Feminism Is On The Retreat

I’m going to boldly declare that feminism is finally ebbing away. It’s amazing to see, since realistically many of us didn’t expect to see it receding for at least another few years. But the change is here.

A campaign called It’s On Us, an attempt to shame men into accommodating women, has been a disastrous failure, receiving (as Aaron Clarey aka Captain Capitalism points out) a massive backlash from people calling out their feminist talking points. Several of the It’s On Us spokes’men’ are high level celebrities, but unfortunately they found out the hard way that it’s feminists who blindly worship celebrities, not normal people. The Youtube videos for proponents of the It’s On Us campaign have been, to use the parlance of the interwebz, downvoted into oblivion: the people have spoken, and the response to the call for men to elevate women even higher has been a giant middle finger.

In one of the most shameful and embarrassing moments of my generation, Emma Watson recently went to the United Nations to give a speech about how evil men are, trying to kick-start a cringe worthy campaign called #HeForShe, asking men to further submit to women’s whims. Although the media tried to hype this up, the people roundly rejected Emma’s talking points. After all, Emma is a known hypocrite. Not only is she dating the very definition of a jerkish Alpha male:


but she has also complained about the soft spoken men her #HeForShe campaign is trying to create:


#GamerGate is a scandal in the video game industry brought about by the revelation that a self-proclaimed feminist slept with influential men in the industry in order to get favors and press. After the revelation, feminists have been trying to say that this is a misogynistic attack on females, not fans (called Gamers) of video games railing against corruption in their favored industry. Gamers were having none of it, and even after the feminists in the video game industry and their enabling male lapdogs have done everything to undermine, coerce, and silence the opposition, the Gamers are still holding them responsible. The feminists even managed to get notorious website 4chan censored. The people responded by making 8chan.

Anti-feminist mode can be found in the most random and seemingly unrelated places. Here is a silly little video called YouTube Poop: Bobby Will Never Be MLG. At the :40 mark Bobby Hill enters a Femi-Nazi Class.

The (current) top comments on the video are lambasting feminism, or decrying that they hope the video creator didn’t think all feminists were like that. All from a random YouTube video that briefly mentions feminism.

Speaking of which, “Not All Feminists Are Like That” has recently emerged as well, meaning that many people who identified as feminists are now separating themselves from the core of the movement. There was a comic on the image sharing site Imgur which exposes the division.


The comic derides Tumblr Feminists, a supposedly more irrational and angry group of feminists. The comments on the picture agree, lamenting that

“If your exposure to feminism has been mostly online, then you haven’t really been exposed to it. This holds true for feminists as well.”

That comment makes no sense (how is offline feminism different from online? It’s an idea…), but it had 1159 upvotes. These people clearly like the selfish perks feminism brings them, but they don’t like the fact that people outside of their belief system are now vocally saying the truth, that feminism is a movement of selfish, hypocritical scam artists and misandrists.

The public which has silently suffered feminism for so long is finally beginning to voice it’s opinion, which is not favorable to the movement all, and already feminists are eating themselves to distance themselves from one another even though they are, at their core, all the same evil people. There’s already a parallel movement called Equalism on the rise: it is the same thing as feminism (lower the standards for women, give undeserving women more cash and prices because she has a vagina, pretend this somehow makes the sexes on par with one another). Feminists can’t handle any real backlash against them—they are all paper tigers, so now the more prescient ones are attempting to relabel themselves as something else to avoid the public’s outcry.

There’s a very visible change happening in the public opinion against feminism. The tide has turned, and feminism is dead. It will take a long time to rot away, yes, and it’s already done so much damage that there may be little worth rebuilding, but it is done. Feminism is done.

The biggest challenge now is to stop it from rising under a new flag (Equalism or other silly -isms). We mustn’t let them change their banners and come back to continue their poison under a different name. They’ve ruined the lives of too many men and women to simply let these creatures go gently into that good night. We must continue to hammer on them, even as they fall apart and consume themselves. The victory over feminism must not be one of magnanimity and half measures. Theirs was a doctrine of genuine evil, and they gave no quarter to good people when they were in charge.

We, in turn, must not give these monsters any back.

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249 thoughts on “Feminism Is On The Retreat”

  1. Getting pretty fed up with all the shitty articles on ROK regarding feminism.
    We need to focus more on ourselves as men and less on raging thundercunt females, they will always exist.

      1. I wouldn’t say we’ve won – not by a long shot. If anything, it’s getting worse…

      2. so get off the computer and do something useful. damn, you guys talk about women constantly bitching. you’re so much worse.

    1. Learning the danger signs is helpful for selecting female companions in your life.
      Some of the most masculine war-fighting salty crusty old Marines I’ve ever known, even more educated Alpha male officers, suffer from bitch wives, and the divorce rate in the military is atrocious. Watch Hearthbreak Hill. Clint Eastwood’s character suffers from this malady, despite being a hard-assed killing machine. His ex wife tells him to get in touch with his feminine side. The trope exists for a reason.

      1. ”Some of the most masculine war-fighting salty crusty old
        Marines I’ve ever known, including more educated Alpha male officers,
        suffer from bitch wives ruining their lives, and the divorce rate in the
        military is atrocious.”
        ”For a long time I wondered the same thing, until I heard Stefan Molyneux
        identify the answer, with his emphasis on spanking of infants and
        Simply put, male children are traumatized and abused by their mothers, and this is considered completely normal.
        While it is an understudied area, the studies that do exist show that
        spanking occurs much more frequently than is admitted by parents, is
        likely to be more frequent and severe with boys than with girls, and has
        measurable hormonal and epigenetic effects.
        The personality change has occurred before the age of 5, and males learn
        that women are to be placated at all costs. For the terrified infant,
        it is a matter of life and death, and this is thoroughly internalised.
        So you get these impressive football players walking around like
        Achilles, until they get a text message, sheepishly tell you “happy
        wife, happy life” and have to go home immediately.”

        1. ”Interesting one, RawDog.
          I was spanked a few times as a child (up until about 9 y.o) by my dad.
          Nothing serious, just on the bum. He explicitly forbade my mum to spank
          me though. I think he explained it once that it’s not a woman’s job to
          discipline a boy, but that’s just the patriarch in him speaking and I
          don’t think he knew anything about any science behind it.
          Consequently I never have even a tiny bit of fear of my mother, or any woman for that matter. ”

  2. How many feminists does it take to change a light bulb?
    One to screw it in,
    one to excoriate men for creating the need for illumination,
    one to blame men for inventing such a faulty means of illumination,
    one to suggest the whole “screwing” bit to be too “rape-like”,
    one to deconstruct the lightbulb itself as being phallic,
    one to blame men for not changing the bulb,
    one to blame men for trying to change the bulb instead of letting a woman do it,
    one to blame men for creating a society that discourages women from changing light bulbs,
    one to blame men for creating a society where women change too many light bulbs,
    one to advocate that lightbulb changers should have wage parity with electricians,
    one to alert the media that women are now “out-lightbulbing” men,
    one to just sit there taking pictures for her blog for photo-evidence that men are unnecessary.

    1. it’s not one… it’s a committee of minimum ten…. and 5 beta males to pour the pot of tea…..

    2. The answer is one. She puts the bulb in the socket and waits for the world to revolve around her.

        1. All the things feminism takes credit for were going to happen anyway. The corporate interests were in maximizing the size of the work force by putting women to work. The government people wanted more taxes which they weren’t going to get by women sitting at home taking care of their own children.

    3. Two, but they don’t actually change the bulb, they just sit in the dark and bitch.

    4. No women has ever been content since Eve. To be discontent, to complain, to rebel, is part of being a woman. Until we as men can just accept that and state it openly as truth, nothing will ever improve.
      But doing that would also mean saying that equality is farce. We must not be shy in stating it. Human beings are not equal. It doesn’t mean they’re not human (Imago Dei) and have value, but they’re not equal. At present, we are either afraid to say it, or we still must overcome the anguish of dumping years of built up belief in human equality as absolute truth.

      1. Actually the cause of the fall was because Eve was not content; so it really has been never.

      2. Of course not, we have hormones surging through us creating instability a majority of the month!
        That’s what men are for, they used to compliment that with a firm hand.

        1. not to beat a dead horse but fun fact when a woman is on her period, that is when her hormones most closely resemble those of a male. Androgens and testosterone are increased as the body purges the uterine lining, a process which requires feminine hormones like oestrogen to be supressed, similar if not nearly identical to how male hormones appear 100% of the time. This is simply an argument neutral fact, I’m not looking to pick a fight I just wanted to share some information that has come from being the son of a career gynecologist/labor and delivery nurse for almost 20 years.

    5. Actually, the answer to that joke is to screech in the voice of an angry female:

  3. A movement that contradicts reality cannot be successful in the long run although it can cause a lot of damage in the meantime. Science is killing feminists who still claim that the sexes don’t differ psychologically

    1. It’s not just psychologically, their (i.e. women) neural wiring has been proven to be different from that of men in several key areas of the brain. The biggest abomination to science are the university administrators and tenured professors who keep spewing equalist bullshit, even if all scientific evidence points to this being erroneous. This mindset is even rife in the (life) sciences. It’s one of the myriad of reasons why I ejected from a academic career years ago.

      1. You too eh? I’m leaving academia right now actually for very similar reasons…
        What was your situation if you don’t mind my asking? Did you dump a PhD program or leave after your bachelors?
        What made you conclude this?
        For me it was working directly under a supervisor that made me realize how far-left-leaning the environment was…

        1. After a masters. I have a dual background in physics and medicine. Besides the corruption in academia, the primary reason not to pursue a PhD was the associated abysmal return-on-investment. I had no interest in investing five to seven years in a PhD program, working on someone else’s ideas, being verbally abused by some PI (I’ve seen it happening), only to discover there are no jobs and having to invest even more as a perpetual postdoc.
          The following blog was written with the humanities in mind, but in my experience, it’s equally true for the sciences:

        2. I’m really glad I’m not the only one who came to this decision.
          I’ll be done writing/defending my Masters thesis in about a month. Despite my motivation to pursue research in psychology I concluded that the academic road is a financial scam.
          To add insult to injury my supervisor is a delusional fool who has no clue about the world outside the ivory tower. And he treats anyone without a vagina like they’re worthless.
          Thanks for sharing.

        3. Higher level degrees just make you more unemployable. Entry level jobs want someone with a bachelor’s degree, they tend to avoid master’s or above (contrary to what youre told in school). They don’t want someone who appears over qualified or overly ambitious.
          I have 2 bachelors degrees but went to work in the oilfield with highschool dropouts and enjoy my work environment ALOT more than some faggot politically correct office environment.

    2. We’re differently physically, emotionally, in our preferences etc. Equality is a myth.

  4. The feminists and their SJW stooges are looking like a cult more than ever these days. Having dealt with a bunch of SJW trolls, recently I noticed almost all of them have “gender neutral” in their profiles.
    Long ago I predicted that “gender identity” self diagnosis will become the new trendy thing to do and lord over people just like self-diagnosed gluten intolerance.
    We are dealing with cultists and they are showing it more than ever. And this is merely because they were challenged.
    Let us not have a lull. Run them down before they regroup.
    Their usual tactic though is to play dead. They did this in the late 1980s. It was thought to be dead then, and then all of a sudden it was back and becoming policy in the 1990s. So keep in mind that these cultists do not just go away. They’ll be back, and in the meantime society needs to be hardened against them.

    1. Yet the majority of women who say they are not feminist hold feminist beliefs and practice feminist proscribed lifestyles. Delayed marriage, careerism women’s empowerment etc.

  5. Feminism was not meant to be an end. It is a means to an end. Once the cultural change had been made these useful idiots would be disposed of in quick order.
    After all, even a self-identifying conservative woman is at least as much a feminist as the pioneers of the 2nd wave in the 70s.
    And this off course ignores the fact that women will vote for Hillary simply because she is a woman.

    1. “…even a self-identifying conservative woman is at least as much a feminist as the pioneers of the 2nd wave…”
      People don’t realize this, but it is true. Do you believe in female suffrage? You are a feminist. Do you believe in banning workplace discrimination against women? You are a feminist.

    2. “Feminism was not meant to be an end. It is a means to an end.”
      This. Read the Communist Manifesto. Once feminism has served its purpose, it will disappear. That’s what Marx meant when he said the state would “organically dissolve.” Not the state, but the vehicles that brought the masses to their knees, because the job would then be complete.

      1. I wish more people knew this. Same with the term “useful idiot”.
        It would certainly clear up the majority of disagreements both here and elsewhere.

      2. interesting point. I recall Dworkin believed feminism would take another 400 years to reach its goal (I don’t think she was a marxist though). Marx spoke about the state withering away, and to the extent feminism see itself as an extension of marxist thought it should see itself doing the same. However I see exactly the opposite – feminism seeks always to reproduce itself by seeking to demonstrate how bad things still are for women. I suspect it intends to do that forever, not least because doing so redirects attention away from power imbalances in its favour

      3. This brings to mind the similarities between the ‘Free Love’ movement of the 60’s and today’s Same-sex marriage movement. For years progressives wanted to end marriage altogether; now they want to expand it to homosexuals. The tactic has changed but the goal remains the same.

  6. I agree that feminism is the view that women are equal to men. Instead of trying to show that feminism is a female supremacist movement, I just concede the point, and argue that equality does not exist, cannot exist, and is an unscientific religious belief, and that I already have a religion thankyouverymuch- and that anything people do to serve a delusional lie such as feminism always results in widespread death and suffering.

    1. It almost got the president killed…..
      The intruder who ran into the whitehouse with a knife overpowered a female secret service agent before entering a room looking for Obama. Had him or his family been there they prolly would’ve been killed, trusting their lives to a female bodyguard.
      Now the head of secret service (a fat woman, Julia Pierson), is making excuses and wont even be fired for her incompetence.

      1. Even America’s doctrine of nuclear warfare has been laid low before feminism. (Women on subs)

  7. Feminism may be on the retreat in the world of video game journalism and internet debates, but the average American twentysomething woman agrees with Hermione that He should work to benefit She, and that the UN, like other political institutions, ought to work to enforce Feminism and the ever-fleeting equality that will forever be out of reach.
    Don’t celebrate the decline of feminism because it hasn’t happened. The “moderate” feminists are winning, but they’re still feminists.

    1. Good point. To say we have “won” is a little bit hasty.
      But I think Chubbs accurately points out a cultural shakeup in the right right direction… So many of these self-proclaimed public feminist/social justice workers have turned out to be hypocrites… their philosophical framework is so shaky that they themselves cannot live up to it…
      This generation of young men have experienced unleashed female hypergamy and narcissism on a personal level… then they look up and see Emma Watson is intermittently blowing the alpha-jock and saying she likes nice guys when she comes up for air… how can these hurting young men then take these public figures seriously??? It inevitably leads to questioning the system at large…
      What is needed to finally defeat feminism… is simply more public spaces where men can congregate… RoK has been a place where I can voice my real life experiences without getting socially ostracized. In public you cannot even question these things without risking so much.
      I remember speaking with a feminist last year and telling her “Why do we call it feminism if it is about equality? Can we just call it egalitarianism? Or maybe like… humanism? Or something?”… “No, it is called feminism because women are victims”… “Oh… ok… so its about women then and not about equality?”. “No no it is about equality… but women have historically had it harder then men… and women are paid less for…” “Ok… I’m done talking about this…”
      Either society at large will collapse… or the pendulum will begin to shift in the other direction.

      1. “Emma Watson is intermittently blowing the alpha-jock”
        What I don’t understand is that guy is supposedly so alpha, yet he is fucking a girl (Emma Watson) who looks like a little boy, especially with that short hair cut. No tits, no ass, no hips, nothing.

        1. It doesn’t matter what she looks like. She’s one of the most famous women in the world. That alone will give him enough pre-selection to last him a lifetime.

        2. Yes, but what kind of “alpha” is genuinely attracted to female-accrued fame and credentials? Or is it purely transactional in nature?

        3. And if he dumps her, he will get another million points.
          Rob Pattenson got fucked though… getting cheated on by a public skank will dip your reputation and put you in an awkward spot.

        4. I’d be down to dress Hermione up in a witch outfit and doggystyle her in a Halloween house party bathroom while she snorts ketamine off the sink and pants how Ron never did it to her like this xP

        5. There is a lot of appeal in being able to say you’re slaying the poosy of a famous (and well loved) actress. Emma isn’t entirely repugnant, and she’s still young, so it’s something to note (unlike the guys who date older actresses, like Jennifer Aniston, who’ve been passed around incessantly for the last 10+ years) and brag worthy.
          And I doubt he’s exclusively dicking Emma. It’s almost a certainty he’s laying far hotter but completely unknown women by the truckloads on the side.

      2. In my experience a lot of men who espouse feminist ideas will drop them when there aren’t any women in the room. The public square is still very much a feminist “safe space” as it were. We won’t really see that shift unless women themselves begin to reject feminism. Many women are not swayed by the hypocrisy of feminist positions because feminism does deliver on short run benefits for them. To fight this you really have to show there is societal damage done by feminist policies, not just that men are able to call out feminism for being anti-male.

        1. “In my experience a lot of men who espouse feminist ideas will drop them when there aren’t any women in the room.”
          And concerning damage by feminist policies… We’ll see how long it takes for the system to notice that men will disengage from the system and women are not going to work as hard as men to innovate and maintain a sustainable economy.

      3. “Why do we call it feminism if it is about equality?”
        This needs to be asked anytime the word feminism appears anywhere. I challenge all of you, whenever you stumble upon an article (MSM or otherwise) that promotes feminism, ask this question. Press for an answer. Make people see the lie behind the language. Women probably won’t get it, but plenty of men will.

      4. Yes, we all have to remember that women are all victims (yeah, right).
        I don’t remember stabbing a woman in the back for a lower salary (like other women will gladly do). Women only want to talk about being a “victim” and blaming a man for the crime. They never talk about their own kind (other women) who constantly sabotage their efforts. If they discussed it, then their whole argument would fall apart and they would have to address it.
        I always say….remove men from the equation and watch women tear each other apart. A good example – any reality TV show (housewives of whatever). A group of semi-wealthy women – tearing each other apart.

  8. Emma Watson with her brute alpha male rugby player boyfriend, gives a speech about how men are too domineering and need to submit to women lol. What a stupid cunt she is. Looks like her ivy league education has produced another retarded drone

    1. She is the classic “smart woman” she can puke back the drivel “progressive” teachers and professors write on a black board and everyone pretends that is the same as thinking.

    2. She doesn’t see the contradiction between her own personal choices and her public views. She’s not a conscious hypocrite; she genuinely doesn’t see it.
      As for the Ivy League, it hasn’t been about education since the Sixties. The feminists took over. As Prof. Harvey Mansfield explains; he was at Harvard when it happened.

    3. Exactly. The real danger is to be that delusional in your thinking and not even recognize it.

    4. Emma Watson is a child star. I would no sooner take advice from her than from Macauley Culkin.

    1. There is a definite rebranding effort happening also evidenced by the “cutesey” teens and their “I don’t need feminism because…” signs.
      Same old dogma with more attractive packaging.

    2. Yes, Wendy Wasserstein. The feminist playwright who had a baby in her late 40s, wouldn’t say who the father was, then died, orphaning the kid. Great example there.

      1. Lol! Yep. Same shinola, new can.
        What’s truly ironic is how Sarah Jessica Parker indoctrinated at least two generations of women into Alpha fucks, Beta bucks spinsterhood. Yet, she’s not a feminist. Yeah, sure bitch.

        1. Yeah. I read somewhere that her character had fucked 18 guys and that other whore was over 50

    3. Humanism is not really a rebranding. Humanism is basically joining the racial, economic, and gender heads of the Left Wing Hydra.
      People who are not white need things. And if it backfires they clearly just need more, evil whitey.
      Men should go over and help these people. Don’t be selfish men.
      There is too much inequality. We need the government to mandate it.
      Honestly, it is a succession of broken windows. One head causes a problem, and the other comes in to ‘fix’ it.

      1. Two things wrong with this:
        #1 Known feminists calling themselves “humanists” with the intention of developing a new, differentiated identity is literally the definition of rebranding.
        #2 I don’t see how it’s a ‘non-white’ thing considering how ‘Feminism’ is essentially a movement for privileged white females. They benefit from white privilege, take none of the blame (as only White men are oppressors), while simultaneously playing the ‘victim card’ to the point of hyperbole. It’s laughable.

        1. Well considering that women vote for white guilt based redistribution and third world immigration one can safely say that white women are just following an ideology blindly. The biggest pushers of anti-white politics are white still. It doesn’t matter.

        2. It isn’t blind really, it’s intended goal is to control white men and it works, even if subconsciously.
          Sure, you’ll get some people who may genuinely feel some kind of guilt, but it’s usually from a great distance.

        3. Guilt is a predominantly male trait, the level of it is negligible in women but more importantly, don’t buy the babe in the woods routine. It’s no secret that white women have always envied the complete agency of her counterpart and have worked tirelessly to put themselves in his place. I know very few white women, who are willing or even want to, speak out against Feminism because of the benefits it affords them.

        4. True. But women are fine with appearing guilty but really asking men to take up the tab for them.
          Either way, I think we can agree that good alt-right men of all stripes need the manosphere to control women and stop them from voting for fabian socialism and the like.

        5. I say blind because it will ultimately be their undoing. That doesn’t bother me but they’re selling out their children who are not culpable.

    4. because it worked well for gay rights. With humanism, which I presume has more to do with human rights than it has to do with the renaissance scholar Erasmus, feminism rebranded can claim universal rights instead of women’s rights. That way it will be easier to plunder inequality in the third world for the benefit of middle class white women who are technically in the same ‘class’ as them.

      1. Let them call it humanism. That will make it less acceptable to shut out men, the other half of the human race. It will make it more obvious that they are are religion, since secular humanism is an official designated religion in America.

    5. The OP said feminism was in retreat. He did not say feminism is dead and buried. Let me say that it is like the Germans being turned back at Stalingrad. They still held a hell of a lot of Russian territory, and were still an effective fighting force. The war was not settled, but it was a turning point. Some people have analyzed the war and said, even though it was not realized at the time, the Germans were in retreat from that point on pretty much globally.

    6. I’ve noticed the big trend/fad for re-branding is people calling themselves ‘equalists’ instead of feminists. It’s interesting that many of these former feminists are trying to distance themselves from the movement (perception wise, at least) despite the fact that feminism is, publicly, portrayed an unchallengeable good thoroughly backed by the elites of all sectors and backgrounds. Their camp is splitting apart at the first sign of resistance from the hereto silent public.

  9. To say that feminism is done is a hopeful yet naive view. Tons of people are heralding that stupid Emma Watson speech. Check out the warping of young men’s minds happening as we speak. Sad really. It’s a letter from a 15 year old boy in response to that hypocrite’s speech.

      1. I think this paragraph is the most important in this article.
        “Men must, indeed, “feel welcome to participate in the conversation” about gender issues. But very few will do so if that “conversation” amounts to being told to “shut up and listen” while women talk about the horrible things men do to women, and being labeled a misogynist for daring to point out that bad things happen to men too and that women are not always innocent victims in gender conflicts. A real conversation must let men talk not only about feminist-approved topics such as gender stereotypes that keep them from expressing their feelings, but about more controversial concerns: wrongful accusations of rape; sexual harassment policies that selectively penalize men for innocuous banter; lack of options to avoid unwanted parenthood once conception has occurred. Such a conversation would also acknowledge that pressures on men to be successful come not only from “the patriarchy” but, often, from women as well. And it would include an honest discussion of parenthood, including many women’s reluctance to give up or share the primary caregiver role.”

        1. gosh you guys. now you know how it felt to be a woman since the beginning of civilization. don’t like it so much, do you?

        2. Why don’t you tell us, since you’ve obviously been around since the beginning of civilization.
          The brazenness of calling for reparations for perceived slights (that never actually happened) committed against women of the past… It would almost be admirable in an underhanded kind of way if it wasn’t so pathetic.

        3. Not really, I mean, we have to balance our work and family, take concepts like ‘honor’ and ‘honesty’ seriously, take responsibility for our problems and those of women, have to deal with violence on a daily basis that women never perceive, fight in wars, die with valor…
          Nope, don’t know what it feels like to be a woman. although I suppose if I really wanted to I could get a lobotomy, mix uppers and downers and take them randomly, and then get my arms and legs cut off so people will bend over backwards to address my every whim…

        4. And yet the only woman who would ever deign to fuck you would be another double amputee with a lobotomy and drug habit.

    1. If child protection services weren’t all stalinists they would have a duty to rescue that child

      1. If people really cared about children there would be no no-fault divorce and single mothers would be shamed and shunned.

        1. yes AND the use of sexuality for material and social gain…. aka bitchy sluts… would also be shamed…. since men are shamed for using their physical superiority for the same purposes…..

        2. Yes and no man should ever be forced to pay to support another person and paternity fraud should be punished with significant jail time. By significant I mean a minimum of 2 years in prison for every year the fraud went on.

      1. Shhhh. Careful now…..That’s way too much logic for the typical feminist. Their hamster friendly brains might explode.

        1. I hate to say it, but this time it is our hamster brains at work. Articles and articles have been telling us guys to pay attention to what women do, not what they say. However now a lot of us are getting caught up in what they say, even though their behavior is unchanged.

      1. My sympathy means nothing even if I had it. He’s getting indoctrinated with their bullshit. Gender roles do exist, it’s how we fucking operate. Sad day when people willingly become mental slaves to another for “equality”.

        1. What you say is true, my point was more that he shouldn’t be held up to too much ridicule because his circumstances probably aren’t the best and TRP is bitter even for grown men to swallow.

        2. It’s not a statement of ridicule. I find it sad that he’s being brainwashed. For that he has my sympathy. My hope for that young man is that he can find some bastion of manhood in his later years and see the error of his thinking.

    2. Feminism is not about man-hating or female supremacy. It is, by definition, the opposite.

      So its about man-loving and male supremacy? I love me some feminists!!!

    3. lol…a 15 year old boy. Someone needs to get this boy to the ROK site, stat! We can save him.

      1. And the next thing you know, he’ll write a persuasion letter, supporting the notion of ordaining Gwenwhyfar (Guinevere) as the first-EVER saint of the Church of England.

  10. I want Feminism to become much, much, much more powerful in the west. Feminism right now is less influential than before 20 years, and this speaks alot… Honestly, if feminism manage to completely take over the western world, this means:
    1. Muslim/non-white men getting away with rape
    2. Feminists defending agressive non-western men
    3. Feminists submitting themselves to a true patriarchal non-european men
    And this is not that bad.

    1. Uh. Do you think Dhimmitude is that glamorous?
      What I want is for the muslims, feminists and leftists to fight it out. And we sit by enjoying our popcorn.

      1. Leftists and Rightists will fight sooner or later, but not verbally. The fight will be on the streets. Look at Ukraine, Rightists and Leftnuts are fighting. We can’t have a schizophrenic style of political rule in the west forever. Left and Right change just like the psychotic episodes and moods of schizophrenics. This can’t lead to a stable society, it can only lead to more hatred, social conflicts and division.
        After this inevitable political left/right war, there will remain Only One political orientation in the west. The patriotically oriented orientations tend to win. In Latin America, the patriots/nationalists are part from the Left. And the left-wing is the only allowed political power in many Latin American countries.
        In the west, the patriots/nationalists are part from the Right. So, it’s only natural if we became the only allowed political orientation.
        We need a Political Revolutionary War like in Cuba. The ultra-right in Ukraine is following the steps of the Cubans, but unlike them – they are not Marxists.

  11. Future economic instability and future technological unemployment will eventually be the end of the financially independent women and the government won’t be able to tax the populace enough to finance the feminist entitlement programs that allowed female ‘independence’ from men. Once that state of affairs happens, feminism will be of no use to women Once feminism can no longer bring the goodies that females want and have outlived it use females will abandon it wholesale. Feminism days are numbered.

    1. All these young ambitious women who landed decent jobs are finding out that working 50-60 hours a week and giving 1/2 your paycheck to the government is a very shitty proposition. Their feminist promise was a lie. Now, for some reason, they don’t understand why they can’t find a good husband since so few men even make as much money as they do.
      Fuck them all, let them find out the hard way.

      1. ROK being mainstream isn’t a bad thing.. (I don’t even know how you think it’s mainstream in the first place) It’s rather a good thing how more and more men are getting exposed to the red pill truth of things.

      2. I would hardly call this mainstream. It’s pretty popular, but can’t launch past anonymous message boards due to modern day witch hunts

  12. Off-topic but I knew if I lived long enough the “Beatle Cut” would make a comeback. I must say it inspires a previously dormant woodie when seen atop Lena Dunham’s mug :

  13. Thank you Chubbs, I’ve been saying feminism has been peaking for about a year now, good to hear that its rolling over. Now’s the time for the manosphere to really turn-it-up. As far as this whole “equalism” shit goes, well, if there is a grassroots rejection to feminism then it must include a rejection of the notion of “equality”. IMO, I think feminism has proven that equality does not exist.

  14. Unrelated, but found this new red pill music video today. Mastodon, The Motherload.

  15. Retreat is not always a sign of defeat. Don’t forget that the Romans thought Hannibal’s army was in retreat at Cannae just before Hannibal sprung a trap on them and were subsequently annihilated.

  16. Feminism is on the retreat
    You may be right, you may be wrong. I actually don’t think so. I think it is just renaming itself. People who wield the power in a society – which feminists do – don’t willingly yield it. However, even if you are right, this is no time to relax. In fact the dissent should be redoubled.

    1. Just ignore all women. Dont hit on them, game them, whatever. Jerkoff if you have to.
      They can spout their idealogy till the cows come home, but it will hit them hard when no marrigiable white guys will marry them. Leave them twisting in the wind

      1. At which point the women will demand that the police state punish all men for not cooperating. It’s coming…

        1. It’s hilarious the way they complain about sexual harassment, any form of hitting on them, BUT they start bitching about how men only want younger women. They get old and complain ‘why dont they hit on me anymore!?!’ They want everything

  17. Reading this gave me the tingles. Like Bill Pullman’s speech right before Will Smith kicked ET’s ass in Independence Day

    1. Feminism is dead now what does that mean? Will women leave the workforce? Give up the vote?
      Probably not.

    2. Ding dong the witch is…probably not very dead. Just waiting for walpurgisnacht probably

  18. The only thing I’d say is be careful in assuming too much about Emma’s boyfriend. He may look the alpha part (rugby player, tall, etc) but the climate out there is such that even guys like that are turning into whiny femi-nazi apologist faggots.

    1. A lot of guys seem to make the mistake of equating muscle and height with alpha male.

    2. Truth. But judging by the photo, he looks pretty alpha. Good posture, looking straight ahead, while she clings to him.

    3. Tall, tattoed, muscled, men is a betas imagination of what they think an alpha is IMO.

  19. One thing that still manages to deeply fascinate is the cognitive dissonance between claiming you hate “macho men” or “jocks” and then proceeding to only date them. It makes perfect sense to anybody who has taken the redpill, but that really was a huge mindfuck to me especially during high school and college. Thankfully I started to emulate some of the tactics of more successful men and surprise, it worked far better.
    Is feminism on the retreat? Hardly. I’m convinced that the West has simply gone too far, and only an economic cataclysm will change that. It has to be huge, you thought 2008-2009 was a bad crisis? Think about that x10. If anything the last 6 years since the recession started third wave feminism has been accelerating rapidly. However at some point in the future, either a financial crisis or an energy crisis will bring about a crash. I have no doubt in my mind about that, and when it comes we will see gigantic social changes the likes of which haven’t been seen ever. The Fall of Rome for example was huge, this is going to be ground-breaking. Because in Roman times the world was very poorly connected, Rome falling barely had a effect on empires(at least economically) in East Asia and the Americas.
    When America and Europe suffer, China suffers, India Suffers, Brazil suffers, etc. Globalization is as much a curse as it is a blessing. In essence the world is in a hopeless position of connected-ness and its very survival is completely dependent on an unsustainable financial system, fossil fuel addiction, and at least in the West, a broken social system. The only thing keeping it together is increasing the use of resources and passing the debts on. Grow or die is the current motto of the world. And when we can no longer grow, we die.

    1. “However at some point in the future, either a financial crisis or an energy crisis will bring about a crash. I have no doubt in my mind about that, and when it comes”
      I keep hearing the same shit all the time, and when i inquire when what year or approximate time frame the supposed crash will come, then said doomsday sayer gives nothing but radio silence. So Buckwheat, you gonna tell us when the shit is going go hit the fan? Or are you going to pull a disappearing act on us?

      1. “I keep hearing the same shit all the time, and when i inquire when what year or approximate time frame the supposed crash will come, then said doomsday sayer gives nothing but radio silence.”
        There’s a simple answer to this sort of grumble: this sort of warning is advice that the snow level has crept above the red line. When snow levels on mountainsides get above a certain height — the red line — people are stopped from skiing on the mountainside because history tells us that above that snow level, avalanches become much more likely.
        Can you pick exactly when the avalanche will happen? Nope.
        Would you go skiing on the mountain where it had gone above the red line? Not unless you were a bloody idiot.
        Therefore: does the fact the disaster doesn’t happen the instant it’s predicted invalidate the warning? Nope.
        I otherwise have similar sentiments: modern feminist warriors on the internet are basically the flappers of the 21st century. There’s an article about them here on ROK. And when the Depression hit, those flappers up and disappeared like mirages on a hot road – because there was no longer the appetite for women to waste money when so many people were starving.
        My feeling is that it’ll be a collapse in the US dollar, unthinkable as it sounds. There’s a guy named John T. Reed who makes a pretty persuasive case that the US is headed for hyperinflation some point soon, principally because of the sheer size of its national debt.

    2. economic cataclysm will result in people returning to university/college. universities and colleges were a few of the institutions that didn’t suffer.

    3. Marxism always looked to exploit political and economic crises as opportunity and proof of concept if you like. feminism advanced likewise with the crises of the 2 world wars. future crises could weaken or strengthen

  20. From Roosh in his article The War Against Men:
    “Your average American woman doesn’t identify as a feminist, and may even refuse to call herself that due to embarrassment, but a host of feminist beliefs have been installed in her brain that not only determine her personality, but also how she interacts with the opposite sex. Without having to consciously accept feminism, she is more feminist than Betty Friedan, more feminist than Gloria Steinem”
    Not sure Billy what you mean by feminism is on the way out? Maybe it is on the way out in terms of a formal ideology, but it doesnt mean much if each female walks around with the same parasitic attitudes. She may not consider herself a feminist but she still pulls the same shit with guys.

  21. While they may be on the retreat the likelihood of any of the white women giving up their ‘rights’ will not happen. We won’t see troves leave school or high status occupations (doctors, lawyers, pharmacists etc). Nor will they be giving up the vote.

    1. “We won’t see troves leave school or high status occupations (doctors,
      lawyers, pharmacists etc). Nor will they be giving up the vote.”
      That is why WE are taking these things from them. Cuntish, little children can snivel all they like. It’s done. We are prosecutors, we are the real soldiers, the real law enforcement professionals, the bulk of all political representation and the architects of civilization itself. Where it starts – is criminalizing the slut pill. Pharmaceutical birth control has been these whores’ golden ticket to the cock carousel/career party long enough. Anytime I’m at a pharmacy I slut shame the fuck out of any women grotesque enough to chemically alter the only biological and socially redeeming things about them – their fucking wombs. We are going to start deciding when we want families not these infanticide loving garbage cans. I spit on female doctors, lawyers and pharmacists. Not one of those high falutin’ hags could hold a candle intellectually and logically to the least intelligent men amongst our ranks. They’re going back to the kitchen and I sure as fuck plan on staking my claim to my birthright as a man.

  22. When we talk about feminism advancing under a new flag, it’s worth noting some of the forms that’s taking:
    — Phony outreach to men, inviting them to work together with feminists… inside feminist ideological space, ‘natch.
    — Repositioning the focus to include global human rights concerns… a pan-humanistic umbrella deployed on the moral high-ground, and big enough to cover everything except, of course, human rights for men.
    — Swapping out some of the terms. “Patriarchy” is being slowly dumped because it implicitly blames men, and this makes it harder to trick men into accepting the feminist framework.
    — Inventing new terms like “resiliency”, so men can think they can become more masculine by becoming less masculine. Weakness is strength. War is peace.
    — False flag operations like “Men’s Studies” programs that are in fact a vehicle for feminism.
    — Inventing new concepts like “love”. That’s a place men and women, brought together by the bond of their shared humanity, can discover they are more alike than different. So alike, in fact, that they can all naturally advocate for feminism, and accept the collectivist hive-mind as their natural state. So alike that there’s no longer any need for outdated masculine identities and roles. Anyone can be feminist, just like anyone can and should be gender-fluid. (Feminist bell hooks is the main promoter of this form of psyops.)
    — Popularizing the idea of the stay-at-home dad reveling in his new forms of strength. He’s happy to be the wind beneath some uber-woman’s wings so she’s free to soar to the heights and grasp the levers of power.
    Want to see that last one in action? Check out this Tide detergent ad. Like Boxer, he’s proud to be serving a more-equal animal:

    So, the feminist/Marxist axis is a constantly-mutating virus. Sometimes it mutates because it smells new opportunities, and sometimes it adjusts because something it has been doing has stopped working.

    1. This should be an article. Marxism is incredibly slippy, and has learned to disguise itself. Feminism is only just learning the need to do this.
      There are leftist psy-ops manuals out there. What’s needed is anti psy ops training and consciousness raising to inoculate people against the mutations to come

      1. That’s because Marxism isn’t really a thing. It’s just a label people put on similar sounding ideas.
        And precisely what does feminism have to do with preventing an ever shrinking elite control an ever growing portion of the capital?

        1. “That’s because Marxism isn’t really a thing. It’s just
          a label people put on similar sounding ideas.”
          It’s true that it’s easy to label anything you don’t like as
          ‘marxist’. But it’s also true that the left wants you to believe that only classical ‘economic’ Marxism is ‘real’ Marxism. What it doesn’t like to admit is that much of
          modern progressivism derives directly from those schools of revisionary Marxism that sought to explain why classical Marxism had failed to precipitate
          revolution in advanced capitalist economies; why the bourgeois in those places remained so strong. Progressivism, and much of feminism can be traced back to classic economic Marxism through those
          revisionary attempts that fused classical Marxism with Freudianism, and culture critique with a view to destroying the societal pillars of the bourgeois state.
          “..what does feminism have to do with preventing an
          ever shrinking elite control an ever growing portion of the capital?”
          corporate and political elites benefit from women entering the workplace under the auspices of feminism. Like mass immigration it keeps labour costs down and for the state enables greater levels of taxation. The elites and progressives are in bed with each other at present. They both benefit from a strong globalist state, and a weak alienated society. The truth is that Marxism and leftism generally has always benefited from particular group interests.
          If you still doubt that what is called Marxism, I suggest
          you take a closer look at your average sociology / social sciences department. Academic Marxism, typically post-marxism, fused with post-modernism / post-structuralism is everywhere, and it has no intention of staying within the academy

        2. Sorry, but my University’s pol.sci. classes aren’t left-wing propaganda factories, since I’m not an American.
          The head of the pol.sci. guys is a classic left-winger, and the current PM of the right-wing coalition took her education in pol.sci. here.
          We’re just not American, and we just don’t slap the Marxist label on anything, because it no longer means a damned thing. The reason being that these progressivist retards ruin everything they touch, and they have been inappropriately fondling this word for quite some time now.

        3. “the reason being that these progressivist retards ruin everything they touch, and they have been inappropriately fondling this word for quite some time now.”
          what does that mean? That progressives are wrongly claiming marx for themselves? I’m not american and I’ve explained why I believe there are continuities between the marx of old and the more syncretic (crypto)-marxisms of today. I don’t understand why some supporters and detractors alike (I will presume you are one or the other) insist upon a purist version of historical materialism? As for northern european universities not being ‘left-wing propaganda factories’, every institution will vary, but even where institutions come across as relatively staid and conservative the ideas in play often have a (crypto-)marxist lineage. The ever greater shift to the left over the last few decades has been accompanied by a ‘re-description’ of once far-left ideas into forms acceptable to the mainstream. This is consistent with systematic marxist / leftist efforts to promote left wing ideology as everyday common sense.

        4. A purist version means that people know what the fuck you’re talking about when you utter the word “Marxist”.
          The latest decade in Scandinavian universities have brought in new ideas from the political right, not the left.
          That the students are a varied bunch can be observed simply by hanging out at the lunch-rooms and see that people talk about many different things. There are posters hung up for left-wing, right-wing and no-fucking-wings-we-aren’t-birds organisations.

        5. “A purist version means that people know what the fuck you’re talking about when you utter the word “Marxist”.”
          With respect to marxism I would say purism relates to classical marxism, which is ‘economic’, i.e. based upon an analysis of history in terms of relations between relations of production (elites etc) and the underlying productive forces, and predicting the inevitability of the collapse of the capitalist system due to its internal contradictions. Many leftists still subscribe to this and reject the idea that marxism can be anything else. Likewise anti-conservatives etc who do subscribe to revisionist versions of marxism (which arguably remain hegemonic within western academia, politics and increasingly society) insist on a purist understanding of marxism in order to (deceptively) deny the links with their politics and the marxism that so obviously has the blood of millions on its hands. Doing so enables them to operate freely incognito, and just hide behind words like ‘change’ and ‘progress’, obviating any kind of analysis of how we got to where we are.
          Its great that your fellow students can talk about different things and hang posters up on the wall.
          I’m not sure that changes anything though. Scandinavia has been built on leftist social democracy and some surface diversity doesn’t really threaten the hegemony of those ideas, even perhaps under a ‘right-wing’ coalition

        6. when you say right-wing, you don’t mean milquetoast centrists like the Moderates in sweden ?

        7. No. The Moderates are centrists, are they not?
          I’m not Swedish so I will not claim that I am certain, however.

        8. from what i can see, centrist as hell middley diddleys who don’t believe in anything but being moderates lol.
          What is right wing politics like in Norway (guessing you’re norwegian) ?

        9. You basically have these three parties:
          KrF = Kristelig Folkeparti = Christian People’s Party.
          They would like to conserve christian morals, ethics and cultural heritage, but are a bit evasive of the precise definition of those.
          FrP = Fremskrittspartiet = Progress Party.
          They want lower taxes, and to privatise everything, so that the hands of the free market can make everything better for everyone. They’re also markedly against immigration.
          H = Høyre = Right (Conservative Party would be a fair translation as well.)
          Your average conservatives. They want to keep changes to society as low as possible, keep the taxation low, and to keep the government spending at a comfortable minimum. They’re against the government owning businesses for instance.
          That is about as fair as I can present them. (I’m left wing, so I’m biased.)

        10. thanks for the explanation! I was aware of the Progress party only. It,s funny that its names makes it seem like a progressive party 🙂

        11. The only party that really can be considered progressive in the American sense would be SV = Sosialistisk Venstreparti = Socialistic/Socialist Left Party.
          They’re a small party (5-6% I think).
          You may make the argument for MDG = Miljøpartiet De Grønne = The environmental party the green ones, but they’re a young party and haven’t settled on a lot of their ideology yet, and so discussing them woudl be premature.

  23. The death of the SJW will mark the end of widespread internet ignorance.
    Christina Hoff Sommers is the only respectable feminist, in my opinion. She’s not even a real feminist.

    1. It just shows that California is flushing itself further down the toilet. The place is in financial shambles and people and businesses are fleeing the place in droves. Nevermind the looming 200 years of drought…
      Gotta keep in mind that a lot of the people on the gaming press from Gamergate are FROM Cali and all share the same views and ideology for the most part, which is why they were so uniform in their attempts to censor and reframe discussion about their corruption. Cali is a joke now and the new age retro hippie culture and the narcissism of Hollywood is beginning to be mocked and sneered at. We got a ways to go, but it’s a good sign nonetheless.

      1. sadly many of those faggots are fleeing to texas where they will vote for the same liberal policies which caused them to flee cali in the first place

      2. However, I love the SoCal weather so much that one day I may put up with the whole SJW scene.

  24. The article gives me hope – but like the photos of “women against feminism” it could be a flavour of the month (lets hope not). for all intensive purposes THIS highlights a step in the right direction with the masses outwardly showing discontent as well as MGTOW and between the two it should have a ripple effect.
    Guess its one of those “wait and see” type things.

  25. One step back and two steps forward – alas the march towards the Brave New World society continues. Feminism may die in the end, but it will have fulfilled it’s role just as communism did. The destruction of the family unit will continue unabated.

    1. so it would seem. how western society as a whole would handle it in its extremes (if you were to draw a comparative analysis using USSR as a template) is disturbing. where Russia went from a monarchy and not exactly the best situation to communism it might have been seen as a trade-up. over here with capitalism and the relative luxuries enjoyed over the past 20 years to communism would be quite the shock to the system.

  26. 2023>Stay in home in order to not oppress normal people with my cis privilege>Running low on government approved, non-privileged food>Time for monthly trip to the grocery store>Take a deep breath, and check my privilege before
    >Put on new estrogen patches, clamp on chastity cage, and insert diversity buttplug
    >At the store, choosing between government approved vagina shaped fruits
    >Finally get to cash register and hand over my items
    >Hand over cash to make purchase
    >Accidentally look Xir in the eye
    >Xir screams “RAPE!!!” and collapses, chaos spreads throughout the store
    >Suddenly, my shock collar goes off, and I’m surrounded by transspecies
    >”Look at dis whitey boi. He don raped dat poor dolphin-ladyman.
    >Prepare your anus boi, we goin’ in dry.”
    >After a few hours of penetration, they finish up and leave>
    Such is life in Britain

  27. Western Women are the most coddled, overprotected, spoiled lot in the history of humanity. I’m starting to see a pattern here: Feminism stated they wanted equality. So they got laws passed ramming through diversity hiring. Then they decided that free speech was damning to their movement, so they shamed or shunned anybody who disagreed with them or who did not fit their agenda. Years later, many of them are either still unhappy, or coming to the realization that with all these societal handicaps, they still have not made anything with their lives except complaining and playing the victim. While other women in other societies have thrived just being women absent an agenda. I think this hits Fever Pitch soon, and then we will see a breaking point, hopefully in a good way, where this either dies down, or the Fembots start turning on each other.

    1. If you think about it, the only real reason a woman wants money is to buy nicer clothes and makeup….to attract better men obviously.
      Whereas I want money to buy a better guitar, better truck, better camping gear, different shotgun etc… you get the idea, women dont have hobbies.
      I think they work hard in school and land a job only to feel empty and wanting a strong husband. All the education and girl power ambition they still end up back at square 1.

  28. Feminism can retreat all it wants. It won’t matter to me or most men who has seen their job prospects diminished and families stolen. It won’t get our time back and the potential families for men that never had the income or wife to have a family in the first place. I’ll make it easy for them. I as well as millions of men will not come back to the plantation. You can’t afford to pay us for the damage that has been done and I won’t forgive and forget just so these feminist spinsters can have a new lease on life. You feminists stole tens of millions of men’s lives. It’s time to sit back and enjoy the pain and anguish that is divine retribution against women. Bed made lie.

      1. I thought about changing the word “women” to feminists, but it seems like most are feminists nowadays.

    1. they claim they don’t need us males, but suck $$ outta the system for alimony and child support -_-.

  29. Feminism will never work cause at the end of the day, u can’t deny the nature programming of men and women. It will win everything!

  30. speaking of youtube, i just watched roosh make a total ass out of himself trying to pick up women in poland or romania or some ee country. some of the weakest lines i ever heard. wow. and complaining about danish women’s ugliness? take a look at yourself roosh. you’re fucking scary.

  31. “In order for females to not be feminists any more…
    They would have to stop being what females and human females are on instinct.
    -They would have to in childhood stop telling secrets, being cliquish, being manipulative, being taunters and teasers, being tattlers.
    -In teen years they would have to stop being sexual gate keepers who are in little secretive cliques………….”

  32. I think some feminists sense that they are being set up for a fall and
    hence the retreat, I don’t think the ideology is anywhere near dead, but
    I think they sense they are taking it too far and are suspicious as to
    why the powers that be are embracing this, in some cases taking even
    more radical positions than even feminists(government).
    I think a
    pendulum shift back towards making society more favorable for most men
    is being engineered or at least encouraged in the near future, the
    falling marriage rate is probably a serious worry for the elite in this
    country and even more so government. This country is dead and in deep
    trouble if it doesn’t keep growing, this isn’t Europe or Latin America
    that can sustain a stagnant/declining economy for many years. It is
    simply grow or bust at this point for the U.S, because so many
    individuals/families are in debt and said debt must be serviced via
    interest there is very little if any margin for error at this point, if
    the country as a whole stops growing then you have Ferguson, MO.
    MGTOW guys and guys in general refusing to get married and start
    families, or not having kids without marrying are a huge hit to the
    future growth of this country, even a non majority of men dropping out
    of marriage can stop economic growth. The more educated/insightful
    feminists can probably sense something is amiss as to why the government
    is embracing all their radical positions, I heard one of these women
    even call for a reduction of mandatory child support payments in lieu of
    time spent with a child for the father, the more perceptive ones can
    tell something is amiss. Their big daddy government is setting them up
    for a fall, in the end they will bear the sins of the elite and the
    government in the near future, when the men have had it , government
    will offer up women as the sacrifice make no mistake about it.

    1. +1… the SHTF when men stop courting and marrying women. That’s important, because our political system and institutions only listen to women. We will only get human rights for men when women begin to howl with the pain of seeing their own life-plans destroyed.

      1. It accelerates the destruction of the country when white dudes refuse to have kids because they realize what a trap/raw deal it is for the man.
        The white birth rate has fallen and mexican/central american / muslim immigrants wil be the new ‘USA’ lol. These old white women will be appalled, but they threw away the chance themselves by being cunts to where no white dude with half a brain wants a family

        1. While new immigrants have been brought in , in order to keep the growth going, I don’t see this working long term, especially among the Hispanic immigrants. Unless the elites/government/moneyed interests are looking at basing the U.S on the Latin America style model of sectioning themselves off from U.S culture in gated compounds ala Latin America I don’t see it working.
          Most Hispanic immigrants myself included, don’t trust the U.S government or any government for that matter because of what they have seen in their home countries, where government is a place to enrich yourself if you can find a seat at the table. Most U.S whites don’t realize the U.S government is the exact same, but because it’s disguised in a Rome like manner of civic duty and all that bullshit whites seem to fall for it. Hispanics will pay lip service to the government to get what they want/stay out of trouble but in their heart/minds most know the civic stuff is bullshit and power/money still rule the day.
          I gotta hand it to white American males, some are waking up to this.

        2. Yes every census shows white men marrying white women less and less. I’m a white man and I would date any other group but white. White women are the worst. I feel the same way about white women as black guys feel about black women. A walk of silence is developing. .

    2. “government will offer up women as the sacrifice make no mistake about it.”
      What does that mean? You had me for while with some great insight, then you lost me at the end. What is the endgame?

      1. When men start to drop out in even larger numbers out of the marriage concept and other concepts such as the university system government will have but no choice to do an about face and reverse course, someone must be blamed and it will be women who will bear the blame, government is setting them up by wholly embracing their most wild ideals which can only lead to a swinging of the pendulum the other way or risk total collapse, which I don’t think will happen.
        They are being set up to take the fall and some of them can vaguely sense it, hence the attempt at course correcting. It’s not going to happen tomorrow but it will in the future, they will be blamed. Just to add I don’t believe they are wholly to blame, government and big money/corporate America played to women’s natural instincts in order to extract wealth/money/power from them. The end result is probably not going to be pretty for women.

        1. I’m sure the Govt and powers that be will find a way to forcibly reel men back into the scheme. This will likely occur by use of force, as young men have absolutely no money to steal.
          Of course the women will face many personal consequences for not seeing through their cultural brainwashing, but men will be the ones to bear most of the social costs. Time will tell. In the end, I think we’re all screwed, men and women alike.

    3. Great insight. You can count me as one of the guys who has checked the fuck out. These women realize they will be stuck working and paying for everything (welfare state, federal debt) without a man to handle shit for her. Don’t save these bitches….they dont appreciate a hard working honest man then let them suffer the crash alone. Let the cunts stay single, Im not saving them.

  33. Fuck Femenism AND equality. Both systems utilize the efforts of men and men alone to take away the freedoms of…you guessed it; men. Fucking moron politicians and parliament seat members (men) from the 60’s started this femenist/gender equality bullshit with voting by handing it over to those bra-burning fuckers.

  34. I’m not sure if we should start doing the victory celebration and opening the champagne bottles yet. To me, the enemy is only retreating but it doesn’t mean that they are defeated.
    IMO, we should only celebrate when these 3 objectives have been met:
    1) Feminism is viewed as akin to child abuse/torture/sacrifice by the greater part of society
    2) Laws are reformed so that men can no longer be financially raped in divorce courts or held hostage by unscrupulous women who commit paternity fraud or who get pregnant without the man’s knowledge or consent
    3) Families are viewed as the central building blocks of society and women’s roles as caretakers/housewives are viewed as important. This can only come about if early education prepares women with such naturing skills.
    If and when these 3 objectives are met, only then can we safely say that the war has been won.

  35. Thanks for writing this. Oh how I wish your findings and conclusions are true. Loved the article. Please feminism be dead. In my country the Family Law Act 1975 is a bit fairer to men, seeking ‘shared responsibility’ for mums and dads (recent changes). We just have to make divorce and child support fairer to men for this is where feminism has done its damage and had influence. We have to stop incentivising divorce so women stop being able to take the lions share. Blessings to you.

  36. LOL @ Emma Watson saying English guys are “too restrained”! They probably take two months if she’s lucky. She is plain, uninteresting and somewhat boyish in appearance. She has zero sex appeal and probably only attracts guys who’ve run out of girls to ask out. Dating her would be like dating a ladyboy.

    1. I once had the mixed fortune to sit next to her and her friend in a cafe (she was in her late teens I think). Apart from talking a load of old rubbish with her friend about how some girl who was more famous than her, she struck me as a very plain ordinary girl, which is what she is. Nothing wrong with that, but its strange to see her getting portrayed in the media as a great beauty

    2. She is probably annoyed at how cool and reserved they are. You know, game. They may be insecure, which is why they booze up so much, but they manage to hide it well if they are. When a girl claims she’s “so over” a man, or group of men…

  37. To be honest, yes, feminists are liars and full of shit. Even from a logical standpoint virtually all of their arguments are so completely false that even they can see them, but for the sake of saving face they say that they’re legit; but of course, we’d do the exact same thing if caught in our own lies. So women pretty much say one thing and do another, because, well, simply, they can, and they want to, because they’re women, and they play for their own team.
    “Men need to stop objectifying women.” Proceed to take pride in being treated like a commodity by sugar daddies,” pornographers, and pimps, while saying it’s empowering.
    “We hate patriarchy.” Write articles about how they love rough sex and Khal Drogo looking motherfuckers.
    What woke me up to their bullshit was being young and being told that I had to be a gentleman and a nice guy, then seeing women fuck thugs. That was pretty much all it took to realize that women are so conflicted about virtually everything, including their own morality (which doesn’t exist) in the face of their primal urges, which it boils down to essentially.
    Not to say that men aren’t to blame… but for example I see a lot of dudes complaining about having no girlfriends, but they dress like fucking shit, have acne, and take no care of their appearance. At least make a minimal effort. Even if it doesn’t put you in the top 20% that women really desire, it’s still having some goddamn dignity.
    But yes, women and feminists are so full of shit that it’s going to keep turning former good guys over to MRA or whatever the fuck just so we can call them out on what is turning out to be complete tyranny and social disintegration by caused by compulsive liars and women that are actually really, really immoral.

  38. Billy, if feminism is dying, how are they gaining ground in some areas. So much so that they recently got an area to require clear consent for sex by law?
    I don’t feel you wrote this article wholeheartedly and don’t understand how you got the idea.
    Not 100% of feminist ideas were always accepted, albeit it is only a very slightly lower percentage, and the lack of support of those examples you mentioned does not mean that much.
    I am actually seeing a rise in self-proclaimed feminists around me and disagree with your article.

    1. It’s not uncommon for dying or dead ideologies to appear to be at full strength, albeit somewhat stale and bureaucratized, but suddently collapse — the Soviet Union was a good example. OTOH, vigorous ideologies often appear to be fringe phenomena and everyone is surprised when they steamroll the opposition — think of Islam when it first got going.
      The Revolutionaries of 1968 (feminists, multiculturalists, etc.) are in a situation like the old Soviet Union — a lot of institutional power, but their power rests on a rotting foundation that is shortly going to collapse, given a little push. You may think of the fag marriage push as their last hurrah, and in fact, trying to impose deviance on the population has done far more damage to SJW credibility than any of their previous civil rights crusades.

      1. I cant see Islam as the best example, since it has been prominent in history since 600A.D where it clashed with China and then in the 1200’s where it started going toe-to-toe with Europa. Communism and almost any modern-era cult or hurricane dictatorship (Liberia/Uganda) is the best example I can think of for a comparative analysis where the success/failure of it depends solely on either a person or circumstance and once it is removed the rest will collapse. unfortunately Feminism has no one leader and no one standard ideology practice as the movement itself isn’t fully coherent. so the most extreme may die out first with the more vanilla/flexible versions taking longer as they rely on mass acceptance of their ever-changed and ever-growing wants.

  39. Good article and it’s about time.
    For the past couple of decades it has been nothing but a movement of “complainers”. Back when, it had it’s purpose but today it’s really useless.
    It’s very easy to shoot holes in any feminist’s argument about how or why things are the way they are in today’s society. I don’t see women lining up or marching in a parade to join Selective Service at age 18. It’s bullshit.
    Let that movement die, already.

  40. To add to the mild incredulity being voiced, marxist theory predicts that sufficiently dominant ideologies will come to be seen as akin to ‘common-sense’, calling them as such common sense ideologies. We have got to the stage where many progressive, egalitarian ideas are seen not just as ‘just’ or ‘fair’ but obviously so. This is why you get the ‘wow, just wow’ reactions, a translation of which into intelligible english might be ‘how can people [still] think like this’. There are two potential aspects to this. Firstly the knowing (cynical?) activist might mean ‘how come our ideology is not yet common-sense?’, while the useful idiot / fellow traveller may mean it as it said, namely, how can anyone not realise this is true / right / progressive.
    The vast majority of people fall into the latter category. They cannot see that there might be any other way of thinking

  41. The Revolutionaries of 1968 (feminists, multiculturalists, and homophiles) are indeed at the top of their power, but sitting on a rotting foundation, like the old Soviet Union. We may think of the fag marriage push as their last hurrah. Trying to impose deviance on the population has done a lot of damage to SJW credibility, compared to their previous civil rights crusades wherein the “oppressed” groups were innate. The SJW house of horrors just needs to keep being kicked and the whole rotten structure will tumble over.

  42. Feminism is not losing, Feminism cannot lose because feminism is just a symptom, the government is the problem. Feminism will prosper as long as centralized power exists and has a need for it.

  43. I would disagree that equalism would be as bad as feminism, because men can use the label to push their side as well. (Equal pay for women? Well then, women have to do Selective Service also. Everyone is equal, right?)
    The big secret is that Equalism ostensibly helps underprivileged groups, but is also a weapon people can use to combat the victim movement, which is itself a very effective method of creating inequality. (Or it will create more victims, lessening the power of professional victims by way of concern fatigue.) Feminism pushes one side, blind to balance, and can avoid criticism due to the pushing aside of balance issues, all the while claiming that it is about men’s rights too. Equalism, by definition, forces equality, and can be used by any group to advance any issue. That is to say, equalism works because there’s nothing to it! It’s a do-nothing label that no one can truly hide behind.

  44. The reason it and many social justice causes are dying is economic. People can no longer afford to embrace lies as the costs are too great. You can champion this and that cause all you want but when you are forced to live with the wealth transfers greatly diminishing your life or even snuffing it out altogether the teeth and claws come out. Feminism lasts only as long as men continue to work for it as it is a huge parasite and without fresh blood it dies quickly. Men are out of work, not working, not marrying, not being taxed, dropping out, leaving, saying “F**K you!” to the state, to churchianity, and all the other artificially propped up ism’s they are told they must embrace to be deemed “good”. It is finally becoming clear that the sacrifices demanded are too great and the fruits too bitter to ignore the reality of the situation.

    1. With a potential ebola pandemic, we are seeing the gov is too politically correct to ban flights from west africa or even secure the borders. Everything falls apart with all forms of social justice warrior bullshit

  45. Is feminism really on the retreat? I’m not so sure. Here’s another data point to add to the conversation:
    A thread on the Emma Watson speech on the most popular Manchester United forum. A forum populated by ostensibly normal, average dudes, who for the most part presumably live in the working class city of Manchester.
    The result?
    Well, I only briefly skimmed through a couple pages, but as far as I can tell, there isn’t a single enlightened response among the lot of them. “Blue pill” (and I hate that fucking term) is an understatement. 16 pages of pure, abject fail.
    Yes, it’s just one thread, but still, I don’t see a reason to believe that other such conversations among the average joes who aren’t particularly interested in this topic are any less disappointing/different in tone.
    On a related note, no wonder the UK is turning into such a shit hole.God damn.

  46. This is full of wishful thinking. What is the age of the author?
    The featured comment has it right. At this point, feminism is institutionalized, monetized. If one frame of language is rejected by society, it will constantly mutate.
    Even if all the viral forms of feminism could be killed, there is an even bigger problem. Not only is it institutionalized, but it is framed in the legal system. With things like Title IX and the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). This explains why college campuses are using Title IX to – amazingly – attack young men on campus as being part of “rape culture.” As if these young men have any power, when they are already a minority on college campuses. Changing laws takes many, many generations.
    I agree that we should show not a lick of mercy to anything feminist. But don’t think that it is anywhere close to be extinguished. All females alive today are infected. So will their daughters be infected and their daughters after that. As a male today, or tomorrow, you can’t escape. Live your life accordingly.

    1. agreed, the feminine change in perception will probably outlast me and im in my 20’s. the current batch of women of my generation/next on (15-28) still haven’t hit the wall completely or at all and thus still believe their shit doesn’t stink. they in turn WILL hit the wall and their sons will be berated for not being gentlemen (read; beta) enough and girls will be reinforced with the notion that men are pigs as their mothers who are in my age bracket have no comprehension of cause and effect. the next generation will signal the bitterness with women of the future era hitting the wall realising shit really wasn’t as they were led to believe and men will exit this system earlier after seeing their fathers misery and learning at a younger age just how ridiculous their mothers were. then and ONLY THEN will the generation after (so my grandchildren) start to adopt a better social norm as their parents will be comprised of parents (both sides) will want their daughters to avoid their mistakes and their sons to only accept a good girl. its wishful thinking at this point but I can only hope that my grandchildren (should I have any) signal the shift back.

  47. That delusional nightmare can’t last forever. Sooner or later people are gonna wake up. Manosphere is doing some damage…
    It’s a simple rule of numbers. PUAs should be familiar with it… When more men demand better women, women become better.
    Demand more and ask your brothers to demand more.

  48. The saddest thing about this site is that you claim to be the “superior species” and “the most intelligent of men” when you’re clearly just a bunch of pathetic, lonely guys who have had your heart broken by a girl or two, and now try to punish the entire female gender just because they don’t fulfill your wants and desires. You are not owed a virgin slave just because you happened to be born with a penis. In fact, you’re not entitled to anything at all. But it’s clearly impossible to form a discussion with you because you’ve probably dropped out of pre-school.

    1. you forgot to mention that we have tiny peepees.
      tsk tsk little feminist with your tiny little birdbrain!

  49. The article in Time recently debunking feminist myths, by a female author no less, is a great example that there is a contraction in the politics concerned. Women are realizing in a lot of ways that they have it REALLY GOOD, and if they don’t, they risk sounding self-entitled. Even left-leaning publications have seen backlash from readers, both men and women, who bemoan the outright bias some of these articles present. Women are questioning whether the movement, coupled with estrogen mimics in food and other environmental factors have led to men’s collective emasculation, and this means less men worthy of relationships. However unfortunate, we will see this play out with women coming to these conclusions out of the stark realization that the very institution of marriage is in danger by way of women’s sojourn for control and independence and men’s choice to avoid failure and rejection within a societal context that seems all too willing to give women more than their fair share.

  50. Are you kidding me, feminists just persuaded California state legislatures, to pass an “affirmative consent” law that criminalizes drunk sex as rape, and removes due process rights for the accused on campus.
    “Phony outreach to men, inviting them to work together with feminists… inside feminist ideological space, ‘natch. (The next stages of feminist hegemony require that men do not disengage from institutions and structures designed to intimidate, indoctrinate, control, and exploit them.)”
    Yes I agree we must be wary of conservative feminists like Christina Hoff Summers and others like her, even though they say the right things, they are still feminists at heart.

  51. Equalism is not necessarily a bad thing, I believe men and women should be equal. Of course this brings equalists into direct conflict with neofeminists, who believe in female supremacy and male subjugation. But if the movement stays true to it’s moniker, as indeed feminism has to it’s own, then hopefully it can move some way towards gender equality. And with that men may have a chance of equal rights in custody battles, male victims of domestic abuse may finally be taken seriously, men may not be forced into the worst minimum wage labor jobs, or conscripted into the armed forces. Equalism says it’s time to put up or shut up. If you want equality you can take the shit that goes with it, you can’t have the best of both Worlds and have it all your way. If you want women to constitute 50% of CEO positions, then in fairness women should be represented in say street sweeping or sewage works to the same degree. If an employer cannot ask specifically for a male employee, then I expect to see an end to ads asking for female employees. And then males must be allowed to work in retail and childcare positions which are heavily weighted towards women, and frankly suspicious of male applicants. Not least because of the feminist meme that all men are rapists, and all women are nurturers.

  52. The problem with feminism is it promises that women can be happy if they use their best years to have fun and sleep around. Then by 35, suddenly they realize they aren’t picking up men at clubs like they used to. In a panic they want a husband after all only to find very few want to marry a 35 year old woman with tats and who had two abortions.
    And so many women are trained by feminists to go after guys who “say” they support feminist causes.
    At a club:
    Radical feminist chick scopes a hot dude.
    Dude identifies he’s not that into this man-hate feminists have going on. RFC dumps him and goes back to her friends to mock him.
    Now another hot dude comes and lies his ass off about how he supports abortion and women’s rights. RFC falls into his arms. Wakes up the next day to him gone and ten dollars left on the night stand.
    She rants to all her friends about men and the next night repeats the same cycle all over again until she’s in her late thirities and can no longer get guys to buy her free stuff. She almost has to pay them to sleep with her.

  53. Could it not be possible that there are women out there who want to break a way from traditional feminism in order to better reach out to the male community? Maybe they really do just want equality, so in order to reach this they want to improve conditions but not bring men down in the process? The problem with many arguments against feminism is that most just want to address the extremes, in reality there a lot of women who consider themselves feminists because they do not want to be treated as less, its not that they’re trying to become above men.

    1. Don’t bother reaching out to the male community. Try reaching out to your own, because it’s your gender that’s foisting misery on us. Women have that many advantages and privileges above men at this point you have to start giving some up for the genders to have even the pretence of equality.

  54. Feminism is on the retreat…. Should that favorite dream of yours ever come true, maybe you could leave your house again.

    1. It is retreating, darling, you just missed the moment the tide started to turn. Your creepy sisters Anita, Laci, and Sabrina killed it.

  55. I’ll support #sheforhe when feminists support #heforshe, expressing outrage about how men get fucked over by women and the Family Law system, how men die younger and more often in the workplace, how boys are struggling in an overly feminised education system, how women are treated with kid gloves by criminal law in comparison to men etc etc… in other words, #sheforhe can suck my dick!

  56. If the enemy is in retreat, it’s merely for the express purpose of biding its time until it can reemerge with a new face, a new semantic nomenclature, albeit with the same old bs.
    You know this, i know this ,and more importantly they know this.
    These people have been slowly steering the luxury liner of the US into the nearest iceberg of progressive philosophy for years now. They have studied Alinsky directly or indirectly from feminists who have. These people know they have never been as close to total victory as they have been today, especially with the anorchous sack of rhinoceros dung that occupies the white house and the gender quislings they keep on a philosophical leash.
    They will indeed repackage themselves if the backlash gains mainstream wave. Right now though, to state that “feminism is dead” is a tad premature, given that it’s just the niche red pill community that is fighting against them.
    When most in the US (including females) consider the legacy of Gloria Steinem and NOW a legacy of deceit and failure, then we can declare feminism dead. Doing so anytime before that is a recipe for ruin.
    As the brilliant tactician Sun Tzu mentioned in the Art of War:
    “All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.”
    The feminists right now may actually want to appear helpless because they know that it is not in our nature to want to hammer them since we as Men don’t take joy in attacking females as they do with us. We as Men have honor and don’t beat down on an enemy we consider misguided and not as total evil.
    Therein lies the mistake, and given your comments i think you understand this as well.
    Any female who purposely defends feminism must be utterly pulverized wherever she chooses to express that feminism. She must be chased down in every anonymous medium and made to defend her viewpoints or otherwise renounce them. Nothing less than a surrender of these idiotic views will suffice.
    There must be no quarter given, no mercy shown in that respect.
    We can’t be any less resolute than we were in Germany during the mid 1940’s.
    Incidentally, If obama had been president during WW2 we would have been conquered by Germany in less than a year.
    Thank God for small favors.

  57. Response to feminism has been progressing steadily in the last years. Naturally, the more feminists repressed it, the stronger it became and the more capacious will be when striking its final blow.
    The feminism rising under a new flag issue worries me. I think most people don’t support feminism, but many people still thinks that feminism “at first was something good” and insist on labelling themselves as what they call “true feminists”, endangering the world with the possibility of another decade or two of feminism. A quick and prejudice-free comparative review about men and women situation through history and a little time to digest it can make them see that feminism never was neither could ever have been about “equality”. To put an example, honestly, it’s absurd thinking that in a case when a woman truly lived oppressed it was because of her being female instead of her being poor/a peasant/a prisoner/a slave, etc; just exactly the same thing that occurred with men.
    On the other hand many people have started to see feminism as a mental disorder. In my opinion, it well and truly makes sense. Here’s a couple of fine essays about the topic, if you’re interested:
    By the way, nice work!

    “Feminists are stupid. Throw facts at them!”

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