British Police “Investigate” Long Dead British Prime Minister Over “Sex Abuse” Claims

Spurred on by the scandal involving late comedian Jimmy Saville, which led to the SJW lobby demanding more convictions (without emphasis on due process for the accused), five British police forces are now investigating the late British Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath for child sex abuse. Meanwhile, the central accuser, a 1990s brothel keeper, was convicted for “controlling prostitutes” and jailed for sex years, substantially undermining her credibility.

The focus on “historical sex abuse allegations” is simply out of control. Not because sexual abuse didn’t happen in the past, but rather because of the ubiquitous watering-down of “beyond reasonable doubt” to produce demanded convictions. Sir Edward is not only not here to defend himself, the allegations go so far back and would be so unsupported evidentially that any posthumous “finding” against him would make a mockery of the justice system.

The myth of rape culture is watering down the justice system

Because Jimmy Saville was never prosecuted, SJWs want more convictions of other men, with little emphasis on the evidence actually against them and how this compares to the evidence needed for convictions for other categories of crime.

You cannot secure a conviction of tax evasion against someone based on testimony or mere allegations. Short of CCTV footage or DNA and other “hard” evidence (like finding stolen money or items at a suspect’s home), it is also supremely unlikely that courts would convict someone of robbery for crimes this year, let alone 30 or 40 years ago. Why are rape and child sex accusations treated so differently, requiring much more subjective and doubtful “evidence”?

Irrespective of the outcome, the memory and legacy of Sir Edward, an already undervalued Conservative Prime Minister, will be forever besmirched. With poorly supported statistics, feminists and SJWs have created for many in the public the illusion that rape is an epidemic not only occurring in society but one reinforced by even the highest elites.

Suddenly, by taking surveys, which oftentimes additionally expand the definition of sexual assault to include “impoliteness” like “catcalling,” these do-gooders can claim that we need more convictions to reflect the true proportion of “victims.”

Devoid of context and creating witch hunts

The scales of justice are beyond skewed when it comes to unsupported sexual assault allegations.

Feminists conveniently discard the context of rape and sexual abuse allegations. Whereas an alleged physical assault that occurs in a club or on the street is much more easily proven, via CCTV and other evidence, what occurs in a bedroom or similar private location is harder to pin down.

Because of this, SJWs implicitly (or sometimes explicitly) argue that the answer is to make much more doubt acceptable in the “beyond reasonable doubt” formula, i.e. believe the woman. This is why, for example, more objective evidence like bank statements pointing to undeclared income are necessary in tax evasion cases and not with rape accusations.

Rather than the culture at large “supporting rape,” it is a matter of being able to prove rape in a manner consistent with what is expected for other crimes. And if rape is so promoted by society, why does it never happen publicly? At every nightclub precinct in the Western world, “privileged” males will attack members of their own gender (but strangely not women) in front of a hundred people or more, but one never sees a man penetrate a woman against her will in a public place.

If violence is at an all-time low, how can rape and child abuse be at an all-time high?

In between writing clickbait articles, it would be nice if people like Jessica Valenti could explain why other crimes need so much more evidence than sexual assault allegations.

I believe that many in the police force secretly regret the fact that these investigations against Sir Edward have started. Many regard the police as a law unto themselves, but they are often at the mercy of outside pressures that force them to focus on particular crimes or begrudgingly support the pet projects of SJWs. Moreover, as a part of the executive arm of government, police must respond to the dictates of political considerations. The separation of police from other institutions of government is by no means total.

The whole saga with Sir Edward raises serious doubts about the veracity of “rape” and similar sexual abuse statistics. In a number of my articles I have mentioned Harvard academic Steven Pinker, who argues comprehensively that violence rates are now the lowest in history. These findings do not at all accord with the quotidian feminist promulgation of rape culture, especially in universities allergic to due process.

Despite Dr. Pinker’s cogent analysis, SJWs maintain that 1 in 5 female university students are “sexually assaulted” in the space of just three to five years of tertiary education. Unsurprisingly, they do not elaborate on how many or which kinds of men supposedly commit these crimes, but they load essentially all the “blame” onto all their male fellow students.

Based on these made-up statistics, university-educated men in first-world countries, who have the most to lose from a rape allegation, commit sexual assault at the highest rate of any group in any society on planet Earth.

Like Sir Edward, other men accused of sexual assault will never get an iota of sympathy from the SJWs actively hunting them down. Not even the grave protects you nowadays.

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37 thoughts on “British Police “Investigate” Long Dead British Prime Minister Over “Sex Abuse” Claims”

  1. Just more Marxist rewriting of history…if you can’t condemn the persons accomplishments, find ‘sins’ on their character (especially by modern standards) to indict them and demand they be removed from the history books.

    1. Social stigma is how equalists gain power. Anyone they don’t like they accuse of bigotry as a form of slander. This means that it is no longer important to care that much about bigotry, especially when the accusation comes from the left.

    2. It’s the same whenever a feminist/Marxist is challenged on their beliefs by citing examples of their double standards and rubbish statistics based on bad research, they will counter with their usual “small penis, can’t get laid, rapist” remarks. It all just boils down to ad hominem.
      They think that by personally attacking a person, then that persons point of view based on research (or in this case their contributions) are somehow worth less.

    1. Good observation. I’m still don’t know what to think about all these allegations, but its partly about the new ‘progressive’ elites spitting on the graves of the old guard. Doesn’t mean they didn’t misbehave though

  2. “If violence is at an all-time low, how can rape and child abuse be at an all-time high?”
    Doublethink. It’s replaced logic as the basis for thought and argument in Western society. It’s similar to how white people commit a disproportionately small percentage of crimes in the US, yet are blamed for all of society’s problems. How men are significantly more likely to me murdered, homeless, or commit suicide, yet all we ever hear about is how hard it is to be a woman in the west. How women want “equality” yet also demand special treatment. (This example comes to mind: How people can call all white, heterosexual men “oppressors,” “racists,” “misogynists,” etc. yet fail to see their own bigotry in judging an entire group of individuals as one.
    Sometimes I wonder how these people are able to function with so much cognitive dissonance going on in their heads.

    1. It’s partially that, but it’s also the “Sweden Effect”.
      Alleged rapes go up despite Sweden’s high living standards because women broaden the definition and overplay the rape card to gain social and moral leverage in society. Part of it is because western societies empathize too much with victims, often not even examining the veracity of claims. The first step to a solution is to reduce overall compassion among citizens.

      1. In the case of Sweden, it’s because they brought in a large number of people from pro-rape countries. Who have dramatically increased actual real, no kidding rape.
        If anything, given the recent atrocity in Rotterdam where the police turned a blind eye in order to satisfy the pro-rape immigration policy, we can safely assume that the actual number and incidence of real, no-kidding rape is probably higher than reported.
        The reason the SJW filth have expanded the definition or rape is because they want to maintain the lie that native swedes are just as pro-rape as the imported underclass. Not because they lack enough rape. But because they don’t have enough of the right kind of rapists.

    2. Some Nazi propaganda guy said if you repeated a lie enough it would become truth. I can’t remember the quote but I see stormfags posting meme every now an then. I guess it’s true though and the SJW have nazying it up something strong the last decade or so. Welcome to the new world.

    3. It’s a lot easier to attack and tear down someone and their accomplishments, when they are dead….

  3. This, sadly, means Britain deserves more Muslim immigration, and more Rotherhams…
    Nature hates a vacuum. That the British police would rather investigate this other than the ongoing Rotherham-type sex trafficking, means more the latter is inevitable.

    1. Is it possible this focus on alleged native pedophiles is an instrument of relativism? A way to “balance” the evil of Muslim pedophiles, so as to prop up the equality myth?

  4. Jimmy Saville is in league with the most sinister men of all time. I’ve heard Heath was a molester and if true its only a shame he was not brutally tortured for his crimes against humanity – any investigation is pointless by now. A sizable part of British society is known the engage in this behavior. Where are the random anarchist bombs when you need them?
    If the police want to actually make a difference, start investigating your superiors and politicians, its not like these people are adverse to crime. Stop towing the political line and make a fracking difference. Rule of law bitchez, either you got it or you don’t.

  5. There are some extraordinary allegations about Heath by a British Lawyer, whose name escapes me, most of which is about Haute de Garenne, in Jersey, where Heath had his boat moored (or something like that). He alleges that Heath was abusing boys then his security (who were German intelligence readying themselves to blackmail him) were throwing them off the boat to a watery grave. For a lawyer to make such loose allegations seemed very odd to me, although as Heath is dead I imagine there’s no slander laws that would apply. The allegation against German intelligence seems interesting – why even name them? Makes me wonder if British intelligence may be behind this. The british secret service seems to have had dossiers on every allegation that was made – some of this stuff must be true, but making really outrageous claims may actually serve to discredit or misdirect attention from the more damaging allegations / real crimes. I doubt all of this is made up though. The truth is mixed up with the misinformation and its coming out in the ways it is coming out both to protect the real establishment (and the new ‘progressive’? elites) and to bury the old guard …. remember the number of elder statements that Cameron got to step down some time back.

  6. This is the creation of a new political narrative: The UK’s top leaders are pedophiles.
    It’s doubtful that the accusers genuinely care about child abuse. This should be understood as a weaponized issue to use against political enemies, and the motives of the accusers should always be inspected first, before giving credence to their claims.

  7. I think you should be very careful about this whole issue. Violent crime rates may now be at their lowest rate, however, many of the allegations in the UK go back to the 196os and 1970s when things were quite different. I don’t think you can equate rape with burglary for example as they are motivated by very different considerations, so the reasonable doubt standard may be applied to in such circumstances. There’s very strong evidence that unacceptable practices were ripe in the UK higher circles during these years and Jimmy Saville was a well known supplier of underage children to the notorious Elm house in west London. For example, Jimmy Saville’s own cousin who was only a child testified on camera that he saw his own uncle their supplying kids to the rich and famous there, involved, essentially in orgies (most of them homosexuals).
    Heath was cautioned by the London police numerous times in the 1960s for cottaging in public loos, which is something different to the above. There’s no evidence that he himself visited the above establishment, but, certainly there were members of his cabinet who did- and he must have known. Is this a crime? It depends and how much he knew, but, it does very much give the impression of an old boys club covering up for each other. I don’t think this is part of the patriarchal system that I think should not be defended, and besides, it does, perhaps rightfully provide munition to the SJWs. It’s important to remember for example that Jimmy Saville was (due to the sheer volume and veracity of reports made) a monstrous opportunistic pedophile of the worst order who had connections to the very highest members in British society, including Ted Heath, so let us not fall into the trap of labeling all those people who want to see the truth in these matters, simply dismissed as SJWs. A lot of ordinary decent people were disgusted with what went on with Saville and Rolf Harris for example, and, the victims and society at large, should know the truth about these peoples’ past.

    1. I thought the same thing. In some other I’ve seen of her I would bang. But in that photo (obviously more recent since she looks noticeably older) she is looking fat and older and angrier and the short hair makes these things even more noticeable.

    2. Well.. when you’ve given up on staying in shape and let yourself get frumpy, dumpy and sloppy you can always go lesbian and be a ten in their eyes.

  8. i dunno how guilty Saville was….I just find it amazing that not a word was said until he was a corpse. Given the sheer revulsion at the kinds of crimes he’s accused of , I find it a little unbelievable that nobody ever came forward while he was breathning; not a cop, not a clergyman, not a parent.

    1. Saville was fully investigated and had keys to certain pediatric hospitals since he was a big donor for childrens causes. This gave him all the access he wanted to molesting kids.They say he molested HUNDREDS of kids He was well connected to the highest politicians and cases have been squashed due to the high level people implicated. Im definitely not on board with any SJW witch hunt but i think anything whether hearsay or solid evidence should be investigated to the fullest extent. High level political Pedophilia is a huge well hidden epidemic and needs to be made bigger than post mortem justice. This is the highest level of evil and these people need to be punished in the most brutal gruesome way.

      1. Agree with everything you said except the punishment. If you set the bar too high for punishment, then it becomes impossible to convict anyone lest you convict and torment an innocent man.
        Simpler solution, everyone involved either gets sacked or put in prison for 15 years. Leave vengeance to the Lord.
        But I mean everyone. Britain needs a house cleaning and some serious pest control.
        And while we’re at it, give men back their guns, give father’s more rights, and make it harder for a stupid bitch to throw out the father.
        I suspect that if these bastards knew that there was a man with a gun and mirder in his heart, they would have stepped a little more carefully. Which is the real reason England has banned guns from the hands of honest men.

        1. The lords vengeance seems to have little impact on the concience or the self control of THOUSANDS of pedopile priests that the catholic church continues to shuffle around the world to avoid prosecution. The wholesale coverups of decades of abuse is nothing short of institutionalized evil.

    2. Yes, that’s exactky the problem. The level of complicity for him to have done what we know he did is so high, that it is too horrifying to contemplate.
      Not one cop, not one clergyman, not one parent.
      If it weren’t for the extent of the evidence against him, I would side with you for exactly the reason you said. Unfortunately, there is the evidence.

  9. The thing here is that British intelligence services facilitate child prostitution/rape as a way to gain control over people. Look at it this way – if you were arranging child sex for the Prime Minister of the U.K., he would pretty much have to do whatever you say forever, period. And if you’re the aristocracy and find some guy who went to Eaton and likes buggering children, he might just make a great PM for you in the future.
    This is mainly why there are so many pedophiles in high levels of government & the real story behind Jimmy Saville; pedos are perfectly controllable. Rumors have it that German intel was running a child brothel ring in a few posh places around London and Cambridge before WWII for exactly this reason. Neat trick, eh? Britain hasn’t stayed an inbred aristocracy since the Middle Ages because tourists like it that way.
    “Nobody will ever know what you have done for this country Jimmy. This is to go some way in thanking you for that.” – Prince Charles’s 80th birthday note to Jimmy Saville, which came with a box of cigars and gold cufflinks.

  10. The author dismisses the Jimmy Saville case far too quickly.
    Given the brazen openness of his crimes, the utterly shocking extent of them, and total immunity to any investigation, Saville was clearly working with a large number of high officials and powerful men in the British establishment.
    That right there casts PERMANENT doubt on the honor of EVERYONE associated with the British establishment. When an organization shows such a total lack of honor then yes, all associated with the organization are tainted and this includes dead prime ministers that we like.
    SJWs are scum of the earth, enemies and traitors, but they are only taking advantage of a situation that we created.
    The only way to undo such a stain would be to have a thorough and above board investigation from top to bottom sacking every incompetant who turned a blind eye and imprisoning a quarter of the current ministers including a few members of the royal family as well as a number of influential businessmen, because THAT IS WHAT IT TOOK FOR SAVILLE TO HAVE DONE WHAT HE DID. Until we see that, it’s simply going to be assumed that when dealing with any powerful member of the British establishment we are dealing with a rapist/sexual predator.

  11. The most appalling example of the PC culture in Britain was when Bill Roache, 81 years old, was arrested in 2013 on claims by a demented woman that he had sexually harrassed her in 1967. Let me repeat, in 1967.

  12. Don’t worry,these groups of vigilante detectives have got themselves a job for life,There must be 000’s of people worth looking into.
    The fact is that in London there have been and maybe still are,groups of rentboys,maybe a few underage and there will always be men more inclined to party with them than party with women so EH will be the first in line,after JS,of course.What has made this story important is
    that one or two of these rentboys died in suspicious circumstances.Nobody was bothered before but EH has been linked
    as his pastime was sailing and he knew JS(as if anyone didn’t)

  13. “an already undervalued Conservative Prime Minister”
    Get a grip. By any measure, the man was a complete failure.
    He “u turned” all his policies, allowed himself to be defeated by the miners and took the UK into the EU despite having no democratic mandate to do so.
    Also, the police are just investigating. We’ve all read the stories about “Mr Eddie”. Why should Heath be immune from investigation?
    Victim’s need for justice doesn’t end when the alleged wrongdoer dies. I for one want a full investigation as the allegations are truly horrible.

    1. Precisely, it’s not either Rotherham OR the elites. It’s both.
      Peeps wanna ignore it because they like tory politics. Well the torys were largely wet flannels, it’s no surprise they ‘fiddled’ like Nero as well. Crime should be investigated everywhere

  14. The problem for the socio-fascist elite in the UK is that Muslim torture and gang rape of underage white girls has caused a massive disruption in the narrative, which boils down to “white skin bad / brown skin good”. The fascists are therefore on a desparate struggle to prove white men are worse sex offenders than brown men. They’ll do anything to do this. No white man is safe from this madness.

  15. Hey, i do like lot of the articles on this website; But this is the 2nd article i’ve seen where you guys seem like you are defending these aristocratic organized pedo’s in the UK government. Their are a ton of articles that have came out about these groups in the last few years, and it really makes you guys look bad to not do more research into this before posting an opinion piece like this. I felt like posting this after that article ROK wrote where you wrote something seemingly in defense of Lord McAlpine, but now i really felt like you needed to know: The British government and many others are infected with organized pedophile rings, whom somehow use that as a covert control structure. Many people who would otherwise enjoy the content of this website may not return after reading articles such as this if they are aware of whats going on…

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