NFL Player Antonio Cromartie Released After Taking A Knee During The National Anthem

On October 4th, the Indianapolis Colts released Antonio Cromartie. The release came just two days after Cromartie took a knee during the National Anthem to protest racism in America. For those who don’t know about the NFL, Antonio Cromartie played for ten years and made it the Pro Bowl four times—so he was a relative star. However, it’s safe to say that at 32, his glory days are behind him.

The Colts did not comment as to why he was released.  They lost the game to the winless Jacksonville Jaguars in London, England (30-27) and now have a record of 1-3. Some people will say Cromartie was released because of the team’s record. Others will say that he was released because of his contract.

However, I believe that Antonio Cromartie was fired—at least partially—because of a drop in NFL ratings; moreover, the incident shines a light on the hypocrisy that’s often peddled by the far left.

NFL Ratings Are Still Down

One month ago, I wrote an article about the decline in NFL’s ratings for week one. I questioned whether it was just an anomaly or a sign of things to come Well…now we’re a month into the season and the NFL ratings are still down. Take a look at the ratings for week four (as compared to last year at this time):

  • Dallas vs. San Francisco Fox      Down 13%
  • Kansas City vs. Pittsburgh NBC    Down 27%
  • New York Giants vs. Minnesota ESPN  Down 11%
  • Seattle vs. New York Giants Fox      Down 14%
  • Miami vs. Cincinnati NFLN  Down 13%
  • Indianapolis vs. Jacksonville CBS     Down 25%

These numbers show that week one was no accident—fans are boycotting the NFL. Their displeasure is a real thing and not just a momentary fad. The hash tags, the online commentary…they highlight the American public’s discontent with the NFL product and its players. Note that Indianapolis (the team that Cromartie played for) saw a 25% decrease in viewership in week four. That’s a significant drop.

In light of these numbers, we can deduce that Cromartie’s release was due—at least in part—to a declining interest in the NFL.

My point is furthered by the fact that hatred for Colin Kaepernick (who also refused to stand for the National Anthem) is at an all-time high. Kaepernick has spurned a series of #BantheNFL hashtags, inspired people to burn his jersey on YouTube, and he recently won the “NFL’s Most Hated” award. The incident has picked up so much speed that ESPN has dedicated several sessions to the Kaepernick controversy (AKA, damage control).


Kaepernick’s behavior has had a detrimental effect on NFL viewership

The league needs more than sold-out stadiums to make money; a lot of their payroll is dependent on lucrative TV contracts, so losing viewership is detrimental. The Indianapolis Colts are well aware of this reality, and I believe that it played a role in their decision to release Antonio Cromartie.

Antonio Cromartie is a hypocrite

The most vocal SJWs are the biggest hypocrites, and Antonio Cromartie is a shining example of this. What kind of man fathers 12 children from 8 different women? Let me answer that for you—one that’s morally impaired. Just take a look at this video of Cromartie, where he struggles to remember the names and ages of his own children:

What a guy. His actions should come as no surprise, however. We’ve already seen a host of SJW’s with skeletons in their closet. Here’s a short list of the guilty:

Cromartie is the newest addition to the list. Statistically speaking, children from broken families are nine times more likely to commit crime. Subsequently, Cromartie’s children have a greater chance of becoming criminals, drug addicts, and felons. If he wants to see changes in the African-American community, then he should look in the mirror; it’s men like Cromartie—because of their absentee parenting—that plant the seeds of failure within their communities. The integrity of a man is marked by his level of parental investment, and Cromartie’s actions show a man that’s lacking in this virtue.

Cromartie is not completely to blame, however. What kind of woman allows herself to be impregnated by a known philanderer? Again, the answer is simple—a morally reprehensible one. It’s irrelevant to these women if their children grow up with a father in the home. As long as child support checks arrive, then they’re happy. It takes two to tango, and these women share in the blame. Don’t expect that narrative to arrive anytime soon, though.


The NFL fans who are boycotting the product should be proud—and I’m one of them. We’re showing that we don’t accept the tainting of our beloved sport. We view the NFL as a welcome respite from a difficult week at work. When we sit down on Sunday with our friends and family, we want to be entertained, not preached at. I encourage everyone to continue the NFL boycott. When we are finished with them, they’ll be approaching us with a much different tone: they’ll move from arrogant disdain to desperate courtship.

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200 thoughts on “NFL Player Antonio Cromartie Released After Taking A Knee During The National Anthem”

  1. You know, the sjws may finally accomplish some good. If this idiocy continues, the NFL will have no choice but to provide streaming Sunday Ticket with no strings attached.

  2. Actually the real reason he was released is because he is god awful at the position he plays. But im sure the kneeling didn’t help his cause….

  3. The NFL is still a meritocracy in practice. They won’t care if you kill dogs, beat your wife, or get into most kinds of legal trouble short of murder. As long as you can play they will always have a place for you.
    That being said, Colin Kaepernick is now the starting QB for the 49ers.
    I gave up on the NFL years ago. I hope more people do the same.

  4. His wife got pregnant after he had a vasectomy, sure it’s possible, but of course there wouldn’t be a paternity test, so he is a good diversity candidate for being a cuck

  5. Cromartie probably took a knee because he mistakenly thought it would make it harder for his numerous baby mamas to see where he was…that issue aside, the one thing nobody has mentioned as to why the NFL’s ratings are down, so far as I could see, while reading online articles about it, is this – the fucking commercials. Somebody sneezes and they go to commercial. And the commercials last four, five, six minutes. There’s only so much of that a person can take…injury timeouts, TV timeouts, commercial breaks after every kickoff, after every punt, etc. It’s retarded.

        1. I read your article. It makes sense. When I was in junior high I had to pick out a musical instrument to play for the band class I was forced to take. I chose a coronet. Try as I might, I couldn’t make that fuckin’ thing work right. I was so off-key, I was so atrocious…I had absolutely no fucking clue what was wrong. So I practiced and practiced at home until the neighbors’ cats started screaming. Whatever I tried, it didn’t work. My band instructor was patient and encouraging but I just wanted the class to be over with so I could quit making an ass out of myself whenever I had to play a solo in front of all the other kids.
          So the very last day of class, the instructor comes over to my seat, and asks me what I thought the problem was with my nails-on-the-blackboard horn playing. I told him that I thought I just couldn’t play the freaking thing. Everything else I tried to play – piano, drums, whatever, I had no problem with; thus, I just knew I wasn’t cut out to be a horn player. So he asked to take a look at my coronet, which he had never done before that moment. So I handed it to him. He pulled out the valves, looked the entire instrument over, and finally said, “Bob…you had the valves in backwards.”
          So during that entire semester, had I possessed this one simple solution, everything would have been fine. Heh. One simple trick, yep. It’s finding it that is the bitch…just like you pointed out.

        2. Yeah? You want me to pretend to be super happy and all is sunshine so that you don’t feel depressed? Too bad, cause I don’t give a damn.

        3. Oh indont feel depressed, esp not due to your statements.

          Just a saying.
          You dont need to pretend life is perfect. Just stop being such a whiny emo bitch and learn to act like a man.

        4. Well, I’m a Czech born in Germany. That makes for a weird mix.
          Here’s a funny anecdote. If you ask a Czech ‘Hows it going’, he will say ‘Meh. Shit like always’. It’s not terribly serious. It’s just how they talk. Kind of sarcasm/black humor. Now, my dad lives in America. He’s born in Czech. A guy asked him ‘Hows it going’ and he predictably said ‘Meh. Shit like always’. And the American said: ‘Whaaaat? What happened?’ and became all concerned. And my dad realized the guy didn’t understand this kind of phrase, so he explained himself and said it’s all fine.

        5. we only whine because were no longer allowed to invade other countries.. must be great to be a murican

        6. I don’t see it as whining. I am farmiliar with that way and I see it as the opposite of whining. It’s more like same old shit kind of expression. To me, I see the guy getting all concerned as a whiner, like unless you’ve got the “happy wife” etc etc you’re just not doing ok, something is wrong, are you… Really ok ? Lol yeah, I am fine, same old shit what’s up with you ? Women’s conversations are about recognizing emotional weaknesses and how they effect the group dynamic, that’s why they gossip. For men, it’s about banding and checking the lay of the land, not the village.

        7. just have to tell him the right English
          meh.. the usual shit.
          same shit, different day.
          I can’t complain.. but that doesn’t stop me.

    1. They even have commercial breaks for the officials to discus the rulebook. Also as soon as a team gets up by 2+ scores they will start getting penalties left and right.

      1. Sometimes I’ll watch the game in 60 and it’s great, the only way to watch it. The real pity is that regardless of their other bullshit football is the only mans game left. By virtue of its violence, one on one direct confrontation, pitiless nature and most importantly VIOLENCE women simply have no interest in playing. They love to watch athletic men fight but, they won’t ever really be able to play it. All female versions of sports (perhaps not tennis) are simply pale imitations. There’s a reason why hocky, soccer etc teams train against teenaged boys. As a result the insecurity gurl in their head has these guys running around in pink to support the hustle. Fuck it, it’s simply not worth it. Semi pro sports are a lot of fun to attend.

        1. I dont know. I would argue that hockey is more of a mans sports than football. And it combines skill, speed and aggression better as well.
          Maybe I’m biased because due to my size I was pushed into football from a young age but, I think the sport’s over rated. And the risks of head trauma are too high.

        2. NHL is 10x’s more of a man’s sport than NFL and NBA combined. You’ll never hear a self-righteous player interviewed after a hockey game. It’s all about the team and his teammates. NFL and NBA are the exact opposite.

    2. It’s a mixture off all the bullshit from the league and players and this anthem thing is the straw that broke the National Felon League’s back

      1. I concur. Add up all the bullshit, aggravating parts of the entire production and…it just blows.

    3. I get why fans are boycotting now, but where were the boycotts while that Michael Sam bullshit was going on? I haven’t watched a single game after that. I don’t pay good money for cable just so I’ll have to explain to my kids or to my nieces and nephews why a man is kissing another man OVER AND OVER on national freaking TV. Same thing with the gay Wells Fargo and Cheerios commercials that air during the games. Janet Jackson has a 1/18th of a second nipple slip, everybody loses their minds. Sodomy gets pushed into people’s living rooms all across the country, and all you hear is crickets chirp. What’s up with that? Just ask yourself this. What’s going to be more damaging to your kids’ psyches? Seeing a misguided player take a knee, or seeing two chicks or two dudes copping feels and slobbering all over each other?

      1. “Sodomy gets pushed into people’s living rooms all across the country,
        and all you hear is crickets chirp. What’s up with that? Just ask
        yourself this. What’s going to be more damaging to your kids’ psyches? Seeing a misguided player take a knee, or seeing two chicks or two dudes copping feels and slobbering all over each other?”
        Stream the content you want on the internet. There’s no excuse for having TV/cable, other than you want to corrupt your children and pay for the privelege. Professional (especially team) sports are part of the same agenda as sodomy, watching other people exercise is something that society needs to come to reject as “gay.”

        1. I get what you’re saying, and I in fact got rid of my cable months ago. My problem, though, is that it looks like the good guys are always on the defensive. The bad guys act, and we react. It’s like we’re always on the run, making changes, watching what we’re saying, walking on egg-shells, adjusting our lives to accommodate the weirdos. They take over the Boy Scouts, and we pull our kids out of there. The public schools turn into whorehouses and drag shows, and we pull our kids out and try home-schooling. How much more running are we gonna have to do? I’m beginning to think that the LGBT doesn’t just make up 3% of the population, but more like 30%. How else do you explain the influence they wield over the levers of power in this nation?

        2. “the LGBT doesn’t just make up 3% of the population, but more like 30%.”
          When defined broadly, including kinksters, polys, & bi-curious, probably closer to 60%.

        3. Scary, but probably true. Nowadays, just about every woman you meet (particularly online) claims she’s a bisexual pagan/atheist, and married guys are coming out of the closet in droves (like that TV announcer guy a few days ago). You can’t walk ten feet inside a mall in Atlanta without tripping over no less than ten purple-haired lesbians and about twenty gay dudes in belly shirts, flip-flops and skinny jeans. I look around sometimes and think all of the straight people moved to Montana or to some Amish village somewhere.

      2. I think people are starting to wake up at an exponential rate. Perhaps that’s why it didn’t happen with the Michael Sam BS. People are learning to find better ways to describe their disgust in a more diplomatic fashion making it easier to do away with this shit and explain why. I’m a little optimistic. Shit just gets more and more interesting every day.

  6. boycotting the nfl here as well. I am sure they won’t miss me. If you want to support a bunch of flag burners and leftist- by all means – watch the NFL.

    1. You can disagree with their message, but not their methods. If you don’t like peaceful anti-authority protest, then go somewhere where they don’t allow it. If you’re against kneeling during the anthem or burning the flag, you’re more leftist than you realize. Like commie pinko territory.

      1. The flag is about the military personnel who lost their lives or were wounded in battle so little snot heads like you could mouth off. Its bigger than some dumbas disrespecting the people that died for it. Show a little class you friggn maggot for people that had to put some real skin in the game. Not some overpaid airhead athlete… What next, players for PETA who boycott the ball made out of pigskin? Should they take a knee. maybe pull out their dick and p on the sidelines. .

        1. You’re a communist and un-American. You’re disgracing those who died for our flag more than anyone. Might as well take a dump on the bill of rights.

        2. I support the flag -so its okay that I can piss on it and burn it? and disrespect everything about it….that’s your basic logic?
          ……its okay for this guy to insult all the etiquette around the flag because this guy is a social justice warrior? Raising a fist as in black power and not wanting to be apart of America?
          This douche bag is bigger than the flag? Was he expecting that we all of America was to get on their knees for this prick? Are you just DUMB?

        3. That’s not true some things are sacrosanct like the flag of our country. By taking a knee during the pledge they are sending the message that they are disloyal to what the flag stands for because of their personal grievance which is traitorous. Therefore not only is it wrong to take a knee but it is hypocritical as the flag stands for the liberty which the protesters use to exercise their protests.

        4. When a troop is killed overseas, they send him home in a casket adorned by an American flag. That same flag is what 85 IQ BLM members step all over in between burning down their neighborhoods.
          So how about you stop trolling and have some fucking respect?

        5. It’s much more than military personal bro. How about tyranny from an overbearing government? Which is exactly what’s happening right now. What about freedom from taxation? Sure Colin’s reasons for protesting don’t exactly line up with what’s going on in the world but at least he’s bringing attention to something. Of course we all have the upmost respect to those who have served and sacrificed for this country. But at what cost? What have we gained from the lost lives. Nothing. The war on terror? Give me a break. Our government is completely out of control and for anyone to blindly stand and be proud of the direction this nation is heading is a fool.

        6. As an American citizen, you are allowed to speak to your congressional, state, and municipal leaders on social issues. How much time did Kaepernick take to do this before deciding to take the easy way out and kneel during the anthem? Last time I checked, he lives in an elite gated community far away from the problems of the inner city, which seems to be the hallmark of modern SJWs.

        7. You certainly have the right to burn a flag if you think its a good idea. Just like I have the right to think you’re a complete douche for doing so.
          I understand your frustrations, but that flag flies for the republic. For the people. And though many today certainly don’t deserve to stand beneath it, it symbolizes what we once were and are supposed to be now.
          In a roundabout way, I guess Im suggesting you voice your opinions however you see fit, but also don’t be surprised when you encounter somebody who does deserve that flag.

        8. No. My basic logic is that America was founded on the principles of free speech and being able to stand up to authority that has overstepped its bounds. That’s what these people think they’re doing. If you don’t like it, go somewhere where they don’t allow free speech, like socialist Canada or communist China.
          It doesn’t matter what the symbol is. You’re dangerously close to liberals who want to punish wrongthink.

        9. Nope. No symbol is beyond the scope of free speech. Burning a flag, shitting on it, whatever. It’s all fine. That’s what America is about. You can argue that to disrespect a symbol of free speech and liberty is silly, but that’s about all you can argue.
          Again, if you don’t like it, go somewhere where they don’t allow free speech like Russia.

        10. Nope. I don’t have to do any of that because America isn’t about putting a symbol over freedom, even if freedom is represented by said symbol. The second you put a symbol, or soldiers, or whatever above criticism, you’re starting down a dangerous road to pinko commie land.
          Again, if you don’t like it, go to Russia, China, North Korea, whatever. That’s where they most agree with your clearly anti-American values.

        11. I don’t deserve the flag because I think anyone should be able to protest however they want? Sorry, that’s not how it works. You’re entitled to think Cromartie is an idiot, sure, but arguing against his methods on a website dedicated to pushing back against the leftist anti-free speech agenda is just silly.

        12. No. You dont deserve it because you obviously dont understand what it means.
          I support any idiot’s right to blow his own fucking brains out if that’s what he wants but that doesn’t mean I don’t think he’s a fucking idiot.
          Someone who understands the meaning of the flag would realize that it represents the people, not the system that we labor under. That standard was born out of the willingness of men to resist tyranny and persists as a symbol of the just rule of law in maintenance of liberty.
          Someone who understood that would pick up a damn flag and find a more sensible way to make a statement.
          Yes the system is broken. Is your advocated form of ‘protest’ going to take it back?
          You’re free to burn a flag. Im free to think you’re a bitch who doesn’t get it and doesn’t deserve to be here while holding mine up high.
          Freedom of speech is guaranteed. Honor of principle is not.

        13. You think you understand what that flag means, but clearly you don’t. Again, no symbol is above freedom of speech. Even if that symbol represents freedom of speech to some. And the fact you’re getting so emotional shows how close you really are to the effeminate leftists you claim to despise. Maybe that’s why you accuse others of being a “bitch.” You see a bit of yourself in leftism and you project that into others.

        14. Not trolling, but keep thinking that you’re fighting the good fight. Even if you disagree with Kaepernick and company’s message (which I do), you can’t reasonably disagree with their methods and call yourself a patriot in the country that puts freedom of speech and expression and the idea of challenging authority above nearly everything else.

        15. You’re not obligated to stand for the National Anthem
          Ask yourself this: what sounds better? “Colin Kaepernick meets with congressional leaders to discuss racism” or “Colin Kaepernick sits during National Anthem, cites opprossion of minorities”
          If your answer is anything other than “what does it fucking matter” then you’re more SJW than you think. Since when do words and gestures get under the skin of an ROK reader so easily. That’s all I’m seeing in the comments tonight. Sure, Colin could’ve led a more effective, more thought out protest, but remember it was the mainstream media who gobbled up this story. I doubt Colin knew that him sitting for the National Anthem would make national headlines and be relevant more than a month later. We know how the mainstream media works. It’s our job to ignore it and dismiss whatever narrative they craft for us completely. Any other action is a complete waste of time or energy

        16. If Kaepernick met with his congressional leaders to discuss racism, that would’ve been a far superior move than kneeling during the anthem. I thought I was clear about that.

        17. Consider, again, that such freedoms are not universal in this world. Without that flag, you do not get the luxury to speak as you do.
          For a third time now I will state the paramount level of importance with which I regard first amendment rights. I do agree that the sanctity of a symbol should never be prioritized over such a precious component and vital safeguard of liberty, but I also believe firmly that any man who saw fit to attack the essence of what bestows him these rights -when so many over the millennia have had no such freedom- is as arrogant as he is foolhardy, and firmly beneath my level.
          And do you know how much of a fag you sound like calling everyone who disagrees with you a leftist?

        18. than your basically saying their is no decorum. I don’t like something – x burn a flag. Pigskin? animal rights? abortion? Why NFL games start at noon? His gripe is silly at best. Okay. he believes and I believe its an insult. We will leave it at that. Basically, there is no god that you can prove- so burn it all and let the state take over. Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness are govt created rights. The leftist demons win.

        19. The NFL could REQUIRE players to STAND during the anthem. The NBA REQUIRES it. This isn’t “pubic skool” where you won’t be taught to read the Constitution, but you can sit on your fat, spoiled, welfare receiving ass during the pledge if you feel like it.

        20. A government by and for the people is above your stated highest calling of constant rebellion. The man made a good point that you refused to directly address.

        21. I think you’re reading a bit too much in to that. “Constant rebellion” is not ideal, but being able to challenge authority non-violently is extremely important in a free society. Saying, “yeah, you can try, but if you happen to be wrong, we go after your livelihood” isn’t any different than saying you can’t. It’s having your cake and eating it too.

      2. Bullshit. I’d love to see a linebacker name Schultz give a Roman salute during the anthem and watch you and people like you call for his banishment and death. Kapernick and his ilk kneeling for our anthem is as offensive to me as Schultz is Roman saluting the flag to people scared of whites feeling their oats. That guy is paid to play sportsball. Nothing else. If he wants to piss off lots of people, he can nut-up, quit, and run for Oakland city council as Amir Baracka Kapernick Shabazz and die in poverty and obscurity. Nobody likes him for his political thoughts. That meat puppet is paid to play sportsball like the rest of them, and he should do it, STFU, and thank Sweet Jesus himself that he has been awarded with such an opportunity. As for the NFL (((front office))), once (((the boys))) start losing enough money, they’ll lose their lust for denigrating our flag and our country. Sad that the NFL has become such a den of degenerate faggotry at the administrative level. Most of the coaches and players are cool and are still role models for young men to work hard and achieve. Finally, in McCorporate America, they will happily fire your ass for offending everyone around you for a Kapernick stunt for “not reflecting the values of the company.” That motherfucker is on the clock when he throws his tantrums, so the NFL condones it.

        1. You’re a hypocrite or an idiot, I’ll let you choose which. You rail against “McCorporate America” and their propensity to punish speech, but you want Kaepernick and company punished for theirs.
          You call the NFL a “den of degenerate faggotry,” but refer to football as ‘sportsball,’ a term used by limp-wristed liberal millennials to denigrate athletic activities they lack the testicular fortitude to do.
          Sorry, you’re a commie pinko. Gtfo of here and go back to Sweden or whatever leftist, anti-free speech hellhole in which you belong.

        2. You’re a fucking moron. Our freedom to boycott them is just as American as their freedom to protest. How is acting on our freedoms communist or unamerican?
          Shove your head back up your cunt and try again, cuckboy

        3. You called acting on freedoms un-American in the first place. You’re arguing against yourself and don’t even realize it. Perhaps you’re on the wrong website? Jezebel seems more your speed, kid.

        4. I never called anyone unamerican, cuckboy. You’re the cuck who is calling people communist or unamerican because they are protesting and boycotting.
          Try again cuckboy. Stick your head a little deeper up your cunt this time

        5. Yes, I want Kapernick to be treated the exact same say by the NFL as someone who would give the Roman salute during the national anthem. I absolutely guarantee Roger Goodell and his money-grubbing buddies in the front office would vaporize the guy immediately, instead of fawning over his “right to protest.” Steve Clevenger was immediately suspended from MLB for daring to criticize the precious little darlings of black lives matter and the gay mulatto in the white house. As usual, we pamper the precious little black boy but give it to Whitey McCracker with both barrels.
          Now lets do civics 101. The First Amendment forbids government to censor speech. Private organizations can ban all sorts of stuff. Don’t like it? Don’t work/shop/eat/go there.
          So yes, I support a private organization that takes my money to show some respect by not encouraging a pampered brat to spit in my face while I consume its product. Personally, I think the NFL has a bad business model. Pissing off massive amounts of your customers is usually a poor strategy. But if that makes me a limp-wristed, commie-pinko, leftist from Sweden with no testicles, ROWYBS.
          You are dense.

        6. Hey Captain America,
          You’re a leftist now too you fucking idiot. After 8 years of Hillary that will be 16 full years of radical leftism.

        7. Hypocrisy does not imply that he is incorrect. You are simply commiting tu quoque and then calling him names. I also used to think this was a sign of leftism; it is actually from lack of ability to properly assess and react to information. In other words, it means you allow your emotions to over ride reason. Since you have no reason to give weight to your actions, you attempt to do so post hoc by ‘crusading’ on the internet. Your worldview is myopic, naive and idiotic as a result.

        8. Wow. Such logic. I’m stumped, speechless even. You must really impress all your friends on the playground.

      3. You’re an idiot. We have as much right to boycott or protest the NFL as those players have to protest or kneel during the national anthem. Freedom goes both ways you jackass

        1. Protest the NFL because a handful of players are protesting and you want them to be forced not to? Sorry, you’re well within your rights to do so, but it’s un-American. Have fun living in communist China, it’s where you belong.

        2. Be forced to watch the NFL when the entire league is nothing but SJW pandering? Have fun in North Korea, cuckboy. It’s unamerican to exercise your rights as an American. LMAO!!!

        3. Looks like I ruffled some feathers. It’s funny, the least masculine, the most easily upset, and the least able to get women are the first to call other people “cuck.” You should be on the ceiling of a conference room because you’re amazing at projecting.
          They’re saying what a symbol means to them, which is not the same as you, and exercising their right to freedom of speech. You’re acknowledging that they are exercising their rights as Americans and calling for them to be punished or you’ll boycott everyone associated with them even though they may not be involved. Sorry, that’s what SJW leftists do, not real Americans.
          Again, you can go back to Sweden.

        4. I hear where you’re coming from, I just think there is no room for politics in sports(and many other things). They aren’t there to be making statements on current affairs, they’re there to toss a ball around FFS. In all honesty, I blame the media.

        5. The NBA has a personal behavior rule, look it up. This is a business, it’s not a political campaign. Freedom of Speech DOES NOT EXTEND to PRIVATE BUSINESS.

        6. Thanks for the civics lesson, professor. But if a vocal minority can get someone fired from their job for politics, we don’t really have free speech. If the employer wants to release them, that’s their decision, but we have to think about the environment we’re fostering. It’s not a violation of the 1st amendment to try and get someone fired for kneeling the during the national anthem, but it’s definitely anti-free speech and anti-American. You shouldn’t do it. And if you do, you shouldn’t be surprised when it’s turned around on you. That’s coming down the pike. It already exists on college campuses. And yet, when it’s something RoKers disagree with, suddenly it’s fine. Hypocrites.

        7. We should be more tolerant and believe their lies. Noted, we can simply agree to disagree like real Americans, right ?

        8. No one is saying you have to believe their lies. You can call them idiotic, argue against them, whatever, but lobbying for them to be fired or boycotting the entire league is just silly. The last thing you wrote is correct.

        9. “But if a vocal minority can get someone fired from their job for politics, we don’t really have free speech.”
          Then we never really had “free speech” and can never have it. Stop believing in “free speech,” then you can punish the enemy’s “hate speech,” because the Left surely punishes everything they consider “hate speech.” The Constitution is not a suicide pact is it? Or is it?
          “You shouldn’t do it. And if you do, you shouldn’t be surprised when it’s turned around on you. That’s coming down the pike. It already exists on college campuses. And yet, when it’s something RoKers disagree with, suddenly it’s fine. Hypocrites.”
          It exists everywhere. It will continue to exist until the Right stops agreeing to lose by playing by the Left’s rules. The Right plays nice and fair and loses, the Left cheats and wins and rewards friends and punishes foes.

        10. It’s NOT Anti-American you dumb fuck. It’s COMPLETELY AMERICAN to tell someone who’s on your payroll that they have certain, specific, behavioral requirements. It’s TOTALLY AMERICAN to feel FREE to NOT work for that company or play for that team. What’s “anti-American” is to read dumb public school shit from idiots, like you.

        11. You’re so angry and butthurt. I’m not talking about the employer. I’m talking about all the “but muh military” idiots like you who are trying to get him fired by raising a stink. Sorry you don’t understand basic ideas like how rights work in the US, but you should be angry at yourself for playing grabass instead of studying when you were younger.

        12. Look, get out of your parent’s basement, go to the library and read about the private v. public rights of citizens in a Constitutional Republic. As for the rest of your bullshit, I live in Florida, let me know when you come down here, and I’ll gladly discuss your opinions of my life in person.

        13. Typical coward. Big Internet name calling wimp. Go back and play with your Barbies. This site is for MEN not little boys.

        1. If a symbol of a nation can be disrespected with no consequence, how does any other entity of power have any means to respect its soveriegnty? Go ask your libertarian friends.
          I’ll save you the trouble: they don’t know. Libertarianism, like socialism, is simply a worldview scheme that people use to justify no accountability and taking what they have not built nor earned. You hate social structure because you, in your childish beliefs about how you are entitled to anything, see them as in your way. In reality, they are the reason you were born with anything at all outside what your family could create and defend, which is almost nothing.

        2. “If a symbol of a nation can be disrespected with no consequence…” is perhaps the most anti-free speech way you could have started your sentence. That is precisely the speech the founding fathers had in mind when they drafted the bill of rights. Jesus Christ, people. Just admit you don’t believe in free speech and stop pretending this is an issue of respecting America. For fuck sake.

        3. Thanks for proving my point. You view ‘standing up for rights’ as post hoc rationalization for having no self control or temperance so you can view your childish behavior as righteous. You and SJWs are two sides of the same millennial coin.
          Rights are to protect you from the government, not for you to wield the government against people.

      4. Screw that. As long as the NFL is a welfare queen by way of us paying for their stadiums, we can call their methods unamerican all we like.

      5. Stupid people try to get away with such things simply to see how much they can get away with. Reason is useless, they think with their emotions. Ergo, they only understand pain and fear. I used to think this was communism when I was younger; I have since realized that communists taking on these characteristics is simply nature enforcing itself on societies that promote perverse incentives.
        And by the way, it is the other way around. Why do the people of this country deserve for me to dedicate a life of services to them when they treat good men like slaves?

      6. You are what I would consider a spoiled child. Taking for granted what has been given to you, off the hard work and sacrifice of others. What you mistakenly call communism, is actually free market, or capitalism. Like all free markets, customers vote with their dollars, and that is exactly what these pissed off customers are doing. Communism would mean forcing these punk ass ball players to fall in line, at the end of the government gun barrel. Now grow up, child!

        1. Wow… “At the end of a government gun barrel.” And what happens when that government gun barrel is making you praise Hillary, forcing you to use certain language that isn’t offensive, or dictating what gestures you can and can’t use?
          Again, you can disagree with their message, but you can’t disagree with their methods.

        2. He’s articulating his point in a very poor and bitchy way but there is a point in there.

        3. Jonathan, my point is, while these ball players do have the legal right to protest the anthem, we as consumers have the right to be angry about it and refuse to give them our money. This is capitalism. If we were being communists, we would be pushing for the government to make protesting the anthem against the law. See the difference?

        4. I don’t think that anyone is denying that he has the legal right to protest, or that his right should be taken away, just that he’s a POS for doing it. So I don’t understand why Jonathan is calling us communists.

      7. They’re still employees of the team and the NFL, and if they’re bringing shame and disrepute to the team or league, then they can be benched or released. I’ve been a coach and in this day and age, I would open my season by informing my players that, “You will not” indulge in any such display at a game, or you will be gone. Can and should are not the same thing.

  7. 12 chillin’s wit 8 different wemminz?
    That’s a mighty high cost-per-bang (CPB) ratio.

    1. The NBA instructs its players to not only always wear condoms when they bang women but to also flush the condom down the toilet or take it to a safe place far away from the woman to dispose of it.
      I wonder if the NFL provides similar guidance to its players.

  8. This whole to-do about taking a knee and so on is only making my disgust with the NFL even more pronounced. It was bad enough when they started the whole “Pink October” thing, which is contemptible without a converse “Blue November” or something (it’s documented that female-specific cancers get nearly twice the share of cancer research $ than male-specific cancers). Men are more likely to get prostate cancer than women getting breast cancer. And what do we get? Dissed by the NFL by a bunch of spoiled brat un-American SJW-types.
    As far as I’m concerned, the entire NFL can do crude, rude, and physiological impossible things to themselves.

    1. The NFL started going down hill the moment they took on social issues around 2007 -ish once they acquired the female fan base .
      Rape commercials, domestic abuse commercials, pink October, all became the norm. And let’s not forget the black panther salute during SB half time last year. I hope the NFL goes bankrupt.

  9. Kaepernick comes to Buffalo this weekend.
    Can’t wait to see how many delay-of-games the cunt gets flagged for when WNY lets him know what they think of his antics.

      1. Too fuckin bad, mate.
        I dont like all the politics they inject and I hope they lose a lot of money for it.
        I dont pay for any kind of entertainment media anyway. Dont have cable, no social media, I don’t share ‘anonymous details to improve our product’ and if I get one of those popup surveys to view a news article, I give blatantly false information.
        I dont follow any other sports, and Im not a stats guy.
        But I won’t stop watching my Bills.

        1. No, I don’t pay for anything either. I won’t watch any extra games or any team that takes a knee. Just the home team and not for long. …..however, I think if this rebellion keeps going; you have a societal breakdown coming. When you start messing with the glue that keeps this nation together; than going down a dangerous path.

      1. Lol. One of my earliest memories is of a couple of drunken Bills fans throwing a guy over the barrier that separates the field and the stands.
        If only we had American Football Firms…

    1. That’s laughable. That article doesn’t even acknowledge the possibility that fans are unhappy with the the anti-American and anti-police messages. But it’s real and palpable. I hear it in the office, I see it online, especially Twitter. The author of that piece, Mr. Thompson, ought to do a little research. Or less rationalizing. Probably the latter.

      1. i know you didn’t read the full article but i’ll help you from the article
        “Meanwhile, the league has suffered some damaging public-relations battles, including the drama over Colin Kaepernick’s protests of the national anthem and the league’s troubling concussion problem, which has so far hurt the league’s image more than its ratings”
        “I hear it in the office, I see it online, especially Twitter. ”
        And yet me my friends watched Brady’s comeback on Sunday. Does that count too? Probably not for you

        1. Hey, look at that. He did mention it. In the et cetera section at the end. And attempted to minimize it.
          No, you’re right, I didn’t read it. He listed four main points, none of which were the protests. Two were basically the same, cord cutters and market fragmentation, and that doesn’t result in the sudden sharp ‘cliff’ being reported. That’d result in more of a steady decline over years. The only one I find somewhat plausible is the election. But the greater magnitude of the decline this cycle is suspicious.
          If you and your friends watching a particular game is reflective of the broader statistical trend, then maybe you’ve got some good anecdotal evidence. I was only offering up anecdotal evidence myself, but at least mine agrees with what is being observed in the numbers.

        2. the decline was already happening before the protest(s), and “it’s election time, stupid”
          let’s talk after the election

        3. let’s talk after the election
          This is agreeable. My prediction is a modest, say, 3 or 4% bounce off the lows. It is certainly a part of the more immediate trend, but overestimated.

        4. So you are claiming that guys are spending Sunday afternoons following the election? You a fucking moron.

        5. can you provide where i claim that?
          point is it’s the election and debates have fallen on the same day, night, as certain big games etc but hey who much other stations are covering the election. that was not the only thing in the article, but who cares about facts

        6. It’s not yet after the election, but another data point just showed up.
          Instead of sitting around an office smugly assuming one can accurately guess the reasons for the decline, someone thought actually asking the people that aren’t watching why they aren’t watching might be instructive.
          Turns out the people that stopped watching did so primarily because of the protests.

        7. “the 40 percent of the “watching less NFL” group claiming protests as the reason represents 12 percent of all NFL fans”
          Given that it was a small sample size I doubt that’s representative and 12 percent also not significant
          You might need a better study

        8. ehhh was banned on this site lol
          you guys preach about politically correct and being opened minded yet when someone challenges you guys on here they go to go
          well like i said we shall see after the election
          cheers ya enjoy the echo chamber

    2. Yeah I just posted something similar. Trump alone is responsible for around 17 million increase in ratings, which is about what NFL games draw in total viewership. Plus how many are spending their time reading about Trump on various sites, commenting, etc.

      1. Why would football fans spend Sunday afternoons reading about Trump when they can do it all week?

        1. Maybe they are working some awful $12 an hour job. Maybe Trump awakened a new interest in politics and they are thinking about things differently and paying more attention to the news and the debates and shunning some of the time wasting habits they used to have. Maybe the Trump Train never stops and they are just overloaded by its daily combatting of the mainstream narrative. Who knows. But it seems like a reasonable theory to me. Much more than getting so pissed at what a dude does on the sidelines before the game starts (I don’t even tune in until kickoff anyway so I wouldn’t notice it if it wasn’t for all the media drama about it).

  10. I’ve stopped watching the NFL too., although I will still watch a Raiders game every now and then. Not because of the SJW angle, but because the games themselves have become too full of BS. I can’t watch a game anymore without the Referees putting points on the board or taking them away due to some archaic ill worded rule that is only selectively enforced. The contests reek of rigging. Furthermore it’s not even that fun anymore the league has adopted this corporate dull boredom where you can’t even celebrate a touchdown or taunt the other team without getting a fine, how emasculating is that.

    1. They’re making it like soccer, I might as well just switch to UFC at this point. I mean there’s only one NFL team I care about anyways, so TV goes off as soon as that one’s over with.

  11. I do notice ONE bit of silver lining about this kneeling during the national anthem fad: you don’t necessarily hear it happening on successful teams. It’s always crappy teams with sub .500 records or players who generally suck anyway.
    Kap’s kneeling thing is to get him attention and leverage in future contract negotiations (he’s basically trying to be the half and half version of Michael Sam). It’s also just like what Mizzou did at the NCAA level, where they hopped on board the BLM train because their SEC record sucks balls.
    I mean, you don’t hear stories about the Pats or the Crimson Tide doing shit like this in their respective arenas.

  12. As long as America has cretinous ghetto dwellers to teach her morality and honor, she’ll be alright.
    That aside, y’all can’t judge a brotha for bustin a nut in too many bitches.

    1. Oh, and how can I forget.
      He a good boy!
      He dindu nuffin!
      NFL be rayciss an sheeeeeeeit!

  13. Considering our government officials are sell outs to the Zionist and global oligarchs, our military fights wars in the Middle East for Isreal that do not benefit the United States in the slightest, considering our nation is in serious debt due to progressive thinking such as “government take care of everyone” and many other reasons that could be listed, I have no problem for any person in this nation refusing to stand for the National Anthem. Sure the idea of standing and pledging your patriosm to what WAS the greatest country the Earth has ever seen is a great idea but times have changed. This country is being run into the ground. We should all be protesting the anthem or the flag because it no longer represents the current conditions of this country. You think boycotting the NFL is gonna do jack shit? You think that it’s people like Colin Kaepernick that is what’s wrong with this nation? Get your head out of the sand and actually do something about it instead of whining and bitching because an individual actually had the balls to form an opinion. I say burn the flag. Put it on Washington’s front door. We can’t afford to sit back any longer.

      1. You clearly didn’t read what he said. Do your research. Just because he made it big in the NFL doesn’t exclude him from being able to talk about how other African-Americans are being treated unfairly by the police, the “system”, etc. Im not here to defend African-Americans, because they need to hold up their end of the bargain, especially in cities like Chicago and Detroit where crime and murder rates are high, but at the same time we have to acknowledge that there are innocent blacks being targeted or harmed unjustly. That was literally the point of him sitting during the National Anthem, which the last I checked isn’t against the law. You do realize burning the American Flag is also legal too and I didn’t see him even do that.
        This whole act is a diversion fueled by the media to distract us from the bigger issues at hand. The more white people get upset about Kaepernick the less time we have to research other information and spread awareness of the shadow government that rules over us.

        1. Law of probability. When we were in Iraq, we were in high alert when an Iraqi came speeding to the gate. WHY? Because chances are Habibi from Baghdad was more likely to detonate an IED, killing all of us, than Wally the American contractor from Dayton Ohio.
          In America, you are more likely to be killed or robbed by a black man. You are more likely to be shot up at a high school by a white suburban teen. Law of probability is real. Political correctness kills.

        2. Yes, blacks might have a tough deal with the police (maybe because of their astronomical crime rate, but I digress), and he could speak out against that, but to slander an entire country the way he has is irresponsible.

  14. Yeah. I haven’t watched a single game this year as well.
    Every country has its problems. Racism, while it was a horrible thing in the past is not nearly as widespread as blm wants it to seem.
    To have some overpaid football player kneel while a soldier on prosthetic limbs will stand for your national anthem is beyond fucked.
    Just as fucked as it is to think police are patrolling to kill blacks, while many of them are working under black mayors, police chiefs and a black president.

  15. He will be broke soon because of the child support payments for the 12 kids. The kids are fucked. The taxpayer will have to foot the bill.
    This happens to far too many pro athletes. It’s like a rehashed VH1 “Behind the Music” story over and over: same shit different day 🙁

  16. My biggest problem has nothing to do with ‘disgracing the flag’ or ‘muh veterans’ or whatever. It’s that they’re protesting on behalf of a false premise. They’re lazy hypocritical virtue-signalers who would probably be in prison if they weren’t playing Sportsball.

  17. The sit/stand issue is an Identity Trap. Why should you care whether someone else chooses to take a knee or sit during the anthem? Moreover, who decided for you that standing is appropriate and kneeling is inappropriate? Why did YOU choose to accept that as truth? Because someone told you?
    Finally, wouldn’t life be easier if you didn’t waste time trying to convince others to do things the way you do them? So long as you’re agitating for others to change, you’re not truly free.

    1. The symbolic gesture is going to gain critical mass, resulting in more political correctness, BS white guilt indoctrination, and a reduction of my personal right to disagree. That’s why I disagree with it.
      Much of what we complain about here was started by progressives willing to burn down their neighborhoods in the 1960’s, and we’re dealing with the fallout.

      1. What you said about the 1960s is true, but I didn’t see Colin burning his or anyone else’s neighborhoods down. Although what has happened in Baltimore and St. Louis recently is a disgrace. It’s about time whites and blacks got along (possibly unite) and that’s going to take honesty and effort on both sides. The more we keep fighting against each other, the easier the job it is for the ruling Oligarchs to control us.

        1. Racial tensions are the worst where de-industrialization is most obvious (St. Louis, Detroit, Baltimore, etc). I, as an educated citizen know our problems are economical, not racial, in substance.
          However, the media has a heavy influence on low IQ plebes that look up to Kaepernick when he kneels, or Beyonce when she throws a black panther salute during the super bowl, or the Rams when they came onto the field with “Don’t Shoot!” BS.
          When said plebes proceed to burn down cities, and beat down people of my skin color, it becomes my problem.

        2. The elites want to use the old “divide and conquer” strategy. Only when we stand together, can we defeat those Satanic bastards!

  18. I seriously think you could blame Trump for the decrease in NFL ratings. There is a limited market for entertainment and Trump has been providing high quality entertainment for free every single day.
    Over 84 MILLION watched the presidential debate. That’s just amazing. Obama/Romney debate had 67 million, so I think it’s fair to say Trump alone is responsible for 17 million viewers. That’s more than the top rated TV series The Walking Dead earns in a typical week. That’s simply Yuge.
    Anyway, I’m kind of split on the issue. On the one hand, the guy is part of a team, and I feel you should go along with your team and not be divisive. On the other hand, I won’t salute or pledge allegiance to this nation either, so make that of it what you will.
    I’d blame a good bit of this on Trump and the pink breast cancer PC bullshit, that Trump probably awakened a lot of people to. I know a lot of football fans, and I can’t imagine they are stopping their obsessive hobby because of something one of the players does on the sidelines before kickoff.

      1. Some of Trumps best quips came outside the debates. He is pure entertainment. Hell, I log in every day to drudge report now to read about his latest antics. It’s better than 90% of the shit on TV.

  19. I read somewhere (forgot where) that playing the anthem while the players are present is a fairly recent phenomenon (’90s?), instigated in part by the military (who advertise quite a bit during games, iirc) to boost the optics of patriotism. Used to be the players wouldn’t come out until after the anthem. I don’t know how accurate this is, but I find the cynicism of the military using the anthem in this way to be telling.

      1. wrong again.
        Aside from champtionship events, the popularization of airing the anthem before games started right after 9/11. The MLB were the first adopters of airing the players on the field while the anthem played during the regular season.

        1. NFL teams did not stand for the national anthem until the 2009 season. The reason for the change? It was a good business venture. My team, the Green Bay Packers, were paid by the department of defense to honor the military and the funding was used for military related promos.

  20. Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the NFL brought this upon himself by dragging out drama, promoting flavor-of-the-month groups and changing the rules of the games, resulting in a much lower standard of play. That is the real cause for ratings failure. Many teams sit at 1-3 and 1-4 records, which means they have a minimal chance of seeing the playoffs. Those fans have nothing to cheer for while their team is further embarrassed by strutting around in pink.
    Enjoy hiding behind your facade of order, Goodell. Your days are numbered once the revenue starts to dwindle. Madness will take over as your throne falls.

  21. My belief is Kaepernick was using the color of his skin to save his own skin.
    Be Kaepernick
    shit quarterback
    sitting on bench
    about to get fired
    pull insanely retarded publicity stunt
    become center of media attention due to controversy
    now sit on bench and collect millions with the knowledge you can turn your race card in if your team ever decides to drop your hypocritical ass back on the streets where your true parents left you.
    Eggball is the worst representation of America in a sport. 100% commercialized, hardly any actual gameplay, spoon-fed strategy, and invaded with SJWs and fans with IQs closer to the number on their jerseys. Not to mention fines for over celebrating, certain hits, and ridiculous penalties. BTW happy breast cancer awareness month.

  22. Statistically speaking, children from broken families are nine times more likely to commit crime

    We must be cautious here, because it doesn’t follow that broken families are what causes crime. It could be that a third factor that gives a higher propensity for absentee fatherhood, also contributes to criminal predisposition.
    Genes for instance.
    There is a good chance it is some of both – genes and environment – and that they work in cahoots. To be sure you’d have to conduct studies that control for heritability.

    1. I listen to them- awesome 85 bear defense…; but if they take a knee- any of them. I am done. I don’t care at that point.

  23. It won’t be long before Antonio is a homeless street walker once the nfl paycheck stops coming in. Hard to feel sorry for someone who is dumb enough to have that many kids by so many different women. Although I still watch football, I now mute the tv audio and listen to the audio on the radio while watching the video on the tv since I don’t want to be preached to by the nfl and the tv media on domestic violence or women’s issues when all I want to do is to enjoy the game without being hammered on the head with SJW issues. Sorry, but the domestic violence public service announcements are as much fun as attending a friend’s funeral when all I’m trying to do is relax.

    1. And the fact that they are now made to wear pink for the ENTIRE month of October is completely stupid and I think just a way social justice pukes like to stick it in the eye of men collectively.
      That was another secondary reason why I decided to hang up football. But, really the nail in the coffin, looking back, was the overtly sexist commercials and the one with the baby and dorittos that was attempted to be turned into something “sexist” by manginas.

      1. Buying all of those pink items doesn’t do much for the breast cancer cause since very little of the money goes towards breast cancer research with the vast majority of profits going into the pockets of the manufacturers. There were also several breast cancer related charitable groups that lost there tax exemption donation status due to excessively high administrative fees (i.e. little money actually going for the intended purpose). Money being tossed away but it sure looks good wearing all of that pink shit. As for nfl tv watching, I don’t watch as much as I use to but still catch the games of the local (Go Bills) nfl team. Thus my comment regarding muting the tv audio and using the radio audio instead in order to avoid being preached to. The radio broadcast hasn’t been affected by political correctness to the extent that tv has (at least in my area).

        1. A non-profit with admin and development above more than 20% (which is still high) is a failure. Not every non-profit can keep the numbers of the Salvation Army (known for their extremely low admin/dev numbers), but seriously above 20% means tons of waste or someone is paying unreasonable salaries for that industry.

  24. I, for one, used to enjoy watching a football game on Sunday. It was just something which guys would do. A great excuse to grab a beer and hang out. Never minded if ladies joined but it was definitely a masculine experience.
    After this whole protest of made up “racism” happened though I don’t even turn on the TV on Sunday nor will I accept an invite to watch a game at a friend’s house or bar. When people ask me why I don’t come around anymore on Sundays I tell them the real reason. That has resulted in more than one person also turning of the TV and ignoring football.
    Funny thing is I almost did the same in 2013 when it was all the rage to complain about how it was “sexist” to keep women reporters out of the men’s locker room where actual grown men got naked, showered, and dressed. Now in 2016 you are a “bigot” if you complain about a man in a dress uses the ladies room and also Trump is being accused of “sexual assault” because he was backstage at a beauty pageant where it is routine for women to get naked around each other due to constant outfit changes (which take place in front of basically the entire stage staff including both men and women).

  25. While working in the criminal justice system, I have asked several young black males why they don’t wear condos. The response? “Because it don’t feel good.” Thinking beyond the moment is very abstract.

    1. To be fair, condos are pretty huge and cumbersome.

  26. This is what prosperity buys you in the long run. Idiots have children and the just die. The shortsighted will say that the people having these kids are winning, but after the country collapses, 99% of them will die.
    There is a reason women couldn’t vote. There is a reason aldulterers, male and female were punished with death. The righteous deserve to rule the weak; as soon as this iron clad rule is broken, nature shows us just how powerful it really is by destroying the offending nation.

    1. woman were not meant to vote basically for the same reason this year Clinton will get elected. They are motivated by fishing lures and not anything based on logic reason or sanity.

  27. I have almost zero interest in this sport but when they got rid of a (white) positive role model of Tim Tebow who values chastity, volunteering etc and promote dindu trash like this, that really is all you need to know.

    1. Tim Tebow is really the man, one of the few athletes that I appreciated. He stood for something greater than his sport, and himself.

  28. I have spent more time watching the CFL this year than the NFL.
    Cultural Marxism, along with fantasy football, are ruining the NFL.

  29. It is high time for white men to abandon their nasty habit of watching and financing professional sports like football and basketball. These are little boy´s games and, let me add, they have played in major role in mainstreaming such things as interracial sex, a thing once justifiably seen in America as one step removed from bestiality. The idea of paying a horde of steroid-pumped animals tossing a ball around is too ridiculous for words. The tide is turning, guys, and one day not too far in the future you will regret cheering on these thugs. Dump the NFL and the NBA. Take up real sports, like shooting, hiking, weightlifting and other stuff that will get you in shape for the approaching storm.

    1. Great comment. It didn’t take much past my early 20’s to realize how stupid the tradition of watching blacks compete against each other in the name of “their city” was. I’m happy that I shared your vision and focused my efforts on making MYSELF as physically fit and competitive as possible, not vicariously living my high school fantasies through genetically gifted 25 year olds.

    2. “And, let me add, they have played in major role in mainstreaming such things as interracial sex, a thing once justifiably seen in America as one step removed from bestiality.”
      “It’s OK for me as a huhwhyte man to fuck Asian women/Latinas/etc., but if a non-white man so much as touches a white woman it’s time to round up the lynch mobs and don the white hoods.”

        1. little sissy’s like you hide behind your little black victimhood. Someone needs to pound the stupidity out of you. Obviously, your more of thug than a citizen.

      1. Not sure if you’re a troll or site regular, but I have to agree with you on this one.

  30. Well see. The Jews that run Disney are now trying to targeting men’s media now that they have destroyed women and children with Disney and abc propaganda. ESPN was the next frontier. But thank goodness men are fighting back at least a little.
    I mean this ain’t about the 1st amendment. Cuz players are at work. And yet 1st amendment id all we hear from the same networks that fire people for comments they made outside of work.

    1. It’s not that I don’t believe that Jews, at some level, have an inordinate and unprecedented amount of control over society, but really does have to pop up in literally every alt-right-ish comment section? It happens in just about every thread, even if it is a non-political post about say building muscle. It is so mechanical that I really really wonder if it isn’t a troll from Media Matters because really did someone out there on the internet post “If it weren’t for the (((Jews))) (like you needed to really make it that apparent you were talking about Jews you had to put in the shockwave thing) who put estrogen in the water I could add on more muscle bulk”.

      1. Why shouldn’t it be mentioned. Feminism is mentioned as well. Because they LITERALLY affect damn near everything.

  31. This article is one of the better take downs of the NFL Bullshit I have read in a while. I like how it spotlights the fact that the same guy who doesn’t like the National Anthem is part of the problem with the black community.
    It does take two to tango and, let’s face it, the women he knocked up are gold diggers – they see his huge paycheck and are all “yeah, please bareback me!”
    Thug Life at it’s best!

  32. The NFl will not apologize and this will spread to more players and singers etc… Either you shut the NFL off until they clean up their act or expect more of it. You will tolerate this behavior by these America hating social justice warriors. I don’t think there is any other option. They dont’ want to be a rivalry for their community and support its foundations- good and bad. They want to fight the man – the whitee that caused all their problems and all the people that made them rich– unlike the rest of the world where blacks live in mostly poverty. No, this is just going to get worse- so turn off your TV’ less you get lectured by these fools. AND BTW- its the symbol If they didn’t play the anthem at all; no one would have noticed.

  33. What kind of man who fathers twelve children from eight different mothers? An evolutionary success who has a strong stake in the future as opposed to MGTOW who are genetic dead ends.

  34. I haven’t watched a game all season, and will not return. The NFL has become a political tool for the Left, and the owners let it happen. Screw it. No more Red Zone, no more Fantasy, no more bullshit players telling me Black Lives Matter. The players are a bunch of assholes. There are a number of them around here…they think they’re God’s Gift. The baseball season is still going for me, anyway.

    1. Right there with ya. I used to love NFL football, always as a diversion not an obsession, but I’m officially done. The Beyonce stunt at the super bowl last year and now this is too much. Oh, and screw (((ESPN))) too

  35. People are tired of watching “pro” wrestling, cough, I mean National Fakery League. …

  36. These “only God can judge me” assholes would be cut loose from any crew worth their sand instantly. This need to be seen by others as virtuous and “brave”, to base ones sense of “self”, to behave one way daily only to make a big show of how virtuously oppressed one is for the crowd is womanly and to be viewed with suspicion and scorn. A guy who gets a divorce and really fathers their kids to the best of their ability is one thing, while some asshole who can’t even remember his kids names but wants to stand out as a leader of some sort is a hypocrite of the highest order and a piece of shit in general. I don’t like to mix work and personal but, there are aspects of character that overlap within cooperative environments and this racial stuff is one that emphasizes division. As one of his teammates I’d personally have a big problem with the horseshit that this implies and start a movement of singing the national anthem. Might do it while facing towards Washington or something too. Remember how this shit started, some obese hustler getting choked out while trying to resist arrest.

  37. Good. Fuck the NFL for trying to push an agenda. Just stick to throwing a ball around and collect your ad checks. Lately I’ve been more thankful than ever that I was unatheletic as a kid and invested all my free time into things that are of value to me today

  38. so the rapes, the abuse, the criminal histories, managment’s indifference to injuries and cumulative brain damage… none of that “tainted the NFL” but silent, non-aggressive, brief protests did…????
    This writer is the king of hypocrites.

  39. Let me sum up this article for you: “blah blah blah, recycled blah blah blah. That is all.”

  40. As long as any nfl players disrespect our Nation’s Anthem and those who defend our nation, I will continue to boycott the nfl.

  41. I too am disgusted with the traitor NFL players. Now that the SUPER BOWL is next week, look at how many of the protestors are left standing to play in the big game.
    ZERO. Those guys were losers and most of them didn’t even make the playoffs.
    When the NFL starts showcasing its WINNERS again and not try to shove SJW agenda down our throats maybe the fans will come back.

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