7 Ways To Optimize Your Energy To Attract Other People

Whether you are trying to pick up women, networking for business, taking upon the role of a leader, or simply want to improve your overall social connections and life itself, your vibrational energy is a critical factor of your entity that you should try to cultivate. By simply focusing on improving your vibe, you’ll become healthier, happier, and more successful along the way.

What is vibrational energy?

I had my doubts as to whether this energy (which has many names depending on who you ask) really exists or not, but I am becoming more and more aware of it with time and I can say for a fact that it is real. For example, we all know how the atmosphere feels different depending on if you’re at a party, a temple, a funeral, or by the ocean. We also know what it’s like being around someone who is full of joy and life as opposed to someone who just sucks all the energy out of the room. Women are especially adept at picking up this energy as their emotional state changes dramatically when being with a “fun” guy as opposed to the “creepy” guy.

Positivity and power

Without making things too complicated, the two scales you should be aware of are the positive and negative energies as well as the level of power.

Positive energy refers to anything that gives off life enhancing vibe. People with positive energy make others around them feel comfortable, excited, and inspired. People want to be around those who are positive because they are attracted to the positive aura. On the other hand, people with negative energy are those who drain the positive energy. They sulk, they complain, they make others feel at unease, and their combined pessimism and bitterness makes people want to disassociate with them. Their insecurity and anger is apparent to all those around them even if they try their best to hide it.

Power is unrelated to the positive and negative energies and it refers to a person’s perceived status, capability, and the impact they can make in this world. In the manosphere, we are all familiar with the alpha/beta divide and that’s one example of how power applies to a man. Man of power exudes real confidence (not faked boasts), demands rightful respect, and possesses a strong will. He displays his power through his actions, his voice, his body language, and mentality. He often has abilities and status to prove his worth.

Everyone in the world, without exception, are defined mostly by these two factors alone. It only takes few seconds for a person to judge you based on your energy and power level upon meeting you for the first time, so it’s well worth the trouble of going through a bit of self-reflection to optimize these two vibrational energies. Follow the tips below to be the best version of yourself.

1. Take care of the basics

This gentleman exudes more energy and confidence than the latte-sipping, smartphone-addicted hipsters in their 20’s.

Considering the readers here it’s probably redundant to say this, but things like eating healthy, working out, sleeping well, not jerking off everyday, and having a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle will all elevate your energy levels. But above all, those who may be introverted and otherwise be running on low energy should try to go out more and spend more time in the sun. It’s always obvious when I meet someone who just seems to be drifting through life instead of living it. I don’t even have to ask to find out that that he spends most of his time on his computer while locked in his room by himself.

2. Improve your posture

Not only does improved posture give you an appearance of confidence and power, but studies have shown that it will also lower your stress while boosting your testosterone.

For more information, watch this enlightening video on Alpha male body language:

3. Manage your face

Not the face you want to walk around with.

Along with your overall posture, your face is the most important visual cue that signals who you are. You should look comfortable and secure with a slight smile to convey confidence and warmth, and maybe even a bit of cockiness (think of Arnold Schwarzenegger during his bodybuilding days). Although tempting, looking fierce and tough will only work if you’ve already achieved a certain level of status or have an imposing body like Dwayne Johnson. And even if you can pull it off, too much of it will make you appear unapproachable, which isn’t a good thing.

4. Use your best voice

People can tell more about you by feeling the energy behind your voice than by the actual words that are being spoken. Voice projects power and confidence as well as honesty, compassion, and authenticity. While many seem to focus on trying to maintain a low voice to sound masculine, I would say that it’s far more important to focus on speaking from your stomach, and speaking clearly without the rising inflection that makes you sound unsure of yourself (something that is starting to become normalized among men). Embrace your natural voice and make the best of it.

5. Mind what you consume

You are what you consume and the same is true for your mind. For example, we all know that music has a way of influencing our mood. Regularly listening to certain types of music will change your mood and even how you think about the world. It’s well worth reviewing your track list to weed out any music that may be bringing your energy level down. I admit with great shame that I used to listen to Creep by Radiohead along with many other melancholic songs during my blue-pill years. But no more. The music you listen to should either be uplifting and energizing or relaxing and sublime. There are far too many mainstream love songs by men that only traps men into blue-pill mindset.

Besides music, it’s also best to avoid all news media and social commentaries that do nothing but show you how shitty the world is. Yeah, it may be true, but the only thing matters is whether you’re going to do something about it or not. There’s no need to stoke the fire of your negativity if you’re not willing to take any action to fight the injustices of the world.

6. Note who and what you attach yourself to

Same idea as the things you consume: if you surround yourself with negative people, work in a lousy environment, live in a dysfunctional culture, and so on, your energy vibrations will suffer. It’s best to remember that negativity is contagious. The same goes for everything that you attach yourself to: if you have attachment to griefs that make you sad or angry, or have a belief system and attitude towards the world that leaves you perpetually bitter, you’re going to emit nothing but negativity that repels people. Fight if you must, but don’t let that energy bottle up inside you, corroding you from within.

7. Feel, don’t think

People of modern society are absolutely addicted to their thoughts. It’s not that thinking in itself is unhealthy, but people just do it too much and in the worst ways possible. For an illustration, imagine a man who sees an attractive girl. Instead of just approaching her to say something, stream of thoughts run through his mind: What should I say to not appear weird? What if she doesn’t like me because I’m _____? What if she freaks out? She looks busy texting on her phone, I better not bother her. I’ll probably seem creepy if I approach her from behind. She’s not even that hot (common male hamstering). She’s probably just another man-hating bitch. I’ll just approach another girl next chance I get.

During this whole time, the man is looking nervous while staring at the girl, giving off the uncomfortable “creep” vibe that he’s trying so hard to avoid. Of course, this is just one example. The same could be applied to just about any other situation where people think too much for their own good.

The best cure for excessive thinking is to scan your body and note how you feel. Don’t judge, don’t rationalize, don’t try to explain anything, but just observe. Instead of letting your thoughts run amok and trigger all sorts of unwanted emotions, it’s better to be grounded in your body. Become aware of your physical state and act upon what you desire. This obviously doesn’t mean that you become completely thoughtless and reckless, it just means that you are taking control of your being from where it matters. And with mastery of your self, you give off the optimal energy vibrations of life and self-assurance.

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118 thoughts on “7 Ways To Optimize Your Energy To Attract Other People”

  1. 5. That’s why I only listen to Reggaeton, you know those guys are in charge.
    Despacito …… Luis Fonsi/Daddy Yankee

        1. In other words, the optimal shit-flow should be: all shit out, no shit in.

        2. If you f*ck up, whether on the job or in your personal life, you have to own up to it. This will sometimes have to include an apology or an explanation. Maybe it’s not “alpha”, but it is part of being a decent, stand-up guy, IMO.

        3. I used to do this but it did me no good whatsover. Own up to your friends but never the people you work for. If you admit fault they will use it against you. The most successful people I know are the ones who never “make mistakes”. If you fuck up, spin your way out of it. Like Napoleon did.
          Don’t be a nice guy. You’ll finish last.

        4. I’m 51.
          Probably much older than you, I am guessing.
          I can only go with what I know. Everyone f’s up.
          It took me a very long time to understand (and I am still trying to get myself to understand) that if you don’t “f” up, that means you aren’t doing anything important. Like in baseball, the SS with the fewest errors is the guy who is not trying to make the most plays.
          Anyway, I was brought up to own up to my mistakes. When I “f” up, I own up to it. Regardless of the audience. On my last contract, I was given tasks that were quite difficult and out of the ordinary, and I f’d up more than usual. I also took full blame for each f-up, publicly and in front of everyone. I was starting to think like you, that no one gave a damn that I was being a stand up guy, and they would simply use it to peg me as a loser. Boy, was i wrong! When I resigned, even the people who I thought were my worst critics were falling over themselves to try to get me to stay. It really touched me. They appreciated the fact that I took full responsibility, and even more so that I busted a gut to correct my mistakes.
          Stick to what works for you E.B., but I already know what works for me. Take care.

        5. BTW, Napoleon…
          That didn’t end up so well, did it?
          I would have rather gone out like Rommel, or Stonewall Jackson, or Horatio Nelson than Napoleon.

        6. My boss at my first job did not train me or do anything to help me promising me he would wrote him emails met twice a day could not do my job without the needed training I’m right out of college after all. Then he told us all to admit to our mistakes I did and was fired. First offense in a developmental program for new financial workers fuck everything you know and what other people do.

        7. fuck co workers all of them are Jews always talking shit about you in front of your face you say anything that fucking midget nigger hr woman comes by and you get fired or in trouble for being man. Then if you don’t do anything your a pussy. Fuck working in this country my last job is my next i swear to god.

        8. OK…so there are scumbags in this world. Everyone knows that.
          I do not care. I will do what I think is right. If I get “screwed over” by a scumbag, then so be it.
          But maybe, just maybe, your next manager will be a decent guy. It can happen. There are more of “us” then there are of “them”. There really are. Just because we keep quiet doesn’t mean we don’t exist.

        9. Didn’t really end well for any of them did it? Of those, Napoleon is the only one who became an emperor…
          But that’s the funny thing about life. It never ends well.

        10. Well, the other 3 went out on their shield and own terms. Nappie died a horrible, lonely death. Sure, in the end it is all the same, but given the choice, I would choose shield.

        11. Nah, I don’t agree, never admit to anything.
          As my lawyer says, “I wasn’t there, I didn’t do it”
          Best advice anyone ever gave me.

        12. “Anyway, I was brought up to own up to my mistakes.”
          Me too, but that isn’t the modern way, and you have to move with the times in order to survive. The police don’t care if you are innocent or guilty, as long as their clean up figures look good.

        13. Whoa!!!
          I never heard about that!
          Are you sure?
          I thought Nelson was a rogue. F*cking other guys wives & what not. Are you saying he was a closet fruit???

        14. Yeah. Move with the times.
          I am sure that is the way to go for most.
          Just not for me.
          I am a dinosaur.
          I don’t know any other way.

        15. I think it’s alpha. Only a beta cowers like a chickenshit and shifts blame or denies his mistakes.

        16. “They appreciated the fact that I took full responsibility, and even more so that I busted a gut to correct my mistakes.”
          That’s because you are a man. Only a man can own his mistakes. Any bitch on Earth can live in denial. Not a man.
          Good for you.

        17. “Nah, I don’t agree, never admit to anything.
          As my lawyer says, “I wasn’t there, I didn’t do it.”
          If one is a criminal, then I understand this would be the way to be.
          But a stand-up man can be responsible and accountable for any mistake he makes. Why? Because a stand-up man “ain’t gotta hide from no son-of-a-bitch.” That’s why.

        18. In the eyes of your police, everyone is a criminal. You gotta protect yourself, nobody else will. Certainly not your justice system.

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        20. On their own terms? Rommel died by coerced suicide after being convicted of treason. Awful. In any case I’m sure all of them would have preferred to live another day. Ultimately, no man knows the day and the manner of his death.

        21. They all died relatively quick.
          That is what I meant.
          Better than lingering for years.

        22. That’s a point of view which could be argued either way. Napoleon died of cancer 6 years after being exiled but surely he would not have suffered for long. Cancer killed you a lot quicker in those days. But this to me is beside the point. Its easy for us to say we want a quick death before the fact and maybe that is sincerely what you want. But I think it is impossible to create an objective ranking of “Best Ways to Die”. Its a personal thing.

        23. OK then.
          You and PJC (the 2 English guys) know about this.
          I guess its true.
          Never knew.

        24. Read more Bob, it was witnessed by many reliable and trustworthy people. Almost certainly an accurate quote. Nelson was a queer ….

  2. All of these are good points. To me, the most important point on attracting people starts with working out and feeling genuinely good about your own life. I prioritize exercise over everything else because it helps you improve your appearance, posture, sex life, energy, desire for life, and so forth. The simple fact is that people are attracted to good looking people.
    Other notable mentions go towards having a positive attitude towards life and being a value-giver to other people. If you have a vision for your life and you get laid regularly you will be a positive person. Negative people will either have to fall into your frame, or they will just be exposed when they are around you.
    You also spoke of using a deep voice. It’s impressive to see the visceral change in people’s reactions to you when you speak with a powerful voice instead of a meek one.

      1. As somebody who has taken actual singing instruction for many years, you can train your voice in a given direction, to a certain degree. It just takes daily work, but nothing you can’t achieve while washing your hair in the shower. There are natural limits of course.

        1. I agree with the ability to train your voice I’m just saying that if for example you developed a high pitched nasally voice, while you can improve it, you will never have a low pitched speaking voice.

        2. Just curious, was it Opera?
          Opera singers have tremendous range. It’s not easy.

        3. Not opera, but classical based music (songs from the 1700’s through the late 1800’s, with a few early 20th century stuff thrown in). I didn’t get much special treatment as a kid, I grew up poor, but when my mother heard me singing an Elvis song she ensured that I go as far down that path as possible.
          The result is that I can toss off a modern song without any real effort at all, and can sing-imitate almost any singer out there, to the point that I have won cash money doing karaoke ($280 bucks last year). All in good fun.

        4. BTW, no training at all, but I am pretty good at impersonating some singers too. Johnny Cash, Meatloaf, Brian Johnson…

        5. Well, probably the best known for most people would be war songs from WW1 and earlier, and some early type Broadway (Summertime, for example), as well as things like Ave Maria, church hymns, etc. Some of the older stuff can be pretty obscure though.

    1. Prioritizing exercise is more important than anything.
      going on a date, work out before. going drinking, work out before. parents died in a horrible house fire, work out before the goddamn funeral. 😉

  3. “While many seem to focus on trying to maintain a low voice to sound masculine, I would say that it’s far more important to focus on speaking from your stomach, and speaking clearly without the rising inflection that makes you sound unsure of yourself”
    Good point. Not all of us have Vin Diesel voices. And speaking clearly and understandable can in fact make a higher pitched voice sound more confident, and confidence is what it’s all about.

      1. 9.2 Know people who don’t care either way

      2. What audiences are you entertaining Bob? Heh.
        Every man should know his Sun Tzu naturally.

    1. But it’s so trendy now and I just want to fit in! Plus as a woman I feel it adds extra value to my sexuality if I tell men I’m bi!
      Burn it all the fuck down, stat!

  4. 10 – have high expectations on yourself and don’t expect too much from anybody else

  5. I love everything about this article! It may sound weird, but I feel we men feel as much as women do, but aren’t being allowed to express it through our bodies as much as we used to. On sounds, depth of voice travels further than any words that are said. This is common knowledge in both pick up, acting, radio, and television but warrants re-stating. It is the reason movie lines like Harrison Ford’s ‘I know’ to Princess Leia resonate to women the world over. The depth of your voice shows what your intent is more than the words.
    On sounds, I would highly recommend adding opera to your intinerary of music to listen to. It has a positive effect on plants and resonates with the body on a cellular.
    This is definitely an article to Bookmark. Thanks for the solid additions Corey!

        1. Actually, carrying yourself as a victim is the only valid strategy. Learn from jews and muslims in the US.

  6. About number 7, isn’t there a consensus here that the feels,not thoughts, are whats contributing to our shitty present-day world?

    1. I think his point was to focus on the good emotions and good “vibe” you have going on, rather than get into your head and think too much. Listening to that internal voice think through everything, as he demonstrated in the article, can kill your confidence. When you are feeling good and confident, ride that wave of emotion and don’t let those thoughts get in the way.

    2. When you speak to someone the conversation goes too quickly for you to “think” your way through it. Think about a boxing match. If you “think” about every move you’ll get beat to the punch every time. Also, I think he is saying, “don’t over-think it”. Just do it. Especially when it comes to chatting to girls.

    1. Weak. Way too obvious. At least try to be a little creative when going back to the same well repeatedly. Next time, try something more along the lines of:
      – “Wear a suit woven out of raw Kratom” or
      – “Soak your entire body for an hour in a 60/40 solution of Kratom and vodka approximately 30 to 45 minutes before approaching”.

        1. I would have gone with “A teaspoon of kratom makes the girlies go down.”

        2. Hahaha…
          You really are English, aren’t you?
          “A teaspoon of sugar makes the medicine go down…”

      1. I mainline Kratom through my testes satchel with Johnnie Walker Blue Label scotch-keeps me young, virile and powerful.

  7. Remember guys, if you jerk off every day, you will go blind and your life will be a disaster.

    1. Also, hair will grow on your palms and rabid squirrels will attack you when you least expect it.

    2. The negative effects of horking off are a result of the shame factor associated with the practice. Others will withdraw and shame you if you openly whack in public, the same as if you were to pull down and shit on the sidewalk. Certain activities you have to find a quiet private place for like pissing, shitting, changing your colostomy bag, shooting up your insulin, re-gluing your hairpiece or dentures or any other maintenance of your broke down shit. If you changed your colostomy bag openly on the bus, it would be hard to ‘undo’ such a sight and continue chatting up random women like nothing was amiss.
      THE KEY is to reduce the embarrassing ‘fix up’ shit you have to contend with in your life. I can’t imagine ever having a colostomy bag and having my asshole cut out so I eat plenty of fiber. On the masturbation issue, it seems like such a time drain interruptus of the daily schedule. If you really gotta whack, just hold it and chat up the nearest female. She could likely herself be sweating to find the nearest restroom and bust out her vibrator. Like energy fields attract you know. And after you’re both done and have to crap, you can both save space and half cheek it on the same commode. City restrooms are always jammed with losers jacking off by themselves.

    3. Over 60, and I can still see …….. how much longer do I need to wait before blindness?

  8. Regarding music, I listen to a Nordic Folk band called Wardruna. Probably the best music I’ve ever heard in my life. I highly recommend it.

  9. No 7 essentially relates to Mindfulness Meditation. It was developed by DR Jon Kabat-Zinn, using both traditional Buddhist meditation and the founding so neurological research. It won`t do miracles on its own, but -if practiced regularly-it can bring benefits to your overall health and well-being.

  10. This is the type of article that makes ROK shine. The likes af GQ, Men’s Health, and other bullshit mangina rags (which I haven’t glanced at in over 10 years) barely scratch the surface. In contrast to ROK, they sell much consumerism and materialism. If you manage to score a high income, you’ll still be a wage slave disposable beta by following their advice.

    1. are you serious?
      1- some old guy showing his muscles …. to do what exactly? if his muscles get bigger..does he get a cookie? Does he plan on taking a swing at his bitch?
      2. no, it won’t boost your testosterone nor your brain chemistry ..whatever. Stand up and you can be king cuk! instead of the hunchback of notre dame little cuk.
      3- why should he smile like some smarmy beta? who the f cares and what is there to smile about… I see this all over the place lately… some jackass smiling like he is in a gay porno . I don’t get it.
      4.- what are you- adele?
      5- music is for the mind – It doesn’t make you “think”.
      6- validation anyone?
      7- to impress the gals – instead of the other way around. .no doubt. Feeling like a little cuk is why this guy is losing. Thinking it don’t matter- is the answer.

  11. “There are far too many mainstream love songs by men that only traps men into blue-pill mindset.”

    1. You should avoid like the plague 99% of anything mainstream anyway, especially music and film. There is a wealth of real, genuine, talent in the underground and independent world to peruse for an entire lifetime.

  12. USSA, the country of 24/7 actors who end up in the therapist every week to explain their misery, because they have nobody to to explain it to (of course not!). Could we please bring back Christianity, have socially functional lives and families and end all this social justice and alpha male hyperindividualistic, materialistic shit? Personally, I am very tired of being surrounded by mentally unstable posers.

      1. Good for you, I understand your decision. Although the point is in not leaving the West.

    1. Bring Christianity back in this age of technology?
      Believing in God? Miracles, spirits, life after death?

        1. Yes. It’s stupid. That’s why less people go to church every year. That’s why churches are turned into luxurious apartments. That’s why people don’t know what easter stands for, or what Christmas is, apart from giving gifts and eating a lot. And does it matter? Morally probably yes, but 95% of us are smart enough to take religion serious. I doubt most Muslims with a tv and internet believe as well. three months of watching discovery channel and you know enough to be atheist for life.

        2. Christianity needs to be refurbished and patriarchy reestablished again. It does not necessarily need to be exactly the same classical Christianity, but adapted to modern times.

        3. And how Christian is it without people believing that the rules from the book come from God himself. Without the possibility of eternal punishment, people are not going to abide with those laws. It’s not that national socialism was all great, but that was atheist, focused on technology, had a strict set of laws and little crime, the family was the most important thing. It was possibly the most inspiring ideology of the 20th century and therefore the most hated.

        1. Some people want to be women, or men. It can be done. If people want that, fine.
          Equalism is just something forced from Marxist ideology, there are little ghosts there.

    2. Catholicism is the best. Confess once a month, a couple of “Hail Mary’s”, and you’re good to go (as long as you never use a condom).

  13. Enter into every action with boldness and see your plan all the way to its end.

  14. I’m respecting Corey after each article he writes. Very down to earth, nothing abstract. Just real shit I haven’t been told before.

  15. The energy thing has always interested me. When I was younger and living in Ohio I attended several Michigan vs Ohio State games. There was an electricity in the air as soon as you got within a couple miles of the stadium. What is that? I’ve never been able to find a decent explanation.

    1. I lived and still live in Ohio, and you’re spot on (I buy season tickets to the OSU football games). The energy really is palpable in the air.

      1. The energy ‘in the air’ is mental/psychic energy that forms an energy field as you approach the stadium. Rock concerts have a similar phenomenon like there’s an energy machine cranked on. Highly suggestable people swaying in unison to the music emit an energy similar to a communion like togetherness whereas they’re atomized and disconnected when outside of the ‘field’. A sports stadium ‘field’ draws numbers of like thinking groups that emit the same energy as well. Rallys like the Trump rallys and the RNC had also large and strong fields. The energy is distinct and measurable. Compare to the lack of energy and negativity in a typical overcomers group. It’s the opposite of a concert or a rally.
        “Woe is me – snivel”
        *** VERSUS ***

  16. A good vibe is essential indeed. Cultivating gratitude, noticing the positive, turning the negative into a positive are also ways to optimize one’s vibe and outlook.

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