Why We Need Larry David And Curb Your Enthusiasm

Recently, HBO announced that Curb Your Enthusiasm, the premium cable network’s longest-running scripted comedy or drama show, will return to the airwaves after a five-year hiatus. But now “It Is 2016”, to quote pandering progressive Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a time when political correctness has steadily wreaked havoc across the comedy scene writ large.

Comic luminaries Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld have openly disavowed political correctness, while the unfunny Sarah Silverman has cravenly embraced it by insisting comedians should submit to the thought control and “change with the times.” Right.

Needless to say, today’s comedy is in jeopardy. Due to the surge of identity politics, a leftist medium (and really an excuse) for self-declared societal victims to voice their grievances while silencing others in the process, comedy has been unable to breathe. Comics, satirists and provocateurs alike are now sued and made financially liable for their jokes, physically threatened, and, most recently, banned from major social media websites.

Comedy is craving a renaissance. With the upcoming return of Curb Your Enthusiasm, we may have an answer to all this speech policing. What I like to longwindedly call “the new show about nothing about the co-creator of the old show about nothing,” Curb Your Enthusiasm is about the life and pratfalls of Larry David, the said co-creator of NBC’s Seinfeld. Since Seinfeld ran for nine seasons, it is only fitting that Larry would want to attempt a season nine of this series and take one (?) more stroll along the Curb promenade. 

Like with Seinfeld, Larry is known for taking his own real life experiences, harvesting their humorous elements, and applying them to Curb Your Enthusiasm‘s interconnected sitcom plots. Taking into account his conversation with Jerry Seinfeld on Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee and his stint on Saturday Night Live where he did a hilarious sendup of the finger-wagging Bernie Sanders and an idiot Donald Trump protester who can only parrot “Trump’s a racist!”, it is quite possible Larry is also privy to this assault on humor, logic, and common sense by the politically correct left.

Larry David is a rich white liberal… and he knows it

Let’s not kid ourselves, though: Larry David is, indeed, a rich white liberal who golfs with “Nobel Peace Prize-winner” Barack Obama on Martha’s Vineyard. But one of the many keys to Larry’s brand of humor is his chronic self-loathing (“I do hate myself, but it has nothing to do with being Jewish!” he insisted in Season Two’s episode, “Trick or Treat”) and obsessive self-awareness. PC liberals, however, only have the first, which they project onto others via guilt and power tripping.

As a rich white Jewish liberal, Larry is as aware and bashful about his privilege and social stature (“Oh stop it, I have no stature!” he rebutted in the show’s pilot) as he is confused by it—a Wandering Jew in high society. He is always curious, roving about and trying to decipher the purpose of the different yet equally bizarre social codes and phenomena that sheeple, typically the wealthy kind, tend to comply with and encounter on a somewhat regular basis.

Larry David donated nearly thirty grand to Obama's 2008 Victory Fund... the President better have paid the man's green fee.

Larry David donated nearly thirty grand to Obama’s 2008 Victory Fund… the President better have paid the man’s green fee.

After cashing in on Seinfeld, Larry became a liberal by lifestyle. His fame afforded him comfort and luxury, plus the ability to interact with Hollywood’s uppity elites. But Larry is a misanthrope; this is apparent in his early career when he walked off the stage at the start of a set after getting a bad vibe from his audience. Now you have the same recluse—only rich and living in a liberal wonderland—whose occupants are likely the same type of snooty people Larry walked off from that long-ago night.

The magic of Curb is that Larry manages to ridicule liberal attitudes on HBO, a hugely pro-liberal television platform. He pulls this off probably because Larry’s show is not political, per se; while Curb centres on Larry’s rich white liberal lifestyle, it mocks the behavior and prejudices of all creeds and colors.

No one is spared: white people, black people, hispanics, the disabled, fat people, liberals, conservatives, Christians, Muslims are all thrown under the proverbial bus. Larry’s humor is not at the expense of everyone but himself; instead, the “bald asshole” sticks himself in the middle of these antics, and whether he is on the right or wrong side of things is always up for debate.

Where Youtube essayist Nerdwriter called Louis CK a “Moral Detective”, Larry David is a “Social Detective”—one who rarely solves the case. Curb episodes are riddled with unanswered mysteries: was Michael J. Fox pissed or was it just Parkinson’s? Did Larry tip the waiter twice? Did Leon masturbate on those bedsheets? What was the Weatherman’s Golf Tip?

"What a freak!" In "Curb", no one is spared from satire.

“What a freak!” In “Curb”, no one is spared from satire.

Putting question marks at the end of those running gags, Larry’s lack of closure here is the punchline. He shows the absurdity of life and all these little social codes. That, at the end of the day, there is no absolute answer – our curiosity remains in suspension, tormented by our own assumptions.

Political correctness will suffer at the hands of Larry David

Political correctness’s core flaw is that it discourages curiosity – it tries to shame it, control it. That is why political correctness is anathema to comedy: it inhibits comedians and comediennes from getting down in the muck of our own hypocrisies and deepest prejudices and, in turn, mocking and exposing them. Larry’s comedy takes us out of our safe space. It has nerve.

Take Season Six’s finale, “The Bat Mitzvah,” where Larry pretends to be mentally handicapped to deter a potential tenant from renting a next-door office. The scheme works flawlessly and the freaked tenant tries to feign politeness and is then scared away.

Today, I can just see PC crybabies complaining about and obsessing on Larry’s exaggerated imitation of the mentally disabled. They would take to social media and blogs and BuzzFeed castigating Larry David as ableist (or whatever new phobia they’d invent). Moderate leftists would then take cues from this and publish “impartial” think pieces like “Is “Curb Your Enthusiasm” Discriminatory To Disabled People?”, thus inadvertently lending credence to these ridiculous claims. In response, Return Of Kings would be compelled to publish a piece titled “”Curb Your Enthusiasm Is Not and Never Has Been Discriminatory – Here’s Why”, etc. All this noise when, once again, the PC police would be missing the point.

Like the majority of Curb’s gags, Larry’s intent is not to mock a type of person or thing, but the behavior in response to that person/thing. Larry pokes fun at how the abled respond to the severely disabled: with disgust sublimated into pity and “compassion.” Larry points to the fact that many able-bodied people are turned off by the disabled, so they act overly polite and courteous to them to absolve themselves of the guilt for feeling so.

Take “The Safe House” episode, where Larry asked a black man to watch a white man’s laptop at a restaurant. When the surly laptop owner loses his device, he confronts Larry and blurts, “you gave it [my laptop] to a black guy!”. Mortified, the man tempers his voice and corrects himself: “I mean… why wouldn’t you give it to a black guy?”.

That is what Curb Your Enthusiasm illustrates: people want to be decent but, deep down, we can be racist. We can be bigoted. We can be prejudiced. We can be angry. Most importantly: we can be confused–about ourselves and the way we think of and treat others. Larry David is confused like us. 

Curb is so successful because it is relatable in that sense. It taps into the things we tend to think but rarely dare to say. It’s unfiltered, uncensored, mercilessly funny and yet not savage. It pushes the envelope while remaining good-natured in its comic nudging. This is why we, or I for one, eagerly await the show’s return to save us from today’s humor-resistant political correctness.

Rest assured: Larry David and the upcoming ninth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm will Make Comedy Great Again.

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81 thoughts on “Why We Need Larry David And Curb Your Enthusiasm”

  1. Larry David is my favourite jewish male feminist and the The Larry David stare is pretty much the methodology of the red pill. So how come he ended up becoming a progressive? Hope he’s seen the error of his ways and votes Trump for real but my bet he’s going to go further down the Rosie O’Donnell lovin’ route in series 9

    1. Rich people have better things to do than vote. Larry can do more from the inside than from outside. If he openly turned on them they would bury him in raoe accusations or something and distract from his jokes.

      1. I think his sympathies are progressive in the main. I’d like to think he’s s too quirky minded to be taken in by political correctness though

  2. You watch it for me, I will just take your word that it’s funny.

  3. I love that leftists think that simply stating the year we are living in is a valuable argument for the acceptance of degeneracy.

      1. The right side of history? As if that is reasoning for saying you are morally superior? Another leftist statement for the cognitively impaired. Let me guess, you must use words like hate, marginalized, transrights, gendernorm, cis, etc, because youre a drone incapable of coming up with an original, cogent thought. Why not is your best argument. Fuck marxism, fuck you. You are the weak, and when push comes to shove, itll be those like you who go first.

        1. What is irony? I get asked that all the time kid. “What is it, what does it do, where does it come from?”- I get it so fucking much I thought about buyin’ a bill board just to show ’em, all them fucks, what the good news of irony is all about.
          Irony aint a thing so much, as it is a place in us. In our minds, kid. Brain parts. When I say irony I don’t just mean (((irony))), where ya’ got existential despair and you just fucking sit in it, pud in palm, makin’ small talk, drinkin’ a cup of shitty coffee cause you got nothin’ better to do.
          Real irony, white, Christian irony, is the stuff that helps you tie the binds, and push through the shit, kid. When you get dick warts the first time for instance, it’ll freak you out if you’re any kind of real white. You sit there, pud in palm, thinkin’ just where, oh where things went wrong.
          But then you realize, hey kid, you knew this was coming deep down. You kept up the good fight, savaging degenerates on the daily. You told those bitches straight up: no hymen, no diamond. You squat, you read philosophy, you game, you dress well, you’re diversified. You knew (((they))) would pull shit just like this on you eventually.
          But you’re not going to piss away time on things like monogamy, cause divorce rape and things of that nature. Obviously. So you take prolly the easiest squeeze you got the balls to approach, small talk your way into her comfort zone. She’ll try to talk about her job, her problems, but you knows better, cause you know irony kid. (Well, you’ll learn it eventually I mean).
          Ain’t nothin’ deep about them split tails, aside from their fun holes. So you gotta keep the chit chat shallow kid. Small talk, lesser irony. Like, why do we drive in parkways and park in drive ways. That’s shit that stupid mother fuckers don’t understand but it will probably blow her mind, make you look real interesting and mysterious That’s the fucking ticket, kid.
          And uh, once you uh, escalate… success (putting your penis inside them) is inevitable. You know this girl is a hive mind dead end in life, and that, as soon as you finish (getting off, I mean, you know, cumming, ejaculating, etc) you’ll just want to get the fuck out of there. She’s a throw away. Fucking worthless, your subconscious is telling you.
          But now you’re fucking forever warted. You’d thrown away a dick with a clean slate, a non-infected dick, just to stick it in between her ass cheeks for a while. So she must not be totally worthless, you rationalize. She’s sucking your dick with the pressure of a shop vac and a skill that in any previous era of humanity would have been exclusive to really expensive whores. That’s what you came for.
          What you didn’t come for are these fucking warts. So, what do you do, and what’s this got to do with irony, you may be asking. And that’s where you’ve failed to see it before. Its right in front of your face, kid. This whole time its been there and you got fucking none of it.
          You don’t sit there, pud in palm, first of all. You’ve read Meditations halfway through, you once heard an hour long PowerPoint about Nietzsche, so you know your shit. (((Whoever))) created this problem is a secondary concern.
          So you pull out the ACV, your pour a big glass and dip your pecker in the acidic glory of Braggs (with the mother), cause you know this shit makes the dick warts go away for good. Probably for life, who knows. And you call that cute college girl, who just had a bad break up and thought you had a “real connection”. Rinse and repeat.
          Some just don’t understand Irony like I do, kid. You’ll get it one day.

      1. That’s some quality narcissism. And coming from me that is big!

        1. Shocking I know. They were like this too with the Showa Tenno too. Those disrespectful gaijins I tell you.

        2. <<o. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★:::::::!!bt706p:….,

        1. My first name starts with an R… so in my world its 36 AR… but when it was 1995.. I fondly refer to that time as AR 15. aka my assault rifle year according to Liberals.

    1. I know, it’s the dumbest shit ever. As if the previous millions of years of human existence from cavemen up to 1997 or whatever were somehow “wrong,” and the past few years has been the only “right” time in human history.

      1. Most of Liberal Thought is that exactly. Nothing is right until 1997. Blah blah gays, blah blah women, blah blah multiculturalsim.

        1. Black lives matter *shit plop* *fart* *belch* muh feelz *wheeze* patriarchy *snort*. I’d have them ground into dog food but that’d be cruelty to animals (the dogs that is).

      2. Exactly! Its like forget the spirit of the age that people were living in. Theres a reason gays have been condemned throughout all of history, and its not patriarchy or H8!!!!!!! FCKN OMG GUYS HATE

        1. Yep, If something’s been condemned throughout 99% of history, it’s usually for a reason. Another favorite liberal saying I hear is “you’ll be on the wrong side of history.” As if gay rights, white self-hatred, and pedophile acceptance won’t ever be questioned for the rest of human history.

    2. It’s 2016!
      Yes it’s been 2016 for almost 8 months now…..what’s your point?

      1. Whats yours? Mine is beyond evident above. Read again. If you think winning a moral argument involves stating the year, well then, bless your heart

        1. I was just typing my response to SJWs who say it’s current year. They say “it’s 2016!” I say, “Yes it’s been that way for” etc…

  4. Yes, Larry David, is a reasonable Democrat with manners. There is nothing more entertaining than watching him clown ideologically fervent, new generation Liberals in Manhattan and Los Angeles. As a logical Dem, Larry is as far removed from those Liberals that he clowns, as those Liberals are from reality.

    1. Yeah love this guy. Remember, he is the brains behind Seinfeld. And finally you can watch HBO without cable or a TV. $15 a month online access.
      The suspicious thing… Bernie Sanders resigned from the Democratic party today, dropping out of the presidential race, and then this announcement…
      Larry David is Bernie Sanders!

      1. Hillary is typical plutocrat, Trump is a reality star tooling us, so getting more “Bern Your Enthusiasm” was my only reason for getting out to vote. Bernie!

        1. La’darell,
          They are all frauds. That is nothing new. But, seeing Larry David on SNL each Saturday is enough reason to vote for good Ole Bern.

        2. That he did.
          Since we now know that all Bernie really wanted was his own private jet and a soapbox, he should’ve made a deal with The Donald instead of trying to deal with the DNC 😉
          Trump hooked his (spineless, quisling scum) VP pick up with his own private jet.

        3. no i just dont understand why anyone on our side of the fence would give a shit he is a self identified socialist…

      2. The irony is even though I enjoyed watching Seinfeld as a child, as an adult I can’t enjoy it at all due to laugh track awareness. Same with Cheers/Frasier/Friends/Bang Theor
        Anyone still capable of enjoying these shows is a child. Adults reject laugh tracks. Live audiences too. Yours must br the first and only laugh or it isn’t genuine.

        1. I agree.
          I’d add that Big Bang Theory hasn’t been enjoyable period ever since they married off “the boys”, as the jokes became forced and the man-hating/emasculation went off the charts.

        2. Yeah laugh tracks suck, but you really are gonna say that if you like Seinfeld you’re a “child”?
          the fuck?

        3. I watch some of those shows BECAUSE they remind me of when I was a kid. The laugh track doesn’t bother me on the older shows.

        4. Yes I am. Lots of alleged adults have childish minds.
          Live audiences are almost as bad. Relying on a crowd to tell you when to laugh.

        5. I just couldn’t get that far. In survived a few episodes because I wanted the geek references but even those were shallow.

        6. I won’t say it’s the best sitcom-even CBS itself had better-but it had its moments IMO.
          I did like the somewhat non-PC instance where Howard attempts to bribe a black female hospital orderly by slipping her a $5 bill with the line “Let me introduce you to the man who freed your people”

    1. Nothing should ever be off limits on comedy. Sadly, that’s the point many people miss.

      1. No. There are some things that are off limits. Pedophilia, deep attacks on one’s religion, the death of child etc.
        Dont get me wrong, I dont advocate for censorship but, expect some blowback if youre making jokes about a dead young child liking bukake and anal. Especially from the family.

        1. Nothing off limits. No exceptions. All comedy offends somebody. Parents and religious don’t have especially tender feelings. I get offended by nerd mockers but my not enjoying that comedy doesn’t mean I call for its censure.

        2. That’s your opinion. And while one’s pushing the envelope and discussing raping a baby dont be surprised if those who take offence want to have a “discussion” afterwards.

        3. I wouldn’t he surprised, because people are white knight SJW brutes. I am saying it is okay with me for people who want to tell jokes and I disapprove of.assaulting them for doing so.
          If a guy beat up a comedian for telling a baby rape joke I would wish death upon him and his progeny.

        4. Well then you and I would have some issues. Anyone who makes like a chomo is my presence will get a response. You don’t ‘joke’ about harming children.

  5. This is really hard to explain, but I think these guys are damn funny. They have their own show coming soon on Adult Swim. I’m going to wait until its all online because I stopped participating in the TV meme. But this stuff is weird, to say the least:

    1. MDE really doesn’t do that much stuff. I’m glad they got a show, but they lucked out by getting a huge following despite having a small amount of inconsistently funny material and they really failed to take advantage of it so far. I like them, though.

      1. Most people who do comedy as a profession have a large amount of stuff to see. MDE has been at it for years, as you know, but they weren’t any kind of an attraction. They are new to doing comedy as an actual profession.
        If they would have been producing material like what I posted, for income, with youtube as their biggest venue, they would have stagnated years ago I think.
        They are pals, they seem bright and comedy is important to them. That chemistry and desire is a big component to why I think they’re going to do well.
        Here’s a clip from their show if you’re interested:

  6. Why support Hollywood period? Even if a show makes fun of liberals its still part of the corrupt system. Just because they throw a crumb once in a while to those of us who hate SJWs and liberals doesn’t change that.

    1. Cause if I didn’t subscribe to Space due to it’s SJW connections I would have to torrent Doctor Who and bandwidth can get expensive.

  7. This scene encapsulates today’s society full of perpetually offended assholes, down to the women (and weak men) trying to state what or what isn’t “acceptable” based upon nothing but what they think.

  8. I like Larry David. Looking forward to his next venture. I have considered changing my internet handle to “Elmer David”, the Redneck Jew.

  9. Isn’t this guy the same douche-bag who pissed on the cross: https://youtu.be/uCodaoMt8XE
    Any other religion (the star of david or islam) would had him killed had he messed with them. But in all fairness whites have themselves to blame for dropping the ball; we’ve become weak and stopped speaking up, stopped being tribal, lost our patriarchy, given our females the right to vote, and naively bought into feminism.

      1. What is your point shill? What we see here is a gentile shown as ignorant and petty. The Audience beguiled with holocaust tales designed to feel empathy for the Jew.
        Show me a sitcom where we have a Christian or Muslim pissing on a menorah portrayed as comedy then you can talk.

        1. “Show me a sitcom where we have a Christian or Muslim pissing on a menorah portrayed as comedy then you can talk.”
          Valid point.

    1. Pissing on a cross is genius. You are whining for Christians not bring barbarians who will murder someone over pissing on a fucking book?

    1. Doug Stanhope — the antidote to the the so-called comedy of the PC retarded left.
      Compare the intelligent irreverence of Stanhope to the stupid Schlock slapstick of Larry David below.

  10. ‘Jewish white’ Bro, do you even genetics? Is Jackie Chan white too? Was Jackson transwhite?

  11. I’m looking foward to him and Suzy going at it again. He was also dead on with his Bernie Sanders impersonation on snl

  12. Could I please live in a country that does not glorify the narcissistic, liberals who have more money than anyone else and think they are better than us. I was triggered by Norman Lear’s “All In The Family” and have not recovered ever since.
    Hey wait a second! Hey Roosh, how about “Return Of Kings, the sitcom!” Couldn’t you work with a few friends and make a show about how nice, normal men deal with the fourth-wave feminists and other pc ills? I’d be happy to volunteer my horror stories for episodes of it.

  13. If we’re talking about getting back anti-PC comedians, I’d rather have Carlos Mencia back. Bill Cosby’s fall from grace “absolved” Mencia of the joke stealing.
    Larry David just isn’t funny IMO. He also doesn’t hit both sides equally…and certainly won’t if he’s on HBO.
    Larry David = Seth Meyers + Bernie Sanders 🙁

  14. Getting defecated on by oil sheiks must be lucrative for you I see

  15. Once comedy becomes censored the game is over.
    They want to control laughter? A NATURAL act?
    What’s next?
    You sneeze too much around one of these “Keyboard Dick Throats” and they start yelling”
    Stop trying to make me submit to your religion. I will NOT say bless you. Animal!”
    Comedy and the internet is all that is left. I feel like Book burnings may start again once one guy or girl goes “Too far” in their eyes with words on a page

  16. I don`t share your optimism.I believe that David will fold and his new series of Curb will follow the party line.

  17. I enjoyed the early seasons of Larry David’s show. Because he’ll say anything. But as Larry would say Harry, please, curb your enthusiasm.

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