The 6 Commandments Of Masculinity

A recent thread over on the forum made me think of the most important aspects of masculine development. Here is a list of the 6 most important themes from that thread.

1. “Study hard what interests you the most in the most undisciplined, irreverent and original manner possible.” — Richard Feynman

The one thing you can be sure of in life is your own mind. The knowledge you have accumulated will grow and serve its purpose into old age. It is this knowledge which will help you more than instinct. Always be reading and learning from those more knowledgeable than you. Most people’s minds are sedated by technology and the internet. Everything that has ever been written is at your fingertips so go and find something, anything to learn about. Whether it be a new skill, history, philosophy or science, always be learning.

2. “Game is everything and everything is game” — Tuthmosis

Game is a mandatory skill for every man. The most successful men you meet will have impeccable social skills. Game gives you the ability to make people comfortable and get what you want out of life. Follow the 16 commandments to a T and always be tweaking your skills. Pussy makes the world go ’round, think outside the box and learn to make your own supply. If you want good favors from the poon-gods always have your logistics in check.

3. “Women. They are a complete mystery” — Steven Hawking

commandment 3

Not if you study game.

Understand the nature of women, what drives them and then you will know how to approach them. The one piece of advice for any man would be to judge women by their actions and not by their words. The same girl that says shes a nice girl who likes a sensitive man will be dripping wet after displays of your masculine dominance. Know that women crave strength and dominance; weakness elicits disgust. In spite of this do not hate women for what they are, understand their nature and appreciate it. Instead of detesting that a woman will base her actions off of emotions (and rationalize them later) use this to your advantage and instill in her the mood you want.

4. Health Is Your Number One Priority


Health, like knowledge, is best to create early in life. Being healthy is being free. Start lifting, eat unprocessed foods and experiment with things like juicing. Aside from your physical well-being a healthy body will improve your game.

5. “Be so bold and daring as to make yourself excruciatingly uncomfortable.” — thedude3737

Always be pushing yourself to be better. Stagnation is the enemy of progress and without pushing your comfort zone you will never progress. This discomfort will eventually turn into confidence in a given situation and this confidence is the life-blood of self-improvement. Confidence will also allow you to maneuver effortlessly in any aspect of your life leading to improvements in all areas. Douse your fears and success will follow.

6. Be Completely Unapologetic In Your Masculinity

Do not let the ‘shit-test’ that is modern feminism discourage you from embracing your biology. Do not apologize for your testosterone. Read and experience all that is man. Eat steak, drink beer, have sex with feminine women. This being said do not espouse your views because the average person is too comfortable in their naive existence. Be the change you want to see and follow the 48 Laws Of Power while you’re at it.

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50 thoughts on “The 6 Commandments Of Masculinity”

  1. Great List
    Keep this in mind about Commandment number 6 (From the 48 Laws of Power):
    Law 38
    Think as you like but Behave like others
    If you make a show of going against the times, flaunting your unconventional ideas and unorthodox ways, people will think that you only want attention and that you look down upon them. They will find a way to punish you for making them feel inferior. It is far safer to blend in and nurture the common touch. Share your originality only with tolerant friends and those who are sure to appreciate your uniqueness.
    I always hear about guys trying to convert this beta friend to game or tell them family about this or that. And it almost NEVER turns out well. Keep this to yourself and use it to your advantage. No need to argue the whole world about your beliefs when you know they are right. People will come to you for advice once they see how successful you are.
    But still don’t be a little bitch in public and exert your masculinity. Just find the right balance and learn to play the game so you can still function socially in this fucked up world.

    1. Hide the dagger with a smile.
      I’d add: Use it, frequently, and remember to bury the bodies.

  2. These rules are great, but I think they are a bit narcissistic. Fine for when you are a young man…that’s when narcissism is right and proper.
    For for us old guys, these rules change, something like:
    “Gain respect via your mastery of a career”
    “Serve and protect society — the type of society you want your children to live in”

    1. In other words, you just don’t live up to a single rule on this list. Old age is no reason to be lame. The rules don’t change, you just add a couple more to the list.

    2. without any disrespect you your post – old guys should know what is masculinity and manhood about.
      Young guys like me raised by mother and grand mother with help of female teachers in school needs to learn narcissim and how to value ourself above non friends and females.

      1. The problem is not knowing, it’s sometimes about remembering. As one of the “old guys” now, I found that I KNEW a lot more in my 20’s and 30’s but CHOSE not to live them when I got married. I’ve said that it is like taking small side steps – and not being aware of them – then one day you wake up (usually after your wife or SO has decided you’re not worthy of them anymore) and you notice just how far you’ve meandered off the path.
        Now, I am re-learning some of those hard fought for lessons of my youth. But now, with the wisdom of experience. Nothing teaches you better than a few hard knocks.

    3. For for us old guys, these rules change, something like:
      “Gain respect via your mastery of a career”

    4. …nooo. “serving and protecting society” is exactly what has allowed men to be host to every form of social parasite.
      When you get older, “looking out for yourself” might mean looking out for your progeny, whether its your kids or your grandkids, or passing along what you’ve learned to men like you so that your kids can live in a decent society.
      This everyone’s-more-important-than-me crap is what got us into this mess.

    5. “Gain respect via your mastery of a career”
      “Serve and protect society — the type of society you want your children to live in”
      Beta provider alert.

      1. Only for the second one.
        I agree with the first, in so far as: Gain respect (of others and self) through mastery. (Of tools; of self; of career; of finance; whatever, but SOMETHING that marks you as a contributor. If you are not a contributor, you ARE a woman.)

        1. Respect of others? Only betas give a shit what others think of them. You don’t need to contribute to anything to be a man. You simply need to produce enough for yourself to make you not a dependant. Betas contribute.

  3. Notice the one thing common to all six rules? The one thing that people will want to avoid the most? Work. You have work for it. Being the man you want to be is not just a matter of ‘tude. It’s a matter of fucking work.

    1. A profound truth. Most people settle for the ‘tude – and never leave their home town.

  4. An excellent summary!
    As to your hard-won knowledge and wisdom, remember to pass it on to the next generation of men (and women.) That is the essence of culture – accumulated wisdom transmitted through time.
    As I look ahead, I’m surprised how much I’ve learned. Just hope some of that has rubbed off on my sons and daughters and grandkids.
    As to understanding women, “forgive them for they know not what they do.” Just use your wisdom of game to make your life better and don’t complain about how they play THEIR version of feminine game. They were designed by evolution to work together in a complimentary way to make a successful species.

    1. Snyde response, tease – won’t translate well, so i’m announcing it. 😉
      “…remember to pass it on to the next generation of men (and women.) ”
      HEH…. Teach the men the skills. Make the women BEG for the skills.
      Note these are not the SAME skills… 😀

  5. I was ready to hate on this post since defining and trademarking masculinity or what a man is usually ends as a joke but I enjoyed this, particularly numbers 1 and 4.

  6. #1 is tattooed on my eyelids. I was born that way. It is commanded by my DNA. It leads to #4. Speaking of which, #4 is probably the one that most modern men violate in the most egregiously excess fashion. Men–take care of your health and vitality. Men who do not do this are fucking morons. Hell, not following any of these is stupid, but that one is the dumbest.
    Rebuild yourself constantly in the physical with proper exercise, nutrition, and rest. And of course #6 was the very first red pill insight I ever learned.
    Personally, I find #5 the hardest, and thus it’s the one I’m working on the most.
    Stay thirsty, stay up.

  7. That’s one of the most gorgeous pics I have ever seen and the article is excellent.

  8. I agree with everything, except the part about experimenting with juicing. I am in a doctorate of pharmacy program. I am far from an expert, but one thing any pharmacist can tell you about steroids in general is that they have a huge list of unwanted side effects, and this is just within the therapeutic range and with proper counseling, for people with corticosteroid deficiencies. if you are going to take steroids, you better make damn sure you understand how they work and the risk you are taking. here is a free monograph you should all be able to access. be sure to at least take a look at the side effects and be smart, because a lot of the side effects will be permanent, and will definitely hurt your chances of getting laid a lot if they do occur. please do not hurt yourselves by using medications improperly.

    1. The Big Guy indeed does not really look very healthy. But I think the author was thinking of vegetable and perhaps even fruit juices (although they have a very high glycemic index) as a way of dealing with undernourishment as a result of our produce suffering from depleted soil and thus not being quite as nutritious as, say, 50 years ago.

  9. Thanks for posting the pic of that girl. It was the smack across the head that I needed to remind myself that this is the types of 9 and 10s I need to be approaching.

  10. #5. You can have so much fun with life. People who stay in comfort die a slow death…being uncomfortable makes you alive.

  11. Excellent post, all worth remembering. Also i really appreciate the picture of the girl in the seethrough dress. Tits help me remember things better

  12. “Be Completely Unapologetic In Your Masculinity”
    This. So many men I see in the west are completely falling on their knees to please feminists and the new “social norm”. It’s actually minority men who don’t give a shit about all this.

  13. You forgot some more important parts of being a man; character, integrity, taking care of your kids and family and being there for them, being faithful to your wife and kids, and being the man that you want your daughter to marry.

  14. You forgot the most important parts of being a man; character, integrity, honesty, taking care of your family and kid and being there for them physically, mentally, and emotionally, being faithful to your wife, and being the kind of man you want your own daughter to marry.

  15. #6 is my favorite one. ‘Eat steak, and drink beer’. That’s the life I want to live besides being more masculine and traveling. Living in the Toronto is depressing because half the men/women there are You-Know-What!

  16. #6 is my favorite one. ‘Eat steak, and drink beer’. That’s the life I want to live besides being more masculine and traveling. Living in the Toronto is depressing because half the men/women there are You-Know-What!

  17. At first I thought this was going to be some alpha-macho bullshit. Nice surprise, though I’d appreciate not hiding complex issues under one name ‘the game’. Is this some 13-year old lingo like SWAGGG?

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