Why Michelle Carter Was Properly Found Guilty Of Helping Her Male Friend Commit Suicide

A Massachusetts judge recently found 20-year old defendant Michelle Carter guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of her “boyfriend” Conrad Roy III.  The case had attracted national attention due to the unusual circumstances surrounding Roy’s death.  Media commentary focused on the fact that Carter’s role in Roy’s death revolved around the huge volume of text messages she sent him before and during his suicide.  Many voices wrongly saw this case as some sort of “free speech” issue; but closer examination of the facts paints the case in a very different light.  This was the act of a malevolent puppetmaster who manipulated a sick man right into his own grave.

Although Carter had used electronic communications to push Roy into suicide, the fact remains that the communications still constituted an egregious and utterly callous disregard for the safety of a man with significant mental health issues.  In the opinion of this writer, Carter’s behavior displayed a level of malice conscious premeditation that would have–and perhaps should have–justified a murder charge.

The Facts

On July 13 of 2014, Roy was found dead in the parking lot of a K-Mart store.  He was 20 years old at the time;  Carter was 17.  Investigators quickly focused their attention to large volume of text messages that had been exchanged between the two.  According to the prosecutors, between July 6 and July 12, Carter pestered Roy more than 40 times with text messages, asking when he planned to kill himself.  She knew that Roy had a history of depression and illness (he had made a previous suicide attempt in 2012).  It is important to note that these messages were not just questions:  they were insistent, strident calls for him to end his life.  She directed him to carbon monoxide poisoning as the most efficient way to end his life.  “It’s no big deal,” she told him.

Carter displayed a shocking level of malice and cruelty

Roy made his last phone call to Carter as he was carrying out his suicide plans; this call lasted about 43 minutes.  Carter than called Roy back; this call lasted 47 minutes.  At one point, Roy broke off his plan; he exited the car and told her that he could not go through with it.  “Get back in the fucking car,” was her response.  Roy did, and he died soon after.  In a text to a friend after Roy’s death, Carter bluntly stated,

His death is my fault…Like, honestly I could have stopped it. I was the one on the phone with him and he got out of the car because [it] was working and he got scared and I fucken told him to get back in … because I knew that he would do it all over again the next day and I couldn’t have him live the way he was living anymore.

“She used Conrad as a pawn in her sick game of death,” said the prosecutor to the court.  Carter’s  defense attorney, Joseph Cataldo, tried to paint a different picture of what happened.  Introducing the victim’s psychiatric records, he argued that Roy was already prepared to commit suicide, with or without any outside help.

The defense further argued that Carter’s own emotional problems were a mitigating factor in the case.  Her use of antidepressant medications, according to her attorney, may have impaired her judgment.  Cataldo also tried to cast his client as a passive bystander, claiming that “There’s no action.  He took his own life.  He took all the actions necessary to cause his own death.” The court, however, was not persuaded by these arguments.  Carter was judged guilty of involuntary manslaughter.


Legal and social pundits immediately honed in on the text-messaging nature of the case.  With its usual talent for missing the point, the American Civil Liberties Union thundered that the case “imperils free speech,” as if this case were anything about protected speech.  It is not.

Any criminal attorney can confirm the fact that many crimes can be committed with words alone:  felony criminal threat, solicitation, extortion, and even conspiracy.  Under the right circumstances, all of these crimes can be consummated by the emission of words alone.  It is irrelevant whether the words take place orally, in a text message, through a written letter, or through carrier pigeon.

Attempts to cast this case as some sort of “free speech” issue thus are completely misplaced.  Furthermore, it cannot be said that Carter’s role was one of a passive bystander.  Quite the contrary is true.  The evidence shows that Carter took an active and commanding role in the Roy’s death.  She helped him plan it, she hounded him to carry it out, and–most shockingly–she ordered him back into the carbon monoxide filled car when he had withdrawn from his plan.  Her role in Roy’s death was one of proximate causation; that is, “but for” her actions, the suicide as it happened would not have taken place.

Conrad Roy

Under the legal doctrine of proximate cause, something can be said to “cause” something else when it is sufficiently close in time and space to make a certain outcome “foreseeable” from a certain action.  Even if Carter had not ordered Roy back into the jaws of death (the poisoned car), there was probably sufficient evidence from all her other text messages to sustain a conviction for manslaughter.

It must be said that, as far as the defendant’s conduct is concerned, there are no mitigating factors in this case.  In essentially orchestrating Roy’s death, Carter displayed a level of malice and cruelty that is nothing less than shocking.  This is someone with no moral compass, a person for whom the normal feelings of compassion and kindness are utterly alien.  It no doubt weighed heavily on the court’s ruling.

The expression says it all: a callous contempt for the safety and lives of others

She clearly derived some sort of sick satisfaction from acting as Roy’s angel of death.  Hovering around him constantly, she exploited a confused, vulnerable, and impaired man to make herself feel a sense of power.  Some people are warped enough to find pleasure in playing God with other people’s lives, and this case was a perfect illustration of that.

Her conduct after his death make it clear that she planned to exploit the tragedy (that she herself had engineered) for her own attention-seeking purposes.  This was behavior that was pure evil, involving a level of planning and wickedness that go beyond an accidental manslaughter scenario.

The case was properly decided.  At sentencing, the court must take note of the unmitigated nature of the defendant’s conduct, and hand down an appropriate sentence.  Probation is not appropriate in this case.

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347 thoughts on “Why Michelle Carter Was Properly Found Guilty Of Helping Her Male Friend Commit Suicide”

  1. Mentally ill, indeed. How he was able to fuck that sour grapes looking woman is beyond me.

  2. She needs to be hung from a tree. That kid was messed up, vulnerable, and needed help. She preyed on him like a predator.

    1. Some how the exploiters and those prone to being exploited always seem to find one another…

  3. Her eyes betray her pitch black soul. Even Patrick Bateman doesn’t look half as crazy as her. I’m glad the judge gave the right verdict.
    But there are so many unanswered questions on that guy’s side: He attempted suicide before, so where were his parents? Why didn’t they help him recover? Why did he enter the relationship with her in the first place and why did he not break up with her after realizing her character?
    I think his death could have been prevented had his family been more involved in his life.

        1. I can’t imagine what that father is going through, but I think if I was him, I’d be swallowing a bullet after reading that shit from my dead son.

        2. My intuition is that the father was something of a lost soul himself, before this tragedy.
          Fathers: whatever your failings and limits, you can’t be lost. You can’t be loveless in the giving or the receiving. And you can’t be weak.

        3. Often, parents try to turn frogs into dogs, so to speak. So you have the jock dad who can’t accept his kid is a computer geek or the accountant dad who despises his kid’s talent at guitar or drums. Message to parents: Just play the f*cking hand you’re dealt. If your kid is polite, decent, and doing well, who cares if his interests or ideas don’t mirror your own? Kids are individuals. You will never turn Bill Gates into Bill Murray (or vice-versa) so don’t try. Learn to accept each one on his own merits.

    1. His death could have also been prevented if he had found RoK and the ‘sphere.
      Game saves lives, gentlemen.

      1. Right. He should have gamed her and gained competence in pulling her strings instead. Still I believe excess heavy metals played a part in his adolescent anxiety. He worked in his father’s ship/boat business which you’re rolling in mercury and lead fumes. Some people are more suceptable. He had proficiency in captaining a boat still.

    2. He’s now on wiki and his highschool is on wiki too as of recently. He’s the only noted alumni. The entry is that recent.
      Other facts like his family was quite involved with him. He was conrad roy iii. His father ran a marine salvage business recovering shipwrecks and the son had gained his captain’s lic.
      It is possible that heavy metals had a part in Conrad’s mental issues which began after adolescence since his mother claims he was happy until his teens. Cutting torches create fumes like lead oxide, chromium, cadmium, tin, arsenic, and many ship parts are zinc coated which produces heavy zinc oxide fumes when torched. Mercury is also a real booger if you eat large fish a lot. The larger the fish, the more mercury accumulation. Many alloys also contain mercury. Heavy lead and mercury is my best guess as to what triggered his adolescent problems.
      Otherwise he excelled at school with 3+ gpa, was on rowing team, track and in a fairly cultured white bred area of the country. The area in Mass has a strong elitist presence but his family was hard working and ran a boat business.
      The girl texted him after his death 80 times purportedly, saying “I’m sorry” and “I read somewhere that if you agree with the person they probably won’t do it” and “I’ll miss you here on my birthday”.
      The case was aggressively pursued I believe like the OJ case which was really to plaster ‘BLACK MAN – WHITE WOMAN’ screenshots across MSM screens constantly over the summer of ’94. Remember all the OJ/Nicole pics on the news. It was all a subliminal advertizement for ‘BIG BLACK MAN next to HOT WHITE FARMGIRL TURNED HO!’. It was played over and over – – NIGGAZ FUCK ALL DA WHITE HO’S’, ‘OPEN SEASON ON WHITE GIRLS. Look America ‘OJ FUCK FUCK FUCKED LOVELY HOT WHITE WOMAN – YOU SHOULD TOO!’. America got the message after the millionth time, or at least the more suggestable idiot and debased girls did.
      CONRAD’S media case is being hyped today in the same fashion in all the tabloids as such: ‘LOOK AMERICA. GIRLS CAN AND DO PULL THE MAN’S STRINGS LIKE A PUPPET!’. ‘YOU CAN TOO!’. And THAT’S the real subliminal message being conveyed by all the excess publicity over the case! – Case rested.

  4. Fat head scrunchy face, almost looks like she has downs in the last pic. Oof. What a callous bitch.

  5. Big White Pill: the courts decided against a woman!!!
    Time for celebration!
    The tide is turning and the army is headed towards the right direction!
    On a side note: If I saw that woman on the street… I ‘d move to the sidewalk on the other side of the street… provided there is any… Still I ‘d move to the other side of the street.

  6. I read this in the news and knew wed get an roo article.

    I hope the sentencing is tough, but I doubt it

  7. I agree with you QC. This is the “yelling fire in a crowded theater” scenario. Very emblematic of women vs men. Men are overt. They fight or yell at each other . Chicks are sneaky ,backbiting. Chilling really. Listening to Rush Limbaugh now who supported the Free Speech defense …Said “you’re criminalizing thought.” etc….

  8. Falter and become vulnerable in front of a woman and this is what happens, in the most extreme form. (Usually they just lose interest and passive-aggressively nuke the relationship forcing the man to dump her so she can save face).
    How many times did this extreme form happen that we do not know about?

    1. I have said it a million times on this site and every time I do people jump on me for it, but if you are going to keep a woman she better fucking believe deep in her soul that if she goes to far you will beat the shit out of her. If you want a woman to be a part of your life and you are willing to slap her around when it is called for then you are asking for it.

      1. My major criticism of it would be, there are not any women worth keeping around long-term. They’re all interchangeable.

        1. You won’t get an argument from me on this for sure John. I am with you 100% which is why I qualify it by saying “if you want….”
          My normal cycle as I have mentioned here is 8 weeks. Not all of them make it to 8 weeks and once in a while some make it past (3 in the last 3 years — technically 4 as the last one was a pair of sisters, but it was one relationship). But there is not one of them who has seen me for 2 dates who doesn’t know full well that there is, somewhere, a line that if she crosses I will knock her the fuck out and by the time 2 weeks passes ive usually slapped them around at least once to keep them in line — not hard, not mean, not to leave a mark…just as a quick cup of reality coffee about how the power dynamic works. Every single one of them has told him that they loved it…every.single.one and the ones I wind up speaking to later all complain that they have problems dating because men don’t want to act like men.

        2. I’m with you. And I think it is a shame that this is even up for debate. When a woman crosses the line, it is ok to give her a nice firm slap across the face. On more than one occasion the girls responded with, “I feel much closer to you now. I feel like you really care about me.” And these are not trashy women with low self esteem as one might refute. To teach a woman that there are no consequences for her shitty behavior is much more damaging.

        3. To the extent that it was once socially permissible for a man to slap a woman in this way, it has now become socially and legally toxic for a man to do so. One of the main reasons this happened is because of weak men who turned their women into punching bags.
          The last thing we need if for some pussy beta to go punch his old lady in the mouth and then say RoK said it was okay.

        4. I do it frequently and it has never been a problem. In fact, quite the contrary. There is a way to do it too…you can’t lash out in anger…that is the kind of abusive over the top shit that is actually wrong and which current society is an overcompensation towards. I will give you a for instance
          Just a few months ago a girl who I was seeing came by my place drunk as a fucking skunk and wearing an outfit better suited towards stripping saying she was on her way out to this bar and just wanted to show me what she was wearing and then took my hand and put it under the dress to I could feel a) no panties and b) as moist as the ocean.
          This is in direct response to me telling her I didn’t want a relationship and didn’t feel like hanging out that night. So in her huge heels and stripper dress holding my hand on her pussy at like 12:30 am with tears in her eyes says something stupid. I pulled my hand away, rubbed my fingers with her moisture and the belted her right in the face. all fingers, not palm, but hard enough to wake her the fuck up, then I grabbed her hair and dragged her kicking and screaming through my living room into my bedroom, threw her on my bed, slapped her a few more times, told her I am going to pour myself a drink and she should take a few seconds to think about what the fuck she was doing. When I came back to the room she was naked in my bed waiting for me to dick her down.
          Around 4 when I got her an uber to bring her home and she was standing there in some of my sweats and a tshirt she thanked me for taking care of her.

        5. Look, lolknee, not all of us are fortunate enough to live the Penthouse Forum life. You are, and that’s awesome for you. And I don’t say that to suggest you aren’t telling the truth — I know there are lots of guys who can and do routinely get away with that kind of shit with women.
          But you are an outlier. Not everyone can live the life you live. Guys reading this need to understand that you can’t just smack a bitch and expect it to end up like a lolknee story.

        6. Just so we’re on the same page. Did my statement suggest that it is okay for a beta to lose their cool and treat their woman like a punching bag?

        7. No, it absolutely did not. I freely admit to being a petulant pansy about the issue.

        8. I am not an outlier at all though. This is my life simply because I make it this way. I really think that any guy can do this and will actually be successful doing it. It will take some trial and effort and a little practice and a few face falling failures here and there, but it really is the province of all men.
          Think through, with the story part gone, what has happened here. A girl who obviously likes me (she wouldn’t have come by my house to make me jealous otherwise) shows up totally fucking wasted and trying to get a rise out of me. Rather than give her what she thinks she wants and beg her not to go or tell her to go fuck herself and kick her out, I slap her around in a way that wakes her up a little, that she wasn’t expecting but wasn’t hard enough to leave any bruises. She finds herself in my bed which is where she wanted to be in the first place (women don’t show up after midnight if they don’t want to get fucked) and doesn’t go out and do something that she knows, as she sobers up the next day, would have been a terrible mistake. She thanks me for it. When you break the story down to its constituent elemental facts it is nothing other than me giving her exactly what she needed and her being grateful for it.
          Given the same situation what would most men do? I dare say it is a perfectly normal situation that you tell a girl that fooling around is all there is and she gets upset, drunk, slutted up and comes over to try to make you jealous. That isn’t particularly unusual. So what about me and my actions are penthouse forum. That I didn’t cry and say “baby please don’t do this?” That I didn’t say “fine go do what you want” that I didn’t just try to be nice and keep her attention? The only difference between me and the vast multitude of men who get themselves in this same situation all the time is that I never hesitated for a moment to jaw her a little bit. I knew I wouldn’t hurt her. It’s not like I punched her in the face. She got the attention she was craving, she didn’t make the bad decision she was threatening and she even got fucked which is what she wanted…but she also got a little taste of discipline and loved it.
          No thales, I am not…in this regard…special in any way. Yes, every man can and should act this way.

        9. It is comments like these that make me come to this site. Thanks for this piece of wisdom, man.

        10. Thanks man, a great compliment. I know that when you tell the story it sounds outlandish, but in the end it is a very common place situation that many if nor most single men find themselves in at one point or another and it is, I believe, a very good way to deal with it.

        11. Jingo, this is exactly the problem. Some beta losing their cool and beating, I mean really beating their woman….that shit is totally unacceptable. Those people should be put in jail. The problem is that society has a very natural instinct to go after these fucking dirtbags and in doing so over reacts so much that if you curse at a woman you are now an “abuser” Notice how specific I was about pointing our that when I slapped her I used only fingers and not the palm. I was in control the whole time. Now some feminist may call that abuse and if I did it in public I very well may be carted away to jail, but in the right circumstances, in control, it is 100% the right thing to do and the only reason people think it isn’t is because of an over reaction to the assholes that genuinely beat their women.

        12. Breaking it down into its constituent parts and explaining exactly what is going on during the interaction at each step is the vital part.
          All men can and should act masculine and definitively. But not every guy is at the same level. Some guys need to start out in the shallow end first.
          And not every technique is for every guy. We all have to know ourselves well enough to know what works and what doesn’t, what we can actually pull off, and what we shouldn’t try because it might not end well.

        13. Everyone stats at the same level…the beginning. I started young so I got a bit of a head start but sure as shit I have fallen on my face a bunch of times often embarrassing myself in hilarious ways and occasionally really suffering. The fact that you have to start at the beginning, practice, accept defeat with good humor and work at something is no excuse not to do it ya know. The truth is, as fucked as I have got in the process of learning to be me, it would have been much worse (and has been much worse for others) who simply go through life giving in to women.

        14. True. But more than that you will never be accused of anything if she is too busy thanking you for taking care of her. Christ, I should show you some text messages….

        15. lets get a mini series of lolknee text messages.
          we’ll be famous.
          since its my idea i demand a modest 90% of the profits.

        16. I save so many (thanks to ROK suggesting it btw). I have some real dooseys. If I could sit around and organize them by thread or topic I could def write a book called “Screen Cap: The Dating Life of Knee”

        17. I get it and there are fine lines and a man needs to control his temper…it can never be from anger, but with practice one learns that a physical expression will say a lot more in a much shorter time and is what the world needs.

        18. cover photo of you in a santa costume spanking people you have bent over on your knee?

        19. No way — him in a bar, raising a glass, plowing a hot chick in a clown costume bent over the bar stool in front of him.

        20. I may be a little slow here, but why giver her what she wants/needs if you don’t care? A public service?

        21. Fair enough question. I desired to continue fucking her at the time. I was dating her in my own way. I am not just a one night stand man, I feel my short relationships with women are just that, relationships

        22. O that makes sense now. I thought she’d been cast off already. Right, no “girlfriend” (regardless of intensity/duration/exclusivity) should pull that kinda crap without consequences.
          Carry on.

        23. I bet the something stupid she said was how she was going to fuck a rando or two that night because you “didn’t want her”

        24. Yes the polar reaction. This didn’t work so let’s do the polar opposite is really the essence of stupidity.

      2. That’s the reason I prefer sanity in my women. My skills are still basic, but I can see a mental case when I see it.

        1. Of course. That’s why you pick the relatively sanest woman you can find.

        2. In the words of Chico Marx
          You no-a fool-a me. There ain’t no such thing as a sanity clause

        3. I’d be an idiot to disagree with a man of your experience, but something about women being inherently insane doesn’t sit right with me.

        4. I wouldn’t go as far as to say they are inherently insane any more than I would say that pitbulls are inherently violent. Pits make incredibly loving pets when they are raised and disciplined correctly. Women aren’t sane the way that men would be sane or inane. Women are followers. Without discipline they become rabid. Will abuse they become rabid. A well disciplined woman will act well as long as you keep the discipline up and even a totally rabid one can be tamed if you aren’t afraid to use the whip when necessary.

        5. I think the pit bull comparison is completely apt, because no matter how sweet and loving and tame you think they are, either one of them can snap one day and totally rip your face off.

        6. they can, but the odds of them doing so come down to how much they respect their master.

        7. missing hubcap reminds me of a story: friend’s dad had a classic car(chevelle maybe- mint condition) he was talking us somewhere, dunno where, but he hit a massive pothole on the BQE-BOOM!- we saw three of the four hubcaps rolling out in front of us on the road. He was so pissed, he seriously considered pulling over so he could catch the hubcaps

        8. I’ll raise you one – I DID pull over to recover a runaway hubcaponce, from the middle lane on the southern state!

        9. Of course, there is also the saying “Crazy in the head = crazy in the bed.” From my experience it’s true. But YMMV.

        10. Great Comment! You’re very generous with your time and distribution of sound and oftentimes, hilarious advice – maybe some of these guys will take you out for a drink as a thank you!
          As a happily married guy for almost 20 years, AND a rescuer of Pitbulls for 25 years, I can personally attest to the validity of your comment. Discipline is absolutely key. With Proper Discipline, you not only command respect from others, but maintain solid relationships as well.

        11. Since we are on the pitbull analogy. My sister had a pitbull that had pups. The mother had been raised well in a family around three children. She was for all appearances a good friendly dog. My stepson wanted to see the pups, they were in a bedroom that was set aside for just the dogs, so he walked into the room and the bitch attacked him. The bites were not severe but unprovoked. My point, (I don’t want to hear about, “she was in mother protection mode.” is that bad and even dangerous personality issues can be hidden until the right/wrong circumstances arise. I am referring to the “nice pitbull” (NAWALT), we all hear about by their admirers, but none the less, the quality is there, waiting to express itself.

      3. Spot on. Think about it. There is nothing more forbidden in the West than violence. Women are terrified at the idea of a violent status quo: they have absolutely nothing to do in that situation.

      4. She has to submit to you. Deep down it’s in their programming to do so.
        In this case, she knew by his face that he wasn’t man enough to slap her around. Even I can see it in his face. Physiognamy.

        1. Sometimes I wonder if it’s a chicken and egg thing. Like can you train yourself and if so does it change your Face?

      5. You are hilarious, being a strong man and keeping a happy marriage is about being a good provider and using more subtle techniques to keep your woman in line. This includes withdrawing supports for her unnecessary spending when she displeases you, being honest in your assessment of her i.e.: “yes you did look hotter before you had our children but you can again by eating less”.
        Women respond well to this type of order and security in their lives, guidance so to speak not the fear of being beaten the shit out of.
        Of course a good fucking every now and then let’s them how you feel about how they look. Conversely not fucking her conveys the same message to her vain values.

        1. I won’t presume to talk about what keeps a happy marriage as that is out of my field of expertise. However, I do know how to keep a woman in line and have her beg for a good dicking down for a few months and then send her on her way wishing she had more. As for being married, I could never do it…I have a general policy about not fucking married women….that said, we all slip up here and there

        2. Fair enough, I read the comments where you clarify but man you are playing a dangerous game slapping women routinely. Not necessarily your fault but I could see how your story of slapping a drunk woman, fucking her and then rejecting her because she is clearly of low value could be construed as rape story when the ho speaks to her ho friends in the morning before going to the cop shop to file a statement about the mean man. A dangerous game indeed.

        3. there is an art to it for sure and I am playing a dangerous game, but honestly it is no more dangerous than the game men play letting women walk all over them.

        4. also, as a side note, I didn’t reject her and she didn’t have a low value at all. In fact, I am still fucking her. She is incredibly attractive, great in bed and has a really good job. I only rejected the notion of a monogamous relationship. If I slapped her, fucked her, booted her out the door and then blocked her number that would be different, but I had no intention of getting rid of her otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered educating her.

        5. That is true, men are routinely mentally abused by women and seem to just suck it up. Whatever your end game is in terms of the sexual marketplace a man needs a game plan to keep his woman in line & im not sure most have. You do, stay safe, enjoy your art and don’t get rape baited by a jealous slut.

        6. When one of the ho’s you slap, fuck and order an uber at 4am to get out of your house takes the hump i don’t see that standing up in court. You can be sure your best defense in that likely scenario is that she is a low value ho who regularly gets slapped and fucked! Have you considered that by rocking up to your house at 12 am, dressed like a slut with no knickers on her way to get more drunk that she is skank? Perhaps her snatch got wet blowing some guy on her way to yours?Slapping, Fucking & dumping deluded self righteous, entitled sluts is a very dangerous hobby.

        7. might have. I don’t own these whores and I don’t want to. I dont’ think so in this case, but it isn’t my problem. As for the chance of getting myself in deep shit, yeah, everything has risks…but I have not seen any trouble yet and I have been at this for a very long time and I would much rather just be me.

        8. thanks man. Ya know, I have seen friends that basically given in to their women or placate them and they are fucking miserable. Like really miserable. I am not an advocate of violence against women. Much to the contrary. If you cold clock a woman who hasn’t hit or otherwise physically attacked you then you are a total scum bag in my book. But a slap or jostling her around…I honestly believe that at times when it is called for, if you remain in control during it, remain calm etc that not only is it good for you because you are standing up for yourself, but it is good for her because you are helping her and it is good for the relationship because you establish the power dynamic. Everything in life carries a risk, but not everything carries a reward and there is no chance in the fucking world that I am going to suffer the way that I see guys suffer when a situation like this presents itself and they let themselves be steam rolled by the power of the pussy. I’d rather be a celibate monk,

    2. “Falter and become vulnerable in front of a woman, and this is what happens.”
      Absolutely right. They may inspire us, motivate us, drive us in a direction, just as the Muses of the ancient world were said to. But, they will never heal you. And should you show weakness, you will pay for it.

    3. A lot of women do the same thing and goad someone on to do something. Her texts revealed what they revealed in black and white but her intentions only she knows. She texted him 80 times after his death saying “I thought you wouldn’t do it” and “I read on the web if you agree with a person, they might not do it” and “I can’t believe you actually did it, I’ll miss you on my birthday”.
      Back before texting, no one would ever know a detailed account of the communicado. I once knew a flaky woman, intelligent but you’d swear she had malicious intent. The woman would covertly suggest doing risky things that could cause harm. Maybe she was a secretive psychopath. Women are weak but can whisper deceitful suggestions to a stronger person. That’s the problem. You never BELIEVE IN a woman. You keep her under your belt and under control. If only MCGOO could have councelled Conrad. An improperly managed woman grows like a weed, like a thoroughbred horse untamed and not broken young and released wild on a range. Worthless for anything other than meat and impossible to tame and domesticate afterwards. If you show weakness, even a flaky mother will turn up the neurotic ding bat cacophony to make you bang your head against the wall. A big sister will do that too. Even a spouse or drama queen aunt. That’s why all women need to be properly managed by a patriarch. They’re all quack crack crazy ass sensitive machines with a precise function to spit out a continuance of our DNA chain from between their thighs. If I had a uterus and if I had that responsibility, I’d be flaky and uncentered as fuck too and praying that some patriarch come along and slam down some good hard paramaters to keep me in line and prevent me from chewing off my own tail. I’d be half crazy too if I was a woman and boy am I glad I’m not. Controlling a woman is the perfect job just cut out for the analytical male mind.

    1. Yeah, I mean, I am not without sympathy but I think this kid was on the path to offing himself one way or the other….
      Sad no one got through to him first.

      1. I would agree. Right before Christmas last year, we had an young male employee hang himself. His father found him in his room after his supervisor called as he didn’t show up for the night shift. Father came to the plant and asked the guys on the floor if anything was amiss because he had no clue. Nothing. The other guys on his shift said they had agreed to go out on Saturday night, so they were quite shocked as he was. He was liked by his peers and his supervisor said there was never an issue with him and his performance record was fine.
        When the plant MD got done telling me about this I asked him, “did he recently end a relationship with a woman?” He said he didn’t know. “Ah. Guess we never will.”

  9. Conrad Roy needed *us*– he needed the ‘Sphere. Instead, he found a predator that wanted to snuff his light and consume his soul.
    90 days of exposure to RoK would have armored him, helped him see at least part of the path through his misery, given him hope.

  10. I have to admit that this case really, really angered me. And the commenters here are absolutely right that if this kid had had some positive influences in his life, if he had someone to guide him, this could have been avoided.
    Men and boys in the US are being subjected to institutionalized, systematic oppression. It’s done in a whole variety of ways: in popular culture, through the legal system, the media, the behavior of the women towards men, everything. Men are literally being hounded to death. They are being brainwashed by the culture to think that they are both worthless and “privileged” at the same time. All of us must reject this brainwashing and fight fight ferociously against it. Don’t ever let anyone denigrate or discriminate against you.
    Thank God this was one of those rare instances where the conduct was so “over the top” that they couldn’t ignore it. But how many other scenarios out there happen like this every week? I’ll bet there are many.

    1. Amen. I encourage everyone reading this… if you know a guy who you think might be having some issues, reach out to him. Just try. You don’t have to give him the hard Red Pill sale if you don’t think he could handle it. But just reach out to him and let him know he isn’t alone, and that a ton of other guys are all going through the same kinds of things, and that many of us are trying to work together to help each other out as much as we can.

      1. “You don’t have to give him the hard Red Pill sale if you don’t think he could handle it.”
        This, right here. You’re absolutely right. What you CAN do, however, is plant a “Red Pill seed.”
        I have a friend who, three years ago, was in a very similar situation. He had literally been fired from his job and evicted from his apartment all within a span of three days. The situation itself was a catch-22: he couldn’t afford gas to get to work, he couldn’t work to pay his bills (including gas). He was ready to end it all.
        So, my wife and I brought him to our house and let him live with us for a while until he got back on his feet. It took a lot of effort on everyone’s parts, but he slowly got with it. He now has his own place, has been with the same company for three years, he has a healthy circle of friends besides me, and probably what I’m most proud of is that he’s taken a real interest in his own health, identity, and masculinity that he’s taken up powerlifting – which is something that’s inspired me.
        By helping him, he helped me, and now he stands on his own two feet, fully Red Pill conscious. All because we planted the seed. If Michelle Carter had any decency, she’d have helped him out too, and not in the sick way she thought she “helped.”

        1. I’m not a very religious person, but God bless you. There’s a big difference between pampering a person and helping him to fell back on his own feet.

        2. I´m glad that a mentally ill person is out of the streets. Also another one is in the prison, WIN WIN.

        3. I see no reason that you should be happy for the death of Conrad Roy. The kid was let down by his father, the men around him and society as a whole. This evil bitch should never had a chance to hurt him.

        4. Kudos to you and your wife. I have a HUGE amount of respect for what y’all did. That’s really inspiring.

    2. White men in particular are told they are “privileged” and yet browbeaten to death at the same time. Here’s the latest SJW wet dream video game, a Nazi occupied USA in the 1960s or 1970s where the KKK are everywhere (3:17) and are “emboldened” enough to walk freely on the street. Oh and “white boys” (4:41) are all suspect to be “Nazis” unless proven otherwise.
      KILL the Nazi’s / KKK / Alt-Right / Conservatives / Anti-Communists!!!

      1. Ok you are trying way too hard now with the Wolfenstein 2 vid. Nazi’s have always been the main enemy of the franchise since 1981. While I agree that in general the video game industry has been taken over by SJW’s(and receiving a big backlash because of it) I dont see this game as the appropriate example.

        1. They are taking it to an anti-Trumpian level now with KKK members being recruited off the streets, like…. they are just everywhere. Looks like the America Nazi’s want to build big walls too…

        2. One of the main points of wolfstein is that the Nazi’s won WWII. So it wouldn’t surprise me in Nazi occupied America that there would be KKK members running amuck.

        3. I’m pretty sure a Nazi victory in World War II wouldn’t have entailed a successful invasion of North America. Too much sea logistics (Nazi Germany would essentially need a successful capture of Newfoundland to stage ANYTHING in North America, much like the USA needed Great Britain for Europe), too much American defense, too much American manpower, and the most strapped up civilian population in the entire world. WOULD NOT HAPPEN.
          Both Japan and Germany never even considered a manned invasion of the U.S. mainland. Neither of them were that stupid or crazy. They merely wanted long-range bombers to strike targets on the mainland and negotiate peace terms which would be the most beneficial for them.

        4. Dude it’s a video game. Don’t expect a realistic scenario. If you want something even more un realistix try home front where instead of the Nazi’s it’s North Korea that invades and occupies the U.S (bwahahahabahahaha)

        5. I was of the understanding it was supposed to be China (which would be a lot more plausible), but they were afraid it would hurt sales too much in that market or just be outright banned. haha

        6. The problem there is that the old games were cartoonish and goofy with paranormal garbage thrown in. Like an Indiana Jones movie.
          This new series, as Constantin pointed out, takes itself far more seriously. Take a look the YouTube comments, if you dare.

      2. Played Wolfeinstein The New Order. Decent game but it took itself WAAAAY too seriously. I wish it would go back to the first one where Nazis being enemy was just an excuse to go on a rampage and massacre bitches with no regard to story. Good times.

      3. I never played video games, and seeing this glad I never did. Just like movies and TV, its played a role into turning people into mindless fools. Most people can’t tell what they are seeing is fantasy and not real life. All the subliminal messages are succeeding in manipulating people.
        I notice people try to make connections to real life in films and movies, people who make them have to find inspiration somewhere. But they are all fantasy, not real life. Anyway if Hollwyood started making “realistic” films the masses wouldn’t be eating them up, especially the foreigners, particularly in third world countries who have a highly distorted view of American life.
        Some people knock down older men who lift and weights and are into body building, dismissing them as gays, but its not true, and its much better than sitting on your ass playing some inane fantasy that gives you a false sense of accomplishment.

      4. LOL the communist are the good guys, they aren’t even subtle anymore, are they?!

    3. I’ve got to agree with you. this case however isnt that uncommon. males of all ages are getting left behind in the various institutions of the world and becoming mentally unhinged. those that dont find the red pill get lost. some die sadly.
      even those that find the red pill can go insane unable to bear the hard truth.

    4. Quintus is correct and he’s doing a good job at reversing this with his translations of Classical works. The Classics used to be an integral part of a young man’s education and he shows us why – the grounding of identity through the historical examples of manly fortitude. This young man would have been well-served by reading Quintus’ translation of Cicero here: http://masculineepic.com/index.php/2017/04/19/on-duties-review/
      Coming soon will be a post about his work on Sallust. I would read them if I were you.

    5. I am a free-speech absolutist, and when I first heard about this case, I (like some) figured that it was a first amendment issue. But as the specifics of the case came to light, it is clear that this has nothing to do with freedom of speech, and everything to do with depraved, black-souled disregard for the value of human life– male human life.
      Because, what the boy was after was a taste of being treated like a man. She was able to shame him into getting back into the carbon monoxide flooded car and end his life, because he was looking for honor and masculine follow through. What makes me so furious and sad is that to the boy, he was accomplishing something, transitioning from a state of total uselessness into one of seriousness and value. But to her, she was simply extinguishing an irritant while riding on a minuscule power trip, at the cost of a life.

      1. I agree. Her conversations with him amount to reckless negligence, a form of manslaughter.

      2. If a bitch told me to kill myself, I would snap her fucking neck. I still don’t get it how retarded some people are, well atleast the gene pool has improven a bit.

        1. Teen boy with hormones, no support, and a society that hates him. This is why strong fathers are so desperately needed to help guide their sons to the strength that we have as adults. Because everyone else will shit on them.

    6. Great article, Quintus. Over at Cosmo, unbearable feminist Jill Filipovic has written a long, pretentious defense of Carter. Her point is that words don’t kill people. Since Conrad Roy was mentally ill, this doesn’t wash.
      If anyone here is still on Twitter, can you please Tweet to her the following: “If ‘words don’t kill,’ I guess it’s OK to tell the mentally challenged to put the fork in the electric socket, then?”.

      1. Thanks man…
        It’s even more horrifying than most people think. I read some stuff (I could not verify it, so I didn’t put it in the article) that she was actually planning on setting up a “charity event” for Conrad Roy. She was going to try to attention-whore and profit from the very young man she essentially murdered.
        Could you imagine anything more grotesque? More blackhearted? I can’t.

        1. Unfortunately, I don’t find it that unsurprising or beyond belief at all.

        2. Just one other note: I’ve gotten criticism over at Heartiste for mentioning Cosmopolitan. But while no one was looking, this magazine and Teen Vogue started taking on SJW causes. They are now considered MAJOR influences on young women when it comes to politics (Google it). THIS is where the average woman is getting her info, and if people on the right ignore it or laugh about it, they’re going to be blindsided by a tidal wave of Millennial women with voting power. It would be great to see ROK, Vox Day, and the rest of the manosphere acknowledge what’s happening now. That means keeping up with Teen Vogue and Cosmo, like it or not. Lets be a new generation of conservatives who keep up with trends, not the fat old National Review crowd, who still thinks its 1955.

        3. How about Red Pill Media producing a teen mag that inspires them in a different way? One that a current Father, a potential Husband and future Children could be proud of?

        4. Maybe. It think it would be harder to get teenager girls reading that when Teen Vogue was already in their hands (which is why their move into politics was so subversive). Maybe this is one of the ways those female conservative vloggers like Lauren Southern and Brittney Pettibone can expand their audience. Maybe they should be wooing the Cosmo crowd.

      2. To see her justification of it is quite frightening to be honest. To think that someone could rationally suggest that this person had absolutely nothing to do with this boys death is unfathomable.
        UNTIL, you see that this person has no kids at 34 years old and is about to marry after riding the carousel in her prime.

      3. There’s no reasoning with feminists. They really are just beyond help.

        1. There is reasoning with them. A very hard bitch slap across the face. If that doesn’t work, then a swift palm strike does well. Save the elbow and knee strikes for the white knights.

        2. Exactly like Nathan Damigo did with that anarchist matted hair broad. He gave her a haymaker and she might have spent some time time on Coma Island 🌴 after that incident.

      4. I read the Cosmo article.
        First half was well written and thought provoking, despite whatever bias. Second half made no sense. I could not summarize it for you, because there was no argument to summarize. Odd, because it seemed just as well written as the first half. But it was just… stylistically coherent gibberish. If I tried to tell you what it said I would have to make something up. Just a bunch of examples of tragedy (feelz) minus a unifying thread.

    7. Does anyone think that the ACLJEW would have gotten involved in this if the defendant was a White male of European descent?

    8. Perhaps in this way the supportive ones (such as yourself) are stronger men than I — I’m not ready to admit this is a problem yet. I’m not really feeling sensitive to the outcome though I agree with the sociological trends you point out, QC…
      I have a fairly unyielding and Darwinian stance on this one…if you’re weak/dumb enough at any age to fall under her spell and let her be the invisible hand, well…not terribly mad/sad about the dude getting coerced into suicide. Can’t save ’em all…weird shit happens.

    9. Quote:Men and boys in the US are being subjected to institutionalized, systematic oppression?.
      But any red blooded man accepting that oppression, lack of “Moral Fiber” !
      Question to those men ?? Are you a mouse ? Or are you a man ??

    10. White Males are the target and not other races, let’s just be very clear about that.

    11. She will get away scott free, the justice system is too lenient for women and the sad fact is this psycho has probably a horde of lowgrade beta whiteknights who will defend her, in short nothing will happen.

  11. its pretty clear that she is a psycho- predatory girl that took advantage of a disenfranchised, insecure young boy,

  12. Women think they have a right to say anything they want, any way they want to say it, to any man anywhere, and men are just supposed to suck it up and act like guilty, disposable, sub human flotsam. It’s time to claim our right to person hood. Do not assume the position for any woman any more.

  13. Anyone of you noticed the rise in the number of completely reclusive young men? 30 years ago, the joke was that the “nerd” was some day going to be your boss. They were the kids who stayed out of the social circles, and hung out at the libraries. Now, the kids staying out of the social circles are at home, playing video games, watching anime, and viewing porn. Not exactly the type of activity that will produce your next generation of scientists.

    1. fair point
      but can we honestly blame them?
      why go date when girls act like what they do now? why contribute to society when society is about to break apart….for instance why pay taxes into social security when it wont be there for you? why get married when its a 50/50 chance of getting divorce raped?
      and we’re both religious mormon folks….but why attend church when its full of cuckservatives?
      honestly….what incentive is there for males to become men anymore? you can deliver pizza and live. you can jerk off to porn and at least that way dont have to worry about if your woman is going to watch oprah a and decide you dont make her happy anymore and take half your crap.
      there are clear reasons my generation has said fuck you guys. its cause we got birthed into a dying shit storm….the worst however is the poor bastards who are under 10. i at least got a slight sniff of the good times.

      1. I really wish there were easy answers to this. I see the haughty young women at church, most all of them think they are all that. I see the young men, shot down, ridiculed, and ignored for the most part. A few guys get the attention, and the girls swoon over to the 10%, not giving 90% the time of day. Definitely an out-of-balance market these days, much worse than when I was a kid.
        “the worst is the poor bastards who are under 10″…….I think it will hit the young women the hardest. The young men are taught to improve themselves and deal with it. The young women are given a cushy ride until they are 30, and then they are dumped, left to wonder what happened. Reminds me of Isaiah 3:
        16 Moreover the Lord saith, Because the daughters of Zion are haughty, and walk with stretched forth necks and wanton eyes, walking and mincing as they go, and making a tinkling with their feet:
        17 Therefore the Lord will smite with a scab the crown of the head of the daughters of Zion, and the Lord will discover their secret parts.
        18 In that day the Lord will take away the bravery of their tinkling ornaments about their feet, and……..etc.
        26 And her gates shall lament and mourn; and she being desolate shall sit upon the ground.
        They are given the feminist lie, that they believe because the lie benefits them….for awhile. That is until they find they are alone and unwanted anymore.

        1. its not even just the fact that the men are shot down while the women go for 10% of the men….its the fact that the women are vapid. they have no substance. the only difference between them is how well they dress up and look good.
          mentally they are retarded beyond words. contrast that to say my mothers or my grandmothers generation. sure they were women and sure they needed to be controlled like all women….but their intelligence wasnt this far down the toilet.
          so even if you are that 10%….you basically get your choice if idiot with a pussy. i mean i get it, women arent as smart as men….but the potential mother of my children should have some kind of half functioning brain.
          im not sure the young men are taught to improve anymore…. i mean look around? but i would agree regardless the young women will have it worse. and yes i agree with those scriptures. i look forward to seeing that if for no other reason than the LOLz.

        2. A couple months ago, the bishopric was in charge for the combined young men/young women lesson, they did a lesson on dating. During the lesson, this 35 YO (good looking) young woman’s leader stood up and went on for several minutes how when dating, they should not get in a hurry to marry, take their time, and explore.
          Now wait, isn’t that the opposite of what the church leadership teaches? If I am not mistaken, the prophet tells us to date once we reach 16, then when we reach marriageable age, to find someone worth committing to, and marry them. This woman who stood up, no doubt was given plenty of attention in her youth, and married off at 18 or 19, which is good. But now I suppose she wants to relive her youth through her daughters or something. I had to stand up and reword her statement to come into line.
          You see this thing happen everywhere, TV and societal pressure teaches people how they should behave, and they regurgitate it in the churches, colleges, and other social circles.

        3. I once took a marriage class in whatever that extra mormon class is called….in Utah there are a ton of them, institute is it?
          anyway it was given by some single 47 year old woman. yes that is logical. she admitted to turning down marriages. she claims God told her too. when i took the class I wasnt red pill. now thinking back i have to wonder….
          and absolutely i have seen older women try and relive their childhood through their kids. the mothers seem more prone to this than the fathers.
          but yes….a woman of 18 or 19 should be focusing on finding a good husband. but they arent. this is one area the church needs to improve on. stop encouraging them to go on missions and get a college degree. though not sure it would matter much….the parents are hell bent on sending their kids to college and missions regardless of gender.

        4. Is it any worse that catholics looking to get married sit down and talk to a 40-something virgin man about how it’s done?

        5. I have nothing against missions, both my wife and I went on them. But, there should be a stronger emphasis on getting married while at college. If a woman leaves college and has to get herself a career to support herself, it is a fairly safe bet that she will be a career girl until she approaches the wall, then do something stupid in a panic.

        6. Im not catholic so Im not entirely familar with how they do it….but the mormon-folk singles wards as they call it, are a strange place to be.
          but no worse than my middle school substitute sex ed teacher who took us to his trailer and told us in full detail about the sex he had with his wife last night and did a Q and A with us.

        7. eh a mission is still something not for the female gender. they get high on girl power during that. same with college.
          i have no found no compelling reason for a woman to do either. they all come back worse for it. rare exceptions aside. suddenly they all think they are supergirl. institutions poison their heads with that.

        8. We need martial advice. Let’s consult this creepy, possibly pediphiliac old man who has never been with a woman! He will know what to do

        9. “I think it will hit the young women the hardest. ”
          “regardless the young women will have it worse”
          gynocracy: nothing is ever as bad for men as it is for women, when people don’t care about men in the first place.
          80% of suicides; 93% of workplace fatalities; 95-100% of the employees in the worst 10% of jobs; forced selective service; twice as likely to be victims of violent crimes; die 7 years earlier; sexually tortured and mutilated as babies…
          “Women have always been the primary victims of war. Women lose their husbands, their fathers, their sons in combat. Women often have to flee from the only homes they have ever known…” – hitlary clitnon
          ermahgerd, teh por wimmens.

    2. Japan’s been dealing with that problem since their economic collapse in 1990. American men are merely imitating that, especially the ones who watch anime. They’re imitating the behaviors and habits of Japan’s social losers.

      1. Looks like it I know three teenagers in our church young men’s program they all are infatuated with Japanese crap like that

        1. Oh, I wouldn’t say she was “hot”. I’m just saying “Yeah, I’ve been that drunk before.”

        2. I can’t think of a better reason to never get drunk than this.

        3. Some mistakes you have to learn by making.
          And sometimes, more than once.

    1. Now that’s just mean.
      Gollum is way too good looking to be related to… THAT.

    1. In a different article, it said that she had an ED. Her defense brought that up, as a means to argue that she was not responsible.

  14. “Western women are demons, excreted from Satan’s ass. They are lower than vicious dogs with genital warts.” – Gandhi

      1. I self-identify with the spirit of Gandhi. He talks through me. I was just born this way.

        1. “As a progressive, I cannot deny you this right to identify as what you choose. It is a constitutional right” – Hilary Clinton

        2. And if Hillary says it, hey, it’s gotta be correct…
          “Hillary Clinton is living proof that madmen fuck rabid wolves.” – Gandhi

        3. “Hillary Clinton’s asshole tastes like lemon drops and froot loops.” — CNN

        4. “I taught Jeffery Dahmer everything he knows about fine cuisine, and Gandhi is a jealous bitch.” — Nancy Pelosi.

        5. Imagine it in you head, and then you’ll have to… after you finish throwing up.

        6. I’m taking back my upvote. You can’t edit after I upvote and expect to retain a pre-edit upvote. That just ain’t kosher, mijo.

        7. anonymous sources confirm that bob smith was “the boy who you didnt text back last night”

    1. whoa…did Ghandi really say this?? Jesus that was harsh. I think Ghandi was red pilled. He was celibate cause he just didn’t need women. Absolutely indifferent to women. He was busy doing his non violence stuff and changing the world.

      1. Gandhi was a well-known pimp. He had those bishes out making them rupees for him when no one else was looking.

        1. I didn’t think we were allowed to eat a cheeseburger
          Hey, which one of us in Ghandi. Now quick, give me an enemy and have your sister blow me while I eat a sangweedge made out of god

      2. Nope.
        Gandhi was weird.
        He was obsessed with young ladies having daily enemas.
        He slept naked with them often to “test himself”.
        He said the most vile things about his wife.

        Non violent? HA! he fought FOR the British twice.

  15. But she was tried as a minor- do you really think she’ll do any serious jail time?

    1. I think she’ll end up with a face full of fat black snatch at least once.

        1. Getting force-fed a face full of fat black snatch is a whole world different from licking Cindy Whitebread’s left tit at 2 am in the club after a dozen shots.

        2. Where have you gone Cindy Whitebread-oh? A nation turns its lonely tongue to you

        3. I dunno, think I just ruined that song. instead of thinking of Joe D, Im gonna think of a chick getting salt licked off her nipple just before a guy does a tequila shot..

    2. I can feel that wrist slap all the way over here…ouchie. Ooh. That stings. Etc.

  16. “Haters gonna hate…waiters gonna wait…playas gonna spin the girls, ’round and ’round like plates.” – Gandhi

      1. “I would rather jerk off in a pile of steaming pigshit than fuck a feminist.” – Gandhi

        1. “I am a pile of steaming pigshit who loves to be jerked off on.” – Every Feminist Ever.

        2. “I am white, and we white people are the most destructive things on the planet.” – (((anonymous white person)))

        3. “If whites are evil, why do men of color constantly try to fuck white bitches, and why do women of color constantly try to fuck white men.” – Albert Einstein

        4. “Albert Einstein ATM’ed me and never even called me back the next day.” — Aunt Jemima.

  17. More than ever we need a new regime of education to prevent cases like these. Quintus is right below. Guys are directionless, with no sense of history, and no idea how to improve their lot. Fixing this will be long and it will have to be multifaceted, but starting by reintroducing the classics and getting people familiar with a skill they can use to create something and make money with is a big start. That’s why I’ve been vehemently writing on the concept of a “Great Work,” how to find it, how to scale it into something that will bring you renown, and keep your life focused and purposeful. http://masculineepic.com/index.php/2015/09/25/need-some-direction-in-life-find-your-great-work/
    Evil cunts like these have to be punished, but in many respects they’re just a pathogen taking advantage of the AIDS infesting our society.

  18. This is not “just a case”, she reflects what people in these forums say all the time: The lack of morality, the lack of empathy. The only reason why this happened is because she did not fear the consequences at the time, she thought she was safe, that she could use this to get attention as the victim for being the girlfriend, like Hillary saying that women as the biggest victims of war. People who act like that are psychopaths. So women today that are more privileged than ever, with laws and technology they don’t deserve(but Money..), are suddenly showing psychopathic traits, Coincidence? ah ah. The more men give to women, the more they hate men, and demand more, and act like a victims of men, and make false accusations, etc…., Coincidence? of course not. This is what happens when the state gives women invented-rights to steal man’s natural rights.
    Morality is something we first inherit from society, our parents, It is not true morality, then we develop our own sense or morality like women cannot. So when you are dealing with women, you are not seeing who they really are, but the reflection of those in her life whose morality she imitated instinctively to so be accepted, to get married, etc. Women fear rejection, being ostracized, being shamed, their brains release cortisol because of that(men’s brains don’t) so girls focus their life in trying to look good, innocent, nice, sexual. That is how females adapted. Men are completely blind about this, specially fathers.

  19. As for the fitting legal punishment, as the ancients knew, a public reenactment of the crime would be best. Featuring an idling car in an airtight garage.
    However, It’s the people’s democratic republic of massachusetts, and she’ll be out in no time once she claims to find Jesus or Allah or something.

  20. What the hell was he doing with that -thing- in the first place!? Being stuck on a girl like that is almost worth suicide to start with.
    Still, he’s the guy that decided to follow this thing’s advice. Can’t say I’m sorry to see her get a guilty verdict, but the foolish thing was listening to her at all.

    1. I would suppose there’s a good chance she gave him attention, and that he needed some, although she purposely did so to manipulate him into being vulnerable to her suggestions.

      1. “Where words become criminal can be tricky, especially when the claim is that the words themselves caused another’s death. Re-position the Carter case and it’s easy to see how a murkier situation could arise. Imagine a woman is dying of terminal cancer and has a series of conversations with her partner about ending her own life. Imagine he is supportive and, as her plans gain steam, encouraging. Should the partner of the woman who ends her own life be charged with involuntary manslaughter as well?”
        from the article

      2. “That doesn’t make Michelle a killer”…….
        The p-pass is strong in this one.

        1. In the most basic sense, I would agree that “name calling” is not the same as murder or even man-slaughter.
          HOWEVER, picking on the weak, stupid or disabled is it’s own kind of criminality.

        2. “I fucken told him to get back in … because I knew that he would do it all over again the next day” – Michelle Carter
          If you or I did that to some suicidal girl, do you think we would have gotten off with an involuntary manslaughter charge? We would be looking at time for murder.

        3. There is a difference between telling someone to kill themselves in jest, and telling them when you think they are serious.

        4. imagine this in the opposite way. a boy making a (fat, ugly) girl kill herself.


        5. O I’d been goaded into ‘snapping out of it’ but its a dangerous game of chicken for someone to play, especially when dealing with a deeply disturbed person, as in this case.

        6. I suppose I haven’t had thoughts of suicide since I was a young teen. Just seems over the top for that girl to tell him to get back in there when he tells her he is not going through with it.

    1. Not surprising!
      Notice there’s no comment section. Once again, avoiding any backlash at least in that form.

    2. I know a woman who describes herself as a feminist, and she thinks the editor of Cosmo is a psychopathic cunt who poisons both women’s minds and relations between the sexes.

  21. Fuck that little mangina. No real male of the species would ever listen to a cunt telling him to kill himself. The pussy had NO self-respect, and no masculine traits, let along testosterone in his veins. It’s better that he is gone rather than to survive to pollute the species with offspring that would undoubtedly be as mentally weak as he was.

      1. No, the tragedy is that there was no male influence in his life to explain the nature of women to him, and how to deal with them.

        1. Agree again.
          It is a father’s duty to provide this type of wisdom to his son.

    1. You’re a very callous and confused, bitter person. There’s a clear distinction between a young man who’s otherwise emotionally/psychologically healthy who makes a poor choice and one who is not.
      I had the unfortunate experience of discovering a young guy I was close with had committed suicide. They are not functioning on the same level that the rest of us are, and have moments where they can’t handle things and struggle to keep it together. She knew this and took advantage of it, manipulatively pushing him into it.
      Younger men aren’t as savvy as we are and don’t have the perspective that more experienced men have – and don’t see red flags the same way we do. But of course, you’ve completely ignored that in order to shame a guy with depression who committed suicide.
      You can take your bitter hatred for those with depression somewhere else. This guy needed treatment and guidance, not being pressured into doing exactly the opposite.
      I find it interesting you’re attacking him rather than the one who’s guilty – the woman in question.

      1. Got news for ya cupcake, I’ve suffered from depression, I know what it’s like. I got over it by manning the fuck up and realizing that no one gave a shit about me except me. You try to tell a young guy in the thrall of a sick, but pretty bitch, that she is a bitch, and see how well he listens to you. You can point out all the red flags, all the time, but because he is listening to his dick, you will be ignored. The chick is a stone cold cunt for doing what she did, but she is not guilty of a goddamned thing beyond being a typical manipulative cunt. It goes back to the old saying of our parents, “If so and so jumped/told you to jump off a cliff, would you?” If you do, then you deserve what you get, which is fucked up.
        If the pussy was asking for help, then he was obviously asking the wrong person. “Hey, I’m feeling suicidal, what should I do?” If the answer you get is “kill yourself” then you need to get help from someone else. The stupid little fuck kept going back to her in the futile hope that she would say “come over and fuck me, and you’ll feel better”. The biggest tragedy is that he didn’t have an actual male around to red pill his sorry ass.
        Yes, I am callous, but I am not confused or bitter, I see the world as it really is, and it really is survival of the fittest. You look after yourself and your friends/loved ones, and if they fuck you over, then you find new friends/loved ones. It’s that simple. take your self righteous bullshit elsewhere, the kid got what he wanted, which is dead. If you want someone to blame for the kid’s suicide, then look to his parents, where the fuck were they in this whole thing? Working on their careers? They should have been looking towards the health and well being of their offspring, and they failed, in a spectacular manner.

        1. “Yes, I am callous, but I am not confused or bitter, I see the world as it really is, and it really is survival of the fittest.”
          Well, I do agree with that 100%.

        2. Got news for ya bitch, I’ve suffered from depression
          First, I am not your “bitch”. Are you still in high school? LOL.
          I see the world as it really is
          Yes, so do I. However your bias is very obvious and your anger and whatever other things that are bothering your are very apparent and are clouding your judgement.
          There is always more to the story than we know, and I’m sure that there is in this case too, but that doesn’t give you carte blanche to place 100% of the blame on the boy when there is clearly a third party who influenced him.
          Again you cannot treat young/naive men as if they have the same intellect and ability to handle difficulties like older, more experienced men.
          Stop being angry at the world and do something worthwhile rather than
          projecting and bringing negativity up in here. A lack of an ability to control one’s emotions is not exactly something to be proud of.
          Good luck with your personal issues.

        3. Yes, you are “my bitch” and you always will be. No, I graduated HS 38 years ago.
          “Yes, so do I. However your bias is very obvious and your anger and whatever other things that are bothering your are very apparent and are clouding your judgement”.
          Unless you are a shrink, you have no idea whether or not I am “angry” or that other things are bothering me. For your info, the only thing that bothers me, is that manginas such as yourself seem to thing that this “poor kid” was done wrong. Well, he was a loser in the first place for whining about suicide for so long, especially to a girl who didn’t give a shit about him. If a female constantly whined to me about wanting to kill herself, after awhile, even I would get tired of it and tell her to shit or get off the pot. And where were his parents? Why didn’t they step in and give the little shit a wake up call? The girl had no right to do what she did, but she was just being a typical manipulative female, but where was dad to inform him of the nature of women? The kid’s death is the fault of his parents, not some shithead girl.
          As for having good luck with my personal issues…kiss my ass, you beta faggot.

        4. Dude, I am not interested in your angry ranting. When you can act right we can have a discussion; Until then I’m not interested.
          Have a good week.

        5. Right, because you are sooo much more intelligent and well informed than the rest of us. Remember bitch, you replied to MY post. ES&D. BTW, your unconditional surrender has been accepted.

    2. Oh, come on now.
      The kid was depressed and she talked him over the ledge. It can happen to anyone. Some pretty masculine guys throughout history have offed themselves.

  22. My first thought upon seeing her in the news is that she is not even that pretty.

  23. Deport her to India. Bond her and put her in a bus at night.
    She will get gangraped the whole night and if she’s lucky she dies. That’s what she deserves. Not 18 months in women jail.

  24. It’s sad the little white boy killed himself. But the real sad thing, he wouldn’t even want to be with that chick aged 15 years down the road.

  25. The guy had a right to kill himself, so therefore she had a right to urge him to do it. We don’t need to, and shouldn’t, pass a law against every behavior we think is a bad idea.

  26. Maybe Conrad should have gotten another perspective on the situation rather than listening solely to her? As Louis Brandeis wrote, “To courageous, self-reliant men, with confidence in the power of free and fearless reasoning applied through the processes of popular government, no danger flowing from speech can be deemed clear and present, unless the incidence of the evil apprehended is so imminent that it may befall before there is opportunity for full discussion. If there be time to expose through discussion the falsehood and fallacies, to avert the evil by the processes of education, the remedy to be applied is more speech, not enforced silence.”
    There was no hurry. He could have delayed his suicide till he had a choice to hear what other people had to say. But he chose to act on her advice.

  27. American society, not biased, but it is completely spiritually dead people have no souls and no connection to nature or life. Some death cult like a Marylin Manson song.

    1. Sentencing is coming later. Before that happens, the judge will have to order some kind of pre-sentence assessment by court services. But the problem is that this is in juvenile court, which is notoriously lenient on offenders. I don’t know if the defendant here has any criminal history (I doubt it). And since there is a lot of feminist pressure on this case, it is going to take a judge with real courage to impose any real sanction here.
      As I see it, this is a case where the defendant showed a level of malice and reckless disregard for the life of another that is shocking to the conscience. Incarceration is appropriate here, in accordance with Massachusetts sentencing guidelines.

      1. I would also add that, females also get lighter sentences in comparison to males. My cynacism tells me 5 years, and let out after 2 for good behaviour.

      2. Does Massachusetts ever try juveniles as adults? Here in VA, a 17 year old can face time in an adult jail just for possessing hard drugs. The case may start out in juvenile court and then be certified to Circuit Court. Violent crimes like murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault automatically result in adult trials and sentences for criminals as young as 14.

      3. I’m not completely familiar with the Mass. sentencing procedures, but they use a formal guideline system much like the federal courts do. Thus as part of the presentence assessment the investigating officer will prepare a PSR (presentence report) laying out all the aggravating and mitigating factors plus prior criminal history and give a suggested guideline range based on all these factors. (Its very much a matter of plugging in numbers into a formula and reaching a proscribed result.) At sentencing the defense can challenge any of this and argue for a different guidline range. While I have no experience with the Mass. system I do have a fair bit with the feds, and after a quick look at the Mass. guidelines it appears shes looking at a sentencing range of 40-60 months based on her being a minor and having no prior record. Don’t hold me to that by any means. To be honest that seems like a pretty reasonable sentence given her age and lack of priors and that the conviction was for involuntary manslaughter as opposed to murder or voluntary. Four to five years is a pretty typical sentence for involuntary manslaughter. In my state of practice involuntary only has a sentence of one year in jail (as opposed to prison) while voluntary carries a minimum of 3 up to a maximum of 15 years in prison.
        edited to add that with a formal guideline system the judge will almost always sentence within the guideline range after making findings of facts as to what factors apply to determine the guideline range. While a judge can deviate from the final range to some extent its generally uncommon and the judge has to clearly set out the reasons why hes going above or below the final range.
        And in no event can a judge impose a sentence above the statutory maximum or below the statutory minimum. In the fed system its done very very rarely, but I don’t know how often a judge would deviate in the Mass. system

  28. Take note everyone, the last photo of Michelle, the half smirk. Has been highlighted by Jordan Peterson. As an indicator of psychopathy. The barely concealed contempt for the victim, is a kind of duping delight. As if to say “You idiots aren’t going to stop me and I’m going to get away with it”. I would dare say that, regardless of what sentence she’ll receive, she will find some way to weasel of it and perform a similar crime in the future. This is a portrait of a woman who should never be trusted under any circumstances.

  29. What will now happen is this case will likely set a precident to prosecute any persuasive speech outside of the borg/state/cabal approved brainscrew speech. Then they’ll set up patsies to act out on the message they saw on a bumper sticker. Then they’ll sieze the print shop that made the stickers and put a bounty out for the author of the slogan or phrase. This is a precident to persecute any anti-establishment text, writing or communication. Think about it. They should have let her go from the courts and pressured a ‘not mentally capable’ or incompetent for trial. Then a stay in the nut house for a bit. The pressure is always on to turn the place into canada. There needs to be more fistfights and swordfights in our courthouses. Legal badgering isn’t nice so what better place to revive the old swordfighting creed of honors.

  30. Women ruining men’s lives are happening all the time, while tragic, this is a the result of the modern cuck culture of most American male youth, feminine males and masculine females. Like all women, the defendant tried to go back to being a “female” and blaming the victim for what happened.
    This is why you don’t go near these kinds of useless worthless women, at least she will wind up in a jail cell. But many other women have pulled shit on men and have gotten away scott free.
    Try going through the divorce process as man in America or in most Western countries, it will destroy you in so many ways.

    1. Conrad looks like a poster child for the low T look and the more publicity this case gets, the more substance for girls to get the impression that “girls rule” or “girl power” can is boss over any male. Conrad’s mind was the equivalent of a late stage broken bedridden body. Anyone who mugged a bedridden victim would get a max sentence and they would be shredded within the corectional institutions. Women’s facilities are different. Susan Smith has had many lez lovers and propositions by outside males. She would have long since been Auschwitzed (or flipswitched) in the showers if she were male.
      But the fact remains, Conrad was a victim of cuck culture. He must have gotten a motherload of cuck programming. He couldn’t even handle a 17 yo bimbo. He was likely circumcised at birth at the behest of a canoodling bitch mother. And his boomer father likely lacked the tools to control and tightly harness the shebeast proper as well.

  31. Sounds to me like first degree murder, the same way a serial killer does for pleasure.

  32. An ugly broad like that ?? & to commit suicide for that ?? I call that A Darwin’s Award nomination ??

    1. Total fucking Darwin. The most parched of the thirstiest desperados are always with us, scraping the bottom of the barrel. We pity them. And we crush them.

  33. Hah what a loser, betas WILL literally kill themselves to get pussy. Friendzoned to death.

  34. The coddled, participation ribbon generation. She is the tip of the iceberg.

  35. If that man had some positive role models in his life and the supports he required he would probably be alive today.
    However he chose to do as he did, I have had people (women and men) say hateful things to me but it’s not their fault if I choose to hurt myself as a result.
    Carter was clearly a horrible child and now a horrible woman but I ask where was Roy’s Father and mother in all of this , aunts and uncles too?
    Also he was 20 she was 17 so ultimate responsibility should lie with the adult I believe

  36. If Michelle had used the same means of communication to encourage Conrad to kill another person, she would have been convicted without even a modicum of a doubt, “free speech” notwithstanding.
    In truth, she badgered Conrad to kill himself. IMHO, it’s actually the same thing as pushing him to murder another person.

    1. Interesting thought. Thinking about that theater play in NYC of the modern day Shakespeare, wouldn’t they be liable as well if something happens to Trump?

      1. The encouraged conduct needs to be imminent and pose a clear and present danger. Thus advocating for the beheading of the president at a remote, unspecified future date is free speech. Persuading one to take immediate steps toward behead the president is not so protected speech and the persuader is as guilty of the crime as the one who physically acts.

  37. This is a great article concerning the events. It’s almost miraculous that she got the charge she deserved… but…
    She still needs to face sentencing for her crime. Word is “she could” face up to 20yrs. Time will tell if she gets the pussy pass or not.

    1. Mass. uses a formal sentencing guideline procedure to do its sentencing. Its basically a formula where you plug in various factors such as criminal record and aggravating and mitigating factors, then you look up on the chart what the sentencing range is. While a judge can deviate from the final sentencing range its usually pretty rare and requires a specific finding of the judge to justify it. My cursory glance of the Mass sentencing guidelines suggests her sentencing range is 40-60 months, given that she is a minor and assuming she has no prior record. This would be a pretty appropriate sentence I think given all the circumstances; in many states the maximum penalty for involuntary manslaughter is even less than that sentencing range. (In my state she would be subject to one year in jail, not even prison.)

  38. She is hot. He was a low beta male. And a weakling. All one needs to know.
    Women are cruel to weak men. I would not put her in jail for what she did.
    One weak mangina less who would have voted for the far left all his miserable life.
    Maybe thats why she was found guilty.

  39. She should enjoy womens prison…. they can be worse than mens lockups. What a psycho.

  40. Tricky case, but the bottom line for me is that, everywhere you look in this case there’s reasonable doubt. A lot of assumption making, IMO
    Assumption: Roy was not the primary cause of his own death due to his mental impairment
    Assumption: she forced him to kill himself, instead of she convinced him to do it
    Assumption: suicide should be considered (or is) a legal harm
    You have the right to kill yourself in MA. So it has to be asked, how can Carter have committed reckless and wonton conduct if Roy’s act was not itself a legal harm? That’s a paradox. To me, the judge overstepped the bounds of the law. To call the encouragement of a legal act “manslaughter” is conceptually faulty to me, and violates the spirit of the right to end one’s life. As one commentator recently remarked, it’s trying to put a square peg into a round hole.
    As to Carter, she did an evil thing. But the law isn’t always the appropriate remedy for every harm.

    1. Just because X has a legal right to do something doesn’t mean Y has the same right. For example, I have a right to stroke my own dick, but that doesn’t mean you have the right to stroke my dick or that I have the right to stroke yours. Even granting that the boy had a right to kill himself, that doesn’t grant her the right to convince him to do so when he otherwise would not. I might have the right to burn down my own house, but that doesn’t mean you have the right to persuade me to do so.
      On assumption 1: Legally we would say she was a proximate cause of his death; “but for” her involvement the boy would not have died, even if he was solely the one doing the physical activity. If a mob boss directs an underling to commit murder he is held responsible as well as the one who pulls the trigger.
      On assumption 2: Incitement and encouragement have been considered grounds for holding people criminally liable for a very very long time. This is nothing new here. It usually requires that the conduct incited be “imminent” and pose a “clear and present danger.” When the boy was exiting the vehicle and she persuaded him to carry on, her speech absolutely satisfied this requirement. See Brandenburg v Ohio.
      On assumption 3: Human life is considered very special under the law. Whereas wanton or gross negligence resulting only in property damage is not generally considered criminal (there are some exceptions), if said gross negligence results in death it is the crime of involuntary manslaughter, albeit the gross negligence must include reckless disregard for the potential loss of life. Its one of the few crimes where the result is what gives rise to the crime and not the attempt (attempted involuntary manslaughter is a contradiction in terms and is rarely charged as a crime.) From a libertarian perspective we can also consider that the girl inflicted grievous harm upon the boys parents and family in causing him to take his life, and thus she violated the NAP.
      I’d agree this case is more about the suicide aspect than the free speech aspect, although many commentators seem to want to dress it up as the latter in order to promote the right to commit suicide.

      1. OGRE,
        Thank you for your knowledgable input.
        Before I answer your points, part of the judge’s case was that Carter “did nothing: She did not call the police or Mr. Roy’s family…” I know of no law in Mass requiring that we are responsible for helping others. Do you have thoughts on this? Thanks

        1. That didn’t have anything to do with a duty to help. That was a factual element the judge was considering in determining whether she had acted with reckless disregard for human life, as a part of the “wanton and reckless” element of manslaughter. He was looking at her subsequent conduct as evidence of her prior mental state; its not dispositive evidence but it carries substantial evidentiary weight.
          I’ll admit that when I first came upon this case I was against her being convicted based on free speech grounds. (And I was a criminal defense lawyer for 10 years so I tend to view prosecutions very critically to begin with.) But after looking at the totality of the evidence–her long and continued badgering of the boy, her giving him explicit instructions on how to kill himself, and in particular her instructions to ‘get back in the car’– that led me to change my mind. Frankly I think she could have been found guilty of murder, as I’m rather convinced that she acted with deliberate and specific intent to bring about the boys death.

        2. The reason I brought this up is because some people I’ve spoken with assume there its such a law. Aside from “hit and run,” am I correct there’s no such law on the books in MA?

        3. I’m not aware of any such laws, though I never practiced in Mass so I couldn’t say. I know some countries have such ‘duty to help’ criminal laws but I don’t know of any US state that does. Its pretty antithetical with most US criminal law theory; criminal laws usually require a criminal state of mind coupled with taking some action towards completing the proscribed conduct. A duty to help law reverses that and punishes inaction and disregards the mens rea requirement.

        4. “Legally we would say she was a proximate cause of his death; ‘but for’ her involvement”
          Can you help me with that concept for a moment: is proximate cause effectively the same as primary cause? And also, can proximate cause be divided among different factors combined together?

        5. I guess I rambled on a bit without actually answering your direct questions. A primary cause would always be a proximate cause but given a certain set of facts there could be multiple proximate causes where one, some, or none of them are primary causes. Yes there can be multiple proximate causes. e.g. A is speeding and loses control of his car, crashing into B. This knocks B across the median into oncoming traffic. C is driving in this lane but doesn’t see B because he is texting. C crashes into B knocking B’s car over a cliff, killing B. In this instance the negligence of A and C are both proximate causes of B’s death.

        6. Your rambling is actually quite thoughtful and I appreciate it.
          After rereading our thread, I’m still coming to the conclusion there’s reasonable doubt. Here’s a key passage from you:
          “….people can be convinced or persuaded to take actions they otherwise wouldn’t, and those who do the convincing can be held responsible for the results. People can act through other people whether by direction, coercion, influence, or persuasion. So the question is how much did her communications influence the boy to take his life?”
          To get to the bottom of what’s bothering me, would you be able to provide an example, either real or imagined, of where a person can be held responsible for convincing another to commit a harm, but which doesn’t involve anyone having mental or psychological impairment? Do you mean, for example, simply convincing someone to commit murder?

        7. OK, I think I’m finally able to crystallize the issue for me. You wrote:
          “A philosophical argument could be made that since he ultimately made the decision to take his life, she can’t be held responsible. But legally that doesn’t fly, as its well settled that people can be convinced or persuaded to take actions they otherwise wouldn’t,”
          But the fact people CAN be persuaded to do that which they would otherwise not do, doesn’t prove Roy WAS so persuaded in this case. Hence reasonable doubt. More importantly, even if he was convinced by her, that doesn’t mean he wasn’t “freely” convinced. So, if it’s not beyond reasonable doubt that Roy was sufficiently in command of his faculties to make a free and uncoerced choice, it follows that his suicide cannot [edit: necessarily] be counted as a legal harm, If his suicide was not a legal harm, then no amount of encouragement by others can transform that act into a legal harm. edit: Can you find another example of manslaughter where the death in question was legally permissible? That would be the correct analogy, I think.
          OK, if you’re still turning in, I welcome any thoughts.

    2. I’d add one more thing. “Reasonable doubt” applies to just the findings of fact, not to the application of law. So when the prosecution needs to prove that Person X did Y action, or that X was at Z location at a certain time, he needs to introduce evidence to establish that with proof beyond a reasonable doubt (witness testimony, cell phone transcirpts, video, etc). Issues of proximate cause, right to commit suicide, applicable statutes, etc are for the judge to determine and are not subject to a burden of proof; the judge isn’t proving anything to himself he is simply interpreting the law to the best of his abilities.

  41. She is so fucking ugly, but you can tell she considers herself a 9 at least. If I ever saw her I would maim her fucking face off, giving priority to gouging her eyes out so that she an never look at anyone, like she does in the pictures, ever again. And tragic as the suicide was, serves him right for being a bitch and allowing this fucking Maleficent-wannabe to influence him.

  42. So the ACLU calls this infringement of free speech, while blantantly combatting other cases of actual infringement of free speech. Let me take a wild guess…because vagina?!

  43. I wonder if she had hypnotized him prior to this, she seems to have an unusual amount of control over this young man. She even younger where did she get such evil ideas. She reminds me of the women who followed Charles Manson on his killing spree. Premeditated murder through trickery should be life no prole.

  44. I disagree.
    People saying they are going to kill themselves over and over again and not doing it get annoying.
    She helped him do what he wanted to do and was not man enough to do.
    If he did not have the will power to fight back from simple text messages he was defective anyway, no loss, we are better off without him.

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