The American Cold Civil War

The left has decided that they no longer want to live among people who share different views than them. They are plugging their fingers in their ears while yelling racist, fascist, Nazi, and Hitler. They are refusing to yield, compromise, debate, or even accept that their political positions are starting to lose in democratic elections despite suspected cheating that aids them. This has put us squarely in the middle of a cold civil war where both sides of the political spectrum are warming to the idea of killing each other.

A confirmation of the left’s defeat is apparent when you see how their maniacal behavior converts more people, especially moderates, against them. The biggest recruiting tool against the left has become the left. Every time they protest, riot, screech against white people, or show their vulgarity, the remaining mentally sane of America realize that the left’s platform has become so out-of-touch that it no longer represents the basic ideals of the country. The non-cucked right needs to merely show up after temper tantrums and say “Look how crazy they are” for the converts to come pouring in.

The left is out of options

Many people are wondering why the left has become a recruiting agent for the right by promoting or engaging in violence. First, they simply don’t know what else to do. When a parent tells a child that he can’t eat candy for every meal, and the child doesn’t have a logical argument about the merits of eating that candy, what does he do? He cries, stomps his feet, threatens to run away, throws out insults like “meanie” and “jerk,” and may even hit his parent to get his way. Donald Trump and his supporters are the parents who won’t yield to an emotional child.

The second reason why the left is hurting their cause with violence is because its billionaire controllers, particularly George Soros, want to divide America to such an irreparable extent that a hot Civil War is forced, giving them an opportunity to increase their power. Soros wants to create so much hate, animosity, and chaos that any resulting conflict has a chance of him holding absolute power, compared to the current situation where he has “only” a moderate amount. In other words, he rather take the chance of war to solidify his grip further.

The leftists that Soros sponsors in the Woman’s Marches and the antifa outbursts may also want a Civil War, but a quick look at their physiognomy shows they would struggle to even go one day without electricity, and that they possess the same psychological directive as the child who is angry that he can’t have candy. Soros is the creepy old neighbor who promises them the candy they crave because he wants to build their trust and get them alone. The child, naive about the extreme danger that lurks behind the likes of Soros, decides to follow him into a van parked in the alley to spite its own parents and their righteous authority.

The reason the right has been reluctant to respond with violence is because they’re winning. Violence comes not from a position of strength, but desperation, when every other option has been extinguished, and should serve as a signal to you of what the real score between the left and right really is. Without violence, the left currently has a 100% chance of losing, continuously and humiliatingly, for at least the next eight years. All the gains that took them decades to achieve will be lost if we ravage and rape their power structures.

With a hot civil war, the left has a 25% chance to win, a bet they are willing to take even though there is a high chance they will be among the first to die in the conflict. A logical person would ask why they would push for a conflict that is sure to destroy the infrastructure of the urban centers they live in, and one where food, water, and other basic necessities would be lacking. The answer comes upon realizing that a child does not realize that eating candy every day will make him sick. The child must therefore be commanded for its own good, because it does not have the capability to take care of itself or understand the consequences of its actions.

We all lose in a hot war

Before the warrior in you gets excited at the prospect of crushing the left in a hot war and killing antifa members with high-powered weapons as they wield sharpened mop handles at you, understand that any war in the United States would quickly become a proxy war involving all major military powers, particularly China and Russia, who would rush to spend billions of dollars to have ultimate control of the country. It would be protracted and match the first civil war in terms of brutality, where 2% of the population died.

With the current population, a 2% death rate would result in over 6 million deaths. Compared to the 3,000 that died on 9/11, which was seen as the greatest national tragedy of modern times, a hot war would effect every single American in a profoundly negative way. No sane person with a family would wish for this outcome, which further highlights the insanity of much of the left in pushing for this very result. They rather see millions of people dead and the country ruined than accept a democratic process where their crazy ideas lost.

Even if we avoid a hot war, the underlying problems are not solved. The left will constantly subvert against the country in hopes of achieving a hot war, use both economic and physical violence against those on the right whom they disagree with, and inevitably descend into terroristic violence that rivals ISIS. It’s intolerable for things to proceed as they are, but if we remove a hot war from the table, what option is left?


I recommend the long divorce option, which has three components. The first is extreme law and order. Starting with the Federal government, every single instance of leftist threats, intimidation, and violence must be investigated, prosecuted to the maximize allowable by law, and publicized. The left have been getting away with their illegal acts for too long, to the point where violent protesters don’t even fear arrest, thanks to Democratic mayors and police chiefs who allow it. The FBI must uphold the law and punish those who break it, and municipalities or universities that allow illegal acts must be punished through withholding of Federal funds. This will immediately shrink the number of violent agitators on the left and limit the power of their institutions.

The second component of the long divorce option is to excise the left from all centers of cultural power so that they cannot actively convert the youth. The fake news, already on its last legs, must be replaced by organizations that are not so vehemently anti-American, academia must be purged, and all globalist traitors working in government, both on the Federal and state level, must be removed from positions of power.

The media is hemorrhaging money and viewers, millions of citizens are getting red pilled to the subversiveness of the academic system (particularly its anti-male and anti-white agenda), and Trump has begun to right the ship in the Federal government, which will certainly trickle down to the local levels. Because the leftist establishment is losing control over their narrative, the younger Generation Z is already showing signs of rightward thinking thanks to being raised on 4chan memes more than TV programming. This means that we simply need to remove millennials from power and wait for them to die of old age or AIDS while preventing them from causing further damage to American institutions.

Halting immigration is the third component of the long divorce option. The left has not been able to show how immigrants benefit American citizens besides more diverse restaurant options, and emotional pleas of “human rights” and “compassion” is not sufficient enough to turn the United States into a big welfare office. Open-borders immigration is hurting existing citizens, serving as a cynical means for leftists to gain more votes in elections while browbeating their enemies with “hate speech” codes that demand you love non-Americans more than Americans.

We must also advocate for a white population that increases from where it currently stands, because America is no longer America if that number dips below 50%, and will instead look something like an international airport. Once immigration is stopped, and illegal citizens are deported, it will become monumentally more difficult for open-borders politicians to win nationally again. This can be absolutely ensured if woman’s suffrage is repealed, a proposition that I know many find unpalatable, but one that would usher in an era of permanent winning.

For us to win without a hot civil war, we have to retake the reins of power and peacefully co-exist with bitter leftists over the next fifty years while the culture slowly heals itself. Once institutions are purged of anti-American leftists, the new left will exist in more of a classical liberal form and believe in nominally nationalist ideas while accepting cultural values that are shy of traditional. The long divorce option will not excite you because of the length it takes to see a resolution, but it’s one that will preserve life and the existing infrastructure of the United States.

Four future outcomes

There are four outcomes that can proceed from the juncture of which we stand. The first is a globalist resurgence at the polls thanks to demographic changes that push the vote far to the left, starting in 2024. If this happens, we will have a president that is more authoritarian than Hillary Clinton. The boot will come down on all facets of American life, especially speech, and we will essentially be living in an open-air prison.

The second outcome is a hot war where we win. The country will be ravaged and millions will die, but at least most of the deaths will be leftists.

The third option is a hot war where we lose because of foreign involvement. Not only are we much more likely to die in this engagement, but the globalist boot will come down with such a viciousness that those on the right who survive may hope that they had died in the war.

And the fourth option is the long divorce, one that we will easily win if the recommendations I made above are taken. Very few people die and life can proceed with high stability and prosperity for the majority of the country.

The globalist left has so damaged the country from the decades they’ve been in power that there is no quick fix, and those of us who are alive today will likely not see a resolution that can be argued as “complete victory” during our lifetimes. I understand the frustration that many on the right have, and the desire they have to be immediately cured of poisons that the left has unleashed, but we must carefully analyze any outcome that results in the deaths of our loved ones and even ourselves. There is a time and place to die for what you believe in, but I hope I have convinced you that we have not yet reached that critical moment and that we can avoid the downsides of a hot civil war and the globalist boot by taking on the option of the long divorce to still win in the end.

The laws we have on the books are enough—let’s enforce those and allow the country to focus on itself instead of empire building and policing while the media and universities collapse upon the weight of their own lies and degeneracy. Besides, the entertainment value in watching the left screech and yell for the next several decades is sure to bring us reams of pleasure. That’s a better outcome than outright war.

This article was originally published On Roosh V.

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  1. “Soros is the creepy old neighbor who promises them the candy they crave because he wants to build their trust and get them alone.”
    Ever see Walt Disney’s Pinocchio? Soros is the coachman.

    1. The difference being that I felt sorry for those kids after they got turned into donkeys and sold into slavery. I won’t feel the least bit sorry for the regressive useful idiots when they get what they deserve…

      1. Blue blistering barnacles! (I couldn’t resist). I forget who it was, maybe Khruschev who said something to the effect that the useful idiots who helped usher in Communism into the US would be the first to be up against a wall.

  2. While I agree that a hot war is not desirable, the long divorce option doesn’t seem very realistic. It took the left decades to subvert media, academia, etc, and it would take us decades to reverse that. And we don’t have decades.
    In my opinion, permanently getting rid of leftists now while they’re down, and thus ensuring that their illogical rhetoric is never taught again, is the only answer.

    1. Get rid of Women’s Studies departments and the reversal might not take as long as you think.

    2. They are forcing the issue, and I agree a war would be devastating to the USA.

      1. there’s no getting around that, the elites planned it that way 100 years ago before you were even born. Most guys here don’t like non-whites but they still want to enjoy the comforts of the current climate. A total war would not only destroy the USA but the whole global economy, to me it’s a win win situation, at least women will learn to respect men again

    3. Sometimes the unthinkable option is the only option. Today I’d almost welcome apocalypse. I feel like some bond villain, but is a fresh start for the world so bad at this point? I am moderately successful but there just isn’t much point anymore. I work hard. But I look into the dead eyes of drug addicts that used to work for GM, Delphi etc in the rust belt, and I keep asking myself: what am I working for? To impress our new demographic of absolute shit-tier women, and piss in my own gene pool with them while I am at it? To guarantee a “better future” in an even worse debt-slave white-guilt multicult etc Hell for my children? Is this really the best the world has to offer? It’s not looking good.

  3. “We must also advocate for a white population that increases from where it currently stands, because America is no longer America if that number dips below 50%, and will instead look something like an international airport.”
    I would be willing to bet that less than 50% of ROK readers would consider you white, Mr. Valizadeh.

    1. Stupid.
      You see, to be writer(or an adult for that matter) you have to recognize that:
      1. Not everything is about you. The author understands his “perceived whiteness” will have no impact on future events across the US in general.
      2. People’s opinions have zero impact on your conclusions or theories – The author could give two shits about “how white” the peanut gallery here considers him to be.

      1. If Mr. Valizadeh gets his wish and we “advocate for a white population,” whether or not those of Iranian or Armenian descent are considered white would almost certainly have an impact on his theories, unless he himself is prepared to emigrate.

        1. Hey faggot from what I undestand Roosh is for a white majority not an all-white society. Which is beneficiary to people of all races. It’s whites who make a country prosper. Who wants to live in a third world hellhole ?

        2. You lost me at “Hey faggot.” Work on your opener – it can help you hold onto an audience.

        3. Not his wish. That’s conjecture on your part.
          One can advocate for a certain population without implying the exclusion of another.

        4. Traitors get stitches. Or snitches. Or something.
          (I’m just kidding, I didn’t down vote.)

        5. Hey, if I upvote one of Roosh’s comments, does that make me guilty of rape in Canada?

        6. How?
          I can advocate for non-asshats without suggesting your removal from the country.

        7. You can’t advocate for a majority of whites without simultaneously advocating that non-whites stay a minority.

        8. I alrealdy gave you the sense you seek dumb bitch. And I’m sorry for calling you a faggot. Didn’t know you had been exposed as a woman after all. Gotta keep up with the news.

        9. “You can’t advocate for a majority of whites without simultaneously advocating that non-whites stay a minority.”
          Advocating for a majority of whites IS advocating that non-whites stay a minority.

        10. (A) That’s not necessarily true.
          (B) That is irrelevant to the topic.
          (C) Tits and GTFO, lady.

        11. It means your children (or future children) can be taken away from you, per Canadian Law.

        12. Iranians are Aryans. It is a white country. I could go there and mingle with any crowd undetected if I kept my mouth shut. And I am white as it comes. I follow Colin Powell’s determination rules for white or black (paraphrased), if walking down the street and people who see you think you are white, you are white.

    2. your a grumpy little twat aren’t you. It has been pointed out that you are a woman. If you are in the new York area and need some therapy for that attitude of yours let me know…ill take one for the team and give you a proper dicking

      1. Shouldn’t you be “executive bodybuilding” somewhere? Good luck in your quest to get laid, but I think your strategy probably needs some refinement.

        1. Aww you are just a little girl. Come on, you’ll be much less confused once you get some good dick. Pipe you out good and remind you what being a woman is all about

        2. You need to make the guts hit the brains. They’ll love you for it.

        3. Very good. I find if they start flopping around like an infantile retard then you’re really getting the job done.

      2. I have a theory about Rinse her Pubis… maybe she is a struggling stand-up comic and by coming here dropping insults, she is able to anonymously work on her ability to better deal with all her hecklers.

        1. ‘Rinse her Pubis’…..that is WAY better than my ‘Rice Penis’
          I concede to your victory.

        2. That’s possible but in reality she is probably just some snarky bitch with a liberal arts degree and a beta orbiter who doesn’t give her tingles. Sight unseen I’ll do my part and make her feel like a woman. The kneeman pulls his weight. But he doesn’t travel so she needs to come to me. Maybe a gofundme

        3. I just figured with an attitude like hers, she may be in need of a Good Rinsing – something may be going on down there!

        4. I’ve got $16.48 cash money in my pocket, and I am willing to contribute all of it to this endeavor.

        5. I also have a stick of Juicy Fruit and 3 plain envelopes that I’m more than willing to contribute.

        6. Whenever you go to a porn shop, a strip joint, or buy watches from a shady character, it is best to use cash.

        1. Where is the obnoxious sod? I’ll give him credit, he’s not as bad as that schmuck Anti-Agnostic.

        2. I think he finally got the picture that he wasn’t wanted here. Pity…… I thought he was fun to tease.

      1. Heartiste, the Dark Lord himself, has deemed Roosh huwhite. So It’s case closed.

    3. There were non-Germans even in the Aryan-worshipping third-Reich. It is as much about race as it is about quality and honour.

        1. You didn’t address my point though. I never talk to you but already I feel like I’m wasting space on this page.

        2. Don’t, Clark. It’ll never argue an actual point. It’s only purpose is to waste your time. I suspect it to actually be a paid troll at this point. Nobody would possibly be miserable enough to come to every article and bitch where they’re not wanted for free.

      1. You could also receive an “honorary aryan” certificate if you were not German. Not the best example but to me it is about homogeneity of more than just race. The purpose of forming a nation is a land for similar people. Most of them will probably look alike anyway, but all of them -must- behave similarly. Or you get Europe.

      2. Strange that the Nazis weren’t even half as racist as these neo-nazi stormfags.

    4. First of all, you don’t have to be White to recognize that everyone would be better off – Whites and non Whites – with a country that was majority White. Second, arguably Iranians are descended from ancient Aryans.

      1. I don’t know any non-whites who say that “everyone would better off with a country that was majority white.”

        1. The South Africans will never admit it, but they were better off as second-class citizens than they are as first-class.

        2. It’s amazing how you know what’s better for minorities than the minorities themselves. A gift, no doubt.

        3. Hmmm. First world nation, better jobs, lower crime… or 3rd world nation, rampant crime, #1 in rape, terrible jobs, shitty infrastructure… Boy, tough choice.

        4. And you don’t create a 1st world society overnight. During the Civil War, European aristocrats looked at America and said, “Look at those stupid farmers killing each other. They were so much better off under a King.”

        5. If only the SA’s were half as enlightened as our ancestors were over 200 years ago…

        6. What they’ve done there and then the Clintons did thereafter is horrifying.

        7. Canvassed many people on that? I’d argue they recognize it just by being here.

        8. But Bill Clinton smoked weed and played the sax. He’s like practically black an sheit.

        9. Don’t see a whole lot of American Blacks rushing off back to Africa.

        10. Well, he takes advantage of the blacks, so he might as well be a black politician in America.

        11. Bill was our first black president. Why else do you think his post presidency office was in Harlem? The only first left for Obummer was being the first female president.

      1. And there are millions of Americans who would DEFINITELY tell you that Iranians are not white.

        1. It’s because most of my fellow countrymen and women are, admittedly, pretty damn stupid. Plus thats a “bandwagon” logical fallacy if I ever heard one.

        2. Millions of Americans see no difference between an Iranian, an Afghani an Egyptian, or a Pakistani, unfortunately.

  4. “They are refusing to yield, compromise, debate, or even accept that their political positions are starting to lose in democratic elections despite suspected cheating that aids them.”
    “The second component of the long divorce option is to excise the left from all centers of cultural power so that they cannot actively convert the youth.”
    Anybody else find these two statements slightly hypocritical?

    1. Not really. The first statement is a recognition that the left refuses to debate, and refuses to recognize that reasonable people can make intelligent choices that aren’t in line with their favored policy. The second statement recognizes that the left has taken over certain cultural institutions for the purpose of indoctrinating young minds — insulating the impressionable youth from all non-left ideas or thoughts in order to brainwash them into thinking (actually, feeling) left only.

      1. To me, the second statement sounds a lot more like exiling political viewpoints that you do not have. How do you purge lefties? What is the test for that?
        The solution is putting more conservatives in, not disallowing lefties.

        1. You have a point, but I think he is mainly referring to excising the militant, radical left. Removing the die-hard lefties that refuse to yield, compromise, debate, etc.
          We’re seeing a lot more of the classical liberals push back against the nightmare that the far left has become. There are lots of lefties who don’t support the militant, anti-free speech and pro-violence leftism that has begun to dominate their side of the political spectrum.

        2. Oh sure, the far left left me a while ago. But all die-hards shouldn’t be in power, left or right. I see hardcore right wingers obstruct and refuse to compromise all the time. We have a local town that is wasting tens of thousands of dollars to fight a losing lawsuit that only allows Christians to do opening prayers at town council meetings. Why the fuck is there any prayer to start a meeting anyway?

        3. Because America is primarily a Christian country, and it always has been.

        4. Ugh, you’re one of those. For the millionth time, our country was created to provide religious freedom, not to be a Christian country. Prayer serves absolutely no purpose in government. And if there is prayer, it should be open to the 38% who do not identify as Christian.

        5. I am not one of those. And our country was founded, in part, to provide freedom from tyranny of the government and the church. There is a difference between separation of the state and the church as an institution, and the establishment of an atheistic state antithetical to all things religious. The US is the former, not the latter.

  5. There are four outcomes that can proceed from the juncture of which we stand. The first is a globalist resurgence at the polls thanks to demographic changes that push the vote far to the left, starting in 2024.
    Unfortunately, I think that this first option is the most likely outcome, and I think it may begin to happen sooner than 2024.

      1. Not pictured – dad’s rampant alcoholism and adultery with his secretary, mom’s depression and her “mommy’s little helper” pills, children’s upbringing making Boomers the most greedy, self-entitled, fiscally irresponsible generation to ever walk the Earth.
        White and suits doesn’t mean life was better.

        1. No, but an intact nuclear family even in spite of all that, was. No argument from me on Boomers.

        2. Argument from me. Boomers aka “the me generation” are now divorcing each other at astounding rates and were the ones divorcing when in peaked in the late 70’s and early 80’s. The rose colored glasses on this site are ridiculous sometimes.

        3. That’s exactly my point- divorce is a symptom of “me, me, me” but produces statistically unsuccessful, unstable children. Actually being selfless enough and at least -trying- to set aside, or even hide, the ugly problems in life was the entire purpose. There was an incentive. Yes, they probably took it overboard with consumerist junk and created Boomers, but the concept for the past thousand years or so was to give your kids a better chance before yourself, even if life was hard. My parents waited until I was old enough to leave the house before they split. I never even suspected it, and I still respect them for it. Marriage and family are -supposed- to be extremely difficult. Shit, if there’s too much rose-tint just go to bob evans and talk to some old folks. They love talking about life decades ago, even the bad parts.
          TLDR: people at least gave half a shit about family appearances, and it was often an attempt to put their kids before themselves, even if it was fake.

        4. I understand your argument, but think it more points out a symptom rather than acting like a cure. The real problem is that miserable are people getting married and having children as society continues to say this is the proper way to happiness and fulfillment. By your own admission that it has always been a ruse, but people kept up with it for the sake of the children. Why not be honest about this? I guarantee you are the exception and most kids from unstable homes are acutely aware of what their parents are doing.
          Why go back to a broken a system? Why not search for a better way? Why not stop offering benefits to get married? Why not dissuade the average fuck-up from having kids or pass out free condoms and morning after pills? This simplistic, revert to some imaginary time in the past is just straight fucking nonsense.

        5. Wrong people had problems sure but you are glossing over a crime free time when nobody locked their doors like it was some type of disaster. Inaccurate comment. Whites do make life better. That is why there is no country you would want to live in that isn’t majority white.

        6. Those are all Hollywood-installed stereotypes. I saw what they did in the 1980s. As soon as Americans started grasping at that “Leave it to Beaver” era, the leftists started with the propaganda.
          Won’t work this time. Even those that escape the helicopters are not going to have any audience.

        7. So…rampant obesity, shrill femi-nazi harridans marching shirtless down the streets, massive tattoos, body modification extreme and empowered childless carousel riders on anti-depressants waiting to die in a cat filled apartment are better how exactly?

        8. We understand, sugar. Nonsense is all you can come up with. Put the phone down and get back to cleaning hotel rooms or you’re going to get in trouble.

        9. Because its being done freely by people’s own choices and not dictated by a quasi-religious government.

        10. I’m certainly an enemy of the state, let me assure you. But I don’t believe that the traditional hard working, honest, decent middle America of yesteryear was driven by the diktats of a quasi-religious government. I grew up in small town / rural America in the sixties & seventies and there was very little government involvement in our lives. These ideas of decency, morality, valor and virtue as social norms were taught to us primarily by our families. I was also taught these things in school, but it was a private school. This was in the same time frame when prayer and the ten commandments were being removed from American publik skules (along with history and civics). I presume those things being part of government education prior to the “purge” are what you allude to. Well, that bit is done and we can see the state of affairs we’re in now…
          As far as I’m concerned government should not be involved in education at all. All schooling should be done at home or by private educators paid for by the recipients of the service. Free market education if you will. Then there can be no complaints about the religious indoctrination one’s children receives, be it Christian, Moslem, Wiccan, Atheist or what have you when you decide for yourself where your children will go to school. What it really comes down to is this question: By what right does my neighbor force me to pay for their children’s education under pain of government force?

      2. It really should be 3+ kids. 2 or less just allows the wife the time to think of feminism and voting and there goes western civilization.

        1. Throw the effin’ TV away. Electronic poison infiltrating her mind while you are at work.

        2. was at a dinner last Saturday with my gf at her friends house.
          Her neighbor was there too
          both 40s, with $1,000,000 houses. semi-retired from NYC.
          party girls
          have pets.
          have fun…
          the end is nigh…
          seriously – they have not a care in the world…This is the new demographic I see moving into the Hampton’s area…wealthy single women from NYC – lawyers, bankers, but too old and ugly for me…
          However, young fit guys do…

        3. Hey they might get religion and donate all that money to the patriarchy. I’m an optimist on an individual basis.

        4. The wife recently tried to talk me into getting cable again. My answer was an immediate no. When asked why, my response was we have enough DVDs to start our own rental store and our phones can cover the internet for us. She hasn’t mentioned it since so skies probably just waiting for the chance to bring it up again.

        5. Well, I won’t mention it to her if I see her, but if she really is hard up for some cable, she can stream virtually any show her heart desires over the internet.

        6. Funny, that’s a topic currently being discussed in the Luthor household.

        7. My virgin bride from the Philippines was greeting me every day as I came home with a reading from the book of Oprah, and sometimes a lesson from Dr. Phil. Then we got the Filipino channel streaming, and she got her green card and went to work. It was like flicking off a switch. All the poison stopped coming into the home via her cultural contamination. It has been smooth sailing ever since. The TV is really the worst source of leftist pollution.

        8. I would believe it. Any sane guy should make that a prerequisite for marriage. If you have the network TV coming through, you will be fighting an uphill battle in the years to come.

      3. Dad has no warbeard and no holstered gun or sheathed sword in the pic and the woman peacocks her hair openly somewhat. It’s a clean cut image promoted for less than a decade if you think about it. The June Cleaver queen look with the pearls came and went in about 8 years, about the time Cadillac fins rose and then fell again. They all stand behind a farm looking fence too, suggesting they’re ‘kept’ like animals on a farm. It looks like a small municipally ordinanced and regulated plot of land they live on. They probably have doggie dropping laws in the neighborhood too. The old way was more guaranteed for growth, sustainability and long term survival:

        1. We know sweetie, but you can’t help the fact that your mom & dad are brother & sister. It’s okay. Now get off the phone & get back to cleaning hotel rooms like you’re supposed!

    1. Sadly 2020, members of my family, and friends cannot stand Trump. Even when I tell them he is trying to save the republic.

  6. As someone who has been (until Trump) a lifelong Democrat (although I basically ceased giving a shit after Bush Jr. vs Kerry), I should point out that it’s no longer “left vs right” in this country but “the Extreme Left vs Everyone Else”. The Rust Belt has reliably voted D for many years, but Trump changed that. People like me who are Left Center have been getting red-pilled and increasingly find the Extreme Left to be indefensible and morally reprehensible. A lot of us are also patriotic, regardless of our politics. People like us will get attacked if we speak up against this crap as well, but increasingly that’s what we’re seeing happen.
    I don’t think it will take “decades” like Roosh says. I think it may only takes years. Making our political system HONEST again will drastically speed up the recovery process, and Trump is already in the process of doing that. People see the hypocrisy of the current crop of “liberals” and even if they are not vocal, they are turning against them. Trump bringing the corruption within the Republican Party to heel will allow the GOP to flourish and become reinvigorated under the umbrella of patriotism and American Exceptionalism instead of the self-hating of the current Democrat Party and GOPe.

    1. Trump supporting Saudis and therefore ISIS. He’s just part of a different Jewish faction.

    2. The Extreme Left destroyed Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela and of course, North Korea. If the Extreme Left in this country is not nipped in the bud, don’t be surprised if the USA ends up like the countries above. Those people are hellbent on repeating their behavior in our country.

  7. Here’s a prediction: Western Europe (and Scandanavia) will descend into Islamic violence within two years. Paris will burn, the Louvre will be sacked. London will have Islamic troubles. The Brits will eventually uncuck themselves and say enough’s enough and expel the vermin. The formerly Communist countries will be safe. Switzerland will be also, due to high rates of privately held arms.

    1. Brits, Swedes, Germans hands are tied with the firearms restrictions on civilians. All three countries need air-drops of free firearms into every neighborhood. They’ve all got beans and rice for now but their governments have the civilians all de-toothed and de-clawed with the gun bans. Care packages of guns dropped from the air into the arms of europeans would take awhile for the gun-unknowledgable amongst them to grow accustomed to. In time the folks would get the feel eventually that guns are an extension of your index finger. Your pointing powers are expanded greatly and you learn to control yourself and only point when you’re dead serious. Sure there would be a few hot tops that crack on their european neighbor right away, a few scores settled here and there, but of course newly empowered civilians need time to level out.

      1. From what I understand, Switzerland has the easiest laws in Europe. A permit is still required to buy a precision rifle like a Steyr SSG. Private machine guns are verboten. Czech Rep allows full autos and silencers under the most restrictive license. (Still easier than US.) Supposedly it takes 30 days from license application to acquiring one’s first firearm there. Poland, despite low rates of ownership, allows anything but .50 BMGs, full autos, and silencers. Finland and Serbia rank in the top 5 as for ownership rates. Sweden, strangely enough does license private machine guns for collectors. (Someone correct me if I’m wrong. Stranahan, perhaps?) I’ve also seen full auto conversion switches for Glocks sold legally in Sweden from internet vendors. If I can find the YT link, Vice had an episode on Polish militias. Lots of ARs, AKs, Glocks, and Sig Sauers. I’ll post it here.

      2. Here it is as promised. Take note at around 7:09 with the comparison between Poland and cucked Germany. (IDK if things have changed with the EU directive to ban private semi-auto ownership after the concert shootings in France with a black market machine gun that was not purchased from a legal source in the EU.) The video is two years old, and while I think the fear of Russia is overblown, I understand Polish history; my father’s parents came from Russian occupied Poland.

        1. good for Poland. Poles are hardcore. Their prime minister, who is all of 5 tall ( 5 feet of fury) is a badass….

        2. The Visegrad countries are refusing refugees and these three countries, Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic seem the best at fighting them off as well. With a large internal patriot citizenship it seems that Poland especially has the armed citizens dedicated to keeping their country secure. They could and would easily throw back any UN forced hoardes. Still it wôld be terrible to lose neighboring Germany and Sweden to the north. Every inch the IS burroughs itself into, every host area the IS believes in taking its own soverignty over and then applying all the resources within the settled area to advance the IS. Can you imagine the controlling interest in all German industry falling into IS hands? Daimler Benz, Bavarian Motorworks and VW all turned into facilities that further supply the IS?. We can’t let them get their hands on one single inch of Europe whatsoever. We need massive deportations and severe hot nationalism now to recoup Europe and the west.

        3. Recall from history that Polish King Jan Sobieski saved Europe from Moooslim Ottoman hordes at the battle of Vienna in 1683. Maybe if SHTF in Western EU, GROM and FORMOSA units will have some fun.

        4. I saw a picture of the polish defense minister. His scowl alone could repel an invading army.

    2. I am waiting for some priceless painting or work of art to be maimed /destroyed by some Muslim Terr. Visited the KC nelson -Atkins art museum and they had a Caravaggio , Rembrandt’s , Monets out in the open . No barriers at all. I literally lose my breath in fear when I think how vulnerable they are….

      1. Yeah, I’m losing loads of sleep over that too. Let’s hope they stick to just killing children with nail bombs.

      2. Museums have almost all art in the open. I was amazed in MoMA at some abstract painting (not the degenerate trash). Pictures in a book looked like crap, but the brush strokes seen from 18 inches away were a sight to see. So was Wyeth’s Christina’s World. I really need to put my nose to the grindstone and work some OT for extra cash and comp time for a trip to Europe. Game would be secondary to taking in the culture.

        1. Yes sir you must go to Europe.. The Lourve is mind blowing.. I would say Italy/rome /florence you could overdose on art. The David statue is just awesome. The Sistine Chapel is just jaw dropping…

      3. The press will indicate this was strictly due to some mental issues. The poor migrant had difficulties adjusting due to all the racism and insufficient social support.

      4. There was a head-chopper in Europe who was chopping heads off old statues in churches.

    3. If Islamic extrmeists sack the Louvre and burn/ destroy all of the art…that might be the final starw for many of the Western European peoples need to wake the fuck up and recognize the ” refugee crisis” for ehat it is…Invasion…though that eould be a great price to pay for people to get their collective heads out of their asses.

    4. You do know that 100% of Swiss men of military age are in the reserves, and have their arms in their homes, don’t you? No one will ever try to take Switzerland.

      1. A few years back the federal legislature wanted to prohibit keeping the full auto Stg 90s at home. It went to referendum. Women’s groups and church groups (the usual suspects) supported the prohibition. It lost at referendum.

  8. The left has not been able to show how immigrants benefit American citizens besides more diverse restaurant options.

    Hey, I’ve said that as well. Despite the propaganda about especially respecting nonwhite immigrants’ rights and personhood, our elites have used them instrumentally as weapons to degrade and despoil white societies; they don’t value these immigrants as ends in themselves, but as means towards other ends which don’t involve the immigrants’ well being.

    1. well its funny you should post such a comment, i caught the fake news last night where i am, and what do you know, the left are hounding the government to increase our terrorist intake, to double what we take now.
      and what is quite funny is the fake news went to some cafe/restaurant where some terrorist women were making some oddball ‘stick of dynamite’ looking food, and here’s the kicker … they were selling it to the hungry government workers for lunch (quite why they are hungry is beyond me, they do F all) and saying what an asset to the country they are!
      couldn’t help but laugh a little.

    2. Americans started wars for a long time and now they have second civil war, karma boys.

        1. No way to tell from pictures. Tattoos and huge fake boobs make her a question mark for me though.

        2. Fvck, boys im trying to start a country here. I am not sure I can afford a full body scanner yet.

        3. Well, she’s competition so of course she is.
          What do you have to offer?

        4. And what do you have against bimbos? I have known (in the biblical sense) a lot of very good bimbos.

      1. That tattoo mars what is otherwise flawless. Oh well-you can’t win them all.

      2. Well that’s the whole point. We do it slav style. Only take the hottest of women. The rest can rot.
        Anything to get away from this cesspool that is the west.
        Make Women Cook and Clean Again!

    1. The hot women and the masculine men will have sex and they might let you watch if you ask nicely.

      1. Agreed. Letting the plebes watch just makes it hotter.

        1. But my island will have a massive wall and I am not gonna allow CNN or facebook in it.

        2. Nah, no ugly ass refugees, no welfare, I can practically buy the wall from Home Depot if I advertise the Island as such.

    2. Have I just the island 4-U!!
      Clipperton island lies roughly 600 miles off the west coast of Mexico/Guatemala. It’s a lone coral atoll with a bit of history.
      In the 1800s a series of military expeditions left the island occupied with a lighthouse keeper and around 20 men, women and children. Mexico had built a lighthouse there while other countries alternated laying claim to it. Meanwhile the marooned clan lived under maritime martial law imposed by the lighthouse keeper who was a military man and captain. The other men on the island w’re lost when they rowed out for help from a spotted ship that turned out to be a mirage. The captain then bred the three remaining women and rotated. Perhaps 10+ children were sired on the island but the resources on the island were limited and scurvy was a concern. Coconuts and crabs were plentiful still.
      The captain is believed to have gone mad and declared himself king of the island. The south of the atoll was asphyxiating with guana fumes. If the captain had only scooped up the guana regularly and had the women practice eco conservation, redistributing the guana into topsoil piles inside erosion proof steppe ridges made of rammed seashell piles, the place would be like Eden with kratom hedges and covered with tropical blossoms of every variety.
      To counter scurvy, MORE VITAMIN C bearing plants and bulbs would have to be imported from Costa Rica to nurse and make the place survivable and self sustaining. A bit of modern eco science administered year round by an intelligent patriarch that can constructively exercize the proper ‘DICK COMMAND’ over a clan of screwable, offspring producing female caretakers and gardners is just what the place needs. Captain Alvarez should have religiously organized the women and children to garden. They avoided the areas with the guana fumes but that’s where the gold mine was. If you can fully inhale marooned pussy smell every time you gotta pop, then huffing a little guana is a cinch. Now what MCGOO would have done if he was the Captain, is he would have rotated sending the women down to the guana piles during their menstrual cycles. Chaaupadi time means it’s time to grab your bible, bucket and rake and hit the south beach cupcake.
      THE MARTIAL MARITIME LAW and punishments the captain doled out seem a little rough on the hide for a marooned clan of breeding women and children. Captain ‘Alvarez’ wasn’t all too religious but he knew how to run a ship. I pose the question what brand of religion would perhaps have worked to keep the clan/community functioning and surviving in such a scape as the isolated ‘Clipperton Island’?
      It’s a quite fascinating story:

  9. Axe Women’s Studies departments and I’m willing to bet a lot of other, seemingly unrelated problems evaporate along with feminism.

  10. 110+ million gun owners, no uniforms and 75% of the current military on our side.
    Entire Chinese military 4.7 million, in uniform.
    Yea, we ain’t losing anything.

    1. And gun ownership is illegal also so no armed militias or irregulars for them. I don’t give a shit how much Kung Fu they would know-you can’t stop lead with your Tai Chi skills.

    2. In a civil war what is the military going to do?
      Do they obey the orders of the people giving them money and fire on their former family, friends, and neighbors?
      Or do they revolt?
      I hope for the latter but fear it will be the former.

      1. That’s a valid question. Based on some of what I’ve read it would be a split right now, with internal fighting in the military itself. If we allow the military to continue as one big SJW experiment those tables could turn against our side. One would hope that over the next four to eight years, some of the touchy-feely libtard damage that has been done to the military will get turned around. We’ll have to see who gets promoted at the Pentagon and at the major commands. Where the head goes, the body follows…

      2. ZOG will always go with who pays them. They’re nothing more than glorified mercenaries. Mainly supported by stupid, old, fat baby boomers.

      3. most only follow lawful orders and would never let the left near the big stuff.

      4. By law, they need to turn against those ordering them if the orders are treasonous. The constitution protects us the people.

        1. Yeah…they’re totally gonna follow the orders on a piece of paper they metaphorically wipe their ass with every day because “IT’S THE LAW!!”
          “The Constitution protects us the people”.
          It has been in existence for almost 250 years, and it has not been able to prevent the government that has evolved into the Orwellian nightmare we have today. They have been ignoring the Constitution for over 100 years, but the mindless order follower drones are SUDDENLY going to follow the Constitution in crunch time after years of indoctrination to bow to authority who gives orders.
          I don’t supposed you’d be interested in buying a bridge I got for sale would ya?

      5. Anyone who trusts a soldier or cop to disobey the order to shoot you in the face suffers from Stockholm Syndrome.

      6. The military would likely follow whatever orders they were given until they stopped getting paid. There would likely be a few deserters at first but the floodgates would open once the military started mistreating its members (which they would most certainly do) and stopped their pay. Plus, giving deserting members a safe place to go (on top of everything else) and you wouldn’t have a military anymore.

    3. And much of those are fat, old baby boomers on the verge of a heart attack if they sprang into a light jog.

      1. reeeaalllyyy..?
        you don’t count 1 million veterans under 50 do you, jackass?
        you must be suburban trash b./c us country folk are fitter than thee.
        but try it if you feel Pepe…..

    4. I got news for you it ain’t the Chinese you got to worry about, its the coastal liberals, the minorities and the Jewish bankers and social engineers that all live within the borders of America that you have to fear. The Chinaman is small potatoes compare to them, and the Chinaman is in cahoots with the globalist Jewish bankers and the leftists whites in America, so they don’t need to fight us militarily. They winning the war economically.
      We would easily spank them in a military war, they already know that, that is why they fighting an economic war and also aligning with our own elites against the American people. We had our own traitor known as Barack Hussein Obama for 8 years who worked against America day and night. Obama created all sorts of liberal anti American movements within America. The enemy is within America today, not outside.
      Even now Hillary nearly won the Presidency, and she and Soros are heading the “Resistance” against Trump. So really China is the least of our worries.

  11. Another option overlooked. Declare the Blue Cities (LA, Chicago, Boston, others) to be the free city-states. Arrange population transfer between US and the cities. This way, everybody get the government they want. The cities will then became a test-case for the left to see how quickly their utopias crash and burn without changes. The remaining US will get the majority it need to restart its culture and making unity on policies much easier. If war still break out, US will have the control of water and supply lines.

  12. It was reported that the justice department was funding the left with actual dollars, until Sessions shut off the money suppy…. Soros, the Sith who feeds off of hate and venom is also funding the problem…What the left does not understand is that they would lose badly. The right has been gun and self defense savy for decades longer than the left. Stock up on what you need to keep yourself safe.

    1. Close fundie cousins of the sjw soc marxist left are the Syrian fighting age male refugees who enter a host country and are already battle hardened and can tear down an AK.

  13. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. I see the next decade a time, in which freedom, or tyranny will win. We the people must decide our fate, but darkness comes before the dawn.

  14. Good article, but the United States has to return to at least 85% White to have a future of peace, prosperity and economic opportunity. Otherwise it will be in terminal decline (which it likely is now). One problem about a hot war though is that the government will be on the side of the Leftists. They know the Leftists can’t survive without them, but the Right would survive just fine with a massively smaller government.

    1. The military would not side with the leftists, and without the military, the government would be at a loss to enforce their rule in this situation.

      1. I’m not so sure. But do you agree that the Police would side with the Leftists? (As they already often have)

        1. As someone with a good knowledge of the military’s composition, I can tell you that the actual operational elements of it are very heavily on the right. I can tell you with confidence that if the conservatives left the military, there wouldn’t be much left to fight with.
          As far as law enforcement goes, I give it 50/50. A lot of them are ex military and a lot more live among the populace they enforce. As GOJ points out, that puts their family at risk. Im addition, many clearly have enjoyed smashing Antifa lately. However, yes some would side with their overlords.

        2. The people in the military that are at the pointy end of the spear will be against the left. They are also about 99% white. The closer you get to the front the whiter the US military gets. The REMFs are very diverse. However, the senior military are full on traitors to the country and will kiss the ass of anyone in the central government. They got where they are by doing so.

        3. Even the door-kickers who aren’t white tend to be pretty right-wing. You don’t take that kind of job without loving your country. REMFs do differ, there are liberals there, but they’re all fucking useless unless they’re behind a desk.

        4. I noticed that too. I was an Army grunt (11C) and it was mostly white with a few Hispanics (many of whom didn’t speak Spanish) and a few immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean who hung out with white dudes.

    2. Opportunity will still be there in a U.S. which is less than 50% white, but “who you know” rather than “what you know” will become even more important than ever in such a demographic apocalypse. Want to see the USA’s future? Look at Brazil right now.

      1. It’s always about who you know. But the ethnic groups do tend to stick together unknowingly creating a segregated society.

      2. The irony of such a situation is racism and racial disparity is much worse in Brazil than in the United States. So the more diverse America gets the greater the divisions among people.

        1. This is so obvious it really doesn’t need to be mentioned. Diversity + Proximity = strife.

        2. Pretty much, the LA riots showed us this 25 years ago, and we see this in all large American cities where there is diversity. You also see liberal politics in all of them, despite this racial tension and disparity remains, people just do not want to interact and mix with people who are not like them.

        3. Liberal politicians thrive on racial strife. Why else do you think that they are pushing for open borders? They can’t see past the next election, and care only for gaining office and holding on to it. When it all crashes down they will go with it, but they can’t see that far ahead.

        4. Familiarity breeds contempt. Look at California. 2/5 immigrants to the US end up there. Couple that with the feminized, politically correct atmosphere there and you’ve got a perfect storm of discontent. Texas is another matter altogether. People there tend to see themselves as Texan, first and foremost. Couple that with a strong masculine attitude and good economic opportunity and you’ve got better harmony than the leftists in California could ever even dream of.

        1. That includes the white skinned Asians (Japanese, Koreans, Taiwanese, Chinese)

        2. And it’s unfortunate that the “unintelligent and uncultured” brown skinned people/guys are shining at Spelling Bee and becoming CEOs !!
          Edit: Somebody upvoted ! guess maybe, because couldn’t catch the sarcasm !!

        3. Not all Indians are brown. Just look at the Bollywood stars to get a good idea of what the ideal skin tone is in India.

        4. Most Asians have low prenatal testosterone though. They’re like Jews(or women), backstabbers and untrustworthy. There are of course exceptions, but then again so are there among Blacks with a lot of European DNA.
          The face tells everything–you’ll subconsciously know the intelligence, manliness, and character of a person by their facial features.

        5. “The face tells everything–you’ll subconsciously know the intelligence,
          manliness, and character of a person by their facial features.”
          Indeed, it is truth most of the times.
          Except when dealing with people from a stranger nation and strange race, in which you can’t really tell.
          as for the rest of your comment, I, from Brazil, as much as I like white Asians (very different from the dark skinned Asian), I have to recognize: they are not loyal, they don’t have the same sense of honor, or perhaps I should say: sensibility.

        6. Not all Chinese are white, just open your eyes fully and have a look; they are referred as “yellow” ! And over 60% of so called “whites” are actually “pale skinned and de-pigmented”; as if they suffer with some kind of infections !
          More than 80% of Hindustanis are Brown and as the common sense goes; when you talk about someone, you talk about the “majority” !!

        7. Mass shooters are mass shooters ! Ghetto people are ghetto people ! Maniacs are maniacs ! Perverts are perverts ! Converters are converters ! Sick people are sick people !!!
          PS: Sorry, I temporarily forgot the fact that replying to “your kind of” people suffering with the JEG&IIC syndrome (Jealousy, Enviousness, Grudge & Inherent Inferiority Complex) is like “throwing stone on pile of shit” !!

        8. The means are different but the percentage of over lap is significant. And don’t forget that there are a huge number of whites at the left end of the IQ bell curve. They are typically self hating Democrats.

        9. Actually the Asian (northern Asian) IQ mean is above that of whites, and even above Ashkenazi Jews.

        10. They have a different type of culture. I am married to an Asian whose skin is whiter than my red haired, green eyed, Irish heritage skin. Their culture is a “face” culture. Brazil and, to a somewhat lesser extent, America has an ‘honor” culture. The differences are significant.

        11. Some of us have open eyes and can see what is happening. Often though it is not higher IQ but just more intact and intensive family focus on education. This is somewhat like the Jewish population of the US.

        12. Actually my wife is white by any definition you can name. If you saw only a portion of her skin, but not her face, you would label it white.

        13. Not really concerned and don’t want to debate about the IQ.
          But, Thank you for your observation: “intact and intensive family focus”.
          PS: I don’t want to comment on comparison with the jewish.

        14. The irony about Adolf was how he loved appropriating Asian symbols, most notably the Swastika (India, Pakistan, etc). He even designated the Japanese with a special award as “Honorary Aryans.” No joke. Look it up.

        15. Face. If you don’t understand that with the East Asians (especially Japan), you’re toast. Make sure you also read up on Confucius because that’s where China, Korea, and Japan’s concept of it comes from.
          If your wife’s Chinese, you’ll also get to find out all about Mian Zi, Lian Zi, and Guan Xi.

        16. ok, please explain to me what “face” culture means. I have no clue.
          oh wait… wikipedia explains:
          “The term face idiomatically refers to one’s own sense of dignity or prestige in social contexts. In the English-speaking world, the expression “to save face” describes the lengths that an individual may go to in order to preserve their established position in society, taking action to ensure that one is not thought badly of by his or her peers.”

      1. I would also say civic nationalism, intelligence and culture mean nothing if a demographic is unwilling to respect our nation’s founding ideals/traditions, or assimilate into them.

      2. The portion of the minority groups that have High IQ and “white” values are behind the Trump revolution 100%. You don’t have to be white to have those virtues.

        1. you can’t cherry pick, we have to be a 100 percent white nation. And who will those non-whites breed with

      3. Exactly. We need more civilized people who appreciate law and order. I served with a bunch of guys from Africa, Jamaica, Trinidad, etc. who wanted nothing to do with black ghetto “culture.” They worked hard and moved up through the ranks while all of the black trash were getting demoted and kicked out. I say send the Black Lives Matter shitbags to Liberia and Sierra Leone to make room for immigrants who want to come here and prosper.
        Ironically, Puerto Ricans who come here legally are less desirable than Mexicans who come here illegally. Most Mexican illegals I’ve met just want to come here to work, while most Puerto Ricans I’ve met are absolutely worthless and adopt black ghetto “culture.”

    3. The US will likely split apart into autonomous regions, if not sovereign nations within the next 20 years.

      1. Without famine, disease or total war, that may be the only viable option. The US (as in corporate entity / empire) has become too big to succeed. You cannot successfully manage this many people from one central location. I don’t know that it will happen in my lifetime, but I can certainly see it happening at some point in the future. I’ve said all along that if Trump actually builds the wall, he can keep on going with it halfway up the east border of California and take a hard left right out into the Pacific. Give them their their left-tard independence and see how they do on their own.

        1. My microeconomics textbook covered the topic of a corporation being too large to be efficient. I thought to myself, the same holds true for the US gov’t.

      2. Someone watched “The Last Ship” recently…
        But on a serious note should that happen…Im down with being a part of the reborn Lone Star Republic of Texas or LSRT for short.

        1. I’ve lived in Texas and I’d move there if they became their own nation.

      3. Probably the only good option, the coastal regions on the West and East Coasts are trying to push their values on the other regions, its not working out and the reason why national politics is getting so nasty. Years ago before the internet, each region was different but we all got along, now the coastal regions with their financial clout are trying to tell everyone else how to live, and that is not working out too well.

        1. Shame we can’t relocate all those bastards to the Badlands or northern Mississippi.

    4. It isn’t 1980 anymore and considering the corrupt cultural and the state of the current crop of American women, they are not coming back.
      There was a collision at sea recently with 7 dead US sailors as a result. Did you catch that? Here is their pic.
      Note that the mens origins are from the US, Vietnam, Guatamala, Phillipines and Okinawa. These men would always be welcome at my table.

    5. I think there are some cultures that can integrate that are not white. As long as they are not Muslim. Many Asians and whiites mingle nicely, for example. I prefer a Christian culture, but Buddhists and Hindus generally integrate well without radicalizing.

      1. Hindus self segregate and have a long history of civil violence and unrest. Odd, feminine creatures that tolerate just about anything for a buck. No thanks.

        1. They DO self-segregate. Less sure about the violence. Indian youngsters have much difficulty marrying out of their community. And those outside have trouble marrying in. But it stays civilized. Money is involved. They disinherit their kids but it stops there. You may just get killed for trying to violate the rules for Islam.

        2. What is wrong with self segregation. Most people prefer to associate with others like themselves. This is a human trait common to all. Why are we trying to socially engineer people counter to their natural inclinations?

        3. Main thing about the Indians who are not Muslim is they are not violent and do not turn into terrorists, for the most part do not leech off the state. I guess they good for running gas stations, covenience stores, and motels. Many of them are in professional occupations. Most immigrant groups who come to the US wind up dependent on welfare and create crime at least they live productive lives when they come here. Even Trump likes Indians, so that speaks volumes.
          The vast majority of Indians in America and other Western countries are EMPLOYED. The vast majority of Muslims, Blacks, Hispanics in America are on WELFARE.

        4. Blacks, Muslims, Hispanics will rob and rape you, Indians won’t, most of them do the jobs that most others won’t. Running a motel or a gas station is not the type of work most people are willing to do.

        5. I have no idea what kind of “non Muslim Indians” you know but the ones I do are the worst scammers on the planet. Lazy, effeminate, jealous and greedy as anything. I’ll take a working class black or Hispanic over and Indian any day of the week. Honestly, you’ve never heard of what they get up to over there ?

        6. They simply don’t have sufficient balls to actually do anything violent outside of a gang rape or assault. The mind is willing but the flesh is weak.

        7. Only their cowardice saves them from individual violence, here are many many examples of their mob violence and bullying once they have a majority. They are career shirkers and middlemen who are constantly calculating ways to minimize both work and a handout. Not interested, but thanks.

        8. Only niche they got in America is running convenience stores and gas stations, otherwise a bunch of rude, dirty, and backward people. The fact that they are even more backwards than Muslims says a lot.
          Indians like most Asians are generally very cowardly, so if they have contempt for you, they won’t show it to your face. That being said compared to inner city blacks in America, I do not think they are as bad, but I don’t think America should widen the door for them.
          And also they are not pushing their religion on non believers like the Muslims. Go to Western Europe, Muslim men marrying European women then the women wind up wearing hijabs and burqas, most of the Indians only marry their own.

  15. We already have 13 state legislatures that have voted for a constitutional convention. This is where the Constitution can be amended without Congress. Thirty-four states are needed to call for a convention and 38 needed to ratify an amendment. Everything is up for grabs during that process. The bright side is that there are more red states that blue.

  16. roosh looks like a terrorist
    he is an Iranian and apparently a muslim
    but what if he thinks you’re not white or muslim enough, or Jewish, then what ya gonna do
    lots of here on this site articles with dog whistles about Israel of the Jewish
    he seems like just another muslim predator of white women and Jewish
    let me tell ya, long time ago maybe i commented on his blog and he replied with some poem about sucking a babies blood, listening to it’s cooing turn into shrieks or something. always thought he was a psycho

    1. I remember 2 yrs ago the piece where Roosh said he hid in a mosque but I don’t remember him saying the latter half of the vid. It sounds like a digital slip at “check your prevelidge-ch-k your preveledge”. I do remember him saying he was baptized young in an Armenian Orthodox church. If it’s a digital creation it’s pretty slick.
      A Canadian company Lyrebird has an old ad for their digital voice generating software with artificial Trump, Obama and Hillary endorsing their product. The public version sounds robotic but the following demo at a seminar for Adobe Voco sounds real enough.


      Facial movements can also be digitized.

      And you have to admit Hillary’s ‘live’ performances in her last days were such a wipe out shit show. Those bastards. America will wipe its ass and the heels of it’s shoes with them soon.

      1. It was a joke video he made during the whole Battle of Montreal incident, where he tried to get the media to stop hounding him by saying he was Muslim and what he was doing was acceptable in his culture.

  17. Interesting Civil War map: Trans-Mississippi and Pacific theaters, I missed that.

  18. The trick is not to die for what you believe in, but to let enemies to die for what they believe in- socially, ideologically, or (in extreme cases) literally.

  19. Thank god there is an end to this political correct lunacy it along with feminism has been a massive virus on ALL western countries, thank god it’s over and it ends right here right now.

  20. Right is armed but peaceful. Calm but vigilant. Quietly preparing, but live and let live. THey just want to get up, work another day. Leftists are out of control, hysterical, angry violent. They perpetuate the random violence, but would get crushed by the right in a civil war. I would not want to be in a city near one of the hoods, though. Some of the thugs really do no how to fight, loot, and are armed.

  21. If anyone wants a fuller account of how both the North and South were damaged by the Civil War, I would recommend April 1865: The Month that Saved America by JayWinik
    The South was in complete ruins with most of the major cities having been burned to the ground. While the North won the war, its economy was in deep debt and economically ruined also. If the armies of the South had dispersed in order to carry on the war with partisan warfare, the country might have never recovered.

  22. A well-written article, I have a few thoughts on this:
    1. I agree on the long divorce option, but it might be out of our hands. Antifa can only throw bottles with M80 rockets and bludgeon the opposition long enough before they respond.
    2. There’s one factor that Roosh didn’t mention that I think would be worth mentioning: how a natural disaster would play into our future. It might not even be the left that triggers a hot civil war, it could be a heatwave that knocks out power for all the east coast, or a hurricane that floods roads in a major metropolitan area, thereby ensuring that stores have no food for 2+ weeks. Either of those could create that spark (think Katrina or Hurricane Sandy × 100).
    3. I’d also be worried about the UN’s influence as a “peacekeeper”, if we had a civil war. At least the Chinese and Russians only conduct foreign policy/interventions for a strategic reason… and their proxy meddling would be obvious.
    I’m more worried about EU “Do-gooders” who see deplorable such as us, as a “cancer”.

  23. Leftists will increasingly get violent in the short term because of their beliefs that they have to completely purge and purify the old social order. This ensures that as they lose, they’ll get more, not less, irrational because they country really is “racist” (or whatever buzzword you wish to insert) for rejecting them.
    The goal is ultimately to ride that wave out and so shock them that their temper tantrums aren’t getting rewarded anymore that they just check out. That lesson still needs to be implanted through years of losses. Last night’s special election was great.

    1. I recommend reading “enemies foreign and domestic”; “domestic enemies: The Reconquista”; and “Foreign Enemies and Traitors”
      The author, Matt Bracken, was a Navy Seal in the 80s, who spent time operating in Beirut. These books discuss the issues raised in this article .

  24. Another big reason things are heating up: the right’s recent discrediting and removal of the cuckservatives who used to stifle any pushback against the left. The cucks’ NeverTrump idiocy helped a lot.

  25. “The second component of the long divorce option is to excise the left from all centers of cultural power”
    All of you, any of you, that believe in Jesus Christ, start helping a Christian School now.
    Volunteer, give money (yes, yes, I said give money, the atheist/democrats are outspending us, lets hit them where it hurts, demographics), tutor them after school.
    Atheists control public schools, its what atheists do best, take over institutions, its how they brain wash the youth of America and tell them to hack their private parts up.
    America’s education started with churches, thats where it needs to return to. This will pay dividends when those tutored students become voters.

    1. The leftists are out spending us only because they are using our money. They extort it from us using the IRS then use it to under mine our values. If we want to win that battle we first have to make sure they have no access to our money. Hence, we must eliminate public education.

  26. “The left has decided that they no longer want to live among people who share different views than them.”
    I would make a small correction – the left has *admitted* it doesn’t want to live among people with different views. I think they’ve *always* wanted a one-party dictatorship that censors all criticism, it’s just that they used to hide that fact, and now they don’t hide it anymore.

  27. You can get women to admit they don’t care about ‘sufferage’. I’ve convinced a handful of young girls they don’t need or actually want to have the power to vote. Politics is messy, dirty and laden with scum. It’s not fun and girls just want to have fun. They just want to act like their opinion matters but if you can show them the kind of life they could have if they just trust in good men then they tend to renege.

  28. The die is cast and civil war is inevitable. You can’t turn off decades of stirring the pot and race baiting like a switch. There’s ZERO talk of reconciliation from the left and its allies. Once the economy blows sky high due to the inevitable blowup of global Ponzi finance, you’ll see a hot war. Hell, you might see it even before the economy blows up if Trump repeals Obamacare or goes full bore on immigration.

  29. This is pure wishful thinking, whether we like it or not, a civil war has to happen, there’s no such option as a long divorce without shading of blood. America has past the point of no return, you cannot attack the left without attacking jews who fund them. Most people try to ignore that fact but unless the jew is taken out first, then you’re wasting your time

  30. You want to know America’s future? Study the Spanish civil war. Same path and instigators.

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