When Will Homosexuals Take Personal Responsibility For The Spread Of HIV?

What do Elton John and the late George Michael, pictured in the main photo for this article, have in common? They’ve spent years talking about HIV/AIDS, all without convincing a great many gay men to take responsibility for not contracting it. In fact, gay men with HIV/AIDS are routinely—and falsely portrayed—as the victims of discrimination, to the point of being able to say society itself caused their infection.

Numerous organizations blame “homophobia” on why gay men get the disease, instead of an individual’s poor life choices. For example, the stupidly-named Human Rights Campaign says that “[d]ealing with the potential consequences of bias and discrimination—job loss, homelessness, lack of healthcare insurance—often results in LGBTQ people engaging in behaviors that facilitate the spread of HIV.” In other words, “I felt horny, decided not to wear a condom, and got HIV/AIDS.”

For over two decades, gay men have been aware of the severe risks of HIV/AIDS. Governments and charities pump hundreds of millions of dollars, possibly even billions, into awareness and treatment programs. Yet homosexuals and actively bisexual men, around 2% of the population, still account for 82% of all male HIV/AIDS diagnoses in the United States and 67% of all diagnoses. Clearly bucketloads of gay and bisexual men continue to refuse to take responsibility for their health. But few people can raise this problem without being publicly attacked as “homophobes.”

If over one million Americans are living with HIV/AIDS, two thirds of them are gays/male bisexuals, and 2% of American men are gay/bisexual, over 20% of gay/bisexual men suffer from the disease. For every five male partners a gay or bisexual man has, one of them is likely to have HIV/AIDS. This is roughly the same rate as in the general populations of sub-Saharan HIV/AIDS hotspots, including South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland and Namibia.

Perversely, HIV/AIDS is still seen as a “human rights” issue in the West. Though the health system should certainly treat individuals with the disease, large numbers of people within the gay community are wilfully engaging in behaviors they know will eventually make them contract HIV/AIDS. Instead of holding LGBT individuals to account for their moronic recklessness, HIV/AIDS is perceived through the lens of victimhood and “homophobic” discrimination.

The HIV/AIDS epidemic amongst the LGBT population is also intensely selfish. It takes important government and private resources away from sick people who develop illnesses through no fault of their own. I’m more inclined to feel sorry for a child with leukaemia than a 35-year-old gay man who has brushed aside years of cautionary literature about what can happen when he penetrates another man’s asshole without a condom. The same goes for people living on a $1 a day in sub-Saharan Africa–these people can actually be seen as victims.

Why this matters

Homosexuality is a rare topic choice for my articles. Aside from occasional pieces, such as how it is easier to come out as gay or transsexual in Hollywood than as a conservative, I tend to leave the issue alone. Part of the reason is the general futility of trying to “convert” gay people to heterosexuality. Certain Christian conservatives have spent too little time on positively advancing their idea of the nuclear family and too much time concentrating on gay men who aren’t going to change their sexual practices anytime soon.

Nonetheless, the HIV/AIDS victim factory raises my ire. We all make mistakes in life, but gay and bisexual men seem to be the only group getting a badge of honor from their stupidity in contracting HIV/AIDS. I will not ever wish this disease on a person, but I also cannot be blind to the pass society gives gay men to infect themselves with such a serious ailment, irrespective of whether treatment options have improved. As you can see from the video above, discussion about HIV/AIDS has gone on since the days of Princess Diana. There is simply no excuse for so many gay men contracting it in the 2010s.

Whilst there’s no proof that British singer George Michael died of HIV/AIDS (and I don’t believe he did, either), he was instrumental in the “public awareness” campaigns that really took off in the late 1990s. Elton John, who, unlike Michael, does not have the disease, was another key figure in the earlier appeals to gay men. The problem is that these initiatives, however much they claimed to preach “be careful” attitudes, failed to properly portray members of the gay community as agents of their own infection.

Is it a “human rights” issue when a man gets a woman pregnant?

The guy who caused this won’t be treated like a victim.

You tempt fate, don’t use a condom, get a girl pregnant, and, voila, become a victim. Nope, that never happens. Nor should it. In fact, you get lumped with 18 years of supporting the child directly or government-enforced child support. As a society, we believe in a personal responsibility-centric law of cause and effect for a man getting a woman pregnant. But what about a typically gay disease that will either eventually kill you or cost the health system tens of thousands of dollars per case? Well, that’s just bigotry against gay men.

My fellow Return Of Kings columnists and I frequently remark on the need for SJWs and liberals to keep privileged groups as never-ending victims. Whether we focus on urban blacks shooting other blacks at epidemic levels but blaming white police, gays contracting HIV/AIDS at obscene per capita rates, or women turning a man whistling into “sexual assault,” the pity-me factory of victimization is always in overdrive.

Here’s our advice for gay men: if you don’t want HIV/AIDS, don’t do the things that get you HIV/AIDS. But I suppose saying this makes us homophobes, right?

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379 thoughts on “When Will Homosexuals Take Personal Responsibility For The Spread Of HIV?”

  1. Responsibility is an extinct concept. Daddy Gubment is here to do all the thinking for you.

  2. Well, you are expecting responsibility from pervs who think and act like a spoiled 13 years old girl?

    1. not only those pervs, but govnerments who support them without question.
      One example in socialist corrupted France, gays are allowed since 2016 to donate blood without being discriminated (no tests or whatever), the only condition they must testify by a signature that they did not have sexual intercourse with a man in the last 12 months. Do you believe that ?
      Just a fucking signature and no further control (because discrimination and shit) and they can spread a disease without any restraint, for the sake of equality bullshit policy.
      that’s just fucking insane.

      1. Blood transfusions are a scam, you can use everything from coconut water, to sea algae as a subsitute for blood
        Also the body rapidly creates its own blood
        Also ALL blood is infected with something
        There is literally no need to inject blood into people, its all a massive scam

        1. The first I have ever heard of that. After checking it out, it seems that it isn’t a substitute for blood, but rather a way in which to provide fluids for the body.

        2. ok when i get hit by a car or stabbed I’m gonna call for a coconut instead of a medic…

        3. you sound like the professor on gilligan’s island … can you make a radio out of a coconut too?

        1. Only if things go on much longer in the way they have been over the past 40 years or so. There is hope that it can be turned around; not much hope, and the hope is getting less and less each month.

        1. Not insane. They made the rational decision that if French men were allowed to test for paternity most would find that they were supporting other men’s children. This would cause major social disruption, so they barred the testing.

        2. they’ve been on a self-destruct path ever since they beheaded the king. What is their stupid motto? Liberty, equality, fraternity? See where that bullshit has gotten them? Overrun with Africans and Arabs because we’re all brothers, we’re all equal haha

        3. Your not allowed to find out if the bitch is a slutty criminal parasite living off a good mans hard earned funds in France? Really?!

        4. Right. Because the US Constitution doesn’t say anything like “all men are created equal”, does it?

      2. In fairness, there’s little difference between “Sign here to say you’ve not had sex with a man in the last 12 months” and “Sign here to say you’ve never had sex with a man ever.” Either way, the would-be donor can just lie. I don’t know what the answer is, but never paying donors under any circumstances is a good start. I don’t know if donors are paid in France, but they’re not in the UK. If donors are paid then there’s more incentive to lie.

        1. no, they are not paid for this.
          whatever the case, paid or not, there’s no such thing like an homosexual who will not have sex for an entire year just for donate blood.

    2. Aids is a black disease, NOT a gay disease
      Everyone from latin gays to white gays have low levels of aids
      Blacks have 87% of all aids
      Aids is a cover up for the diseased shit holes africans come from
      Gays dont create aids, stop blaming the gays
      Its the massive unsanitory poor hygeine & lack of basic plumbing of african countries, responsible for the aids epidemic
      Diseased Black people are the ROOT cause of aids, with jew bioengineered pharmaceutical aids a close second

      1. You need to elaborate on this and give me resources to find out more. I have heard the conspiracy of aids being “man made” but it sounds so outrageous I dont even know where to begin to research it…. But you have a strong argument in that aids is rampant within black communities. It does make you think… Also there is the fact that you cant “find” aids with a microscope, it is simply the failure of your immune system and scientist cant figure out the cause so they label it “aids.” Broken immune systems due to poor hygiene makes a LOT more sense than blanket diagnosis for being unable to find a cause or source…

        1. I heard the man made aids theory. That it was invented to affect the straight population you know the depopulation plan theory, but was confined in gays, In fact the propaganda in these days is to give the idea that AIDS is a straight decease, and call AIDS a gay decease is only a myth ignore the facts that all cases are almost gay.

        2. well cant deny blacks always take up ASTOUNDING majority of all aids/hiv cases in ANY corner of this globe.. we would have to be “racist” and say they are stupid and more immoral..or that its a BLACK DISEASE

        3. aids did originate in Africa sometime in the 1950s or 60s … probably jumped over from another species

        4. Similar to AIDS but far worse was the Gulf War Syndrome. If anyone remembers the ‘Gulf War Syndrome’ of the 90s where American troops returning had a myriad of puzzling symptoms. From psychriatric to physical afflictions, one man in the VA hosp had spreading welts and lesions that kept popping up all over his body. He had temporary relief after an operation to remove 90% of his skin but died shortly thereafter.
          American troops were given the Anthrax vaccine which is made from monkeys. The procedure to produce the vaccine requires live lab monkeys for each batch of vaccine produced. The monkeys are initially infected with the anthrax. Then the monkeys are killed, the liver removed and scraped into rows of petri dishes. Each batch produced comes from different batches of live monkeys. In addition, there are about 110 common monkey viruses, not just AIDS, but a whole spectrum of pathogens commonly carried by monkeys. So there’s no telling what the American troops were exposed to when they recieved their ‘monkey punch’ Anthrax shots.
          THE FRENCH troops in desert storm never got the Anthrax vaccine. Instead they got regular shots of doxycyclene, a powerful antibiotic (originally used in veterenary and also currently available at tractor supply or farm and garden stores for use on livestock). As a footnote, NONE of the returning French troops fell ill with the ‘desert war syndrome’. Hmm. Me thinks the French were in on it maybe.

        5. Aids is an autoimmune disease, not a viral disease
          You cant catch aids, its caused by repeated exposure to virus’s & bacteria
          ie., if you repeatedly ate shit for 6 or 7 months
          Or anal sex with 3rd world diseased immigrants …
          Aids is a condition, not a disease

        6. Yep, a good summation of aids
          All this bullshit about coming from monkeys & hiv or bioengineered in labs is a smokescreen, for how filthy & diseased 3rd world hell holes really are …
          Also bodybuilding steroids & other immune system modulating substances, have been scientifically known to reverse aids …

        7. Steroids don’t reverse aids, they buy time by preventing muscle wasting. How MUCH time depends on other factors.

        8. OR maybe there was a logistics reason like the antibiotics were easier to access or cheaper for the french and they just had dumb luck with the rest.

        9. Nope steroids are a valid cure for aids, steroids dont just prevent muscle waste they dramatically modulate the immune system countering the deleterious effects of aids, effectively
          Quit relying on fraudulent peer reviewed bullshit white papers, look at the evidence in the field

        10. I’ve done pretty extensive steroid research that was often written by people looking to champion steroids. If steroids were a cure for aids, they would be shouting it from the roof tops.

      2. one day back in the 1950s in the jungles of africa some African either fucked a monkey or ate some bloody monkey meat … AIDS = the price of some sweet monkey puss

        1. Aids is caused by repeated exposure to faeces, ie anal sex, not monkeys …
          Not by eating monkeys, anal humping monkeys
          The monkey sex is a cover up of how diseased & filthy africans really are, they’re filthy carriers of stds & aids, because theyre environment has no sanitation or hygeine …
          Aids is caused by sex with africans, not gays or monkeys …

        2. In Africa it is commonly believed that the cure for AIDS is sex with a virgin…a full 10% of rape victims are under 3 years old.

        1. That’s what I was curious about. I wonder what white nationalist rag that data came from. It’s pretty common knowledge that blacks are more promiscuous in general, but 87%?

    3. They will eventually learn their lesson if sufficient numbers of them are allowed to die from the disease as a natural consequence

  3. ‘And the march goes on’. The book. The movie. Telling the beguining of Aids epidemic …and the responsability of the Gay leaders of the time, who didn’t want to be associated with the new plague, who dismissed the possibility of direct contamination… and refused to closed the public bath of LA, because… gay money…

  4. The resons gay males arent held accountable is simple, the medical industry makes a lot of cash when they get sick.

    1. I’ve noticed this as well, when Cleveland hosted the “Gay Games” the Cleveland Clinic was one of the biggest sponsors, it baffled me at the time but then I worked it out. The US spends on average $16 billion a year treating STDs and according to the CDC around $9 billion of that is by homosexuals and trannies alone! A while 2.5% of the population! I can’t imagine why hospitals and medical companies want these degenerates out and proud!

    2. There will never be shortage of sick people for the medical industry to turn a buck.
      The reasons gays aren’t held accountable is because feminists co-opted them into their movement in attempt to get 51% of the vote on election day.

    3. People forget this factor, although am not comfortable with legalizing marijuana, I think that’s also kept illegal to help the medical industry

  5. “gay men with HIV/AIDS are routinely—and falsely portrayed—as the victims of discrimination,”
    A false fag operation?

  6. Dr. Gene Scott, University Cathedral, Los Angeles, (back in the 1990s), although speaking of someone else, said it best. “They refuse to be accountable for the actions they commit of their own free will.” I think that may apply here, too. Thanks Doc!

  7. I remember 15-20 years ago, Oprah (a lesbian, for those who don’t know), made the claim “In the near future, AIDS will affect heterosexuals more than homosexuals. Trust me.” Or something like that.
    Of course, it was just a bullshit statement to scare straights into contributing to AIDS charities, press the government and medical community to put more effort into AIDS research and cure, etc., etc.
    Of course, just as I suspected, there are still relatively few cases of AIDS among straights, and those cases usually involve sharing needles during drug use, and weird sexual activities with high risk bisexuals, transsexual prostitutes, transgenders and the like.
    AIDS will never be prevalent among straights, but the gays want us to think so. Meanwhile, the homos (men especially) remain hyper-promiscuous, and many don’t use protection, play with and eat feces, engage in gerbil fun, and other activities that could only be dreamed up by very sick minds.
    And knuckle dragger Magic Johnson acquired his HIV years ago not from all the “wimmens”/groupies he was boning, as was the claim. He got it from sexual activity with young male prostitutes he was picking up on Santa Monica Blvd (in L.A) and other venues. This was known by enough people… but once again the media lied to us and made Magic out to be a “hero.”

    1. I lived in Hollywood when Magic appeared on Arsenio Hall the same day he stated he has HIV. And they all made Magic out to be a hero. I did not know Magic was making moves on Santa Monica. LOL! Thanks for the story.

      1. Arsenio is a cock smoker too. I kid you not.
        There are so, so many in the entertainment industry you wouldn’t believe it. My source is impeccable.

        1. I believe you. I heard of so many false face fags when I lived in L.A., I won’t even bother to start naming names. But Eddie Murphy is too.

    2. Magic is a hero for getting AIDS LOL calling magic a hero is one of the stupidest most repeated sports idiocies I have ever heard. He’s a hero because he heroically sodomizes male prostitures….you can’t make this stuff up.
      But there he is with 24 hour sports gyms named after him. ESPN 60 shows and all other sorts of b.s.

    3. I’m still wondering if Magic ever even got HIV or if it was pushed with him being the poster child for “straight guys get HIV too.” The mother fucker is way too damn healthy 20 years later.

      1. Wouldn’t surprise me. As a child I knew a classmate who got diagnosed with a rapid form of leukemia and was dead 2 weeks after the diagnosis. An immediate local drive for AB- blood was insufficient for the kid. I knew of a local city official in the 80s who had to come out as a fag and step down from the city council due to chronic symptoms and illness. He looked like Freddie Mercury with the fagdaddy moustache and was previously rumored gay. He too died quickly, within months. Gays were dropping like flies in the 80s. I remember it well. Rock Hudson died in 85 of AIDS. Right wing publications had articles with titles like ‘Thank God for AIDS’. Chicks in general were pretty clean back then. Only so often would a girl’s pussy smell really fishy. Otherwise pink and clean and sweeet.

      2. I’m with you on this one. They probably told him he had it, gave him sugar pills instead of AZT, and made him the poster child. Meanwhile, AZT does one thing and one thing only – it kills healthy human tissue.

      3. he retired for a couple of years, then came back to play one more season. player/coach I believe. He was more muscular than he ever was before contracting the virus

        1. Steroids are prescribed to AIDS patients to prevent muscle wasting. Magic had plenty of money for them and he was in the beginning stages of the disease so that might have had something to do with it.

      4. Magic is the only person I have seen with HIV who has gained weight.
        Most HIV sufferers become very thin. Of course, Magic is wealthy enough to afford the best care so that could be a factor.
        Have you ever seen Magic’s son? He’s gay and dresses effeminately. It’s so sad. Magic has said that he and his wife knew he was gay since he was a toddler and wanted to wear dresses. Ugh!

        1. IIRC Magic has foregone any and all “treatment” for AIDS. He has publically said that the AIDS drug cocktails are a hoax.

    4. I remember when Magic Johnson got HIV it was broadcast on every news venue. He even gave a press conference regarding this. He claimed that he had sex with over 1000 women. What shocked me was how can he have sex with over 1000 women and never catch a STD prior to getting HIV. Was he really that stupid that he got STD’s every few months and either ignored them or treated them but still never bother to wear a condom. How could I feel sorry for him? His behavior is almost impossible to replicate except for a small percentage of men who have access to so many women and no condoms.
      I have heard the rumors of his gay behavior and I am more inclined to believe that his HIV was acquired through gay sex since no other NBA stars have gotten HIV since Magic Johnson. I assume they are sleeping with some of the same women.

    5. Man, they had us brainwashed in the 80-90s…I actually got an AIDS test when I got married. There I was, 7 years monogamous, single-digit notch count (yes they were all females, you bunch a jackals…) worrying that I had the hiv….

        1. One day, Ill meet up w you for a pork/provolone/brocoli rabe sangwich at Tony Lukes

        2. We had one in nyc for a few years. owner couldnt make it work bc owner of Luke’s Philly insisted he truck the food in from that city.
          The only reason to go IMO is to see what I think is the future of American cities: everyone is broke, and that hood had a pretty even mix of whites/blacks/latinos

        3. Go where? here? Are WE the future?
          I would agree in that case – a wealthy white downtown surrounded by poor black post-industrial shit-hole. But hey, home is home. A good sangwheege makes it alright.

      1. IIRC the state of Indiana (the same one that thinks day light savings time is the work of the devil) once required AIDS testing as part of the application for a marriage license. They felt that the low false positive rate of maybe .02% would not be a problem. However, in the first few months they had over 600 positive results for AIDS, all of which were false. What they didn’t understand, and never asked a statistician, was that if the population has a negligible rate of AIDS infection then the false positives will always be the only positives you get, regardless of how good the screening test is. I would have to go through the math to prove it to you, and I have in the past, but most of you wouldn’t care. BTW, I am a statistician.

    6. Good post! The media, celebrities, public health departments and other government agencies, have run cover for faggots and the danger they pose to our society for decades.

  8. HIV/AIDS is almost 100% preventable. Try saying that in public. The blow back will be incredible.

  9. Gay men have become the shock troops for breaking down healthy societies because they embody the Enlightenment’s model of the New Man: Secular; hedonistic; deracinated; atomized; alienated from family, tribe, race and nation; no concern for the past or the future. Notice how readily gay men bugger men of other races they have just met, often without bothering to exchange names. Their broken sexuality and dysfunctional minds have destroyed their natural inhibitions against merging the races together into one huge ball of fungible mystery meat, and that explains why they have sided more with the globalists than with the people who have sensible nationalist views.

    1. >> “merging the races together into one huge ball of fungible mystery meat” >>
      excellent descriptive

      1. I don’t know what “fungible mystery meat” is, but I do like chicks of different races. Fungible mystery meat? Please enlighten!

        1. yes, I like Asian women too but if everyone bred with everyone else, all races would disappear and we would all blend into one bland vaguely mocha colored blob

    2. That sounds like stormcuck disinformation. Gay males are more racist than straights. There are no blacks in the castro district in SF. Its whiter than the segregated south. Further gay males don’t reproduce so they don’t merge races. There are very valid reasons to hate gays but as usual stormucks go full cuck and scream they are being cucked because they have cuck neurosis.

      1. That is because the Black community is violently opposed to gayness. So, gay black men go on the down low. Living in the Castro district is about as out of the closet as you can get.

        1. Blacks can’t afford to live in San Francisco in general. The SWPL’s there have figured out a way of isolating themselves from blacks without overt discrimination by just pricing blacks out of the real estate market.

        2. Last time I was in SF(not that long ago) I saw a lot of blacks, so the pricing method seems not to be working. And there are Black guys with enough money to live there in the pricier neighborhoods.

      2. White gay men talk about the wonders of black men’s dicks all the time, and the ones with money and passports go on sex tourism adventures to Third World countries like Morocco, Brazil and Thailand.
        And they support open borders because nonstop immigration brings in fresh brown meat, like we saw in Omar Mateen’s trainwreck of a life last year.

        1. Are you speaking from experience?
          Ashamed of your past exploits? You always seemed pretty gay to me, seeing as how you never seem to tire of riding Trump’s dick.

        2. “…Omar Mateen’s trainwreck of a life last year.”
          That’s the Muzzie fag that shot up all the other fags in Orlando?

      3. there are no blacks in SF because the rent is like $4000 a month there… they’re all over in oakland

    3. Yes, this should be its own article.
      No one finds it curious that heterosexuals have adopted all the lifestyle habits that previously were limited to the homosexual community?
      Narcissism, vanity, promiscuous anonymous sex (Tinder was a spin off of Grinder), no concern for leaving a legacy, no desire to reproduce, just sterile meaningless sex with many new partners

  10. Will gay men take responsibility for AIDS? You can’t be a victim if you take responsibility
    Might as well be asking if blacks take responsibility for high crime and bad grades.
    Or if single mothers take responsibility for divorce.
    Or if SJW’s will take responsibilty for being worthless purple hair effeminate POS’s

    1. On that last one I know a lot of female SJWs who are not in any way effeminate, or feminine either.

  11. Gay men are largely morally bankrupt, sexually degenerate, irresponsible human beings who behave like little high school girls. They’ll get high on their drug of choice, go to the club, and fuck and suck 40 other guys in a single night. Then they try to play the victim when they contract deadly diseases. If not for daddy government, a lot of them would either die off or think twice about their disgusting behavior.

    1. It isnt the fact gays suck off 40 men, its the massive amounts of faeces from those men which creates the std & aids epidemics
      Men have always been able to fuck multiple female whores & prostitutes, with no epidemics of stds or aids
      Stop believing the lie, hetrosexual sex doesnt spread desease
      Only with the influx of diseased immigrants, the real root of the std explosion

        1. “What part of epidemics don’t you understand, ”
          a widespread occurrence of an infectious disease in a community at a particular time.
          “a flu epidemic”
          synonyms: outbreak, plague, pandemic, epizootic
          “an epidemic of typhoid”
          I understand it clearly and provided a source to back up my point.
          Examples of STD epidemics spread by whores abound in European history.
          Do you read anything before you comment?

        2. I think you’re confusing “encyclopedia” with “wikipedia”.
          Ps: as a sidenote, spelling “feces” with the extra “a” (faeces) doesn’t make you appear more intelligent. It just makes you look like a pedantic blowhard.

    2. I agree. It’s so awful that homosexuality has been shoved down our throats.
      Here in Canada, gays are such a powerful group that we have a hideous lesbian as Ontario premier. She’s ruining the province and uses her sexuality as a get out of jail free card.
      I will never understand how a man can choose another man’s anus over a woman’s vagina.

      1. Have you noticed the hideous women attached to most of these vaginas. I know for sure that gayness is not a choice because if it were many, many more men would make that choice. Unfortunately, I am addicted to the pussy, and hence have all the problems associated with unhealthy addictions.

        1. I don’t think most men would choose to be gay.
          I have noticed that many lesbians are ugly. That’s why most of them are feminazis.

        2. What do ugly lesbians have to do with gay guys. You do realize that gay guys have little or nothing to do with the lesbian crowd?
          And I would have to say that most gay guys are pretty good looking. Ask any fag hag. They worry more about fashion and staying thin. I could give a shit about either, especially as I have aged out of the pursuit of pussy if not the appreciation of it.

    3. The history of how homosexuality is viewed by society is a lesson in ‘The Camel’s Nose in the Tent’. When it was illegal and Gays were sent to prison, the Gays said “What two adults do discreetly in the privacy of their own home shouldn’t result in them being incarcerated,” a statement I actually agree with if only because there’s other more important things for the Police to be doing which, in my experience, they often fail to do (namely going after thieves, counterfeiters of money and drunkards who commit criminal damage; criminals with real victims).
      But when homosexuality was decriminalised, instead of keeping their activities under wraps they started getting all up under the public’s nose, demanding the right to notoriety without negative consequences. They wanted the right to marry, the right to be given jobs in preference over normal men, the right to corrupt children by teaching that their lifestyle is normal in school. And now we find ourselves where we are today; the camel’s in the tent and we’re sleeping under the stars.

  12. “Patient 0″ who brought HIV to the USA and North America was a gay flight attendant I think for Air France. He had over 3000 sexual partners. The AIDS epidemic was traced to him. Was a good expose on him in Sixty Minutes and the book ” And the Band Played On” ( written by a gay guy who I think died of AIDS ) . This Patient Zero guy would go to the bathhouses in San Fran and have “several ” sex partners in one nite. He, Patient 0 , was confronted by public health officials and he would not stop….

    1. “Several?” I remember watching a TV show about him years ago. In those bath houses every day homo’s would kneel on a chair facing the wall, tens of them in a line. They would have bottles of Crisco beside them and any number of other homo’s would just make their way down the line copulating with as many assholes as they pleased. It would have been tens if not hundreds of homo’s per day.
      I mean ffs these degenerates and their behaviour have been normalised by western society. Letting them adopt children to spread this disease of the mind.

  13. Sometimes just sometimes I think God created AIDS on purpose just for the gays.

    1. “Now now don’t be such a bigot, heterosexuals get HIV too!”
      You’ll hear that from every [email protected] and lefty on the Internet, what they leave out is that the vast majority of those heterosexuals are junkies, black, or some other kind of degenerate, usually trannies.

      1. I know a few people in medicine and insurance (number crunchers) and they have all told me HIV is prodiminately a gay mans disease. They haven’t ran across any no straights who were not junkies in over 20 years working in their perspective industries. They would discourage women from having relations with bi-sexual men as well.

        1. The only women who have sex with gay men are the fat fag hags who follow them around in the hopes of one day banging a guy who doesn’t look a homeless wino.

        1. He’s a bit rough around the edges, but his preaching is what we need to hear. We need more men of God to rise up in these perilous times.

        1. Still havent explained what jesus is lord of …
          Also grovelling to a fake person & calling him your lord & master, created by the catholic church … makes you a looser
          Jesus is fiction, he was created by rome, the early new testament never mentions a person called jesus

        2. Dude, we’ve gotten into it before. I ain’t going to waste my time with you. Why don’t you watch some sermons by real Christians like Pastor Anderson and learn something. But you won’t because it’s pretty obvious your mind is set in concrete from years of leftist brainwashing. I ain’t a catholic, and the Christian faith started well before the Catholic church usurped the religion. But by all means, keep learning from little leftist fags like Bart Ehrmann or Peter Joseph. Surely they must be right lol.

        3. On one hand you’re right. There’s a lot of bullshit branches of Christianity so called out there. Like Catholicism, Protestantism, and Orthodoxy. I mean if it’s only natural for an enemy to want to infiltrate it’s opposing force. But you’ve obviously never stepped into a Biblical new testament church with a fire breathing no restraints pastor who knows his shit. Coincidentally the types of churches most likely to end up on ACLU watch lists. Watch the video I linked, and see what I’m talking about. You call that a den of leftism? If you do, you’re a complete tool. By the way, how has our culture turned out with faker watered down leftist christianity mixed with atheism? Haven’t been doing so well have we? LOL.

        4. I know exactly what christianity, theres no such thing as a watered down christianity … It is a watered down religion
          My dad was a well known pastor, I got sick of the pussified ideology & the idiocracy of the idiots who refuse to see the fraud of their religion
          The truth is christianity is designed to destroy europe, designed by kabalah pharisee’s & occult Rome
          Christianity is pure communism & always has been, it is a massive virulent threat just like islam & jews

        5. lol is that it?
          Conservative christians always preach socialism from the pulpit, no matter how right wing they are. As christianity is a leftist socialist religion, no matter how right wing you are.
          The problem with christians like yourself, all you do is rationalise the communist bible verses, whenever someone points out most of the new testament is socialist garbage …
          You have no idea how to confront the problems with your socialist religion
          Also christians fund & shelter most of the immigrant filth, not to mention they fund & prop up all the disgusting ghetto’s with their bullshit charities
          Before you say churchians or leftwing garbage … christians have always pulled this shit … you guys are disgusting socialists

    2. Who would have thought that shoving something into a hole where things are only meant to come out of would cause damage? And I’m supposed to have sympathy for these people who could have avoided the whole damn thing in the first place by not engaging in subhuman behavior? Talk about an entitlement complex!

      1. And let me add for those pointing at the homosexuality of ancient (and maybe not so ancient) Greece, they were 100% opposed to anal sex.

  14. They played so much of George Michael’s shit in the 80s and Elton John’s in the 70s. Radio stations bombarded the airwaves with pop music performed by other gay performers as well. The music had good instrumentals but the lyrics were empty and meaningless. Over all, the music wasn’t all that good, kind of sappy.
    What stands out is that George Michael’s vids all feature runway caliber world class super models . . . and the motherfucker was a fudge packer. It doesn’t make sense.
    Geez he could have had his pick and he turned it all down for some STINKY ASSHOLES! What the fuck was wrong with the guy?
    I remember George Michael and Wham music well from my club days. The pop music that they played in college clubs when I was learning pickup was a good 50% or more performed by these music industry approved gay celebrities and others.
    So you get tanked in the club, Adam Ant, Boy George or George Michael blasting and then once the buzz is going, the game is on. Approach, game, hot college bitches everywhere. It’s a swimming pool of pussy. But I still haven’t figured out how music performed by fucking gay hairless monkeys magically produces an environment that so greatly enhances the mind’s focus on picking up girls. So many of my greatest pickup routines I dreamed up while in a club and the shit blasting at 100s of dB through my brain. I still can’t figure it out.

    George Michaels vids all feature the most primo bitches. The blonde in this vid must be the hottest thing on the planet:

    And to think he turned down the hottest bitches on the planet for some hairy stinky man’s asshole. I’m simply dumbfuckingstupidified. Shit.

    1. I watched a doco on him, yeah he did lots of work for charity and donated $$$$ but he was still an assh*le.

    2. You wanna be famous? You gotta pick from one of three doors to enter, and one of those doors has homosexual initiations behind it.

      1. You mean most jew industries are filled with pussified emasculated faggot jews … homo initiations are part of jewish kabalah which is why its mandatory wherever jews concentrate
        Kabalah is jewish version of satanism …

        1. Look who controls all media.
          “Thus the ultimate authority for Orthodoxy is the Babylonian Talmud. The Bible itself ranks second to it in reality, if not in theory.” {Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, “Authority” pg. 637)
          Modern Jewry” is comprised of Edomite CONVERTS to Judaism.
          “Edom is in modern Jewry,” ~ (Jewish Encyclopedia, 1925 edition, Vol.5, p.41)

        1. one is some human sacrifice shit, and the other one is you’re on your own with the establishment against you.

  15. When they stop packing fudge and stuffing so many drugs in inside themselves it makes a CVS look like hot dog vendor.

  16. Gays are the ultimate enemy of the west. They constant subvert overtly and covertly through the media, schools and more. Many conservatives say they don’t mind them but these fags are volatile. These bugchasers hate life and love death.

  17. I have a few gay friends and even I agree with this article. The amount of promiscuity in what is a petrie-dish of disease is just plain insanity. I have nothing ‘against’ gays, as none of them have ever harmed me, but costing $$$$$$$$$$ in our Healthcare bucks due to your own foolhardiness is what makes me nuts! And to all the religious nutjobs, fk right off, your sanctimonious self-righteousness is just as nauseating. I have left both my kids in the care of my gay friends and that is something I would NEVER feel safe doing with a religious type!

    1. Says the guy who believes Cuba has a higher standard of healthcare and education than the US….

    2. I am nominating you for Worst Parent of the Year. To watch over your kids, you are choosing gays over “religious types?” You actually think that sanctimonious religious types are as “nauseating” as folks who are same-sex promiscuous, eat and play with feces, enjoy golden showers, glory holes, do the gerbil thing, cram anything and everything up heir asses, etc., etc.?
      You are a very mixed up dude, Steve-O

      1. My,my,my, you sure do seem to be a bit fascinated with bedroom antics concerning same sex attracted peeps! And yes, I trust my friends with my kids (who incidentally, ADORE them), and I wouldn’t trust someone who believes in superstitious bullshit and the ability to forgive themselves of any crime simply by telepathically asking for forgiveness anytime from their imaginary skydaddy! I have a very ‘girly’ daughter and a VERY male son who both enjoy going to their farm, my son hunts with them and my daughter gets treated like gold. My gay friends are far better all round decent people, than 99% of a lot of redneck dipshit heterosexual people I know.

  18. The worst thing to me is not that they get HIV/AIDS, but two things: 1) – the HUGE cost born by the rest of us to pay for health care for their blatant stupidity (there are gays referred to as ‘bug chasers’ because they are TRYING to catch HIV!), and worse, they think their precious feelings are so important that THEY need to feel validated to donate blood despite their incredibly high risk for transmitting a disease to innocent people.
    Say that an HIV test is 99.9% accurate (I’m being generous). 1 of every 1000 cases will be missed. There are 43000 pints used per day – that translates into 43 cases of innocent people getting AIDS each and every day through the blood supply. All to satisfy some snowflake’s perverse need to be validated even though it puts everyone else at risk.
    Stupidity. Absolute stupidity. And selfishness.

    1. No, there’s a big difference.
      Homosexuals are people attracted to the same sex.
      Gays people are leftists centered around their asshole. It’s a lifestyle, an ideology.
      The scam is to use one to define another, and to use the whole thing as an example for the whole society.
      Ancient Greeks were often homosexual, and bring some great values to civilisation.
      Progressist, liberal are often ‘Gays’ or ‘Gay friendly’, and are a threat to everything of value in our civilisation.
      Homosexual is not a definition.
      Gay is.

      1. Homosexuals are a threat because they by definition will leave no legacy – they are consummate hedonists / materialists, content to focus on what they find pleasurable with no thought toward the future

        1. Being sterile is not a threat, as long as you are a valuable part of the Community, and not a parasite living on the guilt of others.
          By the way, homosexual men used to marry (with women) and had children.
          If it’s a genetic disposition, there are good chances than modern gay lifeststyle purge it the pool gene… Exept for the richer who can rent a belly for artificial insimination.

      2. Yet its their homosexuality that undid them to the Romans. In Homer’s time this disgusting practice was unheard of.

        1. They fell because they were unable to unite toward a comon ennemy, because their leaders were weak, because they were unwilling to give their lives for their freedom.
          Alexander didn’t conquer half of the world because he was ‘bisexual’, but because he was a military Genius., a strong leader, an inspiration for his men.
          Mecedonia didn’t fell under the roman Boot because people were straight or gay, but because they lack the strenght of a strong leader at that time, strong allies and strong structures to support their armies.

        2. No homosexuality is a form of decadence. Its why greece was having problem with their population when the romans came and why Rome was too soft by the time the barbarians came.

        3. The greek had the same problem with slavery that we have with capitalism. The concentration of working force (slaves) in a few hands destroys the standard of living of most citizens (only citizens fought).
          Why being a free potter if a slave works for free. You can’t compete. Why work in your fileds when your rich neighbours can do a bigger job and sell their crop for a lesser price ?(you don’t pay slaves from the point you own it).
          (note: the problem was only solved with industrialisation, when it became cheaper to pay a worker than to own a slave ndlr)
          Sure, you can pay mercenaries, but they are unreliable. And your ennemies can pay them more…
          I can assure you than humble working men can be homosexual, but they can’t be gay. They have not any time to any kind of hedonistic life.

        4. Slavery hindered technological progress in the Ancient world. And actually in the long term fostered weakness.

    2. Homosexual is the correct term, gay is the sugar coated happy term, As usual liberal appropriate other terms and concepts like when they appropriate the word liberal or the color blue for democrats, being gay was being a happy man. Not a sodomite shit pusher.

  19. Theodore Shoebat is a great resource on the pure evilness of faggotry. Being immersed in the gaylifestyle will bring you to the highest levels of evil available. It is so disgusting, evil and deceptive.

  20. As some of you may know I am one of the rare gays on the right.
    I had gone to my representatives when Obama removed the HIV travel ban telling them to fight it as it would make drug resistant AIDS come to the US faster. It arrived last year from refusegees. When it spreads to the bathhouses it will be the 80 all over again. Refusgees are also not smart enough to take drugs correctly and will speed up drug resistance.
    If you think the costs of HIV are bad at $2k-5K a month are bad many gays are using TRUVADA Prep in place of condoms that doesn’t protect against anything other than regular(non drug resistant) AIDS that runs $1500+ per month per person at taxpayer or fellow insured expense.
    Actually I have meet gays who take responsibility for the spread of HIV. They bragged that they purposely tried to spread it into the blood supply so STR8s would try harder to find a cure. The Clinton’s also knowingly sold AIDS infected prison blood.
    One reason that some gays can spend all day online is they get HIV on purpose then lay about on social security disability.

    1. so talking about AIDs will eventually be considered islamophobic? Why am I not surprised?

    2. You don’t belong here. There are plenty of “right-wing” places that aren’t for masculine men specifically.

    3. This is sadly true.
      I work in the healthcare field. I have to read patients’ charts.
      There are gays who take prophylactic drugs to prevent HIV.
      Can you imagine: they’re cognizant enough to know that they are engaging in high risk activity but they still do it? Insane

    4. Thanks for letting us know about the secret gay meetings your privy to. Would you feel comfortable providing the names of the gays who take responsibility for the spread of HIV?

  21. Africans & jews & christian cuckstains are a thousand times worse then homo faggot retards …
    At least fags dont reproduce, apart from adopting toddlers to fuck …
    Africans know as a race theyre shit, so they shit out at least 10 to 20 kids per family, unfortunately most africans are mentally retarded they can barely handle the english language, hence their use of ebonics, & retarded rap, basic african gibberish …
    Jews know as a race theyre utterly useless leeches & parasites, hence their ponzi schemes & scams, & robbing white people to support shit hole Israel …
    Christian cuckstains know theyre a bunch of spineless pussified faggots & failed cucks from hell, hence theyre refusal to push nuclear families & traditonal culture, even though christians out number leftists …
    Fags are a none-issue, its the africans, jews & christian cuckstains responsible for fucking over western civilisation

    1. Jews are the true master race fam. 110 average IQ, higher than whites and east Asians.
      Accept the natural hierarchy of man. Accept your inferiority. The cream rises to the top, and the Jews are the cream.

      1. Is that why theyre kicked out of thousands of countries, & cant even fund their own country? Requiring billions in aid every year from gullible retarded christians in the u.s …
        Then theres the penis slicing of toddlers, followed up by penis sucking by sick paedo jews … basically raping their own children
        & slitting the throats of animals like backward muslims, instead of stunning them like regular farms …
        Yep, real high i.q … horse shit … jews are low i.q retards, just like muslims
        Just look at Israel, a backward shit hole

        1. They’ve been kicked out because they always do better than the native population. Always. The cream rises to the top, as race realists are so fond of saying. And hey, if you can get other countries to fund yours for you, why not? It’s not their fault the western world is stupid enough to buy into it.
          Cultural practices are irrelevant. The Ashkenazi have an average IQ of approximately 110. Look up J Phillipe Rushton’s research on the subject. Facts don’t care about your feelings.
          And you know “Muslim” is a religion, not a race, yes?
          Learn some basic grammar and how to spell, and then come back to me when you’re ready to accept your inferiority like an adult, ok?

        2. LOL, oh right now you’re labelling the backward barbaric practises of jews as cultural practices …
          The fact they torture & mutilate & rape infants, proves beyond a doubt jews are a backward low i.q race.
          Go fuck yourself.

  22. If gays collectively took responsibility for spreading AIDs, then leftists would have to face facts and the whole LGBT community would dissolve.

  23. well, one thing you could do would be to start criminally prosecuting those who have unprotected sex while knowing they are infected.

      1. the very rarity of the prosecution and lack of common-ness make my point.
        it’s not that i’m unaware that you can be prosecuted for this act, obviously you can.
        it’s that there should be THOUSANDS of prosecutions for this EVERY YEAR, if it was being taken seriously.
        1.2 million living with AIDS
        ~40,000 new cases diagnosed EVERY YEAR
        7 of 8 AIDS carriers *know* that they are diseased.
        are Blacks far more likely to be homo than Whites? because they account for the majority of new cases, even though they’re only ~13% of the population.
        likely that Prison Bitches have a significant impact on the Black infection rate.
        keep in mind, those are just US statistics. it seems likely to me that you could easily have ten thousand prosecutions just in 2015.

      2. I don’t understand. A gay male living as a woman doesn’t want to be locked in with hundreds of horny men bereft of any women? Something just doesn’t add up.

  24. I pretty much love Freddie Mercury as the lead singer of Queen. Great band, wrote their own original music and he was an incredibly talented songwriter and front man. He apparently had sex with hundreds of guys , if not thousands, during that band’s heyday, snorted enough coke every day to kill most people and of course died young from AIDS-related illnesses. As disgusting as his lifestyle was, he didn’t rub it in people’s faces that he had AIDS and kept it to himself until his deathbed . At the Freddie Mercury tribute concert, it was all about his posthumous AIDS foundation, which featured attention whoring by the likes of the cretinous Elizabeth Taylor, etc. Point is, this guy was a rock legend who lived the train wreck lifestyle he wanted and left behind some great music, but he didn’t whine and make excuses for his degeneracy (unlike the current cretins who want sympathy for their incredibly self-destructive decisions).

        1. But the heterosexual male AIDS rates in sub-Saharan Africa are worse than the gay AIDS rates in the US.

        2. Poor sanitation builds highly viral bacteria, which in turn creates epidemics of highly diseased africans …
          The low i.q of africans make’s sanitation & plumbing in sub sahara africa, virtually none-existent
          Goto a 3rd world country like Bangladesh, & you can see the raw open sewage in the streets, they dont even bother using pipes, they use basic drains for rainwater
          Because they dont use pipes …
          The air in their streets is filled with faeces & sewage waste from all the open drains filled with hazardous waste
          You white folk, have no idea how fucking disgusting villages & mudhuts in the 3rd world really are …

        3. Highly viral bacteria? What the fuck are you talking about? Try learning some basic science before posting utter bullshit.

    1. The song don´t stop me now is about his lifestyle, he was fucking everything that moves, not only men, he was an hedonist degenerate as the lyric of the song said. He was out of control.

    2. Yeah some of them are discrete about it. I think society in the 80s had a better relationship to it where it was laughed about, kept hidden but not celebrated

  25. gays only care about what gives them an orgasm. if a fly had a hole big enough they’ll put their rod in it

    1. wasn’t there some fag who died when his colon got torn by a horse that was fucking him in the ass when he went on some kind of bestiality homo tourism to get fucked in the ass by animals?

      1. Yes, I believe it happened in Washington State. At the time bestiality was not illegal there as they had never saw a need to outlaw such a repulsive activity of men banging animals. Although that type of thing has been going on for millennia.

  26. Add in herpes to the mix, if AIDS is rife within the fag community, what about herpes which far easier to catch and a greater threat to straight society than AIDS, with AIDS at least you die. Herpes are sores that have NO cure !

  27. >that never happens. Nor should it.
    Yes it should. Women should abort children they cannot arrange support for and be neutered if they about date that responsibility.
    Pregnancy can occur from women stealing sperm from condoms, a problem AIDS doesn’t have.
    >you get lumped with 18 years of supporting the child directly or government-enforced child support. As a society, we believe in a personal responsibility-centric law of cause and effect for a man getting a woman pregnant.
    But not the inverse since women can take a pill or get an abortion irnabandon then baby at a safe Haven to avoid the fiscal obligation.

  28. My main problem is with the bisexuals. Homosexuals can share whatever diseases they want amongst each other and it is none of my business. But when some turncoat gets HIV and then infects a woman, it becomes a concern for all of us straight men who should not have to even consider HIV as a threat.

  29. The page you link also says it’s mainly a black problem:
    Black/African Americand gay and bisexual men accounted for the largest number of HIV diagnoses (10,315), followed by white gay and bisexual men (7,570).
    Among all gay and bisexual men, trends have varied by race and over time. From 2005 to 2014:
    Among white gay and bisexual men, diagnoses dropped steadily, declining 18% overall.
    Among Hispanic/Latinoe gay and bisexual men, diagnoses rose by 24%.
    Although diagnoses among African American gay and bisexual men increased 22%, they have leveled off in the past 5 years, increasing less than 1% since 2010.
    Young African American gay and bisexual men (aged 13 to 24) experienced an 87% increase in diagnoses.
    It also says that among women the black women are much more likely to have AIDS.

      1. Hi, bro.
        Former PUA-like now going monk, here! Well, “going monk unless I would meet a very rich widow” 🙂
        Manly men who are natural players could care less about gays, they’re even glad if there are gays around since that left more chicks without a partner 🙂

        1. True …
          Hetrosexual sex is INCREDIBLY SAFE, even with multiple women …UNLESS you’re black
          The fact is, white civilisations ARE SO SAFE & their sanitation SO SUPERIOR, even white gay men have low levels of stds …
          Dont you understand, they are lying to you about everything … this is WHY black folk & black immigrants have got to go …

  30. HIV will be the least of our worries thanks to degenerates.
    That the antibiotics-resistant enterobacteria are spread via fecal matter suggests to me that this “nightmare bacteria” is transmitted via not just anal sex, but certain perverse sexual practices favored by homosexuals called “rimming” (oral-anal contact) and “brown shower” (copraphilia: oral ingestion of feces).
    Both practices result in the “gay bowel syndrome” — of diseases such as
    Hepatitis A, Giardia lamblia, Entamoeba histolytica, Epstein-Barr virus,
    Neisseria meningitides, Shigellosis, Salmonellosis, Pediculosis, scabies, Campylobacter, and typhoid.
    Now we can add to the above diseases the nightmare superbug enterobacteriaceae that not only is antibiotics-resistant, it actually breaks down antibiotics and easily transfers its antibiotic resistance to other bacteria.

    1. Now this is EXACTLY why the planners located the assholes as far away as possible from your mouth! Fuk is wrong with people?

  31. If you are not an IV drug user who shares needles and a straight man that does not have anal sex with other men your chances of getting HIV, absent extreme circumstances like an open wound on your junk while having sex with someone who is positive, are nil. HIV/AIDS is mostly a gay and straight women who have sex with men who have sex with men disease (and that scenario is a long shot). But, thanks to literally trillions of dollars in research we will probably have a cure in the next 5-7 years so this will no longer be a “thing”.
    What we should worry about is antibiotic resistance. Society is on the brink of of having very little that will be effective for multiple reasons. That strep throat infection that just used to disappear in a few days once you take some pills could put you down for a week or more. If you are elderly it could take your life. Research dollars that went to develop a cure for a designer disease like HIV/AIDS robbed us of a chance to develop new drugs to cut this off even though we knew it was coming since the late 90’s. There are few substitute drugs in the pipeline and even those lack funding. Wait until about 2020 but this is soon going to become a mainstream issue. Until then stockpile antibiotics if you can because they will soon become very hard to get as the elite are going to limit their circulation in an attempt to stop ongoing bacterial resistance.

    1. Resistance to antibiotics seems to me one of the biggest nonsense ever spread. Antibiotics are all based on molecules produced by fungi, because the bacteria have not become resistant to these chemicals if they have been exposed millions of years to them? But do they become resistant in a few human generations?!?! It seems to me a more scam from the pharmafia to sell more expensive antibiotics.

      1. Yes they do. I had to take one of strep throat a few months ago. The dose I was prescribed was almost 2 g of a drug that 20 years ago would have been about 500 mg.

  32. God may or may not hate fags, but it’s pretty obvious where Darwin and Murphy stand. That disease is easily preventable. Human beings are not meant to be promiscuous.

    1. But it is sort of funny that the lifestyle comes with so many “hurdles” like it is unnatural or something. Oh wait it is unnatural, sick, perverted, and disturbing.

    2. Typical spineless christian imbecile …
      Men create over millions of sperm a day, men are specifically designed to impregnate hundreds of women
      Sex with multiple women doesnt spread std’s, sex with with diseased degenerates from 3rd world hell holes does
      If sex with multiple women spread disease, the human race wouldve become extinct …
      Men have fucked thousands of women since adam & eve, including moses, abraham & saul & all of their children all banged & fucked & wifed thousands of women
      Grow some balls, spineless christian freak

        1. Well, your dink might be biologically designed to fit in a rectum or even a 120V electrical socket. Doesn’t mean ya should do it.
          Look, buddy – go rail as much poon as you can get. Just don’t snivel to me when you come down with a disease you could easily have prevented by showing some judgement or having pride in yourself.

        2. You’re a typical clueless christian …
          The fact is you’ve been lied to about STD’s AND aids
          Std’s are a black persons disease, as is aids
          I know it sounds racists, but africans are hideously filthy diseased freaks
          Africans are hideously filthy & filled with all sorts of disease’s, the facts & statistics prove it
          Hetrosexual sex is INCREDIBLY SAFE, even with multiple women …UNLESS you’re black
          The fact is, white civilisations ARE SO SAFE & their sanitation SO SUPERIOR, even white gay men have low levels of stds …
          Dont you understand, they are lying to you about everything … this is WHY black folk & black immigrants have got to go …
          Blacks arent just destroying white folk, theyre destroying asians as well as europeans through the many disease’s & low i.q ghetto’s black ppl are known to create …

  33. What about PUAs and serial sexual players, have they taken any responsibility?
    Even if one plays 100% safe, simply by making women more promiscuous this could be responsible for an indirect spread of STDs, increase of divorce rates, suicides, pussy riots, etc.

    1. Actually its women who fuck around with thugs & criminals & low i.q retarded africans, spreading plagues of std’s
      White PUA’s & white players like most white hetrosexual white folk have low levels of std’s
      Its women who love refugee’s & black cock infecting the vast majority ofthe population
      Sex with multiple women doesnt spread disease, sex with diseased degenerates from 3rd world hell holes spreads disease … also a favourite past time of inferior women …

      1. Even if one plays 100% safe, simply by making women more promiscuous this could be responsible for an indirect spread of STDs, increase of divorce rates, suicides, pussy riots, etc.

        1. Wrong, you cant make women promiscous, its women who WANT to fuck thugs & criminals from 3rd world shit holes, like africa, responsible for spreading stds etc.
          Divorce is caused by divorce laws, not men making women promiscous
          All women are disloyal thug fucking whores, theyre biologically designed to seek out as many alpha thugs as they can find, & impregnate their retarded vagina’s …
          Women are inferior, retarded idiots & a danger to pretty much all civilisation, just like africans & christians & jews & muslims … assholes the whole lot of them …

        2. Hahah!! Good one Fo4. Just your typical Storm Cuck looking to share how their purity is being tainted by the world. Special snowflakes.

        3. How does the fact, all women are biologically designed to seek out thug idiots, make me a stormcuck?
          Also white hetrosexuals have the lowest stds, a known fact.
          Seriously, debate the facts or stfu

        4. People also consistently withhold the truth on these tests for STD so it is a pittance of the populace tested. From personal meetings I have met more white men with a strain of herpes than black men with a known STD. As a straight male I tend to not look at other men’s privates as a matter of self respect. Of all the white men I know, a larger portion of them have had an STD or been to prison than other types of people I know. Dating websites prove you wrong on women’s tastes as well. All cucks bitch about statistics and how they are being cucked. That’s why they are cucks.

        5. Statistically in a white majority country, of course you’re coming into CONTACT with more white people then blacks
          Also wth are you talking about dating websites … state what these sites are saying … do you even know how to debate? … for fucks sake …
          Nothing you’ve said so far makes me remotely a cuck … back it up with facts bitch

    2. PUAs don’t force women to have sex. If sluts weren’t so easy, PUAs would be shut down overnight.

  34. 20 years ago a friend was ranting that it was all a hoax. – he read a book.
    AZT was cancer drug to replace chemo. That reduces immunity…
    These guys were sick from their lifestyle – eating shit, drugs, etc…
    And they murdered them with this failed cancer drug — that made sick people reduce their immunities…
    Otherwise we’d all be dead by now…

      1. exactly.
        and if you are a young boy acting like a boy.
        the same pharmaceutical companies have pill for that
        and if that doesn’t work
        constant feminized gender bending brainwashing…

  35. Homosexuality is a sexual orientation. Gay is a lifestyle and a political statement.
    I don’t care who fucks who, when it’s about responsible adults.
    I DO care about political groups messing with my life. Particulary those who practice DARVO rethoric.

    1. nicely put and parsing out homosexuality from gay is a great idea. Well done.

        1. I don’t know about all that. Probably right. I do know that as a well to do, white, non drug using, health conscious, first world, hetero sexual male that I have zero fear about contracting aids — like absolutely none. Most the time if a girl is hot enough I won’t even bother bagging it. Been years, decades, and I have never contracted a single disease. If you are out there sodomizing Haitian heroin users or sex traveling in Africa things might get ugly but while I am banging 8+ white girls who are fairly well off financially and tend to live very healthy and drug free life styles I am not going to wory about some disease that was invented to bilk people out of money.

        2. Yes, true
          The fact is you’ve been lied to about STD’s AND aids
          Std’s are a black persons disease, as is aids
          I know it sounds racists, but africans are hideously filthy diseased freaks
          Africans are hideously filthy & filled with all sorts of disease’s, the facts & statistics prove it
          Hetrosexual sex is INCREDIBLY SAFE, even with multiple women …UNLESS you’re black
          The fact is, white civilisations ARE SO SAFE & their sanitation SO SUPERIOR, even white gay men have low levels of stds …
          Dont you understand, they are lying to you about everything … this is WHY black folk & black immigrants have got to go …
          Blacks arent just destroying white folk, theyre destroying asians as well as europeans through the many disease’s & low i.q ghetto’s black ppl are known to create …

        3. “You know one record of Magic Johnson’s that will never be broken? Getting aids from a woman.” -Norm as Bob Dole

        4. An acquaintance toured Africa a few years ago. When he came back he said he was so afraid of AIDS that he was scared every time he took his condom off to take a piss.

        5. Before you talk about IQ and the “inherent superiority of the white man,” I think you should learn how to write properly first…

    2. Exactly right. Separating out the two is important, not least because those who are pushing the politics are determined to blur the boundaries between the two. Gay politics – particularly queer theory based is part of the big transformation agenda and it’s target is as much straight people as homosexuals (or those they see as having the potentiality), actually I’d say it is far more so, as the purpose is to change how we see sexual differentiation, relationships, sex, marriage – the purpose is to tear down (and remake) all the institutions of old, and above all anything still propping them up. The problem with the focus – including perhaps in articles like this – is that it just focuses on a gay as a (minority) lifestyle (in this case, as having health implications). Since that can be written off as intolerance or even ‘hate’ then the real target – the change agents (many of whom couldn’t give a damn about sucking cock or whatever) aren’t identified.
      DARVO is a good way of looking at this, but fundamentally this is DARPA level DARVO

  36. “-the general futility of trying to “convert” gay people to heterosexuality.”
    Well, sexual orientation (in and of itself)) is definitely NOT a choice.
    Make no mistake.
    If horny young hetero men could simply switch their brains from chicks to dicks (and thus get all the no strings attached free sex they could ever want!) they’d do it in a heartbeat.
    But your point about gay men CHOOSING to do something they are warned is extremely dangerous still stands.

  37. Colossians 3:6
    For it is because of these things that the wrath of God will come upon the sons of disobedience…
    As long as homosexuals stay in that 80% majority and they can’t or don’t want to see their own guilt in this matter, i say let them have it.

  38. Elton John makes me laugh every time I see him. Short, bespectacled, ridiculous hair, bummer. He may have talent but what an awful person. His bum chum in chief David Furnish off bum bum bumming with other men while Elton left at home snorting coke while the kids run around with the nanny…..debauchery promoted as normalcy……

  39. Guess what, all of us that have health insurance are subsidizing the very expensive drugs being used to keep these parasites alive.

  40. Whenever the HIV/AIDS question comes up I feel the need to post this.
    Not making claims, but everyone needs to think for themselves, and not accept arguments from authority, but rather look at the evidence.
    From what I`ve learned, there is no solid evidence of a retrovirus causing Acquired Immune Deficiency, but rather extreme drug abuse and sexual behaviour is gays, and contaminated water, poor sanitation and nutrition in Africa. (and other places with similar conditions)
    A lot of people think you can actually find HIV in patients, this is not true however, you can only test for lower T-cell counts, which indicate immune system activation, as well as the presence of certain proteins indicative of infection.
    The problem is that both of these indicators can stem from a ton of different conditions, including common infections like malaria, dysentery, smallpox etc.
    It seems to me like an invented disease to sell drugs, (or simply a flawed conclusion by scientist keen on making a name for themselves), rather than facing the real issues that I`ve described.
    But as I said, think for yourselves and don`t assume anything.

    1. I was going to say this exact same thing using the words “faggot” “junky” and “stupid cunt” I am glad you so intelligently put it out there for people to read. This bullshit is just absurd.

    2. Doctors who first treated AIDS see it as a life-style disease; Anal sex adversely affects the immune system (repeated penetrations by a large number of men in one night), drug abuse (the most impaired addicts get AIDS) mainly by the use of popper a drug that severely weakens the immune system. With regard to Africa: diseases are the same as always, malaria, cholera, malnutrition, etc. Suddenly everyone has AIDS and pharmaceutical loby becomes rich.

      1. Exactly right!
        To bad not more people are properly informed on this. Had they spent all that AIDS testing and drug money on improving sanitation and nutrition, digging wells and fighting the infectious diseases you mentioned, Africans would be much better off in general.

  41. Here’s our advice for gay men: if you don’t want HIV/AIDS, don’t do the things that get you HIV/AIDS. But I suppose saying this makes us homophobes, right?

    Advocating personal responsibility to the left is like spraying a pack of wild hyenas with mace.

    1. Aids is a black disease, NOT a gay disease
      Everyone from latin gays to white gays have low levels of aids
      Blacks have 87% of all aids
      Gay aids is a cover up for the diseased shit holes africans come from

      1. The CDC confirms that. The second largest group of people that has AIDS is black women.

  42. Awww…this reminds me. Back in 1985 there was a kid in the neighborhood named tom who we all pegged as a homo since he was like 6 (turns out we were right….boys don’t have bullshit filters, we saw it as it was). When Rock Hudson Died we spray painted a huge heart on his garage door that said “Tom Loves Rock” Awwwwww the good old days when boys were boys.

  43. My dad had fired a gay employee a few years ago. It wasn’t just because his sexuality. It was because of complains that we’ve received from our male clients and several other of our male employees (all decently good looking). All of them said the same thing; they were inappropriately touched by the same guy. The guy didn’t even try to pretend that it was just “oops, didn’t see you there/didn’t mean it” touch, oh no, he’d made it clear if he wanted that ass. He was fired for sexual harrasment.
    Then he tried to spread lies to all of our friends and colleagues that my dad was a homophobic. He cried victim and shit. But fortunately, nobody believed him.
    And then there was another gay guy who worked for us as a cook and tried to poison my dad. My dad was hospitalized for 2 days because of it. He was fired by my mom. He lost his shit, snapped, and threw tantrum at her. I don’t remember exactly what my mom said to him, but it made him draw back in fear. The last thing we’ve heard about him was he died of HIV and his bf was no where to be seen.
    Gays love drama. Just like women. Even worse. At least women are like that by nature.

    1. Every person I have known to be a homosexual has either died of suicide, contracted HIV, hard drug taking, ended up being a pedophile or devastated their family and wrecked their children.
      It is a pattern and there is no normal when looking at this subject.

      1. I’ve witnessed way more LGBT people who died of HIV than straight people.
        But I could be wrong tho…

  44. No comment on these degenerates. In 21st Century first world countries, the vermin have inherited the earth. We will take it back before the 22nd.

  45. Homos being responsible!? I thought that’s why so many of them act like horny mentally ill little girls. They don’t want to be responsible.

  46. The LGBTP (the P stands for pedophile) reprobates are also more likely to be pedophiles.
    “…the ratio of heterosexual to homosexual pedophiles was calculated to be approximately 11:1. This suggests that the resulting proportion of true pedophiles among persons with a homosexual erotic development is greater than that in persons who develop heterosexually.”
    Freund, Kurt, and Robin J. Watson. “The proportions of heterosexual and homosexual pedophiles among sex offenders against children: an exploratory study.” Journal of sex & marital therapy 18, no. 1 (1992): 34-43.

    1. they like to fuck young tight ass. All gay men are attracted to teens, is very common for young 15 to 20 years old to fuck old 40 and older gay men. You will called homophobic even after showing them the numbers. Some stupid liberal woman said to me that all the cases of men raping boys were heterosexual men fucking boys, because for her the concept of rape was about power so it was not homosexuality, SO yeah all pedos are in fact white straight males, those people are delusional.

      1. So true. When you ignore that defective logic that ‘men who rape or molest boys are not necessarily homosexual’, you find that 30% of pedophillic acts are committed by 3% of the population (aka the homosexual sodomites),
        I’m not sure how the left (and even parts of the alt-right) just don’t know these truths.

        1. And they forget the fact that a boy being raped have a high risk to end being a gay rapist too. I know a gay dude who was molested by his uncle and he is gay now, he tries to be normal and fuck women but in the end he accept the fact that he likes dicks so he is openly gay now, so a gay sodomite create more gay sodomites. It is not about power, men are visual we get aroused with what we see, If you have a wife but secretly get aroused with boys you are homosexual in denial period. In fact some gay are so in denial that they think that fucking boys is not gay. Muslim have that mentality, Gays in Islam is seen as a perversion but it is perfectly ok to fuck a 9 years old boy because he is not a man so it not man with man haram, but man with boy ok. Even the other kind of pedophiles Man with girls is some form of latent homosexuality or homosexuality in denial, being attracted to androgynous flat chest, no second curve and developed bodies, the body of a girl is the same as the boy the difference is the number of holes, fucking a girls or boy from behind will look the same. So I will say on the contrary all pedos are gays even the ones who fuck young girls.

        2. That’s messed up. They are certainly recruiters, not breeders.
          You can’t expect much more from a religion who’s so called ‘prophet’ was a pedo.

        3. It’s because they don’t WANT to ‘know’ the truth/facts, because to do so would upset their agenda.

  47. In the past I was pretty much a small ‘l’ libertarian when it came to gays. I really didn’t care what adults did to each other, as long as they weren’t hurting anyone else. Recently, I have become a lot less tolerant:
    The militancy, a prime example of destroying a baker because she didn’t want to cater a lesbian wedding. If you don’t have freedom of association, you are not free. Gays as a political movement are totalitarian in nature. The more they get the more they demand. They don’t want ‘tolerance’. They want acceptance and obedience.
    The trend now for gay men and lesbians to have kids (adoption, surrogacy, sperm donors, etc.). I had a lot of gay tenants and neighbors in the past (early urban gentrification) and I can’t imagine any of them raising kids (my former lesbian neighbor has a son via a sperm donor to her ‘wife’). The gay men were NOT stable people. Lots of drugs, drinking, emotional breakdowns, and nothing even close to what could be described as a monogamous relationship. As a landlord, I would get sucked into their dramas as fights over leases took place.
    Lesbians weren’t much better. Less drug issues, but christ, these women did nothing but fight with each other. Lesbians overall are emotionally fragile, quick to anger, and basically nuts. Not a good environment to raise a kid.
    Someday I would like a study on how these kids turn out…. and honest one (fat chance at that).

    1. I know two white lesbians who adopted….wait for it…wait for it…a black child.
      Like that is gonna work out down the line.

        1. I dunno man, its not like I want people to be miserable, but some things just arent meant to be. The social media post looked like the album art from Biggie Smalls first album. Except, in the background, there were 2 lesbians

    2. All lesbians fight, two women living together, double hell. Imagine two bitches nagging and shit testing each other. The numbers of domestic violence against lesbian is too damn high that is an ugly truth that the LGBT community wants to hide. Two men living together fight much less than two women. So what is the common factor in domestic violence? women.

      1. You are exactly right. A cop told me people would be very surprised at the amount of domestic violence in gay relationships… especially among lesbians.

    3. With all groups belonging to the base of the liberal constituency, traditionalists must remember that any ally of our opponents must be battled for every inch of ideological territory. No matter your personal feelings about a group or behavior. Homosexuality, while not bothersome to me, doesn’t mean I should not oppose their push for greater political power and representation. Any power ceded, is power taken, and most likely will prove impossible to take back.
      As an aside, marijuana is a social issue, that I’m not certain with on how to proceed. If marijuana is further legitimized, is that a victory for liberals or libertarians? Rescheduling could prove to be the trump card for the God Emperors reelection.

  48. Religious people are one of the biggest reasons why we have gay people in our world. Had our traditionalists and conservatives accepted gay marriage long long back ago, they would have become extinct as sex was allowed only after marriage those days. With no way to pass on their supposedly “gay genes”, these fags would have been no more causing all the trouble they are causing us now. Despite this, the gay community is not showing any gratitude to the religious ones who were responsible for their propagation in the first place.

      1. How did ya know? e leftists like pig as much as the people from religion of piece do… oh peace i mean, sorry, that was extremely politically incorrect

  49. All gay men are very open about the perversions they do and like, they are attention whores, if you have a gay friend he will happily tell all the secret gay life, all gays knows the risk, they have been fucking and humping each other since always. There is a gay version of the app tinder called grinder, they don´t waste time, they go directly to the business, to hey you, now, where, OK, Even a simple conversation is a waste of time. “how are you?” is responded with who fucking cares, you want to fuck or not? They organize orgies in grinder. In their youth they fuck 5-10 new guys a day. In gay bars and clubs, they fuck stranger in bathrooms some clubs have dark rooms where you suck dick and fuck wherever is in the dark, The gay lifestyle is more like Caligula lifestyle or Sodoma lifestyle. Homosexuality is a mental disease they are addicted to sex. There is not ” they are just like you, they want love and relationships”, there is nothing comparable to straights. Even married gays have open marriages engage in orgies and it is very, very rare to find something similar to a monogamous straight couple.

    1. Should we be worried that you know so many of the ways that Grinder actually works in real life? Heh.

      1. Worked in a hospital, to many male gay nurses. I´m not homophobic I have some gay friends, they love to talk about this shit all the time. And get mad when heterosexuals talk about hetero sex stuff. They claim that some of them are disgusted to see heterosexual love openly accepted in the streets in retaliation they are openly passionate in public to get a reaction from people, so they kiss, hug and touch their junk of each other in public to get people mad. So is not for love is for attention that they do it.
        They literally show in my face pic of huge cocks in their phones. They stop when I start to show them pussy in mine and flipped the script and change the subject to heterosexual talk, they love being the center of attention and if you don´t let them they get mad and leave so they hated me, But one was my friend, a dude of 35 who denounce all the shit that they do, a depressed, alcoholic gay man who hates himself. He told me all the little secrets of the gay lifestyle, like “all girls fuck their gay friends” He told me that never trust your girlfriend´s gay friend. And gays goes straight when drunk seen it myself, So when drunk, they put the penis in whatever hole they find.

  50. I think it morphed. I think they are still lamenting that very few people actually do discriminate against people with HIV anymore. I used to work with an HIV positive coworker, (a homosexual who admits his loose lifestyle gave him this disease, last I knew he was a holy roller, deeply invested in scripture), and it was never a problem. There was a time though that people weren’t entirely sure how contagious the disease was, and that caused a lot of ostrascism of those with the disease. That’s where the human rights part started, but now, it’s like any other serious preventable ailment (like HepC).
    Also, just like the race based civil right’s activists, they didn’t want to have acceptance in the populace because it deprives them of a profitable issue. So they still act like it was 1987, and the race based activists still act like it’s 1955.

    1. Well observed. Many good comments here, but yet there is no mention to a curious fact: during some time, in its early days, the disease we all know now as AIDS was also called GRID: Gay-related immune deficiency.

  51. Homosexuality is for the most part a fraud in of itself. Most of these men where molested by pedos and acting out on that trauma and just need psychological help. The regressive left builds them up as a voting block by telling them how victimized they are and need to be a protected by the government.

  52. The biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the world was the AIDs epidemic. The gays forced the issue on the American public back in the 80’s claiming it was going to infect the entire population. The fact is, it never jumped into the mainstream population. The persons infected with HIV are gay, intravenous drug users and hemophiliacs. Most humans with a strong immune system have very little to worry about from the HIV virus. Normal male-female sex has a very low probability of contraction, especially for the man. Normal genital sex is highly lubricated and it is highly unlikely to get blood-to-blood transmission. I laugh when I hear about men who flip out over a busted condom and rush down to get tested.
    AIDS is an industry, just like Global Warming is an industry. The CDC wants to keeps its funding so it perpetrates a scary disease. Meanwhile we all have to wear raincoats. Just another obstacle and bummer for the average American male.

  53. Russian roulette……
    These guys are suicidal. Like the heroin addicts, they don’t value their lives anymore. Otherwise, they would clean up their lives.

    1. Its the deep seated self hatred they have for themselves. I can’t even imagine the psychological torment they have to go through to justify their lifestyle to themselves. So glad I like the ladies…….

  54. It’s because we live in a feminized society, hetero women are obsessed with gay men probably because they can’t have them and they tend to be good looking. Also hetero women don’t have to take responsibility for reckless sex, they just get free abortions, so why should gay men have to take responsibility for aids? In their warped minds only hetero men have to be accountable.

  55. I can not get this image out of my head…When I got out of the Army I got a job as Armed Security in Nashville. One of the posts was a Bank of America parking lot that was near a gay night club called “Tribal” or “The Tribe” and the job was preventing the people going to the club from using the parking lot for sex. The first time we went there the bank manager showed us the parking lot after a normal night and it was nothing but used condoms, beer bottles, syringes coated with feces and blood all over the place!

  56. clearly a punishment for using anal tract sexually.. I read the polyps or something in the anal tract lining ruptures.. bursts and aids is then contracted… its the ROOT of course it can after that be spread through other ways..its a YEAST like organism similar to blacks origins! (blacks are not all egg and sperm, they are also yeast)

  57. asking when will queers take responsibility for their own actions is like asking when women will take responsibility for their own actions … don’t hold your breath

  58. They will eventually learn their lesson if sufficient numbers of them are allowed to die from the disease.

  59. It never ceases to amaze me how focused our western society is on taking away all personal responsibility away for women. minority groups and fringe sexual orientations, while at the same time placing too much on the so called oppressors I.E men in general, those that are heterosexual and white people. The other side of this victim-hood coin is an increase in rights for women, minorities and fringe sexual groups while diminishing those who apparently caused all their problems in the first place.
    Occasionally when I’m bored and seek amusement, I go spin the hamster wheel of my nearest cultural Marxist. Usually I’ll point out some logical fallacy or general hypocrisy of the regressive left. For example, When I pointed out how unhappy a girl I was dating last year was despite living an independent and empowered life so far, she went bananas and then became very upset and tearful. I comforted her and without any encouragement she started apologizing and made excuses about for having a militant feminist mother whom encouraged her along the path.Needless to say I made a quick escape as she was barking at the traffic and sublimating her liberated childless middle ages with loads of cats.

    1. In psychiatry they would call that ‘relieving built up pressure’, like taking a pin and popping an unsightly pus filled lesion. Be careful popping the boils and blisters on a shitlib like that. When they squirt you have to run.

  60. If any of you boys ever end up in the slammer, let the fellas know you’ve got the chicken. They’ll leave you alone.

  61. First hearing of this condition in the very early 80’s when it was called GRIDS, gay related immuno-deficiency syndrome, I thought the carriers would be quarantined. Nope! It was treated politically instead of medically, so here we are today. I remember that Patient Zero was determined to be an airline steward who’d contracted the condition in the Caribbean.

  62. >1% of the population has a natural proclivity to fuck animals, holes in trees, you name it. I hope I’m correct about the less than 1% number. Most healthy looking males that act gay and make their voice high pitched with a lisp are ‘artificial’ gays and seek approval from the cultural marxist brainwashers. Youngsters need to learn to hate the cult marxist brainwashing apparatus and they need to learn that it’s a noble form of rebellion to revolt against a brainwashing assault. Whether your school grades suffer is not as important as the end goal, to wreck the cabal befbre our species and our civilization is irreperably wrecked.

  63. The reason for their illness is their actions. It’s like a smoker with lung cancer complaining there isn’t a cure for lung cancer when they refuse to quit smoking (the root cause). If they quit poking each other in the rectum or doing evil drugs that require needles, they minimize their risk to zilch. Excuse making is a hallmark of the modern world.

  64. Why did AIDS spread so rapidly through gay culture? Might have something to do with gay men fucking anything that moved in the 70’s and early 80’s.
    As told to me by gay men who’ve said, ‘We fucked anything that moved in the 70’s and early 80’s.

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