Why Don’t Americans Declare Independence From One Another?

I was reading Keith Preston’s Attack the System where he made a passing mention of the idea of leftists declaring independence from the rest of the nation which it views as being racist and backward. And I thought to myself, “Yeah, why don’t they?” In fact, why don’t the people of the United States and the rest of the West just push for radical decentralization?

If half of the country literally wants nothing to do with the other half as Bill Maher puts it, why don’t they just go their own ways? I really do think it would solve lot of problems regarding race, culture, and politics in our increasingly dysfunctional world.

The Situation: Metropolitan Leftists vs. Rural Conservatives

2016 Election map. The blue areas that are not progressive, metropolitan centers are areas with black or Hispanic majority.

The current political situation in the US is that of polarization between the metropolitan leftists who are progressive, globalist, technocratic, socialist, multicultural, pansexual, and feminist against the rural areas that tend to be white, Christian, nationalist, conservative, and traditional.

Even in Europe, the political division between urban and rural areas are unmistakable as can be seen in these maps of recent referendum and election:

Brexit vote.

Austrian presidential election of 2016.

Now, these two groups have become increasingly hostile to one another over the recent years and there is no reason to believe that the differences will heal anytime soon. It’s clear that the leftists hate Trump supporters to a point of using violence, it’s clear that everyone who’s not an SJW wants to be left alone by those rabid thugs, it’s clear that BLM want segregation from the whites, it’s clear that Christians are sick of being harassed for their faith, and so on.

Beyond culture, the struggle over national policy also causes major contentions. For example, people who want stricter gun control live in urban centers with most of the shooting violence while the people who actually own guns legally tend to live away from the big cities. So why should one group impose banning guns on the other?

The sentiment for seccession is clearly there for when Obama was elected for a second term in 2012, six states signed enough petitions to prompt a response from the White House. And more recently, when Trump was elected, his opponents were quick to resort to violent protests using slogans like #NotMyPresident. A seccession movement in California is already gaining momentum.

In case you think the idea of seccession is new, it is not. Libertarians already have a project to create their own communities while Christians have attempted an exodus movement with similar goals in mind. So there is at least some sentiment towards self-determination and self-governance, and there will surely be more to follow if the current political polarization continues. But what is stopping the people from making it happen? The answer is: the belief that society can eventually be steered towards the way each person or group believes it should go; that their vision for the world will gradually be realized through constant effort. But is that a true possibility?

Historical Reality

While those on both Left and Right believe that everything will be corrected and that their enemies will be “defeated” once someone of their own team is running the show (but are they really in control?), this is nothing but a fallacy arising from short-term thinking. The truth is that no side can ever “win” in the long run with our socio-political system.

Consider that in 1950’s, the United States was a very conservative society with model nuclear families that seem like dream now, only to have the culture get hijacked by pot smoking leftist hippies and various other progressive movements including feminism. Then in the 80’s, there was a conservative resurgence with Reagan winning the election with the campaign slogan: Let’s Make America Great Again. This lasted until the 90’s when the leftist came back with the first wave of political correctness movement, touching upon issues of race and homosexuality. Then came Bush the Second’s Neo-con and Christian-Right, then the reign of Obama and the SJW’s, and now the Trump and the Alt-Right backlash. I think you can guess what will eventually come next.

From Cultural Revolution to McDonald’s in less than two decades. You had one job Chairman Mao…

Even in brutal dictatorships where the political opponents were persecuted and purged, as in Soviet Russia and Communist China or Franco’s Spain and Pinochet’s Chile, the other side eventually made their come-back. So if gulags couldn’t stop the revival of traditional Christian order in Russia and the Red Guards of the Chinese Cultural Revolution couldn’t stop China from adopting Western capitalism, what hope do the Right have in turning America Christian, white, and nationalist when they live in a democracy? If Pinochet’s free helicopter rides couldn’t quell the leftists for eternity, what chance do the SJW’s have in converting the backward “rednecks” they hate so much to be part of their rainbow utopia through elections?

The point here is that no previous efforts have ever made a society become permanently Left or Right. The perpetual tug-of-war between the Left and the Right will continue on while globalism continues to spread along with technology and the consumerist culture—the elites will continue to operate behind closed doors no matter who’s supposedly in charge. If anything, the current trend of the world is towards more diversity, more equalism, and more progressivism.

The Fixed Path

Similar generational trends can be observed with many other social and political issues.

No matter what the traditionalists hope for, the United States have been zigzagging towards a more progressive society with globalism paving the way for the future of the West. Consider that on almost every major issue regarding the society and culture, leaps were made with leftists emerging victorious: women were given the right to vote (and we all know about their voting tendencies). Anti-miscengenation laws that were supported by majority of the population were repealed, opening the way for a multi-ethnic society. Atheism is on the rise with record number of Americans converting to Islam and even Sataninsm (in case you think it’s a joke, they’ve already built temples and managed to stop Christian prayers at government meetings).

The feminist movement, along with abortion and the pill, has already turned the entire society upside down with the entire Western culture turning gynocentric (you know the society is feminist because even staunch critics of feminism will balk at the idea of returning back to traditional sex roles). Acceptance of gay marriage is on the rise as you can see below (it’s quite telling that many right-wing figures are now openly admitting their homosexuality). And so on.

Deviancy to normalcy in less than a decade. Next in line for normalization are trans “rights” and pedophilia.

Yes, there will be backlash from time to time and right-leaning governments may come in power to slow down the degeneracy for a while, but it’s clear that, in the grand scheme of things, the US and the rest of the West is heading towards a more progressive and globalist society. So if you don’t like where the train is going, why not just hop off when you can instead of trying to hold it back, only to get dragged by it?

The Practical Solution

No super-state lasts forever.

The above points prove why a radical decentralization for a local autonomy and self-determination will be the best solution for everyone who is forced under a nation that is raging with cultural civil war—war which is quickly boiling towards an open conflict. And to achieve this goal of decentralization, the people only need to give up two things:

  1. Patriotism, nationalism, or whatever other word people use to describe their worship of the state (run by a government that clearly does not care for the freedom of its people).
  2. The ability to impose your values and beliefs in the form of law and political correctness onto people who don’t want them.

That’s it. No more forcing Christians to bake wedding cakes for homosexuals, no more being forced to accept Somali immigrants into your communities, no more having the welfare state tax you to death, no more worries about having your guns taken away by federal agents, and so forth. With decentralization or full autonomy, each region, city-state, or a community is allowed to have its own laws and culture without interference from outside influence. Isn’t that a much more practical approach than the constant fighting between the Left and the Right where no side will ever achieve final victory? Isn’t it preferable to fighting a perpetual cultural war that allows the elites to grow in power while the common people bicker amongst one another?

Heck, if people still insist on having a nation for sentimental value, the federal government can be kept (albeit with much more limited role) along with the military while a president is elected as a figurehead with no real power—much like the Queen of England. The small nation of Switzerland already practices this sort of a decentralized model of governance, so it’s not something that’s unseen in the world. The only real obstacle would be the monstrous, centralized federal government that refuses to allow people to enjoy true freedom.


I don’t expect everyone to accept this proposal outright as it’s not an easy thing to absorb for those who’ve been conditioned from birth to think of the nation-state as a the most fundamental formation of society. But I believe everyone should at least have the chance to be exposed to the idea so as to make a decision for himself.

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416 thoughts on “Why Don’t Americans Declare Independence From One Another?”

  1. Patriotism and nationalism are too milquetoast.
    You want to permanently arrest and reverse the Leftward shift of the Overton Window?
    Small government (libertarianism) isn’t the solution, a large far right government is the only answer.
    Fascism is the answer. The Third Way, Something other than soulless Capitalism / Corporatism and atheistic Communism.
    As Louis the XIVth (The Sun King): L’etat, c’est moi (“I am the State)”
    As Rudolf Hess said, “Adolf Hitler ist Deutschland, Deutschland ist Hitler.”
    Else enjoy being enslaved by the Chinese…

    1. “Democracy is beautiful in theory; in practice it is a fallacy. You in America will see that some day.”
      ~Benito Mussolini, 1928

  2. Good point you make about the general trend toward Leftist / Equalitarian values: you could make a plot of Liberalism v. Time. You would see the plot accelerated during the 1960s, plateaued in the 80s (Regan), accelerated again under Obama and will now plateau again under Trump. It is important to remember that Regan really didn’t rollback the “gains” made by the Hippies in the 1960s. He didn’t undo the Civil Rights Act or overturn Roe v Wade. Neither will Trump undo gay marriage, protections for LGBTQ etc. So the plot only increases or remains flat. it doesn’t decrease.

  3. People are supportive of gay rights because of the masterful media campaign waged to make gays seem like upright outstanding model citizens (model men actually): well-dressed, polite, well-educated, responsible, fashionable, great fathers, monogamous etc.
    If peoples’ impression of gays was the Al Pacino movie “Crusing,” people would be a lot less supportive.
    In reality, most fags are basket cases. i work in a health care setting: I have to read peoples’ charts. Queers (as confirmed by personal notes about their “partner” or husband) are loaded up on anti-depressants: wellbutrin, lamictal etc.

    1. “In reality, most fags are basket cases.”
      This is absolutely true. Every time I have met a homo they have been totally fucking unhinged. Regardless of whether it was the broadway homos I met while I was banging a girl connected to broadway, the ballet dancing fags who I met through a girl that was a dancer, the ones I meet through work (usually website design, real estate agents or marketing or the gym homos who I observe in the locker rooms interacting with each other. They are all fucking totally nuts. I am not just saying “oh they shove things in their asses and that is kind of crazy” they are really fucking unhinged in a dangerous way….from what I have seen they are all about 50x worse than the worst sterotype of women.
      (side note, I suspect that Pence fights really, really hard to hide these tendencies)

        1. i haven’t observed him much (since he is so boring compared to the main attraction) – does he have certain tells?

        2. I don’t know for sure of course, but that is the sense I get. One of those “protest to much” types and too many Broadway musicals.

        3. hahaha yeah I don’t know what he was thinking showing up to “Hamilton.”
          Extending the olive branch only to have the black cast knock it out of his hand and say, “Fuck you cracka!”

        4. lol. Got no real pity for him there. He went to see a bunch of black fags dance around and single about alexander Hamilton? He should just keep it to the public mens rooms in air ports and shit.

        5. Hamilton was apparently not a big fan of unchecked immigration. How a lib chose him for the basis of a muscial, I have no eye deer

        6. I don’t know much about Hamilton or about musicals, but if I had to make an educated guess it was a bunch of homos making a point by fagifying a founder who would not have been particularly fond of them

        7. I hope not. If trump “slips on a banana peel”, you’d have someone as prez who is easy to control…

        8. Slipping on a banana peel would be the most graceful transfer of power this country has seen in a long time.

        9. I am pretty sure pence confiscated all the bananas in the white house because they make him have immoral thoughts.

        10. Hamilton would’ve expanded into Mexico, and possibly Canada afterwards. Very forward thinker.

      1. I suspect the faeg-ism is just a symptom of a more complex mental disorder.
        You’re right – of the dozens I’ve come across, the vast majority are erratic, unreliable, stupid….

        1. It really is nuts. I knew a girl whose brother was a queer. He was trying to make it as a Barre instructor and living at home with his mother (he was mid 20’s) and really had this “the world owes me a favor for being so fabulous” attitude. He would pontificate life advice to people despite being a total worthless shit. One time his sister stepped on his, shit you not, sex in the city dvd and broke it. She went totally fucking ballistic. Like total fucking insane. Like clown shoes insane.

    2. The effectiveness of such a media campaign is a testament to the extensive inability of most people to understand that what they see on TV, in the movies, or anywhere else is a distortion at best, or outright not real at worst.

    3. About the first dealings I ever had with out of the closet fags was in my prison guard days. A fag could start serious trouble in there faster than the worst antisocial knucklehead could any day of the week.

  4. Race segregation will happen, it’s unavoidable, but there won’t be a peaceful transition it’s gonna be a messy divorce. Left-right separation based on political views is not possible, democrats will probably kick out most whites from their party, they will keep only the patriarchy hating white women and the white cucks that finance the “minority liberation movement”.

    1. The democrats haven’t already done that? They’ve been trying to get rid of white working class men for years. Just look at the way the left talks about them. I have no idea how a white working class man can vote democrat with a clean conscience, for that matter I don’t know how a working class black man does either.

      1. reminds me of a great line I had during the big snowstorm we got 2 winters ago here in NYC. I absolutely abhor our asshole liberal shit bag mayor. However, credit where credit is due the city did do a very good job clearing out the roads in a quick and timely fashion. My line was that “the one thing the mayor is good at is getting anything white out of the city”

        1. Now, that’s funny right ‘ere!!! I do believe, though, that similar/verbatim comments were made about every Chit-cago mayor after a big-ass snowstorm locks up the city.

      2. The goal is to turn the republican party into the official white party so that in the next election/s they could actually refuse to name any white people in any sort of position of power, saying that it’s necessary in the name of equality and to fix the horrors of the Trump administration.

      3. Cause that’s what we do, what we always have done. Daddy and Granddaddy and everyone before him.

  5. China betraying its communist heritage in favor of unfettered Capitalism isn’t really a big deal: they are still the same country. Same people, same race (Han), same language, same everything.
    The future does belong to them: 1.5 billion ethnically pure proud Chinese who hold traditional values. Most women in China marry their first boyfriend by age 22. Contrast this with the average Western woman who rides the carousel until she’s 33 and then marries some poor sap.

  6. 1950s weren’t so conservative: keep in mind it was Eisenhower who forcibly integrated the public schools. Don’t want your children going to school with blacks? Too bad!
    Then came busing (it was Nixon who pushed for it).

  7. The South was right!
    The so called Civil War (financed and organised by Imperial Britain) marked the end of the American dream as a nation.
    The present geopolitical policy of the United States is a direct and wholly consistent continuation of the old imperial strategy of Britain. It is that unmistakable cocktail of aggression, subversion and mass murder waged at the vital nodes of the landmass, from Palestine and Central Asia to the gates of China, in Taiwan and Korea, that seeks to undermine any movement towards a confederation of nations capable of turning the continental base into a Eurasian league of socio-political cooperation and defense (against Anglo-American assault).
    Trump or no Trump, the USA is still a British colony!
    Britain Was Responsible for WWI, WWII & the Jewish Holocaust!

    1. I can’t fucking wait for some turban wearing Sikh or sandal wearing Muslim to marry into the Royal Family. A bunch of war mongers living large on the taxpayers. Browned like ground beef out of existence.

  8. Problem is there is nor right or left in politics: all politicians are Cultural Marxists. No President has deviated from the “Gosh, we’re all equal ah-hyuck, hyuck hyuck!”

  9. 50s conservative USA was never an ideal for women. Technology, daddy government and clubs feel way better than being tied down to a man. Husbands limit women.

    1. Women hate ‘muh freedoms’ they’re just too pig-headed to admit it anywhere but in private.

  10. This article (as do many on RoK) makes a critical mistake that the SJW’s also make:
    The idea that anyone who disagrees with you only does so from a position of ignorance or brainwashing.
    The country is full of people who think that the only people who support Trump are basically KKK members or neo-Nazis.
    RoK is full of people who think that anyone who doesn’t have reservations about the Jews, supports Trump only 90% or supports the idea of a contiguous United States must be a cuck, SJW or brainwashed by the big corporations.
    If there is anything wrong in political discourse today, it’s that fact that no one will admit the possibility that those who disagree with them might do so from an informed or intellectually valid position (even though they are wrong).
    FFS, I wouldn’t blame a legitimately innocent black person who has been arrested and beaten by the cops for being angry at Law enforcement in general. There aren’t many, but this is just an example.
    Antonin Scalia was a champion of consevatives, but even liberals had to admit the man was a bona fide genius and one of the best legal minds alive.

    1. Very well said. As a side note to your comment on Scalia, I saw him talk, oh maybe 10-15 years ago, at Hofstra University. He gave a lecture (to a packed auditorium) where he outlined his argument against cameras in the court. Listening to that man deliver an argument was like watching a great orchestra play Mozart. Even at a liberal university (and I was with the philosophy department at the time so that is on the liberal end of the liberal) there was not a single person who wasn’t in total awe of that man.

      1. I saw Scalia speak at a university in 2001, after the Supreme Court had decided the gore versus bush election. Lefties came out of the woodwork to shout him down for “stealing the election.” There was no respect, despite the obvious excellence he exuded. I remember one little twerp asked him, “how does it feel to steal an election from the American people?” Scalia, not taking him seriously for a second, said, “Oh, it feels great!”

        1. Ugh. Totally different from my experience. Of course, my experience was 80% faculty and 20% selected honor students being spoken to for an hour on a narrowly defined topic which didn’t have a ton of emotional shit going on in the background. A close election mixed with too many fucking annoying children sounds like a cauldron full of bullshit.
          I don’t think there are any reasonable men on any side of the political spectrum that can deny Scalia was a brilliant jurist and a genius in terms of coherent logical thought as well as a fantastic public speaker and a masterful legal writer. As for the other idiots, it’s just the same old song:
          I went down to the demonstration
          To get my fair share of abuse
          Singing, “We’re gonna vent our frustration
          If we don’t we’re gonna blow a 50-amp fuse

        2. Bullseye. I actually felt embarrassed to be in the room with that kind of mental/emotional atrophy. He was something special.

    2. They don’t have to and won’t admit anything. I was attending a party at the time the news that Scalia broke. An effeminate SWPL male school teacher was also there. He just got a text about Scalia and was positively giddy about it as were his social media faggot friends. The left does not value reason or discourse. They only care about victory: destroying whites and erasing our people, culture and history.
      Wake the fuck up and forget about “discourse”. Stop listening to George Will. He is content to lose to the left, as long as he can sound erudite while it happens.

      1. but this is part and parcel of what I believe Fitz is talking about. Yes, your experience with when Scalia died showed a very ugly side of the left that doesn’t even try to hide. Do you suppose the reactions will be any different from many on the right when Ginsberg dies? It is hypocritical to call out one group for being animals about this shit and not the other just because you tend to have intellectual, moral and political sympathies for the one and not the other.

        1. No the reaction will not be the same when Ginsburg dies. Look at the reaction when Christopher Hitchens died: sad Christians.

        2. you do not believe that people will laugh and celebrate anywhere in this country when Ginsberg dies? Shit, I will screen shot this and Bet you 20 bucks that people will do just that on this very website.

        3. I am not even saying it is wrong….just that we shouldn’t start saying “oh look at those people celebrating when a conservative dies they are fucking evil” if when a liberal dies we are going to do the same fucking thing. Let’s at least not be hypocrites.

        4. I used to believe that guff about not speaking ill of the dead, but I noticed that only flowed one way.

        5. I speak ill about everyone. I just don’t want to hold others to standards I refuse to acknowledge.

        6. Exactly. Just because the SJW’s are running around like idiots does not mean RoK should do the same.
          There is a difference between understanding (and occasionally adopting) the tactics of the other side (Rules for Radicals) and using bad actions of our opponents to justify our own bad behavior.
          FFS, we should certainly have a huge online community and make our opponents ridiculous through mockery to achieve our goal of advancing the red pill. But just because SJW’s are burning flags and rioting doesn’t mean we should do the same.

        7. probably. But the left is the same way. Reactions are disperate. Some are assholes, like the ones you saw.

        8. I think you’re spot on, however I have a question. Do you think that the left/right are coming from a more or les justified position

        9. There is no reciprocal response without relying on them and acknowledging an adversarial relationship. It’s like getting dragged into a screaming match about the garbage. Gotta be above it.

        10. Perhaps you’re right. I do think the biggest Insult you can give anyone is apathy. They are not even worth thinking about even as an adversary.

        11. Also, fuck the insults (my opinion) simply because it limits the possible outcome to one of compromise. That is why they need the fights. Personally, when someone yells a point at me I just calmly wait.

        12. A man you may disagree with, but know to be a sound man, is a person you could compromise with. However I would not agree that compromise be sought with everyone, simply because pending the man and topic there won’t be any found (eg. Islam, socialism).

        13. They should celebrate the death of Ginsberg as well as any other filthy leftist who is trying to destroy the white race. There is a time for discourse and a time for war. We’re in a war!
          Few conservatives like Scalia are trying to destroy anybody. Only the neocons. But you can’t say the same for people like Ginsberg, Teddy Kennedy, Gloria Steinem, etc. They are trying to kill off white hetero males. Pure evil.

      2. I was happy when he died for one reason — he voted for that horrific Citizens United ruling, which continued the erroneous belief that corporations are people. When it costs $2 billion to run for president in 2020, and all our candidates have sold their souls to Wall Street, join me in pissing on his grave.

        1. “which continued the erroneous belief that corporations are people”
          does that mean Goldman Sachs could run for president and just drop all the messing around?

        2. Too much trouble. It’s easier this way for them.
          Drain the swamp? Trump’s HIRED the swamp.

      3. Jim, you’re the only one speaking sense here.
        Leftists have destroyed the traditional family, permanently poisoned relationships between young men and women, mainstreamed homosexuality, are in the process of mainstreaming pedophilia and will eventually ensure the demise of Western Civilization with massive Third World immigration (see: Sweden).
        These people don’t need to hear our strongest arguments; They need to be crushed.

        1. Crushing is their way. He who is in control is in power. It is important to understand that there is no crushing that matters.

        2. Un-electing them for one. Impeaching for another. We need to make it easier to impeach or recall judges. The bench is how they’ve been pushing their homo and illegal alien agenda even while the vast majority of the people are against it.
          Another perhaps more important way is to STOP GIVING LEFTISTS OUR money. I just canceled my Lyft account because I don’t want to give the ACLU my money.

        3. Meet force with force. Stop hiding in your houses and on the internet. We’ve already won the intellectual argument but we’re losing the physical conflict (i.e. in the real world).

        4. This is good talk. What other methods? Can they become a proper strategy?

    3. I have never looked at the other side as being stupid, I just look at them as wrong or at least illogical.

      1. Thank you for being part of intelligent discourse in America.

    4. There is a Grand Canyon of difference between the “brainwashed” left and the “brainwashed” ROK crowd. Leftist have no idea how they became so vigilante against “White Nationalism” for example. They cling to every biased story that comes out of Hollywood and is published by NYT and thoroughly believe they are doing “good.” Most of the alternative media crowd, including ROK, knows full well how ideas become ideas and they are doing their best from their limited platforms to overthrow the present narrators most of whom would like to see our ilk wiped from the face of the planet.

      1. All the intellectual fire power is now on the right. The left had Rawls, weak sauce humanism, but moved toward a new philosophy of anti-white identity politics run by feminists and minorities. Rawls was bad but this new philosophy is insufferable. Women and minorities have never been good at philosophy, which they consider a bunch of “beardy dead white men”

      1. And we have the O’bummer to thank for that polarization. The uniter community activist was the most divisive president in history. He destroyed what little inter racial harmony and progress that had been made over the prior 40 years.

    5. This. There is perfectly legitimate reasoning on both sides of the aisle. Denigrating each other is silly.

      1. No there is not perfectly legitimate reasoning on both sides, you Hillary Clinton supporting hack!
        I think you are a paid commentator coming to ROK to spread your bullshit leftist ideology. We don’t need it around here, we already have CNN, the Wash Post, NY Times, Huff Post, and on and on!
        There is zero chance you have swallowed the red pill and still voted for HRC! You are either brainwashed or still confused.
        Head on over to Jezebel, where you can discuss your perfectly legitimate reasoning.

      2. Maybe a long time ago, when Democrats were pro-labor and pro-reasonable enviroment policies more so than Republicans.
        Now Democrats have gone full-retard on global warming and identity politics as long as the identity is not a hetero, white, cis-gendered male. If you are that identity then the DemoRAT establishment and rank and file want to genocide you.

      3. Your basic error is in this assumption. There is no perfectly legitimate reasoning on the left any more. It is all emotion and violence. Reason left the building quite some time ago. The question is how does the reasoning right fight the unreasoning left?

    6. Sorry but I stopped reading at “political discourse.” The Left isn’t interested in discourse. Violence against those on the Right is being normalized and justified, by those on the Right, on the grounds that Conservative speech is inherently violent and bigoted against minorities. Meanwhile, the MSM is running interference for Antifa.
      No disrespect but it sounds like you’re living in a bubble.

      1. No disrespect, but people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Try standing in the center for a while, the way I do.

        1. So, standing in the center now means standing for nothing. When you are torn down and beaten to death, you will at least have the consolation that you stuck to your principles and didn’t sink to “their” level.

    1. Liberals hate Christianity, but will march endlessly in the streets in defense of Islam. This act alone proves exactly what they’re about. How can anyone defend a religion that treats women like that? For that matter, how can feminists so fervently stand behind a religion that practically hates their gender?

      1. in truly orwellian fashion, muslim women claim the hijab and burka are liberating.
        Freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength

        1. Actually, you don’t need to go to Orwell to claim the hijab and burka are liberating so long as you understand freedom in terms of Foucault’s penal colony theories.
          That said, however, if the hijab is a symbol of the woman’s subservience to her father, husband and god then the muslim woman claiming it is liberating to wear jives perfectly with what many of the family men on this site believe about women acting in traditional feminine roles and submitting to a man allowing them to experience true happiness that modern careerism has robbed them of.

        2. They are liberating, if they can choose to wear them themselves, so in the west, it’s an expression of freedom.
          It actually has quite a few rewards, it proclaims that they are proud of their heritage and family values, and are therefore a good catch to the men in their communities.
          And I wouldn’t deny them that freedom.

        3. It is you who is experiencing cognitive dissonance. The hijab is an act of defiance against the wave of feminism pushing women towards promiscuity. Sexual liberation is the true slavery.

      2. I could go into a long explanation but a simpler one is this:
        The enemy of my enemy is my friend. They are so blinded by their hatred for the “straight white male patriarchy” that they’re willing to excuse any little “hiccups” from their allies.

        1. “They are so blinded by their hatred for the “straight white male patriarchy”
          That’s certainly the impression I get.

        2. I’m an American convert to Islam and am far from hating the white male patriarchy. I wish it would return and see Islam as the only way.

        3. I believe that when western women say they hate the patriarchy, what they are really saying is they hate the papacy. It is when I think about all the men who pursued careers as pastors or religious figures to make money and claim moral superiority that I feel frustration and injustice. And this goes all the way back to the Protestant reformation. That is partly the reason why women turn to Islam even though it is more patriarchical as a social structure, but egalitarian as a spiritual structure. There is no pope in Islam.

        4. To me it seems they hate men in general, but you know, I might be wrong.
          What I have found is that women are the most happy when they have a competent higher power to appeal to, like a husband who acts like proper family head.

      3. A local pol who is openly gay was out there protesting with the muslims over this short-term ban…cant make this shit up

      4. Leftists truly believe that Evangelicals would throw gays from the rooftops if they got the chance.

        1. To be fair though, the Catholic Church was raping little boys and the evangelicals see it as their mission to enslave everyone. I’m hoping that rather than becoming more fanatical and exclusive the second turn comes from a place of better understanding. We can be altruists is we don’t have riff raff gumming up the works.

        2. To be fair though, Islam IS raping little girls and the Muslims see it as their mission IS to enslave everyone.

        3. Have you not read of all the military guys disgusted by the raping of boys by their Afghan allies which they have been ordered to stand down and do nothing about. They have to share barracks with Muslim guys that chain boys to the bed and rape them every night. Cultural relativism is a beautiful thing isn’t it.

        4. Let me add a story that I heard but can’t attribute. Back in the day of the Raj in India, an Indian official tried to speak in favor of the practice of suttee where the widow of a man is burned alive on the pyre of her husband. The Indian official said, “It is a matter of a long standing tradition.” The British official said in reply, “And our long standing tradition is to hang men that burn women to death.” The Indian practice came to an end. Of course today that couldn’t happen as we would have to respect all cultures as equal.

      5. Because Christianity is more prevalent. The moment that Muslims no longer need feminists, they will impose traditional family norms that make Christianity look liberal by comparison, and all those feminists will be begging for the Cross to return.

        1. More like when the globalists no longer need Islam to push their agenda they will dispose of them as if they were rats. No way will they allow a traditional society be reborn in the West , be it christian or islamic.

        2. I don’t think social media will let that happen again.
          People have to find themselves, so it’s not unusual that they would look to their past and some would find their identity there.

        3. The Talmud globalist cult that rules the west dilutes and grinds religion down until its destroyed. It wont be long before we are seeing young Muslim girls become Miley Cyrus like apparitions promoting the same liberal shit that ‘Christian’ girls regurgitate.

        4. No, by that time, the Muslims will be too powerful to dismiss. They have the numbers and the men with brutal efficiency. Who else is the NWO gonna use against them? Christians? Leftists?

        5. Maybe a billion Chinese!?They have a huge excess of males who have no hope of marriage. We will have a huge excess of females who need to be subjugated after the males here all perish to Islamic jihadists. They need more food than ever and our huge swaths of amber waves of grain will feed the lot of them.

        6. Corporates with drones bro. Manpower and guns barely matter anymore. Technology will fuck us all up. Corporates have the technology.

        7. But who controls the corporates? You can conquer a land from the air, but you can’t rule a land from the air.

        8. Hard to reproduce when a select few reductionists control your food. Enjoy surviving in small numbers for a generation or two.

      6. I hate leftist with as much passion as the next Trump supporter. But Christianity is not a religion of peace as everyone is saying. They have their own bloodied, shameful history.

        1. False equivalence. Equating Jesus’ teachings of peace and love with Muhammad’s ideology of Jihad, is the very definition of mental retardation.

        2. Not a comparison by any stretch of the imagination. Christianity does have a bloody past, but the difference is that they evolved over time so they could live as a civilized nation. Islam never changed, and is just as fucked up as it was in the Dark Ages.

        3. Certain misguided sects for sure. You’ve never lived in such peace as in a proper Christian community though.

        4. Islam was imposed on people by the sword “convert or else”.. Christianity was much more voluntary …

        5. What is the problem with Christianity being imposed by the sword ? This is cucked mentality.

        6. Wrong – it is a religion of peace. Islam has Hadiths mandating the slaughtering of non believers; Christianity has mandates of loving thy neighbor and those who persecute you. When islamic radicals kill, they are following their holy duty as it is written; when people labeled as “Christians” (usually not even practicing, and just get lumped with the label for the convenience of liberal liars) commit acts of terror, they are in direct conflict and defiance of the scripture. Any biblical accounts of violence bestowed by yahuah is in the realm of G-d and not applied to humans. So no bringing up that weak ass argument of “the Bible is a book of genocide, rape, murder, etc, etc…MUh feelz”

        1. Then convince me why I’m wrong instead of making blanket statements. By standing up against the Islamic rise in the west, I’m doing what women have failed to do for themselves. That is, protect them from the Muslim suppression and objectification of the female gender.
          Seriously, when the protesters at the Women’s March shout “Allahu Akbar”, they are refusing to acknowledge what happened in Cologne on New Year’s Eve.

        2. “By standing up against the Islamic rise in the west, I’m doing what
          women have failed to do for themselves. That is, protect them”
          That sounds an awful lot like being a “white knight.” Is that creating any cognitive dissonance for you?

        3. It’s too little too late. You want to save them so you can be the ones to pump and dump them? You have let down your women and children on an unimaginable scale, all so you can get laid. And NOW you talk about saving them? Don’t say a word about saving them, that’s the last thing you know how to do. All you do is use other human beings for your own pleasure, no better than those cologne attackers. And you know it happened in front of the cologne cathedral, a European symbol of Christian heritage. The culture is dead. I went to that church and it had zero millenials.

        4. Is it not possible that I want to save them because I don’t want women to get raped? Trust me, sex is not my motivation when speaking out against the dangers of radical Islam. There is an internal moral code inside me that wants to protect women, men, and children just because I know it’s the right thing to do.
          Take your red pill and acknowledge a very uncomfortable truth: There is one religion in this world causing a few more problems than the rest.

        5. You’re partially right. We have let our women and children down. Our fathers and grandfathers didn’t fully understand what the implications of cultural Marxism and feminism were and here we are today. A time when Western civilization is committing suicide and its young (I am also a millennial) are lost and confused.
          But, you’re incorrect that Islam will be a savior. It will not be as it cannot be. Islam is antithetical to the core of the White man. That is why my forefathers resisted the Muslims throughout the history of my ancestral homeland. And it saddens me that there was not a real White man to guide you and protect you as I do my wife and children.

      7. Well said. I am Hindu and I just want to highlight the “knowingly or unknowingly” ignored facts. To start with, Islam doesn’t treat females badly. When you take into account the important aspects, including but not limited to; Country, Weather/Environment/Habitats, Food habits, Culture & Tradition, Sustaining, Medical facilities, Resources, Economical power, Technological advances, Competition within the locals etc., Lot of things are affected and/or influenced.
        In those scenarios, something that is more viable, bearable, justified and important for the “local people” might appear as “oppression, degrading and dirty” to “other people”; especially to people from Wealthy & Technologically advanced Countries.
        The femicunts and (sorry to say) few “vested interests” from the west always try to exaggerate issues related to females, for their own benefits.

      8. As “Red Pill” as practically everyone on this site claims to be, I am surprised I haven’t seen more of you propose this theory: The very Alpha Male Patriarchy the progressive feminist left rails against may be exactly what they long for. Perhaps the marching, pink hats and vile invective are the cries of spoiled little girls challenging daddy to smack their collective butts and send them to their rooms.
        Many off us here have experienced sh!+ tests from the women in our lives that challenge our authority and manhood. Fail to stand up to her and you will lose her respect. Show her a stiff backbone, ZFG and put her in her place, you demonstrate your ability to defend yourself as well as her. More often than not you will receive an apology and some great sex shortly thereafter. And if she bows up on you and walks out, she is toxic and you need to next her anyway.
        If you come across as a wishy-washy limp wristed wimp boy who tries to placate her you’ll get no respect, which is what you deserve. And if you’re playing the beta provider role most likely you are going to get cucked. Perhaps western women respect Muslim males because they act like men and don’t put up with crap from their women, thereby sending the signal that they are better defenders and providers than their western male contemporaries.
        Furthermore, when a woman is hiding behind a hijab or burka it’s a lot harder for her suitors to see if she’s fat or ugly (this also makes it easier for Muslim daddies to marry off their marginal daughters). This brand of “abuse”, making women cover themselves, actually helps level the playing field for the obese and facially challenged among them.

        1. A good few of us know that. The current state of women is them punishing us for letting them get to this point.

      9. Liberals hate white people, religion is proxy for race in this instance. For this same reason they virtually never attack non-white Christians. If Islam was as overwhelmingly white as it is actually non-white these liberals would be agitating for a permanent ban.

      10. The problem I have every time I hear this site’s readers protest Islam by pointing out to the cruelty give to their women is this! Your white knighting… Women in Islam have it awesome in many ways. They can work and the money they earn when they work, they can keep to themselves under law. They are one of the most protected classes of people in the whole world. They are not the ones dying in mass during wars (usually) and they get to stay safe inside their homes as their men go and fight for them. You really think Islam treats their women that badly? Shit… Their women have it better then their men. The farce of control that men pertain to is but a puppet master’s shadow of the women who actually dictate what happens behind the scenes. Never underestimate the power of the matriarchy. Even in a society governed by Islam.

        1. Exactly. These guys are still cucked in the brain. They think Islam has something to do with multiculturalism or diversity.

    2. What disturbs me is that women might be supporting this Muslim thing just because they really like silk scarves.
      Pretty soon we’ll be seeing LuLuLemon Burkas and yoga-pants sipping Starbucks coffees while ordering 25$ bowls of kale salad.

      1. dude,thats the norm already for the younger generation of muslim women. last time i was at the mall(in a city with a large muslim community) everywhere i turned,there were muslim girls wearing brightly colored skinny jeans along with a brightly colored hijab.

      2. Lmao. Have you seen the new trend where muzzie women slip their cell phones into the side of their burkas and talk on the phone?

    3. “It only took 16 years to go from Muslims flying planes into the Twin Towers to Americans frothing at the mouth to DEFEND Islam”
      Yup. Scary shit. Even if 9/11 was an inside job, or done by some other non islamic third party, through the chaos of it all America got to know islam much better and to understand what their essential philosophy is all about and just how it conflicts with the U.S. Constitution.
      But like Pabst stated, America has forgotten all of this in just 16 years.

    4. 16 years of social engineering lead to this picture which symbolizes nothing but madness and cultural brainwashing.

      1. false. this is the first glimpse of the left returning to patriarchal values. i see a turning of the tides to come. you act like there is a world of difference between a woman in hijab and a nun in a habit, when in fact there is not. they are both women emulating Mary and other chaste women who obeyed God.

        1. the left returning to patriarcal values ? You should develop your point of view.
          You are perhaps righ for your second point (motives for wearing scarves) but there’s a huge difference between a nun and some woman wearing hijab.
          The first wears it for “professionnal reason” (she’s a priestess), and the second act more like for political and religious signaling to other people.

    5. They will do anything “showy” to get instant permanent residence, State benefits etc. I am a Hindu and not a Citizen & although I am not showy and don’t wear U.S. flag (in any form; t-shirts, briefs, trousers, backpacks or whatever); I can say that I have “100 times MORE” respect to this Country’s Flag, Law & Order, Culture and Tradition.

  11. Because collectivists/leftists will never let individualists leave; who are actually the backbone of America and what made the country great. Just saying “leave me the fuck alone” is a direct threat to the lefts survival. This is why the left are more violent. Think about being a dindu, or woman, or Mexican, or a Muslim and walking thru a country that, for the life of you, you have no effin clue how alllll this shit got here or is maintained (but, of course, you’re entitled to). It would be daunting to imagine the people who built the west (European males) just saying….”you go over there and we’ll go over here.” The only hope they’d have is if Asians step up to the plate to take care of them.

    1. Exactly. We are dealing with Yankees here. They are cultural imperialists. The only thing they hate more than themselves is rural white Americans.

      1. that seems like a pretty small minded way to look at it Sarge. I mean yes, that exists. Sure. But that is a pretty broad stroke you are painting with. No different than me saying that all southerners are a bunch of inbred morons who need to be spoon-fed small bits of information and put to useful jobs while they Walmart and fast food themselves to death.
        Yeah, the sterotype exists for a reason. Some people fit it — here and there — but statements that are in the form of “all people from x are y” are almost always wrong.

        1. It took about 70 years for the Soviet Union to fail, we’ll see how much longer your Union can last.

  12. Actually, your focus on issues is selective. When it comes to cut in the tooth “globalist vs. nationalist” issues, the overwhelming majority wants less immigration, non-intervention, non-stupid trade, thinks political correctness is a big problem, etc.

  13. The moment people reach urban soil or should I say sidewalk they instantly become liberal. So many women are available, yet some men choose tradition, that is because they feel inadequate, they can’t compete, they are jealous and they think if they were to have kids their lives would have had more meaning.

    1. Centipedes have a stronger sense of purpose than the average Westerner. The centipede focuses on reproducing while the average Westerner focuses on artificial constructs like “self-actualization,” “self-fulfillment,” etc

    2. Not always. Cook County Ill. (Chicago) provided 440,000 votes to Trump. NYC provided 460,000. Los Angeles County 620,000. But the shitlibs vastly outnumber them.
      One reason, I suspect, is that small-town liberals tend to move to the big cities and concentrate there.

      1. They didn’t vote Trump for his traditional views, they voted because he is a loud tv guy in the black’s case and because he attacked sjw politics in the white’s case. Women that voted for Trump still believe in female empowerment, there’s no traditionalism involved in this equation.

  14. Just had a thought when reading this article. In the past I’ve been all for letting places like CA secede but now I’m wondering…
    If the USA were to split into their conservative and liberal halves, how long would it be until we’re in a situation like North and South Korea are facing?

    1. We would need to build a wall (walls, actually) to keep the liberals out.

    2. Not long, but not for long either. Suppose California were to split – they aren’t taking all of California with them. What you would end up with is LA and SF as a separate country surrounded by the rest of conservative (and still U.S.) California. Without CA, liberals will never win another election and conservatives will be able to alter the constitution and laws however they want to completely destroy liberalism. Then, once that is accomplished (or maybe even during), they will blockade all the roads, park the navy off the small coasts, and turn off the water, electricity and food shipments. Six months of starvation, misery and disease later, a significantly depopulated LA and SF will be repatriated to CA on crushing terms similar to the repatriation of the South after the Civil War. There won’t be much violence because the people in LA and SF won’t have much firepower, and what they do have will likely try to leave because it is also ideologically aligned with the conservatives.

      1. not much firepower in LA? what about all the gangmembers? Some guy named Pookie will emerge as the King of Los Angeles

        1. Same guy named Pookie will emerge as the King of (starving) Los Angeles (for a month or so until he is drone-striked off the face of the earth).
          Gangs have the overwhelming portion of the weapons. But: 1) these will first be turned against each other in petty tribal bullshit; 2) they will next be turned against white liberals once the stores run out of food; and 3) once the finally realize they need to break out, they will be no match for the Tanks and Marines blocking the exits.

  15. The basics in the article are more or less the way the U.S. was set up to begin with.
    As far as everyone going their own way, that’s been tried before and didn’t turn out well for the losing side.
    How is it that Californias succession movement is gaining traction but, just a few years ago talk of succession in Texas just meant they were a bunch of backward rednecks. ( there isn’t a question mark because I already know the answer)

    1. those morons are simply ignorant of history: there is no ability to secede. The nation is indivisable (as it says in the Pledge of Allegiance): the Civil War showed that a state or groupe of states cannot elect to leave.

      1. there is no mechanism in place for secession – they can gather all the petition signatures they want, doesn’t mean shit

        1. I realize they can’t, it’s just talk but, the principal of the thing is they (California) seem to be taken more seriously than Texas by the MSM.

        2. California taking something seriously is like Cheech and Chong telling you they will totally be there by 2.

        3. California logic at its finest
          “No, hey man, if we’re gonna wear uniforms man, you know let’s have everybody wear something different.”

        4. Texas has it in their constitution and agreement to to join the United States that they can leave from my understanding and that’s why Texas is the only state hat flies their flag level with the American flag. I could be wrong but i know they fly the flags level.

      2. No, the Civil War demonstrated that “might makes right”. If a group of states hypothetically decided to secede again AND was able to overpower the states that wanted to remain, guess what? The nation would no longer be indivisible.

  16. Not happening. When one half of the population or nation depends on the other half to support it, they will not let them simply go their own way. It’s a parasitic relationship in the same way the men-women dynamic is constaly discussed here.

    1. Right….talk and talk and talk and talk I don’t see anyone seriously saying “hey let’s do away with all the major financial institutions in the world we don’t want that as part of our country”

      1. Recall when Scotland had a referendum to succeed from the UK and the result? They (wisely) voted to stay, but it isn’t surprising the biggest employer in Scotland is the UK government with the majority of households accepting some type of public handout.
        Eg. I enjoy the empty threats of the barking class, but even if CA is going the way of Venzuela, even I think Jerry Brown is bit smarter than the thieving dwarf of Caracas.

        1. I don’t think that Brown is corrupt – but he is paralyzed by his own dogmatism, and his worldview brings nothing but destruction.

        2. If California can’t quite secede from the union, is there any constitutional mechanism to force them out?

      2. I always thought that even without knowing the specifics of how it worked that many of those federal banking regulations weren’t a bad thing as it limited the size and power of banking institutions, instead of how it is now with just a few institutions controlling it all.

        1. I honestly do not know enough about it. I imagine there is a very delicate balance however. Some amount of oppression is probably worth a trade off for the upside but you would need to know what you are getting and just how much oppression it costs to make an intelligent guess as to whether we are better off or not and I simply don’t have the relevant facts.

        2. If you are concerned about too big to fail the current overreaction by regulation to the 2008 crisis is not what you want. The effect on the ground is a consolidation of all banking into fewer and fewer entities. Only massively big banks can spread the regulation costs widely enough to survive. I work in banking at a very large bank and I have seen this happening ever since Dodd-Frank.

        3. No, I’m not worried about being too big to fail. When I used to deal with a lot of bank loans they were all small local banks where the people you dealt with were also local. Now it just seems that there’s too much power in only a few banks. We are down to two semi local banks around here now. They have a hard time competing with the big guys I think.

    2. And that’s why the left is violent. If the productive half walks away, that’s a mortal threat to the parasites.

      1. Correct. Their reaction is known hence the other half should prepare for and counter-act when it’s time as the parasites will feed as long as the hosts allow them or until the hosts are dead.

        1. Unfortunately a lot of the productive half will die in this process. This will be as ugly as it can get.

        1. It’s official. You have the Internet’s worst case of confirmation bias.
          Once in a while, try to accept real data that does NOT support your worldview. Life will be better and people outside your small ideological circle of true believers will pay more attention to you.
          Wallethub is a personal finance network. It’s not ideological.

        2. There was a solid argument in there to rebut. I’d be interested in hearing another side of his if you have one ?

        3. If this is true then why the fuck are you people always trying to force the whole country to participate in your socialist schemes. Why the fuck don’t you just do it, I mean you guys have all the money right?
          Why don’t you hacks setup a non-profit and pool all of your resources together for whatever batshit socialist scheme you want to have. Then you can have a 100% tax rate if you want and split your medical costs, 401k plan, whatever you want.
          This is what proves this stat is complete bullshit. You keep pretending like you guys are the producers and are just trying to help out poor, poor conservatives. Bullshit, if you guys have the funds and you are serious about socialism you would have done this already.
          Get a real job you hack!

        4. That’s not what I meant. When I said that, I thought of individuals be they in red or blue states. I am not a collectivist, sorry.

        5. selling $100 cat litter boxes online to a 50 year old dried up twat IS NOT what I call being productive. Opening another fancy donut shop where trendies can purchase the latest bacon covered heart attack is NOT what I call being productive. Building a road. Growing some food. There’s your productivity.

        6. that is the correct point. The debate is no longer about right and left it is strictly between collectivists and individualists.

  17. Good idea in theory. Particularly if you have some fanciful notions that being free simply means seceding from the nation. USA has been the world’s number one corporation for what will soon be 100 years. What you are suggesting is dissect the central power accrued and then, maintain protection for states not accepted as USA, or keep things amicable enough to still hold a truce and protect them from foreign nations.
    If secession occurs it will likely be 10 states minimum, more likely the highest grossing states, who will dictate the interests of the remaining states and then instead of the 6 family globalist, we can add a few dozen more who control the USA to that list and thus split what control we had before over the world’s decision. All for what? Because a few people were too afraid to admit all their wishes won’t be met before they croak? Only someone of the extreme naïveté would follow the notion that one, these fights between the Left and Right are anything more than posturing with some general concerns that overlap, and two, will be worth much after we are gone.
    Granted there are things that should be in place for the future generations, but the bigger goal should be maintaining some semblance of balance so that the nation still functions. I don’t see much reasons to worry about George Soros funded protests and honestly wouldn’t want the Right to win completely since I feel several are special interest owned and closet fags anyway.

  18. I grieve for California. It is the most magical and extraordinary place on earth, and I can’t understand how the people who live there can allow it to all get pissed away.

      1. The swelling public sector being the most pernicious, I think. The Wild West is now run like a daycare center. Feminization on gratuitous display.

        1. Those retired CA public employees should be worried about those unfunded pension liabilities, but if not they soon will.

    1. Conservatives in Cali fear for their safety. They meet together in private. Its quite insane out there these days

    2. The L.A. area has to have almost the perfect weather year round, if it wasn’t so packed with people it would be perfect…then again I guess that’s why it’s packed.

      1. Yup, no matter where you go, something has to suck about it, or people move in and jack up the real estate prices, which makes it suck.

  19. Separation is not the solution to these divisions. Winning the argument is.

      1. Just because an easy solution is not clear, it does not mean that doing something manifestly wrong is a good move. Cutting the country into pieces and dismembering our nation is to nobody’s benefit. We have to save the country, not divvy it up like a fucking birthday cake at the end of a party. Our progenitors passed on the country to secure the blessings of liberty for themselves (now ourselves) and their posterity. We don’t squander that sacred trust.
        And even if these socialist utopias seceed, it will not end the conversation. They will still pump poison toward the rest of us. Defeating their ideas culturally, structurally, economically, and personally is the only lasting strategy. And at the end, I will be much happier to still have 50 stars on the flag.

  20. The Red State/Blues State mantra ticks me off. You know why it is like that on the map? Demographics. For the last 50 years, people have been moving from rural areas to conservative areas. It is Urban vs Rural. I grew up in very rural Eastern Oregon. It is a very conservative area, just as conservative as as anywhere here in Utah, if not more.
    Take out the Willamette Valley, and Oregon would vote conservative every time, take out Los Angeles and San Francisco and California would be the same. All blue states with an exeption of the Northeast would be like that.

    1. The split between urban tolerant progressive and rural intolerant traditionalist is as old as America. Nothing new there.
      What’s interesting is the stuff playing out around those poles, in newly inhabited areas. Like the I-4 corridor in central Florida, where no ideology reigns.

  21. It’s SECESSION. When a state or group moves to leave a larger governing body, the movement is to SEcede, not SUCCeed. Not to be a grammar nazi (see what I did there 😉 ) but the correct use of terminology in this case is important.

    1. You did mean to be an asshole. Galt is one of the brighter posters on this site- wtf are you?

  22. One of the main differences I see between rural and city people( aside from the city folks notion that they are somehow better or more enlightened) is the city people’s reliance on someone else for almost everything especially apartment dwellers. If they walk outside and a tree has fallen on the sidewalk, when they come home from work that afternoon it’s gone somebody else took care of it. Toilet stopped up? Faucet leaking? Knee deep snow in the street? Call someone and it’s taken care of for them.
    If I walk outside in the morning and there is a tree down in my yard you can bet it will stay there until I cut it up and either haul it off or burn it myself, out here there isn’t anybody to call, you take care of shit on your own.

    1. There are of course exceptions, but generally part of urban-dwelling is being more complicit in the “system”. Its an elective participation.
      On the other hand, we’re not as car dependent (at least on the personal level – one Teamsters strike and we starve to death) so we have that goin’ for us…

      1. We are very car dependent because it’s a looong walk to anywhere from here.

        1. People here like to congratulate themselves on not having a car like they’re saving resources. I like to remind them – “hey, how you think that kale got to the farmers market stupid?”

    2. Not many people in the city (other than lolknee) keep a chainsaw in their apartments in case a tree falls down…its the upside of living in the city, they will clear that shit out for you

        1. I got my axe from the hardware store to replace the bat I kept in my room for years. I feel that any competent burglar will know how to deal with a guy who has a bat as part of his trade. Someone with a bat is a reality of his profession. I am sure he knows to move into the strike, offset the balance, get inside. I am also pretty sure that more than knowing how to deal with it, most people who have gone that deep into a life of crime have experienced being hit with a bat before.
          One thing that a burglar won’t have either experience of or knowledge of what to do with will be me in a wife beater with a fucking axe and a huge smile on my face

        2. In this fantasy, what is the cheesy 80s- esque catchphrase that runs thru your mind?

        3. Halbred and mace (not the spray kind) sales are picking up based on this kind of thinking. My preference is a rusty iron gas pipe with a fitting on the end.
          That, and of course, sleeping naked. The specter of me lurching forth butt-ass with a pipe will give pause to even the most aggressive creature…..

        4. ha, that is great! I would love a halberd (btw I have Fox Labs pepper spray which is 5.3m SHU and will burn someones eyes right out of their fucking head. NEver had to use it. I like your kind of mace though. Also, one of those chains with a spiked ball at the end. But the axe is easily obtainable from my corner hardware store. I find that the hardware store is great for home protection….a good sized hammer will do wonders during a break in….a full sized two handed 20 pound sledge hammer will stop pretty much anyone dead in their tracks.

        5. Big Hammer – good enough for abattoirs for centuries.
          Maces are available mail-order.
          My asshole brother pepper-sprayed me once (another instance where he earned his title…)

        6. ok, so here are my top contenders: (all screamed of course)
          “Nobody puts baby in a corner”
          “When this baby hits 88 miles per hour, you’re going to see some serious shit!”
          “PARDON ME! Do you have any GRAY POUPON!!!!!!!!!”

        7. In case he didn’t already guess your age?!?!
          and I would reserve the Grey Poupon bit for carjackings.

        8. LOL that poupon shit is awesome! I also save it for jacking people over age 35, need something else for Gen Why?

        9. I got pepper sprayed in training one time, I told them if they ever wanted to get rid of me all they had to do was sign me up for pepper spray training again.

        10. Worst thing I ever experienced. Getting tazed? Nbd. Gas Chambers? Nbd. OC? Fuckkkkkkkk thattttttt

        11. Once a man has been sprayed once he would have to be a little off to let someone do it to him again.

        12. OC spray is a tramatizing kind of pain. It makes ya think twice before ya use it on someone.

    3. It is true, and it goes further than that (though I will generally deal with my own minor plumbing and electrical issues, but you are right…that is my choice and having it done for me is built into the price I am paying to be there anyway) but it extends to a lot of things: I know very few guys who have any clue how to cook, just eat out or order in every night, I stead fastly refuse to do my own laundry, hell, my cleaning lady is at my apartment right now washing my windows and floors and scrubbing my tub etc. However, there are other things that are more difficult you must remember. I don’t know anyone who works less than 50 hours a week or who isn’t expected to be on call 24/7 from their jobs, the day to day pressure and stress that is involved with the exaggerated cost of living as well as being part of the nerve center of not just this country’s but the entire world’s financial market is really wild. It creates a level of impatience and aggression that is physically unpleasant. Even when I go on vacation it usually takes me a day or two to calm the hell down and get into the Caribbean mind set. It all boils down to the fact that living in a major urban area and living in an open rural areas are simply two very different life styles, each with its advantages and disadvantages and each with its own mindset.
      I do take issue with your parenthetical remark that us urbanites have some kind of notion that we are better or more enlightened. Yes, some do. Just as many, percentage wise, as people who live out of the city and feel they have cornered the market on masculinity and we are all a bunch of communist, pornographer faggots here. I think it is a wash with arrogant dickheads in both metropolitan and rural areas.

      1. “It creates a level of impatience and aggression that is physically unpleasant.”
        I can literally feel that in the air every time I have to go to NYC, lol. I truly don’t know how people live there on a daily basis, but more power to them I guess.

        1. It is like anything, you get used to it. When I head up north to visit my family on a big, bucolic, red barn included apple farm I get really anxious not being around that feeling. Having been here my whole life, that feeling that makes other people insane and jittery of everything constantly moving quickly is just what I consider normal. My soul is a microcosm of the city itself.

        2. suburbs creep me out. I get the lure of rural. It isn’t for me, but I totally understand it and at times think I would like it. I obviously understand city living. Further, in a retirement and leisure setting I really like seasonal towns, my favorite being beaufort nc. What I have never understood is the suburban, white flight, long island, rows of identical houses, carefully planned life.

        3. Though folly, I sorta understand the LI phenomenon. City and outer-borough folks started to do a little better and wanted a little more room; a place to park, a little grass to mow, some dirt for the kids to dig in, maybe a boat! I don’t buy “white flight” as the primary impetus for the migration.
          Problem is everyone wanted the same thing and you would up with the worst of both worlds: all the same asshole neighbors, AND a 90 minute commute.
          And Beaufort’s a swamp! Are you crazy?

        4. Beufort SC is a swamp. NC is a nice little tourist town where bluebeard hid his treasure, lots of little restaurants , cute little hotels, inexpensive cost of living and houses right near the water for boats. My goal is to retire there one day.
          I don’t buy white flight either…but it is common vernacular at this point. Never thought of it they way you put it though…that if less people went out it might have been nicer. Makes some sense. But I can get a much bigger house, with much more room and have it all for much less money if I keep my boat on the Hudson and move to the Hudson valley…Newburgh comes to mind. Metro North straight to GCT much nicer than the LIRR

        5. You’re right, somehow the Hudson valley retained its charm far better than LI (south shore at least). LI was simply overdeveloped.
          My wife’s sister hopes to retire to Beaufort one day too. They have a hunk of land ready to build on. I just don’t get it.

        6. I have an uncle who is retired down there and when I have visited him I can understand why. During season he has loads of little toursits to have fun with, it is a 10 minute walk from his front door to where he docks his boat and there are a dozen places for him to eat and drink. When season is over he hangs with the locals, goes deep water fishing and makes fun of the tourists. Old fart is actually on plenty o fish and knockin down younger (in their 50’s ) broads. His house is beautiful, inexpensive and complete with a pool and a glass house he built for his tomatoes and other shit he grows. Seems like a good way to spend your mid 70’s to me.

        7. buggy is probably accurate. He is one of my spiritual mentors. As a young man I collected father figures. He was one of the early ones.

        8. Woah woah woah i have to defend my suburbs now. Suburbs are the best of both worlds. You have the peace and quiet of rural America with the civilized feel of urban America.

        9. I feel like that is the intend but you wind up getting the worst. That said, if it’s your blue heaven then go for it

        10. Yet everyone I know who grew up in a city like NYC, once they move away for a while, never go back.

        11. I’ve moved away. I came back. But I understand. The city isn’t for everyone. It is stressful to live here. It takes a very particular kind of person to live, thrive and enjoy this city. I don’t blame people for moving out. Not everyone is cut out for it…

      2. lol exactly. I’ve known dickheads in small-town Midwest, and I’ve known dickheads in metropolitan areas. The only difference is the degree of power that they hold.

      3. Y’all aren’t a bunch of communist, pornographer, faggots?
        Seriously though, I think city dwellers dependence on others is part of the reason they seem to be more ok with big government than country folk.
        As for long work hours we do that here too. Close to 10 months of the year it’s not unusual for my check to have almost as many overtime hours as regular hours and when we get really strung out it seems like my phone never stops ringing. My vacations usually amount to Friday through Sunday in Panama City every couple of years. Lol there’s nothing worse than those late Friday/Saturday or early Sunday morning phone calls because some customer has to have it RIGHT NOW!
        When I think of our differences the old Polander AllFruit commercial comes to mind-WOULD YA PLEASE PASS THE JELLY?

        1. I have no doubt that the fact that basic services are all provided do lead to a certain mindset, but big government supporters also tend to be minorities and the other people that benefit from it. The people I work with and for are vehemently against large government and governmental regulation for obvious reasons. We may not be clearing our own brush, but there are millions of people here who are a single paycheck away from being homeless for 20-30 years and so there is a constant hustle going on…even the people who manage to build a little nest egg know that with the insane cost of living, any little misstep can be totally ruinous. This gives the city dweller and intensity and industriousness that doesn’t exist in rural areas. As you might say that my dependence on parks services to mulch a downed tree for me leads me to a mindset that makes me feel entitled in some ways (and would be right) I would say that the general peacefulness and tranquility of the rural lifestyle robs you a killer instinct that you never catch on farms….you have the time and leisure to be all awwwshucks while we are out here busting out ass.
          In the end, I think both are kind of hyperbolic exaggeration. Of course living a different lifestyle leads to different types of personalities, but I think most of the issue comes down to assholes—and there are plenty of assholes here and plenty on the farm. My guess would be, percentage wise, about the same. After that, level headed decent people can usually come to agreements or at least respectful disagreements leaving open the possibility of drinks afterwards.

        2. Peacefulness and tranquility? You should try to sleep at my house with those frogs and crickets making so much damn racket.

        3. hahaha, I you come sleep in my bed where you hear garbage trucks, drunk bitches giggling, guys getting into fights, jack hammering, cannot see the stars because the street lights keep the place in perma light, the elevator in my hall bing bing binging, the baby next door crying, the couple upstairs fucking all night….when I leave for the house in the morning to go to the gym the bar on my corner is still open…plus cars go down my block, honking horns, 24/7 and god forbid someone is double parked for 5 minutes or a delivery truck stops the rucus is such that I can’t even hear my own television over it in the living room. And all of this at $1800-2200 per square foot. I’ve slept in the country and heard the crickets. Trust me, peaceful.

        4. “Seriously though, I think city dwellers dependence on others is part of
          the reason they seem to be more ok with big government than country
          Good point!

        5. Came to that conclusion myself. Living in a metropolis requires much greater levels of (forced) cooperation, which naturally manifests in the way of taxes.

        6. And yet a huge proportion of the non-workers in this country live in the large urban areas. You and probably everyone you know works like you say. However, go to some of the not so nice neighborhoods and see the majority of the population their hanging around on the street corners and dealing drugs or just living on the EBT card. I would be willing to get rid of you productive city dwellers if it meant getting rid of the permanent underclass. I believe everything the big cities do could and would shortly get done by others elsewhere.

        7. I am from a very not nice neighborhood. I was born in Bushwick Brooklyn at a time before even Williamsburg gentrified. I went to the now defunct Franklyn K Lane high school which was essentially a lawless warzone. I don’t deny that it is shit being there. So get out. I have no patience for street urchins. I don’t want to hear that they have no opportunities. No matter who they are every one of them can join the military when they are 18, work their ass off, get some skills and experience so even if there isn’t a single other option there is always something.
          As for getting rid of us productive city dwellers…remember the law of unintended consequences. The wealth generated in NY and to a lesser degree some other minor cities like Chicago is a very big reason that the US enjoys the power it has.

      4. We don’t have a lot of impatience or aggression around here though cause theys always somebody ready to kick somebody’s ass.

    4. City people (progressives) really believe, to the point of delusion, that they are living and acting independently of each other and everyone else.

  23. Everyone break off into there own idealistic fiefdom….Great, so in less than a generation we can go from being the most powerful nation on earth to being Eastern Europe.
    The ancient wisdom of “it takes all kinds” still hoods true. Checks and balances and all that.

  24. Seccession would not work, the war would still wage on through subversion of the opposite states. The problem is conservatives don’t push their agenda down everyone’s throat like progressives do when they take power. They eventually will have to or lose the war.

    1. Yep. Conservatives don’t want to hear this, but if we do not destroy the left right now while we can, this shit is all going to cycle back and we’ll have another Obama (or worse, if that’s possible). But conservatives are largely self-serving pussies. You can see that in all the comments about how “i have too much to lose” and “oh my wife and kids,” etc.
      They don’t want to do what is necessary to win, and so the left wins.

      1. There is no “win”, and there are no Solutions (Final or otherwise). Civilization is like flight; it takes never-ending tweaks, trim, adjustment and above all constant attention.

        1. I disagree. Wars have been won. Barbaric civilizations have been destroyed. But people have to look beyond their McMansions and their wives’ shoe collections.

        2. The same people lose in every war. And barbaric civilization have a habit of cropping up again and again. Even these are extreme examples of the “corrections” I describe. Our nataional political polarity aint quite there yet.
          And it depends on the wife’s shoes of course. Less than 3″ heels, GTFO.

  25. Succession would not work, the fact of the matter is, we need each other. The liberals need the conservatives for the tax base, the food producers, the small business owners. The conservatives need the liberals for……..well I can’t think of anything, but I am sure they are important somehow.

    1. Lol, you nailed it. I’ve said that conservatives should form their own republic for years now. There is literally nothing that we need from leftists aside from perhaps arts/entertainment and even that is highly questionable.

      1. The “conservative” side is exploitative as well. They would be more than happy to treat everyone who isn’t “in” like illegals.

        1. They have their own ideology and cause. If you don’t share it with them than you are not part of them. It’s simple.

        2. No, I am talking about the hypocrisy that is allowed to ferment. Eventually becoming dependent on illegal labour, cronyism etc etc is not part of their ideology.

      1. Perfect.
        People always say to me “you hate (insert group here)” and I just tell them I dont hate them anymore than I “hate” rats or ticks…

        1. In South Georgia the gnats will aggravate you enough that you’ll forget about wasps and roaches lol

        2. My step dad is. thought the funny part is that I have spent most of my time in the south. I’m pretty much southern adopted by now lol.

    2. Secession is also unnecessary if we adhered to the original intent of the founders – federalism – where individual states can govern their citizens however they want, and you are free to move to whatever state’s governing philosophy suits you. The problem is that we insist on being able to force everyone to be the same as us instead of leaving them the he’ll alone.

      1. YES. I like the idea of states being social laboratories. Dont like it, move to the next one. See what works.

        1. When a fairly large city in my state protested to our Democrat governor that the importation of large numbers of Muslims into their community was too much too fast, his reply was that if they didn’t like it they should move out. He was all for forcing out the people that have long roots to the community in order to make virtue signals about how compassionate he was. Of course, to me, he only showed his total lack of compassion to the existing population.

        2. Politicians are too often oblivious to their constituency. I know I just said it, but “if you dont like it, move” is cop-out when it comes from your so-called leadership.
          I support it when its more organic, like when you have years and years of one-party rule effecting the economy such that people simply look elsewhere.

      2. My state went for Clinton. All but 6 counties in my state went for Trump. All six of those counties were in or around the two major urban centers. How is devolving power to the states going to help in that situation. BTW my state is far from the only one that this is common in. California stripped of SF and LA would probably have went for Trump.

        1. I understand the issue – it’s the same in my state. But “you are free to move to whatever state’s governing philosophy suits you.” The problem is that right now, there is nowhere I can move that gay marriages aren’t recognized, so there is no point in moving to voice my displeasure.
          I’m of the opinion that the current tendency to insist on standardization of law across all states creates opportunities for liberalism to expand. Why do liberals feel free to flee the shit holes they create and infect somewhere else? Well, when big daddy FedGov is still going to mandate that your gay marriage is acceptable in Nebraska, no harm in moving there.
          To an extent this is also true in the blue states themselves. California voted against gay marriage, but the federal government reimposed it on them. Once something has state sanction and dissent is effectively crushed, there is little point in resisting. For example, what is the point in trying to mobilize political opposition to gay marriage in California right now? Unless you get it overturned at the federal level, its pointless.
          Your point goes to the winner-take-all Electoral College. There has been a lot of discussion about revamping it, but remember that it gave us Trump, so we should be careful about insisting on a popular vote. Of course, as many have noted, under a popular vote system, the strategy changes.

      1. Because conservatives hold a nostalgic view of American history, and thus, reject most tenets of progressive thought.

      2. Excellent question. Why aren’t we organizing and counter-protesting as well? It seems the regressive liberals are dominating the entire national conversation.

        1. We are old-fashioned. We wait until we have an actual point to make before making a lot of fuss.

      3. Because they are actually oppressors as well, there’s a point of convergence at the top and all of these people exempt themselves from the consequences of their decisions.

      1. Soviet Union, N Korea, Mao China, Cuba and others….problem is, they ignore and go back to this Utopian daydream that has nothing to do with reality.

    3. “food producers” –
      “but I am sure they are important somehow.”
      planting, picking, and fertilizer

  26. “the idea of leftists declaring independence from the rest of the nation which it views as being racist and backward. And I thought to myself, “Yeah, why don’t they?”
    Because their policies don’t allow them to survive. They need other people’s money, specifically the money from those of us who produce.
    If there were to be a secession, it would be conservatives who would have to do the leaving.

    1. You wrote what I was thinking.
      To add to that, the leftists have just enough brain juice to be aware of their lack of self sufficiency. It’s tough to bite empty air when one is in the habit of biting a hand that feeds.

      1. You are both wrong if leftists went independent they would be awash in organic food and green energy in no time.(sarc).

      1. and the organism may choose the path of least resistance. that is, if Americans put up enough of a fight, Soros and co. may pack up and simply focus on Europe. In essence we make it a losing proposition for these thugs. they are also business men and they know when to hold em/fold em.

    2. Haha. Do you have any idea how deluded you sound? I wouldn’t normally be this impolite about it, but — you do realize nearly everything of worth in this country is on the urban coasts, right? The vast majority of the major businesses, wealth producers, culture, and population. Just Brooklyn alone has more population than the bottom 15 states. California is the sixth biggest economy . . . in the world. It is a bigger economy than France.
      I mean, I’m all for pride, but it’s worth keeping some grip on reality.

      1. And if they were cut off from the surrounding countryside they would be dying of thirst, in the cold, in the dark, and starving in very short order. They have few to no power plants within the city limits. Southern California doesn’t have even a single day’s water supply on hand. Everything that keeps Southern California alive comes from out side the state; water from the Colorado river, power from Arizona power plants, maybe some food from the central valley, but most people I knew from the central valley would just as soon not be associated with LA.

      2. I sound less deluded than you actually are, but thanks for playing, lol. “Everything of worth in this country” is on the urban coasts except for the 75% of the economy that isn’t.
        Try again, dipshit, lol.

  27. Great read. 5 stars to the author!
    More and more people are picking up on the ongoing worldwide societal schism that cannot be repaired, at least, not peacefully.

  28. It’s hard to take the author’s idea of ***secession*** seriously if he doesn’t know how to spell the word.

  29. SECESSION, not succession. 😉 Succession is for monarchies or something succeeding something else. Secession is what the media is happy about for California, while they ridicule the same idea whenever Texas mentions it. . 😉 (The author should probably fix this as it’s a huge error across the entire post. :-D)
    That I’m mentioning this is especially humorous because the last time I was commenting I was having some fun with a grammar nazi. Now I’m one! 😀 (Though I’m not insulting the author. Spell check would be no help with this one.)
    Now, about the subject….
    “…what hope do the Right have in turning America Christian, white, and nationalist when they live in a democracy?”
    This is my personal take, and it’s pretty out there… *cue X-Files music*.
    I’d say: they have none. Democracy is the problem, not the solution.
    Look around at all the democracies today. Aside from the one or two special cases, they’re all a mess! It’s a great government system when you’ve got a decent populace. As soon as your populace loses track of whatever guiding principle (religion, ethics, etc), it devolves into a mess. And it will grow worse and worse until a dictator restores order.
    What’s really sad, is this kind of end was predicted back when they were setting up the US in the first place. There’s a reason most of the founders hated democracy. 😉
    And the idea about city-states? WHERE THE HELL DO I SIGN UP? 😀 That is my idea of the best sort of system. No more crappy morons taxing us to death and telling us what to think. ;-D And if your city does that, move to one that doesn’t. Simple!

    1. You, sir, hit the nail on the head.
      Democracy is what causes it, in a properly set up country with a decent constitution there is no need for change, for progress, or for voting or politics. “Progress” is a fallacy, it is merely change for the sake or politicians looking important.
      What should be obvious is that continuous change, as well as democracy is inefficient, ineffective, and wasteful while being counterproductive.

  30. the idea of 2 parties can work by compromise and balance — a little left, then a little bit right.
    However, the current crop of delusional brainwashed “anarchists” who are screaming for the heads of everyone else – who are “nazi-fascists”, are not into compromise.
    All or nothing…
    They are the “useful idiots” 100 years in the making — I reckon far more organised, violent, and powerful than we realize. And probably soon to be armed.
    “no super state lasts forever”
    My favorite paintings at the MET —
    Roman Triumph over Macedonia former yuuuge Empire
    and Napoleon’s Cavalry Saluting him after victory at Fridland.
    A few years later he was in a hole on a rock in the South Atlantic
    perhaps we are headed down the same path — no problem — I like Chinese food, and women..

    1. slightly OT: Met Rooftop Bar is such an awesome pregame spot. Met in general is just a fantastic place to hang out.

        1. I have always loved this clip and she is such a piece of ass.
          Pretty sure rooftop martini bar opens in the spring.

    2. I always thought one of the differences between myself and the left is I like to try to live and let live, they like to “do it my way or else”. I don’t really care what everybody else is doing as long as they aren’t bothering me.

        1. I wouldn’t call it an edge, but a foible that eventually becomes a problem that needs sorting out.

        2. Yes, collectivists take collective action; rioting in the streets. Individualists only want to take individual action; like in the voting booth.

    3. Fuck that lol. I don’t like being pushed around and treated like shit thanks. As soon as they have the power they destroy everything, take a good look at how they treat their environment. We’d be slaves.

      1. the Chinese?
        yea, I don’t care just cynically dreaming that after they conquer the West,
        the Chinese General Tso would keep me around as an ambassador and let me fuck their daughters…

  31. We tried that, it was called the Civil War. The side promoting Federalism won, and that’s why we say we’re American, as opposed to a Ute, or a Vermonter.

    1. Nobody says American anymore, but STH-hyphen-American. This is a big difference.

  32. “I don’t expect everyone to accept this proposal outright as it’s not an easy thing to absorb for those who’ve been conditioned from birth to think of the nation-state as a the most fundamental formation of society”
    At the very least your suggestion could be a jumping point – something’s gotta give even if it means the USA fragments into 3, 4, or even 5 separate nation states.
    As you also presented the stats and how everyone is dissapated throughout the country – it may take a while for the conservatives to slowly relocate to to a common region which could start enough momementum for a proposed nation state.
    Most think of merely the south and the north, as was the two fighting regions during the Civil War, but it is my understanding that in addition, now there is a northwest territory in the usa that have a proposed succession.
    I’ d welcome a break up of the current USSA.

    1. Thanks for that link, just read the post.
      What a pack of assholes. These secessionists are braindead. Next they will petition to join Mexico, as the state of Atzlan.

  33. “Patriotism, nationalism, or whatever other word people use to describe their worship of the state (run by a government that clearly does not care for the freedom of its people).
    The ability to impose your values and beliefs in the form of law and political correctness onto people who don’t want them.”
    That will never happen in a million years. People will always trade freedom for security. Because having cops defend you is always more comfy than defending yourself with a gun and getting shot for it, because the moment a gang busts in with each man holding a gun, that one man with a gun and a home is a ripe target. Which is why people prefer paying a nanny state so they can hide behind cops instead. Also, people naturally believe their value system is right, and will always agitate for the system to favor them.

    1. Yes, when females are involved in politics, that is true. Been that way for thousands of years.

      1. Depends. Some women were great politicians. The Queen Mother Maria Theresa, Eleanor of Aquitaine, the problem is that people, in general, men or women, will choose security over freedom in a heartbeat. It’s a primal instinct. Sacrifice a few freedoms to survive and eat.

    2. “People will always trade freedom for security.”
      Which case they will get neither. A few men on this site has mentioned that in so many words on more than one occassion.
      “..people prefer paying a nanny state so they can hide behind cops instead.”
      That doesn’t work as the cops are under no obligation to protect you and substitute “gang” for “public enforcers” busting into your house as it is a prime target (tax revenue) for confiscation. Stick with the gun. You can always take a couple with you.
      Read some of the horror stories about Venzuela for current examples.

  34. The saddest part of even having this conversation is- Osama Bin Laden said,”when we get through with them, they will be 50 different countries all squabbling with each other instead of meddling in middle eastern affairs”.
    It could be possible that he was right.

    1. I hadn’t heard that before. OBL’s quote there might be right, but for the wrong reasoning.
      When we went to the ME, we weren’t the 50 united countries “checking and balancing” each other, like we’re legally obligated to be and every state joining the Union agreed to be. Instead we were one USSR-lite massive nation-state.
      …I’ve heard the case that Britain lost WW2 and Germany won, I could see similar logic being applied to the Cold War as to beat the Ruskies, we became them.

    2. he’s dead wrong. there are only 2 ideologies and therefore we need 2 countries. you are either on the self improvement train or you are a degenerate. simple really.

  35. It is all about rising above this duality. Use the dualities of life to your advantage and you won’t feel pathetic anymore.

  36. I’ve always thought that Serbia was about the right size of land to be a country. Continental countries are just a recipe for disaster.
    The article is I think just rearticulating the original idea of the United States which was to be united states, a bunch of small semi-autonomous countries trading, speaking the same language, and getting along together.
    At this point the federal government is too big and powerful to allow a smooth, orderly breakup of the states. Expect it to be messy and violent.

    1. That’s why the USA is 50 countries.
      That’s the whole shtick, especially for the first 14 states: sovereign countries that give up a tiny bit of power to a central authority to be better for it.
      That said, I’d agree that the states west of the Mississippi are far too large to be properly run, though that might be resolved with a “repeal” of Reynolds v. Sims.

  37. When you listen to a pelosi or a reid or cnn or the president of the sierra club etc.. you realize they are fkn dumbass nutbags . No logic, no reason and no sanity. Its a mental short circuit with no fix. If the US were to break up…I say fine. When do we go.
    Liberals corrupt and don’t give a rats ass about any Americans. You think for 1 second that if Bernie won he would be renegotiating nafta ? His sorry ass would be back pedalling so fast that your head would spin. In fact, he would likely add another 50 million deadbeat 3rd world dogshits to the mix and call your racist to boot….These are the dogshit goof balls that are leading these idiots leftist. The insane part is people are following this non-sensical shit.
    Liberals are not your friends and never will be. None of these people are your friends. They are not your family, they are not Americans. I don’t know what the f these people are but they are not on my side.

  38. Thank you! FINALLY, a good article about self governance on here. Such a breath of fresh air compared to so much “Trump is an Infallible God” rhetoric that is so prevalent here. Of course, so many people have been indoctrinated since birth to worship the State, it’s rituals, false deities, and sacred texts and symbols that the concept of self governance is beyond their ability to reason. But since most arguments for political action seems rooted in appeals to Pathos, the logic and ethos of self governance are mentally inaccessible to Authority Worshippers.

    1. Its not about Trump ..its throwing some sanity into the leftist pile of shit that has been dumped onto Americans the last 30 years. Leftist don’t understand democracy. So in their spirit- I will call you what they call the opposition- HATER.

      1. Nigger please. In a discussion about Self Governance, you wanna talk about your Massa, and then call me a “hater” like it is some kinda insult because I don’t have a hard on for his Luxurious Authority.

  39. IMO restoring the self-governance that the USA was founded on would be enough.
    Ex: restore self-governance to the States, and restore their control of one House of Congress; confer voting privileges only upon those who have shown themselves capable of self-governance (eg: not on the dole, owns real property).
    It seems to me that every civilization starts out like what this article describes and then gradually coalesces into a nation (and then declines). If remaining in that prototypical state of civilization is the answer then entropy is really screwing with us.

  40. Finally, I’m not the only person saying this,
    Relationships are healthiest when they aren’t too close, when some dick in Brussels is telling a farmer in UK to fill out reams of paper for no reason, it’s time for a divorce.
    All of the arguing between left and right makes people forget that the economy has hit an iceberg and is sinking.
    50 separate state economies is 50 chances for one of them to get health, wealth and education profoundly right.

  41. Liberals are controlled by SOROS. Soros needs divide and conquer and they have been trained well. Liberals will not accept a CalExit of any sort. They are carrying out Soros’ strategy.

  42. Secession will become a household word in the coming years
    The Left and the Right have been moving apart for decades now
    With Trump’s election (and rabid reaction by the shitlibs) it has become clear that Humpty-Dumpty cannot be put back together again.
    The only question is….will it be a velvet divorce or a messy/bloody one?

  43. So you are preaching segregation as a means to give peace in this dividing country? Yeah that didn’t bring about bloody conflict, and type of class system based on skin color that went on for centuries. Wtf is happening to Rok?

  44. My guess is that fission of the USA is something our enemies/ambivalent types would love to see. So, I think Russia or China or North Korea should take the lead on this project. Once we’ve got 140 different Russian sub-republics or ChiCom subprovinces to deal with, who split up for reasons of ideological difference, then and only then can we determine if that’s best for the US. Though personally I would love to deal with a map of Europe that looks like Europa Universalis. Who doesn’t like Brandenburg or Ulster or Saxony as sovereign states. Or the Golden Horde.
    The left may be degenerates but they are OUR degenerates, dammit.

    1. I don’t know if you’re being sarcastic or not about Europe, but I do know this: Europe is way more regional than we think. There’s regions like Catalonia, the Basque Country, or Ulster, that we all know their basic history. Then there’s Savoy, Nice, Alsace, or Smyrna, regions that aren’t as well known, but at some point were either independent, or belonged to someone else. Either they want to return to a former country, or become independent. And your analysis of Russia and China is spot on. Chechnya, Tibet, and Xingiang are but three examples of the diversity of both countries. And it will be a reference point if Calexit, Texit, the Vermont Green Mountain Republicor all these other independent movements are to succeed or fail.

  45. If it wasn’t for David Rockefeller and his globalism there would’ve undoubtedly been war in Europe and possibly in America, the bad thing about nationalism is that it does cause war if improperly managed; unpatriotism was badly needed after ww2. As much as modern Liberalism goes against reason and common sense; it is needed; Obama lost the balance by over doing it but Trump will bring it back. He is doing great so far.

  46. Actually, this is a good idea. I wish people spent more time advocating for this instead of trying to rule over others. No one should have this much power over people who hate them. The stakes should never be this high.

  47. We all self segregate when we can, I am for it!
    I buy homes in cities that are 99% white.

  48. actually there is an even simpler solution
    let the idiots have their way, chill and wait for the backlash
    imagine you’re the idiot that fight against Mao during the cultural revolution, thinking that you will somehow manage to save the country and the people from an horrible leftist evil
    your life will be devastated, prison, torture, family sent to work camps, you’re completely destroyed… not even after 30 years you and your family will not fully recover
    now imagine if you shut the hell up and go with the tide
    in 10 years Mao is dead, in 10 more years you got rabid capitalism, and if you adapt fast in another 10 years you got yourself your own business selling knock-offs to idiot Americans on e-bay and living like a king in your Canadian mansion….
    think about this

  49. This dispatch is from a southern shitlord: congratulations on finally realizing you are a Confederate. We are waiting with crossed fingers down here on Cali to secede so we can send our deadbeat welfare crowd over there (you know they won’t have a wall) and my state that is now ranked near last will shoot up towards the top. We will finally rise again!

  50. Let the skinny hipsters in leftist cities die of starvation after the redneck farmers stop producing their food. Let them freeze to death when real men doing real tough jobs stop fixing power cables during snow storms. They can tweet all day long about Hitler-Trump, they can’t do squat, they don`t produce or make anything of value to fellow human beings. Parasites that’s what they are. It will eventually turn into what’s depicted in Hunger games, a minority of blue haired soft degenerates living in highly secured modern cities under a techno-scientific dictatorship while real people feed living on the land satisfy their needs, like slaves.

  51. sEccession…
    Wish that were an option but it’s not likely to be considered as one until after the fact, after the collapse of the current federal system.

  52. Here’s why it WON’T happen. For as much as people who live in rural areas want to see themselves as “bootstrappy, independent, et al.” they suckle more from the government teat than they realize.
    Example: Governor Walker is giving the rural schools more money to pay for busing. Why? The market shall provide, or th school districts should work it out. After all, Act 10 was passed by him to take care of school funding. This is actually just one very minor display (of many) of the “poor” rural areas being subsidized by the richer suburban/urban areas.

  53. The republican and democrat parties were made shortly after there was a fake crisis of a tie in the presidential election. The second central bank of the US had been put in place shortly before. The central bankers can manipulate everything. End the FED the third central bank of the US

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