who have no fucking jobs. Put the bums to work for their soup.

        7. I never understood why we hire dumb schmucks to work at the DMV or clean up roads in places where the homeless population lives on the dole.
          But “put the bums to work for their soup” may yet be the funniest and most incisive thing I hear today.

        8. Hey, we have a park here called Gramercy Park. Only residents in the adjacent buildings get keys and those buildings are super ultra expensive….so the park is really for a very elite set of people. I have always thought we should round up the bums for a hunger games inspired weekend in that park once a year….The Very Hungry Games.

        9. I never saw the movie just culturally osmosised the general idea

        10. Same reason the homeless are homeless. They don’t do anything constructive.

        11. there is a great thing in the simpsons (of course) about this. Homer can’t afford to buy marge a wedding or anniversary gift so he resorts to being a hobo beggar. The other bums are ok with it because he is doing it to save his marriage and as it turns out homer is really good at it. After saving up enough money to buy Marge these really expensive earrings he decides he will keep on begging because he is earning so much money. The problem is that he is so good at it that the other bums aren’t making any money and everyone is giving their change to homer. The bums call a meeting to deal with this problem
          Bum 1: We need to do something about Homer
          Bum 2: We can’t! That’s why we’re bums

        12. You are right. Sometimes I think the poorest of people are (ironically) the most selfish.

        13. I’m partial to the smoked whitefish salad, but lox is more familiar to people to make the joke with.

        14. Yeah, most Jewish food makes me nauseous. A brisket, ok, that’s fine, and cream cheese, that’s good. But all that nasty ass fish shit and nasty ass wine…ugh. Has nothing to do with them as a people, I just can’t stand their food for the most part.

        15. Have you actually lived in the streets/mingled with actual homeless living on disability checks?
          You certainly don’t want them around any kind of flame/hot fluids.

        16. I have never lived on the streets but I have been poor in nyc in the 70’s and 80’s so yeah, I know.
          As for having them around the hot flame and fluids…normally I would say you are right. But let them figure out how to ladle their own soup and if they can’t let the fucking starve.

        17. “let the [sic] fucking starve”
          I dunno, man. Some of the homeless folk I met while living on the streets where one of the nicest people I’ve know, ready to share the last piece of bread with me when I was hungry.
          But all of them were completely, totally and irreversibly FUBAR. So unless you support culling everyone who fell through the cracks and taking away their disability checks, I suggest you go easy on volunteers ladling soup for the homeless.

        18. This is a valid statement.
          We have a homeless guy with a burned face wandering through our german town. I believe he’s pretty pissed because all the migrants are getting more money than him. I’m confident one day he will snap and stab a rapefugee.

        19. I still don’t understand why the homeless can’t grab a ladle and help out in serving the soup. They seem able bodied enough. Falling through the cracks, fine…but did they fall so far that they can’t use a ladle?

        20. Since your question is genuine, I’ll entertain it fully.
          You need reliable people manning the station for a couple of hours or so. It’s not only the soup that gets dolled out to the homeless, it’s also love and care that gets shared, though, having stood in the lines a few times, I must say some of the “volunteers” can be condescending motherfuckers without a slightest realization who they are actually dealing with.
          So yes, most of them CAN use a ladle. But letting them do so will lead to lots of unnecessary spillage, potentially some fights/conflicts when they want to take more than their “fair share” and some old lady won’t get to feel like a fucking Mother Teresa that day 🙂

        21. If you happen upon The Fappening you’ll realise ‘Caitness’ sucks too

        22. But wouldn’t it benefit the homeless if there was, say, one person volunteering with experience in operational logistics and organized the homeless themselves to serve the soup. This would a) Help instill structure, b) discourage idle hands c) reduce reliance on virtue signaling douche bags trying to seem holier than thou because they can use a spoon and even, I think, d) give the homeless some small part of normalcy in being an active part in the work that leads to a meal.

        23. What you describe is how a parent/employer should treat a small child/young adult – people who still have the capacity/plasticity to change and grow.
          Most of the homeless I’ve seen in a month I spent in the streets of Berkeley [admittedly, the BEST place in the USA to be homeless – especially when compared to big apple] are FUBAR. Them getting a disability check [800-1000$/month – often through a court appointed guardian] and getting free soup is like palliative care for terminally ill and it doesn’t matter to me much whether they are there because of their own accord/mistakes, of their parents/societal failures or because they are a war veteran who got permanently damaged in combat.

        24. But you do touch on a very important issue.
          There ARE people who are homeless/penniless/who fell through the cracks and would GREATLY benefit from structure/work/service you’ve described. But. I don’t think the soup kitchen is the best place for that [plus there isn’t much you can build to from there] and once most people find out you are homeless, you become nobody for them. The drop-off is extreme, almost non-human.

        25. I gotta find that episode.
          There was a cleveland show where for whatever reason, cleveland gets free food that was donated by restaurants.
          He quickly realizes the food is better than hisbwifes crap cooking, so he goes full hobo.

        26. I believe the episode was called Mulhouse Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

    1. Ah, the local humor. It really lifts my spirits.
      The serious answer, though, involves the question of why Jews are so vastly overrepresented in media, law, and other authoritative positions. This is not merely the question of why they are up there (which can be chalked up to high IQ and social pressures to aim for the top), but what it is they tend to promote.
      I’m sure some of our frequent white nationalist visitors could express it better, but that’s the gist of it. Really, the JQ is most interesting because of how viciously people oppose the very idea, not because of any ideas it raises.

      1. ‘why Jews are so vastly overrepresented in media, law, and other authoritative positions’
        Why is there ‘over-representation’ of Asians now in law and medical schools?
        Same answer, and it’s OBJECTIVE and has nothing to with genetic heritage

        1. I don’t doubt there’s a component of genetics in there, but there’s a lot of cultural reasons for them, as well. I doubt the two can be cleanly separated for clinical analysis, and I wouldn’t want to try.

        2. Those with the grades and the IQ, and the hard work are the ones I want representing me, and my innards, and I don’t care WHO they are. When they confuse brains with stupid dialectic in positions of authority I don’t care who or what they are either.

        3. “Why is there ‘over-representation’ of Asians now in law and medical schools?”
          Haven’t noticed an over-representation in law, and I’ve taught at top schools.
          Sciences, yes. Answer: hard work, but also massive amounts of cheating.
          There was a peer reviewed paper out of princeton or yale on why asians do better than whites. The main gist was that upper and upper middle class whites compete fine. Lower class whites are being decimated. Poor work ethic, not parental support, no ambition. Poor asians are hyper motivated.
          Jewish people are a whole different story. You cannot address their success without talking about ethnocentricity and ethnic nepotism.

        4. You do realize that a lot of those grades are achieved from cheating, right? I see it all the time in compsci and eng, which is why I no longer teach in those fields.
          There is a peer reviewed study on asians and cheating out of the Ucalifornia system. Asians are 9x more likely to engage in academic misconduct than other groups. In my experience, 100x. (Russians, Serbs and Ukrainians can be bad too, but their numbers are miniscule in north america).
          I interview Chinese ‘super students’ all the time. Masters degrees (non-thesis, of course), undergrads from china, and they can’t write a for loop.

  7. “The 2.0 version is a step in the right direction, and will make my ideas of patriarchy slightly more accepting, but ultimately will fail just like 1.0 did, because it is counting on deliberate concealment of truths that simply can not be concealed in the internet age”
    There has been a massive change in tactics, pretty much co-temporaneous with the Trump campaign, and with hindsight somewhat co-ordinated with it. As far as I can tell the key stratagem – one that does seem to be largely improvised and reactive rather than anything planned way in advance – has been to reverse course with respect to suppressing certain types of information, but with a view to controlling it in quite different ways. I would say that the elite, despairing of being able to force the lid back on an internet age which is pretty pandora’s box like, has decided to surf in the same general direction by amplifying the already existing tendency of information surfeit and overload. These days if something scandalous is revealed one might well wonder if it hasn’t deliberately been revealed by the people who want to conceal that thing, It was Sherlock Holmes who realised one of the most effective ways of concealing things is in plain sight, but here it is more a question of altering the modality of the information to make it either a) undigestible to the public or – even better still – b) digestible but unactionable.
    There was a time when if certain things got out, e.g. through investigative journalism a scandal or criminal charges would inevitably follow. That’s no longer the case. Information can exist out there in the open, but be effectively de-fanged and neutralised. All that matter is that it doesn’t get into the MSM as an official discussion point and if it does, that it never gets beyond a discussion point.
    So right now political correctness has been relaxed to a point that was kind of unthinkable a few years back (there was no choice) but revelations of misdeeds, criminal activity etc is still being managed to prevent any kind of consequence. And in a sense that is even worse because it represents the elite’s ideal of being able to commit crime with barefaced brazenness but with no one daring or able to do a thing about it. It’s like being able to say ‘yeah, we killed him, so what, nobody cares”. That’s where the elite it right now, but they’re still unsure about whether they can really get away it. They’re still working to force the lid back on pandora’s box. The meida is still tackling ‘fake news’ and russian propaganda (some of it probably is russian propaganda) and there are any number of ways that censorship can be moved forward to clip the vocal chords. The one that got me was the removal of the IMDB forum boards, with about a fortnights notice. Some of the best critique of the hollywood social engineering project was on that, and they snuffed it out in an instant.

  8. Patriarchy is a backward load of crap. Maybe it’s your middle eastern roots that make you fiend for it so much. In the West things have moved on.

    1. is ‘fiend’ a verb? I’m genuinely interested because I can’t work out what you might have misspelt

      1. I haven’t misspelled anything. You need to improve your vocab and learn how to punctuate.

        1. Asked a genuine respectful question, and you responded with insult. Pretty low class if you ask me

        2. Well…he is a progressive virtue signaling Leftist, all he has is snark and smug sneering.

      2. That’s a current fad. Take a noun and use it as a verb. All part of destroying any sort of rule or objective truth

        1. As Calvin called it, verbing nouns.

        2. “Verbing weirds language”
          “Maybe we can eventually make language a complete impediment to understanding”
          – Calvin and Hobbes

        3. If that comic series and Elvis Presley survive into history a thousand years, our current era will not have been spent in vein.

        4. Like how everyone with an MBA, or who want you to think they have one, misuses “leverage” kill me now. “I’m going to leverage this sandwich to leverage some caloric leverage to use on my run.”

        5. Nothing current about it. When done well it makes for excellent prose and has been in practice for hundreds of years. Tibor Fischer who won a PEN award for (I think) his novel Under the Frog (or possibly the Collector Collector) uses it to great effect, no where better than in one of my favorite pulp novels The Thought Gang. As GhostOfJefferson ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ mentions calvin calls it verbing nouns. The actual literary term is called making a functional shift though and has been common literary practice for many a century. Look at ole Billy Shakes in Richard II
          Within my mouth you have enjailed my tongue, Doubly portcullised with my teeth and lips
          F’N A. Portcullised. HAR!
          and in Henry V
          That have so cowarded and chased your blood
          Cowarded! Excellent
          Big Billy S used this kind of shit all the time.

        6. You should evangelize to them that they’re on a negative verbal comprehension vector.

        7. how about how 99% of the people on the intertubes misuse “ad hominem”

        8. Yep. I normally try to get very specific when I target a logical fallacy. And as you’ve noted in the past, if you’re *not* trying to argue the point and simply want to abuse an idiot, it’s not ad hominem, heh.

        9. It really it funny the way it is misused in precisely this manner. “hey fuckwit” “ugh, ad homonym”

        10. If I were a stick figure cartoonist…
          INSULT: “What a fucking idiot!”
          AD HOMINEM: “You’re wrong because you’re a FUCKING WHITE MALE!”

      3. Actually, it worked in my head, although I’m not sure if it should have. I know it as a slang term meaning ‘to crave’, as in fiending for a cigarette.

        1. Heard and used it at least 20 years ago, possibly earlier, may be regional.

      4. According to my quick traipse through Google, the official dictionaries continue to use it as a noun. However, it seems that “fiend” is used as a verb meaning “to crave in the manner of a drug addict” according to some of the more readily-edited online repositories.
        Learn something new every day.

        1. The OP is probably a druggie or hangs out with druggies. That would make sense

        2. What’s funny is that I spend more time with former-druggies than Jesus did, and I’d never heard that before.
          Slang just moves so quickly. Can we slow that down and focus on all the neat almost-lost English words like “slattern” and “quaff?”

        3. I was just about to agree with you, but Porcer below seems to think it has some pedigree

        4. LOL. I fell in with the smokers and the alcoholics in high school. You know, the cool guys.

        5. Slattern is due for a comeback. Personally I long for saucy wench, or tart.

        6. I don’t believe that donnybrook ever went completely out of style. Of course that could be just within my Irish American family.

      5. Oh you know exactly what he means, don’t make me fiend you, bro.

        1. yeah, I am with @michaelmobius1:disqus here. I had NO clue what he was talking about.

        2. Me neither, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make that post.

        3. Not the danger zone? I know a highway that goes there.

        4. perhaps, but the RED zone is for the immediate loading and unloading of passengers….

      6. you are in for a serious fiending with that comment

    2. Nice use of buzzwords! I really like how you employ phrases like “backward” and “moved on” to imply some eternal upward progress toward a better future – excellent propaganda that minimizes real issues.
      Not so sure about the “middle eastern roots” part, though. Sounds Islamophobic or Anti-Semitic, and we know that both are considered quite wicked in the West today.

      1. Yay! It’s Current Year! All of our biological instincts are obsolete!

      2. Indeed. How dare they oppress me with their chrononormative microaggressions. I’m all triggered and need crayons to calm down.

    3. Women think otherwise. If any of them liked you enough , she would tell you how much they like patriarchy and how they want it back. But such things are not to be revealed to pathetic betas like you.

      1. Which women? Give me some names and photographs of these women you know who have told you this.

        1. You know I used to see that woman who played Cassandra around Islington. Such a sour faced bint. Pretty sure she’d agree with Native Balkan’s point vis a vis super wet Rodney

        2. They won’t flat out tell you they want patriarchy (some will) , but they will tell you they want a strong man to take the lead in their life and will enthusiastically cook you meals and clean your shit. I’m sure you never had a woman treat you like this. Like a real man.
          Do you really think I’ll give you names and photos here , moron ?

        3. My bottom girl prefers me in charge. She says you sound like a pussy and would rather not have you bothering her so her name and pic are private. Being a personal trainer she gets enough attn from weak men and women despise weak men.

        4. kudos on the “moron” part…….Poor guy still has not had the awakening yet. He actually thinks women mean what they say. You know this, but watch their actions. They tell you what they want by their behavior.

        5. a moron is a moron until he is taught a lesson by a greater then

        6. The funny thing is I don’t even know the exact meaning of all the insults we use here as english is not my first language. I know they all mean stupid or smth. I just type what sounds cooler. Looks like my insticts didn’t fail me this time.
          We might actually save this guy if we make him read some more articles. If the poor moron is reading this , I would only suggest him to to stick around a while longer.
          “He actually thinks women mean what they say. You know this, but watch their actions. They tell you what they want by their behavior.”
          Best thing ever taught to me. My biggest mistake was to think a certain woman was different than the rest and believe her beautiful words . Guess how it ended.

        7. “Moron” was coined in 1910 by psychologist Henry H. Goddard[3] from the Ancient Greek word μωρός (moros), which meant “dull”[4] and used to describe a person with a mental age in adulthood of between 8 and 12 on the Binet scale.[5] It was once applied to people with an IQ of 51–70, being superior in one degree to “imbecile” (IQ of 26–50) and superior in two degrees to “idiot” (IQ of 0–25). – Wiki
          Girls all have the same instincts (hamster wheel, hypergamy, triad behavior) but some have been taught better by their parents than others. There are sweet virgins out there, but they are rare, and need to have their beliefs continually reinforced.

        8. That’s certainly NOT a universal female triad – and none of the three components are either.

        9. sue me, looking for a quick link to share. Sounds like you got a better grasp on the concept than I do.

        10. “sue me”
          No way it’s worth the hassle given that you have six kids!

        11. really I am not too versed with the term, I just threw it out there because it sounded good.

        12. That’s what I felt and that’s why I responded – because the rest of your shpiel seems to come from the time in the trenches, but this one stuck out like a sore thumb.

        13. I love etymology, thank you Jim.

        14. the idea of being provided for by someone, and being able to be at home with their children is far more attractive to most PEOPLE than having to do all those things as well as work full time and put children in daycare. Would you suggest otherwise?
          My work place has had many women on maternity leave lately and they suffer guilt and resentment daily for their situation upon their return. It would be completely illogical to assume otherwise. No one wants to work, and most women would jump at the chance to marry a man of means that would allow for them not to work…

    4. Society can’t “move on” because man’s nature doesn’t mysteriously change in The Current Year.
      For example, feminism didn’t work a thousand years ago; it doesn’t work now; and it won’t work a thousand years hence, unless you invoke some transhumanist fantasy from science fiction which changes man’s nature to make feminism practical.

      1. Feminism did work. It more or less achieved equal rights for women. Now it has gotten silly but nevertheless it did work.

        1. The question is whether the initial premises of Feminism were what we assume them to be, and whether either the truth or the assumption was actually of benefit.
          Take a look at universal suffrage. Prior to that, women could vote so long as they were land-owners (same as men), but now any citizen can vote regardless of IQ or incentives. We quickly went from a society where the taxpayer was represented before the tax-deciders to a society where the tax-beneficiary decides how much of the taxpayer’s money they’ll get.
          Or look at how even early Feminism (by other names) propagated the dangerous ideas that became the Duluth Model, et al.
          I am certain that there were benefits to feminism, but these drawbacks and those like them have been present from the beginning. I do wonder whether the whole thing was a net-negative even before the modern nutjobs.

        2. But what rights did women need in the first place? Women don’t need to vote, go to school, work, or do anything that men do.

    5. Oooh! Your virtue signals are coming across clear and loud, good
      buddy! You are *so* progressive, and your white privilege is just *so*
      checked! OMG we are all SO in awe of your vast intellect, your mastery of boilerplate terms and sneers and your likely consumption of craft beer! If I felt any happier about you being here I’d offer you a diet Pepsi, bro!

        1. Right at the end of the previous hashtag #sleep

        2. I mean yeah I know but I was wondering what mental defective came up with it

        3. I’m presuming you are old and do not have kids or teenage friends. Woke is a term used by teenagers that defines a person or idea that is hip, or with the times according to libertard ideologies. Eg. “The women’s march against trump was so woke”

        4. That’s *highly* interesting. It’s funny how many parallels you’ll find in Millenial progressives and Nazis. Erwach!

        5. I am old and you are correct that I have no kids nor do I have very many teenage friends (though I would be lying if I didn’t say I have befriended one or two in the last 6 months or so). I am not saying I have never heard the term and I am not saying I don’t understand it’s context and use, what I am wondering is where it came from….

        6. It seems to be a fairly consistent theme with the left.
          “Wake up white people!” – KKK – Democrats
          “Erwach!” – Nazis
          “Woke” – Millenial idiots

        7. I am going to stick with Go Joe!, Spoon! or possibly What it be?

        8. Hitler: Vegetarian. Animal rights supporter.
          Progessives: Vegan. Animal rights supporters.

        9. Yep. Preferred animals to humans for company too. Also disliked exercise intensely so he was flabby skinny. Wouldn’t surprise me if, in his youth, he drank craft beer and used the word “Uber” a lot. Also, one ball, so low T. Dude is the prototype Millenial male.

        10. “I’m telling you, Franz, this uber nerd was saying that, if the Allies won, Jews would turn our nation into a third-world hellhole of debt. I mean, come on, this is the 20th century! Get Erwach and stop being so anti-semitic.”

        11. Woke is a word from African American Vernacular English which refers to an awareness of issues concerning social justice and racial justice.[1] The related phrase stay woke refers to a continuing awareness of these issues. Its widespread use since 2014 is a result of the Black Lives Matter movement.[1][2]
          This is the closest I can get to an origin

        12. There are so many commonalities between hitler and progressives it isn’t funny. I think that Hitler and Progressives both being super low on the testosterone meter and likely homosexuals points to a similar neurosis leading to their insanity.

        13. In other words, they are trying to piggy back on the “Red Pill” theme.

        14. If he wasn’t gay, and I’m not saying he was or wasn’t (he was), he was still super Omega around women. Fucker was just this twerpy little dude who pedestalized mediocre women (in his yoot). A literal white knight.

        15. I felt the book the pink swastika was pretty convincing and showed a clear pattern from his young days in munich gay clubs onwards and pointing to homosexuality as either a sign of mental illness or a mental illness itself which manifests itself in ways that are pretty clearly seen in Addy H

        16. In favor of: gun control, social welfare nets, control of speech….

        17. Really, the only difference I’m seeing is that he didn’t have this deep seated white guilt. Everything else he’s a ringer.

        18. Hilter: ironic attention-craving facial hair
          Hipsters: ironic attention-craving facial hair

        19. I love this. Go up to a fullblown Leftie and ask, “Are you a vegan? Do you support animal rights? Looks like you have more in common with Hitler than I do”.

        20. They lack logic, reason and self-awareness, so they would be fundamentally unable to comprehend your point.

        21. Balls….lack of history class…either or.

        22. The consistent rumors are that he was 100% impotent. He was a coprophiliac as well. His niece was his lover as far as a no sex relationship can be described as lovers. She claimed that all he wanted was to lie down and have her squat over his face and shit on him. Apparently the job paid well.

        23. Oh good lord, that’s something I could have finished my life happily not knowing.

        24. he acted smaller than he was. 5’11 (I think). Now dwarfish in GOJ-terms, a good height for an early 20th century human

        25. I go with ‘I have the power’ while wearing loincloth and wielding sword. But that’s me.

        1. Oh, that was such a pussy comment that I just assumed it was a chick.

      1. I knew a girl who went to 11th base on a first date.

        1. Which scale we using, here? I mean, in Last Man Standing Vanessa indicated that third base was kissing or something equally dumb…

        2. 1st, kissing
          2nd, grinding
          3rd, nudity involved
          4th, coitus
          I get lost after that.

        3. also, yours is dated. I believe now it goes
          1st Coitus
          2nd anal
          3rd rim jobs
          4th threeway with sister

        4. If that is the pattern, it is a safe bet that there is no way I would take it to 11th base, whatever that is.

        5. That isn’t even part of the base system at this point…it is just part of registration. Basically you show up at the bursar, drop off a check, pick up a pennant, t-shirt, a “My Son/Daughter Goes To U Whatever and then proceed to room 101B for your sorority orgy

        6. Jim I think I made it to 18th base last night.

        7. Correct me if I am wrong, but that is only physically possible with Martians, am I right?

        8. Yeah, no French kissing is the proper greeting now, it’s not even a base.

        9. No, you can maintain the base system with earthlings up to 72nd base.

        10. I actually use digital penetration as a formal hello now…with people I already know I just punish fuck their throat while singing yankee doodle dandy

        11. That step was missing in my undergraduate all male engineering school.

        12. You clearly need some strong psychodelics.
          Start off with ‘shrooms to warm up!

        13. p.s. if you want to be really sneaky about it, feed some to your wife first 😉

  9. I think you’re wrong about Jewish people being protected by poltiical correctness. Wave and ISIS flag on a college campus and nothing happens, wave the flag of Israel and you lible to be physically assaulted. They even tried to kick a girl off of the student council in California just because she was Jewish, and they didn’t feel any Administrative or SJW backlash for doing it.

    1. It’s a “progressive stack” thing. Jews are protected from those lower on the totem pole (aka “higher on the stack”), but not from the rest.
      A black trans individual can shit on Jews all day long, while a black man may not (assuming he’s moderately successful or holds any right-wing views). The system gets stupidly complicated.

      1. How does this work with not having to go to social events. Like, if RuPaul gets an invitation to a Bar Mitzvah it can just say “i don’t want to go fuck this shit” and nothing but if Alan Keys gets an invite to Mort and Rachel’s wedding in Great Neck and decides he doesn’t want to go he has to send a gift worth at least twice the amount of the plate per person invited under him?

        1. Beats me. The only Jews I knew even reasonably well were lesbians who hated my guts (I stole one of the “bi” girls they were interested in, and I think the sane part of their brains wanted me).

        2. See I don’t care about the faggots or the transdoodles or the jews, but I would like some kind of objective measure by which I could refrence the exact price of avoiding social events like weddings, communions, bar mitzvahs or anything else. Like I could open a book and say Wedding, Catholic, Second Cousin, Travel Distance 150 Miles, Price Per Plate $250, frequency of annual contact, Birthdays and Holidays only, invited plus one: Oh look, says here that a 200 dollar gift along with my negative RSVP will be acceptable but at the $350 point they will thank me and not bitch to family members that I didn’t come.

        3. Sounds like ostracism from that whole circle of friends would make your life better. Send bag of dog shit, include their address, matches and a note with instructions to set on fire, place on porch, and ring doorbell.

        4. This is pretty much the level with which I work. The goal is to live a life where you have no responsibility to attend stupid fucking functions while not suffering any consequences

    2. Right, but who’s running the college itself? Who’s writing the texts and guiding the curriculum?

      1. Yep.
        Not to mention its not an over representation of Arabs and Muslims leading western governments and powerful lobby groups orchestrating the flood of Islamic migrants into white countries. Once again that’s you know (((who))

    1. And Rebel Yell was started by Billy Idol and like the Jews…in the midnight hour he wanted more, more more….(((Billy Idol))) just sayin’

    2. Ezra is a pretty entertaining guy. He critiques most of the right people, save his own.

  10. Israel would have a better reputation if Jews stopped treating the United States as Israel’s overseas colony that it can extract resources from at will. I mean, it gets pretty blatant when Israel sends over a colonial administrator like the Israeli banker Stanley Fischer to run the U.S. Federal Reserve.
    As I posted on another site about the idea of white secession in the United States, we could start by seceding from Israel.

    1. I like Israel, in concept and as a bulwark against the crazy Muslims in the region. It’s a nationalist ethnostate that takes care of its own, and its very existence drives the Muzzies out there nuts (and just seems to confuse the Left here).
      But I agree that we need to be allies instead of sugar daddies to them.

      1. The single most sensible comment on Israel I have ever read anywhere.

      2. The “birthright” and “chosen people” hoopla has no place in politics or statesmanship.

        1. I suppose I don’t necessarily mind it internally, but we should laugh it out of town when they pull it anywhere else.
          I mean, I don’t care that the Germans thought they were ubermench in the 30’s, but insofar as they kept that inside of Germany it was just none of our concern.

      3. Last time we (British) were allies they screwed us over and took Palestine for themselves.

    2. 1) It’s not so one sided, for instance the guidance software in our BMD systems? Guess who wrote it. That’s just 1 example.
      2) 75% of every dollar of military aid? Must be spent here
      3) Unless we bring Kurdistan into existence, we HAVE no other real allies in an obviously HORRIFIC neighborhood
      4) as for the rest of that screed like ‘Israel sends over a colonial administrator’… control your inner compulsions, dude
      5) Sometimes we will be allies and sometimes we will piss each other off
      Just like Britain, and how much ‘aid’ did they get 39-45?
      6) Finally there’s this … if we were not their allies, then Darwin says they’d be out there making deals like swapping Rafael and Elbit avionics to Ivan or China for THEIR stealth airframes and SU-35’s.

  11. Speaking of Jews and Israel, Jews in the U.S. have apparently come up with a way to play American evangelical Christians for suckers by spreading propaganda about how the establishment of the state of Israel somehow fulfills “bible prophecy” and started a supernatural countdown to the end of the world, instead of showing the ordinary reality that people get ideas from books. As a result of this delusion, several generations of these Christians have slacked off from improving their lives because they believed that they would get raptured any moment now. How did that plan work out for, say, Harold Camping, Tim LaHaye and Jack Chick?

    1. I am pretty sure there is no devious plan around Christians who slack off in life expecting the rapture…they are just idiots.

      1. I think it’s less devious planning and more a combination of lies and idiocies. You have agnostic pastors who want to sell their churches instead of preach truth or philosophize, combining with a general increase in sloth in the Western cultures, combining with all the nonsense we talk about here…

        1. sounds right…but the whole thing is powered by idiocy. Stupidity in the Left Behind people is the 1.21 gigawatts that powers the flux capacitor on this delorean
          As for the greedy pastors, I am with PT Barnum on this. When morons line up with their money in their hand it is downright un-American not to take it from them

        2. If they just read their Bibles, they’d know that no one knows the date or the hour, and when it comes we’ll be asked to make account of our lives here.
          I reckon a good many Left Behind-ers will be turned away at the gate. Sad times.

        3. One of the biggest problems with Christians of most denominations is that no one bothers reading the instruction manual.

        4. the problem is that people look through the bible in order to support their beliefs of what the bible says and not to figure out, ya know, what it actually says…and that is when they bother looking at all.
          As it says in I Corinthians 13 “I am nothing” which obviously means man has no value whatsoever

        5. I agree. I have been amused, and disgusted, over the years how people misquote the Bible to support some behavior or questionable position they may hold.
          A younger relative kept quoting “Love the sinner, hate the sin” (which isn’t actually a bible quote) regarding her homsexual marriage crusade. I suggest she actrually read the Bible. Paticulary Leviticus 20:13. I am assured she didn’t.

        6. Does that mean we have to listen to ALL of Leviticus?!?!?!?!
          That’s some wackadoo shit in there…

        7. You can listen and believe anything you want.
          It is just people will cherry pick quotes and run with them as to bolster their position without regarding the rest.

        8. Wave menacingly? The nuns used it as teaching Instrument at my school. By slapping it upside your head.

        9. The real problem is that the New Testament was written down/codified by people other than Yeshua many years after his death.
          “I like your Chirst, but I don’t like your [Bible]” kinda thing.

        10. Isn’t what everyone should do? Think for themselves? Separate the wheat from the chaff?

        11. FUnny thing is I don’t even mind people who “like Christ but not bible” as much as the people who “like Christ and the Bible despite putting no time and effort into reading it and just assuming everything they thing is in there and anything to the contrary is bullshit” lol

        12. I am of a “Feel the Yeshua in my heart/quote the Bible occasionally [only to support my argument]” persuasion.
          He was a mortal man and casted a shadow that was only amplified when his teaching got [partially] written years later by people [mostly] seeking to control the masses.
          p.s. Leviticus 20:13 FTW!

        13. I’m actually kind of down on the whole “let’s write shit down” thing myself.
          All my heros of the past have fallen off their pedestals [even yours truly] and every book I admired turned out to be wrong.
          I will re-read what I have just wrote a few days later and it’s gonna smell like bullshit to me, I’m sure.
          I long for a face-to-face communication which leaves a much more subtle but more resilient trace on the world.

        1. Not a bad plan. I always went more simply with “live in a way that if someone showed you a video of what you have done or a transcript of what you said that you wouldn’t look for ways to deny it” If Jesus isn’t happy with it he sit on it. I am right with my conscious…. while there are differences in execution, I am not so sure that the heart and soul of the issue isn’t pretty much the same of what your pops said.

        2. “I always went more simply with “live in a way that if someone showed you a video of what you have done or a transcript of what you said that you wouldn’t look for ways to deny it””
          Great. So, at the Last Judgement we finally get to meet the director of the NSA

        3. You think astronauts really rule heaven? I suppose it’s possible

        4. God cannot be an astronaut. His space helmet would have to be bigger than his head, which would contradict the ontological argument

        5. Sir, you are a treasure to this site.

      1. Not really. There’s more than a suggestion that Scofield, the man who gave zionist-christians the Scofield bible was a pretty dodgy guy and that he was financed by Samuel Untermeyer. The suggestion here is that the purpose was to get christians ideologically behind israel, and if that’s the case it seems to have worked. Even if there is some evidence that theory is wrong how, or based on faulty evidence – I haven’t checked it out at length and I don’t put too much store on the pages of unknown websites – is that theory really so outlandish that it deserves scoffing at as tin foil hat conspiracy theory?

        1. Came across that one years ago and did some reading. I thought there was something to it, but it was too long ago to remember.

  12. The globalist using that same old worn out playbook ,with tactics that don’t work in the modern era ,its good for us they can’t adapt to the new field of battle my brothers .

  13. I don’t understand the fascination with “The Jewish Question”. Whats there to question? They instill and encourage habits and career paths that are highly correlated with success. Add to that the heritability of IQ and you’ve got a winning combination. The conspiracy theorists can go eff themselves. Sometimes the simple explanation really is the correct one.

    1. And the Jews subverted all Western nations with Cultural Marxism, in order to hinder the White, Christian populations’ ability to challenge them and their power over them.
      All those people who, in time of a life or death conflict of interests between Jews and White Christian people world-wide side with the Jews or cover up for them, can go eff themselves.
      What is called “Anti-Semitism” is a perfectly natural self-defence reaction by every host nation ever who had the bad luck of accepting Jews into their midst.

    2. ‘Sometimes the simple explanation really is the correct one.’
      However the blindingly obvious leaves no-one to blame.

    3. It is not a question of conspiracy theory but of facts and logic. Fact is that an Ashkenazi Jewish IQ of 110 and strong work ethic cannot explain the disproportional share of Jews in mainstream media, Hollywood, academia, finance and law. However, ethnic nepotism and the will to power can. This can also explain the Israel lobby.

      1. Indeed, even if IQ had an exponential effect on success, Hollywood, the Media, academia and the rest shouldn’t be an ethnic monopoly. Asians, for instance, should be quite competitive. They are not, because of ethnocentrism and in-group preferences.

        1. Perhaps that is why political correctness 2.0 is emerging . If Jews as a group will be looked into too much then they might lose their group status. However, it is easier for them to be regarded as white so they are harder to undermine in that respect.

    4. Majority shareholders of the liberal media are Israelis (and a few Saudis, to be fair). They push degeneracy and open borders abroad while promoting ethnocentrism and closed borders at home. Not to mention, AIPAC owns our politicians. The majority of hate from WNs stem from these facts.

    5. Tsk tsk, how primitive. No mention of in-group preferences, ethnic nepotism, social networks or winner-take-all markets.
      Do you really think it takes a ton of intelligence or ambition to be an abstract painter? Given that Jews actually have lower spatial IQ than other groups, isn’t it odd that there are so many famous Jewish painters. Probably has nothing to do with Jewish domination of the art industry.

  14. Political Correctness 9.0:
    1. Melanin levels directly correlate to criminality and savagery, induced vitiligo however seems to psychology incline subjects towards drinking tea, classical music, and calisthenics.
    2. Vagina stays in the kitchen, bedroom, and laundry room, except on days of worship.
    3. Madagascar is walled off and all buggers quarantined here for eternity. Escape From New York Style.
    4. The Mall of New America is built on the stain of what was once Mecca.
    5. Western Civilizatin is the only civilization, Asia and Africa are desolate.
    6. Illegal Immigrants are as rare as an 8-track player / red 71′ hemi cuda combo.
    7. The museum of the jewish villains is finally made, an outstanding testament to their 2000 year schemes and revelations as a reminder to all who inhabit earth that this was mankind’s greatest enemy, all their deeds laid bare for future generations to take heed of, lest mankind fall into the darkness once more.

    1. Shalom, goy.
      Please delete your comment.
      It’s good for your mental health according to Prof. Shekelstein.

  15. “The 2.0 version is a step in the right direction, and will make my ideas of patriarchy slightly more accepting, but ultimately will fail just like 1.0 did, because it is counting on deliberate concealment of truths that simply can not be concealed in the internet age. I therefore predict that 2.0 will have a much shorter run than 1.0, and not stop a reactionary push where no lie can be successfully hoisted upon the public, and where no secret stays secret for long.”
    Beating PC will continue until morale improves.

  16. The most important speech I think was JFK’s about secret societies. The secrecy allows for a conspiracy (which others will doubt and even have little clue of its existance). When you take a good hard look at the people at the top, they are not Christian, they are not Muslim, the are Satanistic. And they use the other religions for their own purpose.They believe in child torture, pedophilia(makes the next generation of satanists) and human and animal sacrifice. And when you are inducted into the club, you must do the illegal acts, unforgiveable acts, so that they have something to hold over you, so that you can be blackmailed. Torturing a child makes it easy for the child to succeed- its like POW’s..everything after is easy once you’ve been a POW. Of course a certain percentage of them break. And some of the most ardent Christians were former Satanists. I’m not just talking theory, here, these are things I’ve learned in my own life. I remember dealing with a rich canadian oil machinery company, and one of the head guys for sales talked about how the management liked to sleep with underage children. Or last week I talked to a guy who said he was a former satanist, he was covered in tattoos, and had the all seeing eye on his chest. And the richest guys I’ve known had fucked up childhoods.
    Take a look at the requirements for freemasonry, oddly they don’t care what religion you are only that you believe in a higher power. It is said that only at the highest level it is revealed who you really worship. The central bankers financially supported the illuminati(you can look at David de Rothschild’s twitter and see him posting illuminati symbols and pyramids.), and most secret societies, tend to work together, even if they don’t understand who or what are each others aims are. Take a look at Saul Alinksy’s Rules for Radicals that Obama and Hillary liked so much.

    1. >>> “Some of the most ardent Christians were former Satanists” >>>
      I don’t know if practicing or proselytizing athiests are Satanists, but I remember the founder of the American Athiest Society, Madelyn Murray O’Hair had a son, William J Murray III who wrote ‘My Life Without God’ (1982) who became a Baptist minister and now heads up the Religious Freedem Coalition.

      1. The thing I can’t wrap my head around…it seems that the people pushing Evolution were Satanists, I’ve seen personally how they’ve corrupted medicine with a few very specific lies(cancer has no good treatment, you don’t need to do anything special to eliminate toxins from the body, and alkaline diets/water are not beneficial) and of course vaccines and fluoride are good for you. The first three can be easily disproven based on no shortage of studies. So if they managed to cement these lies into medicine in 100 years..how much could they have done in all the time evolution has been developing? And did they?

    2. I had a look at David de Rothschild’s twitter. I found one photo with a masonic “chessboard” floor featured in it and I’m sure if you’ve seen some there are pyramids or stuff too, but other than that we’re dealing with someone who comes across pretty well. I know from an interview he did he sometimes engages in ‘rothschild conspiracy’ banter. In other words how would you know if he wasn’t just ‘fucking with us’. It’s like Macron in front of the pyramid: obviously they’re playing games, but are they playing serious games or silly ones. If you’re dog wants to play after all, you throw him a bone

      1. Yeah they’ve been kind of grooming him as the antichrist(haha me a banker? No way, Im a good guy!) You can go down the list and check off all the goals..men and women the same, do drugs(one foto with halluc mushrooms), sex is good,pro-magic, environmentalist, space, anti trump and he uses an illuminati symbol for his personal clothes brand(shown below). The Roths were in banking power when the illuminati were formed in bavaria in 1776. The secret societies are not so secret anymore.

        1. The guys’ a Rothschild so sure, the apple may not fall far from the tree and all that. I think he’s on the board of governors of a Rothschild bank (from memory) and as an environmentalist he also fits into the climate change globalist brigade (not sure what his opinion is on more internationalist legislation to be honest, but I’d be surprised if he wants less of it) so he may well be ‘in sync’ with the wider Rothschild ‘core principles’ of creeping globalism. On the other hand that in itself doesn’t make him the “anti-christ”, and although I’ve heard the suggestion before I’ve never heard anything given to justify it. His name is David – the name David features kind of prominently in messianic lore – but beyond that what is there beyond the name / family and the long hair etc?
          The illuminati symbolism is interesting. With reference to your other post above you did better than me in coming up with occult symbols. While one might wonder if they are all intended as such I suspect that most of these probably do draw from the occult / masonry in some or other manner. What the significance of that might be is another thing. Are the Rothschild’s involved with (/ at the apex of) secret societies? Well it wouldn’t really be surprising would it? But here we’re talking about someone I know to be very aware of what the (conspiratorial) public thinks of him. He knows that some at least think his family are lizard people, illuminati wizards, and the capstone of a conspiracy against mankind. He will also know that whatever the truth, his family have been enormously influential behind the scenes, and that even if he’s distanced from the centre (which he probably isn’t) there will be at least some fire behind the smoke. As such inserting occult symbols into a twitter feed may represent more than one thing: it may be about the projection of symbolic power (which is what the Macron pyramid was); but it may also be playful – the projection of mystique or intrigue. I mean if women love bad boys, what are they going to think about someone considered to be the anti-christ? I was just watching the revamp of Damien (the TV series) – Damien the adult is now a romantic hero / anti-hero, just like all those vampires and werewolves from women’s romantic fiction.
          This raises another possibility perhaps. The masonic / illuminati in conspiracy literature is considered an evil / criminal enterprise. But if you read his tweets David de R. and disregarding his predictably progressive opinions – most of what he says his pretty unobjectionable, even in some cases compassionate. I would say if he is including occult / masonic symbolism in tweets that are broadly humanitarian it’s highly likely that in part he’s looking to rehabilitate the Rothschild image – take the edge of everybody’s suspicion
          The Rothschilds are may well be ‘in it together’ to some extent – public attitudes as much as their position in the world of money & power will determine that, but when I consider the Rothschilds as agents on the world stage I’m more inclined to look at specific individuals, and their actions. David is an interesting playboy figure. Not so sure about Nathaniel, who has a less well developed persona. Jacob though – who’s from the British branch – is a clearly a kingpin – at least he certainly is now Eugene has passed away. You won’t find Jacob de R. tweeting masonic symbols or making Angela Merkel handsigns. On the other hand you will find him engaged in the most controversial financial and political undertakings, from the Greece debt crisis, to Yukos, to middle-eastern energy. I do wonder to what extent as a family they co-ordinate

        2. Right they are either the top or near the top. And secret societies by their nature work together and compete(and some groups by their nature and history tend to be secret societies, ie jews, homosexuals) Interestingly there is a video of David saying to someone..”We aren’t lizards, but we also arent human” Good to know. There is conflict for sure one got sued for using the Rothschild name on a business without attaching his specific name to it. Another that was next in line to head the family was killed because he was too soft. But really when you are in these elite families, its not like you just get the choice to do whatever you want..iron wills are used on you to mold you as they were on your father..and on his father.. And the way David is being promoted..gushing article after gushing article by style magazines, etc its clear they are selling something, not just some billionaire living a playboy lifestyle. He doesn’t seem to be getting much traction though based on followers and retweets etc. He’s into prediction too, heres a prehippie article and picture of him doing nerdy things(changes the image of him just a tad ) https://blogs.microsoft.com/next/2013/12/17/here-are-david-rothschilds-data-powered-predictions-for-2014-from-the-super-bowl-to-hillary-clinton/#sm.00000kgijmd53pd8azdd8z8cfcrsk
          But that sympathetic method is part of their way, its like how medicine was taken over through “charity” by the Rockefellers they gave money to medical schools then asked for board seats(still no cure for cancer!). Its not charity when there are strings attached. And thats why Hungary and Russia are kicked out the NGOs. Environmentalism is the better way they’ve found to promote Eugenics and population control(because its naturally antagonistic to population growth). So you can see the killing sweetness they’ve practiced so long.
          By the way Jacob R and Edmund de Waal is Burns and Smithers on the Simpsons. There is a Simpsons where Burns says he is the eye on the pyramid on the dollar bill.

        3. Some interesting stuff packed in there. I can definitely see the resemblance between Jacob de R. but where do you get the idea that Edmund de Waal is Smithers? I’d never even heard of him before the Hare with the Amber Eyes. Your link to David’s predictions for 2014 actually seem to relate to a different David, who it appears is an economist working for Microsoft. Maybe he’s from the same family but the famous one we’ve been talking about is David Mayer de Rothschild. He’s the one who’s an environmentalist. Do you have a link to the lizard quote? I seem to remember ‘we are change’ interviewed him, and he came off quite well, and made a few joshing comments about being a lizard man or something. I don’t remember him saying anything about not being human. I am entirely convinced he’s being promoted in any obviously strategic sense – at least his profile is still pretty low. He does however have a public image and could be said to be a public figure. It will be interesting to see if that will be amplified in the future, but I don’t think he’s positioned to become a ‘head of the family’ like Evelyn was or Jacob is.
          Re. the connection between environmentalism and the globalist agenda, I am more inclined to think that the connection relates to more internationalism (i.e. supra-national accords and legislation with which to bind the world). Depopulation is a complex one. There is a population issue amongst poor countries in particular which don’t have the resources to provide for their people or responsibly plan / manage a population increase, but the main effect of the agenda in some sense is actually ideological: people in the west no longer believe in ‘going forth and multiplying’ – reproduction is seen as a problem, as an evil even. That fits well with the gnostic viewpoint that the world we live in is evil and must be transcended and ‘overcome’, something which fits in well with the idea of a new world order involving say post-reproductive transhumanism
          Re. the allegation that the Rockefellers took over medical companies through charity with a view to controlling the pharmaceutical issue and preventing cures to cancer or whatever, it would really surprise me, however I wouldn’t even know how to go about proving that. That would seem to me speculative in the absence of any proof of such intention, or for that matter any evidence that say research involving successful cancer drug trials had been suppressed or something

        4. Rockefeller and carnegie commissioned the flexner report(ironicaly by someone who was neither a doctor nor a statistician) while seemingly reasonable recommendations were given..youll note that almost all recommendations cause a monopoly(there are videos of milton friedman saying the AMA is the second best monopoly in the US). Rockefellar can be seen as a hipocrite because his own doctor Biggar was a homeopath(rock lived to 97) and homeopathy was demonized by the allopathic doctors he pushed. The best example of cancer treatments being supprrssed is Laetrile..best cancer doctor in one of the best cancer institutions and the pr guy there sacrificed his career and turned whistleblower. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=X6J_7PvWoMw

        5. You are right, the two davids are different, my bad the antichrist one is Mayer like the founder, the other is Michael. Heres a video of Jacob and Edmund together, you be the judge(ignore the stupid shapeshifting stuff). Another video of David saying they aren’t Reptillian but also not human. Rockefeller and Carnegie commisioned the Flexner report which ironically was done not by a statistician or a doctor. Almost all the recommendations are to make it a monopoly(ie women arent allowed). So they are pushing Allopathy..and the AMA demonized Homeopathy. Now this is interesting because Rockefellers personal physician Dr Biggar was a homeopath. Rock lived to 97. Here is a video from the Corbett Report that goes into more detail. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTGqv3P5dZ0&t=59s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPwgOiNOSZs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6J_7PvWoMw&t=1818s

        6. I found the second video somewhat heavy going. The problem with these videos is it’s extremely difficult to check facts that are asserted by the voiceover. Having a audio clip of some black preacher saying hitler was financed by the rothschilds doesn’t make it true. There certainly were financiers who financed Hitler but even if the Rothschilds were behind it, I’m not sure there is any proof of any direct involvement. Personally I think they’ve had their hands in a great deal from the foundation of Israel (which isn’t conspiracy theory for the most part as Jacob R. is on record describing his family’s role) to russia (there’s every reason to think Victor Rothschild was a commie spy). Beyond that I think we have to be careful of joining together dots. There’s no guarantee we’ll get the right picture. Personally I think some of the repetition techniques in the first video are quite annoying too.
          The second video is more interesting to me, although again I’m not quite sure what it proves. I love when the camera settles on David, and just sits there trying to use his facial expressions to prove he’s the antichrist or whatever. Likewise, I could see any real resemblance between his boat’s logo and the symbol of saturn or anything, but admittedly I couldn’t get a good look. The real issue is his position on climate change. He’s pro climate change science, which is pretty predictable. He does a good job arguing that those who doubt climate change science are dupes of big industry, which is a canny move if you think of it: the choice then is be duped by corporations that don’t want to reduce their carbon footprint or be duped by globalists who want to use regulation to control the worlds energy resources etc. He’s quite smooth operator actually, so I imagine we’ll see more of him.

        7. I’ll have to look further into this when I get time, but this is the kind of evidence I was looking for. I will assume from the caduceus logo that both rockefeller and carnegie were masons

        8. I don’t think he really is the antichrist, do you? I love David Icke. He’s really very knowledgeable, but the problem is everything he says is so to speak ‘inadmissable’. One can’t quote him on anything, or otherwise rely upon him as an authoritative source (and authority is everything when it comes to proving your case) because at the root of it all, is the loopy new age stuff – it’s like Edward Cacey or something. Icke puzzles me because he seems genuinely convinced by what he’s saying and genuinely angry at our lizard masters, but I do sometimes wonder whether he isn’t himself ‘controlled’ somehow. After all the theories he’s arguing – for example the vibrationary nature of the universe (leaving aside any correlation with actual physics) is exactly the kind of occult belief system – including beliefs in entities, and demons etc – that you’ll find in theosophy and other occult systems. Dehumanising the Rothschilds and their fellow super-elites pretty much plays into their hands. It can be lumped together for the purposes of ‘dangerous tendencies’ with other worrying ideas. As such these videos often tell us a great deal but they might as well be produced by the Rothschilds themselves for the danger it poses to them. Moreover, there is an esoteric sense in which Ickes exoteric claims could be interpreted: all of these occult systems really are based upon worship of the dragon, or the serpent – it is an idea, a belief system – in the eastern traditions you have the kundalini serpent, in the western esoteric traditions you have the idea of the serpent as the imparter of wisdom and knowledge. But the moment you turn that into a concrete belief that people who believe such things are actually lizards underneath – like in ‘V’ for instance – then you might as well voluntarily admit yourself to the local psych ward as far as credibility goes.
          So the issue here is that there is a great deal of good stuff here but how do we go about separating the wheat from the chaff?

        9. damn it I’m going to buy me a six pack of Buds and make an all nighter of it. I am assuming these are the same or similar videos, so see my response to your comments below

        10. I’ve probably spent 4000 hours researching medicine..its impressive the lies told that go directly against what their own studies tell us. Alt medicine is always criticized..where are the double blind studies! The AMA will say you can’t “detox”. My response..where are the studies that show that!?!? The studies show many ways to increase the excretion of for example heavy metals which includes sweating. AMA says alkaline diet..myth. Jesus I can go down the list that they will provide and refute effectively every claim..the simplest being we evolved from a stable 8.2 PH ocean(alkaline because of bicarb and phosphate) and as far as I’ve been able to tell(because its a difficult datapoint to obtain) every single long life area has water that is 8.2-8.5 PH . In fact just a soil PH map correlates in my estimation 85% with diabetes cancer and obesity. So why would they lie about probably the single most important factor of health? Because they are psycopaths who want to harm us and put substances like fluoride in our water and vaccines with heavy metals in our bloodstreams. Supposedly Rockefeller was a descendant of the Roths, I don’t know much of Carnegies history.

        11. WW2 is so racially charged so I think it helps to look back in time a bit to avoid it.. Really even the US was controlled by 1913..FED, income tax, shortly after the womens vote, and WW1..all designed to politically and financially harm the US. You can see Franklin Roosevelt say things like in politics nothing is accident and really we’ve been controlled since Andrew Jackson. Woodrow Wilson was blackmailed and later admitted to ruining the country(the last photo of The Shining was based on a real picture of him in front of a guy making the “as above so below” satanic sign in front of a big group of famous people). WW2 happened for the same reason as WW1 and driven by the same people. There were jewish pograms in Eastern Europe to drive them to the US and Hitler was a pogram to drive them to Israel(as well as indebt the world)..And related to medicine, people like Otto Warburg was jewish and could openly criticize the Nazis with no punishment..maybe just maybe because he was related to the banking Warburgs. Lots of support for HItler from US industrialists(Ford got the highest civilian medal from Hitler) and much royalty. WW2 was not what we were told it was.

        12. I agree, there are many sensationalistic claims, like from David Icke so you have to sort the wheat from the chaff. Alot of the information from him is very interesting. And from what I’ve seen the elites are alot like Bond villians..its not enough to have their nefarious plots..they have to brag about them too. The duping delight of the con-man. Alot of people like him and Alex Jones very much seem to be controlled opposition..like 90% truth then they have to do things that discredit themselves(Reptillians for Icke, and rants for Alex). Yeah David R seems too polished that it comes off as fake. I really am surprised that he doesn’t have more retweets. But as for alot of things..time can make a difference..just look at Roosh’s humble beginnings. Time and pressure. We live in interesting times.

        13. That’s an interesting but involved subject, and I’m not sure I can comment except to say it looks like it’s worth looking into further. There’s always a ‘management’ aspect to conventional medicine, which will tend towards dismissing remedies that are said to be anecdotally effective but which aren’t backed up by clinical trials etc. The money / big (evil) pharma side of things needs to be considered at the same time, but it is isn’t necessarily the same thing i.e. it’s not necessarily all corruption or vested interest, and of course it depends on the type of ailment in question. I can’t comment on the validity of ‘detox’ programmes without further research but I have heard of people who have given up conventional medical treatment (e.g. for cancer) in favour of alternative medicines and paid the price. They are at the moment rival paradigms. The big money is in conventional medicine, but also the more reliable results and trained professionals who – one might hope – know what they are doing – are also to be found there. I think the best thing to hope for is a softening of that ‘medical’ model at least when there’s evidence that alternatives might be just as effective or more so.
          The politics of medicine are enormously complex. I used to work in mental health, and I have some suspicion that at least in part some symptoms – especially with chronic schizophrenia – might in be iatrogenic i.e. partly an effect of the treatment. The other side of the coin though is that there have sometimes been serious consequences – i.e. suicide, violence, or at least uncontrolled psychosis for people who have turned away from the prescribed treatments. There is definitely a scope for the medical establishment to be broad minded and open to alternative treatment ….maybe the volte face re. medical marijuana is an example of that

        14. You’ve packed a lot in there. I think there is certainly scope for historians to re-assess some areas of – particularly – twentieth century history. There certainly needs to be a more critical assessment of the role of financiers / big money in influencing and payrolling movements in history – although one may need to consider to what extent this was ‘causal’ as opposed to merely amplificatory. That would surely involve scrutinising the origins and legitimacy of organisations such as the federal reserve, and the possibility that Wilson was blackmailed – I’ve heard some quite specific allegations about this – but a proper historical assessment would need to evaluate any such influences very carefully. The problem with so much alternative history / conspiracy theory is that because conventional historians are disinclined to touch such subjects (they risk their careers and peer ridicule if they don’t have solid evidence) then it’s left to amateurs who may be prepared to believe on a lesser standard of evidence. Having said – and not least on account of what he himself said – I believe Wilson probably was blackmailed, and did sell out his country many times over. As for the true origins for WW1 / WWII I think the above caveats apply doubly. As you say wee are talking about a period of history about which it is very difficult to be objective about, not least because as you say it was racially charged. Mainstream history portrayed both wars but particularly WWII as a simple battle between good and evil. There is a need for historians who are prepared to look beyond such a simplistic position, but equally if we learn that the allies were anything but squeaky clean would it necessarily make the world a better place to simply flip the script so to speak? I imagine future histories of a period that is rapidly become the distant past will be a much more variegated affair with the villainy more fairly distributed on either side. Examining more carefully the role of western financiers and the activities of financier families like the Warburgs will need to be a part of that, however there are inherent difficulties – and dangers – to trying to argue for a substantive role for behind the scenes players in world history. One must make do with what evidence there is rather than seek always to connect the dots.

        15. I’m in two minds about Icke but either way his lizard theories vitiate every claim he makes – he never addresses that aspect does he? Alex Jones is controlled to a degree. He presents a sanitised version of conspiracy theory / conspiracy fact, one that is carefully marketed and highly monetised (those products he sells often tells us too much about his target audience). The proof to some extent is whether what they say is actually dangerous to the elites (or whoever is in the line of sight) or whether it simply serves to contain and manage the issue, or even neutralise it.

        16. With Alex it became very clear how controlled he was when one of his other guys talked about pizzagate. Alex apologized for it with the strangest look on his face. But I think thats the deal you have to make with the devil. Its like the elites in politics or banking..if you want to rise they have to have you do something illegal that they can hold over on you. Otherwise they will fight or kill you. This is the purpose of the pedophilia. No man is an island.

        17. You can have a high standard of evidence and get far..for example one of the conspirators admitted to how they plotted in secret to make the FED on Jekyl Island in Georgia. And the simple fact that nothing about central banks is taught in schools is a good proof that they have control over our education. We kicked out two central banks and Andrew Jackson who specifically campaigned against one waged a war with it and considered defeating the second central bank of the us his greatest accomplishment. Not important for a history class that a central bank tried to assasinate a president? Even the Holocaust is just so much spin. I mean the Armenian genocide is called just that..but something happens to Jewish people and it gets branding..it wasnt Jewish genocide(and ignore the homosexuals and gypsies etc who were killed) it was the Holocaust. If you are racist against blacks you are just a racist..if its against jews you are an antisemite despite that being am erroneous term-there are semites who arent jewish. Make a Holocaust movie and you are guaranteed awards from hollywood. They have good PR nothing more.

        18. You might want to look up the adrenochrome theory of schizophrenia. I would appreciate your input for my theory on schizo. I believe that there is a spectrum of stress response that goes from narcissism or borderline at the light side to schizo at its end. Narcissism is beneficial for emergency situations..black white thinking lack of empathy etc. Borderline tends to be the female response to stress which is more appropriate to a woman in stress. In extreme stress clearly youve done something very wrong in life and you need maximal creativity..schizo. It seems like some childhood abuse and maybe even certain toxins can cause it. Ive seen a borderline woman change personalities after going through some detox type treatments.
          As for medicine my personal belief based on both research and use is that Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine are far superior to our own-they were hammered out over a thousand years in stable societies. Whereas I can give the simplest of proof against our own doctors. Gallbladder removal is just about the number one surgery in the US..they dont seem to have any other treatment for stones. I and others Ive known have passed their stones with epsom salts and olive oil. Gee I guess you dont need to rip out an internal organ. Or synthetic T4 is a top ten drug and at one time the number one drug prescribed..get on pubmed and show me one..literally one study showing that it is better than is predessesor desiccated thyroid..you will only find the opposite. I started my journey believing im western medicine.. now my personal belief is th

        19. Deviant/underage sex / paedophilia – there does appear to be an elite connection, and I would be very surprised if the Epstein affair was in any way isolated. Likewise the ‘joining the club by doing bad things and so we can blackmail if you step out of line’ theory makes sense, although it’s assumed more than proven for the most part. Personally I think pizzagate is ‘plausibly deniable’ and as such highly likely to be a distraction from the very concern about paedophilia. Don’t misunderstand me, James Alefantis, Heavy Breathing, all of that is extremely dodgy, but because ‘nothing sticks’ it’s quite likely it was if not a psy-op then at least a controversy that was used to re-direct attention, and potentially defuse genuine criticism from podesta and co. This is a tried and tested tactic: get the masses excited about something which is really nothing, then connect it to something which is about something (podesta & spirit cooking). A lot of excitable people on the opposition side but no proof of anything but prejudice run wild. All of it can be used to strengthen your support base on the basis of ‘tolerance’ of alternative lifestyles etc. Meanwhile, the Epsteins of this world keep corrupting the young, and the more silly speculation about coast to coast child sacrifice that goes on the more he and his cronies can get on committing actual but lower levels crimes

        20. I’m afraid I have given very little thought to the issue of alternative medicines so I can’t really say if I believe them or disbelieve them. Chinese medicine has an ancient pedigree but I have never had recourse to it. I think there is a growing recognition amongst medical researchers that traditional medicines, herbal techniques etc may have been effective in their own right. But if modern medicine is to use or exploit such benefits it would still have to involve R & D, clinical trials, and presumably commercialisation. They are different paradigms and one has to be careful how one treads because the consequences of choosing one over the other, or even combining them may be considerable.,
          Re. psychiatry, that’s even more complicated, as psychiatry is very much medicine’s poor relation, and has long suffered from concerns over the way that it conceptualises (and treats) mental illness, not least as a set of symptoms and behaviours that may differ in kind from ailments that are more demonstrably a case of disease.
          “I believe that there is a spectrum of stress response that goes from narcissism or borderline at the light side to schizo at its end. Narcissism is beneficial for emergency situations..black white thinking lack of empathy etc. Borderline tends to be the female response to stress which is more appropriate to a woman in stress. In extreme stress clearly youve done something very wrong in life and you need maximal creativity..schizo.”
          I do think stress has an intimate relationship to mental illness, and probably schizophrenia most of all. Personally I am inclined towards the stress diathesis model in relation to mental illness, and in particular, schizophrenia. We have vulnerabilities – it doesn’t really matter what they are – they could be biological, genetic etc – and that potential is sometimes triggered by circumstances, including by stressors. One benefit of thinking in such terms is that you haven’t gone too far out on a limb with regard to the nature of the stressor i.e. reducing it to one or other factor or kind of factor. You could see this in primarily psychological terms perhaps – say a difficult divorce, job loss, bereavement etc might appear to trigger a crisis or decline in mental health. That doesn’t mean it isn’t caused by some dodgy gene kicking in, or by adrenochrome, or excess dopamine or whatever – there are any numbers of theories which may or may not be compatible with each other and may help to explain psychiatric or psychotic disorders, but it avoids a reductive approach to what by its nature – i.e. being mental rather than simply organic – is likely to be highly complex. One thing I would note is that all of your suggestions seem to suggest that mental illnesses may be adaptive in some way. One danger with psychiatry as a discipline is that while it allows for this possibility it necessarily defaults to an assumption that any such adaptive quality is necessarily mal-adaptive, and it’s treatment regimes reflect that assumption. There is a line of thought, which I consider to be valid if speculative that even if there might be some kind of adaptive, protective factor in the onset of disorder (e.g. to prevent stress / damage to the heart in your favoured theory) the individual may in many instances be capable of working through such things to an extent. The question then arises, if that is so, or is so to any degree, to what extent does conventional psychiatric treatment help or hinder people suffering mental health issues to use their own resources to recover. My suspicion is that conventional psychiatric treatment may not have a good track record in that respect and may well contribute to the high levels of chronicity found amongst the long term mentally ill

        21. I still have to read through the monster of jeckyll island properly, but you are right in saying that the history of american politics, particularly the likes of andrew jackson, in relation to predatory and expansionary central banks is something of a suppressed history that needs to be rehabilitated into mainstream history (and economic history)at least as a discussion point rather than just shunted off into the ghetto of conspiracy theory. Whether schoolkids have the maturity to navigate such difficult territory is another thing, but certainly there needs to be a more balanced approach to teaching history, and addressing controversies and imbalances.
          Interestingly these days there is a bit more focus on ‘competing’ atrocities, including ‘genocides’ other than the jewish holocaust. For instance there was a – fairly mainstream film made about the Holodomor – something that probably wouldn’t have happened even a few years ago, and also a few about the Armenian genocide too – the Promise in 2016 for example. That probably reflects a recognition, including amongst jews, that focusing too squarely on jewish suffering to the detriment of other varieties might not be acceptable any more. It’s notable that both films seem to be ‘romances’ with the genocides as some kind of background to the bosom heaving or whatever.

        22. Yeah just the thyroid hormone t3 does better than almost all antidepressants. And 2/3 forms of t2 are biologiclly active directly stimulating mitochondria(10 years of italin mice studies showing this). When you see simple things like this ignored or missed you have to wonder about the fundmentals.

        23. Political pedophilia goes way back rears its ugly head regularlyand its the one secret that cant be allowed to get out.

        24. I’ll have to read up about it, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all. Unfortunately where there’s money and politics involved therapeutic potential is rarely a priority, and may even be seen as an obstacle

        25. yes, it seems it’s an establishment thing. It’s difficult to get hard facts much of the time, but the elite do seem to have beliefs that favour abuse. They are not bound by conventional morality for the most part

        26. Sad but true, incentives make all the difference. Removing the monopolistic aspects of medicine would be the greatest boon to this country.

      2. Here I pulled down some of the more interesting photos, the standard elitist stance, prodrugs, environmentalist, Anti-Trump, women and men are the same, prosex, antichristian, pyramids…the unusual things are anti-oil and anti-tech(except prospace). And he uses an illuminati symbol for his clothing line.
        https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/cea223ace3b5394d2c8b41570f1f63e4c6e36fdebb0193520f1c50522392c76a.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8b21913d4e4431f3411573e580a574383a4201df38f69fa60e38b12b1909229c.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f843654a4e73594b6091ddecf6586cb29b0075d7c589da5031568c9cc62ece35.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a4a531b01a912ac76dd4e9748a2b337a980ba8f78adcb81ae17026aa4df6f555.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e579f4fe2b0da579bb38f0c57f39e5fe691aa8be31bd40141c84ff2c6fdf1e22.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ebeff30b9d7956f6d30b0f15b160c603f148ae48eca304488b6f6f28b2c57c21.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/182a7f839e8f0d30d18602909d3c64c583ea66eba15e49e4daba2624679e3991.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ac652c7d04a0aae3a75261007a643ca26e7d3bdad8a1f2927a271ed5c55c8d7d.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bfd7d4653a0e3227a7d664203103121808561bfa07782a872d8ee6552d007341.jpg
        https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b6431da95aca0916d3924c6fe47cbc7eef5e94a723d8cc564c7c360bbed148ae.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ae7f43e9671d086f9ae895b0319e8bdbaa2455c0491b225ddd9c566d50d572c7.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/435190e7a9b694a42c0356ffaee41e00c3b458d40a98dbe6c8a68e65d63c8e39.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c19146ed5bbd9f201955b765157ab0ebed4a13db0ca82eb3cfab5951b484b804.jpg

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