13 Unorthodox Ways To Completely Change Your Life

Do you feel stuck? Does life seem stale and boring? Do you still get that looming sense of nihilism despite the fact that you’ve already gotten everything you wanted in life?

When you get used to the same old routine in life, change can seem difficult, if not impossible. And when you submit to the slave life that our modern society has to offer, it’s easy to overlook all the options that are available to you. If you want change, try these 13 unorthodox methods to start a spark that will revitalize your life.

1. Start with mundane changes


Sometimes it’s not easy to make big changes from the get-go. So start small by making seemingly mundane changes to your life. Try listening to different genre of music, try different hobbies, change how you spend your free time, change your posture, expose yourself to strange new ideas through books and websites, etc. Making these small changes can snowball and lead to bigger changes—this method certainly worked for me.

2. Read biographies


Maybe your worldview is limited. Try to read biographies of men from the past to gain a perspective into what their passions were, how they carried themselves in everyday life, and how they went about striving for their goals. You can feel motivated, learn life lessons, or get new ideas about what you would like to do in your life.

3. Do the opposite of what you normally do

“Do you know what the definition of insanity is? It’s doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

If you ever watched the Seinfeld episode, then you know exactly what this is about. Start doing the opposite of what you’d normally do. If you usually put off work, start doing it right away from now on. If you usually let people walk all over you, start standing up for yourself. If you cower in fear of approaching a girl, do the approach before you get all the crazy thoughts that will stop you from doing so. You can only change when you start to challenge the auto-pilot within you.

4. Write a list what you fear and defeat them


Instead of writing down lame goals that you hope to achieve in the distant future, try listing your greatest fears instead. You can often learn more from your fears than you do with your desires.

Do you fear being alone for the rest of your life? Do you fear being looked down upon by other people? Do you fear that you might die without any legacy to call your own? Do you fear that you won’t reach your potential? Do you fear that people will judge you if you were to be assertive? Write them all down and dedicate yourself to conquering them one by one. Once you conquer them all, you’ll be fearless and nothing will stop you from living your life under your own terms.

5. Escape the West

The West has long been corrupted with feminism, homosexuality, multiculturalism, and PC culture. Wondering why your life is miserable while living in some SJW cesspool is like being in a prison and wondering why living conditions are so awful.

Get out of your diseased society for an extended travel or just leave for good. If you don’t have anything to look forward to in your so-called home country, then you only have a better life to look forward to elsewhere.

6. Go live in the wild

Perhaps it’s not enough to escape just from the West. The world as a whole is becoming increasingly infected with progressivism, globalism, modern technology, and other forms of antiphysical degeneracy, so It might not be so crazy to consider living in the wild.

Men don’t become strong and masculine by living in some cushy urban centers with Starbucks and air-conditioned offices. Men were meant to survive and thrive by building, enduring, and fighting. You probably don’t even realize just how comfortable and distracted you are by all the things that surround you until you abandon it all. It’s a personal desire of mine to go live in the woods or a quiet desert, away from all the inanity that our putrid society has to offer.

7. Focus on helping others

It may seem counter-intuitive to be helping others when you’re looking to help yourself. And if that’s how you think, this may be exactly what you need—especially if you’re an accomplished man who has the wisdom and resources to give. In our atomized world that is obsessed with individual pleasure and shallow gratification, altruism and serving a greater purpose is exactly the remedy that many men need.

You can choose to help men close to you, including relatives and friends, or complete strangers both online and offline. Whatever you choose to do, be sure to do it through your genuine desire to bring value to the other person’s life unlike many in the West who do it out of their ‘holier-than-thou’ narcissism.

8. Hop off the fence

Some people are too fixated with being impartial and neutral for the sake of being on the side of truth, reason, or whatever. Being neutral will not get you anywhere in life and you will remain as a nobody. To live, you sometimes have to throw your lot in. I myself am a nihilist at the core, but I know that such is not a life any man should strive for. And it is for that reason I’ve picked up a cause that will push me forward.

9. Break your routines

Does everyday seem the same? If so, then it’s probably due to the fact that you’re too comfortable with your established script. If you don’t like how your life is stuck in a loop, break out by smashing your routines. Try new things that make you uncomfortable, and avoid things that you numb yourself with—it’s the only way out. You’ll be surprised by just how much of a world there is out there for you to discover and experience.

10. Live like a monk

Western consumerism and affluence is toxic to the masculine spirit. All the material comforts afforded by our society turn us weak and complacent, feminizing us in the process, and they shut off our drive for new challenges. Our society never ceases to turn us into mindless and distracted slaves that serve the interests of corporations and governments.

So instead, try living a minimalist life for a while where you only spend money on bare minimum needs while shunning all the mindless pleasures that bring no value to your life. Deprivation will teach you. Experience what it is like to live without desires and distractions, and you just might be amazed how different life feels.

11. Ditch the people who drag you down

They say you’re an average of the five people you spend most time with. It might be worthwhile to examine the kind of people you spend time with. If they’re losers, they will infect you with their loser mentality. If they’re whiners, they’ll turn you into a whiner. If they’re weak and unmotivated, they will sap your own energy. You see the pattern?

I had one friend whom I kept around for a long time out of misguided sense of loyalty. The only reward I got was having us reinforce each other’s loserdom. I’m not friends with him anymore and I hope he’s doing well, but I’m glad I lost him.

12. Take more risks and live dangerously


I have a theory that ennui and meaninglessness that plague our modern societies is the direct result of living a life without danger. Let’s face it, our lives in the West are just too safe and too comfortable; is it any wonder that so many men today are addicted to gambling, drugs, and video games as a result?

To change that, be stupid (but not too stupid): take more risks in life.

13. Change your goals


The problem for you could be what you least expect: your goal. Perhaps your goal is not something you truly want. Maybe it’s a goal you’ve been conditioned to believe is important. Your goal can even be supremely idiotic and you might not even realize it now. I myself had several goals that I later abandoned when I realized how foolish they were.

It’s not always a good idea to have a single, grand goal and devote your life to it, “believing” in yourself that you will eventually actualize it. No, that’s foolish in our fast changing times. You wouldn’t bet your entire savings on a single investment, so why would you do that with goals? If you’re a slave to your dream, take a good look at yourself, take a good look at what you’re after, and take a good look at yourself again. Maybe it’s a supreme goal that you are fully capable of, maybe not. Only you can tell.

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239 thoughts on “13 Unorthodox Ways To Completely Change Your Life”

  1. On number 6, be careful not to pull a Chris McCandless. The wild can kill you very easily. Don’t just wander out there unprepared with some naive conception of what the wilderness is like.

      1. This is missing the mountain lion staking Bambi, or whatever other unsuspecting and unprepared dipshit wanders out there to “be with nature.”

        1. Actually I’m all for people who are that stupid self exterminating. The gene pool needs a really good cleaning. I encourage their stupidity.

        2. Oh, I’m with you, but there is a distinction between McCandless-level derp and the average person who probably deserves a warning. McCandless was determined to follow his pie-in-the sky dreams, and no one could persuade him that he might want to prepare a little more. By contrast, many people in urban or suburban areas have no real experience with anything approaching true wilderness. Things can turn really bad on a half-day hike on a marked trail. You need to think about this type of shit before you go. Now, if you’ve gotten the warnings and still manage to Darwin-award yourself, good, and good riddance. But there are many good people who would not be retarded if they were properly warned to seek instruction and properly prepare first.

        3. It’s best to start in one of those large camp sites where multiple groups rent sections and camp there for X amount of days. Get the feel of using your equipment and make notes of what you have but don’t use and what you don’t have but need. From there, slowly progress to more rugged areas (after you’ve scouted the area for potential hazards).

        4. Sounds like a reasonable plan. Start small, first step is beginning of 1000 mile journey etc…

        5. Alaskans REALLY hate that guy, and all you ‘Lower 48ers’ who feel the urge to emulate his VAST pool of stupidity.
          Every flippin’ year, there are at least ten or fifteen people who get lost in the woods, looking for that damn bus. Denali mayor keeps trying to get the bus moved into town, but the national uproar is so huge that the federal government has actually intervened to prevent it.

        6. Serious question – who does the bus belong to? If it doesn’t belong to anyone, why not just have a bunch of guys go out there with the tools necessary to dismantle it and “remove” it forever?

        7. Well, snarly morning comment aside, it really isn’t worth the effort to remove it and, frankly, the majority of people in Alaska have better things to do with their lives.
          The thing is mostly a rusted hulk, right now, and it is a three day hike in and out through the usual Alaskan marshland. The hotel in Healey doesn’t mind that much, since it brings in the extra tourism, and the bar in Healey (I forget it’s name) has the movie prop from the Penn film out front; so that brings in money for them as well.
          Most of us had a “well, maybe they’ll be a little wiser next time” attitude about the people we had to go out and get (I was on two of the rescue parties); sort of a Doestoyevkian hope for the useless morons who wandered out there.
          Although, like Sean Doogan used to say, I still think that two cans of gasoline and a match would be a pretty decent solution.
          That said, it’s been three years since I left the state, so I don’t have any good recent information. Anybody on here still out that way with something more recent?

        8. You know, if Alaska is pulling revenue off of morons who want to do something moronic to see where another moron died, maybe that’s an all around win. Plus, I know states around here will bill you if they have to come rescue your ass in a wilderness situation, so if there’s something like that there, there’s probably not much downside unless these people get themselves into situations that are imperiling the rescuers, in which case, leave them to their fate and write it off as a felix culpa.

        9. Can’t happen fast enough read about the “Fentayl Crisis”
          Apparently lots of drug addicts dying because their abusing this shit so what’s the crisis??
          People are talking like we need to take special measures to save these idiots with special kits etc I’m like why let Darwinism rule?

        1. You don’t even need to know the context. When you look at that picture, do you come away with an accurate view of nature, or one that is wholly unrealistic?
          It’s the Disney animated movie Bambi, fwiw.

        2. Didn’t know that. A lot of strippers are going to be very confused.
          Reminds me of a funny one you will appreciate.
          At the first school I had a full time job being a professor at a call came in from the journal for higher education. They wanted an interview with me about Hurricane Katrina.
          I was teaching ethics (yes, I know, amazing) and the interviewer was asking me all these questions about the ethics of disenfranchised looters or the recovery effort blah blah blah.
          Anyhooo, at one point towards the end of the interview she asked me “what do you think will be the longest lasting effect of hurricane katrina on new Orleans.” My response was “a lot of strippers are going to need to change their names”
          Interview was never published.
          I stand by my answer as being both factually correct AND hilarious.

        3. that is one thing I have going for me…I always shoot from the hip quickly with dumb comments. The problem is that it causes more trouble than it is worth fairly often.

        4. It is a wonder that there have been fewer questions as to the reason for such anthropomorphizing nor its intended outcome if any outcome is intended.

        1. And that ice shelf is way too big, they’re supposed to be on one much smaller because Climate Change ™
          Obviously this is Shopped.

        2. You guy’s are forgetting the most egregious offense of this picture…polar bears are going EXTINCT! And so are glaciers! /s

        3. Hmm. As a recent Alaskan, I’m not sure if I should be annoyed or amused…
          Great picture, though.

    1. Haha, I watched ‘Into the Wild’ just the other day. Amazing how close he was to a crossing just north of the stream, if only he’d brought a map. You have to admire the guy for his general mindset, but completely unprepared.

      1. Yeah, this is what I’m getting at. Intentionally going into the wilderness without a map is just fucking retarded. Even more retarded is not exploring the general area to note where stream crossings are. But peak retard is eating a bunch of poison berries instead of figuring out what is safe to eat before you are actually in the wilderness alone.

        1. How about the moose that he managed to bag but didn’t know how to properly dry & let flies get to, rotting & wasting the entire fucking kill?!

        2. You would think something as simple as “how do I preserve all this food so it won’t go to waste” would be at the forefront of someone’s thoughts when in a wilderness survival situation. But this is what you get when you have led a sheltered life where food always magically appears at the supermarket and you never ask yourself how that magic is possible.

        1. that would be such a brilliant idea. 2m SJW’s standing around the Darien Gap looking for Roosh while trying to figure out why the FARC guys won’t introduce them to Che.

  2. Thanks for a positive start to the day, Mr. Savage. The motivational pieces I feel really help me stay afloat at times. Good one to wake up to. Some others & I were discussing this last night, but you absolutely have to lose those shit friends or they will drag you down. Even a little dead weight is too much dead weight.

  3. Damn good article. I will try a few off of this list. Mainly goals. I have always hated large goals yet set some for myself where half I hit. Funny, when I set myself goals that don’t seem so big and are things I wanted yesterday, I explode with a resolve that they become mine and I don’t see the work needed as an obstacle. Either way, that makes two articles in two weeks that I’ve bookmarked from you. Keep them coming!
    EDIT: If you don’t watch your mind and heart, listlessness and nihilism is the only sensible choice. The next most sensible thought is suicide. Death is the only given in life and life being one of the best gifts we have to experience between existences. Even when we don’t like it, at least we are around to complain about it. Consciousness before life or after is moot as it pays no heed to what you do in this life. The advice on this list could make the difference between finding a key to enjoying life or deciding to end it all by jumping in front of your train to work. Boredom and accepted fear kill far more than any bullet can.

  4. The opposite was a sterling episode of Seinfeld. ‘Hi I’m George, I’m unemployed and I live with my parents’ may or may not be the best pick up line ever, but if you think about what it signals – that you don’t care, are fear free and forthright about something you’re supposed to be ashamed of – then it makes perfect sense. More importantly it demolishes expectations in both directions. Good article.

  5. Here is an additional way to change your life.
    Go Nomad. Sell all your worldly belongings that won’t fit into your car (you will be surprised at how much you can make if you strategically liquidate your belongings on Craigslist, Ebay, and yard sales). Take only what will fit into your car. Buy some camping supplies. And hit the road.
    When the weather is nice you can camp out in KOA sites, national parks, or similar spots. You can also use services like couch surfer to find a place to hang your hat for a few nights. In most of America, outside of big cities, you can also find reasonable hotel rooms for $40 a night. For work try diners, small stores, farms, etc. Most will pay in cash and some owners will even give you room and board for a few nights if you prove to be a good worker. Move about as you see fit and explore this vast country (and take a few excursions in to Canada too). You will be surprised on just how little you need to live your life and you will also be surprised at how kind strangers can be once they hear your story.

  6. Before we start a circlejerk about moving to Russia and living under a “real leader” like Vladamir Putin and escaping the “corrupt west”, let us remember a few things:
    -The Panama Papers reveal that Putin is just as corrupt as western critics: http://www.theguardian.com/news/2016/apr/03/panama-papers-money-hidden-offshore
    -The U.S. Government has violated our rights, but thus far hasn’t had political opponents brazenly murdered on Capitol Hill. Putin has had his opponents murdered literally in front of the Kremlin.
    -If freedom of expression and escaping the “thought police” is a big part of neomasculinity, I wouldn’t go running to Russia, China or most other Eastern Bloc countries, where journalists are notoriously jailed.
    I can understand that sticking around in the U.S. or Great Britain and fighting against the forces of the Left is hard. It is genuinely easier to just move somewhere else and live out the neomasculine fantasy in a safe space of some other country.
    If retreating to a safe-space to live the life is what you want to do, go for it. However, some of us aren’t going to retreat in the face of the SJW Left that is actively working to destroy America and Great Britain.

      1. The globalist establishment doesn’t like him, that’s enough to make Putin a source of galactic evil.

    1. “Before we start a circlejerk about moving to Russia and living under a
      “real leader” like Vladamir Putin and escaping the “corrupt west”, let
      us remember a few things:”
      Putin and the Russians in general don’t pretend to be the harbingers of virtue and act otherwise.
      Just for the record, a Hungarian friend of mine who escaped the Iron Curtain by traveling to Yugoslavia and swimming along the coast until he got to Trieste recently said that if he knew then about America what he did now, he would have stayed behind the Iron Curtain.

    2. “If retreating to a safe-space to live the life is what you want to do, go for it. However, some of us aren’t going to retreat in the face of the SJW Left that is actively working to destroy America and Great Britain”
      Valid point.

    3. Aren’t the panama papers a Soros-funded hit job? Also, The Guardian is one of the most vile leftist propaganda mouthpieces out there. No one here should link to them or take them as an authority. They are scum.

      1. I read the same thing about the PP’s. It was a campaign against top Russians. i don’t think any high profile Americans were on it.

    4. POLAND is actually pretty right wing now and FAR more masculine than the pussified USA.

    5. Russia is way down on my list of places to go, but here’s a little perspective.
      1) Since the collapse of the USSR it’s common knowledge that Russia has become a nation where a few plutocrat billionaires own everything. Incidentally, that seems to be the model the USA is currently emulating.
      2) What political opponents does the USA *have* ? The major candidates from either political party are 99% in agreement *on all the issues that matter*. Those in the last 1% are merely marginalized and never given any real power or media attention. There is no need to murder them. (Ex. Ron Paul) But do you really doubt if Ron Paul or someone like him had a chance at winning real power, they would refrain from killing him?
      3) Who is glorifying these nations? There are hundreds of other countries to choose from. Most of them have similar freedoms to those experienced in the USA. You’d be surprised at how similar life is (politically) in most nations. Also, there are examples in the US (Michael Hastings, Aaron Swartz, etc.) of government-responsible killings. Not to mention that the US president has the power to kill you without trial or without accusing you of a crime now. As for jailing journalists, the Obama administration has prosecuted over 100 whistle blower cases
      4) You imply that it is easier to defeat SJWs in America than it is to start a new masculine society.

      1. Actually, I imply quite the opposite:
        “I can understand that sticking around in the U.S. or Great Britain and fighting against the forces of the Left is hard. It is genuinely easier to just move somewhere else and live out the neomasculine fantasy in a safe space of some other country.”

        1. Well, “neomasculine fantasy” made it sound unattainable.
          And life in most developing countries is quite the opposite of a “safe space”–slightly to moderately risky to downright dangerous–the conditions that bring out the natural masculine side, not the weak pussification that comes from leading a coddled life in the west.

    6. Corruption is not necessarily a bad thing.. All of us have engaged in some form of corrupt behaviour, it’s in our nature to do so.
      I many ways corruption is similar to debt, there is useful corruption and then there is damaging corruption. Consider this, it’s corruption that erodes the power of the government. Therefore corruption weakens my enemy, then corruption must be my friend..

    7. This whole “leave the West/America” meme in the manosphere is getting dull and frankly bad advice. Sure, go and experience other cultures and learn abroad if you can. But we would admit defeat if we were forced to leave our homes because some elites decided to attempt social engineering here.
      This is our house! Make the shitlibs and subverts leave instead. Time to repair our foundation and maybe put in some new windows if we have the time.

      1. Exactly. And if the U.S. starts thugging out even more, if you live in another country, suddenly you’re “that foreigner American…hey, aren’t Americans killing our sons?” That’s just bad news right there. The stuff lynch mobs are made of.

        1. Correct, when the world finally goes full retard you want to be around people like yourself. Trust and cooperation are best when you share the same culture and genealogy as your neighbor who is in the same situation you are.

        2. ‘suddenly you’re “that foreigner American…hey, aren’t Americans killing our sons?”‘
          That’s assuming you’re one of those American idiots that doesn’t adapt to the surrounding culture and expects the surrounding culture to become American.
          Yeah, you’re gonna be an outsider, but after a couple of years, they will not view you as an American (per Vox Day).

        3. I’m talking about when shit gets hot. No matter how nice your Japanese neighbor who lived beside you all your life was, he still got hauled to detention camps during WW2.

        4. “I’m talking about when shit gets hot.”
          That’s why it’s important to assess your skills / physical characteristics versus your bolthole of choice (I’m speaking as someone who is acquiring permanent residency in several FSU countries and relocating permanently overseas), and to establish a social circle in those countries as opposed to just ‘banging’ a country. Moving overseas is not just something you can do on a whim, but actually requires thought and preparation.
          I do not like Central / South America / Asia because with my fair skin, light hair, and physical stature, I stand out like a sore thumb. On the other hand, (assuming I don’t show someone my passport or open my mouth to reveal my accent-tainted Russian), I can pass for a local or a Russian in the Baltic States / Eastern Europe.
          There is nothing wrong with fleeing or staying; whatever you do, you must ‘count the cost’. My Brownist ancestors, for example, decided that crossing the Atlantic in a rickety wooden boat was better than staying in the Netherlands or facing the King’s police.

      2. Excellent point. By running away from America and Great Britain, we not only admit defeat, but we admit that the left and SJW’s ideas are superior to our own.
        Leaving America and Great Britain will do nothing for us in the long run (which is what we should all be focused on). Eventually, the SJW filth will infest wherever you run, and you’ll have to keep running.

  7. i need to move away from this european hellhole. i have around 2000 bucks. not possible to make much here without selling your soul and become a ass kissing brainwashed slave. who has some ideas?

    1. That’s not a whole lot of information to go on. Do you have the capacity to save up a large sum of money? Do you know where you’ll move to and how the job situation looks there? Do you have any ways of making money after you have moved but are still looking for a job (Fiverr, website, etc)?

      1. this looks like a site for girls who are working on that 1000 cock stare but live in a town with only 300 guys.

    2. Harness the power of thirst.
      1. Set up Instagram account and use some pics from a random hot babe.
      2. Watch thirsty guys flood your mailbox. Invest in some extra storage, you’ll be needing it.
      3. Rinse those suckers.
      4. Repeat.

    3. Come to America, we don’t control our borders or immigration anymore. I’d rather welcome an illegal European than a legal muslim.

      1. Nah. im good. i rather go live in the jungle of vietnam than USA. murica is insane. and the food is very bad quality.

        1. “Murica” is not insane. Blue cities and zones are insane. If you hit the rural and suburban areas the crime rate is at or even lower than most places in Switzerland. And the food is *amazing* out at Amish restaurants.

        2. You ain’t kidding! Used to live in Amish country. It was almost impossible to keep a strict diet. Thank goodness I was young and burned it all off fast. I would buy mine direct from them at local auction houses on the weekend. Whoopie pies, chicken potpie, paunhaus(scrapple), and on and on. Yumm!
          I know it is not good for me but I seriously miss ring bologna, Lebanon bologna(sweet) and Hartleys’ and Middleswarth potato chips (east Ohio and west PA area).

  8. Here’s a pro-tip. When trying to undo typewritten letters, use White Out and not a pencil eraser.

      1. No. Just making a special note for people who do, and insist on using pencil erasers to correct mistakes. It also applies to pages from one’s printer.

  9. Nice article.
    The quickest way to improving yourself is to change your surroundings, and that especially includes people.
    Get rid of the vampires, it’s the quickest way to a better life. The rest will fall in line.

  10. Being poor is likely not going to improve your life. Rich Dad/Poor Dad your life. It’s a great stress relieve when your living costs are paid by passive incomes and leveraging others’ talents.

      1. Yes, it’s unique and I could not capture that in a description of a sentence or two here. In fact, after reading it, it takes time for the message to really sink into your psyche (I’ve heard others tell me this as I’ve experienced it). Some people just ‘get it’ and live it while the rest of us have to really digest it and incrementally live it. I’ve heard many (like me) say I should have started sooner (on Rich Dad/Poor Dad principles).

      2. The book was a NYT best seller and Oprah book club selection. The premise is this Asian kid grows up in Hawaii, and his dad (the poor dad) is a blue pill beta guy who works a slavewage job and has no ambition. He meets another guy (one of his friends dads maybe, I can’t remember?) — the rich dad, who teaches him all the things rich people do to be successful. Like how the rich don’t work for wages. The rich use taxes and laws to their advantage, etc. It’s basically a blueprint for how the poor follow behaviours that keep them poor while the rich follow patterns that enrich them.
        The book gets mixed reviews from those with financial training, and yes some of it is dubious advice, but on the whole, it’s very wise and astute. I would recommend The Millionaire Next Door, which is how your typical millionaire is NOT the Donald Trump type, but the 60 year old man in flannel shirt and paid-off reasonably sized house driving a 2001 model used car (kind of like Warren Buffet if he wasn’t famous). I think if you read a few books like this, and adopt the techniques that overlap in them all, you will have a winning strategy.
        They’re both a few years old, I’m sure you can pick them up for a couple of bucks used on amazon.

  11. 10. Live Like a Monk
    You mean rape boys like they do in Buddhist monasteries?
    Oh, you mean minimize your lifestyle. Sorry, got confused there for a bit.

        1. Damn it. You were supposed to say “If I ever get out of here” and then I’d respond “You’d go to Katmandu”.

        2. haha, it was worth a try. I still don’t get the reference. I like the fence swinging though.

  12. I’m not sure there’s any where to escape to outside of the West.
    If your body is in a prison then just set your mind free.

  13. Here’s a simple, cheap and yet amazing experience: FAST for 5 days.
    Don’t eat, just drink water.
    You’d be surprised of the effects. The same way we’re overloaded with crap in the media, we’re overloaded with crap food and our body needs to get rid of all the shit it has accumulated. Fasting does that. Look it up online.
    The fact that all religions and all cultures mention fasting got me interested, I tried and I will do it again. It doesn’t cost anything and it’s a true “extreme” experience to live.

    1. I did this years ago. I had this drink that was made of water, lemons and honey (maybe something else, this is a long time ago) and drank it 5 times a day. I did it for 4 days. The first 2 days I was miserable. The third day I started having the worst headaches. I actually felt great on the 4th day. Full of energy. However, how much of it was energy and how much of it was endorphins being released so I didn’t feel hungry, I don’t know.
      In the end, a great experiment, but not something I would try again.

    2. I’ve experimented but and definitely cool stuff happens with fasting to your mind as well as shedding some weight.. I would like to have five days where I could have no pressure to get anything done that require mental energy cause it does tend to drain or at least change its nature during a fast so have never made it as long as that..

  14. I just joined as a “member” of this site today. I have been reading ROK since i was 17. I have been applying the philosphy of this site to my life. I am currently 20 years old. I went from a porn addicted shut in to getting more puss then i could imagine, being an academic, and wrestling all American. I currently read, work out, meditate, and aproach almost daily.
    This article reflects much of what i was planning on doing, and have been doing. I have decided to drop out of college and spend time stregthning my core self in a city far from home living aodest lifestyle. I intend to become a entrepreneur. I know if i finish college i will become comfortable with a high paying wage slave job rather then usimg all my creativity, and energy to become as great as i could be. I am afraid but i know what thr right choice is.
    Id like to thank Roosh, the sites authors, and the whole manosphere for all the advice they have given me through comments articles, and books. Thank you for telling what a man is, when the rest of the world lied to me

    1. Happy to hear it, brother. It’s always good to hear from the ones who swallow the red pill when they’re young. You have saved your twenties a ton of hardship & heartache.

    2. Getting out of your comfort zone and dropping out of college that will only debt enslave you are the best things you could have done for yourself at this time.
      Remember the manosphere and what it did for you. When you are successful, pay it forward to other men in kind.

    3. You can also consider studying in a country where education is cheap and travel at the same time. Don’t be half-assed about education, you may not think much of it now, but getting in a challenging program and doing well will be enormously beneficial, both personally and socially. Think about real estate and savings as well, the sooner you build a solid base for yourself, the easier it is to make big strides and changes in the future (starting a business, changing career, etc.).

    4. Great to hear this, and it’s especially gratifying to hear this from a young man who’s life is ahead of him. Too many of us catch on much later.

    5. “when the rest of the world lied to me”.
      ZhuangZi said:
      “I cannot tell if what the world considers ‘happiness’ is happiness or not. All I know is that when I consider the way they go about attaining it, I see them carried away headlong, grim and obsessed, in the general onrush of the human herd, unable to stop themselves or to change their direction. All the while they claim to be just on the point of attaining happiness.”
      My honest wishes of luck and fortune.

    6. Right on brother… read some Jack Donovan too…Read and memorize the stuff on rationalmale.com .Get his books too. Another site is : illimitablemen.com

    7. Good for you! Clearly you don’t buy into the blue pill “you have to go to college to get a good job” BS.
      Follow your instincts and strike at opportunities!
      Anytime I’ve done it I’ve found that for the most part there are great rewards spiritually and often, though less importantly, money wise as well!

    8. Good luck brother – you are on the right path, I went to grad school and law school and am in a wage slave job! It SUCKS!

  15. “6. Go live in the wild”
    Much easier said than done. I read Into The Willd and saw the movie of the same name, I recommend both. Living off the land can still be done, but it takes determination and acquiring skills that need to be taught in the field. And eventually as one becomes old, he will want the comforts of modern society.
    “13 Change Your Goals”
    Agreed. It’s good to be flexible. Long term goals can change over time. What was a good long term objective 30 years ago may not be a good idea today. Times can and do change, and things are changing very rapidly today.

        1. In scouts I used to camp through all seasons. I remember camping when it was in the 100’s, through storms, and even in the middle of winter where the frost stays on the ground until noon.
          One trip that particularly stands out is when I woke up one morning, peaked out of my sleeping bag, and saw a skunk about 20 feet from me. I slowly stuck my head back in the sleeping bag and folded over the top. He meandered his way into another camp site. A few minutes later I hear a cacophony of screams. Good times.

        2. and even in the middle of winter where the frost stays on the ground until noon.
          Winter? Heh. That’s late September for us many times.

        3. Camping was a blast for me as well. Don’t know what its like now. It’s been turned upside down now that the Boy Scouts are officially allowing openly gay scouts in. Probably a lot of homosexual men are applying for jobs as scout masters for their chicken hawking.

      1. This is true. Needs to be done.
        I remember once when I didn’t shave for 2 full days. It really helped me understand what it means to struggle.

        1. Whoa hoss, slow down with that shit, you can put an eye out doing stuff like that.

        2. I probably could not…..I use shaving like face washing.
          Every morning I shave and if I am going out for dinner, either date or business, in the evening I will shave before that too.
          There too is enormous responsibility in shaving.

        3. Face just gets used to it and have to use quality shaving cream and razors. I like to keep my hair short and my face clean shaven. My paternal grandfather, filled with some of the greatest red pill wisdom after having lived a quite remarkable life, used to say “you don’t have to be a gentleman, but for gods sake try to look like one.”

        4. He has no need to, his beard hairs are tougher than any known metal or alloy, so shaving is about impossible.

        5. I used to think it was stupid and femme to be wardrobe conscious. Then I started thinking about the people I admire…like the rat pack or any number of 50’s icons in various fields.
          Even General Patton. Too many people watch patton on the sofa being lazy slobs instead of taking the reasons they like the movie and trying to incorporate it into their lives.
          My life got much better once I made the decisions I did…not because what I am doing is objectively better, but because it is better than for me.
          I am never in sneakers outside of the gym or the park, have casual ties, will put on a sports jacket and go to a restaurant alone on a sunday afternoon, am always clean shaven, get my hair done once a month, attend to my nails and my skin….I use the same ideas behind my passion for the gym. I get shoe shines, the whole lot. I am not saying it is for everyone, but I think about it and it is def for me and I am happier this way. If you said “come to dinner dressed comfortably and casual” I would wear a shirt and tie, but a casual one. It’s how I feel comfortable.
          I remember reading that Sinatra once told someone that casual meant regular tie and cuffs instead of bow tie and cufflinks. I like that. I also like connery bond. Mostly I like deciding who I am going to be and being that person and not letting the rest of the world dictate my choices or actions.

        6. As mentioned in previous discussions, that would never happen. There is no chance I will ever go camping. Just not going to happen.

        7. It took some effort. At first it felt a little silly or a waste of money or a bit faggy when I was debating which skin cream to buy or pocket square shopping or whatever.
          After a while though I realized, fuck it…I enjoy it. And there is something that feels good about saying “I am going to act with intention over all aspects of my life…what I eat, how I dress, how I look……nothing gets to be decided for me. That is my right as a man”
          This very morning when I was getting my coffee near work I saw something. A guy with a very small voice ordered a small iced coffee. The girl behind the counter said “small coffee, ok” and he whispered again “iced coffee” but she didn’t hear him so she asked “what?” and he said “nevermind, whatever you think is best.”
          Can you fucking imagine the castration that it takes to enter the world in such a way where you don’t even have the balls to make a stand on how you want your morning coffee?

        8. I have. I am wearing my cufflinks now.
          There is this great photo of him in his apartment. His daughter was talking about it on the special for some big anniversary that just passed.
          Anyway, he was throwing a brunch at his house so naturally he was in a shirt, bowtie, cufflinks. It was early and he hadn’t put his jacket on. He was looking at a time magazine and there was a photo of Janis Joplin and some hippies, probably her band, and he had a look of such utter disgust and distain.
          His daughter was saying that he simply couldn’t identify with people, especially women, who were dressed like, she used different words, but essentially…filthy dirt bag hippies. It didn’t make sense to him. It upset him because the world stopped making sense ya know.
          I am not saying that any one form of style or way of presenting oneself into the world is right, but I understand this one…I like it, I enjoy putting on my tie in the morning, I enjoy when it is late at night and I order a scotch or a martini and I loosen my tie and unbutton my top button. It is all so great to me.
          Adopting it took a long time, years, and I am still always learning, but it was important for me to realize what made sense to me, what I liked and then fuck the world go and do it.

        9. If it is hot, and I mean hot hot, I am ok with the cold brew iced coffee. But yes, point taken….
          Still, I don’t care if he wanted peppermint tea with liberache’s pubes in it….the fact that he couldn’t speak up and tell some girl who works the counter at a coffee shop his order was just fucking pathetic.
          Not intentionally, but I actually sneered at him.

        10. New York heat is so disgusting too. It is wet and sticky and filled with 10’s of millions of airconditioners exhausting into the sky and 10’s of millions of car exhausts and people walking around breathing and farting and it is all concrete and blacktop and there is no breeze because of the buildings. It is such an angry time.
          But I have light cotton suits and jackets, an airconditioned office and home and plenty of hankies.

        11. funny thing about shaving. I was in france a while ago, like 99. Anyway, I had always seen movies where guys shave with a straight edge. I thought it was so cool. So I went to a store and got a really nice german straight edge razor, a strop, a high end brush, a cup, some shaving soap and a booklet on how to shave. Figured how hard could it be.
          So now it is like 9 am the next day. I get up have some juice and go into the bathroom. Work the foam to a lather. Apply it to my face and proceed to pretty much massacre myself. I am reading this book and there is fucking blood everywhere and I am a stubborn fucker and I keep going.
          Anyway, at some point it got to be a bit much. I was bleeding through the towels, the bed sheets, there was fucking blood everywhere. So I put a washcloth over my face and run out to the pharmacy down the block. They are laughing but help me with what I need.
          Anyway, I go back to the hotel. The chamber maid must have come in and seen what looked like the OJ massacre and freaked out and went down to the house dick and they called the cops.
          In VERY limited French I am trying to explain to a hotel manager, chamber maid and two quite muscular and annoyed looking gendarme that it was a shaving accident and I hadn’t actually murdered someone in my room.
          What a freaking day.
          Anyway, first and last time I ever tried to use a straight edge. Every time I go for a barber shave I tell that story and they always love it.

        12. Yeah, I used to feel that way about a lot of stuff. Until you realize that men are and always have been the best painters, the best poets, the best teachers, the best chefs, and yeah, the sharpest dressed. I’ve been focusing on that masculine side of me lately–the one that our culture tells us is the feminine side but is shockingly lacking by any female I come across under the age of 40 (can’t cook, can’t dress, can’t sing/dance/ have a talent).

        13. dude, that’s a wrist. The knee is located just above the kratom activation point otherwise known as the leg.
          But nice skull!

        14. What power does he, or any man, have to enforce his coffee decision?
          For example, let’s say the bitch cops a shitty attitude and dogs you down. She gives you the wrong coffee because she can, all the while degrading and emasculating you in their special socially-approved “polite” way.
          What the fuck can you, me, or any man do about it?
          Whine and complain and fill out a little complaint form? What difference would that make? Your antagonist was female — she gets immediate exalted status. Nothing will change.
          The only power men have left to deal with the world and keep it from sliding into chaos is, interestingly, the power men have been conditioned to abhor; the only power that has ever meant anything ever… FORCE!

        15. Well I mean she did ask him to speak up and is actually a sweet girl. I see her every moment. He was just such a beaten down bitch. She didn’t hear him and got his order wrong but she sensed something was wrong and asked for clarification and he was too afraid to tell her she was wrong.
          Everyone here who knows me knows I will be first in line to roast a cunt, but this is just a sweet girl who works in a busy coffee shop early in the morning.

        16. Now I see a deeper context. Thanks.
          I tried to fix a few betas after I took the red pill. You know the old saying, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.”

        17. I’m with you. I’ll only try to help if I see motivation in that direction already.
          When she said “I’m sorry did you say a regular coffee” and he aquiesed just so as not to have to tell her she was wrong I wanted to punch him

  16. I wouldn’t say these are unorthodox ways to change your life. Most of them are the tried and true ways to improve your life. It’s only unorthodox to the degenerates of the mainstream.

  17. 14. Never, ever, no matter what you do, put a woman’s priorities ahead of yours. If you feel the urge, go take a walk in the country and sort that shit out of your soul. If more men would just take that walk instead of bend to her will, they’d change their lives for the better in so many ways.

    1. One of the best quotes has always been the Pascal quote: All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone

        1. same situation as my cousin. He is the 4th of his name and wanted a 5th. When the third girl was born he gave up. Checkmate.
          Good luck brother. My cousins are all young, under 10. I asked him what he is going to do when they are all teenagers. He quite calmly says “go into the garage and shoot myself”
          He claims that his drive to work and his lawn work (he is country mouse) is the best time he has.

        2. There is one room. It’s the bathroom when you’re taking a dump. Now I know why my father used to sit, locked up in there for so long, especially when I had to take a piss and had to hold my breath so I wouldn’t be gassed to death.

        3. This is why God invented Pubs. Men used to go to them rather regularly, instead of sitting around the house 24/7 waiting for “orders from the boss”.

        4. A wife and three girls? That’s some serious potential for drama. Stay safe, man. Stay safe. The same goes for your bank account.

        5. When my kids were little I thought the girl was much “easier”. My son was running around the house smashing shit with his plastic hammer and being a total spaz, while she sits quietly cooing softly while playing with baby dolls. And then she learned to talk. Now I know for a fact, boys may be a bit harder on the furniture but they are much easier to deal with by a country mile than girls, heh.

        6. I hate that women have infiltrated the traditional pub. About 10-15 years ago in NYC the pub or “old mans bar” became ironically cool. The owners weren’t about to throw away the added income and the more “old man” the pub was the more ironically cool it is. There pretty much isn’t a pub you can go to in the city any more not over run by estrogen, both in the form of girls and faggoty hipsters. Now don’t get me wrong, I like a girl drinking man sized rock glass shots of whisky, with her guard down near a juke box, but sometimes you just want to go in and shoot the shit over a drink.
          Right now the last thing that is kind of like that is very high end steak houses that have been around for 80+ years and cost a freaking fortune.
          I may be paying 20 bucks a drink, but at least I can sit at the bar and have a dignified experience. And if a woman does walk in she is probably dressed to kill and has some style and class — at least until her dress comes off…they take the dignity off with their clothes and do their whorish best as Heinlein might say.

        7. I feel your pain. Years ago when I was in Germany I found a great bar that I enjoyed and was on first name basis with the staff. Came back years later and it was converted from a Irish pub to a shitty Caribbean themed bar.

        8. The general rule of thumb that I have found is that girls are easier up until about the age of five, then become a living nightmare while boys tend to be the exact opposite.
          I got lucky and had all my boys first, before my girl, which both helped to ‘man her up’ and tone down some of the principesa crazy that threatened to develop.

        9. See, this is the problem with the destruction of Chistendom. Bitches weren’t married by sixteen, you threw their lazy asses into a convent and washed your hands of the whole affair. Many a great saint was started that way.

        10. An Irish Pub in Germany, that went Caribbean. There’s a joke in there somewhere, I can just feel it.

        11. Your car sir, your fucking car can save your life on that score. I like to drive off and enjoy the sumptuous back seats as my own private study/contemplation room. Your car is also one of the only places you can read aloud or talk to yourself without looking like a cock.

        12. Motorcycle, even better. That is not a family vehicle by any stretch of the imagination.

        13. whoa…you and 4 females..What’s that like?? Is there a Costco or Sam’s Club nearby so you can get bulk feminine hygiene products?? You must have the patience of Job or zen monk …

        14. 20 dollars is either club prices or high end joint prices. There is one place that is on a hotel rooftop where a basic tang martini is 28 last I went and that was 2 years ago so who knows now.
          I mean, I also know places where I can get 5 dollar drinks with a buy back on every 4th but the women you meet there are the kind of women who go to places like that.
          Reminds me of a great exchange from one of the Charles Bukowski books
          “You married, Manny?” “No way.” “Women?” “Sometimes. But it never lasts.” “What’s the problem?” “A woman is a full-time job. You have to choose your profession.” “I suppose there is an emotional drain.” “Physical too. They want to fuck night and day.” “Get one you like to fuck” “Yes, but if you drink or gamble they think it’s a put-down of their love” “Get one who likes to drink, gamble and fuck.” “Who wants a woman like that.”

        15. My dad would always retreat to his shred and build stuff when I was a kid. I always wondered why, lol. She was never allowed in his shred. My parents are coming up to their 50 years of marriage…
          Now that I think about it, my grandparents were married for over 50 years and my grandpa’s shred was bigger then their house.
          Secret of a successful marriage = buy a big ass shred and ban your Mrs.

        16. I have a 24 year old daughter who still lives at home, still hogs up the bathroom, uses huge amounts of toilet paper and toiletries and is a whiner. Feel your pain!!!

        17. Start today stocking up on tampons, toilet paper, zit cream, 3 different types of hair shampoo and conditioner, reinforce the bottoms of your cabinets in the bathroom because they become horders!. I have two cabinets that broke due to insane amount of crap in there. Every month toss out the shit that is not used!

        18. Lotta truth there.
          The happiest marriage I know, and it’s gone on for 40+ years, is where the husband and wife take vacations away from each other for around 4 weeks. She goes her way and he goes his. Then when they get back together there’s complete harmony.
          Modern women want to invade all your space and time, at their will. (Note that you can’t do it to them.) and it’s the root cause of most divorces. Sadly, things don’t get that bad untill the man is already cucked and mentally confused and on the way down.

        19. Women in the workforce and social media increases divorce by 50%! It explains why these areas are so widely pushed today!

        20. Women aren’t capable of abstract or original thinking. They’re slaves to groupthink and when they get together all kinds of nonsense comes out. In all my years, I’d say about 50% or female co-workers I’ve had were openly sleeping around behind their husbands/boyfriends backs. Many more, I’m sure, were doing it on the sly. In an office environment with a few eligible guys doing many girls, that pretty much confounds the image of men being players and sexbots in the world. And yeah, our society leans heavily on the Marriage market concept. And when girls screw up one marriage, they usually jump right back into another dysfunctional one. Social media and workplace environments are to pushed to an extent and to help encourage women to keep things churned up and going.
          Social media. . .My God! Women had enough screwed up behavior because of the false fronts and concepts they adopted. Social media is yet another layer on the pile. Fortunately, I’m seeing more and more men absolutely refusing to participate in social media. Thank God our side isn’t amenable to it. It started to catch on because it was new, but from what I’ve seen, more men see it as ridiculously female behavior and don’t deal with it.

    2. Did you mean number 14? 12 is taking more risks and living dangerously, although for some betas, your version is quite lethal. LOL!

      1. I actually changed it a few minutes ago, Disqus probably didn’t refresh for you I suspect.

    3. Same for bosses and work. I’m currently getting dragged over the coals for an administrative error I made 5 months ago. I’ve made my decision, I’m out. Currently job hunting and cannot wait to email my resignation letter to them.
      This is my life, they’ve taken their pound of flesh, I’m done.

    4. Hell no! Once you change for the sake of a woman you’re lost. It’s good to study, like biographies, and emulate certain men. But to put your life in the hands of a basket case, like most women are, you’re going to end up homeless and dead. And then they move on to the next provider of fire and dinosaur meat.

  18. Escaping the west is not an option, especially for men under 27. We have no choice but to ride this tiger into whatever comes next, be it oblivion or renaissance. Younger men must learn how to live in a world that will be either completely globalized, Islamized, or divided (i.e. westerners not being allowed in Eastern countries).

        1. I’ve never heard the idea that western men can’t leave a life and start over outside the west. The exact opposite is currently happening. Western men are leaving the USA in record numbers, and they are not coming back. Roosh is merely one example.

        2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m assuming you’re around Roosh’s age. Guys who are currently in their late 20s and up had the opportunities to take what was left of our dying economy and culture and make some kind of money. Conditions in non-western countries were positive for western men who were looking for feminine women and to escape the misandrist society we have in the west.
          Those days are coming to an end.
          Thanks to the internet, western degeneracy is spreading everywhere. I recall Roosh saying Poland had about a decade or so left before it becomes like the west. Other expats are noticing similar trends in Brazil, the Phillipines, etc. What’s more, younger men are facing an economic shitstorm within the next few years. We will not have the opportunity to gain a foothold in the economy as you did once that happened. In fact, I think many of us will be lucky to have our lives relatively intact once that hits. Even if Trump manages to win the US elections and start to turn things around, it’s still more likely than not that we are living in the end times of the west. Younger men will be lucky to have anything after whatever comes next.

        3. Too pessimistic. If you think about it, nothing really goes away per se. We’re still using the Roman alphabet, and all Western societies are modeled on the Roman Republic in some form or another down to the friggin’ post office level. We even still use many of their words, evolved forward, in our conversation. We eat many of the same foods that they did. But Rome went away nearly 2000 years ago.
          Same thing here. We’ll just slow down, gradually, and likely retain most of what you’d recognize while adding or subtracting a bit here or there.

        4. It may be pessimistic, but I think this is what’s most likely to happen. While the decline of civilizations has happened throughout the history of human civilization, there was always somewhere to run to in the past. There’s nowhere to go now.

        5. This strikes me as incorrect…but only in a certain way. I am older than Roosh and I felt the same way about the generation before me as they felt about the generation before them. While the opportunities may not be the same for you and therefore giving you advice that first a paradigm of relevance from 10-15 years ago is naïve and foolish, there are still the opportunities of your day which people after you will complain they didn’t have.
          It always seems so easy looking back and saying “i could have done that” but the truth is, the soul of that move is there for you…you just need to adjust the particulars in a creative way that suits your world.

        6. In the Roman world there really wasn’t anywhere to run (that they knew about at the time).
          I think a more measured, realistic approach is required when predicting what may be coming down the pike. I mean ZERO offense here (seriously), but I’ve noticed that the default Millenial viewpoint is straight out Pessimism on just about everything.

        7. Yep. A Millenial today can become a multi-millionaire by writing one goofy App.

        8. Can you blame us, though? My father’s generation (Boomers) spent away all the post-war prosperity, their inheritance, your generation’s inheritance, and mine too. All the benefits, monetarily and culturally, that previous generations had are gone. We now have to put ourselves thousands of dollars in debt to get a job that won’t pay as well or provide benefits that previous generations had. Odds are, most of those jobs will be automated in a few years anyway. We are the most underpaid and underemployed generation of all currently living generations. We’ve been raised in an era of no-fault divorce, anti-religiosity and an overwhelming cultural belief that the country’s best days ended long ago, which they probably did. It’s hard NOT to be pessimistic about everything.

        9. Anyone, in any generation, anywhere, can be successful. The question is a) are the creative enough to see the road before someone else makes it a super highway and it loses its value and b) has the resources to make his move c) has the balls to gamble those resources and d) is a little big lucky.
          You can simply not get rich by doing whatever made someone rich last generation. The world is different. But that same creativity and daring can do you very well today.

        10. Every generation has a plate of shit handed to them. That’s what I think y’all don’t get. The Participation Trophy and Special Snowflake culture started by the Boomers acclimated most Millenials to the “everything is easy and I’m special!” mindset, but the moment they move out of the house suddenly the world is smacking them upside the head.
          Life has always been a pile of shit. Your job is to learn to reject the bullshit and seek the good parts.

        11. True, life has always been shitty in one way or another. But at least in earlier generations there was some kind of infrastructure which helped people get along. In agricultural times, it was family (gone). In the industrial days, it was the ability for a man to work on one salary to provide for his family (gone). Even in your time, when things started to revolve around getting a degree to find work in a post-industrialized economy, education was reasonably priced and degrees had some kind of value. That is no longer the case.

        12. Indeed, in larger cities many other nations are only a couple of decades behind the USA. But I don’t think the degeneracy will be that rapid. Can you honestly see the leader of Poland congratulating a tranny on being “Brave and stunning” in 10 years?
          Also, outside the major cities, the infection does not spread quickly at all. Almost any latino or Asian nation in the countryside will have kind, submissive, virginal women. So you can reject that and say “Ah it’s all going to be ruined some day too” or you can go there, live life in a fulfilling way the way men were meant to live, and do what you can to stop the infection from spreading.
          Another fact is that people emulate the leader. People bought Air Jordans because Michael Jordan was the #1 player in basketball. The quality of the shoe and the price was of secondary importance. People are currently emulating the American democratic sickness, because America is seen as the best, strongest, and most prosperous nation, but as western liberal democracy advances to its terminal cancerous stage, and as America further declines as it has been steadily since the 1960s, I believe people will stop emulating its sick practices and there will be a return to patriarchy, religion, tradition, and civilization.
          Finally, if all you predict is true, what would you rather do? A couple of decades is actually a fairly long time. If that’s all you have to enjoy femininity, I’d say go for it. Life is short. There are those reading this right now that won’t even be alive in 20 years. If there is a better opportunity somewhere, I say take it.

        13. Honestly, I think we’re trying to outrun something that can’t be outrun. Anything that happens in big cities inevitably spreads to the rest. What’s more, what once took decades to take a foothold only requires a few years now thanks to the internet. I would encourage you to live your life to the fullest, Spicy, but it’s foolish for a man my age to think that we will be able to have what you had. It just won’t be there for us.

        14. Ok, be a victim if you want. Any prediction you can make about your ability to succeed will come true, without fail.

        15. There is plenty of support and infrastructure that YOU have that we didn’t. This isn’t a zero sum game.

        16. The only thing I can really think of is the internet. And to be honest, we probably would have been better off had it never been invented. If we somehow could have frozen most technology to early 1960s levels the world might not be as fucked up as it is now.

        17. You may not think it’s that big of a thing, but coming from an age where it didn’t exist, it is absolutely game changing in almost every area of life. Yes, parts of it suck (social media) but you have no idea how hard it was to network and research stuff and get into a company’s door prior to the Internet. It’s just “always existed” for you y’all so you discount it as “normal”.

        18. Believe me, I am aware of how big a change it is. I’m just old enough that I can still remember what it was like not having a computer or regular access to the internet. That’s something my sister’s generation has never known.

        19. I’m in my 30s.. I wouldn’t say I “had it” either. Although I guess things were better for me than for anyone younger (shudders!). And I agree the world is drifting towards insanity. But I just can’t accept that defeatism.
          If I really felt things were that shitty everywhere, I suppose I would go take up arms for some rebel group. But I don’t. I think there are places to live where there is still civilization. And I think the ability to change and control others is limited, so I’m not too worried about saving the world or righting the wrongs. I simply want a happy life on my own terms.
          Also outside the big cities, the man really can be master of his domain. I doubt you’re looking to marry now, and I’m not either, but if I marry a girl and live in a rural area, I really am master of my castle, and the outside influences to my family can be extremely limited. Especially in other countries, but also to some degree in America.
          Life anywhere on the planet today may be worse culturally and socially than life 100 years ago, but if you truly think the battle is lost and we are destined to live in a shitty tranny SJW world, I strongly encourage you to travel abroad to a non-Anglo country ASAP.

        20. I’ll admit, I would love to live in a rural area. My ideal life would be living on the outskirts of a small town, not so far removed that I can’t go grocery shopping easily or get a pizza every now and then, but removed enough that I don’t have to put up with neighbors.

        21. Something stopping you? It’d cut your stress level in half almost instantly. Best move I ever made.

        22. Men used to run south , east, north and seek adventures in different cultures but since the invention of the phone and internet, pfffff you might have to go live in Tibetan Plateau or the Congo jungle because there is little internet or indoctrination. Muslim countries are off the menu as the rich ones are extreme like SA or fucked up like Syria and soon Lebanon.
          SE Asia is about to turn our way in the next generation, people born in the 98-00 region are already thinking along the same lines as millennial in the west.
          Russia and the former USSR space? Already at this level unless you want to venture in Ingosetia or Chechnya.
          South America is already like the Anglosphere in some parts of Argentina, Brazil and Chile.
          EE is boned and the women are already like in the west.
          It is also worthy of mention that we use 2010 western women indices when comparing the women of the other worlds as the 2016 women of the west are a little bit worse in terms of being wife material.
          Job wise the internet and mass air travel have opened a few new jobs like coding or design. You can work and travel and do photography at the same time.

        23. The only guy I think who has the right idea right now is Clarey. If the world is burning and we can’t do anything to stop it, we might as well do whatever we want. Live minimally, go MGTOW or bang sluts until it becomes impossible (whichever floats your boat), sign up for as many entitlements as possible and wait for the collapse. This is the only solution I realistically see for young men.

        24. That is a great solution for the individual, but spells the end of western civilization. However, I would not disagree that western civilization is cyclically and permanently waning regardless of our individual actions.

  19. I took the redpill over 12 years ago (yeah I’m in my 40s, shut up). My first course of action that day was dumping all my loser friends. It took about 2 weeks before they “got it”, that I wasn’t interested in watching the game on their couch drinking beer and lamenting our single lives.
    The months that followed were tough. I had to create new habits to dispel the old ones. I had to be comfortable being alone. I had to have goals, simple ones and challenging ones. Over the months I achieved the simple ones steadily, over the years I achieved the more challenging ones…and even 12 years later I still have a few goals left from my initial decision to change my life.
    For the younger men about to ingest the redpill, develop patience and remember, its a journey not an overnight change. Some things will be tougher than they sound.
    If redpilling was easy, it wouldn’t be worth doing.

    1. heh.. I read that as “I had to have goats” as in people were too insufferable to have around….

  20. “Do the opposite of what you normally do”
    — I normally avoid women so I don’t go to prison.
    “Write a list of what you fear and defeat them”
    — I fear going to prison. No sensible man can suggest going to prison to defeat a fear of prison.
    I see no reconciliation between these two.
    The only overarching solution I see to both problems is to slaughter women en masse and die before being caught.

    1. That last sentence really wasn’t necessary. We don’t need people thinking that we endorse Elliot Rogers and his bullshit.

      1. You may not endorse the heros, Elliott Rodgers and George Sodini, but I do. And with Damn good reasons.

  21. “Some people are too fixated with being impartial and neutral for the sake of being on the side of truth, reason, or whatever. Being neutral will not get you anywhere in life and you will remain as a nobody.” So basically what you are saying is that people SHOULD have biases? What kind of bullshit is that…

  22. Nice list you have here. The one thing that bugs me, and it’s not just you, is this advice all over the red pill community to leave the West. Globalists obviously have global aims and it looks like they stand a good chance of succeeding.
    Unless you want to colonize space running will only make things worse. We have too many cowards not taking a stand and that’s how the West was lost. Strength is how it was won. I for one have blood tracing back to the Native Americans and early settlers. This is my stomping grounds which I will fight for or I’m prepared to go down with the ship. This land doesn’t belong to marxist implants and foreigners.

    1. You said it. I’m not nearly as optimistic about our chances, but we can’t keep running away. The question is, what do we do? The only way to take down the leftists is by having large, traditional families. But that requires traditional women, and as we all know, those women are rapidly disappearing.

      1. I know the foundation for doing anything requires networking and organization. Find a way to make that happen. Even an opportunity for things like the ROK happy hour are dangerous to the elite as we saw because greater things could evolve out of it.

  23. 11. Every single time, (3) majors ones now, in life I’ve made a T list.. left side the bad people, right side, the good people or types I’d like to surround myself with, within a matter of months things start getting better.
    Clean house gents. Fuckers are out for themselves and will “soft slave” you into submission. In fact they’re so delirious and so much selfish solipsistic shit wasn’t addressed in childhood – or better yet learned from their so-called “successful families,” read lying ass shit shovelers with a smile.. no condom,” they pretend to believe they don’t know they’re manipulating everyone they’re in contact with. Always there for them, they never answer the phone unless they’re benefiting too, or want you to orbit them. Fuck them. And that WILL include family and many so-called “friends.”
    I’ve called out entire families due to lying ass fucks thinking they can play around with my life… right on their property. 5 on 1. Spineless weasels, entire families of them now. When your a good man, you’ve got a lot of mental, physical, and spiritual power no weak ass fuck – which includes plenty of “jacked” dudes that lift – can remotely come close to conquering. Their fuckin life force is shabby. Their very reason for existence barely exceeds sucking up resources to exist a meager fuck-faced existence. They stand for literally nothing on Earth.
    None of us realize the sly suppression people exert over us. Mark about 100% of bitches on the left side, as they’re top order succubi.
    Funny how the Author uses a fish bowl pic in #11. I’ve often referenced “fish tank scenario,” re. the populating of Earth. Leave the tank, if you have to crack it to get free, and all the fish drown while you grow lungs, then fuckin do it!

  24. Life is boring and meaningless because it’s without danger, too safe and comfortable?
    I think there’s some good logic in that.
    One goal of mine is to go on a sort of ‘vision quest’ for a few days into the wilderness all by myself, as I enter adulthood. Seems like something that would give me a lot of perspective.

    1. That’s a great idea. Along with traveling across the country and putting yourself in with people and areas you normally wouldn’t be in because of no exposure or outside your comfort zone.

  25. Excellent article. 5 & 6 are going to have to wait until my youngest is older (can’t just up and go when you’re a father).

  26. Great, great points. Keep evolving, don’t get stuck. They say to reach your potential, move to a foreign place and strive to succeed. I’ve known people who’ve done that and they’re iron men. If you’re unable to do that, change the associates holding you back, your habits, and the rest of the stuff he mentions.

  27. completly agree with points number 5 ,6 , 7 very honest indeed not to mention to escape from internet too

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