Why Facebook Is Emasculating And How To Stop It

After a period of self-directed tough-love and personal introspection on the nature of happiness and the brevity of life, I decided that my Facebook feed had to die the True Death. There is the obvious reason why someone would want to cut back on his Facebook usage, namely that it is a perpetual black hole for one’s time and attention. Facebook is a productivity vacuum, and while that fact seems to be lost on millennials, it is clear to me that my fellow gen-Y and gen-X’ers are well aware of it.

However, I believe there are deeper and more troubling reasons why we should seek to eliminate or mitigate our use of mass-social media platforms like Facebook: namely, that Facebook is a dehumanizing, emasculating, left-liberal-politically-correct-groupthink-Orwellian-nightmare. Here’s why:

It’s Dehumanizing


I was musing about Facebook with a close friend over a nice Thai food lunch. “You, know there’s something troubling about Facebook,” I said. “What’s that? He asked.”

“Well… it’s something very subtle. It creeps up on you. But before you know it, Facebook becomes your real life. It’s like if you didn’t post it, it didn’t happen. It’s like what Howard Beale said in the movie Network. Just replace his comments about television with Facebook, the fantasy is real life and your own life is somehow unreal. You find yourself constantly comparing what happens to you in your real life with Facebook… Facebook becomes your unconscious ‘mental basecamp’ of what your real life is.”

“Yeah exactly,” he said.

“I was at a party with some friends,” I told him, “and he had this really cute dog there, so I must have spend a few hours playing with the dog, dog-lover that I am. But in the back of my mind I kept thinking that it lacked some form of validity… it didn’t really happen until I somehow proved it to the world by posting a picture of it on Facebook. So I did, in the hopes that I would get ‘likes’ – but seeking likes is the same as seeking emotional validation from other people.”

A person who continually seeks emotional validation from others is called a codependent. Meaning, when we use Facebook and try to get “likes,” our sense of emotional validity is no longer our own, it no longer comes from inside us. Facebook is dehumanizing because, as in my personal example with the dog, enjoying the dog and my friends that were presently there wasn’t enough for me.

Experience can never be archived, preserved, or duplicated. Emotions cannot be conveyed digitally. On Facebook, we replace any true emotional connection with others in the form of “likes.” This is eerily reminiscent of Orwell’s system of Newspeak. “Double-plus good,” in Nineteen Eighty-four, was an attempt to quantify and roboticize the unquantifiability of man’s spiritual and emotional nature.

It’s hideously reductive.

Zero likes and my emotional experience was not validated. Two likes and I might feel a little more validated. Twenty likes and I am super-duper popular and allow myself to feel validated (as if I had to earn it). No machine can quantify the archaic, sensual, and deeply emotional nature of a human being, but somehow we find a system that attempts to do so comforting and relaxing. If we were to focus on the fleeting nature of life’s moments and savor them for what they are, this would be a frightening experience for us. Life’s emotions are personal and our moments are wholly unique and temporary – that’s being human, and that’s too frightening of a mystical and spiritual truth cope with, so we get to work documenting things and seeking emotional validation from the other prisoners of The Matrix.

It’s A Perpetual Left-Liberal Groupthink Tank


Another downside is that we see what our friends’ political beliefs and value systems look like. Social media: the home-turf of left-liberal and feminist mob psychology. Your friends can’t help but post and repost the latest left-leaning news article about feminism or the “scientific infallibility” of vaccine safety or global warming. Most people don’t think – they react and get angry. If you disagree, you might find yourself friendless, jobless or worse.

Just look at the case of the Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer – a man who had his career destroyed and his reputation ruined because his hunting behavior offended a morally ruthless and self-righteous digital mob. Killing a lion (who was gifted with the anthropomorphic name “Cecil”) in an area where lions were not an endangered species launched an explosion of sentimentalist outrage.

I’m a libertarian in the strictest sense of the word, however if I wish to enjoy the company of other people, I have found it necessary to enjoy others for who they are, and find other points of common interest upon which to form an equitable relationship. This is especially true with my left-leaning family members. I think this is a fine stance to take – we might not agree on political or philosophical issues, but we can still enjoy each others’ companionship on a multitude of other levels.

My philosophy of “mutual respect on all matters political when with friends and family” is not always returned in-kind.   At what was intended to be a nice outing for burgers and beer, a friend (let’s call him “Bob the Liberal”), flung himself in to the restaurant and squashed his body into our booth in a sullen fury, cell-phone in hand. He didn’t waste any time meeting or greeting the rest of us with smiles, hellos or small-talk.

“[Friend X] is a fucking psycho! He’s a fucking fucker! I can’t deal with psychos. I’m gonna fucking block him,” said Bob.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“It’s my fucking friend [Friend X], he’s a former military guy. Figures. He’s saying it’s no big deal that Cecil the Lion got killed?! Look here.”

Bob thrusts his iPhone under my face. Bob’s “evil military friend,” whom I have dubbed [Friend X], wrote a comment on Facebook in response to a post about Cecil the Lion. He stated something that was similar to what I would have said, although he didn’t get the details quite right. Essentially, he said that if lion hunting were more legal, the conservation authorities would step up breeding to accommodate the demand and lion populations would increase.

Bob felt differently. He then pointed an accusatory finger at me, “EVEN YOU have got to agree with me on this one.” He took a moment to take a bite of a huge, greasy, medium-rare cheeseburger that he had ordered.

“You know, there are people who would tell you the same thing about the cow you indirectly killed to eat that burger,” I said.

“Oh they’re crazy. There are people who are crazy on both sides, obviously,” he responded. How conveniently the moral-absolutism of the left twists and slips about to suit one’s personal tastes. Facebook gives another wide-reaching platform for these logically inconsistent thoughts.

It’s Orwellian


Now I’ve digressed from my initial point. Facebook is a forum that encourages us to act the part of Big Brother. Bob’s friendship with [Friend X] was probably a fruitful relationship, until every thought and sensibility that [Friend X] had was on display for everyone to see. Because Facebook is home-base for a left-leaning political correctness, [Friend X] risked being “un-friended” (that’s a bit newspeak-sounding, isn’t it?), “un-followed” or otherwise distanced by my other “friend.”

Did you say something in jest once that someone could have construed as “racist,” “misogynistic” or “insensitive?” Did #HeforShe make you feel undermined, targeted and downright icky as a man? Best to not say anything…

Perhaps Orwell was wrong about one thing. It is not that “Big Brother” is watching us, well the NSA certainly is in that capacity, but perhaps the bigger danger is the leftist-collectivist mob that are now empowered by technology and play the part of “Big Brother” on a communal basis, by calling-out and black-balling anybody that offends their tastes.

Facebook makes it difficult for you to tell who your friends really are because it forces us to judge people based on quantifiable data. [Friend X] who suggested that lion-hunting was a-ok has now blackballed himself as a “horrible person,” but in real life, he’s probably a great guy. The feelings that someone gives you can’t be transmitted via this medium, so we have only a digital resume, of sorts. Remember that your “Facebook friendship” is now the primary indicator of what your “real friendship” is. Real life is secondary in validity to your digital life, at least that’s the way Facebook would like it to be.

If the digital resume offends us, we might question our friendships – this might be a good thing or a bad thing, but I hate the idea that Facebook is driving these decisions instead of in-person, human-to-human interactions. It is obvious that Zuckerberg and the folks at Facebook are aware of this, and thus we have the function of “lists.”  Here’s an example:  You would like to validate your relationship with your wife by broadcasting a photo of you sharing a kiss with her while on your Alaskan cruise. The problem is that you don’t want your in-laws seeing the photo because you secretly hate them.

A super-smart usability expert over at Facebook managed to take note of this “user story” (that’s what they’re really called in the web industry) and implement a feature to take care if it: specialized posting lists. All you have to do is categorize your family as “family” (people you only share Christmas shit with), and friends as “close friends” (cool people who are just as addicted to FB as you are), and some “acquaintances” that you don’t want to insult by “un-friending” but otherwise don’t care if they lived or died.

As Facebook’s popularity rose to the point of becoming the digital home-base and validation-station for first-world life, Facebook users demanded that the digital platform be capable of managing the complexities of human interaction. Oops. Now the super-simple platform was growing more and more complicated by the day. “There are things that I want some people to see but not others.” “Oh fuck,” says the female college student, “I posted something to the wrong list and now my mom knows that I wore a slutty Halloween costume!” “Oh fuck,” says the skateboarder, “The cops read my post about trading a dime bag of weed for a hit of ecstasy in the park and they arrested me!”

Telescreens, anyone? Facebook knows your face. It picks you out in photographs you didn’t even take or post. It knows where you’ve been. It probably knows where you are at this moment. It’s fucking creepy. But hey, everybody’s doing it!

Due to the fact that you will have different types of relationships with people, you must commit a fair amount of your Matrix time to managing the Matrix itself, because the Matrix can cause real social and even legal consequences for you. It’s not a harmless toy anymore. Your real life is your Matrix life, and you work for it. The events of your life did not really happen unless they are archived in the Matrix. Your thoughts are continually referencing how and when and what experiences and emotions should be posted, boasted, vented and validated on the Matrix. The Matrix has you.

It’s Emasculating


What would Conan the Barbarian do? I would imagine that he would take an axe to an iPad or two. Sheryl Sandberg made a video about how men need to do the dishes equally alongside women, and your Facebook feed made sure you saw it, or at least heard about it via in-stream ads and reposts. Gay marriage is federalized (yay, more federal control over relationships!) and your buddies start adding rainbow-colored filters to their selfie-pics. Are you a homophobic bigot for not jumping on the bandwagon? Did you fear that your friends might perceive you that way? Hillary is running for president, and it just so happens that you’re seeing lots and lots of propaganda about the “gender income inequality gap.”

Do your Facebook pseudo-friends know that this is a statistical red-herring, and that women do, (give or take about $1) earn as much as men in the same careers, but that women pick different careers than men? You might want to ask this in a Facebook post, but you might lose a few friends in the process, so pick your poison. Stick by your principles or sit by in frustrated passivity?

A Philosophy for the Use of Technology

Yes, I believe that Facebook is a blight to mankind and a festering stinkhole of nihilism and social decay. It is a bullhorn for propaganda and encourages leftist groupthink. Social media is used by governments and law enforcement personnel to help them spread propaganda and route-out dissenters and entrap those that commit victimless crimes.

Does Facebook have any redeeming qualities? I believe that it does. This brings me to my point about technology and its place in society in general. We are currently living in a period that I like to call Digital Fetishism. This basically means that we are tickled with ourselves over the many ways that digital gadgets are finding new ways to infect our lives for the sake of convenience. An anti-industrialist would say that, “technology is always bad.” A Digital Fetishist would say that “technology is always good.” Anti-industrialists see technology as too engrossing and dangerous, while digital fetishists are dismissive of that danger and enrapture themselves in the latest digital goodies without questioning technology’s worth or intrusiveness.

I have had a few friends that, sharing my dissatisfaction with Facebook, have deleted their accounts in heroic attempts to eradicate the blight and reclaim their flesh-and-blood lives. As soon as they do, they are met with the unintended consequences of digital-ostracism.  In our culture today, we don’t call our friends one-by-one to invite them to a party, we create an event on Facebook. We don’t email so much anymore, we text or IM on Facebook. Facebook reminds us of when our friends’ birthdays are so that we don’t miss them.

Has society gone completely mad? Well yes, in some ways it has, but I can’t escape the fact that Facebook is a huge step forward when it comes to managing our social lives in the real world. It is a lot easier to create a Facebook event and invite everyone you know with a few clicks than call people one-by-one or send one of those annoying email chain letters. In this day and age, firing Facebook entirely is much like saying “I don’t believe in having a cell phone.” The cell phone does carry the risk of distraction, but it sure is convenient, and having one will do wonders for your social and dating life.

Our dance with technology is one of those cases where a balanced approach is the correct approach. Facebook is a double-edged sword: it has the power to be damaging and helpful all in the same package. The idea that we should recognize the inherent dangers of technology and moderate and manage its usage is a novel concept in an era of Digital Fetishism.

After reviewing the pros and cons of Facebook, we will see that the majority of problems that Facebook creates are centered around The Feed – let’s call it “TFF” (The Fucking Feed) – either you posting to IT or IT rubbing shit in your face that you’d rather not see. If not for the poisonously addicting and captivating effect of TFF, Facebook would be little more than an events-management tool, digital contact book and email system – which is precisely what we’re going to use it for.

Dealing with TFF strategy 1: “Control it”

Firstly I’d like to disclose to you that I tried this “kinder and gentler” method and it did not work for me. Essentially this “soft core” strategy is to focus your feed more toward the items of personal interest to you by unfollowing damn-near everybody, except for maybe one or two people: a spouse or significant other, perhaps. This leaves you to do interesting things with TFF, such as using it as a news source. The big problem with this “control the feed” method is that, due to how Facebook works, TFF is only partially under your control. FB injects annoying ads, trending news and other nonsense directly in to your feed, so it’s guaranteed to distract and upset you.

Dealing with TFF strategy 2: “Kill it”

The only way to ensure that Facebook works for you instead of against you is to kill TFF entirely. This will eliminate your desire to “check it” constantly to see what new things are going on, and get ensnared by an ad here or a “Bernie for President” news flash there.

Switch to Google Chrome as your primary browser and install one of these Feed-blocking extensions:

Feed-killing Chrome Extensions

I installed the first one called “Kill News Feed.” Honestly, I don’t know how I lived without it, as it changes the entire character of Facebook and how I interact with it.

Was it worth switching my entire browser for one silly Chrome extension? You bet your ass it was. I can’t imagine how many wasted hours I’ve spent “just checking” Facebook, which then turned in to full-on binges and arguments with my economically-illiterate friends.

Now, as a double-bonus challenge: delete the Facebook app from your phone or tablet. Unfortunately the mobile apps won’t accept extensions like the Chrome browser does, so the mobile apps will keep pushing the feed just as Facebook intended. Delete the apps. If you absolutely have to check FB on your phone, the mobile site works just fine.   But what about checking events and addresses while on the go? Most calendars, such as iCal, allow you to add your FB events to your regular digital calendar, so your events and even your FB birthdays can appear on your regular calendar! How about that?

As a softer option, you could simply move the FB app to the last page on your phone or tablet app screens, so that it’s more difficult to get to. This also creates the sense that using the app is not a priority. You will find the temptation to zone out at the feed will have you back to your old ways in no time, so my advice is to eliminate any sources of pain that you can’t control – the apps need to go.

Now for some lifestyle adjustments: quit posting casual shit and come back to life – unless it’s a page that you manage for a cause you believe in. Take my buddy’s approach and accept the fleeting, impermanent, Zen-like nature of life. Feel the good emotions of enjoying life in the present moment and let that be your own validation. Tell people about what’s going on in your life when you see them in person – it creates great conversation by adding a bit of mystery to your social interactions.   Increase the quality and usefulness of your political opinions by writing a blog article, switching your efforts to a Facebook page for a cause or business, making a short film or giving a speech about a topic you care about to an interested audience, as opposed to contradicting and beating up on your friends (or getting beat up by them).

Why do I contradict myself about Facebook pages? Because Facebook can be just another outlet to get an audience for your own thoughts, creations and ideas – and that’s a positive use of the medium. What I’m trying to do away with is our need to validate our daily lives by posting what we did or ate on Facebook – to learn to connect with our emotions and love life instead of tallying up double-plus-good “likes.” As Alex Jones says (referring directly to social media), “sometimes you have to go in to The Matrix to get people out of The Matrix.”

Make sure The Matrix works for you!

The Subtle, Critical Difference

How has my experience with Facebook changed? My friends are still there. I can still see their feeds and what they’re posting. The critical difference is that I must seek out this information manually, and I do so when I choose to. This flips the equation of how FB is designed to operate: the information gathering process is a conscious, active choice, versus a “passive-forced-feeding” that contains all sorts of useless information. I still like and follow pages for products and Libertarian news sources that I like, and I check those sources when I want to. The “globe” icon counter lets me know when events have changed or when I’m invited to something, which is exactly what I want to focus on. Also, my Facebook home page is no longer what is bookmarked, but my events page. Bookmark this instead: https://www.facebook.com/events/upcoming?action_history=null

The next time you’re out with friends or family, keep your phone in your pocket and emotionally connect with other people. Take your time and taste the food instead of documenting it for the people who aren’t there. You’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll feel when you rescue your manhood from The Matrix.

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369 thoughts on “Why Facebook Is Emasculating And How To Stop It”

  1. LOL, it kind of sounds like the author of this article should have been more discerning when friending people on FB.

    1. yeah. i have a policy of no family, coworkers, or teenagers on FB. also, no arguing politics. i mostly just post stuff i find funny, and make a benign comment or two on friends’ pictures. i’ve lived all over the globe, and it’s a nice way to semi-keep in touch with interesting people i’ve met.

      1. I haven’t touched FB in about a year, but when I was active I mostly just friended trolls, so my feed was full of anti-PC offensive humour pics.
        It’s a good platform for trolling stupid people.

  2. Not that I like or support facebook, but if you’re afraid of losing friends (or ‘unfriended’) for voicing your opinion, then the problem is not facebook, it’s you.
    Think about it, your friends are able to say whatever they want without the fear of losing you, but you’re too afraid of being ostracized?
    Same with calling it orwellian. No one forces you to be on it. Plus, the way the world is today, you’re likely being watched anyways based on your Internet activities and phone usage.
    Just delete your account like I have and get better friends.

    1. It really depends and it’s a tough decision that we all have to make. Our digital lives (there’s a tricky term for you) force us to play this balancing act, as I mentioned it’s nice to be abreast of events and get invited to things, and FB is an efficient and popular medium for this. As for what friends you’re willing to have, I could go the ‘Stephan Molyneux route’ and only interact with libertarians, however that would make Thanksgiving lonely for me. I do get something out of my friendships with people, even some of my liberal friends (gasp!) but it can’t be on the political level.

      1. Find some common ground even they can agree with you on. Maybe it’s Bruce Jenner. Maybe it’s affirmative action. Maybe it’s presidential kill orders, or Snowden, or the socialist health care policy that was secretly written by the right wing as a blowjob to health care corporations, or the 57 flavors of gender choices on FB. I have a lot of liberal friends and think Republicans are absolutely insane on many issues, but with all the insanity being pushed today by SJWs, it’s not hard to find some common ground no matter how progressive your friends are.

  3. I don’t have a facebook myself (and I really don’t want one). Once I saw how hooked people were becoming on it and how it began to literally RULE people’s lives I opted out. I’ve seen many times how a post or a like on facebook can cause undue contention in the workplace and in people’s personal lives. It’s just not worth it.

  4. I am VERY PROUD of all of my fellow Kingsmen who did not dare change their facebook profile picture to the damn rainbow “pride” flag colours just to get some cheap-shot upvotes and social brownie points earlier this year.
    It was pathetic left-wing herd mentality that so many of my contacts were demonstrating. 3 years ago you damn well know they wouldn’t have had the slightest care about supporting weddings for sphincter pirates.

    1. Indeed. So many rainbows on my news feed. My thought was “None of you are gay…why are you needlessly interjecting yourselves into the fight? You have nothing to gain.” I still see the occasional rainbow cover and it irks me. It’s old news. Move on.

        1. I did that. I wrote under many profiles “Proud of your bravery and your “freedom” to marry” then I tag their name in it so everyone could see. I got unfriended by a handful and many others changed their picture back.

    2. It’s a regrettable age of identity politics. Everyone loves jumping into the camps of the majority rather than pragmatically fighting against the grain. They feel that by belonging to ’causes’, they may get special privileges. White knights think that by throwing their dignity out the window and kowtowing to feminazi harridans, they will get laid by them.

    3. This flag has also destroyed careers, divided families, created division and is a symbol of hatred. It actively endorses a silent genocide.
      It should be banned.

    4. I’m not big into Stupidbook in the first place, I only have about 80 friends, most of which are family and ex-coworkers. I check the feed maybe once a week, sometimes less. I made it a point to unfriend anyone I knew, whether it was family, friend, whatever, who change their profile pic to that rainbow faggotry. I’m happy to say, I only had to unfriend 4 or 5 people.

    5. I have a family member who told me that they deleted every single person from their friends list (about 10% of his total friends) that had the rainbow flag as their profile pic, and never gave any of those people a second thought. Now I personally didn’t do the same (despite being quite irritated by the photo), but that is one unintentionally positive thing about that trend for those of opposed to it: it helps us identify which of our friends are SJW’s and sheep, and which are independent, rational thinkers.

    6. Ah, but those who changed their profile picture to the rainbow “pride” colors weeded themselves out for me. Now I know who to stay away from.

  5. Fairly recently,
    Her: What’s your Facebook?
    Me: Don’t have one.
    Her: *shocked face* What? Everybody has it, why don’t you?
    Me: Two reasons. 1. I don’t “follow” anybody else. 2. You can read about Barbados on your Facebook, or you can SCUBA there with me this weekend.

    1. The only reason I started up my FB account was to help with promoting my webpage. However, the lure to shut it down again is ever so tempting. Perhaps I’ll just go through and block all political pages so I only see actual updates from people instead of them sharing the latest political meme.

      1. A useful fool is quite the tool in doing what he’s told
        But man can always master be by choosing to be bold
        Shun the things that make thee weak and keep thy manner pure
        To look away from hollow things may be the only cure
        Never is it folly to use a foe’s best tool
        Yet greater men will stay alert to ever being fooled
        The wise may find their ways to turn a tidy profit
        And not be on display or led to acting foppish
        Though many are pretenders as many as is sand
        Takes but a peek beneath the bloomers to see which is a man
        So let the lesser have their day and ever lose their minds
        For soon men know will come the day to leave them all behind

    2. I went on a date and she asked me the same question, and I gave her the same answer. “What about instagram?” followed. “Nope, no social media for me”. “So you don’t even have twitter?” which I replied “No, NOTHING.” She then tells me how she thinks that’s strange, how most everyone has some form of social media….almost like I don’t even exist. I said “it is kind of pathetic that if someone doesn’t participate in social media nowadays, they’re a pariah”. The rest of the date was pretty quiet! We split the tab and that was the end of that. Dumbass.

      1. Got the same. Just replied, “Did you see the John Oliver interview of Ed Snowden?” Then wiped the cum and drool from her chin.

      2. Amazing how what “you” reveal on a social media site is taken as gospel. It boggles the mind. Lying thru your teeth on the web is far more real than you sitting down with her in person, telling her “whats what”.

      3. You didn’t live in The Matrix so you didn’t exist.
        Too funny.
        Too many of these people only exist in The Matrix and their real life is shit. I believe that’s why many of them hide in it.

        1. It’s fucking pathetic; people are only showing their audience what they want them to see. All misrepresentations of who they actually are. When I was on FB, this girl kept popping up in pictures with mutual friends, and she looked smoking hot….I wanted to meet her (fuck her brains out). Fast forward a few months later to a summer BBQ thrown by a mutual friend. She was there, in the flesh, and all I can say is WOOF. It’s amazing what lighting, angles, and filters can do.

      4. “..almost like I don’t even exist” so fukked up.
        so if a tree falls in a forest and no one instagrams it, does it make any noise?

  6. Facebook is something which should be avoided for the sake of your own health and sanity. I believe that Facebook, along with other social media platforms and the constant advancement of technology and the internet, have essentially rengineered our cognitive functioning abilities, and as a result, has led to this epidemic of people who seek instant gratification and can no longer have the willingness or the discipline of developing patience.
    It is the reason why people have become mentally detached from reality and can no longer make eye contact with people nor have the ability to interact with others face to face. Everytime I go to a coffee shop, it never ceases to amaze me whenever I see people who are sitting opposite each other, but rather than engaging in an actual face to face conversation, they are too busy staring into their smartphones like zombies, interacting virtually instead.
    While the internet and the capacity of smartphones have provided us the ability to interact and get in tocuh with our loved ones and people who live far away, it is nonetheless a hindrence on our capabilities of actually being human. This obsession of communicating with people on social media is a disease which is only getting worse over time. People are playing with social media while crossing the road without looking, driving their cars without looking and even interacting with people in the shower. It gets more ridiculous over time.
    Facebook like all the other social media platforms, are essentially a conventional way of displaying the worst human characteristics that an individual possesses. From taking pictures of “my new car” and “what I’ve ate for dinner” to bragging about “my new job” and “where I have travelled”, all of this simply shows how much narcissism the average person has developed while at the same time, has provided grown adults to engage in childish teenage behaviour. How many times do we hear about these stories where people are getting divorced over a Facebook incident or somebody getting fired because of something posted on Twitter? Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.
    It does not surprise me that more men have become emasculated over time as they themselves, are now behaving like a female by using these applications all day, instead of doing something more productive like reading a book. Even books are now read through e-readers (another product of the technological takeover of our minds.) Which is why I advocate for men, to reduce their daily intake of technology and to go out for more fresh air (even if it is raining.) The whole idea of turning off your technology off and simply going out for a walk, can help to refine your memory and other cognitive functions while at the same time, help you to feel more refreshed and in touch with reality.

    1. It is indeed addicting, especially to women and weak men. I have to ban my wife from the phone whenever we go on a date because she just can’t help herself…she’s gotta check FB. The rare time we get out of the house without the kids and she wants to be on the phone. I’ve flat out told her I will drop her back off at the house and I’ll go drinking by myself if she doesn’t put it away.

      1. I was thinking of buying a short-range phone jammer for my house. You can get em from China for under 20$ and they’re good for 15′. Unfortunately it is illegal to disrupt radio waves & signals in Canada. I’m also certain the radiation would obliterate my reproductive capacity.
        Facebook is good for people who are new to an area and wish to keep in touch with friends/family who are logistically impossible to see regularly. However, all the people I want to keep in touch with, I encounter on a weekly/monthly basis. Been Facebook free since September, and never been happier.
        People become addicted to this emotionless communication through a social medium rather than traditional interpersonal interactions. I find this “Orwellian” nightmare of tracking your every move, interest and emotion to be ridiculous. It breeds a cult of narcissism and obsession. Why should I waste my time looking at pictures of other people pretending to have fun when instead I could go out and live a productive reality? To me, Facebook is just another form of escapism.

        1. another aspect of this sickness, which you touched on, is the addictive nature.
          A recent study had a group of heavy, facebook using teenagers turn in their phones for 24 hours….the results were jaw dropping. The kids suffered the same effects as drug addiction withdrawl!! They had agitation, restlessness, reported unease bordering on paranoia, sweats and even elevated heartrates and blood pressures….it is a little disconcerting to think of what humans are trending towards………

        2. Reminds me of a meme floating around FB ironically.
          “Instead of taking away a kid’s phone when they get in trouble, just take away the charger and watch the panic and desperation build as their battery percentage slowly drops.”
          Pure, unadulterated torture. I love it.

        3. Nice video. This is our generation today (not all of them but most of them). They are lost without their smart phones and they are reduced to 10 year olds (no skills) once the phone is removed from them and they are unplugged.
          There definitely needs to be an awakening as to what smart phones are doing to our society (very socially crippling if you ask me).

        4. Oh my–sick on some many levels–the anguish on the girls faces was liking seeing a friend hit by a tractor trailer–and then little blonde chick almost stuck her hand in a wood chipper to rescue her phone…” I feel disconnected” .maybe we already are in the matrix….

        5. I had one that i got at http://www.thesignaljammer.com
          It was amazing. I felt like a superhero. I loved that thing. Battery life was shit, but other than that it was like the most perfect thing I owned.
          Unfortunately, when 4G/LTE became standard my poor 3G jammer was worth less than a paperweight and the new ones that will block the 4G/LTE are way to big to be hand held, have antenna and are really expensive. If they make a small one I can use on the sly I will literally give a kidney for it.

        6. Except for the fact that the average phone is like 500+ their reactions was kinda insightful into the willing addiction of the average person to social media and all around internet connectivity.
          I was only able to laugh because after a year long tour overseas, I actually weened myself off the traditional “western” bad habits…such as smart phone and FB addiction.

        7. It would be interesting if it turns out that heavy Facebook use (mainly a female obsession) is more damaging than the supposed sexist, violent video games that nutter feminists such as Sarkisian attempted to misrepresent by bare faced lies in the #gamergate defence.

      2. Great boundary-setting on the unrestricted use of cell phones, especially at dinner or social outings. An exercise of masculinity is to request that others put a check on their bad behavior.

        1. If you know me, it’s all about respect. You want me to respect you, then you better respect me. If I take the time to get things squared away for my wife and I to get out away from the kids for a while, show the proper respect by actually spending said time with me.

        2. Respect! A key concept in regaining our society. Anyone who’s taken the red pill needs to study and apply it. When a man starts demanding, and showing, respect instead of mangina behavior, women usually don’t know how to react. And a huge part of game is simply respecting yourself above all else.

        3. My brother got a welcome-home party from my aunt when he came back from NY to Europe. Guess what he did when he sat at her dinnertable. Playing with his smartphone. My aunt and uncle hoped for some conversation, but he had more “important” things to do.
          They told me this story and I only could feel disgust. That you would disrespect the people who care for you this way.
          But it’s not uncommon, I see people staring at their “attention device” every time of the day. People can’t wait anymore. Every moment of the day has to be filled with stimuli. Or the phone is a way to not feel “alone”. Just watch people at a busstop. They are all filling time with doing nothing on a phone. People used to smoke, then they started to use walkmans as well. The ipod came and everybody started using earbuds. Now they also don’t look around anymore but stare down at a screen. Completely in their own world. Individuality gone berserk.

        4. That’s not respect though… that’s just basic manners. Respect is admiration. One will only respect maybe 50 people in a lifetime!

      3. Facebook was literally invented for children.
        So it makes sense it appeals so strongly to women and pajamaboy. It was designed as a way for kids to look up other kids they go to school with, and see photographs of them. It’s basically celebrity worship of every day juvenile people.

        1. Please excuse me. I’d like to hijack the whole thread and post my very important comment that has nothing to do with what you were talking about up here towards the top of the conversation so that everyone sees it.
          Facebook is a Satanic tool of Satan.
          Thank you. Carry on.

        2. don’t be crazy. Santa doesn’t use Facebook. He already knows if you have been naughty or nice.

        3. It wasn’t made for children. It was made for students to find one another and flirt so you can hookup and also see who’s fucking who. That it became a marketing monstrosity was just to monetize it.

      4. Yeah that’s ridiculous. Why does she want to go out with you only to spend her time on FB?

        1. This is something that most of us have been guilty of at one time or another, and won’t take steps to control it until we are consciously aware of it. The double-edged-sword of having supercomputers in our pockets: they can make our lives much easier, but there is the risk of constant stimulation. It is easier to revert to a constant stream of stimulation/distraction than invest in moments of silence or put forth the effort to engage in real-world conversation.

        2. I prefer real-world conversation but e-conversation allows me to stay in real-time touch with my friends across the world. Its amazing.

        3. nah, Facebook can be great for that shit. When you are done boning her you don’t have to talk about shit. Just tell her to go read her feed you are going to take a nap.

        1. I was joking. But be aware, as you obviously are, of the insidiousness of modern tech and it’s adverse effects on women. If shes obsessing with facebook and her phone, thats the thin end of the wedge.

        2. That’s exactly what happened to me. I had no interest in any of that crap and let her play away on it. Needless to say it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. No wife = awesome life

      5. Glad you mentioned, “weak men.” When tweeting, texting and facebook first reared their demonic heads, it seemed as if only the little emo boys, metro-sexuals or pastey-faced cubicle guys were walking around with their phones stuck in their faces.
        It appears as if the incursion of this insidious sickness has enveloped a few of the men also now–but most of us are still good with the 30 second masculine phone call…..
        “Dave, what’s up… whatcha doing this weekend…we chartered a fishing boat to catch some tuna and we have 5 and are looking for a 6th….cool..be at XXXX marina at 5AM Saturday morning–it’s $150 plus tips for capt and mate..see you then, bye……”

        1. I’ll never forget the first time I saw a sidekick. We were at a bar with a live band rocking this place. I looked over and saw this tool playing with his phone open. I’m like what are you doing? He’s like chatting with this chick on AOL. I said “Bro, look around you there’s about 150 chicks right in front of you.” I laughed in his face.

      6. Snap Chat, Instagram, and Pinterest played a big part in my divorce. Buying her a smartphone was the dumbest thing I ever did and I always made her put the fucking thing away when we were out. Now I’m on all of them and use them to my advantage when I’m hunting. Can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

        1. snapchat might be the most sinister – what can you use it for other than dick/tit videos?

        2. Snapchat can be pretty cool.
          It sends pictures/videos that DELETE. Much different than Facebook and Twitter.

        3. IMO Snapchat is far worse than Facebook and twitter simply for the fact that its users abuse it with constant selfie updates

      7. It’s like the person is there, but they’re not there, when they are constantly checking there social media and your trying to have a conversation with them.

      8. dude, not for nothing but if you rarely get to take your wife out without the kids and when you do she is on her mobile phone checking Facebook…you should have a lawyer on retainer because she is more than likely cheating on you

        1. always exception to rules and if you have your house in order good for you. Just pointing at a red flag. Not all red flags mean it’s going on I am sure, but you def see my point.

        2. You must know the guy I’m talking about – was the best thing that ever happened to him! I’ve never seen him so happy!

      9. It’s fucking unreal, I take my youngest to karate twice a week and 90% of the parents are on FB the entire time scrolling through all the bullshit while they’re kids look around at them to see if anyone is watching.

    2. Social media is the window to our future. The scenes in Wall-E when the humans are constantly interacting with their form of tablets, ‘facetiming’ with each other even though they are in close proximity, obese and completely oblivious to their immediate surroundings is our future. Unless of course we annihilate each other in the next major global conflict.

      1. It’s seriously dangerous and has the capacity to destroy human interaction in that way. A few months ago I was at a bar-cade (that’s a retro video game arcade / bar), and played a round of Street Fighter II with a Millennial. After the game I reached out to shake his hand and he looked at me like he didn’t know what I was doing. I reached out to shake his hand and he went ‘oh.. I thought you wanted something from me.’ These characters don’t know what a handshake is? He sure did stare at his phone all night.

        1. Not that I have any personal experience to give you, but I did talk to one CA native that moved here to TN at church a few weeks ago. He described the HUGE difference in cultures. Apparently everyone is CA has different “masks” that they put on depending on the people they’re around and will smile while stabbing you in the back. He said everyone in TN are genuine people and will be who they truly are in front on you. Not sure how about all that, being a TN native, I have nothing to really base it against.

        2. This person speaks the truth, LA-ites are superficial, cowardly, gossipy and back-stabby, especially in a work environment, and it’s lefty-liberal-central.

        3. Yeah I’ve been to one in Colorado called Dave & Busters years ago and it was pretty awesome, I think it was like all the games you can play for a certain time period for a fixed price. They are a nationwide chain.

        4. No worse than when my wife and I went to a Japanese steakhouse. Shortly after we were seated, a group of about 12 teens were seated at the grill next to ours. They ALL immediately pulled out their cell phones and began clicking/swiping away. I watched in disgusted amazement as not a single one of them tried talked to another for a full 10 minutes.

        5. Eh it’s in the stuck up country club area of Brentwood. Was thinking of sneaking out of that stuffy scene for a while and meeting up with a fellow ROKer would be nice. Although just saw you are married, and a single wingman would have been preferable 🙂

        6. I actually had to spend a week with teens. It was a nightmare. At various points I wanted to strangle each one of them and throw their bodies in the river.

        7. Thanks! Timing and transportation may be an issue, I’ll let you know later today if I can swing it.

        8. Where is this barcade you speak of? I’m a socal local as well and would love to check it out

        9. I reside in LA and this is true! LA people are the most fake and hypocritical people you’ll ever meet in the U.S. They are also overly sensitive to any critique you may have of the left.

        10. Got two – 1 in Brooklyn and 1 in Jersey City – craft beer and .25 games – place is a lot of fun

        11. no, no, we have them in nyc too…last time I went, it was early, not many people there yet, women in their cocoons at the bar, staring at their phones…thought they went out to engage other humans, silly me

        12. Hey I am gonna bail on the whole wedding thing. It was a last minute invite from a flakey girl that I hadn’t yet accepted, I don’t know anyone in the party, and I’ve had several better options come up here for Halloween weekend. Maybe some other time!

        13. It’s funny, I believe that about LA people but find them more tolerable than southerners who are, in my experience, the same way only they lie about it and adopt a holier than thou attitude.

        14. Not only teens do this. I went on a holiday with a large group (travel agency travel agency for single 25-30 y. olds) Guess what happened when we sat at the restaurant with wifi on the first day. Now I won’t post the pic, but it’s pretty sad to see a dozen people with smartphones while they just met each other and wait for their first meal together. Smartphone addiction is something for 30 and 40 year olds as well.
          I am a teacher and I have to say, women are way more dependant on their phone than boys are. But that’s not strange since phones are nothing more than attention devices.

    3. Even books are now read through e-readers (another product of the technological takeover of our minds.)

      There is a certain irony in you writing this…

      1. I actually disagree.
        I wouldn’t consider disqus the equivalent of facebook and twitter. Its more of a forum than anything else.
        But that picture of the lion hilarious!

        1. Note that he was referring to e-readers, also not the equivalent of FB and twitter. The irony is that he is writing words onto a electronic device, for people to read from an electronic device while criticizing the concept of reading from an electronic device.

        2. Yeah but he also said to reduce your daily intake of technology by going outside for fresh air.
          I’ve got nothing against “truth.” He writes some excellent stuff.

        3. How about if I read my e-reader outside?
          I have nothing against Truth either. I just don’t think he always speaks it.

    4. So True. I can understand the “I got a new job” post and “check out my new car” posts because those are actual things to be proud of. However, the “look at what I’m eating” posts to me are so ridiculous and vapid.
      Then again I realize that facebook has been good in showing who to avoid and who to be around. People who just have normal facebook accounts (post normal stuff and live normal lives) are usually pretty cool to hang out with. But the ones who have to document every moment of their lives are to be avoided like the plague. There was some woman I knew who literally posted every meal she ate. It’s like “WHO CARES????” Are you that starved for attention that you have tell a multitude of strangers what you are doing every 5 minutes?

      1. “Are you that starved for attention that you have tell a multitude of strangers what you are doing every 5 minutes?”
        Yes. Yes she is.

    5. Amen! Don’t be a “dumb fuck” (TM Mark Zuckerberg) and trust them with any information about you.
      After touring their nearby data center ( a massive 3 building complex that houses all servers for the eastern US and Europe, I knew what was up. It is evident to me that they, who produce nothing, exist with a nod from .gov.
      Looking at the opulence of their facility (this was pre FB IPO) in Western North Carolina, I assumed then and still believe that they are where some of the missing $ from the DOD budget went.
      What better way to archive and track people? And not just for corporate profit.
      A long time ago, when intelligence had to be gathered by humans, it would take a long time and considerable efffort for the Gestapo or Stasi to figure out your network, build a case, then arrest all of your associates.
      Now it won’t take them 5 minutes to find out your friends, and everyone who liked your non-politically correct post,or anything that might be considered ‘subversive’ either today or in the future. Everything you do there is archived permanently. They own it.
      When they get around to trying to round up dissidents FB is going to be their first stop.
      No more tapping phones, opening mail, or actual spying in the traditional sense.
      Just click on a username (from the admin interface of course) and all posts, friends, and connections will be revealed.
      Why make it easier on the gunvermin?

    6. I couldn’t even get past the first paragraph. You are aware that Gen Y and The Millennial Generation both refer to the same group of people right?

    7. Good points made. I know a friend who has been reading a lot of philosophy – he, like many men are seeking answers on the eve of a major global reboot. But he buys his books only used, and in physical form. He won’t use any e-readers.

    8. Very well written and truly insightful observations:
      “Facebook like all the other social media platforms, are essentially a conventional way of displaying the worst human characteristics that an individual possesses. From taking pictures of “my new car” and “what I’ve ate for dinner” to bragging about “my new job” and “where I have travelled”, all of this simply shows how much narcissism the average person has developed while at the same time, has provided grown adults to engage in childish teenage behaviour. How many times do we hear about these stories where people are getting divorced over a Facebook incident or somebody getting fired because of something posted on Twitter? Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.”
      => This is the gospel young people need to listen to. Maybe this paragraph should be our last post on Facebook.

  7. Oh, I’d read years ago, even before the internet, that the bigger problem looming wasn’t going to be “big brother”, but “little brother” – seems prescient now

  8. Truth is, there is no stopping Facebook. Millennials being the most narcissistic generation in history, Facebook is the perfect platform to accumulate narcissistic supply(attention, validation,popularity etc.). Like that saying ‘all roads lead to Rome’, you can’t mention social media without identifying narcissism as the root of the problem.

    1. Exactly, it’s an attention-getting medium used to collect double-plus-goods (likes) at the expense of present-moment awareness and real human interactions.

    2. I disagree. The younger ones are moving away from it in droves. It has been estimated that half of all FB accounts are fake. It’ll go the way of Myspace.
      Have you heard of ‘like farms’?
      Or all the shenanigans associated with advertising with these corrupt criminals?

  9. Kudos to the other on their solid knowledge of 1984. Incredible article and very well written.

  10. I am a millenial, I think it’s always important to denote that considering the collectivist, leftist crap that my peers believe. I have destroyed people’s political beliefs very politely with hard, undeniable fact. They harbor contradictory thoughts to reconcile their beliefs. It’s pathetic. If I expressed even some of my more tame political beliefs, I would have no friends. Liberals simply can’t separate politics from anything else because leftism is inherently totalitarian.

  11. I ditched facebook years ago, and I’m never going back. This article is spot on.

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you were able to ditch it entirely. Do you feel that you miss out on event invites? This is one FB function that I still enjoy…

      1. I did have friends that would invite me to parties and such on there. But they all now know that I don’t have facebook so they just tell me other ways. Plus you can find other things specifically geared towards event invites like meetup.com or yahoo groups or something.

      2. I text my friends and stay in contact via actual phone calls so I don’t feel like I miss out on anything. Surprisingly, people still like an actual phone call. Maybe because everything went social media, but people seem to really appreciate it when I actually call them and ask them how they are doing and if they would like to meet up. If you aren’t spending face to face time with your friends regularly, I would suggest examining whether or not they are real friends or just facebook ones. What kind of events specifically do you think you would miss?

        1. http://www.breitbart.com/london/2015/09/17/german-govt-hires-ex-stasi-agent-patrol-facebook-xenophobic-comments/
          An organisation run by a former Stasi agent has been recruited by the German government to patrol Facebook in a bid to stamp out “xenophobic” comments. Those caught posting material that the government disagrees with are likely to face criminal prosecution.
          And she’s Jewish.
          Anetta Kahane was born into a Jewish family in East Berlin. She began her career as an advocate for minority and immigrant causes immediately following the fall of the Berlin Wall, when she became the first (and only) Commissioner for Foreigners for East Berlin. In this role, she expressly warned against the dangers of right-wing extremism.
          If the foundation of democracy is the interests of the majority for the common good, why are minority interests held in higher regard? What is democratic about it? Nothing. The minority could be a part of the majority in their own fucking country. Problem solved. Diversity doesn’t work. If so, exactly where has it worked?
          I know what you’re thinking, another coincidence. Nobody knows suffering like the Jews and they should dictate the lives of the majority because: “god and stuff.”
          Yep, simply questioning why they, a tiny minority should completely dictate Western European values and culture makes people: “Nazi’s.”

      1. I’m not offended, pretty funny actually, but this article was written by a jew (me) so the irony of this hasn’t escaped me. But there are PLENTY of problems in the jewish community (leftism, zionism, feminism, victim-culture) believe me!

        1. And don’t forget Holocaust as a religion, subversiveness, “Culture of Critique”. But you’re cool, though.
          What’s your connection to Judaism? Cultural, genetic, religious? all of the above?

        2. There is an undercurrent of Judenhass amongst some posters here and they paint with a very broad brush.

        3. All of the above although on the ‘religious’ aspect I do my own thing in this regard (don’t attend temple,etc.). Yes the holocaust thing is played out and annoying, the feminism is super-annoying, the zionism is ultra-annoying, the leftism is a huge problem. I talk more trash about jewish culture than non-jews so as I said I’m not offended lol.

        4. I noticed although I see it more like ‘poking fun’ than ‘hate’ for its own sake, the criticisms of cultural Judaism, given it’s wide stance on leftism, victimhood, feminism, zionism, aren’t without merit.

        5. I’m cool with Jews having their own political entity/ethno-state, so long as they don’t try to subvert my efforts to do the same for my own folks.
          Chuck Schumer is a perfect example. He cringes at the idea of any sort of European ethno-state, but yet he think I should die for Israel. “Nationalism for me, but not for thee”.
          We all need our identities, as tribal as they may be.

        6. Big-government-as-ethno-state is as artificial as it gets, the fall of Judaism, in my opinion, is when it became synonymous with Zionism, which many Jews denounce. The victim-identity is a pandemic problem with any minority group that has long-suffered anything at all, it’s an attention-getting shroud that people wear to avoid personal responsibility, hence the disproportionate representation of Jews in leftist circles, ‘progressive’ government actions, etc. However – if you have individualist, libertarian values you can’t help but reference Murray Rothbard (Jewish) or Ludwig Von Mises (Jewish), both central figures in libertarian thought.

        7. I wish I could sympathize with libertarian thought, but Western Civilization is under attack from multiple fronts. We can’t afford libertarianism during times of strife like this. It’s a cultural, racial, and real physical war. Too many libertarians are pacifists and atheists and willing to accept degeneracy and decay in the name of freedom.

      2. Zuck: Yeah so if you ever need info about anyone at Harvard
        Zuck: Just ask.
        Zuck: I have over 4,000 emails, pictures, addresses, SNS
        [Redacted Friend’s Name]: What? How’d you manage that one?
        Zuck: People just submitted it.
        Zuck: I don’t know why.
        Zuck: They “trust me”
        Zuck: Dumb fucks.
        Yeah, Mr. Zuckerberg is Jewish.

  12. My fiance said she would leave me if I encouraged our kids to use phones or play computer games. We laughed but I knew that there was an underlying seriousness to it. She never takes calls from anyone but her parents if she’s with me and it isn’t urgent. Thank god. On the other hand, raising kids to turn out with any positive attributes is getting progressively difficult. Propaganda gets them at younger and younger ages.

    1. My parents had a ‘weekends-only’ policy with TV and video games and this was in the 80’s. Kids easily become obsessed with digital media since they have little power to do what they want elsewhere (can’t drive yet, etc). I’m definitely in favor of parents curtailing the use of these devices in the household.

    2. A good start is to limit the propaganda from ever entering the house. We don’t have cable, only Netflix, so we can choose exactly what they watch. We also agreed they’re not getting cell phones until they’re old enough to drive and might need one for an emergency. Lastly, we’re planning on homeschooling them.

      1. I doubt it’s possible to prevent kids from seeing things they shouldn’t. My parents tried and it didn’t stop me. The only way is to inculcate a correct mode of thought, however that is done.

  13. You said Orwell was wrong. He was not. Remember the Junior Spies. Kids that are brainwashed in order to monitor adults from committing thoughtcrimes. They would accuse even their parents as thought criminals. Replace Kids by the leftist-millennials and tough police by
    the leftist-collectivist mob.

    1. Stalin had something similar where teachers would teach kids to rat on their folks and then KGB would take parents away and send the kids to an orphanage.
      This is just a mild version of Stalins crazyness

      1. Orwell was influenced and inspired by totalitarian regimes of the time,
        including Hitler’s Nazi Germany and Stalin’s Soviet Union. Both regimes
        glorified their respective leaders as demi-gods and saviors, required
        the destruction of all individuality in order to promote the Party’s
        needs over the individual’s, demanded absolute loyalty from their
        citizens, and resorted to violence whenever disloyalty was suspected.
        Moreover, both regimes consistently demonized their enemies, just as the
        Party and Big Brother do in 1984,
        through the Two Minutes Hate, Hate Week, and daily mass propaganda.
        Other parallels include the Thought Police as a reinvention of the
        Gestapo, NKVD (People’s Comissariat for Internal Affairs), which
        orchestrated large scale purges and terror, and the Spies and Youth League as a reinvention of the Hitler Youth and the Little Octoberists,
        which indoctrinated young people to the Party and encouraged them to
        report disloyalty observed in their elders, even among family members.

  14. Unliking pages helped a lot in this regard. The problem is, you see most of the crap while you end up missing the good stuff.
    I miss what it used to be.

      1. Yep. And don’t forget the celebrity pages that almost always pop up because some friend “liked” a picture.
        The only reason I still keep my account is because it’s the only way I still keep in contact with friends and relatives that are so far away.

        1. Delete facebook; download messenger. All of the functionality you want with none of the B.S.

        2. I only use it to talk to 2 girls so I don’t really know. I’m sure it tracks and records everything I do, but I installed it on this cheap $80 android tablet that doesn’t have any private info on it. But if you *have* to talk to people on facebook, it lets you do that without actually using facebook.

      2. Man, this is what drove me off there in the first place haha. I had so many political pages that it was making me so damn bitter on a daily basis. It wasn’t even 9AM and I already wanted to pull an Anders Brevik.

        1. Yeah, the more you can get politics out of your life, the better. Every political story is designed to enrage someone. The huge color photos of the fat butch lesbian couple getting married (they will find the most physically repulsive one to photograph) is designed to enrage the Christian conservative.
          The stories on unequal pay in the workplace are designed to enrage overeducated career officespace women.
          The stories on the Westboro Baptist church are designed to enrage non-theists and people in the military.
          The stories on immigrants coming in and terking your jerbs are designed to enrage anyone facing economic hardships.
          When you start ignoring all that stuff and realize that you’re not gay, it’s illegal for corporations to pay different prices for the same work based on absence of a penis, and that you don’t even have any Mexicans in your neighborhood, you realize that there are far more important things for you to concern yourself with in life.

        2. ^can confirm.
          No Mexicans, let alone South Americans. Not even Eastern Europeans or Asians. Only fundamentalist Muslimes. Many many Muslims out walking about draped in their big black curtains. Soon they’ll be building a mosque in my area with all the overflows of parking crowding up the residential streets.
          All the city counselors in my area called those who opposed the construction of this mosquetrocity ‘racist’.

  15. If you are still using facebook, wean yourself off of it. Here’s what I did. Make a rule that you will only check it once a week–on Mondays, or on Wednesdays or something. Make it a weekday and do it doing working hours, like on your lunch break, or at best prior to leaving for work in the morning, because the philosophy should be that you will not waste your valuable free time on this black hole. But using it once a week will still allow you to “see what your friends are up to” and see invites to things they send to you.
    The next step is to move to checking it once a month. After a few months of doing this, you will realize there is literally nothing you are missing out on by not using facebook more often, and will give it up entirely. I hadn’t used mine in 2 years, finally logged on the other day because I heard a girl I previously dated was divorcing, and wanted to hit her up. It took me maybe 30 minutes to weed through all the old silly messages that had accumulated, and guess what? Other than some out of state girl that would be too much effort to bang, and another who has since moved out of the country, there was nothing useful or interesting.
    If you want to keep in touch with millenials, who are super facebook friendly, download the “Messenger” app, which I do have and use. It is used for sending messages, like texting, to facebook accounts. Use ONLY this app, not the real facebook. And don’t use your facebook account; create a new account and use it only for messaging facebook friends, but it is not tied to your persona. And assume everything you type is being recorded and sent directly to your permanent record on file in D.C.

    1. I check FB every few months. I don’t understand why people have so much trouble with it.

    2. I have to force myself to check FB as a means of staying in touch with friends and relatives but beyond that, it’s a chore.
      I don’t understand how people can be addicted to it. What a mess.

  16. http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/10/27/this-is-not-a-game-how-sxsw-turned-gamergate-abuse-into-a-spectator-sport.html
    I would write an article about the above gamergate story but I simply just don’t give a shit enough.
    This whole online lifestyle is such a waste of time. While I can envision a future where technology allows us to live an advanced lifestyle, even imposing traditional gender roles and recreating a 1960s style society through A.I. as seen in the excellent Bruce Willis movie The Surrogates, the use of internet today is largely a negative force.
    I read the above article this morning about how the movie festival SXSW was going to have a panel discussion and debate about social justice warriors and how they need to make video games safe and equal but then they received some threats and now they are not going to have this debate, and the keyboard commandos are up in arms.
    This male feminist wrote a huge article about how unfair and oppressive this was. I couldn’t even read through this entire article. I’m like Really ? Really, dude? You are still ranting, 3 pages later? About some silly imaginary thing about video games?
    Even though I love ROK and check in almost every day, everyone needs to just shut off their computer or smartphone, and go do something real. Look someone in the eyes, have a conversation, go outside, do something. The online world of people tweeting their anger and frustration and starting movements or getting people offended. It just doesn’t fucking matter! Who gives a shit! Get off facebook immediately, and reduce your time in front of video screens.

    1. Agreed. Like “truth” said, there are too many adults behaving like school children. Most people are like 15 year old kids in regards to social media. All of these online movements are mainly comprised of school kids.
      People refuse to grow up and this is why immaturity is rampant. The internet is NOT REAL people. Get out there and inhale the air.

    2. I clicked on the article, saw “Arthur Chu” and clicked off. It’s just not worth it.

  17. Fuck facebook. Arm chair activists, attention whores, and half a fags is all you will find. How many ‘friends’ do you have on there that wouldn’t even look at you if they saw you in public? Nothing to be gained from it. We were able to keep in touch with our peers and family before it came to be so there is almost no excuse to use it.

    1. How many ‘friends’ do you have on there that wouldn’t even look at you if they saw you in public?
      Social media users don’t want to look at their “friends” in real life. That’s why Facebook is so popular, you can pretend being social.

      1. Zuck: Yeah so if you ever need info about anyone at Harvard
        Zuck: Just ask.
        Zuck: I have over 4,000 emails, pictures, addresses, SNS
        [Redacted Friend’s Name]: What? How’d you manage that one?
        Zuck: People just submitted it.
        Zuck: I don’t know why.
        Zuck: They “trust me”
        Zuck: Dumb fucks.

    2. Yeah, and even if it wasn’t so creepy and Orwellian and bloated and obnoxious and infested with SJWs, there are better ways to do almost everything facebook does:
      Sharing photos? Try flickr or tumblr or instagram (although fb bought it)
      Messaging friends? Use secure imessage or the numerous free picture and video embedded messaging apps
      Setting up events? Why not open them up to everyone and share them on meetup or a similar local site

    3. Should I count vague acquaintances as friends? Should I espouse my views and be ridiculed by the ignorant and superficial? Should I allow my views to be dictated by general consensus, primarily driven by the media to drive my opinions?
      Facebook is a wasteland. It places another barrier in front of cognitive thought, true reflection and discovery.
      Facebook, everyone is beautiful and happy. LinkedIn, everyone is a consummate skilled professional.
      Really? I’m saying bullshit.

      1. “Facebook, everyone is beautiful and happy. LinkedIn, everyone is a consummate skilled professional.”
        Solid insight about LinkedIN. It strikes one as just a virtual resumé dump, where everyone is on team awesome. No comment on the advanced features with the premium version-never used it. Facebook got dropped the day it was realized that out of all the people I called friends, I only truly cared about .04% of them.
        Assuming you’ve dropped social media–do you get shit about it from people?

    4. It truly is only about the validation. Many of those friends wouldn’t piss on you to put you out (if on fire) so I say fuck them. People on Facebook “collecting friends” is another mental disorder. I can see the reason behind it for business purposes, networking, etc…but all of the personal shit is for teenagers (and only teenagers should be on it).

  18. Yeah… Facebook is a bit like TV. You don’t like what you are looking at you can just switch it off.
    Job done.

  19. One thing FB has taught me is that few of my fellow ‘Muricans have a life or property I would give damn about defending. I’ve made it clear that people with left wing views are idiots and so are the ones who think Team R will save them. Most people are incapable of using facts, logic, or reason.

  20. My solution has been to establish a local “Gentleman’s Club”. I have 76 men who are members and have steadily educated them on feminism and Islam in a way I would never do publicly.
    No one “likes” much but whenever I bump into a member they usually tell me how much they have enjoyed what I post.
    Gradually I’ll introduce more real activities; getting firewood, hunting, fishing.
    I post there pretty much exclusively and have only had to kick out one guy who turned out to be a brainwashed leftie who tried the usual female guilt herd shit. Gave him an opportunity to form a rational cogent argument then flicked him.
    This is the way to use it. There are cops CEOs farmers doctors teachers builders and shearers. A diverse bunch of men I can rally when I need them for my plans of regional domination bwah ha haaaa!

      1. Haha New Zealand bro. In one of the more isolated parts where there are less than 50000 people on the pacific coast.
        Just make your own where you live (unless you live here!)

        1. Sorry man I haven’t quite finished it. The group is secret so not searchable. The key is to get people you know personally. Amazing how the tone changes when it’s just men. Makes you realise how few spaces there are where men can be open without female arbitration.

        2. I second this.
          Perhaps a potential private/invite-only forum would work too.

        3. Dude if you do live in Canada you’re going to need it after that election. It is private and invite only. The funny thing is facebook keeps on suggesting females as members.

      1. Yeah we have an advantage in our cordial relations with NZ’s indigenous Maori people. Probably a fifth of my members are Maori so it would be harder to stick and they could run interference on any racism charges. It’s not a hateful thing it’s a “what are we doing to honour those who fought and died for freedom?” sort of thing.
        With the mainstream media so out of touch with reality on feminism and Muslim “refugees” people welcome an alternative more plausible set of interpretations.

  21. Can somebody please explain what Google+ is? I’m curious because nobody is talking about it like they do with Facebook. Isn’t it the same?

    1. G+ is Google’s answer to Facebook and is their attempt to compete in the social media space. Nobody is talking about it like FB because it never really caught on and isn’t nearly as popular. Google hoped it would use its search-engine might to dominate FB in this space, and even leverage G+ to influence search engine rankings, but haven’t succeeded in fostering a mass-migration to G+. The ‘hangouts’ feature is interesting and something that they’ve leveraged, similar to a Skype group video chat. G+ has all the feed problems that FB does.

  22. Nice piece. You are 90% there. Unfortunately it’s that 10% that makes the difference in the end. Its capitulation. The (false) notion that it is unavoidable without dire consequence is pluralistic ignorance at work. Its the same “logic” women use as to why they can’t (won’t) get off the carousel, how their carousel is not spinning as fast as the SLUTS!
    The liberty you seek is not one of half-measures and back-of-the-envelope cost/benefit analysis based on cherry-picked rational thought interrupted by the emotional need of ego preservation.
    Yes, FB is a tool with some utility but it is not like using a hammer to kill vs using a hammer to hit a nail; you are the nail and the tool is an ever-adapting box of tools hitting you softly until eventually you are too far in to actually do anything about it. Slowing the pace is good, but not a solution.
    Perhaps your rationalized approach to the partial abortion of FB may help you wean yourself completely. I look forward to reading the follow up when that happens.
    Dehumanizing, emasculating, group-think, etc. are all solid observations. Though I would say social media (redundant) is more Huxley than Orwell. Think distraction as opposed to oppression, drowning out Truth as opposed to just propagating lies, hedonistic pleasure as opposed to suffering, triviality over captivity, etc.
    The best prisons are those of the mind, constructed by prisoner’s own hands. You are your choices.

    1. I like your response, thank you. You’re saying that taking a balanced approach is incorrect? I see this more as a cost-benefit analysis, seeing as facebook actually does have some value, especially with event-creation / invites and such – it might have some redeemable qualities if we can mitigate the damaging ones – as you say much of this will be a personal choice.

      1. Thanks for responding. I’m not busting your balls. You’re doing much better than most of your peers. But if you really want to help them, always work to avoid the relativism and lack of principle that fuels the great cultural succubus that we are all fighting in our own ways.
        Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for minimizing the downside, for taking greater control over how you use media. That is indeed something to advocate.
        But the issue must begin and end with the idea that moderation (balance) is the solution, if that is indeed your main point; consistency of problem identification and solution. And a bonus: acknowledgement that participation, however diluted is still being complicit in the problem.
        Think of it like Frame. You may be able to step into her frame and still apply game, minimize your risk, get what you want out of it, but as long as you are in her frame she is not in yours and this is not sustainable, nor advisable.
        The problem becomes when the advice frames the impetus for action from a perspective that explicitly calls upon the negative for justification, e.g. dehumanizing, but then retreats into what reads as a rationalization of some positive value that attempts to protect the author from being incongruent with his own premise.
        This approach undermines an important part of your thesis. From the perspective of advice, it prevents the kind of principled, binary, rash, zero-sum, and absolute actions that are actually required to kill the beast. But that presumes that it should be killed. If something is as bad as you make it out to be, this is my conclusion. If you want me to come to a different conclusion, you must guide me there.
        So either the beast is evil, as you lay out
        rather well, in which case the advice should be calibrated accordingly, or the beast is potentially evil but can be tamed and used for good.
        Gaming the beast neither negates its evil nor prevents it from one day consuming you. You may have taken up the chair and the whip but you are still in the cage with the lion.
        Just as there are plenty of alcoholics who “never go to bars” and “only drink beer”. The real demon is not confronted because the Truth is, they prefer drinking. It creates a slippery slope.
        I have my beliefs (FB is bad) but I also live those beliefs through my action and my words, accepting
        all of the downside, risk, inconvenience, etc. that may entail.
        As a man, I am a product of my actions; my actions are instructed by my principles. Admittedly, I tend to operate more on absolutes when it comes to such things. But I don’t expect others to do the same.
        What I do expect is that they own their choices and don’t ask me to buy into their personal rationalizations when advocating for others to do as they do because it is somehow “Better”.
        Sometimes it is rationalizations, like when a woman expects a man to believe he is the beneficiary of her past days on the carousel, but sometimes it is structural, relating to how people lay out an argument.
        This is the challenge of relativism. It demands uniform perspective. It requires a self-appointed moral high ground supported by truths that must be then halved in order to support the exception.
        So from a practical standpoint, avoid framing in absolutes but then drifting into relativism.
        Relativism erodes principle and maintains an “out”; it gives a man reason to not do what is really required, a kind of moral self-licensing that allows him to feel good about “doing something” but falls short of fully honoring the principle at hand.
        And it gives the other side reason to continue to adapt its methods to solve toward new and even more invasive ways to hold you in sway.
        We know this is already working when we hear things like “Facebook is lame; Instagram is where it is at.” Or “TInder is making women intolerable; how to crush 10’s using Tinder.”
        One is either a participant or they are not. As long as they participate – even on “their” terms, they are still
        part of the problem. And they do not have the kind of solid ground from which to caution about the evils of said mechanism as those who actually
        Their advice should be framed from this perspective. Otherwise, perhaps the mechanism isn’t that bad? Can’t have it both ways. It’s a kind of bait-and-switch.
        These kinds of decisions – like the real-life ones, are always about trade-offs. If a trade-off does not include real discomfort, risk, loss, sacrifice, then
        it lacks merit. It just becomes choosing a path of lesser – or least, resistance. Which is fine, but it can become disingenuous if presented as something greater than that.
        Loosen the noose or take it off. Only one way truly takes power away from the hangman.
        So next time, try framing it from the affirmative. Trust that your audience will follow the rational logic of your argument.
        Instead of spending 90%of the piece telling me why FB is shit (to which I agree), but then backing away from the exit because it is just too inconvenient to not have FB (to which I disagree), try anchoring it in your principles. Which is that you actually value facebook, just not with the default settings.
        Which is still good advice. Not what I advocate, but worthy nonetheless. Keep up the good work.

        1. Hey buddy – thank you. I think my principles were pretty clear. 1) outline the problems with FB, 2) issues with killing it entirely 3) my principle – the balanced approach and why I advocate it 4) how to achieve it and why.

    2. Quick follow-up, the ‘dire’ consequences are more of a real-world observation. I go to a lot of rave parties, these are only posted on FB now, that is how I find out about them / get invited to them. If I delete my FB account ‘for sake of principle’ I will simply miss out – again, personal lifestyle considerations apply.. I wasn’t trying to suggest that it was not advisable to kill facebook if you can or if you feel it is beneficial to your life – please do so! I personally find it useful to hack FB and make it do my bidding by killing TFF.

  23. All social media is highly feminized. Look at me, pay attention to me…..me, me, me, me. This is why women gravitate to it and men prefer to play games. Games are about things you can do.

  24. Excellent piece Devin. This is one of the most accurate portrayals of that garbage heap. 90% of the stuff on there is bullshit. People playing that their lives are so cool and wonderful when in reality they’re dying inside. I know some of these people personally. The lovey-dovey couples that hate each other, are battling in couples therapy and fucking other people are my favs.

    1. Thanks man, this piece is more of a work of personal introspection. ‘The Flip’ can catch up to you very subtly and insidiously, you find yourself ‘thinking about facebook’ when real-world things happen, we’re turning into a culture of shitty photographers 🙂

  25. I found Facebook as a novelty where I could find people I had not seen in years and do a bit of catching up. And then the darkness descended. . .
    Perhaps some of my ROK postings smack of TMI, but I generally don’t have that need for exhibitionism (narcissism?) to update and “share” every 20 minutes. Nor am I so nosey or curious or otherwise give a fuck to be in the know about so many stupid details of everyone’s life. That’s where Facebook went.
    It is, of course, in Facebook’s financial interest to keep those eyeballs on their website, so they encourage it.
    Having moved to China I have the perfect excuse to ignore Facebook while still having a page there: the commies banned it, sort of. A VPN is a work-around, but you have to pay a Chinese company for that service.
    I go back to the Great White North once a year and use Facebook to coordinate with friends and family, and then I can let it go dead for another 11 months. It’s not like I am a luddite: have a telephone with texting, an email address and – the online gods be willing – a Skype account. If anyone has something meaningful to say to me they can if they take an extra 5 seconds to contact me directly.
    In terms of Facebook being a hotbed of socialism, feminism and SJWs: wrong! It is just a reflection of how messed up western culture is, and the people who populate it. It is only Orwellian to the extent that you have so many people reading what would otherwise be private thoughts or part of a private conversation. We all understand the phenomenon of people saying shit online that they would never say in a live venue. My mother found Jesus and my sister is a crypto-pinko so at family get togethers there are many times where I just hold my tongue. Certainly, the lion’s share of what we post here on ROK is not something you would put on the cafeteria bulletin board in your office.
    Did anyone who attended the State of Man event post that on their Facebook?

    1. Good critique, I’m enjoying thoughtful responses like this. If people are posting State of Man events / ROK posts on FB I think this is a positive use of the medium. About the ‘Orwellian’ bit – I think it has the potential to be used and abused that way, people have been arrested for rap lyrics they’ve posted, things like that, and the face-recognition-tagging is creepy that way.

      1. It’s good to see that you are interacting with the commenters on your piece.
        Because I don’t use Facebook often I have not boned up on the privacy features and such. Maybe there is a way to keep your shit wired tight so that tender friends and family members or even the cops are not reading your more non-mainstream posts.

        1. You can do this and control who sees what on FB pretty much any way you want to – but back to the article again, this requires that FB eats more of your time and energy by micro-managing the privacy settings of an intentionally privacy-violating (imho) medium. In the past I unfollowed everybody and only followed pages that I liked, and used FB as a focused news-source of sorts, but since they introduced in-stream ads and news ‘trends,’ this option is pretty much off the table now.

  26. The whole “friend” thing can get stupid. I think I am in the triple digits because I am a teacher and many students want to keep in touch after graduation. I don’t post anything particularly weird there so that’s fine. Most of them I never hear from again so I just “unfriend” them after a couple of years.
    I dated a fashion model in Shanghai and she had over 2000 “friends”. I asked her about that and she admitted that she didn’t really know many of them, but they sent her a request and she accepted them.
    Even I started getting friend requests from strange women that I had never met. I mostly ignored them.

    1. Female told me she has thousands of FB friends and 95% are male. She’s never met them. I’d rate her 6 out 10 on looks. She posts meaningless pics at the coffee shop and her stupid little dog. Beta males to chime in with comments. She uses it to pre-screen dates, and to demonstrate to her female friends that she is popular. Its high school extended into adulthood.

  27. I’m keeping Facebook because that’s how I network and join events of my friends and people with similar interests. But this article certainly brings up excellent points.

  28. I’ve said from day one: FUCK FACEBOOK.
    That will not change. My real friends know where I live and how to get in touch. What the author left out of this otherwise good article, is this key dialog between FB founder Mark Zuckerberg and a colleague about FB and its users:
    Zuck: Yeah so if you ever need info about anyone at Harvard
    Zuck: Just ask.
    Zuck: I have over 4,000 emails, pictures, addresses, SNS
    [Redacted Friend’s Name]: What? How’d you manage that one?
    Zuck: People just submitted it.
    Zuck: I don’t know why.
    Zuck: They “trust me”
    [B]Zuck: Dumb fucks.[/B]
    So keep using FB. They profit from your trust. Gov monitors. SJWs galore.
    What’s not to love [/s]

  29. I do not use FB but do use Instagram. On occasion i’ll post material contradicting leftism. 90% of my followers are liberals who I interact with in the real world. A pattern has developed where it is obvious that my liberal followers (who I associate with in real life) do not enjoy my posts; this has slowly seeped through and most do not want to associate with me, which I am fine with. I am a man of principle and will not follow the heard just to be cool, trendy and “compassionate.” I prefer to surround myself with like-minded people, even if it’s just a handful of them. In a way, social media acts like a filter; it gets rid of the people who deep down are incompatible with my principles and philosophy.

  30. You know how I dealt with Facebook? I got rid of it about 2 years ago. I deleted the invasive spyware phone app, deleted all my photos, and closed my account down for good. It became a substitute for human interaction and I found myself using the same lamebrained excuses everyone else was using to justify keeping it. I decided that I was sick of it after logging in and seeing the same tired drivel that people with nothing meaningful or useful to say would post in their news feeds. I was tired of the endless Shit-Ville games clogging my news feed. And I was over the ever shifting changes to Facebook’s use of profile information.
    Getting rid of Facebook has been one of the most liberating choices I’ve ever made. No longer do I have to deal the equivalent of a babbling valley girl bimbo yammering away about useless, irrelevant shit while selling my private information to the highest bidder. I recommend that everyone else closes their accounts as well. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain if you do.

    1. You know whats creepy? The new messenger app- I had to delete it bc you cant ever shut it off

      1. I deleted the FB messenger app and the Google messenger app as well for this reason – the arrogance of these companies is just astounding, you can’t go offline?! The G+ chat app can only let you ‘snooze’ your offline status for a few hours.

  31. What is the contemporary Internet? Social media and online stores. So, gossip, relationships and shopping.
    Who do those things appeal to?
    Therefore, who is the Internet for?
    Police your usage accordingly. The Internet is a tool, not a life substitute; get the information you need, then go live your real life.

  32. Good points. As FB, or the rest of the internet for that matter, becomes a means to communicate with like minded groups or individuals, look for content to be put under scrutiny to protect the powers that be.
    The Facebook CEO was overheard responding that “we need to do some work” on curtailing anti-immigrant posts about the refugee crisis. “Are you working on this?” Merkel asked in English, to which Zuckerberg replied in the affirmative before the transmission was disrupted.

  33. If you want to stay connected without being a part of the matrix, have your secretary manage your facebook. Set boundaries on what she can post and comment and then let her post whatever she wants within them. Any important shit that comes through you handle like a man face to face or a phone call, not like a circus animal in front of a crowd.

  34. Problem is that without facebook I would be completely out of touch with anyone I know – I simply cant afford this, because I am without any friends.
    At least thanks to facebook I know what DJ is playing where and such. Without facebook there is zero source of information about stuff that interests me.

    1. Exactly why, for me as well, killing FB entirely is not advisable if doing so will result in you missing out on real-world interactions that you enjoy.

      1. FFS, having Fakebook *is* resulting in you missing out on real-world interactions you might otherwise enjoy. Every fucking gathering organised on Fakebook winds up as a session of silly bitches and sillier blokes staring into their phones looking for status updates.

    2. You can’t find websites for the clubs you visit?
      I recall that back before Facebook, you’d look at the “Upcoming Events” for a place and decide based on that. I’ve been to plenty of bars and they still will tell you what they’re doing a day or month from now, usually on a large schedule written on the chalkboard or notice board.
      It’s amazing I survived that era without social media. Heh.

      1. this was possible back then before facebook, now it is almost impossible to find which DJ is where. And I usually go to clubs to listen to certain DJs which mix sets to my liking.

  35. Wait a few years and if the fact surfaces you do NOT have a social media account will cause others to assume you are hiding something.
    I was visiting a corporate HQ a few years ago and one of the younger HR assistants mentioned that she was preparing for my visit and could not find me on FB. When I informed her that I do not maintain a FB account, she said “that’s suspicious.” I laughed it off, but she didn’t.

    1. You’re spot on. I’ve heard the same. Like you are clearly hiding some double life if you don’t have an account. I have one and do almost nothing with it-which also irritates people. You just have to shrug and tell em to fuck off.

    2. The system has successfully been made to have others police each other for them. Toe the line or be shamed, ridiculed, and ousted from our wretched society.

    3. I used to work for a large recruitment organization and this is accurate. Most recruiters will look at your social media but if there isn’t any your considered an outlier which means your suspect.

      1. I use other sources (Xing, Linked-in) for business purposes and business purpopes only.
        Funny enough, I do use social media to see who I am going to be facing in a business spheres. If you are going to broadcast Information about yourself so I can build a character profile, I will accept it. The smart ones have nothing out there.

      2. Out of curiousity, suspect of what? I tend to enjoy keeping a private life out of my business life. Plus I do believe in the old axiom, “politics and religion should not be brought up in polite conversation.” Having my private comments dragged through the HR department and scrutinized isn’t the Orwellian scenario I want, but I know it happens.

        1. They believe you either have something to hide or don’t get along with people socially. I am exactly like you in that I have a Linked In account but I don’t use Facebook or any other form of social media. Linked In is very useful especially in the sales arena for finding contacts, looking at backgrounds for in person meetings as well as new job opportunities. On a personal level I am very private which means only certain people get access to me. Most people on the other hand accept any Tom, Dick or Harry that they come across without scrutinizing them first.

        2. It’s funny that they’d consider eschewing the highly anti-social “social media” to be a sign of being anti-social.

        3. After selling to HR/Recruitment people for years you come to realize they were all dumped into HR because they have very little talent and value to the company. Most of them are women and they aren’t very intelligent. You can run the advertising metrics and show them exactly where and how they should advertise to get candidates and most times they would do something else. We used to call these decisions pulling a “crazy Ivan” as they were devoid of logic and basic business sense. What’s more crazy is they have budgets in the millions.

    4. Excellent point. It is now becoming taboo by employers to not have social media presence.
      Delete your old one, make a small, squeaky-clean new one.

  36. The useful aspects of FB are not the purpose of FB. If an application/service exists for reasons and motives that do not directly relate to how it is useful to you, don’t use it.
    Yes, FB is dangerous in multiple ways. Those are well-listed in this article. A man should only use things that help him accomplish his work and/or his goals.
    People are so stupid that they fall into this trap idea of allowing FB to convince them that they have to follow FB rules. FB is not the law, at least not yet.
    What remains is that FB is a digital database into which large numbers of people – an incredibly scary percentage of the population – have chosen to enter personal data about themselves. Obviously, that is a bad idea for you to do the same. However, since that data is out there and available, you can use it for your own purposes.
    Do so by either creating an entirely fake account or the most minimalist account for yourself possible (so you can “friend” your so called friends). That’s right, fake! It is not against the law. You don’t owe FB a real account or real information about yourself.
    Why bother? Well, only bother if you find it helpful to accomplishing your goals to collect free information about others that they freely put into the FB database.

    1. As much as I hate it, in certain instances, FB can, when used properly, assist in accomplishing those goals. That said, there is a lot of fake information about me in the bio section. No way would I voluntarily surrender as much as they want.
      Another thing I’ve noticed lately – they are using a “people you may know” feature similar to the feature found in Linkedin. Jesus, I definitely don’t need TWO sources of bodies floating to the surface from relationships past… how to fend off this one?

  37. My biggest beef w/ Fb and social media in general is 1) if you disagree w/ someone, you’re automatically labeled and troll and 2) debates turn into the biggest circlejerks ever

  38. I’ve always thought FB was an app for insecure teenage girls who obsess about what other girls are doing. Beta males latched on to follow females. If you can use the tinder interface to get laid as a male then more power to you I guess. But the problem is bigger than FB. Its smart phones. If FB disappeared tomorrow something else would emerge to replace it. Millennial females have their brains re-wired at this point. They have outsourced their brains to their smart phones. You might as well be fucking her snapchat pics.

  39. Deleted FB permanently…getting shirt made to encourage people to delete FB…fuck fuckerberg!!! I will heap derision on FB forever!

  40. Remember when you DELETE Facebook…JEW BOY holds your account for 14 days instead of deleting it immediately.
    Imagine this cocksucker holding your account, against your WILL to delete it immediately? This fucker is clearly in cahoots with a government organization….he holds the account…just in case you’ve done something bad and you can’t cover your tracks in the meantime!
    Did you know this when you thought FB was fun??
    FB is an insidious piece of shit….DELETE IMMEDIATELY AND FOREVER!!!
    …but remember…JEW BOY holds your account for 14 days…all your info…pics, posts, etc…and who knows what else he keeps for big Lefty Gov…..forever?

  41. I completely erased my Facebook about six months ago. To delete it you have to literally search for the delete page via a search engine and use that. The only thing I used it for was for married sluts to try to cheat on their husbands with me anyway. My real friends have my phone number and can talk to me in person. I don’t need Facebook for anything. I don’t need Facebook fake friends.

  42. How many good men have to lose their jobs because they posted something on Fagbook that didn’t genuflect to Lefty gospel???
    Think Bruce Jenner is nuts?….fired!!
    Think gay marriage is a joke and deranged?….fired!!!
    Black people commit too much crime?…fired!!!
    Women lie about rape?…fired!!
    Fuck facebook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. I have a Facebook page, but I totally agree with this article. My enthusiasm for Facebook has dwindled significantly in the past four years since I set it up, and I seldom post or check it anymore. Too many of my “friends” on it are attention whores and it’s painfully obvious in all of their posts. I personally am not interested in where somebody ate dinner, or how they worked out at the gym, or every detail of their love life, etc. Also, I have a lot of SJW types on my list (mostly people who added me, not vice-versa) whose stuff I have to see every time I log in. I often feel kind of tempted to troll their posts, but resist the urge. Too many guys my age seem way too glued to Facebook, and I think that it’s sad. A real experience with someone in-person can never be replaced by some Facebook posts and statuses. The only positive thing about FB, at least for me, is that has enabled me to stay in contact with some cousins that I would rarely communicate with otherwise due to geographical distance, and connect with a few family members I had not previously known. Other than that it offers little benefit to most people of this generation, unless used in moderation.

  44. Facebook. It’s there to make your private life as similar as your public life. To make you,the same, the same, the same, the same, the same…………

  45. Facebook is a cyber slum.
    The only reasons any “Man” would use it are:
    -You have a business that relies on the public being aware of what you are doing
    -You have kids and want to watch what they are doing
    -Keeping in contact with close family and friends (Less than 50-60 “friends)
    Anything else and you are making the digital masters money. Remember, they sell your info and you get spied on for them to profit.

    1. Once you create an account you make them money. They price their advertising around user base, time spent on site and clicks delivered. For this and many more important reasons I avoid Facebook and similar sites like the plague.

  46. Cecil the Lion is just an Animal, the Animal whackos are ruining the food-chain relationship with Man and beast and soon there is going to be a Sin tax on consuming meat products because of the Animal Nut jobs madness, and to fix the FB problem, just get off FB.

        1. Yes we have a right to.
          However there’s hunting and there’s ‘trophy killing’. The latter I have no respect for.

  47. I guess I will be the first to point out the irony that there is a “like on Facebook” link before an anti Facebook article starts. I don’t have a Facebook and my life is better for it

  48. Thanks for the Chrome extension tip – now put on one called the News Feed Eradicator which is the same just instead of “Don’t get distracted by facebook” puts inspirational quotes.
    Love it, exactly what I need to stay in touch and social while not wasting my time on useless bullshit.

  49. I hate Facebook, but travelling to a third world country to shoot an animal as magnificent as a lion doesn’t make you a man, it makes you a piece of shit.

    1. There is nothing wrong with hunting. If you “feel” that there is, you won’t find many people here who want to jump on board your SJW bandwagon.

      1. There are many good reasons for hunting. Thinning overgrown populations of white-tailed deer that are a menace to motorists. Hunting for food. Hunting animals that are a threat to humans, livestock or valuable property. Simply shooting a lion for the sake of shooting a lion? That’s shitty.

        1. Actually it’s not so simple.
          Trophy hunting has been a legitimate business for years. Hunters pay big money, often into 6 figures, for the privilege of bagging one trophy. Animals selected to be offered as trophies are aging individuals past their breeding age, who would die fairly soon anyway. Instead of just letting them die, the money obtained from letting one animal be hunted helps preserve another 100 animals. Many people involved in wild life conservation have stated that, ironically, trophy hunting has been a god send in boosting conservation efforts in some areas.

    2. If the act of shooting a single magnificent animal makes one a piece of shit worthy of foaming outrage on social media, one would presume driving white people off their lands, decimating a country’s economy, rigging the vote, and generally being a stereotypical African asshole dictator would invite universal condemnation from the Fakebook crowd. Still waiting on a ‘Mugabe 2015’ hashtag, though.

  50. Facebook is definitely dangerous for anyone who is not part of the politically correct leftist crowd. You can be traced to your comments. In certain countries like UK and Germany, people go in jail for Facebook posts. Or if you are not harassed by the law, you can still be publicly shamed by SJW journalists. I think I will erase my whole Facebook account in the future at one point. Facebook is basically a way that the surveillance state has found for people to say their online opinions with their real names and information about themselves.

  51. South Park really channels this article on their Facebook episode. As for me, the only reason I have Facebook was because my ex wouldn’t stop pestering me about getting an account so she made me one….and added her friends and family. Now that it’s over, they’re gone, and to me Facebook is the equivalent of the Tamagotchi I bought as a kid, hoping it eventually dies.

  52. Spot on. I now only use Facebook to connect with family and very close friends and to promote my books and writing.
    I cannot tell you how many “friends” I have blacklisted from my news feed, but until I got control of it, my Facebook feed was an SJW paradise.

  53. Surprised the author didn’t give a dishonourable mention to the Facebook Mafia, packs of homos, sjws, feminists, lefties etc who are professional ‘offence seekers’ hunting around for stuff to report to get it deleted &/or the user banned & kicked off fb.

  54. I have never been on facebook nor will I ever be. If you are on it delete your profile immediately. If I want to talk to a friend I give them a call. If I want to meet up with someone I either call them or send them an email. If I want to meet girls i go to the bar or club. If not being on social media has hurt my social life I have hardly noticed. In fact it has probably let me date multiple women at the same time as I don’t end up being “tagged” in their pictures. In fact, NOT being on facebook gives me an air of mystery in that girls always say I will friend you on facebook. My response is I’m not on it give me your number. They look at me dumbfounded then give me their number. Quit social media. Nothing good is going to come out of it.

  55. There are a few good things about Facebook actually. A lot of small and medium size businesses have used it to advertise quite well to a targeted audience and there’s a few business and investor groups that are worth joining as well. And on a personal side, it does let me know about what is going on with the lives of some friends that I have not seen for awhile. I got shocked when I learnt through FB that a high school friend of mine just passed away from brain cancer. Plus the FB messenger is not too bad as well.
    I think you need to cultivate the discipline to weed out the idiotic stuff out there and to fire the useless so-called “friends” that post nothing but narcissistic crap all day long on FB. And just get more active in real life as well. All comes down to a balance at the end of the day.

  56. Great article. I’m a big hater of social media.
    Facebook is definitely Orwellian. Are you really comfortable with your full name, age, location, relationships, pictures, and every cool place you’ve been being shot into an unknown Big Data database? How about every single private message being un-deletable?
    I disagree with the premise that it’s a leftist echo-chamber. Almost everyone uses Facebook, whether leftist, conservative, libertarian, or anarchist. You need to get better facebook friends.
    I’ve deleted my Facebook, but I’ve considered creating a new one with 50-100 of my male friends. I would have strict parameters:
    1. Not “liking” anything politically or socially related, nor commenting on articles. The risk is far too great for employers or social justice crazies to take you down. Everything needs to be PC.
    2. Limited friends list, mostly male. Only people who you somewhat trust. Keep the thing SJW free. I don’t need some random sorority girl that I hooked up with junior year to be stalking my entire life. Believe me, girls DO this when they are interested to try and gauge your value.
    3. Privacy on the absolute strictest terms.
    4. No private messages. I’m not willing to have my conversations saved.

  57. There was a video posted on facebook about a mom giving her 14 year old tranny son hormones, and so many women were praising this mom as if she was doing something wonderful.
    Some fattie commented this would be a better world if more parents were like this…and I replied “that mom basically ruined her son’s life. She groomed her boy into a gay tranny that will grow up sucking dick for cocaine in Vegas”.
    Facebook, being cultural Marxists, then banned me for 30 days because of my comment. LOL oh well. I guess you can’t make fun of teenage trannies.

      1. Hate crime is a special breed of evil that only exists in a few nations thus far. The States and places like where CamelJockey roam are immune from these kinds of things I suspect.

        1. More like interpreted as hate crime as a result of internet mob rule. Opinions are lethal nowadays and the SJW bandwagon provide people with the perfect tool to get attention and vent their anger.
          They have better things to do in Palestine than worry about internet arguments.

        2. I recently begun to re-examine the concept of hate crime. It seemed innocuous at first, but upon further analysis, really reeks of THoughtCrime – I mean how are we now categorizing and punishing INTENT?

    1. seriously???
      banned you for a comment??
      FB is evolving into a tyrant corp who can control ppl via the data they submit.

  58. Facebook it a tool.
    It is a tool that you have the full freedom to use as you please.
    In the end, the control it has over you all depends on your mind and your actions.
    Do you use it to get digital validation and therefore, pleasure? Fine. But you have to face the consiquences: doing only things that will result in validation
    Do you use it for political purposes? Ok. But you have to face the consiquences: your profile being polarizing, and losing connections.
    Do you use it to connection with more and more people. No problem. But you have to face the consiquences: dealing with all the posts form what those people want.
    Do you use it to chase girls? Congratulations on the lais. But you have to face the consiquences: looking like a playboy, dealing with the dumb shit chicks post.
    Do you use it to store and share photos? Great. But you have to face the consiquences: pirvacy issues.
    Do you use it to keep track of a few choice connections? More power to you. But you have to face the consiquences: privacy, low entertainment value.
    It is when you have no goal, or dont consider the negatives, the use becomes probmatic.
    Also. Consider what facebook the corporation wants from you: your time and your money. Are you blindy giving in, or are you making sure that you are extracting a wothy value from it.
    In that sense, facebook is evil only if you don’t have control of your life.

  59. Facebook is a tool. It is also a latrine. Your ‘friends’ walk by, take a dump, and walk away. And everyone tolerates the stench while they are there.

  60. Here’s the one thing, and the only thing that matters. When you download the Facebook app you give then permission to have access to your phone. One of the things Facebook does is it can turn on your microphone on your cell phone so it can hear what is going on around you. When it hears whats going on around you it can tailor advertising to you, so if your driving your car and listening to music Facebook can hear what music your listening to and send the appropriate adds. Now my question is, if your ok with Facebook having access to your phone in this manner, would you be fine with any government having the same power? Or any other website having the same power. If you say “no”, then why do you give Facebook the power to do this?

  61. Great article, the combination of Smartphones and Social Media made it killer – this has been the game changer. Social media been around for ages but combining smartphones, cameras and fast wireless internet changed everyone big time. I ditched FB 6 years ago for the reasons above and my smartphone 8 months ago. I still run my successful company and have a great social life. My life is just like it was 10 years ago. My dumb phone is so bad at sending text I have to call people and talk..Most people are locked into the matrix for sure.. biggest change in human history just happened

  62. My only experience with Facebook was when I looked to see if there was anyone with the same name as mine and how many. I found a page that was for me and the information was accurate, if gleaned from the Internet. I did not put that page up and wasn’t a member
    I told them to take it down and apparently about 5 years later it was gone. They left it up for some time after assuring me they’d do something about it.
    I have nothing to do with them.

  63. I’m glad I’m a generation X’er and not a Millenial. Facebook has its aggravations, but it became much more enjoyable when I joined a couple conservative groups so I can see feeds I agree with, instead of the endless narcissism of leftist idiots I went to college with.
    One thing I don’t grasp is this emotion the author describes of not feeling like something happened unless I post about it on Facebook. No way. I rarely post about events in my life. People I care about will learn the old fashioned way. I’m bored by other people’s trivia. Why bore them with mine?
    What is sick is flame wars with people I knew in the flesh, rather than impersonal debate partners on websites like this one under a screen name. It’s like: Joe? I haven’t spoken to you in 20 years, and you’re calling me an idiot on Facebook because I don’t agree with your stupid political position?
    Author makes a good point… instead of big brother watching, you have the slaves watching each other. Brilliant.

  64. I stopped facebook long ago when I saw that my old friends became fucking loosers/beta and girls I used to know became narcissitic attention whores/cat lovers/stupid-cunt-posting-quotes-about-love/friendship. Oh I forgot, and all of them became fucking leftists (so bring on feminism,gay propaganda,refugees acceptation propaganda and so on) What I disease, and a waste of time.
    I live without it since 3-4 years and feel well.

  65. Wow, so much here. First off, I want to say that I thought this was an intelligent and well presented article. Unlike so many articles complaining about a problem (I like those too) this one also offers practical solutions which I think is excellent.
    I found this article particularly nice because it reinforced a lot of things that I believed about Facebook. Let me preface this comment by saying that I got rid of my Facebook account in like ’10. I found it way too intrusive then and a lot of the features I just read about in this article weren’t even part of it then.
    So here are a few things I took from this article that were really wild to me, That there is this need for validation through “likes” seems totally insane to me. I mean, seriously, that someone would notice this let alone base their personal worth or validity of a particular thought or action on something like this is beyond me. When I post this response to the article I imagine I will get some number of likes on it. I can guarantee I will not notice how many they are.
    Another thing I read here that I have heard before but not experienced first hand is this idea that things aren’t “real” until posted on Facebook. The example given in the article was excellent…..you didn’t play with a dog until there was a picture of you playing with a dog on Facebook. That is so fucking crazy. I mean it. That is seriously so inane I can’t imagine.
    Also, when I had Facebook, every one of my Facebook friends was someone I knew. They were either family members or friends or, occasionally, people I went to school with who found me on Facebook to reconnect or whatever. There was not a single person on my Facebook that wasn’t there because we knew each other and both had facebooks and then friended each other. The idea that I would follow someone I didn’t know would have never even occurred to me.
    Finally, I want to point out the part of this article that validated things for me. I had to google a) Cecil the Lion b) heforshe c) rainbow filters and d) bernie for president
    I had no idea what the hell the author of the article was talking about. I could go on about how disgusted I am about all of these things, but that isn’t the point here. By being immersed into a Facebook world I think people, even the author of this excellent article, got a false impression of how important things are. Here I am, a well educated, well employed person living in New York City. I have friends and colleagues and get laid and talk to people and I had no fucking clue what Cecil the Lion or a Rainbow filter even was. The fact that someone thinks it is important is a testament to the focal drawing that is going on.
    Even on ROK at times, I see articles (which, I often agree with) talking about the immediate danger of xyz and it is often something I have to google and read about just to learn of its existence. Some of this, of course, probably has to do with the fact that I am less politically aware than most and spend my energies on my hobbies and my job. I honestly don’t care who wins the presidential election. I have never voted and I probably will not find out who won until I see something on ROK or hear someone talking about it. However, at least some of it has to do, I believe, with the fact that many people on ROK are tuned into social media.
    It makes things that are, generally speaking, small blips of an issue that doesn’t really concern more than the people directly involved into very big and important things. If I didn’t read about Cecil the Lion while reading this article, I would never have known that that existed. Yet there are people out there who, ostensibly, take this very seriously and, on both sides of the issue, believe passionately that this is important. Guess what. it isn’t.
    Bernie for President? Didn’t even know there was a Bernie running and still don’t know if he is left or right or whatever.
    Think of it like this. If I rent a jeep on vacation on an Island in the Caribbean and am driving and off in the distance on a mountain see a brush fire I can slow the jeep down, look at the fire, and think “cool” or “pretty” or “don’t see that often” and then keep driving and not think about it. If, however, my house was in the path of that fire it would seem a lot more important to me. Often times, by being immersed in social media, you are putting your house in the path of a fire.
    I didn’t even know about the whole gay marriage thing until reading about it on ROK. I personally think that homosexuality is a byproduct of a mental illness and empowering these people is batshit crazy. However, I could very easily have just ignored the whole damn thing if it wasn’t for reading about it here. By shutting down your Facebook or other social media platforms you can get more perspective.
    I can see now that some people will say that they ARE serious problems and just avoiding them doesn’t mean they aren’t there. That rebuke would be correct in many cases I am sure. However, Cecil the Lion? Rainbow filters? Do we really need to imagine that these are important issues? I refuse to even take a position on the fucking lion. It means so little to me that taking a side seems retarded. Yes, you cannot and should not just close your eyes and let the world pass you by, but at the same time….do you really want to be forced into taking a side on every dumb fucking issue out there.
    Not having children and not giving a fuck about the world around me outside of my own happiness I really don’t care what the fags do. I am enjoying being one of the last actual men and boning broads who are tired of the pansies they have created — however, even if you are personally involved or just passionately concerned about issues….sometimes it is important to step away and realize that the vast majority of people in the world don’t give a shit about the stuff you think is so important….social media makes that very hard to do.
    All tolled, I am glad I do not have a Facebook. It is like confession for a world without god. I am happy making occasional comments, working on building a blog site and ignoring most of what goes on in the world.

  66. Man, don’t ever get FB. Your internet privacy will be gone, and you have to wipe your hard disk or get a new computer to get rid of it. It’s an information hub for people who pay FB for access. The government, advertisers, and anyone else who wants to spy on your activity. And I’ve noticed the less serious, thoughtful a person is, the more addicted to it they become. And soon it drags people down to it’s level or automatons. Almost every guy I know who’s hooked on it, constantly reading posts, is a sissyfied moron. And every woman I know who uses it substitutes it for real life: Making women more idiotic and less involved in the human race than they already are.

  67. How about just deleting the god damned thing. I see no benefit to this “technology” whatsoever. It is the most useless, banal waste of time I have ever seen. The morons who use Facebook have their pea brains uploaded into the matrix. Women love it because it appeals to their narcissistic nature. It is one of the most societally destructive tools ever invented, never mind it is a way for the NSA to gather intelligence on American citizens. The American idiot is really useless and gets whatever horrors it has in store. That’s fair, to echo another meme in a different article.
    God damned full grown men posting pictures about what they made for breakfast. It makes me sick.

  68. The good thing about Facebook is that I can post truthful comments against news articles produced by left leaning media organisation, post against replies posted by socialists, feminists and manginas. Facebook is a good is a good place to get “red pill” truths out there in “real” world. I totally agree with you in regards to certain younger generations who spend all day on the site.

  69. Why do I see so many anti vaxxers here? (In articles, specifically) Anti vaccination hysteria is an idiotic ploy thought up by women who want to believe they are smarter than all the doctors on the planet and denying their wisdom somehow makes them great mothers.

  70. It’s great for business and marketing. Can you dispute that? Nope. That’s why entrepreneurs use it to their advantage. Dehumanized or not, money is a great thing.

  71. I never really noticed how much Facebook crept into my life.
    It’s definitely a huge time suck and I’ve got to get rid of it.
    I don’t want to delete it completely, but I do want it mostly gone.
    So, Google Chrome has the Kill News Feed. I don’t use Chrome, but I use Firefox. Does Firefox have a similar thing?

  72. Missed the fact that facebook is censoring posts that are anti-immigration in Europe. Hitler would be proud of facebook.

  73. Got a better idea: deactivate your account and never return. It’s time we put down the f’n smart phones and get back to traditional forms of communication such as reading books and talking to one another.

  74. It’s a shame facebook has become what it has because once upon a time – when it was exclusively for college kids – it was a great tool to get acquainted with classmates who you were meeting for the first time. I first got my account in 2005 when I was 19 years old and trying to become acquainted with ladies I had class with and they were open to having general discussions with me. Now, you can’t so much as say “hello” to somebody without them blowing a rape whistle, claiming you’re trying to oppress them and need to “check your privilege”

    1. FB is a great tool for class group work.. if used properly. Unfortunately I found every time I went into a lab, there were no free PCs, only a room full of dickheads all pounding away on their feeds. This even happened during prac classes, which kinda begs the question, what are all these kids accumulating student debt for.

  75. Better title: “Why Facebook is *Dehumanizing* and how to stop it”
    Anyhow I got off Farcebook chiefly because I was sick of seeing every dumbfuck post by other people getting 50+ likes, while no bastard could be bothered liking my profoundly intelligent meme pics. Seriously, studies have determined that maybe 30% of all FB users suffer depression from seeing other people receiving a ton of likes and validation, while they themselves get none.. kinda like being on the losing end of an electronic “keeping up with the Jonses”. So in the end I told everyone to join the Far Queue, quit FB, and closed my account.
    And then 6 months later I re-opened by FB account, because no bastard was inviting me to get-togethers the old fashioned way any more.

  76. So. Anybody else notice that it’s a horrible fucking idea to be Facebook “friends” with any chick yo might be trying to date?

  77. I just noticed that some of my FB friends post updates about the most random stuff every 15 minutes around the clock as if they were working for CNN breaking news. Posting this many updates must be considered a mental disability.

  78. Sheesh! So much picking on facebook. A few observations: ROK is structured a lot like facebook with likes and comments and this is a good thing. Keep in mind that it’s feminists and SJW’s who hate the idea of an open internet and people discussing everything. They prefer a closed, narrow media narrative of everyone being a happy leftist and those who aren’t as stupid whom nobody hears from. When they make the effort to block a childhood friend because he disagreed with them on facebook, that weighs on their consciousness and they prefer the government to do that dirty work. Feminists are going insane that comments sections, facebook, and blogs are resulting in men (and women!) rejecting feminism openly. Facebook and social media are partly to thank for that!
    Someone suggested in a comment below that people should talk face to face and read books again. Well, how did our society get to this point then? Small pocket cells of masculinity have resulted in the feminists and SJW’s running circles around us for decades.
    I have gotten some very useful things out of facebook. Connections with childhood friends that have brought greater understanding of my own perceptions of the kind of people they are (or turned out not to be.) A useful window into what’s going on in society: How many career women I knew in my youth managed to get married? Have kids?
    I agree that there’s a lot of crap on it that needs filtered out. Their apps doing autoposting for them. Too many cat pictures from my cousin (10 a day!) A lot of my feed has been useful in broadening my horizons. Different activities that hadn’t occurred to me. Trips I had forgotten I wanted to take that I see friends going on. I also get some useful feedback as to what crap just doesn’t appeal to people. I made a posting that mattered a great deal to me and no likes. Not one. I found that interesting because it showed me even if something matters to me, it may not mean zilch to most others. And that’s ok. It’s neat to tune my “game” in life in understanding when I’m boring folks.
    (Like now!)

    1. I don’t necessarily disagree with you bub. In fact I think what you say makes a lot of sense. However, there is a bit of a curve ball here in this comments sections. Here there are a bunch of strangers brought together as similar thinking and valued people from different walks of life who remain anonymous and share their ideas.
      Where facebook seems to bring people together on the most superficial level possible to validate lifestyle or looks or whatever here there is often an honest exchange of ideas between people in the tradition of the Public House where men would gather and discuss things.
      I think you are right that some of the same mechanisms are at work but they are used for different things. You can use a hammer to drive a nail or you can use it to smash your testicles. One way is very useful and one way is very stupid.

  79. Wow I had no idea those Chrome extensions existed. I installed them before finishing the article.
    I have deleted my account off and on, ever since getting on Facebook. It was always the feed/TFF that caused me to realize I was getting sucked into a time-wasting vortex. But I was inevitably drawn back because I needed to get in touch with someone and did not have their email/phone. Or wanted to make sure I got invited to a party, etc. The subtle yet all-important difference – needing to manually seek out information vs. having it shoved in your face- is the key. And of course, not having the app on your phone.

  80. I wholeheartedly agree with this artilce and its sentiments. However, may I counteract with an idea – that Facebook and other social media can be used to your advantage.
    Through the use of pictures and status updates, I believe that you can use Facebook to project your image to other more effectively. Nowadays, when someone wants to find out more about a person, they don’t ask their friends, they look on their Facebook page. Now, when this prospective girl opens up your Facebook feed, do you want to be the lameo with 3 friends, a few shares of crappy Vine videos, and a dogshot quality profile picture of you when you were out drinking two years ago, because you couldn’t be bothered to change it?
    Or, do you want to be the man with the flattering, classy profile picture, the liking of expensive brand pages, the 100s of friends? I am fully aware of how artificial and superficial this all sounds. Rather pathetic, really. But I believe that Facebook should be used in this way, to project your masculinity and genetic fitness to others.

  81. One good thing about Facebook: it lets you know the true nature of others.
    I find some individuals quite pleasant and agreeable in person, but once you see their social media posts… well, the mask is down and you see their true attitudes. I’m losing count of how many fairly normal and reasonable sounding individuals turn out to be, well, vicious, horrible, hateful people.
    These people the site calls ‘friends’ actually hate you and people like you. So many turn out to be rabid feminists, hypocritical Islam defenders/Christianity bashers, ‘anti-racist’ racists, gay right fanatics, and other closet totalitarians. Take the reaction to the US Supreme Court’s decision on SSM. Rainbows and words about ‘love’ and outright abuse in the same post.
    SO maybe it’s useful for gathering intel.

  82. I think comedians and late night talk show hosts ruined Facebook. I used to think Facebook was great when I joined in 2006-7. Everybody posted, commented, and shared. After comedians and the rest of the media started making fun of it…or maybe when it got to be too big, people started becoming more “clicky” or when women or celebrities get all of the attention. It’s clearly not the same anymore. Even some of my old friends (who I had before the downfall) would occasionally mention something I posted and talk to me about it. Makes me wonder why if they read the article I posted, did they not talk to me about it or “like” it. Even my brother does that. The reason I share isn’t to be an RSS feed, I actually want to talk about these articles with people I know. Guess I’ll have to use the telephone…again. Kind of sad too. Back in the AOL instant messenger days, I always wished for something like Facebook. Not Myspace, but Facebook. Email, messanging, and social news, photo sharing, etc all rolled into one. You can see your family and friends that may be far away living their lives and it’d almost be like they aren’t so far away. Somehow it’s broken and it may have taken people’s personal relationships with it.
    People I know, my mother mainly, are far more narcissistic than they’ve ever been in the 30+ years I’ve truly known them. People don’t seem to have a common consciousness anymore aside from the one they may choose in their internet echo chambers.
    Sigh. All I know is when things break–since some things already are–I wonder what will come after that will replace Facebook if anything at all. Maybe the act of eliminating likes and instant sharing. Maybe if Facebook focused on interactions rather than simply activities that are so instantly gratifying like posting controversial pics, posts/tweets, and sexy images.

  83. Very profound initial observation: “It’s like if you didn’t post it, it didn’t happen.” That helps me understand the people around me — glued to their phones and addicted to updates, Instagram, etc. They must share their moment with someone else in order for it to exist or be valuable.
    Good article!

  84. Good point. However, like anything else, in moderation Facebook can be a good thing. It reconnects people that nothing probably good, allows people to help / donate each other, etc… If someone ends up being glued to it and wasting hours tagging pictures or stalking someone, it’s their fault – not Facebook’s. Just like, it’s not Kardashians’ fault that some people end up watching their show for hours instead of glancing for 10 minutes for a few laughs and moving on.

  85. Facefuck overly inflates the egos of women due to all of the attention they gain from beta-orbitting cucks. It’s true when you claim that if you don’t post your everyday moments to fb, that the moment didn’t exist. It’s annoying to me coz in real life, most of these women are all over me, but the moment they add me to their facebook, they delete me a couple months later because I don’t ever use muh fb. It’s as if your unpopularity on the internet matters more than how charismatic you are in real life. What kind of backwards world do we live in now, where wasting your time socializing on the internet is actually considered healthy or a virtue?
    Right on, on all the shitlib bs that gets peddled on to fb. I’m not White, but it’s the white posters who annoy me the most on my fb coz they’re all Shitlib cucks, who won’t stop spamming how great Bernie “Gimme ya money!” sanders is, or about how racist & muhsoggy knee Trump is. I’m like mothafucka, Trump’s wife is hot as fuck. When you get to go home & fuck her everyday, of course you’re going to talk down on the lesser women who try to test your nuts. It also cracks me up how being a “racist” is talked about as if you’re a serial killer. Everybody is racist, just like how everybody takes a shit. Shit’s not beautiful, but you still do it because it’s a natural bodily function.

  86. Great article. We should be informed and wary of what the feminists and social degenerates are doing, but it’s equally if not more important to know how to cultivate and preserve masculinity. Hope to see more of these kinds of articles.

  87. I don’t know, it seems cowardly using a rifle to kill an unsuspecting lion from a safe distance where you are in no or little danger.
    It’s not like he did it with a knife or blunt object.

  88. I have found it especially true with my right-minded family members to need to stay in touch, without empathizing over much, as per the author’s needs as well.

  89. “How conveniently the moral-absolutism of the left twists and slips about to suit one’s personal tastes.” I have not yet finished your article which means that I should probably wait. however. and a big however, your quote slips into your own personal tastes rather quickly. Why designate such issues as left or right? why not instead treat any issue as new? give it the freedom to be observed free from your prior viewpoint? let go. be willing to say that you don’t know the answer. be willing to live in uncertainty. be willing to live in truly being human, while still living with your divine connection to true self.
    ah yes. if you did that, then you wouldn’t be able to stir controversy or pick up simple likes on social media. that would be the harder path….

  90. Even the “alt-right” of Facebook is cancer. Some cuck mod got up in my face for misogyny, but turned around and was misogynist himself. I don’t mind if you are, but why the fuck are you hypocritically telling me so or caring in the first place?
    Oh right, cause you’re a petty internet moderator who has nothing better to do… You think you’re king gorilla? Well you can be king gorilla at the homeless shelter or in Guantanamo when I show the FBI your page and pro-ISIS statements.
    This isn’t a Facebook problem, a Reddit problem, or a 4chan problem… it’s a moderator problem. Get the moderators off our ass and off the internet and shit will be ten times better.

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  92. I love the idea of facebook, I’m not opposed to keeping in touch with family and friends, but its not worth having one. Theres nothing worse than wasting hours on a site watching other people exaggerate their mundane lives, or women posting softcore porn of themselves in order to get betas to feed their narcissism.
    A phone or an email is enough. Ive gone two years without social media, and it feels rewarding.

  93. Fakebook is nothing but an endless feed of memes now anyway. I only use it primarily for the Rolodex aspect, which has gotten me leads on paying gigs or else I’d just delete it.
    You don’t have to switch to Chrome (google spy browser) to clean up facebook either. There is an extension called Facebook Purity for firefox/mozilla variants that gives you quite a bit of control on what you see. Couple it with adblock and you pretty much kill all facebooks ad revenue off of you, can kill all app feeds, or kill the entire “news” feed, and lots of other stuff.

  94. Strongly agree with all the points in this article, and am proud to have been Facebook free since 2010.

    1. No Facebook here either, man. Had a My Space for one year, 2003-2004, too many people in too many other people’s business, so got the fuck out. Never had a Facebook & never will.

  95. With the possible exception of people who live very far away from their families I could never understand why anyone would want a facebook.
    Hell, I don’t understand why people go to high school reunions. I think all the downsides that this article pointed out seem really, really terrible. But what is the (at least perceived) upside? What is the bait? It’s not professional networking, you have LinkedIn for that. It isn’t a place to rapidly keep on top of trends, for that you have twitter. I mean, there is no denying facebooks popularity so they must have some kind of hook.
    When people ask “why don’t you have facebook” I usually respond with the stock answer “because I’m an adult” but really, what am I missing here?
    I have always felt that facebook might be confession for a world in which god is dead and it is feeding the need of having a god which you have a personal relationship with. But that is just my best guess

    1. “I don’t understand why people go to high school reunions.”
      Everyone should go to at least one, prefably unannounced. I want to my 20th after my mother noted that it was the weekend I was visiting her. I was glad to see some of the those who showed used to be quiet guys and late bloomer girls who were looking good and geniuily happy. The rich popular kids, who are the ones who want to reminiscence more than anyone, usually build their own personal hells during that time. Eye opening how people turn out.

      1. I don’t know Galt. I just had a big reunion pass. I don’t know how the fuckers found me. I read the letter (because they snail mailed me an invite) and thought “fuck this” and circular filed it.
        The addition of people into (or back into) my life just seemed to hold no value. I didn’t care about any of them. I am certainly not going to fuck anyone my age. I don’t need to do any business networking. I have absolutely no desire to know how anyone is doing nor do I have a desire to show off at all.

        1. No worries. I satitisfied my curiosity and will never go back. Post wall and alot of divorces in the ranks. I left early and had good laugh about it later.

        2. That is pretty much what I would have guessed. There was a part of me that thought not bathing or even changing clothes and living on the streets for a month and then showing up like Dan Akroid in trading places stealing food and acting crazy would have been funny but I’d never be able to pull it off

        3. Great movie. I was thinking of lying and telling them I run my own business in Monaco teaching tantric sex to wealthy women.

        4. See that’s the obvious lie. Everyone lies up. I wanted to lie down. Been on the streets begging. Looking forward to tax season so I can dress up like one of those sad statues of liberty and hand out info for tax prepareers.

        5. Been actively skipping them as well.
          The people from back then who I might give a passing shit about are the ones who I occasionally still talk to. The rest were diks, who I’m sure turned out exactly as expected.

    2. Hell, I don’t understand why people go to high school reunions

      For me the best day of my k12 academic career was the day of my high school graduation. It was truly liberating to know that I would never again be forced to share a room with people who I hated being around.
      For that reason I have zero desire to attend high school reunions either. But as for Facebook, it did give me another reason to skip them… most of the people who I couldn’t stand back them, who are friends of my high school friends with whom I do keep in touch, still haven’t mentally moved beyond high school, even over 20 years later.

      1. I feel the same way. And I was a fucking rock star in high school. I was super popular, in a band, on the baseball team, boxing club and wrote for the school news paper and they day I graduated I was still fucking gone with no desire to look back.

    3. “Hello, I don’t understand why people go to high school reunions”.
      Yes! I always thought it strange. I was recently tracked down by a girl from high school that I had a mild flirtation with back then. On Facebook ironically. Just divorced after 20 years about 6 months prior to talking to me. She still looked really good so I banged her a few times. She was always a straight A student and loved school. I hated every second of it and barely graduated. I was somewhat “bad boy” for her. Well, anyway she asked me why I never attended any of the high school reunions.
      I told her reunions where akin to a bunch of convicts getting together for chicken and waffles every so often to reminisce about all the good times on the cell block. I did my time and got the fuck out of there.
      And as a side note. “The one that got away” syndrome is a recipe for alpha widowhood.

    4. I recently missed my 30 year reunion, while looking through the email list I realized that anyone one on it with whom I would like to see, I already see around anyway. The only thing I can recall really wanting from school was to be through. I had plenty of friends and a pretty good time but it was mostly because I was just making the best out of something I didn’t like. 3:05 couldn’t come fast enough.

  96. People used to be afraid by the idea of Stasi agents documenting their lives.
    Now they give theirreport to the Stasi directly, and it’s fun !
    By the way, if you ever had and important job interview,the first thing the company will do is to check your Facebook.
    And it’s a really important job to them, they will hack your Facebook private section.
    (and if it’s a goverment job they will do it legally)
    A ‘friend of mine’ did that for a living.

  97. “I must have spend a few hours playing with the dog, dog-lover that I am. But in the back of my mind I kept thinking that it lacked some form of validity… it didn’t really happen until I somehow proved it to the world by posting a picture of it on Facebook.”
    So true. This reminds me of the philosophical question: If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one around at the time to hear it fall, does it make a sound?
    Facebook is the more contemporized version of this question.
    But for any of us over 40 we can recall a life before the net where interactions, and events did indeed happen without the need to broadcast world wide or record it for prosperity.

  98. When i started to work out at the gym in 2000 it was a lot of fun.It was easy to meet new people and make new friends.In the gym they played good music from the 80s and 90s.It was a small gym, but i loved it.Ive been there 2-3 times a week.
    Four years ago i moved to an other city.Therefore i go to an other and much bigger gym.But people inside avoid eye contact or any communication as hell.In four years i made not even one new friend.They play only crappy unbearable “modern” music inside.A few weeks ago something really weird happened at the gym:
    When i finished to work out i went to the sauna to relax.
    A cute young woman came into the sauna, but she took her smartphone into the sauna, too! She even listened to music with earphones and wrote messages on facebook or whatsapp while sitting inside the sauna!Damn what a annoying experience.
    Now i only work out 2-3 times a month.I am always kinda angy when i leave the gym.

  99. I used to be on Facebook, don’t
    recall the last time I looked at it, I moved the icon to the last page on my phone because I thought I spent too much time on it. I find life is better if I don’t know what everybody else is doing all the time and frankly, it ain’t none of their business what I’m doing.
    Anybody I need to keep up with I already have their phone number, if not I can call someone and get it.
    ROK is one of two places on the net where I bother commenting anymore, the other is a message board that has nothing in common with ROK.
    If social media died today I don’t think I would miss it.

  100. I never got on FecesBook in the first place. I might have, but when I found out about Zuckerberg, and the filthy, illegal-alien-loving rat he is, I never considered it again.

  101. My fathers before me never once laid their eyes on a single cell phone (all died before 1997). They got by just fine without it.
    Let alone social media.
    Not having facebook has stimulated more vaginal fluids than my previous self. The conversation usually goes like this:
    Her: “Can we exchange facebook?”
    Me: “You use facebook?”
    Her: “Uhh…”
    Me: “Forget that. Look, you wanna meet again, we’ll meet at XYZ on Saturday.”
    Her: “How are we going to communicate?”
    Me: “With our mouths..”
    Her: “ahhh hah yea…sounds interesting…”
    I’m bloating this up, as in reality it’s shorter lines than that. A stern, confident stance and deep voice will not get many questions about why you don’t have facebook. Compliance is 90% immediate in most cases. I think these girls are secretly craving men who refuse to be like everyone else.

  102. Facebook is great if you are using it to promote your business and you are getting a lot of clients out of it.
    But if you are using facebook to kill your time, then you are doing it wrong.
    Facebook is just a tool for you to use for your advantage if you can.
    If you find it deem to be useless to you then don’t use it.

  103. The real reasons to use Facebook is to keep in contact (cheaply) with real friends/relatives that live interstate or overseas. The another reason is to slam it back to leftist media articles with the facts and lastly to spread the word about your business – anything else is pure crap.

  104. Here’s what can happen when you deactivate Facebook entirely and never go back on it…
    You are still alive.
    That’s really all there is to it. The rest isn’t important. If people really want to contact me, they have my number, anyway. They’ll make the effort if they want to.

      1. I think the best decision I have ever made. So easy to socialize with people and my friends look at me and say “waaaaa” like the women in south park after looking at Randy’s big baalls

        1. Exactly!! Something about meeting a person cold on the street and having to close the deal then and there will always be the gold standard

        2. Exactly. When you meet someone out in the wild you have to decide right then and there if you want to close the deal and exchange numbers.They can’t lurk your profile on facebook for months before deciding if its “worth it” or not.

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