Donald Sterling’s True Mistake

Donald Sterling’s biggest mistake was not what many people claim it to be.  It wasn’t that he made racist remarks past and present, while owning a sports team in a league dominated by African-Americans.  It wasn’t even the mistake that he got caught making racist remarks to the directed to the same culture of people that makes him millions of dollars on a cell phone recorder.

No, Sterling’s one mistake is so simple that it slaps those in the face who understand male/female dynamics. Sterling mistake was that he never learned game. He never needed it.  When you have billions in the bank, you don’t need it to get girls.  However, you need it to keep them in check.

This situation demonstrates that while fame game may be the most powerful allure to a woman out there, having game is just as important.  If Donald Sterling had an ounce of game in him, he probably would not be in the situation he was dealt this past weekend, which now includes a lifetime ban from anything related to the NBA, and a mountain of pressure to sell his team, the Los Angeles Clippers.

To start, despite his enormous wealth, Sterling got married.  Granted, she is the mother of his three children, but with his wealth it was foolish to allow her access to all of his assets.  Certainly, as his wife hit the wall and began aging, Sterling yearned to take advantage of the pussy being thrown at him which comes with the territory of being worth billions of dollars.

Take a look at his wife—you certainly can’t blame the man.  The mistress is definitely an upgrade, though with his dough he he could still probably do better.


v st

More than likely, Sterling could have gotten away with having a mistress and maintaining harmony in his marriage, but he didn’t follow the golden rule of having a mistress—to be discreet about it and deny it to his grave.  Had he done so, she probably would have turned a blind eye to the whole thing.

However, Sterling rationalized that to keep his new hot piece of ass around, he needed to lavish her.  This was not limited to the basics, but instead, he outfitted her with a $1.8 million duplex, and filled out the garage for good measure to the tune of two Bentleys, a Ferrari, and a Range Rover.

I know us car enthusiasts are thrilled to see her using the Ferrari to its full potential.

v st ferrari

Apparently, Sterling still thought this wasn’t enough to keep her around, because he then gave her permission to fuck black men and do whatever she wanted in the bedroom:

“The audio recording has a male voice – identified by Stiviano and the NBA as Donald Sterling – chastising Stiviano for posting pictures of herself with black people to her Instagram account and admonishes her for wanting to be seen with black people. The male voice on the recording says that Stiviano can do whatever she wants in private, including having sex with black men, but should not post photos of them to the internet or bring them to Clippers’ games.”

Sterling was basically the wife to his mistress, willing to look the other way as long as she kept it in private.  He should have followed his own advice in his original marriage, because as soon as his own mistress was out in plain view for the world to see was when his gracefully aging washed-up wife struck back.

Sterling’s estranged wife, Rochelle, naturally does not like her husband giving out public gifts of affection in the form of expensive Italian sports cars, so she sued the mistress for the values of all the lavish gifts Donald had bestowed on her.  Rather than recognizing the need to jump ship, Donald continued his relationship with her.  He was so unwilling to walk away from this particular vagina (and into any number of willing new ones), that he set himself up to get played by her.

And play him, the mistress did.  Both women had superior game to Donald Sterling, which is why he will ultimately end up the sacrificial lamb in the court battle over what is truly peanuts to the Sterling family.

Celebrities have it easiest, but they also get played the easiest. The next time you wish you could had fame as a DHV, just remember that fame without game ultimately makes you the real game.

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263 thoughts on “Donald Sterling’s True Mistake”

  1. Are we even sure his mistress is a woman? If you look at some of “her” pictures, you can see some manly looking features.

      1. That was the feeling I was getting. She’s done a lot of “cosmetic surgery”.

  2. I think Sterling understood women pretty well; he knew there was nothing he could do to stop her fucking around and he obviously had made peace with it. Without buying her shit (which amounted to peanuts to him anyway) she wouldn’t be with him and he seemed to be at peace with that too. His mistake wasn’t a lack of game, it was getting too comfortable – Rollo has a great post on therationalmale called “The Pet”, he compares females to tamed big cats and makes the point that her true nature is always there waiting for the opportunity to attack.
    He must be going through dementia though; attempting to explain the state of race relations in society to his bimbo arm candy.

    1. If you look at how ugly the guy is(and as to his level of game), I think it’s a safe bet that women feel the same way about him that we would feel about the prospect of screwing a 250lb(but very rich) whale of a girl.
      I’m willing to bet he’s terrible in bed.

      1. No doubt; money was the only game he had.
        When you are a billionaire that is all you need though. Women are wired to fuck for provisioning so it isn’t quite the same with a big ugly rich woman; men don’t have that insatiable urge for “security” that makes women attracted to anyone that can take them to the next level of wealth.

        1. Al Swearingen, in Deadwood, said it best:
          (pointing at a whore, to Bullock)
          “You know she’s fucked for food…”

  3. I have seen Donald Sterling at many parties. Its not that he doesn’t have game, it is that he has anti-game. I saw him actually offer a girl the chance to sing the national anthem before a Clippers game so she would have a drink with him!!

    1. You’ve never been out of the cellar so don’t pretend you hobnob with people like Sterling lol
      List some of these places where a blanket boy loser like yourself would even come into contact with the wealthy. I know just about every place on earth. You’re full of shit like all of the other losers on here.
      For you to even suggest that any of these top people don’t have game is absurd and is just a sign of jealousy on your part. It’s sour grapes, that’s all. “Oh look I have game but the billionaire doesn’t, he’s so stupid”. I guess that’s why he’s rich and you’re living in a box or a cellar haha Or stealing food from some fat fugly negro gir’s refrigerator haha

      1. “Blanket boy loser” is ad hominem
        “every place on earth” is bullshit
        It’s evident that Sterling is devoid of game- he let a bitch fuck up his money. Go back to slate, troll.

  4. Make no mistake….Sterling is not getting punished for what he said or thinks. I’ve encountered a few of those types during my lifetime and Sterling’s attitude is fairly typical of the “born into wealth” crowd. Rather than just recognize and be grateful for their blessings the hamster kicks into full gear as they find a reason to justify their ego…..and they will embrace any deranged philosophy (racism, the “nation of takers”, etc) in order to do so.
    His punishment is for the crime of being caught saying those things.

    1. True. This whole thing reeks of “You moron, we trusted you with money, fame, power, and you go saying things like this to somoene other than ‘us’? Now we have to do something to show them we care. Ugh”

    2. I didn’t hear *all* of the audio, but from what I heard, he didn’t really say anything overtly racist. He didn’t outright say, “this group is inferior, this group deserves to be treated thusly.”… no, he said, “I don’t want to see you with people of this group.” Now, if I heard a black man telling his white girlfriend that he didn’t ever want to see here around white males, I would pretty much know that the dude was a bigot. But, what he said wasn’t racist. People are allowed to be stupid and allowed to have stupid preferences.
      What Donald said isn’t much different than any male saying, “I strongly prefer dating women of X-race, and generally dislike women of Y-race.” We’ve all said that at one time or another. Such preferences are allowed, and do not make you a racist by any stretch of the imagination.
      Anyone feel free to point out my error, and show me audio where what Sterling said was overtly racist in meaning.

      1. I actually didn’t hear the audio either….but let’s be real. It’s all about public perception. What he actually said was obnoxious but whether it’s technically racist doesn’t matter in a PR battle.

    3. No matter where you go in the world, there is racism. Stereotyping and xenophobia are observed in every culture around the world. There were evolutionary benefits to stereotyping and xenophobia in the ancient world. It is evolved, so don’t expect it to ever go away. At best it is driven underground. One only needs to look at the genocide of the Tutsi by the Hutu in Rwanda to see racism in Africa. Blacks say and do racist shit all the time, yet few say anything. People who complain about racist remarks from blacks are dismissed. The real issue here is when you have different standards of right and wrong for different races, where one is punished extremely while the other not at all, that is the very definition of racism. Rather than end racism, it creates more of it.

      1. “People who complain about racist remarks from blacks are dismissed. The
        real issue here is when you have different standards of right and wrong
        for different races, where one is punished extremely while the other not
        at all, that is the very definition of racism. Rather than end racism,
        it just creates more of it.”
        Spot on.
        Same can be applied to most isms for that matter. Sexism. Feminism.

      2. In order to be truly just here, you have to remove Larry Johnson (executive for the Knicks) who said last week that blacks should have their own league. He is not some retired player, but a current executive for an NBA time.
        Crimes that go unpunished merely create more crimes.

        1. Trump could have lived a nice life off his Dad’s inheritance.
          Instead he built his own empire and lost it all and got it back again.
          Most people who inherit that much money become irresponsible, insane, or useless.
          I respect Trump’s accomplishments. I don’t project my Daddy issues onto him.

        2. You need to read the previous article by McQueen…
          “I was lost, full of despair and started to lash out at those who were successful.
          “Well that motherfucker got lucky!”
          “He was born into it. How the hell is someone who’s poor with no connections supposed to get ahead in this life?””

        3. I did not say one negative thing about Trump, all I did was state the truth. I did not engage in projection. It is more impressive when a man earns a fortune from zero than from a multimillion dollar head start, that is just a fact. George W Bush is not an inspiration , Prescott Bush is. Please limit your psychoanalysis to the actual things I post, not what you want them to be.

        4. Daddy did help Trump by teaching him about real estate investing. Daddy was self made. However, Trump has achieved way beyond what his Daddy achieved.
          Trump become a billionaire. He lost it. And then he got it back again. His Daddy did not do that for him.
          Most people would have just taken Daddy’s inheritance and lived a really nice life, but not Trump. He took what he had and magnified it.
          That’s just as admirable, if not more, than a “self-made” person.
          To say that Trump’s Daddy gave him everything is absolutely wrong. You did not “state the truth”.
          Prescott Bush was a successful crony corporatist parasite of government. He was just a high-functioning welfare recipient. Just like Cheney and Rumsfeld.

      3. Know what your saying. I went to one of the big ten schools where everybody was worshiping the football players. One of them was a black guy, we’ll call him “V,” who use to talk shit about white people and oppression nonsense all the time AKA black racist. Long story short, he didn’t like me because I was white and accused me being racist and other bullshit all the time. One day I got fed up with him calling me “cracka jack” and “whitey” along with other bullshit and said fuck off “blackey.” A weak fight ensued and was broken up pretty quickly. This altercation became extremely exaggerated to the point where people were saying I went up to “V,” said, “fuck you nigger” and punched him in the face. People in his circle began reading me the riot act saying poor “V” got nothing he’s trying get by and I’m privileged asshole on easy street. They forgot “V” was a football player with a full-ride scholarship, getting free food, housing bills that were taken care of by the school, access to a private building for athletes to study along with a personal tutor and pussy that was all too easy to get (I know because I was mistaken as a football player at bar by these two girls and they were throwing themselves on me). Instead I was stereotyped as a white, racist, privileged asshole.

        1. African-American power is based on guilt. If you stop feeling sorry for them you take away all their power. They thrive by freeloading off of the non-African cultures. On their own they don’t accomplish anything, just look at the miserable state of Africa. Decade after decade food and medicine is pumped into that continent and it’s still a shit hole of corruption, famine, malaria, AIDS, and civil war.

        2. “African-American power”
          The most amusing part of your comment. Black people are used as tools. There’s an elephant in the room you’re ignoring. Not to mention how ignorant it is to pigeonhole so many different people from different countries/cultures. More whining from a white beta male.

        3. OK. Blacks are the sacred cow of the left. They are above criticism. They also yield a disproportionate amount of influence given their relatively small population size. Hell, last time I checked the President was black. They’re surely not THAT oppressed. Their power comes from playing the race card. Without that their influence would drop drastically. So do you have an argument, or just more weak ad hominem fallacies?

        4. OK I’ll agree with you here. Africa is 3x the size of the US and these stupid comments about famines,shitholes and civil wars are limited to certain areas where there is fighting over age old feuds, mineral rights or blood diamonds etc or just local climatic problem causing droughts every 20 years in certain areas while most of Africa is peaceful and no one is starving.

    4. Dude wasn’t born into wealth, but he does some from a religious background that promotes supremacy. Guess what that background is?

        1. Exactly, he is a jew, in a couple of days the media wll shut, and nothing happened here…..if he were a white…..

    5. Sterling(and his wife) attended the same HS in LA as this whore although it was probably better in his day due to the lack of Chicanos and nignogs. So he wasn’t rich or did he inherit any $$$

  5. “Celebrities have it easiest, but they also get played the easiest”
    That’s because most “celebrities” are either dumb ghetto thugs who bounce a ball around for a living;dumb actors;or stupid rappers.Sterling was a wealthy businessman before he bought this ball bouncing team and for some 22yo punk to say he has no “game” is just plain naive and shows how jealous they are. You think that YOU have game and can make this amount of money? lol
    Sterling got married.
    He’s been married for 50 years and his wife didn’t care if he got some pussy on the side.However, she didn’t want him being made a fool by some 38yo tranny. He had given her gifts but who knows what he may have done at 81 years of age so the wife sued the female because 1/2 of Sterling’s money is hers under Cal. community property laws. I have no intention of wasting time looking up the Complaint but you can be sure that it likely had an injunction in it enjoining the female from accepting any further gifts or benefits(it may have even had an injunction stopping him from giving money away)
    When the dumb tranny knew that she’d be cut off she secretly made this tape (it’s illegal) thinking that she could blackmail him for more money. She certainly goaded him with leading questions in the tape. He’s 81 and people this age could say anything if he’s tired or upset and apparently she knew him well. He may have even had low blood sugar or diabetes (she kept asking him if he wanted orange juice).
    He did say some things that didn’t even make sense, or perhaps only made sense to himself, so who knows.
    Of course he didn’t want friends telling him they saw his “girlfriend” posing on Instagram with AIDS infected athletes or other negro athletes because it makes him look like a chump;so does bringing black athletes to the games.
    Her intent with the tape was to make money after she knew she’d be cut off.If she sold the tape then she’s a moron because once something is out you can’t blackmail the person.Of course the tape may have been released by someone else. These whores are stupid and she may have shown it to someone she knew “hey, listen to this, now I can really get more money out of him”
    And Roosh, stop allowing these 22yo barrio blanket blog boys to write articles, they don’t know their arse from their dick.

    1. Yeah, I agree with this. Blaming Donald Sterling’s recent problems on his lack of “game” is the very definition of jumping the shark.

      1. Isn’t buying Ferraris for whores who are fucking other dudes pretty much the textbook definition of lacking game?

        1. Not really. A Ferrari California is about 425K brand new. From what I know this guy is worth 1.7 billion.
          Giving away 400K cars to bitches without fucking giving a shit seems pretty Alpha to me.

        2. Some kind of alpha! Again, she is fucking other dudes. On his dime. As in Alpha fucks, beta bucks.
          The guy is a pathetic laughing stock of a “human”, but what else is new. Per wikipedia, “personal injury lawyer”, made his money by sitting around nice and bent over while the Fed propped up the value of spectacularly average real estate holdings for him. I’m sure he is a so called “brilliant business man” according to the indoctrinati. Almost as good at turning $1 into $50 million as your average Appalachian lottery winner.
          But for those capable of reading beyond the advertising dollars, he is a bloody ambulance chaser who sits around forking over millions for a condo some whore uses to bang black dudes. While our little twiddledee tiptoes around in the background trying to sound tough by pretending to be “racist.”
          Don’t get me wrong, I regard the whole manufactured scandal industry as poorly as the next guy, but the only thing more pathetic than standing around starry eyed and stupid in admiration for someone who just happens to have a few bucks, is doing same for someone who happens to have some votes cast for him. Heck, the two are actually equally pathetic. No point playing favorites.

        3. There is all kinds of game – good looking game, funny game, bad boy game, etc.
          Donald Sterling has billionaire game. I would rather have billionaire game because it really doesn’t matter how awesome you are; Donald could roll his 80yr old fat ass into your home town and buy your girl and there really ain’t shit you could do about it. You think your girl wouldn’t fuck him for a Ferrari? Don’t hate on money game. That Ferrari is nothing to him. You may say these chicks don’t really like him and blah, blah, blah but the end result is the same – Old fatty can jizz all over your woman’s face if he so chooses.

        4. I doubt that he wanted his so called “girlfriend” fucking negroes or any other men. He was just rambling there and trying to explain to the whore that even the appearance of any impropriety on her part makes him look like a chump.She was too stupid to understand it. He also accussed her of always wanting to fight about things (typical negro female trait)
          I wrote a complete analysis when this first happened and oddly enough I see that a couple of days later Sotomayer wrote something similar.

          Some of you yoots should listen to older wiser men.

        5. Its nothing to YOU, but its EVERYTHING to some slut. Its a car worth more than sluts will see in the next 10 years. Its bragging rights to all her friends. Its attention every time she drives it to the store, or the club, or for coffee. Its a public declaration that her pussy is not just better than pussy from some chick who gets NO CAR to fuck, but many, many thousands of times better.
          So why the FUCK would you give ANYTHING that nice to some dumb slut that openly fucks around and that you can’t trust with your damn phone messages?

        6. Can you trust any 20 something hottie? She got it cause he found her attractive; what did you expect a billionaire to do? Go out and pay some fatty that he trusts(he has a wife for that)? She is a professional side piece, do you think she was gonna fuck a billionaire without compensation? With that kind of money you couldn’t trust anyone; may as well screw a mistress you find attractive.
          You really summed up how this chick probably feels about the car though; a public display of the value of her pussy.

        7. You can rest solidly assured that “my” girl would ask me first for permission. And if so, how much she should charge the clown and what we should spend the money on. He’s in LA. Three’s an old, rich, desperate chump on every street corner out here these days.
          In general, for “game” to have any meaning at all, you have to constrain what it means somewhat. If you define game to mean every trait and every act that ever got anyone laid, pretty much anyone has some “kind” of game. The world’s single greatest beta/omega doesn’t magically get some “kinds of game” the day his lottery ticket hits. At least not if “game” is intended to retain any sort of meaning whatsoever. Of course this Donald can manage to get a whore to suck him off. But not because he has “game.”
          Instead, “game” is better though of as ways to act that increases your success rate with women independent of other traits you may have. The core insight being, that if getting laid is the goal, the path of least resistance is not toiling away trying to climb a ladder until you can afford some skank that boinks black dudes in the condo you bought her; but instead to expend a tenth of the energy on methods that more directly result in lays.
          After all, I doubt Roosh’ Bang! would have helped many guys get laid if all he wrote was that in order to get women, be a billionaire and buy them expensive stuff. How insightful!

        8. You can rest assured Sterling could put it up her ass if he wanted to.
          So you are saying game can only be defined as some type of hypnosis you have to put on women? Dressing well isn’t game? Having a nice car? Being funny? Good looking? Built?
          Anyone with eyes can see the effect money has on women. It is the best game you can have, that is why it is hard to come by and men want it. Are you sure maybe your not just insecure because you lack this very effective kind of game? I lack it also but I ain’t going to act like it doesn’t exist.

        9. So if its straight business, how does that contract spell out?
          “I will supply you with a sweet home, 2 Bentleys a Ferrari, cover all your whoring ‘spenses, and you can fuck whoever you want. In return, all you gotta do is fuck me. Oh, and if you spill to the media, I’ll go ahead and take the hit on it.”
          …a third grader could probably put together something tighter than that.

        10. Oh, and NO, you CAN’T trust any 20-something ho, even if you’re jacked, stacked, six-packed, and laid-back,a whore will still fuck you over because its in their nature; fuck, they ain’t whoring because they’re geniuses.

        11. Exactly. For the life of me, I don’t understand how businessmen who can possess great economic and financial acumen in the world of business, are dismal at understanding the economics of women. Women biological evaluate men on their economic viability, before they give up the puss. It’s the men on top who raise the price of pussy for all of us. If men uniformly would say and act upon the principle, that the typical western slut gets no more than a few drinks and a chipotle burrito, we’d be good to go. But, c’mon, giving cat-face, a Ferrari and Bentley for some aging half-Mex vag is despicable.

        12. You really need to get out more.
          Money has an effect on women not specifically on the make, via the pathway of status. Not in and of itself. If Donald Sterling could boink any of my girls at will, he wouldn’t put up with what he is stuck with. The guy is 80 years old!!! Outside of ghettos and women with drug problems, there is no status in that. Hence, no transmission mechanism between money and lays.
          I mean, he’s probably plenty richer than Brad Pitt as well. And certainly plenty richer than Candice Swanepoel’s half employed model beau. You reckon he’s with Ms SuckaBlack On HubbysDime, despite Candy and Angelina lining up to suck off his money spigot? Seriously?
          All else equal, $n+1 is almost always preferable to $1 when it comes to attracting women. But all is not equal when one guy is 80+ and most dedicatedly practices the act of pedestalizing suckup anti game, while others do not. For some ghetto whore who never saw the insides of a store fancier than Walmart, the whole bling thing may be blinding enough to sweep her off her feet for a while, but as soon as her social circle is updated to include people who actually has enough money to generally not view it as some primary concern in life, even she will start feeling rather sheepish about dragging around some laughing stock she dug out of a musky grave, while all her friends are with plenty comfortable dudes that doesn’t make them look flat out pathetic.
          Now, there are old, rich guys with game. Berlusconi for one. Aristotle Onassis for another. And Adnan “where there’s lots of wives, there’s lots of love” Khashoggi. And that’s just some guys from outside the entertainment biz. I bet even the Pittster himself would have been a bit concerned if old Onassis invited Angelina aboard his yacht for a cruise. But none of those cats were known for clinging to ghetto whores by buying them expensive condos they could bone other dudes in.
          Also, while money is in and of itself attractive to women, it’s not game. Is there such a thing as “tall game” as well? Or “movie star looks” game. Or, ther most potent of them all “fame” game? Originally, the whole point of game, was to demonstrate that there were another pathway to snatches than the traditional ones. Which is why Roosh advises spending one’s time practicing approaches, rather than trying to make more money (or stand in a fertilizer pot hoping to grow a few inches), for those whose goal is to get laid. As any half litterate DJ across the world who will go home with a girl hotter than old Donald’s tonight demonstrates, whime money is nice to have, it is by no means the shortest, most efficient path to a (or many) girls privates.

        13. Of course becoming a billionaire is not the easiest way to get laid. I see game as any trait/action a man actively uses to get sex. Being tall myself, I can tell you that yes there is such a thing as “tall game” some chicks love height.
          Of course it would be better to be like brad Pitt rich/famous/good looking but that is not what I was talking about; I was talking about you vs Sterling. If Sterling was wild man he could fuck the winner of the miss America pageant every year if he so desired, good luck pulling that off with your definition of “game” at 80yrs old. Pick up is cool but power like that is nothing to hate on, I’m sure Sterling gives no fucks that you have better “game” than him.

      2. Donald Sterlings supposed “problems” is just that he is rich and famous enough to allow someone their moment in the limelight by harassing him.

    2. I know one shouldn’t respond to trolls but I can’t help it.
      This guy if fucking retarded….
      How much game do u think it takes to get a law degree?
      (Most betas come out of law and med school THINKING their expected net worth guarantees pussy.)
      How much game does it take start ur own firm when no one will hire u with said law degree?
      (If you can’t game men who are logical, how will you ever get some from the illogical mess that is woman.)
      How much game does it take to become a slumlord?
      (How much imagination does it take to invest in real estate? How much imagination does it take to have tenants who can’t afford to fight you in court?)
      How much game does it take to follow Jerry Buss advice and buy the clippers?
      (They were worth only 12 to 20 million dollars back then lol. Prolly didn’t even need a complex loan package.)
      How much game does it take give a bitch over 5 million dollars in gifts so she can check if your meds work?
      (I know he doesn’t have high class women as his mistresses, and the bitch looks like a sewer rat, and can you tell me he didn’t nut the second they got alone and she STARTED to undress. Exactly.)
      How many game does it take for you to give money to bitches who will walk away from you when they are sure you wont take it back?
      (How much cash went straight from his hand to a lawyer for asset protection?)
      I know the answer… but I think you need to take the remedial class.

      1. Well said. I must commend you for a reasoned analysis, and I concur with your comment.

      2. This comment makes no sense. It is better to work for work for a law firm and be some partner’s bitch than to start your own firm and make a billion dollars?

        1. Alpha, my friend, is intentions, not results. If you start your own firm because the was your life plan, then ok. However, if it was a desperation move that only worked because no white firm would hire a Jew is like saying you abstain women out of personal choice when the reality is they cant stand your ass.
          I did not fully look into his life (he doesn’t do anything I can not find someone better and more ethical to emulate) however, lawyers were in demand back in those days. Damn near everyone who stayed in law is rich by some measure. So don’t aggregate game to a man who followed in the wake of the contemporaries of his time. Every Alpha has Betas that follow and share in his success, and it is a mistake think that a Beta became an Alpha just because they are now full and content.

        2. “Alpha, my friend, is intentions, not results.” So if I jag off to day dreams of how rich I will be one day, I am an alpha since I have big “intentions”. But if I actually execute a business plan to actually make a billion dollars (i.e. “results”) I am “beta”?
          “Damn near everyone who stayed in law is rich by some measure. So don’t aggregate game to a man who followed in the wake of the contemporaries of his time.” Any fool who practices law for 30 years, and knows the basics of saving and investing, will have a net worth of $2-3M. Make that $10-15M if it is big law or plaintiffs PI. There is a big difference between $15M and a BILLION dollars.
          His love life, racism and public relations skills are atrocious. But you have taken that the position that he is somehow a failure in business, or a business “beta” or someone who “followed in the wake of the contemporaries of his time” which continues to be ridiculous.
          I suspect that you are a young lawyer, or law student, so I will leave you with this thought that most young lawyers don’t understand: It makes absolutely no difference how you make your money; it only matters how you invest it.

        3. U got me on that one. I have a tendency to go to far to the extreme when I write passionately. However, u must admit that being Alpha is not PURE results but ur intentions that guide said results. Many of the people who write for ROK will tell u about being life lessions while bouncing for a club, y working on AC units might b better than an MBA and the reason y a lawyer gave up a 200k job for a 5 figure income n his bros whip. This proves to me that by the context of this website, a man’s true worth can not be determined by his net worth. Any human can follow a plan to success, so that does not convey Alphaness to me, just ask Tiger Woods.
          While i appreciate the assumption, im not a lawyer. I’m just a man trying to prove that unconventional wisdom is still wise.

      3. He was an absolute chode in love, but you can’t say he wasn’t alpha in business. A self made billionaire is by definition alpha in business.

  6. This article misses the mark IMO. This guy had a wife that knowingly let him have mistresses, which is something very few can do. He had mistresses that slept with him even though he was gross, while most men have to work to maintain some sex appeal as they age to get younger women because most will take money but not sleep with you. This is not someone without ANY game. Flawed game, sure. But a guy with no game would have lost his wife because she could of got enough at any point in time. A guy with no game buys women tons of stuff and STILL doesn’t get laid. Also, how the hell is anyone surprised that 81 year old rich white men don’t really like black people? Is this really shocking to ANYONE? I’d bet 50% if not more of that demographic feels JUST the same as him. Owning the team didn’t mean anything to him other than watching some employees run around and bring him joy.

      1. Technically, Jews, Arabs, Gypsies, Cossacks, Indians (from India, not native Americans), and even many European-ancestry Americans are all included in the “white” race, believe it or not.
        So yes, he’s white, your 7th-grade-level ad hominem attacks aside. Pay attention in social studies class next time, kiddo.

      2. He is white, even has green eyes.
        Jews are not semitic, at least not the Ashkenazi ones, they look nothing like arabs

    1. If you need your wife to ‘let’ you have a mistress, you’ve already lost. Much more important than the fact that you’re fucking other women is the social humiliation that this could cause. Which is where Sterling failed.

      1. Thats my point actually. His wife stayed with him even though she didn’t have to (shed get way more than enough), all while he was PUBLICLY going around with these other women. Very few guys can publicly sleep around throwing it in their womans face, yet he did somehow. Explain why she stayed if not game? Was the $100-999 million shed get enough for her?

        1. She stayed because he has options and she’s old… Its not like she has some media presence she needs to maintain. She’s insignificant without the association. Probably likes the attention to boot.

  7. How on gods green earth is a man that famous supposed to deny he has a mistress?
    Donald Sterlings first mistake was becoming famous in a world with no privacy to begin with.

  8. In the united states you cannot confiscate someones property after you illegally listened to his phone conversation and did not like what they said….

    1. You also can’t wrestle a bear, by federal statute, so it looks like Donald might have committed a crime after all.

      1. First of all, he’s committed no crime and IF anything happens it will be all Civil and I think that Sterling will be the one suing.The tranny whore did commit a Crime under the wire tapping law and attempted extortion, and possibly conspiracy.
        We’ll see what comes out but it’s possible that she manipulated this old guy so he’d be forced to see at a big loss so that one of her magic negroes can buy the team for 1/2 of what it’s worth and make a profit of $400m (and of course cut her in) since she was cut out of any more money from Sterling by his wife’s lawsuit.
        This Zambo tranny may end up behind bars yet along with the magic negroes.

  9. I have to say this…
    Donald Sterling, Racist? 1) Half-Black Mistress 2) Paychecks to Professional Black Athletes [not cheap] 3)Prior to recent events, the NAACP was going to give him a Lifetime Achievement award…hmmm. I say this as a Black Man. Even if Sterling is racist, he was having a private conversation with his mistress.
    Also, this case is a perfect example of Attention Whoring going awry. All he wanted her to do was to stop embarrassing him with her whoring. Pictures on Instragram, bringing strange men to the games, and, now, a ‘leaked’ phone conversation. [At least when Mrs. Gibson did it, she was building a court case. I promise this article is the first time I heard her name mentioned.] He was even fine with her sleeping with other men, just not flaunting it in public.
    Let’s be honest, we know Black Athletes are known for their sexual activity. But, who were among the first to criticize Mr. Sterling…Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson [who contracted an STD from his extra-marital affairs]. When I see group black men with a few [always a few] females, I know one them is fucking, at least, one of those females. Imagine your peers seeing this going on and reporting back to you regarding one of your ladies. The shit is embarrassing.
    I guess what you SAY in private has more weight, than what you DO in public.

    1. Tape me in private(note private) and I would be accused of hating the world. He is not racist as much as he was prideful, she was assaulting his ego in public and those hits hurt…

      1. I agree.
        How many times has a woman pushed your buttons to the point of insanity? To the point where you just say some crazy shit?
        My ex-wife had me so wound up one night that I was screaming at bloody murder the top of my lungs. When I finished, she had a smirk on her face, as if to say, “I knew I could do that to you.”

        1. Mel Gibson rant, anyone? That shit was funny as hell.
          “You should just SHUT UP and BLOW ME….because I DESERVE IT.”

        2. Dude, you should have just punched her in her fucking face. If some bitch does that to me (pisses me off, then grins about it) it will be a trip to the hospital for her.

        3. Can’t say it didn’t cross my mind. The more brutal form of justice is often more effective. That is all a bully understands.
          Thankfully, I did not give her the baby she was clamoring for. The divorce was costly, but no baby jail for me.
          She won the battle but I won the war.

      2. She asked him would it have been any different if she posed with white men…he gave no answer. He’s only got issues with black men posing with her.
        He was a slum lord landlord who hated renting out to minorities.

        1. Obviously he thought it made her look too white next to darker blacks, which was a turn off

        2. I understand he was a slumlord who preferred asians to black people as tenants, this was dealt with in the courts and his insurance company had to pay. My comment was focused on the private nature of the phone calls and how any man’s private conversations could in public lead to scorn from PC police. His ego was under assault because of who she chose to pose with, he was paying for her lifestyle and access to celebrity,he told her do not hang out (in public, or post photos the public can see, he had no qualms whom she slept with as long as she kept it out of public=Ego framing) with those people. I believe he has the right to tell a woman whom he supports financially (to the tune of millions) what she can and cannot do in private if she continues to expect support. Now if the Clippers had won the championship and they interviewed him after game 7 while the streamers were falling and the champagne was flowing and said “back to cotton fields with the lot of em!” while being interviewed in the post game that is another situation .

    2. Sterling’s got a history of racist behavior. All of the things you’ve listed above does not prove he is not a racist; 1. half-black mistress–it is well known and established that slave masters sexed their slaves…am not calling Sterling a slave master or Stiviano a slave, but hateful people can very well have sex with those they hate…sometimes to degrade the women of the people they hate and sometimes to be degraded by the women of the people they hate.
      Paychecks to professional black athletes; do you think anybody in a capitalist society will work for free. Sterling realized that he has to spend money to make money. He’s also aware that in order to have a competitive team in the NBA, top talent like Paul and Griffin, will be needed…and talent like that comes with a price tag. Doesn’t prove he is not racist, though.
      The NAACP lost its way. Sterling was a major financial contributor to that organization. Their achievement awards are not merited…they’re bought. Sterling’s association with black organizations is his beard…he deals with them to hide his true self just as some homosexuals will be involved in heterosexual relationships to hide their true sexualities.
      People are truly who they are in private. We all have a public face…but that mask comes off in private.

      1. “just as some homosexuals will be involved in heterosexual relationships to hide their true sexualities.”
        That’s true of 1/2 of black Africans according to the WHO. They are on the “downlow” and believe that just because they have sex with females that they are not homos. I’m quite serious about this. How do you think Magic Johnson got AIDS? By being fucked up the arse like some homo boytoy. This is the #1 method of transmission. If Johnson wants people to believe that he acquired the disease from sex with females then he should take a lie detector test or just shut up. HIV is extremely difficult to transmit and you would need to be exposed to a certain quantity of the virus to contract it. Even in cases of infected females the vagina is so inhospitable to the virus that a man could never contract the disease this way or get a quantity of the virus to become infected. So Magic Johnson is lying.
        A distant 2nd cause of transmission is direct blood to blood transmission either through a transfusion or using a contaminated needle. So it’s almost entirely transmitted through buttsex. This “anyone can get AIDS” campaign and the condom nonsense was promoted by homosexuals and feminists each for their own reasons.Feminists just hate men but the homos tried to normalise the disease by claiming that anyone can get it.Females get infected by guys like Johnson who practise buttsex with men and women but it’s 99.9% impossible for them to pass it on.Someone should have really called guys like Johnson to task for promoting his nonsense and investigated his claim that he acquired it from females.Look at Kobe Bryant, he was fucking that girl up the arse which would not infect him by could pass it on to her if he was infected.A condom wouldn’t protect you anyway because the virus is tinier that the pores of a condom and it would pass through. Condoms are only useful for birth control or diseases like syphilis or gonorrhoea etc. both caused by much larger bacterium that a condom would block.Even without a condom if a manhad sex with a woman with these diseases at their most contagious stage the chance will still only be a 1 in 10 change of being infected. HIV from an infected woman would be close to nil.

        1. LOL really dood? Does the GED winner know more than the medical doctor? Go back to wanking to sleazy disgusting porn in your cellar rathole pyjama boy.

        2. He is not a medical doctor, he is a troll and I bet he and Maria have the same IP address.

        3. Dude, same advice to you. CDC has statistics: HIV is almost always transmitted by gays (Men who have sex with men – MSM) or to women by men or MSM. Its really fucking hard to get HIV from a woman, unless youre breastfeeding from her. Even babies dont get hiv from their moms in the womb, they only get it from her breastmilk.

  10. And his other mistake, not realizing he was on a short leash now that the Clippers no longer sucked and were no longer near-guaranteed wins for the other 29 owners.

  11. The big story that the media is hiding is that Donald Sterling is not Donald Sterling. He is Donald Tokowitz, a crypto JEW posing as a white man by changing his name. In his famous rant, he also described how incredibly racist Israeli Jews are against blacks. Both of these facts have been completely scrubbed from the mainstream media (of course – look who owns it).
    This is not a case of white racism, it’s yet another case of JEWISH RACISM being blamed on whites.
    I know that’s not the point of your article but it damn well deserves mention.

      1. It’s interesting, all of the Jewish newspapers are taking this thing head on and openly talking about how it relates to jews, but not a single one of the USA papers will mention it.

    1. The Jews are at the top of the food chain; no one can fuck with them. You should give up trying to point out anything negative they do, it is useless. They have always been 10 steps ahead of everyone else and they always will be. Simply stating facts about the unbelievable shit they have been able to pull off would get you labeled a racist/wacko. All the cultures of the world are falling apart and meanwhile they get stronger. They are the real “Alphas” of this planet. Sterling’s views are a little insight into how they really view the rest of us; whites included.

      1. …its the oldest show on the planet. If you get a chance, just google “jews expelled from” and you see how many countries have gotten fed up with the reindeer games and sent them packing.

      2. To find who rules over you, simply learn who you are not allowed to criticize.

        1. Wow dawg. We niggas must really be sumthin els, huh? Y’all can’t criticize dis long dick! Who eva knew we wus dat powerful?!

      3. They’re no longer even 2 steps ahead with the info dissemination from the internet. But the only thing they’re really good at is deception, and once that gig is up…nuclear silos have been mysteriously disabled before (getting into ufo territory here but the facts are out there) so not even the Samson option is valid anymore.

      4. You’re right. They were able to pull off the holohoax and get the ultimate victim status. We all know modern society is built on victim status.

        1. which will make it all the easier when we “turn” the victimization on them and expose who the real “oppressors” are.

        2. I’m interested in the theory of the holocaust being a hoax. Any articles I could read about it?

        3. This video describes the camp at Auschwitz and is about 50 minutes long, but in that time it thoroughly deconstructs it. There are some other video titles posted in the comments that go over how fictitious some of the other camps were.

        4. Do you know who the narrator is? I’ve watched a few of his documentaries on YouTube and they’re usually well done. I thought this was interesting:
          “Makow quotes from the 1938 interrogation of C. G. Rakovsky, one of the founders of Soviet Bolshevism and a Trotsky intimate. Rakovsky was tried in show trials in the USSR under Stalin. According to Rakovsky, Hitler was at first funded by the international bankers, through the bankers’ agent Hjalmar Schacht. The bankers financed Hitler in order to control Stalin, who had usurped power from their agent Trotsky. Then Hitler became an even bigger threat than Stalin when Hitler started printing his own money. Stalin came to power in 1922, which was eleven years before Hitler came to power.”

      5. I agree. Israel didn’t became the top dog of the world by being a pussy, but dominating and beating the shit out of everybody else. Israel is leading by example, namely by butchering everyone who dares to stand in it’s path and dominating all other countries.
        The Jews are the chosen race of God for a reason.

        1. The whole “chosen people” thing is total bs but it is a great example of why they are so much more successful than everyone else. They look out for themselves above anyone else and they take pride in it. Are they racists? Hell yeah. They practice the same ideology the Nazis did; the belief in the superiority of their own race.
          They have managed to get everyone else to buy into the whole “we are all equal” bs and they have no competition. Why do you think the media sensationalizes race related stories every few months? It is good for business to keep white folks ashamed of themselves so they don’t wake up and realize what is going on.
          I was watching a political tv show and a latino politician was the guest, he quoted some statistic about latinos becoming the majority of voters in 2040 or something; the audience full of white people cheered. WTF? Talk about being brainwashed.
          Just think about how many times you have heard that “Chosen people of God” statement without anyone thinking twice. Can you imagine any other group of people being able to say something like that? You are right; they are dominating and beating the shit out of everyone else.

        2. Israel will be gone within 20 years according to most experts because their policies are insanely self-destructive. Just a for instance, once Americans alone find out how they’ve been fucked over by Mossad agents and the Israeli state for more than 50 years, game over.

        3. Jews laugh openly in private about how they use ‘Chosen People’ and ‘Anti-Semite’ as weapons against EVERYONE.

      1. Do I even need to make the connection from Sterling to Sterling Silver?
        He’s a billionaire and owns a ton of apartments in L.A. You’d have to be blind, deaf, and dumb to not automatically assume he’s Jewish.

  12. The idiot was so gameless he encouraged the woman he was fucking to go screw a negro with AIDS! What a pathetic piece of dogshit. He told her she could go fuck Magic Johnson. A disgrace to all men, everywhere.

  13. The man is eighty years old,the woman is 22.He asked her to tape him because he was making demands , she was complying and later he would question her actions because he could not remember what he said. All he was doing was checking his side bitch in private which is really nothing most men have not done. He bought he a lot of shit in normal peoples opinion but 5 million dollars is nothing when you are worth 10 billion plus. that doesn’t even approach the interest he makes in one month on ten percent of his investment properties. Make fun of his side bitch all you want but she is quite fuckable and most of the posters here would hit that shit regardless of what you may say in these comments, in fact if you say you would not I am glad because now I know you are lying and I will be sure to believe nothing you write again. His side bitch is not a bad person but his wife is a salty bitch who felt public humiliation because of his infatuation with his mistress and so she struck a public blow to humiliate him back. Simple story, old as relationships have existed.

    1. Another idiot speaking. The matter here is not her fuckability (she is fuckable) but the fact that Sterling was asking to be screwed and screwed he was..

    2. She’s 38 not 22.
      “when you are worth 10 billion plus”
      You silly little pyjama boys have absolutely no conception of money. 10 Billion? 1 Billion would put you into a club of 1k people worldwide (mostly the shares in their co.) In fact, $100m would be very wealthy and you’d be able to live forever on the few million interest per year without ever touching the capital.
      It’s not hard for an intelligent person to make $1m, or even $10m, but once you start to get into the really wealthy category you’re dealing with a tremendous amount of competition from Elite men who are very competent and experienced in business.

      1. …only shopping for a side-piece, not a rocket-ship. I don;t think the market is THAT tight.

      2. Sterling, 80, graduated in 1952 — 48 years before Stiviano, 31, did.
        We were both wrong.Do you now where pajamas as well? How is the generic drug biz fake Dr. Biggs.

        1. I’m a lot older than you and therefore a better judge of age. Regardless of the plastic surgery she’s had I can detect certain signs of ageing that you would not even notice.I don’t care what age some tabloid says she is because my guess is that she’s pushing 40 and I’m rarely wrong. She’s 38.
          Young people both male and female are usually way off. I may look younger than my actual age but not 20-25 years younger! But that’s what 20yo girls think when they try to guess. Older people near my age are off by 10 years or less.

        2. They have her highschool photos from her yearbook and talked to her classmates. Class of 2000. Admit you were incorrect and wear pajamas. Man up ” doc”.

        3. Don’t believe the crap you read in the media. The name she was using is very common in LA with Chicanos and I’ve found many pictures that look just like a younger her with the same name in HS yearbooks from various years which are apparently online now.
          This female is definately 38 under all those pounds of makeup on her ugly face. She’s apparently had plastic surgery as well. Her tits are also fake and I can detect a boob job 99% of the time in a few seconds. Apparently thirsty horny boys cannot. In fact, you wankers watch so much nasty porn with artificial women that you don’t even know what real boobs or females look like. Most of you losers are apparently virgins (yes I can tell from your comments) or at most have shagged fat girls where you can’t tell where the boobs end and the gut begins. It’s just one big blob. You see boobs the size of cow udders and a freaky looking Hottentot butt and you believe it’s a woman lol Even that porn that you watch and jerk off to has a high % of trannies in it. You homos! lol

        4. Look , you are not a doctor so I will just call you Bigg. She is 31 , in an anonymous comments section you were wrong. Admit it and move on. How is Maria doing in Princeton Medical ( doesn’t exist) , still waiting to see that thesis that got her the PhD at 18. You never clarified the P450 enzyme question I asked you about long ago. You are the most fun I have in these comments cause you are funny. Funny , funny old woman.

        5. I’m a big man and really don’t care or in fact use honorifics in real life but you appear to be very obsessed with me and Maria. I explained a few things before and have no intention repeating them like she’s at Robert Wood Johnson not Princeton, that’s just a hospital where she does some work in research. I have no idea what the P450 enzyme is.
          Well, at least you’re having some fun being on here 24/7 but I suggest that you get out of mommy’s cellar occasionally. Get out into the fresh air and get a suntan or something and get rid of that grey pasty look.

        6. Why do you keep using the word “lol” repeatedly? Could it be that you are old and you to try to look younger by using internet terms?
          I bet you also think you are one of the 1%, LOL!

        7. If you do not know what a P450 enzyme is you are not a doctor. That is like being an attorney and not knowing the 1st amendment. So we have established you are not a doctor and have no basic knowledge of medical science. Are you even a man, you are likely a Bigg woman. A man would have at least Googled the enzyme and figured something out to bolster his false claims, instead like a woman you want accolades for nothing and try to insult me to win. Bigg is a bitch not a man, behavior confirms my hypothesis, and the theory should become law in the comments. Do not respond to the bitch Bigg dude argues like a lady!
          Consensual Sex.

        8. This is funny. You should have known that something was amiss when he pretended not to know something, something even a moron like yourself could look up in 5 seconds. He’s just playing you like a little bitch and you fall for it. You’re like a puppy following him around trying to annoy him but he’s got you wasting time looking things up googly boy.
          Oh and incidentally, Dr.Bigg also has a law degree so if you want to know about the 1st amendment or any facet of law just follow him around and he’ll throw you a few crumbs.
          I was going to go to Atlanta for a seminar but Bigg said no. When I asked him why not he just said “Mau Mau land”

    3. So what a minute, his main bitch (crusty wife), was the one who sold him out and thus destroyed her own family name in the process? Wow…

      1. Yes, the gold digger was trying to obey properly. The rumor is the wife hired people to get the recordings or was recording his conversations herself without his knowledge . notice the gold digger has avoided the spotlight, denied all interview requests , and literally ran away from a camera crew. Watch what people do not what they say, his wife still attends the games.

        1. Wow, what a dumb bitch if that is the case. She’d risk destroying the name of her entire family just to get back at “hubby.” Show’s you when a woman is in vengeance mode, she possesses little foresight into the future about the overall consequences. I guess the fact, her children carry her husband’s surname and will be associated with Donald Sterling, didn’t matter to her. Selfish cunt.

        2. Was thinking the exact same fucking thing!!! Ahhh, great minds think alike. Damn they lack foresight. I mean it has to be their 30% smaller brains.

  14. “You go to Israel, the blacks are just treated like dogs.”
    -Donald Tokawitz, aka Donald Sterling
    Now why would the ZioCommunist newsmedia censor out this very pertinent part of his recorded statements???

  15. old men have mistresses and pay them, it’s part of the game itself. where do you think the term sugar daddy comes from? surely you dont think he’ll be 80+ plus, flabby and wrinkled

  16. That awkward moment when the racist nitwits on RoK dont know whether to support Sterling because he hates blacks or oppose him because hes a Jew. lmao

    1. I think I’m just going to laugh at the situation all around. lolololol.

    2. Nice, so opposing a jew is on the same level as hating a black, and criticizing anything jewry-related makes you a racist nitwit.
      Is this the implication or a mere reflection of my ignorance? lozzzlololzzzlol

    3. I will never understand how somebody can browse RoK and simultaneously actually believe in the retarded myth that being “racist” is actually a bad thing.
      Hey faggot: Tokowitz may be a kike, but he is the man to back in this case. Getting railroaded like that by the Ministry of Love he deserves our help.

      1. I don’t think being racist is normal, exactly. It’s more like humans are naturally tribal creatures. What defines a “tribe” varies by location and circumstance. Humans will naturally break into groups; they will be distrustful of outsiders, and jealous of those groups that have more.
        The various tribes in pre-Columbus America killed the shit out of each other. Same as what normally happens in Afghanistan when they don’t have a common enemy. Look at the three factions in Iraq. History is full of religious wars and genocides. That stuff isn’t racial, it’s cultural. If we didn’t have any blacks, hispanics, asians, or other non-whites in the country we’d still have tribes that hate each other. The major difference would be it wouldn’t be obvious on sight who belonged to what tribe, and it’s harder to hate people when they’re not obviously different at first sight.

        1. At the moment, in England, people are hating on Poles and other Eastern Europeans. Its almost as if people need someone to hate.

        2. Bullshit. Japanese are ethnically homogenous and it shows. Diversity + proximity = war.

        3. Ever spend time there? They may get along with each other, but they hate the shit out of any other Asian ethnicity. If you are Korean or Chinese good luck getting any job there.

        4. Um, thats because you’re an alien. You don’t belong in Japland. Go back to Koreaville or Chinasburg. Japland is not for you. Its for the Japs that built it.

        5. This.
          It’s my tribe against yours and fuck you to anyone, who tries to trick me into lowering down my guard with fancy words and shaming.

        6. Google “burakumin”. Hell Biker’s wrong, the Japanese don’t get along with each other.

    4. Couldn’t leave well enough alone, thanks for the derail which will probably overwhelm any meaningful discussion. You’re as much of a nitwit as you claim others to be. Starting drama like a chick.

    5. I think the important thing to take away from this is that only white people are racist and even if other people were racist it’s impossible for a white person to be a victim of racism so if we want to rid the world of racism we should find a way to rid the world of white people while at the same time selling young white women as sex slaves to appease the masses who are clearly getting restless and we all don’t want that to happen…

      1. Given enough time, the Juden will make this facrical story a reality

    6. Better to support a self-made billionaire being attacked by the PC police, than to oppose just because he happens to be a Jew.

  17. The true mistake he did was taking her with him to meet his team.
    Muscles always beat brain. Women always love muscles, and brawn. So they would fuck hunks over hoods. Sterling is an old hood. He could’ve fucked innumerable escorts instead of maintaining a bitch as a side dish. Look at Hefner in contrast. He fucks so many women, the secret is ROTATION when it comes to the side dish. Never limit your options to one, that’s when she climbs on top and craps on your head. And don’t feel a fuck if your side dish fucks with someone else, just think of her holes as public sperm urinals. Never ever ATTACH or INVEST yourself to a woman when it comes to sex. Women are at their most UNTRUSTWORTHY when it comes to sex.

    1. Even if you implicitly accept that the whores you’re fucking also fuck other men on the side, you never _tell_ that to them. Saying so only makes you look like a sap and a cuckold.
      And of course you never tolerate that shit if the relationship involves anything other than fucking.

  18. From Protocol XIV:
    Sterling (Tokowitz): ” It’s the world! You go to Israel, the blacks are just treated like dogs. It isn’t a question—we don’t evaluate what’s right and wrong, we live in a society. We live in a culture. We have to live within that culture. I don’t want to change the culture, because I can’t. It’s too big and too [unknown].”
    Looks like someone betrayed the tribes secrets to a goy.

  19. The new Chris Brown song sums it up rather accurately “These hoes ain’t loyal”

  20. There is NO pussy ANYWHERE worth a Ferarri and two Bentley’s. What a chump!

    1. Yes there is, when a Ferarri and two Bentley’s are chump change, not chump actions. But he can have a million girls better than the one he was with.
      I smell a game religionist here, and your pic only reinforces that. Red pill men are seeing through the PUA altar charade these days…

      1. Could he though? There are many obstacles in this game for wealthy men who aren’t red pill. First and foremost there’s a vetting process he has to go through, since if we’re honest, no hot chick dreams of fucking a man in his 80s, his material wealth is all he’s got. Straight up paying for it is also very risky if you aren’t street savvy. It isn’t as easy as most non-wealthy men believe it to be.

      2. Nothing to do with Game, its straight economics. It doesn’t matter whether a Ferrari is chump change or a life’s work to this guy; the fact is that its a HUGE deal to ANY piece of ass. You hand a whore a $500K car, she starts thinking that somehow you and her are now peers of the same caliber and now she4 wants to be a “bidness-man” and wheel an’ deal….NOPE.
        If you were a fast food billionaire, you wouldn’t pay burger flippers 6-figure salaries just because its chump change to you. The value of a thing, service, car, watch, blowjob, whatever, doesn’t change just because you have a billion dollars; a beer is still 5 bucks and a whore is still 5-bills a night.
        This guy. Is. A. Chump. And if you imagine somehow that things should naturally cost more just because you have more money in your pocket, you’re a chump too, and I have some shit to sell you.

    1. And she’s Mexican. You can pick up tranny hookers in Tijuana for a lot less than a Ferrari.

  21. “However, Sterling rationalized that to keep his new hot piece of ass around, he needed to lavish her. This was not limited to the basics, but instead, he outfitted her with a $1.8 million duplex, and filled out the garage for good measure to the tune of two Bentleys, a Ferrari, and a Range Rover.”
    Rationalize? Hardly. The dude is a troll. To keep that phat ass, he had to pay that phat ass. No money to her, no play for him.

  22. The price of jungle fever. Didn’t this chick have some serious racial issues from what I’ve been reading? She’s like a female Chris Dorner.

  23. I had to laugh when the jew (Silver) was forced to eat his own. How long do you think it’ll be before that kike has a secretly recorded “racist” rant on TMZ. Send a ‘bakketball’ playa to pick up his daughter and we’ll find out.
    It was also amussing that the mandango field negros threw their jerseys on the floor as if 100,000 other field hands would not have instantly taken their place.

  24. This whole Sterling situation is bullshit. Obviously Sterling wouldn’t have prevented blacks from attending his games. What’s scary, and I mean absolutely scary, is that a man can be banned, fired, whatever for comments uttered in his own fucking house. Yeah, boycott his games, whatever, but racist is a stretch. All these grown ass men who are “disturbed” over his comments, need to fucking turn in their balls. Don’t come to his games, shake it off and move on. I don’t necessarily like Sterling, probably because he’s a slumlord, but a man’s entire life’s work can collapse because of this shit? Wow. We don’t have freedom of speech anymore in this country. Let’s not pretend as if these holier than thou athletes such as philandering Magic Johnson have never said disparaging shit about another ethnic group, even to be funny. I’d in fact question any man’s, manhood if they haven’t said something “racially insensitive,” like are you that much of a pussy to always kiss ass? Toe the PC line, or else.

    1. The real irony here is that the victim of a PC witchhunt belongs to the same group of people that invented PC – the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism.(although they were radical jews while Sterling was an ordinary one). But make no mistake, it was done with the idea of destroying western culture and controlling the remnants of it.

      1. Very true, and karmic. I was wondering why the “investigation” on Sterling took so long. I thought Silver was contemplating, is their any possible way to save his co-religionist. He had to eat his own, and it in a stunning and crushing fashion. I think the sale of the team will go to Larry Ellison. It’s no one Silver, let’s gentile ownership take over the league. Mark my words, if this had been some lily-white Anglo from some WASP dynasty, Silver would have came down that same day with nothing bans. He would have probably tried to sully said Anglo’s career in addition to his NBA ownership.

        1. Private companies can do anything not specifically deemed illegal by the government, racial discrimination being one of them.
          But I’m sure you knew the answer to that already.

        2. You may be able to hire who you want as a private co. or if you have a private club but it would be illegal to advertise publicly in a discriminatory manner based on sex,race religion etc. You could advertise in a discriminatory way if it wasn’t in the categories proscribed. You could advertise for example that only people with a PhD and over 6′ tall can apply,

        3. The PhD one is likely okay. With regard the height requirement, that would probably not be okay, since that requirement would have a disparate impact on women. In which case, you would need to show some legitimate business interest for having the minimum height requirement.

    2. That mistress of his is an outrageous Judas and it’s HER character that should be examined as someone who couldn’t even be loyal to a billionaire, but there is no shaming the twat for being a backstabber and a judas to the very man who gives her everything, it’s a misandric society so of course, it’s the (80! year old) man’s fault, this shows the true character of women, not even a billionaire can impress them or earn loyalty, you give them an inch, they always take a MILE. Revealing what someone says in their own house is a disgusting violation of privacy. That guy should stick to real prostitutes… but at 80 you’re time is running out, the mind starts failing you and you get sloppy , so who knows if he’s even to blame, his age may be an acceptable excuse. Can’t anything happen once you’re past 75?(which is the average life span for a male). This guy probably did have game in his youth, his game seemed good enough to set off a jealousy shit storm with his ex-wife who he used for breeding. When his wife aged, he chucked that bitch and got himself a young exotic type, that to me seems alpha
      Using women as breeders and Whores, The Sterling way i don’t think it’s beta
      Also a few million is nothing to the guy, he might just have been trying to play mind games with his “mistress” experimenting with the affect money has, i’d do that shit if i we’re a billionaire, good entertainment. “Give princess her little fancy toys” lol

      1. If you try to buy anyone’s loyalty with money (man or woman), it’s only a matter of time before they (try to) screw you over the for next big opportunity.
        Secretly taping someone is illegal in California, though. Criminal charges should be brought against her.

      2. I listened to the recordings of Sterling, and that was the some of the most beta shit I’ve ever heard. “Yes honey” this, and “ok honey” that. He should have known by the cunt’s voice, if it indeed was her, that she was baiting him into those responses by her tone and the questions. I’m surprised the hitmen industry hasn’t increased with these crazy hoes whether they be wives, or mistresses. All you need is a crazy motherfucker named Boris who spent 20 years in Spetsnaz on a same day flight in and out of the country, that’s all you need! Lol

        1. Screwing over an 82 y/o billionaire with nothing to loose… that seems really short sighted!

    3. Lance you are an Uncle Tom, if I ever seen one. This same man that you are taking up for only sees you as a low down dirty N-word. I don’t care that you are biracial, you are still a N-word to racist people just like Pres. Obama. And like another poster said, freedom of speech only applies to the federal government. You can be fired from ANY job for tainting the company’s reputation. Donald Sterling’s entire life work didn’t collapse, he didn’t even make the majority of his money from owning an NBA team. Being a racist does not make you a Man or manly, and it’s sad that you think that way. Also not being racist does not mean you are being Politically Correct(which is a term that is too often misused). This wasn’t his first incidence of racism and no Black players want to play for an owner who basically views them as Slaves. Racism cannot be tolerated in this Great Country if we are truly to reach our full potential as a Nation.

      1. Gtfo here, fucking sensitive motherfucker. So anytime someone says some shit about you, you’re going to fucking cry and scream “racism.” Yeah sure, I wouldn’t attend his games, but you’re going to sit here and say or allude, that you’ve never said shit about an ethnic group in a demeaning way inside your own fucking house? Oh and Uncle Tom? If that’s the choice between being a fucking dumb ass illiterate coon nigger and so-called uncle tom, then put me in the latter category any day son.

        1. Sensitive? Because I don’t put up with my ancestors and my people being disrespected by idiots like Sterling. If that makes me sensitive then so be it. If anything sitting there and being passive is less manly than standing up for what you believe. Also I never said, I haven’t said anything racist in my life. Everybody has said something politically incorrect before, but there is a difference between saying something politically incorrect and saying something that is out right racist. Also just because somebody says ONE racist thing in there house that doesn’t necessarily make them a racist, HOWEVER when you go on a racist rant like what Sterling did, it’s quite obvious that is how he truly feels. I might joke about a person of another race once, but deep down I would never discriminate against them or hate on them just because their skin color is different.

        2. Dude, a real uncle tom is someone who doesn’t think for himself. And the real slave masters are over in Israel and everyone is their slave, even the regular joe jews trying to make their way through life.
          You have two ears, two eyes but only one mouth. Think before you react.

        3. What are you standing up to though? Would I hang out with Sterling if given the opportunity? No, but I’m not going to attack him for his beliefs, no matter how disparaging they are to me. I’m not a thought police, I live and let live because I don’t want to control other people’s opinions.
          This is a big deal for the NBA because of bad PR. Who gives a fuck about his personal issues?
          I hate when other black people try to shame you into adopting their stance on an issue like you have an obligation regardless, fuck that.

        4. “Because I don’t put up with my ancestors and my people being disrespected by idiots like Sterling.”
          He doesn’t want his woman publically cuckold him with your people. What’s so abnormal about that?

        5. You’re also not 82 and paying millions to a hooker girlfriend. Who cares what Sterling thinks? So he doesn’t want his hooker advertising her relationships with black guys. I think that falls lower on the scale of shit that matters than paying millions for a hooker and cheating on your wife.

      2. Don’t even bother. About 80 percent of the commenters her are racist shitbags; another 19 percent are Toms.

        1. Identification superiority is part of human nature, those who look, think, and act like you, you will project as the best in order to prop up your own self-esteem, I think it’s excusable and maybe even healthy, even if it’s false. Everyone wants to see themselves as the victor, and secondly they want to see those who look the most like themselves, as superior, now this has no grounds in reality and group differences are statistically insignificant compared to a study of individuals/individual actions ETC. If i wanted to know how someone is, doesnt it sound retarded that i’d use their religion/race ? No, i’d have to look at their character.. We aren’t on any “team” and there is no race.. 99.5% of human DNA is identical
          “On average, biochemically all humans are 99.9% similar to any other humans”

      3. Shutup you nigger, Lance is a great man who brings value, regardless of his darkness. Game recognizes game. Truth recognizes truth.

      4. When I hear any man say “N-word” or “F-word” or “S-word” for nigger, fuck or shit I immediately assume that he is intellectually crippled and functions in the world at the level of an 8 year old, an age where “letter-word” is appropriate.

    4. It is painful watching ESPN bring in former black players and coaches to vent about this while the white co-anchors tip-toe their way through it with clenched assholes.
      The white guys always start with “I think his actions are appalling” or something along those lines. So uncomfortable.
      I’ve been on this planet 24yrs and I’ve never known it to be any other way: Whites constantly apologizing for shit that happened hundreds of years ago. The funny thing is if you go back just a little bit further people of all races were enslaving each other; look up how the term “redneck” came about – white slaves blistering in the southern hemisphere’s sun.

        1. I know. But as I posted earlier; stating historical facts makes you sound like a bigot because the cultural narrative is so far from reality.

      1. I don’t even watch ESPN anymore unless they are actually showing a sporting event. The black analysts are pretty much unbearable to listen to and the white analysts “tiptoe with clenched assholes” is an accurate statement.

  25. No sympathy for this old geezer. If he’s such an idiot, he deserves everything that he got.

  26. Lolz so now it turns out he has prostate cancer. Let’s see how the NBA plays to political correctness now. This is turning out to be a nice slice of multi layered irony cake

  27. Once again society is quick to pull the trigger and criticize another person before gathering all the facts. With much respect to the author of the article I like to present an alternative. Just like every mother fucker on this planet, I pulled up the E-paper and read that this old white guy with a lot of resources said some “not so nice things” and some shady shit happened between his bitches. Doesn’t matter how it happened but the end result is the fool is being hung out to dry by the social circle that hes involved in. No disrespect to the original author of this article, but did he ever at any point stop to think that…hey do I really know who Don Sterling is? Like REALLY know him as a person? The fact of the matter is, if you weren’t there and you didn’t know ALL the facts about the issue then you probably should with hold your tongue a bit. We are all creatures of mistake, because science is based off trial and error. All we really know is this fool told his bitch something honest and now hes being punished for it. Bitches are always gonna be bitches, and bitches will always be about that fuckery. Especially when large sums of money and pussy get in the mix, the fuckshit train is not too far behind. As far as I can see, the only thing this old white guy did wrong was get caught telling the truth in public. We know every mother fucker on here and on this planet is a bigot in their own right. But that’s just some personal opinion not meant for the general public to know. Que the attack rebutals in 3….2…..F the 1 time.

  28. Sterlings game was pure beta bucks, with the advantage that his team could DHV for him.
    It worked for him: the woman isn’t un attractive. But he was limited by his lack of abundance mentality, and probably should have let the mistress go much sooner as soon as she showed signs of disloyalty.
    Sterling’s actually handling the Scandal well. He’s not apologizing or giving in the the witch hunt. He’s willing to fight, and has ammo he can use (the NBA doesn’t want it’s financial books released for example). I put good odds on Sterling being able to keep his ownership, with the teeth knocked out of his ban in a few years.
    Of course, the best way to survive a witch hunt is by having strong allies, and Sterling lost them when he called Israelis and Jews bigots against blacks.

  29. The mistress looks like she had some sort of bizarre total facial reconstruction. Fuck, I don’t give a shit if Sterling is a racist. So what? There is nothing new about that. Plenty of racism to go around in all directions and it’s all over the world. That’s just part of the human condition and a waste of time and energy to be concerned about.
    What insults me is that a billionaire would lavish so much money on such an ugly bitch.

  30. I have to say, its quite funny how Sterling is racist but pays a lot of money to keep a brown skinned woman around. I guess for him its the temptation of taboo. But while its seems like a lot of money to us, its probably nothing to him.
    I see why he is keen to keep his wife – its cheaper to keep her so to speak. But you know what? He probably loves her. You don’t spend a lifetime with someone if you hate them. As for getting married, well, when he was young, that’s what people did. Now today, smart people do their best to insulate themselves from the high cost of divorce.

  31. Watch the divide and conquer of mass media.
    It is disgusting and quiet evil.
    The homeboys and cowboys should be allies, both are nothing but meat on the table to the elites who run plantation earth. Playing one group off another is as old as Julius Caesar.

  32. This girl was probably hot at one time, but looks like a freak of plastic surgery now.

  33. Donald’s real problem was one of laziness. That and he’s a racist in a business that derives value from a product produced by mostly black people. The lazy, was he thought that his money insulated him from everything, like a bench player yelling ‘scoreboard!’ to a defeated team even though he never played a second of the game. The racist thing goes a little deeper. His business, his SoCal rental empire aside, the Clippers were bought for 12 mil 30 years ago it’s now valued at $550 mil. But examined further what has he actually done to build value into the team? Nothing. That’s what. The recent success notwithstanding the Clippers are the joke of all pro teams- in the world really. The worst run franchise in the league by far. So for 30 years he let the NBA make him wealthy. The Magic-Jordan-Kobe-LeBron eras have turned that initial investment in to a mountain of money. Watching the money pile up he must have thought ‘how fucking smart am I’ when truth be told he’s a placeholder, and further truth be told it did not go un-noticed by other billionaires who resented him riding the train of money they worked for. There’s the real real of this. The fool just decided to push the dynamic that he has worked to far this time and got caught by people better than him.

  34. More proof that it doesn’t matter how much money you have (or looks) that insecurity is a massive turnoff to women. If he had half a brain and more confidence he wouldve next this ugly bitch and picked another one of the 93282903572 willing sugar daddy whores.

  35. The hypocrisy revealed by this whole imbroglio is stunning. Well, its actually not. The NBA had no problem with Sterling when he was getting fined by the feds for discriminatory housing practices, making racially charged remarks etc…this thing blew up because he insulted Magic Johnson, who will probably end up being the front man for a new ownership group.
    NBA owners better think long and hard about stripping a franchise from a guy for private remarks.

  36. In the words of the immortal Ice Cube “I don’t conversate with bitches I ain”t gon’ hit” That’s how black dudes by and large roll. Everybody that’s not a chump knows this.
    D. Stirling knows this and he knows that most everybody else lnows this also. He was trying to tell his girl in the most round about beta way possible to not make him look like a giant cuck in public.
    Sure the stuff he said on the phone wasn’t pc and sounded pretty racist on the surface but so fuckin what. It was a private conversation. There isn’t a saint alive any where near this country that hasn’t said something just as bad or worse.
    The dude has had black management up and down his organization for years so he can’t be THAT racist even though he’s been a pretty shitty owner until very recently.
    The NBA must go after him though because.whether they like it or not they”re backed into a corner and right now he’s bad for business…and make no mistake, if the tables were turned and it was another owner nstead of him he would be howling bloody murder from the rafters like them and putting on the exact same show they are.

  37. One way you can tell beta buck$$$$$ is when there’s a frumpy wife who’s about his own age (see: David Petraeus). Another beta buck$$$$$ tell is when there is a mistress, it’s not a young hot girl of his own race. (Mr. Zuckerberg, who’s younger, would arguably qualify as beta buck$$$$$ under both criteria).

  38. what the hell is RoK coming to,, if we want this nazi shit we could go to fukkng,, so much for MEN becoming MEN,,, screw you guys, i’m going home,,,

  39. oh man im so red pilled, everyone is so blue pilled lmao you probably still respect women hahah what a beta, men and women are different you have just been brainwashed by stupid feminazis!
    you said WHAT about black people? That is NOT OKAY! This is extremely offensive. There are absolutely no differences between black and white people expect skin color, my college professor told me so. I can’t believe that you don’t accept the fact that race doesn’t matter like the rest of society has managed to, you are some stupid retard who is probably ashamed of his small penis, you dumb neckbeard faggot. go back to your mom’s basement until you can learn to be tolerant like the rest of us.

    1. “I can’t believe that you don’t accept the fact that race doesn’t matter… you… stupid retard…small penis…dumb neckbeard faggot…go back…”
      I read this, and then I read this…
      “until you can learn to be tolerant like the rest of us.”
      And I had a good laugh at the irony. Thank you, well done.

  40. What she did is illegal. California is two-party consent state in regards to recording. This bitch will get off scot free for her ACTUAL crime though while he is banned from the NBA for private comments. The ironic part is organizations like the NBA have a hand to play in the perpetuation of the hypersexualization/hypermasculinized image of black men that gives white or jewish men like sterling the awareness that even being seen with a black man will cause people to assume theyre fucking.
    The thought police are here.. I finally believe it

  41. This article is spot on. When I heard about this story and the tapes, I didn’t think of Donald Sterling/Tokowitz as a racist who doesn’t want his half-black girlfriend hanging out and taking pictures of herself with black guys.
    I thought of him as a beta who doesn’t want his super-hot girlfriend that he is oh so lucky to have(his opinion, not yours or mine) hanging out and taking pictures of herself with alphas.
    Why? Because deep down, he doesn’t think he is her sexual match. An alpha would have – 1) not really cared who she hung out with or 2) nexted her and find someone else.
    And Kareem Abdul-Jabbar views it the same way…”the ramblings of an 80-year-old man jealous of his young girlfriend”.

  42. “The Mistress” looks like a post-op tranny & has awful acne scars to boot< how is this an upgrade from the wife Rochelle?

  43. In all fairness, the guy is 80+ so he won’t be alive more. Also all the cars aren’t really shit to a billionaire. His wife is as old as he is so of course she looks old. The problem is, at 80 you’re not going to be banging young girls for free.

  44. The mistress is not good looking at all, but maybe it’s just me. Perhaps she has excellent BJ skills? If a man is a billionaire, one would think that they could get the real thing: a mistress who is naturally beautiful without needing any plastic surgery.

  45. White women age like milk. Ugh. No wonder white men had to invent white supremacy. Your women are horrible, they turned to wrinkled prunes, they are boring in bed and are physcially weak. Hence the beauty complex. Just to make white women look like humans. And they are neurotic and insane. Hence the psych industry. To help them deal with their complete horrible nature. Totally unfuckable. No wonder white men have looked for a new dumb, docile woman to conquer. One that won’t compare your penis to that of the black man….we know how that turns out.

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